Dream – Angel, Holy Spirit, and the 3 Boats


One of about a dozen dreams where the Holy Spirit helped me and I bonded with him

Excerpt from my book,  “The Lions and the Bride, a Love Story”

Isaiah 43:2

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.”

Dream – April 3, 1996

There were three boats all tied together, traveling across deep water.

The first boat had a small motor in it, with a driver whose identity was unknown to me, but I assumed he was an angel.

The first boat was pulling the other two boats, and all three boats were crossing deep water together in a row, and headed toward a shoreline, which was in view.

My special friend was in the second boat with his small child, which was about 2 years old, and I was in the third boat with my small child, which was also about 2 years old. We traveled by dangerous areas

where there were undercurrents, where I had lost myself and my child before.

This time they were deeper, but we passed over, and passed by, the dangerous areas safely.

While still in deep water, my friend, for some reason, stood up in his boat, and his boat tipped over.

I couldn’t imagine why he would do that, since the consequences were obvious.

He and his child fell out of their boat and into the deep water.

Since the three boats were tied together and still moving, my boat pulled up to where he was in the water.

I reached out to him, and gently took his hand.

He then contently held onto me with one hand, and held onto his child with the other. He had such a sweet, trusting look on his face.

He was happy that I had rescued him and his little child. I then told him not to climb into my boat because it might tip over too. I told him to just hold onto me.

He seemed content to do just that. I held his hand as we were pulled toward more shallow, safe waters.

The dream ended as we approached the shallow waters. The children were about 2 years old, which was the age of our relationship.

They also represented the innocence in us. There was something very different about our relationship now.

It had matured. I was now helping him.

At first, I did not understand why my friend would stand up and fall out of his boat, but then I realized later he did it on purpose.

He did not want to be in front of me anymore. He wanted to take my place in the deep water, and be by my side.

He did not want to lead me, and have me follow. He wanted us to go through the deep water together, hand in hand as partners. We were now a team,

inseparable, united, brought together by my problems, not his. We loved each other, and were there for each other.

We were bonded together, and the bond between us would last forever.

End of Dream



Most people assume that YHVH God is unreachable, that He is too far up there and too distant from us.

Scripture says:

James 4:8

8 Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

It also says

Isaiah 65:1

"I revealed Myself to those who did not ask for Me; I was found by those who did not seek Me. I said, ‘Here I am! Here I am!’ to a nation that did not call My name.

The Holy Spirit reached out to me when I was not even seeking YHVH God, because I wanted to, but did not know how.

This intimacy is available to everyone.

If you do not know how to seek God, He will find you, if you keep your heart open and ready.

Read the bible, pray the best you can, and wait on Him.


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  2. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I receive this word and I am in agreement. God bless you mightily. I needed to hear how He truly loves us and will recite those verses in my own devotional time.

  3. 5~28~2020 In Corona Time on Yahweh’s earth. King David in Psalm 24:1
    Yahshua The Prince of Peace The Son of Yahweh The Creator of Everything Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    Marianne, THANK YOU for your very pleasant post! I am wondering. Is this dream friend and child now in your life? Seems that sometimes our dreams mimic thoughts we have while awake.
    Recently, before sleep I was remembering my two grandfathers. They were the two relatives that really seemed to honor the Bible at all. They both lived long lives. In the dream that followed I was seeing two different men. They were laying on the ground in different areas. I did not recognize them or did not look closely at them. ??? On waking up, I wondered, “What can this strange dream MEAN?” Then I started thinking. Bingo! Are both grandpas now “sleeping” awaiting the resurrection (at Yahshua’s Return)? A comforting thought!


    • jayna

      I would like to think they are. I posted this as a reminder to myself because of its reassurance that YHVH will always provide for me.

  4. Pretty cool dream. I had a slightly similar vision in early 2009 at a very hard time when I felt like my heart was going to literally crack (or break) and I would die from despondency. (I understand now how people die from despair and despondency.) I wish there was a place to share dreams and visions and receive their interpretations. I think so many people have them and don’t know what they mean.

  5. https://z3news.com/w/dragon-322-pentecost-530-rise-aclaunch-nwo/



      • 5~30~ 2020 Happy Sabbath! Eve of Shavuot, The Feast of Weeks, Pentecost Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        qt, this is ALL happening under the Christian Vatican!


        “Come out of HER My people . . .or receive the plagues!” Yahshua the Messiah calling from Heaven in Revelation 18:4 and following verses (My emphasis and paraphrasing.)


      • Hey QT, can you explain this?

        Why did pres. Trump do that??

        • i do not know , if anyone have thoughts on this ? thanks

        • i will keep away from catholic church and pope , ecumenical movement , i know the current pope is the false prophet .

          but i do not know what happen in this video

          • qt, you would be better off away from ALL Christian churches unless Yahweh’s Spirit tells you to go and witness. I never get that command or call. By the way, my understanding of “The False Prophet” is that it is Islam (of Mohammad). The Pope (Papacy) is a part of the Beast in Revelation 13:1.


      • Hey QT, can you explain this??

  6. Hey Marianne, I am experiencing this in my life right now. After leaving the church system for about a year I started having panic attacks where I felt that I was supposed to do something and be a part of something…like go to church. I struggled like this for a long time. Then I heard a song on the radio that made me cry and I told God I still had soul ties with the people at church. During the song I felt God remove the soul ties and now I am feeling the love of Jesus more and more each day in my life.

    I now know that when I was in the church system I was depending on the pastor and other people to help me feel the love of Jesus myself. God had to isolate me so I would depend only on Jesus.

    I am so happy now to feel this freedom.

    When I left the church system I also felt many feelings of fear and was obsessed with thinking I needed people in my life to be victorious.

    Now I know the truth. It is the Lord that reigns and judges, not man and the Lord is all I need.

    “That thy trust may be in the LORD, I have made known to thee this day, even to thee.” Prov. 22:19

    Sing a new song to the Lord;
    sing to the Lord, all the earth.
    Sing to Yahweh, praise His name;
    proclaim His salvation from day to day.
    Declare His glory among the nations,
    His wonderful works among all peoples.
    For the Lord is great and is highly praised;
    He is feared above all gods.
    For all the gods of the peoples are idols,
    but the Lord made the heavens.
    Splendor and majesty are before Him;
    strength and beauty are in His sanctuary.
    Ascribe to the Lord, you families of the peoples,
    ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.
    Ascribe to Yahweh the glory of His name;
    bring an offering and enter His courts.
    Worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness;
    tremble before Him, all the earth.
    Say among the nations: “The Lord reigns.
    The world is firmly established; it cannot be shaken.
    He judges the peoples fairly.”
    Let the heavens be glad and the earth rejoice;
    let the sea and all that fills it resound.
    Let the fields and everything in them exult.
    Then all the trees of the forest will shout for joy
    before the Lord, for He is coming—
    for He is coming to judge the earth.
    He will judge the world with righteousness
    and the peoples with His faithfulness. Psalm 95

    • Hi blue! That’s a wonderful testimony! I just want to point out that the name Lord is a direct translation of the idol name Baal. You can check this out in Strong’s Concordance under the name “Baal”. Those believing in Yahweh and His Son Yahshua mostly use the Name Elohim instead of the pagan name Lord. We are “the called out ones.” Blue, may your journey on this road be blessed is my prayer!


      • Hi Jayna. Thank you for your kind words. I figured out that Lord means Baal awhile back but then my friend said it was adonai. I don’t know which to say. confused now. I do feel weird calling my Savior and friend Lord because He calls me a friend and bride.

        • Great point! I remember that there is something wrong with using Adonai. Adonis is the name of the Greek god of beauty and desire. Maybe that’s it.


    • Blue

      Beautiful testimony!

      • Thanks Marianne. A lot of people are blaming Jewish people and descendants of Jewish people for the things that are happening in this world. They keep bringing up OLD Bible passages that have already happened. I studied this passages so much with the mindset that they were still to happen in the future and God made me VERY sick after I read the passages like that. I told God “I am studying your Word, why do I get sick?”

        Sing a new song.

        He said ” You are not reading it rightly.”

        Sing a new song.

        And the truth is all judgment for my sins and the sins of God’s people were poured out on Yeshua Jesus at the cross. Those passages are what happened in the past.

        Sing a new song.

        Now is the time to sing a new song and thank the Lord for His salvation.

        Sing a new song.

        I believe the reason the tribulation is called “Jacob’s trouble” is not because Israel will be judged but the judgment on the enemies of God for what THEY did to Jacob. Thus, the name “Jacob’s trouble”.

        Sing a new song!

  7. Why did the Pres. do this?? Can anyone please explain??

    • Hi Again! smile Blue, sadly, several possibilities. The Pope may be his boss. The Pope may have summoned him or invited him. He does NOT look happy about being there. Melania is dressed like she is in mourning.I believe that the U.S. Government is The Two-Horned Beast of Revelation 13. It turned its power over to the first beast in verse 1 (which has become The Vatican) a very long time ago. President Donald J. Trump is either a part of this evil system or he is not. BIG QUESTION! We pray that he is not. If he is not, he now needs ALL of our prayers! One Dr. William Mount on You Tube says that there will be more attempts on his life in early June.


      • I will pray for him…and will sincerely mean it. thanks Jayna.

        • blue you are very welcome! These LAST DAYS are now very unsettling and disturbing! It seems to me that “The Mark of the Beast” is just around the corner. Being confined to homes is just like “Martial Law”. This is against the U.S. Constitution. We must HOPE for the BEST but be prepared for the WORST.


      • blue, I thought that this was about the current pope he has visited before. There still could have been some kind of secret meeting while there. Maybe he wants more Catholic votes. lol

        • Well, I don’t know if this is true because I have an imagination but why are the leaders annexing more land under Trump?? Could it be for Gentile Christians to come into Israel?? Are they buying the land from Trump?? I sense, this is not headed in a good direction…I have bad feelings about this. So should we support people who are selling the land of Israel for gain. I don’t think so.

          • blue, President Trump’s son in law is Jewish. Rumor is that he is Jewish, too, which would be great! That whole land area around Israel was originally given to Israel. I don’t see a problem with Israel getting their land back.


            • Trump is NOT Jewish.He is White evangelical Confederate. They are NOT Jewish!!

              Neither is Kushner-they don’t believe in a coming Messiah-they believe Lubovitch is their Messiah-Oh, boy real Jewish!!

              Charlatans with a capital “C”

              • blue, Jared Kushner was born a Jew. Maybe he is not a practicing one but he is one by birth.


          • Well, I guess it wasn’t my imagination. Thanks everyone for destroying Israel. Oh, boy…can’t wait to see how God deals with everyone involved in this real estate blitzkrieg…No wonder people are protesting. Trump and Melania need to humble themselves and sit down.

