The Lions and the Bride – A Love Story




`The Lions and the Bride` is a book of dreams and visions. It is a testimony of how the Lord desires to dramatically invade the life of every person, and draw them into a greater devotion to Him. With God`s help, we see how a person matures into their divine calling. The call of God is to return to denial of self, humility, carrying one’s cross, trust in Him, and total surrender to His purpose.

The purpose of this book is found in John 12:32 – “And I, if I be lifted up from the Earth, shall draw all men unto me.” The purpose is to glorify God in one’s life, despite tribulations.

This is a story of one person`s journey, that began with childlike faith, to a mature and stronger Christian. She abandoned all that she had, and found the Love of her life. This is a quest for holiness that the Lord responded to with a resounding “yes!”


Download free electronic copy of book (PDF file)


Click on pdf file below (let me know if you have trouble opening this):


My purpose here is to share the love of God with others, and let them know the miraculous is always possible. The love of God is always free, so I offer this testimony of love. If one wants a hard copy of the book, it is available though Derek Press on the web.


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18 Responses to “The Lions and the Bride – A Love Story”

  1. Hi, will definitely get it sounds GREAT!

  2. Marianne, I just finished reading your testimonial book. I find it awesome and can believe it all, as I went thru my own similar experiences with Jesus, our Lord. Thank you for sharing Jesus with me. DavWms

  3. Dear David

    Thank you for blessing me with your comment. It means a lot to me. Each person’s testimony is as precious as another’s. May we all have the opportunity to tell our stories.


  4. Dear Marianne,
    I finally got your book and just finished reading it.
    I feel such a bond with you, as you might be the only woman that could understand my story.
    I have been through many trials and had many dreams and visions.
    My dear husband died 2 years ago, and God seemed to leave me. I have been so alone, with no dreams, no visions, no one.
    I feel I am in chapter 8 of your book.
    Just last week I was in a dept. store and I saw this little charm and it was a heart. On one side it said, ” IT WAS THEN THAT I CARRIED YOU.” On the other side there were a set of footprints. You will never know how it made me feel. My first message from God in 2 years. I had to leave as my eyes filled with tears. I got home and realized I should have bought it. I went back the next day and bought it. Since then I have had one dream. He is hearing my cries to Him, and He is returning to me.
    I am making Him my husband.

    Thanks for being obedient and writing the book.


  5. Hi Patty,

    I am so blessed that you liked the book. What is important is that EVERY person’s story is important, including yours. Stay close to your heavenly bridegroom, and he will carry you the rest of the way. The bride will need her strength in the next year or so, as America will go through dangerous times. The country will need her to share His love with people.


  6. Ok so I have read the first two chapters and I cant stop the tears. I love how Yeshua visited you in your dreams. He is such a lover. I cant get enough of this. This is the beckoning I long for.

  7. where are you from?

  8. Hi Nissi,

    The beckoning was what we all need now. I am from North Carolina, USA.


  9. Hello Marianne. You are a true Bride. I have been called to write a book, and I will tell you the tittle as I write you an email. I too was called to become His Bride. Reading your PDF was a total blessing this day. I was feeling abandoned, You wrote my story of this past week. I love our Bridegroom, and I am blessed to know you love Him so. I am ordering the book on line too. I want to hold in my hands the words of a beautiful and faithful Bride . I cannot wait to go home to Him do you?

    • Dear Erikah

      Thank you so much for your interest in the book. It is a blessing to me for you to read it. I cannot wait to go home either. I know I need to share my testimony with as many people as possible. Take care, and God bless you.

  10. A Love song…from G-D

  11. Marianne
    How does one email you without the content being posted publicly?
    I have an interesting ( to put it mildly) story but hesitate to send it on to you as it is pretty personal.
    I have read most of the content of your site with interest and I have just started your book “the Lions and the Bride”
    I am a single mom (still at age 56) and a follower of Jesus since 1975.
    Could we communicate?
    Warm Regards

  12. Dear Marianne,

    I just finished reading your book. I came across it in a Google search
    for another book and was so grateful to have found it. I identified with
    your experience perfectly. The work the Lord does in each of us is so
    amazing and unique. Your experiences that you wrote about were beautiful
    and I am grateful you put it down in writing.
    It has been awhile since your book came out. I hope you are still
    having dreams and visions and serving the Lord with all your heart mind
    and strength.

    I live in the West, but the Lord brought me out east a few times this
    summer and I met a number of wonderful people. There is a beauty and a
    grace in the Southeast that I loved. I visited North and South Carolina
    and found a dear friend in Christ there. Sometimes we have to travel to
    find the ones we are to connect with spiritually! I sent her a link to
    your e-book. She is going through some tough times and felt that she
    would be able to identify with the lessons you went through. She was
    raised Catholic and join a Christian church a little over a year ago.
    Now she seems to be on the fast track to having a personal relationship
    with her Savior and it is sometimes overwhelming to her. I know you
    understand that. Again thank you for being willing to follow the Lord! I
    hope your story continues to bless and help others along the path of Life.

    Shari Graham

    • dear Shari

      Thank you so much for your sweet note. I am in North Carolina, by the way, so you just missed me. May God bless, protect, and provide for you always.

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