Dream – Obama On the Phone


What does this one mean?

Dream 7/10/2020

I am in a tall building with lots of windows, where we were expecting to be nuked by Russians, but it has not happened yet.

I have been assigned to bring some gas into a radioactive area, but there is a leak and the gas tank becomes empty.

I have on protective equipment. I have to go back and report the tank was faulty, and start over with a new tank.

As I travel back in the building, I go into an office and see Obama there, behind a desk, on the phone.

He is looking out the window and tells me he wants the tall green plants outside, but to leave the short ones.

I leave him, and continue on my way back to the science lab to report about the faulty tank.

End of Dream



There are several images in this dream.

The tall building.

This is his current office building.


Obama is present, on the phone.

Why does he want the tall green plants?

Who is he talking to?

Taking the gas to a radioactive area.

The gas tank that runs out of gas.

The expected nuclear attack.

Why isn’t anyone seeking shelter?

I do not see President Trump, but it may be because he is not in that particular building.

Anyone have any ideas on what this all means?

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  2. Just seems like Obama is returned to office, or has powerful position, to save the country-just in time. He reverses what has been put in place over time. Election coming up.T akes up the Black Lives Matter theme.

  3. I think dreams are your own personal experience. Your dreams only talk to you and only help you and have meaning only to you. Yes, there are prophetic visions but those are not typical dreams.

    • martinezjosei

      that is very possible here. thank you.

      • I heard from someone that claims to know dreams, Teal Swan, that you must place yourself on ever element of your dream. But what what it means to YOU. For example, what does it means to YOU when YOU are the tall green plant? What it means to you to be the radioactive gas? To carry it? Etc.

        Even Nebuchadrezzar’s dream was all about him, his future, his ending and the ending of HIS kingdom.

        • ok. I know there are natural dreams, where we process information. then there are divine dreams, where God is sending a message.

          I never thought of myself as a plant! 🙂

          • When YOU hear a “tall plant” what immediately comes to your mind? If you are a plant scientist it will be different if you are a vegiterian or a farmer, etc. Maybe healthy grow? Safety? Food? Abundance?

            Try that and see if that makes sense!

            Good luck!

  4. 7~11~2020 Quarantined Earth In Summer. It belongs to Yahweh. Psalm 24:1
    Yahshua the Messiah the Son of Yahweh The Creator of Everything Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    Hi Marianne. “Happy Sabbath!” Hubby used to say that dreams were the opposite of reality. In this case, if you were expecting a nuclear attack you would be deep down in the basement or in a bomb shelter. B.O. in a science lab building? Don’t think so. The element of truth in your dream? An expected nuclear attack against Israel and the U.S. THAT should come very soon! Ezekiel 38-39, Psalm 91, Joel 2


  5. The Building with the said present- Anti – Christ
    The plants- for Air
    Empty tank – would have caused explosion
    Russia to Nuke- He was in opposite building to where they thought

    • grandhall

      good. so plants would have provided oxygen, which is a gas. my gas tank went empty and had to go back to get more.

      obama hiding in science building. thanks

  6. Yes you had a nightmare lol

  7. Some believe Obama is the anti-christ.

    • Biblically, HOW can he be? He does not even profess to be a Christian! The Mark of the Beast is ALL about Christianity. In fact the #666 in Greek ultimately translates into the name of Jesus Christ with a cross, X as in Xmas. This is the anti-Messiah name of the image (idol) of the beast (Vatican.) In ages past the Pope has claimed to be “Jesus Christ On Earth.”


    • shelly

      he has the right spirit and personality. wait and see

      • 7~12~2020 On Yahweh’s Earth Even In Quarantine! Psalm 24:1
        Earth is now in Quarantine in Yahweh’s Universe! Because of SIN!

        The name of the anti-Messiah? It’s “Jesus Christ.” A MAN? If not the Christian “White Pope” or the Christian” Black Pope “Head of the Jesuits?” The president of the U.S., The Two-Horned Beast of Revelation 13? The Evil One appearing as “Jesus Christ” in various places now in these End Times? WHO ELSE?


  8. Plants ~ “ Green plants is a signal of fame or fortune” (dreamingalldreams.com)

    Plants like grass and trees in Scripture are a representation of people. That my interpretation.

    Barry is already in a high office.

