Daniel – 2300 vs. 2520 days


Daniel’s last week lasts 7 years. We understand what happens for 3 ½ years, as Jacob’s trouble is defined as that length of time.

But, what about the rest of it? Is anything going on?

From Revelation, we have a fairly good picture of the 7 seals, 7 trumpets, and 7 vials.

The 7 seals, in my opinion, seem to portray the tribulation period, and the trumpets and vials seem to describe the time of wrath against the wicked, after the righteous are removed.

This is what I think lasts the 3 ½ years, or 1260-90 days.

Daniel discusses the time of Jacob’s trouble from Chapters 8-13.

(1) Usual view:

This is what most people discuss when referring to the timeline for the last days. This comes from Daniel 9 & 12:

daniel 7 years

I am listing the references, but will not put the entire passage, so I can be brief:

Daniel 9: 24 – 70 weeks total (70 x 7 = 490 years total)

Daniel 9: 26 – Messiah is cut off after 62+ 7 weeks

Daniel 9: 24 – one week left (7 years)

Daniel 12: 7 – Jacob’s trouble is only 3 ½ years, or 1260 days – for a time, times, and an half

Daniel 12: 11 – from the time [that] the daily [sacrifice] shall be taken away, and the abomination that makes desolate set up, [there shall be] a thousand two hundred and ninety days. So, here 1290.

So 1290 days of abomination, meaning 30 days before Jacob’s trouble, the temple becomes defiled. This is the warning for sign Jews to flee Jerusalem, as described in Rev 12.

Daniel 12:12- Blessed [is] he that waits, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. (1335)

This indicates, possibly, a 45 day period for the temple to be cleansed.

1290 + 45 = 1335.

(2) Insight from Daniel 11:

Dan 11:31   And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall

(1) pollute the sanctuary of strength, and

(2) shall take away the daily [sacrifice], and

(3) they shall place the abomination that makes desolate.

This is what is occurring during the 30 days before Jacob’s trouble. Not everything happens on the same day, and it takes 30 days to accomplish this.

Daniel 11 also describes conflicts between the “fierce leader,” and the kings of the north and south.

So there is local activity occurring before the “peaceful” occupation of Israel. The kingdom is seized by intrigue.

Possibly, this leader comes in as a “savior” for Israel, then betrays it.


(3) The vision of the goat and the ram adds extra insight:

However, in Daniel 8, it also mentions the vision of the goat and the ram, and that 2300 days are to be considered as well:

Dan 8:13 ¶ Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain [saint] which spoke, How long [shall be] the vision [concerning] the daily [sacrifice], and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?

Dan 8:14   And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.

The angel Gabriel indicates that this vision is also for the time of the end:

Dan 8:17   So he came near where I stood: and when he came, I was afraid, and fell upon my face: but he said unto me, Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end [shall be] the vision.

A closer look:

This antichrist is a supernatural being who can cast the host of heaven down.

Daniel 8:10 [the goat] waxed great, [even] to the host of heaven; and it cast down [some] of the host and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them.

Daniel 8:11 – recalls:

First – the daily sacrifice is taken away

Second – the sanctuary is “cast down.”

Daniel 8:13 – the question – how long does this take – How long [shall be] the vision [concerning] the daily [sacrifice], and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?

Daniel 8:14 – the answerUnto two thousand and three hundred (2300) days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.

Conclusion from Daniel 8:

So, even though Jacob’s trouble only lasts about 1260 days, the time of removing of the daily sacrifice occurs before that.

The taking away of the sacrifice and the abomination occurs at about 30 days before Jacob’s trouble, as indicated above, but this occurs only after “the host to be trodden under foot.”

So it appears there is a time of false peace (2300 – 1260 days) with a fake savior, local conflict and warfare that occurs and affects Israel, before the actual defilement of the temple.

So how does this fit into the first diagram?

daniel 2300

Here, we see that there is a period of 1040 days that occur before the 3 ½ years, which is part of the 2300 days.

This is the time of local conflict that leads up to the abomination.

There is also 220 days, or about 7 months, that appear to be a “quiet period” at the beginning of the 7 years.

Hopefully, this is a time when there should be “signals” that all is not well, and warfare is about to happen. Temple sacrifices should be occurring then.

It may be something like the current Iran- Israel tension over Iran’s nuclear development, and impending threat of nuclear attack by one against the other.

Once the “quiet period” is over, the antichrist comes in by intrigue, according to Daniel 11, and sets up his base there, with continued conflicts with the kings of the north and south.

(4) A final composite proposed for the entire 7 years:

daniel composite time line

1. 220 days (7.33 months) of quiet – temple sacrifices are practiced

2. 1010 days (33.66 months) – antichrist enters by intrigue and false peace. Occupies Israel as false savior, and has regional conflicts with the kings of north and south.

3. close to midpoint of the 7 years – 30 days – of removing daily sacrifices, and setting up abomination.

4. The Jews will flee from Jerusalem in horror, after being betrayed at this point.

5. Jacob’s trouble begins, 3 ½ years. The 6 seals of Rev occur. Righteous Jews are sealed for their protection. This includes untried Christians who will be left behind, to be tested.

6. This culminates in the battle of Armageddon and defeat of the antichrist.

7. Israel takes 45 days to cleanse the temple and restore service.

***special note on 9-22-11.  The 220 days may NOT be quiet.  The 6 seals may precede Jacob’s trouble, and the world may be in turmoil.  An unusual eclipse of the sun is due on Yom Kippur 2012, which will be accompanied by a great shaking.  This may the the moment of the last trumpet, when saints are called home.  

*** note on 7-8-13  The sacrifices do not have to start during the 220 days.  They may only be in effect for a short time, before they are stopped. so anytime before the first 1260 days are up, there could be sacrifices.  So far, I do not see this.

Final note:

1. There first has to be a temple to be defiled.

2. Israel’s alliance with America will change, which would allow for its “peaceful” invasion.   Possibilities:

a. America cannot help Israel due to national problems

b. America is “gone.”

c. The American president is the one who comes in as a false savior, setting up bases in Israel, then betraying Israel.

Israel would automatically allow the USA to come in, because of past alliances.

This would be the worst thing to happen.

I hope this is not the case, because it would definitely bring the destruction of America.  

This would then make it the spiritual Babylon who was responsible for the death of the saints.

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  2. Hi Marianne,

    Bless you, for your revelations;

    I have feeling that 45 days of cleansing of the temple takes off in 6th month on 25th of Elul (5 days before Rosh Hashana) – culminating in 10th of Marcheshvan – makes sense, considering the tradition that Mashiach will dedicate Temple in Marcheshvan – also date 10 parallels with Yom Kippur as a mirror event one month prior to it – does this make sense?

    • gavriel

      It makes sense a little bit. Also, it could be the 45 days before 25th kislev, so the temple could be rededicated on Chanukah.

      • Marcheshvan makes more sense I think, since it is the only month on hebrew callendar with no holidays on it, so G-d preserved it for the future. Also it is the month when flood began and when it ended as well.

      • Dan 8:14 And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.

        I believe this reference is to our Heavenly Temple being cleansed in 1848 when Jesus entered into the most Holy Place as our High Priest to finish the transgression and to make an end to sins, make reconciliation for iniquity, bring in everlasting righteousness and to seal up the vision and prophecy and to anoint the Most Holy 2300 years after the command to rebuild Jerusalem was decreed in 457 BC.

        Dan 9:24 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

        Dan 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

        As some Rabbi’s taught their students early Mid-rash writing techniques one prophecy given may be used not just in present but sometimes once or twice in future timelines we read in Dan 9:24 to seal up the vision and prophecy 70th week is resealed to be used as prophecy again during the 3.5 years of Tribulation but will be cut short for the elects sake this could mean when a asteroid, star or comet hits the planet during the third trump may effect rotation speed by 50% which reduces 24 hours by 1/3rd producing a 16 hour day therefor shortening Tribulation in total time but still fulfilling prophecy in exact number of days. (speculation on Rev. 8.10 I heard once before as possibility).

        Rev 8:10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;
        Rev 8:11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

        Dan 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

  3. Seeing the recent headlines, “Obama divides Jerusalum”, “Euphrates river dries up” etc…it “appears” that Obama is this “false saviour” and that we are at the end…what are your thoughts?

    When we are told to “prepare” what exactly does this mean?

    • hi lyndsey

      Not too much we can do, but be careful, avoid dangerous or risky situations, stay private, pray, and have faith. You can also store some extra food for emergency, but that is a good idea anyhow.

      I think there may be riots coming up when things finally crash, so stay off the streets when that happens.

    • Israel (about the size of Rhode Island) every time a US President the EU or UN in NY. pushes Israel to give away land needed for their survival as a peace resolution with Islam the U.S. or Europia gets hit with a Hurricane, flood or earthquake after about 5 of these, common sense should say this may not be a good idea. Islam doesn’t desire peace and history shows you can not negotiate with psychopaths they kept giving Hitler what he wanted he kept demanding for more peace settlements but he didn’t desire peace. Nations should be giving Israel 10 x the Land they now have to fulfill their Royal Grant from God to Abraham in 1897 BC. as an everlasting covenant in Genesis 15. Support Israel share with them the new ark of the covenant Jesus Christ and the only path to be adopted for everlasting life with our creator and savior! God will bless those who help Israel.

  4. At the Western Wall today and in yeshivas and synagogues and religious
    schools throughout Israel the sound of shofar blasts, the singing of Hebrew
    Psalms and cries and tears and wails of repentance were heard in response to
    a declaration by the Gedolei Yisrael (Great Ones of Israel) formally
    recognizing the beginning of the “time of Jacob’s trouble.”

    Thursday, March 22, 2001 (the 27th of Adar, 5761), was earlier designated
    the time to celebrate Rosh Chodesh Nisan, (the first day of Nisan), since
    the first day of Nisan actually falls on Sunday. Ordinarily Rosh Chodesh
    Nisan is designated a Yom Kippur Katan (a small Yom Kippur).

    So over the past 24 hours the Jewish community here in Israel and throughout
    the world has united in prayer. What is unusual about this year’s Yom
    Kippur Katan is that in light of the 6-month-old Palestinian uprising which
    has claimed the lives of 57 Israelis, including more than 20 through the
    direct involvment and participation of Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian
    Authority, the rabbis have added the designation as “a time of Jacob’s

    Further it is signed by ALL 27 of the leading Orthodox and Chassidic sages,
    both the “maranan verabonon” (masters and teachers) and the “gedolei
    ha-Torah vehaChassidus (Torah sages among the Chassidut).”

    the above is copied and pasted from

  5. We know it because Israel’s Rabbis declared the end of the sixth day, or 6,000 years, back in the year 2,000. The Hebrew year that started in the evening before September 11, 1999, and ended on September 29, 2000 was the year 5760. At this time, in Israel, the Rabbis not only made a public declaration (I was there!) that the 6,000 years had ended, they also declared “We are now in the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.”

    The above taken from

  6. Marianne I like your post but it would certainly help if everyone followed the same calendar.
    “….September 11, 1999…In the succeeding days…The countdown to the 7th millennium came and went without incident. What was wrong? The year? Probably, but still I had no way to correct the date….Then Brill handed me an English language version of the publication “Israel Today” dated May 1999 – the article: The Mystery of the 240 Missing Years. In the article, David Rohl, an Egyptologist and Archaeologist, found hieroglyphics that provided a synchronization of the Jewish and Egyptian calendars. He asserts that 240 years are missing from modern Jewish reckoning, bringing us to “the prophetic year 6000.” If he is correct on the 240 years, as opposed to my 241-year assertion (which is definitely wrong), the year 6000 is not a “prophetic year”, but we are still waiting for the beginning of the 7th Millennium.

    So according to all we are now living in the millenium.

    For me … I am still trying to understand which year we are now at.
    I certainly do not think that we have entered the millenium and the time of Jacob’s trouble is pass … but it is confusing.

    • I agree. They should have a calendar that contains corrected time, as well as adjusted time for the seasons, and jewish feasts.

      If I add 240 to the current year 5770, it is now 6010. But is the 240 in solar time or lunar time?

      The babylonian adjusted calendar was already in place when Jesus was here. So the time was already messed up. We do not know much about how David Rohl did his calculations, and which time period he used to do this. All we can go by now is current events, which are signs for us.

      I would be sad to hear we are already in the millenium, because that would mean there was no tribulation, and no second coming.

  7. Rev 13:1
    ‘And now I saw a strange creature rising up out of the sea.’

    I always thought it was odd that Obama’s home state was Hawaii. I think also that it is interesting that he let himself be called ‘the messiah’ during his run for president (which infuriated me, blasphemer!! Still nobody said anything, like THIS IS SO WRONG!! Americans are so spiritually dead nowadays!!). Messiah comes from Heaven (from the right hand of G-d), not Hawaii.

  8. I would just like to bring up an important point that was overlooked throughout most of this discussion.
    It is well known that in prophecy time is generally measured by the formula that 1 day in prophecy equals 1000 actual years. We know that Daniel uses it by looking at his prophecy of 70 weeks. The first 69 weeks goes from the rededication of the second temple in 457 BC and ending with the baptism (anointing) of Jesus in 27 AD. Then the prophecy jumps to the end times (unspecified) for the final week. Now it is quite obvious that these are not literal weeks and this article affirms this by recognizing that the last “week” of Daniel is not 7 days but 7 years. But from that point on out the formula is rejected and it assumes that days are now literal, not prophetic.
    Daniel’s visions are already confusing, but you may be really muddying the waters here by confusing days with years. While I haven’t yet tried to unravel these mysteries, before I start I would make sure I had the proper time frames from which to begin the exploration.
    I think maybe you began with a presupposing that the times refer to events in the final week so the days must be literal for that to work. These two assumptions may be taking you down a completely different path tan what Daniel was actually describing. Now that you have thoroughly explored this possibility you may want to take some time and rewind to the beginning and see what happens if you don’t make those initial assumptions. I don’t know where it would take you but it would be interesting to find out.

    • Hi james

      You would have to explain how your calculations came up with a different pattern. I converted the 7 years into days here.

      This post was an effort to resolve the 2300 days (6.39 years) with the 2520 days, which is 7 years.

      So, from the beginning of the 69 weeks, how does the 2300 days fit in? are they 2300 years?

      • Daniel 8 and 9 are linked. Chapter 9 is just a continution of the previous chapter. Gabriel was commanded to make Daniel understand the vision of the 2300 days. The only thing not explained in chapter 8 was the time. That was made clear in chapter 9. 70 weeks are detriminated(or cut out of the 2300 days) for Daniel’s people, the Jews. It starts when the command to rebuild and restore Jerusalem is given. The first portion of the 70 weeks is 7 weeks, 7 weeks to build the city and the walls. 7 weeks is 49 days and a day equals a year so 49 years. At the end of 49 years the city and the walls would be completed. This command was issued in the 7th year of Artaxerxes. Several commands were given by Medo-Perian rulers. The first was given by Cyrus to begin building the second temple, the decree was given in Cryrus’ first year in 537/36BC. The second was issued by Darius the great in 522BC, building finished 6 years later in 516BC, 70 years after Solomon’s temple was destroyed. The third was issued by Artaxerxes in the 7th year of his reign to restore the Jewish government, the right to govern themselves. The 4th decree was issued by the same king in 444BC to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem that had fallen into disarray. The wall was completed by 408BC. Interestly according to the Bible the wall only took 52 days to finish. So what was going on for 36 years? Also interestly when the wall was completed a census was taken of everybody in 407BC or the 50th year.

