Darts of the Enemy


Have you been shot with a dart?

When we go through storms in our lives, or when we are “at peace,” we can be exposed to terrible attacks on our spirits.

We have to constantly check our “amour of God” to be sure it is in place.

"Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.

"And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God; praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints…."  Ephesians 6:10-18


Focus for this post is on this verse:

Eph 6:16   Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.


What are some darts that can affect us?

Here are some……


Other Darts that really hurt us personally:

The image above focuses on influences around us, most of which we can walk away from, except disobedience.

However, there are darts that can affect our spirit for years, or a lifetime.

Storms come against us. How do they affect us?

Because our shield is not completely up, or because we are in survival mode due to a spiritual storm, we focus on the storm primarily, instead of Jesus, although we have not forgotten him.

However, He is coming in second place as we desperately work to fight the battle we are in.

This is not intentional, but it happens.

We are made of flesh, and we react in the flesh.

Reacting first in the spirit can be hard to do, when events surprise us.

Imagine a soldier at war. A bullet is coming. He has to react quickly.

Imagine someone telling lies about you. The first instinct is to fight the lie with the truth.

Imagine a betrayal of your trust. You are crushed, and struggle to cope with this.

Someone makes a cruel remark to you that hurts your feelings. The first reaction is to cry, and try to win them back to you. Or, you are offended and speak back to them to defend yourself.

Someone is unfair to you, and cheats or hurts you, and the judge seems to be in their favor because they lie in court. This is a shock to you. Your trust is suddenly shaken in the justice system, and other people. Your mind is now on how to win the favor of the judge before he condemns you.

What has happened in the spirit:


The darts have gotten past our shield of faith, and hit our hearts.


This means our shield of faith is weaker than we realized.

We need to ask God to help us strengthen our shield of faith.


Jesus understands our wounds

When we finally come to our senses, and can look back, we can see our own defenses have failed us.

Instead of faith, we tried to fight back in the physical, when the battle was in the spirit.

Now we are wounded.

And we are trying to pull those darts out of us, one at a time.

And as we try, we only find there are many more still stuck in us, and they hurt.

They wake us up at night, and our mind is restless.

They affect us when we try to do something else.

We are thinking about one thing, and suddenly these thoughts pop back up in our minds, and plague us.

Why did that happen?

Why didn’t I say, or do, this or that?

I forgot to do this.

They did this, and I cannot believe it.


This is mental / emotional / spiritual trauma.

We cannot remove the darts on our own. 

We need to repent  and ask for forgiveness, for the lack of faith that allowed the dart to hit its target to begin with.

We also need to ask Jesus to help us, and go back to the Word, to reacquaint ourselves with His promises of protection and healing.

He is the Great Physician.

Give your burdens unto the Lord.

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  1. Nice! “May God, guide us ALL through these terrible times that are upon us and are yet to come, in Jesus name I Pray…Amen!”

    • I fully agree, but times will Ever increase to a point that is, you would not imagine ever possible. Stay focused daily on Gods word and trust in Jesus and he will care for you. Remember the Full Armor of God, It actually saved my life recently.

  2. I’ve printed out your armour and cut it out but it’s too small to fit.

  3. hi Mick


    Go to a xerox machine and hit the “enlarge” button. Maybe that will help.

    • Thanks Marianne, did as you suggested, much better now thanks but the hat looks a bit silly.

  4. Yes, the dart of the enemy are real!.I woke up from a dream I have, and in this dream I saw Satan throuing at me 5 arrows and in each arrow there was written, “hate” “envy” “death” “jelosy” and when I woke up, I could feel this arrows pearcing my body, feel lot of pain, them I rebuke then in the name of Jesus and send then to hell from where they come from.A few weeks later, there was an accident on the freeway and I almost got kill in it, and my car was overheat and broke down, but naothing happen to me

  5. Dear Marianne

    So you think that is what is wrong with everyone who is attacked. I have scars all over my body where I have been cut in the middle of the night. Thinking it was witchcraft. Finding blood on carpet when moving to a new home. Having dirt thrown on my moving boxes. Loving God with all my heart. Knowing he loves me but I am having problems. I look like a pin cushion up and down my arm, where underneath it looks like someones elbow marks.

    It is easy to say that this above is all but it is not. My husband and I have been targeted by something or someone on whatever plain but it is effecting our lives.
    My Husband the other day got up and has a spot on him that looks like a dead body spot with a hard lump, now today down at his angel and on his shin dark skin. The nurse said she didn’t get it. I am a size 6-8 and my scale now say I way 186-189 or whatever pounds the days before it was way less. The scale company said it was broken then they said it was haunted.

    By the way I have never seen the darts or the knives they cut me with nor what ever they used to gouge out a section of my skin on my stomach.

    How do you know when it is witchcraft or it is the parts you talk about above.
    It is all of the devil but one is acted upon by humans going to the demons to get them to intervene.

    I am willing to put up my life against anyone else for the things that have happened to us. We have lost exactly like Job, we had much the same.
    I don’t nor have I ever been involved in witchcraft. The Bible says “they put scarfs upon the heads of people and hunt their souls”, for scraps of bread they do evil to others, they make people to live that should die and people to die that should live.

    It is easy for people to speak about things that go on in the air that others can not see. I now see snakes and birds that fly in t he air when no one else can.
    My eyes have been opened and I would have rather them been closed but then
    I trust God even in my sorrow because I know he loves me. He is not a man that he should lie. He taught me that the evil one cometh but to steal kill and destroy.

    I don’t believe God will permit us to die because we choose life over death and we testify to the goodness of our savior and those who betrayed the Lord are in his hands. If we are being cursed those who curse us we bless them and we have given them in to Gods’ hands knowing he is going to bless us. As the Apostles said they couldn’t wait for such evil as God when he restores he really blesses.

    So to anyone else being hammered upon by the spiritual world of wickedness know that the world of Goodness our God is far greater then any evil the enemy can put
    out. The word says no weapon performed against me and my husband shall prosper. Some times the hedge is let down and I down know how, but know this God has a plan in all things.

    Don’t neglect to do good and to testify to the goodness of God, because when my home burned down God had an Angel at the bottom of the step to get me out of the home and before he left he came to check on my husband. Here is why? Because in the midst of the turmoil and suffering because of having been spoiled by God and not understanding our money being taken, our businesses being taken our home being taken before the fire then my Mom dying then all of our belongings and everything we had worked for our whole life taken and our youngest Golden Retriever who could see the demons and the birds fly through windows. I ask God why we didn’t have a guarding angel to help us. The word says he gives his angels charge over you that you will not dash your feet? I didn’t understand and that way a couple of nights before the fire.

    the Angel was at the bottom of the steps and help me out of the house. I was praying continually to the Lord and still do. I may not understand everything but I understand that God loves me. I understand that the devil would like us to believe that no one loves us. Joseph went from his Fathers
    house as a favorite to be the servant in a strange land and then at the end of his test being betrayed by his own family he became the second most important person in that strange land and saved his family.

    The fact is the darts are important but if you have a real prayer life with God you are more than likely on the hit list of demons, especially now. We are in
    the last days. Don’t get me wrong I am sick of it as God knew I would respond but then that is the way of the children of God. We are not used to the oppression, but even oppressed we are at Liberty! Why because Jesus Chirst already defeated Hell and the grave and satan and in the end Michael will take him down one last time. If your name is in the Lambs book of life
    don’t be surprise by the attacks.

    I am not sure about the comment of materialism? God said we are to lend not be the borrower. I don’t think God intended for us to be poor, nor do I think
    he expects those who have to be selfish or to be vulgar with money nor to worship it as the word says the love of money is the root of all evil. But try living without it, it is very difficult and if the enemy can cause debt for you he will.

    But God said he is my strong tower and my strength, I shall fear no evil even though I walk in the shadow of death because his rod and his staff they comfort me, he makes the crooked way straight, he makes my enemies to even be at peace with me, he makes me to lie down in green pastures and he leads me beside the still waters, he makes me to walk in the path of righteousness for his name sake, he prepares a table for me in the presences of my enemies, he anoints my head with oil, he restores my soul, he makes my cup to run over, he makes goodness and mercy to follow me all the days of my life while I dwell in the house of my Lord.

    The best news is we can brag about nothing but the one thing that counts my name is written in the Lambs book of life. The enemy doesn’t chase what he has, he wants what belongs to God that he doesn’t have. When God deals with it, it wont be back. Who can beat God? None and when he is for you who can be against you? He has never lost a battle nor will he ever and most of all he loves me and calls me his own, praise his name. I thank you Father in Jesus Christ name.

    • Pattieform

      Just tell the ‘spirits’ that you do not fear death (and do not fear death) and they will leave you. Been there. 🙂

    • dear Pattie

      This post was not all inclusive. There are many exceptions to the “lack of faith” issue, and your situation is a good example. That would be another post.

      You are going through a “trial of Job,” unless there is a better term for it.

      In some cases like yours, God has a reason for lifting the protection, and allowing Satan to directly access the person. Remember when he said to Satan. “have you considered my servant Job?” Satan told God the only reason Job was blessed was because God would not allow him to attack him.

      Job lost everything and had afflictions on his body as well. Friends thought he had sinned. In the final result, God restored to him multiples of all he had lost, and blessed him in front of satan. Job had established his faithfulness even in the midst of trials, which satan claimed he would never do.

      The tree is known by its fruit. If one is afflicted by satan, and still remains righteous before god, it is a testimony of that person’s salvation and relationship with God.

      Pattie, you and your husband bear good fruit under affliction. This is precious to God, and you are going to have your crown in heaven.

      In the days ahead, when the trouble this country deserves finally happens, I also suspect that God is going to use you in a special way, known only to Him.

      I have also had a life of affliction – both physical and spiritual- although not the exact same ones you have. I am still in recovery after 10 years with one issue, and a lifetime of recovery after others. So, I understand and can feel the suffering you are going through.

      Instead of the devil destroying me, his trials prepared me for this ministry I have now.

      So, take heart. Your righteousness is shining through. You have picked up your cross, and you are faithfully carrying it in love.

      You will make it, and while your body may seem unattractive or sick to the “world,” it is beautiful to God.

    • Pattie,

      Do you or your husband experience blackouts or unexplained time lapses?

    • Pattie
      If you get a chance read acts chapters 4-7. The apostles were taken to court and told “to speak no more in the name of Jesus”

      Their response: They prayed for Boldness.

      Then they were accused again by the sadducees.They were beaten and again told not to speak in the name of Jesus.

      Their response: 5:41 “Then they left the prescence of the council, REJOICING that they were COUNTED WORTHY to suffer dishonor for the ‘NAME’. 42.And everyday, in the the temple and from house to house, THEY DID NOT CEASE TEACHING AND PREACHING JESUS AS THE CHRIST.”