    He’s directing that the larger (mature, stronger, influential) plants be moved outside. These are to be moved out of his realm. The small, less mature, less influential stay with Barry. He surrounds himself with such people or people that look up to Barry.

    The tank probably contains oxygen. It’s running out, like time.

    What’s expected to occur has not happened, yet. Seems time has run out.

    It’s about to take place. Who know when. Maybe Barry knows.

    You’re wearing protective gear. You’ll not be exposed to the fall out.

    The lab ~ “you need to find favorable answers, to analyze the situation more deeply; More recent interpretations indicate that the dream suggests disease or danger; If you are working in a lab, it’s a good sign; your work will be appreciated” (dreamrevealer.com).

    I and a few others are expecting a nuke to destroy Metro NYC. This would cripple the markets (stock, bond, commodities, insurance) and probably end the dollar as the world currency standard.

    Such an event would also destroy the office of the UN, and may kill the leadership. Who do you think would be ready to become the next UN Secretary?

    • Just presenting this here. One Dr. William Mount (on YouTube) says that President Trump could be killed or his funeral faked on July 17 (or three days before or after). He has ads for survival foods and precious metals. He also has been wrong before. I hope that he is this time, too.


    • Yes, it would be very easy and probable that Obama could be elected to be the UN Secretary under those circumstances.

  9. I think it can be dangerous trying to assign meaning to these or any dreams. If anything it more than likely reflects personal beliefs about end-time events. If you believe that Obama is the Antichrist, then you will probably dream of him in such a circumstance. This may tend to reinforce false interpretations of bible prophecy. Most people have a false belief in an Antichrist figure who will become a world dictator and many believe he will put a chip in everyone’s right hand or forehead. Some believe he will be Christian, others Muslim. The truth is that real end-time events won’t look anything like what most people are expecting. Their current prejudices will mask true prophetic events and they will end up waiting for things to happen while missing actual prophecy. Nibiru is a good case in point, among many others.
    So dream interpretation is all based on what you already believe. Each person makes it fit to their predetermined views, so ultimately the exercise is futile and provides no useful insight into future events. Everyone here is looking for their own verification of what they already believe. It really serves no purpose.

    • Correct!

      And to complicate things more, the “Son of Perdition” might not even be the same person/figure as the “Beast” nor the “False Prophet”!

      It can even be proven that the “Beast of Revelation” is NOT the same person as Paul’s “Son of Perdition”!


      • Greetings Jose! What is my studied prayerful opinion? NONE of these are the same. The “Son of Perdition” is The Evil One once known as Lucifer, the chief fallen angel. I do not honor him with a name. This is because his name(s) have never been removed or changed. Just MULTIPLIED!
        There are two beasts in Revelation 13. The first beast in verse one has developed into The Vatican, the Papacy (Papa”sea”) in Rome. The Two Horned Beast (that turns its power over to this first beast?) The U.S. Government.
        And, the “False Prophet”? It’s not even mentioned in Revelation 13. It’s Islam from Muhammad. Moslems profess faith in only part of the Bible. Islam (6th Century A.D.) as well as Christianity (3rd Century A.D.) are religions began by The Vatican.
        The Greek pagan name Jesus Christ which includes a CROSS, X as in Xmas? This is the translated meaning of the #666 in Revelation 13:18, also known as “The Mark of the Beast.” The wise will understand. This is the name of the image (idol) of the beast (Vatican.)


        “Come out of HER My people . . .or suffer the plagues!” Yahshua calling from Heaven in Revelation 18:4 and following verses. (My emphasis and paraphrasing.)
        Yahshua the Messiah, The Lamb of Yahweh, came in His Father’s Name, John 5:43. He’s returning VERY SOON for ALL who love HIM!
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”


        • I don’t agree with all your interpretations but I do agree with Islam/Mohamed in reference to Revelations and the End Times.

          About the “Son of Perdition” mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2:3
          3 “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.”

          Let’s not worry about who he might be, let’s just look at how he ENDS, his ending:

          8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

          So the Bible very clearly shows exactly how he will be consumed/destroyed. Notice that he is NOT thrown alive in a lake of fire but instead:

          #1. Consumed with something that comes of the Messiah/Lord’s MOUTH.
          ” consume with the spirit of his mouth”. That is very CLEAR! Some kind of “spirit” comes of the Lord’s MOUTH that destroy this person.