    • From Daniel 8:5-8:14 the goat with the prominent horn- “Alexander the great”. The angel begins the vision by describing Alexander the Great’s defeat of Darius the Mede at the river Granicus in 334 BC and Alexander crossed the Hellespont in 334 BC, the beginning date of the vision as to the questions in Daniel 8:13. According to Josephus Alexander the great was shown the prophecy about himself in Jerusalem in 332 BC, after reading the prophecy Alexander spared Jerusalem (because he recognized the high priest from a dream) and pushed south into Egypt. Counting forward at the first Passover in 333 BC, 2300 years brings you to the last Passover in 1967. Two months after that 2300th Passover was the 6 day war when Israel recaptured Jerusalem.
      Noteworthy comfirmation: Rabbi Gets (a chief rabbi dealing with the western wall area recently passed away) believed the 2300 “days” ended in 1967.

  9. As I said, I haven’t studied these time lines much, but I am familiar with the 2300 years as it is the time line used by William Miller to calculate the date of the “Great Disappointment” of 1844. Here is a link to explain it:
    While Miller was wrong about what would happen on that date It doesn’t mean the date was not significant. It was the beginning of the Adventist movement – churches that believed we were nearing the end times and began to prophesy about the advent of the Lord. It was also the beginning of the 7th day Adventists who believe that the “cleansing of the sanctuary” referred to the cleaning out of paganism from the churches including returning to the true sabbath.

    Many believe that the following verses in Rev.10 refer to the great disappointment:

    Rev 10:10 And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.

    Rev 10:11 And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.

    In this case the little book refers to the prophecy of Daniel, which seemed like sweet news to the believers but in the end became bitter disappointment.
    But the angel tells John not to give up but to continue to prophesy to the whole world.

    All the Adventist churches are dedicated to prophecy so they fit this prophecy perfectly.

    As for the other dates, I haven’t read anything about them but maybe the information is out there.

    I’m wondering how you decided to use or not use the day-for-a-year method. Perhaps the tribulation is only going to last for 7 days then.

    I think the use must be all or none, otherwise we are lost.

    • James

      I don’t know. Sometimes interpretation is intuitive.

      There are times when a day is a day, like Jacob’s trouble really lasts 1260 days, which is 3 1/2 years, or 42 months, since one scripture will explain another one.

      Other times, I can where it might mean a day = year.

      Sometimes a day = thousand years.

      It is something to contemplate on.

    • For James Giordano….
      Ezek.4:6 here the penance for the house of Judah was to lay 40 days on his right side.– to illustrate that a prophetic day is to be taken as a year. ( a day for a year ).—Ezekiel could not lay 40 years on his right side, could he ??

    • Many times a prophecy is dual or even triple in fulfilment, I will copy and paste some examples for you:
      The “Little horn” from Daniel 7:8: “While I was thinking about the horns, there before me was another horn, a little one, which came up among them”.
      Dan 7:25: “The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time”.
      Papal Rome began. Astolphus, King of Italy, surrendered the Exarchate (or Reavenna) to Pepin in 755 A.D. He gave it to Stephen III who thus obtained civil power. It is 755 AD when papal Rome became a kingdom with territory and the saints were handed over to the papacy for 1260 days (time, times and half a time are 3.5 prophetic years of 30 day months equalling 1260 days). 1260 days is 1260 years in prophecy, which gives us 755 + 1260 = 2015 A.D. when according to Daniel 7:27 the everlasting kingdom of God begins.
      From 1878-1871 BC we have the 7 year famine of Joseph from Genesis 41. In Daniel 12 we have 1290 days and 1335 days also 1260 days are mentioned in various ways (e.g. 42 months and time times and half a time). The intriguing addition of 1290+1335+1260=3885, now take this total and subtract the start date of Joseph’s famine 3885-1878=2007+1 (+1 because there is no year zero and only 3,884 years have elapsed) = 2008 the beginning of our famine called “tribulation”, ending 7 years later, 2015.
      Also Joseph’s 7 years of plenty from 1885-1878 BC parallel our 7 years of good economy/plenty 2001-2008 with an unforgetable major event, the 2 towers, indicating it’s beginning. The 2 towers fell 7 days before the feast of Trumpets indicating 7 years before tribulation (a day equals a year in prophecy). Starting on the feast of Trumpets in 2008 we have our 7 years of tribulation/famine.
      Using these same numbers starting from the fall of Assyria with it’s capitol city of Babylon in 614 BC +1335+1290=2012 AD and again from the fall of the empire of Babylon in 539 BC +1260+1290=2012 AD. This would seem to point to the fall of the old world order and the beginning of the new world order right in the center of the 7 year tribulation (2008-2015) perfectly aligning with the 1290 days until the abomination of desolation is set up and then the 1260 day reign of the antichrist.
      Apr. 11, 1986: Halley’s Comet passes closest to the Earth on its outbound journey (and the closest it comes during this passage).
      In 1996 and 1997 two bright comets crossed at the EXACT SAME COORDINATES IN THE SKY. Comet Hyatuke crossed these coordinates in the sky on APRIL 11, 1996 and comet Hale-Bopp crossed THESE SAME EXACT COORDINATES ON APRIL 11, 1997. The symbol of the “cross” was drawn in the heavens with the crossing of these two bright comets which took place right between the eyes of the constellation called Rosh Satan by Hebrews.
      April 11th 2012 is Wednesday, humpday, the middle of the week and is similarily in the middle of the holy week of unleavened bread as well as dead center in the middle of the ‘seven’, the 7 year tribulation. Let’s call it “expect the Antichrist day“.
      If you add up all the intergers in 1996: 1+9+9+6=25 & 2+5=7 and in 1997: 1+9+9+7=26 & 2+6=8 then 7+8=15, as in 2015, this will be when Satan gets it right between the eyes with the proverbial one two punch and our Messiah begins his reign on earth
      Starting and including the 1st of Tishri 5769, the “feast of Trumpets” which is Sept 30 2008 until and including “Antichrist day” April 11 2012 is exactly 1290 days as per Daniel 12:11.
      From but not including “Antichrist day” April 11 2012 until and including the “day of atonement” 10th of Tishri 5776 which is Sept 23 2015 is exactly 1260 days as per Daniel 12:7, Revelation 11:2-3,12:6;14,13:5.
      From and including “Antichrist day” April 11 2012 to and including Hanukkah the 24th of Kislev which is Dec 6 2015 is exactly 1335 days as per Daniel 12:12. Also from and including Sept 30 2008 until but not including Pentecost (Shavuot) is exactly 1335 days (which 1335? or both? maybe the amplified Dan 12:12 answers this question).
      Note: I have tried to fit the pattern of 2550 days from trumpets to atonement for other 7 year periods and the closest I have got is 2548 days and with the April 11th date from the “signs in the heavens” surely this is pretty much proof positive we have the timeline of the 70th week of Daniel 9 and the tribulation nailed (to the cross).

  10. I have heard this interpretation many times over the years but the more I think about it the less I think it is correct. I am simply trying to make logical sense out of it all but the pieces just don’t seem to fit.
    First of all, it requires Israel to rebuild the temple and begin daily ritual animal sacrifices again. Even if the temple was rebuilt, the Jews would not dare to sacrifice animals or anything else – it’s just not politically correct and not currently part of their religion, nor was it at the time of Christ.
    And the term “daily sacrifice” is not even correct. The word “sacrifice” was added by the King James translators (its in italics) so it could mean something completely different.
    And we know that while OT Israel was the Jews, that prophetic Israel is really “Spiritual Israel” or the Christian church.
    I believe the end time prophecies are primarily for the Christians WO have now inherited the kingdom and the sanctuary. The cleansing of the sanctuary is about the Christian church, not some still-to-be-built Jewish temple.
    The Jews will have a part in the second coming and we know there will be preachers to teach them about Jesus before he returns.
    Many Christians think that Daniel and Revelation has nothing to do with them. They believe it is all about the Jews and the Muslims and that they will be safely raptured away before anything bad happens. If that were true then we really don’t need to figure any of this out. We won’t even be here to watch it unfold. Then the only purpose of these blogs is so a few non-believers who get left behind might stumble across them and be somehow saved.
    It would also mean that Revelation was written for the non-believers as well. Or perhaps for the Muslims since they are the source of the so-called Antichrist.
    This entire line of thinking takes me to a spiritual dead-end.
    This prophecy was written for me. It is a message to me to get ready for the second coming. I believe that most of the prophecy has already happened. Why?
    Well, what better way to prove that the prophecy is true than to have most of it completed by the time of the end – when it becomes critical to understand it.
    If not, we must simply trust that everything will happen eventually, based on blind faith. Surely God knew what would happen in the 2000 years since Revelation was given. Surely he could show us some proof that his words would soon come to pass.
    My point here is that maybe you are looking in the wrong direction for fulfillment, at least for some of it. If we are indeed in the end times then we should be able to look all the way back to the time of Daniel when looking for fulfilled prophecy.
    I’m as confused as everyone else is about these mysteries, but I would start by looking at the past rather than contemplating possible futures.
    Just a little fuel for thought for anyone who wants to look deeper into the problem.

    • James

      I think God likes puzzles. He gives them, to keep us busy and out of trouble. 🙂

    • Of all the italised words in the Bible the only one that doesn’t belong is the word ‘sacrifice’ in relation to the word ‘daily’

      The daily. This is a noun. Some believe that ‘the daily and the abomination that desolates’ are two separate powers in opposition to God. The daily represents paganism. Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Pagan Rome. And the abomination that desolates represents Papal Rome.

      To understand this requires detailed study of Daniel 8, 11 and 12 which here would take up too much space.

  11. Marianne

    Ro.9:15-18 tells God chooses to have mercy and compassion on whom He ‘wants to, also to harden whom He wants to. To aid and abet other sources is disloyal. Know what merits fidelity. God saves not groups but individuals. Lip-service to cater the credulous will to be harmful (Mat.15:8-9) – The Lord Jesus was betrayed by his highest erring leaders who cowardly palmed him off to the Romans for execution. So were the prophets (Mat.23:37)-Atrocities always ONLY happens at the very highest top. It did and does since Babylon to Rome – to today’s secret sects/cabbals and Chches. Their subjects/members have no idea that they are only a good front and cash-flow for their ‘wolve’s’businesses, but are left in the dark,being deceived, being flattered away with so much love and agreement. It is essential to come out in the open what we are. Halfway-baked, half Jewish or half Christian is no way, – takes courage. The world has become a difficult, dangerous place to live,because sadly such things happen.
    Let me know if you are putting more on. I’ve seen some altered
    texts and where. No matter if you take credit. I watch.

  12. I wonder, when the two witnesses will appear on the scene!

    • That is really a simple matter of calculation: 7 seals are 7 years each starts on the feast of trumpets starting in 2008 with the 777 stock market drop, go ahead 1290 days to April 11th 2012 (I call this antichrist day), now go a further 1260 days and you come to the 2nd coming on the mount of Olives sept 23rd 2015 on the day of atonement (side note: 1335 days takes you to Hanakkuh). The 7 bowls are 7 days between the 2 days of Rosh hashanna and the day of atonement in 2015, this is when mystery babylon/the antichrist kingdom/ battle of armegeddon come to an end on the day of judgement sept 23rd 2015. Now the 2 witnesses lie dead for 3.5 days before they are called up to heaven on the feast of trumpets (because this is the day the gates of heaven are open). So if the end of the 1260 day rule of the antichrist is sept 23rd 2015 on the day of atonement and the 2 witnesses were raptured 10 days earlier on the feast of trumpets but they did not witness for 3.5 days while they were dead we have a 13.5 day difference. Return to april 11th “antichrist day” and count back 13.5 days and you come to march 30th 2012, this is the day the 2 witnesses will begin witnessing. This day is Nisan 7 on the Jewish calendar and that is important because it is the very day Joshua, after 30 days of mourning for Moses death took over from Moses and began to lead Israel into the promised land annointed with the holy spirit, also it is the day Aaron and his sons completed their ordination, further Ezekial 45:20 speaks of a sacrifice on the 7th day of the 1st month totally unknown from the Torah, leading me to believe something happens between now and the 7th mellenium to give reason for this sacrifice in the yet to be built Ezekial temple. I never mentioned the 7 trumpets which are blown at the beginning of each month (on rosh chodesh) during “the year of the Lord” (Isaiah 61) which is the 7th seal year which goes from sept 25 2014 to sept 13 2015, this is the year of wrath (7 trumpets are 7 months plus 5 months of torment is a year) so the rapture happens right at the end of the 6th seal year as Paul tells us we are not to suffer wrath.

    • They already here. You are just looking in the wrong place.

  13. I found this coincedence in my studies, that from the time of the looting of the temple 12 years before babolonian exile, to the construction of the dome of the rock in 691 ad is exactly 1290 years. If you add to this the 1335 “days” to 691, you come up with a date of 2026 for the rule of the messiah? making the start of tribulation in 2019? I have never been one for numerology or date specific answers in the bible but have found this and other coincidences too hard to ignore. Perhaps Daniel was refering to these things in the final verses of his book, rather than the actual number of days in the tribulation. this also coincides with some “numerology” in another post of yours regarding the islamic mahdi. I look forward to hearing opinions on this, if it is just coincidence or something to be noted

    • dear dhb

      There are several possibilities, depending on how people calculate, and what their starting points are. It is always interesting that there are such patterns as yours to be found. I think the Dome of the Rock is significant in some way, in the calculations, and will become more apparent as time goes by.

