Divine vs Natural Dreams


Does God still speak through dreams? How do we know that it is God,  and not just our own minds?

Does God speak in dreams at all?

God has spoken to people many times throughout the Scriptures by means of dreams. Examples would be Joseph son of Jacob (Genesis 37:5-10), Joseph the husband of Mary (Matthew 2:12-22), Solomon (1 Kings 3:5-15), and several others (Daniel 2:1; 7:1; Matthew 27:19). There is also a prophesy of the prophet Joel (Joel 2:28), quoted by the Apostle Peter in Acts 2:17, that mentions God using dreams. So the simple answer is yes, God can and does speak through dreams.

Dreams of Divine origin

Anything God says, whether it is a dream, vision, impression, or “still small voice” will agree completely with what He has already revealed in His Word.

Dreams cannot be put into a place of authority over the Scriptures. Again, IF God were to speak to a person in a dream, His message would be in perfect agreement with His Word.

If you have a dream and feel that perhaps God gave it to you, prayerfully examine the Word of God and make sure your dream is in agreement with Scripture.

If so, prayerfully consider what God would have you do in response to your dream (James 1:5). In Scripture, whenever anyone experienced a dream from God, God always made the meaning of the dream clear, whether directly to the person, through an angel, or through a messenger (Genesis 40:5-11; Daniel 2:45; 4:19).

When God speaks to us, He makes sure His message is clearly understood.

Why does God speak in dreams?

You may wonder why God may need to use a dream to speak to you, when, in fact, He could have used another means to speak to you. When you are asleep your conscious mind cannot fight God’s message.

Often when we are awake, our conscious minds gets in the way of hearing from God, but when we are asleep God is able to do things to us that we cannot contest.

When you’re asleep you’re vulnerable. You lose control of your life, and God has it. This is when God can really speak to you.

1. Warn of sin. God is concerned about our lifestyle. Abimelech was admonished in a dream about committing adultery with Abraham’s wife, Sarah.

But God came to Abimelech in a dream one night and said to him, “You are as good as dead because of the woman you have taken; she is a married woman.” (Genesis 20:3)

Through this dream, Abimelech repented.

2. Guidance. God will also guide you through dreams. He did it for Joseph no less than five times (Matthew 2) and for Pilate’s wife (Matthew 27:19).

Joseph, husband of Mary: he had a dream from God when he was only seventeen years old (Genesis 17:2).

3. Encouragement. Sometimes God gives you a dream to simply encourage you. For example, when Gideon needed reassurance to fight the Midianites he was inspired through a dream and its interpretation.

Gideon arrived just as a man was telling a friend his dream. “I had a dream,” he was saying. “A round loaf of barley bread came tumbling into the Midianite camp. It struck the tent with such force that the tent overturned and collapsed.”

His friend responded, “This can be nothing other than the sword of Gideon son of Joash, the Israelite. God has given the Midianites and the whole camp into his hands.”

When Gideon heard the dream and its interpretation, he worshipped God. He returned to the camp of Israel and called out, “Get up! The LORD has given the Midianite camp into your hands.” Judges 7:13-15

4. Protection and provision

Daniel was a young aspirant when God gave him a dream and the interpretation in order to protect everyone from Nebuchadnezzar’s wrath (Daniel 2:19).

Solomon, a young king. He had dreamt that God gave him wisdom. He called himself “a little child” (1 Kings 3:7) when he had the dream.

5. Information.

Prophecy about upcoming events, or information about current circumstances. Example: Joseph’s dream about having his family bowing to him predicted an elevated future status.

6. Warn against sin in life

This also is part of guidance. God will warn us that we are in sin, to bring us back to repentance.

Notice, in each of these cases, the dreamer knew exactly what the dream meant. If God sends a dream, he makes his meaning clear. If a dream is not clear to you, it may not bee from God. It may be just a natural dream.


Do Dreams Belong to the New Covenant?

On the day of Pentecost, when the New Covenant was established, Peter preached (Acts 2:17),

“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams”.

Dreams are for our age. In fact, according to this promise, dreams would be more frequent in our time. Dreams belong to the last days, the days we live in.

Scripture demonstrates what is called Hebrew Parallelism. This repeats itself in different words, and attempts to paint a broad brush by including sons and daughters, young and old, visions and dreams.

It is not meant to convey that only young men have visions and only old men have dreams. It is saying that visions and dreams belong to everyone—young and old alike.

Can you have dreams from God too?

God works by means of faith. If you have faith that God will do something in His Word, then He will do it. The reason many believers don’t have many dreams from the Lord is because they don’t have faith in them. Exercise your faith for dreams.

Start by asking God for dreams. You have not because you ask not.

Expect that you will have dreams from God.

Put your faith into action by placing a notebook and pen next to your bed, and when you have a dream, write it down. Daniel did!

In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon Daniel had a dream and visions of his head upon his bed: then he wrote the dream, and told the sum of the matters. Daniel 7:1

Not Every Dream is from God

The majority of our dreams will be natural dreams. This is our mind, which God gave us, working through, and processing issues in our lives.

The conclusions our minds come to can be correct, or incorrect, so we have to reflect on what they tell us.

There are many causes of dreams including worry. “…a dream comes when there are many cares…”(Eccl 5:3).

Satan can give counterfeit dreams, especially when the dreamer is involved in occult activities.

The lust of the flesh can cause X rated dreams.

Bitterness can cause dreams whereby you kill people, or fear can cause you to have nightmares.

Many dreams are confused mixes of concerns or events that the mind is still working on. Just reflect on them, and do not worry about them.

One thing I see is what I call “wishful thinking” dreams, or their interpretation. This is when we take a dream that is natural, or carnal in nature, and claim God said something. This is delusion.

Obviously you must use discernment to know if a dream is from God or not. The Holy Spirit will provide this, so we do not go in the way of error.

Interpret Dreams

One of the common mistakes people make when interpreting their dreams is to take the dream literal. Most dreams are symbolic—like Joseph’s dream of stars, Pharaoh’s dream of cows, or Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of a statue.

How can you tell if a dream should be taken literally or symbolically? If everything in the dream seems possible and real, then it probably is a literal dream.

For example, if you’re driving your car going to your job and get into an accident, then probably you need to take it literally, and pray for protection.

On the other hand, if there is a part in the dream that seems improbable or unreal, then you should interpret the entire dream as symbolic. If, for example, you’re driving another car, or going to a fictitious place then the dream is symbolic, even if the accident seems real. The dream is speaking about spiritual danger, not physical danger.

You need to learn to think symbolically. It takes practice. Increase the vocabulary of symbols. As your vocabulary of symbols increase, your ability to understand your dreams will get better and better. The more you know the general meaning of symbols, the easier it will be to interpret dreams, and you’ll be more accurate.

Use an online bible site, and enter in the symbol for a search. See if you can find that symbol, object, person, place, etc in the bible, and find out more about it that way.

Beware of using New Age type books to interpret symbols. These books twist the meaning of symbols.

These are two good Christian books on dreams.

Exploring the World of Dreams by Benny Thomas and

Understanding the Dreams You Dream by Ira Milligan.

Also, this is more psychology oriented:

The Dreamers Dictionary, by Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

Keep in mind that a symbol may mean something different to different people. If someone lives in India and dreams of a cow, and an American farmer dreams the same thing, the cow will probably have a “religious” meaning to the Indian, while it means “livelihood” to the American.



There is a difference between dream and a vision. Visions can occur during dreams, and many times do, but they still have their own unique qualities:

1. You are in the presence of God. You will know this and be shocked, stunned, fearful, or overjoyed. You are awestruck. You will lose all sense of time, and forget everything that ever happened to you, like instant amnesia. All you know is what is in front of you. All other thoughts are dead during that time.

2. You will be aware that something of great importance is being given to you. The fear of God will take hold of you, and you will not dare misrepresent it, for fleshly purposes.

3. Revelation knowledge. You will learn something that is consistent with scripture, or does not contradict it in any way, but may be totally new. It can have an earthly application, like an upcoming pregnancy, or a new love in one’s life. It may show you your relationship with God, or a truth about the world, or future, that He wants you to share.

4. If prophetic in nature, it will be crystal clear, 100% credible, and will occur exactly as it is given to you. You will have no doubts at all that this will come to pass. You may be even given details in the vision, as to when it will occur.

5. Complex symbols may be used, but they will be very scriptural, and the meaning will reveal itself, in God’s timing. They will always line up with scripture. For example, the beast in Revelation is interpreted by the interpretation given for Daniel’s beast. A winged lion is still Babylon. A leopard is still Greece. A bear is still Medo-Persia (Iran). The horses in Revelation will be the same ones mentioned in Zechariah. If you see the same symbols, then the meaning has already been interpreted in scripture for you.

6. Time will not dilute the vision, or make it lost in your memory. You will never forget what you saw. You will remember every detail 30 years, or a lifetime later.

7. You will feel highly energized by the vision, and when it is finished, you

will immediately wake up, if asleep, or become highly alert, if you are already awake. It will be all you can think about for a long time. It will change you spiritually and mentally. You cannot go back to who you were before the vision.


Carnal Dreams – dreams from the human consciousness

This will not have the divine characteristics mentioned above. Personal desires, fears, impressions, confused thoughts will manifest. Thoughts and temptations to lust, anger, greed, jealousy, etc, will fall in this realm.

Satan can interject thoughts into dreams, so it is good to guard the mind while awake. Sometimes, bugs, snakes, etc come to torment us. If this is done, night terrors and temptations will be less likely. Also, it is this nighttime arena where we work out daily problems and find solutions.

One can dream about their impressions of God and worldly events in an ordinary dream, but what makes this different is that their flesh or mind controls the interpretation. One could say it is a delusion of the ego, in order to satisfy a need to be important, or be a part of something that impresses others. In the divine dream, the needs of the ego are crushed, and God rules.

The natural “god” dream is also based on common knowledge of the bible, or can be obtained from worldly sources. A good example are all the “visions” about the end times- like World War 3, or war with Israel. People are declaring doom over the world.

So what? This is not news.

The bible predicted this, and it is now in today’s newspaper. People are just repeating what everyone already knows. God does not enter a dream, and waste his time, telling you something that even the heathen know about.

Prophesies and visions of carnal origin are also long winded, and put you to sleep, having to read, or listen to it all. The length is to keep your attention on the dreamer, not God, as being someone special.

God is usually more blunt, and concise. He even knocks you off your feet with the first sentence, and first image. He is not full of hot air.  He is full of power.  When it is from Him, and not your own mind, you will really, really know it.  

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    • I recently had a dream where 3 of Yeshua’s followers spoke to me in what appeared to be a locker room, telling me I should learn Aramaic – what do you make of this?

    • i dont know, about a week or so ago i woke up and had Isaiah 55 on my mind to the point to where i had to look it up, i never read Isaiah all the way, just a very little verses here and there and since my mom has had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer almost a year ago (The Lord is definitely with her, she moves around like normal and the doctors only gave her a few months to live and now we’re almost a year she still has good days and bad days with chemo) but after her diagnosis my worst fear came true my mother is my best friend too so i pretty much couldnt believe my mother has cancer she is 54, since then i’ve surrendered to Jesus Christ as my Lord and God no one else to turn to, well that is the best decision i made, thought i had faith before but its at the point now and has been for awhile since actually reading God’s Word i see things differently than i used to, the Bible doesnt even seem like the Bible anymore my attitude is different and YES im still a sinner and i still make mistakes trial and error on my part, but there is no way i could remember Isaiah 55 on my own it had to be the Lord bringing up his compassion to me as well as my mom, i have been looking things up on http://www.gotquestions.org and remember now praying that the Lord will help me remember where he said my thoughts arent your thoughts, neither my ways your ways but instead all Isaiah 55 and thats in there so he answered and gave and helped me remember but i never read all of Isaiah 55 didnt even know what chapter that certain verse was in but he brought all Isaiah 55 to my attention telling me about his compassion and wow! i know our hearts can deceive us but there was no way i’d remember that on my own especially the chapter that had to be Him! and i know the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised us is also called the helper, comforter, counselor and much more! the only good to come out of my mom fighting stage 4 lung cancer was getting to know him better than before and bring me closer to him, thought i’d share this, the things he has shown me through his Word and his peace, compassion, comfort, pretty much the fruits of the spirit is just beyond my comprehension! i dont remember dreaming but when i woke up Isaiah 55 was on my mind out of nowhere! and i found this site because i’ve heard from others that by reading the scriptures thats one way God communicates to believers is through his word and was wanting to know what experiences others had! all the Glory goes to him! AMEN!

      • dear cody

        thank you for sharing such a precious testimony. I do not think I can say anything to complete what you say. it is already complete in itself.

        may god bless you and your dear mom, and I wish her the comfort and presence, and healing of the Lord to keep her out of pain

  2. First of all, I would like to thank you for this nice post.
    My opinion is that all dreams have a very natural origin: US!
    Dreams can help us to show what is going on with us and we should consider them something we “create” to deal with the world around us and the way we deal with it.
    When we’re dreaming we are creating new things and dealing with reality at the same time.
    Best regards.

  3. Sorry for the mess …
    What I meant is that – in my opinion – all dreams are natural ones and that they are expressions of our personal experience with the real world.

    • Peter, I am of the same monikers as yours……and I have a few thick journals of dreams, some very old, but all with meaning. What is interesting is that I had NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of the events/detail/circumstances, whatsoever. So, my dear friend, eat your hat as you can be proven wrong – with the human mind.

      My own daughter is astray in a way foretold firstly through Scripture and then by dreams. Be careful to see the human mind as so superior as to truly see into the future.

      may I ask: do you know Jesus Christ, not only as your Saviour, but also as your soul mate?

    • peter not all dreams some others

  4. Great blog, will read more when I have time! xx

  5. Interesting topic. In the bible you will find that visions are understood. Daniel, Peter etc. had visions and knew what the Lord mean’t. Cornelius understood what the Holy Ghost was saying concerning Paul.
    Dreams however need interpretation. Daniel had to interpret the kings dream. Joseph however knew what the stars and the moon mean’t. Hope this helps.

    • hi Rev Williams

      Interesting point. The believers understood, but the unbelievers needed an interpretation.


      • What about just the “still small voice?” I heard three times, Obadiah. Never heard it before nor did I know it was a book in the bible. What can this mean? I’ve read it but don’t understand. Also, I’ve been saved 7 years and recently baptised in the Holy Ghost Oct. of last year. Also, when im being prayed over ive had people say dreams and wisdom and revelation come to them for me. i know this all ties together im just new to it all. Thx for any input.

        • danielle

          Obadiah is about punishing Edom for hurting Israel. So if it is a message for you, it is about you hurting someone else or someone else hurting you.

          what is your position on Israel now?

          • I also had this clear message in my sleep ( night vision )too ‘Obadiah’.

            I woke up thinking, oh gosh i didnt get the chapter , I opened my bible and realized it has just one chapter and i read it all through to get the message.

            Prior to the dream, i have been believing God and praying for a dear friend who is going through serious trials/challenges, and i have been holding on to the verse in Isaiah , Isaiah 49 vs 24 & 25. At the end of the fast i had on his behalf then this night vision ‘Obadiah’.

            My take on this is that God has answered my prayer believing that my dear friend will be delivered. I feel he has been oppressed for so long and Verse 17 of Obadiah says upon mount Zion there shall be deliverance.

        • Danielle,
          As a newer believer, with regard to your experience, I would suggest you read the Book of Obadiah asking the question “What does this reveal about God”? The rest of your understanding will stem off of this. For example, This book reveals a just God who though he may allow wickedness and trials to come upon his chosen people, he takes note of those who carry it out, and even those who watch idly as this goes on.

          May God bless you in your studies.

        • Have you had anymore dreams your comment sound alike my first dream. I heard Ruth several times in my dream.

  6. Peter: Your opinion is pretty much on one side and based on what? I am getting somewhat the notion that you do not believe in the existence of anything supernatural at all.
    I have had many dreams. Most of them were a combination of known elements, however somewhat changed. Then I also had these kind of dreams which Marianne mentioned. I was very clear in my mind and I knew they were out of the ordinary because of the theme and the awe I felt. I was viewing scenes which seem to come up during the great tribulation. In many other dreams I was only a spectator, taken for a ride but in others I had some interaction with people I have never met.
    My conclusion is that based on scripture and experience, not all dreams are a fabric of our mind.

  7. the mechanics of dreaming has been explored at length. most famously by freud. it is of course a working of our subconscious imagination and nothing to do with ‘messages’ from god.

    i find the most compelling explanation of the purpose of dreams to be that of the ‘human givens’ theory which states that dreaming is a way of expressing the emotional energy we did not act upon during the day. if we are incredibly angry with someone we will dream that we are attacking them for instance.

    or if we are struggling with a seemingly insumountable problem we will have a metaphorical dream in which we do something like succeeding in climbing over a huge fence etc.

    the majority of dreams are not remembered of course. we usually only remember our dreams when we wake unexpectedly from REM sleep (although recent research has showed that dreaming can occur in other types of sleep as well).

    this is the mechanism of dreaming which has always existed. previous, less knowledgable civilisations interpretted dreams as messages from god because they didn’t have our modern understanding of their purpose.

    in reality no one has ever received a ‘message from god’ in a dream. they have only interpreted it as such. by studying the practical history of christianity and it’s purpose in terms of power structures we can see why the priest classes would find it useful to receieve a ‘message from god’ in order to create laws and give instructions for their own personal gain under the cloak of passing on god’s instructions.

    • zarathustra,

      how do you explain dreams which predict the future far in advance? There are historically recorded dreams/visions like this.

      GYOD has a message below, which was here before mine. I think it refers to your message, not my post, since there was a dialogue going between you 2. I will leave him to explain further if he needs to.

  8. And you prove it how? It is nothing more than “I know it all” thinking without any solid base. In the same manner people think they have proven evolution. I am sorry but this kind of assurance is simply embarrassing.

  9. i didn’t prove it. the scientists and psychologists who make up the human givens school of thinking did.

    the evolution “debate” isn’t a debate. evolution is a fact. the only people who still see it as a “debate” are those of a religious persuasion. the “debate” ended about 100 years ago.

    my base is expreimentation, observation and common sense. your base is a book written by people with a very specific agenda seeking to find proof for their pre-defined ideas.

    what is embarrasing is any member of the human race blinding themselves to the obvious in favour of an unfounded belief.

    “and you prove it how?” is a hilarious comment in the face of massive scientific evidence. especially considering that there is absolutely no proof of any kind for what you are propsing to be a reasonable view.

    if you can find any proof not based on the bible or subjective personal experience then let me know.

    • zarathustra

      Please supply the evidence, not the conclusions for evolution.

      I am a scientist. I took physical anthropology. I was taught conclusions, but never saw the evidence. I was expected to believe what i was told.

      • It actually took them a lot of inventing history to be able to “prove” to people that evolution occurred, once they (satanists, including Darwin himself- funny he should believe in satan and therefore God while convincing others not to…) put the idea out they then had to prove the world was billions of years old (google young earth to see that the world is only 6-10 thousand years old), and once they did that, suddenly in the 1800s all these dinosaur bones began appearing out of no where!!! Funny that… Then when biologists challenged them on how it was possible that dinosaurs were able to move with their heavy structures, they the satanists and illuminati, had to invent ways that meant the earth had less gravity back in the day… Convienient huh, that the first creatures happen to be satans favourite – reptilians, himself a “dragon” (in images) that has also appeared as a snake and is convincing people demons are reptilian aliens …

        Don’t trust science that you can’t test yourself.

    • I pray you rethink evolution. Jesus Christ is REAL. The Holy Spirit literally moves in me and he is telling me he is coming soon. You won’t believe in evolution much longer. I pray you get on your knees and beg God to tell your spirit he is real. If you died today without giving your life to Jesus Christ you will regret it. I am not being a know it all..but am telling you, HE IS REAL. and the Holy Spirit has told me we are living in the last week of Daniel and the midpoint will not be far off. I pray you ask the Lord to speak to your spirit. Hell is not pretty.

    • dear, zarathuustra

      Its no coincidence that the LORDS creation outlined in the book of GENESIS basically follows Darwins “THEORY of EVOLUTION” . What confuses folk’s is the time line ,,,,,a DAY for GOD, could be million man years. Darwin’s theory follows the SEQUENCE of CREATION, spelled out in GENESIS. SCIENTIST’s are real good at not seeing the FOREST for all the TREES!

  10. if you already have a background in it why haven’t you looked into it for yourself. it seems unlikely that it would not have been explained to you at the time had you wanted to hear the response.

    look for yourself at the staggering amount of evidence. i suspect you have avoided doing so because you do not want to know. maybe it is easier to say “well i was only taught conclusions, seems like they were hiding something” thatn to actually find out the truth for yourself.

    • zarathustra

      There is no evidence. Only opinion. Anything that may have been found has more than one explanation for it. For example, they find 2 bones, one in one place, and another 30 feet away. From 2 bones, they make a theory that they belonged together, and reconstruct a person from it. In one case, one of the bones belonged to a pig.

  11. well done… very good and well researched example…

    people constructed all sorts of bizzare hybrid creatures out of bones during the victorian times. luckily science re-evaluates past theories constantly and corrected it’s errors.

    how many times has the creation story been re-considered? it was considered to be a myth and nothing more immediately by all thinking people. the rest chose not to think about it at all but to believe it without question.

    • zarathustra

      so if the basic idea of evolution was based on bizarre theories, how did science correct the errors?

      what is the new data, that confirms the data, based on the bizarre?

  12. the people who falsified skeleton’s weren’t scientists. it is only people like you looking for counter evidence to evolution who pretend that they were.

    • zarathustra

      you are not a scientist, are you?

      If you were, you would not be interested in this topic, because this is not a priority for scientists. There is no money in it. The only cones who care are a few anthropologist trying to keep their jobs, and people who do not believe in God.

      Scientists have more important things to work on than a dead topic. If you were to walk into a major scientific research center, you would not hear anyone discussing this. This is because we do not care……

      There is just no evidence for evolution. There are no links from one species to another. There are contrived records from long ago. It has become a quaint topic for the general public, and it is just entertainment for the masses.

      And as far as the skeletons go, scientists keep everything like that locked. Non staff are not allowed to walk in and fool with anything.

  13. I have dreams from God, so I know they are real. I know God loves me. 🙂

  14. Wow! You had some passionate dialog going on there. I related to the thought that when you have a dream or vision from God, you know it. You do NOT wonder if it was from God, you just know it. Many years ago, I had a dream/vision that I would see the coming of Christ. It was real to me. I anxiously await…

    Marianne. It would be good news. Yes?

  15. Whoops. Maybe you can edit. IT should have said you do NOT wonder if it was from God.

  16. Hi archie

    We know what you mean! 🙂

    Both comments are posted anyhow…..but if you want, I will edit the first one to make it right.

    Your dream sounds good to me ! 🙂

  17. i would have thought the human genome project, one of the largest and most expensive scientific projects of recent times (finished in 2003) would show that the bleeding edge of science is still very much interested in the new genetic theories developed from the theory of evolution. no one discusses it anymore in the same way that no-one discusses gravity anymore.

    the existence of gravity is a “a quaint topic for the general public” not given a moments thought by scientists because it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt.

    • zarathustra

      The human genome project is a very industrious one. Its main goal is the identification and mapping of all the human genes.

      Scientists of this generation “grew up” with evolution presented as fact. It was like being told that Santa was real. No one was actively investigating it to see if it was really true. I remember being just told it was true, and someone showed graphs and explained theories. This was “college” in 1968. This was also long before any ambitious projects. Today, Santa is still real, because he is accepted as real. It is not because people have challenged it, and found it true. Conclusions sometimes are just ascribed to evolution, just because it is in the lingo to say this.

      The human genome project really has nothing about it that proves evolution as the exclusive reason for content, or the way the genome is organized.

      We see similar patterns across all species for the same molecule. The gene for glucose, which is needed by all animal systems, is the same. There is a gene for hair, for all animals who have it. Of course, many animals have similar features, but also differences.

      What we find is that there is a “genome of life” that reflects a good template for all species. All organisms need to breathe, and eat, so that is provided. All organisms need to eliminate waste and toxins, so that is provided. All organisms need to produce and use energy, and the same molecule is involved.

      Interestingly, many of the same molecules that animals use to achieve basic functions are also used by plants. For example, both plants and animals need ATP for energy. Both plants and animals exhibit respiration. So, did we evolve from plants?

      There is a master template for all life, with a little variation for unique properties. And then there is selective gene expression for each organism. We get specialization not from evolution, but from selective gene expression, which is controlled by specific binding proteins.

  18. Zarathustra, from a scientific viewpoint, do you believe the eye on the earliest life came into being slowly, or completely operable all at once? DavWms

  19. zarathustra:
    Evolution is stupid, has no concepts and even less capability for aesthetics. The attempt to prove evolution as we see it, is circular thinking. We assume that evolution is correct, see that “different” animals share genes and conclude thereby that they developed from each other or have common ancestors. From the fossils this is even concluded from mere physical similarities.
    The gen pool is vast and the variations are endless. Just having a bigger beak does not create a new bird subspecies.
    A human being has roughly 3billion base pairs. Any idea how aimlessly changing them without a knowledge about how they work will lead to anything useful?
    Human products are attributed “intelligence” with far fewer attributes and no one doubts a designer. But a human being which is so complex that scientists still understand hardly anything at all is supposed to have come from an amebe?
    I see this behavior of evolutionists only as symptom of a desperately wicked heart.

  20. Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

  21. I believe that God *does* speak thru dreams! I think the powers that be (our wonderful government) know this and is attempting to interfere. There are many interesting “dream” type electornic products on the market today. Also, Steven Spielberg’s film company is called “Dreamworks”. Hmmm..

  22. Hi Marianne: When I first became a christain, I found myself listening to this one certain C.D. “Peace I Leave With You” this group no longer makes this C.D. and wouldn’t you know it…it was and is the most precious song ever!!! I found myself singing to it and crying to the music as i lifted my hands. I fell asleep…within moments i was in a deep sleep! I was in the presence of the Lord God!!!! I didn’t see him immediately, but i did see the buildings of Russia and China side by side as if bombs were hitting (debris was everywhere) yet the buildings were still intact, and some folks were running for dear life…i was just standing there hoping i could leave and i wondered how did i get here!!! Then i heard the voice of the Lord God say, “Are you ready to worship me more?”

    I said, “yes, yes!!”
    The Lord God said, “okay you may come back!”
    I then found myself in an environment similiar to Hawaii, a waterfall, yellow lilies all around, just a beautiful atmosphere….
    I believe Jesus was giving me a glimpse of what was to come in the near future..

  23. DavidLWilliams…

    These days the “Eye” question of intelligent design, just like it’s brother argument- Paley’s “Watchmaker” is only discussed as an excercise in highschool philosophy classes. No-one else gives it any thought for a very good reason. “unlikely” has no relation to “impossible”. in a universe as vast as ours- both in space and time it is actually likely that a structure like the eye will come about. aside from the probabalistic argument it has been shown to be possible through experimenation.

    i’ll leave you with some interesting quotes

    “…the odds against DNA assembling by chance are 1040,000 to one [according to Fred Hoyle, Evolution from Space,1981]. This is true, but highly misleading. DNA did not assemble purely by chance. It assembled by a combination of chance and the laws of physics. Without the laws of physics as we know them, life on earth as we know it would not have evolved in the short span of six billion years. The nuclear force was needed to bind protons and neutrons in the nuclei of atoms; electromagnetism was needed to keep atoms and molecules together; and gravity was needed to keep the resulting ingredients for life stuck to the surface of the earth.” –Victor J. Stenger

    “… rarity by itself shouldn’t necessarily be evidence of anything. When one is dealt a bridge hand of thirteen cards, the probability of being dealt that particular hand is less than one in 600 billion. Still, it would be absurd for someone to be dealt a hand, examine it carefully, calculate that the probability of getting it is less than one in 600 billion, and then conclude that he must not have been dealt that very hand because it is so very improbable.” –John Allen Paulos, Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and its Consequences

    “If things were different, things would not be the way things are.” –Bob Park

    “To explain the origin of the DNA/protein machine by invoking a supernatural Designer is to explain precisely nothing, for it leaves unexplained the origin of the Designer. You have to say something like ‘God was always there’, and if you allow yourself that kind of lazy way out, you might as well just say ‘DNA was always there’, or “Life was always there’, and be done with it.” –Richard Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker : Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe without Design

    “Most of the debate between creationists and evolutionary theories (of which I do not partake) lies in the following: creationists believe that the world comes from some form of design while evolutionary theorists see the world as a result of random changes by an aimless process. But it is hard to look at a computer or a car and consider them the result of aimless process. Yet they are.” –Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    more about the evolution of the eye in this: http://www.talkreason.org/articles/coulter1.cfm

    • zarathustra

      interesting…..life can come out of nowhere, by laws that come out of nowhere…..with materials that come out of nowhere.

      where did all the starting materials come from,?….and do not say….they were always there

      probability of life involves more than DNA sequences. The fact that they actually MEAN something defies the law of physics.

      BTW…what are you majoring in – in college?

  24. thats TRUE marianne! why hadn’t i thought of that!!!

    there must be SOMETHING which CREATED the things out of nothing.

    so that means there was nothing.. except for this thing which created… things… out of nothing.

    well that just doesn’t seem to make any sense. maybe if i imagine him to be some kind of kindly sky spirit who talks to me when i think really hard.

    or maybe you’ve never looked at any of the philisophical arguments for the existence of god and why none of them prove anything at all, just as science doesn’t prove anything at all.

    it is the limitations of our imagination which mean we fail to understand how things come from nothing. we can even observe (indirectly of course) things coming from nothing on the quantum scale.

    linguistically speaking, your deffinition of god in this case is “something which i cannot understand” which is fair enough. except when you somehow equate that with a kindly old man in the sky who talks to you in your head and tells you things.

    • zarathustra

      in other words, where did the something come from that you see now?

      do not say it was always there, because you cannot prove it.

      the old man in the sky has a son named Jesus. I have met him, so I know His Father is real too.

  25. Zaruth, thanx for replying. It was what i expected, tho. You have been reading and applying what you read as truth. But it is but a theory that has NO scientific foundations. Sure, there are mini-evolutions that we can see. But nothing like the claims you make about evolving from whatever.

    As you probably expect, I will now ask you how the eye was formed? Did a photosensitive cell evolve somewhere on the skin of an early life form? What advantage would that give it to survive over others? Did the life form have a brain already? If it did, how did the connection to the eye come about? How could a primitive brain understand what it “saw?” Oh, it must have all formed at one time, by an evolutionary leap. Of course.

    You are always able to lean on what scientists say, so you do not have to answer those impossible feats. That shifts the responsibility off yourself, doesn’t it? You may be comfortable now to lean on them, but you won’t find a place to lean one day, along with the scientists you prefer to believe now.

    You assume we have made up a God that gives us a fantasy that comforts us. But why do you suppose we put up with all that comes upon us, including the ridicule from the likes of you? True, there are many who blindly accept that there is a God. But under great persecution, they would fall by the wayside.

    But most of the people you find on this site have had actual experiences with God, and will take what comes our way. God usually only really proves Himself after we take a step of faith and accept the Gospel. Then is when He makes Himself known to us. That is why your arguments fail to convince us, for we actually know Him and are known by Him.

    Do you dare to take a chance and ask that IF there is a Supreme God, that He will make himself known to you?.. DavWms

    • HI david,

      Good explanation. Those that do not accept our answers also have none of their own. The difference in the answers is that we have experienced what we believe, and they act in unbelief, because of lack of experience.

