Dream – Nuclear Winter?


Everything was grey, and it was raining.


Nuclear winter?

I am not sure if it was a nuclear winter or not.

Here is a description:



a period of abnormal cold and darkness predicted to follow a nuclear war, caused by a layer of smoke and dust in the atmosphere blocking the sun’s rays.

as nuclear firestorms incinerate cities and fo­rests, torrents of smoke ascend into the atmosphere to entomb the planet in billowing, black clouds of ash.

The result is noontime darkness, plummeting temperatures and the eventual death of life on planet Earth.

If sufficient ash from burning cities and forests ascended into the sky, it could effectively work as an umbrella, shielding large portions of the Earth from the sun.

If you diminish the amount of sunlight that makes its way to the surface, then you diminish the resulting atmospheric temperature — as well as potentially interfere with photosynthesis.

Some scientists predict that nuclear winter would be followed by an even harsher spring. They theorize that the sunlight bounced back up from the smoke clouds would heat up nitrogen oxides in the stratosphere.

At high temperatures, the nitrogen oxides, which formed due to blast-burned oxygen, would deplete the ozone layer at much higher than normal rates.

There are degrees of intensity; these are the scenarios:

Minimal nuclear winter: In the best-case scenario for nuclear war, a small enough attack would cause minimal cloud cover and little or no environmental impact. While the damage sustained by targeted areas might prove substantial, the rest of the world wouldn’t suffer atmospheric consequences.

Marginal nuclear winter: Sagan and Turco predict a grim scenario for even a “marginal” nuclear winter. They calculate that a few nuclear detonations above urban centers in a contained nuclear war could lower temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere by a few degrees. Agricultural production would suffer, resulting in famine — especially if accompanied by severe drought. While a great deal of the ash would return to Earth in black rains, much would remain in the upper atmosphere. Sagan and Turco predict that the deaths from such a nuclear winter would equal those killed in the nuclear war. Everything below the equator would remain mostly unaffected, given the hemispheric separation of air currents and the fact that most nuclear targets exist in the Northern Hemisphere.

Nominal nuclear winter: The authors deem this class of nuclear winter a low-end possibility for a full-scale nuclear war involving the detonation of between 6,000 and 12,000 nuclear weapons. Survivors would endure dark skies, widespread drought, fallout and global temperature drops of 18.3 degrees F (10 degrees C) in the Northern Hemisphere. Noon sunlight would be only one-third what it was before the war. In the following months, these clouds would dissipate, and the sun would seem to burn hotter than before. Because nuclear blasts would have destroyed much of the ozone layer, greater quantities of solar radiation would reach the Earth’s surface. The Southern Hemisphere wouldn’t experience major climatic change.

Substantial nuclear winter: This scenario, following full-scale nuclear war, involves catastrophic consequences for the Northern Hemisphere: freezing temperatures, widespread fallout, pollution, ozone depletion and disrupted precipitation. Imagine a deeply overcast day — now imagine those conditions persisting for years. Green plants would barely receive enough sunlight for photosynthesis. Crops would fail, billions of humans would die, species would go extinct and while humanity would likely survive, civilization as we know it might not. Damage to the Southern Hemisphere would depend on the number of detonations below the equator.

Severe nuclear winter: In this scenario, less than 1 percent of the sun’s light makes it to the Earth’s surface for a period of months, resulting in temperature drops around the globe and insufficient light for photosynthesis. In addition to widespread famine and pollution, Sagan and Turco predict that agricultural production would be reduced to levels not seen since the Dark Ages.

Extreme nuclear winter: In this worst-case scenario, based on the conditions in 1990, nearly all the world’s nuclear weapons are deployed. The result would be utter darkness at noon. Much of the planet’s life would perish within the chilly confines of this black, atmospheric tomb


Dream October 30, 2016

I was attending a college, and had established my living quarters.

I met my roommate, and we had everything we needed. (In reality, this is not true. I am retired and finished with school)

It was nice outside and a pleasant sunny day.

It seemed like it was still fall, since I was starting school.

I had on short sleeves. (I live in the southeast USA)

I then saw some piles of smoke coming from the ground. The piles were not that big.

I do not know if something fell there from above, or it originated from the ground.

