Compromise in the age of unbelief – the great falling away


Are we trying so hard to prove how “loving,” “open,” and “tolerant” we are, that we are compromising our values, just to be accepted by others?

Co- Author: Rev. Patrick Williams

Examine our motives for finding “common ground” with unbelievers.

Jesus only associated with sinners in order to bring salvation, and the truth of God’s Word to them. He never let them think it was OK to believe falsely. He never let them think it was okay to sin. He rebuked many men and woman for their sinful behavior. When we believers associate with sinners, shouldn’t we do this as well?

Or do we associate to let them know that their faith is no different then ours, even when their beliefs are not inline with the Word of God. Do we say there is nothing wrong with what they believe, even when they don’t believe Jesus is the way?

It is ok to be courteous and kind to unbelievers, showing love to all. It is for this reason Jesus was born – to die for, and save, those lost in sin. We are to love one another. But, the bible also says not to associate with unbelievers, in ways that we can become influenced by their sinful ways, and thinking. Light has no place with darkness. Also, we are not to give a sinner a false sense of approval for their sinful ways, because this sends a confused message – that they are not in sin after all.

This requires discernment and good judgment, as to when too much association might lead to compromising one’s beliefs and behavior.

Association with wrong intent sends the wrong message. When we truly care about people, we will care about what happens to them (in eternity). Therefore we warn a person, in love, of their sinfulness, as well as the way God has provided for their escape.


The Great Commission

Jesus said, “For I was hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty and gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in. Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.”

It is our responsibility to feed the Word of God to the unbelieving. God charges to us to offer a drink from the well of Living Waters to those who are thirsty for Him. We seek out the lost, endangered by hostile forces, and provide them the spiritual shelter of God’s divine protection.

God commands us to offer His Word to those spiritually naked, so they may be clothed in righteousness. Sin makes them naked, without excuse, before God, but the Word can now cover him.

Sinners are sick in sin, but we visit them, with the remedy for life everlasting. His name is Jesus. We offer the Word of God to those imprisoned within themselves – that they may be set free.

If you are ashamed of these words of Jesus, then you need to examine why you feel this way.

These people are lost, and we must not send messages of approval for their sin.

Are you trying to reassure them that their faith is true, and you are finding yourself compromising? Compromise is an admission of error in your belief system.


Uniting in a godly way against ungodliness

It is appropriate to ban together, as believers in the living God, to come against activities that rebel against, and oppose God’s good will for all mankind, endanger ourselves, our children, and our society. We are to resist evil, not submit to it.

Homosexuality, for example, is being forced on everyone, because the act itself threatens the values of God. God’s word clearly tells us, “man shall not lay with man, as with woman.” God also forbids the endangerment and exploitation of children.

Forcing anyone to reject the Word, and embrace ungodliness, is what the devil is attempting to do, through those in rebellion, and/or darkness.

The Roman Empire collapsed because of this “lifestyle.” This will happen again to our society, if we allow it to go unaddressed.

If we also continue to allow a small group of people to thumb their nose at God, and say “we can do what we want,” and “we are going to change the laws, and make you obey it, despite what you say,” submitting to this will bring the entire nation to it knees. The same truth applies to abortion and those who support it.

It is not an act of condemnation to stand up for godly values. The other alternative is to let evil take over, and then suffer for it.

If we allow evil, like homosexuality or abortion, then we will be held responsible for that evil, as much as those who do the evil. Gays and abortionists have no trouble condemning Christians, by the way. But, to them, a Christian had better not say you’re wrong for what you’re doing; God’s word says you’re wrong. They will come after us for disagreeing with them. Presenting the biblical position is not hate. It is love and truth.

We may love the person, but we do not have to love the evil behavior, and give it a place of honor in society.

It is NOT discrimination

Many people have confused proper judgment of circumstances with some sort of discrimination. It is not discrimination, because it is not aimed at any race of people. Homosexuals, abortionists, and other sinners come in all races, sizes, and shapes.

Therefore believers ARE allowed to judge, if the judgment is righteous in character. We are NOT allowed to judge, if we are guilty of the same thing (hypocrisy, unrighteous judgment). People need to put scripture in proper context. The current laws defy God on this issue.

While discrimination may have been true back in the 1960s, I do not see this as racism in the modern church (2009). I have seen people mix well for decades now. This is a different generation, and equality, for the most part, is very accepted. We grew up with it. There are some, however, that want to keep the tensions alive for political reasons.