    • No clue

    • Blue Lotus, here’s the explanation I have for why the President visited that shrine. There are several reasons but I’ll share just one and then explain the greater issue. Firstly, it’s a catholic shrine located in Washington D.C. Trump recently visited an Episcopalian church located across from the White House for the same reason: it’s politically expedient. Now a little deeper…

      Trump subscribes to christianity and ran as a Republican, but he has always been liberal (not a liberal; just liberal– independent). He’s a giving and inclusive person (which is why he’s constantly reaching out to the Democrats to make peace) and has said many times that he accepts people of all faiths and said that all faiths should be allowed to open their places of worship. He is ‘a man of the people’, meaning all people. (Just watching him on The Apprentice would’ve revealed his giving and inclusive nature.) Now to the greater issue…

      Trump’s election was part of God’s mercy on America. There’s a saying that people get the leaders they deserve. In the case of Trump, that isn’t true for America. America is an obstinate nation. People who have lived here for a long time are blind to the depth of insolence in this nation. Witches came out publicly to curse Trump and prevent him from being elected; then after his election they continued in order to get him impeached; and when that didn’t work, they still continue in order to get him out of office one way or another. Worse, the witches with real power attack(ed) him from behind the scenes (they never go public). Grown men and women are tearing their hair out and making every effort– even overt and embarrassing efforts– just to make Trump look like a bad person. The tremendous attack against Trump by itself makes it clear that God put the man in office. However…

      While America got better than it deserves with Trump in office, America certainly didn’t get what it didn’t want. Trump is the premier businessman on this continent (North America); he’s the most famous and most popular businessman in this area of the world. The economy flourished under Trump (and will flourish if he can break free of the Deep State’s 24/7 attempts to derail him). I repeat: the economy flourished under Trump. One of the premier gods in the American pantheon was exalted: Mammon. Materialism rules almost everyone here; and Trump gave everyone more of it. Americans aren’t looking for a righteous leader; God doesn’t force anything on anyone. Jesus said, “I stand at the door and knock,” and He was talking about His own Church, not a heathen nation.

      In conclusion, God doesn’t give people what they don’t want. God did give America Trump; but Trump isn’t a godly man. He might become one someday, but it would’ve been wrong for God to give a godly leader to an ungodly nation. King Cyrus wasn’t ruler of the nation of Israel, and have you forgotten that God anointed or instituted several kings who were not Israelites. As far short of God’s righteous standard as Trump falls, many Americans still hate and want him out of office. That’s the level of insolence in this nation. christians who think God selected Trump because Trump is godly are terribly mistaken and lazily looking for another ‘bailout’. God doesn’t impinge on heathen nations or people groups; He always goes to His people first. THAT is where He seeks to institute godly leaders (Eph. 4:11, 1Cor. 12:28). But Paul said that God can only judge the godless when His own people are godly, because God doesn’t show partiality– as we see during the Passover and the death of the firstborn– and if He punishes heathens for sin, then He must punish His people for sin as well, and He doesn’t want to have to do that (2Cor. 10:3-6). Look at all the dead christians around you; look at them until you clear past any of your private biases and see the leprosy, rot, and compromise that rises from modern christianity. Only when God gets godly leaders in the churches will He seek to get godly leaders in government. Throughout history, God always addresses His people first, and then He uses His people to address the heathen nations around them. That’s why Trump is going to catholic shrines and is behaving unseemly: God gave Americans the godliest president that we can stomach or handle which is a man who doesn’t love God, but (unlike the Deep State and Democrats) he most certainly loves the America.

      “Being ready to punish ALL disobedience when YOUR obedience is fulfilled” (2Corinthians 10:6).

  8. BTW, if you have to buy your way into Israel there’s a good chance you were NOT meant to be there. Idiots!

    • stupid

      • 6~7~2020 Sunday On Corona Time
        Yahshua Emanuel (Elohim With Us) The Son of Yahweh The Creator of Everything , Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        Marianne, yes, it really is STUPID! This is because that whole “killing event” may have been staged! (Web Rumor) Ads for “crisis actors” were in local newspapers there. All those people are possibly being exposed to the FLU virus! Another rumor is that this virus could be aerolized meaning “put into the air”. This would be easy for THEM to do at planned events. VERY SAD!


    • white people do not need to apologize for being white….god made us this way. so why don’t the blacks kneel and pray? they can be racist also.

      • please finish watching the whole video, at the end , the all kneel down , reconcile ,

      • yes , it is nothing to do with color , pride is spiritual sin (racist )

        • I still don’t buy it. blacks knelt only to “forgive” not to admit any fault of their own

          • Marianne, i understand what you say, but we only can do our part ,

            i am learning forgiveness myself, nothing to do with color,

            in the past, i experienced some of my friends offend and betray me, we are good friends, it happened quite often.

            later i found out that God want me to learn forgiveness , so God allow these things happened to me.

            especially when my close friends betray me.

            i ask God why my close friends do such such things to me. why they never say sorry to me,

            But God want me to forgive them , just do my part first.

            i do not think i would receive any apology from them.

            God show me a lesson in the bible ,

            Joseph name his sons , Joseph named Manasseh meaning “God has made me forget entirely my troubles and my father”s house”; Genesis 41:51 ,Ephraim (אֶפְרָיִם), which means, “made me fruitful”.

            if i want to have a fruitful life (spiritual life) , i must forgive other faults first.

            God bless

            • QT, well said about forgiveness and first dealing with personal sin. Only when we deal with our own sins of the heart (which fall under idolatry), mind (which fall under pride), and hands (ie. actions) are we then qualified to be offended, to hate, to pardon, and to condemn, because then our heart, mind, and [decisions] will all be sanctified and right.

              • thanks, God Bless ,

                i am keep learning forgiveness

                • QT, you’re welcome. Forgiveness prevents us from feeling entitled and prideful. Only God is entitled to not forgive. We all have to forgive not because we want to but because we don’t have the authority to withhold forgiveness. God bless.

                  • amen and amen,

                    it is not easy , but we must do it .

                    God Bless

                    • True, QT, but it’s easier the more you want to be near God. Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for THEY will see God.” Someone who wants to be near(er) God purifies themselves so they can be. Holding on to unforgiveness won’t be an option for that person. However, we aren’t expected to forgive easily or quickly all the time– just to WANT to forgive. If you don’t want to forgive, that’s pride and you’re in some trouble. But if you do want to forgive, then God will be patient with you until you can.

                    • snoopy

                      scripture indicates repentance is a condition for forgiveness.

                    • 6~15~2020 On Earth Now A Prison Planet For Real
                      Yahshua The Prince of Peace The Son of Yahweh The Creator of Everything Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

                      Marianne, you are RIGHT about repentance! Without it HOW can one be forgiven and any relationship RESTORED? My 45 year old daughter Joy suddenly started writing to me a couple of years ago after leaving my life also suddenly (no good bye, etc.) over 20 years ago. In all of that time not one word from her. From her now? No apology, no real explanation of why or any real relationship now. I am relating to her really because of her 4 year old non-identical twin daughters. Someone has to care for the kids! She is many states away so the question of seeing each other now is mute. I did see her once before this virus started at a restaurant meal near me. I do not even know why she was even here then. I recognized her but her voice was different (older) and, sadly, she seemed more like a stranger than who I remembered. She won’t even talk about what she believes now. My only consolation in all of this trauma drama? The fact that her young daughters right now might be saved because of my faith (being too young for their own accountability).
                      Personally I do not believe that there is a “before” and “after” for this COVID-19 thingie, only a “before”. This is because it seems to be that we are transitioning into the final days and “The Mark of the Beast.” Other terrible events will occur the closer we get. Remember, they are called “Birth Pangs” of His Return. May we survive them all is my prayer!


      • Marianne, the issue of racism is a monumental one in God’s eyes. The second encounter, in 1999, with God that I ever had addressed ‘revival’, and the obstacle to revival that was spotlighted in that encounter was Racism.

        In 2007, in Nashville, TN, God began to actually talk to me about the ruling spirit(s) of Racism over America. In 2003, while talking with some buddies I was working with, the issue of racism came up. They immediately got uncomfortable and stated that “black people can be racist too.” I often learn things in the moment, because the Holy Spirit will give me sudden revelation. I told them that black people aren’t in fact racist– which was a total scandal to them– if one was to go by the actual dictionary definition of racism which is ‘the belief that one’s race is superior to another’s race’.

        I have met black people who said that the black race is superior to the white race; but I have never met a black person who actually BELIEVED that. White people, on the other hand, don’t have to hate black people but do believe in that inmost place that the white race is superior to the black race. So, racism isn’t active thoughts, feelings, or actions but passive ones. All races have their good and their bad, and for certain white people shouldn’t be apologizing for being white nor should black people be approving it. But the fact is that racism is inherited in one’s genetic material, and white people are usually uncomfortable talking about it because it is part of who they are (genetic) and they won’t condemn themselves and also often don’t want to relinquish their racism (ie. their negative or unflattering attitude, opinions, and view of blacks and other races).

        If someone wronged me ten times and I wronged them only once, God would still expect me to forgive them for those ten wrongs even if they don’t forgive me for my one wrong. White people have suppressed black people for 400 years due to racism, and black people have done very little wrong to white people in comparison; yet God still expects black people (who are christians) to forgive white people. Moreover, He wants everyone to forgive each other for Jesus’s sake.

        One day, in pockets across the world, when the Presence begins to deliver people from the strong cords of Racism (because Racism holds racist people captive but they don’t know it because they’re blinded by the privilege that Racism affords them), such a ‘revival’ will amount to a genuine unity stronger than any that has been seen on this planet since the Fall of man or the early Church. However, prejudice against Gentiles was seen in the early Church. Right now, satan is looking for a false unity between races through manipulation and coercion like we see when white people apologize for being white. But God will bring a genuine unity that is impossible aside from Him. The humility of believers (forgiving those who hurt us) and the repentance of believers like Daniel in Dan. 9 (repenting in the stead of those who sin when we don’t sin, who are racist when we aren’t racist, etc.) will make way for such a never-before-seen level of unity and awakening.

        • snoopy

          I really do not see it your way and I do not want to spend time on this topic.

          there may be pockets of racism in both black and white, but it is not systemic

          I guess you have missed the last 70 years of affirmative action that this generation has worked on

          • 6~11~2020 In Supposed 2nd Wave of COVID-19 FLU Virus
            Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Forever is Returning VERY SOON!
            PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

            Marianne, you are so RIGHT! Racism inherent in man? No. After all, we ALL came from Adam and Eve. Maybe this is too simplistic for some. But it is the Bible truth!
            The great earthly source of racism is found in the heart of the Christian Vatican. It always has hated the Jews slaughtering them many times culminating in the Nazi Holocaust. Remember, the Nazis were of the Swastika, the crooked cross. The Vatican also hated the original Protestants who were NOT Christians. It killed them in history like in The St. Bartholomew Day massacre. It will TRY to kill us today! It’s hated the blacks and started their slavery. It was the ONLY foreign entity supporting the pro slavery Confederacy. It was also behind President Lincoln’s assassination, one of our greatest presidents.
            Sadly,THIS U.S. Government is The Two Horned Beast of Revelation 13. It turned its power over to The Vatican decades ago. This is the greatest reason WHY we have such a racial mess in America today.

            Yahweh’s saints will NOT have any racism in their actions or being!