    • If you found those dates interesting check out electjesusking.com and you will find many more dates although they do not coordinate with your dates.
      In regards to the creation of Adam:
      As you can gleen from the 5 points below 6000 years from the creation of Adam on the 1st of Tishri has passed as of the 1st of Tishri in 2001 (which is sept 18th 2001). If we go to the book of Jubilees chapter 3:17 “after the completion of the seven years, which he had completed there, seven years exactly and in the second month, on the seventeenth day, the serpent came and approached the woman”, continuing in verses 32-33 “ And on the new moon of the fourth month, Adam and his wife went forth from the Garden of Eden”. So putting this all together in context we have 6000 years from the expulsion from Eden bringing us to the year beginning on the 1st of Tishri 2008 (sept 30th 2008), this is the very day, “the feast of trumpets”, when Jesus was handed the scroll, the deed to the earth, with the 7 seals Revelation 5:1.

      point 1) Eugene W. Faulstich, who has researched biblical chronology with astronomical computer programs, was able to verify, (among many dates) from scripture, the date of creation. He determined creation week was March 19th-25th, 4001 B.C. and the 8th day was a new moon marking the first month of the first year on our creator’s calendar (Aviv now called Nisan 1,1) at March 26th, 4001 B.C. He found a singular planetary alignment on the 5th day of creation which has never happened since. Genesis 1:14 tells us one of the purposes of the heavenly bodies is to mark times and give signals. So we should expect a significant “signal” to be evident to “mark” a time as important as creation. Also we would expect there to be a similar astronomical ”mark” at the end of the 6000 years. On May 5th, 2000 A.D., 6000 years from 4001 BC, he found the “mark” a rare planetary alignment, a conjunction consisting of Venus, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and the Moon, on the night of the first visible sliver of the new moon beginning the Biblical year, which start with the first new moon in the spring after the barley is “aviv”, or mature. This seems to confirm that May 5th, 2000 was Aviv 1, 6001 on the creator’s calendar and the start of the seventh millenium.

      point 2) Note: Rabbinical Hebrew year 5760 is actually year 6000 from creation and ends sept 29th 2000 AD. Talmudic system of volumetric measurement: 5760 chicken eggs equal 40 se’ahs make 1 Mikvah (Hebrew Mikvah translated is Baptism). This “chicken egg” prophecy gives us what seems to be the start of the millennial reign of Christ and the living water baptism of the earth, and baptism by fire (God gave Noah the rainbow sign, no more water fire this time).
      Also the Mystery of the 240 Missing Years. In an article by David Rohl, an Egyptologist and Archaeologist, he found hieroglyphics that provided a synchronization of the Jewish and Egyptian calendars. He asserts that 240 years are missing from modern Jewish reckoning, add the 240 to 5760 brings us to “the prophetic year 6000” (the year ending sept 29th 2000)

      point 3) “It is significant that though these Rabbis officially and traditionally regard the 7th Biblical month (Sept/Oct – during which the ‘great’ Yom Kippur or Judgment Day commemoration falls), as the ‘New Year’ for the counting of Jewish history, this Declaration of “Jacob’s Trouble” was really done at the dawning of the true Biblical New Year, on the new moon declared by Judaism for 25 March 2001. The Bible determines this month as the “first of months”, Aviv. Many Bible Scholars claimed that this was really also the true dawning of the New Millennium – after all the false starts of the secular world – to this much feared change over into the new millennium. The dates previously set and afterwards abandoned:
      >31 Dec 1999 amongst Y2K fears >then 31 Dec 2000 by others

      point 4) >then Tishri 1/Sept 18 2001 (which is ‘officially’ regarded by Judaism as the New Year for counting history since Creation). Many Bible scholars believed this latter date to be the true start of the New Millennium – in fact, the start of the 7th or Sabbatical millennium since Creation.

    • Hello Marianne and all
      Looks like I was right on the above dates. BHO will likely be next Sec. Gen. of U.N. if so he will be elected Jan. 1, of 2017, and his term would end December 31 of 2026, with 2027 starting the millennium.
      Jesus said on Passover of 2027 in 3 days I will rebuild this temple, that third millennial day begins Jan. 1, 2027.
      Just a note, the above was my first comment on your site back in 2011. Your discretion whether you want to post this as I am sure I am still blocked.
      God Bless

      • hi dru

        you were blocked because you were rude…but you know I will let you back if you act ok.

        to me, BHO does not want to leave office, and may create a crisis to ensure this.

        but you also may be right, and he will finish term, and become the world UN power…but that does not guarantee he will last 10 years in the new position.

        there are some prophecies about him being the last president also…america will fall and become nothing, like a third world power, for its sins.

        • The sooner ALL believers alive today accept the fact that they are part of the Laodicean church, the sooner they will take the steps needed and outlined in that letter for believers to overcome. But everyone wants to believe they are good with God. That they do not need repentance, and that they can see clearly…. Pride gets in the way of repentance, always has.

          17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

          18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

          19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

          20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

          21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

          22 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. (Rev. 3)

          This is why I was never ashamed to call myself a Laodicean. This is just who we all are in this day and age. The question is have we been zealous in our repenting. Very few here have and elsewhere I have been commenting. But then again as with the seed and the sower, not all seed falls on fallow ground. Fallow ground is a reference to a repentant heart.

          NOTE: For the Person that is Posting Natan’s vision on the other post here. The following is from my study on Natan’s vision.

          ” As time Goes on in this video, I start to notice that there is a lot of manipulation being done by this rabbi by his side, to the point that he begins answering and suggesting answers to the boy, as if these were programmed in him. The Whole time I was watching this, I am seeing this more and more. Then I found a slip up by this rabbi which proved this to me. Go to the 30:51 minute mark, and pause the translation there. It is a very quick clip, and you can easily miss it. The Rabbi says the following: “And do you know who this Gog is? Who am I referring to?” This is a classic Freudian slip. Just like Obama’s “My muslim faith” comment. In this line he admits that he gave this revelation on Gog to the boy “Who am I referring to?”

          This to me is a classic case of manipulation and suggestion, to a vulnerable boy, one who may be in danger, and being abused by this rabbi. I say this with all care. There are also numerous signs of demonic oppression in this vision. Being “touched” in a certain way. Pressure on the chest as an omen. being held back is a common occurrence with demonic oppression. the inability to move.”

          Please, be careful with that vision…..
          God Bless

          • All God’s people are asleep. All ten virgins in Matthew 25 were asleep. It is the midnight cry that finially puts apart the wise and foolish.

      • Re: Obama and UN. The following will give you a microcosm of what is and has been happening in the world, and the US with Obama consolidating power to the UN.


        Whoever the next president will be, they will be largely powerless to oppose the UN mandates of the Bureaucrats.

  14. Marianne,
    Ialso found another coincidence with regard to numbers. The construction of the dome ofthe rock began approximately 688ad-691ad. adding 1260 to this adds to 1948-1951ad. I know that 1948 is significant for the State of Israel, but this does not seem to fit with most interpretation of revalation or daniel. I’m curious if there are any interpretations out there that take the Dome of the Rock into account in their timelines. In my opinion,(and requiring further study) once is a coincidence, but twice connected to the same event in history should be explored more.?
    To me the Dome on the Rock is the abomination that causes desolation, or one of them.?

    • hi dhb

      I have considered what you have concluded also. There may be multiple interpretations that are all correct.

      But remember that after 1290 days, the antichrist sets up his image, and at 1335 days, the blessing comes Daniel 12:12.

      Using 1260 years instead of days makes the 1290 and the 1335 hard to fit into the interpretation.

      • From 1878-1871 BC we have the 7 year famine of Joseph from Genesis 41. In Daniel 12 we have 1290 days and 1335 days also 1260 days are mentioned in various ways (e.g. 42 months and time times and half a time). The intriguing addition of 1290+1335+1260=3885, now take this total and subtract the start date of Joseph’s famine 3885-1878=2007+1 (+1 because there is no year zero and only 3,884 years have elapsed) = 2008 the beginning of our famine called “tribulation”, ending 7 years later, 2015.
        Also Joseph’s 7 years of plenty from 1885-1878 BC parallel our 7 years of good economy/plenty 2001-2008 with an unforgetable major event, the 2 towers, indicating it’s beginning. The 2 towers fell 7 days before the feast of Trumpets indicating 7 years before tribulation (a day equals a year in prophecy). Starting on the feast of Trumpets in 2008 we have our 7 years of tribulation/famine.
        Using these same numbers starting from the fall of Assyria with it’s capitol city of Babylon in 614 BC +1335+1290=2012 AD and again from the fall of the empire of Babylon in 539 BC +1260+1290=2012 AD. This would seem to point to the fall of the old world order and the beginning of the new world order right in the center of the 7 year tribulation (2008-2015) perfectly aligning with the 1290 days until the abomination of desolation is set up and then the 1260 day reign of the antichrist.
        Apr. 11, 1986: Halley’s Comet passes closest to the Earth on its outbound journey (and the closest it comes during this passage).
        In 1996 and 1997 two bright comets crossed at the EXACT SAME COORDINATES IN THE SKY. Comet Hyatuke crossed these coordinates in the sky on APRIL 11, 1996 and comet Hale-Bopp crossed THESE SAME EXACT COORDINATES ON APRIL 11, 1997. The symbol of the “cross” was drawn in the heavens with the crossing of these two bright comets which took place right between the eyes of the constellation called Rosh Satan by Hebrews.
        April 11th 2012 is Wednesday, humpday, the middle of the week and is similarily in the middle of the holy week of unleavened bread as well as dead center in the middle of the ‘seven’, the 7 year tribulation. Let’s call it “expect the Antichrist day“.
        If you add up all the intergers in 1996: 1+9+9+6=25 & 2+5=7 and in 1997: 1+9+9+7=26 & 2+6=8 then 7+8=15, as in 2015, this will be when Satan gets it right between the eyes with the proverbial one two punch and our Messiah begins his reign on earth
        Starting and including the 1st of Tishri 5769, the “feast of Trumpets” which is Sept 30 2008 until and including “Antichrist day” April 11 2012 is exactly 1290 days as per Daniel 12:11.
        From but not including “Antichrist day” April 11 2012 until and including the “day of atonement” 10th of Tishri 5776 which is Sept 23 2015 is exactly 1260 days as per Daniel 12:7, Revelation 11:2-3,12:6;14,13:5.
        From and including “Antichrist day” April 11 2012 to and including Hanukkah the 24th of Kislev which is Dec 6 2015 is exactly 1335 days as per Daniel 12:12. Also from and including Sept 30 2008 until but not including Pentecost (Shavuot) is exactly 1335 days (which 1335? or both? maybe the amplified Dan 12:12 answers this question).
        Note: I have tried to fit the pattern of 2550 days from trumpets to atonement for other 7 year periods and the closest I have got is 2548 days and with the April 11th date from the “signs in the heavens” surely this is pretty much proof positive we have the timeline of the 70th week of Daniel 9 and the tribulation nailed (to the cross).

  15. Dear Marianne, Thank you for this page.


    As we approach the end of another perfect day,
    And we open lays for thoughts in the passing May,
    While the kids look out with a vast might,
    For the joy that the day brings is a mixed sight,
    Think what the end of another perfect day
    Can tell the minds at ease-decay—
    When the sun goes down against the dark cloud–
    In His bright night,
    And the dear friends have to pay for it as they part
    For life.

    Of course, this is the end of another perfect day, People.
    Stretch out the neck and peep to see the journey’s end there,
    But it leaves behind people you can’t think the curve,
    With a miss that is strong and true,
    For memory has painted that perfect day–
    In codes and colors that never fades away,
    And we find at the end of another perfect day,
    Such life of a ‘company’ we’ve set aright to meet there.


  16. Ryan
    You accuse me of being egotistical and rude in my call for repentence. Admitting the foolishness and sinfulness of your past, however, is the opposite of arrogance and pride.
    Yes I Condemn sin the act, but I do not condemn the sinner, for we have all sinned, and even as christians we continue to sin, but G-d is working his sanctifying work in us. Making us more in his likeness.
    As for the acts of the church in the past, I condemn that equally as much. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I believe Sun Tsu is responsible for this quote. The church since Constantine has been in a position of power. But for true Christianity all authority rests in G-d, not in man.
    G-d sent Jesus to the world because he loved us, for God is Love. As John 3:17 states,”for G-d did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.” Vers 18 continues, “Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of G-d.”
    Repentence is essential to forgiveness. Repentence is a genuine act of our heart, that must occur for salvation. WE are born in sin and condemned already, all of us. This gives us no right to condemn anyone, but rather calls for us to reach out in love to them. Christians are called to love even our enemies. This love is shown by reaching out to them with the gospel of Christ.
    The church, however, has intermingled with the fallen world and its power structures. they have taken the authority which belongs solely to G-d. That is to change the hearts of men and women and force servitude on the masses to that church. this has led to many of the persecutions of the church such as the inquisition Etc. Submissin to G-d’s authority, however, is the most liberating experience you will have. The submission to the church by force is not liberating, but rather opressive to say the least.
    I must make this distinction, because you are equating the church as an intitution of the world with the true church which is body of believers. Until you can separate these two, you will see christianity as opressive.
    As for the evolution arguements, I am not in these fields of study, so as to be more scientifically specific. I do know that both sides have persuasive arguements, Yet one of these sides is the one in power and supressing much of the arguements of the other side. This is usually done through berating and discrediting the one with less power, rather than through actual scientific discourse. Similar to what you may have felt in your past dealings with the church. My experience is more in the social sciences, and the Philosophy of knowledge. Science done properly is a wonderful thing, but it has been perverted by those with an agenda, and used to mainain and justify their power base. this perversion is what I am debating when I am holding evolution to account. It is a perversion of the scientific method, and in general is “bad Science”. True science must take into account the assumptions which the scientist brings into it. There is no such thing as purely objective science, Especially in the theoretical sciences. They are more opinion than observation. Observers of an event, can have two different accounts of that same event. This is profoundly evident if you have ever been a juror dealing with multiple witnesses of crime. One has one perspective while the other has another perspective. As a juror we must deduce what the actual Truth is by listening to all sides of the arguemnt. Even then our own bias comes into play. This is why all good science must take into account its own assumptions and state them clearly, in order for its findings to be taken seriously. I do not see the evolution scientists taking this approach ever, but rather they try to make the Data fit their theory. Dissent of this theory is then discredited, until some other data comes out to disprove this theory. They never go out and get rid of the underlying assumptions, but rather only the disproved scientist.
    Until the power structures and funding is taken into account this is not science, but rather hearsay.
    I have purposely chosen not to debate the science because I am not an expert in these fields. I only wish a debate on the method of the science.
    As with the Juror, I have looked at both sides of the arguement, But I as a christian, am not totally objective. But none the less, I have brought my personal life experiences into this debate, One of which is the daily witness of the Holy Spirit in my life. AS the old church hymn states,”…You ask me how i know he lives, he lives within my heart.” It is not with condemnation that I state this, but rather with a desire to share the joy and the fulfillment that comes with being a Christian.

  17. ryan
    the above post was from me, the name got changed somehow, sorryto confuse.

  18. Have you ever considered that time dating may be in error.
    There is some discussion regarding the year Christ was born, plus or minus say 4 years? Also we work out times from the year of his birth but what say if the year of his death is year zero.
    General opinion has it the Saviour was 32 at the time of his crucifiction. If this date is year zero then everyones calculations are off by 32 years. Adam would have been a mature adult when cast out of Eden with Eve, say he was 32 when this happened, does it make any sense re calculating dates and times?
    This would explain why nothing happened year 2000, perhaps we have to wait until 2032, or there abouts.

    • hi david

      you might be right. we are told to watch and pray, so discussions like this just keep us alert and ready.

    • Hey ya DM,

      When considering the 6000 years + 1000 years total, we must remember Rev20:7-9 which allows some additional time for Satan to do more mischief. So while there is an appoximate 7000 years of earthly history for God to complete his works, there is a little bit more tacked onto the end.

      Rev 20:7 And when the 1,000 years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,

      Arch Bishop Usher historically has been the best Biblical Chronologist (Timeline Expert) and he designated 4004 BC as Adam’s birth… + 6000 years would be about 1996 AD… Here is a link to the eulogy preached at Usher’s funeral detailing his life: http://wesley.nnu.edu/index.php?id=316

  19. hello all

  20. 45 squared, and David M.
    I am not sure if you were responding to my comments above regarding dates, but I will elaborate on my theories regarding them . I will try and defend the dates above. Not so much as a “believe or else” type of thing, but rather as a “consider and reflect”.
    First of all, 45squared=2025? any significance to this date for you? as it is of significance in my calculation!?

