Days of Noah – getting personal



The “days of Noah”  are associated with times when violence covered the earth.

But does this term refer to anything else more personal?

Guest Author:
Chaplin Mark

Gen 6:4   There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown.

Gen 6:5 ¶ And GOD saw that the wickedness of man [was] great in the earth, and [that] every imagination of the thoughts of his heart [was] only evil continually.

Gen 6:13   And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.

Jesus had commented that his return would be preceded by the same conditions.

Mat 24:37   But as the days of Noe [were], so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.


However, Jesus described other activities which were less sensational, but also relevant:

Matt 24:38 For as they were in those days before the flood, eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day in which Noah entered into the ark,

Matt 24:39 And they did not know that judgment was coming until the flood came and took all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

Eating, drinking, and marriage were originally ordained by God for man’s existence.

But due to man’s lust, Satan utilizes these necessities of human life to occupy man and keep him from God’s interests.

The most striking features of the days before the flood were eating, drinking, marrying, and being given in marriage.

This indicates that the people of those days were drugged by their fleshly, worldly enjoyment.

The same thing is happening in society today.

However, this does not mean that there is no need for us to eat, drink, or get married.

All this is necessary for our existence.

But we must not allow these things to drug us and to dull our senses.

People today are studying and working for the purpose of enjoying good eating, good drinking, and a good marriage.

They have no thought concerning the things of God.

How prevailing is this lack of sense concerning God today!

This situation will continue until it reaches the climax during the Lord’s parousia (second coming).

During the days of Noah, this climax was reached a little before the flood which came in with the judgment of God.

In a sense, the parousia, or second coming, of Christ will be like the flood coming with God’s judgment.

The flood brought judgment upon the drugged people of Noah’s day.

The parousia will bring God’s judgment upon this drugged world.

Christ will descend to earth and execute God’s righteous judgment upon this drugged and rebellious world.

Signed Chaplain Mark


Marianne’s note:

It is so typical of us, sometimes, to think that the sin is in the world, and not in us.

It does not have to be great evil, or a great sin, either, to separate us from God’s presence either…just daily activities that have priority over God.

We have to remember that Christ is coming for a Bride that is ready for Him, and is actually looking for Him to come.

Why would any bridegroom come for a bride that does not care about him, or think about him?

We must not let our daily lives push God out of the picture.

Just like the 10 virgins, only 5 were ready. The others got left behind.

Do not drown in the flood that is coming.

Make God the center of each day. Give Him your thoughts, appreciation, love, and prayers.

Let all you do in the secular world be done for His glory.

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  2. Jesus added the words LIKEWISE SODOM in
    Luke 17-28..Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;

    This means mem marrying men…A jewish rabbi said this is in their records…mem marrying men…
    Remember Jesus said as it was in the day of Noah… the fallen angels were on earth then…They are back now…and by an amazing coincidence one was named BARACKiel…God uses these angels in judgement…

  3. We are blessed daily if we know God, Just because we know him. I say this because when things are difficult and the children of God are being assaulted daily? Why? Because the bridegroom is coming and he is coming for the bride who loves him. The word says without spot or blemish. Not one who loves him verbally only. I have been assaulted for about 3 years, believing it was witchcraft. Thinking that maybe even loved members of my family were involved. Wrong, wrong thinking. Why, it came to me tonight right before my eyes out of the Bible Numbers 23:8. How can flesh curse what God has blessed? He can’t, That doesnt mean that our enemy the roaring Lion who seeks to devour who he can won’t pull his tricks. He did a number on me. He does and is doing so at this time. My morning and trial has gone on so long because I allowed the enemy in my mind, in my camp and let him set up what wasn’t true and now I am turning to my Lord and savior Jesus, who is the high-tower of my strength, my God, the love of my life. He is the only one who can help me to tear down the stronghold in my mind. I allowed it to be built, I have to close the door on him. It is sin because it is wrong thinking. I kept hearing from the Holy spirit that it was witchcraft ! It was and is the witchcraft of rebellion, we are required to not give satan a stronghold in our life. Most of all we should keep guard over our mind. The mind communicates to the heart. The heart should be owned by God. hear I was thinking I was so religious living for God and crying out to him. He took pity on me and finally got through. Please pray for me that the Lord will have mercy and forgive me and tear down the terrible thing I allowed to be built in my mind. As Job feared and it came on him, I as I feared came on me but in an oh so different way. I opened the door so satan has cut me with blades cut my hair and done much evil because I opened the door with more believe in the actions he was doing than in my testimony and marriage of the Lord. God is a keeper of his promise. Not to believe and or not to know that is rebellion. I think God and know he is going to help weed out the affliction of my heart and wounds are healing and so is the body. The Lord loves us but he wants all of us or nothing. We can’t prostitute ourselves we must be faithful til his coming and believe every promise and he who never sleeps keeps watch over us every second. Never allowing the enemy in our camp. We open that door and I am glad he imparted that understanding and now I can close it by his hand and be happy again. He will tear down the strong hold because he is faithful to forgive when we repent. I testify to his goodness, mercy, and grace and love we receive and don’t deserve. Check yourself exam what is wrong? What the Lord won’t like, remember what you went through when you married and what length you went through to please the one you love. The love we have for the Lord should be so much more. He gives us everything, will you be faithful to him and him only, pledging nothing to anyone else regarding your spirit and faith. If you carry through with unconditional love to him and for him he will cover you with his all. My lord, my master , my savior and author and finisher of my faith, my spiritual spouse is not and can not be beating by anyone. In the name of Jesus Christ every knee shall bow. What happened to me wasn’t the Lords fault but my own. It took my time from the Lord. Not Gods fault my fault, I didnt keep guard against. God bless sister Pattie

