Do you live near a terrorist?

States with known terror cells present


The map below assesses 132 urban areas deemed at greatest risk to terrorist hazards and the resulting human casualties. These cities are then broken out by highest risk, to medium risk and lower risk.

Vulnerability of each city is based on evaluations of critical industries, ports, railroads, population, natural environment and other factors.

Technically, more than 132 designated locations are marked as some cities include smaller locales. For instance, the Los Angeles region also includes Glendale, Long Beach, and Huntington Beach.

Norfolk, Virginia region includes Chesapeake, Newport News, and Virginia Beach. San Francisco region includes Oakland, San Jose, and Fremont. For clarity, these citiess have been broken out.

This map shows the bottom line work of four years’ research. The material was developed by Dr. Walter W. Piegorsch, lead author and professor at the University of Arizona; Dr. Susan Cutter, director of the Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute and Carolina Distinguished Professor of Geography at the University of South Carolina; and Dr. Frank Hardisty, research faculty at the GeoVISTA Center at Pennsylvania State University. Their collaborative research was funded by DHS – Dept. of Homeland Security.

Information about terrorist attacks of different sorts – biological, chemical, nuclear..

TO get a closer look at the map Click here


39 Responses to “Do you live near a terrorist?”

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  2. No.I live in South Africa in a country where it is okay to murder,kill rape,steal and name any sin you want to,you will find it here.Here they already murderd more than 4000 farmers but they will carry on about 4 student that just wanted to inniate black people to there hostel.All of a sudden it is taken out of total context.The world is running with it.But what is realy important is not important.Our sons and dauthers are fearing for there lives.we live in fear.You may murder,rape,
    sodomise,and lock up people for years with out a proper trail.If you are Black.The police can even shoot you if you skip a red robot.In my country we live behind bars.Pivate security budbet is nearly the same as our police budget.There is hardly any border control people from neighboring countries is streaming into our country because in there countries there is not enough food.If I were them I would have done exactly the same but our infrastructure cant take it.We are top heavy.The goverment officials is stealing money from the poor.THe people that must build houses for the poor is stealing the money,they build sub standard houses and pocket the rest.Farms that is bought buy the goverment from white farmers and given to black farmers is not producing enough food,those farmers only produce enough food for themselfs or they are a total failure,like all the other black nations around us.There is just not enough real farmers left on the ground.But still they carry on murdering our farmers.They kicked out the people with the skills to run the factory’s,mines,schools,electricity,ext.They put people in charged that have no idea how to run it.They even kicked out the people that know how to mantained it.This is all over Africa the case.Just go and see what is going on in all the Africa nations.Starvation.wars.Oh this people love making war and call it freedom but all they want is money,money,money not taking care of there people.In my country we gave them big parts of the country witch where there’s.We also gave them the money to build up there country but they did not want to do that,they want what did not belong to them,that is there tradition.They are not prepare to work for it.Country’s world wide keep on giving money to Africa to make war.They keep on feeding them so they dont have to plough the feilds and provide for themself’s.People that don’t work for a living give satan there time.Stop giving money to Africa,stop giving them weopons becuase they are destroying themselfs and stop providing for Africa and there stateman.
    AND STOP BELIEVING THEM THAT WE STOLE THERE LAND.bECAUSE IT IS NOT TRU.When the Dutch came to Sout Africa they bought the ground from the people.And as the whihte people move into the country,vast amounts of land,there was no people living there.
    And where there was people living our leaders went to so the head of that tribe and bought the land from the people.So please tell me why we must give our country that we build up to them.Why could they not build up there part of country as we did ours.They love to tell the world we supressed them,they dont tell the world that they love to make war and take what does not belong to them because they think it is there right.We provided them whith schools.hospitals,univercity.So we provide them with the means to build up there country.But they are a lazy bunch it is easier to take than to build.They are liars and the world believe them.They told the world that we supplied sub sstandard education and hospitals that is a lie.They burn down there schools<destoy there country because WHY MUST WE WORK HARD if it is already there.And the world believe there serpant language.And discreminated against the BOER people who is,was and is still God fearing people.We wanted a place where we can live with God.That is why we try to help them also.God’s people cant walk hand in hand with satan people.It is forbidden.Since they have taken over the country satan is loose in this country.But God also send us a man that walked with God and he told us this is going to happen.But that we must not loose faith,that the Lord will restore this country but not in the way we think.He also told us it will get much darker before the light will return and the only thing that will save us is our trust in the Lord our savior.He also said that this country will be a save place for people that will flee for there believe.He also said that the people that dont believe will die or flee out of this country.
    But WE MUST HOLD ONTO THE LORD JESUS OUR SAVIOR. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN JESUS becaus there is so many people that has lost faith.There is so many believes here that is speaking serpant language.That our peolpe is losing there way.Some of our big chuches has lost the way totaly,they are saying Jesus did stand up out of the dead,that it was only his spirit,He did not go to the heaven in the way that the Bible says,that the old testament is only a story.PLEASE PRAY FOR MY PEOPLE.That they wiil hold on to the Lord Jesus our savior because that is our only Hope.Our children and grand children must learn now in our schools all the reliogions.We are trying to build schools for our children where we can educate them.But I fear we are loosing the battle,to many people has lost there faith.But I know if Christians all over the world will start praying for the Christian in this country we will survive.
    Do you know how many of the so called christian people in this country is shouting KILL THE BOER. ONE BULLET ONE BOER.
    Do you know how our chidren is indoctranate,do you know how our moral standards is destroy amongst our girls.That our sons have higher standards.Do you know how our children is rape,sodomise,crippeled or killed.Do you know how our old people is rape,sodomise,crippled,that there soles of there feet is cut of,hot water is poured over them,burned with siggarets ext.That husbands is forced to watch while there wife is raped,sodomised and sometimes cut open if they are pregnant.Children must watch while these ungodly things is done to there parents.Parents must watch while these ungodly things is done to there children.We are not aloud to defend ourselfs if we do we go to jail.Please pray that you dont ever go to jail in this country.Black men in jail sodomise our men.They are deliberatly put in with this type of men.Or they get robbed of the little they have including there clothes.