  26. pfft lack of experience.

    i’m not a scientist so i’m not going to attempt to go into the photosensitive cell development question. it is wisest not to attempt to come to a conclusion without fully understanding the evidence- i suggest you might do the same. all i will say is that it is that given current evidence it is far from impossible. we have not even begun to understand the way the brain processes visual signals- in one famous experiment a blind man who had working eyes but who’s brain was damaged (he was unable to process the data) could still identify the emotion displayed by pictures of faces held up in front of him. he couldn’t say what sex they were or describe any of their features but he still received an emotion, this suggests that their is a separate channel for processing emotional stimuli in the brain.

    none of this is the heart of what you are arguing. what you are arguing is a right to personal experience of god.

    it is not the case that personal experience differs, that some experience god and some don’t. just as many unexplainable coincidences and numinous feelings of lying under the stars or wondering at the natural world have happened to me since i left the church. it is no the case that i “lost faith” or “decided god didn’t exist”. i simply shifted from the dialectic of faith into the more realistic dialectic of scepticism. if one person has a terrifying dream of the apocalypse and wakes up with their heart beating like a drum (as i have) they say, shit the worlds really getting to me, my primordial fear of death is throwing up some weird dreams- this is the mechanics of what is happening. another person says “god has sent me a dream of the apocalypse!” the mechanics of the situation are identical, the dream is still thrown up by their experience of the world and their primordial fear of death, they just choose to label it within their dialectic of faith- a dialectic which focus’s on superstition rather than description.

    we create the world through the way we experience it, our paradigm IS our reality, scepticism acknowledges this (hence creating the paradox that it’s own claims are baseless). the paradigm of faith distracts from examining the mechanics and instead palms everything off as “the will of god” “a message from god”.

    furthermore, when personal motives are examined it becomes clear that “faith” is literally the sword and shield of the believer.

    in every single case where the mechanics of faith are investigated it can be readily classified as a human activity with a useful earthly purpose. morality for instance, if morality is the “law of god written on mens hearts” which “even the gentiles follow by nature” it is only because this is a social norm. the “good” is that which is THE SAME and therefore provides unity for a community. it doesn’t matter what the moral laws are as long as everyones are the same. hence ancient greece got along just fine with “an eye for an eye” and “the warrior is the ideal”. those of faith may claim that it is the law of god, in this case either most others of the same religion are wrong (because their morality differs) abortion, contraception, stem cells, capital punishment etc. etc. provide numerous barriers to identical morality. or “god has a different moral code for every individual” the real meaning of this statement in the dialectic of scepticism is “everyones moral code is different”.

    just because you say “jesus gave me the strength to carry on” or “jesus guided me so i met a friend in need in a crowd of thousands” and i say “i got a sudden burst of strength” or “it was very lucky i met him in that crowd of thousands just as he needed me” doesn’t mean exactly the same thing didn’t happen. i just described it one way and you another. using this experience as evidence for the existence of god doesn’t make any sense. this way of describing events is only valid if you have previous proof of gods existence- hence validating your dialectic. this is impossible.

    aside from any of this, i usually find it a good idea to judge ideas by the people that hold them. i have met a huge number of incredibly boring, incredibly closed minded, racist, xenophobic, old fashioned, uncritical christians (this is the historical dialectic and one which the least adventurous are yet to break free from), and so far none who are sceptics.

    how many suicide bombers do you know of who blow themselves up the name of getting on with your life without irrational beliefs impinging on your freedom?

    scepticism is the progressive paradigm of philosophical and scientific investigation. the old paradigm of christian faith is dying out (except in less developed countries with little education) because it is archaic and no longer accurately describes human experience.

    “Those that do not accept our answers also have none of their own.”

    this is the fullest answer you are likely to find: no one knows what happens when we die, except that our bodies rot and our atoms are reabsorbed back into the melee of the universe. now get on with life free of the shackles of faith.

    • zarathustra

      You arguments are just based on unbelief. The unbelief has no proof.

      You have yet to prove that morality is dependent on biology, and not independent from it.

      You “experience” me. Do I exist, or am I something you have based on “faith?”

    • Dear zarathustra

      You just think you are SMARTER than GOD! ……and everyone else. Pray you WISE UP ……………The PROVERBS would be an excellent place to start.

  27. zarathustra,
    I pray that one day you will have cause to reach out to God, and call on Him for whatever it is you need. When He answers you, that is when you ‘ experience ‘ Him and then you will know He is real. Believe it or not, He does love you. I believe He is causing you to keep returning to this blog, and you are under much conviction to find real truth.
    It is never to late.

  28. Zaruth, as i read your post, I was thinking how to respond, but Marianne’s and Patty’s spoke well what I thot. What I sense you are thinking, is that when we speak of an experience with God, it means something that could have happened in the natural, aside from a God. But we are trying to tell you, these experiences go BEYOND the natural.

    Among us, we understand this, for we all have experienced the otherwise impossible. We have even heard the voice of God speaking to us with encouragement, or maybe instructions on how to handle a situation that is important. Can we prove this scientifically? No.

    You see, we each have our own relationship with God, and He therefore helps us and we can see His help. You cannot see this, as you have no relationship with Him. So all you are left with is to look from the outside in, and see what to you is scientifically impossible.

    If you are holding out for us to scientifically prove to you there is a God, it cannot be done by us. As i said in a previous post, He is the One who does the proving, but ONLY on His terms. He does not have to bow to you or any scientist to change His ways. But like anyone who has experienced the love of God first hand, we are anxious to see others also experience His Love. That is why we don’t just blow you off.

    Like a man once said, “I am a fool for God. Whose fool are you?” This means yes, one who has taken a stand against God may likely feel too foolish to later repent. I know, for I rebelled and became an atheist for 7 years long ago, and did my best to lead anyone away from their “fantasy.” But He came after me and I could no longer deny Him. He did this in a way that could not have been by natural means, and I am forever grateful. DavWms

  29. all of these answers can be deconstructed and described using the concepts explained in my post. it is unnecessary for me to attempt to provide answers to these questions as they are self explanatory. i will attempt to elaborate however, perhaps sheer volume of language might wash over you and leave a stain of my argument behind.

    you are unwittingly trapped within the paradigm of belief, to the point where metaphorical language has taken on a strong, literal emotional significance. i am perhaps equally trapped within the paradigm of scepticism. my paradigm however acknowledges it’s limitations including the fact that it is a form of entrapment- paradoxically freeing me of it’s shackles by describing them.

    i only come back to this forum to see if the gradual change from the old paradigm of faith into the new one of the modern or post-modern (altermodern- whatever you want to call it) can be effected by exposing people in a very isolated, self referential group to the language and conceptual thought of the outside world.

    do you wonder why these posts often draw the attention of people who struggle with basic spelling and grammar? why (in my experience at least) a huge proportion of church attendees are the less educated or those desperately in need of social support. it is because the free thinkers, the liberated intellectuals of recent generations are no longer trapped within the medieval mindset of christianity. the church remains only as a social institution- a meeting place for ageing friends and nothing more in most communities.

    if you really examine, honestly, the circumstances in which “god came after you” David you will find there are sufficient observable reasons for the experience based in natural means to make the involvement of the concept “god” unnecessary.

    the same literal thing will have happened whether or not you call it “god”. you say “god came and found me”, i say “fear of death caught up with you and convinced you to delude yourself that you’re not going to die”. because these are describing the same event, they are synonymous.

    • zarathustra

      It might help discussion if you get off your pedantic pedestal of self -exaltation, and quit the psycho-babble, regurgitating, with the help of copy and paste functions, the opinions of men, who think they are gods.

      Your self-analysis leads to self-absorption, and selfish thinking, rather that universal thinking.

      There are educated, and less educated, people in both camps – religious and godless. The liberal Obama only got into office because of uneducated people who could be brainwashed.

      I have been in liberal universities for 30 years. Liberal they are. Intelligent and open-minded, they may not be. I have spent most of time at one of the most prestigious universities in America, and they are the nastiest, most narrow-minded, most unethical, stupid people I know. I have had to do the jobs of others because they were too stupid, and did not know how. They had lofty credentials from 30 years ago, that they just use for status. They stopped thinking when they left graduate school. All they did was make mistakes, and I spent all my time correcting them.

      Some may be ok, but they are in the growing minority. What is important in the university setting is status, and getting credit for accomplishments, whether the accomplishments are truly theirs or not. Lying is ok if it gets you what you want. Many are so snotty and stupid, they are intolerable, and hatred for human rights abounds. They will champion the terrorist and condemn the victim, because they want to show how open minded they are to the terrorists, and gain their approval.

      Universities should only be for teaching facts. Human opinions are morally bankrupt, unethical, and narrow minded, and should be eliminated from the campus setting.

  30. zarthustra,
    I only graduated from highschool, but I have had to deal with many things in life.
    One thing I learned in elementary school was to capatalize the first letter of every sentence. I am glad our education does not matter to God. I am not afraid to die, and welcome being with my loved ones who have gone before me. I know David feels the same.

  31. the non capitalization is a tip of the hat to ee cummings.

    human opinions are morally bankrupt? interesting. i see you are implying by this that your opinions are more than human?

    you are only hiding your egoism with sentiments like ‘i will not boast in anything but in the lord” seeing as you act as a mouthpiece for “the lords” will.

    i haven’t used a single copy and paste or even read anything else for reference while writing these posts- other than a few lengthy quotes taken as a whole and presented separately to any of my argument. i don’t think you understand what psycho-babble is if you are labeling my posts as such; the above is phenomenology and critical theory.

    Where are you going to be when you die then? And in what sense will your loved ones be there? Describe to me what heaven will be like? In what sense will it reflect life? Won’t it be incredibly boring to exist for an eternity as a consciousness which cannot interact in a meaningful way?

    • zarathustra

      Yes, human opinion is morally bankrupt, for the most part in universities, so it should not be taught as “fact.”

      No, as a human, my opinions are not more than human.

      But I do acknowledge the opinions of God, which you don’t.

      So, to deny the opinions – perfect will – of God is egotism.

  32. Zaruth, to slightly switch off the thrust of another’s comment is not answering. This is a habit you have developed to help you think the way you do, and not have to truly consider the others’ opinions. I know you won’t agree that you do this, but you do. Over and over. No one, no matter how many times they point it out, will convince you that you do this. I write books on this subject, of how we develop self-protection methods of getting thru life as children. And most never go back to discover why we really think the way we do.

    This eventually becomes our set personality, and unfortunately, it is based on what demons helped you adapt to while you were but a child with no wisdom to know waht was really guiding you. I know you don’t believe in demons or angels, so to argue with you on this would be futile.

    Yes Zaruth when i said God came after me, it could easily be explained away by you, an unbeliever. But I knew the circumstances I was going thru, and when two angels came to me to help, I was personally involved and know what I know is true. You may find yourself up against a wall here, because we know that we know God is God, and He loves us. DavWms

  33. utter, utter, nonsense.

    i hope you can see the irony in your accusations of questino dodging given your complete failure to engage with any of my questions regarding the opposing paradigms of faith and scepticism and their respective descriptions (or non descriptions) of the world.

    instead turning to proclamations of faith and the power of the “supernatural” and “science defying” nature of god.

    i’m not talking about scientific proof, i’m talking about phenomenological proof. please attempt to engage with the questions i raised in my post starting- “pfft lack of experience”. you cannot ground your faith in the truth of these experiences in biblical evidence because your biblical evidence is dependent on the experience. what is your independent reason for believing in either of them?

    • zarathustra

      You have dodged questions I have asked.

      for example:
      do you believe I exist, and how do you know I do, if you believe that?

      theory or opinion is not fact. At least experience is a fact.

      Phenomenal proof has existed for many. All you have is empty words.

  34. zarathustra
    Since you do not believe in God, or believe His Word, you will not even understand this. I am not arguing with you, because God tells me not to.
    Faith is believing in things you cannot see. You will never understand this, unless you KNOW God.
    Hebrews 11
    1NOW FAITH is the assurance of the things hoped for, being the proof of things we do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].

    Your intellegence and education in science will get you no where with God.
    You asked where will I go when I die. I will go to heaven to see my Lord face to face, and I will see my loved ones who have gone before me. We will know each other and I will know even brothers and sisters in Christ I have never met before, as Marianne and David. It is so beautiful there, we cannot retain it all in our minds now.
    The opposite is hell. People will go there who have not believed in God and don’t KNOW Him and have not received His son, Jesus. People who go there will burn forever and forever.
    I hope to see you in heaven.
    I pray God’s mercy for you.


  35. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  36. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  37. Many of you are very smart to be skeptical of theories and Zarathustra may have not been the best one to be defending evolution given his lack of ability to himself understand and explain the causal mechanisms and evidence that justifies evolution. For those that simply don’t want to hear the words of an atheist such as myself, I would highly recommend these websites:
    The ASA is the American Scientific Affiliation: A Fellowship of Christians in Science
    I figure that it would be most suitable for those of you who are of the faith to hear the evidence and why it makes so much sense from those who share in your beliefs but are also able to reconcile these beliefs with the evidence at hand. These are some truly intelligent scientists who have done enough work and studying to see the irrefutable evidence that supports evolution.

    The evidence for a 4.5 billion year old earth is very highly supported by radiometric isochron dating, which contrary to many creationist claims, does not have many inaccuracies or flaws with it. In fact, the ASA has an article specifically addressing this issue. Not to mention that these dating techniques have been confirmed to be accurate with many other methods that all match, such as fission track dating and thermoluminescence dating. Any analysis of possible errors of any single dating technique may be possible, but they all use different mechanisms for dating and still correlate with each other. Radiometric dating combined with laws of geology allow us to date fossils themselves. Even without this one must still explain the law of faunal succession. This law means that all the fossils of life we find appear in an order from the bottom up. This means that we never find human fossils in the same layers of the earth’s crust as dinosaurs. Homosapien fossils appear at a very specific time. In fact, all animals have specific layers and therefore corresponding radiometrically dated times in which they first appear. Many species that are now extinct, such as dinosaurs, all show an ending time to and above that layer all around the earth, we are unable to find any dinosaurs. Evolution could be extremely easily disproven if we were to find, for just one of many many many examples, a rabbit early on around the Cambrian period. The problem is that we don’t and not only this but all the fossils in their given order go from less complex to more complex and we can even see and explain most of the changes that occur during these time periods. Evolution is known in the scientific community as a proven fact (including many Christians and scientists of all different kinds of religions) but only a small few deny this proven fact and these people’s mistakes are revealed commonly by those with even a basic understanding of evolution. A few examples are the many video series on youtube:

    Note that each of these links leads to a different series and many of them debunk all the myths that many creationists claim to be the undoing of evolution yet none of them that I have ever seen directly address the law of faunal succession because that is the most irrefutable part of evolution.

    Now on to the questions of God. I call myself an atheist but I don’t completely reject the possibility of God, so I would call myself more of a weak atheist. I do, however, reject the majority’s idea of God for many reasons. If God made all of this for us, then why did he create so much extra stuff? Including extra stuff which is terribly negative and could possibly destroy all of life on the earth in the blink of an eye, just some of which are asteroids, black holes, gamma ray bursts, and increased solar activity. This is not to mention that we know stars all die out eventually in a relatively rapid expansion that would burn our earth up as the sun becomes a red giant. It would then collapse and eventually become a black hole, sucking everything in our solar system and beyond inside of it tear all matter apart. Why would God interact with us so much according to the bible and most religious doctrines and then suddenly he disappears and it suddenly becomes extremely indeterminable whether or not he is performing miracles? I know that many of you might say, well God does perform miracles all the time, but I am talking about all the direct interaction he did way back when, like killing people and splitting apart rivers. The other problem is that most ideas of God are of a supreme perfect being who is infallible. There are many issues with this (as there always are with claiming an absolute) such as the commonly known paradoxes like whether or not God could make a rock so big that he could not lift it. This is not a simple question that can be answered by saying God does not play by our rules, but it is a paradox that is intrinsically linked with claiming perfection and omniscience and that there exists a being who can do absolutely anything.

    Not only that but truly taking a look at what science really can prove to us, it seems that we find a world bordering upon astronomically huge and incomprehensible numbers no matter which direction we look. We look deeper into what makes matter itself and we find atoms and even those atoms are made of even tinier particles that behave the laws of quantum mechanics. An average grain of salt that weighs only 0.0000585 grams has 1,200,000,000,000,000,000 molecules of NaCl. Btw that is pronounced 1 quintillion, 200 quadrillion molecules. This is a large amount! And to think that each molecule of NaCl has a combined 28 protons and 30 neutrons and also many electrons. Each proton and neutron is made up of a number of quarks as well. This is so large that our brains cannot understand these numbers and truly have a grasp on their meaning.

    This is already devastatingly complicated and seems not like the work of a God, but the work of some random pool of particles that behave in certain ways. Yet we can then look in the other direction at the rest of our universe. Let’s take our solar system with 9 planets. We know there are about 400,000,000,000 stars in just our galaxy. This means around 3,600,000,000,000 planets in our galaxy. Then multiply that by the estimated 125,000,000,000 galaxies in our universe and we get around 450,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in our universe. Considering just the number of atoms in our earth (which by the way is extremely insignificant given that our sun contains around 99.9% of our solar systems mass) is about 133,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms. Wow, so multiply that by the number of planets and you get a universe teeming with way way more than 59,850,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms all moving around randomly and smashing into one another behaving with the laws of physics. For some reason everywhere we look, all we see are astronomically huge numbers which are incomprehensible by our standards. This is because we are likely to be nothing in an abyss of huge numbers. Why would there be a God who is specifically looking at just us when we are obviously not the main attraction?

    • You are chasing the Wind, Everything is Worthless….
      Before all that Jesus and God did for me, I had Earthly wisdom and almost had the same exact outcome of Soloman in Eclestestes until I realized its beyond our conception. Which eventually lead me to getting saved about 10 years after that long and hard Damascus road. Jesus is great !

      I have one question to unravel all of you philosophers out there. What created the first particle that created the big bang theory? Then you have to assume even if that is answered that it did not randomly generate Chaos, but life and existence that is so complex after all of you geniuses have thought it over for tons of wasted time we still have yet to understand how the brain truly works. Why try to prove something not beneficial to mankind? Why not cure aids or teach us how to stimulate and use the rest of our brains?

      If you don’t believe then simply don’t believe and don’t feel you have to defend unbelief with such indignity. We who know Christ will falter at times, but anyone who truly knows god will not fall for dogma! GO JESUS!

      This is beyond our conception anyway, no matter how big you THINK your brain is, its relatively small. Foolish is the word of the day.

      • Well said

      • I know this is an older post, but I am wondering how you feel about the Pope saying the “big bang” theory is correct. This pope is saying there is truth in the science of evolution. Or at least that’s what I got from his speech. I have always felt that there is something bigger then us out there, but I believe in evolution. Now if we came from monkeys I don’t know. But who are we to say that God did help with natural evolution. I myself have had two dreams with are still making me scratch my head. The first I was looking through someone’s eyes not sure who talking to people I didn’t know about God and Jesus. This person would walk up to people and either say “my children the time has come for you to put your faith in God to work to save this beautiful world” or would go up to people and say “what do you know and believe about our Lord God?” This person was being followed by some man trying to get in the way. At one point this person was talking to a family and this man came in and did something to hurt them. I remember hearing God grant me the strength to defend and protect this family. A bright white light started to shine and surround the family and I woke up. The second was last night. I have no idea where I was but it was the end of the world. The earth was cracking open and “swallowing” people. I knew some of the people around but not all of them. Some I just knew their faces and names but not how we met. I remember yelling at God because I wasn’t with my son I remember saying why would you do this why would you make this happen while I couldn’t comfort him and tell him it was going to be ok. I remember yelling and saying if you are so loving and forgiving why are you robbing children of a chance to grow and change the world. I remember being angry but not scared. I remember looking up and crying and saying over and over please let me go to my son. Then in remember seeing someone standing in front of me more of a lighted fog and the last thing I heard is come and he will tell you. Then I woke up. As I type this last one for some reason it makes me cry. Maybe because it makes me feel like I couldn’t protect my son. When I woke up I was crying and confused. More confused as to why I would have those two dreams. It seems weird to have a dream about helping people and preparing them for something and then to dream of the end.

        • amanda

          1. evolution denies the existence of god so prepares a substitute for creation. I am a scientist and I can tell you there is no PROOF for it. nature does not create itself. and when changes occur in nature, it is random and chaotic. people started out calling this a theory, then liked it so much they changed it to a law, but never with any real proof. an all powerful creator does not have to let nature “help” him.

          2. the end really is coming. we have to realize that we are only here on earth, in any generation, to live for god, and then die, to be with him. the bible accurately predicted that man would go bad and ruin this earth and become corrupt, which is what we see now. at that point, god has to do something…..so he will have to punish the wicked to save the just….and he will also have to overhaul this polluted earth, ruined and destroyed by man….we look around and see massive deaths of animals in the land and sea….this is because of man’s evil ways, polluting and killing nature.

          so we have to prepare for the moment when god removes his people so he can destroy the wicked and renew the earth for his glory. we either choose to be on his side or turn against him. there is no middle road.

          so your first dream is to encourage you to make your decision clear….choose god, believe him and obey him…..or do not do this.

          3. the second dream is a warning to let you know you are “not there yet.” you need to seek god and make him first in your life. and you need to do this not only for yourself, but for your son. he will be affected by your choice. you can choose deliverance and holiness, or destruction.

          if your son is destroyed (physically, dies) it will be because your did not protect him with your prayers and holy life. it will not be because god did not care about him.

          this shows that we are responsible for those around us. while your son may go to heaven if he is young and innocent enough, he may still suffer because of something lacking inside of YOU.

          do not blame his fate on god…it will be your decision.

          the earth really will crack up, and swallow people. the north american continent will be ripped in half, when god’s wrath comes upon america for what it has done to god, and to israel. and you are right on the line where it will split. (do not feel alone, I am in a bad spot myself)

          the western world was given the gospel to spread, and it has failed.
          this includes the americas, europe, etc

          so it will be brought down and the eastern world will dominate for a season before it also is destroyed.

          we see this rise of islam as proof of this….the west is falling now. it may or may not make it past 2015.

          i am not sure where you stand with god now, you seem to have some connection with him, but you need to strengthen it and pass this faith to your innocent son.

          pray the psalms. and I will send you some prayers to strengthen yourself. also look inside of you and check for an unrepented sin, and renounce it. then put yourself and your son in god’s hands. ask for god’s protection daily.

  38. And btw about the whole eye evolution thing. The benefit of sensing basic light is that it might know when a predator moves in front of it, or it might help with a basic sense of direction. The point of evolution is not that the creature’s mutations need to be really useful, but just more useful than the other creatures it competes with and in this sense, being able to sense light is a vast advantage over not being able to sense light at all. After this, perhaps a simple concave (or “cupped in”) light sensing ability would’ve allowed the organism to directly sense light sources themselves and this would have in turn been a great advantage over the previous organisms that could not do this. It is more thoroughly explained here http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/library/01/1/l_011_01.html
    Also, it should be noted that a brain is not necessary to have mechanisms. We have central brains and consciousness and such but early simple organisms worked off more basic mechanical operations. For example, look at a Rube Goldberg machine. These take a simple beginning operation that sets in series a complex system of mechanical operations which cause something else to happen. Perhaps if a predator gives off light, this very early single light sensing cell might mechanically cause the cell to propel itself backwards, rather than sending it back to a brain which then tells the creature it should go backwards. This would arise through even earlier evolutions that helped allow motion. This could easily be explained as a benefit because cells with motion are able to move all over the place and therefore populate and split in many numerous places where there are fewer cells to compete with for splitting space. In a densely populated area, cells would require more energy to push against their neighboring cells to split. But given that these cells were able to split and self replicated, the exponential effect would be great and life would spread very fast and would accelerate and spread all over the earth.

    • HI Kevin,

      I am a biochemist so I appreciate your desire to consider science and what it has to offer.

      Some things are really speculative in science, and other things are proven.

      First, it depends on where you “dig.” There are some areas where you see strata in one order. There are other strata where you do see trees standing upright through several strata, indicating a rapid burial within multiple layers that were all laid down at the same time.

      They have found human foot prints with dinosaur footprints, which makes them contemporaries.

      Dating methods have no way to be proven as accurate as billions of years. In science, we need controls to compare data with.

      For example, if I were to try to measure an unknown sample for a protein, I would first establish a standard curve with material that is that protein, and use different dilutions of that protein to establish the curve, and how that protein would act at different concentrations. I would also use an antibody against that protein and special dyes that react with that protein to further identify it. Whatever I do to the sample is also done in the standard curve, so they can be compared. Then when I measure the unknown sample, I can not only tell if the protein is there, but also how much of it is there. The secret is to have a good known control to compare it with.

      In dating methods for billions of years, there is no standard for comparison. There is no way to establish what carbon would be given off over time, because no one has ever been alive that long to collect the data to put into a curve. All we know is how carbon dated material behaves within the period of man’s current lifetime.

      We do not know, if we were to live billions of years and collect that data, if the curve would be linear, exponential, polynomial, etc. So what scientists do is ASSUME the line is linear, which is definitely an assumption, and then extrapolate off the curve. This is the best they can do.

      There is other data in science that indicates that materials and time itself is NOT linear. Einstein explored this with his theory of relativity, and this theory gained momentum with the Philadelphia experiment, where they established time travel. They overcame time, because time is non-linear.

      The complexity of the universe and “creation” only indicates a magnificent order to things, which would not be expected if it was randomly assembled over a long time.

      This is food for thought.

      • To me, Earth is older than we can “imagine”. In a literal sense. (We are not really able to “imagine” Millions of years, aren’t we?). The more we step backwards in natural history, the less we do really “know”, that’s for sure. But it seems quite obvious to me that humans are the result of a very long process of life. Life flows. Life means change.
        Those things do not happen instantly.
        So, YES, I think that the Theory of Evolution is quite a good model to “explain” the circumstances how life went on and on.
        And, in my opinion, this has nothing to do with the existence of God. Atheists might use Darwin’s theory for their arguments, but I cannot really agree to that.

  39. There are many different readings of what Genesis was really telling us. Many Hebrew scholars questioned where it says, “The earth was without form and void.” They understood that the word, “was” could just as well been, “became.” Isaiah 45;18 tells us that the world was not created a chaos.

    We could let this pass over us lightly, if not for some following criteria. Why, if the world was created for inhabitants, was there a need for a Garden in its midst? And why was Adam to be a watchguard over the Garden? (A better translation than a “keeper.” Were there already people outside the Garden that Adam was supposed to keep out? Was there a preadamic race ruled by satan, that one day Adam and Eve were to go out and subdue? If not, then just who was it that Cain was afraid of over in Nod, that might kill him when he was sent there? Why was the word, “fill” the earth used, when it is better translated, “refill” the earth?

    There are many questions we do not have the answers to, and they are all the more confusing as we dig up the remains of “people: buried thousands of years before we assume the Garden was formed. Just when did Jesus see satan cast to the earth as lightning? Pre-Adam, of post-Adam?

  40. BTW, Kevin. Your response to my “eye” thing failed to answer how the info the light sensitive cell “saw’ got to the brain. Your theory demands that the cell had a way of understanding and sending the info already in place. How could that evolve? DavWms

  41. Hi Marianne

    What happens when a person has the same dream again and again? I will share my dream with you. I have had this dream on average about 7 or 8 times a year for 3years! My husband has a brother who I avoid. He is very much into witchcraft and has meany books on the subject, he is very intelligent, and high up in social circles. Him and my husband have businesses together. He is very authorative and even my husband knows that is uncomfortable to be around him and the only word to describe him is creepy. I am quite nervous around him. I constantly dream that him and I am kissing, I always dream that as soon as my husband leaves our presence we kiss and that I betray my husband. My husbands brother is already married and I don’t think of him in a romantic way at all. He has a house on our property because of a business situation and him and his wife only sleeps there sometimes, they have other houses where they stay. They also have cursed objects in their house on our property. Do you think it is through their witchcraft that I have these dreams?Or is God trying to warn me?
    It is getting rediculous.

    Kind Regards,lona

  42. age 20, I had asked God to help me comprehend what Jesus really did for us. Being raised Baptist, I had become desensitized to the story of the crucifixion. Soon after I prayed this, I went to bed one night and I had an incredible “dream”/ “experience” not sure what to name it , but it was as real as I am sitting here typing this.

    I found myself at the site of the crucifixion, although at first I didnt know where I was or how I got there…. I remember vividly, looking down at what I was wearing and trying to figure out where I was, again, this was so real…all my senses were aware of my surroundings, the sounds, colors, the cold and the rain….I remember the clouds above and how they looked like an impending storm coming….I looked in front of me and saw this man laying on the ground but he was on wood. Then these men came over with the biggest nail I have ever seen and they took this nail and hammered it into his wrist (as a Baptist, we were told that the nails were in his hands and I had always thought they placed him on the cross already upright…this experience was different then what I had known)

    At this point I still didn’t “know” who this man was or why they were doing this to him ( I now understand that God was giving me a different point of view..seeing Jesus as a man first). I remember that once the nail went into his wrist the blood shot straight up into the air and all I could think of is stopping the bleeding. I ran over to the man laying on the ground and with the clothing I had on I used it to apply pressure so as to stop the bleeding…the man turned his head to look at me and when I saw his eyes I knew who he was!!! I will NEVER forget that moment, that experience, what ever it was. He told me that I needed to let him die and that every ounce of blood counted. He was gentle yet firm in his asking me to let him die. He was beautiful! His eyes are piercing, as if they see right thru to your very soul! I was devastated to walk away but I knew I had to obey Him. And then I woke up. (I am now 42 years old and remember it clearly to this day)

  43. hi lyndsey

    Your dreams reminds me of one I had. I wrote about it here –

    Click to access lions_bride_v3.pdf

    search for “road” at the top – there is a dream about Jesus on the side of the road before the crucifixion. You should end up on page 167.

    • Read that on page 167, beautifully written 🙂

      I noticed on page 173 you wrote about the Lion of Judah who protects you and that you are his possession. This reminded me of the dream I had of the Lion that walked up my driveway and leaped upon the roof of my car! Remember that one! 😉

      When I woke up I was wondering what that was all about…”it seemed so real” and then I heard “the lion of judah”.

      I am still awestruck 😉

  44. I think most of my dreams are of natural origin. I’ve had a handful in my life though that were from God and they were very vivid and I can still remember the details to this day. I’ve had quite a few that were warning dreams. For example, last september I dreamed that I was driving through a town in a severe thunderstorm and saw a tornado forming in a field next to me. In the dream, I got out of my car and ran up behind a building for shelter. A few days later, I had gone out of town and that is exactly what happened. I had to jump out of my car and run up behind a building for protection. The funnnel went right over me. I feel the dream saved my life. If I had remained in my car on the road, I would have been blown off the road and probably injured or killed.

  45. I had a God dream in 2007 about something he has planned for my future that has yet come to pass. He then confirmed it for 2 yrs after having the dream. I experienced that feeling of God’s presence and awe for months afterward. The dream is still as vivid now as it was then. Since then, I have suffered intense doubts and attacks on the authenticity of what I felt God communicating to me. I feel like something is trying to “kill” it. Sometimes I just want to forget the whole vision and go back to the way it was before I had it. At least I wouldn’t be wrestling with these vicious doubts. Is this normal to experience this after having a God dream or vision? It also complies with scripture.

    • hi stacey

      When God gives us a dream, it may be about one specific thing. He may not show every event that supports the event, or opposes it. If He showed you something, then just believe in it.

      If you have ever discussed this out loud with anyone, especially, then the “enemy” has heard the discussion as well, and is fighting against it.

      Even Jesus was opposed by the enemy. Do not let opposition create doubts. In a way, opposition is a confirmation that you are on the right track. With a divine assignment, there will also be something upholding it as well.

      For example, the attack “almost” worked, or somehow, you got through it, and you learned something from the attack. The learning process is also important for our readiness to be involved in whatever God has planned for us.

      In my case, I was told I was “speak” the word to many, and would “travel” to the uttermost parts of the earth. I would speak as a spiritual woman, not a natural woman.

      So, for the next 10 years, I was attacked, hated, lied about, slandered, rejected, emotionally harmed in every way possible, and left almost poverty stricken, so that I could not possibly afford to travel anywhere. The attack made me wonder, how could I reach anyone, if no one even respects me? But all that was preparing me for what I do now.

      I did not know then that I would have a teaching and counseling website that would reach millions around the globe. I never knew then that the travel would be over the internet, although other physical travel might also occur.

      So, the attacks are necessary. They put you through the fire of testing. You have to see the evil in the world, as personal, or you cannot explain well the divine that overcomes it.

  46. Do we commit sin in a dream? As I think that dream is artificial..if we commit sin in a dream, then what is the main reason? Thanks.

    • dear Perfectionist Gal 🙂

      Normally, our dreams are a collection of impressions, thoughts or concerns about our daily lives and problems. Our minds try to solve these problems in our dreams.

      Most of the time, it is to remove confusion from our minds, so that we can think better when we wake up. This can result in dreams which seem to be strange or confusing, but, in fact, they are helpful to us. It is like taking out the garbage, to remove it from your house.

      The idea of sin in a dream may just be telling you that you see that sin as a problem, or to warn you about it, so you will not do it. We all have temptations to sin. That is part of our fallen nature.

      But to dream about sin is not a sin. Your mind may be showing you that you are being tempted to do something wrong.

      That way you have a warning, and will not do it. Or, if you enjoyed the sin in a dream, then you need to realize that this sin is a weakness for you, and you should pray about it. Ask god to help you be strong and good in that area.

  47. great blog, by reading this site divine vs natural dreams i’m reminded of the gift of interpitation of my dreams that god has blessed me with past an present…..but i do have a question how do you know that it is god that spoke too you and not the enemy(satan..?

    • dear Eyes of God 4u

      I thought I had addressed that issue in the post. But Satan goes against God’s will that is written in the Word, and God sticks to his Word.

      For example, if a dream tells you that someone who is already married is to be your spouse, then that is not of God, since God does not approve of adultery.

      Remember, most dreams just come from the human mind, so consider that also.

      A dream from God is memorable, and offers a positive solution, unless it is a warning of trouble to come. If the trouble comes, then it is a confirmation.

      The final advice here is to have the Holy Spirit guide you in prayer, as you seek an interpretation.

  48. thanks marianne,,i got that and understand that in your blog but what i am getting at is i have been spoken to by who i believe is god in my waking hours on about or 4 different occasions in my life and if you could write a blog on that how an why god speaks to us ???i hope i am sounding of sound mind to you ,,lollol

  49. I like the part where he let you see the chapter the verse or verse’s.in the dream.Plus,show me who is my enemie the individual.Marianne email me back when you get time.Jesus is the one for anyone.GP

  50. I forgot he can warn you in any dreams.Let you know who’s getting ready to have a baby.All we have to do is ASK.GP

  51. Wow, there’s a wonderful gift we have from God it’s called intelligence with rational thought, no one seems to use it much these days. They divide themselves up into opposing groups – the atheists (intellectual cowards such as Dawkins, Hitchens, Hawking et al). the agnostics (evolutionists who need scientific proof of God) & the Creationists (non-rational scripture-based apologetics).

