Dream – Angel of Death Twice


Why twice?

Dream was September 13, 2014

I have had dreams about the Angel of Death before, but I have never had 2 visits in one night, in one dream.

I remember the angel came the first time, and then just left.

I was not doing anything significant to make him leave.

Then he came again, and I was blessing the wine in a chalice/ cup.

He turned and left again.

He never speaks.

He just stands there.

I wonder why he came twice.

There is a lot of danger in this country now, and we should be alert.

There are those who wish death upon us, and so we should be vigilant, and pray for God’s protection.

*** note September 19, 2014

I just recalled a news story I had ignored about a satanic black mass in Oklahoma city set for September 21, 2014.

There may be a connection between this dream and that event. 

I was blessing the wine in a chalice, a cup used by Catholics for communion.

The death angel  may have been associated as punishment for blasphemous mockery of communion, which is what a black mass does.

I may have been seeing the death angel coming due to this black mass ( as well as a statue of Baphomet in the city hall) in Oklahoma City..

Maybe he appeared twice because there were two offenses….the statue and the black mass.

See the following post.


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  1. I agree Marrianne

  2. “Look up, you redemption draws nigh”

  3. what do you mean blessed chalice? Two occurrences means God has established it. I would pray that God will bring mercy and revival and not the justice we deserve. did you feel it was for you? I would be praying for your family.

    • I was praying over the wine, as if to receive communion….bread and wine

      • Marianne,

        Since you’ve clarified your dream by identifying the cup as communion and you see “the Angel of Death” – this added information leads me to this passage.

        “Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty concerning the body and blood of the Lord.

        Let a person examine himself, then, and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup.

        For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body eats and drinks judgment on himself.

        That is why many of you are weak and ill, and some have died.

        But if we judged ourselves truly, we would not be judged. But when we are judged by the Lord, we are disciplined so that we may not be condemned along with the world” (1st Corinthians 11:27-32, English Standard Version).

        It your dream and for you to discern.

        Psalm 34

        • why would you think I was drinking unworthily?

          jesus commanded us to “do this in remembrance of him”

          I was blessing the wine..not cursing it. ??

          • Amen….no further comment on the post above yours….may the Lord bless you as He always has…it is not easy to be a christian & the Lord will show His saints only what they can handle…ha! & opinions will run rampid, showing the Lord & us who’s who….

  4. i have always said; when the angel of death comes for me, he will see me smiling. (and i do not joke about things like that).

  5. Twice could be as a second witness?

  6. 2 people standing outside the cave, marianne. remember the visions i told you about what 2014 was to me. if by the end of 2014 you no longer see posts from me you will know why.

    • john

      please remind me….i cannot remember

      • marianne; when i was 7 years old i had a dream, in the dream there were 3 people myself and two others,a man and a woman, we were standing outside a cave, i knew that inside the cave was a being of horrible power, there was a small ledge in the upper right edge of the cave wall, i told the two people to stay outside the cave and try to distract that which was within while i crawled onto that small ledge to get behind the being and kill it, i knew before going into the cave i would not come back out alive in this physical body, but i had no fear. i had the same exact dream when i was 27 years old, then i had the exact same dream when i was 47 years old. in the dreams the same date was their;the year 2014.

        • john

          that is overwhelming…we ( true believers) seem to be destined to challenge the monster satan in this world….I can see us using our last efforts to kill him before we leave this earth….I have a life insurance policy before me that I am getting ready to sign and send off, since I feel things are imminent for me……

          • marianne; you can no doubt understand that 2014 is upon me, and in my minds eye in 2014 something very prophetic is going to happen to all on this earth. i have an insurance policy also; the book of life. God bless and have no fear.

            • I am not afraid either, except for my children who are not saved..what will unfold before the end of the year? there is a lot predicted to happen, but I am waiting to see what happens when…

              • we have the promise ! GOD said; I SHALL WIPE AWAY ALL TEARS, FOR THE FORMER THINGS ARE GONE, AND I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW./////// all of us as Christians worry about all of our loved ones and where they will spend eternity. the promise ; when you get to heaven, and you find not someone you knew in this life, in an instant the memories of anyone you knew will be erased from memory for all time. so how could we weep for someone that God himself has erased from our memories. this is the compassion of GOD.

                • that is not what I hope for…to forget my children 😦

                  I am holding on to the promise that is in this open vision ( I was awake) of 2 rainbows:


                  • marianne; you got my meaning wrong. :>) ; what i meant is ; example; i go to heaven, i find out my brother did not make it into eternal life in heaven, he ended up in the lake of fire. GOD in stating; I WIPE AWAY ALL TEARS; this means when we get to heaven and on judgement day someone we loved or just knew here on earth, is told to depart from me i never knew you, and we know what that means, we could never be happy in heaven unless GOD removes the memory of those who perished for everyone that enters into eternal life with God and Christ. i would have no memory of my brother ever existing . so it would be impossible for me to feel horrified about my brother, because God removed the very memory of him ever existing. do you understand this? i think you do.