    No I dont live in a terrorist country according to the world.I live in a coutry with no respect for God and His word.They use the Word as they see fit.And that is rhe work of the SERPANT.They even went back to there old traditions of praying to there fore fathers.


    Hate for the black people of this country is flaring.Where there was no hate before there is now.Where there was respeect for other people before there is no respect.
    And the problem is that the black people of Africa is there own downfall because they listen to people that speak serpant language.Very few black people uphold the 10 comandments.
    And our Lord says you wont walk with this peole.You wont mixed with this people.Except to bring the Word to them.That we did but they want more.They are never satisfied.So PLEASE PRAY FOR US. This is not a terrorist country but a Serpant country.That is worse.You dont fight a visible enemy but an unvisible enemy
    that manifest it self in the people. You may tell the world.

  3. I am sending this along Re: Gebede vir al ons jongmense


    Nico Bruwer, een vd Kovsies studente verdien ook ons gebede:

    A few weeks ago, international headlines were made when students of the University of the Free State gave some hostel cleaners a concoction to drink, apparently containing urine. Shorlty afterwards, the public outcries about racism and human rights began.

    On the subject of racism, please read the story of Nico Bruwer (25).

    Nico was arrested in Polokwane for reckless driving on the night of 6 January 2008. After he was arrested, he asked four times if he can call his family to tell them where he was, but they refused. (According to SA Law, you are allowed one phone call when you are arrested.)

    He was thrown in a dirty cell with 25 other inmates. His arms were held and his head shoved in a dirty pillow, so his screams couldn’t be heard – while he was repeatedly raped and assaulted. Later he lost consciousness from shock. The policemen on duty didn’t once come to check on what was happening in the cells.
    The next morning he was harassed by one of the rapists. Hours later Nico was released on bail after his family finally found him. He broke down and they rushed him to hospital where he was admitted and tested for HIV.
    Nico and his wife, Rose-Mary (24) was married on 1 March 2008. Nico also have a son (5). He and his whole family is traumatized by this experience.

    What you may not know is that this is the ** second ** time this year a young white male was raped in the Polokwane Police cells.

    Why am I asking you to forward this? Because this is also racism. This is crime in its worst form. Yes, what happened at UFS was despicable, but nobody was PHYSICALLY hurt. But because it was ** WHITE ** students doing it to ** BLACK ** workers, everybody made a huge deal about it. Now that a white male was raped by black criminals while in police custody, virtually nobody knows about it. No big cries from overseas condemning this absolute disregard for human rights or basic human dignity. Nico Bruwer’s whole life will be forever influenced about what happened that night. But because he is ** WHITE **, nobody cares.

