Dreams of Dana Coverstone Part 2


A trap for Haman?



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Hey it’s the pastor, dana corverstone, liver ministries, brooksville kentucky and uh.
I want to show you just a few more dreams that i’ve had.
I had a dream.

Last monday night i sent it off to a friend who had actually looked at the very first ones.
I had he works with dream interpretation.

I appreciate his insight, so i waited on this first one just because there were some things in it that were concerning to me and then i’ve had a dream friday.

I had a dream last night.

I believe the dreams i’m having sometimes are metaphorical.
Obviously some of these things are literal and i’m seeing them happen.
Just like.

I saw with a coin shortage um we’re seeing the spike in suicides we’re seeing some religious leaders come under attack because of things that they’ve allowed to be in their lives.

So i’m just going to what i’m what i’m going to start doing from now on is i’m just going to type them out, i’m going to read through them and you can do with them.

What you will i’m not trying to cause a scene, a problem, i’m not trying to gain notoriety, i’m not trying to just keep having dreams.

Uh i’ll, be honest.

If i had my way, i’d really rather not have another dream because all the stuff it causes and the people it changes their attitudes and opinions towards me, but um, i believe god is shifting, who i am as a pastor, uh not into profit at all.

I’m i’m, i still do not consider myself a prophet, i believe, i’m a watchman and the watchmen on the wall say: hey folks, there’s troops coming this way, they’re bringing the artillery this way heavy movement coming.

You know so that’s kind of how i feel that i am right now, um, i’m still in uncharted territory, still trying to figure it out because um these things weigh heavy on me.

So i’m just gon na read what i’ve what i’ve had share with you and i’m reading it.

So i don’t add into it: um there’s a lot of accusations about why i’m doing this and doing that and trying – and i don’t want to also interpret interpret things as well – i’m just going to tell you what i saw on the dreams monday night august, the 17Th, i dreamt, i saw a calendar month in november, it was bent, it was torn, it was dirty.

I saw trees in the backgrounds that were leafless, but there were a few trees that still had scarce amount of leaves on them and they had turned the leaves that were still in those trees had turned like like it was about to rain.

The sky was a dull gray with extreme cloud cover.

I hardly ever see sunny skies in these dreams.

That’s one thing i know for sure saw that finger appear and it circled november.

Third continuously uh and it continued in a clockwise direction and then suddenly it changed.

It counterclockwise and then these images began to appear.
I saw cities on fire um, which is not was nothing new.



I saw headlines that read trump victory challenged everywhere.
It was on digital marquees, like in new york, uh times square places like that there were protesters in the streets, they were who were weary and asleep, and they appeared dirty and dingy like they had not slept or showered in weeks, and this bell rang and suddenly These people like come to life, they woke up and they started salivating like a dog like pavlov’s dog situation, big buckets of saliva and it seemed to stain their shirts, and i saw people screaming and getting violent.

All the election results to the point.

People were firing, weapons just randomly in the air into the sky, people were angry and people were mad.

I saw a person with a sign that said, the obvious winner is not so obvious.

Like a placard like you know the world’s about to end.
God is coming.

You know get rid of you know whatever the little signs and said the obvious winner is not so obvious and he held his head in shame, but the crowd was, it was under friends of hatred uh.

They were even hitting each other with you know, with with their signs and their banners and their wrath, and i saw more cities with pillars of smoke over them.

Like like a white like the wild firestorms in in california.

Right now, i saw crumbled and burned out buildings in washington dc, not monuments, but businesses and commercial real estate headlines declared that rebuilding would take time and trust would take even longer and government could could not do it in a timely fashion.


And that’s when i saw a treasury official who’s in the treasury department right now, wink like as almost as if he was looking at a camera on tv, big smile, open, mouth wink with right eye and held it closed and just kind of you know almost like


A sarcastic type thing, and then i saw conestoga wagon, think a little house on the prairie and kamala harris was driving that wagon, it was led by two mules and joe biden was not sitting with kamala harris.


Joe biden was riding on one of the mules on the left on the far left, so to speak and our side it was a mechanical box that would trigger dynamite, like you would see in the wild coyote movies, you know or cartoons where they push down and Blows that it was in an upright position, though, that, like the mark the trigger and then the wind started, blowing the the wagon covering back and revealed several cases of like what i would consider to be civil war type cases of dynamite.

That air of the late 1800s, 1860s, 1870s um and most of it was in cases stamps dynamite stamped dynamite.

There were some loose loose ones in a like: a an open wicker basket which didn’t fit the timeline, but it was there and harris began to whip the mules and uh with the whip, and she was hitting joe biden as well, but biden had no idea.



He was being whipped, he was not aware of what was happening and the mules started, moving uh and picking up speed their head towards the car, a target, and – and this is where i saw hillary clinton – was standing behind president trump.

President trump was on his knees and she was wearing like a wilma flintstone dress.


There were patches where it had not been finished, yet it wasn’t seamed up, it wasn’t sealed up the collar wasn’t on.


There were like little strings just hanging all over the place.
It was, it was almost, it wasn’t finished it wasn’t, it wasn’t actually ready to be worn, i guess for prime time or whatever what she was doing um.

It was very ugly and she had this gaudy gaudy ring on her index finger.
It looked like it had blood on it um she had the skeleton key hanging from her neck and it was dangling and she had bailey.


She had donald trump with a he was on his knees and she had a gladius roman gladius knife tourist to the left side.

It was the left side of his throat holding his head back like that, and the skeleton key was dangling in front of his face and the skeleton key looks like it had blood and black molds all over it and where it had leaned down.

And it was where it was banging against the front of her shirt.


It looked like it left like a nazi symbol.

Um the storm troopers, the nazi ss had the like.

Almost like the lightning signal, the lightning strike, the double pane of lightning.

That’s what it looked like on the front of her shirt: um, i’m not saying she’s a nazi! I’m just saying that signal that symbol was was on her shirt and it was like just tainted stained black red ugly, gaudy um and the wagon starts picking up speed and they’re headed towards this.


You know.

Hillary clinton’s holding donald trump and hillary’s face was giddy um, but next to her leg, there was like an animal trap, a large like a bear trap um as sally trump grabs the key, and he pulls it down like this.
Well, he grabbed with his left hand when she came down.

He brought his right hand up and hit her in the face in the chin when she did that she dropped the knife and she she stepped back and the president began to rant off quickly.

Well then, she steps into the trap and she’s she’s trying to get out and she’s trying to pick up the knife and she can’t lean over.

She can’t get the trap.

She ain’t.

The knife, as the president runs he’s running towards the beast, which is the car he’s in.

He is usually in.

I hear three gunshots and their handgun shot.

This is not a shotgun or a rifle.

This is a handgun shot.

I hear three shots fired out of.

Nowhere i see three different and it happens like there’s one shot then another then another, but as trump is running to the beast, all a secret service agent jumps in front and gets one of the bullets and then rolls the ground.

Trump keeps running.

The second shot’s fired another secret service agent, jumps in front of trump and takes the shot and hits the ground.

And then the third secret secret service agent jumps in front of the third bullet that that comes at him.


And then he gets into the beast, and that moment what i saw was the secret service agents were around the beasts, but instead of normal, modern, traditional ar-15s or guns, they had muskets.

But the other thing i noticed in the dream that none of them were wearing glasses, most secret service agents that i’ve always seen have always had sunglasses, and i noticed in the dream, they’re all standing around the car looking out with the muskets like this.


Nobody, nobody has it like.
This they’ve got they’ve got the muskets up and they’re watching and they’re.

Looking around they’re surrounding the car looking out from the car, the car is moving slowly and they’re moving with the car, so those are the things i’m seeing now.


Um hood tried to pull her leg away.

She couldn’t and finally, the wagon struck her.

It was just a huge explosion and in in the explosion, it threw the carcasses of the mules up on top of the building rebel and the smoke was coming off and like like they’ve, been grilled or something biden was laying face down in the middle of the Street in a wheel tracks over the back of it and there was a vulture sitting on his head and i’m not and i’m not trying to make fun, i’m not trying to disrespect anyone in political leadership at this moment.


Those that know me know how i feel about certain people and leadership, but i still pray for these people.


Harris was crying in disbelief and she and her tears looked like they were the size of court.


It was almost like she was crying quarters.

The tears were as big as quarters and it appeared like they were they were they were.

It looked like quarters coming out of her eyes.

There was a huge hole in the ground.

Buildings were collapsed, um and then i saw the church.

There was a separation line and it was no middle ground, no middle ground left as the sides literally, but i guess in the dream this at this time of the dream sides had to have been taken.


There was fire on the altars and the churches around the nation and the fire moved on the heads of people who had been praying and above the heads of many people in the church.

I saw that i saw an actual question mark symbol above their head and they appeared confused by what they were saying in the world church, and i heard a voice say those who refuse to get ready will be wanting in the end, so brace yourself and tell Others that i have warned them to brace themselves, for they are about to see even more shocking things.

I’m thinking of habakkuk there a passage that i preached from.
In the last several weeks, friday, night, 24 august 21st.

I simply saw the white figure appear, raised the finger to the sky and he said ready or not nation.

Here it comes brace yourself, just a rather quick and simple.
You know play on hide and seek, i guess, and last night monday august 24th, i saw a calendar.


It was turning the month of november had shadows flickering all over it.

I saw this light in the sky, a big light, very large, bright light and then darkness, and then i began to make out like a morning was it was morning and the the night was going away and the fog and the haze were drifting away, and i Saw there were many americans and they were in like an emergency shelter, i’m not for sure, but it seemed to me it was more along the gulf coast area.


These people were huddled together and they were shivering.


There were individuals laying on cots and there were suitcases.
All over the place and a lot of desperate looks on the faces of most everyone.


There were encouragers in the crowd, though they all were wearing crosses and they stood out emotionally from everyone else, because they seemed to have hope they had smiles on their faces.

Everybody else was just downtrodden in despair, angry frustrated confused and they were checking on people.

They were trying to show patience and kindness, but that ties and were met with anger and told to go away, but the encouragers just kept doing what they were doing.

In spite of the manifested upset of several in the shelters – and i saw businesses that were shattered in the bigger cities i saw, a gas station looks like that.

Just people just walked away from them and i saw headlines and one read shock and awe in the u.s and one read: u.n steps in to help host nation and the nation was quiet, there wasn’t war or riots or people fighting or screaming or young.

The nation was quiet almost like it had not awakened and not awoken from a bad dream.

Yet that’s what i was kind of sensing.


The nation was fitful.
It was suspicious, it was leery.


I saw people just quietly looking around and taking everything in with their eyes.


Hesitance, it’s very hat like they were expecting something to happen, and the sun was shining behind the clouds, but it was not out yet and then the white figure appeared again and he said remain braced, as this calm comes before a gathering storm.

That recovery will have a hard time finding remain braced, as this calm comes before a gathering storm.

That recovery will have a hard time finding.

I’m just sharing what i’m seeing

I know i wasn’t supposed to share the one dream last week.
I think maybe for the piece i had last night.

I get glimpses sometimes from time to time, but this one, no one knows what i’m feeling i’m not trying to i’m trying to be obedient.

That’s it i’m just trying to be obedient.
So you do with these.

What you want um, i have some understanding of what they mean.
I’ve asked others to look at them and pray about them too, but uh, i believe, the lord’s coming back soon.

He needs the church to be ready, he’s trying to wake america up, he’s trying to wake the church up and there’s not much more time for us to wake up.

244 Responses to “Dreams of Dana Coverstone Part 2”

  1. HA! Wake up the church? HOW can it WAKE UP ? It is the Beast’s religion! (Christianity!) The only thing the worshippers inside can do? LEAVE IT! “Get out of Dodge!”
    “Come out of HER My people! . . .Or receive the plagues!” Yahshua the Messiah calling down from Heaven in Revelation 18:4 and following verses. (My emphasis and paraphrasing.)


    • Hey Jayna,
      Now that we are about to have another Catholic president do you still believe Bush Sr. will come back from the dead and lead the Vaican in the mark of the beast? Or are you switching to Biden as the man of sin or whoever you think will lead America into forced Christianity? He doesn’t seem like an overly religious man.
      So what are your current thoughts?