    • hi pattie,

      You have my love and prayers. You are on my prayer list. I have not forgotten you. Neither has God.

      Just put any mistakes behind you, and go forward, and love yourself. We have all allowed attacks out of ignorance, not knowing our authority, and rights, as saved and sanctified believers.

      Do not focus on any sense of guilt. You were forgiven for any mistakes 2000 years ago on the cross.

  4. Life is hard, rugged, complicated, and very sad all at the same time. Jesus is out only chance of making to heaven. All else is meaningless.

  5. To all the readers – I am always available to talk if you need someone. you can write me at thanks for the add Marianne looks good.

  6. Wow! what a word! I was really Blessed by this article because it was en eye opener for me! I see now why the Lord wa dealing with me the way He was when I was going through my hurt times. He had to heal me quickly because Jesus is soon to come! He has a work for me ti do, and I don’t want to waste time messing with an enemy I can’t fight on my own! Thank yo uso much for allowing our eyes to be opened, and I am more closer now to the Lord these days than before! Continue to allow the Lord to use you in informing the saints and wsrning us as well! Shalom.

  7. This article was a great reminder that as believers, our sins are mostly those of ‘ommission’; attitudes of the heart that are just “off” enough to keep us living in the flesh if we fail to renew our minds. Our worst enemy is not the devil; it is us: our flesh, which will collude w the enemy at every turn if we let it.

    Truly, time is short; there is too much Kingdom work to be done, to waste so much of our time on non-essentials. Yes, we need some R&R; but if we’re walking the love walk, we’ll have so much peace, we won’t need so much recreation to get rested. Indeed, our true rest is what we gain from time spent w Daddy God: much wiser than time wasted on erathly, human puruits that won’t matter five years from now – let alone, for eternity.

  8. I have closed read most of the replies and I do hope we are doers and not just hearers because we will be making mockery of our own very selves. The days of the king is about to be fulfilled therefore we need to draw closer so that in His presence we shall have the bold confidence to show ourselves. Those who will give Him the permission to enter into their lives will receive their blessings. Be watchful and cast your burdens on Him the author of your faith so that in the end you shall stand tall not by your works but by His grace.

  9. Shalom Marianne, I finitely could get into your web site, amazing how some times all is blocked!! Want to comment about the return of the Nephilims, that web site I sent you the guy is talking about the hybrids. I truly believe it’s more then possible, and I also believe Avinu will permit this to take place so the wicked humans who want to open up for Illuminati, science and it’s technology and promises, intermarry with a alien race (hybrids clones using the females eggs + DNA of aliens)
    will bring the new thing and new promise to the Earth.
    Clearly this is only one more deception created by the powers of darkness and principalities from Heavenly realms!
    A possibility would be that the Mayans will return in their new version: hybrids of them with the demons if that will really happen, I will be glad to recommend them a plastic surgery :)) they surely look ugly – all the pics I saw were very bad 🙂
    I am sorry I get to make a joke of such experiences, but I believe it could be possible!
    By the way, if hybrids really will be exposed to the human race soon, here is my taken,
    stay away from them, and the experiences because since they carry the DNA of demons they are not welcome into the Kingdom of Elohim!! People shouldn’t be naive and try to save them, FYI, Shalom, Blessings, Eli.