      Then in Chapter seven Stephen is Taken to court and sentenced to death by stoning.

      His response: “Lord, Do not hold this sin against them.” Who was in charge of the stoning? Saul, Later Paul.

      When Satan sends his minions to attack me, I laugh at them, for they have no power over what “belongs to the Lord”. They may be able to hurt our mortal flesh, but they cannot separate us from the Love of God. Your response to your trials has brought me great joy in seeing a sister in Christ, able to “move mountains” with your faith. I will be praying for you.

      When I was “talking” to the Lord at a time in my life when I was feeling particularly “beaten”, he gave me the verse in Isaiah that says “They shall mount up on wings like eagles: They shall run and not be weary; They shall walk and not faint” (40:31) At the time, I was suffering from two sprained knees, and extreme pain in my feet. I could barely walk, My work situation was miserable, my marriage was falling apart, we were at the point of losing our house… That is when He taught me how to laugh in the face of adversity, and to Rejoice for being counted worthy to suffer for his name.
      God bless.

  6. Something is very confusing and disturbing about the picture of Satan’s demons cutting the flesh of a soldier of God who is strong in the power of His mite and protected by the whole armour of God (Eph 6:10-17). Yes, Job was afflicted by the permission of God as an example to us of the depths of true trust and faith in God.
    (Job 13:15 Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him.) Yes, martyrdom is real…all under the divine hand and permission of God. It is deliverance because the world is not worthy of them (HEBREWS 11 CHAPTER). But all this is done ..not against flesh and blood…(Eph 6:12) … but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.’

    Satan is the most suble deceived because he hides..he tricks…he kills..and destroys through the hands of flesh and blood participants who yeild to his service…through rape, murder,greed, lying, and all evil deeds.I have seen no record in scripture where demons openly attacked a child of God. Satan does not have power over the Armour of God. I am disturbed at the thought of the flesh Body of Christ, Temple of God, Bride of Christ being preyed upon in the dark of night by demons doing acts equivalent to a rat eating Christ’s Body… (what don’t you know your body is the temple of God). This is disturbing since …1jo 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

    Is there any biblical basis to show that demons are allowed to prey on, attack, terrorize a child of God?

    Ex 15:6 Thy right hand, O LORD, is become glorious in power: thy right hand, O LORD, hath dashed in pieces the enemy.

    Ex 23:22 But if thou shalt indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak; then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries.

    2sa 22:3 The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence.

    2sa 22:4 I will call on the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.

    Yes, Job was afflicted by the permission of God as an example to us of the depths of true trust and faith in God.
    Ps 70:5 But I am poor and needy: make haste unto me, O God: thou art my help and my deliverer; O LORD, make no tarrying.

    • hi internet elias

      I can agree that it does not make sense, but I have to go by the testimony of the person. We are saved , but our bodies are part of a fallen world, being subject to various diseases and maladies. Many wonderful saints have gotten cancer, for example.

      Physical afflictions could either be due to these naturally occurring medical problems, and not be attacks by the enemy. I can see how one would interpret them as attacks, since the end result is the same – physical discomfort. The best thing to do is consult a doctor, and go from there.

      Sometimes I wake up with bruises, so I take vitamin K supplements. I bruise easily without it. I have also had swelling, but found I could control that by diet, and changing medicines which cause edema. I used to have a lot of back pain, but found out I was vitamin D and B12 deficient and had osteopenia. I now take Calcium, D, and B12 supplements.

      So, you have to think through a situation and try to find a solution.

  7. Malia and to everyone else,

    Odd that you ask I can go into the bathroom and 1 to 2 hours have gone by and I am walking out going what happened? I can not explain it.

    I can say that there is no one like my Lord, I am a slave to Jesus Christ whom I love. He is my hope. I in no way lay blame to the Heaven where my God and the Lord and Savior live. I am baptized in his name and am filled with the Holy
    Ghost. My husband and I have been suffering as I said this time for almost 5 years.

    The scale saying I weight 180 plus pounds and I wear size 6-8 clothes and I am
    5′ 4 1/2″. Figure that one out, the nurses said the scale is haunted and replaced it. I weight more. My shoulder blades don’t go back, my one arm looks like it has elbow marks on it but it is on the inside.

    Sometimes I hear the music of insects. We have had every form of insect to infest our home since it started. We cry and pray to God and he takes them away. I am not going to live in fear.

    I have seen bird spirits fly through the window. At that time my golden retriever tried to stop the attack by jumping up to get it. It bit her. After that they slept by guarding their eyes under the arms. They cry when they are attacked by these wicked spirits.

    My husband couldn’t see anything just me and my two Goldens, Missey and Moi. Missey died a couple months after the bird spirit attacked her that night, she succumb to diabetes, Moi died in the fire last year before Easter.

    The enemy is wicked. We know it is not God because where did you ever see
    God cutting flesh. He tells children not to cut their flesh. He has told us not to cut our hair but yet I wake up and my hair is cut, sometimes it is different colors. Last night they raked a blade up side me hair and split sections off all over. I have a section that is real curly hanging in one spot and next to it a section straight as a stick, the corners of the forehead were taken last night.

    Funny whoever said about the legs and the feet, as my knees hurt really bad today, and I have never experienced such a thing. My ankle bones over the last few weeks were moved to the front of my feet and large sections behind them so I look like a freak and I have circle wrinkles that have been added to all the joints and lumps of the muscles flesh that is normally not visible sticking out. I got up yesterday with two brown beauty marks on the side of my face I never had before. I look like someone poured acid down the back of my neck. In the red skin is holes from where i guess the darts went.

    I use to think firey darts were spiritually speaking and that you couldn’t to the visible eye see the wounds. My hair was missing this morning and I was given a high forehead. I have been castrated through this ordeal and had so many things of wickedness done that should not happen to any.

    But the word says we will suffer for our faith as we are dead with Christ.

    So have the demons targeted us as a part of the ends of times, I don’t know?

    I don’t pretend to know how these things happen or why? other than my faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ. The apostles said when they suffered they knew something was coming, to God go all the honor and glory.

    There was a smell the other day outside standing next to me as if pooh was there but there was nothing, there was also the heavy smell of cigar smoke.

    When I am tortured I am a sleep but God said he neither slumbers nor sleeps
    and I don’t live in my goodness but the perfectness of Jesus Christ who I accepted as a child.

    To internet elias please don’t be fearful because of our tortures, God he promised to never leave me nor forsake me. I know God loves me, he knows what is going on. I can’t explain being well off and then becoming a struggler.
    God said I am from the head i will be the lender not the borrower and I choose to believe God he always made us to be the givers

    My gas was turned a couple of days ago. I had a budget bill and they had installed a gas dryer so my whole bill was $740.00 plus change. My budget bill was $119.00 and I had paid the last bill on the 2 nd of June and they disconnected it on June 29th.

    I can’t explain such bad luck or the going on we are suffering. We have some kind of the worse luck. but then the word says it will rain on the just and the unjust and one of my sisters at church said the same things happened to Job and we don’t know how long it was as Job was very well off. God had always been good to me.

    If anyone knows something more about this than we as to why or what could be going on please write it.

    Please know this god didn’t give me a spirit of fear but a spirit of overcoming.

    I hope everyone here knows I pray to God. I have been praying and trusting, and I am standing as God said to do. When you have done all you know to do stand.

    I am going to stand on the promises of God and I am going to keep my hope in my Faith because he is the deliver and he never fails to come. If I am being attacked because I lack knowledge in something then please tell me what I could be missing and tell me how to over come as I don’t want to suffer nor to have people who don’t know God to think wrongly nor do I want to
    give anything to the enemy.

    Surely we know that if we were failing God he would just dismiss us and be done. He doesn’t force himself upon anyone.

    I will also say God is never wrong. But then I don’t think these are things that point to God.

    Thank each and everyone of you for your encouraging words and for your prayers and for all of your thoughts.

    • pattiefarm
      It has been 4 and 1/2 years since you wrote this and I am wondering how are you?
      I believe what you are experiencing are attacks from a human agent of Satan. Someone very close to you that you may trust too well.

      They are using techniques such as gaslighting. This term “gaslighting” is based on an older movie starring Indrid Bergman called “Gaslight”.
      Gaslighting is psychologically manipulating someone into thinking they themselves are insane. Very dangerous.

      Also this person may be using some substance to slowly poison you. Something like small amounts of antifreeze in your food, drink, toothbrush, mouthwash, etc. It slowly kills you. It affects every cell in your body so that you have a myriad of symptoms such as hallucinations, extreme sensitivity to noise, insomnia, pain, edema, nausea, bruising, etc.
      The list goes on and on.

      They are probably also using some sort of witchcraft such as voodoo to curse you and cause the poison to be more effective.

      My advice is to seek help outside the home immediately. I mean to have your hair cut while you are sleeping is not some spiritual demon but a human demon psycho path!!!!!

  8. Hi Pattie.

    I have no idea if this is what is troubling you or not but this book came to my mind when reading your post. I found Ellis Skolfield while doing research on something else. I was impressed with his work and decided to read more. I clicked on his e-book, “The Shinning Man” having no idea what it was about but I was instantly enthralled. I recommend it to everyone. It will blow your mind and build your faith. Here is the link: http://ellisskolfield.com/pdf/Shining.pdf

    God Bless you, Pattie.

  9. Pattie, I believe you are a person of faith….one who loves and searches the Word. And I know you believe the things happening to you are real. But I have an acquaintance who had similar experiences…believing things were happening…seeing things not there…convinced his family was in danger…hearing voices….but they were only in his mind. They were not real. He is a Christian professional man who could have lost his job had these things come to light. His wife and family sought medical help and he was diagnosed with a serious Bi Polor chemical imbalance. He is on medication and the horrors are gone. Just saying….The things you describe are beyond possibility…e.g. spirits of birds..e.g your dog seeing them…e.g being castrated…these statements are irrational. There is no where in scripture that supports a Christian being taken over by demonic forces….tribulation to grow patience…yes….evil torture…NO! Satan does not have that authority. The battle is the Lord’s and God is greater than puny nothing little old Lucy. God would not subject you to such evil…He delivers us ‘from evil.’ I do not want to hurt or offend you. But it is much more likely that you have developed a serious chemical disorder which makes these things seems real. You need to consult a neorologist immediately. This is very serious! I do not understand illness of the mind but I know things can go wrong there same as with any other part of the body. Are you on any medications? Sometimes meds we are given have adverse effects and can even cause hullicinations. The things you describe are classic hullucinations. Hullicinations are horrifying because they appear very real! The stresses you have been under for five years can do amazing things to the emotional health. Please get help. You owe it to yourself and to your family. God is our rock, shield, deliverer, fortress, and strength. Doctors are a gift from God for healing. Please get help…share these things with a psychiatrist or neurologist. Doctors are instruments of God as surely as penicillin.