The atmosphere temperature quickly changed to cooler, the sky was very grey, and it started to lightly rain.

The rain was cool, but not freezing.

I could not determine what caused this change: a war, a nuclear blast, a volcanic eruption, a toxic gas?

The rain seemed to affect the skin, and I told people to get out of the rain, as it was making the skin peel up.

I told people I thought it was acid rain, but had more acid in it than usual, or something that made the skin peel up.

Also, suddenly, I had nothing I needed. Cell phone was gone. Supplies were gone. They had been taken.

I was wandering around in the rain looking for an umbrella, so I could travel home. My dog was with me.

I realized anyone I knew had to be left behind. I was aware of sick people who were being abandoned by others.

My thoughts were that I wished I had left for the mountains to find a refuge earlier.

Whatever had happened, life had changed for the worst, and would not improve.

I knew this was coming as a friend had warned me, but I did not stay at home as he advised.

Now I was trying to find a way home without my body being damaged by the rain.

I tried to show people the rain was damaging their skin, but the few people I saw seemed to be dazed, and disappearing quickly around me, as if they just left the area I was in.

Dream ended with me still in the rain, looking for supplies.

End of dream #1


Dream #2 Follow up

It is the aftermath of Dream #1.

The rain has stopped.

There is a little bit of a recovery, and I see a few people around me.

A man asks if he can sit down at a table with a lady, and she lets him know the chair is (still) dirty.

I focus on feeding my dog, who is still with me.

However, life has not returned to normal.

Everything still looks grey.



I am not sure what caused the event in the dream.

There was no explosion that I was aware of (or the dream started after an explosion)

But the devastation was there.

Nothing worked.

Everything seemed gone.

I wish I understood the skin issue.

It seems to be key to what happened.

Normally, acid rain will not harm the skin, unless there is sulfuric acid in it.

Sulfuric acid does come from volcanoes, but I do not know if this is the explanation for the dream.

There are no volcanoes where I live.

Maybe others who read this can share some insight.


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  1. On Saturday night I had a dream.

    I very seldom dream. I usually have Visions whilst I’m awake.

    In this dream I’d been involved in a military battle. The battleground was dark and black and extremely dirty. The terrain looked like an acopyliptic landscape (like something from a movie set – but it was real). Smoke billowing everywhere too. The landscape was barren.

    I was extremely tired and had small injuries all over my body and black with soot and dirt and muddy. My clothing was virtually falling off me, it was so damaged. I was completely unrecognisable.

    As I waa walking ‘out’ of this battlezone area with my troops, others were still mopping up. People were waiting at the “entry” point of the battlezone, waiting for their men to return, from what looked like, behind a fence. Everyone was quiet and unemotional and searching. Quietly waiting. Where they were everything was clean and colourful and orderly.

    My body was aching (in absolutely every area) and I had to be virtually put in the back of the car and driven home.

    The war was over. We had overcome the enemy, but at a huge price.

    • THERE were two mountain highways that crossed,on one corner was a Circle K,on the other corner was a mom and pop gas station,across the street was a laundry mat,,and on the other corner was houses,AS I walked home,I just crossed the road to the back street behind the houses,then I heard a Big truck pulling up behind me,I looked to see AN ARMY TRUCK full of chinese Soldiers,as sonn as the truck stopped the soldiers started jumping out and shooting everything in sight,I took of running as fast as I could before they saw me,and when they noticed me they started shooting,I ran into an RV park at the edge of the Village,about four troops were chasing me,and shooting,as I ran into the park I ran from trailer to trailer,banging on the doors YELLING we’re under attack RUN,WHEN I got to the last trailer,IT was an Airstream,and the door was wide open,I jumped into the trailer and Yelled at the Guy sitting on the couch watching FOOTBALL on TV,I yelled at him,DON’T you hear the gun fire? you got to get out of here their coming,and their Killing everyone,HE looked at me and said I ain’t going no where till this game is over,I tuirned to go back out the door but it was to late the chinese troops were coming into the trailer park already,and would see me if I went out his door,SO I jumped up on the couch next to him and kicked out the curved window and then jumped through it to the ground outside,as I ran towards the forest i looked back and other people were running toward the forest too,WHEN we got to the little highway that went pass the trailer park,I heard close by gun fire,so I stopped to look at the edge of the highway,A BIG american army truck was stopped in the intersection,IT had a 50 cal mounted on the roof,and they were just leveling the circle K,it was surrounded by police cars and they were shooting the people who now running out of the stores and laundry mat,THEY were killing everyone old,young,and All the children,I motioned everyone to cross the highway SO we could run into the forest,AS we ran into the forest the chinese troops had spotted us,and statred shooting,I heard on of the guys with me yell,he had been shot,and went down,we couldn’t stop to help him,but I yelled at every,RUN UP INTO THE TREES and we got away,THAT was it dream over……america will be attacked on THANKSGIVING WEEK END,stay off the highways and BE READY,YOUR LIFE WILL DEPEND on it….AND STOP RUNNING AROUND “UNARMED”you want to be in a WAR with no weapon??