    But you should care. Think about your husbands, sons and brothers. Forward this to as many people as you can. Let this email travel all over so that the whole world can see what is ** REALLY ** happening in South Africa.

    Lets show the world that we are sick and tired of the hate, the war and the lack of respect for humans and their lives.
    Oh, and don’t forget the absolute disgrace of what the SAPS have become – they who are supposed to keep us safe.
    Yes, they recently wasted their time assaulting students in Stellenbosch and ransacking pubs for 130g of dagga. But a rape in Police cells goes unnoticed.

    And while you are doing this, please say a prayer for Nico Bruwer and his family. Ask God to give his wife strength to support her new husband during this terrible time. To give them peace, wisdom and dignity when they surely do not feel like they have any. And that his HIV test comes back negative, because he already has so much to deal with, and he does not need this added to his pain.
    Die BOER en sy roer word nooit moeg om te ploeg…

  4. Alida,

    This type of persecution should be stopped. I am horrified. I will pray for you and share your story with others. Nico and his family have my prayers. You are hated because you belong to God. Those that hurt you belong to Satan.


  5. Horrified, but not surprised!!! PRAYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2 Corinthians 4:8 we are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not despairing;

    9 persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed;

    10always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body.

    11For we who live are constantly being delivered over to death for Jesus’ sake, so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh.

    12So death works in us, but life in you.

    13But having the same spirit of faith, according to what is written, “I BELIEVED, THEREFORE I SPOKE,” we also believe, therefore we also speak,

    14knowing that He who raised the Lord Jesus will raise us also with Jesus and will present us with you.

    15For all things are for your sakes, so that the grace which is spreading to more and more people may cause the giving of thanks to abound to the glory of God.

  6. Hi Lisa,

    I understand your horror. I live in a “red zone”

    The Lord is our hedge of protection. We trust in HIm.


  7. Alida Amen to that go look up Siener van Rensburg en sien wat hy se gaan gebeur en het gebeur.

    God bless and keep safe

    South Africa (westcoast)

  8. i lib on da mooon an don worree bout bein near no trrorists cuz ert so far way. hollyjewyah

    u sukkerz gonna git yers win gud cum back next weekend and claim hiz cuntry ahmurca and izreel (da 51first stayt).

    holymolly amne kep prayin fur de end to cum aksoles

  9. Hello mcjesus,

    so you live on the moon? interesting.

    what is God going to do next weekend?


  10. Marianne:

    Grassroots orgnanization ACT for America: Brigette Gabrielle Lebanzeese Christian


  11. Marriane:

    Third Jihad Segment Islamberg: Prison Convert Communities:

    Sheikh Gilani: Leader of Al Fuqra Movement


  12. Marianne.

    I plan not to stay Texas very long. as soon Im done with school I will be out of here and move to Arkansas and live in the country. away from Crazy Cities. If God allow me and I keep pray for that


  13. The voice of this video sounds like Max Igan. He’s a prominent New Ager out of Australia. He has an interesting perspective similar to Alex Jone, Naomi Wolfe and Aaron Ruuso. I’m not promoting his web site, just telling you who I think he is. You have to know where these people are coming from in order to reach them for Jesus.

    • Obviously, this man has never needed the USA to come in and rescue him after being attacked by Germans, Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, North Vietnamese, etc.

      The only thing America gained from these encounters were overseas graves for their young soldiers.

  14. I was wrong. They hava blog:

    I wonder if we are going to re-live the 1960’s anti-war movement?
    Maybe we will have a Jesus Revival movement with it. I’d like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Two questions should be asked.
    One is ‘do you live in ERROR?’
    And the other should be …
    ‘Do you live forever?’

  16. There is something to be said about “Corporatism” that they are talking about. War is a money racket. It’s the New World Order. My husband and I are both experiencing “Corporatism” at our jobs. I work in the medical field and he works for Pepsi. I posted a video called “The Corporaton” back on November 26, 2009 on

    • War is blood money!
      Enough of it!
      Enough with it!
      How much do they get paid to kill? to rape?? to pillage???
      Man has sold his soul for this money racket making business !

      The next time someone says to pick up arms against anyone!!!
      Tell him he will burn in HELL for his wishes!!


