Dead Bread in the Church

Marianne is complaining here.

Now I know why many Sunday morning sermons are boring. Many pastors have turned to “Sermon Writers” on the internet, getting their sermon materials from someone else. This way they do not have to spend time alone with God, and they are free to pursue non-spiritual interests, or worldly obligations they have gotten themselves into.

Here is one site:

Then, to add insult to injury, they take up a collection, so they can be rewarded for seeking God all week, on our behalf.

Get real…… 😦

Then, to make it worse, they give warnings to remind us, that if we do not pay a tithe, to give the pastor his “due,” God will not bless us.

Get real…… 😦

There are many pastors who are not right with God these days. Their attention turns to their secretary, or the local buffet restaurant, or the TV set, or their own family. The family part, in moderation, is ok, but ignoring God to do it is not right.

Then, at the midnight hour, they search out a sermon on the internet, or wait for a pre-paid email subscription with attachments, to dazzle to congregation with “their anointing.” They misrepresent someone else’s thoughts as their own. People pay every week to hear this stuff. In medicine, we call these people quacks.

This is really cheap. They need to resign. They do not spend the time with God they should, and waste our time. We can download, or subscribe to this stuff ourselves, and save the money for our gas tanks.

For this website, I sometimes spend long hours meditating on something. There are some topics I thought about, and studied, for years before I wrote about it. It is my desire to share the excitement of God’s word with people, to let them know it is alive, and not dead. When I finally post something, I am really inspired or fascinated by the topic. It is my passion, not someone else’s. And I do this for free, and out of a love of God.

Many people are leaving the church. Instead of true, living bread, recycled sermons are offered. The pastors are dead, and serve dead bread.

If the church is to teach newly saved people, they need those who are on fire for God, and present the Word from their hearts. Otherwise, the newly saved will either fall away from the faith, being bored, or they will become as stagnant as the pastor.

This was just  to wake people up. Ok. I am finished!!

41 Responses to “Dead Bread in the Church”

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  2. dead bread, who will be resurrected?

  3. Hi kidlatanvillage,

    Everyone eventually will be resurrected, but they are in different categories.

    1. the dead “in Christ” – these are spiritually alive, although physically dead. They get to be with God.

    2. the spiritually and physically dead…..these are in for a bad surprise.


  4. God is amazing. Even the rocks cry out. The preach may preach from stale bread, but the rocks still cry out the name of Jesus.

    It is a bit odd. I have never seen an ad in the secular world that wanted to hire someone to do a bad job. Stale bread is likely not a good thing, but plenty of people are getting hired for the job.

  5. Hi Archie,

    Yes, I think there will always be those who have not heard the message, so it helps them. It is harder for those of us who have been around for a long time to find something fresh.

    I think the purchased sermons are most likely good academically, but a little dry by the time the purchaser delivers it. It is not his own work.

    I had a pastor once, who convinced me he pulled out old sermons every Sunday and recycled them, year after year. After 3-6 months, you knew what he was going to say. The church was full of people already saved, but he kept giving messages “to get saved.” So I guess we got saved every week.


  6. Greetings Marianne, your post is ‘spot on’. We are truly ‘living in a day of apostasy’. We, in America, are seeing an entire nation that is falling away from any and all acknowledgement of God. A church that has forsaken the clear teaching of the word of God, because we have a multitude of churches that do not have a firm, unadulterated teaching of God’s word from our pulpits. Your assessment is correct we have men who spend time studying pre-written sermons, and most of them, no more than eloquent sermonettes, instead of intimate fellowship with the Living Lord and His word.

    A famine for the word of God we do find, in many churches for those few who do hunger and thirst for righteousness. The only advice that one might have is that “we have an anointing, and that of the very Spirit of God that we need not that any man should teach us”. From this we can see that God knew what He was doing all along… He knew such a time would come when the believer hungry for His word would not be able to depend upon man.

  7. Oh Thank you Brother Malachi,

    You are so sweet. I hope all your bread is alive and well where you are at, and fresh out of the oven !! 🙂


  8. You are spot on Marianne.
    I tire of the Pastors marketing line ” we need to get the numbers in and make disciples of men”
    What they actually mean is they need to get the numbers in so they can assemble more tithes and like you say ” save us” every week and stick to the non-controversial stuff.
    What they are infact doing is bringing people into the churches, selling the mark of the Beast which is alive and well in our churches today.
    Mat 23:15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte,and when he is made,ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

    It’s been refreshing finding a site where where people are earnestly seeking the truth.

  9. Dear Bee

    Your email address is coming back as not working.


  10. Dr. Marianne,
    Thanks for taking a humorous stand on this issue. I think if Larry, Curly, and Moe were alive today they’d could produce better sermon’s than some of the dead bread preacher’s of today. Some of these clowns have enriched themselves at the expense of needy individuals.

  11. Hi CJ

    I would love to hear the stooges give a sermon.

    Needy people come first.


