Dream – The Long Bus Ride


He did not stop.

This dream was 2 weeks ago.

Dream 6/15/2018

I am riding on a city bus waiting for my stop to come up.

The bus keeps going for 3 – 3 ½ hours.

I realize the driver passed my stop several times, where I could have gotten off earlier.

I signal to get off.

It has been a long ride.

End of Dream


I think I will be here for the tribulation.

While I will want to leave long before it is over, apparently it is the plan that I endure to the end, or almost the end, before I can leave.

The driver seems to want me to stay on the bus.

It is possible that the driver represents God, who wants me to stay to accomplish some plan, or to serve some purpose for Him.

While I am not inclined to volunteer to stay around for such hardship and suffering, I will stay on God’s bus, if He wants me there for some reason.

I submit to God, out of love.

I pray I am successful in doing God’s will.

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