Counterfeit Presence of God


Co-author – Rev Patrick Williams

Angels do bring messages from God. God can also speak directly to the believer. This true contact should bring a humbleness upon the person, making them teachable, and receptive to the truth of the Word of God. So, how does a counterfeit experience occur?


Characteristics of a counterfeit spirit

1. The devil mixes his lies with the truth, for he must use a truth to carry his lies. The believer must therefore discriminate, and judge all things. Satan is a “mixer.” If in anything he finds ninety-nine percent pure, he tries to insert one percent of his poisonous stream, and this grows, if undetected, until the proportions are reversed.

2. In accepting the counterfeits of Satan, the believer thinks, and believes, he is complying with Divine conditions in order to ascend to a higher life; whereas he complies with conditions for Satanic workings in his life, and thereby descends into a pit of deception and suffering, with his spirit and motive pure.

How they gain access

How evil spirits gain access to the believer, is the next question we need to consider.
(1) how they deceive; (2) the ground given for deception; (3) where they enter; (4) the excuses the spirit makes to hide the ground it has claimed, to keep the believer in ignorance of his presence and the ground he holds; (5) the effect on the man deceived; and (6) the symptoms.

3. In one who has been brought into fellowship with God, Satan can only gain ground in terms, by “wiles”; for he knows he will never get from a believer deliberate consent to the entry, and control of evil spirits.

The Deceiver can only hope to obtain that consent by guile: i.e., by feigning to be God Himself, or a messenger from Him. He knows, too, that such a believer is determined to obey God at all costs, and covets the knowledge of God above all else on earth.

There is, therefore, no other way to deceive this one, but by counterfeiting God Himself, His presence and His workings; and under pretense of being God, to obtain the co-operation of the man’s will in accepting further deceptions; so as eventually to lead to “possession” of some part of the believer’s mind or body, (not in the spirit man which is off limits) and thus injure or hinder his usefulness to God, as well as that of others who will be affected by him.

A need for visual and other sensory stimulation

How the powers of darkness counterfeit the presence of God to those ignorant of his devices may be as follows. At some moment when the believer is yearning for the sense of God’s presence, either alone, or in a meeting, and certain conditions are fulfilled, the subtle foe approaches, and wrapping the senses round with a soothing, lulling feeling–sometimes filling the room with light, or causing what is apparently a “breath from God” by a movement of the air–either whispers “This is the presence you have longed for,” or leads the believer to infer that it is what he has desired.

Then, off his guard, and lulled into security that Satan is far away, some thoughts are suggested to the mind, accompanied by manifestations which appear to be Divine; a sweet voice speaks, or a vision is given, which is at once received as “Divine guidance,” given in the “Divine presence,” and hence beyond question as from God. If accepted as from God, when from the spirits of evil, the first ground is gained.


Self love at core

The man or women is now so sure that God has called them do this or that. He is filled with the thought that he has been highly favored of God, and chosen for some high place in His Kingdom. The deeply hidden self-love is fed and strengthened by this, and he is able to endure all things by the power of this secret strength.

He has been spoken to by God! He has been singled out for special favor! His support is now within upon his experience, rather than upon God Himself, and the written Word.

Through this secret confidence that God has specially spoken to him, the man becomes unteachable and unyielding, with a positiveness trending on infallibility.


Does this sound like you?

He or she cannot listen to others now, for they have not had this “direct” revelation from God. He is in direct, special, personal communion with God, and to question any “direction” given to him, becomes the height of sin.

Obey he must, even though the direction given is contrary to all enlightened judgment, and the action commanded opposed to the spirit of the Word of God. In brief, when the man at this stage believes he has a “command” from God, he will not use his reason, because he thinks it would be “carnal” to do so–“common-sense” is lack of faith, and therefore sin–and “conscience” for the time being, has ceased to speak.

Spirits cater to self love, and to a need to be accepted as special

Some of the suggestions made to the believer by deceiving spirits at this time, may be: (1) “You are a special instrument for God,” working to feed self-love; (2) “You are more advanced than others” working to blind the soul to sober knowledge of itself; (3) “You are different from others,” working to make him think he needs special dealing by God; (4) “You must take a separate path,” a suggestion made to feed the independent spirit; (5) “You must give up your occupation, and live by faith,” aiming at causing the believer to launch out on false guidance, which may result in the ruin of his home, and sometimes the work for God in which he is engaged.

