Daily pH Flux in the Water Media of the Chrysanthemum Root Zone Suggests Evidence of a Circadian Rhythm

Gorman RT1*, Tioran ME1, Sykes AL1, Leidy RB1, Gordon AM1, Harris EP1

1 Research Triangle Park Laboratories, Inc., 7201 ACC Blvd., Suite 104, Raleigh NC 27617
* Correspondence: Phone: (919) 510-0228; Fax: (919) 510-0141; Email: rtg@rtp-labs.com





Cycles in nature have long been observed and recorded, yet only a portion of the biological clock has been described and the origin of the cyclical process remains obscure. The potential causes of circadian rhythms are many—among which light, chemical, and temperature variations are the most likely. We examined the relationship of temperature, nitrogen compounds in water, and pH under both light and dark conditions to determine if a pH oscillation exists. The pH flux observed in the water media of our studies of Chrysanthemum plants indicates a daily circadian rhythm that is reproducible, predictable, and unaffected by the presence or absence of light or nutrients in the media. Moreover, this circadian rhythm was found to occur in one other species. Parity of temperature revealed the pH flux, which has a sine-wave function with observed amplitude of six-plus pH units from pH ❤ to pH >9. The trough of pH ❤ was attributed to acid exudates in the root environment. The peak of pH >9 was considered to be the result of hydroxyl groups produced by the splitting of water. Peak values of pH >9 observed in this study suggest that a single activity occurs independent of light or dark. If water splitting is the source of this high pH, then proton separation resulting in the formation of hydroxyl groups may be independent of light energy. Water splitting may thus be a common occurrence, although the source of this activity remains unknown. This circadian rhythm—as evidenced by a pH flux—potentially represents a form of biological clock in which the pH flux is an energy-transfer system, which could in turn contribute to some biological activity. The ramifications are that water splitting appears to be independent of light-energy input and a pH change within the cell could have a major influence on metabolic activity.

7 Responses to “Daily pH Flux in the Water Media of the Chrysanthemum Root Zone Suggests Evidence of a Circadian Rhythm”

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  2. The above confirms what I already knew….that God is the perfect Designer who put Life in each of His creations.

    • hi internet elias

      I hadn’t expected anyone to comment on this since it is so technical.

      The extreme organization and order and complexity of science is what originally attracted me to it, and convinced me that God was the author of creation.

  3. Marianne

    Diabetes is a life threatening thing to many. Some are born with it and it is worse today than ever for type 11. How long has type one presented in society? Does it present in a body that was carried by Mother who themselves had food so lacking the proper flow of the nutrients and water. Food that is processed and not grown to the specifications of the Father, it would seem to me is not synergestic .

    The USA seems less able to break down carbohydrates than the rest of the world? right.

    I believe if you look at what you present in this presentation and look at your concerns over the changing of the seed as the creator created them. You will find that the seed changed can be reason that diabetes is so far advancing within the society of the US.

    Monsanto is one of the largest corporations producing what can’t be reproduced.

    To me it seems like, It is like the difference between worshiping/following God and following the leader of the world. One will save you and the other will destroy you.

    We can go for a couple of days without praying but beyond that we fall away or fall into the hands of the world or the ways of the world. We must keep our mind on him to stay in his ever presents for the caring of the soul.

    We can eat a certain amount of things that are not met to be used as fuel for our bodies and not as much harm, but lots of continued processed or contaminated or fuel with molecular makeup in our bodies will cause them to fall apart like a soul neglected in a state of being absent from the Father.

    I believe God wrote what he wrote seeing the beginning to the end knowing the makeup of worldly man would grow worse and more greedy with time. You look at the USA and the companies who made their money from the roots of the people here, but yet they have taken the money out of our nation due to greed. Does that money support the blood sweat from the roots that built it? No it is feeding people in other parts of the world and the birth place of these things are being robbed.

    God had all reason for all things presented in the word. We all know that God is purposeful in all things. Following his instructions lead us out of harms way and into an arc of safety.

    So when he told man not to plant seed after it was graphed and not to mix certain animals in making new forms of creation. It would seem to me that this might be a large part of the reason. These things destroy the health of the creation of God. Within the understanding of the reason would tell why so many are sick. We eat things that the Heavenly Father had no desire for us to eat.

    The other side of that is people will argue that anything for a starving famine oppressed people is more than nothing. But if you give seed to the poor and teach them to plant what produces after its own kind then they could feed themselves.

    But Man is greedy and has a desire to control all things and to have men in forms of slavery when God intended for them to be free.

    We live in sad times, but we have the great hope in his coming. Turning in the mean time to the ways of God in all things regarding our soul and the things we can change in our life. Keeps away sorrow due to joy in him and I say if we are able to choose between the food grown naturally as God intended the better our physical bodies will be.

  4. Periwinkle is a cure for diabetes and a good diet. Mans bodies are composed of fire air earth and water, he must participate in one or more measures of all these elements which causes Heath or sickness or death. From the rain and dew of heaven both good and bad things are caused to bud.

  5. These are great comments.

    Emotions can change the ph balance from healthy mild alkaline to acid very fast…fear, negativity, anxiety. The simple act of faith, turning all money and care over to God whenever the thought enters our heads, will short circuit this.

    There is a bad kind of religion that makes people anxious…faking emotions, pretending all sorts of things. That’s not from God.

    It’s good to remember that Jesus told us even poisons would not affect us, or snakes…that we must have faith. It’s interesting…I am allergic to sulfites, which are in all wines. But wine at Communion never bothers me. It is regular wine from Christian Brothers in the Napa Valley, going into churches all across the country.

    So when the Monsanto nastiness and other things scare me, I remember Jesus’ words and try to eat simple foods…in other words, use good sense. I used to work at a health food store. Apart from the voodoo magazines, I saw people spend thousands trying to live forever, afraid of their own shadow. That’s not of God. Now they know vitamins, coal tar derivatives, are contributing to all this cancer, even in pets. Be peaceful and chill. Ask God to bless the food.

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