Government is planning for a level 10, so I am showing what this means.

Assessing the Relationship Between Disruption & Adjustment

DC-1: EVERYDAY EMERGENCY (EE) Minor in Scale, Scope, & Duration
Minor in Scope, Major in Scale & Duration
Partial in Scope, Minor in Scale & Duration

DC-2: SEVERE EMERGENCY (SE) Major in Scope, Minor in Scale & Duration
Major in Scale & Duration, Minor in Scope

DC-3: PARTIAL SMALL TOWN (PST) Major Scale & Duration, Partial Scope – Town

DC-4: MASSIVE SMALL TOWN (MST) Major Scale, Scope, Duration – Town

DC-5: PARTIAL SMALL CITY (PSC) Major Scale, Duration, Partial Scope – Small City

DC-6: MASSIVE SMALL CITY (MSC) Major Scale, Scope, Duration – Small City

DC-7: PARTIAL LARGE CITY (PLC) Major Scale, Duration, Partial Scope – Large City

DC-8: MASSIVE LARGE CITY (MLC) Major Scale, Scope, Duration – Large City

DC-9: CATASTROPHE (C) Major Scale, Scope, Duration – Several Pop. Areas

DC-10: ANNIHILATION (A) Major Scale, Scope, Duration – Society




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  1. Great stuff marianne.. always look forward to see what you post next… I think many of us are just waiting for things to “get started”

  2. Thanks for this, Marianne – I tried looking this up and all I could find regarding “Region 3” and “Level 10” preparedness had to do with gymnastics – lolol. (I think I was a little tired last night.)

    Your accesss to such a wide range of information is greatly appreciated. And to all the nay sayers who say you bring unnecessary alarm – you bring us what has already been reported elsewhere (usually by a variety of resources) and we are free to make up our own minds. I couldn’t research a tenth of what you do.

  3. Prepare war against the government. Dimitru Dudman said people from middle of the country will start war against the government. Soon this will be fullfilled.

  4. so what are you doing and where do you plan to hide?

  5. The only level 10 event that is being prepared for is the Basel banking introduction of the mark of the beast , after the fall of the dollar. It’s acceptance is to be enhanced by the severe economic destruction, caused by the fiscal irresponsibility being demonstrated in the past 10 years by all fiat currency world governments. The elites know it is coming, and the totalitarian laws enacted since 911, plus the FEMA camps are just part of the world wide preparation. The wars since 911 are targeting all countries that are not under Basel banking and ones that have Christian populations which they rightfully assume, they will experience the most opposition to the interface(chip) and the occult worship. Iran is the mystery, I do not know if they remove Iran oil currency by negotiation or war. When it is accomplished, Israel, Basel Banking US oil dollar, will say Peace and safety. This will be the end of the world, as sudden destruction comes upon them in God’s total wr against the desolate who have commited the abomination of desolation personally and then the Holy place.

  6. Obama and McCain -proves there is no difference in parties in our government.
    Newly released documents show that U.S. officials, including Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, played a leading role in building up Iraq’s military in the 1980s when Iraq was using chemical weapons, a newspaper reports.
    At the same time, there were multiple reports Iraq was using chemical weapons to repulse the Iranian advance; one State Department official told Secretary of State George Shultz that Iraq was engaging in “almost daily use of (chemical weapons)” against Iranian troops, and the Kurds.
    The policy to do this was captured in a November 1983 National Security Directive that is still classified, but apparently stated that U.S. policy was to do “whatever was necessary and legal” to stop Iran from winning.
    After Saddam was used he was then expendable for “permanent retirement” the same as Kaddafi – being a ally to America can be a dangerous situation.
    Such hypocrite’s – Korea, Vietnam, now the middle east. Will it ever end. How many lives have to be ruined by pointless wars.
    The American Population is finally starting to see it.

  7. It’ll be a disaster made by forces not from the earth. The gov will rally military + people against the invaders. But they are here to destroy evil meanwhile the Church is “plucked by a Thief in the night”. All those left behind will blame missing peoples on the warfare and be led into deception by the antichrists of the gov.

  8. there is some thing wrong cant explain its on the order i felt when Obama got voted in something is coming are way and its sending chills up my spine Ive been on my knees talking to are father in heaven in prayer this is a evil darkness we need to really pray for each other and are country

  9. Marianne,
    Are you sure you want to stay in the states for a level 10?
    The Word I am getting is that it will be man-made, but The Father will allow
    it because He knows the end from the beginning.

  10. Only if you have time to read…just sharing. 😦

    Climate Change Denial Industry Marches On As China Loses 50,000 Rivers And California Dries Up: Other Suppressed News From The Matrix Suppressed By Dead Enders! 😮

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