    Good people of Planet Earth, cast aside your bias on any subject & research it from ALL available material modern & ancient manuscripts with an open mind. Rise above the dogma & doctrine of religion, let go of consipracy theories – free yourself from any previous held beliefs about anything & when you are an empty vessel – the Spirit will pour as much truth as you can handle into your uncluttered mind. I still seek information on higher knowledge but have a solid base to work from inspired by both dreams/visions & solid research on a wide variety of subjects.

    It’s pointless listing anything I’ve learned here because each person needs to seek the truth within – even if God himself became incarnate & told you how it was – you would not believe Him because your minds are closed to all possible possibilities.

    The only Clue I can offer is to stop thinking like an earth-bound human stifled by the elementary sciences of today & the diluted truths in teachings of the modern religions – you need to rise above yourself & put more effort into expansion of the self-limiting framework you are content to run your lives by. Everyone posted here has a piece of the answer – the Truth always lies at the median point of extreme views. God is everything because he is NO-Thing. “Can We do it ? – Yes We Can” [that’s Bob the Builder not the other guy]. May your Inner Light guide you to Truth, the Greater Reality & back to your real Home. God Speed !!

  52. Well as God said he is going to make everything anew and the old earth and heaven is going to pass away. So how does that fit in with Christian orthodox belief that everything must fit with the bible? It doesn’t. If everything fits with the bible then it is not anew is it? Christ also predicted that there would be new treasure. However, most Christians haven’t found the old treasure let along the new treasure because the books were sealed up to the end of days for divine purpose. It takes a prophet to understand a prophet.

  53. Dreams can be very powerful and it takes time for ordinary people to come to understand the difference between a divine message and a dream given for your own healing process. Some impressions are divine, some comes from the sub-conscious. It it very important to know the difference. There is an art to dream analysis and Joseph was very good at it. I like the lucid dreams of the techinicolor epics when I am consciously aware of what I am experiencing and the reason why.

    Sometimes our heavenly Father takes you back in time in history to witness the truth instead of humanities version of it. Like the time when he took me to see who gave the order for the Jewish people to be murdered when the second temple was destroyed. Terrible thing when the orthodox will murder their own people due to their belief systems. Of course the Romans got the blame because they carried out the order of the Jewish priests. A few weeks after I lived it, there was a press release sent out on the ancient passage out of Jerusalem where the priests escaped while the people were being killed. Hence, why their precious temple was destroyed. God was not happy with them. A can’t call it a dream because it was a living film experience and I wasn’t watching it, I was in it and part of it. I saw what happened to the people.

    If they build another temple in Jerusalem that will come down on their heads as well.

  54. Had a dream where the democrats won and Obama served another term….that is more like a NIGHTMARE!

    • lyndsey

      You may not be too far off in your dream. I expect republicans to make some gains in these next 2 years…but remember, we are on a sinking ship. The people have lost their moral conscience. For example, why is ANYONE still voting democrat? Because their mind is fixed, and they are too blind to see the truth of what is going on. This blindness will not go away.

      • we need to get out our life jackets!! I see a glacier ahead…

      • Marianne that’s funny – your comments exactly describe the trouble I have with the Christian Church

        • well, if you are a true christian, you WILL have problems with many christian churches now. Many have gone pure haywire.

          • If you mean “True Christian” as in follower of the original teachings of Christ (Gnosis) before the Church got hold of them (over 600 books) & published a selected account of 27 books to bind souls to an external deity & play intermediatry taskmaster between the God of Light & our Inner Christ, then yes ma’am I’m a Christ Child.

            In a conversation with God (vision some years ago) He told me ALL the Churches had failed , that they were all unfaithful to God & although they could point the way to salvation they will never set you free. Only the Truth through Christ can do that.
            Also that the Wrath of God is coming soon.

            • hi Ariel

              I can agree with that. And yes, I meant the original teachings.

              So far, every church I have been in has failed. I am willing to accept that there may be some churches left somewhere that are completely true to Christ, but there is no way for me to know this, unless I visit them. Only God would be able to do this, not me.

  55. In my experience, dreams come from the flesh (the brain), from the Lord or from the devil. The Lord has given me many dreams over the years and some of them have come true.

    This is a journal that I have been writing since 2003; it has some very interesting dreams that the Lord has given to me:

    “Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006” (Part I)


    (I have more of my journal on my blog)

  56. I had a dream a few weeks ago and I and 2 friends have been trying to figure out the meaning. It was very clear. viking type crusaders on brown horses pointed east. they were in armor, as their horses were dressed also. 1 group was in red and the banners on the horses were red and a big white cross , the other group was a brilliant yellow and blue(not navy blue). the colors, red, and blue and yellow were intermingled . their horses were like rearing and in “ready to go” mode. the tents were in the background, there was no mountains, just soily tanish looking fields, with sparse grass about. I saw no water. The six kings perhaps? but was an answer which may be. but the colors stand out, and the horses, who did have unicorn type metal horns on their armored faces.. this is very strange . I know it is very symbolic and has something to do with this future situation. God does warn us . I know lucifer comes through dreams most of the time, or at least he tries, and is trying harder now these days. Angel, we need help on this from your opinion. I have gone to Jesus’s words, and He has told me the horses are tanks,weapons of sorts. And I feel the colors are the flags are of that nation. their will be wars and runors of wars.

    • hi Beth

      The horses and colors remind me of rev 9: 17. These are the horses that will bring plagues to the earth via the 200 million man army..

      And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses [were] as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone.

      They are in position now…..to be released in the near future.

      color of brimstone (sulfur) when heated – yellow, red, blue,


      My personal impression is that we will hear the drums of war in winter (maybe this winter), and war itself may break out in the spring.

      the horsemen with the cross may either represent the antichrist forces, or the christian forces preparing to defend the saints on earth.

  57. I do thank you for this imput. I pray Jesus keeps you safe under his protection. ! Yes, the chaos will be starting , and the division has already begun quite a while ago. I have sensed that Jesus is dividing now, through the power of our Father God, and connecting through the Holy Spirit He has given us, we the sheep, running under our Sheperd rod within this past few years, and bringing His flock together from all the tools possible.. Jesus is surely amazing to know, His sheep knows His voice.

  58. Praise the lord, I really felt very happy by your post about dreams and visions, but can you please tell me how to get to know that dreams are from god or our own thoughts,,, I am in confusion,,,,,

    • dear anand

      The answer to your question is explained in the post. If you have to ask if something is from god, then it is not from god. It will be obvious. See the criteria give in the post.

      • hi i m not getting your post regarding my question abt dream,,,,,

        • if you have a dream from God,

          you will not forget it

          it will change your life and behavior to be better and more holy.

          it will be about something important

          it may be a warning or information that proves to be true later.

          the meaning will be clear to you. there is no confusion.

          it may use symbols that can be interpreted with the bible.

  59. As I have been studying the book of Revelation and Daniel and all the Gospels and well about every other scripture that has to do with the last week of Daniel and end time the Holy Spirit has moved in my belly and directed me to many truths of scripture and my life and things I did not know but made me aware of. I had been really studying the other night wondering if the actual “treaty” per say which is said to start the final 7 years had already happened and even wondered if it was a peace treaty at all with Israel as most claim. God gave me a dream the other night and the Holy Spirit literally woke me up moving in my belly like he does all the time now directing me…but the woke me up so that I would specifically remember what the Lord told me in my dream. He said …we are in the final week of Daniel now. Quit looking for a treaty. I asked him Lord…is that what you are really telling me and he specifically said YES. SO…I feel I am to spread the word. Do not look for a treaty..prepare your hearts and warn everyone you know. Marianne, I would love to talk with you sometime as the Lord is doing amazing things that took me a while to realize what was happening. Not one single pastor will even remotely comment when I tell them what I have been going thru. Literally…no comment. They won’t even discuss it. Like I have a disease. I believe the Lord is using me to warn of the soon to be return of Jesus and most tell me that i need to go to a doctor!! LOLOL!! Thank the Lord for a sense of humor or I would not be able to take all the persecution!

    • hi Deb

      The bible never said there was a peace treaty.

      there is a covenant, but it may not even be WITH Israel.

      It could be an agreement between enemies AGAINST Israel

      we see that now.

      the covenant may not even be a public one. it could be secret.

      I also believe we are already in the last week.

      and we are going to see trouble soon….nothing to look forward to.

      our eyes and hearts should be looking up now, not in escapist thinking (like get me out of here in a rapture), but in repentance, and faith in God.

      Church leaders resist me also.

  60. I am a spirit filled christian, I’m no prophet or nothing like that, however I’ve discerned a little bit of conTROLL on this site, (w/ all due reverentual respect) really no reflection on you probably – it’s just that this “wordly mass mind conTROLL wave” has been contaminating & infiltrating the “spirit filled, charismatic churches (& charismatic christian T.V. land) for SEVERAL YEARS TO PRESENT – I think w/o a lot of ministers/ministries even knowing it – BECAUSE of people w/ high level of influence in the charismatic circles are VERY SUBTLE in INFILTRATING ministries b/c they are so SMOOTH – plus I have dealt w/ these spirits of Jezebel (conTROLL), Python, Baal, Ahab, among others for years . AGAIN, don’t take it personal – it’s just the signs of the times we are living in!

    If you do research on GOOGLE: Organized Network Stalking – this too has infiltrated charismatic churches! AGAIN – very very SUBTLE, yet sooo DEMONICALLY COVERT! You would think Pastors & Leaders could discern it – yet it seems the “elbow buddy, buddy system” is moore important than them listening to the HOLY SPIRIT!!!

    Yes, it’s true that the Holy Spiriti DOES speak the same thing in a TIME FRAME of a “WAVE” , yet SO CAN THE dEVIL in disguise as the HOLY SPIRIT in CHURCHES/MINISTRIES, when really it’s just the “fleshly buddy, buddy system amoung ministries of behind the scenes TALK”!

    I do like your sight, for the most part it’s informative.

    • hello T

      If you have any trolls you are concerned about, you can write me offline, and we can discuss it. I do occasionally get trolls on the site, and I try to handle them in a gracious manner.

  61. Thanks for the information , it’s really of use to me. Why is that i have this repeated dream of me in school preparing to do an examination and the only time I got to do the exam
    Was only once and the rest, I never get to do it, what does it mean?
    God bless.

  62. I dream that I went back to school, And was waiting bus stop and my friends dad came with the church van and it was kind of pack with people inside. Then he was going back to the high school and it converted into Israel it was all destroyed. I heard my friend’s father say to me “GOD IS COMING SOON”

  63. Could someone tell me what this dream could mean?I dont usually remember dreams or have them often. This one is still as if it were yesterday. I and my children were at a nice big house. We were sitting around a big wooden table. We had dishes galore to pass. We had a guest and he was Michael Boldea. He was watching my childrens behavior nd they were trying to be on their best behavior. They were mostly watching him out of curiosity. He got up and walked to the background a little. He was facing us. We saw this black cloud come up behind him. and take the shape of a person and put arms around him tight and he struggled to be free.

  64. I had a dream in my first year of marriage, actually a few, mostly of wild cats chasing me to get me and a horrific Dream about a quarry of earth falling on me and paralysing me. I had been ill and did not even consider that it was my sin of fornication with my husband that could have opened all this up over me, and also I was doing amateur drams and stupidly whilst I was I’ll but doctors kept saying anxiety, I was Stupid to go to a friend of mines husband whoa had some diagnostic machinery for testing gall bladder etc. he was a spiritualist and Asked me to lie on couch and he began to pray over me. I prayed against it and left but i had not been in fellowship at the time and I was such a bad influence on my husbands brother etc when they knew I believed. I went back to church but did not get that involved and found myself jealous and angry at my i laws and I would see them as controlling and taking over my children etc. I spoke out that I would not let them take my children’s from me in my prayers. I don’t remember sorrow in my fornication but a sorrow in my first year of marriage and we moved away coz Christians said my motherinlaw was using a form of witch raft to separate and divide. I tried to stay unresentful but then realised I was full of fear and so wanted not to be in this fear so began writing worship songs again and wanted my friend to join me and then I got jealous of her and became self righteous and suspicious and all the evil things mentioned in the bible that Christians shouldn’t have. I have now confessed them but have gone down an even dArker path and the bible showed me verses of what would happen to me. A voice spoke and said I would be isolated and excommunicated due to pride and skepticism. I don’t want to have lost god but my initial sins led me to this darkness and being attacked at night and my children are suffering too in fear. Please pray for Gods mercy, please xxx

    • Louise

      Say these prayers each day, in Jesus name, and I will be in agreement with you.

      Print them out and keep them with you:




      God bless you

      • Louise, I know someone has already replied to you with prayers to
        be said each day. I don’t know if you are a christian, but becoming one is simple. The bible says if we believe in our hearts and confess
        with our mouths that Jesus is Lord, we will be saved. God makes it
        as simple as possible so that even a child can understand. However,
        He wants us to mean it when we pray from a sincere heart. Just
        because it’s easy does not mean we should take it lightly. Pray this
        way….”Jesus, I know I have sinned and fallen far short of your glory,
        forgive me and be my Lord & Saviour.Help me follow you from this
        day forward”….This prayer can be said by ANYONE following this
        website. Everyone has a past and no one is perfect. God is not
        punishing you. He may be allowing you to see your sinfulness so
        that you will turn to Him. He knows we are imperfect human beings
        The ONLY sin that will send a person to hell is the sin of unbelief
        in His Son, Jesus Christ. The ONLY way to heaven is through
        having a relationship with Jesus by saying the above prayer or
        one similar. If God waited for only perfect people to be saved,
        it would never happen. Even people we think are “good” people,
        those that give all the time, those that seem to do everything right,
        etc…, cannot get to heaven on their own merit. That is why Jesus
        came to save the world. No one goes to heaven by “being a good
        person”. NO HUMAN BEING IS THAT GOOD.
        Louise, if you are already a born again christian, recognize that the
        devil is trying to convince you that you cannot be forgiven fully
        because of your past. As long as you believe him it makes it
        that much harder to forget the past and move on. Remember,
        if you are stuck in a pattern that is hard to overcome, pray and ask
        God to help you move on and conquer these thoughts that keep
        you tied to the past. He is more than willing to help. Renew your
        committment to pray and read the word of God until you overcome
        these negative thought patterns. God wants you free. He is crazy
        about you!!! You are the apple of His eye. He is FOR you and
        not against you. He told me to send you this message. Imagine
        that he would tell a stranger to respond to you (in fact, more than
        one) because He takes notice of you and cares about you.

  65. I am trying to make sense of something. I think I have had visions and these occur while I am awake. I have always have had feelings that something is going to happen but never paid no mind to them. Then in 2009 something changed. I was on my way to pick up daughter when I opened my front door it looked like it always does but at the same time it felt and looked different. It was brighter and the air felt heavier. When I stepped outside it felt like a ton of bricks hit me and almost drove me to my knees but I kept walking then it was like someone was reading to me and I was seeing the words in my head That things were going to happen with the ground and water. Over and over again. And I needed to visit family soon. Urgently. Finally everything lightened up and I could breathe easier. Physically I was fine but emotionally and mentally I was drained and exhausted and I was about to cry because of what happen. but those words never left my mind. We did go to visit family and then a few weeks after our grandfather passed away. Around the same time that when natural disasters were occurring like the large quakes then the tsunami’s. All I could think of was that day in October. That was the first one that occurred. The second occurred in mid December of this past year. Happened the same way as the first. In fact I was doing the same thing walking to get my daughter. The message in this one was shorter. It was one word over and over. Guns. A few days later the elementary shooting took place. Then I had a third one right after Christmas. I was shopping then that feeling came over me again. But my surroundings were blurry and couldn’t make sense of anyone else and I had to stop and wait for the message I would receive. What I got was everything that we know is going to change and we have to be ready for when it does. Then my mind became my own again. I had to hold onto daughter after that. Been trying to make sense of this. Are these truly messages from god or are coming from somewhere else? There are times in my life where I have literally been directed by a voice that at point told me that I had to live with one of my aunts that message was given to me my mom and my grandma and we were no where near each other and no one else was around us at the time either. He wants me to know these events but I not sure why yet. Thank you

    • hi jennifer

      Since the visions gave you accurate information, and was confirmed soon after the vision, it seems reasonable to have confidence in them.

      God does speak to us. so can other sources, so use your personal wisdom and take note of what you are told, and stay objective about messages.

      What you were told last is completely true, and you should see something by spring 2013

      the first two messages are also still relevant.

      I am not sure how informed you are about what is about to happen in this country, so I encourage you to read, pray, and prepare.



      any questions, let me know

      • Thank you. I read through the articles and honestly it wasn’t a surprise. Its hard to put into words when I have these visions because I see the words there but I feel other things that reflect those words. As for the last it was more of a confirmation of something I had been feeling all last year. Not just that message came through but also the feeling of survival came with. I had gotten a message ten years. I had a near death experience I had a feeling of cold then as I was about to take mylast breathe I felt warmth. Then I saw light and then I felt love. I knew I was standing at the gates of heaven. Iwanted to stay tthere. Love hope peace consumed me. Wonderful. Then I heard a voice that said it wasn’t my time that I stayed had things to do. I was called back after that. I found out a couple of weeks later I was pregnant with my daughter. There are events in my life that I will never forget because it was too strong to let go. I feel I know where my path is leading me and its not going to be easy. But then 14 years have felt like an uphill battle maybe it was in preparation of what is yet to come. Sorry I am just reflecting and I don’t often share unless its powerful or need help. Thank you again.

        • jennifer

          God is preparing you, so you can help others. bad times are ahead. so study how to prepare, and you can help your family and friends.

          • Yesterday when I was out It felt like I needed to know something especially when I was near a bible. So I prayed to god and asked him what it is he wanted me to know. Last night in a dream I was given a reference to the prophet Joel. As soon as his name was said I had a feeling that something was about to happen.. I went outside and the sky was completely back with streaks of red in the horizon. Then I was floating in the air surrounded by long black things that looked like bombs. There were thousands of them hovering in the sky. I was then back on the ground looking up. In the distance I saw a single white dot fall to the earth. I ran inside and brought as many of my parents dogs in as I could but for some reason I wasn’t allowed to let them all in. I woke up and I had to read from the book of Joel. It was like I was in my dream.

            • hi jennifer

              It sounds like God was showing you our current situation that most people cannot see. I would believe that the bombs are ready to drop on many people. We have to all pray for protection.

              • An updated on me since my last post. Almost everyday I feel something. Its like we are getting closer and closer to something. Some days its feels like the whole sky is going to cave in. There is something wrong with the world I can feel it everywhere. Sometimes I wonder if anyone else can feel it. Its sick and terrible and its coming. The strongest feelings occured a couple of days after the presidental inauguration on the 23 and 24 it was saying that it is starting.

                Then on Feb. 10 at 2:50 in the morning my sister texts me and tells me that she had a weird dream. In her dream she was told that california was going to be hit with a bomb and she had to warn us so we could get out. We only had a few hours to pack and head north towards the mountains by this little town that we have family in. After that she woke up. I have had this feeling so some years and more so after my third vision that we were going to have to pack and leave in a hurry. We live in southern california and the town mentioned is hours north of us surrounded by mountains. I always had the feeling thats where we suppose to head.
                Can anyone else feel this? I know there are others but I don’t know what else to say.

                • hi jennifer

                  yes, we can all feel it…I believe the seals have opened, and we are moving though them…the dream shows you moving to a place of safety….so it shows the Lord providing for you. anyone along the coastlines will have a problem to begin with, then others will have problems too. it is such a mix of man made trouble and natural disasters….it is hard to say what will happen when.. but just be prepared, and the lord will direct you…..just trust him

  66. I usually receive messages from God through dreams. Mostly are specific and some are symbolic. but last night, I had a nightmare but I wonder if it was from God because it was scary, but I sensed that God warned me to pray for the salvation of my grandma to avoid such scary event.

    Can we rebuke or claim messages that God sent through dreams?

    • dear apple

      God gives us warning dreams so we can be informed and pray against negative events.

      So yes you can rebuke and claim messages.

      The only exception would be dreams about things predicted in the bible. These will come anyhow, so just pray to be prepared.

  67. I really enjoyed this article…I believe God speaks to me tru dreams, cos weneva I dream, dey usually come to pass, and I hardly forget my dreams, recently I had 2 dreams differntly where I was married to the guy I am currently dating and we had problems which led to a divorce, sm days later, I was in d toilet and heard a still small voice that said ‘if I get married to him, I will run into problems’ immediately I stood up, and started doubting that it can’t b true, the later d voice came again and said ‘if I continued doutbting, it won’t reveal any tin to me again’ since den I have been praying, I asked my spiritual father and he said its a clear interpretation, that I shouldn’t marry him, now the problem is how do I tell him, cos he has already seen me as d only person he wants to be with…please I need ur advice..tnks

    • dear ruth

      I am not sure who the voice was, or your spiritual father is.

      Wait on any marriage.

      Get to know the guy better, and see for yourself, if he is the right one.

      If he is the wrong one, you will see problems while waiting and dating.

      if he is the right one, it will be obvious after some time.

  68. This message is power and fire filled,thanks so much.may God keep you in all your ways.

  69. Listen, the only way to heaven is to be born of the water and of the spirit. John 3:5, and you have to repent, be baptized in Jesus name and then you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost Acts 2:38, thankyou. Confessing your sins is not enough and praying a prayer. You have to be. Born again!!!

  70. All I remember is walking beside a guy with wild looking white hair and looking at him the hair had me intrieged and he said his name was god…

    • And then woke up…

    • hi curious

      It sounds like you met jesus. It is possible to see him, but not the Father God. Jesus is the Son of the Father God.

      This is the Lord’s way of reaching out to you. So reach back.

      We are entering dark times, and God wants to protect you.

  71. Hi
    I have read the above for the first time,found it very informative…I have asked many but none had good answers…thank you.

    Please could you clear this up for me…

    I have had dreams where I heard my name being called,but I wasn’t afraid…

    I have had dreams where I saw what was to happen in my home/me,and it really happened+have seen those who wish me ill…

    While I’m awake I have seen bad things people use the occult to conjure up,these things were not meant for me,I can see it + sense it + my 2yr old can see it,it cannot harm us,but backs away when I look its way,see it in different forms…it has also made non believers sick,but never harm us…why does this happen?

    Please share your insight,afraid people may think I’m insane (confide in my husband)my parents(non believers) think I’m insane,my brothers wife(non believer)has called me a devil+witch… its been happening for the past 6 yrs

  72. dear charlene

    You have a gift from God called the discernment of spirits

    To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another [divers] kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues: (2 Corinthians 12:10)

    this is for your protection against evil…..it is not witchcraft, but the opposite, since you are being warned against such demonic activity. and you are also aware that you are not harmed.

    Other words for it are wisdom, discrimination, discernment, or being able to see correctly other people and spirits as god sees them. It is a virtue, not a curse.

    For those that do not believe around you, just tell them you just have a gift of discernment. Do not apologize for what god has given you. they will get used to it. Relax and accept the gift, and eventually others will accept you with this gift also…..interesting, since unbelievers will quickly go to a fortune teller or psychic, but doubt that God can show anyone anything.

  73. Hi my name is Valerie. I had a very vivid dream last night. And I feel like it means something but I don’t know what.

    I saw that I was home in bed sleeping with my husband next to me , my kids sleeping in their beds. And an intruder came in my home to hurt us. I was trying to cry for help from my husband but he would not wake up. As if there was somthing hold me back. When the man reached the top of the stairs ,I resized that he was going to kill us. So i looked up to pray. But when I saw my face it was JESUS CHRIST he was wearing the crown that he was crucified with and he was crying. But it was my body. He looked up and there was a big light shining on his face , he started to pray to his father. Saying. “FATHER I KNOW YOU HAVE NOT FORSAKEN ME ……” .

    I don’t know what this means. Please help if u can. I’m a very strong believer in the father ,son and Holy Spirit.

    • hi valerie

      It is m understanding that the man coming up the stairs was a real intruder, and not Jesus from your description.

      if so, it looked like as you prayed, you saw Jesus interceding to the Father for you and your safety.

      • Hi , Just so I understand what ur saying ,

        The intruder was a negative thing trying to harm me.

        And I saw JESUS as my self praying with me , as my protector.

        Over all do u think this dream was a warning of somthing bad to come ,


        A message telling me not worry cuz he is with me.

        Do u think it was a good dream or a bad .

        And why would he be crying , what does that represent.

        • valerie

          bad things will always come. and jesus will always be with you, as long as you trust in him.

          I think Jesus was crying in general because there is a lot of suffering to come in this world, which means all of us, and so he cares about what we will go through before we leave to be with him.

  74. I came online looking for a christian scripture that could help me understand why i dream about dead family members, but i found this instead which i love & found very informative. Thank you.

  75. My friend and I were studying last night and when we woke up the following morning she told me what she had dreamt. To my surprise we had similar dreams. The thing is that, have we had spoken about anything pertaining to the dream would have been a perfect excuse or allaby but we were studying! I wasn’t thinking of anything pertaining to the dream and he even admitted that she wasn’t either? Do you believe God is trying to say something to us?

    • dear jeanette

      since I do not know what the dream was about, I cannot answer you. but it is remarkable that you both had the same dream, and it may be a confirmation to show it is true.

  76. This has been really an eye opening post and very helpfull,thank you!

  77. I dreamed that i was digging finding things really old things n i was bringing them to God always kneeing at his feet with each item. Lost dont know it means please help me…

    • reshalet

      Some dreams are meant to be taken literally. You found old things and offered them to god. this is a good dream about your willingness to give what you have to god.

  78. I could really use some prayers. I had this dream that this dude I knew would be engaged to or marry this girl but she’d hurt him in the end and they’d break up and he’d date me and all. And I touched him in the dream and knew all of this, and felt his pain. When I woke up, I knew the dream would happen. Slowly but surely, it has. And when I tell God “I’m ready!”, I suddenly get a message or tweet about the next part of the dream happening. When I told the person the dream was going to happen, this still small voice told me the girl’s occupation, so I told him. And the guy was engaged to a completely different girl at that time- it seems God got my foot in the door there, and it’d prove to that guy that I’d end up with him in the end, and that the dream was true, because it foresaw things that could not have been guessed so clearly, especially at that point in time.

    I also had a vision, and it was crystal clear; I wasn’t exactly paying attention too well in the vision, but what I missed wasn’t what mattered (Logos on clothes, what was on my dresser, et cetera). I had never seen vision so clear before. I flew into my body (Which was animate, and moving on it’s own; I didn’t willingly go there, the Holy Spirit put me there. And I didn’t control my movements.), and I saw through the eyes of me in the future, with that guy there (Which proves the dream will happen, it’s a long story).

    But tonight I found out they’re married (And that the occupation was correct that the still small voice told me), and I’m starting to doubt the rest of the dream will happen. God even promised me while falling asleep one night with a verse that it’d happen, after a prayer to help me tell the guy about the dream and to prove to him it’d happen. It wasn’t speaking the verse to me; I just heard the book name and chapter number, and went to look it up. And it was different than hypnogogia, where you hear random words before you go to sleep. I’d never even heard of this Psalm before (Our church doesn’t have it in their songbook, even!) and it fit perfectly with the situation.

    I’m still doubting sometimes that I will end up with him in the end. It seems so unlikely. But God promised with that verse, because He promised He’d help me tell that it would all happen so that guy would know, and that means that it’s happening, because God can only tell the truth.

    Can anyone give any insight that proves this is happening more? I need encouragement.

    • Oh, also, they didn’t just break up in the dream on a whim; they broke up the only way the Bible says is proper when married- if a spouse cheats on you.

    • Weiwei

      I think it would be good to be careful in interpreting this dream. Dreams can reflect our desires, our imaginations, but also God can give insights and information at the same time. You have to determine how much of the dream was from god, and how much came from your desires.

      For now, the guy is married, and you have to accept that. Do not stop living while you wait for a future event to occur. you need to continue to have and make friends, date others, and enjoy life.

      When and if that future event does happen, he is free and dating you, then accept it at that time.

      In the meantime, be a good friend, one who is there for him, and is understanding and kind, and wishes him happiness.

      If he does have trouble in the future, he will remember your kindness and come to you for comfort. At that time, you can explore a different relationship with him, and see where that takes you.

  79. god’s not the author of confusion..he won’t give you a dream that contains symbolism that you don’t understand.there’s no point to this and it’s religion that teaches this.people of the bible understood the symbolism or the symbolism was explained to them.if a person dreams a dream inspired by god,he/she will NOT be confused /the symbolism will be clear ,as again,god isn’t stupid enough to confuse someone for the mere purpose of making them ‘seek’ the meaning in order to teach them something./god doesn’t test or tempt people.this is NOT the old testament era.i’m surprised at how many christians still believe in old testament teachings( like jesus teaches by testing and ‘letting’ things happen ..for example letting temptation or some other kind of test occur or to scold someone and put them back on the right track by creating a ‘hurdle’ or momentary downfall for them to manage.///christians either allow those things through not being obedient and attacks occur where the f;esh is weak,but isn’t god doing the testing or smacking on the hand to set someone straight.the weakness of the flesh( an open doorway) is what causes temptation and hurdles churches still teach it’s the lord testing people or allowing the enemy to test.god tempts no man.nobody ..zilch.. that’s a form of legalistic teaching as well as conditionalism,meaning that if one doesn’t pass the test a certain change of condition occurs in a person’s sprituality,thusly the lord is then either closer or further from that person than before the test/ that kind of belief promotes a belief in legalism /many teach that god is still angry with man.that’s untrue..the war is over and was settled at the cross.god has no anger or wrath toward man and it’s only the consequences of sin that people are efefcted by but often mistake for god’s wrath or anger because of what is (incorrectly)taught in church.for example more churches are still overly concerned with someone watching bruce willis movies or listening to rock music than teaching the flock how to listen and obey god’s voice and how to able themselves to perform god’s (as individuals)..ministers still preach the incorrect message that we as christians ‘en masse’ are all called to ‘not do the same things and to do the same things’ enmasse as though we’re all clones.it’s called single mindedness preaching as opposed to believing and understanding and teaching individuality in christ.i heard John Hagee say that god doesn’t allow one christian to break a law and disallow another to break that same law.he’s completely incorrect.he’s thusly saying that all christians en masse MUST serve on the same level of commitment ,thusly diminishing any individuality amongst christians,more especially their level of ability./ie,the typical church teaching today is still ,you get saved and immediately toss all your rap music away and burn them R movies..joyce meyer is much of the same belief as well as most evangelsits and ministers of the gospel /the belief that all christians are ‘en masse’ commited to be all on the same level of commitment..that’s called single mindedness as though we’re all expected to serve with the same level of commitment (ie,an incorrect understanding and teaching of what being ‘like minded’is).yeah i’m repeating myself to make it clear what the mistake is in the christian church..as if being like minded means being clones.to put it in a way that’s really simpistic,the beleif and teaching that all christians,en masse, nobody excluded,are ALL,each one, called and required to ‘not do the same things and to do the same things’ in regard to the law./personally i’m not concerned whether or not someone watches R movies or not..or listens to aerosmith or not..as i know plenty of christians who are extremely spiritual but ‘do’ those things.i prefer to teach people how to hear god’s voice how to know when it’s god(via the holy spirit) or man(the minister or the extremist and his/her legalism speaking).i feel sad for anyone who would FORCE their kid(s) to throw their rap music in the trash “in the name of jesus”.i’ve seen plenty of parents strip their kids of being kids and what kids their age normally do “in the name of jesus”/ and people wonder why young people more than ever before avoid and more often than not curse christianity today/it irks me when i happen upon so called christian sites and the author is bashing hollywood as though it’s the reason for the woes and troubles of the christian and the christian church.nonsense!! where was hollywood in the days of jesus.sodom and gomorrah existed without the images of nudity and sex on the big screen and it’s existance in real life(in a sinful way)is no more dependent on it today than it was in bible times/ hollywood is a product of sin not the cause.this is why we didn’t see nudity on the screen back in the 60’s.society didn’t allow it.hollywood didn’t make on screen nudity common,society made it common by desiring it.thusly hollywood is a product of sin not the cause.while i don’t encourage people to go out and watch movies with nudity,it isn’t nudity of itself that’s damnable and i believe that jesus is concerned with a person accepting him and making him lord and saviour and harkening to his voice than reading text and following it’s legalism.i get sick of christian sites because it seems as though spirtulaity is always only obtainable if you follow the law and god is only blessing you spiritually and happy with you on a conditional basis..on the basis that you obey his word and ‘the law’ by not going to movies and listening to rock music..get a grip people!!when a person becomes a servant ,bound, in bondage by law that same person is missing out on experiencing a freedom that is only found in christ/.