    God knows our needs BEFORE we ask..thus we pray, ‘thy will be done.’ I know God loves you…that He desire health and peace for you. I am trusting Him with your situation.


    • Carolyn
      God and the supernatural are beyond the understanding of a neurologist or psychiatrist. Your recommendation to be tested for chemical imbalance is fine, but chances are This has nothing to do with that. What then? chances are, they will prescribe something that will “mess” you up even more. I am not saying to ignore doctors, but understand that they do not deal with the supernatural.
      In these hard times which we are facing, we are being tested to see if our faith will “endure”. I have not experienced the visions and cutting, but I have been tested. There is a light at the end of the tunnel if we stay focussed on God.

      go to a neurologist and have them check your chemistry, Try not to go to a psychiatrist even if the neurologist recommends it if no imbalance is found. No offence to psychiatrists that might be out there, but their goal is to keep you coming back for more rather than healing you. and if it is a spiritual issue, they are not equipped to deal with this.

  10. Dear Internet elias

    My church sees the things that have been done. Most can’t handle it, because they don’t understand it. I am born again and I am talking of other born again Christians who have a hard time looking at someones face after it looks like someone has poured acid on it. The scars that would disfigure me praise God he takes away.

    I still have the gouged marks on my stomach and the scars on my hand and so forth.

    I am told the enemy want to destroy my memories. but that isn’t possible because God is the keeper of all memories and he has instant recall.

    No it is not my imagination. If it was no one could see what is done. But they are forms I think of vain imaginations. Anything done to you that should not be according to the word is a van imagination.

    Do you not know that demons and angles don’t use doors, they are matter that can go through windows, doors, walls. We are living in the last days, we are going to see more bizzare things before it is done. Our understanding has to be to know it can happen but also that our deliver is there and he will save our soul. Demons don’t knock on doors if they can scare you to death that is there first desire because then you will leave God and go running to the arms of sin where you captures can take you off the watch list as being an on-line defense for the kingdom of God.

    In other words the action of the enemy using the evil will be in vain because God will not rest until he returns his child. God forbid if such a thing happens and you are not a believer. Some believers it has happened to give up and just ask God to take them home. They know their sorrow will end.

    When that didn’t work they started knocking me down the steps. When that didn’t work they went to moths, to every other form of insects. At the beginning of this I had about 7000 sq foot home worth close to a million dollars God had always been good to us. When i gave my life over to God
    the enemy didn’t like it is the only way to express it. I think he more then likely said the same thing he said for Job let me take what you gave her and she will leave you. God knows his children. Many would say I took a terrible chance to tell the truth, but not so my testimony for the Lord is the most important thing in my life. God didn’t give me a spirit of fear, he knew when I turned I would never go back.

    I am told by some ministers that as we are given Guardian Angels those that are a threat to the enemy have demons assigned. But I also know that God assigned a demon to Paul, a thorn in the side. But I don’t think he did these
    things to Paul but to tell you the truth I don’t know?

    I have chosen life over death, I am not giving the enemy my soul or my body both belong to God along with my heart.

    I don’t know if these things are a part of my trial or testing for the last days? But you can bet one thing God knows what is going on, he even tells us he puts us in the furnace.

    Do you think when Jesus died on the cross it was his imagination? Do you think when the Apostles were hung on crosses it was there imagination?

    Do you think when you bleed and your pouring blood and others see it, it is your vain imagination? Did Jobs’ boils exsist or were they in his head, was Paul’s thorn in his head. Things in your head are not seen by others.

    What do you think firey darts are some form of cake walk. They are things that don’t happen to everyone or even the same. Not everyone’s faith level or knowledge is the same. If God thought he was going to bring me to mental illness and that I could not survive would he permit it know, not from my knowledge. he said he would never leave me nor forsake me and he would never put more on me than I could handle. My minister tells me I am a strong person or things could not be where they are, our God who is Lord and savior is not man that he would lie. But to our testing and over coming goes his honor and glory to the gain. He said in our weakness is his strength, that is why his grace covers us if we fail and sin we an advocate in Jesus Christ who speaks for us. He suffered for our sins and for our freedom, if we are to be raised with him we are to suffer with him. That is plain and simple in the Bible.

    Some of us drink milk and others eat meat and I mean no harm by that,
    the greater the test and the longer the endurance is to the glory of God.

    The Apostles said when things of the nature of firey darts happened they welcomed them they didn’t run the other way. May the enemy thought I was a coward, Peter had a problem and was sifted also. Jesus told him that satan wanted to sift him and he prayed for him and that when he was turned to strengthen his Brothers.

    Do you think when people are attacked by witchcraft it is their imagination?
    No I am not bi-polar, we have no mental illness in our family. When my husband couldn’t see he had not been baptized yet. He is experiencing some brutal things also after being baptized.

    Have you ever read in the Bible where God said the witches make his servants to die and those that should die to live? They put scarf on the heads and hunt souls.

    God said there are those who would say to cast your bands asunder but God in his Holy heavens laughs.

    Your comments I am sure are out of your own fear, and I understand as most people don’t have enough faith to believe God will permit things to get to such a length before pulling us out. Have you read Job? He was accused also of things as if he was evil and he was being attacked by satan the enemy of God and every born again Christian.

    To he who is given much much is expected. Sometimes when God gives to much of anything it is difficult for people to remain faithful to God. So testing goes on. and at the end of the test is a double portion restoration. Money and things don’t interest me in the same way anymore. I realize it is things that make people jealous but also a certain amount of money is required to live and to help the poor and the suffering. Because of that I am looking forward to my restoration to re pay those who helped me at this time and to help those I have found out that our suffering and to bring the word of God to those who are living in hotels with their babies and are hurting so bad at this time. Some people can have all t he money in the world and even see a staring child and will not help it but God said to him that would give a glass of water. God knows me and he told the enemy so. He has never permited the enemy to take me out of his site. But remember God said he will not do for one what he has done for another.

    He permitted Jesus to die on the cross to be marked and striped for our salvation and the Apostles for their overcoming to the rejoicing of the kingdom of God and their assurance.

    Oh yeah by the way my future daughter in law is a shrink. I am not crazy and Drs. are a blessing. It hurts that you think I am crazy. You can’t have a response like that and we are living in the end times. When they come to mark for the mark of the beast do you think they are going to be nice. Please pray and read the word of God about some of these subjects before you respond, as the roaring lion is about. I know longer have a spirit of fear.

    I hope I did not offend you but to say I am crazy and I am a child of God makes me upset. The Lord Jesus Christ dwells in me. The devil doesn’t have to go after what he has. What do you think soldiers are hit with. Darts are real and they carry fire and when they hit the skin it looks like it has been hit by acid and it leaves holes like a person who was hit by a dart. I have had to go to the Drs. for the outcome of them. Today I picked up a precription tube written by a Dr. back in Jan. 2011 for the burn in the skin. They gave me 7 refills. They had no answers for what happened to the skin, to be honest about it.

    I am happy to say I know I am coming out of it, because things satan took physcially from me several years ago are now being restored. I believe when
    everything is done soon that it is all going to be over, to Gods glory and honor.

    • Amen Pattie
      Acts 20:22-27
      22. “And now behold I am going to Jerusalem, constrained by the spirit,not knowing what will happen to me there, 23. Except that the holy spirit testifies to me in every city that imprisonment and affliction await me. 24.But i do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I MAY FINISH MY COURSE and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, TO TESTIFY TO THE GOSPEL OF THE GRACE OF GOD. 25. And now behold, I know that none of you among whom I have gone about proclaiming the Kingdom will see my face again. 26. Therefore I testify to you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all of you, 27. for I did not shrink from declaring to you THE WHOLE COUNSEL OF GOD….

      In the face of adversity, you did not shrink from “declaring the whole counsel of God.” May God bless you, and keep you! “From now on let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus” Gal. 6:17

  11. (I met Christ at age nine in Bible School. He manifested himself to me in the form of a man. At the same time He manifested the real devil to me. Lucifer was on the floor at my feet attempting to shade his eyes from the Brightness, the Light whose eyes were upon him. Lucifer was about two inches tall, naked, bumpy, helpless, frozen in place before the Son of God. Christ spoke to my mind these words, “You have not willfully sinned but you are about to. You need me to fight him for you.’ At nine years I knew the meaning that ‘the battle is the Lord’s.’ I understand how David walked before Goliath with nothing but a shepherd’s sling…knowing ‘the battle is the Lord’s.’ Lucifer continues to tremble before the Holy presence of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…whose vessel we are. )
    Lu 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

    Lu 10:17 And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.

    Father, to Pattie’s demonic persecutors I say, without ranting and railing, but gently and sympathetically due to
    their eternal depravity, as Michael the archangel did as he wrestled with Satan over the body of Moses…….the Lord rebuke thee. (Jude 1:9)

    as 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

  12. Sometimes things are more complicated than that. I don’t know for sure (I am by no means an expert) but I suspect based on some of my research and some of the things that Pattie has shared, that Pattie may suffer from multiple personality disorder. I am convinced Pattie is in love with Jesus and totally committed to glorifying God, but if she has MPD, there may be personalities that are not Christian. Pattie, please read the e-book, “The Shinning Man” by Ellis Skolfield. I believe you may be in real danger. Doctors and most clergy don’t have a clue what to do in this situation but there are answers and hope for help.

    Grace and Mercy to you!

  13. Dear Internet Elias

    I thank you and everyone else who is praying for me. I do not have illnesses that are mental or physical. But this demonic issue has shown its face in many ways.

    I did not know until about two weeks ago how to use my sword. I am hoping I am using it right as know one I have been around has ever really talked about using the instruments that are our spoken of in Ephesians.

    I just knew about praying and fasting, but after an extended fast God delivered my understanding as to the need. Then my afflictions went to areas exposed without weapons. Then two weeks ago God bringing to memory the thing of Jesus being tempted and conversation about the stones and turning them to bread and Jesus said man shall not live by bread alone. I guess you could say it caused me to think. Then things happened and when out walking with the dog, I said well Father you said, then he answered my prayer against the wickedness.

    So I guess I am using the sword correctly now. But maybe you all could share some of the ways you use your sword and any of the other instruments God gave us? I saw a minister the other night use it to cut a demon out of a women? I didn’t quite see how that was driving the demon out or how God was being the strong tower but the minster was praying in the name of Jesus Christ also.

    When I get up in the morning, some times it is after being attaked in the morning and my nose is not properly shaped. I pray to God and tell the enemy no weapon performed against me shall prosper according to the word and it turns the issue around.

    So now when I am attacked, I do my best to speak the appropriate scripture words.