    1. 586 bc was the year that Israel went into captivity (Pretty much undebated anyway)
    2. Daniel wrote his prophecy during and toward the end of that captivity. (again, pretty much not disputed, except among secular blogs)
    3. The first words in Daniels book does not refer to to the 586 bc babylonian captivity, but a time shortly after Josiah died, and his son Jehoiakim was in power. This time if we go back into 2 Kings23:36ff, is from 609bc-597bc.
    4. Shorltly thereafter, (Within 3 months) Jehoiachins reign (Not Jehoiakim) was marked by the looting of the temple and its treasures, and Jehoiachin giving himself up to “Nebby”.

    My theoretical.
    1. This looting of the temple, should have marked the “time that the regular burnt offering is taken away”(or shorlty before then if the Israelites saw what was coming) which Daniel 12:11 refers to. In the context of Daniel writing his book, this should have been what the “readers” understood this to be. So if this is the “start date” of this prophecy, then it makes sense to add 1290 years, if not 1290 days or weeks, to see if there is an “Abomination “set up” on the temple mount. If we take 597bc and add 1290 to it we end up at 692 ad (less one for no year 0), where we see the newly completed (688-691 ad) dome of the rock sitting on the temple mount. This seems to coincidental for me??
    2. “Blessed is he who waits and arrives at 1335 days” Many choose to tack on another 45 days to their interpretations, but I chose to see what would happen if we added the full 1335 (Prophetic days) to the 691 ad, which yielded 2026. (Another coincidence with regard to this is that 688 ad + 1260= 1948, the year Israel became a state again)
    3. So now we have 2026. according to Daniel 12:12, this is the time of being “blessed” if we wait(Long for) or arrive (Touch) that day (Parenthisis from strong’s)

    Witness #1
    This date is all fine and dandy, but if we cannot find further proof, it is just another date. Luke 16:16″The Law and the prophets were until John (The baptist); since then the good news of the Kingdom of God is preached.” Here we find that “the kingdom of God” beganwith the ministry of John the Baptist. Most scholars date this at approximately 26-27 ad. If not earlier? This In combination with John 2:19 “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up” which is refering to his death and resurrection, but could also be refering to the third “millenial day”, which would begin in 2027, assuming the Kingdom of God began in 27ad, 2026 being the final “hour” of that second millenial day.

    Witness #2
    1948+70 =2018, 70 years is the time of captivity, a generation, and would mark the beginning (2019) of a seven year tribulation. Obviously, if you have watched the link at the right called “Daniel’s timeline”, you will see the significance of this 2018 date, which he sees as the end, which my theory sees as the beginning of the end. He has numerous “witnesses” pointing to that date.

    Witness #3
    This one is a bit more “out there”, but the Spirit has been leading me to “see” that there is validity in them. This is the equating of certain psalms with certain years of current history. for example Psalm 118 would correspond to the year 2018, or psalm 67 to 1967 “That your way may be known on the earth and your saving power among all nations”(Verse2) refering to the War in that year in Israel.
    Anyway, I see 2018 as the year of a war in which the Lord saves israel from “Far away”, some have called this the Psalm 83 war (Hal lindsey being one), but it is not the actual armageddon war in which Jerusalem is surrounded, but rather from which the Antichrist’s covenent is made, thereby increasing the size of the state of Israel, and the gathering of the lost tribes. Psalm 119 is a direct reference to the fifth seal, with it numerous mentions of the Law and the testimonies of God. 121 talks of possible rescue from the abomination. 125 refers to “Lord surrounding” and protecting his people, (rapture), therby unlocking God’s wrath on the wicked (125:5). And then finally 126,127 refering to the restorationand return of the Lord, culminating in the statement “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.”

    I have found this to be the only grouping with psalms that remotely parrallels the revalation timeline of events, so if there is any validity to this theory, these are the years it points to????? That would be a mid trib rapture timeline if that is what you believe???

    Now I have been working on this for sometime now, and have not found a theory that would cause me to discard the research that I have done on this, I could however be barking up the wrong tree, (which wouldn’t be the first time), As for David M.’s question regarding 2032, this is also possible as scripture also states that “The groom” may be delayed??
    But I think the fact that God’s Kingdom began with John’s ministry, should change the emphasis from 2030/32 to 2027,2026, being the start of the three millenial days.??

    Now I know this raises more questions than answers, but there is a lot more to this than what I have written above. Alienated has interacted with me numerous times regarding this, and my views on the rapture are more in line with Mariannes on rapture timing, which I can further elaborate on if need be. I have not looked into any of the Bible code stuff, and do not know if I want to even try and tackle that one yet.

    Sorry for the haphazzard way I wrote this, and the lacking scriptural citations, as I do not have the time for them. I will try to include them later. God bless.

    • hi dru

      Remember, this is Jewish time, or lunar years, not solar years.

      1260 solar years = 365 days/lsolar x 1 lunar/360 days = 1277.5 lunar years

      1260 lunar years = 360 days/lunar x 1 solar/365 days = 1247.7 solar years

      1290 lunar years = 360 days/lunar x 1 solar/365 days = 1272 solar years

      1335 lunar years = 360 days/lunar x 1 solar/365 days = 1316.7 solar years

      So if you are using solar years, and not converting to lunar, then you will have later dates, when things should occur earlier.

      – dates vary as to the dome of the rock..: 683-691

      • Marianne
        I do not think the lunar vs. solar thing makes a difference as the Jewish calendar adds a leap months at the end of every sixth year
        365×6=2190+360=2550 and 1260+1290=2550 therefore the start of every 7th year should match on both lunar and solar calendars. Extending this out in multiples of a thousand, and assuming the start of the millenium is the sabbath millenium, then Solar and Lunar calendars should allign. Remember also that though the feast days move on the solar calendar, they are still in the spring or the fall. as far as I know, passover has never been in the summer. This may in fact be the “sign in the sun and moon” we should look for? the point when the lunar and solar calendars match the equinox calendar. I will have to research this some more.

        What we do not know is what year did it begin? 4004bc? 3974bc?
        from the geneology in the bible, we know that there is 1946 years from the creation of Adam to the birth of Abraham, and the flood being 1653/54 after Adams creation. According to most scholars Abraham was born around 2100bc, If this is correct, therefore 1946+2100=4046bc? Unfortunately, we do not know if the 400 year exile in egypt was exactly 400 years. And some of the other dating is absent in those time frames.
        Just some fun facts to consider!

      • The Jewish year is at present 354 days. This is why every 3 years or so an extra month must be added.

  21. Daniel 9:25-27 The 2nd fulfillment of this “70 weeks prophecy” starts with the issuing of a decree or word, this word/decree was made on the eve of “The day of Atonement” October 4 1946 by the 33rd president of the USA, Harry S. Truman, issuing support for the creation of a viable jewish state. Continuing with Daniel 9:25 we have seven ‘sevens’ and sixty two ‘sevens’ until Jesus comes.
    The word ‘sevens’ sometimes translated as ‘weeks’ comes from the Hebrew word ‘shabuwa’ meaning: seven, period of seven (days or years), heptad, week; Feast of Weeks (Shavuot or Pentecost).
    So that means Daniel 9:26 literally translated says “after 62 ‘Pentecosts’”, which gives us 1946 + 62 = 2008, then Dan 9:27 has ‘seven’ more ‘Pentecosts’, this is the 7 year tribulation, 2008-2015 bringing us to the end of the 69 ‘Pentecosts’. The 70th ‘Pentecost’ from Dan 9:24 completing the 70 weeks prophecy is the Jubilee year with the trumpet announcing it on Sept 23rd 2015 ”the Day of Atonement“.
    It is interesting to note that if you take Daniel 9:25′s seven ‘sevens’ and sixty two ‘sevens’ and simply call it 69 years (from the above decree) that will bring us to Oct 4 2015 or more importantly at sunset the 22nd Tishri 5776 begins, which is Shimini Atzeret (and Simchat Torah) the assembly of the 8th day, the last holiday of the fall feasts completing God’s feast cycle.

    This 70th Jubilee will be the fullfilment of the “dual” 70 weeks prophecy from Daniel 9 that already predicted Jesus’s baptism and crucifiction starting with Artaxerxes decree in 457 BC plus 483 years (69 x ‘sevens‘) to Jesus’s baptism in 27 AD at the age of 30 years and then predicting his crucifiction in 31 AD and then predicting the stoning of Stephen sending the good news (the gospel) of the coming kingdom (government) of God to the gentiles.
    The “dual” Jubilee prophecy predicts Jesus 2nd coming: 70 seven”s” or 70x7x7 which equals 3430 years. This starts from Joshua and the Israelites crossing the Jordan into the promised land in 1416 B.C. which brings us to 2015 (3,430-1416=2,014+1 because there is no year zero =2,015)

    June 7th 1967 (a Jubilee year) Jerusalem was restored to Israel and began to be built up in troublous times! (Daniel 9:25 seven weeks [of years]) 49 prophetic years (1 Jubilee period) x 360 days = 17,640 days. So, let’s count from June 7th 1967 forward, to the day, 17,640 days later and see where it takes us! It puts us on Sept 23rd 2015 which is “The day of Atonement” YOM KIPPUR !!!

  22. I follow your logic, however certain signs must come to pass. All is possible with the Lord of course. But three years is cutting it fine. This is the first time I have heard that entering into the promised land is used in predicting time. Surely the Lord preached for longer than One year? My understanding is he preached for three years

  23. David, Laurence, Marianne
    I have been doing some research of Late for the signs in the sun and Moon that I posed to you before. The Lunar calendar begins its year at the feast of trumpets. In the year 2022, on september 26th, which is the feast of trumbets, Jupiter is in oposition to the earth, which means behind the sun, and at its perihelion, or closest to the sun in its orbit. Venus is also closest to the earth in that year also. ( I am still trying to find a date).

    Why did I pick the year 2022. Because this is the 49th year after the 1973 Yom Kippur war, where israel gained full control of Jerusalem. On the 49th year, on Yom kippur, the great shofar is blown to announce the year of Jubillee, which is that year between from yom Kippur 2022- yom kippur 2023. Coincidently, this earth jupiter opposition at jupiters perihelion occurs two years in a row, 2022,2023. this by itself is not odd, for this occurs every 13.5 years, having just happened in 2010/2011, but what is odd is for this to coincide with the Jewish new year. I am still trying to find out when this occured last. or how rare this event is. As you know, Jupiter is the sun god, and when it is in the sun is when it is in opposition to the earth. This may be the point when the lunar and solar calendars allign.
    What we have that year is is as follows:
    Sept 23rd=fall equinox
    sept 25th= new moon
    sept 26th= feast of trumpets
    sept 26th= Jupiter opposition at perihelion of Jupiter and earth
    oct. 5th= Yom kippur, the 49th from the yom kippur war in 1973.
    oct. 25th=partial solar eclipse over Israel
    If our solar system is a clock, then this could well be the start of that clock.??
    Coincidently, this falls in the middle of the seven year tribulation as I proposed above, actually shorly after that mid point, which is in line with what the bible teaches with regard to the sixth seal, which occurs after the abominination of desolation.

    I would appreciate your thoughts.

  24. Hi Marianne
    The Jubilee cannot be declared until all the twelve tribes are settled and counted in the Land Of Israel. As I discussed before, this regathering and restoration of Israel will takeplace once Solomon’s kingdom is restored, following the psalm 83 war that I discussed. Once this accounting has taken place, the shofar is sounded marking the Jubilee. This is how the first Jubilee was sounded in the OT. I picked the 1973 war because that was the Yom kippur war, which resulted in the gaining of Jerusalem to the Israelis. Which i see as a foreshadow of this Jubilee. This was partly in response to Laurence, who calculated it from 1967, using the Lunar calendar to end up in 2015, which did not take into account that there are only 47 Yom Kippurs in his calculation??

    That being said, I finally found a star map that I could move like a movie through the dates described above. Apparently some of the information I gave was incorrect, that I had gotten off the Internet. Jupiter is not behind the sun, but rather rises as the sun sets and follows the exact path of the sun in the night sky, which is rare. and also the sun, the moon, mercury and venus are right next to each other, with venus being eclipsed by the hidden new moon. This was as viewed from Israel. I tried looking back to other years, but they were never quite right. I will have to find the page link for you, as it is quite interesting if you are looking for signs in the sun and stars etc.

    What I am trying to find is a zero year for the progression of the stars and moon, The point at which the clockmaker hit the start button on his astronomical clock so to speak. I know the Mayans have a three thousand year long count calendar, that points to 2012, I am trying to see if their is a biblical start for this long count calendar, as this would quickly lead to the end of the sixth day, and the beginning of the millenial reign.? It may be a wild goose chase with my limited astronomical knowledge.!

    • Marianne,
      did you also know that there are three “starts” to the year, declared in the feasts of Israel. The Feast of trumpets= Calendar year, Passover = planting season, and Yom Kippur = Jubilee year. Jesus began his ministry at passover =Planting, feast of trumpets=reaping, Yom Kippur = start of Jubilee. another way to look at it is OT year starts on feast of trumpets, NT year starts with Passover, and the millenial year start with Yom Kippur.

      I just found another coincidence, this one is more shocking.
      As you know 2026/27 would be the first year of millenium by my accounting. Ezekial 40:1 says that ezekial received his message in the year 573bc according to my bible on the tenth of Nisan, aka Yom Kippur. He called this the “beginning of the year”. 573 bc to 1977=2550 years, adding another 49=2026, making autumn of 2026-2027 a Jubilee?? I may have to rethink my thinking, If that were possible!? I will get back to you on that one.

      Now I am having fun!

      • The beginning of the jewish calendar year, in bible times, was passover, not yom kippur.

        Since then Jews have adopted a civil calendar in which the year begins in the fall.

        I have no idea why they decided to do this, since it is just confusion to me.

        You can verify the religious calendar was in use by the mention of certain months in scripture, and then the indication of which numbered month it was.

        For example, Zech 1: 7 mentions the 24th day of the eleventh month, which is the month of Shebat (Shevat). This is on the religious calendar. Shevat is about the 4th month on the civil calendar.

        • Marianne,
          except on a Jubilee year, when it is Yom kippur. I think ezekial 40:1 may be clue as to when the Jubilee was during the old testament. Just a thought to consider.??But I am no expert.

        • The biblical year starts at the new moon after the barley harvest turns green.