          #2. He is “destroy with the brightness of his coming’. He is not thrown alive into any lake of fire to burn forever but instead it is destroyed with the prescense of the Lord’s brightness.

          No where you read anything about being thrown ALIVE into no lake!

          But if the “Beast” and “second Beast/false prophet” are both thrown into the lake of fire what happens to the “REST” those that are NOT thrown into the lake of fire?

          Revelations 19:20 “But the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet … The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur.”

          I ask again, what happens not to those two persons bit the the OTHERS, the REST? It seems clearly that the “Son of Perdition” is not thrown alive in to the lake of fire so he must obviously belong to the OTHERS, i.e. the REST!

          Here is goes…

          Revelations 19:21 “The rest were killed with the sword coming out of the mouth of the rider on the horse, and all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh.”

          WOW!!! The Bible is so perfect!!!

          So the REST, the OTHERS, the NON-Beast, NON-False Prophet, those that are not thrown into the lake of fire, the “rest” are what?

          “The rest were killed with the sword coming out of the mouth…”

          So the REST, (Not the Beast, not the False Prophet) are killed by something that comes from the rider’s mouth!!! A “Sword” of some kind!!!

          Wait a minute… Isn’t that exactly how the “Son of Perdition” will be killed?

          2 Thessalonians 2:3
          “whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth”

          Revelations 29:21

          “The REST were killed with the sword coming out of the mouth…”

          So the Rider has a spirit or sword that will kill the rest the exact same way the “Son of Perdition” is killed!!!

          Coincidence? Obviously NO!

          The Bible is clear! The Son of Perdition is NOT the Beast nor the False Prophet as many Christian leaders claim because that person the Bible CLEARLY indicates will be destroyed exactly as the REST and not as the Beast nor the False Prophet.

          Hint: the sword/spirit that comes out of the Rider is nothing more than the HOLY SPIRIT in POWER.

          • At Yahshua’s Return the wicked are destroyed by the brightness of His Coming. A consuming fire? In John 17:12 Yahshua calls Judas Iscariot “The Son of Perdition” calling him “lost.” The Two-Horned Beast in Revelation is the U.S. Government. It’s ruler at the time may fulfill THAT position.


      • Jose,
        You need to understand that ALL the beasts in both Daniel and Revelation are kingdoms, NOT people! Just as they are also NOT actual beasts, but only metaphorically represented as such in the visions given to the prophets. Between Daniel and Revelation there are a total of 8 kingdoms. Revelation 17 describes two more “kings” after Johns first two “beasts.” His first beast is clearly the Holy Roman Empire, lasting the specified 1260 prophetic years. The second beast represents the Vatican which controls the great majority of God’s people today. The 7th kingdom is a restored Roman empire – the European Union, and the final kingdom will be a restored Holy Roman Empire – the beast that was, is not, but will come again for a short time. This final kingdom will be the “King of the North” from Daniel, and its leaders will be the pope (False Prophet), and the man of fierce countenance understanding dark sentences. This pair will begin the war of Daniel and lead into Armageddon. The Vatican is the beast (Babylon) that will be destroyed along with the False Prophet as God’s church is cleansed of all the pagan practices it has picked up over the centuries. Remember that the Lake of Fire is just a metaphor for destruction. The actual Vatican will not be uprooted and tossed into an actual Lake of Fire. BTW, the destruction of pagan Babylon will not be limited to the Catholic church but will extend to the “daughter” churches who practice Sunday worship and celebrate pagan holidays such as Christmas and Easter.
        And of course, Satan’s fallen angels will be destroyed and he will be chained for 1000 years.
        But there won’t be an Antichrist, sorry.

        • The Adventists “Vatican Beast” escathology had being proven totally incorrect! Give it up! A Sunday keeping, pork eating, vinegar addict seeing visions after a stone in the head and suffering of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy like Ellen WG. White had already being proven wrong!

          If course, when a Pope persecutes non-Catholics it is easy to fall into that escathology trap. But let’s look at ISLAM.

          MAYBE, just maybe, the Bible is more correct and literal than what we think! Maybe the “kings” are actually “kings” so where are the kings today?

          In the Middle East!