Showing “tolerance” or defending the views of unbelievers

Why would we defend the beliefs of a non-Christian? Is this our way of saying our beliefs as a Christian are wrong? Are we so insecure, that we have to prove we are “fair” or “tolerant,” by acknowledging error as truth, so that others will accept us? Either Christianity is true, or it isn’t.

Martin Luther King did not compromise his walk with God, but remained true. By doing so, those that heard his message knew he would not give in, nor side with those who wanted to bring change in another manner. He died for what he believed in.

That is something to think about. He would never tell a Muslim it is ok to be Muslim, or a gay that it is ok to be gay, or that it is ok to have an abortion, so people would like him. He would tell them lovingly that they were sinners, and needed Jesus, and his salvation. If they hated him for this, he would love them back, but he would not give in to them.

The deceptive ideology of always finding “Common Ground.”

There are those that want to find common ground for every group, and unite them in some way with Christianity.

Sometimes, it is possible to do this. Sometimes, there is NO common ground, and good judgment has to be used.

If one tries to accommodate those with NO desire to repent, NO desire to know God, and NO desire to be fair, wanting everything their own way, then “finding common ground” just becomes surrender to the ideology of the other group, and it is then worse than compromise.

In this case, the only one making accommodations will be the Christian. It becomes a “you give, they take” situation. There is no glory to God in doing this. You still have a lost soul, and you have failed the Great Commission.

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    • I too do not want to compromise my faith but I am more concerned about taking my eyes off of Jesus.Of climbing off of Jesus’ lap and not hearing his heartbeat. I think there is a danger of focusing so much on what is wrong (sin) that I’m not focusing on Jesus.When I turn and look at Jesus, that action in itself is turning my back to sin.
      I think Matt.25:35,36 is taken out of context here. He is talking of serving without thought of reward.
      The term used “if we allow” makes it sound like I can make/force someone to do or not do something. Jesus did not approach sinners by first pointing our their wrong. He showed mercy. Except for the religious sect. He had very harsh words for them because they were focusing on the law. It is the Holy Spirit that does the convicting. My job is to love people into the Kingdom.
      Yes, Jesus was born and He died so we can have eternal life. He also died so that sin is done away with once and for all. We now have access into the Holy of Holies! We can have a vibrant, intimate, relationship right here, right now!
      In the meantime, I hope to “go light my candle and run to the darkness” without fear.

  2. Excellent points! Too many Christians are quick to dismiss the eternal and enormous differences between Christianity and worldviews. They are either uneducated in their own beliefs or too scared to speak the truth. We should not be unequally yoked.

  3. Hi Neil,

    Thank you. To God be the glory. We need to be confident in our faith. If it wavers, why should people believe us?


  4. So True. Every Point Accurate.

  5. I believe this is ao true,, thanks for helping me understand and pray that I stand strong.. We are in the Last days,,and the great falling away,,

  6. Hi Deb and David,

    Thank you. In the days ahead, we may be hated for what we believe in, and for our unwillingness to acknowledge sin as an honorable choice. Christians are already being attacked for this position, and this will increase, as Christianity is no longer considered as “compatible” with democracy. I pray for everyone to have strength of conviction, in a time of testing.


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  8. an excellent message. I found this site thru Mike Boldea’s blog, and will make it a point to add it to my favourite blogs. There are so many these days fleecing the flock that it’s refreshing to come across those who have God’s heart for truth. I enjoy Miriam Franklin’s blog for the same reason: refreshing candour (@

  9. HI Paul,

    Thank you for the kind words. Mike Boldea was also recently discovered by me, so I appreciate his efforts and messages. I am also acquainted with the end times prophetic words site. I think there are many sites now who are doing a good job of seeking the truth and presenting it.

    All thanks and glory to God for his working through willing vessels. It is all about Him, not us, but we have the honor of watching Him work. If we can only stay out of his way, we will see great victories for him over the internet.

