Does Satan have a body?


Is Satan only a spirit, or does he have some sort of body?

From current understanding of scripture, and from the visible world around us, it appears that he only has a spirit body at this point in time! Is this true?

According to Revelation, he embodies just one person in the last 7 years of prophecy, but is he the only one? Are there more?

This post is to further explore the concept of the physical nature of Satan.

Spirits appearing in the bible

I recall that Jesus, after his resurrection, had a visible body that could go through a wall into the next room. Thomas could touch him. So, he had a body, but it was made of a different substance, or matter, than normal flesh and blood.

He then disappeared at will. He was not just a vision. Also, there are bible accounts of angels just appearing out of nowhere.

The bible states the devil “came” to Jesus and tempted him in the desert. Was it just a voice, or did he physically show up? If so, then where did the body come from?

Maybe it is possible that Satan has a “spirit” body. In modern times, and throughout historical literature, he, or one of his fallen angels, has also been said to just appear to people, from out of nowhere. Sometimes, it was as an evil entity, but many times as an angel of light.

How one could either appear, or disappear, may be a function of a higher law of physics that most, or nearly all, of us do not understand. Appearing at will makes the body seen to our eyes, and disappearing is also a function of the will.

Or sometimes, it is not at will, since Philip was caught up after he baptized the converted eunuch.

Act 8:39 And when they were come up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more: and he went on his way rejoicing.

Maybe going through walls can also mean going through bodies, to possess them. Instead of just an evil “spirit” possessing someone, maybe there is more “matter” involved, that accompanies the spirit portion.

If so, maybe this is what causes unnatural disease (natural disease would be due to the body breaking down with injury or age, etc). The unnatural matter would not be recognized by the “self” recognition system of the body, and it would react against it, producing different immune responses to get rid of it.

Garden of Eden – My first thought was that Satan was only a spirit, because it seemed that he had to use the body of a serpent ( נחש – nachash ) to communicate with Eve. But, maybe he did not possess the snake, but maybe he just WAS the snake. Was he a special species or category of snake like creatures? If Satan did have a body like a serpent, what did it look like?

Archeologists have found evidence of a legged serpent in the phylogeny of snake fossils. Prior to the fall, the serpent was either a quadruped or a bi-ped. The najash (note the similarity to the Hebrew word nachash) was found to have legs. So it was a legged serpent that spoke to Eve.


Below is a picture of a snake fossil, Najash rionegrina. The red dot marks the femur coming from the hip region. It has a sacrum! It has a pelvic girdle! It has hind limbs, with femora, fibulae, and tibiae! It’s a definitive snake with legs, and it’s the oldest snake yet found.


Scientists consider this a “transitional” form for evolutionary evidence. Scientists think that the legs just “fell off” due to disuse. Why would a creature stop using their legs? This does not seem credible or logical. If true, why didn’t other “lazy” creatures lose their legs also? The science view makes no sense.

Since they also admit this is the oldest snake fossil found, is it possible that Satan, in ancient times, was the father of “serpents?” It seems like all snakes carry this curse to this day. Why would they all carry this curse, unless they were somehow related to the original one?

Long before man and his science, the Bible clearly describes the serpent’s punishment: being forced to crawl on its belly, forever afterwards. The curse from God turned the snake from a walking creature, into a slithering one.

Gen 3:14 And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou [art] cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shall thou go, and dust shall thou eat all the days of thy life:

*** I do not condemn the little snake animals that got his curse. Natural snakes would have obvious physical differences from a supernatural being, if they were originally separate groups.

See this post on Quetzalcoatl, an ancient god who had a body of a snake, with “feathers.”

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Maybe Quetzalcoatl’s “feathers” were angel wings. I have been told by someone who used to be on the dark side that devils can appear in bodies to people. So, is this an illusion, or a revealing of something, transferred from dimension to another, by a subtle physiological change, or conscious change of matter?

I believe Quetzalcoatl is Lucifer, or Satan.

Do Satan and his fallen angels have bodies?

The Book of Enoch also describes these “angels” as gods, or Watchers. (106.5-6, section 10). Enoch also says they could appear like men when they wished, (17.1), but even so, he never seems to “doubt their divinity (ie. supernatural origin)”.

In Enoch 8.3, Amezarak taught all those who cast spells and cut roots, Armaros the release of spells, and Baraqiel astrologers, and Kokabiel portents, and Tamiel taught astrology, and Asradel taught the path of the Moon. The angels did this in person.

King of Tyre – Like any region, the kingdom of Tyre had its sequence of kings and rulers. History mentions a few, like Hiram, Abibaal, and Apollinius. However, there is one king/prince of Tyre (seems to describe Lucifer/Satan), that was given in scripture as both

a man, who thinks he is God:

Eze 28:2 Son of man, say unto the prince of Tyre, Thus says the Lord GOD; Because your heart [is] lifted up, and thou have said, I [am] a God, I sit [in] the seat of God, in the midst of the seas; yet thou [art] a man, and not God, though thou set your heart as the heart of God:

And a cherub, someone that lived long before Ezekiel in the Garden of Eden:

Eze 28:13 You hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone [was] thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou were created.

Eze 28:14 Thou [art] the anointed cherub that covers; and I have set you [so]: you were upon the holy mountain of God; you hast walked up, and down, in the midst of the stones of fire.

So, this king or prince of TYRE had not only been around during the time of the Garden of Eden, but was still around during the time of Ezechiel. He was part man and part cherub.

Aliens – fallen angels / demons?

What is the connection between reported alien encounters and fallen angels?   Are the aliens really from someone else, and visiting here, or are they supernatural beings? Whatever they are, they are humanoid, and strange looking to us. Does this give us a clue?

If Satan, or any spirit, has a body, how is it physically different from man’s?

Man is said to be mind, body, and spirit. Would Satan and the angels have been created in a similar fashion? Are they also body, mind, and spirit?


Well, the following is just an academic exercise, which follows. I am not saying this is the real answer.

It seems like if God gave man his spirit, then that spirit part is the same. The difference was when God used the soil of the earth to create the body for Adam, the first man. What is in the soil that got into man? That, then, might equal the difference between the two body types (human vs spirit).


Most of the human body is made up of water, H2O, with cells consisting of 65-90% water by weight. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that most of a human body’s mass is oxygen (most of space is hydrogen and helium). Carbon, the basic unit for organic molecules, comes in second (very small amount in air or space). 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of just six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.

Oxygen (65%)

Carbon (18%)

Hydrogen (10%)

Nitrogen (3%)

Calcium (1.5%)

Phosphorus (1.0%)

Potassium (0.35%)

Sulfur (0.25%)

Sodium (0.15%)

Magnesium (0.05%)

Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Molybdenum, Fluorine, Chlorine, Iodine, Manganese, Cobalt, Iron (0.70%)

Lithium, Strontium, Aluminum, Silicon, Lead, Vanadium, Arsenic, Bromine (trace amounts)

Space or air is mainly hydrogen and helium gas. There is very little carbon and oxygen in space. Just a funny thought – helium makes balloons rise and float. Spirits can “ascend” into heaven, and float around in the sky.

space %

































Make believe scenario: human –> spirit transformation

It would take a human form to undergo chemical combustion to convert into a more “air like form.”

CxHy + (x + y/4))O2 –> xCO2 + (y/2)H2O

Example 1:

CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O

If the body converted its organic component to gas and water (above example), then it would be less “physical,” and more of a vapor.

Example 2:

CH4 + 2O2 + 7.52N2 → CO2 + 2H2O + 7.52N2 + heat (energy release)

Similar reaction above, except that nitrogen is used also, and heat produced.

When Jesus rose from the dead, there would have been some form of spontaneous combustion, and a burst of heat.

If this is true, it would have been a much more sophisticated form than what we are familiar with on earth, which is usually incomplete, and leaves some mess. Also, Jesus was transforming from a dead human to spirit, and not an alive human to spirit.

So the transformation spirit –> human would require the reverse reaction, and would be more “difficult,” as it requires an input of energy. This is called an endothermic reaction.

The combustion, or conversion to vapor, would NOT have to be 100% complete.  When we think of Jesus after the resurrection, people could touch him, yet he could go through walls.  So he was “solid,” but “not solid.”

The conversion to vapor would be just enough to make his body change, to make it less dense, go through walls, and to appear and disappear, but still be solid enough to be seen and touched. This is just a theory.

But where would the energy come from?

One thought is that the spirit draws on the energy of humans, animals or other live forms around it. I am just speculating. Jesus only appeared to those who had great faith in him. The faith could be seen as a form of spiritual energy. The energy and faith of the believer opens the spirit to be able to draw Jesus to them.

In the same way, the devil seems to respond to those who have faith in him also. He can also draw on the emotions of people. When people become slaves to their emotions (increase in emotional state), it is like they open a door for him to enter.

Alternative theory of spirit mass (human form) conversion = teleportation:

1. Teleportation – quantum entanglement: the disembodied transport of the quantum state of a system and its correlations across space to another system, where system refers to any single or collective particles of matter or energy such as baryons (protons, neutrons, etc.), leptons (electrons, etc.), photons, atoms, ions, etc.

2. Teleportation – exotic: the conveyance of persons or inanimate objects by transport through extra space dimensions or parallel universes.

So, is the coming Antichrist the devil in human form, and how does he do it?

Energy theory: If so, then the devil will draw on the faith (energy) of others around him, who have built up the energy platform for him to transform into the New World god.

He might then transform from spirit –> human, as a result of their faith. His believers will provide the energy required for an endothermic reaction, inducing CO2, water, and nitrogen, and other elements to refuse into organic form from a vapor, spirit form.

Teleportation – somehow, the devil will just re-embody from a spirit form, or just enter into our world from a different dimension- and just “appear.” Einstein and other physicists believe there are about 10 dimensions, and where we are is just one of them.


*** Note : the importance of Faith.

If true faith is the energy to call upon the supernatural to become real to us, then we should be careful where we put our faith.

Faith in Satan gives him power, and causes him to manifest.

Faith in God, and the salvation Jesus offers, gives US the power, and causes Him to come dwell with us.   Hallelujah !!!!

So…..Who do you believe in?

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    • aliens had asked a mother and a father to create a perfect loving world and the mother had an apprecation problem and the father had a jealousy problem so before even the earth was created they had an only son and with these issues they needed to correct. the son grew up to be arrogent and so the parents had to create a perfect learning plan to teach themselves and all how to love and appreciate all so we would all deserve a respected loving planet where there is no pain and we could live there for time indefinite so they designed one with total understanding of the good love which everyone and everything must sacrafice and endure all the same for to learn what holy love is and the only one who suffers the most is thier son because he gets blamed for things he didnt do because nobody takes accountabilty for what they do so they say the devil made me do it or dont have the balls to say they are responsable for what they did.when more people do confess the better things will be and even their spirits will shine with mercy and our god will refine them better than they were before and then thier son might get shown mercy too because all he did was asked his father what would happen if he wanted more than what his father god had given him because satan wanted to rule as king and thought he could do a good enough job but to be a wise king and rular of all thats good and peaceful with perfect unity u need to experience all the bad so you know how much you hate the bad and dont want it anywhere near your loved people because you want all you made safe and happy so because of all this that needs to be learned from the day the son asked the day the world earth started. what we lhave earned so far? from a friend of all with so much love! REPENT AND GIVE THANKS OR REGRET IT SOON!!!!!!!