  12. You go Bee…well said

  13. interesting till then

  14. Marianne, you are right on the mark with this coment, and so is bro. Malachi. We are most deffinitely living in the days of the Apostassy. And the greatest reason for this is; that for over fifty years now, modern theology and their idea of “Higher textual criticism” have been able to “sneak in” ever so more false modern Bibles, that make the word of God of “None effect”.
    Marianne, Have you considered having a post on the topic of Bibles, and their origin ??? Probably a good place for you to begin, if you have not already studied this, would be to read some of Gail Riplingers research, such as her book “New Age Bible versions”. Just a thought

    Morgan Sorensen

    • Morgan

      Good idea…not sure when I would have the time to search it out. People with a well developed post are welcome to contribute.

  15. Yes, i took notes at former church for 1 year or so as I was feeling stagnate, then I re-read the book of Matthew and Mark and Jesus’s words just sprang out at me. I think you do get a positive word from these type of preachers but it doesn’t feed you or teach you. The same scriptures would come out at tithing time etc.

    Or there was not question and answer time, discussion, it was alot about getting new recruits, which is ok but, we need to care for them

    • The problem with taking the notes from these geniuses is your assuming they know what they’re talking about. No question is what we listen to. I took notes too but I was becoming so irritated, my notes were all rebuttals.
      Every single week you’d hear “point one point two on and on.
      It was so ludicrous that once in a blue moon he’d put down his noted, talk and then like a four year old say, “honest, that was really from God”! Everyone would laugh, I’d be ill, they just didn’t get it. The best way for a Christian to grow is fellowship with other Christians, all sharing all giving and recording, no hierarchy. So dangerous to ever allow any one single person to tell you what God said. Your church spews nonsense about the word of God not being open to private interpretation which is true except their version seems to differ from the church down the street.
      Universal salvation is starting to make sense to me for many reasons and I don’t mean to stir up trouble. One thing I see is all the one who boast of their salvation and are always pointing fingers and whispering their concern about all the obvious “unsaved” ones sitting around them because as we all know “you’ll
      Know them by their fruits”. The saved group is always looking for the fruits to appear. The flag went up big time for me in bible study when a woman pointed out that she felt we were the “remnant” she said it’s always us, always the same group. I said to God, “Dear Lord, I’m a Pharisee! My point is who the heck can really claim salvation? Maybe all if us, so many nutcases doing all the wrong things in the name of Jesus, pagan rituals! According to most bible believing churches there’s about 15 people heaven bound and they’re all in the group.
      If any of the things we do or don’t do would send one to hell, I doubt anyone would be there. God wasn’t kidding, there’s not one righteous not one. Except for the blood of Jesus no one would go!
      It’s okay if you don’t want to post this, I’m venting.

  16. I give all my stale bread to the land gulls.
    These ‘churches’ you speak of are as good as the cat in your photo.
    Why do you still call them churches??
    Time to give these another name.

    Cute photos …

  17. There is a young family man at the church I go to for coffee, but I don’t stay for the service. I discerned he was prideful when he came telling me he wanted advice from the old white haired men who had been thru the wars. He thot he was impressing me, but that soon ended.

    He said he loves that church, and I told him they only teach milk, but never meat. That once they taught meat, but let the scorn of other churches goad them into becoming a traditional milk church. He was not happy with that, but it got worse for him.

    I asked him if Jesus had ever asked him if he would give up everything for Him. He said he thot he was willing. I asked him if that also meant giving up his wife and kids, if Jesus asked that. He said he had never considered that, and he was shaken.

    I told him that Jesus did ask me that, and I told Him yes. And that it did cost a great price as the Holy Spirit took me on a 3-1/2 year journey of learning truths I had not known before. Then I told him he had not been sincere when he thot he was willing to give up all for Jesus. And that is why he is satisfied with the milk the church teaches. He went away quite shaken. DavWms

    • Good story David.
      It reminds me of the rich man who could not let go of his earthly possession and follow Christ.
      I also loved the vision you had posted a while back on the trumpet being made of small rectangular heated metal.
      I believe The Lord has shown you many mysteries and that you are a faithful servant.
      Now … time is getting late … and people are still playing games.
      I think the milk you are speaking of is sour in these churches.
      They are there as hirelings these ‘pastors’, and the government gives them tax breaks.
      Actually I think that they are hired by the government of the day.

      You know as well as I that The Lord is the Bread of Life.
      And His kisses are the true milk of His word.

  18. Thanx, Abigail. BTW, when in the coffee shop with another earlier, I mentioned the brilliant gal that comes to blog here, hoping he would join us. I was speaking of you. He is on the edge of seeing truths that few have seen, and one of the very few I can talk openly with. DavWms

    • I am stirred by God…
      to the point at times way beyond myself …
      Last night I heard myself saying to the Lord
      ‘Don’t send me away … all I truly want is just to go home!’
      But The Lord is The God and shall the clay tell Him what it wants?

      I call Him ‘My Father’ and He calls me ‘My servant’.
      May His Will be done.