      • 12~31~2020 Eve of Christian “New Year” 2021 in the dead of winter! lol
        Yahshua The Lion of Judah The Lamb of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
        PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        Greetings Jim! Still surviving in COVID CALI? Ha! Is this the first time you have asked for my take? Well, I am always happy to share! Especially about spiritual beliefs.
        Bush Sr. was the worst president ever! At the time, I thought that maybe he “faked” his own death. Like he faked the airplane crashing (that killed innocent others) during World War II. Just so he could get a medal! Trump is doing bad. But it will be as nothing compared to what Bush did for so many years.
        I do not believe that President Trump will leave office. WHY? Because he has patterned his rule after that of Adolf Hitler. Uses the same phrases and tactics (like gov-paid bullies in the streets.) I can’t explain his earlier support of Israel. Because of this I supported him.
        Then Yahweh helped me to “WAKE UP.”
        If Trump does leave office? Biden will also follow the Christian Vatican agenda as did Hitler and now Trump. Hitler did away with the election of President. Instead, with the military’s help he installed himself as Fuhrer (Dictator) of Germany.
        Are we now in the calm before The Storm?
        At the end of it all? “The Mark of the Beast” (CHRISTIANITY!) will be enforced by whoever is “President.” (Free honest elections ended here decades ago!)
        Whatever happens in the near future, BOTH parties will be complicit in it!
        COVID-19 whether natural or lab created is REAL! It’s a plague. IMHO, it is meant as a means to get us nose-jab tested or vaxxed with malicious substances like 5G. I WON’T GO NEAR THEM! Will YOU? The FEMA camps here may have been built to kill us, the ones who will not TAKE THEM. At least I can die still being “Me!”
        Yes! We are in the VERY LAST DAYS. Personally, I believe that they should have ended A VERY LONG TIME AGO! But Yahweh is totally merciful!
        There is a short historical footnote in my Holy Name Bible in Luke 2. Because of it, I now believe Yahshua will return on a Yom Kippur between 2023 and 2027. If He returns in 2023? The final seven years began on Yom Kippur 2016 near the time Trump became President. The final 3 1/2 will then have began this past spring (Abib) about when COVID-19 took hold here. Also, Yahweh can cut the time short for the elect’s sake. (I write about this on my public Facebook page.)
        The ONLY thing that we CAN really do about all of THIS?
        It’s choosing to believe in the SAVING Names of the Father and Son: Yahweh and Yahshua. And, yes, come all the way out of Christianity!

        Whatever Yahweh brings us “TO” He will bring us “Through!”


      • Jim is back!

  2. https://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/joels-excuse/

  3. https://churchofhispresence.org/pastor-sermons?sapurl=LytyZHNtL2xiL21pLysyNWZja3NkP2F1dG9wbGF5PXRydWUmYnJhbmRpbmc9dHJ1ZSZlbWJlZD10cnVl

    Could This Be Jezebel’s Last Stand Pastor John Kilpatrick

    • q

      I like pastor john 🙂

    • WOW! This is RECENT? They are all in church next to each other without masks? This is NOT happening in California!
      The Greek word “hex” can mean six and is a part of the GreeK #666 in Revelation 13:18. In English, hex can mean “bewitch” or “cast a spell.” It may also mean “an evil spell. or curse.” IMHO, this is what Christianity is to the world. It largely began in The Third Century A.D. with The Christian Vatican. There is NOTHING Biblical or Hebraic in Christianity!
      “Come out of HER My people … or receive the plagues.” Yahshua the Messiah calling down from Heaven in Revelation 18:4 and following verses (My Emphasis and Paraphrasing.)


      • Things are starting to relax now. Most people are healthy so they would not be a threat to each other. We cannot wear masks forever

        • Marianne, I do not believe in wearing masks at all. But they are still required everywhere here. Also the distance. The news says there are more cases everywhere now. London has resumed a lock down. ??? What’s NEXT? lol

          • jayna

            they are just making things up to control us

            there is evidence of massive fraud in the election and they are lying about that too

            • Yes. IMHO the whole “election” is a lie. A “selection” instead of a free vote. I KNOW who I serve.


            • Hey, if there is so much evidence of voter fraud, how come not one person has submitted any proof anywhere. Why don’t they take that proof to the Supreme Court and get the election reversed right away. What are they waiting for? Are they going to hide this evidence forever? They only have 20 days and the electoral college vote is in a week. This makes no sense, if there really is evidence.
              Otherwise its just another conspiracy theory that only you tube idiots believe in. I guess we will see… soon.

              • Jim the evidence is there. I have seen it myself. The problem the problem is the Supreme Court refused to hear the case. Chief Roberts is against Trump.

  4. Detroit Leaks

  5. Daniel 9 24 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

    25 Know therefore and understand, that from (1948) the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the anointed one ruler comes there shall be 7 weeks, (USA+western group after fall Russia arround 1995) and 62 weeks:( 62×7=until 2430)
    the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times( ISAIAH 24 CLEARLY EXPLAINED).

    26 And after 62 weeks shall anointed one will be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.
    ( COMMUNISM COMES AGAIN ,- Russia & China)
    27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: (LAST 7 YEARS )and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and (LAST 3 1/2 YEARS )for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

    THEN JESUS 2nd COMING (arround 2440)
    Earlier I thought Jesus 2nd coming in 2018.
    As said by Isaiah 24 population decrease will happen in future. We are not the last generation in this world.

    • 11~13~2020 Friday the 13th. With Yahweh Every Day is Blessed!
      Yahshua the Messiah the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
      PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
      HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

      No. IMHO, we ARE now in the FINAL generation. Because of the prophetic years of 1917, 1948, and 1967. Many of us THOUGHT Yahshua would return on Yom Kippur 2017 or 2018. Sadly, no He did not even though we wish that He had! I have been expecting Him to come back since 1968. That’s when I didn’t even know His TRUE Name. Yes, these “Last Days” have become “The Lasting Days” for me.
      Because of a footnote in my Holy Name Bible for Luke 2:2. A.B. Traina, it’s author, long deceased, diligently compared translations, even went to The Vatican. He wrote: Cyrenius was first governor of Syria from 11 to 7 B.C. Yahshua was born during this time. This means that He died (for us) on a Passover between 23 A.D. – 29 A.D. If the year He died was a Jubilee year?And, if this dating is correct we can add 2000 years. It will mean Yahshua will return on a Yom Kippur in 2023 through 2029. (That is, if He does NOT shorten the time which Yahweh can do.)
      If 2023 is the year Yahshua returns? Subtracting seven years we have the year 2016. Yahweh’s year began near the time Donald J. Trump was “elected.” Possibly prophetic and ominous!
      At least we all can be very sure Yahshua will NOT return in 2440!


      • It is well documented (through an eclipse in Jerusalem) that Jesus died/rose in 31 AD so His return should be in 2031. If it were in 2023 we would already be in the tribulation and the 2 witnesses would be preaching in Jerusalem by now.
        But at least you finally have the right idea as far as end-time calculations are concerned.

        • Hey! But it seems to me that we ARE! How can any of us survive now until 2031? I believe He can return as early as Yom Kippur, 2023. Maybe earlier! The last year will be the WORST!


        • I used to think 2031 was too long to wait but now I agree with you

          • 1~2~2021 Happy Sabbath In a new Roman (Catholic) Year!
            Yahshua the Messiah The Only Son of Yahweh The Creator of Everything Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM.
            Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

            Marianne ??? Now you believe that Yahshua will return in 2031? Why not 2033? A number of sites are saying that year. Sadly, it seems that you are now going “backwards.” Earlier you did believe that 2023 could be the year. Now you don’t. Maybe this comes from publishing in both the Divine and profane names of deity. Just saying. We do need to choose to be the one or the other. I did a very long time ago.
            I am believing that Yahshua can return in 2023 through 2027, according to the footnote for Luke 2:2. I have been thinking 2023 because of timing. The final seven may have begun shortly before Trump “became” President. Marianne I know that you believe he is great for America. The last 3 1/2 may have began in Abib, 2020, when COVID-19 began striking America. I have warned you about Trump. Please be prepared for what may happen very soon! I believe that this timing may be correct.
            However, my fruit trees are giving SO MUCH FRUIT now. Hundreds of lime from ONE tree! No harvest in the last 30 years was even close! In ancient Israel bountiful harvests happened before the sabbatical years (when Jews could not work in the fields) and before the Jubilee years. My fruit maybe trying to tell me that 2020 is before a Sabbatical year. This can mean that 2021 – 2022 is a Sabbatical year. If so, possibly the last one or that 2021 – 2022 is the beginning of the final seven years. If the latter? Yahshua would return on Yom Kippur, 2031. Ellen G. White taught that Yahshua died in 31 A.D. If the former? This would mean 2022 – 2023 is the final Jubilee year. Yahshua would come on Yom Kippur, 2023. Because of what has happened here in America. I believe that Yahweh can return on Yom Kippur, 2023.
            Marianne, do you really believe that we and this troubled earth have that many years left ? I DON’T! Seems to me that “the plagues” have already started to fall. It’s a time of great mourning and grief. There are Web rumors that COVID-19 is supposed to last until 2025!


            • i was going by 2000 years from 30 AD, like Jim was saying.

              I think we are about to enter tribulation then have to wait 3.5 years from the start point.

              i am waiting to see what happens next

              remember the temple has not been built yet…

              • 1~3~2021 On Yahweh’s Earth. King David In Psalm 24:1
                Yahshua The Lamb of Yahweh and The Lion of Judah Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
                HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

                ??? Temple to be rebuilt? No. Don’t think so. I believe that it is another Christian Vatican lie.
                Not enough time! And WHY should it be rebuilt? No more sacrifices needed! When Yahshua died (for us!) the huge curtain separating the holy places was torn from top to bottom. The sacrificial lamb that was about to be slain ran free. These indicated that Yahweh was through with that sacrificial system.
                Waiting for the tribulation to begin? We may be in the final seven years, possibly the final 3 1/2 years. Certainly, we ARE in the time of “the plagues!” Would you not agree? I sense that some very sad surprises are coming at us down the pike VERY SOON!
                DON’T do COVID-19 nose-jab testing and vaccines! I WON’T!

                CHRISTIANS! It’s TIME to WAKEY WAKEY!


                • Revelation mentions a third Temple. Also Daniel and some other prophets mention the end of Christ sitting in the Holy Place Holy Place violating it

                  • Antichrist

                  • ??? Sometimes the mention of the temple in Revelation is the one in Heaven. At one point after The Millennium, it comes down to earth. Christ violating the temple??? The only written record of this was under Antiochus Epiphanes circa 168 B.C. . On December 25 in Yahweh’s Temple he sacrificed a pig to Zeus Christos A.K.A. Jesus Christ. This was called
                    “The Abomination That Maketh Desolate.”

                    Yahweh HATES Xmas and Christianity!


              • Marianne,
                Don’t be fooled, there wont be a new temple built by the modern Jews. That is a misinterpretation of prophecy. The next temple will more than likely be built by God as described in the last chapters of Ezekiel in great detail. That will be the third temple. And it wont go on the temple mount. That never had a temple on it. It was built by the romans for the siege and destruction of Jerusalem. Their army quartered up there with a clear view of the city they needed to destroy. The actual temple was south of the mount and is low enough for the spring of gershon to be directed to flow thru it. The water tunnels are still there and the old temple is under excavation right now.
                Most Jews still think the mount is the correct location but God would not accept a Jewish temple on a pagan mount.
                I think maybe Jesus will rebuild the temple in 3 days (This time the actual temple) in the gap between Armageddon and His coronation on the Day of Atonement. We shall see.
                This makes it a bit easier for the tribulation to start – no super-big construction project to worry about.
                And as you said, (and I’ve been saying for years) we just have to wait and watch and let end-time prophecy unfold. A lot will happen quickly, and not in the way 99% of Christians believe. Most people, including Jayna, are completely in the dark as to the mark of the beast. I think many will know something is up but will keep waiting for an Antichrist dictator that will never materialize.
                But ten years is about the right time for the rest of prophecy to unfold. Many world events must happen first but we are very close so 7 years till the tribulation isn’t that far off. Be patient. I will happen.
                Right on schedule!