    The way everyone is reacting to what I wrote, tells me you evidently knew how to use your sword against the firey darts and or you never comfronted any of the things I have. Does the enemy ever put lies into your mind? Have you ever experienced a firey dart? or how do you use the sword and for what purpose. I know you know the word but do you have reason to use it verbally against the gates of hell.

    I am not certain how to overcome all of the things of the past but I am searching for words of testimony and what the Father Our Lord and Savior said in the Bible. But even without it things seem to be changing back from the things I am coping with as I go.

    To tell you the truth I never had a minister preach on the overcoming the enemy and using the tools.

    I was never told to rebuke the devil by the hand of God, until it was to late.
    I had already challenged him I guess, I heard I made it personal because I didn’t say “the Lord God rebuke you”. Right after that I was attacked by the cuttings and gougings.

    Malia so that you are confident about my sound mind, I for years gone by was an executive at the top level within several fortune 100 companies and privately held corporations. You go on the shrinks coach for days before you are allowed to hold the position. I at the beginning of the testing had many physical aliments and would go and get prayed for and God would heal me within minutes to days to sometimes weeks but I always overcame. Just as I know by hope in faith that God has already answered my prayer and his introduction to the sword is I am sure the overcoming to the attacks physically, mentally and spiritually.

    When I was a young women and first left home I was fearful in my apt. I was always with siblings and having a Daddy that was a minister I lived a sheltered life to an extent. But also as a teenager I didn’t turn to god until later in life when shortly after the attacks began.

    I have through these things learned to stand and to be fearless in the Lord knowing that know matter what he is there.

    I think with all that has been said I should have shared what I was doing to use the word of God as my weapon.

    I think God for his word that is a two edge sword that cuts asunder both ways.

    If these weapon usages don’t make sense then please tell me to help my understaning. May God bless everyone who has tried to respond to my plea or desire to fully overcome.

    • Dear Pattie,

      I just have read your posts and my heart sincerely goes out to you my sister.
      You are God’s beloved, just trust in Him that He will keep you safe.
      You have nothing to fear for He that is in you, has overcome all things.
      Please just believe in that with all of your heart.
      When you become fearful at all, just relax, for the hands that cradle you are the hands of love and victory. I will hold you in my prayers tonight.

      May Yeshua bless you with His Shalom.

      Be Blessed

  14. Dear Pattie,

    I meant no offense. If you actually read the book I suggested, you would know that. I found it to be an incredible, mind-blowing testimony to the power of God’s Word. I think it would be helpful for all Christians to read but thought you might find it particularly so.

    In Truth,

  15. Thank you for your post Marriane. The past couple months have been incredibly eye opening for me and I’ve discovered that there is something very, very wrong at the church I attend regularly. I’ve withdrawn my membership over the issue of what repentance really means, since repentance is core to Christianity ( they counsel men that worldly sorrow equals repentance and counsel their wives to be sympathetic to the sin. It’s pretty messed up) To make a long story short a dart hit my heart when one of the leaders counseled my verbally abusive husband that verbal abuse isn’t in the really in the bible and that I’m causing him to sin(verbally abuse me and the children) by disrespecting him. Another dart hit my heart when my pastor betrayed my confidence and shared a letter that I’d written him with my verbally abusive husband, who in turn came home and told me “God needs women like you to be yelled at.” It’s been a terrible couple of months and it is getting harder and harder to pray for my enemies. The darts in my heart are starting to make me bitter and I need to confess my lack of faith that God works all things for the good of those who love Him. Your post helped me sort this out. I thank you.

    • dear cropchick

      Jesus never verbally abused anyone, and your husband should not do this either.

      The bible teaches that men should love their wives, as Christ loved the church. Jesus died for the church. Would your husband die for you?

      Your pastor does not deserve your trust. He is a bully, and so is your husband.

      Get out of that church, and find a loving atmosphere, where you will be treated like a human being, instead of a doormat for sadistic men.

      Start with your own friends, and family. Search for a good church where the pastor is kind, and the people are friendly.

      • Oh, it’s been nearly a year since I truely trusted anyone in leadership at that church…. One of the leaders told me that God wouldn’t help me let go and heal from some resentments I had been harboring and from that moment one I’ve been very wary. The situation there is terribly, terribly wrong.

        I have fasted and prayed often about this issue; whether or not I should leave the church and God continually shows me that my job is to love my enemies, that I need to “stay the course” and He alone is my salvation, protection and deliverer. I am no one’s doormat, I am not intimidated by their bullying – I am untouchable, bought with the precious blood of Christ I enjoy a supernatural protection. God showed me a few months ago that although I endure the lies and abuse I have never believed what was being said (that is unusual for someone subjected to verbal abuse, they usually end up with a broken spirit) I have told God that as long as He protects me I will remain at the church. I am comforted by the book of Luke where Jesus ate meals on several occaisions with the pharisees who would later put Him on the cross (the pharisees did this directly, we all put Jesus on the cross) Marianne, I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that these are very hurting men who only Jesus’ love and forgiveness can heal. Just as Jesus loves us, I need to love my enemies. For me, loving my enemies is not to excuse or ignore unrepentant sin but be ready with open arms when they do finally repent. To be ready to show them the love of Christ when they are finally open to it. I told the pastor when I withdrew my membership that I would continue to attend church there because I see far too many hurting people to leave. Like I said though, I’ve felt myself slipping into bitterness and I know my heart is not completely right before God. Please pray for me, sometimes it feels like I’m on the frontlines of the battle field. The hypocrisy I see is absolutely maddening at times but I’m trying to entrust myself to the One Who Judges Justly for the sake of my Lord. I try to rest in that they will all be judged one day for what they have done, to me and who know’s how many other women…..it is my calling to love my enemies, God’s job to sanctify them as He see’s fit.

        And I have Jesus, and Jesus said “Fear not, for I have overcome the world” and all the hypocrits and pharisees in it!!! Ahh, the Power of the Blood of Christ!! It enables me to forgive and love and it’s an open invitaion to my enemies to turn away from their sin!! Isn’t that what it’s all about? Living out our faith in a broken world? Praise God!!

  16. To Pattie,

    No christian has the desire to experience persecution or tribulation in any form whether in the spritual or physical sense. My encouragement to you is to ” BE STRONG IN THE LORD AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT”, do not rely on your own strength because it will fail. I personally do not agree with Malia, I know she is trying to help but I believe she is leading you in the wrong direction. Trust In God for he shall never fail you.

  17. Diana

    Thank you for your words. I am need them now. You are absolutely right it is not our own understanding because if I lean on myself I would fail. It is God strength only that will overcome this type of demonic activity.

    I know Malia is of great desire to help, I did as she said and looked at the book. That issue has nothing to do with me. My mind is in tact even though the things around my are not right.

    Today a box should up in our garage of photos that have been missing since the complete beginning of this thing, about five years.

    When my husband was in the hospital many family and friends came to the Hospital. Someone had broken into our home within several hours. When they couldn’t break the locks on the back door nor front the broke the garage door. The neighbor said they heard them hammering early morning.

    Someone left that Hospital then, we had moved and had only given my address to my baby Brother who is saved and wouldn’t give it to anyone but in this case with my husband hanging near death I am afraid he did.

    A bag of clothes of another person showed up and was mixed in with mine? We
    don’t know what that is all about. A bible showed up that is very old and was in a kitchen cabinet on a top shelf not really visible but I had been clean? We have been in this house only a few months because the problems have caused us to live in about 7 homes over the past two years. I have always been stable, my parents when they died were living in the house for abut 50 years and now my baby brother lives there. My husband and I before this happened had lived in two homes of which one is in the 7 above, our children are grown.

    We found a basket that was not ours in the basement and a grinder for like herbs or drugs in the basement along with a long plant herb or something. I don’t know much about these things. There is also a knife and a board with two holes cut in it and has some form of a screen over the holes. The grinder has like a wooden thing the pharmacy users to crush drugs to make prescriptions.

    So many things I destroyed the other day and then today finding the photos in the garage and the mixer thing. I don’t know what to do. The photos are photos of me and my husband for our entire lives together and are photos of me as even a baby along with my Mom and Dad, but now some photos I did have are gone?

    Can anyone make since of this? Please if anyone has any thoughts as to what this points to and what I should do please be open and communicate. I have prayed and ask God to send me someone who can help to speak to me for him.
    I don’t want to trust what I am hearing because of the demonic activity, if that makes sense. That doesn’t mean I don’t trust God I know God has already brought us out. Things are changing and I must see and know that I am delivered by faith.

    Because as you said we can not lean to our understanding we need God and his direction. We need believers who will hear from God. God sends the word in twos and establishes things for his people that we know the truth. The word says the truth sets us free. Without knowledge we perish.

    Please pray I am being attacked in my joints unless it is my knees going back into place because they are starting to look normal for me after 5 years of wicked abuse or whatever you call it.

    God bless everyone for your prayers. Gods children are to turn to Gods children but not everyone is willing to pray for another these days. We thank God for sending you for prayers and helping in edifying us to Gods’ word will and understanding that we all are leaning upon his arm and not our own in this thing.

    Marianne as always I love you as a sister and a child of God, thank you.

  18. Pattie,
    I read your articles with interest and am terribly sorry that you have had to go through this. I too have seen spirits that have tried to bother me or my son who at the time was about 4yrs old. This may sound strange, but have you ever thought about generational curses? Not necessarily our direct parents but our ancestors. These things get passed on and usually go through the female side of the family. I know that there may have been something in my lineage, because I had out of body experiences even as a child, which generally should not happen. I have seen a spirit try to enter my sons body and taking on his form, fortunately even at 4 he had a strong spiritual side helped by the Holy Spirit and woke me up while he was fighting this thing, I intervened as well and it disappeared into the wall behind his head.
    If I may advise, pray that the Holy Spirit guides you to show you what needs to be removed from the house. At times there are objects that we think innocent but are packed with evil, thus opening a doorway. Next check out the history of the house, it may have been built on land that was sacred or some type of rites held in the past. As far as the generational curses, there is an infinite list that you may consider. For example I know there was adultery in my lineage, I believe there was even some for the black arts. Which thoroughly explained my propensity for certain things or rather,ease. There are a few sites that deal with information regarding these things that helped me clear my thoughts.( I would post them but would like mariannes permission to do so 1st, out of respect for her site.) Then I went through the process alone, but it would be better if you get help from a deliverance minister when you are ready to bind in the blood of Jesus and cast them out, but 1st you must,unfortunately, ask for forgiveness on behalf of the guilty ones of the past and then in Jesus’ name close and seal that door. And you need to do them one by one. Its tiring because not knowing if someone in the past was guilty of some crime against God. But certain curses will have certain effects so you can see which ones might be it by things that happen frequently. A dear Christian friend of mine, helped an excorsist priest and the things that she personally witnessed made your hair curl. Most people would think it straight out of some horror movie. But as you can testify they do happen.
    Please do not wait any longer, research and start binding and casting out. I did and things slowed down. I will pray that our wonderful Father guides you in Jesus’ name.
    All Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, through whom ALL things are POSSIBLE!