  25. Solomans Kingdom restored.
    You are refering to the restoration of the 10 and a half lost tribes being returned to Abrahams promised kingdom? Jacobs blessing to his 12 sons and 2 grandsons needs carefull reading. I refeer to Josephs blessing, which includes his, Jacobs, two grand sons Ephriam and Manassah. Ephraim tho the youngest, was given precedence over Manassah, by the changing of the position of the hands. But Joseph’s blessing of a bough over many waters implies that the two tribes would be removed from the Palastine area and receive their blessing in another land. Possibly America.Also the ten tribes would come down from the North countries, probably during the Battle of Armagedon. Be held up in Bazra, Jordan?, until the gate? is opened by the rider on a white horse.Isaiah 63 v 1. Isaiah 66 v 16 for by fire and his sword (word)? will the Lord plead with all flesh: and the slain ot the Lord will be many. How all this fits in with celestial orientation I do not know.BUT all scriptures must work in a time line together. Psalm 83 war I feel is on going and will culminate in the final battle at armagedon. This is when the Lord has subjected all his enemies beneath his feet

    • David
      I believe in Jeremiah30-33, God talks of restoring the land of Israel to it former glory, from the river euphrates to the brook in egypt, which is in Sinai, and at that time he will restore the twelve tribes of Israel. Two proofs, 1.When the 144000 are listed we have the twelve tribes, w/o Dan, and Ezekials vision of the restored tribes in the Millenium. The reference in revalation places this restoration sometime before the abomination of Desolation, when they are sealed.

      I do agree that the groundwork is being set for the psalm 83 war, but we have a ways to go. I do not think this is quite the same as armageddon, as the players are somewhat different. I had a long interaction with Pattiefarm on this on the “wrinkle free” page, if you want more of my argument for this.

      As for the astronomical stuff, I am just trying to see if there is any connection. I do not put much emphasis on this, but it is kind of the by-product of watching Mark Bilitz videos!

  26. Jeramiah, in reading this book I feel he didn’t get it all at once but piecmeal, hence he jumps around as the spirit moves him. He certainly saw the woes of Israel and Judah, and their eventual restoration and cleansing. But things written in sequence I am extreemly doubtfull. Lamentations outlines the apostacy and punishment of the Lords people, but he prophasies the punishment of their persecuters. Edom, the descendants of Esau, and by extension the people of the world.

    Personaly I am always wary of the 144000, and their sealing, Whereas we think we know Judah (jews) but the other tribes are in the north countries ready to be returned, they are not yet visable to us but are hidden, awaiting their calling and sealing. Surely this can only be done by revelation, or by the Saviour Himself. No human without revelation(a prophet) can authentically identify those who are of the named tribes. Definatly not yet happened!

  27. thanks you…never thought I would understand the 2300 days!!! God Bless

  28. also,thanks you for the 30 day warning when the abomination is set up..I used to think it was somehow afterward…or when Jesus says to run…you might have to run during the persecution of the saint with not much time to prepare….really good stuff…possible life saving!!! many blessings

  29. Do you really think you will know when to run? Didn’t the saviour say “like a thief in the night” .”As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the second coming”, They were partying on when the floods came, and only eight were saved. Hopefully a few more this time. Can you trust your leaders? But the rightous will be lifted up in the last days.

  30. whats up, love your blog about yard signs for small businesses

  31. ….still LOTS to ponder with EASTER SUNDAY looking VERY obvious:

    The flood ended on NISAN 17 and God said that this day would be the “beginning of days.” The END of the TRIB (with the minus 22-day tilt loss considered) is NISAN 17, 2019 (April 22). Know that NISAN 17 was and will be forever the greatest day in the history of the world. April 8, 2012 (Easter Sunday) is also ARIES 17 (8th sign LAMB/17th day). Note I Corin 15:20: “Christ is the Firstfruit of all who are asleep.”

    The Temple Mt UFO Rev. 11 angelic measuring of the Temple area was JAN 29, 2011 plus the blessed 1-year warning of 360 days (Jerem 51:46) came to JAN 24, 2012. 360 days is one perfect/Millennial year. The amazing hovering orb over Jerusalem occurred on SHEVAT 24 (11/888) of the Jewish calendar/& a SABBATH.

    JAN 24, 2012 (end of the 1-yr warning) plus 75 days is EASTER SUNDAY, Apr 8, Nisan 16. (In this case Nisan 16 holds the same significance as Nisan 17 because it is a SUNDAY and God told the Jews to count from the 1st Sunday after Passover in the 49-day count to Pentecost. True, Nisan 17 is the most significant day in history (flood ended, Red Sea crossed, Hebrews entered Canaan, Haman hanged, Jesus Arose); but whatever SUNDAY followed PASSOVER holds the primary importance, that of NISAN 16 if that be the case on the calendar, which it is this year. It is AMAZING that our EASTER SUNDAY is NISAN 16 this year anyway since the fit for all else is just perfect. Basically, the Church resurrects on the very same anniversary day as Jesus’ resurrection (HIS on SUNDAY, Nisan 17, ours on SUNDAY, Nisan 16). How often do the Jewish & Gregorian calendars coincide like this?

    Those 75 days ‘cancel out’ the 75 post-trib days after Jesus Returns (30 mourning, 45 judg of Nations)………with trib end at NISAN 17 (Apr 22, 2019).

    About 36 or so days after the Rapture, the DIVINE VICTORY in the mts of Israel will occur on or around MAY 14-15, 2012 (Ezek 38-39, Isa 17:1), Israel’s 64th Statehood anniv.

    SEVEN mths later (burying bodies/bone search/bldg 3rd Temple in Jerusalem) is KISLEV 25, Hanukkah (Dec 9) when the Temple Worship begins (Dan 8:13-14). Kislev 25, 2012 plus exactly 2300 days Temple Desecration (Dan 8:13-14) ends at MARCH 30, 2019 which is exactly 30 days past the Thurs Feb 28, 2019 RETURN (w/out the -22 day tilt loss considered). There are 3 extra days added to the 2300 days to account for the 3 mid-trib uncounted days when a.c. is dead.

    The MID TRIB spans the High Holy Days of Tishrei 4 through 10, 2015 (a.c. stops dy sacrifices, sets self/image in Temple as ‘God’ & is killed, satanically ‘rises’ 3 days later & kills Elijah & Moses who rise after 3 days dead). When Elijah and Moses RISE, that day is YOM KIPPUR 2015 (Sep 23) & LIBRA 1, the JUDGMENT sign. Yom Kippur is the Day of Forgiveness and forgiveness has been AVAILABLE to the Jews ever since the Cross; but there is coming a Yom Kippur Day when forgiveness WON’T be available, that of TISHREI 11, the end of the terrible 10 days of AWE, likely played out thusly if the SIGNING is NISAN 13, 2012 (Thurs, Apr 5)…..& note that #13 = REBELLION (Israel signs w/ Europeon leader):

    …….SIGNING plus 1260 days is Thur, Sept 17, 2015, Tishrei 4 (anti-christ stops dy sacrifices, sets self/image in Temple as ‘God,’ is killed, Jews flee to Petra for 1260 days).

    …….Three days later, Sept 20, Sunday, Tishrei 7, a.c. satanically ‘rises’ and kills Elijah and Moses (a.c. could not kill them up to this point; but upon the a.c.’s resurrection/indwelt by Satan, he will have the supernatural power to kill them). Gifts will be sent to one another around the world celebrating the death of the 2 witnesses; thus a semblance of joy will still exist on earth (thus Great trib will NOT have begun yet).

    …….Sept 23, Wed, TISHREI 10-11, YOM KIPPUR the two witnesses RISE & GREAT TRIB BEGINS. This will be the first Yom Kippur in history where UNFORGIVENESS occurs. This day is also LIBRA 1, the Mazzarot sign of JUDGMENT (balancing scales). On this day, YOM KIPPUR 2015, the GREAT TRIB BEGINS.

    As for the 2300 days of Temple Desecration (Dan 8:13-14), 3rd Temple Worship begins on Hanukkah, KISLEV 25, Dec 9, 2012 ending at MARCH 30, 2019 which is exactly 30 days past the Feb 28, 2019 RETURN, 2520 past SIGNING (Nisan 13, Apr 5, 2012). KISLEV 25 is Temple Dedication Day on the Jewish Calendar and the day Jesus celebrated.

    The 2300 days (+3 days added to compensate for the 3 days at mid trib when a.c. is dead) begin after the 7 mths burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple. If the Divine Victory in the mts of Israel occurs on MAY 14-15, 2012, then SEVEN MORE MONTHS (burying bodies, bldg 3rd Temple, bone search, etc) span May 14 to Dec 9, 2012. If the RAPTURE is EASTER SUNDAY, April 8, 2012, then there are approximately 36 days of world chaos and Northern Invasion of Israel (Ezek 38-39, Isaiah 17:1, etc) to May 14. The land will have to be CLEANSED (all dead material buried) in order for Temple Worship to begin.

    At the Thur Feb 28, 2019 RETURN the earth will straighten (Isa 13:13, 24:1,19,20) and ‘lose’ 22 days, reverting back to FEB 6 (ADAR 1, the 12 mth). 30 days later is II ADAR 1 (March 8/ARIES 8) and 45 days more is NISAN 17, trib end. If one does NOT consider the minus 22-day loss, then the RETURN plus 30 days is MARCH 30, 2019, the exact end of the 2300 days from the start of Temple Worship. March 30 is also the end of the 1290 from mid trib. So too the end of the 1335 days from mid trib is May 13-14, 2019 which is 45 days (judg of Nations) past March 30. The Temple Entrance day of Isaiah 63 (Jesus w/ Petra Remnant) on March 30, 2019 is also ARIES 8, the Mazzarot 8th sign/LAMB, the 8th day…….interesting.

    The end of the trib at NISAN 17, April 22, is also TAURUS 22 by that time, which is the ‘BULL’ in charge of the earth w/ double judgment (22=11+11)……spec.

    Thus one can see that from the RAPTURE to the trib end basically spans NISAN 16 (2012) to NISAN 17 (2019)….phenomenal, indeed.

    With all of the above considered, it seems that NISAN 17 begins the MILLENNIUM; and Nisan 17 and Nisan 1 are ‘both the same day’ in that they are both termed as the BEGINNING of DAYS (see Noah story). The Millennial Temple is to be cleansed on Nisan 1 according to Ezek 45:18…….and somehow Nisan 17 (trib end) and Nisan 1 will be viewed as the ‘same day.’ Whatever the case, there’s no going back now and the calendar will have reached this point anyway and reasoning is demanded for this ending trib span date. When it comes to ‘Beginning of Days,’ the flood was a ‘New Beginning’ for Noah & family, Red Sea Crossing was a ‘New Beginning’ for the Hebrews, Jesus’ Resurrection was a ‘New Beginning’ for the human race with death conquered……etc.

    The only way that the 5 months waiting period still holds (as Noah & family on ark til the exit) is that if you take the 22 days previous from this year’s Rapture date of April 8, Nisan 16, you revert back to ADAR 22, 2012, which is exactly 5 months past Tishrei 22, the last/8th day of Succoth/’last trump day’/last day of last Feast which will be the day the Church’s 5-mth wait began if looking back in hindsight after the earth is straight.

    So, we’re dealing with MEGA dates throughout the entire scenario as you can see; and going past NISAN 17 as the end of the trib is way past any hope of figuring in relation to the great Fig Tree patterns. All patterns still hold in every respect and the additional 6 mths added to ROSH 2018 must be understood in terms of the MILLENNIAL start in NISAN. So basically the trib spans the yrs Rosh 2011 to Rosh 2018 as per the Pyramid timeline with the 6 mths addition on to Nisan 2019 since the Millennium must begin in Nisan (Ezek 45:18), the true New Years Day.

    Hopefully you see the reasoning in all of the above and you are still watching with intensity and fervor…….J.H.


    ONE DAY……”THE DAY of the LORD”?:
    What DAY on earth involved the GREATEST SPIRITUAL BATTLE in all of history?…..NISAN 16.
    You can be sure that the most powerful angelic forces of HEAVEN and HELL were in full battle on NISAN 16, the day before Jesus’ Resurrection on Nisan 17. To be sure, Satan tried his hardest to ‘prevent’ the Resurrection…..his ‘day of doom.’
    If my last letter turns out to be correct, surmising the Rapture to be NISAN 16 this year (Easter Sunday, April 8), then the END of the TRIB at NISAN 17, 2019, is ‘ONE DAY LATER’ in a sense, because the trib is not counted and this ONE DAY (NISAN 16-NISAN 17) is likely THE ‘DAY of the LORD.’
    Nisan 17, 2019, is April 22, 2019, the end of the trib if one adds the 1260, 1260, 30 & 45 and subtracts the 22-day earth tilt.
    Also FIRSTFRUITS is the SUNDAY after PASSOVER (Apr 8, 2012, Sunday, Nisan 16), and Paul said that “JESUS is the FIRSTFRUIT of all those that sleep.”

  32. Again, the subject needs clarification, although I’m well aware that to read on doubtless goes against your nature and grates on your thinking. I told you before that I’ll give up when there are no more significant dates/patterns/spans to ponder. Sadly (NO!…..gladly!)…..there’s MORE to ponder.

    We’re again dealing with the 3-day overlap which fits the three 1260’s exactly.
    (1260 Elij & Moses’ ministry til killed, 1260 Petra Protec beginning the day a.c. is killed until the Second Coming, 1260 a.c. ‘keeps’ covenant w/ Israel beginning at the probable Wed SIGNING Apr 11 & lasting til Wed, Yom Kippur, 2015, a.c. breaks covenant). The 3 uncounted days at mid-trib (a.c. dead) make up for the 3-day overlap.

    Dan 12…..1290 days span YOM KIPPUR 2015 to JESUS into TEMPLE (Isa 63), Apr 6, Nis 1, 2019.

    Dan 12…..1335 days span YOM KIPPUR 2015 to the END of the TRIB.

    The Signing (Apr 11?) plus exactly 2550 days is Apr 6, 2019, Nisan 1, Jesus into Temple, Isa 63, as the 2550 yrs from 583 B.C. 1st Temple Destruc to 1967 A.D., Temple Mt Reclaimed. 2550 is 2520 + 30.

    The 75 days on the pre-Rapture side of the trib span (in GRACE) Jan 29-30, 2012 (end of the 1 solar yr warning which began Jan 29, 2011/UFO over Jerusalem) to the probable Rapture date of Sat, Apr 14. The 1-yr warning is reviewed in Jerem 51:46. The hovering orb over the Temple Mt was doubtless the Rev 11 Divinely-commanded angelic measuring of the Temple area (Shevat 24..11/888). Try as they might, critics cannot debunk it.

    The 75 days AFTER the RETURN is the combination of 30 days mourning (Zech 12:10, 13:6) & the 45 days Judg of the Nations = the 75 days in JUDGMENT). The two 75’s ‘cancel’ each other out as in a mathematical equation.

    April 14 (2012) as per the Mazzarot, is ARIES 24 (8,888), the ultimate #8, Jesus’ Number, of the Mazzarot; and the Church only functions in His Mighty number ‘8’……spec. Aries is the 8th sign, the LAMB…..as per ‘the LAST day of the Age of Grace’ (Rapture). After the Rapture, Jesus’ WRATH is poured out upon the earth (not ‘lamb-like’).

    The SIGNING/7-yr Covenant w/ Israel (signer unrevealed until after the Restrainer is “taken out of the way”) likely takes place WED, Apr 11, the 6th day of Passover, Nisan 19. Exactly 1260 days later (during which a.c. ‘keeps covenant w/ Israel) is the day the a.c. BREAKS the Covenant, YOM KIPPUR, 2015 (Sept 23). The a.c. breaks the covenant by stopping the dy sacrifices and entering the Temple (his ‘image’) to be worshiped as ‘God’ upon which he is murdered (or ‘looks like’ he was murdered).