    • Man is said to be mind, body, and spirit. Would Satan and the angels have been created in a similar fashion? Are they also body, mind, and spirit?

      Spirit beings are created in a triune state. They can only create as a group of three which represent God’s triune state of Love, Wisdom , and Power, which were represented in the first ever three archangels Gabriel, Lucifer and Michael respectively.

      These three created nine further archangels, three for each of them, and the nine became twenty seven and subsequently in the same way all the remaining heavenly hosts.

      Lucifer rebelled and he persuaded his wisdom realm, one third of heavenly host up to that moment in time, to join him.

      Lucifer himself as a spirit being maintained his personal appropriate angels, and became Satan, the female element and his demons in the battle for souls.

      That is only one third of those who rebelled, the remaining two thirds became the substance of our world completely dissolved as HARD dust locked in the process of creation.

      God out of these two spirits created the soul THE MALE ASPECT, in Adam, and the flesh, THE FEMALE ASPECT, in Eve, depicted in the MIST and DUST respectively by which God formed man.

      God up to now won through Jesus , MALE AND FEMAL, ANDROGYNOUS, the power over all FLESH, and there’s only one element left for God to recuperate all, which is the power over all souls through Mary. Since Eve’s flesh is over and done by Jesus. The battle we are in! Once God wins this battle, Satan becomes unemployed. useless on his own with his personal demons, which depends on them whether he remains desperate in hell for eternity, once they abandon him he will also eventually change his heart but that is unfathomable for us regarding time.

  2. Sure a lot of territory to explore in this one. I have some beliefs, based on my Bible studies. First i must consider why God had to hide the body from satan when Moses died. We see way over in Jude that this was fact. But what would satan want with Moses’ body? Well, we know satan has some of what we call supernatural powers, as shown in Pharoah’s court. The only reason I can think of for satan to want Moses’ body was to put it on, and come back before the Israelites as a risen one. From there, he could mislead the chosen ones, foiling God’s plan. That time, God did not allow satan to use a human body.

    To go with this later, we see the anti-christ being killed, yet rising again. And we know this time, satan will be allowed to mislead the Israelis and the world. So we have a prior mention to go with Last Days events. satan could put on the body of a highly popular man, do miracles to make people believe he is the Messiah, and take over the world.

    We also see from Enoch and hints in the Bible that fallen angels went into the daughters of Eve, and the result was hybrids, some giants among them. The flood killed those, and their spirits became the demons we know of today, wandering the earth looking for available bodies to inhabit. I remember being convinced some time ago that fallen angels have wings, and can fly. But demon spirits do not have wings, and must walk the earth.

    So it seems that satan and his fallen angels can transform to human-like to the extent they can have intercourse with humans, and according to the Bible, produce seed that will be in emnity with the seed of Eve. From experience in deliverance, I know that demons can also have sexual relations with humans, but cannot reproduce as the fallen angels had.

    For some time after the flood, just like today some marital unions produced throwbacks. All surviving humans who lived thru the flood had some fallen angel genes that could align to sometimes cause a giant…. or perhaps an Esau, “whom God hated.” Why would God hate this man? Likely he was a throwback, because he had a coat of red hair, and he smelled like a goat. And he had no cares about the things of God. (Must have been a lot of throwbacks in those days, as it seems Jacob was not bothered at all by Esau’s features, and he favored him.)

    We must remember that Jesus called some religious leaders, “sons of the devil.” And we know that both the wheat and weeds must be left to grow alongside each other to maturity, so it can be seen which is the right one to harvest for Heaven and which go into the fire. I won’t try to guess whether the sons of satan ever have a chance of salvation or not… DavWms

  3. HI David,

    If present, I wonder what a modern day body of a fallen angel would look like. Looking like a serpent will not work anymore. Like us?


  4. When one presents a question like the one you have one might consider being very careful in trusting the replies that are given…Always do your own research!

    God created several different types of angels, all with different rank and a specific purpose for being created. For example, the angels that took women for wives were called the “Watchers”. There purpose was to teach humans how to live in this world after The Fall. Enoch was a very privileged man, he was taught all there is to know about everything. Archangels guided and taught Enoch all mysteries and he passed them on to his son Methuselah.

    When God flooded the Earth, all life was completely destroyed. Not one life remained but Noah, his family and the animals, etc.

    I believe Satan’s intent was to pollute the blood line in order to deny God of a pure one for the birth of Christ and other reasons. These hybrids, the Nephilem, once they grew in great number ate everything including themselves and humans. Along with the Watchers the Nephilem taught humans about war, weapons, killing and eating of meat. The Watchers were also responsible for teaching Astrology and many other secret things like magic. This is precisely why believers are told to never practice or use these types of knowledge.

    Keep in mind that there are still Holy Watchers and I believe that they can be seen if one knows what to look for. I am almost certain that the UFO phenomenon is closely related if not directly to the fallen Watchers.

    I’m sure Satan can make himself look like most anything. However, I’m thinking that the coming world leader will not be possessed by Satan but will be his offspring.

  5. Hi solidwords,

    What you say is true. It seems like there is no real pattern to the different possible types from history, so we cannot predict what will manifest next. I guess the behavior is the biggest clue, although the physical appearance is a curiosity.

    I guess, if Satan, through the Antichrist, plans to deceive a sophisticated world, he should then attempt to fit in as much as possible.

    However, when the wrath of God begins, it seems that the true forms of demons will manifest. The creatures described in Revelation are quite evil looking.


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  7. Marianne,
    Very interesting points you’ve raised. I think the resurrected body of Jesus was a flesh body. He told his disciples that a spirit “hath not flesh and bones as ye see me have”. Likewise, it was a human body. For the resurrection to have any validity, God had to raise up the same body that died; there had to remain the numerical identity- one man died, one man resurrected. He was, however, a glorified human and remains a man now. The espistles speak frequently about “the man Christ Jesus”. Precisely what glorification entails I dont know. I agree with you that it could be a modification or reshuffling of existing cell matter. One fascinating idea I’ve come across stated that their is something in the human dna that can’t ever be scientifically decoded, no matter how advanced we become. Perhaps God placed into all men this ‘nth’ gene that when activated glorifies a body. Another theory I’ve read suggests the change to be nuclear or electrical. Whatever the case, we will retain our numerical identity but with glory. We will still be ourselves. It’s interesting to note that mosts scientists agree that what causes us to age is replication. Our dna is coded for an individual of about 30 years (for this reason and the fact that Jesus was about that age when he was resurrected, I believe all of us will be this age in heaven in perpetual vitality) As the cells reproduce to repair damage to skin, organs, tissue, etc go further and further away from this code. Like photocopying a oopy of a copy of a copy, etc. This occurs roughly 10 times in the average lifetime. Thus when a person is old, the cell’s have lost much of their dna memory and the person looks like the same person, but a much more worn version. The possibilities are simply scintillating. Maybe none of us has it correct. We shall see soon. I don’t know that I’ll ever meet you in this life, but it will be fascinating after the rapture to sit down and talk with you and see what we got right 🙂 Concerning spirits, they are extradimensional creatures. If I as a 3 dimensional creature were to visit a 1 dimensional world, I would have powers that 1 dimensional creatures couldnt conceive. Entering their world, I would appear as an increasing point with no visible height and could act with impunity in their world. Some Jewish scholars posit that their are as many as 7 dimensions. Imagine the power available to a spirit! One last thing, I believe Ezekiel 28 is addressing two different beings at once. The king of Tyre is Satan himself, hence the mention of Eden and the accolades of perfection that no mortal could possibly have. The prince of Tyre is the antichrist, maybe after the devil possesses him. Apologies for the lengthy post.

  8. Hi Amardo

    It is an interesting topic. How was the flesh of Jesus different (glorified) after the resurrection? I would really like to know. I could use a beauty treatment like that to get rid of aging. My personal opinion is that a glorified body has less solid carbon content, as it has been converted into a more vapor form. Vapor can go through walls. In the solid form, carbon takes on acid, sugar and fat forms, which are not necessary to exist in heaven.

    As to the electrical theory, release of acid (+) makes the body more basic (-).

    DNA and aging. What you are thinking of is telomeres- kind of like the seals at the ends of shoestrings. They exist at the ends of the DNA strands to preserve the content. As age occurs, with repeat replication, the strands loose the telomeres, and the DNA can loose information – become “frayed.”

    The genes lost at the ends are usually those associated with youth – memory, vision, general bone health, tissue health, etc. The more internal genes are more critical to daily function, like making your cells function, so you can stay alive that day.

    God put the genes that needed the most protection deep inside the strand to be sure they did not get damaged. God is smart!




  11. Hi Nhel,

    I agree that the body was solid enough to see and touch. I was trying to determine how his body was different. Somehow, it was “solid” but “not solid,” if he could go through walls. The conversion to vapor I referred to, may only be enough to allow this. That is, the conversion was not 100%, or he would have been invisible. Maybe I should make a note in the post, and make this clear. I have a chemistry degree. Thank you.

    I think it was also interesting that Mary saw Jesus right after the resurrection, and he told her NOT to touch him, because he had not gone to the Father yet. Only after this visit to the Father was complete, and he returned to visit the apostles, was Thomas allowed to touch him. I wonder what the difference was then. Somehow, being with the Father made him more “touchable.”

    That might be a lesson in itself. As Jesus was not complete without the Fathers touch, neither are we. Unless we also have a good relationship with the Father, and we can approach Him, we cannot have this glorification started or completed. Jesus, the way, the truth, and the life, allows us to be able to approach the Father, and do this.


  12. that is a shocking display of pseudo-science. what on earth was that snake bit about? snakes have stumps of legs, we have stumps of tails, panda’s thumbs are developed from wrist bones (which is why they are so awkward and clumsy). evolution throws up some odd things.

    as for the science of resurrection…

    copying and pasting incredibly basic outlines (practically aphorisms) of incredibly complicated scientific theories like entanglement which you clearly have zero understanding of and then writing entirely unconnected gibberish about figures from mythology (which is what the devil is, a mythological symbol for the concept of evil used by the most basic civilizations as a character in stories or myths used to set moral norms) is not science!

    any scientist worth their salt would openly laugh and indeed probably show their friends so they could also laugh (as i have done) at the incredible level of ignorance masquerading as investigation shown in this blog.

    the most fundamental question to ask before you quote biblical sources is whether the testimony is reliable. those accounts were written by unreliable, uneducated, people. other fishermen from the same time and much later were reliably writing about sea monsters.

    another thing to bear in mind is that, even if they were from reliable sources (which they are not) those testimonies were written and compiled long after the event, it’s funny how willful delusion can be turned into definite memory over a very short period of time. it’s even funnier how text can be omitted, written in and edited to suit the purpose of the political rulers using religion as a manipulating force.

    you must attempt to read bible passages with the cultural and historical subtext firmly in mind. remember that the meaning of the text is creating by the coming together of the symbols and their interpretation by the reader. the very meaning and purpose of language itself as well as the individual words has shifted, and indeed been translated out of the original language over time. direct access to biblical text is in no way synonymous with access to the intended message of the author.

    perhaps you should read a basic introduction to structuralist/post structuralist literary criticism including an overview of the thought of derrida and barthes as well as some basic existential philosophy before further embarrassing yourself with these antiquated and irrelevant questions. i’m not sure if these texts can help with a lack of common sense but i certainly hope so.