All these suggestions are made to give the man a false conception of his spiritual state; for he is made to believe he is more advanced than he actually is, so that he may act beyond his measure of faith and knowledge (Rom. 12: 3), and consequently be more open to the deceptions of the enemy.

Upon the basis of the supposed revelation of God, and the special manifestation of His presence, and the consequent full possession of the believer by Him, the lying spirits, afterwords, build their counterfeits. Do not waste your time with counterfeit spirits.

If you are willing to test the spirit, and have others test it, then you are most likely dealing with a true experience. If you are unwilling to be questioned, or tested, then, mostly likely, you have a counterfeit spirit.

**** NOTE:

One prophet from India ( recently warned about receiving duplicate/fake anointing.

John 16:8
“And when He has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.”

If this does not happen, then what one has is a false anointing.

24 Responses to “Counterfeit Presence of God”

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  2. Amen.

    One prophet from India( recently warned about receiving duplicate/fake annointing.

    John 16:8
    And when He has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.

    If thas does not happen, then what what one has is a duplicate annointing.

  3. Hi Golda,

    Good point. Conviction of sin. The holy Spirit is not for show, but for God’s service and salvation. I will add your comment to the main text.


  4. Lets not forget the false prophets who encourage the to be deceived believer that he has a special ministry and wealth waiting for him but only if he shows his trust by seeding his faith seed into their ministry.

  5. HI GYOD

    Very good point. Once something starts, it keeps snowballing into something bigger, and it gets more confusing.


  6. Identifying the real Christ. Born in a manger,(barn)tempted by the Government or Satan, that if he joined them. He can own anything in this world. Money, home, ect…
    He refuse all and rather save his soul and others for the kingdom of heaven if those others followed his example.

    False Christ. He owns all of this world not the creation itself, but the materials in it. He has chased many to poverty, he has caused many to follow him by creating materials to destroy the earth, cars, homes, foods that are poison,ect…
    Lets just face it..those in power of this earth is the devil..
    Schools, churches, hospitals, welfare, courts…
    They all plot to make their power known. In such ways you would be shocked, and the Government owns all of it…
    The hospitals have workers to make diseases, so you can depend on them. The schools, make you go to school so you can slave for the government and the owners to make them rich. the churches sends curses and demons so we can depend on the church and give them more money..Welfare is a place where people can go beg for money to survive, while Government kicks those people to the curb, Courts well, its a place for thieves and robbers, why? Cause the Government again has caused them to a point where they give up hope..and steal to live..Why? Cause expenses are going up, rent is going up, food and gas. that is how Satan works..Who is Satan…the Government, he controls all the rest…schools, hospitals, you name it. It is a Pyramid Scam…He plays God…That is the Anti Christ..Still confused? Look at the pyramid Scam..

  7. Hi Brandy

    You make some good points about the god of this world. Satan works opposite of God.


  8. Thank you…

  9. Very interesting Brandy. He is on is job 24/7. We however fail to be about the lords business 24/7. Great thoughts.

  10. Hi Rev Williams.

    You said

    We however fail to be about the lords business 24/7

    I feel in the next year or two, the bride of Christ will be working overtime, as America enters into a very dangerous period. Where once the bride stayed home, thinking no one wanted her, she will suddenly be in high demand as a nation falls under God’s judgment, and there will be many wounds to heal.

    God did not prepare the bride for nothing. Her busiest moments in ministry on earth will be right before she is taken away.


    • Dear Marianne, how on earth did you manage to make such a spot-on accurate observation, that the bride will be unprepared completely and will only get busy just before she is taken away? From gnostic research, I know what you say is 100%, but how did you discover that in 2008 already?
      God bless,
      Joanna, London, UK

      • hi Joanna

        It is just what I saw as true, according to the Word as I read it, and from observation. The most humble, gifted people are being suppressed in the church in favor of more glamorous candidates fro ministry.

        God will use the humble, not the proud, and bring down the false images of the proud.

        After the US elections in 2008, and actually before, it became painfully obvious to me.

        The final groundwork would be laid down for the tribulation in the following 4 years of this current US “President.”

        What we have right now in America is a preparation for the 4 horses of judgment, and a foreshadowing of the abomination of desolation.