          • Sorry, Marianne, but I’ve reported what the Lord has shown me. Furthermore, as an African-American, I’ve also experienced this myself many times. Just several days ago, the police was called to my neighborhood for a white person who was causing trouble. The two officers saw me outside and rather than attending to the reason they were called, they began harassing me because I live in a nice neighborhood.

            I also experienced racism just a few minutes ago, but the instances are too many to try to recount. I don’t bring up this topic until it comes up. Most people simply approach it the wrong way: black people force it on white people to make them feel guilt while white people deny racism to the end so they don’t feel guilt (like one of my friends who swore he wasn’t racist as his ancestors helped black people through the Underground Railroad but who flipped out watching the movie ‘Motherhood’ because an Indian man was flirting with a married white woman).

            Just like we all inherit physical traits and spiritual blessings and curses from our ancestors, we also inherit good character qualities as well as INIQUITIEs (ie. a strong bent towards a certain sin or sins). Racism is an iniquity that is contained within an entire race of people– primarily all who are descendants of the stock of Britain whose descendants in every instance have spread racist ideology and philosophy in every land they have ever settled, taken, or visited (eg. Britain vs. Ireland/Scotland; Australia and the Aborigines; British creating of the caste system in India with the lighter-skinned at the top and the darkest-skinned at the bottom; British occupation of Nigeria; British occupation of ‘America’ and the persecution of the Natives, then the Africans, then everyone else from other countries inclding the Irish, the Italians, the Polish, etc.). The evidence is overwhelming.

            The racism issue is a no-fly zone for most white people who don’t want to talk about it because they still harbor, treasure, and protect racism within their own selves. All these facts have surfaced for me because I love the truth and do not defend wrong just because it is in me (“If I had cherished iniquity in MY heart”) or/and I am favorably biased towards those who have it. The facts about racism will surface for all to see as we near the time of the very end, “for nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light” (Lk. 8:17).

            There are many, many, many reasons that prayers are not answered when christians pray for each other. One of the primary reasons is because of a lack of love or a lack of genuine concern: apathy, indifference, passivity. If a person cherishes or protects the racism inside them, not only their prayers for those they are racist toward will fall short, but ALL their prayers, especially their prayers for others, will fall short because they are aiding and abetting an enemy of God (namely pride) within them while asking God to intervene for them, for “no one can serve two masters”. Seeing that racism is one of many manifestations of pride, how can God answer those whose pride doesn’t make room for love (because love cannot dwell with pride as history clearly shows of those who are racist)? One day, it will all be evident to everyone, not only to those who love the truth. “If I had cherished INIQUITY in my heart, the Lord would not listen to me” (Psalm 66:18).

            • I should’ve added this in the last comment. The following is the trailer for ‘Motherhood’ with Uma Thurman, the movie I saw with a friend in 2009 who swore that he and his wife weren’t racist since his ancestors had helped the slaves escape through the Underground Railroad.

              We had a movie night and since my friend’s wife was pregnant, we let her choose the movie. She chose ‘Motherhood’ for obvious reasons but also because it’s a comedy, and we went down to their basement to watch it on the big screen. Everything was copacetic until the scene where an Indian delivery boy met Thurman as she returned with groceries with her hands full and so he had to carry her mail up to her apartment. Thurman– who was too busy with motherhood to attend to her husband whose husband was too busy with work to care much for her passions– was feeling lonely. So, she invited the delivery boy into her home where they nearly slept together. My friend and his wife ranted and raved at the delivery boy as Thurman flirted with him in her doorway. Rather than chastising Thurman, who was married and knew it, they chastised the Indian guy who had no idea that Thurman’s character was married. That is the double-standard that is able to reveal to a person that they are in fact racist. At that moment, the entire basement was filled with a suffocating, vile and evil presence like smoke (the same way the Holy Spirit fills a room when He is allowed to) as spirits under Racism– energized by the INIQUITY of racism in my friends– FILLED the basement. That was the last time I hung out with them, and when I brought it up to them, they of course denied it all.

              Racism is directly tied to and issues from a soaring haughtiness and pride that a person is far greater than they in fact are (ie. that a person is not merely human but super human). Racism isn’t one’s fault; it began with one’s ancestors as sin and traveled down from that point as INIQUITY (a bent towards the sins of the ancestors). Those who choose to CHERISH the sins of their fathers/ancestors will suffer as they hold on to those “accursed [things]”. If one was to use a biblical word to summarize what racism is, the word would be “idolatry” (in the case of racism, the worship of self (and therefore the aiding and protection of others like self)). With this type of idolatry (racism) among christians, “that they may be one as We are One” can never happen. In the following trailer, you’ll see a short clip of the scene I’m talking about starting at 1:22.

              “Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness (ie. pride) is as INIQUITY and IDOLATRY” (1Samuel 15:23).

              • snoopy

                do you support Black Lives Matter group?

                • Also, I don’t support Black Lives Matter. I support only what is good and right. I don’t take sides. You’re missing the entire point of the racism issue. We’re a nation built on pride and pride always accurately foretells disaster, because God absolutely hates pride. The Bible says that a tree produces after its kind. Israel was founded on the land of others who were eradicated because God commanded it. America was founded on the land of others who were eradicated; but in our case, God wasn’t in it and no amount of Bible-quoting can make right what is wrong.

                  A nation founded on injustice against others cannot suddenly find Grace in God’s eyes. There’s nowhere in the Bible that injustice is winked on. And when injustice happens, it travels down the generations and gets worse, not better. So when you see churches serving in the community and think, “God is there,” you necessarily must look closer. Usually, all that is there is human flesh posing as ‘good’ while hiding sins and the iniquities of many past generations. God doesn’t bless that. Israel thought God would bless their inequities, which He didn’t (rather, He punished their inequities), because God actually founded them. Americans think God will bless our inequities when God didn’t even found us in the first place and we’re a bastard nation. Do you see the height of arrogance and error?

                  The only way forward for America, as far as God is concerned, is to ‘renounce’ pride (and arrogance and all those “I am great” attitudes) and adopt a repentant or humble attitude: “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart— these, O God, You will not despise” (Ps. 51). But God despises pride and arrogance, and not only was America instituted on pride (ie. anti-Christ attitude: “I don’t need God”) and arrogance (ie. self-idolatry: “I AM God”) but everywhere to you turn, pride and arrogance are preached as the ONLY way of life. How can God not be angry at a rotten nation like this? But you’re worried about political affiliations and Black Lives Matter. Every culture who touches down on American soil is groomed and coerced to be prideful and arrogant ‘or else’. This is why African-Americans and Africans often don’t get along; the former have been formed into self-centered Americans while the latter still have a sense of morality, justice, and equity in them. This is what racism does: it is superior and therefore has the right to tell people how to live, where to live, what to think, how to feel, what to believe, what to do, etc.

                  Racism is a reality; but it is born from high-mindedness, haughtiness, pride, privilege, and arrogance and doesn’t function on its own. It receives power from principalities that are mightier than it is. Racism has held and is holding many black people and other non-white races down and in captivity. White and black people can argue against this as much as they want, but it is true and I don’t deny what I see or what God shows me just so I can be ‘acceptable’ (acceptable to who– useless idiots?) or politically correct. The last great revival America had– the Azusa Street revival in Los Angeles from 1906 – 1909– came from William J. Seymour who was black and had to sit outside the classroom while mentoring under Charles Parham, a white revivalist. When Seymour decided to move on (because Racism was restricting him), the spirit of Racism in Parham moved him to oppose Seymour’s desire to ‘start his own thing’. Parham came around later after the revival began. The lack of the supernatural– healing, raising the dead, etc.– in American churches is due to pride. In a culture where people are supposed to make much of themselves, they naturally aren’t eager to make much of anyone else, especially the Lord, therefore they cry, “Come Holy Spirit! Come, Lord!” while their hearts tell Him to not dare come near: they mock, disbelieve, and reject the miraculous because they’re too intelligent (smarter than God) to believe such nonsense. Then they wonder, “Why are we praying for revival and we don’t get any?” Because they want the feel-good aspect of revival but reject the Lord of Revival since they themselves are lords over their lives. It’s not hard to figure it out; this is how it works. No amount of prayer and fasting will bring revival if the desire is only on the lips and not in the heart.

                  In the true-story 2015 movie, ‘Concussion’, a Nigerian doctor makes a new discovery. As a non-American, he still retains a sense of morals and of justice for his neighbors (ie. he cares for the wellbeing of others outside himself and his own circle of family and friends) and still values individual human life. He takes on the NFL in an America that has always been self-absorbed and arrogant and that places no real value on a person’s humanity but only on what a person has to offer (eg. good looks, charm, money, fame, ‘similar to us’ etc.). But though God has worked through racist people through history, He will be dealing directly with Racism in these last days, because when God finally has His say, only God gets glory, honor, and praise– and not some race(s) with a God-complex that thinks it has the right to control and force conformity on everyone else)– because when God has His way, no flesh (ie. what man believes is great about himself) can glory in His presence.

                  (Start at 22:00 if you want to get the main gist of what happened during the Azusa Street revival)

                  • By the way, the Azusa Street Revival is a foretelling of the origins of the coming revivals. God does what He pleases with who He wills. Furthermore, He finds more willing vessels among humble believers than among christians who are “at ease in Zion” which is 97% of American christians according to the late Leonard Ravenhill (and at least 95% according to my personal observation). I have heard many christians say we must pray and wait for revival– that God wants to send revival ‘later’ or it’s up to us to ‘get Him to do it’. According to the Bible, this couldn’t be farther from the truth (my experiences bearing witness as well). “Where two or three are gathered in MY Name” is not often practiced, because it doesn’t mean gathered for church or to pray but gathered with this on each heart: “YOUR Kingdom come, YOUR will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Any two believers who gather like that, it won’t be up to ten seconds and the Lord (or/and the Holy Spirit) will be there to the extent that those who are present can sense His presence. I’ve gathered with christians often since 1998. I haven’t gathered with any who had that on their hearts, because when God’s Kingdom begins to enter or when Jesus fulfills “there I am in the midst of them”, time is the first thing to be laid down. Watches and clocks are of no use when God’s agenda (ie. Kingdom) begins to take over, and no one wants to lose their valuable time.

                    In a small church in Nashville, TN in early 2009, someone gave me the book ‘Azusa Street’ by Frank Bartleman. I didn’t care for old revivals since I was well aware that this country (and world) needs something right now– ‘something new’. I decided not to read the book but, bored to tears because the service was dead as petrified wood, I went from the front pew to the back pew where there was nobody to frown at me because I was reading a book during service. I have many times experienced how quickly the Holy Spirit or Jesus will enter (Jesus) or begin to enter (the Holy Spirit) any place or geographical location when ‘the setting is right’, therefore I reasonably concluded that it isn’t we who are waiting on God but God waiting on us. God has always been eager to commune with humans since Adam and Eve. It’s ignorance or disingenuous for christians to say that ‘revival is sometime in the future’ after much prayer, begging, and pleading. It isn’t true. I was still on the first page of ‘Azusa Street’ (page 7 where the story begins) when the Holy Spirit suddenly manifested. The book began to burn in my hands– a spiritual flame, not a literal one– and the Holy Spirit reached out of the book and caught hold of me and began talking to me about the coming revivals which are, He made clear, only a continuation of the old ones. The pages of the book burned as the Holy Spirit spoke to me and my tears fell on the pages.