    I went to your site, and I bookmarked it. I will be taking a look at your contributions as well. Thank you for visiting, and please come again! 🙂


  10. hi marianne,

    this article was timely for me, as i am dealing with a situation; in particular, it is an unrepentant “Christian” who uplifts his sin of homosexuality. his defense is that he is accepted and loved. some homosexuals seem to take pride in being “more bad” or “more evil” or “more perverted” than the rest of us, “but God loves me anyway.”

    this is not the point. some of us have worse tendencies than homosexuality. no tendency is a crime, but no tendency is an excuse.

    homosexual “Christians” seem to think that they are excused from the Christian “burden” of hating our sin and daily repenting. they have turned “society accepts homosexual sin” into “God accepts homosexual sin”– a lie.

    they need to see (1) that being gay isn’t so special after all– we’re all wretched depraved creatures, and (2) that the wages of sin are DEATH… there’s no way around that.

    if they don’t acknowledge their sin as SIN, then they will not find (or desire) a SAVIOR.

    furthermore, they trample the name of God by showing a false Christianity to all the world.

  11. Hi loose,

    Yes, they are probably the worse “Christians” around. They have been taught that homosexuality is not a sin, that our interpretation of the bible is wrong, and that Jesus loves them they way they are. So, there is no need to repent. If we say they are in sin, then we are “judging” and guilty of hate crimes.

    Take a look at this page. Just stay as far away from them as you can. Keep a support person around, to prevent being falsely accused of discrimination.


  12. thanks for sharing that article marianne.

    i know that even many of my “christian” family members would oppose me taking a stance against “politically correct” sins, especially ones that might “get me into trouble”…

    …but then what do we expect? Jesus said if they hated me they will hate you! he said the world hates you because you are not of the world!

    and as i said before, John Baptist lost his head for pointing out one of God’s commandments to an adulterous couple.

    ultimately, my heart is at peace, because the God that we trust in is SOVEREIGN!

    grace and peace to you from God our Father!

  13. Dear Loose,

    All you can do is present the truth. If the soil is bad, nothing will grow there. If people are not ready to hear the truth, then just go on, and forget them. You have done all you can do.


  14. Hi Marianne

    I wonder if you consider the sins of heterosexuals the same way as those who are homosexuals and say that they are born again???

    The Apostle Paul made no such distinction between homosexuals and heterosexuals…He said that those who do such things will not inherit the Kingdom of God…So why do you [seem] make a distinction? Shouldn’t everyone hear the same message? Or do you consider one sin to be greater than the other? Do not the adulterer and fornicator stand in the same bad SOIL and will not see the Lord either?

    Know ye not that the UNRIGHTEOUS shall NOT inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither FORNICATORS, nor idolaters, nor ADULTERERS, nor EFFEMINATE, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

  15. Hi Yeshua the Lord of Glory,

    No, I did not pick certain sins because they were “worse” than others. I could have easily picked theft, lying, greed, disobedience to parents, murder, etc. Notice I did mention abortion also, as well as being Muslim, rather than christian. I was trying to keep this at a certain length, so it would be easier to read, so I limited what I gave as examples.

    This post is about compromising God’s standards for sinners, and not just sin itself. So, I picked homosexuality, because the gays demand us to compromise, deny their sin, make it a civil right, and the church concedes to this demand. It is the failure of the Church to respond properly to sin, preach repentance, and minister forgiveness that is the real focus of this post, not the individual sinner.

    Other sinners are less likely to do make the demands that gays do, although compromise is still prevalent for all sin. We still see greedy people benefiting from church membership, or preaching on TV, and adultery among professing Christians. But most abortionists, adulterers, thieves, liars, etc do not march the streets, petition churches to accept them unchanged, and declare them a “gift”, rather than an abomination.

    Gays show no “tolerance” toward God’s law, although they demand tolerance for themselves. They are hypocrites. They demonstrate no desire to repent. They are an extreme example, but it is they, not me, that did this to themselves. This is their behavior. I am just pointing it out.

    We do not have to be mean to anyone. We have to tell the truth in love. In the case of gays, they will ALWAYS falsely accuse Christians of being unloving, for telling the truth. They do not want the truth. They really do not want God. They just want acceptance. This is their defense mechanism, so they do not have to repent.

    But we cannot change the truth to please people. When/if we do, we allowing them to walk right into eternity as hell bound. That is not love. Love is doing everything possible to get them to go a different way.


  16. Thank you for your response Marianne…

    “Gays show no “tolerance” toward God’s law, although they demand tolerance for themselves. They are hypocrites. They demonstrate no desire to repent”.