                • No. WOW! Jim, it seems to me that you are now totally blinded by Christianity! And you tell other Christians that they are wrong. Sigh. There is a Temple of Yahweh’s that comes down out of Heaven. (IMHO, after The Millennium.) It will then always be on earth. Why would there be a need for ANOTHER temple before that? Gee.
                  You have had many years now to understand the meaning of “The Mark of the Beast” in Revelation 13:18. Maybe the reason that you don’t is because you do not have the “wisdom” mentioned in this verse. And, you do not seem to have the spirit of the Bereans.
                  It seems to me that President Trump may now be in the process of a “coup.”
                  If so, please understand that BOTH parties under The Christian Vatican will be complicit in it. As they are with COVID-19


                  • Jayna,
                    Do you really believe Christ will return to rule the earth and live in a one-bedroom efficiency apartment in Jerusalem and preach from a current Jewish temple?
                    I agree that the city of New Jerusalem does come down from heaven at the end of the millenium and the world will live in it (1,200 mile -cube, not a temple). No, the temple of Ezekiel is for use in the millenium. God will build it, and quickly. Jesus will use it and world leaders will visit Him there during the feast of tabernacles every year. If not their nations will receive no rain for that year. Do you really think Israel, under Christ, will exist without a temple?
                    P.S. I’m watching the Electoral count right now and it seems inevitable that even with the Republican objections and ensuing discussions there is no constitutional method possible to change any of the votes. They can only delay the inevitable. We will see by tonight if I’m right, but when have I ever been wrong?
                    Still waiting for Nibiru?

                    • Jim, you are WRONG about so many Scriptural beliefs. However, you always seem to be right in your own eyes no matter how much Biblical reproof you receive. ??? How can Yahweh possibly SAVE someone with YOUR erroneous beliefs? The Bible says “The New Jerusalem” is a CITY (verse 2) NOT a cube, country, or continent! Yahweh’s Temple is in this New Jerusalem and He sits on a throne there, Revelation 21:3-5.
                      In short I still believe like the Seventh Day Adventists about the Millennium. (I left them in the early ’70’s.)The saints living and resurrected are caught up into Heaven (The New Jerusalem) while The Evil One is chained to this now desolated earth. Revelation 20: 1-3 After The Millennium , he is loosed and goes out to deceive the resurrected wicked. Many as the sand of the sea, verse 8.(Millions? Billions?)
                      You are watching “The Horse and Pony Show?” Maybe I should write “The Elephant and Donkey Show.” lol It’s all staged and NOT very well.
                      Again, “thugs” are used to show dissent. IMHO, the reality is that BOTH parties are working together under Trump all taking orders from The Christian Vatican. As did Adolf Hitler. And, right now, Trump is disavowing “the staged election results.” Are we in the middle of his planned “coup” like in the days of Fuhrer (Dictator) Hitler?
                      Be assured! BOTH parties will go along with whatever “charade’ happens. The final end of time result will be the enforcement of “The Mark of the Beast” which is Christianity, Revelation 13:18.
                      The BIG losers are and will be patriotic Bible-believing Americans!

                      Jim, if (IF!) you are ever going to:

                      IT’S TIME TO WAKEY WAKEY!


                    • Jayna,
                      The city of New Jerusalem is 1,200 cubits (long) by 1,200 cubits (wide) by 1,200 cubits (high). Now maybe you don’t remember your shapes from kindergarten, but an object that is of equal dimensions by l, w & h is called a cube. Admittedly there aren’t any current cities that are cubic in shape, but according to Revelation the city that descends from heaven (NOT a temple by the way) will be a CUBE.
                      Was I right or was I right?
                      Learn some geometry!

                    • Jim, by measurement it may be in the shape of a cube. However, the Bible calls it a “city.” I choose to use Biblical terminology. And, the Temple of Yahweh is in this city!


                    • And, Jim, I did not believe in Nibiru coming. However, there are cataclysmic end-time events. IMPO, we are NOW in the time of “the plagues” literally. If time goes on much longer? We will see people walking around like “zombies.” This will be because of the horrible effects of COVID-19 nose-jab testing and vaccines. They seem to be the whole reason for COVID-19. DON’T DO THEM!
                      Now, I understand the purpose for all of those zombie movies which I do not watch. Seems that “They” want us to get used to seeing these victims. Most of the people I see now look like scared Moslem women because of the masks.
                      The Trump office has announced that there will be a peaceful transition on January 20. Yeah ??? He has now been banned from Twitter and Facebook. Seems like too little too late. Maybe just for show. And, they wish to preserve their businesses.
                      SAD DAYS NOW IN AMERICA!


                    • jim

                      nibiru will show up at the sixth seal.

                      pray that god splits our red sea for america!

                    • Marianne,
                      I guess you didn’t get the word, but the YouTube hoaxers have all given up on Nibiru. They had a good run and extended the hoax for far longer than it could have lasted but eventually the public wised up and laughed them off the internet. All that is left are the real scientists and debunkers.
                      So just as Trump has finally decided to give up on his hopes of overturning the election, it is time for you to let go of Nibiru, it simply doesn’t exist so there is no reason to believe\ it is part of the 6th seal, especially when there are millions of asteroids that can fulfil the same purpose, and without resorting to proven hoaxes, which makes Christians look like mindless believers who will resort to anything to try to prove the bible is real. It’s bad enough that the current theories are so wacky already – impossible to fulfil – like one man taking over the whole world and then declaring himself to be God. And all sorts of other scenarios that simply won’t or can’t happen.
                      And believe me… Nibiru isn’t ever going to happen.

                    • Jim. And Christianity will not ever be a true Bible faith!


                • jim

                  I thought the AC had to sit in the temple and defile it. Jesus mentioned this daniel prophecy

                  • Marianne, “The Abomination Maketh Desolate ” happened twice. In 168 B.C. with Antiochus Epiphanes . And in 70 A.D. with the Romans. The believers in Yahshua remembered His words and fled to Pella at that time. Miraculously the Roman army withdrew for a very short time. This gave time for the believers to leave. Maybe you need to bone up a little on history. We all do!
                    The sealing in the Names of Yahweh and Yahshua is the salvation of these last days.


                  • Marianne,
                    The truth is that there won’t be an Antichrist so all the prophecy about him is misinformed. No Antichrist, no temple, no desolation – not in the end times. This greatly simplifies end-time events. Far less needs to happen than most people think. We are nearly there. Things will go nuts in the tribulation but we don’t need a dictator to take over the planet and chip 8 billion people etc.
                    Most people are going to wait in vain for heir ideas to unfold, including Jayna. The Vatican only needs to take over 10 European Union nations, not the entire world. But Christianity is not the mark, only the authority that creates and enforces it – forced Sunday worship – an abomination to the Lord – it represents false Christianity.

                    • Jim, ALL Christianity is FALSE. It’s PAGAN AND ALWAYS WAS! There is NOTHING Biblical or Hebraic about CHRISTIANITY! It is and will DECEIVE all those who have “The Mark of the Beast.” Why? Because THAT is what it IS! The SAINTS are SEALED with the Names of the Father and Son: Yahweh and Yahshua! The LOST have “The Mark of the Beast” . The #666 in Revelation 13:18 in Greek is the pagan name “Jesus Christ.”

                      YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! (MANY TIMES.)


            • Jayna / Marianne,
              Jayna has always been looking for some way for the second coming to happen as soon as possible. Both of you have been looking to all sorts of theories for a imminent second coming, probably because you are so anxious for it to happen. That’s been true for many people / preachers for thousands of years.
              But sometimes you have to use common sense and come to realize just how wrong and crazy all the previous theories have been. So what will the next eclipse prove the next true date? What astronomical conjunction will be the sign? How many generations from what date?
              Actually Jayna is on the right track, she just hasn’t researched the actual year of the ascension. To do that you must realize that Jesus was entombed on a Wednesday and there was a blood moon eclipse rising at sunset in Jerusalem that night. After that it just takes a good astronomy program (some wont go back that far) and the answer becomes obvious. As a lifelong astronomer this was easy for me, maybe no so much for the average person.
              You will obviously find variances in the date, depending how informed the researcher was, so it might take a while to sort out the wheat from the chaff. But after all the research I’ve done I’ve got nothing but wheat now.
              Keep studying. We’ll get together… eventually.

              • Hi Jim! How can you have “all wheat” when you are still in Christianity? It’s the religion of “The Mark of the Beast.” THE TARES!
                It’s almost impossible to know the true dates of anything in Yahshua’s time period. My footnote for Luke 2:2 in Holy Name Bible is one great clue.
                A.B. Traina the translator (long deceased) was a diligent researcher. He even went to The Christian Vatican to look up records. The ruler in that verse was in power the first time from 11 to 7 B.C. During this time Yahshua was born. Yahshua lived for 33 1/2 years. You can do the math! The earliest Yahshua may come may be on Yom Kippur, 2023. He can still come earlier in order to save “the elect.”


        • Jim. Really? No. Don’t think so! Jim, I don’t believe that we will both survive on this plagued earth until 2031.
          Do you?


    • I think 2440 is a LONG wait!

  6. Marianne ,
    Has any discussions on Daniel 9 24-27 in your site ? God sent prophets before Jesus came. After Jesus , Peter & Paul from gospel we can read. THEN ?
    You don’t believe, but mother Mary’s , messages in Fatima , Lasellete. At present , Pedro Regis ” Long years of hard trials”. And “true church will become very small.” ( Roman Catholic)

  7. —- ” Lockdown” ———-in Isaiah 24
    10 The ruined city lies desolate; the entrance to every house is barred.
    ——- Curse —————————-
    6. Therefore a curse consumes the earth; its people must bear their guilt. Therefore earth’s inhabitants are burned up, and very few are left.
    2. ——- curse to all humans ——-
    it will be the same for priest as for people, for master as for servant, for mistress as for maid, for seller as for buyer, for borrower as for lender, for debtor as for creditor.
    —– curse TO ALL NATIONS——-
    13.So will it be on the earth and among the nations, as when an olive tree is beaten, or as when gleanings are left after the grape harvest.

    Daniel 62 weeks —troubles—-suffering period ( 62×7 = 434 years )

  8. Isaiah 24
    World Population decrease in 6.
    —– what’s happen to kings or leaders of earth”
    22They will be herded together like prisoners bound in a dungeon; they will be shut up in prison and be punished [1] after many days.
    DAYS=(434x 365)=158410
    After 434 + 7 years later Jesus will come.

    I like Jesus comes tomorrow. But GOD’s will.
    We have to be +’ve thinking and face hard trials in future With help of God, Jesus.
    Future lockdown
    1. city areas land value ?
    2. Online education, business ? Then Poor ?
    No smartphones, laptops ?
    3. No jobs then ?
    4 if famine comes ? No food to eat ?
    Jesus told not to be troubled about our life.
    +’ve thinking

  9. Bill Gates against news created below ? May be enemy of him or USA.


  10. Dominion Systems was created for fraud

  11. Dr SHIVA LIVE MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U S Voting Systems

    scientific presentation

  12. fox news turn left in this election , now i watch newsmax tv

  13. Melissa Carone

    this lady is so brave !

  14. Justice Alito Warns of Covid-Era Religious Rights Infringements

    he is conservative judge !

    freedom of speech and freedom of religion

  15. How a Philly mob boss stole the election and why he may flip on Joe Biden. (Buffalo Chronicle)

  16. US Army Operation in Germany.This video explains why they were there!

  17. attorney sidney Powell on Election Fraud

  18. DHS Says Election Was Most Secure Ever, But Dominion & Smartmatic Are On Their Cybersecurity Council

  19. Conservative SCOTUS Justices Assigned to 4 of 6 Contested Election States


  20. live : Trump Campaign News Conference on Legal Challenges

    Republican Senator GRILLS Zuckerberg on Facebook, Google, and Twitter collaboration

    • Praynygf or success

      • 11~22~2020 First Day of the Week On Yahweh’s Earth. Psalm 24:1
        Yahshua The Prince of Peace Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        Greetings Marianne and All! Please, tell me what does “Praynygf” mean? Today CNN’s Jake Tapper said that he hopes this “attempted coup” ends peacefully.
        Last night CA Gov. Newsom put in a state-wide curfew of 10:00 pm through 5:00 a.m. One of his children is in quarantine because of being exposed to COVID-19. Yeah, sure. Last night there was also a protest against the curfew on Huntington State pier near here. Business’ already suffering will probably be lost. Isn’t it SOMETHING? How we are losing our freedoms one by one!


