Dream – Sextuplets


I am still trying to determine the meaning.

Dream 9/6/2016

I am pregnant with sextuplets.

Ultrasound confirms this.

I am too old for this to happen.

End of dream


Not sure what this means for sure.

I had focused on dying soon, as I knew my full retirement would be cut very short.



I had even considered that I would die this year, as Nov 2016 represents the date of my full retirement.

I have been busy preparing for this, in case this scenario was to be proven true.

I have asked the Lord if I could have extra time, to remain behind with loved ones, when troubled times came, as they would need my direction and help.

But, I have also submitted to the sovereign will of God, that He may take me at any time.

I am wondering if these unborn babies, 6 of them, represent 6 more years for me that have not been “born” yet.

Or, maybe they are 6 individuals I have not met yet.

They also could represent something else.

Any opinions or thoughts are welcome.

I will seek the Lord about this as well.


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  2. Has it occurred to you that your dream may have no meaning? I have had similar dreams. I once dreamt my mum was pregnant when she was 57 years old, that was roughly 20 years ago. I have dreamt in the past I was living in a futurist space age travelling between the stars. I think it had something to do with the fact I was reading a lot of science fiction at the time. Dreams 99% of the time are just random nonsense. Heck I even dreamed of sexual encounters with hookers, things I wouldn’t even dream of doing in real life.

    • david

      “nothing” is always an option. then I can sit back and relax

      • Let’s stick to the Bible and the Bible only. That is the only safe option.

        By the way I am not saying that God does not send us messages in dreams. What I am saying is be sure you know who the author of the dream is. The devil can also send dreams and visions. Let’s follow the counsel of Paul who warned a church that if any one contradicts the message as first taught even if it comes from “Godly” people curse them.

        But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed. Gal. 1:8-9.

        By the way Paul is indirectly referencing Isa.8:20 here; to the law and to the prophets, if they speak not according to this word there is no light in them. To the law and the prophets, I.E. The Bible.

        • true

          which is why I am praying for confirmation

          • Compare Scripture with Scripture. That is the only way to know for sure.

            • david

              there is nothing in scripture about babies in symbols in dreams that I know about

              • What about the non prophetical parts of the Bible? Having said that though that is why I urge caution.

                • God’s business I suppose if he wants to put you to sleep through the time of trouble to come. Best thing probably if you aren’t spiritually equipped to handle the coming troubles.

                  Blessed are those who live during the time of the 3 angels’ messages and teach it. If you are faithful you will come up in the special resurrection and stand with the 144,000 to see Christ come in the clouds of heaven. As the voice said to you don’t worry about it, you won’t be here to know anything about it. Besides money will be worthless anyway, your retirement money won’t help you if you can’t buy and sell.

    • It could be nothing. Or it could be the burrito she ate the night before. 😉

  3. Immediately I started reading your Dream I had this appreciation for abundance and growth and fresh newness. Harvest. Happiness and laughter. Activity. Exciting times ahead.

  4. Babies in dreams usually mean something new, is entering your life that will require a lot of your focus, time, money and attention. God’s promise, a blessing, increase, fruitfulness, provision, answer to your prayer birthing a new thing. You are pregnant with a baby representing new ideas or revelation is being added to you. Infants are spiritually immature to what is coming is in the infant stage. I get the impression you are not finished here and God has much for you to do. Six babies require much time and attention. 6 can represent man who was created on the 6th day. You are birthing family. God has given you some things that are small but you need to nurture them to maturity.

  5. Maybe the 6 babies are 6 years that God has granted you as an answer to your prayer as He did for Hezekiah Isa 38:5. Remeber Pharaohs dream of 7 skinny cattle ( meaning 7 years of drought)

    • Could mean anything. Shouldn’t guess.

    • ray

      that is what I am thinking so far, but would like a confirmation

    • Didn’t work out so well for Hezekiah did it? I mean he did end up apostatising during those extra 15 years and begat a son that turned out to be the most evil king that Judah ever had. True he did end up repenting but the damage was done.

      • you are sure drawing some unverified conclusions…leave it alone

        • Hezekiah’s extra 15 years were confirmed by God making the shadow on a sundial go back 10 degrees. Wise men in Babylon noticed this also and came to Judah to find out why. What a great chance to preach to the Babylonians about God but instead he boasts of all his riches and his kingdom to them. And the next king of Judah is born in the third year of those extra 15 years who turns out to be the most evil king of Judah who ends up putting Isaiah in a tree log and sawing him in half.

  6. Why do you think you are going to die this year? Are you terminally ill? You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to, I know it is none of my business.