    • Ro

      It is good to hear that you won the battle, and that you were willing to fight for those left behind. we have the victory in Jesus.

      • Thanks Marianne. Such a public encouragement is prophetic.

        It’s so hard to be a righteous person when you get thrown into a War like this. Most daunting is the fact that you have to rely and depend on your reputation to be leading from the front when you don’t know all the men under your command, but they follow because they know my voice and react & respond to my instructions. Men are Men and need to be led from the front.

        The burden of the Father’s instructions are heavy but Obedience is everything, no matter how difficult those instructions might be.

        The “Victory” will be exactly as it ought to have been in 1 Samuel 15, no mistakes or disobedience.

        • “Most daunting is the fact that you have to rely and depend on your reputation to be leading from the front ….. ”

          What I “heard” reading your response was reading from the “heart”

          • Denise…..plz clarify your comments !!

            • Ro – Perhaps a poor choice in semantics on my part – – –

              Your dream of war, which you were involved in so personally, was very profound.

              You also said that in leading from the front you have to depend on your reputation for the many under you, who may not know you, but know your voice.

              When this war heats up, there is no more sitting on the fence. You are either with Jesus, or you are not. Out of this fog of war, many people, who may not know specifically today, will head the call for soldiers, foot soldiers. And out of this fog there will be those of us who will know that we must step up and lead, that is our calling. And, yes. People, soldiers, will need to be led from the front and our reputations may help facilitate our being placed in such a role.

              However, I also feel that the calling will come from within, whether to be a soldier or a leader of them. Both are necessary. There will be those who never ever held a position of authority. But those, who have the authority of Christ, will just know. And it is from the heart that they will lead. That is what I gathered from your dream. You found yourself in a situation and you answered the call. A very tough battle where your leadership made a difference.

              I hope this helps clarify.


  2. When Yellowstone goes off the sky will be full of ash everywhere ,and if yellowstone goes,most of the west coast Volcanoes will to,oboozo has planeted nukes in all of the western mountains,and you can Bet the skys will be sprayed with chemicals to make the acid rain worse,causing the skin to come off your body EVERYWHERE it touches you,THEY will spray SARIN in all the lakes ,rivers,and water supplies,THE LORD is telling the prophets RIGHT now the poleshift is on us,I’ve seen planets in the sky myself,THE OUTER orbiting planets of Nibiru,and its coming,america will be caught with their pants around their ankles,THEY’LL have no food or water,and wind up in a fema death camp,they’ll kill you their NO ONE WILL BE LEAVING unless you take the martk of the beast and pleage your SOUL TO SATAN,in which case YOU WILL NOT GET INTO HEAVEN,hell is where you’ll be headed when you leave this world…NO ONE WITH THE MICRO-CHIP or THE MARK OF THE BEAST WILL EVER SEE HEAVEN…

    • ” ….. ,and if yellowstone goes,most of the west coast Volcanoes will to ….. ” this is one of my biggest fears – though I know, our Lord is in charge.

  3. December is just around the corner for a nuclear winter. Babylon the Great gets taken out by nuclear war. Saudi Arabia or America (end times Babylon, (Babylon the Great (JA)) destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. (Rev 17:16-18:24) 2016/2017. Some call this “fire” in dreams.
    Will it happen, then, I do not know but Common SenseShow.com believes it will happen then.
    My housemate had a similar dream that he and I were keeping people from coming into our house. People had ashen faces and bodies. I was praying over them and they were being healed.

