Comet / Dwarf Star Elenin


Is this a threat?  Or will it pass?

People call it a comet, and it has a “C” designation, but it is actually a dwarf star, from what I understand.

We have had comets pass by before, and nothing happened.

Some claim earth disturbances when one passes by.

But, I have heard so much recently about this comet’s special features and alignments contributing to current and future earthquakes, that I decided to gather what information I could on it.

This is not to be confused with Nibiru, or Nemesis, which is due the end of December, 2012.

Both are “large comets” with tails.

But are they big enough to cause a problem?

Here are several sources on this topic. The dates seem to disagree somewhat, but it all takes place this year.


Astronomical discussion about the comet (note- Nibiru is also called Nemesis, and is not due until December 2012)

Close alignment with Sun, earth, and Elenin, on September 26-27, 2011,

Closest to earth on October 17, 2011

November 5, 2011 earth crosses path of Elenin, will run into a lot of debris

November 23, 2011 alignment again, as in Japan date and Chile date earthquakes.


Source: interview with Pastor Augusto Perez, on his dreams and visions and contact also with someone acquainted with astronomical software.

About comet Elenin due this year, and “nemesis” (Nibiru?) due in 2012.

Also the madhi, and matreiya, and New World Order due to come during a time of darkness on the earth.

This is a long interview, but it is worth listening to.

Notes on interview:

Comet Elenin due closest to earth end of September….it will come between the earth and sun and block the light….will be an unusual eclipse of several days…its toxic tail will point away from the sun, and toward earth……

I have heard another analysis [(3) below] that indicates it might be closest during the summer instead….

So be open to any time between the summer and September…….plan to store food and water…as the electromagnetic disruption will cause electricity to go out…while Elenin is in alignment with the earth and the sun.

This is a very large comet… it will have a gravitational pull on the earth when it is in alignment with the sun and earth.

Or maybe not????

Dreams and visions of Augusto Perez:


I am not sure about the dates given here, but the science is valuable, and explained well.



Hopefully, it should be visible somewhere around mid-August. Its closest approach to the Sun is scheduled in the first half of September. Where it will go exactly – we do not know.

Since its orbit is close to the ecliptic plane, it should be visible low in the sky. Orbital parameters are yet uncertain.

An interesting alignment occurs right around the autumnal equinox where we have Earth, Comet Elenin, the Sun and almost Mercury lined up like ducks.

Now, have a look at this image:


Comet Elenin’s orbit may be unstable as it may encounter some dark bodies, for example, in the asteroid belt or even some Taurid objects. What would happen in those cases is a matter of luck.

This comet may carry a significant amount of material with it and if it follows the currently projected orbit, the Earth may very well pass through this material.


March 12th, 2011 | clip_image008Author: LeonidOS Leonid Elenin is the scientist who discovered the comet, but he does not say anything ominous about it. He indicates it is too early to accurately predict the future path – it’s orbital parameters haven’t been revised.


Tail length of comet Elenin exceeds 900,000 km!!!!!

By August we should be able to see it.


California earthquake soon? Fox News discussion with geologist Jim Berkland.

Seismic window opening March 19, 2011.


Here is an opinion that Elenin does not exist.

But instead there is Nibiru, a dwarf star.


Marianne’s note:

The dates and estimates given seem to vary between the sources given.

Each alignment only lasts a few days, as the “comet” keeps moving in its path.

More significant is how close it gets to earth, and the gravitational pull it will have on it.

It takes either alignment, or closeness, or both, to cause possible trouble.

I am not sure if Elenin is big enough to cause a problem yet.

So watch and pray, and be prepared for problems.

Time to get close to God.

Ask for forgiveness of all sins.

Forgive others.

If you do not forgive others, the Father will not forgive you.

Mat 6:14
For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

Mat 6:15
But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

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  2. …another mystery of sorts, very interesting! Everyday we are faced with new challenges & the wreckage of current & past disasters, a humbling experience at the least. Not to say Elenin will cause destruction, etc., we don’t know…When we finally lose all, we will finally be close to Him.. amazing to see all this happening & so quickly. The Lord is coming, be in love, forgiveness & repent, as you say, Marianne, & in the spirit, bless you all, amen!

  3. Jim Berkland’s interview is outstanding, and I’m glad it was on Fox where quite a few would see it. I am interested that he predicts a likely Pacific NW quake which could be a 9, and that is for the time period we are in now, from Purim onward to the end of the month. I guess the fish die offs were in California, however. We are a couple of hours into the Supermoon this afternoon. I am meditating on the
    Purim story and certainly praying for forgiveness and deliverance for us all. I am thinking of you, Marianne, and praying for strength for
    your Purim fast. How desperately the world needs His deliverance!


    • Mariel

      Thank you for your prayers. The fast has been easy with God’s help. It will be over at sundown. Afterward, I will go to the Megillah reading and celebrate Purim with my Jewish friends.