                    • yes I do understand, but it does not change the fact that I know ahead of time that this will happen and my sorrow is in this life.

                • John – I do not recall a passage in the bible that states memories of anyone we knew will be erased from memory for all time. Are you referring to Revelation 21 ?

                  Rev 21:4 “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”

                  Many time when people refer to the bible I try to go to that passage and read it for myself as well as its context.

                  • denise; the verses you quote are correct. understand the meaning when God says; i shall wipe away all tears. if we were in heaven and knew someone we knew or loved went to the lake of fire, how could we possibly be happy and not feel horrible, because we would know where they are spending eternity. this is the meaning of wiping away all tears; no remembrance of anyone you ever knew that did not go to heaven. no remembrance means exactly that. how can you feel bad about someone when God has removed them from memory. (do you understand now?).

        • AtMarianne, Do you remember me telling you about the scary attacts/visions I had many years ago that sent me running to the church for verification of what I was seeing & the prayers to over come??…one of many scenarios was this: one night a group of seven, black hooded beings in black capes,about 5′ tall appeared in my room. They each had a neon like dagger, they were standing in line, rotating their daggers in a circular motion as they walked toward me. Of course I was petrified, at first. But I prayed as I was lying on my bed, in their full view. I prayed that my God Almighty would hide me under the shadow of His wings…I prayed silently & didn’t move. I believed in God’s powerful word. All of a sudden the demons were literally scurrying around my bed looking for me as if I had disappeared, they gave up & left!!..God hid me under His wing in plain site…I actually laughed with amazing thankfullness & joy…I was empowered by His Spirit…There are so many scriptures that provide us with verses of protection..I know you know what they are so I won’t quote the long list. Maybe it’s time to revisit them for all of us. We know the devil comes only to destroy & steal, but greater is He in me than he in the world!! Jesus told satan to be gone, we must do the same. Ps.91:1-16 is comforting in these end times. According to scripture we have the power to trample scorpions, etc.& every evil thing…God is showing us these things to reach out & trust in him…it is not our job to rid the world of satan, it is our job to pray in active obedience to His word. God the Almighty has the plan for satan..love, peace & blessings to all…

        • Hi John, and all,

          An interesting dream that was, and youve had it thrice now, and all related to 2014.

          What however do you know about the numbers 47, and also possibly 27, and 67?

          That caught my attention, the 47 especially. Please ask Marianne if she could forward to you an email I had posted her some months back in regard to the mystery of 47.

          To arouse your attention, 47 years old was the age at which Obama Snr died in a road accident in Nairobi, then only for his son to attain the US presidency at that age. Coincidence? No, but a definate mark of something else.

          Thanks for sharing.

          One more thing, in regard to 14, the meteorite called Thika, fell in 2011 July at the place name environ, and being gathered,it weighed in total 14.2 kg, and was 14 composite fragments. The region is also home to the fourteen falls, so called for the distinct fourteen channels the fall is composite.

          Now there was from Marianne about a South American prophecy that a meteor would fall on Puerto Rico in 2014 at 2 am? The Meteorite Thika was 14.2kg. The 2, in a 12 hour/month for a day/year should be the key. And when to begin accounting is when the chalice is blessed, and given that to be the Jewish new year/Seventh month, well the second visitation of the death angel against earth, the 2 am of the Puerto Rico disaster, and the .2 from the Thika 14.2kg meteorite, ought to signify the time for great trouble at October this year.

          Incidentally, this time in October also shall be the second anniversary of the Super storm Sandy, which in Manhattan environs the last time I checked was reported to have claimed 47 persons.

          Whats the point of all these dreams, occurencies from all around the globe, if not to be shared and help uplift one another spiritually?

          God bless

          • john; the dreams i had and the time (my age) were;7,27,47, the only thing that made me realize this was something that would happen to me is obviously the exact same dream coming 20 years apart. i am 58 if God wills i will be 59 in December of this year, but i will not be around after December 31 after 11:59:59 on that date. this is what i believe. (not worried about that at all).

            • Its graceful how your attitude is towards facing death. Let us leave it to God’s will though, how that future will be.

              The cave analogy in your dream does compare with Plato’s cave. For all inside of the cave explain the stautus of a closed mindset, that is unable to percieve reality for what it truly is. Its a dangerous thing to remain within the cave, for as long as one remains there, they never shall percieve reality.

              As you were out of the cave, and knew what was within it, it could refer to the year in which both you, and the world get to experience a grand awakening to truth. And not necessarily your physical departure.