    • hi angela

      If you want to share something that you think will benefit Pattie or anyone else, it is ok with me for you to post it.

  19. Thank you Marianne, I asked out of respect for you and your site. The following site I had found useful and full of info. As all things we must pray for wisdom to discern, especially on various sites. But this seemed to have some valid info.


    also, Glynda Lomax had helped me unravel a bit of this mystery which got me on the track of generational curses. And it helped alot, cleared up things and put them into perspective.


    again thank you marianne and God Bless you!!!!!

  20. Angela

    Thank you for your response because the children of God as this time must lean on the arm of Jesus Christ and call upon elders of the faith to pray for us.

    I just got home from church and I went up and got prayed for and annointed with the oil. The Lord and savior Jesus is the only thing that can loose us from the demonic forces of hell. I don’t understand nor do I pretend to understand but I am going to do all that I know to stand.

    Have you been exposed to anyone who practices witchcraft or that you have sensed odd things with them.

    I have a hard time understanding knowing that God is good and good all the timed I say to myself is it that I have no faith? I think I have great deal of faith not because of me but God put it in me. But he said it is impossible to please him without faith so is something wrong with our faith?

    Listen as shamed as I am to admit it I have anscestors who were in the klu klux klan, been mason and eastern star. I believe another through a prior marriage after or before the divorce entered the dark side with the girl who worked for us.
    I believe there is another involved who is suppose to be hindu and I don’t know the person I was just told about her a year and a half ago.

    She was from another country where they practiced things they ought not according to the Bible. I feel she may have, as we got a divorce and was expecting but had been around only one man my ex. I found a jar filled with yellow water or urine and hair and teeth and and a little bone.

    He never married her and of course there is still a certain amount of exposure
    through my son. Times when I speak with him after getting off I am attacked and he will have spoken to his Dad before he calls me.

    I don’t hate them, I pray for them as God requires. I don’t know what to say about the whole thing. It is very frustrating. There is a lot more to it, so much has been done to us. But don’t we have the right to count it and know that God knows all things even if people curse you.

    I know Jesus became accursed for us, so that all of the blessings of Jesus linage come upon us and he nailed the curses to the cross as Galatians tells us.

    David said when he was fearful that he had been cursed and had a conversation with the Lord regarding it, he said that God could bless him over it.

    But that kind of a curse we are know longer exposed to according to the word. If you are saved and filled with the Holy Ghost you can’t be cursed from what you ancestors have done. As this part was nailed to the cross, is my understanding but can a mortal person curse us employing demons? If so how does a child of God get set free?

    I don’t know does the devil make us to have vain imaginations that he can do these things but be able in reality to do nothing. The Bible says the types of curses from the old testament can’t lite upon you, does anyone know anything about these things? If so please speak up?

    I only know to keep my faith in Jesus Christ as he is my deliverer and he will not forsake me, he loves me and my husband. God knows all things even when they are the worse kind of evil because who can keep their face hidden from God and do wrong? Any who would do these things work within the realm of the enemy. It isn’t possible that God would not know and maybe I am not even to think on these things just know that God will put an end to them. I don’t want to be like the enemy who stand around the thrown speaking evil of us all the day long. So I pray that if anyone is doing wrong that God will lift them up to their overcoming and heal their sins and forgive the trust passes and offense as we have as we don’t know what else to do.

    I had a dream several months back about two cloaked objects and we were taken to or went to a building that was empty and these two figures in black had feather of white all around the hood of the cloak. They were measuring drapes for windows, there was a grey cloud outside. We saw that we had
    drapes also but you couldnt see through ours as you could the two cloaked figures. Our drapes were heavy and you could not see through them and then we noticed our were longer and larger than the cloaked figures.

    I know this dream has to do with the current situation but what it means for sure I am not.

    If anyone understand about these types of spiritual issues please help us if you can or share your knowledge.

    If it is possible to curse a Christian, does it then in some way separate us from God? It would seem to me not based on the fact that he says he will never leave us nor forsake us.

    The word says a storm will come not if it will but it will and if you are on the rock the wind will blow and the house will stand. The word in no place says how long a storm will go on from my reading of the Bible. Job and Peter both went through a storm, a storm of sifting but they were both returned.

    People say God doesn’t permit the enemy to stab or gouge out skin, that they have never seen things so brutal happen to a child of God. I don’t get it, I can not lean to my understanding as he who lives in me is greater than he who lives in the world and in him will I trust.

    Please if anyone has any thoughts please let me know.

    Be blessed in Jesus Christ

  21. Pattie,
    Please start researching what I had written to you about because freedom comes from the blood of Jesus. Your uncertainty is holding you down and thats the enemies game. To place doubt and confusion. That jar is clearly a ritual. Trust me I know of these thing because I had also been involved with certain things. In my ignorance I did things to try to help, not to destroy, not realizing that I was just playing ”his” game. That dream to me signifies that you are heavily cloaked with darkness. Obviously you already know of your past, and that is a step in the right direction. PLEASE, please, ask for forgiveness on behalf of all those in the family past, (i Know, I had a hard time doing it as well) bind it and give it to Jesus. Read that site that I mentioned, greatbiblestudy. It will help to get you going in the right direction and will explain how a Christian can be attacked. But remember God also gave free reign for the devil to play on this earthly plane and curses do get passed on. I did what I did to save my son, I did not want what was attached to me to go to him. I read something interesting, a christian has a hedge of protection around them, but what if the hedge has a hole, anything can work its way in. But remember alot of these things were there prior to your walk in Christ. Read Deuteronomy 28:15-64, this speaks of disobedience, in your case people of your past, that unfortunately falls upon you as well. I know you are tired, but you can be freed of all this. Because the enemy wants you to think that this is your walk, it is not, this is war and you need to start fighting back. Start with asking forgiveness for those who have offended God of your past (family line—1by1 you have to name all crimes that you can remember and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to remember any that you know not of) bind them in the blood of Jesus and cast them out! Then in the blood of Jesus ask that he seal whatever entryway may exisist. Go through your house with a fine tooth comb and start throwing away any and all images, statues, dream catchers, even T-shirts that my have images not of God, music, films. Here again ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. I did and was lead to things buried deep in boxes that I had completely forgotten about. At which point I gave thanks and was overjoyed to rid these things. (good motive for spring cleaning 😀 )
    I will pray for you, but you MUST start fighting back. All Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for all eternity!! (and if you ask me, it would still never be enough!!)

  22. Angela

    I have been looking at it. I have never been involved in the occult!!! I did have my fortune told before I married my husband and I repented being stupid enough to think their was nothing to it. When my Mom found out I thought she would kill me.

    Please understand that I had a girl who worked for me that I believe was and another women who is family related who does some dance that is of Hindu.

    I want to be careful for what I say as the lawyer listens as does the Holy Spirit of God.

    I am a born again Christian, I am sanctified and filled with the Holy ghost.

    I was in the dream with my Husband and we were standing before or with God and he was showing us I think that he is greater than all witchcraft. The flame of the God in the very center is considered to be the darkest thing or place that their is. It is not evil that is no form or void as God is the beginning of all things. The enemy being kicked out of Heaven wanting to be him, he who is filled with envy and Jealous was cast out and he went and set up his own kingdom in heaven.

    I will say this when left God I was a small child, and when I went back to God as an adult some years ago I prayed for a double portion of the Lords spirit like Elijah. This was reminded to me today. I am not sure how to respond or talk to the Lord about this as the women who does the hindu dance and put her hands in the pocket of my coat and said something which I could not hear as I was a cross the room and she laid it over her told me two years ago why don’t you tell God to take away the annointing or gift ( or words to the effect)
    so you don’t have all of these problems. This was just brought back to me today. She gave me a ring and the ring after my Mom died. This person at one time had the Holy Ghost and was a child of God.

    I don’t know what to do about this thing. Understand God comes first in my life, before spouse and children or sibblings or my pastor or anyone. God has to be first in my life. But I still pray for them, you can’t take love away just because they are someone else today. I pray that God will turn the thing in to his Glory and Honor overcoming the demons they have taken in to do the things they are doing I guess. But I am not nor have I ever been involved in such a thing. I would be so scared to walk where they walk but they knew God and they know the love of God it is unconditional but we are told not to
    temp God.

    She speaks of Jacob how he was a deceiver and god still took him and he made him Israel.

    When my Home burned they came the one saying I am sorry I didn’t mean for your home to burn down. I never at the time understood what she was saying.
    This one got me to pay for her son’s wedding at one time we had money and the very nicest of things regarding wordly comfort but to me I would rather have Jesus than anything at all. He gave me everything and he paid it all for me. But know I am not a witch and I do not know how these two got involved in such things.

    The one calls me every week on the phone and says nothing and then she hangs up some times I hear her speaking this past Friday I told her the Lord God rebuke you, and I don’t know how it came out of my mouth.

    God said pray for those who curse you and spitefully use you. I love them and I don’t know how to protect myself and to put an end to the wickedness but I am not involved in any such thing.

    I will say one came to my home one Christmas and the house was full and we had a set down dinner for more than 30 members of our family. One of them and her son started carrying beer and wine in my house conciling it by putting it in plastic lidded cups.

    Our eldest son I think it was told us, and I told them to leave. They were told don’t bring alcohol into my house. Be fore this and after the silverware was missing from the home when they were there.

    These are the ones who were in the homes that had the blood on the carpet in the corner or their footprints in dirt.

    I dont want to speak evil or think evil of other people but I think the holy spirit has been telling me all along but I wanted shun it as it is difficult to believe

    We didn’t speak for months during that time I think she got worse, I don’t know I apologyzed to her, I love her she is my family but God has to come first in all things. I am not a faith harlot nor have I ever been, you may call me a sinner because I have sinned but by the blood of Jesus I am cleansed from tall unrighteousness and I am no longer under the law.

    There have been many difficult things that have happened but I think the Lord wants my life to be spared, he doesn’t want his children killed by things of satan. I am suppose to overcome and I am waiting for my overcoming because the Lord is my deliverer.

    I was brought to the rememberance today of how the witches during Elijah would cut themselves with knives.

    The one who broke in my home while in the hospital and her counterpart are the two in the cloaks and it hurts me because they are my family. I now remember at the beginning of this whole thing 5 years ago.
    the one did the dance of the hindu snake and then she held the coat I had on that night and ran her hands up and down inside my pockets and put her two granddaughters next to her one on each side.

    One of these women two weeks ago fell of a wall and broke her back at the hospital they were both there and said there teeth were falling out of their head.