    • The are very real…and walk among us. The Holy Spirit has absolutely told me they are real. Learning about what it really meant when God said “like in the days of Noah” …opened my eyes to something I had no clue on…but the Holy Spirit has told me yes, they are real and they are here on earth.

  10. wasn’t sure where to post this:Jewish Wedding Traditions
    Compared to the Relationship between Jesus Christ and his Bride the Church

    According to the jewish wedding traditions, Jesus (Groom) returns to get his (Bride) BEFORE the 7 year tribulation… is a must read…

  11. 6. The Bridegroom Comes: The grooms’men would run ahead of the groom and shout that he was coming. While the father’s head was turned, the groom would steal the bride. The wedding party then went back to the groom’s house to meet the guests…./ The angel, Gabriel, will blow the trumpet of God, and Jesus will come like a thief to snatch away His Bride. When we arrive in Heaven, a host of people will be waiting for us. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17
    7. The Bridal Chamber: The bride and groom enter the bridal chamber where the marriage is consummated. The party waits outside until the groom tells the best man that it is consummated. Then, the guests rejoice for 7 days. As John the Baptist was filled with joy when he saw Jesus, so we too shall be filled when we join Jesus in the heavenly bridal chamber…./ Some liken those 7 days in the chamber to the 7 year tribulation period which we will spend not in agony on earth, but in bliss in heaven. Then we will return as the wife, not the Bride. John 3:29 Revelation 19:7-8
    8. Married Life Begins: New coup1e goes to the father’s home to begin married life. We too, will go to the Father’s house for the Marriage Feast of The Lamb, then go with Christ in His reign in His kingdom here on earth for 1,000 years. Revelation 20:16

  12. “The technological, cultural, and metaphysical shift now underway unapologetically forecasts a future dominated by this new species of unrecognizably superior humans, and applications under study now to make this dream a reality are being funded by thousands of government and private research facilities around the world. As the reader will learn, this includes, among other things, rewriting human dna and combining humans with beasts, a fact that some university studies and transhumanists believe will not only alter our bodies and souls but ultimately could open a door to contact with unseen intelligence.”

  13. 17th day of the 2nd month the rain came.
    How bout celebrate early this year, wha-do-ya-say?
    Here are footprints in stone of people running from the flood waters chasing them!

    Here is someone’s petrafied finger who didn’t get on Noah’s ark.

    Here is hammer someone dropped, so they could run faster to avoid the waters closing in!

  14. What is sort of interesting regarding that specific time frame is, that this is the first time that “חדש” transliterated as “chodesh” or “month” is used in the Bible (Genesis 7:11.). I wonder when exactly, the Hebrew Lunar calendar, (ha-lu’ach ha-ivri) was established, and whether or not it was referring to the month of “Iyyar”, in which the 17th day, would fall somewhere around our late April or early May?

    • ==========================================================================
      Technically it is a Lunar-Solar calendar which repeats each 19yrs = 12yrs(12mths each) + 7yrs(13mths each)
      So this Hebrew calendar comes back into phase with our Gregorian calendar every 19 years.
      So 7yrs out of 19yrs are leap years having the extra month of Adar Sheni (Second Adar) or Adar II.
      Gen1:16 refers to the Moon as qâṭân (younger, lesser, smaller) than the Sun.

      “Chodesh” IS interesting as you say, because it most literally means “new”, and neither “new” nor its related word “Holy” appear before this one solitary occurrence before the flood. The word for the clean animals Noah was to take for sacrifices is ṭâhôr and this is also its first use in scripture. Given the long lifespans of these preflood people, their multi-century capacity to internally assimilate knowledge, and the obvious resonance of , it highly probable that the same calendar type was used from Adam through Noah.

      Even more interesting to me is that the day after the rain began falling, was the 33rd Omer, which I just learned of why writing this. See below. There are parallels between the Noah and 33rd Omer teachings.
      Compare Noah’s Ark H1613 גּפר (gopher wood) and H1614 גּפרית (brimstone) …wrath!

