Dream – Dana Coverstone December 2020


Seems a little dark, no celebration?

May include January 2020

Dana mentions the Baltic Index:




Hey pastor, dana here um between friday august 28th and thursday september 4th i had a series of glimpses and dreams that got longer each night and uh i’m seeing more and more things in my dreams that are apocalyptic um frightening.

I don’t share these dreams to cause people to have fear, but i saw the calendar of december and i saw a finger underline slowly and like it was pushing slowly and forcefully under the line of the name december flipped over to january,


and then underlined it just As slow and was pushing first thing, i saw was long food lines, i saw people waiting for what seemed like hours and they were standing in line and not in cars, and i saw this throughout the nation um.

I saw ships in ports on both east and the west coast.


They were just sitting idle.

There was nothing moving at sea, nothing.

I saw a headline that said: the baltic dry index is dead.

They said that nothing was moving in trade around the world and one thing i noted there were no christmas lights.


This was december.

There were no holiday displays.

There were no sales mentioned no christmas lights.

No christmas displays no santa claus, no easter.

No! No christmas type! Things going on at all, it was a great sadness over the land and it was people seemed very dazed and they seemed very confused.



But there were christians who stood out because they had faith, they had hope in christ and they appeared like they looked like burning.

Charcoal and they were carrying torches wherever they went, and a lot of people rejected their approach, but they kept they kept their faith,

they didn’t back down from tell people about jesus and they kept telling people that they desperately need jesus.

At that moment it was you need jesus.

Now you need jesus now you need jesus.

Now, don’t wait, don’t you don’t have tomorrow?

You need jesus now and a lot of it was rejected, but there were some that were coming and surrendering and praying and being saved in the dream saw it looked like shopping malls that had been converted into shelters or living quarters.

It was reminded me of it reminded me of um hurricane katrina when it came through and the football stadium um it was.



The businesses in those malls were shuttered, but i saw people on cots and i saw food outreach things going on.

I saw i saw people who were misplaced.

This was not like a homeless shelter.

This was like something that happened that people were in shelters um.

I continued to see shuttered properties.

I saw people in homes who were wearing coats coats while the windows were, they were looking at closed, curtains and i’ve.

That’s been a consistent thing in in the dreams people inside their homes.

Looking at what’s going on and when i look when people were looking out out, the curtains, the curtains came back far enough that i could see more of the snow like stuff that was on the road.

It was dingy, it was dark, it was gray, it wasn’t.

White pure snow, like after a first fresh snowfall, i saw headlines.

I said: nationwide outages plagued the southwest another headline.

That said, americans don’t know who to blame for darkness and some of the darkness in the areas it stretched into canada.



It was, it was north.

It wasn’t everywhere, but i saw america with as as lights flickering and it was like.

I saw the whole country outline the united states, america, including uh, alaska and and and uh hawaii, and it was it was like it was a light flu like right before light goes out it flickers.

It starts flashing.

That was what it looked like.

It was like america was a light bulb about to go out.


I saw vultures, i saw vultures food hanging out of their mouth.


These vultures were heavy.

I a word i don’t like to use is the word fat, but these vultures were fat and they had rotting food hanging out of their mouths.


I saw depression as a as a figure as a creature, and it was it had.

It had a face mask on with a smile, but it was choking people pushing them down the ground.


Then i saw the st louis arch, and i saw people standing under the st louis arch in very, very expensive business suits all of them had very expensive watches and at their feet, were these briefcases larger than briefcases almost like.


It reminded me of like a nuclear suitcase, a nuclear briefcase that they talked about in the 80s and suddenly all of their alarms went off at the same time and they hit them and they grabbed the briefcase.


They got into these black suvs and, of course, the mississippi river goes right through there.

It divides it divides the country, and i saw them get into black suvs and they went east and they were, they were going all over the place.

Each of them had a wall street journal a newspaper under their arms and they had heavily tinted sunglasses.



The next headlines that i remember about market crashes, about yields being lost and one of the one of the headlines declared sympathy for the swastika.


I saw tired crowds.

I saw tired people, i saw many who had lost the lost resolve to fight due to the emotional overcast of the nation, and i heard christians that group of christians that was going around with hope.

I heard them saying that they remember what jesus had said about the winter and having to flee in winter, but they kept encouraging one another faith.

I saw lights all over the country.