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  5. I was working Tuesday thru Friday, 10 hours a day and was off on Mondays. I was taking a nap on the afternoon of September 10th, dreaming of planes that scared me. Suddenly there was a BOOM and a large ball of smoke came towards me. I woke up and then heard another BOOM and saw a second ball of smoke and realized I hadn’t really awoken the first time – that happens sometimes. So I forced myself awake and there was nothing there, except for a presentiment of doom. The next day, on Tuesday, the Office Manager called me into her office to listen to the radio describing the first plane that went into the first tower. I told her “There will be another plane.” She laughed but there was fear in her eyes. A short while later, I heard over the loudspeaker “Nostradamus, please come into Bridgette’s office.” She often called me that because I had told her that osama bin laden was alive and living in northern Pakistan protected by the Pakistani army and when, 2 weeks later he was seen crossing Uzbekistan into north Afghanistan then crossing into Northern Pakistan where he wasn’t seen again, she began to believe me.

    Decades ago I dreamt that my toddler grandson was in grave danger and I woke myself up. The dream was so intense that I called my son at 4 am & spoke to my daughter who told me they just took little John to the hospital because he wasn’t breathing. PS: He survived and is a healthy young man today.

    In light of the discernment that God gave me and Marianne, I do believe her dream is portentious. The NWO wants war at all costs and, as obama said, “no matter what.” Hopefully, President Trump will give us more time to prepare. Question: Does God really want all of His believers to be in Israel for the Tribulation?

    • marlene

      my opinion…I do not think believers have to be in Israel for the tribulation…this will be a world wide event, and no place will be safer than another, as long as the wicked are everywhere.

      However, if god leads you there, then go.

      I was told to “occupy til I come.” to me this means to stay put, and do my work for him where I am at.

      others may be led to relocate, if so, then it is for god’s purpose

      we will have the blood of jesus to cover us wherever we are.

      I have had multiple dreams about our future, (put “dreams” in the search box at top of website page, and you can read them), and none of them are good..

      jesus said to endure to the end, which is what I intend to do, with his help.

      god bless you

      • “we will have the blood of Jesus to cover us wherever we are.” Thank you, Marianne, for saying this and God bless you and yours. Yes, I will gladly read your other dreams and thank you for this too.

      • Marianne a few weeks back the word came to me to dispossess the enemy from territory he has taken. we as His children are to step into the promises He has given us, take back the stolen land. Yesterday during prayer I was led to pray for Yahveh to manifest Himself.

  6. Sounds volcanic because of what sounds like ash (dust) on the chair in the second dream.

    Sun will be turned to sackcloth and moon to blood. Joel’s vision may well happen again before Jesus returns. The first time it happened seems to have been in around 600BC onwards when multiple scourges happened across the world at once – Scythians, Medes, Celts. Jesus’ words about it happening before His Day imply to me another series of concurrent scourges where crops are burned on such a scale that sunlight is blocked everywhere. This is what seems to have happened in around 600 BC. Volcanoes and similar artificial winters have similar phenomena.

    • stephen

      thanks. I guess we wait and see what happens and stay prepared.

      • I would just add the words Jesus answered when asked about the locality: “where there is a body, there the vultures will gather”. Enoch’s dream in Enoch 88-89 speaks of vulture-like birds attacking sheep as meaning forces attacking believers from the air. Jesus seems to me to mean that locality of scourges will depend where targets are distributed. Looks like a global scale thing. So sun turning to sackcloth due to scourge related Joel prophecy burnings and dust and ash clouds and the like might have distribution globally such that each target gets it where they are located. Believers might be the targets. This might be a testing on a massive but distributed concurrence of many many local scourges. Maybe for some it might be like volcanic apocalypse and for others mass ‘scorched earth’ burning of crops and for others even nuclear and for others bombings like we see today. The 600BC apocalyptic scourges left possibly few survivors so it is even disputed whether it happened because there were none to tell of it.

  7. I do not believe in a nuclear winter. That is just a myth like when they said, we will have winter when the oil wells were burning in Kuwait.
    I hope and pray that Trump will become president. The NWO wants war? Let Trump round up the elite and put the fema camps to good use which they built for the common US citizen.