                    The experience was very holy. I don’t like to share it and only share it to say that christians should put away EVERY notion that ‘God is waiting till later’ to bring revival, reformation, and awakening– that He is lingering or waiting for Israel (or some person or whatever) to align themselves somehow before He can move or is needing for some special minister(s) to stand in front of a large crowd and say magic words and the Holy Spirit will fall. Spiritual manifestations (ie. spiritual things manifesting in the natural plane) don’t require anything but simple math: this + this = that. It is true on the dark side with witchcraft and curses (you hear about witches gathering ‘ingredients’ to perform spells: this + this = that) and is true on the Lord’s side. You see this throughout the OT and the NT, but it is explained out more in the OT. Inside the Ark were the tablets of the Covenant + Aaron’s staff + a jar of manna. God told Israel to take the army + the priests to march around Jericho and blow trumpets and shout = Jericho fell. In 2Chronicles 20, God told Israel they wouldn’t have to fight a battle + but that their part was to march into battle = victory. This principle of ‘spiritual mathematics’ is seen throughout the NT (and now) too, but it is more subtle. In these days, it has more to do with what is on the inside of a person than what they perform outwardly: “The prayers of a RIGHTEOUS man is powerful and effective.” So, if God wants revival and reformation and awakening ‘right now,’ why has it been so many years since ‘right now’? The answer is simply that God’s people don’t want what God wants to give or/and God’s people are ignorant of what God wants to give.

                    In Isaiah 58, God rebuked Israel for doing the right religious things. “Why have we fasted,” they asked God, “and You take no notice?” He answered that it was because after fasting, they returned to their fleshly lifestyles. He mysteriously says that He won’t accept their fasting since they only fasted for a limited period of time. “Is that what you call a fast– a day acceptable to the Lord?” He asked them. The right question here is why God was unhappy with them for fasting the way He told them to fast? The answer is that He wanted their food/water fasts to teach them about God’s real fast (same as the Old Covenant was meant to lead to the New, not to be an end-all). In short, God wanted Israel (and now all men everywhere) to fast from the flesh– a perpetual fast, not like a normal fast where you return to eating and drinking and life as usual. You can deduce that this is what God is saying there for several reasons one of them being that the many things He told them to do ‘during the fast’ are things that one can’t do within days, weeks, or months of fasting. They are things that can only be done during a person’s entire lifetime because the fast is a perpetual fast from the flesh (ie. self-centeredness, etc.).

                    God charges Israel that He wants them to live a life of co-partnering with Him in order to bless others (this was always God’s intention from Eden). In His words you can plainly see that God’s blessings come to those who bless others and why God cannot bless or answer American christians’ cries for revival who don’t put His prerequisites for answered prayer into practice: “Is this not the fast that I have chosen– to loose the chains of injustice, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke? Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, and that you bring to your house the poor [brethren] who are cast out; when you see the naked, that you cover him, and not hide yourself from your own flesh (brethren)? Then your light will break forth like the morning, your healing will spring forth speedily, and your righteousness will go before you; the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard. THEN you will call, and the Lord will answer; you will cry, and He will say, ‘Here I am’” (vv. 6-9). Amen. The rest of the chapter continues in the same one theme: God blesses His people when they bless one another (and from there, He uses them to bless non-believers). When christians wish each other well and pray for each other but don’t lay down their lives (ie. time, reputation, finances, and wellbeing) to minister to each others’ needs (“A new commandment I give you [believers, brethren] that you love one another AS I HAVE loved you”), then God can’t answer most of their prayers. You would think this would be readily evident seeing that the Bible says God wants to do so much but He does so little.

                    God is looking for those who are willing to go on a perpetual fast from the flesh. Pride has to go first. That means that– for anyone who can follow the times/history and also sense what the Spirit is saying– the ‘moves of God’ that so many have been praying about will come out of obscurity and from unknown people, because prideful people at best say, “The old is better” and are too hardened (stubborn and prideful) and brittle (inflexible and set in their ways and beliefs) to hold new wine. So, for those of us looking to well-known ministers, christian authors whose books come highly-recommended by hundreds of other ministers, we would do well to look away from Pharaoh’s palace to the backside of the desert and from Saul’s kingdom to the hills of Israel’s sheep. I’ve seen that Jesus makes it easy for people to miss, bypass, overlook, and reject Him, so those who don’t want Him to pass them by should learn to look for the ‘signs of His Presence’ and not the sound of human voices.

                    • snoopy

                      the fire should already be in us. we should not wait for God to move. He already moved 2000 years ago on Pentecost, and it h as been up to us ever since. revival will happen when WE do something, not Him.

            • snoopy

              I still tell you 95% of american whites are not racist. we are NOT the generation that oppressed anyone.

              I learned long ago that if one sends a signal to another that the 2nd person is oppressing or victimizing the first person, this causes an insult when it is not true. then this results in a rejection t hat the first person assumes is abuse.

              I see nothing wrong with the movie clip.

              when you interpret everything as negative, you create a negative world view and your own prison.

              To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted. Titus 1:5

              • That’s always been the problem when talking about sins of the heart: no one wants to be guilty of them. We want to believe that our only sins are the things we say and do, and even those we justify, because– afterall– we are ‘good’, and good people can’t sin or do wrong.

                One doesn’t have to wrong someone to be wrong in heart. The Bible is replete with this fact. How can christians miss a foundational truth? The Bible says that human beings are sinful at conception. It is true of babies who haven’t even sinned yet. That’s the kind of sin I’m talking about here– not those who oppress others but those whose hearts agree that the oppression of others is right or at least justified.

                King David was a man who was “upright in heart”. Several of his psalms mention this though, since he was also humble, he rarely said he himself was “upright in heart”; however, the implication is there when David says things like, “Save me, of God, for You always save the upright in heart.” After David sinned with Bathsheba– the most scandalous series of sin(s) committed by one person in the OT– he continued to justify or hide his sin (Psalm 32) UNTIL the prophet Nathan confronted him.

                Paraphrase: Nathan said to David, “David, a certain man had one female sheep who was like a daughter to him. He had no other sheep but that one. Then another man who had many sheep came and stole the man’s sheep for himself and left that poor man with nothing at all.” David responded, “What?! I was a shepherd and know full well the value of sheep! You never take a man’s only sheep especially when you have many sheep of your own! The man with many sheep who stole that poor man’s only sheep should be arrested and punished at once!” Then Nathan said to him, “David, you ARE ‘the man’! God gave you many wives and would have given you more if you had only asked! But instead, you took the wife of a man who only had one wife and then killed him! From now on, your sin will be in your lineage an INIQUITY which will cause division and strife, because you have caused division and strife to this family.” It began with the death of David’s child whom he’d impregnated Bathsheba with in spite of his many prayers.

                After this, David who called himself “upright in heart” came to the realization that while he indeed was “upright in heart”, not his WHOLE heart was upright. (You see this truth in people like King Hezekiah who prayed and told God to pardon him as he had walked before God “with wholehearted devotion”. However, after God healed Hezekiah, his wholehearted devotion– which was true– proved to be only ‘the surface of his heart’, seen in his indifference for the following generations who would be harmed– once again– because of Hezekiah’s seemingly small sin.) David wrote Psalm 51, saying that he was sinful from conception. He then stated that God wanted not just ‘uprightness of heart’ on the surface but uprightness from the inside out. He wrote, “Behold, You desire truth (purity, wholeness of righteousness) in the INWARD parts (throughout every part)” (v. 6). The Message Bible really expresses this verse perfectly: “What You are after is truth (purity) from the inside out.” Many people are going to Heaven; but it doesn’t mean they’ve reached that place that God DESIRES believers to be. David then said, “Create in me a [wholly] clean heart.”

                What you seem to be missing is the area of heart sins and mental dispositions that are enmity with God. These are in christians. The very apostles had this problem: Jesus told them several times to go to the Gentiles and they wouldn’t do it till Jesus showed Peter a vision TEN years later to get up and go to the Gentiles. Why didn’t the apostles themselves go to the Gentiles when Jesus mandated them to and Peter preached it on Pentecost? INIQUITY. Because their minds were set against the idea as the minds of ALL Jews were. They still had prejudice against the Gentiles– AS THEIR FATHERS had had for many generations– though they probably didn’t want that to be true. Even after Peter went to the Gentiles, Paul had to rebuke him publicly because he was still holding on to that iniquity. But Peter was going to Heaven; however, he wasn’t going in that way that God is after which is spotless purity: “What You are after is truth (purity) from the inside out (wholly).”

                What I’m talking about here– racism– is a sin of the heart. Just like you don’t get to pick your race or physical features, you don’t get to pick and choose your sins of the heart; you only get to pick your sins you speak or act out. The others are chosen for you (sorry to say but the Bible and common sense are clear on this one). Every race and ethnic group and family and neighborhood and city and state and country has its own INIQUITIES. It’s not avoidable; but through the Blood of Jesus, it is ‘healable’. Denying it doesn’t make it go away but rather makes it reproduce itself “to the third and fourth generation of those who HATE Me” and then before the fourth generation runs out, it is just restarted again. Rinse and repeat. These are issues God “in times past winked on but now commands all men everywhere to repent” because the Day is drawing near and Jesus must have a pure and spotless Bride, therefore, He will be dealing with sins that have never been dealt with– namely ‘sins of the heart’. Trust me. It will happen, because the Church must be unified and must be pure and spotless before The Final Consummation.

                • snoopy

                  you are off topic.

                  you said blacks are not guilty of this but whites are..

                  • That’s correct, Marianne. White people are ‘guilty’ of racism but not black people the same way that females can be guilty of iniquities and sins that men aren’t and vice versa. Like everyone who wants to deny that racism is particularly a ‘white problem’, you want to accuse others of what white people are guilty of while saying white people aren’t guilty of it. But facts don’t accord with opinions. Any thinking person knows that. Opinions are personal; facts are permanent. A tree falls in a forest and no one is around; does it make a sound? Opinions say no, because opinions are personal (ie. “How do I feel about it? What do I think?”); but facts don’t respect opinions and know that a tree falling in a forest makes a sound and requires no human witness or opinion to make a sound. Natural pride makes humans make much of their own personal opinions. Since the Fall, pride and self-will (“This is what I think. This is what makes ME happy”) have always been the main problems within humanity, repeating themselves from generation to generation so that before birth, every baby is already guilty of both and only ‘matures’ in both after birth without the intervention of the sanctifying work of the Blood of Jesus. “There is none righteous, no not one.”