I knew – and i knew these these lights were churches, whether they were churches like, like we think of today, or whether they were um house churches.

But – and i felt in my spirit did not hear this but felt as i was watching this – that these churches were keeping warmth and hope in their communities.


That white figure rose up out of one of those lights and he said brace yourself, brace, brace, brace yourself on the word and my promises and do not rely on your own strength.


One of the dreams have had a little bit different caliber to them.

This one left me more unsettled.

I see them in glimpses, it’s like a movie trailer see a little bit one night, a little bit more.

The next night more details are added, but the scenes of people in the shelters, the food lines, um the baltic dry index.

Being dead really really really stood out to me and uh, those things were heavy in my mind and i’m i’m look.

I’m not going to try to interpret these dreams, i’m just.

I feel that, as i watch i’m just supposed to share them, i think some of what’s gon na gon na happen is obvious.


I’m continuing to see more and more of the things that i have seen in dreams are happening and coming to pass.


I’m trying to justify what i’m saying are my dreams.


I just believe the lord show me things to warn the church and look if you’re not prepared.

If you don’t have some of the food and things like that, you you might be in trouble with that.


The first video i talked about this was my own personal opinion.



I talked about getting guns and ammunition that wasn’t to go all rambo like on people.

It was to have to be able to shoot animals, or you know, for food, and now, if you, if you try to find a gun today, you have a hard time getting a gun.


Unless you have friends or family, you can buy.

Something from ammunition is hard to find um some of some of the companies that sell storable food they’re now five to eight weeks until you can get it, there’s some companies that have stopped selling these things and folks,

you don’t have to be a dreamer or a Genius or have insight or training understand, realize that we’re and we’re in trouble and god’s been trying to wake the church up, to get things ready and to listen.

The health and wealth gospel is about to find is about to meet a reality in our country and all those prophets that are saying.

Oh, it’s nothing, but good, nothing, but good, nothing, but good you’re going to stand before god, one of these days.

Those folks are, then, we have to answer just like i, i’m gon na have to stand before god answer for what i’m doing with these dreams, i’m not trying to make money off this stuff, i’m not trying to make it make a form.


A friend of mine put another facebook page together for me that i’m not even looked at.

You know why, because people are having trouble finding the dreams in those situations my facebook page has exploded.

I can’t even get through my own facebook page on a daily basis.


Uh he also set up an instagram account, because so many people are trying to make contact uh with me through instagram account and uh we’re trying to get the messages out and that’s that’s.

The reason for this is not about me getting a big head, because i still pastor my church.

I still live in the same house.

I still drive the same car, i’m not making major changes because of all the stuff with the dreams, but i am trying to warn the church.


Things are coming and pastors and problems you’re telling your people is going to be okay.



I fear for you.

I fear for you, so please folks, pray that pray, aggressively, pray, specifically pray strategically, say lord.

What should i do for my family and get on it get on it get on it.

Get on i’ve been saying this since june, i’m gon na keep saying what the lord shows me: keep sharing the dreams.

The lord shares me, but i can’t make you do anything.

I know what i’ve done for me and what i continue to do for me and my family folks.

Don’t ignore the warnings.

That’s all i’m going to say.


102 Responses to “Dream – Dana Coverstone December 2020”

  1. 11~19~2020 On Yahweh’s Green Earth. Still is! Psalm 24:1
    Yahshua the Prince of Peace , The Only Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM Revelation 14:1
    HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    What is the purpose of this man telling his dreams? The only good thing
    in them was the not celebrating of Xmas. Yahweh HATES this day because His Temple was profaned on December 25 168 B.C. by evil ruler Antiochus Epiphanes. He desicrated it by sacrificing a pig to Zeus Christos (Zeus the Savior.) This name morphed into the pagan name of “Jesus Christ.” Christianity will become the inforced religion of the land. Not only Jews but all citizens who will not accept it will face death. So, Christians are those DECEIVED. They will not be helping to save anyone. They are not even saving themselves.
    Yes, these are very dark times. But I like to remember.

    “All the darkness in
    the world cannot put out the light of even one small candle.”

    We who share THE TRUTH are like very small candles shining in the immense darkness.