  21. https://banned.video/watch?id=5fbbf75845c92148a8b260b0

    Absolute Must Watch! Election Fraud In Michigan Proven

    • https://banned.video/watch?id=5fba71efd4cd4b442fcb6bf1

      Conservative SCOTUS Justices Assigned to 4 of 6 Contested Election States


      The Supreme Court on Nov. 20 released the list of circuit assignments (pdf) which shows conservative justices handling the circuits containing four of the six states where the Trump campaign has contested the election.

      Conservative justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett will handle emergency appeals from the election battleground states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin respectively. Liberal Justice Elena Kagan will handle the circuit containing the other two contested states, Arizona and Nevada.

      While none of the election lawsuits have yet percolated to the Supreme Court, both the Trump campaign and third parties have filed challenges in all six states.

      The Supreme Court ended the election dispute in 2000 between George Bush and Al Gore. Considering the number of legal challenges pending, the nation’s highest court may again play a pivotal role.

      • 11~23~2020 On a Plagued Earth. Still Yahweh’s! Psalm 24:1
        Yahshua the Messiah The Only Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
        PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM.
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        Alex Jones? He’s a different man than the one I watched years ago. Or, he just got fat, old, and losing his voice. ??? IMHO, President Trump is following in the steps of Adolf Hitler by negating the “election” (whether he is right or wrong to do so.) It achieves the SAME purpose. He has willing allies with the Publicans and Dims. If he stays in or it’s Biden? LOOK OUT! We are now being “set up” and “played” so that we will accept “The Mark of the Beast” which is CHRISTIANITY!

        Message to True Bible Saints: KEEP CALM AND KEEP THE TRUE FAITH!


          • No. I worship and honor Yahweh the Father. I have salvation through His Only Son Yahshua. He came in His Father’s Name ~ Yahweh, John 5:43 I have witnessed on these threads for years. It’s not my fault if you are not saved. My posts are meant to be alter calls.


  22. Checkmate SCOTUS Reassigns Trump Appointed Justices to Key Election States

    • the first video show from TrueNews

      : fox news turn left , the mask is final off the fox news

      sean hannity and tucker carlson

      they might be CIA cover up

      truNew tv :
      georgetown university is the birthing place for CIA , Jesuit owned college..

    • first video from time mark 33:33 conservative justice to key election state

    • must watch first video, a lot info .

    • from first video 1:00:00 , it report the protesters in Europe ( Italy. Germany , France ) due to the covid 19 , their government have enforce some laws . it cause poverty . starvation of children. economy breakdown

      draconian security law ,

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

    • 11~24~2020 On a Plagued World Still Yahweh’s! Psalm 24:1
      Yahshua The Lion of Judah The Only Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
      PRAY NOW to be Saved and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
      HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

      The Christian Thanksgiving Day is a not for Yahweh’s saints. Yahweh’s harvest feast and thanksgiving is the Feast of Sukkot, The Feast of Tabernacles, lasting eight days. This is what the Plymouth pilgrims kept. As did the original Protestants and Puritans.They were NOT Christians!
      The American Thanksgiving Day is the pagan day began by wicked King Jeroboam mentioned in I Kings 12:27- 33. It is at the same time on the Hebrew calendar. He began it in opposition to Yahweh’s feast time. We will be blessed if we observe Yahweh’s Appointed Days including His Seventh Sabbath. I AM!


  23. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EoBbg21VoAAIcQX?format=jpg&name=small

    • he interpret the dream of pastor Dana coverstone

      • Early this a.m. I watched a little of President Trump’s interview he gave today on Maria B.’s program (Fox Business Channel.) I know how upset he gets sometimes. Today he was very calm not worried at all. He is not expressing great outrage about the outcome of this so-called election. Now this concerns me! IMHO, normally Trump would be angry even bombastic that this election is even being contested. IMHO, Trump KNOWS that he will stay in with the help of the Publicans, Dims, and the military all under the Christian Vatican. This is what one Adolf Hitler did in Germany. If Biden is put in? He will also do The Christian Vatican’s will. However, he is not imitating Adolf Hitler. Sadly, in either case, Americans will continue to be THE GREAT LOSERS!



        • IMHO you are wrong. nothing wrong with being calm. IT IS tiring fighting these people.

          • Marianne, I used to watch President Trump a lot before I realised the truth about his actions. Like calling the free press “Fake News!” like Hitler did. He was often upset and derogatory. If (IF!) this had been a REAL election? Trump would have expressed great anger and possibly foul language. I rarely listen to him now. But now, sadly, I believe that he will remain in.
            Meantime, restrictions are getting much worse here in CA. All people having flown for the pagan holiday have to be COVID-19 tested. In LA no gatherings of people only immediate family. Our freedoms are going “Bye Bye!” one by one!
            The COVID-19 vaccine (possibly already made in 2018) seems just around the corner. Don’t be tested or vaxxed! For ANYTHING!


            • jayna

              the mainstream media IS fake news…..very hostile and dishonest

              • Marianne, yes, it sure can be! However, I have not heard the MSM reporting about President Trump following Adolf Hitler’s example. I only learned about this by reading independent journalist reports and historical facts. Sadly, IMHO, we are seeing some very sad history being repeated NOW!


  24. Michigan Hearing

  25. Poll Watcher KICKED out for the MEDICATION he USES

  26. AZ Hearing Highlights: Dominion Connected to web, D

  27. Hanukkah Songs

    is today first day of Hanukkah

  28. It’s Not Over Yet!

    • 12~13~2020 Happy Third Day of Hanukkah! On Yahweh’s Green Earth.
      Yahshua The Lion of Judah The Lamb of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
      PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
      HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

      Ha! IMHO, he is the strangest looking Nazi I have ever seen. lol I do not know what happened to President Donald Trump. At first he was very good to Israel recognizing it as a nation. Then moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem. Did he “change” or was he changed? A sad mystery. He seems to have patterned his government after that of Adolf Hitler. Same sayings. Hitler loudly proclaimed, “MAKE GERMANY GREAT AGAIN!” Calling the free press “Fake News.” Thugs rioted and plagued Germany on his behalf. Hitler also stopped the election of president. Instead, with the military’s help he installed himself as Fuhrer (Dictator) of Germany.
      No. I do not believe that Yahweh wants in anyone following Adolf Hitler’s example. Or, a corrupt senator like Biden. Hitler, Trump, and Biden work(ed) for the evil Christian Vatican.
      These are THE LAST DAYS. And, these are WHO we get!


      • What is your historical source for all these claims about Hitler??

        • Hi Marianne,
          Just google “Trump’s actions similar to those of Adolf Hitler.” There are many references. One is “Commentary: Trump Takes Tactics From Hitler’s Playbook” by Bill McCann of the Austin American-Statesman.”
          IMHO, Trump will do what Hitler did. He has! He declared “the election” a fraud. He is the most likely candidate in this “Two-Horned Beast” system (U.S. Government) to enforce “The Mark of the Beast” (Christianity.) This CAN come at any time!


          • That is what I thought people like him or far-left liberal hacks who have a hate agenda. He actually defends Robert Mueller who was a complete failure and Beto O’Rourke is nothing but a piece of crap and then he attacks Trump.. This sleazy columnist is not historian and it’s not a valid source for hateful commentary and conclusions. NOT QUALIFIED!!!!

          • the 2020 election WAS a massive fraud. you are so blind.

            • 12~15~2020 Fifth Day of Hanukkah The Feast of Light and Freedom
              Yahshua The Lion of Judah The Lamb of Yahweh returns
              VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

              Marianne, in case you do not know yet. IMHO, sadly, open free elections were stopped here in America long ago. Presidents are “selected” here not elected. Whatever is happening now with this so-called election has already been PLANNED!
              Me blind? Well, maybe yes, without my glasses. lol The MANY articles out there about comparisons of Trump to Hitler? They are evidence that we still have a little “free press.” It works as “glasses” to help us learn the truth. I have just compared Trump’s words and actions to those recorded about Adolf Hitler. Why have you NOT? Do you really want to follow President Trump over a cliff? Trump calls the free press “FAKE NEWS” as did Fuhrer (Dictator) Adolf Hitler.

              It’s time to WAKEY WAKEY!


              • jayna

                there is a deluge of lies out there, and y o u have been influenced.

                • Happy Sixth Day of Hanukkah!

                  Marianne, we ALL have! The question is. Will we have Yahweh’s Spirit reveal to us THE TRUTH?
                  The evil “THEY” are now rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine and possible testing. Please don’t go near these Nazi poisons! A fellow told me that while he was in the hospital someone came and vaxed him without even asking him first. What about the kids still in brick and mortar schools? Bummer!

    • Amen. Normally I do not agree with him because he makes up stuff but this time he is right on.

      • i am glad you have open minded.

        i think Sadhu is not bad at all .

        there are some other teachers /pastors. i do not bother to listen.

        such as prosperity teaching……

  29. crush big tech

  30. Hi Marianne and anyone , may God’s peace be with you !

    from this election, found 2 evil things behind this election ,

    china communist party is evil ,

    illuminati /elite is another one ,

    but found CCP and illuminat /elite , they are not in same group

    they work together to do evil (covid virus , …………

    ccp has create their own financial system – BRICS gold 4 / 5 countries

    elite/elluminati – one world financial system,

    it look like the2 evil things have different financial system.

    are they going to consolidate? or not . what do you think ?

    pastor Sadhu said that anti-christ will rise up from Germany .

    • 12~17~ 2020 Happy Seventh Day of Hanukkah! The REASON for this SEASON! Yahshua the Son of Yahweh was born in late September or October. He is returning VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM! Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

      Greetings qt and Marianne,
      ALL evil entities now including the U.S. Government are under the evil Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy. The saints of Yahweh are being sealed now before “The Mark of the Beast” is enforced. The U.S. Government, being the two-horned beast of Revelation 13:18 will be the first nation to do this uniting with the nations of Europe then the entire world. IMHO, President Trump will be the one to enforce it. A plague COVID-19 (whether lab-created or natural) is covering this world. More will come!



      • Trump is leaving office soon. He wont be able to enforce anything. Your claim that the Vatican now controls the U.S. Gov’t is ludicrous. The re is no evidence that Trump knows anything about the Catholic church, let alone lets it control all his actions. He has never suggested forcing Americans to become Christians, in fact no government official has ever made such a claim. A total conspiracy theory with no grounds in reality.

        • 1~4~2020 On COVID-19 plagued Planet Now Ruled By Nazis Under The Christian Vatican! Yahshua the Messiah the Messiah Returns VERY SOON! For THOSE not having “The Mark of the Beast.” (Christianity!) PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
          HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

          Jim, seems to me, YOU are the same ol’ Jim. You stayed in Christianity. Are you going DOWN with it? If this is the case, IMHO, you certainly won’t be going UP believing it! How can you when Christianity is “The Mark of the Beast?”
          Just know. If (IF!) Trump does not leave office? Be assured that BOTH parties under The Christian Vatican are with HIM along with the military. If he does leave office? Biden will also do The Christian Vatican’s bidding. All presidents for many years have ruled because they are with The Christian Vatican. A favorite son of The Christian Vatican was Adolf Hitler.
          Jim, have you like Marianne failed to see that Trump in many ways has patterned his rule after that of Adolf Hitler? Same slogans, racist comments, and attacks against the free press. Similar thugs in the streets working for him. Now COVID-19 against everyone NOT just the Jews!
          It’s time for YOU to WAKEY WAKEY! That is, if you are going to! Sigh



          • Jayna,
            I’m a member of the Herbert Armstrong inspired Philadelphia Church of God. They keep the Jewish feasts and ignore the Catholic ones (Xmas/Easter) and they keep the true Sabbath. They are similar or “Jews for Jesus” and they stress prophecy and have published 100 books on the subject over the last 80 years. They do not stress using Jewish terminology so they are fine using “Jesus” since everyone, including Jesus knows who they are talking about. They don’t believe in a nit-picking God.
            Their prophecy is not based on the “Left Behind” or “Late, great planet earth” scenarios that are so popular today. Mr. Armstrong’s prophecies (going back to the 1930’s) have been amazingly accurate and are still unfolding to this day. Your George Bush / Vatican conspiracy has gone nowhere other than for you to repeat it over and over, with absolutely no evidence.
            In the 1940’s Mr. Armstrong predicted a “United States of Europe” based on the bible. Most people thought he was nuts, but look what we have now. Did you know the European Union was predicted in the bible? Does anyone who is reading this? Not likely.
            When I find I real prophet I try to stay with him.