    Marianne i think that the problem is with you…Are you really willing to shut Gays and Lesbians out of the Lord churches? Was it not so long ago that so-called “bible believing” Christians kept other bible believing Christians from fellowship because they were African Americans? Ah but you might say that gays and Lesbians are not bible believing Christians,but the bigots were, if only in word and not in deeds…Nevertheless discrimination of any kind should not be upheld by born again believers.Where is your tolerance? Have you demonstrated the desire to repent of your bigotry towards gays and lesbians? Did not the Lord Jesus die for all sinners? What right do you have to take away or limit the civil liberties of anyone?…Is this love? America is not a Judeo Christian Nation or a Theocracy…One Nation under God sounds good,but is it true? We do however,live in a Democracy that pledges LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all…Though liberty and justice came at a snails pace for so many for so long…Moreover,Christians were given the “great commission”.We were not made enforcers of God’s moral laws…So we should just share the Gospel with everyone who will listen,without distinction…That way the word “hyprocrit” holds no place,with you…

  17. Dear YLG,

    Nope, your philosophy is a perfect example of what this post is about. I have no problem with ANY sinner repenting and getting right before God. I encourage it.

    Repentance entails understand what is a sin, repenting of it, and TURNING away from that sin. Gays do not do this. They want to come and sit in church and do none of this. So, in this case, they have no business calling themselves Christians. They are the hypocrites. If they repented, then I would accept them. Since they don’t, and they want to continue in sin once they get inside the church, I do not accept this behavior. They do not belong in a church if they do not respect the commandments of God.

    No, so I have no tolerance toward hypocrites who want to be called Christians, but, in truth, are not Christians. I am not a bigot. I happen to be very consistent in following what the bible says. I had to repent, and so do gays, but they refuse. Once they acknowledge this bad attitude, and change their ways, there may be some hope for their salvation. But in the meantime, they are only fooling themselves. Gays are not legitimate when they equate themselves with blacks. There is no comparison. Blacks were born that way, and were slaves. They had a legitimate grievance. Gays don’t. They are just sinners.

    This is a democracy, so people can be godless if they want. But they need to be honest about what they are, and not pretend to be something they are not. The supreme court and congress is also godless now, so they are legislating immorality and calling it civil rights. This violates the original intent of the constitution, which is being discarded by our own godless government now. According to the constitution, when the government gets this way, ie becomes lawless or wrong, the people have the right to “alter or abolish it.”

    Christians are to accept the sinner, and help him REPENT…….but they are NOT to associate with those who chose to stay in sin. We are warned against this. If they refuse to repent, then we are to avoid them. It is just a drain of energy to continue with a rebellious person. Your reasoning, for example, is consistent with this unrepentant viewpoint.

    So, if I were to meet you, I would share what God says about his will, his commandments, and the salvation. If you agree to the terms, and DO them, then I would welcome you into the church. If you refuse, then it is not possible for me to do this. I have to respect what God’s will is, and cannot violate it to please you. But I will tell you, that whenever you are ready to turn away from your sin, then I will help you.


    • I could hardly believe my eyes when I read that we are to help the sinner repent and if they don’t we are not to associate with them. Why do you think Jesus was accused of being a glutton and a drunkard? It’s because He hung out with them. He knew He was the apple of God’s eye and did not have to worry about loosing His faith. We need to be diligent in knowing we are son’s and daughter’s of the KING! We need to be like Jesus and know who’s child we are.

      • Dear Irene

        Jesus associated with those willing to repent, but not with those who refused to do so.

        He did not try to force their will. And he knew he was not going to change them by associating with them.

        We have to have the same discernment.

        1Cr 5:11 But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.

        If we are not to even eat with sinners, why would we be fellow-shipping with them?

        We have to be able to judge when our witness will be effective, and when it won’t.

        I hope you can see the difference now.

        It does not mean we lack the love of Jesus. It just means they are not willing to accept it yet.

        It also means we must protect our spirits from their influence. Eventually they will rub off on us.

        • I totally agree. We witness to the lost. When and if rejected we move on. One plants, one waters, but God gives the increase.,

          Irene wrote: Why do you think Jesus was accused of being a glutton and a drunkard?