    Islam is not the Enemy. The real enemy is Satan. Satan is in charge of the world government at this time, including the United States Government. The US Government is importing, planting, and watering the ‘refugees’/immigrants from Muslim countries into the US. They are financially supporting and politically backing the building of the mosque in Murfreesboro, as well as the Mega “Islamic Center” mosque near ground zero in New York. The United States government with the assistance of the Federal Reserve and Central Bankers are establishing (for years now) Shariah Banking, and allowing Muslims to exercise Shariah Law (Dearborn, Michigan). I would suggest taking your angst and pointing it in the right direction; which by all evidence points to our own elected and non-elected Government Officials, rather to the deceived and lost people of the Muslim faith. The Lord has told us how to witness to the lost, and that is what Muslims are. Yelling at them and burning down their mosque site is no way a means in which to win souls to Jesus Christ. There are people among the Christian Right “Evangelical” Conservative ‘Movement’ that are not what they appear to be. They are highly Interfaith, highly Social Justice, highly Global elitists who want nothing more than to dismantle our US constitution and to usher in their godless man made utopia. The success in which they have polarized our country is a testament to the fact that they are from the pit of hell. Who seeks to divide and cause strife? Who is the author of confusion? Who is the Prince of the air? That is your enemy brethren. Wake up.

    • kitti

      To disregard the Muslim threat is naive. To consider them innocent is blind. As the least, they are partners in crime. If you doubt this, move to an Islamic country and see how long you last. Maybe the government is allowing them to act, but the Muslims give them a lot to work with.

  18. Marianne;
    Is this really what we want? Militia groups? I actually got to take care of a patient on Christmas Day who is involved in these groups. He says they having meetings of about 300.

    We had quite an interesting conversation. He likes to go down to the border of Arizona at Christmas time and set up a Chocolate stand for all the rookies who take over for the ones with seniority. He says they sitting ducks for the Drug Cartels.

    He was surprised how much I knew. I gave him a four spiritual laws track and that web site:

    KKNY is a grass-roots organization promoting the need and providing the skills for each individual to be responsible and prepared for disasters personally, to ones family and in ones community.

    • We provide information on where to find training locally.
    • We are available for speaking engagements to reinforce each communities needs to be prepared.
    • We provide legally armed volunteers to secure and patrol Jewish communities that are under threat of terror or antisemitic attack.
    • We promote the concept that every person should be certified or at least well trained in the following:

    1. First Aid to the level of EMT or at a minimum First Resonder
    2. Self Defense to a lever of comfort in ones abilities. Krav Maga as a quick learn of practical skills is our recommendation.
    3. Apply and obtain a concealed handgun carry permit in areas where this is necessary and to carry openly in areas where that is allowed. The goal is not just to own but to train in basic firearms safety as well as real practice via scenario based drill training.
    4. CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) promoted by FEMA which gives each person a deeper understanding of your cities Infrastructure, emergency capabilities and proper civilian repsonses. Most importantly, to understand how the National Incident Management System works.
    5. Community Activism in any capacity which helps getting to know and understand your communities better.

    In a way, we represent that each person become an army of one with most of the kills of a National Guardsman. They secure areas that need securing. They rescue the trapped and fill sandbags. They hand out water and move equipment.

    In todays society, the Police, Fire and other authorities are reactionary agencies now and require 4 – 10 minutes to respond.
    Medical injuries are best resolved when intervention is immediate. Rescues are easier and with a higher success rate when immediate.

    Long gone are the days of the “Beat Cop”. “We the people” have become complacent with the reaction responses of the Government we pay for.
    It is simply time for us to take some of that responsibility to ourselves, family and neighborhood back on ourselves and to acquire the knowledge and skills to do as much as possible both in Prevention and Reaction if necessary.

    Katrina showed us how unprepared the Federal, State and Local Governments were. In the end, some of the responsibility needs to be put back on the citizens for not being prepared.

    The choice is yours. To stand there and wait or prepare to be part of the solution.

    The history of recent events should give you the added push. Jewish Federation in Seattle WA, JCC in Los Angeles, Mumbai, Times Square Bomb.Not forgetting 9/11 or even the 1993 WTC bombing.

    We should be reaching these people with the Gospel. Tell your friend with the box of Bibles that these are the people he should be giving them to.

    We’re being set !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t fall for it.

    • hi kitti

      There are two ways to operate a militia.

      1. to defend oneself and others, and uphold the law, especially in the absence of governmental support.

      2. to take the law in their own hands, or to create their own laws.

      As long as they operate under #1, I see this as a benefit. The Jews are used to being attacked, so this self defense training is logical. The rest of the population is not seeing the threat, or the dangers ahead, like they are.