          • It is clear you can‘t understand how the Book of Revelation perfectly reflects history. There are 8 beast-kingdoms in Revelation and seven of them have either come and gone or are here today. You are expecting some new Islamic kingdom to arise and directly replace the Holy Roman Empire. You don’t understand that the beasts are kingdoms that control God’s peoples – in Daniel the Jews and in Revelation the Christians. Right now the Vatican controls most Christians. Islam controls almost none, nor will they ever.
            Do you really believe that a group of Islamic countries are going to take over the Christian world and do what? Put a chip in everyones right hand or forehead? Is Iran going to chip the world?
            Ellen White got a lot of things wrong, but we have the advantage of history to see exactly what is going down and we can correct her mistakes. But your concept is totally illogical and simply will never happen. You may think the words in the Book of Revelation somehow match your concept, but your concept is pure fantasy and therefore needs to be discarded.

            • Jim. Looks like you came in loud and clear. Your postings are working. I think the Beast system will include the Muslims and use them for its purpose. After all who known for cutting off heads than the Muslims? They’ve been doing it for centuries they’re very good at it

  10. One thing that most people get wrong is that all the prophetic beasts don’t represent people – they are kingdoms as stated by Daniel. You’ve got 4 beasts from Daniel (Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome. They are all sequential and replaced the former kingdom. The first beast of Revelation replaced the last beast of Daniel, therefore the second beast must REPLACE the first. Jayna knows that the Vatican replaced the first beast (Holy Roman Empire) but she combines the two kingdoms into one then goes looking for a new second beast. But the U.S. can never replace the Vatican. That is constitutionally impossible and frankly sounds like science fiction. Why would the U.S. take over a religion? How would it be accomplished? It is simply a crazy idea that will never happen.
    It is only the Vatican that inherited all the (religious) power and authority of the Holy Roman Empire.
    And the False Prophet rules the second beast, not Islam. The False Prophet is a real person not a metaphor for a different religion, one that is never mentioned in the bible. He is a man, the current pope, who controls the woman (church) that rides the scarlet beast (Vatican). He will be destroyed (Lake of Fire) along with Babylon which represents the pagan roots of his false religion and the Vatican second beast.
    Frankly, destroying America and Islam to prepare for Christ to marry the true church seems unnecessary, pointless and makes little sense.

    • 8~6~2020 On a quarantined Earth Still Yahweh’s! King David in Psalm 24:1.
      Yahshua the Messiah The Son of Yahweh The Creator of Everything Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

      Jim, still confused? You mention my name so I will give an answer for my faith. HA! The Two Horned Beast of Revelation 13? It does NOT replace the Beast in verse 1. It turns its power over to IT! Thus, the first Beast: The Christian Vatican, The Papa”cy” in Rome. The Two Horned Beast? The U.S. Government. (Actually, a number of Christian teachers taught this in the 19th Century including Ellen G. White of The Seventh Day Adventists.) It arises out of the “earth” as did America out of what was wilderness, verse 11. The deadly wound of the first beast, The Christian Vatican? It was its power taken away by Napoleon’s forces in 1798. This “wound” was NOT “healed” until 1929 when its power was restored. Verse 13: The U.S. Government caused “fire” to literally come down on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II and of course 9/11. The latter was blamed on Islamic terrorists (forces of The False Prophet) and even Israel! Islam, The False Prophet is not even mentioned in Revelation 13. It is The False Prophet . Why? Moslems claim to believe in the first five books of the Bible. But they don’t! Islam (6th Century) like Christianity (Third Century) is full of lies and deceptions. Their source is The Christian Vatican.
      Verses 14 – 15: The name of the image (idol) of the first Beast (Vatican) is “Jesus Christ” and his CROSS (X as in Xmas). This is the Greek meaning of the #666, Revelation 13:18. This verse also states that the “wise” will understand.The U.S. Government is the first to enforce this ” Mark of the Beast” soon followed by the governments in Europe and the rest of the world.
      Because of current events, it seems that the ABOVE will happen very soon! Some are teaching that COVID-19 is “The Mark of the Beast.” No. But it may culminate in its enforcement. Forced COVID-19 nose-jab testing (possible implanting of 5 G chip to control Americans) and dangerous vaccines (reported to be already made) seem to be in the works now. REJECT THEM EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO GO TO A FEMA CAMP! AT LEAST YOU WILL STILL BE YOU!
      It is possible that “The Son of Perdition” may be The Evil One impersonating Yahshua the Messiah. He may appear in different places on Earth in support of “The Mark of the Beast.” Ellen G. White stated that this would happen. (I never thought much about it.) He cannot come the same way that Yahshua will, with “the clouds, angels, of Heaven.” Many (Most?) will be deceived! They are NOW!
      Jim, it’s too bad that you choose to remain in confusion. Those of “the remnant” are NOT!