              Though departing ought not to be looked upon in any level of fear, and as people die at all times, a dream as powerful as yours ought not to be of private application but rather generally of what the world will face in 2014.

              Be blessed.

              • John; it is possible that what my visions in these 3 dreams has something to do with a spiritual event for others then just me, but i have had many visions in my lifetime and usually they have a direct message if it is for someone i know or am acquainted with. and i always leave it up to God, that his will be done. but to have such exact dreams (visions) down to the last detail at the very young age of 7 then it not return again until i was exactly 27, then again not until i was 47. and not ever having it again. the sureness within the visions of knowing i would not survive was extremely embedded within me. ever since i was a child i never was afraid of dying, i have always known where i am going. this has been the greatest blessing God ever gave to me. what can man or spirit do when you are not scared of physical death, and i know Lucifer knows this. when i was born back in December of 1955 , i was 2 1/2 months premature and weighed 2 lbs.5 ounces, i was told the doctor said it would not be possible for an infant under those conditions could not possibly survive. well, i am here and there was a purpose for the impossible to be possible. i do hope that whatever happens this year; it makes some difference in this evil world.

  7. We face death every day we live. This could be for you or any of us, health issues,world terror, etc. I always say, we live on borrowed time. When it is “our” time; as believers, we cannot help but rejoice! This is Not our home…

    • susan

      Maybe it is because this world is so awful now, that I think there is nothing holding me back from leaving..and this personal death wish is manifesting…..I have suffered a lot in life…..I love God but I am starting to hate this world….this of course excludes true believers….and those who would be saved, if someone helped them…but most do not want to be saved, and most would crucify jesus a second time if they had the chance.

      • My heart weeps the same; lately I have to pray daily for the will to live, I am weary, my body failing; most of all I hate this world more & more as you. I have lived a long life at 61, so understand what you write.

        I will pray for you;

        We can gain strength from HIM alone.

        I too am alone very, but Know HE is with me!

        HIS time to go, not ours… HIS will be done, not ours.

        Thank you for sharing your dream & thoughts to us here, John others’ are feeling the same birth pangs.

        It touched many of us with true reality.

        Our life here is but a vapor…

        Hang on to Our Hope, Marianne. It is hard, I know, love, nourish our temple>body. Rest in HIM.

        ~Speaking to self~

        In Jesus Love

        • amen

          • Keep focus on HIM, The Great I AM
            the enemy wants us to see & focus on what he is doing to fear his evil & draw us away from> Our Blessed Hope~

            Fear only GOD

            EYES only on JESUS, or we sink into despair.
            SET our Will, give thanks 🙂
            ~speaking to self~

            • susan; FEAR ONLY GOD ! absolutely correct. let me tell you of something i did 15 years ago. (understand i am not boasting) i have a black british made trench coat, 15 years ago i started embroidering by hand with colored floss on the back of this coat, it reads: I FEAR ONLY GOD. under this is the symbol for infinity, under the symbol i placed; ^ to you./ i have received all kinds of remarks over the years, many just came up to me and said; i like your coat. others thought i was trying to say i was a tough guy, they did not understand the meaning. and a few christians thought what i had placed there was intimidating. which i found rather strange. this is one way God led me to get a point across to anyone who was walking behind me; it is up to you where you are going to spend eternity.

              • Thanks for sharing John, good witnessing tool, your coat. 🙂
                We all need to encourage each other here with Truth, or our words are in vain~
                HIS Will be done!

                * No, in ALL these things, We are More than conquerors’ through HIM who Loved Us! Romans 8:37 🙂

      • Marianne,

        I am sorry, but I do not feel this is a dream from God. Father comforts you even if you have had a warning of some sort. You need more discernment.Father does not operate this way.

        Satan ALWAYS discourages. The Holy Spirit comforts and would not make you depressed but Jesus always gives you hope.

        Pray about this ok?

        It sounds like Satan is trying to scare you and make you hopeless.

        That is NOT the heart of the Father but from the enemy.

        Satan can give you dreams too. I feel a root of bitterness has crept into your heart and made it diffucult for you discern the voice of the Spirit properly when you used to be “seeing” more clearly about things. That can happen.

        Just ask the Father to show you what’s going on with your heart and let Him reveal it to you.

        • I am not afraid…I think it was good that the angel went away when I prayed…this shows faith in god and prayer protects us…

          besides, I am not afraid of the death angel…I have seen him before….

          the death angel works for God, not satan

          I am not going anywhere until God decides it is time.

          • Marianne, glad to hear! Prayer changes us!
            Our heart can get discouraged, all of us know this, whether it is admitted here or not.

            But you Lord are a shield about me, a Glory, a “lifter” of my head!
            Psalm 3:3

          • That’s good that you are not afraid- God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear.
            So are you saying you saw the “death angel” in your dream as it was a symbolic representation in your dream about the destruction that is coming for the wicked and those who have refused to repent? As a “warning”?

