Creepy Clown Dark TV Show


On a public TV channel?

Recently in the past month I saw what look like the Deep State having some sort of pre sacrifice ritual on TV.

With thousands of channels available now, it was one on one of the odd channels that you can get since there’s so many channels.

It’s a channel I normally do not get.


What I saw:

Everyone, both adults and children, were dressed up as clowns with the clown makeup on their faces.

Everybody was watching this one man tease and taunt a 10 year old child in a stand alone bathtub.

The child was naked in the tub, as if to take a bath, while everyone else was dressed and surrounding him, or in an audience on a set of bleachers.

The man kept pulling his leg up as if he was trying to dunk the boy in the tub of water and drown him.

Since the boy was sitting in the tub, if the man pulled up on his leg then his head would go down under the water.

The boy look distressed and frightened.

He was the only one without a mask.

No one helped the boy.

But everybody was just staring at him.

It was just so wrong.

I was so shocked to see something like that.

I thought I was imagining it.

It just made me feel very uncomfortable, and I changed the channel.

So I do not know how it ended, and I am afraid to think of how it could have turned out.

I felt like the boy was going to die.

It seemed to be some type of ritual.

But after thinking about it later I realized that this display was being put on a public television channel.


Maybe the producers of this “show” were testing it out to see if they could get ready to make these type of scenes public.

It is possible that they’re going to go from hidden videos on the dark web to open displays on public TV.

This may be their plan.

This is extremely bold.

It is assuming that the public will soon be accepting of this type of abuse on public television, as entertainment.


Has anyone else seen anything like this on public TV?

I tried to go back later and identify the channel, but I saw no more displays like this.

The “show” is just a symptom.

The abuse is real.

We must save these children.

10 Responses to “Creepy Clown Dark TV Show”

  1. – The tub is an instrument of purification. Think of the laver the priests washed under Mosaic Law.
    – Water, normally, represents the Holy Spirit. Probably, here as well.
    – A bath is a purification process… lifelong!
    – Public television represents the belief, morals, and what is held as important by culture.
    – The clowns are pretenders, actors, deceivers.
    – The child represents the innocent, powerless, but since he is 10, he is at the age of accountability: he has ability to make choices, limited, but he can still choose.
    – Naked means he is very vulnerable, he has no physical defense against these tormentors.
    – The leg indicates the strength of one’s walk.
    – Sitting is a resting position, He is resting in the water, the Holy Spirit, Jesus.

    Narrative: People whose rest in the Holy Sprit (saved) are being challenged by culture. It is not enough to publicly ridicule this believer for “in what he is resting” (Holy Spirit), but these deceivers can’t “argue” him out of the tub, they actively press him with their version of “righteousness” to get him out of the tub, away from Jesus, to stop, possibly reverse, the sanctification/purification process. His dunking is “baptism under fire”. He is fearful but its because he is a child, a new believer, attempting to remain firm, but still fears. But he is still in the tub! What happens after the dream terminates? If he lives, it is because he either compromised and got out of the tub, or he held firm until death… he may have died almost immediately or after a long life. Regardless, when dies, he dies in the tub.

    Application: This is for all of us. The culture wants us to recant Jesus. We are ridiculed, argued with and then threatened. As long as we stay in the tub, we experience purification, sanctification and a growing relationship with Jesus.


    • ray

      this was NOT a dream.

      I saw it happen

      • Sorry, I didn’t pick up on that.

        If it wasn’t a broadcast of Stephen King’s “It”, (Pennywise the Clown?) it was probably an indie film where abuse and exploitation is considered art.

        Sorry again for not paying attention to the context.

  2. Marianne,

    I have two questions:

    What do you mean when you describe this channel as one you “do not get”?

    Have you contacted the public television station and asked about what you saw at that time?

    • mad ray

      i do not get most channels because I do not pay for cable or satellite tv.

      usually i just get local stations. the others are just blank. this was a channel that is normally blank for me.

      I do not know who to contact and I do not remember the channel number.

  3. The circumstances of you getting this message seem stranger than the message itself. You may have been given an electronic vision… God wanted to show you something via electronic medium. While what you saw may have been demonically inspired, the symbolism of what you described has a deeper warning than child abuse.

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