Dream – Packing up My Things



I had this dream twice in the same night.

February 21, 2017


I am packing up all my things: food, personal items, miscellaneous items, etc.

I am trying to get everything in my car.

It seems like these items are somewhere else, and I am bringing them home.

I also notice that my local rabbi is packing up also, and doing the same thing.

End of dream



Since I have no real plans to move in the near future, and I have no things elsewhere other than home, I assume I am processing thoughts about the need to get everything “home.”

As a confirmation, I see someone else doing it too.

I sense that whatever I have out there, needs to be brought home, so I and my family can use it in an emergency. Or maybe it is business I have to complete.

Maybe, the packing to bring my things home may mean I am getting ready to leave this earth, and I am organizing what I have for others.

I do sense I am preparing for an event of some sort.

I have a friend who also had a dream about getting packed, because he and others were leaving. Maybe the two dreams are connected.

Time will tell, I guess.

I know I do not have much longer, and my mind is considering this.

This seems to not just apply to just me, but some others as well.

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  1. […] here for […]

    • Hi Marianne: Sometimes, it seems to me anyway, dreams are to tell us what we want to know. I kept my Mother’s engagement ring & wedding band in my ring box with my own rings after she died. I went to put them on & the engagement ring was gone. I said “Mom, Please listen, I can’t find your wedding ring. I’m so sorry, please let me know where it is. That night I had a dream of my Mom, in my bedroom, angrily throwing everything out of my second drawer of my vanity. I wondered for 4 days why would my Mom be doing that. Then, I decided to do the same thing. Took everything out of the second drawer, felt around the drawer to see if I missed anything. There was my Mom’s ring. Think about the details in your dream, like the boxes, what was said, what you remember taking….you know…..

  2. Perhaps pack up the “old” and be ready for the “new”. – What is to come next. Interesting dream

  3. Your dream is not for you it’s for me. My name is Olivia iv been in a witchcraft study with Father God for 9 yrs Satan got real stupid with me .God made me move where I was because the klan was trying to kill me on obedience I left with no where to go God at the last minute opened a door I’m battling a walking disability.begore the month was over I was asked to leave at another place I’m fighting Satan at every hand but God I still got God your dream bears witness God is giving me another home the things to be brought is in my storage the food also there just some can good. The coming home is also the study coming to end we are 300 prophets with secrets of Satan we’ve been living in the deep for 9 yrs . It has not been pleasing or easy God is confirming. Please beware of what your doing there staring to hunt Satan is hunting be sure of your salvation in Jesus name

  4. Maybe you’re packing to go HOME!

  5. Hi there traveler.
    I prayed and what came to me was that dreams are a way that God speaks to us personally. Joel 2:28.
    Maybe: The packing means God wants you to move, but not necessarily to a different location???. Could mean that God has a higher calling for you to move into.. Thus the reason you saw your Rabbi doing the same. The rabbi in this case represents what God is trying to tell you to prepare for.

  6. We are all going home so very soon if we are believers in Messiah Jesus. I’m not setting dates for sure but I feel it is this year for so many reasons. My dreams almost always have me unable to pack everything in my suitcases. Probably because I have too much stuff here on earth. I pray always to be considered worthy to escape those things about to happen on this earth and to be able to stand before the Son of Man. To stand has had the meaning of to stand up for or marry. As in asking a best man if he will stand up for me as a groomsman. We will! And very soon. There are so many signs but you just know it in your bones. Blessings to all.

  7. I believe that your dream meant that the rapture is near and that the lord Jesus is telling you that you will be saved from what is going to happen here on earth.

  8. Sounds like consolidation. “Gird up the loins of your mind” as Peter puts it (1 Peter 1:13). Be sober minded and prepare for action, as it is translated. “Only hold onto what you have until I come;” said Jesus in Revelation. To another church He said “Strengthen what remains and is about to die” but hopefully that isn’t the exact picture here. I think there is a special need for staying ready, it seemed from a word I
    received recently (literally a word in a language very significant to me which just meant in English “Ready!”, or so I found when I translated it in online tools, whispered as it were behind me in my ‘ear’). Peter put it so graciously in 1 Peter 1:13 “Wherefore having girded up the loins of your mind, being sober, hope perfectly upon the grace that is being brought to you in the revelation of Jesus Christ”.