            Perhaps it is the way that you worded it that I am not seeing this as a “good’ thing.

            Yes, God controls everything…He allows death to come to a wicked world for lack of repentance. Sometimes much death.Just read the prophets. He said judgment is coming.I think you understand that as you have written about it.

            But for those who are repentant, He promises to protect and to watch over them. Sometimes He lets some of them die a martyr’s death as well. But they will receive their crown. Father gives the grace to endure.

  8. The dream might also be speaking the fact that if we stand with our principles and keep our traditions, evil can not approach us.

  9. Its the time for reaping the earth and September 14, year 2014, signifies a particular mystery. For at the end of this current lunar cycle, as we commence the next natural year, then the earth begins to be reaped in a space of two years following, whose reaping, when we talk of tares of humanity refers to destruction, hence the angel of death.

  10. Marianne I live in Australia I was at the beach with a Christian friend a 3 headed star appeared before us joined by 3 tails it was an amazing site, we were surrounded by hundreds of people and when we asked them did they see it everyone said No. Later I was told to go inside and open my bible a page fell out and the Star of Wormwood was highlighted to me, that night I had a dream of 3 star like fires approaching the earth I saw the middle star
    hit the earth, it was total destruction, it was New York the only way I knew
    that was I saw the tip of the Empire State Building protruding from the ground, I was then in a bookshop, I was with my brother led to a book I opened it the page was chapter was called The Star, it was a book on prophecy, yes look up the answers are in the heavens.

    • glenn

      that is an interesting experience…worthy of some reflection…so what does the 3 headed star mean?

      a spiritual thing : beast, antichrist, false prophet?

      a real star with 3 visible parts coming?

      Wormwood is coming for sure…the bible is the truth…..

      people say america is mystery babylon which will be destroyed…and maybe we are the “star” that falls….

      if you have any further insights, let me know….

  11. As you know, there is a lot going on and you are concerned for others. This concern could be coming out in your dreams as your brain tries to get ready for another day of evil in the world.

    G-d spanked Old Knob’s evil twice. At Passover and when Christ was murdered willingly for his creation. I suspect G-d knows your heart and wants you to know G-d will take care of business at the correct time.

    Hang in there. We turned our backs on G-d first. Now, we pay, but G-d loves us still as a lot of people love G-d and are praying hard for G-d to step in.

    • maybe it is my own death wish to get out of this evil world and be with the Lord…..not sure.

      or maybe it is because I can feel death around me in general….ISIS/ Islam has plans to target elementary schools and shopping malls next

      • Who knows what the dreams mean,but, like you said, death is coming, it is creeping slowly everyday, inching closer to our world. I have no answer for you, but I do hope you find the answer you are seeking.

        I had a dream nearly two weeks ago. But before this dream, previously during the day I watched a film called Holy Ghost -it was very interesting – and I enjoyed the simple peace that the film brought.

        But later that night, I went to bed. Me and my wife lay on a big fold out couch type of bed, so she lays face to face with me, and in my dream we were in the same position,and I opened my eyes and I saw her with her eyes white and open and she grabbed me from the sides of my ribcage while making some sort of strange noise.

        Not sure what how I felt, maybe not scared, but a bit uneasy and nerve wrecked a tad. It was weird and I don’t know what it meant, but I can only guess wildly.

        Also I read an article on shoebat today about a satanic church who is going to begin handing out satanic information and material to children in schools, because they are trying to exercise their free rights, speech and so on and feel if children can have bibles and God and information, then it works for the latter as well. The worst part is that the school board approved it. Not good at all.

    • ps I just finished watching some videos of BO giving a 911 address…turns out it was just a computer generated image with proof…so we heard his voice but saw a fake image….”image of the beast” is here

    • Leatherneck,

      Here are the videos Marianne was watching – as she referred to them in her reply to you.




      The son of perdition is soon to be revealed, but Marianne wants to keep it a secret.


      Rev. 12:11

      • a secret?

        do not get carried away….I never said I would keep it a secret….

      • DJ; why do you state these things about marianne. what do you have against her? what proof do you have? i do not think it is good for people to try and tear down someone here on this site. i have been posting here for over a year and i have found no evidence of any deception in any form by marianne. and i know i have the spirit of God residing within me, and i can discern the spirit within the words they write by the Holy Spirit. so again why would you state marianne wants to keep it a secret about the son of perdition???

  12. The Lord said the same thing to me today. Your redemption is nigh!

    On another subject: there are 3 heavens rite! We are on the 1st, Satan and his are in the 2nd, God Almighty is on the 3rd! Can anyone confirm this! I have some horrible photos from the 2nd!
    Not sure why I see this, but God directed me to take photos!
    Comments are encouraged and appreciated’

  13. A friend on Facebook just sent me this message…..she had a dream about me, and remembered it after reading this post.

    this is what she wrote to me:

    “Marianne, i’m here reading your new post about the dream. I wanted to tell you about the dream i had about a few weeks or so ago, about your parents.