  13. Zarathusa

    I have been in science for 30 years, and I think the insane philosophers you follow are rubbish too.

    No basis for any of their theories. Unbelief is not proof. Rejection is not proof. False claims about unreliability of witnesses, and when something was written are not proof. It is just fear of the unknown, since you make no effort to understand it.

    The point about the snake was that the bible knew about the legs before science existed. We do not lose legs due to disuse. That is foolish. Anyone or anything who has legs uses them, unless they have been crippled. The bible teaches that the loss was due to a punishment.

    Evolution is a hoax.

    I understand science quite well. So where did you get your PhD, and in what specialty? I am a medical scientist.


  14. i don’t follow any philosophers. i openly explore ideas as i find them in the world, be it through first hand observation or through the experience of others mediated to me through language. i acknowledge that i am experiencing everything through a filter of presuppositions and systems of logic and language from which i cannot escape. but which can perhaps help me better understand myself and the world.

    the philosophers who’s ideas i respect the most are those who openly admit their own total fallibility and the total subjectivity of all the concepts they seek to explore.

    false claims about unreliability of witnesses? i think you misunderstand my point. i was talking about the unreliability of language itself. something which i am paradoxically attempting to explain through language.

    our total lack of access to an objective reality does not mean we can’t construct and treat our reality as objective. it just means everything is belief and nothing is proof.

    we can observe the world and build up a reasonable explanation of how things appear to work (constantly bearing in mind this may all be delusion a la plato’s cave) this is not total rejection or unbelief. it is the opposite. rejection of the world is refusing to look at it properly- refusing to attempt to peel away the filter of unquestioned dogma through which you give things their meaning.

    all of that said, claiming that evolution is a hoax is akin to claiming that gravity is a hoax.

    to finish, a few short sentences,

    i don’t have a phd because i’m still in school. a PhD is only as good as the people who decided to give you one. the education system is a mimicking process and not a thinking one. learning and regurgitating equations doesn’t make you a scientist.

    p.s. have you read any of the philosophers i’ve mentioned or are you too afraid of the unknown?

  15. Zarathustra

    I wish you would pick an easier name to use.

    you said.

    everything is belief and nothing is proof

    I guess this would apply to your opinion as well. So why consider it any more valid than someone else’s?

    Philosophers are not experts in theology or history. So why consult them about something they know nothing about?

    yes, I have studied philosophy and found it boring. All conjecture, and no proof.

    Since you admit that your idols of philosophy are fallible, why believe them?

    You apparently have never taken a physical anthropology course. You would then know there is no proof, just an occasional bone and much conjecture.


  16. “You would then know there is no proof” that’s what i just said. you even quoted it. yes it does apply to my opinion as well. just because all things are equally fallible doesn’t mean they are equally useful or equally beautiful.

    they are not my idols and i do not believe them. i enjoy the athleticism of their mental gymnastics.

  17. hi zarathustra

    uncovering the mysteries of prophecy can be interesting also


  18. One thing has always had me curious. So much is said about the blood. The life is in the blood; “I hear Able’s blood crying out from the ground;” Jesus shed His blood that we may be saved; And many more etc; It makes me wonder if when He shed His blood for us, did we who are saved get a molecule of it placed in us, so it could clone until we become like Jesus if we allowed? I wonder if our DNA changed when we got saved?

    I have also heard scientific reports that what looks and feels solid to us actually has much space between its parts, somewhat like when we look up at the stars and see far more space than actual solid parts. And the theory was that this is what could allow beings to pass thru solid walls.

    I love these subjects. I must admit, I don’t like it when evolutionists bring their “facts” in to show us how foolish we are for having faith in God. I would love for them to see the truth and get saved, but they have made a choice of their father and unfortunately, it is like throwing pearls before swine. I have seen many a site that wasted space trying to convince them otherwise with real facts that they are unable to see. That leaves us to only pray THE FATHER makes Himself known to them…. DavWms

    • What a wonderful prayer there David..the best you can do is to voice or write it..let them see, read and hear…but conviction is left to Holy Spirit and any soul that rejects the Holy Spirit is given unto a reprobate mind…may we have the Grace to run the race of life until we behold His face in Glory.

    • That’s an interesting comment.I think our DNA DID change when we got saved. We took on Jesus’s DNA because His was holy.There was like this holy blood transfer or something. Now we have holy redeemed blood …that’s why we will grow into the complete image of Christ because His holy seed was deposited in us. Just my opinion. We lost it in the garden when Adam and Eve sinned-

      I think that’s why they are trying to corrupt humans again with the technology of transhumanism and giving us bad, corrupted food…GMO food….dead food….nanobots etc. etc. sick stuff. They want to corrupt the human body so that bo human will have the possibilty of having life…the only way out of this hellhole is thru Christ. The “mark” is the final culmination of Satan’s plan. That’s why Jesus has to cut the days short or no flesh would be saved.

      The evil ones…who knows, maybe they are already devils in cloned bodies posing as humans…they want every human to be corrupted and “transformed’…transhumanism….do a topic on that. It’s truely evil. It’s like if you accept that, you are hating your own humanity. Jesus is going to save us before all of humanity gets lost. He wins. Satan is a liar.

      • that is a good way to look at it.

        sin gives us satan dna

        salvation through Jesus gives us God DNA

        • I find that odd, but hard to prove.

          The serpent in the garden is the same as the dragon. Lucifer.

          Old Knob chose the form of a serpent to tempt Eve. In this case the serpent in the garden of Eden would have been perfect until after G-d cursed Lucifer, and gave it damnation at the end of Christ’s 1000 year rule on earth.

          It does not appear Lucifer was among the 200 fallen Angels that corrupted human DNA with whatever, which is called the Nephillim.

          We call Lucifer DNA the Nephillim now, because since the 1880’s the Nephillim have been growing in number according to UFO abductees.

          We do not have Jesus’s DNA except Jesus was fully human, and we are fully human. Jesus was not born by sex, but through G-d’s Holy intervention inside Mary’s body. You could not call him a clone as he is male, and Mary is female.

          We can be reborn in Christ, and receive the Holy Spirit. Therefore, being a new person through Christ. Also, known as a son of G-d.

          Like Noah, we are human. Not like the Nephillim who are not fully human, but an abomination.

          • Leatherneck wrote:

            “We do not have Jesus’s DNA except Jesus was fully human, and we are fully human. Jesus was not born by sex, but through G-d’s Holy intervention inside Mary’s body.”

            I agree Jesus was not born by sex but thru God’s holy intervention.

            But i disagree that we who are born again, do not have Jesus’s DNA. Personally, i think when someone becomes truely born again of God’s Spirit, they get a deposit of something holy inside them…I kinda think it’s holy DNA…DNA not of a “just” human kind but holy DNA. DNA from God.
            Maybe like Jesus got when He was born supernaturally inside Mary’s womb by the Holy Spirit. He was born holy and pure. He didn’t need any perfecting as He was already pure.

            But we had to be redeemed in order to become pure. His Spirit growing inside of us in maturity is what purifies us. Without having His Holy Spirit there is no way we can even see heaven or enter it Jesus said. We have to have His holy seed in us to enter into His kingdom.

            But us humans being born “in sin” needed to be purified so God’s seed had to be planted in us in order to be holy.

            • Having trouble posting on here…what I wanted to finish saying was, that unless we have become born again of God’s Holy Spirit, no one can make it into His kingdom. There are a lot of people who think they know Jesus and that Jesus is their friend or that they think they are doing God’s will, but unless you have His seed in you, you will not be going into His kingdom.

              I think there are a lot of wanabes walking around but they can never belong to Jesus because they do not have His seed. God is not their father. Their father is the devil. Those are the tares.

              There are a lot of posers and Jesus will be showing us who is really of Him and who isn’t in these last days.Those that don’t have Jesus’s seed in him will do the deeds of THEIR father. That’s how we will know who is of God and who is not.

              No one wants to disappoint their father. The tares will do their fathers will too. But they get burned and Jesus’s seed gets eternal life.

              • I’m sorry, but you are still lacking perfection after accepting G-d’s love called Christ. You don’t get any seed, or DNA from the Holy Spirit. There is nothing in the Bible to support your statement.

                However, if you want to believe as you do, I support your right to do so. Merry Christmas.


                • Leatherneck, I was speaking spiritually as well. Best wishes to you…won’t say “merry christmas’ as I don’t celebrate christmas but I do follow Jesus thru the Holy Spirit, if that makes sense.

          • sorry I guess I started some confusion here….

            I was speaking spiritually, not physically, about the DNA.

  19. Hi David,

    Everything has spaces between them. Even the parts of the atom. Expanding the space make something less dense. This is what radioactivity is, in some ways.

    I do not think there is a molecule put in us at salvation. But the molecules in our body are responding to a different energy than what we had before. I think the blood is on the “outside” of the spirit, just as the blood was applied to the doorpost in Egypt. This is the mark and seal of God on the believer.

    I am not worried about evolutionists and atheists. When they create their own universe out of nothing, then I will listen to them. 🙂


  20. I don’t worry about evolutionists, either. My comment was because i have seen them take over a site as some Christians are willing to argue beyond what is necessary. They do not believe there is no chance to open their eyes, and just go on and on, ruining a good thread. Once I see that for sure, they are not looking for truth, i let them go their way. DavWms

  21. Hi all. My understanding of satan having a body is summed up as follows.
    Satan needed to have a body in order to guard over God’s glory both in heaven and on Earth. And we see this again several times in scripture where angels took on bodies. But remember, anything taking on a body of subject to sin in that body. Only Jesus was able to walk sin free.
    Once he sinned he was no longer employed. God created man to till the garden satan once walk in and cared for.

    Thou [art] the anointed cherub that covers; and I have set you [so]: you were upon the holy mountain of God; you hast walked up, and down, in the midst of the stones of fire.

    The holy mountain was set in the garden and is found in modern Jerusalem.
    The stones of fire are set before God’s throne were Lucifer walked back and forth playing music for all the angels to hear.

    During this time angels were dispatched to teach men rightouesness because there was no written instructions.
    I believe God spoke these angelic spirits into being from His mouth, but he formed us with His hands first. Interesting? What he speaks from his mouth He will not take back. So He made another place for him; hell.
    This is why Satan hates us so. God took special care making us and we took his position, causing him to restort to trickry to get it back (Adam and Eve).
    The beautiful horns that perceived from him are warped. His appearance is as sin, horrible.
    Dr. Lester Sommerall had an encounter with the real satan years ago. He heard noises outside his house and walked to the back door to see what it was. As he looked to his side he saw the most hideous creature ever. Satan was attempting to bring fear upon him.
    Dr. Sommerall said, “Oh it you.” Turned, and walked back into the house shutting the door behind him. Then went to bed and got a good nights sleep.
    This is my opinion.

  22. Hi Rev Williams,

    My whole life, I just assumed since a spirit was invisible, it did not have a body. That is what made it a spirit. Spirit and body were different. Humans had a body, but angels didn’t. But now I am rethinking this.

