Crisis Actors needed



Advertisements for upcoming events near you?

Below is a compilation of news sources from the internet.


Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing were false flag events.

Then there was the possibly fake shooting in a California school.



Is this man a crisis actor also? There was no publicized funeral.

Upcoming events?






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(4) multistate – Al, Ca, Co, Wi


Remember him?

Many people do not believe that crisis actors exist or could possibly be used in the recent events such as Boston Bombings or Sandy Hook. 

Well here is just one organization that provides these crisis actors to the Federal, State, and Local Governments.

Does the IIF recruitment of new actors indicate that there are more false flag events in America’s future?

IIF Data Solutions provides Role Player Support Services to Federal, State and Local authorities in support of their domestic exercise programs.

IIF Data recruits, hires, trains, moulages and manages Role Players who display the physical and emotional trauma associated with their simulated injuries.

IIF is now hiring for these coming political events.


Wisconsin, June 2013


Alabama, June 2013


Wisconsin, July 2013


Colorado, July 2013


California, August 2013

CNN Caught Red Handed Interviewing Crisis Actor : Boston False Flag

Here is but one list of specialty crisis actors need for upcoming political events in Al, Ca, Co, Wi, are you available?

Scenario-Specific (customized) Mass Casualty Cards and Wounds:




Sarin Gas

Sodium Hydroxide




Anhydrous Ammonia

Radiation (Cesium-137)

Mustard Gas

Sulfuric Acid

Ammonium Nitrate



Open & Closed Fractures



1st, 2nd & 3rd Degree Burns

Puncture Wounds

Dislocated Shoulder

Contusions / Bruising

Shock & Anxiety

Smoke Inhalation

Sucking Chest Wounds

Flap Wounds

How do you feel about these crisis actors?

Do you feel this may be a indication of future events?

Keep a eye on the coming events in Al, Ca, Co, Wi.

Please respond below with your feelings on this subject.


Marianne’s note

If your area is selected for such an event, stay home. Do not attend any public functions. Be safe.

For other areas not mentioned, do not assume that you are safe.

It is just that I cannot find information for every place, and we should be ready for disasters, false flags, etc. to hit our own area, and be prepared to avoid whatever is possible, and stay out of the way.




32 Responses to “Crisis Actors needed”

  1. Marianne,
    Thank you for posting this information. I am hoping that since these ads for crisis actors for upcoming (false flag) events have been exposed that they won’t actually happen. I don’t know what we, as Americans, can do to stop these events planned by our government and how they are using our tax dollars. It seems to me that our government is terrorizing us in their so called efforts for crisis planning and management. What can be done to stop this deceitful madness?? What does God say about this, are there any relevant scriptures that we can apply to get a biblical perspective? Or maybe it’s just more of the end time chaos…I pray for divine intervention and everyone’s safety…

  2. i understand the parts played by false victims in combat practice. however as an navy veteran, the military uses other military personal as fake battlefield or regional disaster. it is not common at all for the goverment to place ads in papers or websites for non- goverment employees to be payed to act as fake casulities, let alone pay them. the photos of the lady at the top of this post is rather (unexplainable) to say the least. i am refuring to the ability for the same person being at both places, this is interesting, will half to explore iif further.

  3. I don’t doubt it one bit. Being in one of the states listed, i don’t attend any of these functions; there is no place like home.
    Also the “natural” disaster fire still unaccounted for in my state 2 yrs. ago,I am certain was govt. set. The Holy Spirit was warning me prior of something about to take place and it certainly did! Tomorrow is the 2 yr. anniversary and of course there is little said [now] about how it began. Flooding is occuring for the next tens yrs. due to tree loss in the mtns; 18,000 acres. * All 50 states have been hit with flash floods in the past 5 yrs. info. via the Weather channel.

  4. I have always believed these were setups and reasons to remove guns, as guns always seem to be a controversial topic, so when people start storming the white house looking for answers, it is easier to control an angry crowd with 21 billion rounds of ammunition, and the crowd has no guns.

    I have read about actors in all of the situations and that man who was laughing and cry. Also the Sandy hook shooting pages opened days before the event.

    There is all sorts of wrong they are doing. Sometimes you lose hope in the human race.

    This was always an interesting video that caught my eye about a lot of this.

  5. the really strange thing in the video is a complete lack of urgency. in shootings their is always some blood and first responders would bot be walking around like their at a meeting. i would think that people that actually lost someone in this ” incident” would all be interviewed by multiple news agencies. so if none of the people actually were killed let alone the fact that there would have been many more wounded then actually killed whjch is always the case in large engagements, is really strange. for example in a military battle of any size there are 7-10 wounded for every one killed. when you here of casulties in a battle they are talking about dead and wounded, at least in military actions. and someone like the supposed father really looking not to be in great distress is not understandable at all. it was obvious that the supposed father was halfing to work himself up to look distraught.

  6. The CNN “double” witness is strange indeed. Good catch by the original spotter. I wonder how many more are “duplicates” witnessing multiple scenarios were / are out there.

    Having worked in law enforcement and working with C.E.R.T. in retirement, training exercises are done up as real as possible, with make up, cue cards, and people are “recruited” to play “victims” and to “bring their family” and such. But this is so out there. And I never heard of the role players being paid. How bizarre.

  7. Ah yes but ISIS is a real threat to America …. isn’t it?

  8. New craigslist ad for crisis actors for “EVENT TRAINING” Aug 3-6.


  10. Are The Riots In Ferguson Part Of The U.S. Agenda For Martial Law ?- Episode 440

  11. in my opinion; the governor made the right choice in calling in the national guard in Ferguson . there were and are to many people coming in from other parts of the country. this is still a hotbed especially when you see signs saying ; no justice no peace, and the same chants. the real question here is how is this officer going to get an impartial trial (if it comes to that point) ? where in America are there people who are not aware of what has been going on in Ferguson? who is going to be able to put out of their heads some of the stuff said by different people including government officials? not good.

  12. ferguson, mo riots

  13. […] Here’s a link to an article about crisis actors with heaps of good info […]

  14. what about the columbine shootings?! Was that real,because real people died!

  15. I truly wish I could get a job as a crisis actor. I need to know if it is real or not. Our government is so corrupt. Our worst criminals are running our country. SCARY!!!!! I never thought our citizens would be so blind. Gun control is definitely the agenda.

  16. More –

  17. What really ticks me off is when I hear of another law or bill that they are trying to pass and they reference known false flags as the support for why we need to pass the new law or bill.

  18. I have some good acting skills, call me!

  19. .

    No one died in the Las Vegas Mandalay Hoax.


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