Cleanse my Temple !!


How long will we insult the blood of Jesus with our heresies and hypocrisies ? How long will we produce fruit that stinks and rots before heaven? Do we think God is a fool and will allow this to continue without a purging of the church? The church in America, and anywhere else that is defiled with the flesh, will collapse and bring upon itself the shame it deserves, unless there is an immediate turning from this horrid mindset of selfish indulgence, and twisting of scriptures to feed the lusts of the flesh.

The very bride has become a whore…and she needs to cleanse herself of false doctrines and teachings. Only holiness and purity can come before the Most Holy, and the bride has become filthy in His sight. She is arrogant, and dwells on money, lies, sexual permissiveness and excuses for sin, rather than repentance. Leaders will fall by 2010. They will either die or be disgraced publically, as they have brought shame to Christ and his kingdom, instead of souls.

Jesus Himself threw out the money changers in His Father’s house. He will do it again. The house of God is NOT for profit and self indulgence. It is not Wal Mart, where you can get a blessing on sale, by throwing some money at a needy Gods’ feet. Then you make a claim based on a perversion of scripture, that some money whore preacher has taught you. It is NOT a house of thieves…..It is a house of prayer !

Click here to read more about the money issue.

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12 Responses to “Cleanse my Temple !!”

  1. well thats true and i am very happy that you are making a comment on that,may God bless and enrich your abundance,so that you will be able to stand more for His Kingdom

  2. Thank you Benedict. Our time is short. We all have to do much self evaluation, to be sure we are what god wants us to me. The flesh feels good, but we all have to walk in the spirit. I pray this for myself, as well.

  3. Amen, eventually someone who says it like it is.
    Good for you. And may we Pray that the preachers see the error of their ways.

  4. Hi Marianne,

    Earthlings do NOT FEAR GOD! Having denied Him existence as the Almighty and the Creator of Heaven and earth, they do not understand obedience.
    Jesus took a whip to their backs then, when they defiled The Temple Of The Lord.
    This time around, As The Lord, The King and The Judge, He will by the rod break them to pieces.
    Now if they truly believed wouldn’t they repent and change their ways?

    The true bride of Christ was never a whore!
    She walks with God in perfect purity.
    She walks with God in perfect chastity.
    She knows Him and she is known of Him.
    And her fruit is pleasing unto God, because she does His will.

    • May the Lord Yahoveh cleanse my body/temple of the devil once & for all as i really don’t know how-i didn’t always abide in the word he said he is the true vine & w/o him i couldn’t do anything. In the word he also said he would pour out his spirit on all flesh it seems that i am a candidate since i have bones & flesh. He would also bind & heal my deep hurts wherever they are.

  5. We recently watched a service of The Ramp, and youth event on GodTV. The main speaker was Damon Thompson ans wowzers,did he preach a great message on just this subject! One of the many great points he made, was what exactly Jesus was upset about, regarding the moneychangers in the Temple. It wasn’t so much that they were selling sacrificial animals, but that this was making ‘sacrifice’ convenient – something that was designed NOT to be convenient, which is what sacrifice is all about. He mentioned how the modern Church has made it easy to “feel” God: “Just show up on Sunday, and you’ll “feel” God’s presence!” No walk necessary, just show up and get a high from the great music, and you’ve “met God”. oh, yikes. He challenged those youth to not mistake ‘energy’ for true anointing, and not substitute a Christian ‘lifestyle’ for really walking with God.

  6. I am glad you brought that up. I am trying so hard to be clean and holy and live a life that brings People to Jesus. I see prophecies that say that if we want God to take us through the tribulation then we need to tythe. I believe we probably should. Only problem is is that I and my son are on SSI and we both have serious illness. We barely make it with what we have. Should I tithe it and trust the Lord for my needs? i give in other ways and I have 2 others that I care for and feed and clothe. I care for a grand daughter and get nothing for her. I am not selfish. Help me understand this.

  7. how is a cleansing of someone with a jezebel spirit handled in an open service?

    • carolyn

      that is a big topic.

      does the person WANT to be delivered?

      or does someone want to expose the spirit in the person, and the person does not even believe they have the spirit?


      lots of questions…

      explain the situation…..

  8. Cleaning the temple. I guess we all need a good cleansing.

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