  4. OK guys, here comes the voice of reason again. As many of you know I was an astronomy major at Case Institute of Technology back in the late 60”s so this topic is right up my alley.
    I’ve looked into this and have checked it out from several reputable web sources. Here are a few comments:

    “Elenin’s perihelion (closest to the Sun) is in early September 2011 at a distance from the Sun of 40-45 million miles. It will be closest to Earth on about 16 October, at a distance of about 21 million miles, which is nearly a hundred times farther than the Moon. The comet never comes close to the Earth, but it is expected to be visible in binoculars during August and October.“ “…its mass is less than one billionth the mass of the Earth. Needless to say, we will not be aware of the tiny gravitational pull from Elenin.”

    As for the possibility that it might be a dwarf star, that is complete crap. A comet is made of primarily ice and embedded gasses. It is the stuff the tail is made of – so thin and tenuous that the pressure of light rays from the sun is able to push this evaporating material away from the sun. This streaming tail is the signature of a comet. You will not find one on any other object in the solar system.
    If the object really was a dwarf star it would not be in an orbit around the sun. Dwarf stars are as massive as our sun or greater except that their material is condensed into a much smaller, denser object. A black dwarf would not be visible and a white dwarf would be bright – easily bright enough to be seen by the naked eye in the daytime. In addition it would have a gravitational attraction equal or greater than he sun, and in that case, the two stars would actually revolve around each other, like a common double star system. (its the mass, not the size that determines gravitational attraction).

    OK, now here comes my rant:
    I’m sick and tired of all the internet idiots and hucksters who take every common astronomical event nowadays and try to turn it into a sign of the apocalypse. They are either starved for attention and have nothing better to do than to make up crazy stories to fool gullible god-fearing people into thinking the tribulation has begun and to sell all their possessions in preparation for the so-called rapture. If I had my way I would pass a law that forced these charlatans to take bets at 100-1 odds that what they say will actually happen. Then I could get rich and buy an island in the Caribbean. That said I’ll cover any bet any of you wish to place. (What, no takers?).

    I believe in obeying God’s laws – including His natural laws. God is science and if you defy science you reject the Lord. These YouTube idiots are even mentioned in the bible – as false prophets. Eventually they will be proven as fakes, but they don’t care, they will have done Satan’s work and will be quite pleased with themselves. So be careful everyone. This stuff can be fun to look at – kind of like silly cartoons. But I don’t believe this comet is dangerous any more than I believe the movie Yogi Bear is a documentary.
    What do you believe?
    God bless, everyone.

    • Thank you for the voice of reason! I’ll take that bet at say 1000/1, One of them has got to get lucky sooner or later!

    • Hey James,

      Thought you would appreciate this…and I want you to buy this fancy software that Rick Larson has and I want you to keep us posted…:)

    • Blessings James. Not being critical, just would like to point out the gaping fault in your betting theory. You wonder why there are no takers, it goes something like this. The true believer in ‘the end of the world’ is preparing to give up their material possessions, everything, knowing that this finite world is coming to an end. They’re not just preparing physically, which is all you seem to see, but pyschologically, spiritually, knowing that there are greater things to life than those things which pass. So in a small sense, your bet offer is insulting and misguided, and offers no reward whatsoever to the taker. Say I offer you a ten dollar bet and in return, if I am right, you owe me one thousand dollars, yes? Well what good is that thousand dollars if I am right, and the physical world no longer exists in the way we think of things ordinarilly existing? There’s no joy in victory, either, because there will be much sadness if Earth no longer existed, and being on a higher dimension of existence harbours no room for rejoicing in loss. The pro-life planes will only be celebrating if something even more majestic occurs, such as the power of human love combining to transition the planet into a higher state of grace, thus cushioning it from destruction and raising it into the long-awaited Golden Age, where all thoughts manifest instantly. Money, in such a state, would hold no power, nor would it be of any value in a void world. As they say, don’t ever make a deal with the devil.

      • So true Eddy! I guess the skeptics think if they debunk until their heads spin that God will change his mind and we will no longer be in the last days. Sorry but we christians are getting off this rock soon praise the Lord. Jesus said there would be scoffers like in Noah’s day. Elenin is just a comet with no influence on the earth, but for this person to call these youtubers idiots is unchristlike and judgmental. In fact Christ had harsh words for those who called their brothers/sisters idiots.

        • hi brandon

          I agree. People should not call you tubers idiots. That accomplishes nothing. Actually, you tube has some valuable information to offer as well.

  5. Marianne, thank you for sharing the fast with us, it is probably over for you now, I still have about 2hrs. to go…It’s been a quiet, reflective, meditative time for me, inspite of the chaos around me. I wonder how it was for you? I didn’t know about the reading of the entire book of Esther or the Megillah, at the end of the the fast, I will do that!…..It is amazing that the fast is over then the Supermoom appears soon after…Have a wonderful celebration. You are in my prayrers as well….