      • Jayna,
        You know, i used to believe that the US is the second beast. I used to watch Jack Van Impe on TV and believed everything he taught. But eventually I realized he was wrong on many points. There won’t be a rapture, the world won’t be chipped, there won’t be an Antichrist dictator that takes over the planet and much more. As a scientist / engineer I use logic when I explore any possibility. In other words, could it actually happen without resorting to elaborate conspiracy theories and sci-fi to accomplish it. And your scenario does not pass the sniff test when it comes to possibility. Already you are using the Covid testing to create a government conspiracy to track people or use some sort of mind control chip to make your theory possible. If this were happening there would be thousands of people who would have detected an implant in their sinus passages. And tens of thousands of workers would have to be specially trained and to have taken a vow of silence without a single whistle blower. This is just a silly conspiracy theory and it doesn’t make any sense. The U.S. Can never force any religion on its people – that’s in the constitution which would take years to change – just look at the equal rights amendment and you’ll see how hard it is. And we have very few catholic lawmakers in congress, so the odds that they could pass your mark of the beast amendment is virtually nil. And the fact that you actually think it is about to happen just shows how deluded you are in your theory. Ask 1000 random people if they see this about to happen and you will have the truth.
        But you’ve been believing this nonsense for so long that there is no way you will ever change your mind, even though nothing you are preparing for is ever going to happen.
        All that said, we are very close in our beliefs. I believe that ten European nations will give their religious power to the Vatican, restoring the Holy Roman Empire. Thus much is biblical (rev 17). You are simply trying to go global on something that will be much more local. You believe it will begin in the U.S. And then spread to Europe, but in fact it will be totally European. Maybe when you see the Holy Roman Empire restored you will Finally let go of your SyFy scenario.

        • 8~11~2020 A Cool August In Southern CA. Can you believe it?
          Yahshua the Messiah The Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
          PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

          Jim, I really wish that what I wrote is NOT true! However, sadly, I do believe that it is what THE EVIL THEY plan to do. Possibly, if ENOUGH light is focused on it, they will stop it. Maybe not. One Dr. William Mount on You Tube says that this has been planned since 1975. He shows documents. However, he is really kind of wacky about a number of things.
          Lately, with the continual President Trump Facebook posts I receive. (He must have a Web army doing all the posting for him!) I keep asking him to STOP THE COVID-19 “PLANDEMIC.” He earlier called it that.
          Jim, in case you do not know. COVID-19 is now GLOBAL! Everywhere in the world! It’s literal “PROOF” that we are in “THE VERY LAST DAYS.”
          Sadly, I have talked to several who have had the nose-jab testing. One did NOT want it. He did it to keep his job. Bad choice. Each of them said that they felt a pinching or stinging with the jab. According to Dr. Mount, the 5 G chip takes about a year to take affect. The victim is then apparently controllable. Whatever 5 G does. These nose-jab testing and vaccine(s) will be mandatory. I surmise that those of us refusing THEM will be given free rides to FEMA Camps. FINE! At least I will still be ME! lol A few weeks ago, the Sunday newspaper here had a large photo on its front page. It was of a two- week- old baby being given a COVID-19 nose-jab test. It made me so angry!
          Jim, if all of this sounds “a little Nazi?” Please remember that many Nazi scientists and doctors were brought here to the U.S. in “Operation Paper Clip” after World War II. Sadly, this Two Horned Beast government turned boat loads of Holocaust Jews away from our shores during that war. Only to perish in Nazi Camps!
          Ah! The U.S. Constitution! Jim, do you know that being forced to stay in your home (Martial Law?), forced to wear a mask in public, and forced to not attend school and even church are also against the Constitution? Please GET REAL! The Mark of the Beast (Christianity, the acceptance of Jesus Christ and a CROSS, Revelation 13:18) can be forced on us “in a heart beat!”
          Gee, I think that The European Union is the restored Roman Empire. Long ago the U.S. Government turned its power over to The Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy. It does ITS bidding! Very likely The E.U. has, too. Or will soon.
          Bush attacked Iraq without the approval of Congress. ANYTHING can happen now without its approval! And it IS!
          Jim, it seems to me that YOU are steadfastly refusing to be informed about the truth. This , to me, is a POOR choice for a scientist and engineer. However, Jim, you are still FREE to be YOU!


