Dream – Prison, With Just a Few Minutes to Go



He showed up at the last moment.

I am not sure if it was a camp or not, due to the concrete construction of the building, but it was definitely a prison, and a place of torture and execution.

Dream 3/28/2019

I am waiting in the hallway of a prison.

Others before me have been taken already, and I am next.

In my mind, I can see what is happening.

People are stood up and tied to a post, then sliced with a knife or sword to torture and kill them.

I have collected all my stuff, like jewelry, supplies, in little bags, and have been getting them snuck to the outside to others, to help them, or to just have them outside in case I escape.

Finally, the kind priest who has been sneaking out others, and their belongings, to the outside comes for me.

I get to go free, thanks to him.

End of Dream

This Dream’s message may be analogous to Dream – Waiting, But Not Called


The Lord has had me in many situations, where I suffered a lot before he intervened.

He seemed to show up at the last minute.

In this dream, the priest showed up at the last minute, so I believe he represents Yahshua / Jesus.

For those who feel like God has abandoned you, you are still alive and waiting.

Do not be discouraged.

The Lord knows the exact time to intervene and help you.

Be patient and wait upon the Lord.

For those who do not know the Lord in a personal way, I encourage you to do so.

Someday, or soon, it will make a difference between death (spiritual or physical) and freedom.

You can contact me, or a local church, and get more information.

May God bless you all.


13 Responses to “Dream – Prison, With Just a Few Minutes to Go”

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  2. Act_16:25  And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them.
    Act_16:29  Then he called for a light, and sprang in, and came trembling, and fell down before Paul and Silas,

  3. So happy for your rescue by Jesus! Loving Jesus includes our unending faith in Him. Waiting long periods of time can be a tough human thing at times but HE knows what’s best for us…as they say “keep the faith”. Blessings to all.

  4. Marianne, WOW that is some dream! I wonder why you are dreaming it. Yahweh has appointed His saints to LIFE NOT DEATH. I do understand that there is and will be horrible persecution before Yahshua returns. In fact, I have been expecting it since 1968, more than two thirds of my life. However, I did have a brief dream in the early ’70’s that I experienced Yahshua’s Return. During the dream I was not being persecuted. I just saw Him return for me. And, dreaming that a priest helped you seems very strange to me. Were you raised Roman Catholic?
    Lately, sadly, I have been thinking that President Donald J. Trump may soon be assassinated like Lincoln, and JFK were for going against Vatican wishes. Nixon was impeached after sending military help to Golda Meir in Israel during their war in ’70’s. Watergate may have just been a possible excuse . The wicked powers that be have tried to get Trump out of office and so far have failed. I do not like his Narcism and other of his actions. However, he has done MORE for Israel than any other president that I know of. He recently reaffirmed Israel’s control of The Golan Heights. I now find it hard to believe that he will be the president to enforce “The Mark of the Beast” . This will be very much against the Jews as well as believers like me. I warned him to “watch his back”.
    We must be very careful when viewing You Tube . There are some very BAD videos and some of them may NOT be true but they work on our minds anyway.

    Marianne, may you have SWEET DREAMS! is my prayer!


    • thank you Jayna

      the bible does say that some saints will die for their faith. we can pray for his protection. sadly, many do not know enough to pray. they have not been taught well.

      I do pray against the enemies plans…and ask for protection.

      I called him a priest but I am not sure what denomination he really was. Both catholic and protestant ministers wear the white collar. and can wear the black clothing.

      Priesthood goes back to ancient times, when there were only jewish priests, so I used that term. But the man who played the minister / priest in the dream also played a catholic priest in a tv movie series.

      but I think the main impression is that Yahshua is my priest.

      • Marianne, that’s a very wise reply! Yahshua IS our GREAT High Priest. Decades ago I remember being at my father’s funeral. There was BOTH a Protestant pastor and a Catholic priest (because my father and his third wife believed differently or so they thought). Maybe I was thinking then how different Christian beliefs were so very much ALIKE.


  5. Marianne, I like how you said that you believe that the priest represents Jesus👼… It could have been that some other kind person showed up to help you, but it was a good kind priest…how nice… I am happy for you🎶

  6. “Life is like a box of chocolates you don’t know what you are going to get” and it is true. Sometimes I think I have just got “rocky road” in my life, but I have realised that it doesn’t matter what happens Jesus is there to help me in the time of crises and he is holding my hand even if things don’t work out the way I thought it should. We should trust more in Jesus now than we have ever done before because Satan is like a roaring, hungry lion out to kill people.

    The dream is about what can happen to us even if we are in prison in the last days and that Jesus is there to help us.

  7. Hi Marrianne,

    Thanks for that message, and apt reminder, that the salvation of the Lord will always fulfil at the appointed time. To me, the concrete structure is the global urban jungle that is the prison and death sentence for most of humanity. Most of us are unable to escape this slaughter house. Ive keenly awaited for the Lord’s salvation from this pathetic and depressing reality. And hence your dream and message is encouragement that Our High Priest will not tarry but shall show up at the appointed season, for each one of us, and generally for the earth entire.

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