  6. About to end my fast in a little under an hour and a half. This one was harder than the longer one I did in February but I have found amazing blessings in the fast and in sseking G-d for sure.
    G-d bless you Marianne.

  7. There is no pole shift or Comet Elenin according to one YouTuber. He states we haven’t got much to be concerned about until october or november of later this year when the real threat happens!
    Here is the link.

    There Is No Comet Elenin THE PROOF !! SHOCKING!!

  8. Hi Marianne, I can’t see the youtube link, how could I get it? Maybe I could find it by title….thnx

  9. Marianne, why you always give me such homework with these posts like these? LOL! It’s like while I try to digest one thing and ponder it, another whopper, then a bowl of nachos, and at the end, the largest dessert I could never finish/has to be á-la-mode 🙂

    I am still stuck on the star/comet b/c this one, I didn’t expect. There’s lots of links on other blogs after I finished reading this. But you know my Catholic roots, and there’s something Our Blessed Mother said; that the sign will be when we see two suns in the sky.

    Here’s the link (I hope I don’t screw it up!) xoxo Johanna

    Copy and paste it on your browser.

  10. Whoops I forgot to add/that the obvious is when a comes comes, right afterwards there’s meteor showers (wishing stars). I found a meteorite by home; pure coincidence. It looked like someone had a huge bonfire. I picked it up, felt it so lightweight yet so strong and I tested it when I came back home.

    Indeed, one side was magnetic, the other side repelled. Tried that with fridge magnets. I gave it to my husband’s grandmother who is a rock collector.

  11. Are any of these objects a reason why the ‘Sun will be cut in half like the moon’ ?

    • hi Brian

      I do not think the “sun cut in half” will be an affect of this comet. There may be an eclipse if there is a partial or complete block created by the comet, but I do not know how big this is, so it is hard to predict.

  12. this girl has a different set of dates…wonder why.

  13. Well, to me, the earth has gone through so many changes it makes the head spin, but, it is also the nature of our mortal existence, and when we get tied up in knots over it, life has passed by…and you got what done again??? I mean come on here…the earth has already gone through periods of darkness for two and three years at a time, and man is STILL here…ever wonder why…like maybe GODS WILL was involved, not to mention those who also prayed then for current events?? Take 560 AD time zone for example from a HUGE volcanic erruption that gave us a two year long winter as the sun did not shine, and has even been recorded in stunted tree growth from that time period not to mention writings in China and Rome of the ‘event’.(thousands perished as well)…and the list goes on and on and on… nearly being wiped off the map so many times it is silly to just think WE are the ONLY time zone it will or has ever happened in….lets be real here, OK? History is something we should be learning from here…not rejecting on behalf of sooth sayers. I guess we must be really stuck with our 21st century toys and are worried what the heck we might do without a blackberry in one hand and keys to the 4×4 in the other!!LOL
    It is said, when things happen in these times, men shall die of their own fear, because they ALLOWED fear to RULE their lives. If we give every single event a ‘fear factor’ then we loose as we are not following God in the first place but the deceiver who would TAKE our lives away from us any way he can, and that also means to worry and fret over things that we need to leave in GODS HANDS….not our own…meaning, pray and believe we chose this time to be here for a purpose, which does not mean to waist our time fretting over what COULD happen next…rather what we need to focus upon in being decent people, neighbours, friends, family members and so forth…
    After all people , the WORST thing that can happen is that we get to go home to God……what is the problem with that one I have failed to so far figure out!!! Maybe being LEFT BEHIND to deal with a new world…well, takes elbow grease that many may not be able to manage…unless from the 3rd worlds…they really have it made as they already have a hard work ethic in place….like who knew, eh!?? WE will probably be all calling them up on ‘how too’ in the end….yup…and the world keeps turning in spite of it all….go figure!
    Soooo, take a break, smell the flowers and thank God for the day that is right in front of us that is just perfect!!! Make of it what you will…..and God bless!!

  14. I would add to what Tangski said in that I agree that if anything happens with BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS I don’t wanna be here to see it…just take us home!!