    No I am not a witch, my Dad was a Holy Ghost filled minister and I can come from a God fearing family, my Grandmother on my Dad’s side was an Evangelist.
    I am not guilty of any such thing. If someone is a witch do you think they pray to God or to their demon dieties. I am not playing a game.

    This is not an easy thing to believe or to deal with. I have tried believing it wasn’t true, because the bible says such as we believe are we. Now thinking about that I am sure that means if you believe in God and serve him that is who you belong to and those who believe in and worship satan shall have their place in the lake of fire. One of these women had turned and around and now she has gone back into it and she is the one who was knocked off the wall last week.

    I don’t mean that I don’t think that God will forgive people from turning away from witchcraft than turning away from any other sin, but the person has to turn away and maybe when their demons come back and attack them they desire to go back to the vomit as the sow according to the word.

    I can’t help a witch as I don’t know how, I know how to pray but to say I understand all the things of the spirit realm is a lie because I don’t know the enemy other then I have sinned but I don’t know him, but I do Know Jesus Christ.

    I looked at both sites. I know the one site and have communicated regularly with the minister and he is not certain how the things that are happening are happening. The other site of Glenda Lomax, I didn’t really find anything relative, other then she has had some of the same dreams.

    I think the person who brought these things and put them in house is the person who is involved in witchcraft and she some how things she is going to beable to break the hedge and go over the sheep gate, but the Lord said it is not going to happen. She told me she will enter into Heaven the exact same time making me think some how she has tied herself to me. I say this as the Bible says not to separate the tares from the wheat that the wheat be harmed.
    Does that mean that God won’t do anything not to hurt me? I am speaking of scriptures in Matthew 13:24-30 and now the one I fear is come into the church. The minister had a stroke and a few days before I had dream that the women was on the roof and that the head of the man was sticking through the ceiling and I didn’t understand it.

    If you think I am a fearful person how do you think I could practice witchcraft. I am not afraid of Satan because Jesus Christ in me lives. But I am fearful for those who don’t know God or have left him and I know that God loves us all. The reason this I think has gone on so long is the Lord wants to save their souls, he said he wants none to perish.

    As Marianne is my judge I didn’t want to believe that a Christian could have a spell put upon them, but I just heard from the spirit what about the scriptures in the Bible where Paul said who have put a spell upon you Galatians. Nor did
    I want to believe that my family in the natural or flesh could do such a thing.

    If I am wrong please God for give me and only let me hear the holy spirit. Father lead me out of this thing because your love dwells with in me and you have made me not to hate any praise God but my life and that of my husband are being punished for the wickedness being afflicted, please bring a means of deliverance that the tares not be ripped out but receive you and that their demons and attacking spirits be destroyed and not able to work for them that their works not harm the innocent. If I am wrong to want the souls for the kingdom of God and for his honor and glory then please make it known to me and show us how to go in the precious and Holy name of Jesus Christ my Lord and savior.

    Please pray for me as my heart is broken. If is difficult to look at things that are painful. I think, Praying for them keeps them from having the wrath of God come upon them, praise God. I don’t know how to pray to put a stop to their spells and against their familiar spirits if the above is wrong. One of these women sees in to the future since a child, this gift was a gift for the honor of God not the purpose she is using it. Other women in the church have locks of hair missing now.

    • hi pattie

      The hindu dancer is interesting.

      Check around the house and remove anything given to you, like the ring, by the hindu dancer and anyone else who is not christian.

      you might have cursed objects in your house.

      that includes the coat she touched…and anything else left there by someone.

  23. Marianne

    The coat burned down with the fire. When I couldn’t pay my bills I hocked the ring and it is in the pawn show. Last week I burned the clothes I found for the women and for men all of it was larger than my Husband or I. We have very little as everything being burned up but a couple of items.

    There is a handbag, wallet I gave to my Mom and in it is coin purse my Mom had gotten and and another little bag these women gave to her. They gave me these things when my Mom died, they gave me a bunch of clothes but I gave almost all of them to poor women as my Mom had beautiful clothes and many were brand new and she had closets. We blessed her with all she needed when Dad died.

    I did find where the one had drawn a noose around my Moms neck and hung her from a tree. I was told the one ladies grand daughters drew these picitures. I think it is odd. They took photos of my Mom dressed up like me and put glasses on the photos and said it was me. It wasn’t my Mom died shortly after that and had issues before she died. She was knocked down by nothing there like me. That surely was a demon, it makes me cry, I don’t know if they were trying to
    kill us then and it went on my Mom. She did ask God to take her home and she said he told her only if I would say it was ok and let her go. It was hard but I let her go when they wanted to cut her leg off but her leg was good. They said she had illness in the leg that comes from diabetes. Now my brother has diabetes and I believe they gave it to him. He is a believer.

    Grandmothers Bible that was put here and the photos of many years of my life that were put here and had been gone 5 years? My Moms bags?

  24. I agree with marianne, I did not mean to infer that you had anything to do with witchcraft, but it is being or has been done to you. And yes you need to go through all things, look in pockets of all clothing, turn the furniture upside, even behind the toilets, because things may have been hidden. These kind of rituals use powder as well, which is harder to find. I don’t mean to scare you but people that are involved with such practices are very good at hiding things so to curse the person receiving. Did you get rid of that coin purse or the little bag? the one they gave to your mom? Tell me something did some financial problems start when they gave that gift to your mom?
    I will pray for you. Please try to find a deliverance minister, a real one, not a fake. This will be hard but on the site I gave to you contact them. There are ministers anointed to do this work, few but can be found, pray to God that he sends you one.
    To God the Glory!!!

    • hi PAttie

      I agree with Angela. I think you need someone there in person for spiritual support. You have too much to bear on your own.

  25. Angela

    I am glad to hear you don’t think I am like that, I am a child of the most high.

    Believe it or not we could not figure out why we had powder on the inside of the cabinet going down and all a long in our pots and pans cabinet.

    I ate at there restaurant about 3 weeks ago and went to a birthday party for some great nephews.

    I a few days later something bother me and I started rebuking it and ask my minister and his wife to pray for me when a bump developed on the side of my head and my back hurt so bad. As I prayed I started throwing up and globs of mucus came up. Last night my girlfriend was here and she had gone with us a few weeks ago to the b-day party. She has been a friend for about 30 years.

    Last night her back started hurting her. When one who is suspected fell off the wall a bird appeared in our yard and appeared to be dying. My husband said it had been there the day before I prayed for it and God healed it and it went away. We had a dead baby bird on the driveway the last week. I put annointed oil and picked it up in paper and prayed an disposed of it. Yesterday coming home from church found a cracked egg shell on t he ground by the garage. The egg shell was little and white? I don’t know I just pray.

    I did not throw it away, I fell so bad I had to destroy my Moms bras, her hankies and some of the things but I feel I probally have to do the purses too, huh.
    I also have some photos left of my Daddy and Mom that will be all I have left, do you think I have to destroy all of our photos?

    I prayed and the other day someone wrote me that did shows with Augusto. He wrote back and told me they were a deliverance ministry. I wrote him and they started to pray for us a couple of days ago. Today one of his prayer warrior on a prayer warrior team contacted me. Actually this evening she said this happened to her and God put an end to it. But she said it is witchcraft and that she thinks I have been a victim of ritual abuse some how also against my will.

    I do remember waking up one night to a white light in the room and a voice saying wake up the Father has agreed to take the death angel out. I was what what are you talking about? The voice said pray pray so I started to pray and I don’t remember any more then that, my ministers wife said that it scared her because the enemy poses as the angel of light. My Mom was still a live and she ask was I alright and I said yes I feel fine and she said you must have found favor with God and you had something that wasn’t right and he took it out. Right before this I was attacked the first time where my whole female insides opened up and you could look inside me, the drs. thought I had cancer but I got prayed for and the Lord touched me and I was healed and I had no cancer, no nothing and then later maybe a month or so I woke up with parts missing after this happened. My Mom only lived a few months past this experience.

    I don’t know how I don’t hardly ever leave the house with out my husband but he has nothing to do with it. He has suffered more then me as his prayer covering isn’t as great as mine.

    What am I looking for exactly? How do I know where to draw the line?

    Marianne have you noticed that something happened to the photo of you and your family it appears to be out of focus?

    Thank you both and to all believers praying for me and my husband we love the Lord and we are not whoring harlots but the children of God.

    We almost fill like throwing everything away and starting over again if that is what is required.

    Maybe you can answer this question can something they do have to do with lines in the ground. I had a dream of a pilot and he was carrying a black bag and he was following a black crooked line in on the earth, He came to a door and opened it and then he disappeared. to me this means there is a man heading the program and he is following something, a crooked line might mean certain lines on the earth at degrees? We know that Jacob said there was an opening were he saw the Angels going up and down.

    My ex and his girlfriend about 20 years ago told us a story when we had them for dinner how they were kidnapped and taken on a space ship? I thought it was wierd but today i think that could mean demons took them as they were burning candles according to my kids when they were young.

    If you could help me look for a deliverance ministry also through people you know. I want to be sure I am covered and doing the right thing as the way you are acting makes me concerned.

    Yesterday my hair was curly on the sides of my head and my hair was thick and today it is long but then and different on the sides, one side really short and the other long.

    Another weird thing is photos of my ex are changing and he looks like he is wearing my legs and hips and my hair on the tops and side of his head. My best girlfriend commented when I went to show her photos of my grand kids and my Son she hasn’t seen in the past couple of years. She ask when did his black hair turn the color of mine.

    I believe he convinced the other family members to do somethings for him and that didn’t think about the consqences and I think or feel they are all in bondage to the enemy.

    I will start another search of the house. if there is anyone else who get s anything from God let me know because by him we are set free. He told Joseph and Mary how to go that they not kill the baby Jesus.

    Write me back and tell me how far to go and will you all keep me under prayer this week and hold us up, please in the name of Jesus Christ.

  26. Marianne

    Please pray for me as the band of my stomach is gone and in place of it is dark brown striations or stretch marks, black and blue marks and veins. I haven’t had a baby in 30 years? The band also came off the tip of my nose?

    I have 3 days work after not having any since January and I have to wear my clothes please pray that God will bless who ever this is and he will put back my waist and body parts in the name of Jesus Christ

  27. Marianne

    What would be need blood test for? Actually oh we just got my husbands’ blood test back and they were clean of diseases, if that is what you mean. We were shocked that they would test us for such things. They just do it with people that have ever been in the military.

    Do you think I should destroy the other things. I did find two other things, that might be an issue. A cup in a corner cabinet we never used. We have to ask my girlfriend if it was hers. I received a gift from some one that could have had something put on it by those who practice evil. The giver wouldn’t but those he is exposed to by phone might have.

    I have been looking at some other deliverance ministries how do you know who to choose. I am praying and having my church to pray and your prayers are really appreciated.