            • Jim, Herbert Armstrong is (was?) a false prophet. Maybe you can give him credit for helping you to be lost. I was told that he once was in the TRUE Names long ago. Then he had a son killed tragically in a motor cycle accident. After that he went right back to Christianity. His church was (is?) called “The Church of God.” CHRISTIAN!
              U.S. Presidential Elections are staged. They are “selections.” COVID-19 nose-jab testing and vaccines are more Nazi poison. Research: Operation Paperclip (after World War 2.) Nose-jabbing may implant 5G chip to turn humans into gov robots. Shots have lots of Mercury. (THEY say that they don’t but they DO!) Also other evil substances meant to kill us off.
              I WILL STAY AWAY FROM THESE! Will YOU?


              • Just when I thought I had heard the craziest conspiracy theory ever you hit me with “5G chips with mind control.” How ignorant are you? Mind control is not possible and especially not through a chip. Any circuitry would have to be wired to the brain with probes. Sending a G5 wireless signal would not be received by the brain. Plus they use cotton swabs, not any devices that could implant a chip. If so there would have been millions of people who would have noticed it and it would have been all over the news. In other words you are once again creating a ridiculous scenario that could never happen. Same thing with the vaccine. They’ve now given out millions of shots with no ill effects and no millions of zombies walking around. And don’t tell me that a vaccine can be used for mind control. If the government wanted to kill everyone all they need to do is poison the water supplies, and they could have done that many years ago, so what are they waiting for?
                I tell you what… after I get my vaccination we will see if I die or not. If I survive then obviously you will have been wrong once again and your crazy theory will prove to be just that much more bunk.

                • WOW! Jim you really are STUPID if you are going to take the COVID-19 vaccination! Gee. I now think that you may be a “troll.” How can anybody be so ignorant for SO LONG? And now THIS! YOU continue to express yourself in such a “dumb and dumber” way!
                  IMHO, all vaccines are NOW Nazi poisons. Research: “Operation Paperclip” After World War 2 Nazi doctors and scientists were brought over here. And this totally Christian Vatican-controlled government refused entry to boatloads of Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Europe during that War!
                  Go ahead! Take the vaccine. Bad effects may not show up right away. However, people have died after taking it. Many (all?) of well-known people shown taking it? They have FAKED getting it! I read that Nancy Pelosi’s needle still had it’s cover on. lol
                  Rumors are that that vaccine that needs to be VERY FROZEN? It contains radon, a radioactive gas. It can only be injected when a liquid, that is, when it is FROZEN. Vaccines also contain Mercury ( a poison.) THEY say that they don’t. But they DO! THEY also say that they lie about this. So that people will take the vaccines. Yeah. This COVID-19 vaccine also contains aborted fetal tissue. Alex Jones had a protest in Texas about this fact. Squalene is another ingredient. SHARK LIVER OIL!
                  Jim, go ahead! Have all of this CRAP flowing through your veins! NOT ME!
                  The nose-jab testing? The swab is reported to put a 5G chip near the brain stem. At least two people I’ve talked to said this swabbing caused some pain. The rumor is that the 5G may take as long as a year to change “or control” the victim. Maybe it makes it more easy for the victim to accept “The Mark of the Beast.” IT IS COMING! As stated here many times. It’s CHRISTIANITY!
                  Sadly, Jim, again you are deceived! That, is unless YOU are a “troll.”

                  CHRISTIANS! It’s TIME to WAKEY WAKEY!


                • jim

                  just a note of caution. My past work included safety testing for drugs and vaccines. they have not done the proper safety testing on this vaccine, and there has been some reported serious effects on people.

                • https://m.theepochtimes.com/55-people-died-in-us-after-receiving-covid-19-vaccines-reporting-system_3659152.html?utm_source=news&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=breaking-2021-01-16-3

          • Well, Jayna,
            It looks like Trump will exit peacefully and won’t be marched out by the U.S. Marines. Everybody believes the election was rigged only because they really wanted him to win. While I wanted hI’m to win also, I’m no so gullible to think that the democrats could pull of such a huge con job and leave behind no usable evidence. You can’t reprogram a voting machine otherwise we would have seen it done hundreds of times over the last 75 years. And if the dems could do it then the Republicans could do it just as easily. It would have been all over the news and tell-all books for the last 74 years. The only way to do it is using either magic or witchcraft.
            Which are you claiming?
            So Jayna, if you are wrong about Trump then we can assume your Vatican running the U.S. story is bogus too. Right? Let’s just wait and see…

            • Jim, you FAIL to even learn from history! Was it Marx or Lenin that wrote, ” It matters not how many vote. What matters? He who counts the votes!” There are possibly many ways to “rig” an election. It has been going on for a very long time! Russia may have been more honest when they had only one candidate. lol
              Be assured. If (IF!) Trump STAYS in office? He will then be a modern Furher (Dictator.) Also, he will have the backing of BOTH parties under The Christian Vatican. The Vatican aims to control THE WHOLE WORLD in the pagan idol name of “Jesus Christ.”
              Ha, Jim! What will YOU do THEN?


              • Do you really believe that the Vatican can force both democrats and republicans to support Trump? The Dems just impeached him, again!
                Our lawmakers have no relationship with the Vatican. They have no reason to follow its edicts or commands. The idea that the Vatican could take control over the U.S. is completely ludicrous. It is the dumbest conspiracy theory I have ever heard of, even dumber than Nibiru. Your whole eschatology is based on impossible theories and lies. You have been wrong about the Second Coming over and over again. And you are wrong this time.
                Now it is true that the Vatican will be given religious control over 10 nations, but those will all be part of the European Union, not America. Your problem comes from misinterpreting the second beast of Revelation. You also don’t understand the 7th and 8th “kings” of Revelation 17. If you did, things would be more clear to you.
                Sorry but your whole theory wreaks of impossible conspiracy theories and ridiculous made-up statements that can’t be proved. You don’t have a clue as to what is soon to happen. But you are in good company since almost everyone else also believes in a ridiculous “Left Behind” scenario which also won’t ever happen.
                Also, your crazy idea that Trump will somehow stay in power will be proven wrong in 5 days. So if any of your theory depended on future things he was to do then you will have to change your theory with some other bit of nonsense.
                I can’t wait to see what you will come up with next.

                • Jim, you do NOT even know how to spell and take correction from the Bible! (It’s “reeks” not “wreaks.”) How can YOU possible instruct anyone when you are so WRONG yourself? For years you have been warned. (At least by me.) You just do NOT understand Bible truth! And don’t want to! At this point. It seems to me that you WILL NEVER choose to! Jim, you are only WISE in your own eyes. You need to take off your “blinders.”
                  Or get glasses! lol
                  AGAIN! CHRISTIANITY IS PAGAN AND ALWAYS WAS! (For the UMPTEENTH time! ) Marianne understands this. Why don’t YOU? You do not have any correct understanding of Bible Eschatology. You seem to enjoy calling me “dumb” and “ignorant.” You will have to give an account for what you write. And, sadly, most of it is from your own ignorance!
                  It’s YOU who does not know WHO Yahweh’s saints WERE and ARE NOW! Jim, I suggest that YOU get out of CA ASAP! WHY? It’s going to be very bad here for those like YOU who are rejecting the TRUE Bible faith!


                  • First of all, I’m sorry my spell catcher offended you. I often don’t look at the screen as I need to stare at the keyboard, and with my severe diabetic neuropathy, I am always making typos and letting my app try to fix them.
                    Now, you are right that most of Christianity is pagan. In the Book of Revelation, Babylon refers to paganism in the churches, primarily the Catholic church which is the current receptacle of God’s people and is the second beast of revelation which will be cast into the lake of fire along with the False Prophet (pope) and while the bible specifically refers to the Catholic church, Babylon includes Sunday worship so almost every Christian church will be affected. As the bible says, the true church is a mere remnant of the original church including the church at Philadelphia a Christian church that Jesus praises in Rev3. I believe that the (a) current day true church is the one based on the teachings of Herbert Armstrong aptly called the Philadelphia church of God. They and a few others will be the bride of Christ along with some “Jews for Jesus” including yourself.
                    The rest, all who will have the mark of the beast – Sunday worship – will suffer the last plagues and when they find out why, they will turn on the Vatican and burn it to the ground.
                    The church will revert to much the same as the original church at Philadelphia before all of the pagan practices were introduced. It will be closer to Judaism than current Christianity and I think many new Christians will reject it and prefer the Lake of Fire.
                    So your concept is close to the truth, but your mark of the beast is too outrageous to be true. You can’t force Christianity on anyone, let alone the entire world. And the pope does not control the U.S. or any other country — not right now. But in the tribulation he will be given religious power in ten European Union countries. This transfer of power is the first seal of Revelation. It is not some Antichrist dictator that is given power, but the False Prophet – the pope. When you see this happen you will know the tribulation has begun.
                    So your concept is a bit over-reaching but not far from the truth. Same for your mark of the beast. But I’m sure you will continue to believe in your theory at least until the facts prove you wrong.

                    • Jim! WRONG! OH SO WRONG! First of all. You would NOT have diabetes if you took Priority One’s “Vana Trace.” (Vanadyl Sulfate) . 50 mg. capsules. 2 a day after eating. I have for many years.
                      I come from a family of many diabetics. Because of taking this my glucose is now normal.
                      AGAIN. Sunday worship is NOT “The Mark of the Beast!” Armstrong got THAT from Ellen G. White and The Seventh Day Adventist Church. She was VERY WRONG about this! You are, too!
                      The Greek gives the meaning for the #666 in Revelation 13:18. It translates to the pagan name “Jesus Christ.” That number also contains a CROSS, X as in Xmas! And, these, by association mean ALL of Christianity.
                      THESE ARE THE MARK OF THE BEAST!
                      There is NOTHING Biblical or Hebraic about Christianity.
                      It took over The Roman Empire beginning with Constantine The Terrible in the 3rd Century. CHRISTIANITY IS PAGAN AND ALWAYS WAS! All Christians are Roman Catholic in faith and practice! ALSO LOST until they choose the truth.!
                      Yahshua the Messiah came in His Father’s Name of Yahweh, John 5:43. IMHO, He was born between the years 11 and 7 B.C. He died between the years 23 A.D. and 27 A.D. He arose on the Sabbath Day NOT Sunday.
                      The original Protestants (They protested Christianity!), Huguenots, Puritans, and Plymouth Pilgrims were NOT Christians!
                      Jim, IMHO, we are now in “The Time of Trouble.” For certain the last seven years. Very likely, the last 3 1/2. Jim, you can not now say that we are NOT in the time of the “plagues.” Sadly, they are in the news everyday. Sigh.
                      YES! We have ALL been lied to! It’s TIME to WAKEY WAKEY!

                      But, Jim, WILL YOU?


                    • And Jim. Again. “The False Prophet” is Mohamad of Islam! Islam was also started by The Christian Vatican in the 6th Century. This should be very evident to you by now. Even by its wording. This is one reason why The Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy is the beast of Revelation 13:1. The first seal, the rider on the white horse can only represent the Pope .The Papacy = Papa of the sea. He has claimed to be “Jesus Christ on Earth.” Has a crown with words to THAT effect.
                      Even the S.D.A.’s know that The Christian Vatican controls the U.S. Government. Guess that Armstrong did not get that.


            • jim

              I have seen the evidence which main stream media refuses to report.

              the machines were rigged to flip votes.

              massive fraud

              you are not connected to the right information sources

              • Most voting was on paper, either at the voting places or on a mail-in ballot. It was the mail-in ballots that flipped the election in the end, so no machines were involved. And the recounts were on the paper voting sheets which is why they took days to complete. If they were to recalculate on the machines the count would probably be done in less than a minute.
                Plus the voting machines (which read the paper votes) are hard wired at the factory and there is no way for some election official to reprogram them in the field. The don’t have hard drives that can be edited, they use hardware circuits that simply can’t be modified. You can’t rip open an integrated circuit and Dick around with its circuitry. Take 4 or 5 years of electronics schooling (like I have) and you will better understand these things. Being ignorant doesn’t make it OK to believe ridiculous conspiracy theories.

                • Well, Jim, a number of sources report that U.S. elections have been “rigged” for years. (I would not know how they do it.) Right now there is a large build up of police and or soldiers in many cities in America.. Including L.A. With rigged elections and “faked attacks” on gov buildings. Why (WHY?) are THEY doing this NOW?
                  Will Trump stay President (Dictator) ala Fuhrer Adolf Hitler? If so. He will be helped by the military, Publicans, and Dims. They all owe allegiance to The Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy. As did Adolf Hitler!
                  CHRISDTIANS! It’s TIME to WAKEY WEAKEY!