  8. I actually think my answer would necessitate further research but I think the nuclear winter represents a sickness of some kind spreading. It is interesting that in your dream you mentioned the fact that you were wearing short sleeves in the fall as the temperatures begin to cool. Everything seems grey and the skins begin to peel. All this, to me, would signify a type of illness particularly walking pneumonia because in the dream you are walking around and at the end of the dream a man is asking for a seat.

    . Skin usually peels or becomes soft when a person is sick or in a damp area for a long time. The fact that many people were disappearing has to do with them being sick. As it were, you were attending a public college where you noticed the absence of attendees…the sickness took them away.

  9. Watch this video for more info: https://youtu.be/zccgasm2iiE

  10. Hi, Marianne. Happened by the your site today and saw the Dream-Nuclear Winter. I read many of the comments and then considered Revelations 6th chapter and the gathering of the saints in the Sixth Seal – (verse 1) with the angels standing at the four corners of the earth holding back the four winds of destruction. Verse 2 says ‘Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.’ According to this record, nuclear warfare doesn’t seem to be present at the return of Christ since the earth, sea, and trees are unhurt. Further, under the Seventh Seal (which includes all wrath phases of 7 Trumps and 7 Vials) and Fifth Trump – Word records in Rev. 9: 4 ‘.And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the GRASSof the earth, neither any GREEN thing, neither any tree; but ONLY those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.’ Too, under the wrath phase – after Christ has gathered the Church in the Sixth Seal – the Seal/7th Trump/4 (Rev. 16:8 mentions ‘scorch men with fire’) then 5th Vial mentions ‘scorched with great heat/pains/sores. There is a mention in Verse 9 ‘they repented not to give him glory.’ Remember that at this point God is clear that these are those who received the mark of the beast – they are the ‘damned.’ They are incapable of repentance at this point. God has withdrawn the opportunity. And the ‘mark of the beast’ seems to be only the fact that, because they chose evil – a time came when God was required to give them what they had chosen-spiritual death or ‘reprobate mind.’ They are described in Romans Chapter 1. There is much confusion on the timeline of the gathering of the church and of the culmination of marked time – beginning of eternity. But, for me, I don’t see a place in scripture that confirms nuclear warfare before the Second Coming. Another point for me is Daniel’s metal man (Dan 2:30-35)which is a prophetic glimpse of world governments up to the Second Coming. I see the term ‘chaff’ used to describe the dust or ‘ash’ which remained and was blown away by the wind and ceased to exist. Afterwards the ‘stone’ (Christ’s kingdom) filled the whole earth. I’ve enjoyed my visit. I love Bible prophecy. I love watching the events of our generation, though some are tragic, but I know the battle is already won and the Prince of Peace already rides as King of Kings and Lord of Lords as stated in Rev. 19:11-15. Powerful. Best wishes to all my forever brothers and sisters in Christ.

    • . Saudi Arabia or America (end times Babylon, (Babylon the Great(JA)) destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. (Rev 17:16-18:24) 2016. Some call this “fire” in dreams.

    • elias

      I see what you mean. the green plants are still there.

      but couldn’t this occur just locally during the 2nd seal of war?

      • Marianne, Green IS present during the Second Seal of war (all wars of earth during the dispensation of marked time) and remains present at the Second Coming (Sixth Seal and sealing/gathering of the saints). For me, the Sixth Seal is the closing of the age of Grace when the saints are ‘Sealed’ (gathering of the Bride to meet the Bridegroom in the air) which is the ‘rapture’ / Second Coming followed by 1000 years reign (Marriage supper of the Lamb) while wrath and destruction of earth are happening. . Seals One through Six are within dispensation of Grace. Seventh Seal and its components belong to God for wrath, judgement – eternity. Reign of Antichrist culminates at the Sixth Seal Rev. 17:17. ‘For God hath put it in their hearts (their-kings of the earth) to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.’ Even the rule and reign of Antichrist (satan) happens only on God’s schedule and in God’s timeline and by God’s permission. For me – Seventh Seal contains the Seven Trumps. The Seventh Trump contains the Seven Vials or Seven last plagues. Revelation chapters 14-18 are within the Seventh Seal. For me – ‘Armageddon’ was fought and won when Christ gave Himself to spiritual death as the ultimate penalty for the sins of those who choose to receive that atonement. God won the eternal victory through death, hell, and resurrection to Life. The battle is over. Satan is defeated. Record of ‘blood to the horses bridle’ is under the Seventh Seal which belongs to God and is a glimpse of the ultimate and total destruction of wicked flesh making way for the new heaven and new earth for only the righteous – Bride of Christ. Christ spoke Truth from the cross when He said, “IT IS FINISHED.’ We are doing the Christmas musical song which says, ‘It is finished – the end of the conflict. It is finished. There’ll be no more war. It is finished – the end of the conflict. It is finished and JESUS IS LORD!!!’ My heart gets so full I can hardly sing the words. Blessings, Marianne.