    Angels and spirits just have a body that is different from humans, who have a more solid, dense, and therefore visible (to us) body. Somehow, they draw on some energy, theirs or ours, to manifest in a more tangible way.

    if true, the serpent body that Satan was in – in the garden – was really his body. If true, that is how fallen angels were able to mate with human women. Satan and his angels did not have to possess an animal, or a human, to do what they wanted. They just used their own body.

    What is interesting, is that this kind of body is able to possess another body anyhow. Now, I am going to wonder how that works too.


  23. Per an earlier comment, Marianne, you do have quite a wide bearth of knowledge, malicious skeptics notwithstanding. For all his derision of your scientific acumen, zarathustra’s input was exceptionally shoddy; tinged with lots of opinion and regurgitated hatred. I have a minor in chemistry (Major was in physics); I gravitate towards this blog because of the wonderful balance of word and science- it appeals to my spirit man and my mind. For all his acerbic distrust of theology, Carl Sagan was a brilliant mind. He theorized in Cosmos that the ability to walk through walls was a function not of the creature changing his components, but by force of thought changing the components of the object. In theory we should be able, whether through thought or other capacity of the spirit to line up the normally scattershot atoms of a wall and simply walk through it. The Bible says eyes havent seen, ears havent heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those that love him. We so often think of that passage within the context of our dwellingplaces in heaven, our “stuff” as it were. Far more interesting to me will be the body that I will inhabit. All of the most imaginative of us could get together for a lifetime and brainstorm nonstop from birth to death and wouldnt even scratch the surface of the splendor, the wonder of what we will see and be. Reverend Williams has certainly gotten the wheels turning in my mind. If hell, currently within the earth, a PHYSICAL place was originally prepared for the devil and his angels, then they should by virtue of the tangibility of hell have some sort of body. (I suppose the other possibility is that like the great chain to bind the dragon in revelation it portends some other kind of captivity. A chain couldnt bind a spirit, it only represented authority). Only God really knows. That we are discussing it is wonderful. I’m so happy to participate. Thank you so much, Marianne.

  24. Hi Amardo,

    That is an interesting thought. Instead of our bodies changing to go through a wall, maybe our minds exercise mind over matter, and change the material of the wall, by virtue of our thoughts. This concept seems to hold up for telekinesis. Maybe it is true for teleportation also.

    What I am rethinking here is that spirit and body are the same. They are just different for heaven and earth. It is like the body changes with the environment.

    To initially change from the human to the other worldly, requires an act of God’s will and mind. Since I do not see any deceased coming back to visit, I assume once we get to heaven, there is no travel back.

    However, the bodies and purposes of the angels are different. They are physically equipped to travel between the two worlds of heaven and earth, and they are also equipped to adapt to each environment with either a solid, visible body, or a more ethereal one.

    So maybe the spirit and body are actually the same thing. That would kind of blow away the traditional concept that we are 3-4 parts: body, mind, soul ,(spirit)? If man was made in God’s image, then he is body mind soul spirit too?


    • Hi everyone,blessings.

      I have never been drawn to any blog quite as this one, very informative and truly a blessing. Concerning the spirit and the body I believe that the body is a physical replica of the spirit man. God can only relate to the spirit-man and man relates to the physical body only what he can see. When Jesus asked His Father to prepare Him a body that He could go down and die for man, it means He had to get a suit to enable Him to withstand this sphere. Jesus had to get a body formed out of dust, just as man to live, eat, play etc., here on earth. The angels, fallen angels not even the devil has such a privilage of an earthly suit as man does. However, when the devil was cast down to the bottomless pit until his final day of judgment, his powers were not taken away, everything was intact except for the position he held in heaven. Jesus called him the “father of lies” so we know that that man can twist, delude and form any truth into a lie. The devil also has various names and they were all attributed to his wicked characteristics. He’s been called “that old dragon, serpant, fox, the beast” and so on. I cannot see the devil body being a serpant, but I can see him cunning his way and allowing the serpant to will his body to him. Just as the pigs in the gospel, when Jesus heald the possessed man the legions of demonic spirits had no where to go and they pleaded with Jesus not to leave them homeless so Jesus send them into the swines that were near by; then we see further on that the swines ran and drowned themselves into the sea. Satan cannot do his work without willing vessels, he has power but he is not all powerful. Hence, my favourite passage of scripture is Luke 10:19 “Behold I have given you power, to tread on serpants and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means harm you.” One thing I believe though is that we can will ourselves to be used either by God or the devil and they can possessed us as willed given us their authority and power to do their work here on earth. In the book of Revelation the beast give all his power to the anti-christ to make war here on earth, that will be the last straw before Jesus put in His second coming. Man is a spirit, he possessed a soul and live in a body. This body or earthly suit will die one day and return to the dust of the ground, but the spirit which will never die returns to God for it’s final destination. This spirit-man will get a new body not made up like the former from dust, but one that could withstand, heaven or hell.

      Love, be bless.

      • hi charmaine

        Good insights. We all may want to remember your favorite verse when the old serpent comes out to persecute the saints:

        “Behold I have given you power, to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means harm you.”

        We will have victory, if we remember our authority.

  25. Hi! I find it again excellent interesting article Marianne!

    Let me share one thought:
    The 3 fold man-theory
    (i think this old idea of body-spirit-mind is partly wrong)

    spirit: character, feelings, thoughts = mind

    body 1.1: on earth in Satans kingdom= earthbound (no walking through walls), solid, consists of fallen malicious sinful flesh
    body 1.0: in heaven, without wrinkles, perfect, no sin, state of Adam&Eves body before sinning
    It is then maybe without blood, the blood maybe is only “the life of the flesh” of the earthbound body 1.0/ it could be that jesus had no blood after resurrection)

    the ruach (german: Odem): inspiration, breath, life of god

    The energys with which we are every day interacting between our and the spiritual dimension are LOVE and HATE.
    LOVE is the good force, which pleases and touches Yahweh/Yashua.
    HATE is the energy which attracts evil spirits. they use it.

    This ‘feelings’ or expressions are very powerful !
    LOVE is the biggest gift, it comes before FAITH (!)
    LOVE is life, salvation, everything good…

    HATE is murder, killing someone spiritually, …

    Everything we express spiritually has an effect both on the huge spiritual realm AND in this material, time-bound world.
    Remember for example the Placebo-Effect!

    I have experienced it myself: Over a period few months ago i tried to “send” LOVE to everyone i know, even to people i did not like.
    i tried to increase this loving-thoughts and to send it to the person i thought about.
    Also to some i have not seen a long time.
    What happened:
    I met 6 of them after years, in one month!
    Also the “atmosphere” and contact in general became better with everyone i had sent LOVE.

  26. Hi Silvanus.

    Good for you. I hope you continue to send and receive love.

    Maybe the difference between the spirit, heavenly body and the human body is the blood!


  27. Thank you. I alas stopped doing this.. though its divine and the best for me.. ill try.
    Do we got it?
    Yashuas blood is everlasting LIFE, ours is death.
    When we will get our new spiritual body with “flesh and bones”, washed with his everlasting blood, we dont need our sinful blood anymore.
    Wwe are than in his presence. We are living through his “energy” and light.
    Today it is this fight, Paul spoke about, between Yashuas flesh and blood in us and our flesh which is interlaminated with our
    dead blood.

    Good night 🙂

  28. Hi Silvanus,

    So, all we have to do is get rid of the dead blood, and we will have a glorified body? 🙂


  29. I kinda think Adam and Eve originally had glorious bodies that shown bright like Jesus’ body did on the Mount of Transfiguration. And that when they sinned, they lost their glory. And thus, they saw they were naked. Now, everything that god had created in them was still there, but something had been added. (They were corrupted.) This begs the question of just what was added that corrupted them. Look in the context in Genensis and you will find one word repeated, over and over in one form or another. They were naked and ashamed! Shame had entered them. This changed their personalities immediately.

    Adam and Eve began trying to justify themselves by shifting blame for their fall to each other and God. This feeling of shame was new to them, and they wanted to be rid of it. They chose the wrong method instead of repenting and taking personal responsibility. This shame spirit has been in mankind ever since, as we also try to find ways to not feel ashamed of ourselves.

    If you could go back to your childhood and observe all your reactions to the traumatic events, you would see that your main way to get thru life was to not let yourself be seen as shameful. If you carry this thought out to its end, you may see that our personalities were formed by the devil’s spirit of shame.

    I just got a call, and have to leave immediately. I’ll try to get back to this later, as there is much more.. DavWms

  30. Hi David,

    I guess that leads up to the question about those who are guilty or evil or sinful, and are NOT ashamed of what they have done. At least shame demonstrates a conscience.


  31. I think we have to look at shame from some different angles. First, we know that conviction of the Holy Spirit is a good shame, if we follow thru and repent. But there are other shames not so good. Maybe we need to know what bad shame comes from. Fear of rejection plays a heavy part. We know that lucifer brot the ultimate rejection on himself from pride overcoming his wisdom. He knows how much that hurts, and trries to instill fear of rejection in every child, without exception. He further works on getting children to resent being told what to do by those big adults. And further, he trains them to find ways to justify their wrongs. All this with the shame spirit becoming stronger in the child. Shame comes from feelings of being rejectable.

    This combination works heavily in every child as they go thru what to them is trauma, when they are scolded or more. They feel out just how much they can get away with, without being seen as rejectable. This takes up their childhood, and is settled usually during their teens. Every thot or action they make is automatically preceeded by thots about not looking shameful in the eyes of others.

    Even after salvation, this is hidden within Christians, and since it was all developed as children, they no longer know the beginnings, the “whys” they are like they are. We sometimes call this, “Baggage.”

    I don’t want to write much more on this, as i wrote many more details in my book, “Walking With God” available free here on this site. It tries to show Biblically that even tho the devil is a spirit, he also “has” a spirit. Shame is the hidden name of his spirit. Just like God is Spirit, but He also “has” a Spirit named, “Love.”

    Someone above talked about hate being the devil’s spirit. But hate is merely a symptom of shame… nuff for now. DavWms

  32. Hi David,

    You are talking about the unintended effects of discipline. There is real open shame from real rejection, where undeserved shame is imposed on an innocent party to destroy them. For example, slander, discrimination, persecution.

    In this case, there is no cure, if the person stands alone, with no support or defense to be able to disprove the claim. This then is more than baggage. This is victimization.


  33. Hi Marianne 🙂

    Con= fraud
    Science= developed or developing knowledge of sth.

    Con-Science: Deep Knowledge about deceiving god (good and evil)
    Conclusion (for me): The Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil gave us the con-science.
    It works in every person, it is there, but the person who is commiting sin all day, got used to bad conscience, and sees it as normal.

    The divine and universal Law is pressed into our hearts.
    The holy Spirit makes our conscience working better.
    His spirit -as the spirit witnesses us from him, and lets us feel him- reminds us of the Law about Good and Evil and his Punishment by him, the Great Just Judge.
    The Law covers not anymore “Not to from that Tree”, it covers now
    everything, either Good or Bad.
    It is than as we betray our heavenly father, and indeed we do.
    ‘Gentiles’ are not in the familiar relationship with Yashua (or Yahweh) as we are. So it is not so bad for their conscience.

