Dream – Army Transport Truck


Truck ready for loading

Dream June 28, 2013

I see a military transport truck parked on a street near my home.

Like it is just waiting there.

The truck looked like the one in the picture but it did not have a star on it.

I assume it must NOT be, then, US Army, but something else.

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11 Responses to “Dream – Army Transport Truck”

  1. I think it means that the body of christ needs to enter into a more militant mode. I had a dream where A phantom jet from the vietnam era was firing into the white house. Then it turned and fired unto us in our kitchen. I said, GOOD THING WE MADE THESE WALLS WITH CONCRETE!

    This dream was fulfilled when I saw two movies: MAN OF STEEL AND WHITE HOUSE DOWN.

    Evil was in the “fantom zone” and the white house was indeed being shot at in the second movie.

    I think there is more militancy against us so we shall have to be likewise more militant against them. The weapons of our warfare….. Every tongue

    • Marianne’s dreams suggest a time of great testing (tribulation) is coming upon America, then the world.

      In my opinion, we are heading for a time of great testing, which brings the last great revival with the out pouring of the Holy Spirit.

      The Holy Spirit is not “the restrainer”. He is revealed in Scriptures in these terms: http://carm.org/holy-spirit

      I grow weary of the spirit of fear ~ We are given a Spirit of power, love and sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). Apply it.

      Prepare for a revival (fast/pray), seeking to be filled, overflowing with the Spirit of power, love and sound mind. Then, with the Spirit, we will save souls from the second death, eternal separation from God in these last days.

      Some of the greatest revivals, repenting and turning to God, occurred during trials and tribulations.

      “The Awakening of 1857-1858 brought over one million new converts into the American Church…At its peak, there was an estimate 50,000 converts per week. During a two year period, 10,000 were joining churches weekly, and Sunday schools flourished ” (Orr 77).


      Today, regrettably, people need tribulation (great testing) to save their souls from eternal hell. The events seen within these dreams present exceedingly hard times (even for the elect).

      Today, try getting peoples’ attention (even church goers) to turn off the news, sports, weather and entertainment 24/7 to humble themselves, repent from “worshiping false gods” and seek The Lord. It is close to impossible (Psalm 127:1).

      Prepare our hearts is the underlining messages of these dreams. Time is short.

      Here is what Wlkerson wrote years ago.

      by David Wilkerson

      “I know some will not receive what I am about to say, yet many will.
      I do not believe we have yet seen the glory and fullness of the
      outpouring of the Holy Spirit as prophesied by Joel. What we have
      seen are just a few sprinkles! Yes, we have had a worldwide
      charismatic renewal and love has brought many together. It has
      been an experience shared worldwide, yet it is just a foretaste.

      God will permit nothing to hinder what he plans to do. The enemy
      is in for a surprise. Just as it appears the church will be inundated
      by a satanic flood, the Spirit will raise up a standard. Understand
      what that standard is, and you will understand what God is about
      to do.

      The standard is a holy people, pure, undefiled, delivered
      from the corruption that is in the world. That standard is a new
      breed of sanctified Christians, who will shine forth as lights in the
      midst of a wicked and perverse generation. It will not be just a
      renewal of love and praise, but a restoration of holiness unto the Lord!

      There will still be shouting and praise, but it will be the shout of
      victory over sin and compromise, fulfilling the purpose of the last
      outpouring: “That all who call on his name shall be delivered…”
      (Joel 2:32). Delivered from what? From sin! From the spirit of the world!

      We will not have had the fullness of the Spirit´s outpouring until
      baptized people separate themselves completely from the world.
      We must emphasize separation and purity of heart. The purpose
      of the Spirit´s coming is to sanctify and prepare a people for the
      Lord´s return, a people without spot or wrinkle.

      When the fullness of the Spirit´s outpouring comes upon all flesh,
      conviction for sin will be everywhere. “He will convict the world of
      sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment” (John 16:8). That is
      the outpouring of the Holy Spirit!

      …You are not truly baptized with the Holy Spirit until every
      hidden part of your soul has been exposed-and every sin
      confessed and forsaken.”

      Psalm 27:1-3

      • “Today, regrettably, people need tribulation (great testing) to save their souls from eternal hell. The events seen within these dreams present exceedingly hard times.”

        Amen to that.

    • You all are so f**ked up and the really scary part is that some of you know it but are too terrified to change.

  2. Some good comments. Obama hates Christians and wants to either lock them up in FEMA camps (army truck) and possibly execute them if they do not submit to Islam. The reason for all the purchase of bullets. Same sex marriage laws and abortion on demand which is 1st degree murder in God’s eyes is to get rid of the God of the Bible. I am astounded at how many Christian churches are aligning with Islam. At least we get rid of the luke-warm churches and see the true Church stand up. Tribulation brings perseverance, perseverance brings hope, hope brings joy. Rememeber, God is in charge and He will stand with you during up-hevels and tribulations.

  3. Hi All,

    I do not know how to tell this, as interpreting spiritual dreams becomes complex by the day. Sometimes what we presume to be evil happens not to be the case, and the other way round. If the Army track did not have any markings on it, then it belonged to not earthly governments, but is a sign of the great heavenly ministry about to be unleashed upon earth, for indeed everything is in place, before the redemption of earth commences. What manner of salvation do we anticipate? In a militant world, what if the heavenly host camouflage as earthly soldiers to battle for us and relocate us to places of safety, before the beast and his host come against us? It is known, that in the days of Lot, the host of heaven came down to so guide Lot as persons or visitors who in identity were just like the people of those days. if the last days are to be anything like those days, then such should be the case, that ordinary looking soldiers will first come around to direct us from heaven, and thereafter destruction shall ensue. Likewise, the hooded angel of destruction could refer to the same identity, for it is written that He comes as a thief in the night, unknown and unrealized by all who fail to watch, for He comes concealed t the world, with His identity mistaken for what it is not.

    So when confusion is created by what manner of Soldiers are in the country, whether they be Russian, Chinese or what have you, that is subliminally created by the will of God, and in that manner of confusion, the heavenly host carry out their mandate of rescuing the children of God, and then the world is left to its destiny.

    Therefore all one requires is to know their God, and then remain steadfast, for there is nothing to fear, when God is on our side of course.


    • john

      I got the strong impression that the truck did not have a good purpose. But the Lord has already told me to stay where I was , so I have to obey him.

      the angels are around me, and they will do what god has told them to do.

  4. do they belong here?


  5. I dreamed of traveling the desert upon a camel in search of my family. I was welcomed into a Bedouin camp and served food in a tent. The meal was French toast and very good. Then my host said it was made from the flesh of my family. My heart was broken.

    • sue

      reject this dream in jesus name. the enemy satan is trying to convince you that he has power over you and your family.

      reject this and embrace jesus as your savior and protector. give your heart to jesus and ask him to surround you with angels both day and night, esp at night so you can sleep.

      reject all negative dreams out loud, and tell the enemy to leave. plead the blood of jesus over you every night, before you go to sleep.

      I am sending you some prayers against curses and some for strength

      print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer.

  6. I printed the prayers and will say them. I had this dream as a young child and have never been able to forget it. Thank you

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