    Marianne are there lines on the ground that people follow to do wickedness? or is there such a line that you pass by with water that they can not cross it or something? I don’t know why I am asking but the dream about the man who looked like a pilot. I know that met he was heading the program but was God telling me something with the lines being crooked. The word says God makes t he crooked way straight for us.

    Be blessed and we need your prayers, Thank you, your sister in the Lord.

    • hi pattie

      It sounds like you need a prothromin time and a coagulation panel done. Also, hemoglobin and hematocrit. You are bruising and bleeding too easily.

      I would also want to see your hormone levels checked…they might be off balance….they affect the tone of the muscles in your body…which can either be toned, or flacid ( loose and flabby, no strength)

      The source might be a curse someone put on you, or a toxin (poison, or excess , high dose of a “normal” drug) that you ingested that someone gave you that is still in your body.

      Also a toxicology screen for various toxins. Vitamin B12, D, calcium levels.

      I think the crooked black line is referring to evil against you and there is a man or spirit involved who is either directly involved, or guiding someone else to hurt you.

  28. I wish I could help you further, but I do not live in the US. But I will try to do as much as I can. Here’s one article that I found that you should read,

    and here is a site that you can contact directly and they should be able to help find you a minister in your area.

    one is the sister site of the other.

    My suggestion, stop trying to think so much on all these things, because your heart is tired and start with a plan of action, at times this makes us feel that we are doing something positive to fight back. Start one room at a time, if it takes a day, fine, a week fine, but wall to wall. Check also in a pantry where its simple to hide a bottle or jar amongst food jars.
    and while you are at it give a nice thoroughly cleaning in case any powder was sprinkled and there is some residue.

    To God the Glory!!

  29. Read the 2nd story on the opening page, its dated June 26,2011
    titled ‘Power of Jesus overcoming Mafia, Satanism and Murder’


    You see you are not alone. There are others out there, and you too will overcome!!!

  30. Pattie

    what do you mean by the “the band of my stomach is gone ” and “The band also came off the tip of my nose?” ….i am very sorry to be so naive but could you explain furthur.

  31. Angela

    I did speak with a deliverance ministry the other day and yesterday the head of the prayer team contacted me. They says they have been praying for a couple of days and that they saw I was being attacked by witchcraft if I get it right. They said they also believe I had been subjected to ritual abuse.

    So odd as I contacted this site a couple of years ago and it didn’t go anywhere but maybe the enemy caused enough confusion that it did not.

    I read several of the articles and people having similar problems do to family members who had been in the mason and eastern star. I don’t understand if I
    never involved myself in any of these nor did I ever even enter such a place why are they given the right to attack me?

    Actually two of the women we have been talking about both were parts of this group. So can you be cursed from something they did? I don’t get it what do they do that God would permit them to attack me. If the two women had been saved and went back into the world then do they get afflicted by the prior things but again why am I am attacked. it is as if someone wants to transfer their sins or things they did upon me and that I don’t understand but maybe I am just thinking of salvation. These things don’t make since to me.

    Marianne can you help me by explaining what is going on.

    My stomach is growling like it is really talking while I am writing this as I have ask my church to pray for my stomach as they have attacked it. The swelling
    is down today.

    I keep smelling cigarette smoke?

    I also would like to say I was holding my Moms hand when she died? But she was sanctified and fill with the Holy Spirit but this thing first started to attack her
    by knocking her down and then before that before my Dad died it happened to him and he was a Holy Ghost filled minister and he had been attacked. They were never into the occult if there is back ground in the occult I don’t know. But
    does God really let demons from others bad decisions to torment the children of God, they what did God nail to the cross about the curses of the Law? Are we not talking of curses of the law operating here? Help my understanding?

    I to tell you the truth didn’t even know at one time that demons had to have a legal right to attack you, I thought they just oppressed and agrivated all of Gods children because we are his.

    I may try to contact them again I want to see what the other group has to say, We have to be lead by God in these things, I sure don’t want to lean to my own understanding.

  32. Well praise be to God, you have been contacted, At least something is starting to go in the right direction. Satan is given free reign to play on earth, we however were given the right to choose between good and bad. You may have chose the light but there are people that choose the dark. It’s like Jesus spoke about building up fortunes here on earth and nothing in heaven, these people build here on earth through lies.
    There is background in the occult, Freemasonry etc, all have their rituals. On these women that you spoke about, have chosen you or are led to you to disrupt your life.
    Please don’t stop with you calling and checking out the various ministers, however keep in mind unforseen things will happen to keep them from getting to you. The enemy wants to keep these ministers away. Don’t give up, and if it is a decent minister, neither he or she will give up as well. God will lead you and them.
    As I mentioned before,offenses to our Father are generational. Remember we are made of flesh and though we are saved the hedge around can have a hole and a moment of trial brings down our defenses and let’s the enemy enter. It’s sort of when we have a cold or are mega stressed our immune system is down and we we end up with the flu.
    You’ll see all will work out. All Glory to GOD!!

  33. Marianne

    I hope you will continue to pray for me as you know we are on the road traveling and I have know ideal where God is taking us?

    The ministry that deals in these endtime issues of pharmakia and forms of craft say this is some of the worse they have seen and they are not sure what to do, other then to continue battling the war with prayer and trusting God ?

    I know one person who knows what to do and that is the Lord. If we loose our lives we will find it as we are standing on the word of God. The word says bless those who curse you and I can not find another word that tells me a different way to react other than to trust God who keeps all promises.
    He makes away when there seems to be know way.

    I read the no Whining page and if I seem to have been whining I am sorry. I suppose if you are a soldier you should expect to be stabbed with knives and be cut. After all God heals them pretty quick and nothing makes since to me other than I am in a battle ground I don’t know and then things that are happening are known by God and I am going where ever the shepherd leads me. He loves me and he will never forsake me.

    So I say this is a dead issue, whereever God takes me you will ultimately know.

    • hi pattie

      I pray that you have travel mercies from God.

      The whining page was not about you……. 🙂

      We are all in a battle…and we get weary of fighting sometimes.

      The bible said the devil would wear out the saints.

      Looks like this is true.

      I pray you find a location that will be good for you.

  34. and now for s’s hebrew perspective! armed = חמוש, which, if you came across that word and didn’t know what it meant, you would think, “fived.” So why is being armed being “fived?” Because there are five pieces of armor/sword, sword, shield, helmet, breastplate, and belt/greaves. The shoes are what we have that our ancestors didn’t, they were walking around barefoot, yet armed. I interpreted this word as being related to the five books of Torah before I knew about this gospel, and still think that there is a connection.
    Genesis- Shield of Faith from the forefathers that God would make a covenant with their seed
    Exodus- Helmet of Salvation (from Egypt)
    Leviticus- Breastplate of Righteousness, as Leviticus is all about righteousness and holiness, and Aharon and his sons were literally commanded to wear a breastplate
    Numbers- Girdle of Truth, after being tested and fooled in Egypt and in the desert, the Israelis were finally ready to seek the truth and do God’s will.
    Deuteronomy- Sword of the Word of God (דברים/deuteronomy=דבר/word), also was the last step before the acts of Joshua, which were done by the sword.

  35. Marianne

    Thank you for your prayers, as I don’t know the place I go. But I go as I feel God is calling us there are we would not leave here. My heart is grieved. My most of my family lives here or they are buried here.

    I am told these things happening are something called physic prayers? They say they make parts of your body cold, or you feel as if someone is looking at you or bumping into you, you loose time, they make you broke and they cause bad things to happen in general. I want to be where God can bless me. Being afraid to take the things we have since the house was burned down we are leaving them

    There are flies in this house, ants and last nights knatts were around and earlier today a giant bee about the size of a half dollar.

    I just figure those who are doing wickedly must be dead inside and the enemy of God has taken them over as they were loving family members at one time. Leaving is one thing but turning my back on them and not praying for them I can not do.

    But neither can I try to deal with their issues as the issues are not only physically and hurt me but are mentally more then I can bare now. When we were gone we were not cut nor knocked down. We were able to sleep and rest in the arms of Gods peace. God said when they curse you or spitefully use you bless them.I know I was returned to normal not long gone from here.

    Am I suppose to try and stop them from the things they doing? I have tried in some ways, always praying for them and invited them back to church. But it is as if a different person is inside them.

    Do you think God will hold it against me for leaving. He went after Elijah and made him go back and face Jezebel and Ahab.

    Please keep us in your prayers the nexts month is going to be tough. i will see you some where down the road if you know what I mean.

    Be blessed in Jesus Christ your sister in Jesus Christ

    • hi Pattie

      You need a long rest from what you are going through.

      The enemy has no right to take your house as his.

      I pray for your recovery and victory in the time ahead.

  36. Dear Pattie

    Recently, a demon had a hold of me in a dream and when I said “Jesus Christ my Savior” it instantly released its grip and fled.

    Try reciting the following prayer as frequently as possible:

    “Jesus Christ my Savior, please pour your Holy Blood upon me and everyone and everything present.”

    God bless.

  37. Thank you Marianne,

    We are out of the house and we encountered problems but God sent help. I don’t know if anyone can understand how grieved a person can be but it is as if the Lord did not love the person these things are happening to. In the Bible God said, the wicked take it by force. He said they sell his children for pieces of bread and they make them depressed. When he is not mad at them nor is he doing the evil. He said when they cut your bands asunder; know that he has them in derision and that he laughs at them from Heaven.

    I feel like God is telling us to go and or making our way and that we are not to look back, just like Lot. These things make the innocent feel as if God is angry with them because of the horror and things they endure from the wickedness. Yesterday they put three boils on each cheek of my face. My neck looks like someone poured acid, they keep cutting my hair. The other day I woke up with scars imprinted down the side of my face along the cheeks. But it was not true.
    Prayer took it away and it became as sleep indentations.

    They made my husbands private parts turn a different color and made his medicine no matter how much the Dr. gave him not to work. I told my husband this illness is not his but someone else. I remember the first time he got sick before being baptized, one part of the ladies family told me it wasn’t suppose to be him but I guess me. It cannot stick on him this time as he has Gods’ name.
    I have come to the conclusion that if they cannot contact you by phone or email or electronics they cannot continue to put spells on you. As a curse cannot stand on the innocent and Jesus Christ nailed all of the old law curses to the cross. Does that make since; when we were not here they couldn’t hurt us.

    I truly believe when we have left this area we will be made well by the hand of the word of God and all of his love.

    Be blessed, it may be a week after tomorrow before anyone hears from me.

    Catherine oddly enough God gave me that to say the other day. Thank you for your encouragement.

    • hi pattie

      You are so worn out by this that you need someone – in person – to take authority over this situation and help you achieve deliverance. See if you can find someone near you.