                    Each race and ethnic group has its own particular iniquities that it is guilty of while others are not guilty of it. You can duck and dodge all you want but you’re boxed in when truth is applied, and there is nowhere to run. Saying, “That person is guilty too” is no substitute for personal repentance. God calls all to repent whether or not others are guilty of what they are guilty of. You are taking it personal and aiding and protecting racism. You think it’s a personal issue where people point fingers at each other. But it has to do with God and what God thinks. Jesus said Peter would die in a way he didn’t want, and Peter said, “What about John?” Jesus told him not to worry about John because He deals with people differently BECAUSE people are different. You can deny and hide and run and dive and rolls and skitter and scramble all you want. Truth has a red-eye on all who fall under it. You can’t escape the truth, and in the end political correctness will mean nothing at all. People who are racist are racist and people who aren’t aren’t. I have seen black people respond to racism with hatred. Hatred is not racism.

                    Racism is an attitude of the heart, not just a feeling. Everyone has emotions (body), feelings (soul), and attitudes (spirit). These three are distinct. Racism is in the spirit or ‘the inmost place’ where iniquities hide which is why David said, “Behold, You desire TRUTH (sanctification, purity, total righteousness) in the INWARD PARTS (the spirit, the attitude, the REAL person)” because when one is sanctified from the inside, it affects everything else on the outside. Black people have reacted to racism with hostility, hatred, bitterness, violence. None of those reactions is racism; racism isn’t reactive but active as it is the real person. A reaction of hatred isn’t racism; rather, even the secular dictionary defines racism as an attitude of the heart: “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.” Beliefs lie in the heart or spirit or attitudes, not in the feelings (soul) or emotions (body). If you don’t understand these things, it’s because you don’t want to.

                    Racism is a world ruler and a MIGHTY stronghold that not only oppresses and represses people and people groups but also prevents people from connecting with God and being who God created them to be, because Racism assumes the place of God and determines each one’s value and where each one fits and what each one deserves. If your recourse is “Black people are racist too,” then you’re fighting a losing battle. One acts; the other reacts. Racism is the one who acts. Racism has nothing to do with what a person has done or not done but has to do with who a person IS; that’s why those who are racist also are prejudiced against each other (ie. they don’t even like each other) but are tied together by similarity. Racism is pride, and pride’s guaranteed partner is lovelessness: racist people don’t even love their own kind. They simply look down on those not like them. Use your eyes; stand in the ways and look. The racist don’t love each other; they love each his/her own self. It is self-absorption that cannot love even like-minded but that is turned outwards to different people as disdain and hate. In the end, we all see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe. But the fact that certain people have no ability or desire to love anyone but themselves is apparent. What do you think individualism is? You think that includes “love your neighbor as yourself”? You think Americans love each other? You have a lot to learn. I’m just looking forward to the truth manifesting along with driving rains and waves of revival that come with truth in a cursed nation that absolutely hates truth and boasts in its ability to lie, charm, and deceive. God help us all. And come quickly also.

                    • there is racism in ALL groups. that is my point. I do not evaluate someone on who they are, ie how they were born. but on their behavior.

          • Marianne, below is one of many videos about BLM vs. White People. Everyone has a say and an opinion. What I’m addressing here is the spiritual aspect or, more correctly, the stuff God wants to address. It’s sad that we’ve come to a time when you can’t say anything ‘negative’ about anyone because of a culture of fault-finding (where people wait till they’re angry before they become honest about ‘negative things’) rather than fact-finding. It’s important to go about all of this in a wise way which currently isn’t happening. Rather, it’s all opinions– some true, some false.

            As for Geroge Floyd and Trump’s response, this is the only issue where I disagree with Trump. Most black people (and then many white people) say that the police issue is due to systemic racism. That’s only the politically correct thing to say, especially when it comes to Democrats and Liberals. The real police issue is ‘abuse of power’ or ‘excessive use of force’. Police have been harassing and abusing every race for many years. They do generally come down harder on black people, but the main issue is their misuse of authority. Racism is a heart issue that can’t be addressed in secular venues (not really); abuses of power can. All Trump has to do to end the peaceful protests and take away ALL the excuses of rioters is to pass an executive order that simply states what has been overlooked for many years: any police officer who abuses his power or harms or kills a person unnecessarily MUST be prosecuted fairly by a non-law enforcement organization like the DOJ and FBI. The protests would cease IMMEDIATELY and the rioters would scatter when police and the National Guard are sent after them.

            If Trump makes punishment mandatory for police officers who use excessive force and abuse their positions, the police brutality will inevitably stop because police will be under the law (as they should be) just like everyone else, and they certainly do not want to end up in jail or get bad reputations. Unfortunately, Trump is overly protective of the military and law enforcement and will not pass such an order. The order is simply saying that everyone is equal under the law and that police– who should be held to a higher standard than everyone else– will simply be held to the same standard as everyone else. As it is now, police are protected by the same laws that prosecute civilians. This is an easy order to pass because not passing it will give ample excuse to rioters and other rebellious people who simply waited for and found an opportunity in Floyd’s murder. The Democrats, who have a long history of using non-whites, are already capitalizing on Trump’s inaction and claiming to be defenders of “people of color’ which is totally false. It’s very frustrating to watch such a simple solution as an executive order being neglected when the country is in chaos for no reason. With that, the issue of racism is supposed to be addressed within the churches, not in the world, and it would be good to see blogs that welcome its discussion (or discussion of ‘heart sins’ at all) because as it is now, there are none.

            • snoopy

              the law you request is already in place, so there is no need for an executive order.

              the problem lies in local courts, where judges disregard the law and excuse abuse, or let people off the hook.

              many of these judges are elected and can be voted out. so this needs to be rectified in November elections.

              • Marianne, apparently you’ve blocked my ability to post past a certain amount of words and said nothing to me. I’m starting to get the shadow ban and know I’m on my way out which is no problem to me. I’m looking for those who worship in spirit and truth, not those who have an opinion like every heathen does. I’ll break up my response here. The law is already in place. An executive decision is when Trump stands up and attacks and resolves the law enforcement issue as he has done everything else. He isn’t doing that. In every other matter, Trump has been a businessman– a take-charge, wrestle-and-overcome, no-nonsense person. But when military or law enforcement personell are ‘under fire’, then Trump becomes a politician and does more talking than acting. It would be easy for Trump to demand that each state punishes corrupt law enforcement. Even Giuliani, who cleaned up the Italian crime families in New York, didn’t take on law enforcement. Law enforcement happens to be the low-level enforcement arm of the globalists, and the only person with the gonads to stand up to them is Trump. Unfortunately, Trump loves ‘tough guys’, is friends with the UFC (mixed martial arts fighting) president Dana White, and states that 99.9% of cops are good.

                • But people needing justice don’t care who is good; people want bad to be punished even if bad is done by ‘good people’, and Trump is saying nothing about that. He circles the issue and states how much good he’s done for the economy and for black people. But holding law enforcement accountable has nothing to do with black people but with law enforcement. It can’t be rectified if Trump only wants to defend law enforcement which is what he’s doing. The pride that the Liberals constantly accused him of is now rising to the surface. When evil is happening, a leader must act. Everything else Trump does is right including using the National Guard and having the military on standby for the rioters. Everything but this. This isn’t unusual; in every good leader, there often is an impasse that they reach or some iniquity that suddenly comes to the fore at an inopportune moment.

                  For Abraham, the iniquity was lying (perhaps fear instead which caused lying) when he lied twice to two kings, stating that Sarah was his sister (and not his wife) in order to save himself; this iniquity or sin passed down to his son Isaac who the BIble records (for our learning) not only lied but told the same lie to a king, stating that Rebekah was his sister (and not his wife) in order to save himself. Moses’s iniquity (pride and anger), which he displayed when he killed the Egyptian surfaced shortly before Israel was to enter the Promised Land and prevented him from entering. David’s iniquity (connected to sexuality) surfaced with Bathsheba and then spread to his family when Adonijah slept with his wives in broad daylight. David’s iniquity traveled with Solomon who took 1,000 wives/concubines. Peter’s iniquity didn’t vanish because he was close to God and resurfaced after God chastised him for it and after he finally took the gospel to the Gentiles (Paul had to publicly rebuke him). Especially in the OT, you see iniquity travel from generation to generation and often hide itself, especially in leaders, until the moment when it can spring up. For Trump, the issue of having to confront and reprimand law enforcement has caused his pride or self-will (which is endemic and approved in America) to surface.

                  • As for revival, it requires repentance which means a change of mind. God changes people’s hearts; but only people change people’s (their) minds. This is the great impasse and always has been. The apostles’ hearts wanted to go to the Gentiles, because God had changed their hearts; but their minds opposed it because changing their minds was up to them and they hadn’t cooperated with that renewal process yet. (In later years, they did disperse to the Gentiles and we can safely assume that they cooperated with God and let Him transform them as they willingly gave up their personal beliefs and prejudices in return for God’s truth and will.) As long as christians hold to beliefs, doctrines, prejudices, how can there be repentance? Repentance has to do with a change of mind. The mind issue goes overlooked but is a giant of an obstacle when it comes to God’s Kingdom. When christians gather and their hearts are ‘right’ before God, what do you think stops Him from showing up and beginning to fan the embers of revival? It’s their minds. Hearts can be present and minds absent.

                    • After initial salvation [of the heart so to speak], the Bible immediately moves forward to salvation of the mind. Unfortunately, this isn’t talked about much nor does the Bible make it plain, but every single epistle is addressing the MINDS of the hearers. That is why the churches are told to do this and have that attitude. Why do you need to tell a believer to do what is right or common sense? Because the mind doesn’t care for common sense but for personal sense (ie. what one believes, thinks, and feels). The churches are being told to align their minds with their born again hearts/identity. “Because the carnal MIND is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be” (Rom. 8:7). Not one mention in the NT of a carnal heart. Being a christian never affects the mind. The mind has to be renewed; but when christians can only see good in themselves and are defensive of anything ‘negative’– which is commonplace in America since we are all gods here– then there can be no mind renewal as there is never any ‘internal gazing’ or self-honesty. Because the unrenewed (carnal) mind is HOSTILE towards God, this is why christians can ready the Bible, hear messages, know the right thing to do (people know this even before salvation, seen best in the parable of the good Samaritan), and not do what is right. christians can look at a fellow christian in need and know in their hearts that they should reach out; but their MIND disagrees and so they follow their mind. Therefore, a person’s mind cancels a person’s heart which is why Jesus is often left standing at the doors knocking. A person’s mind serves ONLY the person it occupies (with reasonings, justifications, etc. — 2Cor. 10:3-5) which means it makes sure the person it inhabits is protected, ‘safe’, and comfortable and in the need to keep things that way a person’s mind will bend everything and wend every way to fit what is convenient for the person whom the mind occupies. If this doesn’t explain the ongoing lack of genuine godliness in America (where the mind says, “Hey, hey. Don’t. Do and believe what is best for YOU”), then I don’t know what will.