    Your mother and father were telling me something about you. They were worried about you and esp. your mother was sad and worried. Your father was speaking also italian language and speaking so he became younger and had long hair up to his shoulder. He was happy than.

    Maybe i shouldn’ t have told you thai now, i know my dreams are only mind-thing, i usually forget quickly my dreams, unless it is about the snakes or witches and such. But this one i stil remember.


  14. Marianne,

    You posted this dream expecting replies and I see a Scriptural application.

    Let’s review – you are preparing to take communion and the Death Angel is present. He says nothing, walking away.

    So, what does Scripture say about death (Death Angel) and taking communion?

    1st Corinthians 11:27-32. Simple.

    You suggest in the above reply that I’m judging you, thinking your drinking “unworthily” – certainly not.

    This is not about me. Do you have anything (un-forgiveness, bitterness) to confess before taking communion?

    It’s your dream and that is the Scripture that closely matches the content of your dream.

    You say that you “blessed” the cup, not cursing it. Wonderful. That’s giving thanks, right?

    What does Paul say in this passage?

    Aramaic Bible in Plain English
    Because of this, let a man search his soul, and then eat of this bread and drink from this cup.

    New International Version
    Everyone ought to examine themselves before they eat of the bread and drink from the cup.

    New Living Translation
    That is why you should examine yourself before eating the bread and drinking the cup.

    International Standard Version
    A person must examine himself and then eat the bread and drink from the cup,

    GOD’S WORD® Translation
    With this in mind, individuals must determine whether what they are doing is proper when they eat the bread and drink from the cup.

    American King James Version
    But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup.

    American Standard Version
    But let a man prove himself, and so let him eat of the bread, and drink of the cup.

    The ramifications for taking the bread and cup “unworthily” includes: weakness and sickness, and some have die (Death Angel).

    If you’d like to explore this topic of communion preparation – this link maybe helpful.


    I trust you’ll be around to see to the son of perdition (Barry fully manifest) and the Lord’s return.


    Psalm 34

  15. Let us not be too quick to judge another’s situation. There are some who write about themselves that are much more transparent & revealing then others.’
    We were never “promised” to have great health here, now or forever while on this earth, some were born physically lacking, or Trials, many! No preaching of false prosperity gospel please, is it?…they have their reward.

    * ONE thing we were promised>>>>

    “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me you might have peace.

    In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have

    overcome the world.” John 16:33

    This verse IS encouraging!

  16. Amen, wow this post sure got quiet.
    The flower & message is symbolic. It is not silly to enjoy what Our Father put on this earth, just to behold it’s beauty, then it dies….and another blossoms. Does HE not care for us in this manner, even more?

    Correction: I emphasize being alone, at times I focus on especially during these last days, yet trials ultimately cause me to focus only on My Redeemer. For me, after much fervent prayer, I have peace no matter what is next. Tomorrow if I lack peace, I will call upon HIS name & seek HIS face.
    I am definitely Not alone, miracles of all sizes happen almost daily. Godly people cross my path; I am still here for a reason.

    Anyone watch hummingbird027, YouTube? She really does not hold back on end time prophesy. There are many other links posted and reposted above. We are to watch for the signs, makes us all wonder what is ahead for true believers.
    HE is preparing HIS church to be without spot or wrinkle.

    Most important: to encourage and uphold each other in prayer. Not to give up. Marianne if it is your time, Praise God you / we/ us are going home too! Possibly you just needed some encouragement and be renewed by the Holy Spirit our Comforter. ~ Bless all here.

  17. I will post another>http://youtu.be/B187-4ptLHE Both this Pastor and hummingbird027( warning,she is heavy & lengthy) they come from various perspectives; all watchmen do. I especially like this video listed here. This Pastor is in HI. I am most aware of Biblical events, not head in sand, I repeat. For me I still have to focus Only on Jesus while taking in all that is happening to our brothers and sisters & persecution, soon to be here.
    We must know, Satan is defeated, it IS written.
    Eyes on Jesus, Fear only God. Obey HIS Word.


  18. I agree, honestly no one who does these videos on the end times has full prophesy unless based [solely] on facts, not hype; this pastor is sound in my humble opinion. Many of us divide on rapture, pretrib, etc.

    I am not focused on the antichrist> the beast. Only Jesus, my Redeemer.

  19. Then post these videos so everyone who comes to HA will see them.




    These would surely get a lot of comments.


