Dream – Green Snake Turns Brown



Any idea what this dream means?

I have had many spiritual snake dreams, as I have been attacked by them most of my life, but this one may have extra interpretations.

Before I went to sleep, I asked the Lord to show me any problems I had so I could fix them.

So, no surprise, I had a snake dream, even though I was not thinking about it that way.

I had 2 dreams, one after the other, same night, both part of a main dream.

Dreams 4/27/2019, Part I and Part II

Part I –

I am in my old trailer, one I had over 30 years ago, and it is completely destroyed, walls busted out, ceiling gone, everything of value gone, dirty from exposure to the elements (wind, rain, etc)

I go outside, and there is a grassy area, and a dirt trail beside it.

I notice the grass moves and realize there is a huge snake there, bright green with some speckled yellow. It must be 2-3 feet wide, and looks at least as long as my trailer.

I see the back side of it, all coiled up…. I move away from the snake.

It senses I am there, uncoils, and moves toward me down the dirt trail. As it does, it changes color from bright green to light brown/tan.

As it is moving faster than I am, I toss a potato at it, hoping this will distract the snake, and it will stop to eat it.

This helps to slow it down, while I continue to try to move away from it.

I think I threw more than one potato.

Dream ends

Part II

My trailer is being restored, a little at a time. I am fixing it, and do not see any snakes while I work.

(They may still be there, outside, but see none, especially the big snake.)

Dream Ends


My Thoughts

I think the trailer represents my life and physical body.

I have been destroyed by much stress from destructive spirits sent by the enemy. I have been attacked in many ways, which has created a toll on my body as well as soul.

There is hope however, as I see restoration for the future, and less (or no) enemies, finally, after a lifetime.

The snake seems to be the cause of this life time destruction. It grew bigger and bigger over time, the more destruction it created. It seemed to be carnivorous.

The size represents either the many who were involved and cooperated with the snake, or satan himself. Or both. The size also may represent time. A long snake means a longer time and more attacks.



What do the colors mean?

Green = jealousy?

Yellow = ?

Brown = ?

Why did it change color?

Snake = treachery and anything else? Slander? (I do not accept Freud, as he was anti God and obsessed with sexual perversion, which is NOT an issue with me.)


Does the destroyed trailer and snake really refer just to the past and up to the present?

Or do they predict a future event, for which I am unprepared?

General comment: I am so tired of snake attacks….


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