                    • i agree

                    • As for racism in all groups, that’s a false. You feel ‘better’ believing that (as if believing will make it so) rather than renewing your mind to study and delve into it with a humble heart. There is ‘pride and prejudice’ and discrimination in every group, but there isn’t racism in every group. Racism comes from pride, but not every prideful person is racist. Saying that there is racism in every group is similar to saying that every family has a drug addiction problem (or any other physiological problem such as illnesses and diseases). This simply isn’t true. Drug problems are iniquities in some families, causing most or all members to struggle with the issue. Drug problems aren’t present in all families. My family line has an iniquity or weakness towards depression or anxiety (due to witchcraft in the ancestry); but there are no hooks for substances of ANY kind– not even caffeine. (Speaking of caffeine, did you notice that no one ‘needed’ coffee before it became a big thing primarily with Starbucks? Then even eleven-year-olds are saying, “I need my coffee.” So, what did they need before coffee became popular? It’s a fad. They don’t know it, but they are creating (ie. assembling together like an artist purposely creates a work) an iniquity of addiction and substance abuse by submitting to caffeine as a need when it in fact is not. Note that.) People have tried drugs, drunk alcohol, smoked cigarettes; but not one family member or relative has ever had an addiction of any kind (even with trying hard drugs). Rather, substances tend to repulse my family line. Does that meant there aren’t other problems in my bloodline? No. But it does mean there aren’t any addiction problems in my bloodline. Whatsoever.

                    • snoopy

                      you are delusional if you think SOME blacks are not racist also. I notice the BLM is targeting white neighborhoods and white cops for destruction and death. racism does occur in all groups, including blacks.

                  • snoopy

                    Trump has taken appropriate measures. it is not his job to micromanage every crime and every arrest. liberals are liars and false accusers. I hope you know George Floyd died in 2016. that was a CPR dummy the police were using to help start a riot, which worked.

                    • You’re very clear that you prefer politics and debate to gathering around God’s Word. It doesn’t matter if a George Floyd was even ever killed. There is a history of police abuse of power in America that should have been addressed many years ago. I am an impartial person, so though I support Trump, I’m not a blind follower. Trump has never said anything about chastising police for their abuses of power. It doesn’t matter who is in charge of doing it; it doesn’t even matter about executive orders; what matters is that Trump ADDRESSES police corruption. It has been going on for too long and criminals are being allowed to go free.

                      You pick and choose what to believe, who to support, and what to do and think God is pleased with that. You keep spouting what everyone can see on the surface (eg. black people attacking white people, etc.); but you want to avoid the HEART of matters and protect the idols that are in your own heart. You would much rather debate and argue than say, “What does God want christians to do about this?” and then doing it. Why does no one want to address the issue of racism? Why is it only the Liberals who are willing to take advantage of the hole that Conservatives have left regarding that issue? You really think people are hard to figure out. You are defending your own guilt by defending those who are guilty and then turning and accusing those who point out your own sins. Isn’t that arrogance? Do you have no sins and iniquities that you’re guilty of– no ungodly heart motives? But this is your comfort zone. Like most christians (which title I can’t spell with a capital C because they don’t follow Jesus Christ but a christ of their own choosing), you prefer to argue and debate than to address issues with a view towards resolution rather than blame. How predictable and how terribly sad. The Bible says that spirtual people– people who are “born of God” cannot be predicted just like the wind’s direction can’t be pinned down. Who are you following when you’re more eager to defend sin than to defend God’s Word? But you have a site where you post helpful things and you don’t physically harm anyone in your day to day life, so you’re a good person and are going to Heaven. Really? Who are the many who will say, “Lord, Lord, did I not”?

                      I won’t disturb your comfort zone. You don’t have integrity and pick and choose sides. Like every heathen, you’re either Conservative or Liberal, black or white, this or that. Those who are in Christ are not separated by any of those things. Drink deeply of your cup of denial. We all must appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ where no one will look good, decent, or righteous but those who hid themselves in Jesus and made only Him their righteousness (rather than defending their iniquities when even their righteous acts before God are filthy rags). Good luck. And don’t wake up. Let God’s Word be true. I want to see things play out the way they are supposed to. Now, why don’t we ever talk on your blogs about what God expects of christians and how christians are to approach God or treat each other? You can’t even see it. Like most christians, you’ve skipped over the primary three things (love God, love the brethren, and love your fellowman) and want to address all the things that are secondary and useless if the foundations are not in place. Then when someone disagrees with you, you make it an attack. What a shame that you can be predicted like anyone else. You make your own bed, so you’ll lie in it. “There is none righteous, no not one.” Spare me your beliefs. I never met a white person who could say, “White people have a history of racism” and left it that, so please don’t waste your time or mine on this issue. If you want to talk about something that you’re willing to ACT on, then let’s leave the controversial issues and discuss God’s requrements of christians. But you want to avoid that. It’s very unfortunate that I am right on this point. All your responses are defensiveness; who doesn’t defend themselves when right and when wrong? Do you have anything different to show anyone that any satanist posing as a decent person and any heathen can’t do? If you won’t enter the Kingdom now, don’t prevent those who want to enter now from entering.

                    • snoopy

                      I stick to facts. I address issues you bring up. but I will not tolerate false accusations . you are very judgmental, and your comments about me are wrong. I am trying to run an open forum but that does not give you the right to make value judgments on other people;s faith or character. I am not going to get down in the mire with you. this is a warning. no one died and made you God.

                    • Marianne, do what you want. I don’t care for back-and-forth. Everything is an accusation to you. You just accused me of having a God-complex and I’ve been saying that’s what racism is all this while. If you’ll ban me then go ahead and do it. You lack integrity and defend people who are guilty. Ban me if you want. What will I be missing? I already deleted all the emails between us since 2015.

                    • you take everything in a negative way when it is really not there.

                    • You defend wickedness and accuse others to justify yourself. We have nothing in common. If you will ban me, then do it now.

                    • I have allowed you to comment freely on this site for years. i have not criticized your views, but you attack mine and pass judgment on my character and faith if I disagree with you on this recent topic of racism – that blacks can be racist just like other groups. I do not defend wickedness. so stop this behavior. your aggression is not justified.

                    • You will believe what you will. Continue. According to the definition of racism, white people are racist and black people aren’t. White people have coerced every non-white race to kowtow to them all over the world everywhere they’ve gone. You defend racism and the racist because you are defending racism that is in you. Focusing on me won’t make me wrong; you have to look inside yourself. You defend wickedness and accuse others so you can justify yourself and defend your views. You’re self-righteous and prefer to think others are.

                      I’ve mentioned several encounters with God I’ve had and you’ve never said, “Tell me more.” But the Bible says and shows that those who walk after God are hungry and thirsty for Him, so where is your “As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for you, oh God”? If someone– anyone– told me that they had any experience or encounter involving God, I’d want to know every detail. That’s because my heart is hungry for God. But you have never asked for more information when I’ve shared any experience I’ve had with God. And you think that I believe that you are a godly person who is actually obedient to or loyal to God. Where is your “When can I go and meet with God?” Where is your “Take me to Jesus that I may see Him”? How can a person follow Jesus and not desire Him.

                      As I said before, if you will ban me then do it now. I’m not going to pick up and run. That said, talking to you makes me feel ill and agitated. It doesn’t take years of experience for me to know that it’s simply because your spirit is wrong. If it was just you and I here, you would’ve banned me long ago. But you’re concerned about what people will think. Do it. They’ll forget and you won’t have to worry. You’ll seem like a good person; but “no one is good but One, that is God.” Go on and do it.

                    • Marianne, I have heard that, too, from one Dr. William Mount on You Tube. Have you seen other sources for this news? He has some dire predictions. However, many of his previous ones have NOT come true. The next New Moon is on Sunday, June 21, Father’s Day. I wonder if we will have something happen like “The Northern Attack”, Ezekiel 38-39, Psalm 91, Joel 2.


                    • Marianne, I believe that “Snoopy” has commandeered YOUR site. I stopped reading his long-winded posts a while back. This is because he is always misguided in his views whether it’s about Scripture or now racism. It seems to me that he is a racist at heart. If someone like me points out his errors? He attacks me the messenger. If that does not work he blocks us! Pretty soon he will be the only one posting on YOUR threads. Now he is egging you on asking you to block him. PLEASE DO IT! I would have a long time ago!


                  • trump has signed an executive order regarding police abuse and safe police practices. in news today

                • I do not block your posts, although you do post long comments. the wordpress function may send comments to spam if they are too long or have multiple links. this applies to all people and their comments. so try to be more concise so I do not have to fish you out of the spam folder.

            • snoopy

              Trump has already sent in the National Guard to stop riots in target cities.

              • I saw the following video earlier today:

                I like Jesse Watters of Fox News because he likes people. Watching the above video reminded me of one passage when the religious leaders tried (for the millionth time) to trap Jesus and so He prophesied to them both for His day and for ours:

                “What do you think? A man had two sons, and he came to the first and said, ‘Son, go, work today in my vineyard.’ He answered and said, ‘I will not,’ but afterward he regretted it and went. Then he came to the second and said likewise. And he answered and said, ‘I go, sir,’ but he did not go. Which of the two did the will of his father?” They said to Him, “The first.” Jesus said to them, “Assuredly, I say to you that tax collectors and harlots enter the kingdom of God before you” (Matt. 21:28-31).

                Jesse Watters doesn’t love people because of a religion called christianity. Like the good Samaritan, he just loves people. I’ve always been happier around non-christians than around christians. That either makes me a heathen of heathens or I just rarely detect the Fragrance of Christ on christians. As Jesus said, many who’re first called (currently christians) will reject Him in their hearts while many heathens will end up receiving Him.

                Here’s a question: How many christians can say that when they interact with others, they sense God’s compassion for them or feel God’s sadness and anger at wickedness and injustice? Yet Jesus said, “God so loved the world” and David said, “God is angry with the wicked every day”. So how can a christian have fruits of the Spirit and not think or feel as God does? In 1Jn. 3, John gives some bedrock foundational qualities of a person who is in fact [currently] saved and will be saved [in the future at the judgment].

                “Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother. For this is the message that you heard from the beginning, that we should love one another… We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren. He who does not love his brother abides in death. Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him? My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth.”

                For clarity from the last passage, ‘love, laying down life’ always mean ‘practical action, deeds, application’; ‘passing from death to life’ means ‘future salvation is 100% assured’; ‘hate’ means ‘ignore, reject, neglect’; ‘murderer’ is ‘a christian who God will judge as a criminal/pagan/unsaved’:

                Any honest person (christian and non) who compares biblical religion to the American model will see almost no similarities. Possibly, only 0.94% (the percent God chose from Gideon’s army) of currently ‘practicing’ christians will actually be saved. Most christians can’t sense when ‘Jesus has left the building’ and has gone looking for a people who will be faithful to Him– “tax collectors and harlots” and good Samaritans. The signs of the times show that eventually and inevitably– before the end, as at the beginning– Jesus will again be seen in the marketplace at least eight times more often than in the church and that many pagans, heathens, and criminals will go to Him THERE and be saved.

  9. https://z3news.com/w/undercover-nurse-exposes-happening-covid19-pandemic-murder/

    Undercover nurse exposes what’s really happening with COVID-19 pandemic and it’s murder.

    it happen in queens , NY

    i hope this is not real news.