    The Rabbi in Israel who concluded that according to the computerized Bible Codes (as per the equidistant letter spans, etc), Passover 2012 is the ‘year of the Jews’ Redemption’ may be realized with the Nisan 19 (6th day Passover) signing by the a.c. with Elijah arriving (as promised in Malachi) 3 days later.

    Three days after Yom Kippur, 2015, is TISHREI 13, SATURDAY. On this day the a.c. satanically ‘RISES’ and kills Elijah & Moses (a.c. finally now w/ satanic power to kill them), ending their 1260-day ministry. They rise 3.5 days later. Their job of getting the believing Jews to Petra will be completed. Note the number ’13’ in relation to the day the a.c. satanically ‘rises’…..#13 = rebellion.

    The Jews in Israel who believe Elijah & Moses’ message (during the two witnesses’ 1260-day ministry) will flee to Petra the day the a.c. is killed (Wed, Yom Kippur, Sept 23) and their 1260 days of supernatural protection span Yom Kippur, 2015, to Jesus’ Return, Wed, March 6, 2019). They won’t call Jesus back until the last day of these 1260 days.

    All else is the same as in the last letter:

    *Return, March 6, 2019 (as per Rev 19, Num 19, Isa 19:19/Pyramid vs…..spec of an interesting #.

    *30 days later Jesus into Temple (Isa 63) to Reconsecrate April 6, 2019, NISAN 1 (Ezek 45:18), the day the Millennial Temple is to be cleansed (New Years Day).

    *NISAN 1, 2019 is also the exact END of the Daniel 8:13-14…2300 days of Temple Worship, beginning on the 8th day of Hanukkah, Dec 16, 2012, which is TEVET 2, Jesus’ concep day anniv. Hanukkah is TEMPLE DEDIC DAY (as per Haggai 2, Temple Dedic Day, that Jesus’ also celebrated/Kislev 24-Tevet 2).

    *Dec 16, 2012 is also the end of 7 mths burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple. May 14-16, 2012 to Dec 16, 2012 is the SEVEN MONTHS. The N. Invasion of Israel spans any time from the Rapture to May 14 (about 30 days); and a Divine Victory in the mts of Israel (Ezek 38-39) on May 14 would draw attention to Israel as an earth-shaking (hail/earthquake) supernatural event on their Statehood anniv day. Burying + bone search will likely begin May 16, seven mths before Dec 16, Tevet 2. The ‘pre fab’ (?) 3rd Temple can be erected during these same 7 months. Also weapons gathered from this invasion takes 7 yrs for Israel to burn for fuel/Ezek 39:9).

    *When Jesus enters the Temple 30 days after His Return (Isa 63) w/ the believing Remnant who will have CALLED HIM BACK, the 45-day judgment of the Nations begins. There could likely be 70 nations who will send ambassadors up to Jerusalem on each Tabernacles Feast during the Millennium (Zech 14).

    *The end of the 45 days (end of trib) is GEMINI 1 (10th sign/TWINS/’the 2 finally walking in harmony’/Israel & Messiah).

    The Rapture on Saturday will be NISAN 22 and 22 is double 11 (double judg)……spec.

    The MID-TRIB (YOM KIPPUR, 2015, a.c. breaks covenant) is LIBRA 1, the sign of the JUDGMENT SCALES, ‘beginning of Great Trib’ (1260 days lasting from Yom Kippur to the Return).

    Realize that once the earth is straight (Isa 13:13, 24:1,19,20), the 2 calendars (Jewish & Greg) and the Mazzarot will each be a 360-day cycle, a perfect, Millennial yr. Know too that the trib days (2520) functions on a perfect 84 mths of 30 days each (and 84 mths is seven 360-day yrs).

    The most ideal Mazzarot/Calendar Harmony during the Millennium would be for NISAN 17 to be on ARIES 17 AND for it to be the SAME DAY as NISAN 1. Well, THAT is the CASE!….because APRIL 6 (NISAN 1, 2019, Jesus into Temple) is ARIES 17 which will be MARCH 17 during the Millennium. If one subtracts the earth tilt prematurely (21-day loss as earth straightens to a 360-day perfect yr), April 6 reverts back to March 17. In other words, March 17 will be Aries 17 and Nisan 1 all at the same time! This only holds if Nisan 1 is March 1 each year during the Millennium (as well as Aries 1). It stands to reason that the Millennial New Years’ Day would begin on the beginning of the 8th Mazzarot sign (Lamb), the 1st day of Spring. The above conclusion is the only way that both NISAN 17 and NISAN 1 can both be the BEGINNING of DAYS.

    If the above is NOT the case, then APRIL 1 will be New Year’s Day each year during the Millennium; and an interesting note about that is APRIL 6, 2019 (Jesus into Temple) plus exactly 360 days (1st perfect Millennial yr) is APRIL 1, 2020. None of this is that important; but all up to this point is so perfectly mathematical that it begs contemplation by some.

    So, the biggest proofs of a possible Sat, Apr 14 Rapture this year are:

    75 days on both sides of the trib
    mid-trib Yom Kippur 2015
    Jesus into Temple Nisan 1, 2019
    Hanukkah, 8th Day, starts 2300 days Temple Worship
    Rapture Aries 24 (8,888)
    End of trib Gemini 1
    Minus 21 days is March 17, Aries 17, same as Nisan 1 (rare)
    The three 1260’s jive in all respects
    Nisan 1, 2019, Millennial Temple Cleansed (Ezek 45:18)
    Nisan 1, 2019 still in ROSH 2018 (5779), end of Pyramid timeline (2011-2018)

    As the earth straightens, a March 6 RETURN will likely take 2 days (Hosea 6:2-3, “raised up on 3rd day”…..?), settling on March 8, then the minus 21 is exactly Feb 15 plus 30 days mourning is March 17 which by that time will be Aries 17 as well; and during the Millennium Aries 17, March 17 and Nisan 17 will all be the same day……spec.

    Well, if you read all of the above, you are to be congratulated (or disciplined??)….No! I need the discipline for confusing you again! Then again, perhaps the fervor is to be admired; so I’ll leave it at that.

    Take care……….J.H.

  33. Brother Jan your mathamatical euhemarism is a joy to read, and at this point in time I have no desire to comment on it. However there are a couple of points on which I feel you err.
    You have nominated Elija and Moses as the two prophets who withstand
    the anti christ before the gates of Jerusalam, eventually to be slain.
    2 Kings chp 2 v 11. That behold there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire; and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.
    Obviously Elijah was transfigured or changed to a semi immortal state. This was the same blessing given to the Apostle John who was told that he would not taste of death untill the Saviour came again. this was not a resurrection, because Jesus was the first fruits of the reurrection.1 Cor chp 15 v 23. To me this means that Elijah was not dead then, but would have been resurrected just after the Saviour? . Mat chp 27 v 52,53. But Elijah and Moses appeared,with others on the Mount of Transfigeration before the Saviours death. At this time they were not immortal
    In Deuteromany chp 34 v 5. And so Moses the servant of the Lord died in the land of Moab.
    Again as previously stated Moses appeared on the Mount of Transfigeration
    as a spiritual personage, to receive his immortal body just after the resurection?
    From this we can see, that your assumption that Moses and Elijah are the two prophets who resist the anti christ, is incorrect., for being resurrected and having an immortal body they cannot be killed. Even if they still had spiritual bodies, they would not be able to be killed. My conclusion is that these two individuals are still human, or wiil be human if not yet born, and will be called up by the Saviour to full fill their purpose.
    The Temple.
    The death of Zaccharius and his son John the Baptist were the last legitamate priesthood officers who could officiate in the temple. At the Saviours death, the veil between the Holy of Holies was rent, signifying the end of the Mosiac Law, and, the ushering in the law of Abraham the Higher Law.
    Why then would G-D require a temple complying with the Mosaic law, now done away with, to be built. Surely the new Temple will be different to the old Mosaic one, and built to officiate in the order of the Melchezidec Priest hood. There will, most definately, be a new Temple, but its form and structure has not yet been revealed. Maybe? Rev chp 21 v 10, etc.

  34. Marianne,
    Ok, this is getting more than coincidental. As you might have read my previous comments of viewing daniels 70 sevens in the opposite as 7 seventies, or 70 year weeks. Well after trying and trying to make this work out from the approximate creation date, I was about to give up on using this in my timelines. Then the date of the Israelites entering the Holy land and celebrating their first Passover/ feasts came to mind, as a start for the count. 1405/1404 bc well if my math is right, 1405/4 bc +(49*70)= 2026ad, Making 2027 the start of the Jubilee of 70’s. Coincidentally, Jesus’ birth falls at the start of the 21st 70 from 1404/5, assuming 4/3bc for his birth, Making that a “sabbath 70”, which was shortly followed with the rebellion, siege of Jerusalem, and the destruction of the temple in 70 ad. If this is right, we now have a fourth “biblical” witness to 2026/2027 Ad. being the Day of the Lord.

  35. Marianne
    Here is another one. I am not sure how this works yet. So I will try to figure it out here. From creation to Holyland entry=2600 years. From Date found in Ezekial 40:1, 573bc to 2027=2600 years. 2600 “weeks”= 50 years, excluding Leap days. 26*7=364. In between those dates we have 830 years? If it was 840 it would fit nicely, but ten years are missing?? Then You would have 50+20+50=120 As in “My Spirit will dwell with man for 120 years”. I am sure that extra 1.25 days fits in there somehow? Let’s see if it works.

    5200*364=1892800 days
    830*364=302120 days
    Total days=2194920 days
    2194920days/365.2422days=6009.49 Well there we have 9.49 of those 10 years. We also know that we are beginning at Passover in Joshuas time, and ending by my assumption with Yom Kippur in 573bc, which should add about half a year. Remember, during the Babylonian captivity, the first month was in the fall, by the babylonian calendar.

    Isn’t math fun! Isn’t the Bible amazingly accurate!? There truly is a God out there figuring this all out before even the writers are aware of what they are writing. That is the Power of the Holy Spirit. Why Else would he begin ezekials exposition on the millenial kingdom, in 573bc, the 25th year of exile, which also points to the 598 date of the daniel 12:11 prophecy as the start of his count, which leads to 2026/27.

    Is it still a maybe, or could it be a wow yet, or at least a possibly so ??

    Just having fun, This is not meant to negate the 2017/18 theories out there, cause they have some really good proofs too! I Just would not be surprised if the groom is delayed. Hey, there is that 10 years again, 2017-2027? A window of opportunity.!

  36. there are two major keys to understanding end times prophecy:
    #1 daniel’s daily:

    #2 correct translation of a few key verses, paraphrasing:
    ‘and he lifted up his left hand and his right hand and swear by him that liveth forever that it shall be for a time times and a half, and when he shall have
    to scatter the power of the holy people’

    ‘2300 evening/mornings then will the
    (((holy)) be (((justified)))

    with these two passages translated correctly then you understand these two time periods end with the moon turning to blood as described in the last two verses of joel chapter 2. which is of course the sixth seal.

    misunderstandings about daniel’s dailys(5 of them) lead to complete falshood about daniel 9. and many other falshoods.

    do not get into the daniel 9 trap. instead try to understand everything without daniel 9 first, then daniel 9 will be more clear.

    you don’t have much time left!
    Jesus is coming soon!!

    • Duane, I think you’re right about Daniel 9

      I think that you’re “looking” at scriptures outside the box, and that’s a good thing!

      I too have been “looking” at Daniel 9 from different perspectives and I’ve come to some surprising suppositions for myself.

      Daniel 9:11 is fascinating

      I’ve also been “looking” at Daniel 11, and specifically Daniel 11:19 from different perspectives because of the interest regarding the Ark of His Testament’s location.

      I agree that “time” is short. Given that Jesus doesn’t stray for from His covenant, He’s likely closer than most realize.

      Many, many major Biblical archeological finds has been uncovered. Now there is controversy regarding the supposed discovery of the Ark of His Testament. I believe the Ark of His Testament was found; but can’t be accessed. I believe certain world leaders know full well that it’s here on earth; His earth! If so, that “reality” would put a time stamp on certain

      The singular earthquake mentioned in Revelation 11:19 is disturbing

  37. Interestingly, using simple math and calculating time from Adam, it’s apparent that about 6,000 years has passed. I’m wondering if God will allow Satan to reign during the seventh millenium(Sabbath); or even part of it.

    Signs are happening fast and furiously
    — Millions of dead birds
    — Millions of dead fish
    — Volcano’s and earthquakes increasing seemingly exponentially
    — distress of nations

    Astounding Biblical artifacts have recently been found
    — Noah’s Ark
    — Mt. Sinai
    — The Hebrew Camp at the foot of Sinai
    — Sodom and Gommorah
    — Egyptian artifacts discovered under the Red Sea
    — The Crucifixion site
    — The Tomb
    — The Stone that covered the Tomb thrown as if by an angel
    — Zedekiah’s grotto
    — King David’s palace
    — Royal Seal of Prophet Jeremiah’s Accuser Found

    Staggering Biblical codes discovered
    — Ivan Panin’s codes – Equidistant Letter Sequences – 7’s in the Bible
    — Eliyahu Rips revelations — His search of Bible codes predicted Yitzhak
    Rabin’s assassination. After his assassintation they found the assassin’s
    name proximal to the previous revelation

    Staggering discoveries
    — Yonaguni
    — Carl Munck’s matrix
    — Golekli Tepe
    — Polonium Halos prove granite formed instantaneously
    — Helium in zircon crystals prove earth is 6,000 years old

    The Papacy(abonimation of desolation) has been obtaining control of Jerusalem
    — Papal control of the “upper room”, and a chair for the pope there. Really?

    “They” KNOW that the Ark of His Testament is right were Ron Wyatt said he found it, and yet “they” continue to wage war for profit or whatever, BELIEVING and KNOWING that the Ark of His Testament is there is Jerusalem. The Bible is specific about where the Ark of His Testament is located. All one must do is look for it.

    It’s now apparent who “they” are worshipping

    – If God allows this hell that “is” to continue much into the 7th millenium, I’ll
    be really surprised

  38. Jesus steps down at the end of the 1260 days of the Great Trib. For 30 days more He judges the nations. 45 days more to the 1335th day He sets up Israel as the center of all nations. From the completion of the 3rd Temple at Passover 2023 there will be 2300 days to Tisha B’Av in 2029.

    It’s really simple.

  39. Every 7 out of 19 years there are 2,520 days from Feast of Trumpets to Tisha B’Av. Every 12 out of 19 years there are 2,550 days from Feast of Trumpets to Day of Atonement.

    After the 2014/15 there are 2,520 days from Feast of Trumpets Sept. 14, 2015 to Tisha B’Av Aug. 7, 2022.


    2,550 days from Feast of Trumpets Sept. 26, 2022 to Day of Atonement Sept. 19, 2029 the year of Apophis Apr. 13, 2029.