  7. Hi Marianne,
    Babies have always symbolized new begrinning in dreams for me. I hope this helps.

  8. John Paul Jackson who passed early in 2015 was gifted at dream interpretation and he taught how to understand your dreams. He believed that Dreams are God’s way of communicating with us and he was able to site many scriptures to support this. You might be able to view some of his videos at Dreams & Mysteries. Website is http://www.streamsministries.com. We are told that in the end of days God would pour out his Spirit and many would experience dreams, visions and prophecy and Peter quotes from Joel at Acts 2:17-18: Joel 2:28-29: “And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions. And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days. Some are gifted at interpretation… it is important to pray for the interpretation and sometimes that interpretation is not forthcoming. I had one a year or more ago and am now just understanding its meaning. It is Holy Spirit that will reveal its meaning to you or to someone who has been gifted with the gift of interpretation. I will send you what I have from the book Divinity Code, understanding your dreams and visions by Adam F. Thompson & Adrian Beale.

  9. Baby: 1) God’s promise, 2) Holy Spirit (God’s Promise), 3) New ministry, 4) Immature, 5) New/young Christian, 6) Immature church, 7) New/young church 8) Birth or fulfillment of promise by faith (unexpected baby), 9) Future, 10) Blessing (newborn baby), 11) The promise has arrived, but immature in the things of the Spirit (premature baby)

    1) Acts 1:4, 7:5, 17, 2) Luke 24:49, 3) Rev 12:2-4, 4) 1 John 2:12-14, Heb 5:12-13, (5-7) Matt 1:24, 21:16, Luke 2:12 & Acts 1:1, 8) 1 Sam 1:17, Heb 11:11, Gal 4:23b, 9) Isa 7:14, Acts 7:19, 10) Deut 7:13, 11) Gal 4:4-6

    Pregnancy: 1) Expectancy, 2) Awaiting birth of a ministry, 3) Promise, 4) Warning of fornication (adolescent pregnant), 5) On the eve of revival (new life) 6) May show something ungodly/demonic is about to be unleashed (context and feeling will determine whether it is good or bad)

    1) Matt 1:23, Luke 2:5, 2) Luke 1:13-17, 76, 80, 3) Judg 13:3, 4) Matt 1:18-19 (Joseph suspected fornication, v. 20), 5) Gen 21:1-6, Prov 13:12, Luke 1:57-58, 67-79, 6) Gen 10:8-10 (Some suggest Nimrod was a hunter of people)

    Six: 1) Human, 2) Humanity in independence and opposition to God (flesh or sin), 3) Human labor contrasted with God’s rest, 4) Not of God, 5) Rest (six full days bring us to seven: rest), 6) Works

    1) Gen 1:26,27,31 (humanity created on sixth day), John 2:6, 2) John 19:14-15, 3) Exod: 20:9, 21:2, 23:10-12, 31:15, 34:21, 1 Kings 10:19, 4) Luke 23:44-45, 5) Ruth 3:15-18, 6) Luke 13:14

    Birth/ing: 1) Birthing a new ministry/church/venture 2) Beginning of something new, 3) Bringing forward God’s promises through prayer, 4) Travailing intercession, 5) Being born again, 6) Lost hope or promise (stillborn), 7) Judgment (stillborn), 8) Stopping God’s promise (stillborn)

    1) Rev 12:2, 4-5, John 16:20-21, 2) Jer 31:8, Mic 4:10, 3) 1 Kings 18:1, 41-45, 4) 1 Sam 1:10-18, Rom 8:25-29, 5) John 3:3, (6-7) Isa 47:9, 8) Matt 2:16

    Was the dream in color? Were you an observer or a participant. Was there any other identifying information in the dream… names, places, rooms… and what were you doing either the day of the dream or before you fell asleep? Sometimes that can influence our dreams.

    You can find many presentations on YouTube taught by John Paul Jackson. One class that is phenominal is called The Art of Hearing God… and you might find that on YouTube.

    There is also something called Dream Lab and Dreamopedia at the Streams Ministries website.

  10. What of these interpretations resonates with you specifically… do you get a strong feeling about one over the other in each of the choices that were offered? I am thinking it has to do with humanity (6)… possibly an impending judgment (babies were not yet born). 2016 marks the end of 6000 years of man’s existence. A new 8-Part study series called the Season of the Rapture was published by Pastor Robert Reid
    here: http://jesusisthewaythetruththelife.com/node/86

    You will be able to read alot of his writings here as at this website. He has been studying the Pre-Tribulation topic for many, many years. Very thorough and detailed in his explanations. The Feast of Trumpets which is upon us now is a significant period of time… You will find the Season of the Rapture a very important study.