    • He is telling this dream because it is a warning possibly a bad things happening in December. It just happens to be Christmas time. But if you read the rest of the post you will see the details different things happening like power outages Etc

      • Yeah. Brief outages are happening here now. Maybe they are “toying” with us? To see how we react. It’s best to have good flashlights in our living areas. For sure. There are a couple of homeless people now living in this area. This was not happening before. Halloween , the pagan Thanksgiving, and Xmas go on. Just less of them. Possibly COVID-19 is being used to tank the economy and US!


  2. So not true. There are Christmas displays in all the stores I frequent.

  3. It isn’t self-evident that these dreams apply to the December of this year. For example, no mention is made of face masks. But there is no doubt we will be eventually facing a worldwide depression seen in dreams and visions by many others.

  4. Update Lin Wood Puts Evidence Against Justice Roberts In Protective Custody Of Third Parties

    must watch

    • Snakes in high places. The head of the snakes need to be cut off

      • Marianne, WHO may that be? Supposedly, the CEO of America is still President Donald J. Trump. May I suggest you listen to the first words of the movie “Valkyrie” with Tom Cruise. (His best acting that I have seen so far.) The words apply to Adolf Hitler in the waning days of his rule. But they could also be about what is going on right now with Trump. VERY EERIE!
        The movie is about the last of fifteen attempts at trying to assassinate Hitler. A year or so ago I heard from someone that Trump has had forty or more of these. I have not heard any of them being mentioned. ???



  5. must watch

    must watch !!!!!!!

    James Troupis MOVING Closing Statement @ Senate Federal Hearing

  6. WVW TV Exclusive Lt General Michael Flynn’s First Interview Since President Trump’s Pardon

  7. https://i1.wp.com/thepolicytimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Merry-Christmas.jpg?resize=696%2C387&ssl=1

    wish you and your family have merry Christmas and Happy New
    Year !!!!

    • the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.

      Praise the Lord Jesus

    • you too!!!! 🙂

      • 12~21~2020 Happy First Day of Winter! It’s Yahweh’s Earth. King David in Psalm 24:1. Yahshua the Only Son of Yahweh Returns
        VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        Thank You for your good wishes! However, Yahweh The Creator of Everything HATES Xmas, Christianity, and even the heart symbol! The latter was the evil idol Baal’s sacred emblem. Yeah. The pagan name Jesus Christ is the name of the image (idol) of the beast (The Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy.)
        WOW! Isn’t it TIME to honor HIS wishes? We are blessed if we do!
        If NOT? NOT so much.

        Really, FOLKS! It’s TIME to WAKEY WAKEY!

        May you all have
        a very blessed and happy Roman (Catholic) year 2021 is my prayer!


  8. Kat Kerr 2021 Prophetic Message: Trump will WIN!! False Pastors will loose their..

    • please summarize…20 min videos take time to review

    • i am not moved by electoral vote says,

      i am not move by what happen in Georgia

      i am moved by what God says

      he is very adamant about us making a stand and keeping that stand

      i know somebody already backed up

      you can not give up or back up

      because things does not go the way you thought it should

      when they think it is not going right the way they thought it should

      they think either God forget or He change His mind or maybe He was not sure about what he said

      God is taking note who stepped back especially christian leadership

      He set us up to manifest and demonstrate supernatural signs and wonders

      during these years will be the greatest creativity and ideas with the ideas we have ever seen

      God is not concerned with what the other side is saying

      He is still saying Trump will sit in the white house He purpose it back in 2015

      when He told me that will happen and He said it will be for 8 years , I have not change my mind ,

      i do not know why people acting like i have. i am make notes about those who step back and who say they speak for me ,

      and those who do not want to make a stand and believe and trust me for what i have said , especially if they heard God said trump will win, and he does not change his mind

      something supernatural will definitely be a suddenly and He will do , although it is ok to go through process , he is not against the process or normal procedures ,

      He said since this November , that the great fraud would be exposed and justice will come !!!!

      • Gee. qt WHY are you SO MUCH for Donald J. Trump? Yes, he may stay in office ala Adolf Hitler. But this does NOT mean that Yahweh is FOR him! IMHO, you have been deceived by your faith in pagan Christianity.

        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        • jayna

          trump is not hitler and not like hitler. you believe lies.

          • 1~9~2021 Happy Sabbath On Yahweh’s Earth. King David Psalm 24:1

            Marianne, just WHY do you have great hope and support for defeated President Donald J. Trump? Even without counting his idolization and copying of Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. What is admirable about his personal life?
            Yes. He recognized the nation of Israel. He also moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. These should have been done decades ago! Trump was different then. Or, maybe he was a different Trump!
            What I told you about his imitating Hitler are NOT lies. I was SHOCKED!
            The comparisons are chilling!
            Marianne, having one foot in the truth and one still in Christianity may be confusing you. If Trump pulls some kind of “coup” and stays in office?
            Will you rejoice?