  40. […] week The Jews Have 220 Days of Uninterrupted Sacrifice in The Temple: (See an explanation on this here). Reply With […]

  41. A prophetic day equals a literal year. Numbers 14:34 and Ezekiel 4:6

    • Very good prophecy series by Walter Vieth on Freemasons, the Jesuits, Islam, 9/11, The Roman Catholic Church, Secret Societies, etc.

      You need to watch this series.

      • ok

      • I do not agree with him on this one point.

        first in daniel 9, it says the messiah is cut off….. so he is gone.


        it says a prince comes and destroys the city

        it also says he confirms a covenant for one week.

        it does not refer to messiah, since he is gone by then

        it refers to the prince to come

        messiah is only mentioned once.

        if the covenant was confirmed by messiah, then it would have said that BEFORE messiah is cut off

        • The last week begins at the end of the 69th with the baptism of Christ in 27AD. Christ was cut off in the middle of the week. The prince who destroys the city is Tiberus who destroys Jerusalem in 70AD who becomes Caesar 9 year later.

          I don’t believe in this gap theory. It doesn’t fit.

        • The 2300 days had been found to begin when the commandment of Artaxerxes for the restoration and building of Jerusalem went into effect, in the autumn of B. C. 457. Taking this as the starting-point, there was perfect harmony in the application of all the events foretold in the explanation of that period in Daniel 9:25-27. Sixty-nine weeks, the first 483 of the 2300 years, were to reach to the Messiah, the Anointed One; and Christ’s baptism and anointing by the Holy Spirit, A. D. 27, exactly fulfilled the specification. In the midst of the seventieth week, Messiah was to be cut off. Three and a half years after his baptism, Christ was crucified, in the spring of A. D. 31. The seventy weeks, or 490 years, were to pertain especially to the Jews. At the expiration of this period, the nation sealed its rejection of Christ by the persecution of his disciples, and the apostles turned to the Gentiles, A. D. 34. The first 490 years of the 2300 having then ended, 1810 years would remain. From A. D. 34, 1810 years extend to 1844. “Then,” said the angel, “shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” All the preceding specifications of the prophecy had been unquestionably fulfilled at the time appointed. With this reckoning, all was clear and harmonious, except that it was not seen that any event answering to the cleansing of the sanctuary had taken place in 1844. To deny that the days ended at that time was to involve the whole question in confusion, and to renounce positions which had been established by unmistakable fulfillments of prophecy. {GC88 409.3}

          • And yet, nothing happened in 1844. The quandary in which SDA’s find themselves, is how to justify the 1844 date.

            — Christ’s movement from the Holy to The Holy of Holies doesn’t work

            — Investigative judgement was made up, and has no scriptural support.

            How is the SDA church to deal with this enigma ?

            Continued support of investigative judgement opens Adventism to cult status, which would be unfortunate, given that Adventism has so much truth.

            The SDA church needs to lay out all their cards, and let come what may. The church is in trouble anyway, and there is too much at stake. To deny obvious error is to risk spiritual blindness. If the church falls, it falls. Better to fall with true, than with lies


            Hi Marianne

            • hi dan 🙂

            • True, nothing did happen on Earth in 1844. It is called the great dissapointment. There was a misunderstanding on what the Bible meant by “the sanctuary would be cleansed”, they thought the sanctuary was the earth and that Christ would come and cleanse the earth by fire. It was only afterwards that the sanctuary was understood to mean the sanctuary in heaven that Christ had moved from the Holy Place to the Most Holy Place to start cleansing it. What did happen in 1844 was that God’s people were finally free of Catholic doctrines and understandings and stood entirely upon the Bible. They started keeping the Sabbath in 1844.

              • The earth was/is the Messiah’s temple. Always has been. The man made temples were just precursors to the earthen trmplr(not made by hands)

                The sanctuary was cleansed once with His blood. It never needed to be done again. All should have known this simple truth

                There is only one Holy of Holies, and that is always wherever the Ark of the Covenant is located; and the Ark of the Covenant is located here on earth, and it has been the whole time. That theory about Christ moving from the Holy to the Most Holy in heaven, was merely a hail Mary pass/conjecture, to try and attach some significance to the erroneous 1844 date.

                Being freed of Catholic doctrines in 1844 is kind of a stretch.

                The 1844 timeline is an embarrassment to SDA’s, as is the erroneous investigative judgement, which is still part of SDA doctrine, and needs to be thrown out; and until it is thrown out, Adventism is a de facto cult. “Investigative judgement” flies in the face of gospel. If there really were an “investigative judgement, NO ONE WOULD BE SAVED.

                There are over 500 Saturday Sabbath keeping sects in the world, so Saturday worship is nothing new. Miller rejected the Sabbath idea, but eventually relented.

  42. 7 times start at : 573BC and ends at: 1947.
    More 1 generation (70 years to full prophecy ) = 2017AD
    2300 years from 573BC is 1967AD
    2335 years is 2022.Who survive is safe in new world God’s kingdom

    • The 7 times starts with the break up of Israel and Judah starting in 723BC for the northern kingdom and 677BC for the southern kingdom. Both ending in 1798AD and 1844AD respectily. At least that is the old Millerite teaching. All time prophecies ended in 1844. Time is no longer according to Revelation 10. Search for Jeff Pippenger on Youtube if you want more information on parallel histories, the 2520, the 2300, the 2450, the 490, 1260, 1290 and 1335 day prophecies.

      I keep telling people the new Israel state is a UN construction and false fulfilllment. Probation for the nation of Israel ended in 34AD at the end of the 70 weeks and judgment was visited on the Jews in 70AD. It is never to be rebuilt. The kingdom was taken away from them and given to another.

      Salvation is now only in Christ not the literal Jews. It doesn’t matter if you are Jew or Gentile, rich or poor, free or slave, black or white, we all need to be saved the same way in CHRIST. If you aren’t in Christ you are DEAD. If you have faith any in man you are DEAD.

      We all have two choices: LIFE or DEATH.

      • It’s true that the new Israel state is a UN construct, and as such, is a false fulfillment of prophecy. In fact, today’s Khazar “Jews” are in no way related to the brown skinned Hebrews.

        A review of Khazarian history reveals much regarding mystery Babylon. The Khazars seem to be the missing link in understanding much of what of what happened in A.D., and what is happening today.

        Babylonian/Khazar Luciferianism is alive and well today, and largely ruling the world.

        Salvation is now only in Christ. No truer words ever spoken. Any person or body who would teach otherwise is anti-Christ, and a cult!

        • Scripture predicted the use of nations to reassemble israel for the end times.

          so it is a God construct

          you should not be concerned about the color of a Jew’s skin

          • Oh, I’m not concerned about skin color. It just happens that original Hebrews had brown skin.

            All I’m saying is that conventional “Israel” an Judaism of today may not be what we think.

            Again, check out Khazarian history. The Khazars specialized in infiltration and absorption of other cultures and religions. Essentially hijacking them.

            In any case, many things in this world are not as they seem.

            Just sayin…

            • even noah had white skin…..

              original hebrews may have looked like arabs do today, who are not THAT dark

              i think khzar history is bs and a way to deny Israel

              • Yes, Noah likely had white skin.

                Hebrews in fact did look like today’s Arabs. Jesus certainly wasn’t a “white” man.

                I’m not denying Israel as such, nor do I edify it. I’m just saying that things are often not what they seem, and is this case, likely the origin of today’s Israel.

                Satan’s crowning achievement is the bait and switch, and it is incumbent upon us to always be aware, and question.

                Khazar history has certainly be verified. They were a huge problem for surrounding nations during their time from about 100 A.D. To summarily dismiss Khazars as players in history, to whatever degree, might be like omitting recipe ingredients. The outcome might be fundamentally flawed. The Khazars were BASTARDS.


              • Who is Israel today? Israel means overcomer with God. Pray tell me do you think the people living in “Israel” are overcomers? I don’t think so.

          • That is a false fulfillment. Go watch Jeff Pippenger’s videos on Youtube.

            I also suggest watching the “Breaking the Genesis Code” by Stephen Bohr and “Total Onslaught” by Walter Veith and David Gates series of videos and finially Randy Skeete(who knows the entire Bible by heart). Also Doug Batcheor and Parminder Biant.

            Time is running out. The current crisis of Islam is causing the world to come together. I believe we are in the early stages of the formation of the New World Order and Islam is the catalyst. Do we have the character of Christ in our hearts? We are dead without it.

            • Islam is not the catalyst. Luciferian Jesuits are the catalyst, and the causation. Jesuits are Khazars — Eric John Phelps

              ISIS is a hoax. The Paris massacre was ordered by Jesuits and orchestrated by Washington D. C. Paris was a false flag.

              Here’s truth. Connect the dots

  43. why do so many people misinterpret the bible. very clear 2300 evenings and mornings not 2300 years. future event . most of Daniel future but put in past to confuse all so called bible scholars. wake up you are on the side of the one who confuses all scriptures.

    • Evening and morning equals one complete 24 hours day. See Genesis 1.

      A 24 hour day in prophecy equals 1 literal day. See Eze 4:6 and Num 13:34.

      So 2300 days equals 2300 years of which 490(70 weeks) were cut off for Israel(or if you perfer Judah).

      How difficult is this for people to not understand?

      • Clarify your rationale for such differentiation please

        • I did. I won’t repeat myself. 70 weeks are determined upon thy people(Daniel’s people).

          Determined – Strong’s H2852 – chathak
          1. to divide, determine

          1. (Niphal) to be determined, be decreed, be settled, be marked out

          So 70 weeks are put aside for Daniel’s people. Doesn’t this apply that there is a longer time prophecy that the 70 weeks are a part of? It is a simple logical assumption. 490 years of the 2300 days. That is the only conclusion I can come to. Gabriel was commanded to make Daniel understand the vision of Daniel 8. The only thing not explained in Daniel 8 was when the prophecy started. Daniel 9 tells us when.

  44. Out of chaos order. What we are watching is Old Knob’s global plan unfolding. All those who worship Lucifer, or themselves as god are being used by the smartest creature ever created.

    The Bible reads about upheaval of nations, earthquakes… and the rebirth of Israel. We are close enough to spit.

    Stay out of the way, arm yourselves and be good Christians. Jesus did not say everyone had to be Amish and watch your love ones get their heads cut off.


  45. To the short of it…

    If we were calculating 5,000 years on the Gregorian calendar we will find that we gradually loose time each decade until we are 50 days behind the solar cycle. But on the other hand, we discover that on Yahweh’s Calendar we are within one day after that same 5,000 years. That’s right, less than 1 day off every 5,000 years if we were using the ancient Calendar of the prophets. The One Without End Or Limit designed the adjustments of time into His Calendar so that for most of man’s history it would be an easy thing to use. Most men would only need to be concerned with is two additions to it in their lifetime, a 30 day and a 45 day addition and so there was no need to write it down. Can you remember 30/45/30/30?

    How easy was it? There were twelve months of 30 days each so they would add 30 days to the Calendar each 7 years, also add 45 days each 49 years, also add 30 days each 1,000 years, also add 30 days each 5,000 years. That easy.

    The earth rotates around the sun once each 365.24 days, so after 5,000 years 1,826,200 days have passed if the solar system is behaving perfectly, as Yahweh designed it to. But on man’s current calendar it shows 1,826,250 days have passed, so our seasons fall behind slowly and when 5,000 years passes we find ourselves 50 days ahead of the correct time.

    Compare that to The Incomprehensible One’s Calendar which needs adjustments after 7 years when we are 36.68 days behind so we add 30 days, after 49 years when we would be behind 46.76 days so we add another 45 days on the Jubilees, if you happened to be around at the right time you may see the adjustment made each 1,000 years when we are short by 35.91 days so we need to add 30 more days and again at 5,000 years we are short by 29.59 days so we need to add another 30 days. We are within one day of the correct solar time now.

    You now know something that can help you solve the tribulation timeline puzzle. “Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days,” I want to be Blessed, do you? Knowing the blessed day is Sukkot is important in recognizing where the 1260, 1290 and 1335 day prophesy happens on our current calendar. When we look at the text of Daniel 12:12 we find it’s confusing because of a translation error that most Bible versions translate as 1335 days, but that’s not what it actually says.

    My digging suggests these are two different time periods, 1305 days and 30 days, not 1335 days. This is important because it may be a clue, I believe it is trying to point out something that only a few people will recognize, a clue for His people.

    They say it was for the sake of simplicity that modern translators took the liberty of adding the two figures together that we most often see the number 1335 here, but the numbers were originally separated for a reason and the meaning is better understood when they are left as they are.

    1335 does not belongs here, 1305 and 30 does. Although the total is the same it is recorded differently for a reason. The literal text says three (shalowsh) hundred (me’ah) and five (chamesh) and thirty (shĕlowshiym). 30 and 45 are two of the correct astronomical calculations used by the prophets to synchronize the biblical calendar with the solar cycle. The solar calendar has 365.24 days and the lunar calendar has 354.14 days, so the prophets adjusted it to the solar cycle intermittently by means of 30/45/30/30 day leap year system.

    Every calendar, except the Hijri, has leap systems, the western calendar adds one day every four years in February and the modern Jewish calendar adds a month (called AdarII) every 3 years. However the ancient Hebrew Calendar was not the same as the modern Jewish soli-lunar system is. If we were around back then we would know that Yahweh’s Calendar has an adjustment at 2,520 days (7years) of 30 days so we would be thinking the number 2,550 days at the end of each 7 years throughout our lifetime and if we were around when the 7th of these 7 year adjustments came (at 49 years) we would be thinking a number like (2520 + 30 = 2550 + 45 =) 2595. I believe we would know the numbers 2520, 2550 and 2595 very well if we were around 3,000 or 4,000 years ago.

    I doubt we would have never heard of 1305, 1290, 1260 back when Yahweh’s Calendar was being used, they’re numbers for a future time, a prophesy. This particular prophesy turns our second set of 1,260 days into 1,290 days at the 7 year adjustment, then into 1,305 days at the 49 year marker and into 1335 days on the 1,000 year adjustment. It seems to me like Yahweh has hidden one of His secrets here so any simple man can find it. This isn’t saying what it would normally say at every other millennial adjustment for 7 years (2550 days) or at 49 years (2595) or even 2625 but this says 1260 1290 1305 and 30 There’s only one time I know of that this fits and it falls on one of the millennial adjustments.

    It seems the 1305 clue which Daniel gives us was meant for those who understand Yah’s ways, that is, for the people who know how the prophet’s Calendar system worked and who can recognize that the Blessed Day is Sukkot. Understanding the Blessed day is our wedding day and that it is actually 1305 days from the mid-point of the tribulation are paramount clues that people studying calendars have been missing. Clues necessary to find what I think may be the exact dates in the tribulation’s time period.

    By identifying the mistaken translation above as 1,305 days and not 1,335 days you might also find it matches a pattern on your calendar. Yes, it appears we are in the tribulation period today and this seven year time period ends on a Friday at sunset, which is part of a larger calendar sequence completing the sixth day. If we’re calculating that 45 day adjustment period to Sukkot, subtract 1305 days, then the 1260, we discover that it not only ends on a Friday at sunset but that it began on a Friday at sunset. This was the date the son of perdition came in peacefully.