                • jim

                  most mail in ballots were from unverified voters, or dead people, mass produced, millions printed in china, ran through the machines up to 5-10 times, and ran through at 4 am with no observers around. also mail ins from military were discarded.

                  machines were easily programmed to flip votes. italy, china were involved. votes were put online and flipped by dominion software, with hammer and scorecard programs.

                  • Sorry but you’re just not living in the real world. All of those fraud claims were looked into by independent sources and none of turned out to be true. For example, out of more than 3,000 supposed dead voters they found only 1 that would be considered fraudulent. The GOP looked into all those claims trying to make a believable case they could take to court but in the end all they had were unsubstantiated claims which they took to court(s) anyway but all 61 were thrown out, even by judges that were appointed by Trump.
                    Also, the voting sheets are bar coded with serial numbers so they will be rejected if they are run through a second time. Face it, you just want to believe the lies because for some reason you think they fit your end-time scenario. You don’t really care about the truth. If it sounds good to you then you will believe it. You can live your life that way but you are in for a great deal of disappointment that could be avoided if you only took a little time to properly investigate all the stories.
                    (You too Jayna!)

                    • Jim. No NOT me! IMHO, “elections” for Presidents in America have not been free and open for a very long time. At least since the Pope kissed the ground here in Carter or Reagan’s time. And, possibly ALL elections now in America are “rigged.” So, why put our names on a list that wants to recall CA Gov. Nuisance Newsom? Only purpose the list serves is to provide THEM with names of thoseobjecting to him. The Nazis always loved lists and records. They still do.Possibly Trump lost because people like me woke up to the fact that he was following in the steps of one Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. IMHO, he still is!Jim, you can live your life any way that you choose. You can even decide to belost. Possibly because you refuse to consider the truth ETERNAL SURVIVAL BLESSINGS FOR YAHWEH’S SAINTS!


                    • jim

                      “independent fact checkers” are biased and work for the democrats. called propaganda

                    • jim

                      Lieutenant General Mcinemey confirms the fraud

        • Jim. GET REAL! I keep giving you facts. You keep ignoring THEM. Gee. Looks like we are on THE SAME ROAD. We have been all of this time.
          Only thing is. We are BOTH going in DIFFERENT directions!

          It’s TIME for YOU to WAKEY! WAKEY!


    • Ok thank you

  31. The Abraham Accord | Prophetic Perspectives #91

  32. Israel’s Historic Peace Treaty with the UAE and Bahrain

  33. the light has come

  34. prophecy

  35. December 17, 2020

    A Gift You Will Never Forget

    Today’s post is different than our normal format. Our video version is a powerful prophecy released Sunday, Dec 13, 2020, by Pastor Kent Christmas of Regeneration Nashville Church. This printed version is comprised of portions of the prophecy – the prophetic word is a little too long to include all of it here. I encourage you to not only read this post but also listen to the word in its fullness. It is very encouraging. Then pray and decree what Holy Spirit says. Perhaps even pause it at times and agree with what is being said. It is not only concerning the elections, but also worldwide revival.

    Pastor Kent Christmas:

    “What I’m doing is not the resurrection of something old, but I am doing something new on the earth that you have not seen. In my mercy, I have been silent because I have been giving evil men time to repent. But now, as evil has declared war on Me and on the church, so do I declare war on you, says the Lord. I am sending my word forth into the earth and it will not return unto me unfulfilled, but all that I have declared over the decades will come to pass…

    “Know this, says the Lord of hosts, I will not, I will not let evil men and so-called believers who are full of unbelief make Me a liar… when I send forth my word it goes forth as a sword and it is going to pierce the very strongholds of the power of darkness. Just as I came to earth the first time as God in the flesh, so am I now coming to you and to this nation, and across the earth in this Christmas season to give you a gift, says the Lord, that you will never forget.

    “What you have been watching in the media is the spirit of that woman Jezebel trying to replace the woman called the church in the earth. But the voice of the church in this hour are my prophets, and they will not be silenced. And the word of the Lord that I have released in this hour – though it looks impossible says God, it will come to pass. All that I have declared to you, it will not come to pass by the power of men, it will not come through politics or law or even the Supreme Court, says the Lord, but it will come by the power of the Holy Ghost in this hour…

    “And January 2021, the angel Michael is sounding the ram’s horn as a call to war against false religion and the counterfeit church in the earth… there is a spirit of power and authority that is going to arise on you… there is now a sound of the lion of the tribe of Judah getting ready to come up out of the house of the Lord… I am coming to you in this Christmas season. I have not forgotten what I promised you, and though it looks impossible, and though the media says it will not happen, and though they have already crowned one king, I say to you he is a false king…

    “Have I not always told you that though I tarry long when you pray, that when I do come I will show up quickly. What I am ready to do in the next few weeks will be a quick work. It will not be done in part. It will not have a back door for the enemy to come through, but I’m going to finish what I started. And for four years the glory of the Lord will descend on the earth in a way you have never seen. I have waited to show Myself in this time of destiny because I wanted the enemy to show himself first…Now that he is uncovered, you’re going to see the anointing of evangelism being released in the earth and harvest will begin.

    “Just as I had to wait until the sword could be put in the hand of David before the enemy was destroyed, just as I waited for the Jordan to flood before Israel could cross over, just as I waited for Mordecai to be promoted until Haman‘s gallows were built, know this – the enemy has built a gallows on which to hang the church. But I’m getting ready to reverse what has been declared in this nation, and I’m going to take the weapon that has been formed against the house of the Lord, and I am going to cause the enemy to be destroyed by the very weapon he forged in the fires of hell to destroy the people of God. In the next four years, I’m giving the nations of the earth to the church as their inheritance…”

    Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

    Take a few minutes and read through this word or watch/listen to it on YouTube (go to my YouTube channel to view it). Let it encourage your heart and increase your confidence. Then spend a few minutes decreeing from it.

    A prayer you can pray:

    Lord, we thank you for this encouraging word. You said that as evil has declared war on You, You are now declaring war on evil. We ask You to do as You said, and send Your word forth as a sword into the earth to bring breakthrough. Release the sword of Your Spirit from heaven and from Your people on the earth. Lord, You said You were giving a gift to the church this Christmas season that we will never forget. We believe You and we thank You for this.

    You said Your word that has gone forth looks impossible to accomplish, but that it will come to pass. You said You would do it by the power of Your Holy Spirit. We ask for that power to be released. We ask for such a sovereign, supernatural breakthrough that all the earth will know You have done this. We thank you for Michael sounding the ram’s horn of war.

    We know that sometimes when it looks as though You are late, You are never late. And You said You are coming in the next few weeks to do a quick work. You said it will not be done in part and that there will not be a back door left open for the enemy to come through. You said You were about to hang Haman on the gallows he built. We ask You to do all of this, Lord. And You said Your glory is coming to the earth in an unprecedented way. We believe this, we agree for it and we thank you. And we ask all this in the authority of the Lord Jesus. Amen.


    We decree that God is coming quickly to show Himself strong on behalf of His people, and His cause, in the earth!

    You can find out more about Kent Christmas here and here.

  36. SIGN of the Election ECLIPSE: Why SCOTUS Rejected Texas, 5 Coming Judgments, Trump’s Second Term

    • This is all total BS. None of his predictions will ever happen. He is completely deluded in this “reality” he has created. More conspiracy theory than reality. Well, we will know in a couple of days when the electoral votes are set in stone. Many people think they will declare Trump the winner, but face it, that will never happen. Only wishful thinking beyond this point.

      • Jim. The problem is Trump really did win the election but but with the but with the massive fraud but with the massive fraud illegal but with the massive fraud illegal votes tampering with the tampering with the tampering with the machines and the Machine which were programmed to flip votes, the election illegally went to Biden. Now we have corrupt judges who refuse to hear the evidence. So the whole system is corrupt. If Trump sdoe not stay in Biden will destroy everything or his girlfriend Kamala. I agree it looks dim, and it will take a miracle from God to get enough Hearts straight to vote the right way.

        • Marianne. The Holy Place and Most Holy Place in Yahweh’s Temple on Earth is LONG GONE! However, the pagan idol names of “God”, “Lord”, and “Jesus Christ” are now worshiped and honored EVERYWHERE on Earth. Sigh.


  37. Marianne, there have NOT been REAL elections in America for many years! I am so happy and thankful that I have not voted in them. They are “selections” by “The evil powers that be” under The Christian Vatican. IMHO, the last good president was JFK. And “THEY” killed him!


  38. Jayna, Marianne et. al.
    So, Trump will never leave office, eh? The election would be overturned, eh? The military would help take over the country and install Trump as dictator, eh? Yeah, right!
    I told you you were all deluded and you said I was totally misinformed. I was about to be very surprised at the outcome. Yeah, right.
    Turns out I was right again. Nothing happened out of the ordinary. Once again your conspiracy theory turned out to be nonsense.
    Your problem is that you tend to believe anything that seems to fit with your bible interpretation, which is incorrect, making you have to believe in impossible scenarios that simply can never happen. You are also too lazy to take the time to check the facts to see if the conspiracy theories have any basis in fact.
    But you are not alone, many big-time republicans including senators have gotten behind the “rigged election” bandwagon and clearly they have the proper resources to fact check their ideas. But they, like you, have an agenda. Yours is to bolster your prophecy theories and theirs to keep their party in power. Regardless, you can’t create a lie that big and expect it to be believed by everyone when you have no proof, only rhetoric.
    So when will you learn? I guess eventually – when prophetic events actually begin to unfold… or don’t, in your case. Time will tell. We’ll just have to click up one more loss in your columns.
    Hey Marianne, still believe Obama is coming back in power to become the Muslim Antichrist? We argued that one for years. Admit I was right? No?

    • Jim, there was massive fraud connected with this election. I saw the evidence myself it is posted on the internet. Biden is an illegitimate president. Not too sure how it’s going to work out but Obama was behind a lot of it and he still wants to be in power again.

      • Marianne,
        The irrefutable evidence you speak of was taken by the republicans and it was thrown out of court – by his own judges. Even his loyal attorney general said he couldn’t find anything to prosecute. The only people with “actual“ so-called evidence are a bunch of You Tube idiots that are not investigative reporters but just a bunch of guys blogging out of their basements with nothing more than their imaginations and certain personal agendas.
        And when those agendas match your own you will believe them no matter what the facts might be.

    • 1~23~2021 Happy Sabbath on Yahweh’s Earth!Yahshua The Prince of Peace Returns VERY SOON!PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM.Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!” Jim, all of your mean-spirited comments to us are doubly or triply TRUE of you! IMHO, you post likean evil “troll.” Are YOU?Yahweh’s Word covers me. I wrote the TRUTH! WHOEVER “wins” in this FAKED election? Will be under the control of the evil Christian Vatican. The BIG LOSERS? The American people!Biden has promised to get every American COVID-19vaccinated. DON’T GO NEAR THOSE NAZI POISONS! Jim, maybe you already have it! If so?Maybe “Sayonara!” to you.YOU refuse to “WAKE UP!” ETERNAL SURVIVAL BLESSINGS FOR YAHWEH’S SAINTS!


      • Funny. Jana knows Japanese so be careful! Sayonara!

        • Hi Marianne! Shabbat Shalom! Ha! I KNOW that ONE word. lol
          By the way, ten days ago I was in a home where one occupant came down with COVID-19 four days earlier. I did not see that person who was gone working every time I was there. Another younger woman and her mother (in her 80’s) were also there. So far none of us have it including my friend. Thank Yahweh!
          This is a test of my taking NAC capsules to prevent the Coronavirus. I gave my friend a bottle many months ago. But she did NOT start taking it until now. My daughter and family are not taking it either. I gave her a bottle early last year. ???
          If I do become ill? I will not be going to the hospital. I have heard that
          it is a dangerous thing to do with COVID-19. IMHO, no one should be put on a ventilator.


          • I would not go to the hospital either . They kill people there. I would stay home and drink quinine water which is the closest you can get to hydroxychloroquine. I pray Psalm 91 over myself every night. No plague will come near my dwelling!