        • Amen!!! To the first two paragraphs; which touch my Spirit sooooo much!!! I did experience this, and the Holy Spirit Blessed me with Discernment to see the Truth!!! God in control!!! and they will reap what sow!!! If they don’t Truly REPENT!!!

  11. Amen sister.

  12. I work in a Hospital. We do not make people sick. Governments are in place by G-d, not Satan.

    There are those inside governments who do help Lucifer’s plan. Not all have sold out.

    I would say Mohamed who enjoyed rape, and murder was following a fallen Angel, or Lucifer himself. Jim Jones is another good example. Lucis Trust at the UN is doing Lucifer’s business. Christian Churches allowing Homos, and drunks to preach, The appearance of Mary across the globe etc…

  13. Oh boy! This sounds so much like the stuff I’ve seen going on in the charismatic movement.

  14. Please understand that not all angels are in submission to, or directly sent from, the LORD.

    Who do you think ‘S’ he has authority over on this earth?

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  16. Thank you God and Jesus to remind me of who I am in your presence. MY my learning help others. Thanks to placing this on your site. Correction in play. I hate being someone else’s Kit Kat Bar!
    This explains everything. Should be a payday bar.

    A grateful soul

  17. It is very common to get deceived by the wiles of Satan. Let us look at Exodus 20:4. Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image,
    or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above,
    or that is in the earth beneath,
    or that is in the water under the earth:
    20:5. Thou shall not bow down thyself to them,
    nor serve them:
    for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God,
    visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

    Anytime we pray to other gods, or represents God with the likeness of something, we get God to jealousy and he visits his wrath upon us even unto the fourth generation. HOW DO WE MAKE GRAVEN IMAGES, AND CREATE LIKENESS IN PLACE OF GOD?
    The images we create are on our minds as Christians. Unlike the heathen who sits infront of their physical images made of woods and stones and chant to them, the CHRISTIAN perceives an image of God in their mind especially during prayers and they pray to that perceived image. The moment one closes their eyes to pray, to whom they do make likeness unto God? A few reseach done revealed that we have made those movie actors who played the role of Jesus as the image of God. We therefore pray to these actors thinking we pray to Jesus. And that is the greatest deceipt of the devil. All the allnight services, the prayer meetings, the gathering to pray for one another, the prayer to the sick, all falls on movie actors:

    Halvard Hoff – Leaves from Satan’s Book 1921
    HB Warner – The King of Kings 1927
    Jeffrey Hunter – King of Kings 1961
    Enrique Irazoqui – The Gospel According to St. Matthew 1964
    Max von Sydow – The Greatest Story Ever Told 1965
    Ted Neeley – Jesus Christ Superstar 1973
    Robert Powell – Jesus of Nazareth 1977
    Brian Deacon – Jesus 1979
    Chris Sarandon – The Day Christ Died 1980
    Willem Dafoe – The Last Temptation of Christ 1988
    Christian Bale – Mary, Mother of Jesus 1999
    Jeremy Sisto – Jesus 1999
    Will Ferrell – Superstar 1999
    John K Steel – Life of Jesus 2000
    Henry Ian Cusick The Visual Bible: Gospel of John 2003
    Jim Caviezel – Passion of the Christ 2004
    Diogo Morgado – Son of God 2014
    Haaz Sleiman – Killing Jesus 2015
    Juan Pablo Di Pace – A.D. The Bible Continues 2015
    Ewan McGregor – Last Days in the Desert 2015

    These are the lists of gods we pray to when we close our eyes to pray. Some pray to Virgin Mary as well. As we pray to other images, we make our true God jealous. We spare our night sleep and go to allnight service to pray and all we do is to get God to jealousy, can you imagine that? All these are the wiles the devil uses to make the Christian efforts useless. Recall, Jesus said, when you pray do not use vain repititions as the heathen do for they think they will be heard with their many words. The heathen are idol worshippers who have their god in graven images, and the worshipopers pray to them by chanting and reciting words repeatedly, as if though they cannot hear. But the ears of our God are open to us, just say the word one time and he will hear you. EVEN WHILES THE WORD IS WITHIN OUR HEART HE KNOWS IT ALREADY before we even speak. I know people who spend hours in prayer thinking they prayed to God, but in reality they prayed to man, vanity. Thats the very reason why about 99% of our prayers are not being answered. Because the God we suppose to send our prayers we rather provoke him to jealousy by praying to other images who are creatures rather than the creator. God has no image to behold. Satan uses images to entice man to worship it. God had said do not worship any likeness of anything, be it in heaven, on earth or under the earth. Absolutely no image. The supposedly image of God, as in Christ Jesus, is not God but men who played acting role as Jesus. Many have made merchandize of these images by Calendars, posters, crosses, etc. and sell them. The parishers hangs these images in their secret rooms and call upon the man image making them their god and even pray to them.