    This start date backs up tightly to the final day of Sukkot in ’09, which went from sunset on 10/8/09 to sunset on 10/9/09. That particular day was the end of a long judgment period effecting the ten lost tribes dating back to 721BC. I can clearly see that March 22, 2013 was the exact midst of the week and that September 2, 2016 will be the final day of the tribulation period, but it may not technically be the end of the 6,000 years without first adding in a Calendar adjustment. This is apparently when a whole bunch of wild stuff happens involving the bowl judgments, waking the late sleepers, then after His wrath is completed will come our Blessed Day.

  46. When the earth was created its orbit around the sun was 360 days. Something caused the orbit to shift so cause a 365.25 day year. Possibily the flood.

    Historists believe the 1290 and 1335 prophetic day prohecies both have the same starting point. From the time the daily was taken away it be 1290 and 1335 days. What is the daily of Daniel? Everything in Daniel 8 is a sanctuary theme but the symbols are all twisted. A ram and a goat but the ram has two horns one higher than the other and the goat has a big horn that is broken and four grow out in its place to the four directions of heaven. Both are imperfect and couldn’t be used as sacrifice in the sanctuary. Therefore the daily here must also be imperfect. Now who wants to be like God and receive worship? The daily must be taken away in order to set up the Abomination without Desolation. The remnents of the Roman Empire are what we know called England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and Spain. From 496AD to 508AD These 7 nations took paganism away and set up the Papacy which took 30 years to establish and from 538 to 1798AD the Papacy ruled Europe. 508 plus 1290 = 1798. 508 + 1335 = 1843. 1798 plus 45 = 1843. The Millerites believed the year 1843 started from the spring of 1843 to the spring of 1844. When nothing happened in March 1843 they were disappointed but they studied more and discovered that the same prophecies that lead to 1843 also lead to 1844. Hab 2 says the prophecy appears to tarry. The line of prophecy ended October 22nd 1844. When nothing happened this became known as the Great Disappointment. They were lead to their Bibles and discovered their mistake. The Sanctuary was not the Earth but the sanctuary in heaven and that Christ had moved from the holy to the most holy. Had gone into the wedding to receive his kingdom and to atone for man on the day of atonement.

    Whether you believe this or not is irrevelant but it is the truth.

  47. amazing how many people get things so wrong by basing Western systems on English translations. Back to the drawing board for you.

  48. There are many timelines in scripture that point to 2026/ 2027 as the end of the current era, and the Start of the millennial Kingdom.

    1. Daniels 1290, and 1335 Day years. “11 And from the time that the regular burnt offering is taken away and the abomination that makes desolate is set up, there shall be 1,290 days. 12 Blessed is he who waits and arrives at the 1,335 days. 13 But go your way till the end. And you shall rest and shall stand in your allotted place at the end of the days.” During Daniels time, when he wrote this passage, the time that the regular burnt offering was taken away was when the temple was looted and the Menorah taken to Babylon. Many believe this was in 587bc when the temple was destroyed, but there is an earlier looting approximately 598bc.You will find this in 2 Kings, shortly after the death of Josiah. This was also the year Ezekiel was taken as an exile to Baylon.

    599bc through 691 Ad is 1290 days. This is the date of the dedication of the dome of the rock on the temple mount. Construction began Ca.688ad, which is 1260 years before 1948, when Israel became a nation.

    691Ad + another 1335 years is 2026/2027.

    2. John 2:19, Luke 16:16, and 2 Peter 3:8: Raising the temple on the third day.

    19 Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” 20 The Jews then said, “It has taken forty-six years to build this temple, and will you raise it up in three days?” 21 But he was speaking about the temple of his body. 22 When therefore he was raised from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this, and they believed the Scripture and the word that Jesus had spoken. (John 2:19-22)

    16 “The Law and the Prophets were until John; since then the good news of the kingdom of God is preached, and everyone forces his way into it. (Luke 16:16)

    It is estimated by most that Jesus ministry began in 27 Ad. John the Baptist is said to have begun his ministry six months before Jesus. The Third millennial day from the beginning of the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom by John the Baptist begins in 2026/2027. We Are the temple Now, Living stones in that new temple, not built with Human hands (Psalm 127).
    NOTE: Since writing this, Jesus Ministry began on Nisan 1 of 27Ad, when he turned the Water into wine. Thus John’s ministry began during the fall feasts, the previous year.

    3. Psalm 90:10, and Luke 21:32. The length of a generation.

    Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled. (Luke 21:32)

    10 The years of our life are seventy,
    or even by reason of strength eighty;
    yet their span is but toil and trouble;
    they are soon gone, and we fly away.

    Yes, In 70 ad the temple was destroyed, Meaning that Jesus birth Ca. 3 Bc -70 Ad =72 years, fitting the description of between 70 and 80 years.

    But also, 1948, Israel was declared a nation again in the modern era. 70-80 years would be between 2018, and 2028. If you want to get even more specific, November 29, 1947 the United Nations adopted Resolution 181 to create the nation of Israel, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Israel being created in one day. 1947-2027= 80 years.

    4. Ezekiel’s vision of the New temple Date specified.

    In the twenty-fifth year of our exile, at the beginning of the year, on the tenth day of the month, in the fourteenth year after the city was struck down, on that very day, the hand of the Lord was upon me, and he brought me to the city. (Ezekiel 40:1) The Date this occurred was Nisan 10, 573bc, Though being that this was during the captivity in Babylon, I have surmised that this could well be Yom Kippur, the tenth day of Tishrei, the first month of the Babylonian calendar. Why would this be important? Because Yom Kippur is the day that Jubilees are declared . Going by the 50 year count of Jubilees, this puts 26Ad, the year of John the Baptist ministry beginning, and the Gospel of the Kingdom being preached (Luke 16:16 above) on a Jubilee year. Jesus Ministry began Near Passover of 2027. You will find this again in John 2. Here we see Jesus turning the water to wine, “On the third day” (Verse one), and then several days later cleansing the temple on Passover (verse 13 ff) Thus, John the Baptist began his ministry around six months before, on or around Yom Kippur. and the beginning of a Jubilee cycle. 2000 years later, 2026, and 2027 come into play.

    What are the chances of this? Ezekiel receives his vision of the New Temple, exactly 600 years before Jesus cleanses the temple for the first time, and States that he will destroy the temple and rebuild it within 3 (Millennial) Days. As you may know, A jubilee trumpet is blown on Yom Kippur, but the official beginning of that Jubilee year falls on Nisan 1. In other words, the Jubilee is declared on the 10th day of the seventh month of the 49th year. (see Leviticus 25) But the actual Jubilee year begins on Nisan1 of the next year, the first month of the fiftieth year. Jesus ministry begins on the Nisan 1 of 27 ad.

    Here, we see a what I call God’s Jubilee count. 573bc, 27Ad, and 2027Ad. Israel has had their own Jubilee count since they entered the Holy Land as well. # 5 will deal with this.

    5. Israel’s Jubilee count.

    Jacob born, shortly before 2000 BC. This date is not known with certainty, But let’s say 2004 BC. Israel’s Jubilees are following the birth of Jacob. 2004 BC, to Jesus birth 2000 years later. What else falls on these Jubilees in Scripture. 605BC is the official beginning of the 70 year exile. 1405 BC is the year of entry into the Holy Land by Joshua, both of which fall on those cycles. 1947/1948 falls on that cycle, as does 1997/98, when Modern Israel declared a Jubilee. So which of the two Jubilee cycles are correct? My take is that they are both correct. There are two sets of Prophecy in Scripture, One for the Jewish people, and one for the Nations.

    6. Notice, that The exile officially begins 7 years before the end of the daily sacrifice (605BC-598BC) This I believe is a window. 1948-2550 or 1260+1290 =-604. Remember, the Jubilee trumpet is blown in the 49th year, and begins on the Nisan following. which is the fiftieth year. Again, this points to 2019/2020 using Daniel 12 counts of 1290 and 1335 day years. What we are seeing here, are two sets of timelines, pointing to the beginning and the end of the final week of years for Israel. To me, this is what I call biblical triangulation. A navigating term using three different reference points as guides. All Pointing to a time period coming up, known to most in the Bible as the 7 year Tribulation or the final week for Israel.

    7. Now for the final piece of triangulation which should tie all of these timelines together. In Number 4 the 573 BC year that Ezekiel received his vision to 2027 is 2600 years. When we subtract 80 years from this we get 1947 as I mentioned above. 2600-80=2520 Or 1260+1260. Since a Hebrew 7 year cycle is 30 days short of the solar seven year cycle, a leap month is added to get to make both calendars tie together. 1947+30=1967, The year that Israel recaptured Jerusalem the Holy City. This is why this final generation has to be 80 years, and not 70 as many have surmised.

    The Prophet Daniel was so accurate with his predictions that many modern scholars have suggested that the book was written after the Hellenistic Period, as he foresaw the rise and eventual break up of Alexander the Great’s kingdom. The problem for those scholars now is that the accuracy of his prophecy continues to this day and Points to the founding of modern Israel, as well as the retaking of Jerusalem some 2600 years later.
    The prophecies of Ezekiel have primarily dealt with the Temple. His vision was given on a specific day known to History because of the context given in the verse. 600 years later from that date, Jesus cleanses the temple for the first time at the beginning of his ministry, and pronounces that in 3 days he will rebuild that temple. Yes this prophecy spoke of his death, burial and resurrection, but it also was pointing to a time in the distant future 2 millennial days from when he said those words, and the beginning of the third millennial day, that he will take those who believe in Him, The living stones of that new temple, and rebuild to his Glory the New Jerusalem. Many Prophecy scholars are looking for a third temple to be built, but that temple is being built in heaven right now, and will be seen at the last trump in heaven. Like the original temple, there are set numbers of doors and gates, there set numbers of pillars, and there are set numbers of stones. These set numbers are completed as the last of the believers are killed during the fifth seal… 11 Then they were each given a white robe and told to rest a little longer, until the NUMBER of their fellow servants and their brothers should be complete, who were to be killed as they themselves had been. (Rev. 6:11) The Apostles understood this. They Understood that Jesus was the cornerstone. That he was the stone the builders rejected. That he was the Stone of stumbling for the Israelite people, because they were looking for a temple built with human hands. Psalm 127 corresponds tot the year 2027 (If you agree with the psalm for a year theory). It is this psalm that clearly states;
    “Unless the Lord builds the house,
    those who build it labor in vain.
    Unless the Lord watches over the city,
    the watchman stays awake in vain.”
    Jeremiah also writes:
    16 And when you have multiplied and been fruitful in the land, in those days, declares the Lord, they shall no more say, “The ark of the covenant of the Lord.” It shall not come to mind or be remembered or missed; it shall not be made again. 17 At that time Jerusalem shall be called the throne of the Lord, and all nations shall gather to it, to the presence of the Lord in Jerusalem, and they shall no more stubbornly follow their own evil heart. 18 In those days the house of Judah shall join the house of Israel, and together they shall come from the land of the north to the land that I gave your fathers for a heritage. (Jeremiah 3)

    As we live today, Israel has multiplied in their land and become fruitful, Soon Judah and the house of Israel shall come together and dwell as one in the presence of the Lord. May the Lord be praised, Jesus is the Lord (1 Corinthians12:3)

    God Bless.

  49. Almost, until you went with natural Israel. This is all spiritual. I saw the Abomination of Desolation in the temple in the Spirit in mid Jan 2013. This is happening in the Spirit Realm right now. God’s Israel is HIS people, the church, the covenant of Jesus. It was by faith for Abraham. The new everlasting covenant is signed in Jesus’ blood. This has nothing, not a darn thing to do with the nation of Israel and the synagogue of Satan except that many, many are deceived.

    • Amen.

    • Ephesians 2, “one time you were Gentiles in the flesh—called “the uncircumcised” by those called “the circumcised,” which is done in the flesh by human hands. At that time you were without the Messiah, excluded from the citizenship of Israel, and foreigners to the covenants of the promise, without hope and without God in the world. But now in Christ Jesus, you who were far away have been brought near by the blood of the Messiah. For He is our peace, who made both groups one and tore down the dividing wall of hostility.”


  50. Said Daniel” He will not regard the god of his fathers, but in his own estate(privately) worship a strange god- a god of forces” to this the present American Pharaoh carries idols of a certain hindu monkey warrior god , indicating that man evolved from monkeys, in short showing Evolution as god, which is different from evolution as science. It so happens that when Evolution becomes believed as god, it comes against the FAITH, such that there is created a vaccum in ones heart in place of God & this vaccum eventually becomes filled with oneself as god revealing the serpents words at den “Ye be as gods”, unto the Prophesied Abomination of Desolation as spoken by Daniel & confirmed By Christ.
    Again said Daniel” He will have no regard for the desire of women ” which God given desire of women is to bring forth children ” against which he brings forth cunningly devised policies of the flesh, against the basic family order, against REPRODUCTION.
    Now God who sees the end from the beginning, knowing the intention of the serpent, for the sake of the woman unto mankind eventually to his redemption & subsequent salvation, puts two wedges between the serpent & the woman 1) The Enmity for the sake of the FAITH, against Evolution 2) Put her desire unto her man from whom she was made for the express purpose of REPRODUCTION , against Sodom,
    The American Pharaoh in not the Anti Christ but one in the order of the 666, who have been coming over the time through various forms & Rules unto the fulfillment of the said Number, & where each of them have a commonness to aggressively promote “Evolution & Sodom” against the FAITH & REPRODUCTION resp.
    Interestingly St.Pope Pius V excommunication of QE1 ( rather notorious for the modern slave trade) was indeed the condemnation of freemasonry, out of that ‘ole iniquity come as the entity of the serpent off the Enmity, is but to know that the hidden belief of freemasonry is Evolution at its root , unto promoting man as god to that Prophesied Abomination of Desolation to the underlying false principle -as if the Ark was made for the temple & not the temple for the Ark , so conveniently twisted out. Like wise the warning of St. Pope Pius X against modernism(applied to faith) , where he specified its core as the belief in Evolution eventually promoting man as god , at the cost of god, to that Abomination & by so saying he was indeed revealing the prophecy of Daniel.

  51. Regarding 2300 days:

    2300 days of the KJV is a misinterpretation

    The Septuagint added “days” to the text of Daniel 8:14, about 300 years BC, yet retained the words “evenings/morning. The Hebrew used only “evenings/mornings”.

    The Latin Vulgate retained the word “days”, and also retained “evenings/mornings”

    The Douay Rheims retained the word days, and also retained the words “evenings/mornings”

    The King James Version has the distinction of summarily omitting “evenings/mornings” from the text of Daniel 8:14

    The Hebrew word for “days”, has about three dozen possible meanings, and must be interpreted in context, or by definite article determiners, such as evening and morning nouns serving as adjectives, specifying creation days as 24 hour definite articles.

    Thus, evenings/mornings within Daniel 8:14 remain as nouns, and not adjectives. Evenings/mornings within Daniel 8:14 refer to evening and morning temple sacrifices.

    Daniel 8:14 is about the reign of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, and his desecration of the temple, and the Maccabean revolt to restore it.

    Again, the King James Version of Daniel 8:14 is a horrible translation

  52. It is the end time ,let us ready.Our God help us at the end of the problem.

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