    • it is horrible, population control – illuminati agenda

    • The undercover nurse’s video/story is real, but there is also a lot of deception mixed in with the truth these days which means that many times people– like this nurse and Dr. Rashid Buttar– who are in fact honest and telling the truth and want to do the right thing are being manipulated by the enemy for his agenda (but God won’t judge the people who are being used for it because they are innocent and also unaware). The deception mixed in with the truth is one of the reasons the stories about CV-19 (in particular as it is nothing but a total lie), the protests and riots, and other current stories contradict each other even when the stories are coming from the same news network, organization, group, or person.

      Jesus said the deception in these days will be basically at the highest level in all history, so even good people– like John F. Kennedy Jr. who’s carrying on his ancestors’ (JFK, RFK, etc.) legacy to fight for freedom and justice, Brian Rose of London Real, Patrick Bet-David of Valuetainment, David Icke, and many others– who are telling the truth and desiring to do the right thing are unwittingly being corralled and manipulated by the enemy himself, using the globalists, Deep State, Illuminati, whatever you want to call that network of people.

      If you seek only the truth, not people who may or may not tell truth, then you will be safe. But if you seek people to follow or support, deception isn’t far away since your focus is the person(s) and not the truth. In mentioning the last days’ deceptions, Jesus’s focus wasn’t on events (though those will happen) but on people who deceive, therefore, it’s wise to focus on truth no matter who or where it comes from (because all truth inevitably comes from God) rather than on the person(s) communicating. I watched the full undercover nurse video a week ago here:

      • Snoopy, thanks , i am with a praying group, and our leaders have
        a lot knowledge of crimes of illuminati globalists, deep State, Illuminati, in US and All over world .

        yes, psalm 91, only under the shadow of almighty we could have rest and peace and assurance in this last days,

        may all of us have such peace in Christ. May God bring us into his peace.

        God Bless

        i felt so sad, because i have finished college in NY and worked in city 30 years ago , i knew this place elmhurst, ny ,
        it was a very poor town. so i felt sorry for people there.

        • QT, in these last days, a strong love for the truth– a willingness to embrace truth no matter what truth is– is going to be required to prevent people from falling away.

          As for Elmhurst, Dr. Rebecca Brown reported many years ago in here book ‘He Came to Set the Captives Free’ that the hospital she worked in was heavily staffed with satanist nurses, doctors, surgeons, etc. It’s not only her hospital. When this is the case in any hospital, then patients are sometimes purposely killed, left to die, further wounded, or leave the hospital with new problems, etc.

          I have a friend in New Jersey who told me that there’s a particular hospital there that he’s been to several times (I don’t know if it’s Inspira Medical or Virtua, etc.) where people inexplicably die or are left to die. This kind of thing happens every day– not just when mysterious viruses suddenly surface– sometimes done by occultists and other times done by the average person in the ‘hospitality fields’: healthcare workers, mental health workers, housekeepers, social workers, childcare workers, eldercare workers, restaurant waiters, airline stewardesses, etc.– any line of work where one’s job revolves around serving or meeting the needs of others and not the needs/desires of self.

          This is because while many people enter the hospitality fields eager to serve others, still their carnal flesh (which most are totally unaware that they have) does not want to serve others but wants others to serve it (that’s one reason that retirement and being rich are goals for so many). This attitude doesn’t change even if the job pays a lot of money. For this reason, many people in such fields– no matter how good life may be– are inexplicably miserable, unhappy, and bitter. In their eyes, they are at ‘the bottom of the ladder’, serving others rather than being served themselves.

          We overlook many, many things on a daily basis because we’re unaware and ignorant of many things that God would like for us to be aware of. These things are constantly happening around us and in the people around us. Becoming aware of them enables us to become co-partners with Christ in His work on earth: we no longer just pray willy-nilly but learn to pray what God wants us to pray and how God wants us to pray it. Then INEVITABLY things will begin to change– especially when there are “two or more” praying the right way.

          • amen, i with our group , we will pray for these patients, and ask God to stop theses injustice, Lord have mercy,

            thanks for your reminder and insights that i never thought about.

            yes , your words remind me that i heard one case happen in the inner city of San francisco hospital. satanist nurse in the hospital. .
            Lord Have Mercy !

            • My friend in Magnolia, NJ just texted me about the hospital. It’s in Woodbury, NJ and used to be called ‘Underwood’ but is now called ‘Inspira’. Now, about prayer:

              If you want faster answers from God, don’t just gather and pray. Rather, gather and ask God what He wants you to pray about. This seems somewhat nonsensical (it certainly gets overlooked often) but it’s the fastest way to make progress in any group of two or more, for the answers or solutions to any problems, etc. Let me share three examples of prayer in my life with three spiritual principles that were in place for each instance:

              1.) The Principle of UNDERSTANDING: I once got together with a christian lawyer and his co-worker for prayer. This lawyer had a pastor’s heart, therefore, he would just pray for everyone. “Oh God, bless our city. Bless the people. Bless the churches. Bless the businesses.” However, another christian friend who wasn’t present at the time had often told this lawyer friend many times to not just starting flapping his lips in prayer but to WAIT on God and let God lead how the prayer would go. The lawyer tried it before but could never wait. However, while he was praying that day, Jesus began to tell me what He wanted us to pray about (because God talks most to those who will listen). Like any smart commander, Jesus told us to pray not for the city or the people but for the “laborers” and ministers whom the Lord would use as VESSELS to bless the city and businesses and churches, etc. God always works from the roots up; He doesn’t bother about the need but focuses on the vessels who will co-partner with Him to meet the need. Here, I understood that what God does WORKS and that if something isn’t working (eg. prayer), then it’s time to ask God for what works.

              2.) The Principle of FAITH (understanding God): I went to a church where they were rotating pastors every week as they didn’t have enough money to pay for a permanent pastor (how nice). They had FOUR committees praying whether to a.) drain their wallets to hire a pastor, b.) keep rotating pastors every week, or c.) close the church and meet in their homes. Anyone with a business mind or/and enough Bible knowledge would say, “Number 3!” since paying 720 hours worth of money (ie. per month) for a building you use not up to 40 hours per month is idiocy and the Bible also favors house churches; however, God’s work doesn’t progress from the intelligence of the carnal mind. I wondered how so many people praying could have received no answers in months. As I was wondering about this, I didn’t even pray; but God gave me the answer: they should sell the church and keep the money and meet in homes, the non-religious environment of homes therefore deterring the religious and drawing the more sincere. House church would be the smart thing to do; but without God’s wisdom/input/answer, it would go nowhere. The answer made perfect sense to me (when God speaks, all the lights go on) and to the church when I told them. However, I found that they hadn’t heard from God to begin with (which was what puzzled me) because they didn’t want to do what He would tell them to do; their hearts were closed/hardened, so God couldn’t speak to them. Sure enough, they continued to rotate pastors as they didn’t want to give up the church building. Here, I understood that God solves problems and wants to solve ALL problems, so I wasn’t deterred by the issue or the fact that God had not answered FOUR different church committees.

              3.) The Principle of FAITH (love for others): there was a survivor of satanic ritual abuse (MK Ultra) I met online on a christian forum. She had recently escaped her family cult and was on the run with her little son. She posted that she needed $2,700 in order to have all she needed to leave the state and restart in another state. She asked for prayers. No one said a word; no one responded to her. No one had enough faith in God, and no one had enough love for others. The next day she said she’d received $200 but still needed $2,500. Then I responded and told her basically, “God knows you NEED the money, so I’ll go and pray and He will give it to you.” She thanked me and seemed to have faith that God was willing to give it to her. Everyone else was silent and just watched, probably thinking, “This guy is an idiot. God doesn’t really help people these days.” True, but He WANTS to, and people who understand that He wants to are the first channels of His doing so. I went and said the shortest, non-religious prayer: “Lord, You know this lady needs this money, and I know You want to give it to her, so give it to her.” The next day the lady posted on the forum and said that God had sent someone to anonymously drop exactly $2,500 in her mailbox and that she had what she needed. She thanked me profusely and said, “You must have a direct line to God.” I wasn’t surprised at all and told her I didn’t have a direct line to God at all, but that FAITH does. This principle works for everyone, not just a special or unique few, group, clergy, or whatever one thinks he is and is not. Here, I understood that God does love people, starting with His own people, and that without any doubt at any time, and when no one is there to be His hands and feet, He always and still wants to supply the NEEDS of His people (including physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, supernatural needs just as when Jesus was on earth).

              The following song says, “It is His will that EVERY NEED BE SUPPLIED”. Every need. Every need. Every need. Burdened with the cares of life and the fact that life doesn’t care for us, we forgot that God cares. We don’t believe He wants to meet ALL our needs, but He does. “My God will supply ALL your needs according to HIS riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Php. 4:19). But no less than 90% of God’s riches IN CHRIST are meted out to others through those (vessels) who are IN CHRIST– the humble who acknowledge their need for the Body and are willing to do the work of faith and love and not just pray, preach, and talk. All this will begin to make more and more sense in coming days as the darkness grows darker causing those who are IN CHRIST to be distinguished from those who say they are, because the spiritual Light of Christ in them will be more readily-spotted in the midst of darkness just like with natural light. Wait on God with your people in prayer. Believe me, He never waits long when two or more people wait on Him. He shows up immediately (within exactly two and five seconds) and then it is up to those gathered to not drive Him off but to keep waiting and let Him lead them. Step by step. He always shows up for “ALL who call on His Name”.

              “The darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you. The Gentiles (non-christians) shall come to your light, and kings (the famous and sought-after) to the brightness of your rising” (Isaiah 60:2-3).

              • If you want faster answers from God, don’t just gather and pray. Rather, gather and ask God what He wants you to pray about. This seems somewhat nonsensical ,

                and ask God what He wants you to pray about. !!!!!!!

                amen and amen

                • qt

                  sometimes god does not indicate an answer to this request. so pray anyhow, and follow the leading of the holy spirit.

                • Yes, too many people are praying for things they don’t need to pray about or are praying wrongly or amiss. I’ve had many experiences that continually proved the Bible to be correct (inerrant) and that recognize all things not according with the Bible as false, including experiences. Below is just one experience that proves that if you “draw near to God… He will draw near to you” as well as just one Bible example of the need to get God’s wisdom on what and how to pray when gathered together.