  19. I hear your complaint… that Pastors do not practice what they preach. Some don’t, most do. They also tend to the Spiritual and relational needs of the sick, the administration of the congregation, their own volunteering in the neighborhoods, writing newsletters, and studying, reading and praying for their congregations (in my case – each by name).
    You claim that church serves dead bread… rather the church serves living bread to the dead, so that we may live life strengthened by the Spiritual gift that it provides.
    Jesus is the gift; and the bread; and the founder of His church – all of which live.
    Pastors who do not serve God will get their due at God’s judgement. Step back a little – give those of us who are diligent in our service credit for the huge task we take on – be a little more forgiving and less judgemental. It is good for the soul.

    • Hi Pastor T,

      I was trying to insert some humor, just to gently wake people up. It was disconcerting to find sermon writers on the internet for pastors who wanted to subscribe to them, so they would not have to generate one of their own.

      It is good to hear of your commitment, and positive efforts. There have been times I could grow in a church, and other times I needed to leave, or be stifled.

      Pastors who do their job have my blessing. There are many who need to come to Christ now, and they need to be taught, or the kingdom will lose them. We need good pastors to turn dumb lambs into smart sheep.

      There is also much apostasy now, which wearies the saints who are trying to stay faithful to the Word. Many are alienated from fellowship because of the falling away within their churches, and they no longer fit in.

      This was prophesied for these times. That many would fall away, and the love of many would wax cold. So, in some ways, what we see now was predicted to happen. We should not be too surprised.

      The falling away makes witnessing more challenging, because we are no longer dealing with unbelievers who consider us as having the answer they are looking for.

      Instead, they reject us as having phony agendas, and a false witness. Defending the faith, then, takes on a new definition, because we first have to deal with complaints.

      The sincere saints are battered by unbelievers who mock them, because of false teachings and behavior they see on “Christian TV.”

      Other believers “in name only” help to promote falseness, and deadness, so it is not always the pastor. They do not want anything that will make them think, or repent.

      There are many saints who DO want living bread. They just have to know where to find it. As the days get darker, they need to find fellowship and faith in others as well.

      I would not want to discourage any pastor in his work. Any sincere Christian, pastor, or lay person, who has the Word of God should be sharing it. The signs seem to be there that we are in the end times. I think we are almost out of time to do this.

      I thank you for your efforts to be diligent. I pray you will be safe and well in the days ahead. I hope God blesses you, and inspires you with his revelations.

      oh, by the way, I have pastors who are regular visitors on my site. Sometimes they contribute to the website – either through Word Studies, or with comments to posts. If you have some “live bread” you are welcome to share it.

  20. To the ONE who is the Living Bread who came down from heaven, to save us, and give us the kingdom.

  21. Wonder if the title of the post …
    ‘dead bread in church’
    also means dead bodies in church?
    Maybe , the pastor T will have to preach to bones?
    No offense intended here to the good pastor T,
    who ‘serves living bread to the dead’ IN CHURCH.

  22. And besides should not the anger of The Lord rise up in righteousness???
    Soon … so very soon all those who in their hearts …
    in the depths of their thoughts say there is no God …
    will be surprised and confounded.
    Those who despises Him and HIS Flock will know The ARM of The Lord.
    Turn dumb lambs into smart sheep??
    Who do they think they are ??
    Good ‘pastors’??
    They wouldn’t know where to find one blade of green grass
    to feed The Lambs of God.
    And there water is wormwood full of gall.

    • Oh yes how they all like to be praised for their so called ‘good works’.
      Little do they know that a servant only does his duty to The Master.
      But these hirelings serve another master and not
      The Living God!
      And they all wait for the collection plates exempted by the governments from taxes.
      And yes lets praise their ‘good works’.
      They are not ashamed …
      they do not even blush.

  23. why do people continue to stay in a church yr.after yr. they talk about how they are not getting the word like they should.This sounds like i’m afraid to get up and make tracks or I’m afraid what my friends might say.Or i will offend my pastor.A lot of people has felt the spirit to move from certain church’s I’ve talk to them before.Some look like they have veils over there eyes.There’s churches now on every corner there is no need for no person to be in a place and not be happy.You don’t need a reference.You don’t need to talk to your pastor to let them know you are leaving.This is the individual’s fault for keep staying.You ask people about spiritual warfare that’s going on they don’t know what you mean.And a lot of pastors want you to be like this.Be brave enough to reach out.No person is handcuffed to the doors.Thanks,GP

  24. right on track marianne,God bless you for such expositions..
    christians need to be aware that endtime is now and take heed..there’s really no time.

  25. thank you for this post. It spoke volumes. God bless you.

  26. Christ Crucifixion site and the Ark of the Covenant found burred under a trash pile in Jerusalem.

  27. Jesus said if you continue in my word you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. After 15 years in Christ we should have come to realize that the church in the bible has little or no resemblance, what we experience in North America. The body of Christ, (the church) has left the foundation of the Apostles and prophets.(Eph.2:20) They have cut in pieces the body of Christ, make merchandise of people, leader have becomes lords, and truth is perished in the streets. There is a church that Jesus is building and a church that man is building. These two entities are just opposite of each other. Find out which church you are building, what the Lord Jesus gave to his apostles for us to follow or what is common today. Go to

    There is a way to restore what the flesh has destroyed brothers..

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  29. I am thoroughly inspired by the God in you!!! He speaks the same, if we would but listen!!! 🙂


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