Dream–2 Snakes Die


1-2 branches at a time.

Dream 6/10/19

I am with a friend under a large green tree.

He climbs up and identifies 2 snakes in the tree that have died, and turned into dead tree branches.

End of Dream



The green tree is my life.

Snakes were powerful enemies.

Most are still alive.

I identified one as dying in 2017.

The other dead snake (dead branch) is still unknown to me, although it may be someone who died about 3 years ago. He was definitely a snake to contend with.

I would have to think, and search this one out.

Dead branches break off the tree and no longer affect it.

The influence is gone and they are no longer a threat.


This dream is connected to this other dream:

Dream – Green Snake Turns Brown

where the giant snake seems to go away, and I start restoration of my home and life.


Life is shorter than we think.

Eventually we all die, even our enemies.

Some people go to heaven, and some to hell.

People need to examine their lives and correct them, if necessary, or suffer an eternal, horrible fate.

End of life could happen at any time.

I try my best to avoid snakes now, unless there is some divine assignment to contend with them.

The problem is there are more snakes than saints now, and encounters are inevitable.

We must remember our authority in Yahshua / Jesus, and stand firm on our spiritual ground.

We have to fight, and be willing to suffer injury, to stop the evil.

But the overall message here is that snakes (or the people who host them) die too in this life, and battles with them will not go on forever.

Yahshua / Jesus is forever. He is in our corner when we fight evil.

In the long run, we will win the war, even if we have lost battles along the way.

Stay the course, keep the faith, study and stay prepared, fight the evil, and pray.

And someday, all your snakes will be dead branches on your tree.

4 Responses to “Dream–2 Snakes Die”

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  3. Hi Marianne! You are still contending with snakes especially in your dreams. Earlier psychologists might say that somehow you were greatly affected by one or more snakes in your childhood. You write that we eventually all die and go to heaven or hell. Actually. we will die and then “sleep” until one of two resurrections. We will either be judged to go to Heaven or to “The Lake of Fire”. The latter is not eternal. Subjects will burn as long as any of their sins remain. Some will burn much longer than others but no one will burn forever. Christianity seems to have lied about everything.
    When it comes to people who torment us, I have found it very helpful to commit them to Yahweh, praying to be relieved of them. This seems to help me and maybe it will be for your “snakes”, too.


    • hi jayna

      when I was younger, I was not educated in snakes or spiritual warfare. so I got “bit” a lot. as I grew older, I learned to pray against these things. they still showed up, but I gained experience until I could overcome them , with Yahweh’s help. this dream was a review of my life, which included my earlier years.

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