  15. Hi Marianne
    What caused the Japanese earthquake? There were projections made in advance about the alignment of Elenin, Earth and Sun. According to prophetic calendar it happened during new year’s eve. If Elenin caused it it has to be huge to have the effect. If it is huge and it would be in the halfway to sun from the earth its effect should be greater than effect from far away. There has been also talk that normal comets are no more than 10 km – not much effect. In the mentioned cluster was one comet bigger than Jupiter and when approacing sun the sun produced EMPs.
    Back to 2004 Passover. (Apr.6) Then started 3.5 year period during which 12 comets became visible (like Jacob’s sons). May 18 2004 a comet was flashing from Cancer to Leo’s (Lion of Judah) mouth. According to orbit estimates Sept. 28 the comet is flashing from Leo’s mouth towards earth. Dean Coombs found at that time an acrostic bible code of lion in Jacob’s prophecy to Judah reading: Your Cherub is flying. The Cherub shall land. Your Cherub is my Cherub. I will inspire awe! Ruling by force, I will join (the wings) together, extending the reach of the covering Cherub of the Lord. With ease, He Himself will consume, sweeping clear, soaring and roaring. O, Judah, I am the Lion of the of tribe Judah! O, Judah, I am the Lion of God! O Judah, I am greatly to be feared.
    A Lion is coming to state (His) case! I will lay an ambush! A Lion He will be! Jehovah is His glory- the glory of David the beloved. Be completely astounded at the roaring echo (or thunder)! Jehovah! Jehovah! Be completely astounded at the roaring echo(or thunder) and the echo of David beloved, and at his glory-the glory of Jehovah. He will be mighty-a Father- Fear before me.

    I see here a prophecy for September also considering that it is the time when UN is supposed to cut a piece of Israel and give it
    to Arabs I don’t try to guess what’s gonna happen but I see the signs coming up.I did not manage to copy picture but it is in the link plus more.

    • hi Seppo

      I do not quite follow the prophecy. Is he talking about the comet? The comet is the lion? If so, he is saying the comet will hit earth (the cherub will “land”). If it is big enough to cause an earthquake from outer space, it would destroy the earth if it collided with it. I am still not quite sure about the size of this thing out there. Like you said, comets are rather small.

      • Lion of Judah is constellation Leo. The Lion takes the trumpet into his mouth and directs it to the earth and soaring and roaring is heard on earth. This is not trumpet of Revelation but rather Rosh Hashana trumpets. Nobody gives yet accurate orbit estimates and when they are available the timing can be checked out better. I saw several timings and I just picked up something. It did not come into my mind that comet would hit the earth, question being magnetic or gravitation effects. But, because signs are in the sky and the timing fits to biblical pespective and the roaring is strongly mentioned I would expect earthquakes and tsunamis even in case comet appears to be small. The Lord uses heavenly elements but he need not comet to make an earthquake

  16. Position of Elenin in September 2011

    interesting picture of the zodiac in the sky….elenin coming from Cancer into the mouth of the Lion (Leo)

  17. I’ve been getting horror warnings about how sinful we all are and the End is Near for years in my mail box. If they really believe it, why do they all want $$$?

    Human history has been marked with sad events since the beginning. We have messed up our beautiful planet and one way or another must learn to live right. Planting a tree and flowers to cheer up your neighborhood or something similar beats writing checks to doomsday pushers. If I die tonight I want to be positive and hopeful that the world is in God’s hands.

    • hi Ceanna

      I report on things like this not to depress people, but to alert them so they can prepare spiritually and physically.

      Hopefully, with God’s help, they can get through bad times, and then rejoice, and do things like plant flowers and trees.

      Being positive is a good idea. 🙂

  18. So let us read and study his word and look to him that preserves our lives.

    It seems to me that the time of the end is near at hand, but then
    the hand is the one who says go forward, speed up, or slow down.

    Could it be that he is trying to prepare those who are saved,or to those who back-slid,or to those who are going to sleep,or to those who are in an extended firey trial.

    Let us give Thanks to the one who neither slumbers nor sleeps and understands our anxiousness of awaiting him.

    Does the word say he going to bring Gog and Magog the chief prince of Me’shech and Tu’bal to the middle-east by hooks in their mouth.

    Will some be drug in because of petroleum; is it the hooks?

    He says he will also bring Persia, Ethiopia and Libya with them.
    Gomer and all his bands; the house of To-gar’mah of the north quarters, and all his band: and many people with thee.

    And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Isra-el, saith the Lord God, that my fury shall come up in my face.

    Here are some more videos that say the time of the end of stacking up pretty quickly:

    Electronic Document Systems=the whole world is doing/required?

    No good choice? Comment after meeting of the heads of the Middle-East

    Is King Abdullah bin abdulaziz Al Saud dead? Since a phone call from President Obama
    People are saying he had a heart attach while speaking with him. He is one of the three Things that standing in the way of Iran?

    Zechariah’s vision: the quartet of three (here Marianne you will find input to the comments by Seppo.

    Britian, Germany and France are asking the UN to not permit the US to negotiate the
    Dividing of property but for it to be the EU and the UN. The meeting is scheduled for
    April 15th-2011. Read the article it has information as an American you will want to
    Know! I pray that the Lord God himself orchestrated our release as a nation not to
    do something so horrible.

    Anyone who thinks God sleeps or is like a man that he should lie, needs to read upon Ezekiel again. They are pushing the buttons to go faster and they are running themselves out of time.