    I dont know if its the same hebrew word in the orginal scripture, but between “to know” my wife and to know sth. good or bad seems to be a connection.
    So that conclusion would be that,
    If we are in oneness with Good, we know it. And vice versa.


    Hi Mr. Williams, i read your book til the 5th chapter yet.
    It is Very good! Thank you.

  34. Marianne, right! My attempt is to show that even the unintended shame effect affects our personality growth. Many just let this pass over their head and assumwe they know different. Few will actually sit down and give it real pondering. Their “grownup” personality tells them they are OK now, since they are grown up. And they do not know shame formed the person they have become.

    We have the verse from Jesus that tells us He took our shame. So yes, we can get into Heaven by that. But then comes the verses that tell us many are called, but few are chosen. The chosen ones will have seriously meant it when we asked God to find anything in us He is not pleased with. Most let that quest fade when hard trials come upon them. They do not know, (The churches fail them here) that the trials are to show us what is hidden in our hearts. In other words, the churches teach us to pray trials off ourselves, and to think we have defeated satan when it lifts.

    The trials God sends will be exactly what we need to see our own hearts by our reactions to it. Often God will send people who do things to us that were done to us as kids. In this, we should not look at the evil they do to us, but look at how we react. This brings up childhood memories and we can see, if we look closely, that we took an methods to protect our shame, way back then. These methods are so instilled in us, we assume they are proper, and we cannot as grown ups see our traits that are ungodly. We have blinded ourselves to this.

    Most will not like again being shown our shame. By its nature, shame wants to stay hidden. (Love wants to express itself.) People wonder why that under stress, they get angry, fearful, defiant, or whatever that is ungodlike. It is because this is still hidden in their hearts from childhood vows to someday “show all those people who pick on me.”

    Words have power, even when they come from children. You may see that such words are vengeful, giving them even more power. They are promises to the devil that someday we will rise above those who “hurt” us. They can only be found in us by the help of the Holy Spirit bringing them back to our memory so we can renounce them.

    My book shows that even our Bible heroes had this same problem. And I show it is Biblical, not from my imagination. It is there in the Bible to be seen, but few see it.

    Thank you Silvanus… looks like you are after truth that few want to find. DavWms

  35. So the picture I am trying to paint is similar to a Dr. who gives meds to cover the symptoms of a sickness without treating the source. When we get saved, our “symptoms” (sins and iniquity) are covered by Jesus’ blood, and we are headed for Heaven. But we all know something is still within us which causes us to have to act as tho we are not evil.

    But those who answered the call (Narrow Gste) are actually taken to the source hidden within us. If they observe the trials accurately, they will find out why they still get hurt feelings, anger, fear of rejection, and many etc; It will expose why married couples find it so hard to get along with each other, and once this source is found, it can be eliminated and real love can come forth. You see, most married couples, if they choose to stay together, make compromises. Each learns not to step across certain boundaries that bring retaliation. It can come to look like love, but in truth it is an armed truce. “You don’t challenge my worth, and i won’t challenge yours.”

    It is far better to find our childhood vows to never let anyone dominate us when we grow up. We do not even know our defenses against that are within us. We assume we are normal and in the right. Just admitting the defenses are there does not finish the work. You have to be taken back to the specific moment of vowing, by the Holy Spirit. Then when you have all the info you need, you can renounce what the demons told you with their still small voices as kids. It is life changing!

    The demons did not likely accuse you or others outright, but spoke to us in the first person, as if we had heard our own thoughts. Kids are easily fooled by that. Once the demons have the wrong ways installed in us, they can sit back and watch us fumble thru life, never coming to really be like Jesus, for that is their goal… DavWms

  36. Yes Satan does have a body!
    All those who don’t have Jesus in their lives!
    And he has a body of work that echoes down through history, all the darkness, hate and murder that he inspires in those who turn their backs on the Light!

  37. Job 1:7 And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.
    Also, Remember that Satan is not Omni-Present!!

  38. Hi Chris

    That is a good thought. In those days, the fallen angels were walking around more freely. Spirits do not “walk.” There must have been some kind of physical limitation, like a body of some sort.


  39. Hi Glenn,

    That is a good thought. Satan does not really need his own body, as much as the body of humans to do his work. That way, it does not look like it is him doing the destruction.


  40. Let’s not forget that besides the devil, he has fallen angels and hosts of demons to do the one-on-one work against us. They can also keep the devil informed of any goings on in the world. We tend to forget this is a war. And the devil has his ranks of military, each with assignments. So he really does not need to be omni-present.

    The churches have never come together against this enemy in a military fashion. Instead, they fight amongst each other and believe men’s traditions more than the Bible. You add any man’s tradition to a Bible truth and you get a corrupted message.

    I see no Bible evidence the churches will ever get their act together. But meanwhile, the CHURCH is still being formed with set aside people who see thru the churches’ messages, and know they are being called out of what has become a Babylon. There are many modern Nimrods running our churches, trying to bring people under their corrupted influence. No, these Nimrods do not know what they are doing. They think they are doing God’s will.. DavWms

  41. Marianne I do not wish to argue evolution with you, but I just want to correct your interpretation of “what scientists think”.

    You said “Scientists consider this a “transitional” form for evolutionary evidence. Scientists think that the legs just “fell off” due to disuse. Why would a creature stop using their legs? This does not seem credible or logical. If true, why didn’t other “lazy” creatures lose their legs also? The science view makes no sense.”

    This is not correct. The above idea is “Lamarckism”, an ancient theory which has been proved false by science long ago. You can look it up on wikipedia if you wish to know more.

    Evolutionary theory for the evolution of snakes from legged creatures (lizards, lets say?) would be the following: Long ago there was a tribe of lizards. One day, a lizard was born with no legs (or very small legs), and so became a snake. (this is a mutation or birth defect). The snake did not die, but survived quite easily by crawling on his belly. He was able to mate with a lizard, and passed on his legless condition to some of his children, creating the snake species.

    Even today, on most snakes you can find little stubs where the legs used to be.

  42. are comments moderated? where is my comment?

  43. Hi Dalit,

    You got stuck in the spam folder. I took you out. I do not suppress comments. If it happens to you again, just be patient, and I will find and liberate you from the spam folder.

    I usually quote a reference when I make statements I borrow. But this time, it must have been edited it out when I was working on this. The comment about transitional forms was actually from a web article where I got the pictures of the snake legs. I was quoting the scientist – anthropologist – who supplied the pictures. So I apologize for not providing the reference.

    here it is now…..

    read this…this is what I was disagreeing with.


  44. Does Lucifer have a body? Is this an account of him when God Destroys him in the fiture?
    Isa.14:7. The whole earth is at rest, [and] is quiet: they break forth into singing.
    8. Yea, the fir trees rejoice at thee, [and] the cedars of Lebanon, [saying], Since thou art laid down, no feller is come up against us.
    9. Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet [thee] at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, [even] all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.
    10. All they shall speak and say unto thee, Art thou also become weak as we? art thou BECOME LIKE UNTO US?
    11. Thy pomp is brought down to the grave, [and] the noise of thy viols: the worm is spread under thee, and the WORMS COVER THEE.
    12. How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
    13. For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
    14. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.
    15. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.
    16. They that see thee shall narrowly LOOK UPON THEE, [and] consider thee, [saying, Is] THIS THE MAN that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms;
    17. [That] made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; [that] opened not the house of his prisoners?

    • I used to date a fallen angel I think. All of what I will write will sound really crazy but it is the GOD’S HONEST TRUTH.. I used to feel this energy around him (my ex) when i was near him. sometimes positive sometimes negative.He is short and does not look like a giant at all but has a really big head. I know he may be a fallen angel because when i first met him, we went out dancing and he placed both of his hands around my head like some energy thing and i fell in love with him from that moment forward. Then 4 years later when he wanted me to stop loving him, he slept over my house and before we went to sleep he told me that he cared deeply for me and then in the morning my heart was different. I did not love him anymore. He is superbly intelligent since he was 3yrs old, has told me so many things that I have never verbalized to anyone before. And still to this day tries to act like he doesn’t spiritually stalk me, but I know he does. HE KNOWS EVERYTHING. It’s awful…He knew every single time I would lie to him. i think he has been trying to buy his way back in heaven because since I have known him, he was always doing things for others all the time. Then he met this girl whom I believe also has some sort of powers and she has turned him evil. He does not care for others like he used to and says he hates his mother and his sisters and wants them all to die….Once I was in the shower with him and his arm from his elbow to his wrist started turning into a dark purple color….. I ran out of the shower and acted like nothing had happened. He acted like i didn’t know what i was talking about like I was crazy or something. doesn’t THE ONE WHO I NEVER NAME in the end of times have a prophet that burns in hell with him???? I’m thinking this guy may be him. He knows way too much…. I know that THE ONE I NEVER NAME does exist in a human body, or part of him does. He has workers or his military like Marianne has stated and I know the most dangerous of them all. It is the VOODOO religion and they are scattered all over the US and take orders from the ENEMY….Unfortunately I have been in his house and he drew a painting (Oh yeah hes artistic) of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with the serpent right as you walk into his front door. I used to be involved in all that stuff before and have become a born again christian ever since and I have been trying to fight this man off of me for the past 4 months since I got baptized and it has been really really hard. SO THE MORE YOU PRAY FOR ME THE BETTER FOR ME….i have at nights felt my spirit being pulled out of me from the bottom of my feet and I can tell you right now it is not a nice feeling at all. They don’t leave me alone I think because of all that I know. That man has been in that religion for over 20 years now and said something took over his body when he was 30 years old and he serves a GOD by the name of Ogun and in turn that GOD supposedly guides him and never steers him wrong he lives in Miami FL near the Miami Intl Airport. Really wierd stuff, in Miami unlike anywhere else. Funny how it’s always warm there too…. I am pretty sure that man if not the SOURCE himself is a pretty HIGH RANKING MILITARY SERVANT FOR HIM.

  45. Mary or why don’t I call you by your real name MARISOL…maybe these things happen to you because you’re a crazy, lying b**. Remember the things that happen to you are a direct result of your own actions towards other people. Good begets good but if you are not pure of heart and you continue to use people you will never get anywhere in life. Just take a look at where you are at this stage in your life. You offer your child no stability and you’re constantly moving from pillar to post. Until you learn to stop living a lie nothing good will become of your life. Take a long cold look at where you are today and you will realize that your own actions and bad judgment have lead you to this point. I never curse people but you will not rest and not have peace until you do right by me. I opened my home and heart to you and you took advantage and then disappeared like a thief in the night, your actions are the antithesis of what a true christian is. I hope you continue to be plagued by all the demons and fallen angels in the world. No amount of prayer can save your sorry soul. Believe me when I say this but God recognizes you for the fraud you are.

    • Marisol

      Something tells me that you are both Mary and Marisol.

      Do you need someone to talk to?

      • I don’t know who that is that wrote that but they used my name and account to write it for some reason. I will write you on email seperately..I have no idea who that is I have not done anything wrong to anybody that I have ever lived with.