          • video why pandemic is a hoax. youtube /facebook police on the move

            • Hi Marianne. The video was removed. What did it say? I believe that the virus is real but lab made. Also TOTALLY HYPED! The testing and vaccines may soon be forced on us.


              • The video talked about why there are hoaxes and pandemics in recent years and that they are not real. Obviously the truth cannot be told. It must be censored.

      • Hey Jayna,
        Sorry for the late reply but my wordpress was‘New Testament working for a long time, but now I’m back.
        So another year has passed and we now have a catholic president, so when is Biden going to turn over his throne to the pope? He never mentions religion and is pro-abortion. None of his bills have any relation to the Vatican so when are you expecting this change-over? This year? Next year? 50 years from now? I thought you said the Second Coming was going to be in 2018. So what‘s taking so long? Do you realize how long it would take the U.S. to disassemble the republic, rewrite the constitution and surrender to the pope? Apparently you believe it could happen overnight. Yet there isn’t a hint anywhere that it is going to happen, either tomorrow or years from now.
        Ellen White was wrong about the second beast. So was Herbert W. Armstrong whose church I follow. He got the 7th beast right – the European Union, but he screwed up on the 2nd beast. It just ain‘t gonna happen. I believed it for 30 years but finally realized it is a crazy idea. If any interpretation is not possible, I have no choice but to reject it. I don’t believe in magic nor do I think God is going to pull strings like a puppet and force human history to unfold to match His prophecies.
        My current interpretation has already unfold all the way to the 7th king of Revelation 17. And what is left is on course to happen, without magic.
        So when will the Second Coming be now? More astrology picks? How about generations from…? Anything?

    • Remove “Rome” with the “Caliphate” as in the “Caliphate Empire” and you will arrive at the truth!

  11. Hi Marianne, really long time no see.
    Loved your post about Daniel and the angels.

    Obama is one of the anti Cs. Jack Van Impe didnt tell me this, tho. I never watched him.

    The mark is real and we can see how people are chomping at the bit to get it. I think the mark will be in the vaccine. I can already see the stupid people making us get this mark or we cant buy or sell…
    Jack Van Impe didnt tell me this either.

    I believe we are eventually going to be bombed by the Russians.

    Obama and the plant..
    The short ones only inside. Nothing can stand taller than Obama…he’s really an arrogant slime.

    I hope you are doing well, Marianne 🙂 I have you linked on the side of my blog for a year now because I love you ♥

    • miss pauli

      thank you for checking in and your comments. i agree about obama. he plans to set off multiple nukes in america. I just had another dream about him. love you too!

  12. Hey Marianne,
    Its been quite a while, I hope all is well with you now.
    I’m still not sure I can post anything and have it stick so here goes…

  13. After long time, Jim Giordano appeared.
    Vaccine mandatory in future?
    Not yet appeared the anti Christ.
    But last two witnesses- are they living now?
    Elijah and Enoch. Enoch?

    • Yes Jim pops up every once in awhile. It is good to see he is still around. The two witnesses may be living now but they’re not being publicized as far as their message. Some say they are Elijah and Enoch. Other say Moses and Aaron. I guess we will not know unless they show up on TV. Since vaccine is already being required in some countries I can see it in others as well. I hope it does not continue in this pattern. It is a dangerous thing