  11. You’re most welcome Marianne. I just found this news in my inbox a moment ago. It is an interesting coincidence in the news considering your dream: http://www.govtslaves.info/covert-sterilization-of-pregnant-teen-girls-erupts-controversy-in-mexico/

    Check it out. The cover image is 7 pregnant women… Interesting eh?

  12. copy from somewhere

    9/4/163:52 PM
    This is the first dream I had last night:

    I was walking alongside a Kindergarten teacher in my school (her name is Jan = “God’s gift, cherished”).

    I noticed she had on a white shirt and her belly seemed to be pronounced. Shortly after I observed this, she confided in me that she was indeed expecting.

    The next scene I was laying down as I was so weary. My body felt so tired. But I knew my next student was expecting me to be with him in Art class. So I got up to go to him. His name means “warrior-king, obedient.” I also saw “Kate” (Pure, Godly Example) which in my dreams I’ve often come to realize is symbolic of angelic help.

    Both my fish dream and this dream focused on “pregnancy”, “expecting.” I sensed the symbolism of teacher and white represented Jesus and there is something He will birth or bring to pass. I think the Art class symbolizes that this will be a creative work as well. I understand the “weariness” part as I surely have felt that along with many of you. And yet we desire to remain obedient to His call. The reminder that we can call on angelic help is an important one and confirmation of yet another post on QWN!

    Blessings to all of you!


    God is Gracious

    Dear His Daughter,

    In a dream in 2008 (aged 52 years!) God showed me that I became pregnant and it was to do with my work. Soon thereafter I begun a project, where so many things have gone wrong, and which God has used to teach me to trust and have faith in Him, that He overcomes darkness with His light. He has taught me perseverance, patience, grace and many other attributes. Right now there is a birthing of major results of this project, all thanks and glory to God Most High!! Thank you for the confirmation of this birthing, and I can also confirm to you that this is a true Word. Amen.

    Expectant Bride

    I was quickened to the word Expecting that you used in relation to the art
    student. i believe the Lord is encouraging us. our Expectations will not
    be cut off
    Proverbs 23:18
    i also love the art class being highlighted with the move of God in
    pictures and drawings recently and his name is warrior king and obedient.
    as we obey in art, he is releasing so much word for us

  13. Jeremiah 31:8King James Version (KJV)

    8 Behold, I will bring them from the north country, and gather them from the coasts of the earth, and with them the blind and the lame, the woman with child and her that travaileth with child together: a great company shall return thither.

    this is this morning i found in the devotion time

  14. Click to access StudentManual.pdf

  15. Hi Marianne,
    What an interesting dream indeed. I too am beyond my childbearing years and if I had that dream I wouldn’t know what to think either. >.< When I think of children, especially babies, thoughts of the birth for renewal and revival come to mind. Being that there are six babies I would think of a great (large) renewal or revival. Just a thought, though. God's blessings to you.

  16. Your dream may look meaningless or highly coded, but i want you to know assuredly that

    (1) Behind every dream there is an author.
    (2) Behind every dream there is a spirit
    (3) Every dream has a source
    (4) For every dream there is a purpose

    More importantly, for every dream that comes our way as God’s children, HolySpirit will have something to say. But we can’t know God’s mind concerning our dreams unless we look up to him in prayers of enquiry.

    Instead of looking unto man for opinions therefore, it’s safer to wait on the Lord in worship and prayer for divine interpretation.

    Please notice this: Man’s opinion on dreams can sometimes be misleading. But divine direction will always be dependable and peaceful.

    Yours in Grace

  17. 2016 TESHUVAH Prayer Guide download

  18. Interesting dream, for sure, Marianne.

    I do not profess to having an insight into dreams, but since you asked –

    My “sense” about the dream is that there are 6 projects, or the beginnings of 6 somethings, you have yet to give birth to.

    God will indicate to you if you are to understand anything further. Stay open to receiving His insight, as I know you are.

  19. Hello beloved Marianne. Blessings to you. Very interesting dream! We know 6 is the number of man, flesh. We know babies represent life life abundantly increase, multiplication. We know that the Blessings of the LORD maketh rich and addeth no sorrow to them. We know babies need to be cared for loved valued, fed, we know that babies also may represent new born again spirit filled believers who need mothering and fathering in the spirit realm as well as natural

  20. Dear Marianne,
    Dreaming of multiple births generally speaks about the numerous facets of a situation. It can predict very intense events and difficulty facing a decision to make.
    Also, if you can remember the babies are identical, that means harmony and perfect unattended success will happen, in this way this is a great happiness, probably related with family and a new start given.
    PS : always remember that common understanding of the words “good” and “bad” led to loss of the soul, so don’t pay too much attention to “positive” or “negative” usual judgements made by people

  21. I recall indeed of the post you explained of the corelation of you retirement age, and that you would not get there.

    So each new post you make is a great reprieve on my anticipation of whats going on with you. Glad that you are ok.