          Because he eat with sinners? He talked with them also? He was showing that it was the sinful and lost that he came into the world seeking, not the religious ones that stood far off and accused. But he did not do the things they did those he was in their presence. When they drank around him he did not partake. This in itself is seperation from the world.
          When they swore he did not swear. He maintained the appearance of the Father throughout his walk here on earth. So must we.

          Marianne is correct. Jesus was around those willing to repent, unlike the religious leaders. Those who listened knew they needed help, while those who assumed they were okay, laughed at him.

  18. “They are the hypocrites. If they repented, then I would accept them”.

    Wow Marianne you would except them? That’s very Christian of you… My philosophy is based on the teachings of Christ.You know,loving my neighbor as myself…
    I am not gay or lesbian so i do not know what this is like for them…However,i do understand our country’s history of bigotry and discrimination…Though it has never touched me personally… Yet i am still grieved by it.For my Savior is a Jew according to the flesh and there are no people upon this face of the whole earth who have been so persecuted and mistreated in the name of Christ,because they are Jews…Perhaps this is one of the reasons that you Premill’s have such a twisted love for them…You can hardly wait for them to build a temple so that your presupposed upon the scriptures,FUTURE Antichrist sits in it,yet you say that love them so very very much…Is this being consistent Marianne?

    You make excuses for the secular State of Israel,when she is wrong and it does not matter to you that they are not in Covenant with God… It’s funny too,how you cant seem to love the Palestinian people the same way,even the ones who are Christians and are in Covenant with God…Which is probably a good thing for them,for who needs this kind of love anyway?

    So then,perhaps you should not spend so much time on dictating God’s moral laws to Gays and Lesbians…The Lord teaches to let wheat and tares grow together,so why cant you just except his teaching? He knows those who are his…So your acceptance of Gays and Lesbians will not bring them into the presence of the Lord or keep them out of it…However,your bigotry towards them does make you a hypocrit!

    “Gays are not legitimate when they equate themselves with blacks. There is no comparison. Blacks were born that way, and were slaves. They had a legitimate grievance. Gays don’t. They are just sinners”.

    So then it it God’s fault,He did make African Americans black you know…However,the fact they were slaves and kept OUT of the Lord’s churches by “bible believing” Christians…Was probably not what he had in mind… I know this is not really what you meant to say,but it can be easily interpreted that way…

    I find something else interesting in your response Marianne…

    “The supreme court and congress is also godless now, so they are legislating immorality and calling it civil rights.This violates the original intent of the constitution, which is being discarded by our own godless government now. According to the constitution, when the government gets this way, ie becomes lawless or wrong, the people have the right to “alter or abolish it.”

    I seems to me that you MAY be one of those believers who is thinking about abandoning what is taught and written in Romans 13:1-4…Perhaps this is because you do not like our new President and current congress and laws of the land…If this is the case then,you are the one in need of someone teaching you the scriptures AGAIN and not the other way around! Thanks for your offer of help though…

    This is unfruitful and i know it, so i will not comment again…Just remember hate the sin and not the sinner…You might just find yourself having to give an account for this…For God sent his only begotten Son to die for the sins of the world..That includes the sins of bigots, Marianne…

  19. Sorry last comment and response…i failed to be thorough.I meant to say that you seem to be thinking of abandoning what is written in Romans 13:1-10…

  20. Dear YLG

    You talk like an unbeliever, not one who understands scripture. You talk as if Jesus has not saved you yet. Your arguments in favor of sin – on the government level or the individual level – demonstrates this.

    You are also putting words in my mouth, and assigning attitudes to me that I do not have. I just present the bible as clearly as possible, so that others will enjoy the study. I try to help and answer questions about what the bible teaches. If people disagree, they do not have to be Christians. They can be something else. This is a choice.

    To love the Jews is not “twisted.” It is God’s will. Your animosity for them is called antisemitism, and typical of unbelievers. You do not understand the tares and the wheat. Jesus in the book of Revelation, when he speaks to the churches, tells them to get rid of the sinners, if they don’t repent. He condemns tolerance of sin in the church. If you read the bible you would know that.

    Those in Gaza are not Christians. All the Christians fled to Israel when the terrorists took over.

    As for gays, if they wish to leave this type of life, there is help available. It is their choice, and I just refer them to this site, and recommend some local contacts:

    You sound very confused, and do not show any peace of soul. You are full of endless arguments. I would recommend getting some help from a local pastor.

    I wish you the best.