  14. Hey guys,
    It‘s good to be back. It was frustrating typing replies and having them fail to be posted. After a while I just gave up.
    As for prophecy, first of all don’t waste your time waiting for an Antichrist figure to take over the world. That’s just a movie plot.
    Muslims will be involved in the end time wars of Daniel. The European Union will attack Persia (Iran) and all the other oil producing countries surrounding Israel. Then China will get involved. Then Christ will return. Bingo!
    As for the two witnesses, they will appear on Passover, 3-½ years before the Second Coming. It wont be Enoch or Elijah or any other ancient Jew. God never recycles His prophets. Like Daniel, God will find a couple of young believers who will step up to the task. Being unknowns they will be hated especially by the Vatican since they will be spreading the prophecy involving the Catholic church who will issue the mark of the beast. (This will be forced Sunday worship for everyone including Jews and Muslims)
    Look now for the 8th kingdom – the restored Holy Roman Empire. The pope will be given authority to make all religious laws for ten countries of the European Union who will band together to give the Vatican this power.
    Or you can wait for an Antichrist guy to take over the entire planet. Except maybe Afghanistan – that one seems to be doomed to failure for everyone.
    Gotta go…

    • Maybe the Vatican/Pope has nothing to do with End Time prophecies. Maybe long time ago, about 2,000, seing a Pope rising obviously then, gave rise to that escathology. Maybe, just maybe, the already bankrupt Vatican is no longer (an neber was) an End Time player. If we add Islam/Muslims to our escathology we cannot ignore this little unknown character to the Western World but who means EVERYTHING to the Muslims/Islam world. Please google: The Mahdi

      A surprise awaits you there!

    • What if the 8th kingdom is a Muslim Empire? A revived Ottoman Empire? What if the ten kings are exactly that’ ten kings?! Where do you find ten kings? Answer: in the Muslim/Arabic world!!! Everywhere else are presidents/ministers.

      What if the rise of the Taliban was prophecied many years ago by the Islam escathology? Google it!

      What if the Mahdi is the Antichrist?

      What if Iran nukes Saudi Arabia as prophecied in the Bible? What if Europe has nothing to do with End Time Prophecies and the phrophecied war is just between Isaac (Israel) and Ishmael (Arabs)?

      What if the “mark” in the forhead and hand is releated to the Covid-19 (and future pestilences) checks before entering a store?

      What if ISIS ten planned countries’ Google it!, is the ten prophecied horns?

      What if Taliban/ISIS rises from the dessert as a powerful beast/empire full of minerals’ gold’ lithium’ (bought by China) etc from the grounds of Afghanistan? Google it!

      • martin

        Antichrist – who is he? – the secret is in the “mix”

        The Fourth Beast of Daniel and Revelation – the Antichrist of Islam – the 12th Imam Mahdi

      • Dude,
        Thats a whole lot of “what ifs” there. The question is the likelihood of any of that happening. A ten-nation Islamic caliphate is highly unlikely. They are far too tribal to share power. Read Revelation 17. It describes exactly who the 8th kingdom is. It is a combination of the 6th and 7th kingdoms and it is a recreation of the 5th kingdom (the Holy Roman Empire). There is no predicting needed here. History has already shown us who the kingdoms are.
        We now only need to wait and see what happens next. While most people are waiting for a Muslim Antichrist to take over the world, they will be waiting in vain. No one man, nor one country nor and evil axis of powers is going to succeed. History has show that it just can’t be done. To me, waiting for the impossible is just a waste of time.

        • Why all the Roman eschatology students want to blindly ignore the Turkish/Ottoman Empire?

          Why is the Caliphate ignored?

          • Actually, I am expecting an Islamic caliphate to emerge headquartered in Istanbul referred to in Ezekiel as Gog Of Magog. As you know that war will be fought by God Himself and will likely occur after the war of Daniel.
            Daniels war will be between the European Union led by Germany and the caliphate throughout the oil producing Middle East specifically Iran (Persia).
            But there won‘t be a world-dominating Antichrist. And Islam won‘t take
            over the world. But the current events in Afghanistan will help bible prophecy to come true by overloading Europe with Muslims and they will try using the mark of the beast to get them to leave and return to Muslim nations which will irritate the King of the South (Iran).
            On the other hand I don’t see world domination in Islam’s future.
            We will have to wait and see.

            • In Daniel 2:43 he pecifically reveals that the invaders will be “Arabs”.

              You must read the original verse and use an interlinear Bible, English to Hebrew, to find the secret.
              Strong’s Hebrew 6151

              You can Google it.

            • Why do you believe the King of the South is Iran? It is east of Israel. I agree about the caliphate though they’re not just going to sit around and fade Into the distance

    Prophets say :
    Painful future to church means?

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