    • I will only post credible information, not videos with obvious speculation and errors…so your premise may be right but the videos have to be good quality.

      video 1 – barak o bama does not mean lightening from heaven…..the author has bad hebrew or is lying…..barak means lightening….but from heaven is me ‘ shamiam….. and that is NOT his name…

      also I do not observe numerology as as it is occult and highly speculative..you can read anything into it

      the fact that they are doing computer animation creating an image of BO does not make him the beast….they have also done holograms and other images of prince charles and other characters.

  20. Just came across this link> wow! http://youtu.be/cAR2dFBYUTA?list=UUx27masbp16NFGQGI84EC4Q will watch more…!

    • Susan,

      This video gives more details.

      • Thank you dj,
        I have seen them; there is much more to what is going on prophetically…. Understand many think Obama is ‘the’ antichrist, many do not, backing it up w/ scriptural prophetic events yet to take place. We should all be learning. If one is seeking the rapid increase in knowledge w/ discernment, our understanding and wisdom from the Holy Spirit will guide us into all Truth. Bless you~

    • Susan,

      The video you posted made a reference to all the tall buildings in NYC, suggesting that maybe these are associated with the concept of The Tower of Babel.

      Guess what?

      They built “The One World – Freedom Tower” and the project took 12 years to complete.

      NYC is the “great city” that we read about in Rev. 18.

      In a matter of weeks/months – NYC harbor will be hit with a nuke, pressing water like a tsunami throughout Metro NYC.

      Rev. 12:11

  21. John

    You would not understand if I explained.

    Just read my replies to posted comments.

    Blessings to you and Marianne.

    • DJ; why do you think i would not understand ? the Holy Spirit within me would understand immediately; so make your point. telling me to read all your posts, gives the spirit of God within me the feeling of uneasiness about your reply, the reply should be fairly simple, unless you think the Holy Spirit needs to read all of your posts. (the Holy Spirit of discernment that resides within every seasoned christian).

      • he wants me to make a post declaring BO THE son of perdition…while I do think he is a candidate…just like hitler, or sadam hussein, or ISIS leader, but with better technology….I have to be sure he is THE son of perdition… there are leaders much more vicious than BO…..at least for now

        • BO is just “a” antichrist….but not “the” Antichrist/Beast

        • Who are the leaders? Please share your list of current potential “son of perdition” candidates.

          As for the “I saw Satan fall like lightening” translation not working for you and a few others. Okay.

          Let’s review the list.


          • emblem of rising sun:

            numerology is bogus…..

            There is nothing I can do about who is in power, and nothing I can say to change it.

            there is a time to use wisdom, and never a time to be foolish……

            if you are that interested, join wordpress, start your own blog, and express your opinion ..or repeat the opinion of others.

        • Agree w/ your waiting,> discernment Marianne. Some think BO is The ac; by these vids, etc. & some won’t be around to see, when THE son of perdition is actually[revealed.]

          • susan

            The spirit of antichrist has been in the world since christ left. there have been many who fit the description of the AC throughout history…hitler was one..sadaam hussein, mussolini, stalin, lenin, leader of ISIS, osama bin laden, what about george soros? there are hierarchy in europe that hunt and eat children…..

            my sense is that the AC will still be around when america falls, and it is possible that BO will fall with america…..few other countries have any respect for him….he is just a puppet for a bigger NWO…I was expecting , from scripture, a leader from the middle east, perhaps turkey or jordan

            each era has its own ac, and the USA has its ac (BO), but will the BIG AC please stand up?

            • To think antichrist is not in Bible, neither is Bible, so it is a term inherited since any anti-Christ has been around, Adam? Or Christ as you say. Herod was antichrist. Unsaved are antichrist.
              I heard about 40 yrs. ago through prophesy he would come out of China,(a powerfull nation,now) Some think it could be Prince William. He the AC, is supposed to be likable. Bush and Bush certainly spoke openly of NWO as Reagan, etc. (before we paid any attention) & deluded our whole country. Kennedy gave a speech about fighting “secret societies,” and look where it got him. Our country was not honest from the beginning yet any country is full of great evil, historically or otherwise. We certainly are living in exciting times; let the end times roll on…

              • Marianne, I hope you find time to watch the links I provided on prophesy. Backed by scriptural study. Most claim, The son of perdition will not be[ revealed] until[after] the rapture. Many believers oppose this; I or anyone cannot be sure the Rapture is to take place before the great tribulation. It is worthy to study all, many have vids weekly on current events linking prophesy, news. Know the book in the 1970’s, I believe on the rapture gave it a false teaching(can’t think of name now, Hal Lindsey author, yet studying from these in depth teachers, I for one will not rule it out; living worthy each day the best I can> to escape such wrath. In other words be ready, amen? We have not seen nothing yet what is to come upon this earth. But if we perish, we perish. Ultimately it’s all good!
                Your dream, the first thing I thought> Catholic church>chalice. Have been following all about satanic statue, black mass schedule since 1st of yr. Seems to connect your dream; believe it gave you peace now, confirming the death angels and America, but something like a dream like that can affect us personally until as you said you prayed. How can we not be alarmed? Had to rebuke a demon in my dream /vision last night. We are on the verge… wake up believers!