  19. I don’t doubt that the rich want the whole playground…look what they did to Ireland and Scotland and most of England with the enclosures.
    The EU is going down. Letting Portugal, Greece, Ireland, etc. in was stupid. We won’t get into Turkey.
    I think Jesus said there would be almost no faith on earth at the end. Christianity is growing hugely in China, Russia and Middle Europe. While it’s true that our public media reports on the boom in immorality and atheism, many people, including performers on TV and music, attend church and are believers.
    The comet thing is a touchy subject. It may not even be a safe one to discuss publicly, on TV and radio.
    Even the laws of nature can be modified if enough people pray with faith and a good heart, good will.
    I get stuff from Fatima and other such people…they always want money!! Most odd! 30 years now I’ve been on their lists. They jet around the world getting people upset and always wanting more $$$. That is the humbug that I don’t believe is from God.

    There are so many decent, faithful, patient people everywhere…supporting their families, sharing with the poor. And, as God said to Jonah, what about all the animals in Ninevah? God loves them, too. Thanks,Marianne. This website has lots of positive, interesting articles…flowers, too!

    • hi deanna

      With all the blogs on the comet now, mine will not matter.

      I understand about the money, which is why I never ask for any. And why you do not see a donation button on my site.

      Jesus died for us, and I think it is wrong to make money off his death, and his messages.

  20. God will bless you.
    There’s a hospital in northern Italy founded by a saint who said God promised support for always IF they never asked for money or charged for services. It was solvent 300 years until some whipper snapper took over the finances and ridiculed the charter as superstitious. It tanked. The w.s. was dismissed and replaced with somebody who brought it back to the original charter.
    That’s a popular story in some circles. Religion and money have given a lot of scandal to our Lord’s name. God bless you!

  21. By Sept. the division of Jerusalem will have taken place. Palestine will take over eastern Israel. Which brings the judgement on the nations. The armies that come down against Israel will be destroyed by fire and ice. So in Nov. the fallout from Elenin will destroy Israel enemise.

    • Israel will not accept this. Result=war!?

    • hi melvin

      Zechariah and Joel both talk about Israels’ enemies dividing Jerusalem, and war following. There is also an invasion of enemies from the north and they are destroyed. Too bad for them they do not read the bible. While Israel will suffer temporarily and experience terror, which is nothing new there, their enemies will be utterly wasted. An end for the godless and their hatred.

      It is not in the news, but currently 1 million Jews are in shelters in Israel…..Hamas and Hezbollah are shooting rockets at Israel again…right before Passover.

  22. More information

    I do not see why something only 3-4 km wide is a problem yet.

    The earth is over 12700 km in diameter

  23. Sent in by email from Dorien

    The Destroyer Approaches
    First September 11th, Then September 26th

    Hallelujah! We are to praise God in all things and “fear not”, in Jesus Name. I literally find myself without words at the moment. Every since this information surfaced yesterday, I’ve been in a type of shock. It appears that alarming confirmation has come in, on September being the “big month” of Nibiru’s maxiumum impact point, thus far.

    A couple days ago I wrote an article entitled 2011 Geological Cosmic Possibilities. If you haven’t read it yet, you should. Consider this article to be a “part 2” because this information will “slam dunk” the point home.

    Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes of Tribulation-Now, our team is all astonished. Quite frankly this information started surfacing around “mid-day” yesterday. Last night I started sending text messages around to “key contributors”. No one is sure how to proceed. Do we alert our families? Do we grab megaphones? Do we try to organize seminars? Do we contact local television stations?

    Finally last night I sat down with my dinner and tried to watch some television. I needed to think. That wasn’t working too well so I went to bed.

    And here I am now.

    Brace yourself.

    A Brief History

    Planet X, and the Disclosure Project (UFOs / alien-fallen-angels) has been Tribulation-Now’s primary focus now for a long time. The Lord showed me that this was the immediate threat to mankind. For a primer on the Planet X threat, once again, I recommend you watch all the videos on Lucas’ Rabbit Hole 2 site HERE.

    Again the web site link is:

    From ancient warnings of cosmic spirals painted on cave “petroglyphs”, to endless reports of Deep Underground Military Bases, and cities for the evacuation of the elite, to the CIA being moved to Denver, and Denver being set up as a refuge “underground bunker” city … you name it, Planet X has been coming for a very very long time and “the elites” have known it. People have written books about it. Radio stations have done shows about it. Even Fox News has had segments about many parts of this data.

    It’s all “out there”.

    If you do a search on Tribulation-Now using the search bar in the upper right corner of this page, and type in “Planet X”, “Nibiru” or “Wormwood” and start reading the articles, there is very little information you wont’ have. It’s all there.

    For those of you who need a more “Biblical” approach, be sure to read:

    Planet X Bible Study here:

    Alarming New Planet X / ELEnin Data

    There’s been a lot of confusion about Elenin and Planet X. Which is which? I used to think Elenin was “wormwood” and Planet X was the “Jeremiah Destroyer” and the “Horrible Star” in 2 Esdras 15:40. It appears now that what we are dealing with, is a big cosmic aggregate sum of “all of the above”.