      Like the wisdom and celebrations of Lag BaOmer, Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord, while those who refused counsel died in a terrible plague, being on the wrong side of the boat, out there swimming in the bonfire, lake of brimstone. There is NOT celebration over the deaths, but rather joyful thanksgiving over one’s own salvation from YHVH.

      Were you aware that melted yellow sulfur (near combustion temperatures) forms a viscous blood red pool?
      Second Hebrew month:
      Ziv (1Ki 6:1,37) = H2099 “brightness” …the month of flowers (light or glow)
      Iyar (Lev 23:15) = H???? “Rosette; blossom”

      Iyar does not appear in scripture, but is spelled TWO ways.
      Iyar is spelled ( אִייָר ) between H348 (Jezebel) and H349 (how?,when?,what?,where?)
      Iyar is spelled ( אִיָּר ) between H376 (man) …..and H375 (how?,when?,what?,where?)
      17th day of Iyar = Day the Rain Came (Noah’s Ark) – Gen 7:11

      18th day of Iyar = Lag BaOmer (33rd Omer)
      Counting all of the Omer is a Semi-MOURNING period, with only one exception, this 33rd day of the Omer.

      There was a divinely-sent terrible plague killing 99.98% of them during the counting of the Omer, which was believed to be caused by a lack of proper respect for each other’s spiritual maturity, but on the 33rd day this plague ended. Yochai instructed his students to celebrate this day as a holiday to commemorate the vast amount of inspired teachings which he revealed at that time. …special holiday for rabbinical students and was called the “scholar’s festival.” Tachanun prayer for mercy on one’s behalf is not said, because mercy by YHVH is assumed.

      33rd Omer is Yom Simchato (Day of his Happiness) …customary to rejoice on this day through various kinds of merrymaking. As a result, weddings, parties, listening to music, and families go on picnics and outings. Children go out to the fields with their teachers with bows and rubber-tipped arrows. Historically, children across Israel used to go out and play with bows and arrows. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) was created on Lag BaOmer of 1948. The most well-known custom is the lighting of bonfires throughout Israel and in cities in the Diaspora. 100,000s of Jews gather throughout the night and day to celebrate with bonfires, torches, song and feasting. Spiritual “light” to the world symbolized by the many candles and/or bonfires are lit.

      Sounds a lot like Hannukah to me…

  15. Only in this way (…down at the end.)
    17th Iyar – Gen7:11 …600th year of Noah’s life, 2nd month …17th day …windows of heaven were opened.
    18th Iyar – Lag Ba’omer (ל”ג בעומר‎) is the 33rd day in the Omer count

    6th Sivan – Shavuot, aka Weeks, Pentacost, Wheat Harvest
    23rd Sivan – Ester 8:9 …king’s scribes …written …all that Mordecai commanded unto the Jews,
    28th Sivan – Gen 7:17 …flood was 40 days upon the earth…

    15th Tishri – Sukkot (חג הסוכות‎) — 15–21 Tishri, aka Shelters, Booths, Tabernacles, Ingathering
    17th Tishri – Gen 8:4 …Ark rested …upon the mountains of Ararat.

    1st Nisan – New Years day for religious holidays and the reign of ancient Jewish kings.
    1st Nisan – Gen 8:13 …601st year …1st month …1st day …WATERS were dried up from off the earth…

    27th Iyar – Gen8:14-22…earth dried… God told Noah exit ark…made a CLEAN animal & bird SACRIFICE.
    28th Iyar – Yom Yerushalayim (יום ירושלים‎) 1967 reunification of Jerusalem during the Six-Day War
    27th Iyar – (Dan8:10,Rev12:9 earthly demonic host) + Dan8:14 2300 days = SANCTUARY be CLEANSED.
    27th Iyar – Dan12:11 abomination set up + 1290 days. (= SANCTUARY be CLEANSED.)

  16. The Days of Noah, and the interpretation of Daniels dream to Nebuchadnezzar, (in Biblical chronological order), and what it all might suggest.

    Genesis 6: 1-4.

    Numbers 13: 22-33.
    (This was the cause, due to a lack of obedience and Faith in the LORD our God, for Israel to walk 40 years in the wilderness, where all of those 20 and older were not allowed to enter the promised land, except for Joshua and Caleb.) I believe that this is a foreshadowing of an event yet to come. (For we as followers of Yeshua are also warned not to harden our hearts. Hebrews 3:8-12. for just one of many examples.) As is Genesis 18: 16-33., and Genesis 19: 1-29., also a foreshadowing of the rapture of the Ekklēsia.