      • Yes. The spirit of discernment is a gift.

        Seasoned or full of age. Yes.

        “For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the first principles of the oracles of God; and you have come to need milk and not solid food.

        For everyone who partakes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe. But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil” (Hebrews 5:12-14, NKJV).

        I’m not going to get into this exchange.


      • I am merely providing different links worthy of watching. I addition to what is continually posted.
        Hummingbird027 backs all with web links but some do not like her because she is a new prepper of sorts, uses Hebrew contexts>hello! new to her too.
        I watch ALL w/ discernment.. I am new to the 2 other links posted: JD Farog and Alan Horvath are very worthy to watch on YouTube. Sound teaching.
        The Holy Spirit guides us into ALL Truth~

  22. *** note September 19, 2014

    I just recalled a news story I had ignored about a satanic black mass in Oklahoma city set for September 21, 2014.

    There may be a connection between this dream and that event.

    I was blessing the wine in a chalice, a cup used by Catholics for communion.

    The death angel may have been associated as punishment for blasphemous mockery of communion, which is what a black mass does.

    I may have been seeing the death angel coming due to this black mass ( as well as a statue of Baphomet in the city hall) in Oklahoma City..

    Maybe he appeared twice because there were two offenses….the statue and the black mass.

    See the following post.


  23. Barry is the vessel.

    I’m using my iPhone now, making any Scripture references very difficult.

    A more complete reply for you and Marianne later.

    This one is to easy to pass up….Whatever your watching “watchthebeast” is shy of the Mark (pun intended). The Beast is seen on the US dollar, represented by Horus’s all seeing eye.

    Time is very short and some folks are waisting precious time in responding to the call given by James -“establish our hearts” (James 5).

    The key to this message is within among other passages – Psalm 34.

    Psalm 27

  24. Anytime you have the ‘angel of Death’ visit you, it has to do with deep dark occult rituals. Some one is sending these dreams, and it is probably a witch or wizard. Please left this up for prayer and bind up those demonic assignments in Jesus name and don’t entertain them, they will lead to other more sinister things.

    • I am not involved in such things…I see it as either curses against me, which I pray against, or a revealing of dark activity elsewhere, which I also need to pray against, and warn people about it.

  25. Marianne,

    He is standing up, waking around in a powerful office with a crown of peace and a man for his wife.

    The criteria you listed, identifying the AC (evil) is that before becomes known or is it after he is revealed?

    Let’s get more specific.

    A couple of the criteria to ID The AC is found in Daniel,

    “He shall regard neither the God of his fathers nor the desire of women, nor regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above them all” (Daniel 11:17, NKJV).

    You know Barry’s gay and Michele is Michael. At least you shared your understanding of those facts with me via an email.

    Regarding Daniel 11:17, Barry stood before the nation and quoted Psalm 46:10 on the 10th memorial of 9/11.

    “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth!”

    What does that verse have to do with 9/11?

    Oh! He just exalted himself above them all, publicly.

    There is a list of identifiers and you know them.

    The first seal is another identifier.

    Barry received a crown (Strong’s Greek, prize) for peace (Nobel) on Feasts of Tabernacles, 10/09/09.

    He enters speaking peace – man of peace, not evil.

    Barry is Muslim – a closet Muslim. It’s not about following the religion of his fathers (Islam) either.

    There is more….but you know.

    He is the son of perdition, soon to be revealed as The AC.

    Believers will see him revealed as Paul tells us –

    “Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you, not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come.

    Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day [Day of the Lord] will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God” (2 Thess. 2:1-4, NKJV).

    Are you waiting for the Tempe to be rebuilt for Barry to sit down?

    Your dream – you think its judgment upon USA?

    Is this dream (Catholic cup of wine, and a double portion with the Death Angel appearing twice) associated with Rev. 18?

    Psalm 34

    • We can not rule him out that is for sure. We don’t [really] know if he is gay or Michelle is a man. She has hips, rear, like a woman, but where is the proof; I have seen it all DJ, on vids & the technology, anything can be photo shopped.. . Know one can be that sure, YET.

    • dj

      I put a note at he end of the post above about the chalice of wine…the death angel comes twice because there will be two “death” events…..

      i explained it more here

      the statue of baphomet and the satanic mass this weekend will bring on one event….and the other event has been prophesied to be a tsunami resulting from an asteroid or large object crashing into the caribbean ….the governemnt is preparing for it now….I guess they are tracking this object.