  21. Marianne,

    That Yeshua Lord of Glory person sounds like he is gay. Since he is also anti-Semitic, calling Jesus “Yeshua” is a joke.

  22. PS. what I am saying is that the “Yeshua king of glory” guy sounds like a web troll- pretending to be something he isn’t, so he can start arguments.

  23. Trying to look for answers everywhere but can’t seem to find any Please help me.I am an “in the closet gay man” who found true love in a man 9 years older than me.We don’t have sex and is not into it until we both feel right about it.We both believe in the Lord our saviour and both know what His word tells us about homosexuality but I have never loved like this before.I had previous gay interactions but it all felt wrong,not this time though.I’m I just a hippocryte christian that thinks all rules apply exept for this one???

    • HI Bearbudd,

      I am glad you wrote. For one thing, do not feel alone in this. There are many Christians who struggle with some sort of problem that is against God’s law in some way. Your problem does not make you inferior in any way to another person, whose struggle is different from yours.

      Society, and a fallen church, tells us one thing, to be permissive, or overlook these things, but God says something else. This leaves people in bondage, since even the church seems useless.

      The freedom comes from knowing that we are made to depend on God, not to be independent from Him. He can give us the power, and strength to deal with struggles.

      You currently have a relationship that presents itself, and you would like it to be a godly one. What you need is someone who has gone through this process, and help you to define all positive relationships in the best way. There is nothing wrong about caring about someone. What you need to do is give it the proper definition and perspective. It is possible to preserve relationships, and even strengthen them, once we do this.

      Please consider this group online. I want to encourage you on your faith walk, and not to give up or be discouraged. We live in a fallen world, and are damaged daily by its pressures, ending up compromised. But it is this compromised state that makes us realize we do need a savior, to help us through. Do not give up on your faith walk with Jesus. Look to him for help and guidance, and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you and help you resolve your issues and needs.


  24. Marianne

    Thanks for your help and blessings.It really helps to have someone,on a sober and helping tone,to steer one in a diretion
    of repentance and salvation.

    Thanks again and God bless.

  25. Uh-oh..Sound like I didn’t do well… that means I need to change ways of helping the sinners.. but I do not think I do have any strength left to help others anymore since I have been bitten and chew over once too often :/
    Thanks for the insight. 🙂 Blessings.

  26. I am saddened that so many people in this thread automatically equate unbelief with evil. If those concerned could see the good that many unbelievers do, and compare it with the evil that many ‘false prophets’, and just plain religious bigots do, them humanity may advance just that one step further.

    • hi Alan

      I hope you understand that my post was directed at hypocrisy in Christians rather than picking apart unbelievers.

      What I see are believers compromising their faith, in order to please a crowd, rather than appropriately representing their faith.

      The unbelievers I am referring to are those that especially choose antisocial behavior, want rights for themselves, but not others, or those that attack others because they do believe.

      The individuals who are somewhat neutral, and just live their lives are not the focus here.

      It would be nice, however, to share our beliefs with them, if they are interested.

      Maybe I should have made that more clear.

  27. This video was an interesting perspective on conspiracy theories and the 9/11 Truth Movement and it’s influence on everyone and the possible outcome of getting caught up in them. He makes the argument that what is going on here inside our government is also going on in Israel. Definitely, interesting perspective.


  29. I really like to get a Christian perspective on these things instead of an Alex Jones one.

    • The Jesuits are behind all of this scheming.
      Alex is close to the jesuits.
      Albert Pike layed in all down before the great wars.
      The desired results is to have Christianity fight muslims and judaism fighting christianity etc.
      Any combination of these religions will, do as long as they fight each other.
      Then atheism will rise victorious with Lucifer at its head.
      DO NOT FALL for this!
      They have mixed religion and politics. It is a bad mixture!
      Do not promote these Luciferians’ agenda!
      Leave it alone … it is not helping.

    • hi kitti

      I tend to agree with the video. Obama is an antichrist figure, but he may not be the antichrist. It is meant by our enemy, Satan, to have all world leaders first in antichrist mentality. Obama is no different from any other world leader right now.

      To identify the true antichrist leader who will prevail, one need to look at prophecy. He will come in by deceit, he will war with the king of the south ( Egypt), he will be from an ancient greco-roman region that forms a temporary kingdom, he will arise out of 10 kings, he will subdue 3 of them, he will enter Israel and take over, and commit an abomination in their temple area or holy place.