    Deuteronomy 2:10,11., & 20,21.

    Deuteronomy 3:1-13.

    Joshua 12:4.

    Joshua 13:12,13.

    Joshua 15:8-14.

    Joshua 17:12-15.

    Joshua 18:16.

    Judges 1:19,20.,
    (Though they were told by the LORD to destroy everything that they encountered within the cities that they overtook, they disobeyed and didn’t, (verses 21-36). The “seed of the Nephilim” remained.)

    1 Samuel 17: 4-51.
    (David here is a type and foreshadowing of Yeshua. When King, he establishes the city of Jerusalem as the focal point of worship. When Yeshua returns as the conquering KING, He establishes His Millennial Kingdom in New Jerusalem, as High Priest in the order of Melchizedek.)

    2 Samuel 21:15-22.

    1 Chronicles 20:4-8.

    DANIEL 2:43.
    (After the flood, Ham begat Cush, and Cush begat Nimrod, and Nimrod established the kingdom of Babel. In taking into account its variants, Nimrod is rendered in Hebrew as “נִמְרֹד”, (a proper masculine noun), transliterated as “Nimrowd”, (Strong’s 5248), and its primary definition is “rebellion”. Babylon, (or Babel), in Hebrew is “בָּבֶל”, (a proper locative noun), transliterated as “Babel”, (Strong’s 894), is defined as “confusion, (by mixing)”.

    Now pay particular attention here, because I believe that the following explains Daniels interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, which is a prophecy regarding “end times”.
    This, “confusion by mixing”, can be understood to encompass that of “language”, (as was the first instance in Genesis 11:1-7.) or “also” that of “people” as this would be the case within Revelation when the beast, (satan), ascends from the bottomless pit and infiltrates the world with his minions.
    This “confusion of MIXING” is what is meant and described within Daniels interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. Read Daniel chapter 2, and specifically that of verses 36 to 45 within this context, and it should become as plain as day. Verse 43 is “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.”)

    MATTHEW 13:18-30. AND 36-43.
    (This is Yeshua foretelling the disciples what had occurred within the past, (all of the above), and what will occur “again” within the future.)

    MATTHEW 24:37-51.
    (After that of the experience that I have just gone through, I believe that I was shown how duplicity of meaning was utilized within scripture. (I can’t prove this at all, it is just with what I was left with.) The “One Taken One Left” that is described here within Matthew 24:40,41., (due to the following verses of the chapter), are describing that of the “gathering of the Ekklēsia”, whereas the verses that say the same thing, more or less, in Luke 17:34-37., are describing a different event altogether. The narrative in Luke is referring to the “Tares” that will be taken in Matthew 13:18-30., and 36-43., when Yeshua comes to establish His Millennial Kingdom.)

    Nebuchadrezzar, (where it is recorded within Jeremiah 25:9-16.) is the King of Babylon, and these verses are a foreshadowing of this end time event.
    Nebuchadrezzar in Hebrew is “נְבוּכַדְנֶאצַּר”, transliterated as “Nĕbuwkadne’tstsar”, (Strong’s 5019) and it is defined as “may Nebo protect the crown”.
    God denounces this Nebo within Isaiah 46:1. after telling the people again through Isaiah within the preceding chapter, that He is their God and not to worship another. Within chapter 45, God also makes reference to a people of a future time. In verse 16 He states, “They shall be ashamed, and also confounded, all of them: they shall go to confusion together [that are] makers of idols.”

    Also, satan is the true king of confusion, deceit, and hates for people to personally know God through Yeshua. Consequently then, as stated within scripture, (Isaiah 14:4.) he is the true king of Babylon as well. (Verses 5 and 6 of Isaiah 14 there, are described in in Revelation 17 and 18. And the following verses of Isaiah 7 through 17 describe what will occur “after” this takes place and Yeshua returns at His true “second coming”.

    Therefore Babylon, (though at one time was an actual city), is expressed within the Tanakh, by its Hebraic definitions, “as describing any city that is confused and lacks the true understanding of the One Triune God, and is also mixed with satan and his seed, and has fallen totally into idolatry.” And though the “end times” will indeed be a worldwide horrible situation, Jerusalem being established by King David as Gods Holy city, has many times in the past, provoked God to be angry and jealous by falling into idolatry.