            • Marianne, those are great thoughts! A man told me that lime juice and water works for him. I have limes now coming out of my ears. I am giving them away. lol
              This is a test of the NAC. I take two during the day and one before sleep. Has worked for me for nine years. I go out like I normally do. I wear the mask only when I have to . Most of the time I do not cover my nose.
              Sadly, most people around me are acting like “scared chickens!” Sigh.


      • Jayna,
        So you are claiming that the Corona vaccines are all Nazi poisons and that everyone who takes them will be dead in 6 months or a year. If you are right, then we can expect the following to happen:
        Since 75% of the population are expected to take the vaccine (minimum) that means that 240 million Americans will die, including virtually every health care worker, first responders, essential services worker (food suppliers) and members of the military and government.Without these people anarchy will insue. Food will be scare, if available at all. The economy will completely collapse and ultimately, those who refused the vaccine will also die or have to revert to living like in the dark ages. In addition ]they will have to look forward to even more contagious strains of the virus and many or most will contract it and many will die from it. That is what you have to look forward to according to your current beliefs.
        This is the future you are predicting. I on the other hand believe the vaccinations will return the country to normal by the end of the year. Once again you have staked your reputation on a crazy series of events. Of course, I could be wrong and someday you can blog me with an “I told you so!” but by then I’ll be dead and the internet won’t be working anyway, so I guess I’ll be the only one to be able to do that. Of course if you don’t take the vaccine then you might be in those shoes instead.
        Something to think about…

        • Jim the Troll, there you go again, lying about what I wrote! I did not write that people will be dead from them in six months or a year. I did say that they are Nazi poisons. This does not mean that they all will die. But they will be “changed.” And, IMHO, NOT in GOOD ways! I read that the nose-jabbing implants a 5G chip that might take up to a year to work in the human body. That’s what my words were!
          I just learned today that my friend’s daughter who has the virus, had the nose-jabbing test. I warned them both NOT to do it. My friend replied, ” Oh, it’s just a swab in the nose like a Q tip, no chip.” I told her, “You can’t SEE the chip!”
          And, so the COVID-19 plague nightmare continues!
          See Dr. Oz today? He showed X-rays of lungs of smokers compared to those who had COVID-19. The COVID-19 victims’ showed SO MUCH WORSE! I do not know it this is TRUE. Or just “hype” to get his viewers to take the vaccine. I have heard that the MAIN reason for COVID-19 development was to get US nose-jab tested and vaccinated. ??? So they can control us like robots or kill us off! And, FEMA Camps for those of us who WON’T do this COVID-19 CRAP!
          WE ARE NOW IN A TIME OF TROUBLE (whether YOU like it or not!) The Stock Market almost “tanked” today. Jim, you better start having some treasure laid up in Heaven.
          Jim, THOSE are YOUR predictions! Not MINE. The saints of Yahweh will survive! But, they had better NOT pollute their blood streams!
          Gee. Jim, if (IF!) you are totally FOR the COVID-19 nose-jab testing and vaccines? Then, I will start calling you Jim, the Nazi troll. Yeah.


          • Jayna,
            First of all, your claim that the Corona vaccine is Nazi poison is ridiculous. There is no 5G chip on the cotton swabs they use. And without a power supply no chip can operate and any battery that could fit into the size of chip you suggest it could not operate for more than a few minutes. As a retired computer engineer I’m familiar with the technology. I’m certain that your are not. Even so, the mind could never be controlled from the nose. We don’t have the technology to control minds even with a wired helmet so you can forget using a tiny chip.
            I just signed up for my first Covid vaccination for this Saturday so I guess we will see if I become a zombie for the Vatican or whatever nonsense you are claiming.
            And second, you continue to grasp at straws in your interpretation. The fact that you believe that “Jesus” in Spanish sounds like “Hey Zeus” is laughable. The root of the word comes from “Jehovah” and “Zeus” so what do you expect? Try French or Hungarian and see what you get. Or Korean or Chinese. The prophecy must be understood by the whole world. And finding a language where an X (NOT an actual cross) is a symbol of an evil spell is again, grasping at straws. And why is the cross so evil? Nobody (Christian) in the world (other than you) considers the cross to be evil and I’m sure the
            apostles tied Christ to the cross since many ancient Christian meeting places are covered with crosses scratched into the walls. So your whole cross argument is moot.
            So nothing you teach makes sense to most of the world. And you won’t find it in bible verses. I can prove that the second beast of Revelation is not America – using a dozen bible verses. I’m working on an article right now that Marianne will eventually post and it will leave you without a leg to stand on.
            I’ll bet you can’t wait…” 😉

            • 2~4~2021 On Yahweh’s Earth Even During COVID-19. Psalm 24:1
              Yahshua The Great Healer The Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
              PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
              HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

              How can ONE poster (YOU!) be SO WRONG is so MANY WAYS? The COVID-19 nose-jabbing is reported to put the minute 5G chip near or at the brain stem. A couple of people who have had it done told me that it hurts a little. It SHOULD if it does something THAT bad! The long nose-jabbing was shown in the 2011 movie “Contagion.” But in the movie it was not the testing but the vaccine to prevent that virus. At the time I thought “How strange! Why are they giving it THAT way?” Now I KNOW!
              Jim, both you and I will be responsible before Yahweh for what we say and post. At least I will be credited for sharing what truth I know here every time. It is my testimony. It would be horrible to be judged for what YOU are writing in your posts.
              Jim, really, how do you think the towers for 5G work? 5G is now being widely advertised on TV as something viewers want. What power supply do THEY have to make them work? And, what do the FREQUENCIES they emit interact WITH? Is it possible that they will connect with the 5G chips in victims’ heads? PLEASE get a clue! The Evil One is called “The Prince of the Air (waves?)”. And, it seems that he is!
              HA! Maybe I should hope about positive solutions. That is, for YOU taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Very likely you will stop posting your erroneous beliefs here. How PLEASANT! Ha! You might no longer post anywhere at all! Some people taking it have died very soon after.
              I was exposed to COVID-19 inadvertently on January 12. I have not been ill at all. HalleluYah! This has been a test of taking the NAC (Cysteine, an amino acid) to prevent all flu and Coronavirus’. It really does work!
              Jim, you can’t prove any of your false beliefs. You reject the proofs that
              posters like me give you. What’s the worst of all? You have not left Christianity.
              The pagan idol name Jesus does not come from Jehovah. This name was a German invention in the 1500’s. There isn’t any “J” or “V’ in Hebrew. The #666 in Greek translates to Christos Zeus, Zeus the Savior in Greek. Jesus Christ is the pagan name of the image (idol) of the Beast in Revelation 13:1: The Christian Vatican. The Two-Horned Beast of verse 18 turned its power over to this first beast a very long time ago! The Pope kissed the ground in America during Carter or Reagan’s time as President. He only does this once in a country. When he does, he claims the land for The Christian Vatican.
              The original Protestants, Puritans, and Plymouth Pilgrims hated the Christian cross. Because they KNEW what it stood for! (Like I do.) I once saw a very old printing of a Puritan group surrounded by Christians tormenting them with crosses that they were waving at them.
              Jim, since you plan to get “shot” on the Sabbath. (Now that IS a poor time to choose to get it!) I will write this. If you feel bad effects, call on Yahweh to be saved. Don’t wait! In fact, pray to Him NOW. Maybe He will OPEN your eyes to the truth about it. I have been telling everyone I talk to, to NOT take it. And, most say that they will not. But , sadly, some have already been vaccinated. I am now 73 by the grace of Yahweh. I won’t go near COVID-19 anything!


              • JAYNA,
                it is clear that you know nothing of 5G technology. Or anything electronic for that matter. I have a degree from California Poly Pomona in electronics and computer engineering so I know how communication devices work. The 5G towers are powered by standard electricity from the grid (220V) and require abundant power in order to transmit signals over long distances.
                In order to work, a receiver chip (just like a phone or walkie-talkie) needs a battery in order to power the circuitry that picks up and processes the signal. Assuming you own or have seen a cell phone you know how large the battery is and that it only lasts for about a day without charging.
                The circuitry needed for mind control (if it actually existed) would be massive and wold require a larger CPU chip than the average phone and therefore as large a batter, at least, which would have to be charged daily to be kept running. With all that said, it would be impossible to place a 5G receiver into a permanently sealed, teeny tiny capsule and expect it to run for a year, or forever,
                So your whole theory is complete nonsense. You may as well claim the government is using magic to control us. Same for the pope. The Vatican has no control over the US government or the US people. Nobody can force the people to become Catholics and all current Christians are Christians by choice, not force. You claim that somehow (magically) the Vatican will turn all citizens of the world into Catholic Including Muslims, Hindis and Budhists.
                That is one tall order young lady. And no sane person could believe it is true. In fact everything in all your theories are beyond belief and possibility.
                And you have no proof to support your ideas. So far the only “Proof” that the pope controls the US is that a dead pope kissed the ground here many years ago. And yet I’ve never heard of the pope issuing a declaration that had to be accepted by congress and placed into US law. Show me an example of that and I might consider your nutty theory.
                And this is why nothing you have predicted has ever come to pass. Not the Second Coming in 2017. Or 2018. Or 2019. Or anything else for that matter. The more things you predict, the crazier you get. You seem to be losing touch with reality and what is possible and not possible. Like Trump staying in power. Are you going to watch the impeachment proceedings on Tuesday hoping they will convince congress that Trump really won the election and put him back in the White House?
                I bet you will….

                • 2~6~2021 Happy Sabbath on Yahweh’s Earth NOT God’s (a.k.a. The Evil One!) King David in Psalm 24:1 He was NOT a Christian! Neither are the saints in Revelation 14! It’s Yahshua the Messiah the Son of Yahweh Who Returns VERY SOON From Heaven! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

                  Jim, me losing touch with REALITY? HA! The realist in me saw the truth about pagan Christianity decades ago. lol YOU have NOT! You point a finger at me calling me “nutty” without understanding. At the same time you have three fingers pointing right back at YOU!
                  Your so-called degree is not helping you with vital understanding to save you in this life and for the next. I will not choose to put evil substances in my blood stream. YOU ARE! And today on the Sabbath. Very foolish of you in BOTH cases!
                  The rumored ingredients of COVID-19 nose-jab testing (possible implant of 5G chip) and vaccines include: Mercury (Yes, it is still in vaccines. “They” lie about it.), Squalene (Shark Liver Oil), aborted human fetal tissue, radon gas in liquid form (in frozen vaccine), Nano technology, and who knows what else? I have read that the whole reason for COVID-19 is to get us tested and vaccinated. To control us? And, or a means of population control. “THE EVIL THEY” call those of us who are NOT them “USELESS EATERS.”
                  Jim, you are very naïve or just plain stupid to believe that this U.S. Government is helping us with the COVID-19 vaccines. HA! Especially if they CREATED it in the first place! Sigh. The American Government has a very SAD history proving that is The Two Horned Beast of Revelation 13. Long ago it turned it’s power over to the first beast in verse 1: The Christian Vatican.
                  Here are some examples. Kept blacks in slavery until The Civil War was fought. The only foreign entity to support The Confederacy was The Christian Vatican. The Christian Vatican was also behind the murder of President Abe Lincoln. In my opinion he was the BEST American president. Lincoln beat Roman Catholic priests in court. The Christian Vatican also had him murdered because he freed the slaves. The Christian Vatican began the practice of black slavery. Midwest land was allowed to be ruined for profit. This government by then gave the worthless farmland to immigrants like some of my ancestors to “homestead.” They had to work it to stay. NOT a blessing! Especially with the “Dust Bowls” and droughts! Gave blankets filled with small pox virus to Native Americans. Put Japanese Americans in Concentration Camps during World War 2. During this war turned away Jewish refugees escaping Nazi Europe. Had “Operation Paperclip” after that war to bring Nazi scientists and doctors here to America. So they could create “Plandemics” and poisonous vaccines.
                  Jim, after YOUR vaccination I will consider you another Nazi victim….also one of The Christian Vatican.
                  LOTS of blood on THEIR HANDS! Including the Jewish babies marched by Nazi soldiers into the gas ovens while Jewish prisoners played classical music. Yeah.
                  Watch MORE about Donald Trump? No. I have already seen TOO MUCH of him being like Adolf Hitler. I was deceived long enough. BUT I WOKE UP! It really does not matter what happens. Trump seems to be a more likely one to enforce “The Mark of the Beast.” Especially if ONE of the rumors is true. It’s the one that the Biden inaugural was actually the REAL Joe Biden’s funeral! lol
                  All U.S. presidents now work for The Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy. The last one not to? Probably President John F. Kennedy. (Even though he was a Roman Catholic.)