    To make matters worse, it appears this blob of ugly cosmic apocolyptic matter, is also bringing with it, “alien entities” on a very large scale, just like the episode of NBC “The Event” series entitled “The Arrival” depicted.

    Many articles have surfaced over the last 6 months (or so) claiming ELEnin was “intelligently controlled”. Richard Hoagland, an X government specialist, has been claiming it contains “UFOs and aliens” for some time now. Even the Pleiadian “new age” Federation of Light “channelers” have said so. They call it a “Prison Planet” and say it has horrible alien entities on it.

    I have said for quite some time, I believe Planet X may be “The Abyss” of Revelation 9 and ultimately contain the Locusts. I hope I’m not here to find out if I’m right about that.

    Since the first verse of Revelation tells us these are “things things which must shortly take place”, it’s reasonable to estimate that many of the judgements in Revelation might happen in “rapid fire succession”. That’s what it means. Shortly actually means “rapid fire succession”.

    So it’s possible, the first 6 Trumpet judgements happen in a very short time span. Let’s review really quick.

    First Trumpet: 1/3 of the trees and grass burn (Solar Flare)
    Second Trumpet: A mountain sized burning object falls into the sea, kills 1/3 of sea life, disables 1/3 of ships
    Third Trumpet: Wormwood, the waters become poisonous and make people sick
    Fourth Trumpet: The Sun, Moon and Stars go dark for 1/3 of the day
    Fifth Trumpet: The Locusts and the Abyss
    Sixth Trumpet: 1/3 of mankind dies

    The Kolbrin Planet X Nibiru Group Letter

    There is a team of researchers known as The Planet X Forecaster group. This is also known as the Marshal Masters team. They have been specializing on Planet X for many years now. I have a good amount of their research material. Their web site can be found here:

    Planet X Forecast

    Like most researchers, they have been focused on the date of 2012 due to the disinformation campaign. However yesterday information surfaced indicating they are recanting the impact date of 2012.

    On their discussion group blog, a letter surfaced from a scientist who has been watching ELEnin with his advanced telescope. Here is an excerpt from his this letter:

    Dr. Glenn zoomed in closer to begin seeing the red planetary object that many are calling Planet X moving out of the proton cloud at 3 o’clock position with smaller white moon-like satellites moving out of the cloud at 7 and 9 o’clock respectively. My good friend Envylife904 who owns our research group forum and I listened to Dr. Glenn-the leader of our Ozark Survival Group-give us a long-winded speech about what he saw in the telescope and we heard the same exact terms shared by astrolpatriot from our original research group who also
    captured images of this thing. I have known the good doctor for some time, but this is the first time I ever heard sheer fear coming from his voice like he has literally seen a monster of biblical proportions. Once Dr. Glenn emptied himself of the experience to Envy and myself, then he was unable to address our group and literally collapsed and had to go offline. The short of a very long story is that we are truly living in one of those ELE Extinction-Level Event Movies, but this is for real and I am 100 percent positive; which you guys may have figured out since last February. This thing is going to start coming nearer to the Earth after the Sun/ELE/Saturn alignment around July 6-7, 2011. The star reaches Earth orbit around Aug. 1st and Venus orbit on Aug. 18 and Mercury orbit around September 1, 2011 at which point this thing could become visible as a second sun just to the left of our Sun. The earthquakes, volcanoes, rogue tides, as animal deaths and the whole 9 yards are going to escalate out of control in August and September for the crap to hit the fan for sure sometime in September.

    For a link to this blog article go here:

    The Marshal Master’s Team You Tube Release

    A You Tube video was released recently. We only got wind of this yesterday. While there have been literally hundreds of You Tube videos published using the NASA Jet Propulsion Labs graphic display of ELEnin to tout a forthcoming apocalyptic disaster, this one is BAR NONE the most thorough, scientific, and “jaw dropping”.

    I have not felt
    so utterly speechless
    since I discovered 911
    was a controlled demolition …

    While I have seen all this research before, I have never seen it all in one presentation before. And I certainly have not seen it, all in one place, suggesting September of 2011.

    Evidently we are dealing with 2 “alignments” that will cause “bad things” to happen. The first alignment happens on SEPTEMBER 11th. 911. This shows that “they” have known “all along” about the significance of that date. Proof that the Lucifer worshipping “star god” hybrids, new this was going to happen on 911 ABOUNDS! Never mind the graphic shown on the Swiss Franc 10 note. Never mind the date of the World Trade Center “sacrifice”. But indeed, this date actually correlates to the Biblical story of the TOWER OF BABEL in Genesis 11, the first 9 verses.
    In fact,
    Genesis chapter 11,
    only has 9 verses.