                  1.) “There I am.” Psalm 133 concisely addresses two foundational requirements for God’s blessings to be on and fall on and continue with christians which are Order & Unity. When brethren are united in the Spirit and God’s order is present (in Ps. 133 symbolized by Aaron and the priestly order), the Bible says, “THERE the Lord commanded (mandated) the blessing.” My first day at a house church about nine months ago, we were opening with prayer and immediately I sensed the Holy Spirit nearby. After I made sure no one else had received something from God to share, I shared what I was now seeing in the moment: the Holy Spirit had gathered above that house (only that house in that neighborhood) in the form of gray, rain-heavy clouds. I reported to the others that He was willing to enter but that things in that house had to be set in ORDER first. (Nothing about unity yet; it was order first.) But no one made room (because the wife of the house didn’t let them) and so the Holy Spirit didn’t enter. At the time, I didn’t know that the wife who led the church was a bossy Jezebel and her husband a passive Ahab and that it was THAT abominable relationship that had to be put in correct order first before God would ever enter. So, the Holy Spirit ‘gathered together’ as clouds above us because we were ‘gathered together’. If there was order with the couple and we opened our hearts to Him, He would begin to enter as a drizzle. If that happened, then the more we let Him in, the heavier the rain would get until, if we continued to let Him in, He would have come in Himself (ie. the cloud). When especially charismatics gather and experience gifts of the Spirit (etc.), they think that means the Holy Spirit is in the building; it doesn’t. It means the Holy Spirit ‘from on high (nearby) gave gifts to men’. He does this to see if people will open their hearts which will then ‘prepare a highway for Him’ to come to them, because God doesn’t presence a place where people are closed to Him. Ever. The ‘spiritual experiences’ like words of knowledge, visions, etc., are ‘sent’ by the Holy Spirit (through the gifts in people) or are delivered by angel. When the Holy Spirit enters a place, it is not at all the same as when the gifts are operating (etc.) because the Holy Spirit comes to bring conviction and repentance and to make christians holy so that just as the Holy Spirit uses gifts (etc.) to prepare people for His presence, He uses His presence to prepare people for Jesus’s presence or for the Father’s presence.

                  2.) “A Revealer of Mysteries.” When King Nebuchadnezzar was killing ‘the royal occultists’ because they couldn’t tell his dream and interpret it, Daniel (who was considered to be one of them as the Babylonians didn’t know a power other than occult power) told him to hold off till Daniel and his three friends sought God for the solution to the mystery. In other parts of the Bible, we see people interpreting dreams and visions; but we never see anyone uncovering the dream or vision that needed interpretation and then interpreting it. Until here. Daniel didn’t know what the dream was, so he couldn’t interpret it. In prayer, God gave him and his three friends both the dream and its interpretation. When this happened, the king, who was well-acquainted with the spirit realm, recognized God as unique to the Babylonian gods since the occultists could only receive dream interpretations if they were told the dream first but couldn’t receive an unknown dream and its interpretation. The king called God one who reveals mysteries. This particular instance is similar to not just getting together and rolling forward with prayers which is like saying, “I have the dream; now I need its interpretation so let’s pray for that.” When people get together to pray, there is a lot more they don’t know than what they know. It’s best to tell God, “Give us both the dream and the interpretation” (the prayer and its answer) rather than to suppose, “We have the dream. We only need Your help when it comes to the interpretation.” God has not only the interpretation but the dream as well. Every time. Why not just ask Him for both.

      • John F. Kennedy Jr. = – QAnon ?

      • Brooklyn doctor use 3 common drugs to heal corona virus, but the liberal /globalist do not allow people to use them, hydroxychloroquine very old medicine ,


        • he treat people as outpatient setting, his patients got healed by these 3 drugs.

          • thanks , Snoopy , very good insights, ! i pray that Lord God make all of us to be the Truth Lover , Jesus is the Truth , way and life.

            God Bless

        • HCQ works along with Zinc or/and Vitamin C. The globalists are suppressing it so their agenda can move forward. It’s all happening like it was predicted long ago and like it must. satan knows these things will lead to his doom and believes the prophecies but is so reprobate that he must steal, kill, destroy and drive his rocket sled into the Lake of Fire where he knows he is headed. (Isn’t that wonderful? He is ruled by sin and so can be predicted almost to a T.)

          As for JFK Jr., he might be Q-Anon; however, whatever is coming from Q is heavily-monitored and, I believe, controlled. The Kennedys are one of the top Illuminati families (as is the Onassis family). That means that they will all be heavily demonized and mind-controlled through [MK Ultra]. So, if one of them goes off doing the right thing, that person will be under heavy guard, monitoring, and manipulation. John Kennedy confused the globalist plans– like President Trump, a Kennedy friend, is doing now– because somehow (from somewhere) there was a righteous seed in the Kennedy line. Bobby Kennedy also inherited that righteous seed. Both men spoke out against corruption, criminality, and secret societies (imagine that).

          Mind control can’t control a person’s heart/character/true person– only their overall mindset (belief system). That righteous seed in the Kennedy family seems to have passed down to some of the second-generation [from JFK] Kennedy children like JFK Jr. It means he can have the right heart but will be monitored and manipulated. Every form of information that is outward (ie. anything a person can hear, read, see, etc.) can be corrupted or influenced by the enemy, so I wouldn’t lean on sources or look to people as I said before.

          If you look for truth– rather than information or personalities– you will begin to see, hear, perceive, and find truth everywhere and will begin to see past personalities, facades, news reports, etc., because you are looking for truth itself (facts) and not aren’t distracted by facades and personalities. You will begin to know the people around you on a more personal level (you’ll know when people are struggling even if they deny it, etc.) and apprehend many things on a deeper level. The Bible calls this “understanding”. It comes to those who are after the real facts. Solomon says that Proverbs was written for the readers “to understand a proverb and an enigma, the words of the wise and their riddles” (Pro. 1:6).

          Proverbs, enigmas, and riddles are all ‘hidden, unclear things’. ‘Understanding’ helps you to perceive and have full or deeper grasp of things (good and bad things) that lie beneath any and every veneer, and this applies also to God Himself. When the Canaanite woman asked Jesus to deliver her daughter from a demon, Jesus pretended like He only cared about the Jews; but the Canaanite SAW THROUGH that veneer of His and ‘understood’ that though His mission was only to the Jews (in that moment), He had a heart for all people. Jesus responded to her ability to perceive through His veneer and said to her, “Oh woman, great is your faith!” (Matt. 15:21-28).

          The word ‘faith’ there has to do with ‘understanding’. The Canaanite woman could see right past Jesus’s veneer, past His seeming harshness. To her, He sounded prejudiced like all the Jews who looked down on Gentiles, BUT she had the understanding to see past His harsh facade that He was actually GOOD and not prejudiced against the Gentiles like the Jews were. Jesus often uses ‘faith’ to mean ‘understanding’ (and vice versa) through the NT because He wants His people to not look on outward appearances like carnal people but to see people, things, and issues as He does– right past the veneer/facade and to the heart, the roots, the foundations, the origins, the beginnings. When people look at people and things as God does, they are constantly looking to draw what lies beneath right to the surface. This is because they know that the more one sees things the way God does (ie. the way they in fact are), the more one can approach things as God does and would:

          “Counsel (motives, intentions, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, character) in the heart of man is like deep water, but a man of understanding will DRAW IT OUT” (Pro. 20:5).

          So approach all the Q-Anon, Trump, Deep State, all the ongoing and coming issues with a desire to understand ‘what lies beneath’ rather than looking at things on the surface. You can ask God to give you eyes of understanding to see this way. If you’re sincere (and keep asking), He will do it because 1.) it aids your relationship with Him and 2.) it aids His work on earth. Then everything will suddenly begin to unravel, become clear, and make sense.

        • thanks , Snoopy , God bless

          we do not trade with satan , Matthew 5: Jesus encounter temptation in the wildness.

          our group leaders said that illuminati members trade with satan to get power, money fame………. .
          never never trade with satan.

          pastor bobby conner said that satan appeared before him, it look like a handsome prince, he offered worldly riches to pastor bobby ,if he stop preaching the gospel .

          • Right. Never trade, ally, agree with satan. satan has appeared to many people and often is described the same or similar– a prince or a Spanish prince. Angels close or closest to him also appear to people sometimes to bribe or deceive them. Like the angels closest to God, the angels closest to satan closely resemble him, so some people who have seen some of these angels may believe they have seen satan instead. But no matter who one sees, this is an area where people should run hard and fast from (similar to how Paul said to “flee sexual immorality”). The occult or the things tied directly to satan and those princes around and near him are always dangerous which is why God was so strict about it all in the OT. It is never worth it for people who contract with satan and don’t bail out for salvation but remain with satan till the end.

            • yes, contract, – by your great wisdom in your ” trade ” you have increased your wealth, and your heart has become proud in your wealth— book of Ezekiel 28 – describe satan

              yes, i guess , pastor Bobby mention spanish prince,

              • He probably mentioned a Spanish prince. I’ve met him before, particularly at night in 2001 when he appeared with two other angels (because fallen angels usually move in ‘trinities’). They all looked alike except for wearing slightly different colors.

                The angel who looked like and dressed like a Spanish prince (the old, Gothic clothing) wore a cloak but also cloaked his identity from me so that I wouldn’t know who he was. All I sensed in him was a cold efficiency (like the inside of him was nothing but a totally still frozen winter night) and a TREMENDOUS amount of authority that still managed to emanate through through his attempt to smother/cloak it and nearly pushed me over. I knew this angel was exceptional as in a chief among angels; but the ‘cloaking’ made it hard to understand that there is only one chief among angels. I didn’t clearly recognize this prince as satan not only because he was purposely cloaking his identity but because he also spoke with the two other angels not as a superior or subordinate but as if they all were peers. But then, deception is what satan does; afterall, who would he have to be to cloak his identity?

                He was very dignigied and spoke courteously though his plan was to take me captive. He moved in a very stately manner (like opening and closing doors with passive hand gestures) and you could tell he was from ‘a royal line’ (ie. Heaven). He wanted me to be a part of his ‘bride’ which, in his world, means ownership/bondage. The next year in 2002, I happened across Anna Rountree’s book ‘The Heavens Opened’. In chapter 9, she met satan while Jesus was showing her the enemy’s realm. Except for the jewel-encrusted velvet robe (in my encounter, it was a high-collared black cloak) and the black palace (in my encounter, it was a white mansion), Rountree’s description fits mine basically to a T.

                Some years later, I watched an ex-witch on YouTube give her testimony. She said there was a ceremony where satan appeared. The ceremony involved witches who were called ‘brides of satan’– people whom he totally owned. The ex-witch described him the same way I saw him: he looked and was dressed like a Spanish prince. That video has since been pulled from YouTube. Here’s an excerpt of Rountree’s account and a link to read the book free:

                “High in the black palace at a lightless window, a solitary figure appeared, looking at us. From a distance, one could sense his power, authority, and extreme loneliness. Yes— loneliness—separation, isolation, and a cold, cold heart. He looked like a Spanish prince. He wore an elegant black velvet robe encrusted with jewels; he was tastefully and perfectly groomed.”


    • vaccine, covid 19 lead to mark beast, they are forerunner of mark of beast .

      • qt, I have written what “The Mark of the Beast” IS many times on these threads. Just why are YOU not understanding IT? Floors me!


        • thank you for your info and input, but there is some difference concept and understanding between us,

          God Bless

          • qt, I understand. But, please, just remember. There is ONE truth about salvation NOT many. There is ONE way: THE WAY. In the Bible Yahshua the Messiah said so Himself.
            Blessings to you as you seek it.


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