      • Marianne

        Not sure where to put this but we were discussing Revelation in another post and I mentioned the timeline I was doing. I’m leaning towards the rapture not occurring till Armageddon. I can’t pull all my references at the moment but Scriptures refer to the elect being sealed (protected?) at the 6th seal (the multitude is something I’m still unsure of), of being in hiding after the seals, and later of teaching new converts. I also noticed a mirroring of the Egyptian plagues and the Israelites being passed over while still being in the land.

        Just some things I’m noticing in my study I thought you might be interested in looking into. When I have time, I’ll try and send you the Scripture references. It’s just massive and has me studying Isaiah as well at the moment.

  11. The people with mark of the Beast and the people with the seal of God: Earth will become more and more polarised in its human popluation into just two camps – those who truly belong to God and are sealed by His angels and those who seal themselves with a mark of the Beast which shows they are against obeying God and belong to the other camp. The camp of the Beast might seem innocent enough to us at it materialises more and more but it is not God’s camp and people will only be in one camp or the other. The Beast will kill those in God’s camp and God will smite those in the Beast’s camp. This will get worse and worse until Jesus Christ comes and destroys the Beast by the word of God from His mouth. The smitings of God on the Beast’s camp seem, yes, to not include anything harmful to trees and grass and greenery. The Beast however and those with its mark on its side smite the people with God’s seal by killing them for not having the Beast’s mark and in so doing they are unlikely to be careful to not harm trees and grass because they are destroyers who destroy the Earth (a major reason why God will destroy them at the proper time). Maybe the Beast and the people with its mark will drop nuclear bombs as they do worse and worse things. They will probably use a lot of technology in their assaults over and over on the people without their mark.

  12. Hi Marriane,

    Thanks for the dream update and the information on nuclear winter. You do always state your topics informatively.

    Your dream though doesn’t sound as referring to nuclear winter. The key to its meaning is in the ‘skin’ of it.

    The fall season that we have just past is the beginning of this judgement. From the summer to fall 2016, the imbalance of the hydrological cycle has been allowed to now take its course. Where the power of the restraining angels had intervened, now God allows the law of cause and effect to resume.

    The smokes you saw then is from the sun and human activity burning the earth as the cooling effect of vegetation and water bodies upon earth have become systematically depleted.

    The ‘skin’ is the bodies exo-protective layer, which balances the body moisture and likewise protects the body fluid reserves.

    The earths ‘skin’ likewise is the vegetation, the water bodies as well as the entire atmospheric system which shields the earth’s moisture from being depleted by the sun’s heat. The cloud and rain are part of this ‘skin’ system.

    The rains from the fall of 2016, to winter precipitation will be globally below average, and will not replenish the earth’s ‘skin’ which then infers its being destructive to it. With the skin damaged, as already is, then the earth looses its capacity to hold moisture, and its temperature and has began to die.

    The first sign therefore is draught and famine. Its already happening.

    The tree of life is critically damaged. And with its demise, so would life upon the planet on which this happens.

    Yet humanity remain dazed and ‘blissfully’ ignorant of what is transpiring in their very eyes.


  13. Oh dear, I think I found the meaning of the skin issue and it ties with ‘we had everything we needed’. James chapter 5 and not pleasant reading that might cause distress so be braced if you want to read on but it is addressed to rich believers and affluent people in general implying the skin issue is from outstanding debt to the poor:
    “Your wealth has rotted away, your clothes have become moth-eaten, your gold and silver have corroded, and that corrosion will be a testimony against you; it will devour your flesh like a fire. You have stored up treasure for the last days. Behold, the wages you withheld from the workers who harvested your fields are crying aloud, and the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts.”