      BO right now is a candidate for AC….my impression is that the AC was supposed to be middle eastern…..there have been several AC figures through history….if BO is not the global AC, he certainly is the AC for the USA.

      • Marianne; this prophet stated the object (asteroid) would hit in this month. if it does not happen, then he is false. as christians once someone states something like this and it does not happen we must not take anything such a person says as truth ever again. he has 9 days left.

        • I do not know where you got “this month” from….he told me before the end of the year…..but I have to discern this much:

          1. the part about the asteroid ( who knows what size) seems true

          2. the rest of the info I suspect because he got input from our government, and this would introduce error….he may have gotten a time of arrival from them……

          3. the bible is the best guide….Revelation says something falls into the sea and kills…..I do not think we are THAT far along on the Revelation timeline for this to happen yet

          • marianne; i could have sworn i read that on one of your other subject here on heaven awaits ! let me go back through my posts on the other subjects and see if i can find that, if not i must have clicked on something other then i thought it was. give me a couple of days, if i find it on heaven awaits i will tell you where.

        • That is very correct John; disregard(false,) any “prophet,” whose prophesy does not come to pass.

  26. http://www.ijreview.com/2014/09/181458-isis-terrorist-reveals-chilling-agenda-says-will-stop-western-leaders-beheaded/

  27. Name them.

  28. Susan,

    We who are alive will see the son of perdition.

    “… you not be quickly shaken from your composure or be disturbed either by a spirit or a message or a letter as if from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come.

    Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God…” (2nd Thess 2:2-4).

    Before the Day of The Lord comes – we see the apostasy and the man of lawlessness revealed, the son of destruction (perdition).

    We are within the last years of this age. The sign in the heavens should tell us.


    His Church must prepare spiritually, being wise virgins.

    His Church overcome and endures until He returns (Matthew 24:29-31).


    “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death” (Revelation 12:11).

    Psalm 34

  29. DJ – I always enjoy reading your insights, and the references you give us to look up. In your “guest” blog here on “How Do The Sheep Prepare” you reference to Revelations quite a bit. I have often wondered about the passage in Revelations 2:17

    “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.” (KJV)

    What is the white stone with our new name on it, and why would only the one who receives it know it? Why wouldn’t others? Is this a real white stone or are those words representative of something? I feel it represents something as this new name for the one it is meant for “within” the stone and not on it.

    I know in the slew of things happening in these last days these may be not so important questions, but I have always wondered.

  30. Denise,

    Thanks for reading and considering “How Do the Sheep Prepare.”

    Marianne does a pretty good job with your question within this page –


    But – you can do more with what she posted and so can anyone who has an ear to hear and eyes to see. The Lord gives those kinds of ears and eyes by the Spirit.

    I just read the “White Stone” page with all the very good Scripture references and “saw” a few interesting pieces of intel. So, I’m going to pray, asking the Lord to lead me to learn more details, expecting my eyes to be opened as I read verses.

    See Colossions 1:9-13 for how to pray. Trust Him, it works!


    Oh, I’ve learned this – your name means something and was given you for a reason. Our names are given those impressive names in the OT. My name and my brother’s name and his wife’s name, my mom/dad’s, son’s name and a few others personally know – their names (first, middle, last and even adopted last name) give an insight into who they are – in this earthy realm.

    I think our new name represents our eternal life in the New Jerusalem (fellowship of the saints).

    But – just ask Him questions based on Colossians.

    How do you think I came up with the verses and linkages within “How Do the Sheep Prepare” – “Lost Ark? God Forbid!” – and “Wormwood = Spirit of Bitterness”, thank you Lord.

    What about those Wildcats!! Spanked those black/pink Ducks, 31 to 24
    when the AZ Wildcats were picked to loose by 22 points.

    Next up, a victory over the University of Spoiled Children (USC, Trojans).

    Psalm 25 applies too.

    • Thanks, DJ – I have some reading to do.

      Interestingly in Mecca, the “cube” or Kaaba, where Muslims go to for pilgrimage and perform the Hajj, has a black stone embedded in its eastern corner which is considered sacred to them.

    • PS: I thought the “U.S.C.” meant, “Usual Semi Conscious” – I love to watch when the Cal Bears tromp them. We’ll see how they do with Arizona now.

  31. Yes, exactly!

    Then consider that there are 2 black cubes embedded into the ground at Ground Zero too, representing the Twin Towers, replaced by One World Tower (freedom). Clue.

    The Beast is represented and active throughout this world (earthly realm).

    Just keeping asking Him as Paul told Timothy (2 Timothy 2:7). Oh, then keep reading chapter 2 very slowly.

    Psalm 25:4-14

  32. Denise,

    I like your USC application – either way, they are truly Trojans in a wrapper. 😉

    Go Bears!

    Bear Down Wildcats!

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