  46. Marisol/Mary definitely needs someone to talk to. She is certifiable. I really hope she’s able to get some much needed help. Her gypsy lifestyle is affecting her child. If it’s within her power she needs to stop being so selfish and settle in one place and offer the child some stability. At present Mary/Marisol lies to people and preys upon their kindness with her sob story of having nothing. Once you’re stupid enough to believe her lies she stays in your home and takes full advantage of you, not contributing to the household and basically mooching off of you. In the past year that I have known her she has moved 4 times…each time staying in someone else home. This is no way for her 13 year old to be living. She is a user and she needs to recognize that it’s not fair to have her child suffer because of her poor lifestyle choices. I have no problem with anyone wanting to be closer to God but she is fanatical in her thinking when it comes to God…almost cult like the way she believes. And then there’s her fixation with demons plaguing her. I firmly believe that if you live your life in the light no demons will plague you.

    This link list one of the books that were left out of what we refer to as our Bible. There are several different languages with slightly different telling of the same story. But the story reveals character and a description of the fall of Adam and Eve. More on topic it describes Satan physically and why he fell. I know it wasn’t included in the bible , but we are to test the spirits against his word. There is also one version of the gospel of Bartholomew that discusses and reveals how satanel deceived Eve and how he deceives fallen man. Just something to ponder. I have been blessed and my wife also with your sight. Grace and peace.

  48. It appears that angels have the capability of assuming a spiritual body similar to the one Jesus Christ has had since his resurrection and we will have after the gathering together (rapture) of the Church. This is evidenced by the many records in the scriptures of angels appearing as men. I am sure this is done according to the natural laws, but exactly how it is done, I don’t know.

    Satan, as a fallen angel, undoubtedly retains this ability. However, I believe that he is restricted by God from doing this at will. The indications are he did do this when he appeared to Eve. Exactly what form he assumed is not recorded in the scriptures. However, in all probability it was human. I do not believe that he assumed a serpent form. The references to Satan as a “serpent” is a figure of speech referring to his sly, crafty nature. Similar figures are found throughout the scriptures. Jesus Christ is often referred to as a “lamb” and he was not literally a lamb. It is a figure of speech referring to his willingness to serve as a sacrifice for the salvation of mankind.
    Although the Word does not say, there is a possibility that Satan appeared to Jesus in human form during the 40 days of temptation.

  49. Scripture tells us that angels are spiritual beings that spiritual (unseen) God gives the ability to be seen and touched ( Jacob wrestling with the angel of the Lord). Our Heavenly Father lets us know that we may entertain angels without knowing it. Scripture tells us that unclean spirits can possess animals and people (deaf dumb spirit Jesus cast out). Jesus delivered a man from many unclean spirits (Legion). I am continually learning that there are literal and spiritual understandings each living word of God. He continues to grow our understanding each day as we share what our Heavenly Father reveals to us. I do not fully understand satan’s limitations to what our Father has set for satan manifesting himself in any form. My understanding at this point is that he is a fallen spiritual being. He can not be in more than one place at a given time.

    • hi shawn

      I am starting to think that the spiritual has a physical side to it. But the kind of body or physical nature is much different than what we have as humans.

  50. Satan has no body nor matter but is purely spirit. He enters bodies not by force but by permission…as was the case with Judas. Judas’s betrayal began well before the ’30 pices of silver.’ The Word is true when it says ‘one is tempted when he is drawn by his own lust and enticed. But it is God who damns or draws the line on a soul..’I will send strong delusion so they believe a lie.’ Satan won’t ‘possess’ a body in order to become Antichrist…he will be the incarnated Son of Satan …in the flesh…as Christ was the incarnated Son of God…in the flesh. 666, Satan, government of Antichrist…is Satan’s ‘look-a-like’ or replication of Father, Son, Holy Spirit (777), incarnation of Christ, and Kingdom of Heaven which Christ preached..complete with signs and wonders.

  51. i …… have been feeling very … different about all this for some time i’m only 18 but to me people say Lucifer is evil that he does not care about others that he loves hell. but i think that he does miss heaven and god even if he wouldn’t admit it him self. i know its weird to think he should be given a second chance but thats… how i feel i mean its been millions of years for lucifer i mean think of the hate and sadness he must feel in side i know most would and will think i’ve lost my sanity but i haven’t. i know that i shouldn’t be standing up for him but…… i cant help it i guess i’m just a different type of mortal i don’t see good and evil in the same way most do. I see a Angel of heaven fallen and stripped of everything he had how he must feel always in constant sadness and pain to always hear eternal screams of hate and sadness for those who have gone to him. i …i feel like i should …. d …do something to help i don’t know why i would or how but thats how i feel everyone claims him to be evil and heartless and cold. trust me i understand this but i feel like there wrong i feel like if he is among us he must hate humanity and everything we are for how we claim him as ugly and evil and most saying he deserves to be alone . thats not how i think to me thats wrong yes Lucifer made a foolish very foolish decision but it doesn’t make him evil. everybody gets second chances usually more then one in the short time we live but………………….. i guess i feel like he deserves a chance to have one i know call me foolish but that’s how i feel inside. to me through these eyes lucifer is still good inside somewhere he’s just hurt and angry and sad.

    • hi Kristan

      Be careful not to attach human feelings to Lucifer.

      He has had millions of year to repent, but never has. He was not foolish, what he did was with full knowledge of what he was doing.

    • Well, you are a sweet person.

      Lucifer did not repent after getting Eve to bite the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Adam, and Eve did.

      Humans were given grace, and Lucifer was given respite until judgement day. He hates you with all his being as he is of fire, and humans are of clay. His pride went before his fall, and now he works to take as many to hell with him as he can to show G-d humans are not worthy.

      Old Knob does not rule in hell, he will be bound soon for a 1000 years.

      Good luck to you young lady, and may G-d watch over such a nice innocent girl.

      • “Old Knob” lol. Too funny Leatherneck.

        Yep Kristan, I’d have to agree that you have a compassionate heart all right. However I believe that your compassion is misdirected.
        Don’t feel sorry at all for the Old Knob, apply the caring that you feel for others to someone and something more deserving. All the best in that to you.


    • The one thing God gives man is free will. Adam and Eve were perfect in their creation and instructed by God not to eat from the tree (body)/fruit (seed/dna) of good and evil, warning! them they would surely die if they did. And yet, because of their free will, they disobeyed God paying the consequences of disobedience. Angels have no free will, they must obey and glorify God. Lucifer mocked God by twisting his words to Eve, thus manipulating her through a lie, that lead to the original sin. Not only for Adam and Eve, but for lucifer too. lucifer loathes not having the Power of God and secretly worships God’s power, desiring it for himself. It’s his obsession to BE God and thus will commit any and all acts to obtain it. If he can destroy mankind or manipulate them to worship him, then he compares that to ‘being’ God. This he will never obtain for very long, before God contains him. And for the record, God does let him out of the firey lake after time passes, only to witness that lucifer has not changed.

      So it is written…..

  52. i think that satan is real and there are more satans good ones and bad ones. I also think that he is in us and he lives in the toilet room because the toilet room is dirty and they live in dirty places also in grave yards

  53. Something more to think about, -Now remember firstly that when moses stood before pharaoh & performed miracles through the power of god that pharaoh also had his magicians through the power of satan cause a live snake & frogs to appear to match gods miricles, which seemed to say to me that if satan can cause animals to appear with a body then who is to stop him from giving himself a body through the elements available. providing its gods will to alow that of course.
    And then theres the fact that if evil spirits can possess a persons body which they can & definetly do,that if they have possesed a womans body & that women has a baby & that baby while in the womb is taken over by one of the spirits then could that be where the many AntiChrists on this earth have come from as spoken of in the bible.
    Remember they have been around from at least Jesus or the apostles time as spoken of in the new testament which means their could or should be literally millions of them alive on the earth at this time by now walking around & living like normal people with power to blind & darken minds .Even going to church to try & sneakely trip people up who are trying to get to heaven with their lies & offences etc.
    It seems to me that the antichrists have entered this world by either one of these ways or both.
    A lot of people don’t seem to realise that you can become possesed by living wicked lives,as the more wicked a person becomes the more power satan gains over that person till he possesses your body,Did not Mary Magdelene become possesed with 7 devils from being a prostitute.
    Pornogrophy is one of satans favourite tools to weaken a person & become his slave.

  54. this discussion cut accross the fall of satan and revelation. i want to believe satan does not have a body of matter composition.the only hybrid that once happen during the time of noah was a showcase to pollute the bloodline of Jesus. satan was using all possiblities. why do you think God regreted He created man? the fallen watchers wanted to change God’s plan. they forgot He knew all things. and for satan to think he can be a God then he has so much power to use. see, lucifer if full of wisdom and understanding , only his creator can tame him! now, how he appeared to Jesus we cant say but he is sure to manifest in his full glory. but unfortunately he never understood what was going on until Jesus resurected. The wisdom to know he was tempting is Creator was taking from him. The bible says God made is angels spirit and messangers flamming of fire. but it seems the materials that was used to create lucifer was very different from other cerub. the bible called him annoited cerub so that he will be able to have access to the mountain of God and walk among stones of fire. i believe all him rich materials and capabilities does not make him higher than a spirit. now, a spirit can posess a body or appear in a bodily form without matter. it is only Jesus that is both man and God.that is what the devil cannot do. and for it to copy that he will have to go the fallen watcher’s way.(Have intercourse with his belivers) if his belivers can draw energy from their faith, then the End is near! Then, their will be similar senerio of what happen in the days of noah. At those end times, most human would have been polluted except the elect of those days and it will be far worse that the days of noah. because of the evil that will abound. this is the reason why God curse on the Snake and damn Judas iscariot as both were used by the devil for a similar purpose. those that are alive in the endtime will see a lot of things that might not be easily described.

  55. i also want to believe the kind of Body Jesus has, is far more greater than angels. Jesus body has the mixture of both God and Man. its is the Glory of God’s Spirit that made nonsense the matter composition of Jesus body….the Spirit of God ruled His body absolutely. it is almost like what i believed happen in the garden of eden before the fall of man. the man spirit that came from God to inhabit matter body override any form of body’s evil capabilities. but when adam and eve ate the fruit, the spirit man died! and they found out they were nicked. the glory of the spirit man must have overshadowed their bodies. and that is what Almighty Father came to resurrect. we are once dead…now we are alive. only of God can show us how our spiritual body is glowing to Glorify Jesus. now , how can this our spirit manifest outside outside our body?……it is all about faith. remember the first promise of Jesus to upcomming belivers….”blessed are those that do not see and yet believe” that is faith!-the substance of things hope for and the evidence of things not seen. i av always imagine how i can call those things which be not as though they were!! marianne see, sometimes i believe we are still in the process of creation.(let us make man in our own image) i believe God want us refined to be like him……..not just on a platter of Gold as Adam and Eve that does not know the worth of who they were! do you think God can leave man all alone?…immagine if God has not set boundries for satan, humanity would have been wipped out long ago! this makes the wisdom and knowlege of lucifer meaningless as he was part of the plan for refinning process of human creation. God Bless you

    • hi oluwaseyi

      Thank you for your insights. I would agree that God can take the evil and turn it into good. I also look forward to having a glorified body, as this one is worn out!

    • That’s a neg. there Ghost Rider. Christ had a fully human body. It is his soul, and spirt that is the word of G-d. Therefore, only G-d can be perfect in a human body. As such he can, and did die for our sins.

      That is G-d’s love for his creation. I say thank you.

  56. leatherneck pls where did i got it wrong…with what you just posted. i guess we are saying the same thing!