    4:15. Take ye therefore good heed unto yourselves;
    for ye saw no manner of similitude on the day that the LORD spake unto you in
    Horeb out of the midst of the fire:
    4:16. Lest ye corrupt yourselves,
    and make you a graven image,
    the similitude of any figure,
    the likeness of male or female,
    4:17. The likeness of any beast that is on the earth,
    the likeness of any winged fowl that flieth in the air,
    4:18. The likeness of any thing that creepeth on the ground,
    the likeness of any fish that is in the waters beneath the earth:
    4:19. And lest thou lift up thine eyes unto heaven,
    and when thou seest the sun,
    and the moon, and the stars, even all the host of heaven,
    shouldest be driven to worship them, and serve them,
    which the LORD thy God hath divided unto all nations under the whole heaven.

    The above scripture was quoted to support our teachings.

    1:23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

    The church has changed the glory of the incorruptile God into an image made like to a corruptible man, why? And this we do in our imagination when we perceive God as one of the movie actors and pray to them in our memory.

    2:1 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

    By so doing we have become idol worshippers, because we imagine vain things. What can a mere man do for you, a man that shall die? But all these happen to us for lack of knowledge, out of ignorance, which are without excuse.


    We are told in John 1:1 that God is the Word. And that all things were created by the Word and for the Word. The Word then became flesh and lived amongst us and was given a name call Jesus. Now God has given himself a name called JESUS. Whoever prays must always pray to Jesus. For the name Jesus is the only name that has been highly exalted above all names such that at the mention of the name Jesus every knee in heaven on earth and under the earth shall bow and confess that Jesus is Lord. The name Jesus is the Almighty God, the Supreme God, Everlasting Father. Because the name Jesus is above all. Thats why if you have Jesus, he that is In you is greater than they who are not in you. Pray to the name; JESUS. Anytime you pray, picture in your mind the name Jesus, spelt in aphabet of your clan. Because remember that Jesus was the Word and the WORD IS GOD. If Jesus is the WORD then the only image we have is the word: JESUS, without any other image in heaven, on earth or under the earth. Always set your mind on the Word, JESUS and pray to the word Jesus. You can write the word JESUS boldly on a piece of white paper and capture that word in memory and always speak to him. This is true when the Bible says we shall do all things in the name of Jesus. And in my name, they shall cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, etc. Some even cast out demons in their own name by using the personal pronoun ” I” No, that will not work. The demon will ask you: Paul I know, Jesus, I know, but who are you? There is none other name under heaven for which men must be save except the name: JESUS. He has no image, no form, no likeness of anything, he remains the Word. By replacing Jesus with any other image, you have reduced his sovereignty to that image, and that is where he gets jealous. Let us not changed the only incorruptible Jesus into a corruptible man.


    The name Christian came from Christ, which means Messiah. Jesus came as a Messiah to prepare the ground for the people to be saved. He alone is the Messiah. By dying on the cross to save all men, he fulfilled his Messianic mission. After all these achievements, he was given a name that is highly exalted above all names even including the name messiah or Christ. Thus, Jesus is the key now. A person will follow Christ to get salvation. Once the person confesses Jesus as his Lord and Saviour, the mission of Christ ends him. Then the power of God, which is Jesus, takes over his life by receiving Jesus in the person of the Holy Spirit by faith. We then become the followers of Jesus. Just as followers of Christ are called Christians, So do followers of Jesus are called Jesusians. These are the true believers of Jesus. Anyone can be a Christian but not all can be Jesusians. Jesusianity is a movement of those who have Jesus in their hearts and lives to obey and do the will of Jesus. Let all the saints know about this movement and replacement the Christianity with Jesusianity.


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