  38. Marianne

    I put my trust in the God that I serve, not man. That doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in what the Lord taught us. One puts 1000 to flight and 2 puts 10,000 to flight. My minister and his wife will remain praying for me.

    I did contact two groups the first one start to war against it and it was to much for them. They wanted to give it to someone else. I didn’t feel comfortable when they mentioned that the pheonex was risen from the dust or fire something. I didn’t feel comfortable.

    The second group suggested by one of the sisters here never answered. When I was only a couple hundred miles out of here and away from my things I started to return to normal. My husband and I think we are going to be restored fully and completely just as Job was, God said what he has done for one he will do for all if we are his children. It is our bread.

    God is my deliverer, he goes before me to make the crook it way straight and he said he will at this time reveal the wicked ones before his children that their eyes see. He is my strong tower and my peace, he will preserve us in all things and he puts sisters and brothers in front of us to lift us up in prayer. You never fail to offer to pray for us as you are our family and we know it is our job to lift the other when things are such.

    • hi PAttie

      It is assuring that you have your pastor and his wife praying for you. THat was what I had in mind. While we do not place our trust in man, God has provided fellowship for us, so we can unite in prayer.

  39. Marianne

    Having to take ownership of things is a difficult thing to do, but it is a part of healing.

    God has permitted me to go on a journey by his love and by holding onto faith and staying close to the master he has brought me out of a dark snare of the enemy.

    In finally getting healed God started dealing with me to examine, the true story of who are demons and fallen angels. Then he put me in touch with a deliverance ministry. I was looking for support of a mind that was sick and a body being attached.

    God never leaves us nor forsakes us. Some of us wonder through our issues longer than others. I hope this testimony will be such that it will keep anyone from going through the time I lost in the dark trying to get to the light while I was looking in all of the wrong places.

    I pray for all of those who hunger and thirst physically and spiritually in this world to be blessed.

    Love is the first key to never getting lost or lacking and the second is faith. When we love everyone as ourselves, even in rough sea. We have given the charge for all outcomes to the hands of the great provider. If we truly believe and trust then we know that the promises of Abraham come upon us. But if we doubt we put ourselves in the same place as a non-believer.

    Praying and praying, wondering why was I being attached. How could I have been in a spiritual famine? We lost our home, my Mom died, my relationship with my daughter was in shambles, with my son it was strained at best, with my siblings I was closing them out and having nothing to do with them. My business failed, I was a ship taking on more and more water getting ready to go down for the count.

    God was waking me up every night he gave me things to pray for, like the nation of Israel first and then England and then the USA. God always has “the” plan. If we keep him close and we are wrong he still holds our hand. I was like the children of Israel roaming around lost.

    While reading and studying the word, and looking at many things in my own dark mind. I would read stories or things in the Bible and if it was of someone doing something wrong, I would get thoughts of condemning others behavior and putting my self up on a pedestal.

    Why didn’t I see it? I was blind to the enemy because of ego and pride. I was without comfort of family and friends as I was going through it I alienated everyone.
    I went through times saying the things I was thinking can’t be right but the enemy kept on insisting that I was right. He would feed more vain imagination and I continued to swallow.

    Never wondering why were all of these thoughts going on in my mind and why was I sinking further and further into a darker place of being attacked by the enemy.

    If you are hungry or lacking any of the blessings of Abraham, consider an open door. God is not slack in his promises.

    That doesn’t mean that things can’t happen to you, can you get sick? It is possible, will you remain sick not if you claim the word of God. The things that happen to us in the life happen for a reason if we are believers. He has a plan and in it, it always includes great love to us from him and others and great love flowing out of us to him and others.

    An indication that you are sick from an open door is lack of love flowing.

    When you believe any lie of the enemy you open a door that makes you available to the enemy for attack. Amour can’t cover a vain imagination. The helmet of salvation knows all truth, and it never moves from a position of love. Believing anything that is contrary to Gods’ word is an open door. God loves everyone and said he would never leave us nor forsake us.

    I think you could say it this way when you let the skunk in and let him spray you over and over again and you smell the evil stink and continue to wallow in self-pity and have distain for others. He is going to leave you until you don’t stink so badly, which will only happen after you take a repentance bath that takes away foolish pride.

    Today I know to claim all of the promises of Abraham as my God given and my accepted right as part of the ransom that Jesus Christ paid for my body, mind, spirit and souls prosperity.

    If you are a Christian and are in lack, are you claiming your promises of Abraham? The word for end time ministry in Revelations says they over came him by their testimony.

    I testify that the greatest gift God gave was his sons’ death as a ransom through love to save all of us. I claim that everything I need is already mine, God has already provided it and for it. How long has it been since you read the blessing of Abraham.

    If you think you are cursed? Know that it isn’t possible because Jesus paid it all so that the curses of the law cannot come upon us as believers, nor can curses from any other source. Many of us just fail to claim our full inheritance by the spoken word as it is written in the Bible.

    My testimony also includes the written word of the price paid by Jesus Christ includes curses from mankind also, because he became accursed for me in all things. His payment wasn’t partial; he knew we lived in a fallen world and that we would have trouble. So he spoke the word we needed to overcome into further existence in the New Testament and because of that no man or enemy of evil can curse any child of God and make it stand, it can’t even land claiming what Jesus Christ did on the cross.

    I also wanted to say that God took care of my healing, he has taken away the vain imaginations that started when I opened the door to unbelief in his promises and letting them be replaced by belief in lies of the enemy. Not seeing the lies and closing the door allowed me to be attacked. I believed loved ones were cursing me. Under the promises that is not possible.

    But Praise God, the Lord showed me how to close the door. He put renewed Love in me, he restored my faith, and he lifted my spirit out of the dirt up. Believing on him and in the living word directed me to the Kings’ highway where Christians are to go for all things.

    I am claiming all of my blessing that Christ paid to give me that come upon me by being a child of Jesus Christ. Nothing can penetrate the hedge of God; Jesus paid my price for it and the entire blessing that come with it.

    The word says we have what we sew! I pray that the Lord God Jesus Christ my redeemer lets me only sew good seeds the rest of my life that I live in his light always. We can claim good things or bad things. Think about some of the words and things we say without thinking and those words take to seed and then root.

    I have repented for believing the lies and thereby kicking the enemy out by written and spoken word and God has taken back the ground that was opened. Because of God and his love I am healed, and he lives in me.

    The Bible is always the place to go when we are lost it is the road map to anywhere you want to go and how to get there. When and if you are so lost and your hurting physically, emotionally and you can’t seem to find your way out? Some times God will use others to help intervene in prayer and in words of love and comfort to encourage you. I was blessed God gave me many people to pray for me, he kept me calling on him and he sent a Minster who works in deliverance.

    His name is Tom Brown; I never met him and only briefly spoke to him on the phone. But God knew what I needed to hear. Tom had two books which were recommended to me and I was told after I read them if I still needed help to overcome to come to Texas.

    By the time the books had arrived God had already started working to route out the ground I had given to the enemy and to take back, as I had repented and knew I was in trouble but didn’t know why or how? The Father promised to weed out what he didn’t plant; his timing has a lot to do with our obedience.

    Loss of love will cause distrust, and then the enemy will throw a little pride in there that you are a great believer in God and how can this be happening?

    The first thing is don’t think just pray and surrender it all. I mediated on these things the enemy was sewing into my spirit and all the while he was stealing one thing after another with every wicked lie that I was then giving life to. It was as if a thief was standing in my house and I was selecting things for him to steal and loading the truck for him.

    I should have known as soon as I started loosing my family.

    I want to say one other thing that the Lord brought to my remembrance. I had prayed and gave money to TV ministry, he wrote me and told me that people were doing evil to me. He said he was a prophet of God and he started planting negative thoughts and I was sending him money. Not all who claim to be of God are of God.

    But it wasn’t his place to guard my mind and family it was mine. I say this to anyone who gets in that situation. I am able to see things so clearly now. It pushed me further and further away from my family and loved ones.

    If the enemy can keep you drifting away from safety you are in danger.

    Well God with his love and never leaving me nor forsaking has brought me through as he would have it that we would prosper in all things and be in good health.

    To all of those who prayed with me, when reading some of things I went through on this particular study I thank you. Be blessed, he has already started to move me in working for new business that I may prosper. There is no body like Jesus Christ; I pray that he will always be the Lord of my life.

    I pray that my openness will bless others.


  40. Pattie
    That was beautiful. The “fire” has refined you. The “little pride” the enemy throws in is the “leven”. Your testimony is a blessing!!

  41. Pattie,

    Only God/Word/Son/Holy Spirit is stronger than Satan. Thus, He is our rock, shield, deliverer, fortress, and strength. I desire to come to the place where, like David, I trust God and yield myself an instrument through which God is clearly seen. All who witnessed the fall of Goliath knew the stone hurled by little David was transformed by God into an instrument of judgement. The ‘stone’ is God. And a Goliath dwells within my own flesh . Only the ‘stone’ that destroyed Goliath will destroy the giant of ‘flesh’ within me. …if I allow. My entire Christian life has been lived related to Grace rather than to Resurrection . I gladly received Christ, as tradition taught me, as my Redeemer (Grace) but not as my Lord (Resurrection). You remain in my heart and, therefore, in my prayers.


  42. Hi Marianne,
    first I want to say that I came across your site by accident…in searching subjects on the holy spirit….I love your site…it is helping so much….May God continue to bless you….I am a saved, and baptised with the holy spirit and speak in tongues…your article helped me see how to use my gift to edify god….I am not a member of a church and do try to tithe…my financial situation is not good….I do try to tithe, but never seem to have money left after paying bills….why am I broke…? is it something Im not doing, is it a trial of my faith…do I need to look for ways to make money or pray about it and let God work it out….thanks for your help and advise…

  43. This has really blessed me this morning! I was struggling last night with a comment made to me by one of my team members of a group project that really bothered me. As team leader, I felt partly responsible for missing her error as part of a group project. I know now that the enemy used her as a dart to shake me up in my spirit. I thank God that the holy ghost that led me here to read this passage Hallelujah!!! I feel strengthened in my spirit!!

    • hi Monique

      I am glad the post helped you. Sometimes I have to go back and read what is here myself. It is a lot of work to keep our shields up. But at least we know where the darts are coming from and can reassure ourselves that it is them, and not us.

  44. So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:19

  45. I am about to publish my commentary on Ephesians in Amazon Kindle format. May I have permission to use your “Darts of the Enemy” image in my book? What attribution do you desire? Thank you.

    • jon

      I got this image from the public domain. I did not see a copyright associated with it….but since I am non profit , and just instructional, it does not matter much

      if you are in a for profit mode, I suggest searching out the image on google to see if you can find any more information on it.

      best wishes on your book

  46. Amen

  47. Serve the creator, not creation!

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