  57. Genesis, is “ha-nachash” which means “The Shiny One”, also interpreted via “nachash” or serpent, but actually 2 different things with 2 different meanings.

    He was not a snake but referenced only to a snake due to his a sneaky snake who in nature can move quietly and be upon you without you knowing so. But! after his abominable act with Eve and Adam, God cursed him to move on his belly and eat dust for all his days. (ie. snake)

    Thus… we all know who ‘the shiny one’ refers to. In response to did he have a body. We see in Genesis that Sons of God took daughters of men for wives.(producing Nefilim/giants/men of reknown) The second ‘no-no’ and abomination to God. So, yes lucifer would have to have a physical form in order to offer his ‘fruit/seed’ to Eve and also Adam. union of lucifer+eve=Cain union of Adam+Eve=Abel & Seth & daughters

  58. I have a friend who I met on a light rail who said she was going to church. We studied the bible for a little while. She would leave and come back all weirded out and sexually active. I did not pay any mind to it till the abuse started and the control and the drugs. It reminded me of that parable where when a bad spirit leaves a man he roams in dry places and finds no rest so he says to him self I will go back to my home when he returns he sees the man in his right state of mind and his house clean so he brings 7 more spirits more evil then himself so that the mans state is worse then the first. Listen to this She left my house and went to fool around turning tricks and using drugs and all types of fornication with other disembodied spirits in the flesh.So she calls and says I am coming over when she gets there to the mans house she enters saying and acting sweat as honey and leading her prey to the bedroom. After she is done she starts changing form and accusing him of things that do not make sense and he is looking for things that are not there or ever were she is making a mockery of him by fear tactics.As the man is naive of Satans works and the slow process of deception and molding of the mind as to brain wash and ambush his soul promising him her loyalty,trust,love,kindness at the same time leading him astray to what he has to do when she leaves he is shaking like a leaf because of the accuser of our brethren has violated his do mane and came to kill,steal and destroy his soul and cause an early death by the abuse of slowly demoralizing the man to a point of death then giving him false hope and accusing him of being the one who is doing this to her all the time he is scared because he thought she was a child of God.Jesus said the wolf comes in sheeps clothing and do not give what is good to dogs or your perals to swine least they turn and trample you to pieces. Satan can network through electric devices cell phones,TV, Raido waves and the major one the flesh and blood. When you are baptized it makes you a target and game for him because he is about numbers with our creator Jesus Christ. I have had to pray in the spirit for days at time to cast him out with fasting and he can even operate through the police and principalities in high places for we do not war against the flesh but against principalities in high places. I have been beat, stalked,prayed on,lied to and about thrown in prison for protecting myself from attack. And even labeled crazy by people who work in the society to bring down those who are awakened to spiritual things. I have been told to play for the team down here. I have been given a STD on purpose by a agent of satan who came in undetected by me but known to God?. I heard him say I can not Just take him down as to reference to I got to crucify this man. I have been called every name and death threats for years now and I am still here. Sometimes I ask myself why?There has to be a heaven because earth is hell and prison is the lower region. Jesus is my life and I look forward to his return to take me home which him soon. So I am not to worried it’s just that after all this testing and hell and wounds mentally,physically,emotionally,spiritually I am sad to see what Jesus went through and he said before they did this to you they did this to me. God I love you and I have never denied your name. I ask that you appoint Michel the Arc Angel to fight in the realm of the spirit over my body,mind,and soul and loose me from the bonds and the whiles of the devil putting firewalls smokescreens on my mind so these satanic networks cannot frustrate foil plot plan or hurt me in any way shape or form. God go before me and make the crooked places straight. Break in pieces the devils games and bring him to an early destruction I decree and declare by the blood of the Lamb of God Amen. I ask that who ever heres this that they pray for me.
    Richard Hernandez. God Be with You and peace be with you.

  59. Let me fill in the space (here for) eternity ,love,truth,trust,loyalty,honer,respect,dignity,justice,forgiveness,meekness,genteelness,understanding,healing,learning,wisdom,helping,searching for answers friends and mysteries given since the foundation of creation,sharing,giving,self sacrifice, for others to believe in me as God through my faith has given me a new start, wiping every hurt and pain and tear from my eyes, not making my enemy’s my foot stool but making them my friends, and the things I have yet to learn in this life in Jesus Christ, I am a sinner still I just want to sin less without hurting anyone or taking them down. Amen

  60. Really interesting topic. I think Satan did have a physical body (ie, the serpentine body) and he also has a spiritual body….in other words, I think he is a shapeshifter as he is a “spirit” as well.He can “morph” into different creatures. Maybe that’s why he appears as different things to people…..demons sometime manifest in animals as well as humans.

    Speaking of fallen angels, my feeling is this is why they have perfected cloning technology the way they have now. Underground technology of course.The fallen angels that are returning during the great delusion, will need “host” bodies to inhabit -bodies that look like us so we won’t be afraid of them, and so we will more readily accept them and the lies they tell us, which is the lie that they are our creators and not the Most High God.

    That TV show “V” comes to mind. They are not going to look like their real ugly snaky like selves, but look like a human.

    But i think their REAL spirit body is VERY ugly…..the creatures from the bottomless pit are not described as beautiful looking and the demons are always ugly in horror movies.

    • truthjuice

      I agree and especially about the ugly part. Beauty is a gift from God, and they reflect no part of him.

      • Yeah, maybe it’s really cuz they are just jealous knowing once they were able to radiate Father God’s glory, being in His presence, but after they fell they turned hideous. They tasted of that glory but they blew it! Now they will never have it again.

        That’s probably one of the reason’s they hate us so much because we as humans made in the image and likeness of God, have been given so much.And still we don’t even appreciate what we have been given.That’s why we need Jesus to remind us so we don’t take things for granted.

        The riches that are stored up for us and await us in heaven are far greater than we realise. And Satan and his buddies know that! The devil is a liar and a robber and thief. But if we persevere, we will inherit all things scripture says. We just gotta do it God’s way and not give into the temptation of of the “easy” way that Satan promises.His way always leads to death.Jesus came to give us life and live MORE abundantly. And i also think that means here on earth too. Not to get rich but to take hold of the free things that God says we can have by faith.

  61. Also, I think Satan was really beautiful BEFORE he fell….scripture says that. But, after he fell, he lost his holy light so he must have taken on an ugly serpent like appearance. The fallen angels did also. The ancient hieroglyphs (sumerian?) ancient inca’s? show bodies with serpent heads that people worshiped. Sick! Now who would want to worship a creature with a serpent head?

    But there is a reason why another name for Satan is the dragon, a type of reptilian being.

    But now i think Satan is really jealous of us humans made in the image and likeness of God….and God is all light, all beautiful.Satan lost his light. So did the fallen angels. They may be trying to live vicariously through us humans again, going so far as to posess those who practice the dark arts

    Maybe that’s why they have to make those clones. Because they know they can’t possess every human. Some will not sell out to their lies. But they will try and fool many humans into believing in them. The Aliens really are the fallen ones. The demonic ones.

  62. Shalom,

    Here is a link to my completed argument regarding, “Are The Sons of God Created Angels & Does Satan Still Have Limited Access To Heaven.”


    • Hi
      I believe that the fallen angels that made giants (Gen 6v4) made a bloodline that possibly still continues today as the Superior Race.

      Also, the snake that existed then, as Satan, is the first generation of serpants that exist today. Throughout time, serpant and reptilian worship is directly and indirectly linked to Satanism I.e the dragon, the African Serpant worship etc.

      With all this said, both these: the superior race and reptilian agenda,are of the same agenda. Infact, these two are the same thing. Firstly, as noted here, the spirit can be solid yet not solid, thus with both the ability to posses and change from shape to shape. The superior race is, as we know it, the royals around the world: the kings selected by the gods and thus their bloodline must be preserved. Interesting.
      This bloodline, I believe, has the spirit of satan and are shape shiftes – from reptile to human and visa versa.
      This spirit is borrowed to normal humans for fame, power etc. Priests are very famouse to possess such a spirit for ‘healing’ power (Math 24v5).
      See also (Isaiah 8v19) and (Lev 19v31) and ask yourselves: why?

      Please see my blog, as I explore these topics.

  63. […] Does Satan have a body? […]

  64. In reading the entire chapter of Job 19, “…yet in my flesh” …and not another…


  66. The lord said I shall not abandon you nor shall I forsake my inheritance in a twinkling of an eye you shall be changed knowing and seeing all things through the spirit of truth the holy ghost who will lead you beside still waters untill your soul is restored I who formed the eyes can I not see and ears can I not hear not a hair from your head shall fall to the ground apart from my father who is in heaven knowing and seeing all things Jesus is the spirit of truth love understanding sheding his grace freely upon all who call upon him interseding as our advocate to the father taking his rightful dominion within the body of Chirst now having tbe keys of life and death taking our sins and iniquites with 39 stripes we are heald showing us all things that are hidden from the foundations of the world now how can I deny such a great salvation and follow the former things that bring forth death regecting my own inheritance to sell myself short in front of so many celestral witnesses who I know and see are watching and listening to all things as I am the only thing that i greave is no one showing me or helping me understand but faith and deyermination and the holy ghost who is with me and in me and I in him and we all who are conected to the true vine and body of Christ being born again through the spiritual womb of God as a child left out to die but survived through the inplanted word for many come but few are chosen to recive such an anointing knowing and hearing the acvuser of thy brethen who dose not rest night or day waring gainst the lamb of god and his children who are counted like shepp to the slaughter but we are more then victorious for Jesus Christ has over come defeting the fear of death from the devil having the keys of life and death to me the devil is small God is the first born of the dead who paid the price in his blood fleah of my flesh blood of my blood taking all things into himself the father of lights who is fighting as I write under the alter of sacrifice for flashes of lights and glipses of my sences are effected as the evil entites are yring to break into the ARC of God through the body of the risen king who has not been born yet though these spirits wage war my soul crys abba father relese my soul from this satanic prison and open up the 2 leaved gates so I may give you all praise and glory as your only begotten son who was slain from the foundations of this world for demonic princes stand in my way trying to lock plot an and foil those things you had prepared for me and your children before the foundations of the world open up the heavens now to recive all the souls being heldunder the 6 regions of the underworld in Jesus name amen. PS come get me

  67. I believe everything that is taking place here on earth was trully meant to happen. Y didn’t God create another man with the same physical form as Adam? Is it bcos there was gonna b da worst sin lyk homosexuality taking place?