  80. Do you think this dream was from God? I had a dream in which my grandfather said that he had a word of advice for my sister so he needed to talk to her urgently,( for years my sister and our grandfather haven’t seen each other) I woke up and I prayed for relationship between the two of them and then I interpreted it as grandpa is jus missing my sister so I told my her to call him to find out how he is doing but she ddnt, the following day we received news that grandpa hasn’t bn feeling well for a long time and also he is saying he wants to help my sister out of the situation that she is in but by means of witchcraft, I then advised her to pray and not to follow withcraft and she agreed, after this I prayed again and whilst I was praying I saw a picture of blood flowing from someone but I ddnt recognise who it was.
    In seeking understanding, somebody told me that its not from God because its bad news and have rushed to tell her to call him to receive the news so I had bn used by the devil,I only hev to pass on the msg if its gud news koz by speaking it out I will be prophesying, confused I then prayed and was led to 1 Timothy 6:20 and 21 that says guard what was commited to your trust,n avoiding the profane and idle babblings and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge and by professing it some have strayed concerning the faith. Would you say its the devil or its God?

    • dear needhelp

      Not every dream is either from God or the devil

      You had a dream that had a “fact” in it.

      you misinterpreted the dream to mean something positive, and then found out the fact was negative.

      when you get a dream, just take it for what it is, and investigate first. do not make assumptions.

      at least you found out the grandfather had bad intentions and prayer against it.

      God would not give you a dream and confuse you with the meaning. He would make it clear that the grandfather had bad intentions.

      so it was not from God.

      the devil is the author of confusion, so since you were confused, it was from him, to trick your sister into accepting witchcraft.

  81. I’m not completely sure what to make of my dream and the feeling afterwards? I’m sitting in the living room with my mum and step dad, we start to talk about Mary, I say that it would be good if they could find her in Canada,
    then my dad says not after that bomb in 1999, then I say if only they could just find her bones,
    My step dad says what good will that bring,
    I repley they could examine it and discover truth,

    That all would probably of just meant nothing if the next didn’t happen.

    I awoke immediately as if I was pulled from my dream, I was Lying on my stomach, it felt like there was a weight on me, like something was just there and I dont think there was a single spot that didn’t have goosebumps, I trend heard a clear voice saying come to heaven.
    I felt like all I wanted was to be with God, I felt like I had complete faith in God

    I researched a bit and discovered that apparently people believe Mary magnelin( not spelt right) was buried there; although these people aren’t partially christian, the weird thing is I didn’t know about this and Canada and Mary was clear in my dream.

    What fo you make of this, is it just a normal dream because the feeling was do intense and felt so real, even though it wasn’t long..

    • The bible explicitly states that the dead don’t come back – the catholic visions of Yeshua/Jesus’s mother Mary for example are clearly false and have lead many into idolatry and Semiramis worship.
      Be careful with it, Mary Magdalene was highly exhalted by Yeshua but you wouldn’t have dreams or visions from her – however it is also possible that YHWH is leading you somewhere with this. Be careful though 🙂 also, don’t take stimulated flesh (feelings of ecstasy) to be a definite good sign, satan, drugs, hypnosis and many bad things can induce that too, I’m not saying that anything bad IS the source but you can’t take it to mean anything either way. Test everything and hold onto what is of God 🙂

      I’m not an expert like Marianne but this is my opinion and advice – wait for her response before you decide how to take the dream though.

    • dear person

      I think what is happening in your dream is a mix of what you may have been taught, or read about, and a tiny message from God.

      You want to be with God, and go to heaven, so in your dream, you are trying to find a spiritual experience that will inspire you and make you feel more spiritual.

      You do not need anyone to help you get close to God. No human from the past or present can do that, although their words, if any, can inspire you to seek God more. Pastors, teachers, prophets can only encourage you and plant a seed.

      But what will really connect you is the Holy Spirit. He is the one who makes Jesus our God sent Savior real to us, who helps us look at our life and repent of any wrong doing, and brings the grace of God to us.

      Take time to read the bible and pray each day. Just start with the ‘Our Father” if you do not know what to say. Then read the psalms, find those that represent your thoughts and pray them too. ot just use your own words, if you want. Find praise and worship music also that speaks to you.

      You should also be reading the bible and reading the words of Jesus……start with the book of John, then the new testament,,,and finally the old testament which takes longer.

      The OT is not just history….it is also the living word, and I have found hundreds of times where words just jumped off the page to me and God spoke to me with those words.

  82. Hashem said I speak to men in dreams and riddles, but My servant Moshe I spoke in clear visions and not with riddles.

  83. An Ortodox Dream mar 13 2013

    My dream began with the planet Nibiru came here and was visible to all citizens. When it was close enough then the Vatican announced that Jesus is there and will keep judgement, and the city had to be evacuated. The city will be handed over to him. Once the city was emptied Jesus will make a speech and muslims will come and try to kill him, but when they get too close to the city of Rome, they die when the father protects him.

    They will send plagues almost all over the world when the father has had enough of us just southern Europe and Israel will be without pain. When plagues hit Asia the Chinese and the Japanese will invade Russia. They push back the Russians all the way to Paris ports. Once there, they become friends with the Russians and decides to attack Jerusalem so. Many nations goes on the attack against Jerusalem. Meanwhile, the Russians were found U.S. atomic weapons and sends the info to South America. South America is attacking the United states for Jesus in his speech said that Protestants are satans work and that the United states is Babylon. South Americans manage to hit the United states atomic bombs and the U.S. wipes out forever and no one will live there in the future.U.S. has no time to defend himself against this because they have “civil war” because people learn that 9/11 was an inside job by the government. so people start war against the government.
    Israel is now scared and can not get help from the United states anymore and turn their eyes toward heaven and prays to God for help. God then sends his son from Heaven / Nibiru to Jerusalem, and he gets magical powers to defend Jerusalem and sends plagues and fire and brimstone against the attacking armies as they die. When the war is over, there are just people in south Europe and in Israel left the rest of the world is extinct. All cities are destroyed in the world except Rome. People who have survived have made ​​their way into the countryside and the father has destroyed Israel in an earthquake when the country was not built in a natural way, and we must begin from the beginnning. The people of Israel must live in tents again, as in the time of Moses. It will be very poor for the survivors when we built a society on others to fix our food but in the future we need to grow our own food. In Israel, they will use the soldiers’ equipment as fuel when it stopped using oil when Jesus has banned it and the oil producing countries are extinct. There is no food and no medicine and the father let it grow up trees in Jerusalem giving fruit every month, and the leaves are used as medicine. My dream was more content rich but I just took the United States, Russia, Asia and Israel, where it is the major economies of the world and that Israel is Jesus country forever.

    it’s over for us all soon except Israel and southern Europe’s countryside. our father’s decision is firm decided so we can not change anything.

  84. Hey I’m katie and I’m 13 years old. I had a dream where God gave me the ability to fly, and I saved him from The devil when devil was trying to destroy earth. I don’t know what this means. And I want to know. I think he is trying to tell me I have a gift or I’m special. I’m free. Somebody tell me what the dream means please!

    • dear Katie

      Your flying shows your high ambitions to destroy the devil.

      Seek the love and wisdom of Jesus to learn how to do this best.

      read your bible, especially the new testament, and you will find instructions there.

  85. I have personally experienced 3 dreams. My first dream was for protection, in my dream I was struggling against something and I couldn’t speak and I kept trying over and over until finally I was screaming, I ended up waking up screaming “In the name of Jesus leave now.” The 2nd and 3rd time were for comfort and reassurance. The 2nd dream I was really sick with very bad allergies (being sick was real life not just a dream) and I saw Jesus and I reached out to touch him asking for healing because I could hardly breathe and wasn’t getting very good sleep. He turned to me and told me that I would be healed (outside of dreaming, I was healed, I started recovering very rapidly) and he sat down and asked myself and a group of my friends that we could ask him any question we would like. I had so many I wanted to ask him but the only question I could bring myself to ask him was “You declare that you love us all, but how is it that you love me? I am a sinner and I don’t know how you could.” He wrapped his arms around me, mentioned one of my sins to me that he knew I would be ashamed of and told me that it had been forgiven and that he loved me dearly. It was an amazing dream and I woke up happier than I’d been in a very long time. My 3rd dream which occurred just a few days ago was that I was being chased by people trying to shoot me, those I cared about, and my little dog. We were running for our lives and occasionally shooting back. Suddenly I decided to stop running, I turned back to those trying to kill us, raised my hands, and started praying out loud for them, asking for peace, comfort, and blessings in their lives. Those trying to kill me all dropped their weapons and left, except the leader who ran to me and wrapped their arms around me, hugging me tightly. I told the person that I loved them. They looked at me with tears in their eyes and told me that they had never heard that before and that they loved me back. All of the dreams, I believe, were major blessings in my life.

  86. I have personally experienced 3 dreams. My first dream was for protection, in my dream I was struggling against something and I couldn’t speak and I kept trying over and over until finally I was screaming, I ended up waking up screaming “In the name of Jesus leave now.” The 2nd and 3rd time were for comfort and reassurance. The 2nd dream I was really sick with very bad allergies (being sick was real life not just a dream) and I saw Jesus and I reached out to touch him asking for healing because I could hardly breathe and wasn’t getting very good sleep. He turned to me and told me that I would be healed (outside of dreaming, I was healed, I started recovering very rapidly) and he sat down and asked myself and a group of my friends that we could ask him any question we would like. I had so many I wanted to ask him but the only question I could bring myself to ask him was “You declare that you love us all, but how is it that you love me? I am a sinner and I don’t know how you could.” He wrapped his arms around me, mentioned one of my sins to me that he knew I would be ashamed of and told me that it had been forgiven and that he loved me dearly. It was an amazing dream and I woke up happier than I’d been in a very long time. My 3rd dream which occurred just a few days ago was that I was being chased by people trying to shoot me, those I cared about, and my little dog. We were running for our lives and occasionally shooting back. Suddenly I decided to stop running, I turned back to those trying to kill us, raised my hands, and started praying out loud for them, asking for peace, comfort, and blessings in their lives. Those trying to kill me all dropped their weapons and left, except the leader who ran to me and wrapped their arms around me, hugging me tightly. I told the person that I loved them. They looked at me with tears in their eyes and told me that they had never heard that before and that they loved me back. All of the dreams, I believe, were major blessings in my life.

  87. I’m a 17 year old girl that has always dreamed a lot from a young age. When I was around 9, I continuously had nightmares every time I went to bed for a month. In these nightmares my mum would be terrorising me. As I have grown older I still have continued to have nightmares but they have become very few as I’ve grown in my faith and in prayer. Again, these nightmares have always been of my own mother attacking me. When I was 16 I had a dream where I was lying down on an operating table and my mum was inserting things into my body. When I woke up from this dream I could feel bubbles moving around in that same area of my body. I could also feel a sharp pain. This was when I realised that the dreams I was having about my mother were not just dreams – she was demonically attacking me. I had the same kind of dream two more times. A lot of weird things were happened to me at this point in my life. I started praying soul-tie prayers and God is slowly delivering me. Whatever it is that my mum placed in my body is still there but it is not as strong as it was before.

    The second thing I want to say is that I think God is telling me that he wants a boy in my class at college to be my boyfriend/ husband. I have had over twenty dreams about this boy and I have kept note of most of them. I am sure that these dreams are not demonically inspired because I rarely have demonic dreams since praying the soul-tie prayers.These dreams line up with everything that has happened in my life. None of these dreams have been romantic dreams instead these dreams have been symbolic and some of them have been very odd. The only thing is is that he isn’t a Christian. And I’m wondering how I let myself fall in love with an unbeliever who is such a sweetheart but is of the world nonetheless. He’s been chasing me for eight months on and off (although I don’t return any of his advances). The most I will do is smile and reply when he speaks to me. The rest of the time I act like I’m not interested in him. He has a girlfriend too but I think he thinks that I don’t know that. He does really obvious things such as gaze at me for long periods of time when I’m sat just one seat away from him and look at me a ridiculous amount of times when I’m sitting right next to him. In one class every time he looked at me I would avert my gaze and he would stop looking at me; it was as if he was disappointed that I refused to look back at him. He also gets really jealous when I talk to other boys in class and acts very immature about it such as calling my name multiple times in a silly voice. Sometimes he’ll try and talk to the boys that I talk to. So, I’m pretty sure God wants me to be in this boy’s life and wants this boy to be in my life but it all just seems a bit crazy. If it wasn’t for the dreams I was having about him and the things that happen to me when I pray for him then I would definitely just try and get over him.

  88. Wow. . . This is the most assuring and accurate information I have ever got regarding dreams. .! Imagine this: we have pastors leading us who don’t believe in Dreams. ! May HaShem bless u mightily; Shalom

  89. What if you keep having dreams about you stopping in mid dream with full thought saying this is evil.. this isn’t right and start praying to God saying dear lord protect me and my family. keep us safe. let your light surround us. lord chase this evil spirit out of here. I rebuke you evil spirit. You are not welcome here in the name of Jesus Christ..ect..and then my dream starts to go black and I find myself unable to finish the prayer and my boyfriend has woken me up each time freaking out and repeating ” baby wake up, baby are you okay” until I completely wake up.. I started getting nightmares again just recently. some are bizarre but okay dreams..

  90. When I say i am unable to finish my prayer I mean i literally cannot speak in my mind or dream.

    • shelby

      It means what you say. Your boyfriend has stopped the dream by waking you up.

      But what you are dreaming about is more important. Demons are after you in your dreams, but you cannot get rid of them.

      You have sin in your life, and one day they will come for you.

      Living in sin – sleeping with a boyfriend you are not married to – is fornication.

      You need to repent before God, and get rid of all sin in your life before it is too late.

      You cannot rebuke the demons when you have not repented yet.

      here is a list of sins to use to examine your conscience:


  91. Hello, I smoke cigarettes, and have asked God to help me to quit. Recently, I had the same clearly-voiced dream, with the same voice, twice, two nights in a row, upon waking up. The voice was that of a man. The message was identical to the one the night before, The voice said, “Put down those cigarettes. Put down those cigarettes. If you do not put down those cigarettes, your prayers will not be answered, and you will end up in the pit.” I am terrified. What are your thoughts regarding these two dreams?

    • dear Di

      I would take this as a warning dream about your health, not your salvation or eternal destiny quite yet.

      You are being told that your cigarettes are affecting your health in a serious way. While some people smoke their whole lives, and die at an old age, others cannot do this. Their bodies are weaker and cannot handle the smoke and tar in their bodies, and develop cancer and other lung problems. So they die young….

      If you die before you should, then you will die unprepared to meet God and account for your life. If that happens you could very well end up in hell for sins you never repented of.

      but the most important question I have is ….are you saved by the blood of Jesus? Jesus is the only path to the Father in heaven, and unless you repent of your sins, and stop a sinful lifestyle, your days are numbered anyhow for good, and all the other days in eternity are pure hell. So if you are not saved, you need to get a firm grasp on your relationship with God first.

      Smoking is actually an act of self injury….and comes under the commandment, thou shalt not kill….. you are killing yourself and injuring your body, which is disobedience to God.

      It is also a habit hard to break.

      I suggest you go to a doctor and get an Rx to help you stop smoking. My daughter did this and was successful…..it will make you a lot healthier, and it will remove a sinful habit from your life, and make you closer to God….

  92. I dreamed about the end of the world by the year 2008 and its all happening now, and this year 2013 i dreamed about God I think its twice but I always wrote it in my pad. The last one is May or June. This is what he said to me. “I am Coming, are you ready?” While giving his hands to me. Actually I have a lots of dreams with God, and it all started by the year 2008. i went to heaven and hell too. Do I need a counselor for this? or a priest?…

    • chesca

      If you are that close to God, the counselors and priests need you, not the other way around.

      heed your dreams. the lord is coming for you and all those who are close to him.

      • Way back I always do the rosary every night but as time passed by i seldom do it. yes im a sinner and tempted every now and then. But still i know God has plan why he is letting me experience all of this. To warn us that we are in the last days. he is preparing us so when he gets back we will be with him in heaven.

        • But im scared because i know in myself that still im not prepared for i commit sins like others. And i believe that God is giving us a thousand of chances. Lets pray for each and every one especially for us sinners.

          • Forgiveness is divine. Mercy for those who repent. Even if you can’t stop sinning, repenting shows God you’re sincere. Don’t give up, just gradually increase your restraint and make an honest effort! =)

            • Thank u for the the reply mariamne and blindwhale. I will not stop praying and askfor Gods forgiveness. Everytime i will dream i will write it down and pray for it.

  93. I had a dream that revealed the sixth trumpet of revelations will take place as an “alien invasion”. US forces will go to war against the invaders. I experienced ascending into the clouds during this time, so with that said, know that rapture occurs during the 6th trumpet when they come to destroy the nations.

  94. Thank you for that, it made me feel better. I have moments that it is difficult to always be good, I try so hard, but like most everyone else, I have my struggles, so again, thank you.

  95. I have recently had a dream that the Lord was coming back. I looked up on the internet the first thing that came up was the Lords Prayer then I found this. I have a feeling the lord is trying to tell me I need to live my life right and I have been asking him to come into my life again. And I know he will always forgive me when I ask for it Ijust need to change my life around

  96. I had a dream last night that the skies were full of different colors (similar to the northern lights of Alaska). People were looking up to sky in awe. I took it as a sign of the world coming to an end. I started to pray telling our Lord that I was ready to go home & that I’m his servant. At that moment I was strucked by a bolt of light. I felt lighter than air inside. I looked around to see visions but nothing happened.

    I’m wondering if this a dream is from the Holy Spirit. I had prayed in the passed to experience the Holy Spirit & prayed for visions. My feeling now is that I should wait for my next instruction. Feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  97. Awesome blog! I need some help its been driving me crazy! For the past two weeks I’ve been hearing my name while im sleeping. Now im not hearing my name in a dream.Im fully asleep I hear someone called my name I wake up and I tell them “I’m coming”.I than realize that everyone is asleep.It has happen to me 4 times! It just happen this morning. My
    Son was asleep as well and my husband was not home. Im not afraid when I hear my name..Help. .:)

  98. Hi. Hope you well.
    I always have dreams and see those who try to harm my family for personal gain. Yesterday I took both my kids to the clinic for a check up,both were sick…as for me I wheeze and can’t breathe when I walk or go to bed @ night…and upon my check up I was told nothing is wrong with me which is strange.
    I came home prayed before bed.
    Dreamt of the woman trying to harm me,saw her face,smiling and cooking a pot of fish curry,and it looked pitch black,and my mom is giving it to me to eat,and I dnt want to hurt her by refusing,but before me is raw fish heads,and the severed head of a house cat…when I looked back @ the woman she is suddenly afraid,and before me on the table sits a huge lion,he just looks @ me and I am eating bread,though its hard it tasted good…and the woman is telling me not to eat it,but when the lion simply looks her way she is afraid…I woke up,I was excited and amazed and I woke my hubby up to tell him…could you tell me what this means?

    • charlene

      Your illness is due to curses put on you by a woman that your mother knows. As the doctor said, there is nothing physically wrong. So it is spiritual.

      the lion is the spirit of God who is revealing this to you , so that you will pray against these curses. the bread is the word of god and prayer. the woman is afraid of the lion because she is a witch, and she is afraid of the word of god you can use against her.

      there are stupid and evil people everywhere now, so you have to do spiritual warfare.

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft and for deliverance. Print them out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      things will get better for you. let your mother and any of her friends know ( that includes the witch) that you are praying against the curses that is causing your illness, and against anything else that someone may try to do to you.

      let them know that you expect relief and victory over this, and that the blood of jesus covers you and will heal you.

      • hi marianne its me again. just done praying the rosary. And was crying while doing rosary. I dreamt again about my vision of the end. Jesus said to me “PRAY THE END” Then after that i saw a lot of slideshow picture of jesus mary and joseph and heaven with background sounds of chirping birds. Children laughing and waterfalls running. I was so amazed and I cant explain the happiness i felt when i saw it. Then after that i fell and i cant see anything but black no light at all. Then suddenly someone pull my feet and try to bring me downunder i was so scared that i keep mentioning Jesus name. I saw the face of this man who appeared in with black surroundings and im sure that his the devil.

  99. I’m walking down the aisle. I’m wearing the wedding dress I found for a project back in my freshman year of high school. I haven’t seen the dress since last year when I took it out to give my aunt toya wedding ideas. I don’t have a great memory so the fact that I remember having this dream while I was with the groom (Marques) is very interesting. I dreamed this dream before while we were together but I didn’t think I would ever get married so I ignored it. Well since we been broke up I start talking to God and all of a sudden I have the dream again but this time I can see the dress. Which is how I found out where I seen the dress from. Because I never really saw nothing but blurry objects when I dreamed this dream before. But after reconnecting with God I finally saw my face, the dress, Marques, his mom sitting on my side of guest, and brother. I even can smell his scent he wears and physical traits he has. He wore his hair tied up like I like it. He had on a white tux. The colors are white, black, sliver, and baby blue. I seem to take awhile to get to him. We were in a church setting. I am nervous and happy. I finally make it to him. But I don’t know what happens next besides he had a huge smile on his face. The fact that I don’t really see people faces when I dream, I don’t usually remember dreams when I wake up, and I never saw myself getting married really is interesting. There was a time I saw that this could happen with him but we broke up.

  100. I wish to share my dream. I had just arrived home from my first pilgrimage in Medjudorje. I was asleep when suddenly I felt the Crucified feet (toes) of Christ touch my forehead! I sprang up from my bed,opened my eyes and saw God hovering over my bed. I shouted out to God! This woke my partner immediately! He pulled the curtain back to try to settle me and noticed the window wide open!!
    I shouted, “look there’s God”! He was hovering outside now! At that moment He disappeared!! I asked my partner if he had seen God? He hadn’t, However, to his surprise he immediately noticed the bedroom window shut again, yet neither of us had touched it!! We never open that window at night!!

    • michele

      I think that was a natural dream, but based on your impression of your visit.

      God does not float around over us….and meeting him would immediately humble and overwhelm you, not make you shout out “look there’s God”

      He comes in power, not as a balloon that came in through the window.

      Sorry, that is what I think, but i hope your trip was a blessing.

      • Please do pray for us here in philippines. We are experiencing War Typhoon and earthquake. In the mighty name of jesus. Amen.

        • dear chesca

          I pray Psalm 91 over you and every believer in the Philippines:

          Psalm 91
          21st Century King James Version (KJ21)
          91 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

          2 I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in Him will I trust.”

          3 Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler and from the noisome pestilence.

          4 He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust; His truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

          5 Thou shalt not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flieth by day,

          6 nor of the pestilence that walketh in darkness, nor of the destruction that layeth waste at noonday.

          7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee.

          8 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.
          9 Because thou hast made the Lord, who is my refuge, even the Most High, thy habitation,

          10 there shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

          11 For He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.

          12 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

          13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder; the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample underfoot.

          14 “Because he hath set his love upon Me, therefore will I deliver him; I will set him on high, because he hath known My name.

          15 He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.

          16 With long life will I satisfy him, and show him My salvation.

          There is another passage from Isaiah I share with you, that brought me comfort when I thought if tsunamis coming to my own coast….

          Isaiah 43:2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.
          and through the rivers, they shall NOT overflow you
          when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned.

          I wish you safety, comfort, and recovery in this storm and earthquake.

  101. I agree with Marianne.

  102. I have enjoyed reading this piece! But i have really being far from my creator, the owner of my life and soul. I will need your assistance in getting myself back with Jesus Christ,for i know that i am nought without him. I hope to hear from you.

    • Ernest

      I would be glad to help you. You will need to be reading your bible and trying to associate with other believers, either in person ( best) or on the internet.

      start with the new testament, maybe John…..then the other gospels, then revelation and the letters.

      when you finish with that, then read the old testament, and look for foreshadowings of the messiah in stories and figures throughout the text.

      • Marianne, Thank you for your prompt response. I will appreciate if you keep in touch with me to guide me in the pursuit of my objective.

        • earnest

          write to me and give me updates….I have many to keep up with , but if you write I will respond.

          • We really need ur Prayers here in Philippines. Especially the victims of super typhoon Yolanda. In Jesus Name i pray help our country. Amen…

            • dear chesca

              I will certainly lift up the Philippines in prayer. I saw the picture of the typhoon. horrible and huge…..

              .I pray for God’s mercy to descend like dew on those who cry out to him for help. That he restore and provide for those who have been devastated. That he heal your land, and renew hearts toward him, and use the righteous to witness his goodness to those that don’t know him

              • It really breaks our heart. We also have relatives in tacloban city wer the super typhoon hit and until now we dont know their status. The city doesn’t have any signal after what happened. marianne thank u. only God and prayers will save my country. Godbless!

  103. Praying that God will pour out His mercy on all and provide needs. Lord, heal these people and rebuild what they had. Send help soon, and restore their land. In Jesus name……AMEN

  104. Hi, thank you for this awe-some information. My 2 sisters and I have many dreams. Some are dreams of warnings others are messages which we have to send.. They eventually come true. We do warn whoever we can and the bad dreams we pray and cancel out in Jesus name. The dreams in my family stem down from my granny, my mother (who are both deceased and my aunty.
    During the begining of 2014 I’ve had dreams from Our Lady (a message for someone) and I also had a beautiful encounter with Jesus in my dream. I pray (while awake), for souls in purgatory and they come to me by the thousands, in my dream where I also pray for them (in my dream) . I love praying for the sick and I prepare Medjugore prayer cloths for sick people , have them blessed by my parish priest and hand them out at no cost to people. I’ve stopped for a while. My daughter has a dream.God told her to tell me to stretch out my hand and to pray over a particular person saying, ” In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke you who are in Kim.” I prayed and asked God for confirmation. Three days later a lady who does not live far from my home and who is known by me popped in to chat. Upon leaving she told me that she’s leaving me with 4 scriptures from the bible. One of the scriptures were Acts 4: 30-31 Stretch out your hand to heal and the signs and wonders may be done through the name of your Holy Servant Jesus. I will start my fast to prepare myself for the Lords instruction.

    • Sharon

      May God guide and bless you in your ministry efforts.

      • I had a dream in which God spoke directly to me. I have not been able to figure out why this happened. I do remember all his words. I also had a dream about Jesus. I also remember all his words. When I tried to talk with a minister about these dreams I was just told that I am lucky. Yet, I was not directed to any scriptual message that would help me. I am still searching for answers.

  105. Here’s a dream I’ve been having for the past 3 years.

    I’m a bee flying with my friend Pablo who is also a bee. We are being chased by mechanical wasps through the burning country side. We fly into a school buildings bell tower. The mechanical wasps find us, Pablo blocks their attack. He loses a wing and starts falling,I catch him before he hits the ground. Then he transforms into the Statue of Liberty, he says I am god. Tells me I must go to San Francisco to stop a evil man, then a vision of football stadium where a man with menacing red eyes was giving a speech. Then it end with a curtain covering the country and then blinding white light.

  106. Your comment is rude. I don’t drink alcohol. If you’re just gonna think me a loon. So be it I know what was told to me and I will follow it.

  107. My comment was sincere, I was not trying to be comical. I was simply stating what happen in my dream. To say the statement you said, greatly hurt my feelings. I was simply asking for guidance, then you made a mockery of me.

    • ok I apologize…you said you had been having the same dream for 3 years, which would be highly unlikely.

      I am not sure what your dream means, except that it looks like evil is chasing you, and you see someone evil in san francisco, which is not surprising…since there is a lot of evil there.

      I can understand the country being covered with a curtain, which would be a veil of spiritual blindness, and the the white light would mark its destruction.

      you are not god however, and I do not understand why you are bees….

      but if you are, then the wasps represent the enemy that has already invaded california….and will take over soon…..foreign troops are already here, and california is “swarming” with chinese and russian troops right now

      california will be the first state to collapse under foreign troops control…..they have been brought in by the government for martial law.

  108. I never said I was god, the bee who lost his said he was god when he transformed in the statue

  109. In 2009 i dreamed where a thousand crowed gathered looking at heaven and i was among those crowed, everybody was raising hand on a decorated shinny light with gold with accompaning voices and as i raised my own hands the lights came down reflecting on my face with a decorated crown accompaning it, as it was coming down, everybody was struggling and wants to have d crown bt it came directly on my head and i put it on bt immediately it dissappeared from my head and then i was stil suffering and hawking at d streets of lagos. And i have been recieving similar visions in my dreams. This year november 29th being friday, in d dream also a voice came from heaven showing me treasureries and was reading something 4 me and i fall in tears, though b4 d voice came to me i was subjected to diff suffering and humulliations that nyt in my dream and as i was cryin and shadin tears b/c of d humuliation, its was then that the voice came. When i wake up, the same tears was in eyes rolling down my cheeks, i cudnt remember what the voice was reading 4 me in d dream again. Up till nw am a graduate bt am serving somebody just to make a living, am subjected to all kinds of suffering includin my brothers and sisters. I ran away frm home afta i was chased out by my Dad including my brothers. The only choice was to look 4 where i can take refuge thats y i found myself serving somebody to make a living b/c he acepted me to stay with him. Pls whats the interpretations of dis dreams and visions? And what hope do i have? Was this realy the voice of Almighthy God talking to me?

    • dear Nwuruku

      It sounds like your dream was showing you the end with God that follows your suffering. God is giving you assurance that he knows your troubles and he is with you. Just trust him.

  110. I just had a dream in the dream was two men and one girl by the name of bongi plus myself making it a total of two girls two boys. We were coming from the market place as were rushing home due to the coming heavy storm ahead an as we were near approaching my house we could see that far off was heavy lightening striking from afar of and black clouds were getting closer and closer towards us an just as I was approaching my house lightning started striking in front of us Red in colour so loud send deadly about three times it struck. We were all terrified so we ran for cover in place like an empty room. I hide myself behind one of the men in great fear as a aloud voice from heaven spoke down at us saying; I,VE GOT A QUESTION FOR THE FOUR OF YOU, ARE YOU GONNA CONTINUE LIVING YOUR LIVES AS YOU PLEASE and we all in great fear said No and I too said no more as I would do away with my life of sin next minute the storm was gone and I was home. Could this have been a warning dream?

    • nicky

      yes, it was a warning dream. Whatever is wrong with your life,…..fix it.

      I am sending you the 10 commandments and a list of sins…look over it and try to find what is wrong that you are doing.

      praise god that he cares enough for you to warn you……he loves you and wants you to be with him, when you die.

  111. I had a dream last night which led me to this page. I have been reading all comments merely interesed. I am not an atheist, I am not religious. My dream: I was sat in the living room, and a neighbour(I would not consider a friend/nor am I close to, we are just associates or what have you) her name is hope (I dont know if this holds any significance.) Said to me directly ‘satan has even said he may come back as Jesus’ I just said yeah .. seemingly disinterested or indifferent . She repeated it. My attitude towards what she said stayed the same although she said it 3 times. Then I woke.

    Just wanted to share.

    • hi kay

      While you are somewhat neutral to the bible, your dream was biblically accurate.

      Satan will possess the antichrist figure and will come back as a false savior.

      He will even sit in the new jewish temple to be built and declare himself god.

  112. I had a dream that my x wife’s cuzin said to me to be patient in The Lord because he is working on my wife and she will be mines again. What’s is that?

  113. I dreamed night before last that God told me I was going to die. He explained to me that I would come again but not remember anything of this life. I was very scared and did not want to die. My sister was there and she was going to die too even though he didn’t say that. I took her by the arm and said we would travel together and then it hit us and I felt us both leave the ground and start to move through the air and we were dying. I woke up in a sweat and was very scared. I saw also Christmas images so I felt like it meant it was going to happen at Christmas so I am very scared. I have a strong belief in God but I have never been really religious.

    • dear janice

      I hope I can reassure you some. We all die. We leave this earth in different ways, and dying can take different forms. So we all should live this life like it is the last day on earth for us.

      It is an act of love and kindness from God to let us know when it is time to die, so we can repent of our sins, and do better. Most people do not get a warning, so this shows his love for you. He wants you to be with him when you die, and wants you to be ready.

      So put your love and trust in what God has told you, and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. If you have any sins, be sorry for them, and do not do them any more. Read the bible . start with the book of John, and then read matthew, luke, and mark. then read the book of revelation, and see what is going to happen next in this world, and in this country.

      it is time for God’s judgment to begin on earth and in america. there will be war, the antichrist, and famine, disease and death. it is a terrible thing this punishment. however it is to wake people up and make them realize only God can help them.

      The bible teaches that anyone who submits to God and asks anything in the name of Jesus, it will be done for them. You must ask for god’s protection and provision during bad times.

      Give your heart to jesus….so you will go to heaven. Do not be afraid when your time comes, but say, come jesus and take me and keep me from the evil in this world…..

      the bible talks also about a rapture, which occurs after the tribulation time, and before the wrath of God destroys the wicked on the earth. it is also possible that you will go in the rapture, if you get close to jesus, and it is this kind of death, an instant change from one life to another life, that God is telling you about. so it is possible that the death you were told about will not hurt. it will just happen suddenly.

  114. I had a dream a few years back that has remained in my memory very vividly.
    I was standing in vast endless darkness, when then I saw a vertical crack of light in front of me as a very tall door opened inwards.
    I could then see that the door was contained in a half circular type of door jamb and was very tall.
    Looking through the opening I saw a bright nearly white light yet it didnt hurt to look at it.
    After my eyes adjusted to this light I could see an endless number of white robed beings with heads that were brilliant like a light bulb.
    They were floating around slowly and randomly for a few seconds, then the lower ones parted to reveal a slightly larger figure with a head of light seated on a throne.
    After a few seconds they passed back in front of the seated figure concealing him again.
    Then I woke feeling great peace and happiness like I had never felt before,
    wishing I could see it again.