    The second alignment happens on September 26th. Unfortunately for the first time since people have started to track ELEnin, it has become clear that this is NO SMALL EVENT. There is this concept known as the cosmic planetary “plane”. All the planets rotate around the Sun on the same plane, sort of like a record album. Flat. And ELEnin, thus far, has not crossed this cosmic plane. It has been approaching at an angel from beneath the cosmic plane. On September 26th, ELEnin, will be:

    Exactly between the Sun and Earth
    Exactly in perfect alignment with this cosmic plane

    This means it will block the Sun from our view. Think “Sun, Moon and Stars go dark” here folks. This is alarming.

    To make matters worse from a geological / cosmic perspective, the electromagnetic influence of the Sun on earth will be “interrupted”. This is not a “wobble”. This is HUGE. The electromagnetic (gravitational) influence of Planet X on earth will be stronger than the Sun’s influence.

    NEVER MIND the “star gate” potential of having an electro-magnetic vortex created between the Sun, Planet X and the earth all at one time. That is MIND BOGGLING!

    Here is the link to that You Tube presentation:

    ELEnin Dwarf Star Warning September 26, 2011

    Here is additional information and research links provided as well.

    The data says we are looking at an inbound dwarf star that has been causing earthquakes on our planet since 1965 and causing magnetic pole migration since about 2004. The evidence indicates that Earth will experience a pole shift event around 9/26 to 9/27, when the Sun, Earth and this ELE object are on the ecliptic/celestial planes that intersect at the autumn equinox. Everyone is warned to prepare for what is coming later this summer that will make Japan 3/11 look like a walk in the park.



    Seismicity Paper:

    Magnetic Portal Paper:

    Gravity Well pic:

    ELE JPL:;orb=1;cov=1;log=0;cad=1#cad

    Planet X ELE Timeline:

    Russian Warning Link:

    Track ELE Post:

    ELE 48/49/44 Leo Pic:

    ELE JPL Coordinate Updates:

    Summary in Jesus Name

    Now may be a good time to recommend reading a couple articles here on Tribulation-Now.

    Star Gate of Praise:

    We Are Getting Married:

    Arcturus Airlines, Gate H, Now Boarding:

    Oil in Your Lamps: The Plane Ticket Home:

    I don’t know for certain what is going to happen in September. Glory to Jesus I have written more than 350 articles on this web site over the last couple years. The information on this web site is larger than most 500 page books you can buy. All I can say is I am AMAZED.

    If nothing happens at all, then we need to stand strong and KEEP PRAISING. If something bad happens, then we need to “stand strong” and KEEP PRAISING.

    Matt 16:25-27
    For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. 26 For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? 27 For the Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and then He will reward each according to his works.



    Ihulim Levaviim,
    We are fishers of men. Fishermen don’t bang gongs and scream to catch fish. They “wisely” bait their hooks and capture the imagination of the fish.

    “The only thing that interferes with my learning God’s will, is my education”

    Matt 24 “…And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved”

    Mathew 6:25
    Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?

    Matthew 16:25

    For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

    by Dorien

  24. Discussion on Elenin by Dr Elenin, answering questions

    If it were a dwarf star, it would have already been causing problems on Saturn 3 years ago, which it hadn’t.

  25. Discussion here also:

  26. Ok > I knew it for many years . This is going to happen. This elenin is nothing more than Nibura or the Destroyer… Why… There many people out there who dont have enough senses or just too stupid to figure it all out. Lets star by saying that 10 years ago scientists were saying that sun was cooling and so it was true and that was because the sun was coming close to the end of its cicle so in order to keep up its flare it needed a boost and that boost happens every 3000 years so here we are guys. Prepare yourself for the hottest days ever seen in our history and very possible a biblical event coming in september this year. The cave people that people considered as stupid individuals were actually the ones who were smart enough to get to a safe place and save their asses. So if anybody wants go to a safe refuge, it has to be undergound and up and away from the costal areas. Do not make a cave in between hills because in case of mega earthquake would amplify 10 times in those areas because of resounance waves in which hills could disappear of the face of the earth. This event was the one that killed the dinosours and not an asteroids as some stupid scientis said. If an asteroid was, nobody has been able to prove it. If it was in the Yucatan peninsula, it should be filled with minerals or alien debris . But there was nothing at all there. If anybody has any doubt that dwarf star Elenin/Nibura is not a dwarf star, just look around for God Sake. Alingment at the begining of this year has cause allready a lot of damage to us and now consider the next ones to come at a close range. It would be 100 times worst. Look at the weather. Doesnt that open your mind?. What is happening in people is a psichological syndrom in which people would denie the facts when it comes to a harsh reality.