            • Jayna

              This was a fraudulent election. Trump won by a landslide but the Democrats flipped the votes with their machines. And many other of uses of power. Trump is the real winner of the election. Sorry you think he’s Hitler that sounds like a left-wing propaganda

              • Marianne,

                AMEN !

              • 1~9~2021 Happy Sabbath that Yahweh created for US!
                Yahshua the Prince of Peace His Only Son Returns VERY SOON!
                PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
                HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

                Marianne, please do not be “sorry” for your beliefs. Own them. Left wing? No. Just seeing history being repeated. Sadly, IMHO, free honest elections ended here in America a very long time ago. Yes. It’s a “Horse and Pony Show.” More like “Donkey and Elephant.” lol
                ALL participants are working together under the evil Christian Vatican.

                It’s TIME to WAKEY WAKEY! WILL WE?





    • No. IMHO, Trump is betraying America by following in Adolf Hitler’s footsteps. And, he’s NOT out of The White House yet! You Christians do not understand. Because like Adolf Hitler, you have been deceived by The Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy.




      search , these videos are horrible, i could not post here.

      • troy smith is a whistleblower ,

        • state of Indiana , according to this whistleblower, it is a horrible place,
          it controlled by the pedophilia and human trafficking ring.

        • he is a psychic..believes in mother / father god and there are no fallen angels

          channeling energy

          • thanks for point out those things. i do not agree with those channeling stuff. mother god,,,,,,,,,,.

            but he was abused by these pedophilia people since his childhood, he had so much wound and hurt,

            he was a victim of child trafficking and ritual sacrifice .

            he said that a 5 years old child was abused 500 times.

            could we image if a person went through those horrible things what made them mental disorder already. those horrible things almost destroy a person.

            from youtube it seem that he was killed few year ago, people think because he exposed the child trafficking ring.

            anyway. it is very sad story .

          • pence might be a pedophilia too , i also listen to a lady (whistleblower) on youtube 4 years ago. but at that time i do not pay attention to it.

          • pls do not get me wrong,

            psychic , channeling are totality wrong. we definitely should not do it .

            i only listen to one of his video , part of it . maybe few minutes

            i felt his mental was not healthy . but i felt he might release some true facts about this child trafficking ring.

  12. Maria Zack Italy did it – Arturo D’Elia Admits to stealing

  13. https://parler.com/profile/GenFlynn/posts

    general flynn’s new social media account on parler

    parler is a free speech network

    twitter . facebook shut down right wing/conservative people account now .

  14. Lt. General Thomas McInerney Reveals What Happened to the Nancy Pelosi LapTop

    nancy peloisi laptop was taken by special force.

    good news.


  16. watch from 1:26:00 regarding to bush senior funeral . all these illuminati people receive a secret envelope. even pence.

    trump did not receive anything.

  17. What Was In Those Envelopes???

    • Sadly, IMHO, Donald J. Trump is betraying America! So are Biden, Publicans, and Dims. ALL are working for The Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy! So did Fuhrer Adolf Hitler!



  18. Prophetic 10 DAYS Left -The JUDASES Around TRUMP | Mike Lindell, Kat Kerr, Filipino Election Lawsuit

    • Really. Reading posts here is getting so tiresome! You Christians apparently are totally choosing to be deceived by Donald J. Trump. No matter how evil his words may be. ??? His actions as CEO of America have in many telling ways mirrored those of Adolf Hitler. And, IMHO, he is NOT through yet! Why? Because the Publicans, Dims, and The Christian Vatican may be totally supporting him.
      Just why (WHY?) do you think his “so-called supporters” got away with trashing that government building? IMHO, it was all staged! Similar to what Hitler had done before he grabbed total power.
      I only continue to post on this ignorant thread as a witness. I testify of Yahweh the Father and Yahshua His Son. They are the ONLY ONES who can SAVE us! And, I KNOW that I am not “preaching to the choir.”