  115. Dear Marianne, pls let me have your email. I have had this recurring chronological dream that I believe has a divine meaning. I wrote it all down. Pls send me your email so that I can send it to you for interpretation. You have my permission to put it up here should you want to.
    Thanks in advance.

  116. I had a dream that my fiance and I were at my place of work and he was sitting to my right and two Hispanic men were to my left. Out of no where, my fiance asked for deliverance (I think) and was then consumed with what was to be the Holy Spirit. It oozed out of him in the form of white smoke rings. On the back of his neck was a red spot like the seal of protection prayer seal.. he passed out fishing lures (he has a passion for fishing) and wept. Then I felt inferior to him like I wasn’t doing enough to deserve such a blessing. I can’t remember much after that, and then I woke up.

  117. I just had a dream lastnight .. I was outside and the clouds were really dark and I could see lightening going through the clouds and I saw a a man coming down from the sky and the light around him was so bright all I could see what the back side of his body could not see a face. He wore a white robe and had brown wavey hair .. I had butterflies in my stomach.. I turned to my 7 year old daughter and said look jasmin there is god.. and she replied that’s god and I said yes that god..then I saw him going back up into the sky..I have thought about this all day .. Im not sure what this means. I have never had any dreams about god or Jesus before… I feel like he is trying to tell me something and I don’t know what. I still have butterflies in my stomach… Any thoughts please.

    • dear fallon

      It sounds like jesus is revealing himself to you. if you are not saved, make sure you are…. he is calling you to be his.

      • Hi marianne its me again chesca, ive been dreaming again about jesus. 🙂 this time i also saw mama mary. She has a glowing white face with her beautiful dress but i can’t see her face and my eyes are not hurting. 🙂 i also saw Papa Jesus. He has a big body built wearing white robe and wavey hair with brown color. He is kneeling praying. I didn’t saw his face because he is praying and not facing infront of me. I have a lots of dreams other than this about Papa Jesus. 😉

        • hi chesca

          It is good to hear that the Lord is blessing you with these dreams. continue to be blessed. they will provide strength to you during hard times.

  118. Article is simple yet informative but you can learn more about divine dreams at http://www.divinedreams.org

  119. Hi,

    I had a dream this fall which has haunted me. I dreamt that I moved to my home town to be with my boyfriend, who I’m in a long distance relationship with. I dreamt I was in my bedroom texting my boyfriend but he was hardly responding. Suddenly my principal walked in (I’m a teacher) and told me she was firing me and that I’d have to leave immediately. She then stated that she’d seen my boyfriend on the beach with a woman named Kelly and that he was in love with her.

    I had signed a contract for a full year of teaching and planned to move to my home town to be with my boyfriend in June. I hadn’t considered that I could be terminated mid-year. In the next few weeks I heard conversations of how a teacher at that school had been fired at Christmas, which caused me to worry. I worked extra hard and prayed for my job, but one morning just before Christmas my principal told me I was being let go and that I needed to leave the building immediately.

    Since the first part of this dream actually came true, I am now filled with dread that I will lose the man I adore to another woman. Do you think it is inevitable that the second part of the dream will come to pass? As I no longer have work to keep me here, I am planning to move to my home town in the next couple of weeks.

    I should state that I was having a very difficult time at this school and that my relationship with my boyfriend has been off and on and lacking in stability. I initially wrote this dream off as representing my fears and worries. Is that all this dream was, or do you think it was prophetic? Please help!

    • dear AJ

      Since part of the dream seems to have come true, you may consider the other part as well.

      Is he in your home town?

      I would call him and have a good talk about your relationship. You have been away for awhile and he may have met someone else. If he has, you need to know so you can make other plans and have your own relationship.

      Since you lost your job, you need security in wherever you move to. If you have family and friends in your home town, then that will help the transition. If the boyfriend is the only one there now, you would not want to go there and be disappointed.

      Call boyfriend and find out what he is doing now. Explain that you need to know and why. You have already said his connection to you was unstable. just get an honest evaluation of your circumstances.

      If he has someone else, you will have to move on, find another job and find someone better.

  120. Thank you for your quick response. I’ve been looking at the dream as a prophetic warning and have been praying that God would protect and preserve our relationship. He lives in my home town and so does my family.

    When I ask if he’s interested in anyone else he always says that he isn’t. And yet he hasn’t been in consistent contact with me lately. When I’ve asked him about our relationship he’s said that we’ll see how it goes once I move home. So if he is interested in anyone else, he isn’t saying.

    I’m not sure if I should just give up altogether or move home, pray without ceasing and hope for the best.

    • AJ

      You have family there…..have someone ask around about him.

      hope for the best, but be prepared for “reality,” however it presents itself.

  121. What a great idea. And solid advice. Thank you so much! Blessings!

  122. […] Divine vs Natural Dreams | Heaven Awaits. […]

  123. Praise God,

    First I thank and Glorify God for all He has revealed to you ,though I have read this after long period of trying to discover meaning of my vision your teaching are great encouragement to me.

    Kindly I wish to know if God is opening a door and confirming that ,that is the direction HE’S directing you and you have no/scarce resource and then you decide to go for another task that put your devotion at risk so as to get funds,is it wrong..?

    Please reply on my email.


    • dear arthur

      I do not understand your question, but wish you well in your future. whatever finances you need, I pray God provides for you.

  124. u’re right body i bilieve in God and his son Jesus.

  125. I had dreamed that god had came but it didnt feel that intense or scary at all what does it mean?

  126. A blessed evening. Nice to read about dreams.
    I would like to share my dream.

    I had my first dream maybe 3rd quarter of year 2012.

    I am riding a bike and it is like a bike of japanese with a basket in front of it.
    The place was good and is like a subdivision or something.
    And suddenly in my dream I heard a voice and said “You will preach.”
    Then I woke up upon I heard that voice.

    Then after few months maybe around first quarter of the year 2013 I had another dream. But I am not sure of it.

    What I remember is like I am with the people and talking to them and it is like I am preaching. And again I am suddenly awake.

    Then my third dream which is the recent one is like this.

    In our place where i grew up, In our grandparents house, together with my wife and our relatives. We experiences a great and continuous lightning and thunder and shaking of the ground.

    Then I heard a voice and I knew it was the voice of our Almighty God.
    He said that he is angry and we always commit sins. Then he crushed the wall next to our neighbor.

    Then upon hearing that I kneel down and ask him for forgiveness not only for my sin, also for the sins of my relatives and for the sins of the people.

    Then in an instant the sky became normal again.

    After that I heard my relatives and they said “What is that. It is very scary.”

    Then I told them not to be scared. We just need to have faith in the Living God. No matter what happens, to good or bad we need to believe in God.

    Then I suddenly woke up again.

    Now can you just help me if this is a message from God?

    Thanks and God Bless.

    • dear Ferdinand

      yes I would say the dreams are from God.

      God would like everyone to preach and tell others about him and share their faith.

      you had the same message in different ways.

      in the last dream, you shared your faith, which is what pleases God.

      I think you just need the reassurance that this is God’s will for you.

      it looks like you are called to help those who may be victims of disaster and hardships….to show compassion and love to others.

      so go forward, learn the bible, share it with others, and help people in need.

  127. Hi Marianne

    Thank you very much.

    I am starting it right now and be prepared for this.

    God bless you more. Continue to spread the gospel.

  128. Ferdinand,

    Your dreams are a great encouragement to me!

    Thank you for posting and sharing them.

    I had three dreams. They occurred in 2010 and ending in 2011. The dreams told me – that I was being prepared for His service. There were also many confirmations of these dreams.

    Since then – I have met a few others with similar “calling” or maybe “chosen” to give a special message at a special time.

    So, here is what I understand from reading your 3 dreams. This is my interpretation through Scriptures.

    Three dreams is a Devine number, unlike the number 6, which represents man. Therefore, your dream seems to be a Devine appointment or mission that is appointed by the Father, Son and Spirit.

    Please read 1John 5:3-11 and then keep reading until the end of verse 21.


    If you read better in Spanish – you can read the verses in this link below:


    You can even listen to Scriptures in many languages. I like to listen to the Psalms.


    The bike you are riding represents transportation – so I believe you are provided transportation as needed to accomplish what the Lord has for you to do.

    The basket in the front handlebars – is it empty? I think it is empty because the Lord will provide.

    “And He said to them, ‘Take nothing for the journey, neither staffs nor bag nor bread nor money; and do not have two tunics apiece. Whatever house you enter, stay there, and from there depart. And whoever will not receive you, when you go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet as a testimony against them'” (Luke 9:3-7, NKJV).

    You wrote that you are with people and it was like you were preaching. I think you are amazed that even you are preaching to people.

    I think very soon, there will be many “chosen” to preach the Gospel.

    Those doing the preaching will very few Ministers or Pastors of churches. Those preaching the Truth are chosen for a reason.

    What I believe is coming very soon is a fresh anointing of the Spirit to those “chosen” to give the True Gospel message.

    The Spirit will give you the words to go with your personality (God loves you, your heart and your personality).

    Those that hear what you say will understand because they are being drawn to accept Jesus. You will comfortably speak with a voice of authority (from the Spirit, like Peter spoke in Acts 2:14-36).

    The Spirit will help you.

    Jesus said –

    ‘I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you. All things that the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that He will take of Mine and declare it to you’ (John 16:12-15, NKJV).

    You wrote:

    “In our place where I grew up, in our grandparents house, together with my wife and our relatives.”

    In your dream you seem to in a familiar, comfortable location with your blessed family.

    I trust your family are all Believers.

    Your fellowship with family is very important: building each other up in the Word, worshiping Almighty God in spirit and truth. The fellowship of like-minded Believers (think of them as your brothers/sisters in Christ as a family) is also important in these last days.

    Please read Matthew 25:1-10. The wise virgins do remain within the house.

    I think you can expect to gather together family together as a “house church”.

    You wrote: “We experiences a great and continuous lightning and thunder and shaking of the ground.”

    I think what you are seeing, experiencing in your dream are the 7 Thunders written in Revelation chapter 10.

    We do not know what these 7 Thunders are or what God intended to do with these 7 Thunders.

    But…I expect the Ark of the Covenant to be brought forth with a mighty earthquake.

    This article explains.


    The great and continuous lighting and thundering what you experienced is the time of the 7 Thunders, which I think begins soon.

    You wrote: “Then I heard a voice and I knew it was the voice of our Almighty God. He said that he is angry and we always commit sins.Then He crushed the wall next to our neighbor.”

    This next passage is within Joel chapter 2:

    “Before them the earth shakes, the heavens tremble, the sun and moon are darkened, and the stars no longer shine.

    The Lord thunders at the head of his army; his forces are beyond number, and mighty is the army that obeys his command. The day of the Lord is great; it is dreadful. Who can endure it?” (Joel 2:10-11).

    Please read Joel chapter 2.

    I would like for you to read Psalm 29.


    Also, remember apostles James and John had a nickname – “Sons of Thunder”.

    I encourage you – please keep reading Scriptures, with attention to reading all the Psalms, 1st through 3rd John, Hebrews and Ephesians.

    The Spirit will bring to mind all you have read and you will apply the Word when you “preach” to the people.

    You may find these links helpful.

    In your dream – you fell down and began to pray. Amen!


    How do the sheep prepare, overcoming during the time of tribulation?

    A) Establish a Humble Soul:

    Matthew 18:4, 23:12; James 4:5-7; 1 Peter 5:5-6; Psalms 25; Psalms 40; Psalms 19:12-14

    B) Repent and Turn to the Lord:

    Ephesians 4: 20-32; 6:12-13; 2 Corinthians 12:19-21; 2 Peter 1:10-11; Revelations 2, 3

    C) Put on The Armor of God


    D) Prepare and Proclaim Your Testimony and “apply” the Blood of the Lamb:

    Ephesians 1:7-14; 1 Peter 1:1-3; 1 John 1:7, Revelation 1:4-6 and Rev 12:11


    Blessings to you and your family.
    Psalm 20

  129. very helpfull

  130. Great writing and how to know God is speaking sometimes I get puzzled about some dreams but with faith I keep understanding them God later reveals them

  131. I’ve had dozens of revelations with Christ for the last 20 years, especially during the last 5 years. I usually wake up exhilarated, and in shock and awe, and immediately voice record them on my iPhone while still fresh in my mind, and then type them up. Why are all these things happening to me?

    • evan

      God is blessing you with his presence. This is something to rejoice about. as DJ said, share your dreams.

    • There I was, in the clouds, seeing the Earth far below me. In the distance, I saw New Jerusalem in the clouds, glowing white and gold. I walked toward it, and there were two agents of Satan, coming toward me. I praised the name of Jesus and continued along my path through the clouds towards the city, deflecting them away. When I got to the gate of the city, I knelt before this huge white glowing cross. I asked for Jesus of Nazareth to come to me. I heard a voice saying “come with me,” after I felt his hand on my shoulder. I followed a man wearing a hooded brown cloak into a house in the city. He led me into an old stone living room, and we sat on comfortable sofas. He removed his hood and it was Jesus of Nazareth. I referred to him as Yeshua. We talked like brothers. He told me about the Romans, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection. After a while he asked me to follow him into the kitchen, because he wanted to prepare food for me. At the archway that led into the kitchen, he asked me to stop and pray before I walked in. He modelled the prayer for me. I repeated it the same way. The kitchen was enormous, and Yeshua had already gathered ingredients and put them into a pot. After a while I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I woke up, and in the mirror my face had broken into a sweat and I was glowing.

  132. He told us in the last days many will see visions and have dreams.

    I think this is an awakinig of the spirit within us.

    If you continue to explore Heaven Awaits you will read that a few think and believe we are in the last years of this age.

    Please – share a couple of your dreams.

    Psalm 25

  133. I had a dream of me sitting on my neighbours premises in the farm/rural areas the premises was beautiful with a green grass,then the other girl came and hold my hand to go to the bush to collect wood,when we get there,she told me to also collect the brain,I get chocked and ask her what brain?she said;it iether a human brain or animals brain within a second I saw my self holding a human brain.please help me I dnt know the meaning of this dream.

  134. @Marianne
    Thank you so much to give me a clue because I was clueless.Ill pray for this and I believe that in God there’s no failure.He will fight my battle.

  135. Yeshua was leading me on a personal tour of the Earth’s ‘purgatory holding area.’ This is a holding area for souls after physical death of the body. He explained to me that people in this holding area have an opportunity to repent and turn to Him, so that they may be able to dwell in the new Earth after the New Jerusalem is established. He said, “In order to be part of the new order and dwell with me when I return, people need to change their sinful ways.” Most of the people I saw in my vision were not inclined in changing their ways. They kept carrying on with their sinful habits.

  136. Hello, I found this website and it is truly amazing. I would like for you to help me. I have a friend that had a dream about me and a guy I like from my church. I always prayed to God to help me and guide e and tell me why was I feeling this way for this specific guy when we are not even friends. and if something was ever going to happen between us or if he is the one I would marry one day. After some time, I decided to forget about the guy, more like forcing myself to do it, and move on and meet other people. About a month ago I met this guy who is not a Christian and he seems nice, funny, and cute but the fact that he is not a Christian really bothers me because I am a singer in my congregation and I know about not being unequally yoked and off course it is not a healthy thing to date someone who is not a follower of Christ because it could lead me to sin and stop singing to God and I can’t let that happened and I know I would be doing the wrong thing because I would be going against God’s Word. While in this time that I am talking to this guy and trying to.forget about the other guy from my church who I like and who is a truly Godly man, my friend comes to me very surprised and shocked told me.of her dream with me and this guy from my church. In her dream she saw herself talking to.this guy while i was doing something else and she started asking him why you don’t go talk to her and he said because i dont feel that i am ready for a relationship and she told him if you keep her waiting for a long time you are going to regret it and might lose her dont you like her? And he said yes off course id and she answered him well you bett.hurry up before its too late and he said ok i will ill let.you know when i do it and then my friend woke up from the dream. The weird thing is that she doesnt know him she have seeing him cus i showed him to her in a picture one day but he never seeing her and she never being close to him they are completely strangers and in the dream they were friends and she was with me in camp which is something she doesnt go to because of her age. It also shocked me because that same night she had that dream, I was having a dream myselfto where i was myself getting ready for my own wedding and put on the wedding dress and just when i was looking in my dream for the guy that i was going to marry in the dream i never got to see who it was and i woke up. When she told me that dream i started feeling something inside of me happening and i can’t really explain what it is. I was thinking maybe these two dreams have a connection or maybe it means that the guy I like so much does have the same feelings for me hes just not ready or.maybe it means he will.come to me soon and feel ready? I really dont know what it means and about the guy im talking to whos not a follower of Christ, maybe im supposed to stop talking to.him so that this other guy come to me? I honestly am confused and I ask that you please help me, I know its a little confusing but I really want to know if God is trying to tell me something. I look forward to your response. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Dear Nara

      You are a very blessed young lady to have more than one man to pick from. 🙂

      You need to make a choice between

      1. someone you know you like, and may like you back….


      2. someone you like but you have no real clue what he thinks of you yet, at least not from any contact with him.

      I suggest that

      1. you continue to be friendly with the non christian guy but let him know what your faith values are, and see what he thinks of them…does he still like you?….maybe he thinks jesus is ok but never put any thought into it…or maybe that is a deal breaker for him.

      2. you should at least make an effort to just say hi to the christian one, and see if he is interested enough to talk to you…if you taking the first step breaks the ice, and now he is friendly, then you have a clue….or just keep it light and easy….just like the non christian, until you know where you stand with him.

      if you stay on the friendship level with each one, you can see which one develops into a romance and which one does not.

      if they both fall in love with you, then you have an interesting problem… you will have to go with the one you feel the strongest about, and the one who hopefully has the same faith you do.

      • Thanks for your advice as it helped me a lot. Turns out the christian guy does not seem to notice me anymore and try to leave as fast as he can avoiding everybody and feelings have gone cold for him. The non believer well he is a unique i have gotten the chance to talk to him about God and the bible and turns out he wants us to hangout and study the Bible together which is very unexpected and surprising at the same time. I can see he have a interest in coming to the Lord but it is struggling with sin and for what i see it looks like he wants me to help him which i have no problem with for the bible says to go and make disciples and share the good news and to also love one another the way God loved us. Plus we are communicating more and more and developing a very sweet and beautiful friendship. But for my surprise I recently had a dream with both of them! The christian guy and the non believer. It goes something like this…

        I was in a store trying on a wedding dress for my upcoming wedding and i had to different heels to choose from to use for my wedding but i didnt know which one to pick. After a while i finally chose what pair of heels i wanted and walked out of the store with the shoes i picked and my family amd friends were waiting for me outside the store. I went to show my mom the pair of heels and gave it to her to hold because i had to get ready for a race i had and i got to the starting line and the race begun. As i am running with a bunch of people on the opposite direction i see the christian guy running towards me and i got scared so i started running out of the race to hide from him. I ran so much to get him lost so he wouldnt catch me that i got tired and almost out of breath so i took a break to catch my breath and when i bend down my stomach started to hurt really bad. But i didnt want to tay there in case the christian guy was still looking for me so i ran again until i found like a basement and went in there where i saw some family members waiting for me and i went up to them to talk and hide my pain. Then i hear someonw coming and i thought it was the christian guy so i got really scared but it was not him it was the non believer guy who was looking for me as well. When i saw him i remember how was at him so i gave him a diry look kind of thing and sat in a corner of a couch while he upset too sat in the other corner of the couch. We were both upset because he thought i had feelings for the christian guy and i was upset because he didnt trust me enough and we were about to get marry (at that point in the dream is when i finally see who am i marrying in the dream). wWe only look into each other’s eyes when i suddenly feel the pain in my stomach again. I didnt want him to know so i decided to lay down in the couch but as i lay down he noticed i was in pain and he pull me closer to him even though i was refusing to do so. When he pull me close to him the non believer guy hugged me and look at me in the eyes and grab my hand. I looked at our hands holding and we both smiled. After that i woke up.

        I find it strange because they were both in the dream. In real life I dont have feelings for the christian guy and i, but i like the non believer guy its not a big thing but i do like him a little and he doesnt know it. Another thing is that before this dream i had two other dreams where i was getting marry, in one dream i saw myself in the altar but the guy i was marrying had a black hole in his face so i couldnt see who it was and in the other dream i saw myself getting married but i never saw with who. Now that i have this dream about me getting my dress ready for my wedding i did get to see who i was going to marry and it turns out to be the non believer guy. Can you give a hand with this?

  137. Here are some dreams from the Lord over the past few years:

    “Dreams from the LORD 2011-2014”

  138. I had a dream about people taking my kids and I couldn’t do. Anything. About it I kept seeing them but couldn’t get them the only thing I could do is tell them to never stop beleave in the. Lord. What every body says love stop beleave in God. I told them they will try to make you beleave different but always know intyou heart God is real. My kid did go to Florida but I just don’t understand.

    • dear bernadette

      I am not sure what your dream means but stay in touch with your children and don’t let them associate with strange or immoral people. the dream might be a warning.

  139. Hi to all, I found this article and I’d like to share one of my dreams that I’ve had recently. In one of the dreams I’ve had, God was speaking to me asking me to come to him and I would be forgiven, I could only hear him, it was so bright that I couldn’t see his face. As I went to him, I would start to cry in my dream, then when I woke up I actually was crying. In so many years, I haven’t forgotten this dream. I’ve had other dreams about God besides this one, I think it means that God wants me to be more close to him.

    Ask, and it shall be given you: seek, and you shall find: knock, and it shall be opened to you.
    – Matthew 7:7

    • tina

      beautiful dream…follow what it says and you will be blessed.

      • This was one of my unforgettable dreams, I want to share my experience to help others find God, and to inspire them to be closer to God. Thank you for your kind words, and God bless you.

  140. I’m a very spiritual person and I’m a christian I recently had a dream of black snakes entering where I stay. During the dream one noticed me and came directly towards me I than took a big butcher knife and killed it .right after that I woke up I didn’t know what was going on and I had troubles interpreting it would this mean that my family is been attacked by evil spirits.?

    • dakalo

      yes the snake is an attack, or treachery against you or your family.

      But you killed it…..so you will be ok….look around to see who the secret enemy is.

      I am sending you some prayers against curses, spirits and witchcraft…print it out and say it each day. I will be in agreement with you

  141. nara

    marry the one you love.

    and take your time figuring it out.

  142. What does it mean if 2 people have simillar dreams! E.g. Yesterday my girlfriend had a dream about people chasing her,she driving reclessly away from them and people are being burnt. To day I dreamt that I was a gangster killing people who I was sent 2 kill by shooting them! Then I shot the wrong person at one stage and his gangs came 2 take my girlfriend away from me! After this all I saw in my dream was broken heels of the shoe and the shoe itself then I saw a plant which I was touching when I was worried about my girlfriend and what they doing to her! Please help me in understanding the dream I believe its a message from GOD. Please give me more insight I’m so affraid of something bad happening to my girlfriend! I love her dearly. I’ve also hurted her many times emotionally but I’m trying 2 change I’ve already started. Now all of a sudden I’m having this bad dream. Regards luceun

    • dear lucean

      I am not sure if this is from god or not, but it is from your mind and conscience. apparently your girlfriend feels threatened by your and fears getting hurt again. you see yourself as a gangster capable of hurting her and others.

      so what happens when a girl is mistreated? answer: someone else will come along and be nice to her, and take her away from your….so whatever you are doing wrong, STOP. Start to be nice to her so you will not lose her,because if she leaves you, it will be your fault, not hers…

      ask god to help you be a better man…and get others to help you also.

  143. I had a dream a few weeks after my mother had passed away. My mother died in 2007, and i have not forgotten it. I can describe it in such detail and all I knew when I woke up was God just spoke to me.

    The scenery was all white, there was no sound whatsoever, only silence, I remember seeing a White Robed Figure standing in front of me, But all I could see was from his shoulders down. His arms were outstretched to me as if to give me comfort and reassure that I was loved. Even though both my parents had passed away. When i woke up, my sister had told me I had been crying in my sleep, something I have never done before. And I was stunned throughout the whole day. To this day it lingers in my mind.

  144. I am trusting God and praying for a husband. 3 years ago I had a dream. A tall man wearing a baseball bat was singing in the spirit to me. He had very light coloured eyes and as he sung he looked into my eyes. I listened and when the song was over, a hand appeared over my right shoulder with a paper and on it, was a name with an address. I could not read it the address and at this moment, the dream ended. I still remember it today as vividly as I saw it then.

  145. Thanks Marianne, that is my prayer. God bless you..

  146. Hey guys.

    I want to say, before anything else, that I enjoyed this article, and hearing different points of view (especially in the comments section, wowza)

    I am twenty years old, and when I was a small child I had dabbled in Christianity (I was raised atheist) but I didn’t *understand* it. And I still don’t. I respect your opinions, and I have religious friends (not just Christians, but Muslims and Buddhists also). Each of them, I have a special connection with. Which is one of the reasons I couldn’t understand Christianity. I realise that not every single Christian is like this, as my friends prove me otherwise. But, why the hate guys? Why the persecution of others who do not believe the same as you? I am a spiritualist/agnostic. I had a dream of Jesus talking to me when I was 14 years old, and I still feel his presence in my day to day life. But, my religious beliefs do not agree with your scriptures. Alas, if this was 500 years ago, I would have been burned as a witch.

    I meditate. I believe that man is God. And that the Universe is God. I believe in reincarnation and spirits. But all of my beliefs is due to my experiences which I won’t divulge into. Are my experiences not relevant because the Bible days so? Are yours more relevant than mine?

    What I’m trying to say is, why must we be closed minded and hate others for experiencing things that we cannot understand ourselves? Everyone’s journey is different. Just because it does fit in with your experience or belief, does not make it wrong.

    Like I said, I have the utmost respect for religion and it’s practitioners, but please, don’t hate each other because of it. We are all equal. No one is more important than another. Use your belief with God to spread good and to bring happiness to someone. Please don’t use it to oppress someone. I have been called a satanist, a deciever and that I will go to Hell. That isn’t a nice thing to say to someone, especially if that someone is extremely loving. Surely God would praise the loving more than the followers? Love each other. Do good in the world. Respect one another, the world needs more of that.

    Whether God created the Universe, or the Big Bang, or the giant spaghetti monster, it doesn’t matter – it’s a creation, it allowed us to live such beautiful lives, we should look after this wonderful gift and treat others as gifts too.

    P.S. If I have offended anyone, it was not my intention to do so. I may not have gotten my point across properly as I am using an IPhone to write this and well, it takes ages and is prone to the most silliest autocorrects!

    I hope all of your lives are blessed and you live happily.

    • dear random girl

      I acknowledge your comments, personal choices, and well wishes.

      there are certain decisions in life we have to make.

      not everything in life is that equal or equally true.

      Islam is not equal to christianity….look at how muslims behead christians…look at ISIS in the news…THEY do not believe we are equal…we are infidels to them and must be destroyed…they are following the instructions of the quran.

      you can choose to believe the bible, which is the proven word of god, or you can choose to not believe it.

      you can choose to believe or do things that are non biblical, or what is instucted not to do in the bible.

      god does not force us.

      oppression comes from the spirit

      it does not come from the bible or its instructions. the instructions are there for our spiritual and physical protection.

      I was new age once like you, that love is everything, and I accepted everything as true…..but it was not all true…and sugar coating things that will eventually oppress us, as you say, does not make them good for us.

      you are happy but you are lost 🙂

      you had a dream of jesus talking to you when you were 14….which means HIs hand is upon you…..I pray that you find your way back to Him….

  147. i had a dream this morning …GOD showed Him through my dream it is a symbol of guidance …i was driving a car then HE said to go that way

  148. Rejoice,

    The Lord is with you.

    “The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the Lord has made them both” (Proverbs 20:12).

    His sheep know His voice (John 10:26).

    Please read Psalm 95 carefully, then please read Hebrews chapter 4.



    “Toward the scorners He is scornful, but to the humble He gives favor” (Proverbs 3:23).

    “For the upright will dwell in the land, and the blameless will remain in it; But the wicked will be cut off from the earth, and the unfaithful will be uprooted from it” (Proverbs 2:21-22, ESV).

    He will guide you in the coming days/months as long as you keep/maintain your humble heart/posture.

    Maybe, one day soon – that same voice will give you specific directions to a safer location/place.

    God bless you!
    Psalm 27

  149. I have a question last night my six uear old son went to bed and woke up early all excited talking about how a angel came and brought him up to heaven placed a white jacket on him and there were lots of angels around him and they all had jesus faces and they had told him to allways come to jesus and when it was time to leave there was this big white door and the girl angel that brought him up there used her hand and pushed him all the way back down here and the rest of the day he was like a whole diffrent kid he is usally a handfull but no today not bad behavior no acting out no hitting no nothing but sweet nice and had this commness about him that just stood out and he through out the day would tell me mom i no i was asleep but it was real and i completly beleave him it is so clear to me that he went last night everything is so clear to him to not beleave but it kinda made me nervous at the same time because the only time i have heard about those kinda things happing is when people have near death exsperiances so is it or could it happen with out being a near death plz help me understand thank you

  150. I don’t know what this means, but twice now I’ve had a dream of walking on a deserted beach and I hear this voice saying “I’ll be waiting for you.” When I awake, I feel peaceful. Is this God?


  152. I had a dream to night and yet no interpretations
    i saw a heavenly small and biggest stones burning falling from heaven to earth and when it reached it exploited all the plot of land it fallen to! it was around three
    what does that mean?

  153. explain my dream please

  154. Hi. I had a dream two weeks ago that came true. I’m a person who trusts their intuition a lot and has had symbolic dreams before that have also have come true. I have no one in my life to lead me through this or help. I would really really appreciate you emailing me any help you can give on how to move forward.

  155. I need help I keep having dreams about the coming of christ…first one a few years ago I was coming from church and look up the shy was red…then the second one an angel was standing in shy and there two sides one side of people ascending into heaven the other was flames of cars and people I remember the angel telling me to read a scripture while I was standing in the middle not sure of the what side I am on…then last night I have another dream it wad the coming of christ again this time I saw the mansion in the shy all white also I could not find my friends or family but a line of ladies I came off the line and started asking if anyone who did not accept christ should do so now before he comes and that they still can be saved so they started joining a another long line to be baptize before he comes out of the sky. …

    can u help me with these dreams

    • sheryce

      your dreams are from God.

      the sky was red in the first dream because that will be the clue that the rapture is about to take place.

      at the 6th seal, the moon will turn red and the sun will turn black…the sky will most likely be red also since the moon will reflect red light to show the wrath of God is coming. also something in the sky will make the moon turn red….and eclipse the sun at the same time.

      red sky also means war

      the second dream is about the rapture…people will be escaping the destruction you saw.

      the third dream you see your mansion in heaven….you may not see your friends or family if they are not saved.

      so tell them about Jesus…and then put them in Gods hands after that.



  157. I dreamed I was driving in my car on the highway with my boyfriend. It was a beautiful sunny day. In the distance I saw a bolt of lightening and it was the brightest most defined lightening I have ever seen. It then turned into a cyclone of light, that filled the center of the sky. In my dream I knew that this was from the heavens and god was inside. I was in awe and captured by the cyclone of beautiful light, waiting to see him appear. As a face or a shape slightly muffled appeared, bolts of lightening shot out of the cyclone of light and struck cars and they burned up. I instantly got scared and wanted to turn around and get my kids. Right as I was thinking that the bolt of lightening came my direction and went straight by my car in a straight line headed towards what was ever behind me and then I woke up. Please let me know what that means. I have been thinking about he dream all weekend and all day today. It felt so real.

  158. Last year, I was going through hard times with my boyfriend (named him Mr. X) so we decided to break up…2 months after the break up, we were fasting and praying so I prayed for him as well. During our 3 days of fasting, one night I had a dream someone telling why you don’t believe that Mr. X will marry you. So I woke up and prayed…Then I said to myself may be I was just thinking of him, how can he marry me when he is living with another girl. Then I ignored…a month later, I dreamed of Mr. X again telling me that he is suffering where he is, why did I leave him. I woke up and prayed then I decided to talk to him that day, then I said it’s none of my business…and I had the same dream 3 times again in 1 week, and I decided to talk to him (Mr. X) but he told me that he was okay.
    Then after few weeks I had a dream someone telling me, the girl who destroyed your relationship with Mr. X will go very far and leave Mr. X alone. In a dream, that person showed me my house with Mr. X. It was so nice then I woke up, it was a dream. That night I changed my way of praying, I started to tell God if this man is mine, show it to my brothers and sisters in Christ. Please God show it to other people because I am confused he is with another girl why should I keep having dreams about him.
    After few months, I had a dream, Mr. X was very dirty and crying why did I leave him, he is suffering, his girl left him…I woke up and prayed for him but I did not tell anyone about my dream…because people are telling me that it’s just because I love him so much. I am having dreams about him because I love him so much.
    Last month, one of my friend who live abroad, called me and told me that she had a dream about me…I asked her, what was the dream about she told me in a dream, she saw Mr. X very dirty and crying where is your friend, I need her, I broke her heart for another girl but that girl dumped me, please look for her and talk to her on my behalf, I don’t know what was happening…then my friend told Mr. X that she can’t because I am a very hard person. she said she woke up and prayed but when she slept again, she dreamed that me and Mr. X in a wedding party. We were the one who got married.
    She didn’t want to tell me about the dream but a voice kept telling her to tell me.
    Now Mr. X is with another girl…I don’t understand what is all this about. Is it God talking to me??? because Mr. X, is in relationship with that girl

    • Christal

      It sounds like you and your friends are correct about him wanting you.

      he made a mistake with one girl, but was not ready to admit it when you asked.

      this was because she still had an influence on him.

      he got another girl after the first one broke up with him…..

      he seems to need to be with someone all the time, so he will always replace one girl with another.

      talk to him again…tell him about all the dreams, including the one from your friend.

      if he denies it, then there is nothing you can do, but tell him if he wants to come back to please tell you if girl # 2 breaks up with him…

      so he does not keep repeating the same pattern over and over…..