      The government itself has proposed a brown shirt militia, similar to what the Nazis had, to patrol this country. No Christians are allowed to be in it. I would consider that operation #2.

  19. We are now one year deeper in the mire of evil and injustice in
    this world, with each day bringing us closer to the Lord’s Day,
    which lies rock bottom. Since we are all in this mire together,
    it is those who are wearing the lifebelt of faith through Jesus
    that will be saved; with their heads remaining above the surface
    with eyes firmly fixed on God’s Kingdom.
    There is nothing we can do as Christians that will change the
    colour and density of this cesspool,which will get deeper and
    darker by the day. If we think that we can bring about any degree
    of order, sanity and cleansing to it, by submerging our heads and
    preaching virtue and sanity to the agents of evil and insanity,
    whose existence depends on darkness,and who are custodians of it;
    then we are sadly fooling ourselves, and thus we will drown.
    All we can do now is let our lights shine on the surface,shout the
    good news,and trust that Jesus will bring to the surface all who
    seek his light and desire to hear his voice….John 10:27.

    May God bless you all abundantly this coming year !!

  20. This is our own governments doing. I asked a Christian Arabic pastor where all these mosques were coming from and he said Sauid Arabia was funding it. And that is not the only one who is. Open up the links, watch the videos.

    All of this kind of stuff is connected to 9/11 to cause dissenstion and hatred.

    Tyson drops Labor Day holiday for Eid al-Fitr
    Friday, August 1, 2008

    By Brian Mosely
    Workers at Tyson Foods’ poultry processing plant in Shelbyville will no longer have a paid day off on Labor Day, but will instead take the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr in the fall.

    Tennessee: U.S. Justice Dept Defends Freedom of Religion for Muslim-Americans
    Posted on October 18, 2010 by realhumanrights
    On October 18, 2010, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) filed an Amicus Curiae (“friend of the court”) brief with the Rutherford County Chancery Court, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, defending the Constitutional freedom of religion for Muslim-Americans, and defending their federal rights to freedom of worship, as stated under the “Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act” (RLUIPA) of 2000. Amicus Curiae filings are intended to provide a court with information or legal opinion that has bearing on a case

    ‘All Americans Must Die’ Written On Plant Wall
    Threatening Graffiti Provokes Extra Tyson Security
    Reported By Deanna Lambert

    POSTED: 5:26 pm CST December 23, 2010

    The Shelbyville chief of police and a former Tyson employee confirmed that threatening messages surfaced this week, leading to extra security at the plant.

    “A couple days ago, they had a terrorist threat that was written on the bathroom walls that said ‘all Americans must die,'” said a woman, who said she wanted to remain anonymous to protect her relative, who works inside the plant.

    She said that she didn’t see the writing herself but is aware of what’s going on from others.

    “One day last week, someone set the women’s bathroom on fire, and they finally put a security guard at the bathroom door,” the woman said.

    She said workers are scared.

    “Some of them are afraid. They’ve been talking about it and worried about it and wondering what Tyson is going to do about it,” she said.

    “We have not been asked to come down to Tyson to make any kind of official report,” said Chief Austin Swing.

    But Swing said the department has been asked to provide an armed, off-duty officer to patrol inside the plant through the holidays. Tyson didn’t explain the reason why.

    “I guess I’m assuming now, but he’s just there for some type of security reason or to maybe to put people at ease who work there,” said Swing.

    He said he believes Tyson has already removed the graffiti and is conducting its own investigation into who’s responsible.

    “They’ve doubled up the guards in the guard shack outside,” the anonymous woman said.

    Some at the plant are concerned.

    “They’ve complained for years, as to why these people are being hired in our food department when we are worried about our safety as Americans, you know, and that’s something we all need to think about,” she said.

    Tyson said in a statement “the security of our facilities is important to our company.”

    The FBI did not returned Channel 4’s request of whether it’s involved.

    The United States State Department are the ones supporting and funding the influx of Somali refugees, the Islamic Center in Murfreesboro, Money coming into Mid Tennessee State University, and also aiding the deals that Tyson Foods Inc. is cutting with labor (Somali Refugees) for oil deals. Details to follow.