    To me, given my hope that yhe age of men, six milleniums, or a hundred and twenty Jubilee years is almost ended, your dream suggests that its towards this revelation that your mind is being directed. The sextuplets then symbolize yhr six milleniums are up, and we are entering soon the Sabbath day. The day of rest.

    Which ought to be unveiled at a time prior to the time at which you were to retire, hence, you will not bre there to suffer earth ills, for then the earth is to be redeemed.

  22. There is a book called the “The Lost Art of Healing” by Dr. Lown. In this book is a story about a 55 y o man who had a mild heart attact and should have recovered quickly. Instead he was dying. Dr. Lown was teaching residents one day and brought them into the patients room to listen to his heart. He then said to the residents ” did you hear the healthy gallup of the heart. He then left the room with the young doctors.

    Six months later this heart patient was sitting in Dr Lowns office and was quite recovered. Dr Lown ask at what point did the patient start to heal. The patient then stated that he thought Dr Lown was not being honest with him about how he shoyld be healing. The patient then said that even though Dr. Lown said he should be well he just did not believe him. He knew however Dr Lown would not fib to all the young residents and when he told the residents that he had a healthy gallup to his heart, well he knew for sure gh was healed. So he decided it was time to get back to living.
    What this parient didn’t know was a healthy gallup is a bad thing

    This xame to mind wheb you said you believed you would be dying after retiring. You can talk yourself into dying.

    Please dont focus on dying, focus on living

    • suzan

      I agree with you. the good part of it is that it forced me to be responsible, get a will written up, get all my debts paid, and organize my personal business, so whenever my time came, I would not burden my children or leave them in chaos. it also made me think hard about my relationship with God, and inspire me to serve him better.

      I am at peace with death, whenever it comes…I am not afraid…my main concern was that my children would not be prepared.

      I do see the world going downhill, with much evil present. I would actually NOT want to be here if it got any worse. however, I have told God I would like to be around to help my children in difficult times. so it is whatever God wants, is what I am willing to do. I just hope I do a good job for him, on the other hand, God may not want me around, and want my children to stand on their own 2 feet.

      I do not there is not much time left for many people, due to the dangers on this earth….so we should appreciate each day we do have, and celebrate the thought of someday being with Jesus

  23. another thought, which i had at first, but did not mention:

    maybe the 6 babies represent the 6 seals of revelation and I am feeling the birth pangs

  24. I have never known babies to represent anything but life and new projects to work on for our Lord. I do not feel that you are going to leave us anytime soon. I believe this dream indicates that you will be VERY busy,=(6 babies.!) ; for many years to come. Pray and be open to the new projects the Lord has for you. Your dream does not indicate death or a short time period. Just the opposite.
    If you were worried about money at the time when the Lord said “you won’t be around” those words could mean you will not be around when the Social Security system fails and leaves us with nothing to live on except our savings.

    • jim


      I added a note to the post indicating the Lord may NOT have meant I would not be here for retirement,

      but that I would not be here when the money ran out, which was actually the reason for my concern.

      this is the first time since 1999 that this occurred to me.

      I had put it out of my mind for years until 2016 came up, my full retirement year.

  25. If seven is the perfect number of completion the dream could be a question. It could mean you are missing something in your labors and have not discovered it. The absence of the seventh baby is like a question.

  26. could mean your work on earth is not yet complete

  27. http://womanassigned.blogspot.com/2015/07/time-of-travail-birthing-of-sons.html

  28. i meant . just a regular dream, no special meaning – typo

  29. http://www.theqwn.net/topic/the-lord-said-it-is-a-counterfeit-i-am-reviving-visions-and-dreams-word-for-sep-2016

    The Shunammite woman’s son (2 Kings 4:18–37). The prophet Elisha raised the Shunammite woman’s son from the dead.

  30. Marianne or anyone,

    have any thought on this dream? thanks

  31. This was your dream Marianne?

  32. It could be a form of psychic danger from someone who may have sent the dream. A sign of their death and rebirth in spirituality. Pray and ask God who sent you the dream and pray for clarity.

  33. http://www.god.tv/video/asia-for-jesus/kingdom-culture-conference-2014/the-secret-place

  34. dreamchild represents relationship

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