  159. He still with the same girl…they never broke up! but I know he is not happy with her

  160. I don’t understand why all these dreams about me and him…is it God trying to tell me something? People told me that may be I was thinking about him…but in one week dreaming of him 3 times telling me that he is suffering? why should my friend and I have the same dream? I never told my friend about my dreams before

  161. Please help me to understand this. My ex husband walked out on me & our 4 children 8 yrs ago. For the last 7 yrs, i prayed, cried, sought God as much as one could. I did not date & he was the last man ive ever had sex with. Ive been celibate, hoping God would be happy with me & send my husband back home. Instead, i received divorce papers & my world came to an end. It was a bigger “slap in the face” when he got remarried this past April. All of my tears & prayers were in vain. To make matters worse, i had the most beautiful dream that he came back & cried saying he made a huge mistake & that he was coming back home. This dream was so vivid & so clear. Could this be God telling me he is getting ready to turn this around? Are m6 prayers finally coming to fruition?

    • stacey

      this is a very hard question.

      some times god shows us things in dreams

      sometimes we dream about what we want to happen, or not happen

      there is nothing you can do at this point, since he is married again. otherwise I would have said to talk to him.

      did you try to talk to him during the 8 years?

      this rings familiar to me since my husband left me and 2 children and married another woman immediately. he stayed married to her for over 25 years….so I cannot say if the same will be true for you or not.

      at this point, you have to go on with your life. you have 4 children. are they getting child support? if not they should be, and you should contact social services about this.

      how are you making it? do you have a job?

      find friends to comfort you…..rebuild your life…..let God handle him……I cannot predict the future, so accept the present circumstances and keep going…..

      if it is meant to be that he return to you, then it will happen….otherwise he is not meant to come back, and you have to see how this fits into god’s plan for you..maybe he was never meant by god to be the right one for you..and there will be another to replace him.

  162. Thanks for responding Marianne. I do receive child support and alimony. I am an LPN, (tried to get my RN, but failed by .10 pts.) neither of these means of income could ever replace having him here with us. Why would a God who says he loves me so much, allow me to be in so much torment? I don’t have any family. my mom had just passed away before he left. she was only 49 & horribly abused by my dad as a child, so I can’t call him. I have forgiven him though. i try so hard to do what i think God wants me to do. all through the years, i spoke to my ex almost daily about the mistake he was making. He said that God told him to leave. how could this be when he ended up in another woman’s bed with my young kids there as he was still married to me? Our oldest was 16, twins were 7 (boy twin is autistic) and youngest was 5. ive known him since we were 15. we are now in our 40s. How could God allow after all the tears ive cried and prayers ive begged to him, to have a dream about my ex coming home. this girl he married is only in her 20s (my son’s age). His kids have NO respect for him. why doesn’t God fix this? Ive done all I can do. Ive exhausted myself and wonder if there are any tears left to cry or prayers to be prayed. Me and these kids have no one. I fight severe depression everyday and wish I could remain alseep in the mornings, but my kids are all i live for. I am desperately trying to move past this, why would God allow me to dream such a vivid dream of something that Ive been praying for almost 9 yrs now?

    • stacey

      God does not FORCE people to do the right thing.

      your husband made a decision to leave you, and be with someone else. the responsibility lays at his feet. this is his move, not God’s.

      and to say it was God’s will is baloney, nonsense…God does not break up marriages….this is cause by the devil, and people who cooperate with the devil

      most likely he woman he is with convinced your husband that she was the right one for him, and that god wanted it….but this is a lie.

      she is a jezebel, to take another woman’s husband.

      i am guessing that your husband was mild mannered and passive, and she is the aggressive one…

      your husband will go with the most aggressive women, because that is where he finds his energy…..

      officially your marriage is over, and this was your husband’s will, not God’s

      you can pray he repents, but we do not know how long this will take, or if he will heed the urging of god….

  163. through out my life ive had random dreams of certain places that i had yet been to then at a later time, sometimes years later, ive remembered the dream because i end up being at the exact place of my dream. my most recent experience is a few months ago i had a dream i was at this house i had never been to. i have no memory of what i was doing or why i was there. i simply remember what my surroundings looked like. also, within the same few months i dreamed again of another unknown place which involved me in a house and walking across the road to the house across the street and a man, woman, and child walking outside to meet me in the driveway. i distinctly remember what they look like… the man and child espcially. well, ive recently moved to oklahoma from texas and while ive been here ive seen the exact same two places in my dreams. the house in my first dream isnt built yet, just the empty lot is there but the familiar feeling i get when i pass by there is very real and the other two houses in my second dream r there…. in detail. also, these two locations are located very close together on the same road. if anyone has any feedback please share it with me. thanks, adm

    • dawn

      It is your intuition that is giving you information….so just see what happens next.

      • thanks marianne, for your response. id like to get a little more feedback from u on this though please. if its my intuition then what significance do these places have, if any at all? oh… new news since my last time. i was able to get the name of the road the two houses from my dream is on. the name of the road is Ash. my first name is Ashley!!!!!!!! please reply. thanks so much.

  164. I have a friend that is terrified because he had a dream. The same one many times. In this dream he has seen what happens before that time has come. He is scared cause in his dream he is sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit and beaten there, 10-15 years later when he is free again he gets hit by a truck and dies. Can anyone help me or him to figure out the meaning behind his dream please.

    • fordrebelbaby2001

      Is your friend born again.?

      it sounds like he has a spirit of fear which plagues him

      there also may be some truth to his dreams.

      we all will end up in FEMA camps ( prison) and beaten, unless god spares us.

      he needs to give his life to God and pray for His protection.

      he can contact me and I can give him some prayer guides to follow.

  165. I had an intimate night with my husband that night I had a dream I saw a baby girl that was mine and one month later I had a dream where a “being” told me it was a girl and I immediately woke up after being told

  166. I had a dream a 5 months ago…. it was a prophecy and a warning. Jesus came to me in a bright light and i felt a warming sensation. It was very bright and I could not see his face. But his voice was comforting and there were colors that I’d never seen before. I knew it was Jesus the moment I heard his voice. It was loving and I was struck with awe….. this is what he said,”cleanse yourself for the end is near. For I am coming.” then I woke up… my heart was racing and i felt a huge blanket of love embrace my body. I was fearful and knew exactly what I had to do to cleanse myself and I did cleanse myself and have talked to priests about the dream. sadly they hadn’t an answer for me. I am still trying to find the meaning of the dream… whether or not I’m chosen for something or not.
    All throughout my childhood I’ve been watched and tempted by the evil one or ones.. im not really sure. They try to attack me in my sleep because I’m vulnerable.
    When I was 5 or 7, one night when I was struggling to fall asleep.. every time I closed my eyes I saw a dark satanic face. when I opened my eyes there was just darkness and the reality that I was alone. I was so scared I couldn’t sleep. I prayed to God for help….. then the Archangel Michael came to me and said,”do not be afraid, the evil one is gone, I will protect you.” he left me alone and i fell asleep.
    This was one of worst and most terrifying/spiritually uplifting times of my life…. i didnt know it at the time cuz i was too young.. but now i see that I was being protected God.
    Anyways… the strangest thing ever…. As I gradually come towards my 18th birthday.. I’ve been having troubling/symbolic dreams. I seemingly find myself scared of something every night and i try to block it out. I pray to God and ask him to help me, to protect me. Uhg this is all just overwhelming.
    AND THE FACT THAT i CANT PROVE THAT IM TELLING THE TRUTH. I’m so scared and fearful….. but I have trust and faith in God. There is more troubling evidence that I could reveal but I’ve chosen to keep it a secret. One time I told it and I lost my friends because they thought I was crazy. Anywho… i dunno how anybody can help me.. if you can.. .please reply. im gradually losing hope.

    • awesomefor1

      I believe you.

      I think the trouble is that you have always felt vulnerable spiritually, even though you have been close to god.

      this is because you do not realize the power you have to change things

      and the demons know that, that trouble you.

      so I am sending you some prayers against spirits, witchcraft and for deliverance and some for strength. print these out and say them OUT LOUD before bed. I will be in agreement with you.

      allow yourself to be strengthened by the Lord, and you will see these problems disappear.

    • awesomefor1,

      In the past year, I’ve met 2 men that for many years were violent, angry, drug addicted, heading for hell kind of guys. These are big men that dominant a room – not wimps.

      These two men don’t know each other, living 100 miles apart. But, I came to meet and hear their stories within the past year.

      Both men told me the kind of love you felt – covering, surrounding and filling them when they encountered Jesus. These are big, tough guys!

      Their experience, feeling this unexplainable love – it changed them. They’ve had other spiritual experiences too. These are spiritual experiences (angels/demons) and very vivid dreams too.

      Most people who know these 2 men think they are nuts. The ministers of their church (different churches, 100+ miles apart) don’t understand or help much – if at all.

      I don’t think these two men are nuts.

      One of them told me this past Tuesday evening – “What am I to do? No one understand.”

      Funny thing – I too know the feeling of a blanket of His love all over me. I know what you and these two men experienced, feeling this love envelope me.

      While the angel Michael came to you – the angel Nathaniel talked to me a few years ago.

      But, I’m not going to share my experience here and now. Folks may think I’m bragging or “nuts”.

      So – I can relate to what you’ve written.

      I strongly suggest putting your eyes into reading the book of Psalm. Let the Word of a God dwell in you.

      The Lord and the Spirit of Truth will reveal more to you when you read Scripture.

      “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
      He makes me lie down in green pastures.
      He leads me beside still waters.
      He restores my soul.
      He leads me in paths of righteousness
      for his name’s sake” (Psalm 23:1-3, ESV).


      The Lord is your Shepherd, yes?

      Sure He is. Trust Him as He leads you.

      “Trust in the Lord, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.

      Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

      Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.

      He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the noonday” (Psalm 37:3-6, NKJV).

      “I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.

      Those who look to Him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed.

      This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him and saved him out of all his troubles.

      The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and delivers them” (Psalm 34:4-7, ESV).

      I pray you find comfort in reading through the Psalms over and over.

      Yes – There is something about to unfold and it will be powerful to those who believe.

      How do I know?

      Two big men with amazing stories, giving me the impression they are being prepared. I’m in agreement with them.

      “Now may the God of peace who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal covenant, equip you with everything good that you may do His will, working in us…through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen” (Hebrews 13:19-21, ESV).

      The Lord is with you.

      Psalm 27 (read this one too).

      • thank you for that feedback

      • Oh thank you so much!!!! Im not crazy…. well i knew I wasn’t crazy. I just thought I was alone. Thank you so much…. there are no words to describe how grateful I am. And the craziest thing….. haha every time I buy myself a new cross to put around my neck, it breaks. mmmm I wonder why? And the scary thing is that when my mom gave birth to my brother and I.. she died.. and came back. While she was gone, a higher being of some sort told her that she cannot die yet because she had to protect her children. Because they are meant for something big. For that they are special. Haha even when I was little I could see a circle of angels and white light encompassing my mother and when in the darkness there were always demons attacking my brother. One night when i was like 4, the bad man, thats what i called him,… went into my brother’s room and tried to hurt him but an angel stopped it from hurting my brother. One of the weirdest things out of all of this is that I have never been seriously attacked by evil spirits but my brother has… and its a relentless struggle with him. I find it strange and my mom tells me she has dreams of me guiding people to safety and of my brother… fighting in the army of God. yea i don’t want to be ignorant or scared of my destiny….. I want to embrace it. I hope God chose the right person cause I definitely am doubting myself.

  167. awesomefor1,

    The more you share with me – the more I can relate.

    There are to many eyes on this blog and this page to keep up our dialogue so openly.

    Please – write me at psalm27dj@aol.com

    Ya want to know how I approach spiritual warfare – then read this page.


    We’ve got some spiritual intel to share with each other. Please write.

    You’ve been called (chosen, let’s say) to be a part of the Army (Joel 2:2-11). But you have a choice to go all the way. Read the story of Gideon and his elite forces.


    Psalm 20 is for you too.

    Psalm 27

  168. Good day last night i dreamt im dress in all white with white heels and i have 3 bags 2 ble handbags and 1 black bag.
    I took thing out if my bag and threw it away
    Tins of old sour milky things….
    Wht does this means?

  169. obviously I was finding it very difficult to know if God almighty can speak to an individual or his representative on earth through dream, because I had a dream,& really want to get proper understanding of the dream or revelation, but all effort towards it was rendered void , not until I was making a very concrete research, & came encountered with heaven awaits explanation, & became relieved off my stress after reading some fact out of the out lines. thanks a lot Williams Dickson. from Nigeria.

  170. I had a dream where my grandma Marvine, that’s her name, was standing in front of me talking but I couldn’t hear what she was saying. I know that I slept walk to the front door unlocking it and went outside and saw her standing there. No one could see her but me. I was asleep when this occurred. It seemed so real and so life-like. She died when I was 8 or 9 years old. I am almost 18 now. So, the dreams happen almost everything they are different but have the same person in it.

  171. WoW…this really was the only post I felt God’s spirit in after reading so many post related to this topic..It left me with a awe to wonder who this person of God is that wrote this post .You are truly God sent and his spirit is heavy on you..I don’t know who u are but I do know The Lord is with you..God Bless you and continue to do whatever The Lord is calling/telling u to do

  172. I had a dream last night that were in a bus I , my mom and my ex BF and the driver was his father. My mom was telling my Ex BF that she respects him and love him and he looked at my eyes and was happy, after tht he changes his status to (it’s over) it was like he is trying to tease me. Then the bus stopped and there was a travele bag and it was mine so my ex helped me to carry it out of the bus. Then I saw a ternedo of flying insects that tried to attack us me,my ex and my mom so I took a towel from my Bag and start fighting them. I felt happy in the dream . I believe that this dream from God but can’t know the meaning of it

    • dear E

      you relationship is over, at this time.

      the flying insects is not a good thing. they represent difficulties in your relationship with him

      you and your mom want the difficulties to go away…..it seems like fighting them makes you happy.

      but your ex BF did NOT fight the insects…so he is not as interested as you and your mom are.

      if you want a reunion, he needs to want it also.

  173. I had a dream that angry snakes were flying toward me and trying to wrap around my neck…..it was terrible!! It is still so visible to me!!! Does this sound like a warning from God?

    • andrea


      You are about to be attacked, or are already being attacked behind your back, by very treacherous people.

      the bigger the snake the more complex the problem and the more people involved….or count the number of snakes and that will give you a clue also

      Look around you and be suspicious of everyone until you find out who they are….they will most likely be the last people you would expect to harm you…right now you trust them, but you are going to get hurt.

      it could be a physical attack, but most likely a betrayal, gossip, or words spoken against you ….both your character, and behavior will be misrepresented…..if you have a job that has issues, document everything you do…in your personal and work situation, and have witnesses to defend you…

      hopefully this is ahead of you, so you can prepare, and avoid or reverse the damage intended.

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance from witchcraft and other spirits, print out, or print out or download to computer….. and say each day for protection. and ask God to show you WHO it is. I will be with you in prayer.

  174. About 6 months ago I had a dream I was talking to God. It was so devine and it leaves me to many questions to wondering why me. Just so many more questions I didn’t get to ask. So here go my dream…. The world was fighting and so much blood and fires. Just chaos. And I was climbing up the mountain to avaid something. And I was steep to get to up and a man out of know where grabbed my hand and help me up. I thanked him and was out of breath, dirty and bloody. From rock climbing without gear. I was brushing myself off because I realised after a moment that I was in the present of the Lord. That moment my heart sank. Breath taking. It still makes me cry when I think about it. It didn’t matter to what I looked like he just pointed out and I scanned the horizon it was just chaos. That he was gonna cleanse the earth. When I got woken up the first thing I said was I just talking to God. When I woke up I should have been scared of what was happening all around the world just in so many different colors of red, I felt a peace. Him. God is real. He is kind. He is peace. He is love. He is REAL. God is coming.
    I’ve been to church my whole life. I praise him in my way. My Sunday family time at home. I don’t go to church. Don’t think theyre in the right place for me. I so many unanswered questions. This wasn’t the first religious dream I had but the first one with God.

    • dear josie

      thank you for sharing that dream.

      I think the Lord wanted you to have it to let you know he will take care of you when disasters come.

      many, at that time, will think god has abandoned them, and you can reassure them that God is faithful to his own, and he will rescue them.

  175. sarah,

    Wow! You received a powerful dream. These passages should help explain your dream.



    I suggest you read this dream.


    Psalm 33

  176. If you have a flash dream while praying and see a loved one walking down a winding path but is blocked along the path by two Angels who stretch out their hand somewhat preventing the loved one from continuing the journey, what does thus mean?

  177. Hi Marianne,
    A blessed day 🙂

  178. I’ve always had a dream and my sister and brother in Christ said that this is a gift from God. Praise God for this gift.

  179. Last Saturday (May 9, 2015) I woke up at around 6AM then I slept again. I dream that I went to one of my sister’s in Christ house. From the door of the house I saw an idols looks like a Santa Claus face and his lips is like human lips. He smile to me with a sweet smile then suddenly bullying me with his tongue’s out without any word spoken. Then I didn’t care and I start to enter the house and saw a lot of idols, big idols.. And then I sit down and watch tv. I saw again one idol very beautiful but then later on changes his face so ugly looks like I’m watching horror movie. I close my eyes cause I said to myself I don’t want to remember his ugly face especially when the night comes I don’t want it to remember. Then I invite my sister in Christ to go out in her house. I talked to her and said did you know that the Lord does want to have an idols inside our house? Our Lord is a jealous God. Then she said that idols gave me money, he supported me, he physically gave a real money and he is so kind to me. Then I said remember John 10:10 – he thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. Then I leave that house and said to myself that I will never again need her help to do my wedding gown because of those idols.

  180. * the Lord does NOT want to have an idols inside our house?

  181. Jane,




  182. i recently was having these dreams ( 4 nights in a row) and in all of them i had gotten the same type of cancer, a tumor in my brain right above my left eye (where i always get my head aches) then on the 5th night i had a dream where i was standing in a field/meadow and the archangel Gabriel came down to me and told me that i had cancer and i needed to go get it checked out now or when i started showing symptoms to my mom that it would be too late. do these dreams mean something or am i just being paranoid.

    • correction *on the 5th night i asked god to give me a sign in my dream like an angel if i really did have cancer

    • xiao

      I think you need to see a doctor about your headaches, and ask for a brain scan, to be safe.

      that way, you will have a real answer about your headaches and the cause.

  183. Sir,
    Firstly I like ua website, i want to ask the meaninng of dream which i had this morning around 5 am. In dream i was talking to my grandfather who died 13 days ago .. In dream i was in a room in my village in old home of my grandfather which is divided into 5parts as grandfather has 5son. On dream he told me he is not dead and is alive and i firstly got terrified but then slowly i started talking to him ..and later on i saw my mother also talking to him … And i heard my cousin brother is saying that its not real get out of room now…and then it looks like i am in a mountain running down with my father and one sister …now i am in old home of my grandfather and upper story of home where only food and prepared and some valuable things are saved in boxes …gold and silver items etc. Now i saw my cousin brother came i have many cousin brother ..3-4 of them came along with my father and strart firing all boxes those boxes with valuable items ….now i saw people like leo nides who are very strong having sword ,carolus linnaeus ,leo nardo davinci etc..

    Sir i want to ask queation now that …is this dream gonna have any effect on my grandmother who is nowdays very weak and cant stand much ..??

    Answer is highly awaited…

    • rajkiran

      It sounds like you are concerned about family issues , property , and inheritance since your grandfather died.

      everyone wants something he left behind.

  184. i dream has if God give me power of healing and delivering my people from enemy(stan)

  185. Love this post. So clear, short to a degree, but rich and very helpful. for right now, I wanted to leave something here for those neigh-sayers about spiritual and God existing. I am a mom of three, so I’ll get to the point because I have very little time currently. I encountered Jesus christ years back, where I met him physically. He was standing in the room I was in. Some call it a vision, or open vision. I was awake around one in the afternoon etc. When it happened. I’ve had other encounters that are both spiritual and natural at the same time, and millions in the world have as well. I’ve also and or had physical healing occur on my self one time within six seconds of someone praying for my arm to be healed. These are some of the once thought by me as crazy etc. Occurrences that I now see as “normal”, and what else can you do after a long time of fifteen years of these occurances happening, but to say, “hey its real, true and nORMAL. for those snobs on here, get real with yourself and the world and universe around you. It’s time to face the music. Satan likes to blind people….as I’ve said numerous times now, you can’t tell me god does not exist, when I already had him appear before me. People have gone to heaven and back as well, it’s in the Bible and wonderful. Love you Jesus, you are love.

  186. Thank you Marianne, you as well!!! We are supernatural beings inside a fleshly body. Experiencing more than just fleshly things is to be expected. Through God’s spirit and The Bible we can understand and discern amazing things such as visitations, healing etc. God wants good things for believers. Please continue to be a blessing.

  187. This is my dream or vision,one day i enter a boat to somewhere.somebody started pusueing our boat to kill us and someone came and save me from that one and put me to his own boat.there was a place we arrived:there is no anything build by human being that can enter the place eccept by the chain that run from to down.what hold the chain was Gold-dust .

    • james

      it sounds like you have enemies who wish to harm you, and may be attacked, but God will help you. so just stay close to him, and give him honor with your life.

  188. Thank you so much

  189. This is a peculiar situation of mine.. I’m quite obsessed with the idea of finding my friend who disappeared some time ago. God answered me directly 1nce and it was a powerful dream, I pray about this and ask him to give me dreams but I get weird dreams like my friend brutalizing me or actually being a creep/deviant. Is this normal? Like is this carnal dreams?

    Also, every time I sin and forget to repent I get sleep paralysis and strong dreams of burning in fire and suffering with maggots.. is this demonic or a way of God telling me I’m sinning? b/c when that happened I was becoming callous to God and being selfishly involved in the mundane world.. after that I repetened and it goes away.. this doesnt happen when im “on check” so to speak

  190. Thank you for the imformation on dreams now I am more convinced of my messages and understanding of how God comutecates with us its nice to hear from other believers with the same understanding

  191. Hi there,

    I had the same dream twice last night. I remember sitting in a room alone and out of nowhere, I said they’re coming and woke up in fear and confusion. The second time I had it, I said the same thing, but then I guess the dream changed. What do you make of this?

  192. I dream of seeing my self in the Church it look like the heaven open I saw cars bikes coming down from heaven and when it came down I saw people with armies,police uniform coming inside the Church pick some people they were in a strait line going inside the car I ask were are they going they said they are taking them to heaven but will bring them back, a woman in d line was asking who saw them I told her it was me they left we are in the Church I help a woman to fetch water from d pump in two place and give her the water the pastor came I saw my self carrying a baby in my back and attending to people I wake up

  193. So my first dream goes as follows I was in my husband and I bedroom. I saw in the middle of the room there was a small tornado on its side. I curious as I am, decides to go and look underneath the tornado. when I look in the tornado I see a bright light and a being in the middle of the tornado. The being answered Gabriel.

    I also had a dream recently. Where me and my mother are in a bus alone and I look towards the sky and see a dove hovering over the bus. when I look down I see that the bus is emerged in a river that is flowing. The river guides us to a road and when I look at the back of the bus a white bird is following us.

    Please let me know what these dreams could mean.

  194. This what I’ve written in my dream journal. Please read this because it is an eye opener to everyone.

    Recently, my interest in the “Secrets of the World” was again awakened by Youtube. As I was enjoying a channel of one of the famous & hilarious family, my eye caught a mysterious Video title on the right corner of the screen “What they didn’t want you to know”.

    It was all about the ancient life, the mysteries of the world and the secret of the flower of life. In there, they mentioned chakras inside the body. I thought maybe I could also do the Astral Projection they are talking about. There are so much to say about these new knowledge I acquired but the real story here is about my dreams.

    June 17,2015

    That night I wanted to try astral projection. I thought it could happen easier if I just sleep so I just dozed off. I now realized it wasn’t supposed to be done that way. lol That night I can’t even remember my dream. All I can recall is a face. I woke up a minute but I continued my sleep again. After I woke up I can still remember the face but not a single happening from my dream. As I could recall it appeared as if he was near me when I woke up since I can clearly see the top of his head to his shoulders only. He was looking at me with his head slightly bent to the left. He looked like he is in his 30′s. He has no beard nor mustache and he wears a hood. Not a hoodie of a jacket we have nowadays but a hood like from the Bible stories. I cannot describe his over all clothing since I could only see up to his shoulders.

    This is weird coz I haven’t seen a Bible movie or any movie with people wearing such clothes for a month I guess and I didn’t even thought of that since I’m focused on these Astral Projection. Also, I don’t know the man so I thought it wasn’t that important. I had an event the day after so I didn’t thought about the dream too much, not until I had weirder dreams.

    June 18,2015

    I tried to do Astral Projection again. I did not succeed BUT I had set of dreams – on different places, with different people. There are 4 actually. These is how I wrote it in the journal:

    1. I saw myself panicking while browsing on our wireless telephone for receiving a message from a businessman.Then I was relieved the message was still on the phone. I’m not familiar with the man but he really looked professional. I think this has something to do with the job I want.

    2. I saw my 2 friends there Daniel and Lester chatting with me in a room that looked like a canteen. Daniel is in front of me reading a book I know nothing about which looked like old scriptures. I remember he even make me take a look of a page. While Lester is beside me as usual humoring me. I’m not sure what we were talking about but I think Daniel is mocking me that time about my abilities. We are not fighting there as I recall just chatting.

    3. I saw a place where stone houses were built. Each facing the same alley. It looked like from a town at Bible stories. I know it’s cliche but that’s what I felt about the place. On the alley there are tables and chairs. Sitting there are couples, I don’t know any of them. They were kissing, hugging etc. I remember me and my friends walked on that alley and then it looked like they won’t allow us to be there coz we’re all Single. LOL

    4. The next scene, I remember being in the shower clothed and crying. I have no idea why and how did I get there. Then I woke up.

    The man I dreamed before is still a mystery but the weird dreams are just as unexplained. Except for the 1st and 2nd dream.

    I figure out the 1st dream immediately coz I’ve been bothered by my work the whole week but surprisingly the 2nd dream needs to be interpreted more carefully.

    I tried figuring out why I dreamed of Daniel and Lester in the first place.They ​say ​if you have a dream where ​there are people you actually know, you might be thinking about them to often (but no they didn’t even crossed my mind) or they might be thinking about me (for sure that’s not it too, we’re all good friends but nothing more than that, I don’t think I owe any of them any money too! haha)​​

    ​So why did I dreamed of them? and in my dream, we are all chatting in a canteen/food court. What caught my attention the most is the book Daniel is reading. He is so focused that he didn’t even bother looking at us when talking. He even showed me a page where there are 3 lined phrases(not sure) as I recall it’s in a different language. It is written in black ink and unlike other writings in the book (portrait orientation) it is written in landscape and in one page only as if it bears great importance. Or maybe it could be a note from the previous chapter.

    I took the clues Daniel, Lester, and the Mystery book in my mind. Then I tried browsing the net for clues. I typed “ Book of Daniel”. I knew there is a book of sort but what surprises me is that Daniel actually wrote a book about his Dreams & Prophecies. Daniel interprets dreams of the Kings before and I know nothing about these. I don’t read the bible. I tried before but I’m not that good in interpreting writings so I don’t really understand much. So I kinda solved the mystery book of Daniel.​ The website is entitled “Apocalypse of Daniel”.​ I read the writings and the interpretation but still I can’t understand much. It all referred to the occurrence way way back. ​

    ​What about Lester? What is his role there? Is he there just to make fun of me? I tried searching for a “Book of Lester” but there’s none that made sense. Then I remembered his whole first name.​ It’s JOHN Lester. Maybe it’s not Lester, but John! I searched of a “Book of John​” it showed the Gospel. I didn’t know how it could be connected to the “Book of Daniel​” coz it’s too long to read. My head might hurt too bad before I could finish the Gospel. So I searched for “Apocalypse of John” since it might be connected to Daniel’s.

    Bingo! There really is a story like this but under the Revelations. ​Thanks to YouTube I found a video highlighting the Visions of St. John about the Apocalypse.

    It’s about the 1st coming of Jesus!

    Then I searched for “Apocalypse of Daniel”​ and as interpreted by Isaac Newton and I found out

    it’s about the second coming of Jesus!

    I cannot explain what I watched in detail but everyone should be informed of this.We don’t know when but Jesus will surely be coming back soon and we should go back in his arms.

    It’s amazing how dreams could be messages ​from the Lord. It does not only reflect what’s in our minds but also what should be in our heart at all times.


    June 19, 2015

    I’m still eager to try this astral projection but I never succeed. There is always something that interferes. Sometimes it’s a call, a text message, a knock on the door, falling asleep countless times. It’s just not working. I’ve even tried listening to music but there’s no effect.

    In the afternoon, as I was praying to God, I asked him if I need to try astral project or know the secrets of life coz I’m desperate and yet I felt like I’m doing something wrong. I didn’t get enlightened about that.

    Then as I continued my prayers, I asked for forgiveness about everything bad I’ve done these days. I felt terrible. I also mentioned seeing a man in my dreams. As I told Him what happened and how the man looked like. I asked

    “Lord is he my guardian angel?”

    I don’t know what got into me but I just wanted to ask hoping He’ll respond. Then I asked again

    “Lord do you know what’s the name of the man? If he is my guardian angel I know he would be surely sad or angry and disappointed in me. I’m sorry”

    I stopped praying but suddenly I heard a voice in my head. It says


    Nazar? I didn’t understood what it means. I can’t just ignore it coz I clearly heard the whole word. And I’m all alone at the house! I don’t know what it is so in my desperation I searched the internet. Wikipedia said Nazar is a talisman for protection against the evil eye or misfortune. I taught God is telling me to get one of these before I astral project. Really? Is that it? But I’m not convinced since we were talking about a person that time right?

    I looked for other sites and tried Nazar as a name. Then I found out that it is connected to NAZARENE where all Nazareth are also known as NAZAR. Even Jesus is known as Nazar. I hope my intuitions are correct. Whether it is a prophet/angel or Jesus, I know he’s one of the followers of the Lord God. I thought, why did he woke me up?

    If those dream finally made sense. Then maybe the other dream I had these days would reveal something.

    June 19,2015 night

    I am with a group of people. They told me they’re going to have a bath all together as couples. I rushed to the bathroom. I checked my clothes and there I was sure I’m clothed but not much. I think I’m wearing a sando and short shorts. A girl knocked on the door and I realized the door is not entirely closed. She called me and after a few minutes I went with her. That’s all I could remember.

    June 20, 2015

    I read an article about the danger of astral projection. I was shocked about the stories I read about astral projection. Somehow their experiences is related to my dream! Astral projection could open a door to astral sex. Meaning an individual could have sex to other entities (human or not) in other dimensions during astral projection. It’s actually group sex!

    I immediately read again my journal on June 18. In my 3rd dream I remember there are people having group dates and the new comers including me are not allowed coz we’re single. At first I even thought it was funny!

    The 4th dream is were I was crying in the bathroom with no definite reason!

    Then there’s the dream I had on June 19. Where there is a group of people (couples) inviting me to join a bath.

    I now understood what’s the message behind those dreams. As a matter of fact I believe, Nazar and God wanted to warn me about the danger in astral projection and all related to it. I think he’s trying to wake me up the night(June 17). I also believe Nazar is Jesus because as I was fixing our bed I saw an image of Jesus on the very same place I saw Nazar looking at me! It may sound funny to some but I believe on what I saw and what I feel. I just cried. I’m so thankful he saved me from all those sin.

    Rejoice to the Lord!


    Astral projection is very dangerous. Do not attempt to try it. You don’t know what you’re diving into.
    Also, Repent. The 2nd coming of Jesus is very near. He warned me and I want to warn everybody. Ask for forgiveness. Change your way of life and live in the goodness of the Lord. Go back into His arms.

  195. hi,
    Please i had this dream where i saw a helicopter fall out of the sky….while it was falling a van also fell out out of the helicopter,they both crash landed…please what doest it mean and is it in any way a Godly dream?