    Therefore scripture would suggest that the “Days of Noah” not only consist of the world itself carrying on as normal etc., but also that “the Nephilim, (the “they” in Daniel 2:43.) are the “seed of satan” that shall “mix” again with the “seed of man” in the end times. I also believe now that with the beast and false prophet establishing a counterfeit Messiah ship, claiming to be God, that this will be centrally focused in Jerusalem as well.

    Just my thoughts.
    Praise be unto Yeshua our Precious Savior. Our Glorious KING of kings and LORD of lords.

  17. I love what you said about God being the center of all we think say and do through out our daily lives. It is the reminder i needed to make Jesus Christ the most important motivator to all I desire and undertake throughout my daily business. Thank you.

  18. They were” eating,drinking, marrying and being given in marriage” is a widely misunderstood statement,when taken out of CONTEXT.

    If eating,drinking,marrying and being given in marriage is a normal thing in life,then why would Jesus,identify such acts to be weary of?

    Because, within the context of that warning,they were not normal acts ,but sinful acts.
    Eating within that CONTEXT means GLUTTONY.
    Drinking within that CONTEXT means ALCOHOLISM.
    Marrying within that CONTEXT means sexual pervasion such as fornication,sodomy,lesbianism,adultery and homosexuality.
    Being given(traded for/sold for) in marriage (sex) means prostitution.
    Remember Jesus told the woman at the well,that she had 7husbands,,not that she had been wedded 7 times at the synagogue,but that she had, had sex with 7 different men in the past.Once you realize that the word MARRIAGE or MARRY means SEX in the bible not your “Orthodox church wedding” then you will better understand GOD.
    Rember in Genesis :and Abraham went in unto/had sex with haggar and she became his wife? Gen16:3,4
    And Isaac took/had sex with Rebekkah to wife, gen25:20
    And Jacob went in unto/had sex with LEAH gen29:23
    Now you know that the act of SEX is marriage before GOD and not your Orthodox church weddings .
    Stay wise!!!!!!!!!

    • polycarp

      good observations

      I had just thought it was just a normal day when things went wrong

      • 3hours ago the U.N.S.C. passed an anti Israeli settlement resolution,strangely enough,the U.S. did not veto it,but abstained!!!!!!
        Is this the stance of Obama, until January 20 to abstain from U.N. resolutions detrimental to Israel until he is replaced by TRUMP???

        If the U.N. enforces this resolution with the U.N. peace keeping force,will this be the fulfillment of Luke 21:20 as they surround Jerusalem with the U.N. soldiers?????

  19. What day did Noah enter the Ark?
    This is a Fall Time event, not a Spring Time !!!

    God moved the start of the Religious Celebrations to the Spring from the Fall.

    The Civil Year still starts in the Fall for Hebrews/Jews.
    Adam in the Garden had fruit on the trees already … Fall/Autumn.

    So when is the Second Month of Noah?
    It is mentioned before God changed the Feast Day Start in Exodus:

    Exodus 12:2
    King James Bible
    This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.

    Genesis takes place before Exodus ….
    The Original Calendar:

    Genesis 7:11
    King James Version (KJV)

    11 In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

    This is a Fall/Autumn event!!!

    I hope this helps and is a blessing!
    Here is the Bible Calendar for 2017, First & Second Civil Month:

    First Civil Month:

    Second Civil Month:

    We should always be expecting our Lord, so no date setting here, but something t keep in mind!!!

    1897- First Jewish Congress 120 years ago.
    1917- Balfour Declaration 100 years ago
    1947- U.N. given mandate to create Jewish State 70 years ago
    1967- Jerusalem captured as capitol of Israel 50 years ago

    This year on the Jewish calendar is 5777 since they lost years, and it is close, very close to 6,000 years now.

    Keep looking up!
    Praise The Lord!!!

  20. Primary cause of the Judgment upon all the world during the days of Noah… the nephilim Agenda TO DEFILE THE SEED/DNA of Mankind.!!!
    Note: only undefined Noah and his family was spared. for “Noah was found perfect in his generations”…seed.
    And now: the antichrist WHO WEF Agenda TO VACCINATE/DEFILE 7 billion people.(!)

  21. The defilement of GOD’s/Yah’s DNA is THE red line. THE FINAL ABOMINATION (!)

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