      • Jayna

        Your claims that Trump is like Hitler is what is really tiresome. His supporters did not crash through the Capitol building. It was antifa. The pope has been arrested. You can thank Trump for that. Trump is not CEO of anything except the Trump organization, a title he has given up to work for the American people. There will be a new America after Trump returns but it will not be a corporation. It will be the original 1871 Republic.

        • 1~11~2021 Still Yahweh’s Earth! King David in Psalm 24:1
          Yahshua the Messiah The Only Son of Yahweh THE CREATOR OF EVERYTHING Returns VERY SOON! Whether we are READY or NOT! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

          Marianne. WOW! It seems to me that you have “swallowed the Kool Aid.” But it is NOT sweet! The fact that you seem to agree with Trump’s evil words makes me wonder whose spirit you have. ???
          At least every post of mine on your threads is a witness for the truth.
          On tape, Trump’s words praised the rioting at the Capital. Hitler’s gov- paid thugs’ actions against public buildings happened before he seized complete power in Germany (under The Christian Vatican.)
          ??? The Pope arrested? I wish! I seriously DOUBT that! IMHO, The Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy now controls this world.
          I do not believe that Trump gave up anything to become CEO of America. Being a businessman, he most likely gained! For me, he will always be “The King of COVID-19! The GREAT LOSERS are now the patriotic Bible-believing Americans!
          “A New America” when Trump returns? IMHO If (IF!) Donald J. Trump stays in (ala Adolf Hitler?) It will be MORE like “The Fourth Reich.”


          • jayna

            you are indoctirnated with lies….

            i heard the ENITIRE tape, and trump did not incite violence. he condemend it like he always does]

            i notice you focus on him and not BLM or antifa. are you one of them?

            these groups are funded by the democrats are it has been verified that antifa did the violence so they could blame it on trump

            sorry you are so resistant to the real truth about trump sacrificing his part in business to help america

            right now, the deep state democrats are the 4th riech

            • Marianne, besides awaking to the truth. You may also need to learn more about spelling. Adolf Hitler failed with his “Third Reich (Reign).” Maybe Donald J. Trump ala Adolf Hitler will bring in “The Fourth Reich.” However, Marianne, like the deceived Germans, it may NOT turn out to be what you hope for!


    • They will pay for what they have done

  19. It’s reported that there are now 528,000 deaths from COVID-19 here in California. They are turning Dodger’s Stadium into a COVID-19 testing and inoculation center.



  20. [img]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ErPjkZmVkAAIW62?format=jpg&name=small[/img]

    Parler CEO: Attorneys Drop Company as Website Goes Offline
    January 11, 2021 Updated: January 11, 2021

    Parler’s website is offline on Monday after Amazon, Apple, Google, and a slew of other companies took action against the social media platform.

    Users trying to access Parler were notified that the site couldn’t be reached.

    Parler CEO John Matze said on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that companies had colluded “to make sure that at the same time we would lose access to not only our apps, but they’re shutting all of our servers off tonight, off the Internet.

    He also revealed that other companies, including the law firm that was representing Parler, had joined in acting against the company.

    “They made an attempt to not only kill the apps but to actually destroy the entire company. But it’s not just these three companies; every vendor, from text message services to email providers to our lawyers all ditched us too, on the same day, and they’re trying to falsely claim that we were somehow responsible for the events on [Jan.] 6.”

    Matz told The Epoch Times over the weekend that the company was considering legal action against companies that had acted against it.

    Critics have pointed to posts on Parler that appeared to encourage violence. They also claim protesters organized the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 on Parler. The social media platform had no way to organize events, Matze said, as he noted that violent phrases were trending on Twitter the same day Apple and Google removed his application from their online stores.
    Epoch Times Photo
    This illustration picture shows the social media website from Parler displayed on a computer screen in Arlington, Va., on July 2, 2020. (Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images)

    Parler is working to get back online “as quickly as possible, but we’re having a lot of trouble, because every vendor we talk to won’t work with us, because if Apple doesn’t approve and Google doesn’t approve, they won’t,” Matze said on Fox.

    Apple and Google haven’t responded to requests for comment.

    “We’re working and scrambling to do this, but it’s not something that you can do really quickly so there’s a good chance that we will be down for a while,” Parler’s Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff added on “Fox & Friends.”

    Shortly after the companies removed Parler’s app from their stores—it was the No. 1 app in the Google store before its removal—Amazon announced it was forcing Parler to move its data from Amazon servers. They gave Parler 24 hours notice to move data from hundreds of services, which is “basically impossible” to do, Matze said.