  196. About 12 years ago I dreamed about Jesus for 7 days straight I saw him standing in my bedroom when I was asleep I was very depressed and suicidal at the time in the dreams he was telling me what he wanted me to do God has a very strong and powerful voice Jesus told me in my dreams I don’t want you to get rid of the music I want you to get rid of it a lot of Hard Rock talks about suicide and depression I stopped believing in God when my mother died of cancer and it’s very obvious that God is real I wish I would have listened do what Jesus was telling me in the dreams

    • shawn

      those dreams were truly a blessing from God.

      the hard rock music was adding to your depression, and keeping you there, and unable to go on without your mom.

      he has much in store for you in this life, and I would expect God to use you in a wonderful , powerful way to help others with the same loss, grief, and challenges.

      use this to reach out and help other people who are suffering. you have much hope to offer to others.

      god bless you

  197. Thank you thank you

  198. I am struggling wit assurance of my salvation. I asked God to show me in a dream that i am saved. Finally i saw this.

    I dreamed i was about 5 years old girl standing in that dress made out of flowers.. Someone pulled out those flowers one by one and i became naked. I was ashamed, Then magically i was dressed in the purple dress with golden strings on it. It was so beautiful. I was so amazed and happy. Then little girl came up to me, then another girl came up to me. then little prince a year or so younger came up to me.. I was speechless…. The most amazing felling of joy came over me.. i woke up… When i woke up i understood that that prince was Jesus.. July 27 2015 Eva R P.S. If God leads you to interpretation of a dream please let me know. Thank you

  199. I need to know abt the dreams or its visions I get ….I dream God 3 times

  200. Most of my dreams happens at church, I always dream my postors n prophets and our bishop, what does it mean?

    • susan

      I cannot tell you a meaning, since I do not know the content of your dreams.

      • In my dream,I looked up and saw big stones or rocks with a part of it burning like charcoal,fallen on my head and my family,pls what does it mean.

        • recita

          it could just be a natural dream…where you are concerned about such things, like experiencing harm

          but….there is an asteroid coming which is expected to crash into out atmosphere soon…..maybe you were experiencing a preview…..

          if this happens to you, get away from the coast and water and go someplace high up…there will be a tsunami

  201. Halo guys I hadd a dream today. I dream of an eagle from the clouds . The eagle come straight down where we was. Every body was afrsid to go outside but I did. I saw a green and grey feathers eagle flying over the car I came off to open the gate.
    After thst I saw a big drop water from the clouds . I go whete the drop fall I saw a hole but it was looking like an old place. I dug with my hand to reach under the soil . that’s were I took som wet soil and I press it water starts to fall down.

    • saul

      I do not have an answer for you

      it sounds like a natural dream.

      mixed impressions

      just pray about it, to see if the Lord will reveal meaning for you

  202. I never dream of God or anything like it. my dreams are usually vague and I have trouble remembering them. last night God came to me. he showed me the world ending. I told him I didn’t want the world to end because I feared going to hell. He assured me that I was not going to hell, but loved ones close to me were not safe and it is my job to guide them on the right path to salvation. I said I don’t think my husband can be saved and how can I be happy in heaven without him and he showed me love that I never knew before. I was so overwhelm with love when I woke up I still felt so full of love I cant even explain it bc I have never felt anything like it in my life. I latex there awake stunned weeping tears of joy. I felt His love. I know people will call me crazy and not believe me but I know it was real.

    • before God came to me I knew the world was ending. I told others who did not care they too knew the world was ending and instead of spending their last moments on Earth begging for forgiveness they were having a party. there were hover crafts all around and some people were going to go up in the hover crafts to try to avoid death. I then went to confession and I was trying to confess my sins but my throat was closed I had to leave the confessional I went to get a drink and the water was going in but I couldn’t feel myself swallowing it. that is when God came to me.

    • Yes I too felt that. I cried tears of joy. Why me? That is the question I ask. I am as big a sinner as anyone. Why did he come to me?

      • “This what the Lord says:

        The wise man must not boast in his wisdom;
        the strong man must not boast in his strength;
        the wealthy man must not boast in his wealth.
        But the one who boasts should boast in this,
        that he understands and knows Me—
        that I am Yahweh, showing faithful love,
        justice, and righteousness on the earth,
        for I delight in these things” (Isaiah 9:23-24).


      • I know that He came to me. And he showed me love that no one in my life has ever showed me. I have always felt loved by my family dont get me wrong. But His love was EXTRAORDINARY !!

  203. I had a divine dreAm. The holy Spitit spoke to me. It was like heaven on earth. The words were’ you will not suffer any longer’. My two children and my sister also will not suffer. I have never experienced anything like this dream. It was like being in heaven. The voice was that of God. I then very gently and softly woke up , I’ m guessing, so that I would remember this message. It wAs life changing. I realized that He is reAlly real. I have never felt this before. He was speaking to me. I am changed.

    • I have never had this kind of dream. It is something I will never forget. The Holy Spirit spoke to me. It was very simple ‘You will not suffer any longer’. I then gently woke up. I knew I had received a divine message. No doubt ever. It is real people!! I’m not sure about the simplicity of His message. It was not complex, it was very simple, very concise, reassuring and truly divine. He touched me. I am blessed. I have a very deep abiding faith. I wish I knew what He wants me to do now. I may just be figuring that out for myself with His divine intervention. I want to give, I want to relieve suffering . Dear God show me the wY.

      • https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm%2089&version=HCSB;NKJV

      • joanne

        you are blessed. keep this in your heart when bad times come. he will spare you from the trouble to come.

        you have already been through your own tribulation.

        • Marianne I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I have been trying to understand it all. God speaks to many through dreams. This is when we are receptive and vulnerable. It was as though the gate to heaven opened and He spoke to me. His voice was calm, gentle and left no doubt as to who it was. I have been trying to understand why me? I am as bAd a sinner as anyone. There are many who have suffered. Could it be that he knows my heart is good?
          Thank you for responding. I have been reading about divine dreams since this happened, sort of like a doubting Thomas trying to disprove what happened. Nothing that I have read disputes that it was indeed the Holy Spirit who spoke to me that night. When I awoke I sobbed tears of joy.

  204. Joanne I too sobbed tears of joy. Even when I think back to the love I felt I start weeping.

  205. […] the questions above can help you better distinguish a regular dream from a divine message. In most cases the dreamer will be able to identify exactly what the dream was referring to and will awake with a […]

  206. Hello. I had a dream yesterday night where I was walking out the house and my mom came after me and said the Lord shower her I was going to die. Another lady from my church(I’ve been going for about 4 months now)I cant remember if I told her what my mom said and she was comforting me saying everything will be alright or if she told me also I was going to die. Its really weighing on my because I dream lots of dreams but none like this.I mean in the dream my mom spoke in peace and the lady who comforted me did also all in all it was a peaceful dream. What does this mean? I’m trying not to be afraid but I am.

    • miss proverbs

      where do you live?

      this country will be hit soon with disasters. you may be in one of the target areas

      if you are going to die, it will happen quickly and you will go peacefully

      question is, are you ready to stand before God and have your life judged?

      hopefully you are, so do not worry.

  207. Thank u so much as from today got something that would change my life unto another level,I wasn’t take my dreams serious but now I know.

  208. I had a dream last night about him giving me seeds and berrys and he said to use them wisly and give them to someone and all sudden they were gone and stolen..i have also have dreams in the end of times and dreams of the burning pit of hell people being judged and angels throwing them in the out of fire.. and i had a dream of a war between light and darkness

    • meghan

      it sounds like you are getting warnings from God to wake you up, so you can prepare. stay in prayer.

    • Meghen,

      I’d like for you to post your dreams on a FaceBook page, “Team Jesus Dreams and Visions.”

      If you can’t find the page or gain access – send me a note.

      psalm27dj@aol.com and we’ll figure out how to get you in. Your dreams are very informative.

      Psalm 34

  209. I’ve once dreamt about a script Joel chapter9 vs9. What does that mean?

  210. I had a vivid dream of fire with red flames briefly after the first few minutes of sleep.this was after i proclaimed to myself that i was the antichrist.could this have been some sort of punishment dream from God showing me hell?

    • henry

      that was a really dumb thing to do.

      YES, God was showing you your punishment if you continue this way of thinking.

      the antichrist will be tortured and burned forever, he , satan and the false prophet will suffer the worst, most horrible painful burning and punishment, more than others.

      do you really want to end up like them?

      hell is not a picnic…..it is a horrible place.

      satan is not going to help you either. he is looking forward to tormenting you when you get to hell.

      once you go to hell, there is NO escape….you are there forever.

      so think about what forever means….

      get off this way of thinking, repent of this stupid idea, change your ways, and submit to God.

      choose love, forgiveness, and goodness of god, and choose salvation from hell though god’s son jesus, who died to take this hell punishment away from you.

      you really do not have much time left to do this, the way the word is going.

      please consider salvation and holiness before god.

      I am sending you a prayer for salvation.

      read the bible and pray the prayers (psalms) in there

      get close to god.

      he made you, and he can either bring you to heaven, or destroy you in hell.

      • thanks for the help & the advice but i got to ask you one last thing,why does this book The Dreamers Dictionary, by Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett,say that prophetic dreams only occur at 2a.m-7a.m when you are in deep sleep yet in the bible in Gen 15:12 states that Abraham in his covenant with God had his dream in the evening though in deep sleep(must you be in deep sleep for prophetic dreams?).

        • henry

          usually, people do not fall asleep in the evening but later at night. and usually deep sleep occurs in the middle of the night

          but that is just a general rule. there are exceptions

          for dreams, they need to be in deep sleep, and gen 15 says that abraham did have deep sleep

          • but in the previous comment you told me that my dream was a warning dream/prophetic dream,so still is it?because from your recent comment i now doubt whether it was a prophetic dream.also in the book i told you about;The Dreamers Dictionary, by Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett,it has a contradiction since it says that prophetic dreams are long i.e come in many phases while from another source i read that these dreams tend to be short so probably even what it said about the deep sleep could be wrong,could you be having another source mostly online where this information about divine dreams could be(also except the other two books you mentioned on this site) because i find information from that book to be sort of contradicting…

            • henry

              read all the comments once more.

              it is a warning dream, so take heed.

              it does not matter what time of night it was.

              • Is it possible that my clairvoyance ability(someone told me i was clairvoyant) affected how my dream appeared?since i read from one of the books(The Dreamers Dictionary, by Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett ), you referred to readers on this site,if you’d look it up that clairvoyance is a factor sort of..could it have even affected the time the dream appeared?

                • henry

                  stop going back and forth with irrelevant questions. I have given you answers. you do not impress me as clairvoyant, but you did have a warning dream from god to stop your foolish thinking….god can warn anyone at any time….he does not need a dreamers dictionary to do it.

                  • …May i please ask one last question?why do you say i’m not clairvoyant in accordance to my dream?(coz i kinda think that clairvoyance had something to do with the way my dream appeared..but however i will not bother you with any more questions on that & i will look for answers to that using other resources.but i’d really love it if you’d answer that one last question please to make it possible for me to do more research into the matter though i’d like to say that your answers were great too..but then again maybe its coz of my nature,that’s why i’m asking for a lot of details..so hope you don’t mind.)

  211. I like this! Can i hv a book??

  212. I dreamed that a horses head is crushed n that the body of the horse is sinless n running on the road without a head what does it mean

    • anu

      I do not know. if the body is sinless and the head was crushed, maybe the head had the sin, and had to be destroyed.

      • I have had a few dreams that have been very vivid. The first one was that I was at my aunts house and her dad/ my grandpa lives with her and does not believe in God. In a dream I was at their house and someone knocked on the door
        I answered the door and it was an uncle that had passed away holding one of those boxes that holds bibles but it was empty

        Another dream I was putting on something with a hood and I could hear a mean growling voice and something wss being thrown at me like mud balls but a shield was protecting me.

        My third dream showed 3 angels in the sky floating around then they were smong us greeting us and putting ud on a big boat. In my heart I felt it was god coming for us

        • stacey

          not sure what the first dream means but you know your family best.

          the second sounds like opposition coming against you

          the third, is a wonderful one to keep in mind when events like dream 2 take place

          you sound close to god and ready for the rapture.

          stay blessed

          • On the last dream. …In my dream a man shook my hand and as my husband and I were getting on a large boat. …I said I need to find our daughter so I can make sure she is not afraid and to help her understand what was happening
            We found her but she moved to a different table and seemed to be pouting or upset with me….then I woke up

  213. I have had quite a few divine dreams, One I remember quite well. One afternoon I fell asleep next to my woman on the bed. In this dream I sat in wooden chair in what I believe was my house at the time. In this chair I confessed all my sins and worries bout this world. All of a sudden my chair leverages off the floor, off my balcony and into the air at great speeds. It took me way above the clouds but every thing was still blue like I could still see the land and everything. Suddenly my chair stopped and held still. Far off in the distance I seen a light. In the same instance as I see the light it was directly in front of me I’ve never seen anything known to man with that speed. My heart skipped a beat for I knew who was before me by the feeling that came over me which is till this day the best feeling in my life. This light form a man with shoulder length dreads with a perfect bronze complexion dressed in white and gold in a chariot pulled by a white horse with a fiery mane and hooves. I felt completely safe even though I was still in the chair miles in the sky. He reach in a bag and gave me a horn. I accepted this horn and just as fast as he came left. I tried to follow behind but I couldn’t keep up by far. My chair dropped from the sky and before I touch the ground it stopped and I woke up screaming to my lady what just happened and she didn’t take it seriously but till this day I have never forgotten it. This happen way back in 2009-10. What do you think bout this dream, I have many more but this one was the one.

  214. I love the information you give , it is bibilically authentic 🙂

  215. I had a dream when I was a Christian ,I was going thru tribulation at church and house !!one day while I was depressed in bed,o was looking up at my ceiling suddenly I was looking at the blue tranquil sky. While I was looking at the sky I was amused because I knew I was in bed ,what happen next was a voice of people especially a women’s saying hallelujah hallelujah , I had peace in my heart and also felt a strong peaceful presence of GOD , then a man’s voice said ” you were a slave of Satan’s you will be tried !! Sudenly I woke up knowing the dream ,it meant I was passing thru a test from GOD but evil was trying to make me fall and he’s mad that I was a son of GOD because I used to be smoking marijuana everyday and also steal to but some . the devil don’t want Christians to stay obediant to GOD he wants us back as he’s sinners “slaves”!!

  216. I had a dream in which someone snached my phone from me and ran away it ,I chased him but was not able to get him.please help me with the interpretation.

  217. Had a vision and was given a date for a wedding

  218. I had a dream about me getting a gree cross necklace from a table.. then after I saw weird being outside the gate while people inside are warding them what I did was pray using rhe necklsce and gave shield to people inside the gate.. there are aldo people working parallel to the gate they are working on something and I gave rhem shield also.

    Is this from God….

  219. you said it is not a divine dream but you said i should fight evil?… could you please elaborate?..

    • tim

      help innocent people, inform them about evil to educate them, and pray for their protection and pray for god to destroy the wicked spirits that inhabit people.

      attached is a sample prayer

  220. in my dream i was prompted to a table infront of person which is my neighbor and classmate…. them i saw something on the table but its not clear to me until i grasp it with my bare hands, and saw it was a green cross necklace with spiral tips…. then i wear it after getting it from the table… afterwards i saw weird being outside the gate they were agressive in nature trying to break the gate…. but there were people inside the gate which i was with and they are trying to ward off the people outside the gate… and my initial reaction in my dream is to pray using the cross necklace.. i prayed to give shield to those people protecting the gate not to be harmed by weird people outside the gate…. and at the same time there were also group of people again with the inside of the gate which i was with doing something and i gave the also shield… and i woke up…. this dream scene was i think night time in my dream….

  221. theres alot of my dream that came to past…. some are scary some are inspirational to me to move on with life in Jesus Christ but it really hard to stick in having faith in Jesus Christ and God…. Alot of temptations going around me from the moment i wake till i sleep….. all the bad things in my life came to pass in my dream but the good part is God never left me…. there was a dream that i was going to be slaughtered forcefully and it did happened to me in real life…. the but in God grace he pulled me out in that situation…. remembering it made me believe God loves me…. he would never let me go that way…

  222. I had a dream, over 40 years ago. I remember it in detail to this day. I dreamed my brother in law was hanging on the side of a bridge looking up at me. There was a river far below. He had a troubled look on his face. All at once he let go with both hands and fell far below into the water. I woke up with my heart beating rapidly and was scared and shocked at what I had seen in my dream. I went back to sleep and told my husband about the dream the next morning. That evening my sister called crying and very upset. She could barely talk. She told me her husband (the man in my dream) had drowned on a fishing trip. The men that were with him said he stood up in the boat and fell backwards into the water. They had not recovered his body at that time. Years later, my sister told me that her husband, who drank heavily and became angry and wanted to fight, had attacked the men while in the boat, (his brothers in law). They pushed him out of the boat and when he tried to get back in, they hit him with an oar and knocked him out where he went under the water and never came up. The wives of the men who did this.. my bro. in law’s sisters, all divorced their husbands but no one ever told about what happened. Later, before the funeral my sister and I both had a strange experience that I won’t tell but I believe the spirit of her husband was with us briefly. If my dream was a warning, I wonder what I should have done to prevent this event from happening.

  223. I had a dream about my mother shortly after she passed. She was only 59 and I was 28. I was struggling with her death. I knew she was dead and not coming back but I had a hard time accepting that she was in a casket 6 feet under. It bothered me terribly. One night I dreamed she came into my room but it was my childhood room. Whenever I would be bullied at school our hurt over something or someone she would always come in and sit at the foot of my bed rubbing my legs to comfort me. That’s what she was doing in this dream. Then a very bright beautiful light slowly appeared from the corner of my room over my door. As it got closer it appeared to be an angel or maybe even Jesus. My mother looked at me. She didn’t say a word. She only smiled but I knew she was telling me everything will be ok as she always did. She went with the Angel and faded away slowly into the light. I had this dream over 16 years ago and remember every single detail including the way it made me feel ad if I had the dream last night. The only words that can even half way describe the the way I felt are serenity, peace and love. I often wish for similar dreams and am very grateful for this one. Knowing my mother and her love for me she probably told the Angel “ok, I’ll go but I have to let my daughter know I’m ok and everything will be ok first.” I love and miss her so much.

  224. Greetings, I have had the same dream about four times over a five year period or so. In the dream my boyfriend was being taken by the authorities then I would wake in fear. The last time when I hot the dream, Armed forces came for him and scuffed him away. Before they could leave with him, he begged them to let him say good bye to me. When he came to me, he assured me that he must go with them but he will be back even if it takes ten years. Just now that i will be
    back he said. I will havd people look after you but i will be back. What does this mean even though it seems a little clear

    • melissa

      If you were in the united states, I would say you were being warned against martial law, which will kill all americans that oppose or disagree with the government, or are christians.

      I do not know how these events in america could affect you, so I would suggest talking to your boyfriend. is he anti-government? has he signed up to serve in the military in case of disaster or war? or maybe he has not, but will be drafted by the government for the disaster. has he done anything wrong, committed any crime where he would expect someone to come get him?

      I do not have enough information on him to guess.

      if you have heard of Efrain Rodriguez , the prophet from Puerto Rico, he has predicted an asteroid crash, and up t 1000 ft tsunami wave in the atlantic/ caribbean that would affect you. I suggest storing up food and water, and be prepared to go to higher ground.

  225. I had a dream where my friend was driving her car on the drivers seat the car was moving on a forward direction but she sat looking backwards steering while lookibg backward but car is going forward. I was at the back seat. I cautioned her that why are you driving the car like that without looking forward. She said I know what am doing as I won’t miss the road. At first we saw police car and we had to quickly put our seat belts on and the police fid not stop us. I wad the one who said theres a police car they will stop us let’s quickly ppt our seat belts. There was a baby in the back of the car not on car seat so we had to quickly put baby in the car seat on the passenger seat. When she was driving like this there was no var at all on this road except her car she was driving. As we continued I saw that there were now cars coming from where we were going all 4 lanes the cars were going to the direction we are coming from but we are going to that direction and she is driving while not looking in front. Because the situation looked like this she now took caution and face the front so that we can maneuver through the cars comimg from the direction we were going and they were going to the direction we were coming from. Glory to God we did not crush on those cars as she maneuvered between the cars.
    I feel there’s alot of message in this dream what is God trying to tell me and the one driving.

  226. gain chesca.
    Last 2nights i dreamt i was in hell, many people are crying and from a distance i saw a light of fire, i thought i was awake when i ask my husband to put a cross in my forehead when i noticed that it isn’t him,but a shadow man who also puts a pressure in my chest, i woke up having weakened body. I dreamt of this after i prayed rosary but wasnt able to finish because i slept.

    Then last night i dreamt a dog bit me in my knees, i had wound but i was able to fought the pitbull, i opened his jaw and tear it apart.

    • Chesca Zantua

      It sounds like you are under demonic attack and should pray against it.

      I am sending you some prayers against curses, witchcraft and other spirits. also a prayer for strength

      print out and say each day

      also repent of any sins that may have let this happen.

      I will agree with you in prayer.

    • chesca

      I have you in spam for repeating the same comment over and over.

      one time is sufficient

  227. @marianne ok,i’m with you on the dream being a warning dream from God but what i’m not quite sure about is about that stuff you said on the dream not having anything to do with clairvoyance.coz i read from a site some characteristics of clairvoyant dreams/psychic dreams are among some that were in my dream i.e vivid,the reaction i got when i woke up(startled & all).sorry..to disturb you again about this matter,but why do you say my dream had nothing to do with clairvoyance yet it has most signs of being one in addition to being a warning dream?(..promise this is the last time i ask you about this,i just really need to know about this..reasons you’d probably not quite understand…)

    • henry

      a clairvoyant gets information from demons

      s true divine dream comes from god

      you do not want to be clairvoyant….or working for demons.

      if god gives you a warning, it may be because you are messing around with trying to work with demons, instead of him

      in your dream you wanted to be the antichrist…that is stupid.

      you are not clairvoyant…. you are a sinner….so repent of your thinking and get right with god.

  228. Hello, I recently had a dream and God visited me in a mirror and told me that on my 13th birthday I would die and go to heaven.
    Any ideas on if it is real?

  229. I could really use your help

  230. I had a dream about my wife not long after we met and started having sex. It was more like a vision. We were at her house in bed. I lying in bed sitting up. She was on the right side, sitting up also. A large brown snake came through the door. To my side of the bed and begin biting me on my heel. His
    Flangs wasn’t penetrating the top layers of my skin to the point where I could feel them. I grabbed a club and start beating his head. I could see my wife’s face. She had no express. Only looking at at it come in. And that was the vision. I hadn’t know her long at all. I couple of days later I had another vision about her. I was in her bed again.sitting up in the bed again. She had gotten up and was stand towards the door. Looking back at me with this wicked smile on her face. Where she had gotten out of bed. I look net to me and there were snakes in the bed the one I remember was red black and yellow. And at the outside of the door stood men. What do anyone think this dream ment ?

    • robert

      your wife sounds like a witch. you still married to her?

      • I have left her resently after what would have been seven years this month. I believed that God warned me. I didn’t heed His warning. I did ask a preach before we married he told me I was sleeping with the enemy. Another one told me he thought it meant adultery. I went to this with my eyes open. I should have
        heed the warning I recieved.

        • robert

          I am glad you are away from her.

          do not feel alone. I once had a dream about a large snake, and this was a warning too. I did not understand it, so I got hurt.

          now when i have a snake dream, I “wake up” to what the problem is.

  231. I had a dream once where I was brought to a building with a lot of floors. There was large bright white balconeys. I was not allowed inside but allowed to wait on the belcony. When I tried to leave someone would stop me and say its important. Then a message told me that God does love me and still loves me and will always love me. He said to trust that God will be there and I need not to worry. When I woke up I was excited. I told my boyfriend and he was excited for me. For years I thought God must surly hate me. Ever since that dream, if I start to feel that way, I reevaluate what I’m doing and not sin. And I know God still loves me and knows I’m doing my best ❤ I still can vision that dream. I wish I could draw because it was beautiful!

    • jessica

      It seems you felt left out ( on the balcony) and not allowed in the rooms (groups of people)

      but god has you where he wants you, and he keeps you special for himself.

      nice dream

  232. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing it. Lois from washington dc❄

  233. Hello my name is Chris, and the only reason I am about to tell you about my experiences is because how inspired I was by the explanation of visions that this article foretold.
    So, 16 years ago, when I was about 10 years old, I went to a church retreat. While I was there the only thing I really cared about was doing all the fun stuff and what not, however every morning and evening we would have worship. At the beginning I didn’t really participate in worship, I would always sit by the door so I could be the first one to get to the pool. As each day went by I began to see how much fun everyone was having during worship, so I went ahead and started to worship God along with all the other kids. As we worshiped about 3 or 4 of the children started to seem overwhelmed by something, and at that very moment I was overcome by their emotion, so I closed my eyes and everything that was described in the visions part of this article happened (You are in the presence of God. You will know this and be shocked, stunned, fearful, or overjoyed. You are awestruck.) And what he presented to me was an ultimatum. In the vision I was in the deep woods and in front of me was two paths, one on the right and one on the left. The one on the left was a shining, golden staircase that seem to go up forever and on the right was a huge rocky, dark ravine that led down to a raging river. The feeling I felt because of this was extremely overwhelming, it was as if God himself had completely paralyzed my entire body, as I watched what he had to show me. Though it seemed like it was but just a few seconds, by the time I opened my eyes everyone was back in their seats and the pasture had already started the next part of his teaching. A few seconds pass as I try to understand what had just happened, and then it hit me, it was him and I started to cry uncontrollably, not out of sadness or being hurt but and an overwhelming feeling of happiness, along with a feeling of fear of the unknown. I couldn’t stop crying, so the pasture stopped the rest of the teaching and took me outside to talk to me and all he said was 5 words “He is amazing isn’t he?” Right then I stopped crying, nodded and went back to my cabin.

    Over the next years I tried to stay connected with him, hoping that he would guide me once again. However, over time I grew apart from him because of school, friends, family and just life in general. But what really got me to start doing a little research and ended up landing me on this site, was a recent dream that I had only but 2 days ago. In this dream he presented himself to me again, only this time all I had seen was a gleaming ray of light as though I had been blinded, and that was when he actually spoke to me. Again, like before I was overcome by the same exact feeling, however I knew what was about to happened and that when he told me the most outlandish thing I had ever heard. This is what he said to me “The seven horns will hail and that I needed to come back to him.” as soon as he said that last word I instantly awoke and found myself covered in sweat and almost started to cry. I really don’t know what to make of this, I am much smarter than I was as a kid and feel as though I must take action. What should I do? And how should I do it and when and where? It’s been so long I feel as though I am not worthy to come back to him. Weather you believe me or not doesn’t concern me, what does concern me is the insight of everyone who has had the similar experiences as I did or a positive outcome to this revelation.

    • chris

      while horns could signify different things, from the context, it looks like the horns refer to the 7 trumpets of revelation. each will sound like a ram’s horn.

      these begin the wrath of god on earth, and god wants you back with him before that time comes.

      you don’t realize how LITTLE time is left.

      please start today /tonight…do not delay in this

  234. Hello

    I am sitting in a cafe in my lunch break searching for something on the Internet to explain how I am feeling. I had a dream 16 YEARS AGO and everyday since then I have been looking for it to come to pass. It spoke about gaining stuff but I have lost everything including my marraige, house, kids and church that I attended and helped to build. I am frustrated and my faith in God is slowly turning to anger. I feel like God has dangled a carrot in front of me for a laugh. I am nearly 50 and earn the wages of a 16 year old. Please explain what’s going on.

    • trevor

      you had a natural dream, of what you desired, which sounds materialistic in nature.

      this was not from god, but from your own desires and imagination, so no one dangled a carrot in front of you, except yourself, or maybe a prosperity preacher.

      if you wanted to succeed, you would have gotten a good education, made good contacts, gotten a good job, and married the right person, that only god could have chosen for you, if you let him. you obviously married someone you wanted but did not consult god about it. this was not a spiritual marriage.

      and i am not sure what kind of church it was, but it sounded like you wanted a material reward for helping at church.

      are you into the false prosperity gospel? that could be a factor.

      so look inside yourself and what kinds of doctrines you believe, and then look in the word of god, with the help of the holy spirit this time.

      it is time to re-evaluate your priorities.

  235. A couple years ago I had a dream I was in Heaven . I was in my bed and there were people standing around me . One of them was Jesus don’t remember what he looked like or how I knew it was him but what I do remember to this day is the feeling of Love Peace and a beautiful brightness not blinding but Beautiful. So much energy and love. I was asleep but I could feel my self smiling and feeling so loved There aren’t words to describe the beauty I felt inside . I remember saying to Jesus Please Lord when I go back let me feel this way . Well I didn’t but spiritually I know I felt Gods presence and it’s something that will never leave me . We can’t imagine The Love he has for us !! Praise his mighty name forever . Vicki

  236. I had a dream there were two women in white both with long dark braided hair and each holding a baby and they said it’s time to go to Lisa she will take good care of you and they were going to put babies in a canal to get to me..I know God trying to tell me something can you help me interpret this?

  237. I recently had vision and dream all dream and visions came true and sometime i get confused because when i have vision it happen right in that moment and the dream happen in the next day like it was in my dream

  238. I am currently 12, sorry it took me so long to reply. What do you think it could mean? Its been driving me crazy… And also i fixed the email problem this one should work.

    • zandria

      There may be some truth in this vision. There is going to be a disaster soon, where many will die. maybe in the next year.

      god will punish america for its sins.

      the good will go to heaven, the evil will go to hell..

      some people will survive and suffer until they die also, or jesus comes back and get them.

      this is predicted in the bible.

      it will be a blessing to die. if you are good, and go to heaven, god will take care of you and make sure you are not hurt. you will be ok.

      you will just end up in heaven, and not suffer. so do not worry. you will like heaven.

      When is your birthday?

  239. My birthday is on September 9th

    • zandria

      that would make sense, but we have to wait and see.

      god has told some of the prophets that he would take all the innocent children off the earth, to protect them from the evil and destruction to come.

      they will just either be lifted away to heaven, or they will go to sleep and wake up in heaven. getting lifted away sounds fun, to just float up into the sky.

      I am expecting something to go wrong by september or this fall. you see the election talk. I do not believe they will happen. they will be either cancelled or postponed. martial law will be enforced, and many killed

      did he say ON your birthday or WHEN you become 13?

      the reason I ask is back in 1999, god told me I would not be here for my retirement ( I am older person) . my official retirement age happens in october, 2016.

      so you see, we were both told the same thing. god wants to protect those that belong to him.

      there is much to discuss here about the next 6 months. the government is watching an incoming asteroid / thing in space that is headed right towards us. they expect it to hit earth and destroy a lot so they plan to blow it out of the air. but this will make a bigger mess and it will fall anyhow. in pieces.

      if it hits a fault zone, like where you and I live, the earth will crack open, and kill a lot of people. so, if god takes us away, we will not be hurt.

      god loves us, and wants us to be with him.

      the world is evil now, I hear horrible things they do to children now, to hurt them. god will destroy all the evil people, and then jesus will come and set up a new earth where there is only good, and only peace and safety..all the evil people will be gone. and everyone will finally be happy

  240. I believe he said on my birthday.

  241. Thank you so much! I think it is very possible that I misunderstood him about around the time it would happen. God bless you as well

  242. I had a dream of being attacked by a suicide bomber..the whole dream was crazy and I ended it by saying I’m not here. I’m not sure if directly after of sometime later in the night I had another dream where I had died..unknown how ..but I told God I was not ready, I still had a little girl. He told me it had to be this way in order for her to become who she is supposed to be. Is this literal death or symbolic death that I need to change like a new beginning?! Help! My daughter is only 10. I was calm and totally accepting aft God told me this but I’m starting to get very anxious about this dream now.

    • michelle

      it is god’s pattern for children to become who they need to be with the help of their parents. the death of a parent would be traumatic, not productive

      so this dream most likely means a symbolic death of your flesh, so you can change, and become a more spiritual person for your child.

      the violent content of your dream, however, could represent a real physical threat from your surroundings, which makes you quickly put your priorities in order, and make the change needed.

      we all really face the same threat as you do from suicide bombers….they have threatened us all, and we need to be ready, protect ourselves and family, have firearms to guard ourselves, and most of all, get close to god and ask for his divine protection.

  243. Thank you! That brings much comfort

  244. It has been months since my dream. It is as vivid and reassuring as it was the night it occurred. I have not wrestled with the reality and source of the dream because I know it was a divine message from the Holy Spirit. He spoke to me, reassured me that I was going to be ok. The dream has awakened me to the power of the Holy Spirit.,?

  245. I had a dream I got a call from my dad, who is not living, stating that my son was okay. Then as I’m making my way to get him I look up in the sky and see Jesus!! Anybody knows what this means?

  246. I won’t go into my apocalyptic dream, but I will say this, while wide awake in between what I can only describe as a horrific nightmare, I saw three words spam my entire vision, each word didn’t change until I was able to read it, which was quite hard to do. They said “it’s coming” “beware” and “extreme” idk what this means but I was wide awake when I saw them. I’m scared, my husband thinks I’m nuts, but I even woke him up in the middle of the night telling him about the words I was seeing, he said that sometimes happens. But I turn 28 tomorrow and I’ve never seen that.