  9. The items are your thoughts, some sober and maybe some wandering off a bit. The home is Jesus’ revelation of Himself within you. The thoughts that fit with that revelation and grace bind those to it so they are gathered into it like clothes gathered into a belt (belt of truth). Other thoughts let go as not being sober enough. This readies your mind. Take captive those thoughts and make them obedient to Christ (as Paul put it). The rabbi should do so too.

  10. The other aspect is about not leaving loose ends. If you have loose ends after gathering thoughts and completing actions then let them go and focus on things being completed – but thoughts brought into the belt of truth and actions completed to tie in with such truth.


  12. If there is a hint of the rebuke of Jesus in it do not worry but be glad – He rebukes those He loves so we can repent and do better. There is a hint of “Focus!” in the dream, it seems to me.

  13. Thank you for sharing such a blessed dream. Sublime! Glory to Him!

  14. Something strange is going on. I’ve encountered personal attacks from a secret coven about my faith. As soon as I. Make up my mind to fight and get out.Jehovah will also be changing the coarse for me he has prepared.

  15. It seems that you were on a “trip” somewhere and are returning home.
    Maybe the Lord wants you to get back to basics from where you first started on your spiritual journey with Him.
    So many are praying for a new Spiritual Awakening and revival here in America and around the world in these last days.
    May the Lord give you clarification on your dream.
    God bless,
    Dan K.

  16. Hi Marianne,

    we really need to pray for Trump

    i am on the prayer line, and heard that

    many witches get together in the midnight to spell the curse on Trump. they will keep doing this until he will leave the office.

  17. Hi: I never thought the “packing up things” dream was about dying, but it looks like a lot of you do. I don’t think you’d be packing up things if you were dying at all, just the opposite. Why would you need to pack anything……you can’t take it with you, remember. It sounds more like “relocation” Maybe moving to a new home, taking a vacation, a flood issue & you want to save things from the water……so many other things going on in this dream.

  18. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/petition-calls-on-obama-to-run-for-president-in-france/ar-AAnhSHk?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=mailsignout

    obama want to run french election ??? omg

  19. The greatest keys of discernment to safeguard against false teachers and false prophets are 1.) a familiarity with the Word of God and 2).a familiarity with the voice of the Spirit of God. Without a familiarity with both we are left to our own means and methods which will only fail us dismally.

    Here’s a link to a write-up on how we can recognize false workers through the keys of discernment given in the Scriptures.Discerning Deceivers: 12 Biblical Keys To Recognizing False Prophets and Teachers


    Paul Benson

    you have to read the 12 keys , it is very important.

  20. https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60545/esau-ishmael-unite-against-israel-fulfillment-ancient-prophecy-jewish-world/#pd74w6Ed6YFiQEyL.97
    Esau and Ishmael Unite Against Israel in Fulfillment of Ancient Prophecy

  21. Sorry for your president, scrol for the vid with the facts. Yes, it ‘hurts’.


    • not true…also those “rape” charges were against bill clinton, not trump

      people who play with numerology and read into things that are not there are not reliable sources

  22. https://gabrielleelliott.bandcamp.com/track/will-you-trust-me
    Will You Trust Me

    Will you trust Me in the journey
    Will you keep a tender heart
    Knowing that My heart is toward you
    Knowing that My love is strong

    Will you trust Me when you’re hurting
    Knowing that I’m hurting too
    Knowing that My heart is breaking
    What breaks yours breaks mine too

    If your eyes could see from Heaven
    You’d see mercy’s river flow
    Come and rest in My compassion
    I’m much kinder than you know

    Will you trust Me in the waiting
    When your heart is filled with fear
    When confusion overwhelms you
    And you wonder if I care

    Do you know that I’m a Father
    Let my shelter be your home
    Do you know that I’m a Shepherd
    I keep watch over My own

    Will you trust Me in the journey
    Will you keep a tender heart
    Don’t give up, just keep believing
    I will come, it won’t be long
    from All That’s Pure and Beautiful, released November 12, 2015
    Words and music by Gabrielle Elliott

  23. IMO, G-d will throw the world system a bone. Rapture of the Church is near. Or, you want it to happen, while you sleep your brain sorts itself out and you see it in the form of packing, or getting ready to go somewhere.

    The world system is in such a tizzy, they did not get their love HRC. she would have had open borders and a new Constitution by now.