  68. You ask if Satan has a body well, What the spirit of truth is showing me as I abide in the word and married to the lamb of God, Still the same yet awakened in spirit reborn in the spiritual womb of an omni present creator where the weight league is way beyond my imagination in all hight width length I mean it is universal like a matrix.But in carnal to return with a anointing so great yet not excepted but seen and known and spoken of by the whole world I see how it can be a riddle and some what confusing to awaken to have the ability to discern the spirits meaning let us say we have a legion of spirits such as Hate,anger,greed,lust,animosity,lies,illusions,murder,violence,fantasy and vivid imagination and on and on ext,ext, but at the same time you have spirits of Peace love and a sound mind good will and good intentions giving helping and healing others and giving back yet there is a war within us at the same time the world around us is under the sway of sin and death like a meat market as many spirits are ever around us and warring to posses us and take control of our mental removing us from the mantel of a higher calling in Christ who is the head and whole as let us say a body of people call you to a union ok cool as a participant in a race marked and called to repentance yes for the wages of sin is death and in your mental afflicted mind your spirit is calling out for answers after the devils legions have been released on you as a one body surrounded by the many waters of iniquities illusions and lies as spirits start to track plot plan and ploy your distraction being released from the abyss as the word of God is a sword and the spirit of truth is a gift and anointing and the key to life for the spirit of truth is the way the truth and the life meaning to who the son sets free will be free indeed without price or reward because he is a good God and a Holy God of all creation knowing the plans he has for his children to not harm them but to see them prosper in the land of the living not the dead those are lies from the evil one because baby it is not over till its over by the Grace of God and that foot of another person is not my foot that is some other mans foot and about to be chopped off and that man who was whoring around in the air with many spirits is a lier and the father of it waiting to come down from the gallows to tempt those to sin to lead them away like the sheep to the slaughter as rising waters and cell phonies go to war in social gaming and the targeting of the establishments of good men women and children with extreme prejudice with no concern as they go for the distraction of the flesh so it is our duty as individuals with the mind of Christ to hold stead fast in faith and abiding in the word of God daily standing sober and vigilant against the adversary the devil who him and his minions who have rebelled slog time ago are not going anywhere anytime soon and are trapped here for eternity so this is where freewill comes into affect dam if you do dam if you don’t well from my many near death and everyday confrontations with Revelation 9 the bullshit that comes from the subliminal piers who try and do the enchantment of the snake or the tine of the charmer beware for wolfs in she eps clothing’s many false prophets will come in his name deceiving many this calls for wisdom to know that God loves you and God is where your heart is at even in the midst of evil I have found more truth then some strongholds of illusion with the self righteous who have used the word of God for money glory power fame and have more respect for the table then for the sacrifice done on calvary and for every good soldier who was a simple good man who kept it real of course we are all sinners but come on do unto others as we would want them to do unto us as and if it is given count it as a blessing if it is not then ask someone else don’t stop trying or quit for no one trust in GOD and keep in faith with determination till the point of death and you will receive the crown of life for the truth of the matter is life is the gift it’s self and these are spirits of satan or pharaoh who use oppression and the fear of death to make rules of engagements on your GOD given royalties at birth to sit and squat like hungry vaulters in your air space like festering and neutering parasites and abstract bed bugs who suck the energy and life out of the targets like the cobra with hypnotism and fear or like the python that intangels around its victims and suck the life force out of him or like the vampire spirits who come in and eat at there appointed feasts manifesting in the embodiment of anthers flesh not mine I say thats your dam puss filled parasitic body and rotten brain get lost freak of course the freaks come out at night meaning take a real look at this situation at hand I mean today I want the best for my life and I try to help as many as I can around me without expectation just to be grateful for life and knowing that it is very short but the trackers and stalkers who net work on these cell phones are not my own I never knew them for if I did I am sure they would come and great the Son of man who reigns in Glory with an anointing to see and hear those things hidden from the foundations of the world in dark and secret shadows of the valley of death yet its all how we chose to take the on going thorn or satanic and demonic hemorrhoid that ttys to cilv op that ass and manifest in the ass hole but of corse everyone has there own ideas and theories and character defects I mean I can do bad all by myself if I chose to return to the vomit like a dog or run like a horse but the truth is I am not a hours or a frog or a vaulter or a lion or a hyena or a cat or a mouse or a cell phone or a computer or a car or a plane or a receipt or a copy machine no those those are man made I am human and awakened gifted with the holy spirit of prophesy that grieves and suffers long when I was reborn but now coming to my fullness being pliable to receive in all humbleness and meekness and the willingness to push forward hanging on to my faith in something unseen and unknown but the spirit of love that hopes all things and endures always waiting and loyal going without o that others may have I have found that I love myself today and the word go God has fought me this forming me molding me and shaping me every day even if I don’t make a perfect score so what who is perfect I am on a road to progress not perfection thats high expectation and I am not the judge or a snitch but some of the things i have seen shit if i ever did have a beer it would be by myself and some of my own music with a fine chick :)… 3s a crowd feel me. anyways I don’t just bite into the fruit today you never know where its been step back check it out for awhile imagine this your mind goes into thought as they speak of the offer as the snake enchanted by the charm of the dance and the suduction of the hiss by the man or female as you ask to use there phone I mean thats how they speak these pepsi cola generation of a happy days to think that your a part of a clean body to give yourself and your royalties to a person knowingly having ADIS or Gonerria or STDs of what ever then your in the hospital getting pumped up with penicillin or check this out you are asked to go out by a friend who knows your married and just because your wife is having her period you give in to the temptation as he takes you to the party you 2 work together and he peer pressures you into the drink the drugs and fine women all over ya ok you get some ass then take the SDT home and your wife leaves you as some of these guys snap and do the domestic violence visa versa it works both ways seen it all then your fried starts getting some of your wives attention by bringing her the things you used to because your in pelican bay or san quiten yelling 2 lops for a shot where yo at or benign over to spread your cheeks and cough as the relationship is slowly being taken over by the spirit of the devil until he destroys your family your marriage any foundation of morals and trust your children had in there father as you you sit in his chair in the lake of fire and brimstone labeled as the devil then when you come home and try to repare the destruction being tempted and bitten into sin for the wages when full blown bring forth death and after being gifted with the holy spirit believe me it’s not been easy of course I am not the one who hits my lady my story was mine was drudged and raped by gang bangers s I was beat down as my families home was burn to the ground and on and on and even now I can still here the spirits of legion screaming and calling me home yet they are outside of me and I know who I am always have been and I give all honer and respect to JESUS CHRIST and the spirit of truth who I am married o today Amen thank you my Almighty Father of lights and of all truth apart from you i can do nothing i even see some shady things going on behind the seen of the real and the law and laws I am not pleased with but as you said I am not the law less man today by your grace and mercy although the toxic torts and zombies are always there awaiting to see what i will do by there abstract words and behavior in our society I all not bite like red snapper or a wild mad dog then they win putting me on a leash agin calling ya leasha in prison yet I can only sit down here as my spirit is up here and I wander around looking for my beloved but she is not here or anywhere down here but there is a party on my rooftop night and oh well what can i do its not my walk of shame or claim to it amen to each own of course i always have looked out for the next man ask someone who knows me and even ask all the churches i have attended have i ever disrespect anyone since my return NO amen. of course I have been trying to warn and tell them but labeled crazy and cast out of many places but look at today I have been born in the flames and the fires of afflictions and still being refined to become whole as for the world its people hey if its good I’m in if its all bad I’m out period you do you i do me I am not a people pleaser or a yes man so go for take it all baby :)…. Hey it is what it is well then again if i did it that way i would be a loser and a wreak we only have today and the moments wise me tomorrow is not promised look at the ant dumb ass the things we do and say today shape and form our tomorrow if we should wake and be blessed to see it and openly welcome it sober and vigilant so all that your body my body hell no I cut that bullshit from me I like me you do you and if it is pleasing respectful and kind real then maybe baby girl might get some royal seeds sown feel me NOT!… Amen that might be a suffering cruel fate. I wander is there any credits out there of course there is tell me an opinion there like the fleas that follow me like the dead smell in my air space in the ducts :)… Funny not if it was you let us take empathy or evolution to revolution or a aristocratical hypocrisy to a democracy in a secret society or the pyramid on the dollar bill flip it over and bring it together the star of the divic kingdom let us go to Harvard,Yale,Princeton,queens,UN Stanford SJSU or what you want talk about air waves galaxies spheres stratus shears realms regions dominions principalities and powers the truth is when we make this stand against the devil as a declaration of our independence with Christ the world will reject you openly even family and friends and those you knew and trusted because they think you might get them in trouble exposing there sins NO its there own content not yours just keep on doing good don’t be a snitch warn your brothers and sisters don’t be dry snitching be a real canal hold your peace and when you get mad boldly go where no man has gone before shit I even ran to the dam hills and had to come back the people grew fangs claws and teeth and the crows where saying fuck you richard I was hunted by the world yes great illusions and lies by the Father of flys so be good boys and girls you never know who is who these days but you will know them by there works and there steadfast conduct and faith respect is earned its not given or psi for well to the sell outs and as for the deal or contract false paper weight its the things we do meaning we sell our souls by the things we do or we buy and win souls as good honorable men with real integrity who at times are ready to die if called to save a good men woman or child from the theft in the night or the son of a bitch Forgive me I am still young and God is working on me daily but I am still a man and some of that bullshit deceiving ass snakes i can not stand and i can walk away today amen and to whom the son sets free will be free indeed.
    But the truth is I have to read it word by word line upon line and respect it precept upon precept because if I do not no one will listen to a clown feel me or who knows i see clowns and cartoons all day long hahaha God Help me I need some advice and real talk my apologies you know how much I love and respect you even as myself Amen God Bless and good will to all man kind And the lord said I shall gather all my people under one GOD invincible with liberty and Justus for All Amen.


  70. I have a question for my brothers and sisters in our loving God today.

    If Lucifer/the snake/nahash was cursed to the ground, is it possible that could also mean he used to fly and now he cannot? Remember, in Revelations, Lucifer is described as a DRAGON. Now, can dragons fly? I don’t know. I know modern day komodo dragons walk…

    But my biggest question is, that if fallen angels ARE demons, then how do demons, like Satan, a physical snake-like being, possess human beings? If Lucifer was cursed to the ground for the rest of his existence, then does that make him a physical being? If Lucifer is a physical being, then how do the other fallen angels who fell with him as described in Revelations, (the demons) how do they possess people if they are physical beings like the snake who was cursed? How are these physical beings possessing people?

    • alfred

      both humans and angels have bodies, minds and spirits.

      the angels’ bodies are different from ours, which is why we normally cannot see them.

      however, they can manifest in flesh form and then we are aware they are there.

      nephilim are human angel hybrids discussed in genesis.

      the flood killed most or all of them.

      as spirits live forever, the spirits were released from the dead bodies, and so are spirits without bodies

      demons are the spirits only of nephilim whose bodies have died

      they seek bodies to inhabit, so they can be physically active.

      this is possession.

      so fallen angels do not possess people, demons do

      fallen angels do not need our bodies to act, because they have their own bodies

      demons DO need our bodies to act, because they lost their human-angelic hybrid bodies in the flood.

      make sense?

      there are records of prehistoric reptiles with wings, so yes flying dragons are possible.

  71. I have met Satan and he does have a touchable form like that of a human. He told me he doesn’t have to eat though.

    • Rodney,

      This guy, John, knew Satan personally. Satan manifest in human form.
      John called him, daddy. John was a very, very important person in Satan’s kingdom.

      No more, thank you Lord.

  72. Satan, the demonic world, possession and exorcism Published on Jun 1, 2012

    This is an audio Deep Trance Meditation (DTM) session by Douglas James Cottrell set to images and subtitles to help summarize and convey the meaning of the words. If you are unfamiliar with Douglas’ work, he is a trance intuitive in the same vein and style as Edgar Cayce. Search on his name for other videos or visit his website ( for further information.Or on youtube by rammsteinregeln on AKASHIC RECORD READINGS vidoes.

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