    • jessica

      your vision makes complete sense to me.

      the government is preparing for an “extinction level event” which will affect your area and most areas.

      I would call this “extreme” also

      there is an incoming planet that has a long orbit of several thousands of years and it is coming….and beware….so collect food and water and supplies, and prepare to have your power go off and have nothing for months…

      you may experience a huge earthquake and the destruction of home…have camping stuff available also

      just pray your house survives….

      if you keep watching the sun at sunrise, you may see (at times) a small dot to one side of the sun….that is the planet coming in.

      god gave you this warning so you could get ready, and not be harmed.

  247. Thank you for your insight.

  248. Hello There,
    I had a dream once and i saw in it images or symbols. First was the fine drawing of an elephant that immediately wrinkled then scrawny/bony and then disappeared. An arm from the fist to the elbow also appeared in those three formation then disppeared again. Beside that occurence were a lit wick and dove. A large projector screen was sort of repeating per second what i saw which in a part of the sky and there other things which followed plus a very loud and clear voice which announce a phrase. There other ones at other times during that period and i wrote them all down.
    I stumbled on your site while look for something on google. Do you think we can hook up sir. I have a lot of things i would like to share regarding spiritual matters.
    Thank you for your time. Please do not publish.

  249. I had a dream about a man on a lift and said to me and whoever I was walking with that The Lord is coming soon. As I was walking back the other way he said it again. The Lord is coming soon. What do you think.

  250. This is my third time having a dream asking a prophet of God to bless me and kneeling down to him but he go without blessing me please he’ll the meaning of this

  251. I dreamt I look up and saw the stars but they are all conncted with lines and i could see every detail like they sometme show this is virgo all those signs and every line was lit up and i could see the universe, it was like God showed me the whole universe and how it is connected, this was so beautifull it was rotating fast, so i told everybody to look up I kept telling everybody to look up, so I took my cell and recorded it.
    It was so amazing
    What is the meaning of this

  252. i had this dream,in this dream i was with my mother and sister and there was a baby that was with them,and asked whose baby is this? they said it is yours i was shocked,i approached the baby, to my suprise he had teeth then he said, there is a boy the devil has put in your life to destruct you and he said Jesus Christ is coming very soon.Days after the former dream, i had another dream this time mi boyfriend he was demonically possessed,
    he threw chairs all over the church when the pastor approached him so this dreams got me thinking was my father warning me of this man?

    • kelly

      yes, that was a warning dream. there is something wrong with your boyfriend, and you should not associate with him until AFTER he gets this devil cast out of him. and make sure it is really gone.

  253. This was very helpful, thank you & God bless you richly!

  254. I had a dream that God told me I would die in the next two years being shot by a kid we all know and love and it would upset everyone it would destroy my brothers family what does it mean

    • simone

      maybe it is true. someone needs to find out what is being taught to his kid you mention.

      there is a government propaganda campaign to influence kids to be pro government , and to oppose parents and their values. example is the boy scouts, who are being trained to kill older people when the order is given.

      this dream may be a warning that the kid is being indoctrinated now. if the parents intervene now, they might stop a disaster.

  255. Last night i had a dream that I was on a toilet peeing (there were pther toilets like public tpilets) and while I was in the toilet I heard the voice of a young lady repeating the word “i am what I am”. I didn’t see her face but I heard her voice and it seems someone I know. I woke up from my dream the words were so clear and was repeating and I looked on Wall the time on the wall showed 5:55.I felt really God at that and just felt it was something good. Can I have an explanation pleases

    • lydia

      this is a natural dream, but may have some spiritual meaning possibly for you.

      in case of any problems, go to God, not just man, and you will get the best help.

  256. Well I’ve been dreaming bout my ex for 10 year’s I’ve been getting very specific signs I want to know if it’s from God or devil because I’ve always felt he was my soul mate but I was disobedient to God & things were never the same we moved on to different people but eventually he married someone else and I’ve had dreams he is getting divorced and I’ve had dreams that in the near future he will b bak in my life so I’m not sure they feel real,,, and dream’s were getting more often and signs I don’t have to even think bout him to dream can you help me it’s making it to where I’m having an hard time to just live my life cause of all of this thanks

    • tammy

      since he is married to someone else, and you are too, you have to treat this dream in a realistic fashion

      God does not break up marriages.

      and you indicated you had someone else also

      sometimes our desires, not gods’s will, come out in dreams

      since you have no confirmation, continue on with your life, and pray for his happiness and marriage

      and also pray for yourself and mate, to have a good relationship.

      if things then take a different course, then go one step at a time

  257. Marianne,

    I keep having a dream that I am being attacked by my husband. He will get very angry with me and attempt to hit me. in the dream my husband comes off as aggressive and controlling as if he is trying to keep me under his control. In one dream we were in the kitchen and he was attempting to hit me and I crouched down afraid and worried and the first thing that came to mind was our kids and how we could get away from him without him knowing. One of my sisters in Christ who I am no longer in fellowship with was in the dream also and she was attacking me as well. God revealed to me she was attacking my mind and my husband was attacking me physically. My husband has never hit me but we have started to argue more than usual since the dreams have been occurring. My sister in Christ also said she had a dream about my husband attacking me and she told me not to trust him etc. My sister in Christ in real life was periodically attacking me out of the blue if I said something she did not agree with or if she felt it didn’t’ come from God. She did not like correction of any kind and I had to walk on eggshells with her. Often she would get into deep fits of rage and try to tear me down and say God gives you dreams and you don’t even understand them etc. just to make me feel low and break my spirit but I stayed in fellowship with her because she seemed to know more about spiritual things and God than I did but It would always feel like my heart was being ripped out of my chest after we talked. I told her in the last dream I had she was levitating off the ground it seemed and was attacking me and she told me I was not in the spirit and I needed to seek God further etc. But she has been attacking me and I didn’t know why? Until God revealed it was the enemy using my husband and her to attack me. I guess what I am asking is what should I do? I already stopped talking to her and prayed for God to never open that door again. Any suggestions about prayer for my husband or what you feel God may be saying? Sorry this is so long I am just really unsure about what God would have me do next. Thank you.

    • daphne

      does this former sister in christ have any association / contact with your husband?

      they are both attacking you, real life and dream life…they seem to have the same demonic spirit and issue with you

      do not give honor where it is not due….if she has been negative to you, then do not treat her like she is “more spiritual” than you are.

      they are both projecting their own guilt onto you, and blaming you for what they are….do not accept this …..

      I would like to know if these two see each other for any reason before we discuss this further.

      • They do not know each other in real life but God did reveal to me they they both have familiar spirits. He gave me a dream about them both having the same spirits.

        • daphne

          ok I wanted to be sure they were not discussing you with each other

          I am sending you prayers against witchcraft, spirits, and curses, and prayers for strength.

          there is a place where you can add in names and spirits not mentioned.

          best to print out and say each day

          I will agree with you in prayer.

  258. I had a dream where i ressurected jesus not knowing whether it was going to work or not, but it did and i remember being shocked then he told me that he chose me to ressurect him and he said yes i am here and the world is going to end

    • christina

      in a way, when we revive our souls and give our life to christ, we do resurrect him.

      it seems you have a message to share with others about jesus,

      this is our last chance to get the news out before all chaos breaks out

      best wishes on your mission

  259. I’ m a home care provider and friend of a 91 yr old lady.
    She has been a Christian all her life and very devoted to the Lord.She has been having dreams about being in heaven and just today she said she dreamed she had died She said she was so peaceful but then woke up to realize she indeed hadn’t died Are these signs God is giving her .
    Concerned friend and child of God

  260. I had a dream where I was sleeping in the spare room of our house and was confronted by my husband who had a blond woman at his side. He told me they were in love. I woke up and I knew God had spoken to me as he has done in others. My dreams are usually literal. My husband has an especially strong tie with his mum, and then his two sisters, who are very controlling,,so much so that it has caused such unhappiness (verbal abuse from him) and near divorce in our relationship as husband and wife. I am a Christian and they are not spiritual at all. I’ve prayed for him and his family and I have stayed with him because scripture says he is sanctified through being married to me in Christ (make sense?), my two teenage boys and the fact that I am completely dependent on him financially. For 16yrs I have been controlled by what he and his family decide. We are in marriage councilling at church but I have never been ordained by him as his wife and he has never given us a marital platform to operate from as his family come first. Is God telling me that he is in love elsewhere? Is God warning me? I know that this dream came out of nowhere but I was so stuck when I had it and flustered for ages. I can still see every detail and I had the dream 1 or 2 yrs ago.

    • rene

      Do his sisters or mum have blonde hair?

      if so it may mean an attachment to them, over you.

      or there is another woman that the family approves of….

      I am confused a little.

      you say he is your husband, but then you say you have never been “ordained by him as his wife.” did you marry him or not?

  261. I saw my self in a stone circuar structure I was being controlled by a white light. With in those stone circular structure. I felt a large amount of energy surging through my body. It was speaking to me. Along the walls of this structure on the inside where images of the sun and moo. But conjoined. All I remember was it let me walk out the structure and when I tried to tell my friends to come in. It wouldn’t let me. It would grab me back and tell me they are not allowed in yet. And it would grab me back into its light lift me and send waves of energy through my entire body.

    I have had dreams and before but this was something. I’ve had awaken experiences before but this was more real than anything I’ve experienced awake.

    • nathan

      my first impression is that this is some type of structure, like stonehenge, for pagan worship. there are a lot of ancient archaeological findings like this.

      It sounds like you are, or have been, involved in some sort of new age or occult activity. either that, or someone has a curse on you, because this thing keeps you in bondage to its wishes.

      if this is true, you need to repent and break off from this association before you get hurt. all this energy you describe sounds demonic, and you could be in real spiritual trouble and not know it. the energy is keeping you bound to stay inside that pagan structure.

      are you saved by the blood of Jesus? is he your savior and Lord of your life?

      salvation has to be a choice.

      deliverance from this occult stuff is also a choice, but a person needs to accept jesus as savior before he has the power or authority to break away, commanding the curse to break.

      if you are interested in this, I can help you and advise you.

      please let me know.

  262. Pls I need help on dream quoting Luke 10:9 to me in my dream

    • ati

      it seems to be a literal message

      Luke 10:9King James Version (KJV)

      9 And heal the sick that are therein, and say unto them, The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.

      apparently, the Lord wants you to pray for the sick.

  263. Is my dream coming true? I had a dream over a decade ago. I was a teenager. I don’t remember my age. I dreamed I was skinny married woman with kids. My current only daughter Hannah I dreamed in that same dream she was away at college. I was lonely I called her she acted as though I was bugging her. In my dream my husband was this massive muscular big guy. We lived in this huge beautiful house. Together we had like 3 maybe 4 kids. Our daughter who was like 5 yrs old did something to upset my husband like she made a mess of some sort. He was complaining to me about her. He was agitated. We weren’t happy. We have been fighting for a short time. I was lonely, feeling alone. I needed someone to talk to . so I talked to another man. I developed feelings for this other man that wasn’t my husband. I had an emotional affair with him. Somehow my husband found out. I remember me telling my husband I didn’t sleep with him.
    He says to me when he walked to my face. Our faces inches apart he tells me good I should’ve f’d him for all the trouble this had caused. I remember him telling me how he cherished me, loved me, etc. I remember feeling overwhelmed and ashamed. There was nothing I could say to make it better. Ive apologized profusely. I deeply regretted hurting my husband, my family, my marriage. I remember days went by. Every morning when my husband left for work I would tell him I love you he would never say it back. He wouldn’t talk to me. That hurt. That same day I remember leaving the house with a 3 or 4 yr old boy. I don’t know if he was my son or grandson. We walked to my aunts house down the street, it was cold that day. All the houses on our street were big and huge just like the next one. All the houses looked like they were newly built. I don’t know if we won the lottery or what. Im assuming we did. My aunt cant afford no huge beautiful home like in my dream. I never saw my husband so upset. The level of his anger scared me. I felt exhausted, defeated, depressed, lonely. I was a mess. But not as much of a mess I caused
    Will my dream come true? Did God send me my husband a man I met over 3 months ago. The man in my dream I believe is the man I met over 3 months ago. Just a few days ago he said if I came to where he lives (Arlington tx) he would marry me. At some point of time did he have the same dream about me? Did my mind mess with me over a decade ago? Is God giving me a chance to correct my affair? In my dream at time of my affair I was 40. Im assuming I will be married in 2 yrs. Give or take

    • alisha

      not every dream is from God. I am not sure about yours. the dream is quite complex, and may be influenced by many factors.

      as for marriage, just be sure you marry the right person so you do not have to feel lonely and have affairs to bestow guilt upon yourself later. and make sure he is a godly man, who honors god with his life, and honors you as his wife, and who is never cold or mean.

  264. I recently experienced a period of a period of Enlightenment. I have messages from God himself. I have been guided by him as young as I can remember… I did not know until now. I have knowledge I could not possibly know. I am in search for a “Church of Truth” to share my messages from God. I do know that The Truth has been distorted throughout History. I do know that we are not to preach on the end… We are at The Beginibg… A rebirth of Earth has occurred… Now it is time to implement these teachings in Communities, Churches,Schools… Healing begins within ourselves. The 7 Churches of Asia are false. Edgar Cayce’s teachings were about the 7 churches in each of us… Hence our Chakras… Begin with Food… Music… Nature… Simply Back to The Basics

    • amy

      maybe you would be interested in starting your own website here at wordpress.

      it is easy to do and you have templates to use.

      once you set it up, you can download windows live writer to prepare your messages and post them

  265. I had a dream where I was in the apartment complex I live and went and checked the mail and got a letter regarding my daughter financial services industry have been worried about it called the number and it was approved it happens on a Monday and said other will be here 3 days I was walking back home and walked into another apartment which I thought was mine and a guy came out he asked me why I was in his apartment and told me he saw me on the security camera which I have the same exact one I woke up immediately and had a sense of peace my stomach had been cramping before I fell asleep and feels better what does this mean is my mind just worried

  266. Here’s my dilemma. Last night I dreamt that my best friend who led me to Christ was with me and we were together just talking but the conversation quickly trailed off into a topic I never thought we would have to talk about. He was dieing of cancer. I don’t know where that conversation led because my annoying cat briefly woke me up. I quickly fell back asleep and the dream picked up again but this time it was at me friends funeral. Now I’ve had to say goodbye to some people in my life since coming to Christ and while it’s been hard there’s always been a small reassurance that one day I will see them again in heaven. However this good-by felt more permanent in a very concerning way. I was missing that feeling of reassurance and it made me feel like we wernt going to meet up in heaven again. Now wether it was me not believing anymore and going to heaven or him I couldn’t tell but either way it’s concerning to me and has been eating at me for a few days now and I need an answer as to what I’m supposed to do about this. What’s the symbolism I’m supposed to see here and why the cancer part that I can’t help but feel is important

    • austin

      it is natural for you to fear losing your best friend, and the dream reflects this

      talk to your friend about the dream, ask him if he is ok, and ask him to check with a doctor

  267. Hi, I am trying to figure out my dream, I had a dream that there was a few female angels around me, some standing beside my bed and one was sitting at the edge ( sort of as if my legs layd upon her ) and She put her hands on my stomach and told me something about cancer, But not to worry, everything was going to turn out alright, and I looked around to the other angels and they all seem to be telling me not to worry.. either way I woke up, thinking what is illing me that I need to work at , either way I am trusting my father, God because I feel that he sent them, but having a hard time to what needs to be fixed so I can cure it.. any help would be nice..

    • dotty

      best thing to do is check with a doctor….

      I was told cancer by a doctor once, but when i went home to pray about it, the Lord said it was all ok

      surgery was cancelled. I got healed.

  268. I have had several dreams and visions of God Speaking to me since I can remember. They are usually narrated and I travel seeing different things. One dream, during a time of difficult choices, God took me to a farm and told me the parable of the seed. He told me you have a decision to make either you plant a seed that will blossom once or plant a seed that may take longer but will produce much fruit. I also had a dream where I was in the sky with God and He was showing me the Nile River and He said I am tired of seeing my children get sick from these waters. I also had visions straight from the bible. I saw Jesus being whipped and a close up of Jesus with the crown of thorns bleeding, I felt his pain and started weeping. I saw visions of Mary Magdalene going to Mary and yelling He is gone. I saw the stone cave where he was buried. I saw visions of the virgin Mary holding a red rosary stating it was too late. She has tried to pray for us but there is nothing else she can do. I saw a vision of the moon or something falling from the sky into the ocean and Earthquakes, tsunamis and all sorts of disaster all other the world. I was nervous and scared but my mom said if you believe in God you have nothing to fear and she calmed me down so we sat to observe to spectacle in the sky of the stars and the moon moving in all sorts of patterns. I dreamt about men fighting for Christianity with red and gold armour. I must add this all happened during a time in my life that I steered away completely from God and I felt his presence leading me back to Him. I know he was trying to tell me He is real. I now believe in God above anything else now and he has helped me beyond measure. My favorite bible passage is Proverbs 5:3-6
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
    6 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.
    He guided me into the correct path, molded me into a new person and I have repented of all my sins. I know read the bible and try to follow it as best as I can.

    • meriam

      thank you for sharing these dreams.

      your mom is right. bad things come because god has to punish the wicked.

      you are being informed, so when you see these things, you can tell people to turn to god and repent of their sins, and they will go to heaven..

      you can tell people in crisis about the love and power of god, and can help save them from their troubles

      god bless you. I am sure god is planning to use you for his glory

  269. I pray to God every night before I go to bed by saying the Lord’s Prayer. I also have additional prayers before I go to bed. In these prayers, I ask for a dream from God. I have been doing this for months. What else do I need to do?

    • random

      having a divine dream is god’s decision…we all want one but it happens rarely to most of us, never to some, and a lot to others…..we should just continue to follow his will and commandments, showing mercy and helping others, and if it is meant to happen, it will happen.

  270. I had a dream of two beings taking me beyond the stars to the presence of the brightest light unbearable to look at like looking at the sun but yet I can still look forward. Then a shiny sword appears and is put in my hands out of nowhere. I really don’t know what this means please off insight

    • albert

      it sounds like you had angels bring you to heaven to get your assignment to be a spiritual warrior for God. dark times are coming and the Lord needs many to fight against evil and for good. accept this assignment , read the bible, pray, and ask holy spirit for guidance

      god bless you

  271. I had a very clear message, some will be chosen to save the earth, not life as we know it but save earth. All the corruption of all governments will fall, and those in the sky will guide the survivors for a year to safe the earth. Every every clear message.

  272. I dreamed that a giant was devouring people and or women who called on the name of the lord. If you say a prayer and ask for his grace. Everyone was running and hiding. I forgot how to get home and I was running with a child. Ended up at a apartment building and called out to my husband and heard his voice he was near. Couldn’t quite find my home. Then I woke up.:::::::::: ((Another dream)))))The night before I was 7 years old taking class with my grandchild we were in class together doing work. I had to use the bathroom to poop and the bus was leaving me.

  273. Hi guys,

    Need some help in a dream please that I nearly forgot. I was riding a horse on a beach and was holding a sword. Have an amazing day 😄
    Thank you from Ann ☺

  274. Last night I had a dream where I was praying about wanting to know what God wanted me to do with my life. When I was praying in my dream, I felt something in my heart. I felt like He had called me to preach or to talk about him to other people. I have been recently struggling with figuring out what His will for my life will be. Last night I was praying about this same thing. I just wanted to know your thoughts on this because I don’t know if it really what He wants for me. Thanks!

  275. I got dream of 1 peter chapter 1:10 and 11

    Kindly explain me this verses
    I’m not getting those verses

    • ravi

      that is an unusual dream

      1 Peter 1:10-11English Standard Version (ESV)

      10 Concerning this salvation, the prophets who prophesied about the grace that was to be yours searched and inquired carefully,

      11 inquiring what person or time[a] the Spirit of Christ in them was indicating when he predicted the sufferings of Christ and the subsequent glories.

      I do not like Paul’s writing style. sometimes it is not clear.

      but I think it means they predicted the messiah, but they did not know when he would come….example Isaiah the prophet.

      maybe the same is true today….we know the messiah Jesus / Yahshua will return, but we cannot precisely know the time.

  276. I would like to thank you so much for your sharing. I am dreamer and recently I have been struggling with dreams because I don’t understand what they mean. I dreamt of these numbers 400,500 and 800 and I also dreamt of clouds moving at a high speed in the sky. They had a mixture of colours red and white,the next one was green and white and a black cloud connected to it and the last one was yellow and white. I could see the colours separately. Are these dreams symbolic or they are all normal dreams. I also dreamt I was pregnant is it a normal or symbolic. I am at a point where I think I am obsessed with dreams and the people around me feel the same. I want to know if God is speaking to me or its all normal and I should forget about it. Please help me. I need help.

  277. I have written before and have started writing down my dreams in a log.
    I had a dream the other night that I was in Italy and I was taking pictures of the statues at St Peters Basilica. I was in total awe of the place. all of a sudden a statue came to life and walked towards me and said ” Child don’t be surprised because in the time of the Lord great signs will come from the sky and many things will come to life. Don’t be scared the end is near.” Prior to that dream, I dreamt I was at a beach at night and saw something in the ocean as I looked closer it was a huge cloud of smoke, like a bomb had gone off in the ocean. there were robots, lightning, and smoke; it looked like war but in the middle of all the smoke there was something written. When I tried to focus I saw the words ” BELIEVE” in the middle of all the commotion and I woke up.

    • meriam

      those are good dreams from the Lord. and good food for thought.

      there will be signs from the sky, and at least one will hit the ocean.

      those that call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved

  278. Why did Job not feel cheated by God in his several trials

    • shade

      Job did feel cheated. he complained the entire time. you hear people mention the “patience of job.” he actually had no patience at all.

      god finally answered him and said he was in control, and rebuked job. job finally humbled himself and was rewarded.

  279. […] Source: Divine vs Natural Dreams […]

  280. Thank you for sharing…
    My dream was yesterday morning, I was at a table, and beside me was Brian Cranston across from me was a female with dark hair. There was mention that Brian loved me and wanted to marry me but he said the same thing to the woman I didn’t know. The table was dark and I knew this guy is an actor. He marries me and the other thing he loves maybe drinking. Then he’s not at the table anymore but it’s Bruce Jenner wearing a muscle shirt. The dream represents 2 ex’s. It’s interesting the stars that are in my dream. I don’t have cable or internet so I didn’t watch anything on tv.

    • nancy

      this is some form of a natural dream, and it may indicate your impression of previous spouses. the actors also have been divorced, as you have. one seems to represent a straight male, who has an eye for other women in the dream, and the other one a “transgender” male/female.

      it sounds like the actors represent the disappointments you have had in previous relationships. maybe if you study about these particular men, you can find some clues why things went wrong for you.

      as confused as some dreams are, they may hold some valuable information for you, to help you pick out a better mate.

      • Thank you, I was looking up info on the both of them as to why them. Bryan’s face reminds me of an ex and Bruce was good in sports so was my other ex. maybe there’s more behind it. But thank you for your comment. Weird dream.

  281. A couple days ago my great grandma had a dream that jesus was taking her life away and then she begged him saying ” Please lord don’t take me now, i have to teach my grand children about you! Please lord don’t take me now!” Then he left… my great grandma woke up after that experience she told everybody. I have always questioned Gods existence and if he was real. But last night i truley found out… i had a bizarre vison that i was in a endless dark room. Then a light just appeared and i saw the lord. I could not make out his face because this light was so bright and the clouds were behind him and i had a feeling throughout my body i cant truly explain but it was a deep tingling like when your leg falls asleep. I felt as if my body was in my bed but my soul was elsewhere. for a split second i had this releif feeling and in my head all i could make out was he is real! I was so shocked and stunned that i kinda just froze. Then i saw a bald guy in a blue fishing shirt that i believed was my uncle ronnie that died a year ago from leukemia cancer. All of a sudden that relief feeling went away and i begged the lord just like my great grandma did and i said ” please lord i beg you don’t take me” after that was said the tingling feeling went away and i woke up breathing heavily and kind of confused in what just happened! This sight or page has now reassured me that what happened to me was the lord showing me that he is real and his existence is true.

    • kylee

      I am glad for you that you had that dream. it answered your own questions. god bless you and stay close to jesus.

      • Good Morning-

        I wanted to share a website I found that is biblical. If you google Mark Virkler he has a ministry on many subjects including dreams. The dream I had puzzled me in some ways. I knew the woman at the table wasn’t another woman there was something about her. Anyway after praying and asking the Holy Spirit, wisdom is referred as she a women and it makes sense because she was different, had wisdom. God bless, check out their website!


  282. […] Divine vs Natural Dreams (heavenawaits.wordpress.com) […]

  283. Please Help me understand my dream.
    Please take no offense as to what I am about to describe from a dream I had recently.

    I dreamt I was wondering a town, very city like, yet small. Sky scrapers and suburban areas intermingled around me. I was walking down the street with my partner’s niece and her girlfriend, when I looked into the sky and saw planes in every direction preparing to land with what seemed, a demand to land. They were gone, the niece and girlfriend had seperated from me, so I searched frantically. When I began to pass a large 40 story building, what seemed huge, a light from a plane fell like a shooting star upon the roof. Like a flare the building imploded from the inside out, yet I felt nothing standing in front of it in awe. In my periferial, what seemed like a distance away, Asian military forces descended upon the frontier of the United States. They walked the roads in uniformity, while parading heavy artillary (images in my brain during the dream like it happened, but I was not present to see it). They were killing those who opposed or made rude or false comments. I was still searching and I could hear the niece’s voice talking, but I could not see them or help. I was reluctant to find refuge in a building that was taken over by the forces. Inside of a room, in a circle, Muslim inhabitants speaking (in english) about peace and not putting up a fight sit discussing their terms of safety. I was comforted by the conversion, yet still realizing the potential of a total collapse in economy, I needed to find and safeguard everyone I knew. I could hear the sounds of military forces speaking about searching rooms, so I exited. I found the niece and her girlfriend wandering the hallways and we fleed the premises. Outside devastation was happening. I was numb to my surroundings and the rest of the country was oblivious to the occurance.

    Waking up, I realized this dream was more than A dream. It was mind boggling to go to work and have people speak to me about the possibility of war. I don’t know what to think, but it is heavily weighing on my mind. Keep in mind, I’ve had maybe two dreams this year that have spoken to me and a dream maybe 3 or four years ago that came to light from detail to detail in relation to recent revelations.

    Any help would be phenomenal!! I believe in God and the power of his will. I feel like he wants me to do or know something, but I’m so clueless. Please keep me in mind and help me to decipher what this may mean. Thanks!

    • Ochap

      It has been prophesied multiple times that america’s last war will be on its own soil.. we will be attacked and invaded from all sides. chinese will come in from the west. and russians from the east. we already have chinese and russian soldiers in this country, waiting for orders….this is because the seditionists in this country ( democrats + some of the republicans) have sold out america to the new world order.

      the attack may be provoked by the crisis with north korea. russians and chinese are allies of north korea. once the war starts there will be chaos and confusion everywhere, and most americans will die, because they believe in fantasies, do not care about God, and will not have a gun to defend themselves.

      the incident in Charlottesville was planned and staged to bring about racial division and a cry for gun control. the police were instructed by the mayor to stand down and let the fight happen. this is “law”‘ now in this country which now equals lawlessness. paid protesters and crisis actors…and people got hurt, which was preventable. this racial nonsense will be a distraction so the actual war will come as a surprise and no one will be ready

      • Thank you very much! I guess this all makes sense, but in relative timing. I feel it in my bones, something big is going to happen.
        I am curious, I had an elaborate dream a few years ago. In this dream i was approaching a nun from behind and on her back it was written before my eyes, “You will be 1 of 7 in the end.” When I questioned her she said your an angel, hence I realised I was levitating approximately 2 to 3 inches off the ground, and then I warned her to enter the residence we were at because of a horrible feeling I had. In this dream a large orb of energy surrounded me and around the house, as if to protect us, while angels knelt praying in a foreign language, hues of golden purple emerged from this orb. It was peaceful and I woke up thanking God for such an experience.
        Does this wording mean anything to you or anyone?? I was unable to find or encounter anything in the Bible, it had no relation.

        • OChap

          I think the nun meant, that only 1 in 7 believers will survive what is coming, the angels are praying for you…none of the wicked will survive

  284. There is a ministry that you can contact to help you interpret your dreams. I just ordered a book Hearing God through your dreams. It’s by Mark Virkler and Charity Virkler Kayembe. Google CWG Ministry. God bless !

  285. Hello
    Although I am absolutely convinced that it was indeed God who spoke to me last night I’d still like your feedback on my experience.
    Recently I have been very concerned with the notion of redemption and that although I have confessed my sins to God through Christ and surrendered to his authority he may not forgive me and I may not be granted eternal life.
    In short I am dealing with guilt and I do believe we are living end times and have very little time to turn ourselves around. I have been reading scriptures extensively, including revelations and the book of Enoch and I do believe that the truth is in God’s word for anyone awake enough to find it.
    Last night I experienced for the first time in my life something terrifying and quite puzzling; about an hour into falling asleep I began to wake up, I was absolutely conscious and awake yet unable to move, my heart was pounding and I felt a sense a panic come over me, I could not speak or even move a finger. I heard a voice. The same voice I hear in prayer, speak to me and say” breathe , stay calm, now I am going to show you . But none of this will happen until a long time after you come to rest with me” and then as I had my eyes open I saw a strange place, almost lunar like, the sky was orange as if on fire, there was a sense of doom and horror, the ground was dry , there were no more trees or birds and a strange character, very tall, very strong, who looked like he was made of stone, look straight at me but he had a hole in place of a face and appeared to be screaming.
    I felt terror , God told me to breathe deeper and repeated , ” none of this will happen until you come to rest with me”.
    Then my whole body loosened up and I was able to relax and fall asleep.
    Usually I forget my dreams a couple of hours after waking up.
    This was last night around 1 am.
    I can still see and hear it vividly.
    Any input would help as I am very distraught by what I saw.

    • delphine

      you are forgiven, the enemy is just putting doubts in your head

      You are seeing the onset of the time of God’s wrath on the earth, and (of course) the Lord is right, you will not be here for that.

      the bible says the righteous are not appointed to wrath…..they can experience judgement, but not wrath..

      during the wrath, there will be many natural disasters, and demonic beings will be on the earth to torture the wicked…

      .those that held to their faith during judgement before that will be removed from the earth before the wrath begins…

      .it is my understanding that this will occur at the 6th seal….which is the transition moment between judgement and wrath. REV 6

      the sun will turn dark, the moon red, the stars will seem to falling . there will be a huge global earthquake.

      the orange you saw will be the sky lit up with an approaching planet that will disturb the earth’s magnetosphere and fill the air and sky with fire and iron oxide which is part of its debris field. iron oxide is orange/red

      the terror you felt is what the wicked will feel when all this happens to them..god shared this with you , so you will understand the importance of witnessing to the lost, to get them saved, and spare them from this horror.

      • Marianne
        I am still trying to process your reply.
        This is astonishing, I had never heard of our world being impacted by another planet or asteroid and the air being filled with iron dioxide…. I am now looking into scientific projections of asteroids collision and what you are stating is making a lot of sense based on some of the on going observations of astronomists worldwide and could be taking place in a fairly near future although not in our life time.
        I am dumb founded st the precision of my visions and comforted in my belief that this was indeed a precise image showed to me by God and meant to confirm that prophecies are true and that I should begin sharing words of warning whenever the context allows for it.
        I can not thank you enough for reminding me that forgiveness is granted through Christ and that gilt and doubt are the weapons of the enemy.
        I have changed my ways and surrendered to the true God, and although I still stumble at times I know I have the only source of truth and purification to always go back to and keep on trying harder every time.
        I will eventually quiet my mind enough to hear only His voice and remind many others that if I could turn myself around they can go and that anyone who wishes to dwell with the most high may do so no matter how impure he/she may feel for as long as he / she chooses Christ as the way and resumes a relationship with the Eternal.

        • delphine

          it is iron oxide…rust color.

          we are already getting asteroids flying by us ….

          there is one , asteroid 2012 MK, I think that i the name, which is predicted to come TOO close in October.

          you and I are both in the path of hurricane Irma, and need to prepare. we may see huge disasters, and will have the opportunity to witness very soon.

          nasa calls it planet x…although they do not talk about it, to avoid scaring people.

  286. I dreamed Jesus spoke to me in a homeless/hobo park with lots of people. I’ve been homeless a lot of my adult life. He showed me a small tv picture style of how God created us, just like in the book genesis. He told me to keep being who I am, and I’ll understand everything when I come back. Am I dying and going to heaven?? Is Jesus and God with me?? I deffinately see this life WAAAY different. It has been 3yrs by now.

    • brian

      those that are close to jesus are leaving soon. when he returns after the tribulation, he is bringing his saints with him, to help rule the earth

  287. First husband and i are separated for about 4 months and i just had a dream he came home and proposed to with a new ring..he had his head laying in my lap before i was awaken. What does this dream mean?

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