    • stephen

      I give to the poor, I am not wealthy

      I live on a very small social security check.

      i said I had everything I needed because I have spent the last 8 years, yes, it took that long, to save up supplies for a 3 month emergency.

      but that is a true scripture….in the dream, the skin issue may have been symbolic of an affluent society that ignored the poor, and supported the wealthy and corrupt.

  14. Yes your dream may be and I think is prophetic for everyone wealthy and not targeted at you. You did say you were not affluent at University but in your dream you were. I think it is a message to be preached widely, perhaps especially in the USA. It shows a wide judgment on many but the skin issue is a reminder of the one verse like that telling that unpaid wages intended for the poor will burn the skin of those withholding them. Like that dust and rain burning skin is a picture of debts to the poor and how they will fall on the debtors like radiation causing skin blisters. ‘The sun rises with scorching heat and withers the plant’ is another such verse. Even the smoke is like the smoke of Babylon the Great rising forever in whom was found the blood of the saints and with whom merchants had traded souls. All reminiscent of Sodom and Gomorrah. The wickedness of Sodom is well described as so appalling against the poor in the Book of Jasher. It makes escruciating reading because it rings bells of what corporations are like today. The smoke of Babylon will blot out the sunlight persistently when Babylon the Great falls. All simply solved with kindness to poor not being witheld or delayed. Wickedness starts with abuse of poor by rich. Already two coincident comments today on another thread have been confirmation of this message. Probably you are meant to preach it.

    • Another way smoke will rise with dust and obscure the sun in many places around the world will be the fulfillment of the prophecy of Revelation when every city is destroyed by earthquakes. It seems it might coincide with the punishment of Babylon the Great and the massive earthquake splitting Jerusalem into three.

  15. http://www.isawthelightministries.com/comparison.html

    Hi Marianne, if you have time take a look of the chart,

    what is your thoughts ? thanks

  16. This might be it because the destroying of cities is all from one quake which brings atmospheric disaster too and might be enough to have effects like a nuclear winter as all so much dust from cities collapsing worldwide fills the atmosphere. The hailstones are an indication of such massive atmospheric changes.
    Rev 16:17-21 ‘The seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air, and out of the temple came a loud voice from the throne, saying, “It is done!” Then there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder and a severe earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever occurred since mankind has been on earth, so tremendous was the quake. The great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations collapsed. God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his wrath. Every island fled away and the mountains could not be found. From the sky huge hailstones, each weighing about a hundred pounds, fell on people. And they cursed God on account of the plague of hail, because the plague was so terrible.’

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  18. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3917480/Could-survive-nuclear-winter-Shocking-video-reveals-black-skies-global-famine-killing-frosts-wipe-millions.html

  19. Although I’m far away in the UK, could it not be that there is fulfillment of the dream right now with the drought fires there? It might be that the smoke from the fires is explained in the dream as a consequence of the past debts owed to the poor, and the dream is saying this.

  20. Do you think that this dream could be figurative in any way?? There is an initial explosion like an angry outburst over something… clashing of some kind a war (maybe the election) then life becomes dull and abnormal then a cool rain and everything burnt up after the battle…I wonder if it is possible to identify this as something similar to another event. Thank you for your time.

  21. It is strange that you had this dream because right now in my life it feels like I’m going through a nuclear winter. I don’t know if any other Christians are experiencing this. People have come into my life and then they are suddenly disappearing. Also, there is this group of sick and weak people that I see everywhere.

    Just a week ago I went to a restaurant with my mom and a man approached her and commented on the food. I have never seen this man before but he talked to my mom like he knew her. There were two chairs at our table. My mom always checks chairs to see if they are dirty even going as far as smelling them…I feel like your dream is replaying my life right now and I will be gone somewhere very soon…afterwards the woman in your dream will see the man and I won’t be here.

    • blue lotus

      many feel this way now, as negativity increases in the world….trust in God, and he will save you from the evil and protect you.

  22. thank you. God bless you.

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