    • hi josem

      Most people would have no place to go, or no way to get there. Where do millions of people go? Each area might present its own danger. It is already hot where I am at – 109 degrees F. When it passes, if elenin is really nibiru, it will last about 3 days….if people can manage to stay inside out of the heat. If there are earthquakes, I don’t know yet. All I could do is move somewhere west of where I am now, and wait. I hope that there is enough warning to allow people to move temporarily during its passage. Hopefully, they will have something to return to.

  27. UPDATED AUGUST 30, 2011: … Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1), widely known for inaccurate reports of its threat to Earth, appears to be breaking apart. Observations by amateur astronomer Michael Mattiazzo of Castlemaine, Australia show a rapid dimming and elongation of the comet’s nucleus akin to that of Comet LINEAR (C/1999 S4), which also disintegrated when it approached the sun in 2000. Comets are fragile objects, so this development while unexpected comes as no surprise.

  28. The Hopi indians are right. You are right too! My sources tell me that all preparations for a National Emergence should have been completed by September 1st 2011.

    • hi Derace

      It seems like something will happen soon. I am not sure what however. There is no reason to doubt the Hopi Indians…they have nothing to gain by a fantasy. and they got the information from somewhere.

  29. OH GREAT SPIRIT: Purify my heart, mind and soul for what is to come. Have mercy on my failures and guide my family in your infinate wisdom to possiblly be a light as the world around us crumbles into divine punishment .Give strength to the unsure and weak of heart, and let all know that in you alone lies deliverance and divine peace. Oh leaders of the world, cancel your plans for war, soften your hearts toward each other while there is still time. Your gold and your silver will not save you, neither power, nor gain, for with purificattion comes a new heart, and mind with eternal values, not earthly ones, and when all is said and done, only what is right will remain. As was said in the song IN THE YEAR 252, FOR ITS BEEN TEN THOUSAND YEARS, MAN HAS CRIED A BILLION TEARS, FOR THE THINGS HE NEVER KNEW, NOW MAN’S REIGN IS THROUGH, BUT THROUGH ETERNAL NIGHT, THE TWINKLING OF STAR LIGHT, SO VERY FAR AWAY, MAYBE IT WAS ONLY YERSTERDAY”Maybe the earth will end “not with a bang, , but with a whimper”. Only the great spirit knows , and I certantly dont. God Bless!

  30. Well lets see what happens, I do hope and pray nothing bad! It is 11:12pm here (UTC +3:00) Sept. 26th is around the corner! Hope for the best!

    God bless us all!

    • hi Serilei

      I think elenin is a sign that the Messiah is coming.

      It enters into virgo on september 29th, venus ( messiah) and saturn ( the dragon) will be in the womb of virgo, and the moon will be at her feet.

      Just as satan tried to stop this 2000 years ago, he will try to stop this again.

      If I am right, the next year will have many problems.

  31. When Jesus returns, will he just beam down or does he have to be born again?

    If he’s born again, will there be Christmas twice per year or will the old one be cancelled?

    Since religion has such a male bias, shouldn’t Jesus’ sister come this time?

    • hello Richard

      Well… at least you have a sense of humor.

      no.. Jesus will just show up.

      He will return from his heavenly place to rescue Israel and the Christians saints and then deal with Satan and his crowd.

      We are all his brothers and sisters if w are “born again,” which is due to spiritual conversion, not physical birth.

  32. Well, comet Elenin has come and gone and did anyone even see it in binoculars? It didn’t even make the news. Everyone out there O.K.?
    Guess all the rumors were false.
    I told you so, I told you so…

  33. We believe something is going on. A very supernatural nature. We have been checking our surroundings and see the weather and nature in a strange type of mode.

  34. I love a good scientific inaccuracy spewed out by some idiot who has no knowledge of physics.

    • I guess you did not read the post. A physicist and astronomer discovered this comet, and the post is a discussion of whether or not it might be a threat. We do have things like meteors hit the earth occasionally.

  35. […] Comet / Dwarf Star Elenin […]

  36. Didn’t know where else to post a comet update, and this isn’t Elenin, … the European Space Agency (EPA) is about to catch up to a comet today, follow the comet’s orbit around the sun, and eventually land on it – well, a “lander” of sorts. From

    “COMET RENDEZVOUS–TODAY! The European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe has reached 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and is maneuvering to go into orbit around the comet’s core. This is an historic event. After Rosetta goes into orbit, it will follow the comet around the sun, observing its activity from point-blank range for more than a year. Moreover, in November, Rosetta will drop a lander onto the comet’s strange surface.”

    “Today’s events are being streamed live by the ESA. (European Space Agency)—follow-the-event-live/splash

    The image of the comet was taken on August 1st at 02:48 UTC by the camera on board Rosetta at a distance of approximately 1000 km. It has a double-lobed core. The first temperature readings show that it is too hot to be covered in ice and possibly has a dark, dusty crust.

    The lander will touch down on the comet’s surface by “falling” towards the comet and deploying “harpoons” to anchor itself to the surface, and is planned to remain there at least week, maybe more.


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