    An Amazon spokeswoman said the company did not coordinate with Google or Apple. She pointed to a letter Amazon sent to Parler, saying the company has “seen a steady increase in this violent content on your website, all of which violates our terms.”

    Matze said the actions taken against Parler “would put anybody out of business.”

    “They could destroy anybody. If they did any app, any company, it would completely destroy them,” he added, calling for a rollback of protections in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act for tech companies. “I totally see the danger here. What they’re doing, and the amount of the power they have, is not just frightening, it’s actually extremely scary.”


    • qt and Marianne. You seem to be the only ones “left” on here. Yahshua would have come to die even if only ONE chose to believe in Him. So I am still here urging you to prayerfully reconsider? Who are you putting your trust in? ALL of them pledge their allegiance to The Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy.

      Please make YOUR OWN salvation secure and eternal!


    • Insightful cartoon

      • IMHO, this cartoon is very VIOLENT! What does Yahshua the Messiah THINK about it? One of Yahweh’s Commandments is “You shall not murder.”
        And, what does He think about a leader who follows in the footsteps of a ruler who murdered millions of “His people” the Jews?

        Please THINK about this and WAKE UP!


        • Since you have no discernment the cartoon portrays all those who have backstabbed President Trump. The violence is on their part not his

          • 1~13~2020 On a COVID-PLAGUED Planet. Our LAST DAYS?
            Yahshua The Only Son of Yahweh THE CREATOR OF EVERYTHING
            Returns VERY SOON! YES! Whether we are READY or NOT!
            PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
            HalleluYah Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!

            WOW! Marianne, now I “do not have any discernment.” Earlier, it was “I am deceived.” And “I believe the Dems’ and MSM lies”. Also, “The Nazi talk is just lies from the Dems.”
            Well, Marianne, YOU don’t seem to want to even consider the facts I share. Apparently, in your mind Donald J. Trump can do no wrong.
            If politicos object to Trump’s tactics and actions? You call it “backstabbing.” I for one am glad that they are standing up to him (even if it is just for show!) It’s NOT “backstabbing” to object to DICTATORSHIP!
            By the way. I just learned today news about COVID-19 vaccine. The one that has to be kept extremely COLD. Reason is that it contains radon gas. (Radiation?) In order to inject it. It has to be made liquid by freezing it. Also the vaccines contain squalene to supposedly help improve immunity (?) It comes from shark liver oil. Rumor is that the vaccines also have aborted fetal tissue. Horrors! YUCK to EVERYTHING in those ABOMINATIONS!


            • They freeze the vaccine because it has RNA in it. RNA is very fragile and breaks apart easily in warmer temperatures

              • Hi Marianne. What about the radon? A chemist mentioned that. Squalene (Shark Liver Oil) is also supposed to be in them. Supposedly to enhance immunity. ??? Also aborted fetal tissue. Alex Jones had a protest about this last one in Texas. Do you know anything about these?
                Do you plan to take the COVID-19 vaccine and/or nose-jab testing?
                I WON’T! Neither will my daughter and her family.


  21. Criminal Charges Coming. Treason? Pelosi Rushing To Impeach Trump. Prophetic Dream Is Coming To Pass

    • It is a hate agenda. Driven by lies and false accusations. They already have one foot in the hell and they’re going to put the other foot in very soon

      • Marianne, how can they do THAT? “Hell” i.e. “The Lake of Fire” is NOT here yet. lol


        • Lake of Fire and Hell are two different things in my opinion. Even if they did not end up there when they die , God can make hell on Earth for anyone who is wicked.

          • Marianne. Maybe it’s a matter of semantics. In the old English “hell” just meant the grave. Yes, Yahweh can judge us at any time! When we all die now, we sleep. The Lake of Fire happens at the end of the Millennium after the second resurrection of the wicked. We certainly do not want to be in THAT one!


  22. next dream

    birds and maul

  23. Last night God answered me in a dream about ARRESTS going on RIGHT NOW

    • qt, are you hoping for Trump to stay in office? If so. IMHO Please KNOW that he will be doing a “coup” like Adolf Hitler. I really do not believe that THIS is what you want. Whether Trump or Biden. They BOTH work for The Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy. So did Adolf Hitler!

      If (IF!) you are ever going to leave Christianity?


  24. declassified obama-gate

  25. Bunker dream

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