    “Major employers who require low skilled workers, like Tyson, took advantage of these changes. Tyson was prodded by Federal criminal cases brought against it by the US Department of Justice for hiring illegal aliens. The hiring of legal Somali immigrants was facilitated by Federal cash stipends and social assistance administered by state social services agencies with the contractual assistance of voluntary agencies like Catholic Charities, Lutheran Relief, Church World Services and others. Hence the presence of Somalis in Shelbyville, Tennessee.” source: New English Review

    Unites States State Department, via DOJ, issued this Amicus Brief Support of Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. Source: DOJ

    “On October 18, 2010, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) filed an Amicus Curiae (“friend of the court”) brief with the Rutherford County Chancery Court, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, defending the Constitutional freedom of religion for Muslim-Americans, and defending their federal rights to freedom of worship, as stated under the “Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act” (RLUIPA) of 2000. Amicus Curiae filings are intended to provide a court with information or legal opinion that has bearing on a case.” Source: R.E.A.L (Responsible for Equality And Liberty)

    The Tyson Foods Inc. company in Shelbyville, TN was investigated for conspiracy to hire illegal immigrants in December 2001. Following this investigation the Mega-corporation which has its headquarters in Arkansas but is a multinational (international) corporation shipped in, took advantage of the USSD Somali Refugee workers to take the place of their ‘illegal’ migrant workers. In reciprocal fashion Tyson has scored a major deal with Syntroleum Corporation. Source: Tyson & Syntroleum.




    Back Story: Shelbyville, Tennessee America’s Latest Casualty in the War of Cultures
    The reason I took on this story was due to a small insignificant headline that read, “All Americans must Die.” As I clicked on the link I discovered a Tyson Foods plant in Shelbyville, TN was hit with graffiti on December 23, 2010. Once I read I saw that another incident had happened earlier in the week, someone lit the woman’s bathroom on fire, and now with the added inflamed threat to kill “All Americans” Tyson was putting A (singular) armed guard at the Tyson Plant to keep watch. Why were these people afraid to come out and say what is going on. A simple Google search revealed that this same Tyson food plant has a significant employee ratio of Somali refugees. This same Tyson Food plant has already nixed Labor Day holiday as a paid holiday for an Islamic holiday Eid al-Fitr, and has installed two Muslim Prayer Rooms for their Muslim employees, “who make up a quarter of their employees.” Upon further digging I discovered the US government has been placing Somali refugees in this area. There is also a Mega-Mosque going up in Murfreesboro just 20 minutes from Shelbyville, which is financially and politically backed by our US government.

    Also, a Documentary called, “Welcome to Shelbyville” which was cited as the means that incited the hostility at the Tyson plant was funded and organized by the United States State Department, in conjunction with “University Film and Video Association (UFVA) in partnership with the International Documentary Association (IDA).” source: US State Department

  21. Check out Drudge Report. At the top left hand section are the latest in a long line of moon god worshipers spreading the religion of peace.

    Muslims only love the Ummah, not these United States. I group them all together, because if they are not following Muhammad, they are Apostate. Following Muhammad means war against all things not submiting to the god.


  22. Osama has been shipped, and Al Qieda has promoted a revenge chief to hit back at the Infidel Americans. Debkafile shows his picture, and name, and he has connections to Iran.

    Muhammad would be proud.

  23. yes i life near terors and i fear them some times they treaten us in the markets and we cant inform the police becouse we should apear in the court and we do not have any security grantee so i am interting if i get any courage to week them and i can get security grantee


  25. Boston bombers is from tjetjenia. what a surprise that they are satans (muslim) people. I am so tired of this people now. please God start the doom soon so we can get rid of this evil persons. we had enough.


    michelle O visits terrorist in hospital

  27. Are You Located Near A Terrorist Training Camp In America

    Here is a list of 30 Locations Inside the United States…
    1. Marion, Alabama
    2. Baladullah, California
    3. Oak Hill, California
    4. Squaw Valley, California
    5. Tulare County, California
    6. Buena Vista, Colorado
    7. Tallahassee, Florida
    8. Commerce, Georgia
    9. Jessup, Georgia
    10. Springfield, Massachusetts
    11. Hagerstown, Maryland
    12. Hyattsville, Maryland
    13. Coldwater, Michigan
    14. Binghamton, New York
    15. Deposit, New York
    16. Hancock, New York (National Headquarters)
    17. Talihina, Oklahoma
    18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    19. Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania
    20. York, South Carolina
    21 Dover, Tennesee
    22. Houston, Texas
    23. Waco, Texas
    24. Fairfax, Virginia
    25. Falls Church, Virginia
    26. Meherrin, Virginia
    27. Red House, Virginia
    28. Roanoke, Virginia
    29. Bethany, West Virginia
    30. Onalaska, Washington

  28. terrorist training video

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