  24. Hi Marianne,

    how do you forgive , sometimes i felt it is so hard to forgive

    what is your secret ! how to make it


    • q

      it IS hard to forgive….for anyone

      modern church teaches that we must forgive, even if the other person is not sorry…

      I disagree…nowhere in bible does it say to do this…forgiveness is dependent upon repentance…both the OT and Jesus mentioned this

      this is one reason why people find it hard to forgive,….they feel forced to forgive an unrepentant person, and they feel more guilt with their struggle than the person does about their offense

      what we should do is be WILLING to forgive, and ready….to forgive, and wait for repentance..to happen

      if we jump ahead of ourselves and forgive them before repentance, it sends a signal that repentance is not necessary, and they keep up the offense….this is enabling them, and helping them stay in sin against us or others

    • q – If I may add my two cents here –

      This has often been a tricky path for me, forgiveness. However, forgiveness does not mean forgetting, if someone has wronged you. It doesn’t mean you have to now like the person.

      The way forward for me to forgive, is to turn it over to our Lord. He carries many heavy burdens for us, if we let Him. In turning something over to the Lord for forgiveness toward someone, I am also turning over all of the hate, the anger, the sadness, and the many other emotions that I do not have to carry anymore.

      Just a thought.


  25. thanks and thanks both of you !

  26. Hi all,
    do you have any thoughts on Rick Joyner ?

    i know that he belong to knight of malta, illuminati group.

    since then, i did not listen to his teaching any more ,

    do you have any insight ? thanks

      • q

        I do not pay any attention to him so I do not know

        judge a tree by its fruit….

        • thanks, you are right !! , i already listen to this tape,
          and former member of r.j. church said that in their church they do not use Bible and when he preach , he does not use bible, he just
          tell people regarding to his dream and vision ? that is big deception

  27. https://grandmageri422.me/2017/02/25/rampant-pedophilia-in-hollywood-why-they-hate-president-trump/

  28. it is easy for God to bring the people out of Egypt.

    but it is very hard to remove the egypt from our heart, if we are not willing.

  29. must listen

  30. My rabbis wife shared with us her dreams of many rabbis and jews and gentiles sitting in the same congregation. The gentiles,
    ( christians) ( yes, Yeshua believers) and jews and rabbis were all joyous and exalting Yeshua. The jews and rabbis were undercover tho. ( Many jews are accepting Yeshua but hide it in their synagogues.) Maybe your dream might wrap around this. Jews coming home to the Messiah. Or something bad might happen, forcing your family to Israel.

  31. 30 years ago.
    gradually , they closed garment manufacturer and moved to other country.
    detroit american automobile car manufacture disappeared
    manufacture of appliance disappeared .
    later manufacture of computer , parts, gone .

    later they try to move computer dept (IT , information technology } to India,. this already happened in US for many years. they call it outsourcing.

    software design , hardware design, computer programming, IT is the strength/asset of US industry ,

    illuminati try to kill the industry of US,

    it is about the scheme of illuminati/ globalist agenda

    thank God for Trump . hope home run for manufacturer.

  32. in year 2000-2003 ?? , i attend benny hinn meeing , there was a old vetnam veteran, he was healed by God in this healing meeting, before he was healed , he tormented in the sleep and emotion distressed all the time. his testimony : he was ordered to conduct military operation in Vietnam or Cambodia which was to do mass massacre of village civilians . after they did this massacre , he felt so sick and guilty. after he came back to states, he had serious mentally ill . at that time, i
    do know about anything of illuminati. i felt so confused regarding to what the veteran said. later found out that illuminati order us army to conduct military operation. to steal , to kill , to rob all around the world.
    thank God, the veteran confessed sin and get healed by God.

  33. start from 4:00 , this pope is the false prophet !

    • either that , or he is very stupid

    • Final true pope( Peter the Romans) before change into 3 1/2 year anti-Christ government.

    • “We must think about whether viri probati are a possibility,” Francis said, referring to older married men who are already involved in church business.
      “Then we have to decide what tasks they can take on, for example in remote communities,” he added in an interview with German weekly Die Zeit.

      Practically real person , not theoretical . So fundamentalist do not accept it.
      Who crucified Jesus? Fundamentalist. Women priest are not allowed by this pope. Nova, Moses, Abraham, Eliga and all other prophets , then Jesus disciples all are males.

  34. i am trying this, it look like working.

    if you have other way , pls let me know.


  35. I live where the Xs are

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