      All the other leaders are just in place to allow this to happen.

  30. Hi

    I am one of those “unchurched christians” seeking fellowship with like minded believers who love Jesus. I am also watching and praying regarding the sign of the times…as Jesus told us to do so many times and warning those that do not believe of impending judgement that is coming..problem is…no one wants to its a very lonely place to be in…I have been seeking a place to fellowship now for years but due to the prosperity messages being preached and pastors not knowing or understanding the Word themslves…has led to much frustration. As I see most churches celebrating easter and christmas – I have to wonder if they know their bibles at all for these are pagan holidays…just where has the church fallen to? Anyway if anyone would like to share anything or make contact with me…my email address is as above.

    Greetings in the name of Jesus

    • Hey Jacqui! You are in good hands 🙂

      I found Marianne’s website a year ago in February after my dad died. I have been an “unchurched christian” for the same reasons as you. I am however looking into a Messianic church/synagogue that is spirit filled near my home. Haven’t been yet but will let you know. I have to say that i have learned more on Marianne’s site then my entire years in church by just browsing through her posts.

      I have also been learning about the Feasts of the Lord and how they relate to Jesus return. Very interesting.

      You will like it here…her posts will keep you busy for sure as well as keep you informed of daily news and events that could relate to end times.

    • dear Jacqui

      You can find fellowship here. This is an open forum of believers, and I never preach prosperity or ask for money. if you connect with someone, it is possible to reach them offline.

  31. Well, here we go….as the apostasy begins!,8599,2065080,00.html

    “The standard Christian view of salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is summed up in the Gospel of John, which promises “eternal life” to “whosoever believeth in Him.” Traditionally, the key is the acknowledgment that Jesus is the Son of God, who, in the words of the ancient creed, “for us and for our salvation came down from heaven … and was made man.” In the Evangelical ethos, one either accepts this and goes to heaven or refuses and goes to hell. (See 10 surprising facts about the world’s oldest Bible.)

    Bell, a tall, 40-year-old son of a Michigan federal judge, begs to differ. He suggests that the redemptive work of Jesus may be universal — meaning that, as his book’s subtitle puts it, “every person who ever lived” could have a place in heaven, whatever that turns out to be. Such a simple premise, but with Easter at hand, this slim, lively book has ignited a new holy war in Christian circles and beyond. When word of Love Wins reached the Internet, one conservative Evangelical pastor, John Piper, tweeted, “Farewell Rob Bell,” unilaterally attempting to evict Bell from the Evangelical community. R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, says Bell’s book is “theologically disastrous. Any of us should be concerned when a matter of theological importance is played with in a subversive way.” In North Carolina, a young pastor was fired by his church for endorsing the book. “

    • I saw an interview on CNN with him, and the host had him fumbling all over the place with his thoughts. I can’t remember the hosts name, though it is probably on Youtube somewhere. I want to say it was Zacaria or something like that. (Not my favorite channel for news!!)

      • I’ll look for it…check this out with billy crone…he is so cool 🙂

        He is on my FB page…are you on Facebook?

      • MSNBC Host Makes Rob Bell Squirm: “You’re Amending The Gospel So That It’s Palatable!”

        • That’s the one. No on FB, you know me, tecnology and me are like oil and water. Should take a class or something.!!

        • I liked Crone vid. I think you posted him somewhere else before, or I’ve seen him before.

          I don’t usually care for televangelists, but charles stanley had a great sermon this past week on the cross. It had me hooked. Not as “energetic” as crone though!!!

  32. See is believing? Here is Pope John II allowing other religious leaders from different religions to pray and even place the buddhist on the altar!!

  33. You quote:
    “The Roman Empire collapsed because of this “lifestyle.” This will happen again to our society, if we allow it to go unaddressed.”

    These are the type of stupid, uninformed, ignorant, foolish, disingenuous, careless comments by so-called Christians that discredit the Faith or even the arguments against homosexuality. The rise of homosexuality in Roman society preceded the advent of the Empire, as Roman moralism gave way to the Hellenist influences. If it was homosexuality that led to the fall of the Empire, it did take its sweet time. Decadence is of comprehensiveness that dwarfs any particular sin. And homosexuality, as it refers to Romans 1, should be thought more as landmark on that road than a cause.

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