                  • So Jayna, I got my Covid shot today and so far I feel just fine. So tell me what I’m supposed to expect before I turn into a zombie and die? Along with all the other millions, nay billions of people who have been vaccinated worldwide. And with over half a dozen different brands of vaccines from several different countries. Are the Russians and Chinese also making vaccines that will poison their populations also? AND GIVING IT TO OTHER COUNTRIES IN AN ATTEMPT TO WIPE OUT THE WORLD? (darned caps lock!).
                    Sorry but this is just one more stupid conspiracy theory that has no basis in fact. I remember five years ago (or more) when you and others claimed that FEMA was building camps all around the country and they would soon be marching 80% of Americans into the camps and guillotining them and burying them in mass graves they were preparing. Marianne even had a post on it and it was all over the internet. We were all to die unless Nibiru got here first and did the job. Another stupid conspiracy theory that went nowhere.
                    You, like many others here are simply too gullible and tend to believe ridiculous things that an intelligent person can see through in an instant. In the end, time will show you the folly of your ways when nothing you believe will happen will ever come to pass.
                    And so far, nothing has.

                    • 2~7~2021 First Day of the Week. The Christian Sabbath NOT Yahweh’s!
                      Yahshua The Lion of Judah The Lamb of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
                      PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
                      HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

                      Jim, so you really did IT? Or, are you spoofing us? Here you have to be over 65 to get it. Are you? You just had the vaccination yesterday. If you DID? You may have some slight side effects is what “they” say. Silly man! Give it some time. People have died from it even after a week or two. “They” don’t want these victims in the news. If given a choice NOW, I am 100% certain that these folks would NOT have taken the vaccination. And, they would not agree with you making light of taking the shot. For the life of me. Jim, WHY are you risking YOUR life by doing such an ignorant thing? Please keep checking back with us about your health. Yeah.
                      Jim, for the record, I did not write that I believed in Nibiru coming or that guillotines would be used. I believe that the saints in the FINAL end will all remain alive. This is because they are “sealed” with the Names of Yahweh and Yahshua. They have VICTORY over the beast (The Christian Vatican) and his image (idol): Jesus Christ! Christians who have refused this Bible truth will be dying of the plagues. Because they choose “The Mark of the Beast” which of course is Christianity!
                      I do believe that there are FEMA camps all over the U.S. They were given a big push by Bush Sr. His father helped Nazi Germany with their camps. Basis of the family fortune. Also, there are stacks of large coffin liners near railroads, airports, and etc. Still. They have been there for several years. Back then a government official made a comment that they were to have on hand for future use. Maybe for NOW ??? Taking the vaccine may become mandatory. Those refusing? We may be sent to those FEMA camps. Bummer! But I will still be ME for better or worse.
                      Jim, what can YOU expect if you have Mercury, Squalene (Shark Liver Oil), aborted human fetal tissue, Nano technology, and who knows what else flowing in your veins? I guess YOU will find out. The COVID nose-jab testing supposedly implants a 5G chip near the brain stem. Results of a person changing from that may take up to a year.


  39. Jayna,
    You have been claiming the following for years;
    The Greek gives the meaning for the #666 in Revelation 13:18. It translates to the pagan name “Jesus Christ.” That number also contains a CROSS, X as in Xmas! And, these, by association mean ALL of Christianity.
    First of all, the Greeks no longer use their alphabet to represent numbers. They use the same Arabic numbers we all use today. The only language that still usamongst etter based numerical system is Latin, the official language of the Catholic church and the Book of Revelation. Roman numbers are even used by Hollywood and the Super Bowl amongs others. You should look for the true meaning of 666 in Latin.
    As for your ridiculous claim about “Xmas” having a cross… it doesn’t. A Christian cross fits better with the lower case letter “t” than an “X” at least in certain fonts. But the whole idea is ridiculous because it only works in English and the bible was not written in English. Check out the word Christmas in a few other languages:
    French: Joyeux Noël.
    German: Frohe Weinachten.
    Spanish: Feliz Navidad.
    Italian: Buon Natale.
    Portuguese: Feliz Natal.
    Dutch: Vrolijk kerstfeest.
    Romanian: Crăciun fericit.
    Polish: Wesołych świąt Bożego Narodzenia.
    None of these languages (or any other I’ll bet) support your silly theory. Clearly you are just grasping at straws in order to try to prove a false interpretation. It is a classic sign of bad prophecy. If you need to resort to such measures then more than likely you are barking up the wrong tree.
    Woof, woof!

    • 1~28~2020 On A Very Deceived Planet But Still Yahweh’s!
      Yahshua the Only Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
      Only for Those Saints Saved By Them! PRAY NOW to be
      HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

      The Time Left Is VERY SHORT!

      Jim. I have come to the conclusion that you are working or
      “volunteering” as a troll! After all of these years of me and others
      posting to you? YOU have not even reached “the first base” of Bible
      truth for these last days! Just HOW IGNORANT can YOU be? Why do I even bother to answer your stupid erroneous contentions? So OTHERS READING may learn the truth and choose to be SAVED!
      Jim, do you know that The New Testament was translated in Greek?
      Sure, it was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic. Sadly, those
      versions have been conveniently “lost” to us. Most likely by the evil Christian Vatican, the Beast of Revelation 13:1.
      We now have just the Greek for Revelation. In Greek, the #666 in Revelation 13:18 is BOTH a number and name. If (IF!) you had even bothered to do any research at all? You would KNOW this! (Not doing any like YOU is a GREAT MARK of a troll.) WHY do you even bother trolling here? HA! There are at the most . .is it three posting on here now? The MORE stupidity you post. The MORE others will be SAVED. Smile
      Back to the #666 in Greek. It’s the abbreviation for Christos Zeus. Do you know WHO that was? Answer: Chief idol of the Greeks. Part of that number is CHI, the abbreviation being X . So, instead of Christmas, it can be Xmas!
      Also, in Greek the number six is called hex. In English the word “hex” means an evil spell. In Greek it is written as X. A CROSS! I wonder now did the Original Protestants and/or the Puritans start the use of THAT word that way? THEY KNEW THE TRUTH THAT YOU DON’T!
      HA! Have you ever heard Spanish Christians singing the name “Jesus?” It sounds like this: “HEY ZEUS!” THIS should be a clue!
      Jim the troll, do you KNOW that the Romans (Latins) copied the Greeks in almost everything? Even the pagan names of their idols! Papal Rome followed after them. Again! The Pope has a crown that reads “Son of God on Earth.” The Roman numerals in the words add up to “666.” The SDA’s teach this. CHRISTIANITY and ISLAM are total evil religions started by The Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy.
      The Two Horned Beast in Revelation 13:18 is the U.S. Government. It will be the first one on Earth to enforce “The Mark of the Beast.” Soon joined by European nations and the rest of the world.
      Jim, I don’t bark! I purr. . . because I’m with Yahshua the Messiah, The Lion of The Tribe of Judah!
      You are the one who will be barking because YOU ARE NOT!


  40. Well Jayna, its been several days since my vaccination (I’m 71 By the way) and I’m just now starting to feel like a zombie. The problem is I’m not sure who I’m supposed to be loyal to. Is it the US government or the Vatican? Or maybe the Chinese who created the virus? I guess as time goes by things will become clearer and I will discover to whom I must give my allegiance. Or am I supposed to die first, then become a zombie? Out of over 138 million shots given out so far, how many have died so far? What? You say zero? Is it possible you are wrong again? Surely millions should be dead by now.
    Hey you want my prediction? When vaccinations are done there will be say 20 percent of the country who are not going to get the shots. At that time things will go back to normal. Big crowds, no masks. By that time, the virulent strains of the virus will be everywhere. Even those who were vaccinated can still get the virus, just without any symptoms so they appear to be healthy. So the virus will spread unseen like wildfire, except of course for those fools that never got vaccinated. In no time they will all be sick, many will die and they will still probably refuse to take any precautions. The elderly will suffer the most, so get ready to rumble – California just got the South African\\ variant an d they expect it to become the dominant strain by the end of the month.
    So that’s my prediction. You claim millions (billions) will die from the vaccine, I say thousands will die from not getting it.
    Gee, I wonder who will be right.

    • Jim I am glad to hear from you I was thinking about you. I’m glad to hear you are okay so far I hope you continue to be okay after your shot

    • Well, Jim, YOU are still with us! Especially if you did NOT have the vaccination! lol Let’s give it a few months. It seems that YOU can be our volunteer Guinee pig. lol Results do not show up right away.
      I have taken the NAC I told about since 2009. I have not had any flu or Coronavirus since then. No flu shots either. I WON’T! And I was exposed to COVID-19 on January 12.
      Jim you must be a very fearful guy to take a suspicious substance like the COVID-19 vaccine into your veins. Yahweh says that the fearful do not go to Heaven. There are many rumors about it. Today I read that it alters or destroys our pineal gland very important to our body and character.
      Keep checking back with us. Some people who have been nose-jabbed tested say that it has altered them.
      Jim, I hope that you were not harmed in anyway. Remaining a Christian is sad enough. Possibly bad enough to lose Heaven! Sigh
      Yahweh is our judge!
      Personally, I now believe COVID-19 and all of its ramifications will transition or morph into “The Mark of the Beast.” COVID-19 is rumored to last until 2025, possibly AFTER Yahshua’s Return! Whether Trump does it ala Adolf Hitler or Biden. Another rumor is that Joe Biden’s inauguration was actually the REAL Biden’s funeral! Yeah. ???


      • You argue too much. Try to be more positive and see other people’s points of view

        • Marianne, I DO see other people’s points of view. If not, I would NOT be posting here. For sure! My words are not “preaching to the choir.” Believing and sharing the truth is being positive.


          • Jayna what you call truth is extremist thinking and there’s no proof behind it at all

            • Marianne, just what do YOU mean by “extremist thinking?” I have noticed this through these sad years. Trump supporters tend to put on mental (and spiritual?) blinders. That is, when it comes to the faults of their worshipped leader possibly still President Donald J. Trump.
              I don’t.


              • you obsess over Trump. You never acted this way over Obama. Obama was a hundred times worse

                • 2~12~2021 Abe Lincoln’s Birthday! IMPO, America’s GREATEST President!
                  Yahshua The Prince of Peace, The Only Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
                  HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

                  Marianne, I do not “obsess” over anyone especially American presidents! IMPO, they are all “sell outs” to The Christian Vatican in Rome, Italy. President Abraham Lincoln was NOT! I do not “obsess”, I “report” as I see it. Marianne, I do not appreciate your constant critical words. They do not become you. I thought you were a Bible believer who was more “objective.”
                  Yes. In many ways B.O. was much worse than Trump. However, his speech and actions did NOT so mimic those of Fuhrer Adolf Hitler’s!


              • You are following the mind thought that if someone is Accused they are therefore guilty. This is not God’s way of doing things. Nobody I know worships Donald Trump. And I think most Trump supporters would say this. Many people are relieved that he cares about the country and they love him for that. And they love him for the positive things that he has done for this country. But they do not worship Him. Trump has asked for daily prayer and seeks the advice of a pastor on a frequent basis as well.

                I personally think it is his critics that are the ones with the blinders. They are so bound up with hatred and condemnation that’s all they can see is evil. Evil is either real or imaginary. The imaginary evil people act on and create more evil.

                • Marianne, in the past I also thought that you were more “observant” about what is really going on here in once great America. Possibly my mistake.
                  I compared videos of some of Trump’s rallies with those of Adolf Hitler. Even though Hitler was a much better speaker causing more frenzy. (Hubby said that he mesmerized his German viewers.) Jews who observed him began to be alarmed. There was a similar ferver at Trump’s rallies. And, he used some of Hitler’s same words in them.
                  I try to be fair in what I say and print. I do not condemn others unless what
                  they say and write is against Bible teaching.
                  Yes. Trump did some great things especially in the beginning. He recognized the nation of Israel and moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. These actions blessed America. He also gave hurting Americans some money (stimulus.)
                  After his actions for Israel, I was even going to vote for him. And, I only chose to vote for Ross Perot the first time he ran. Only time I chose to vote in my life.
                  However, what happened to The Donald? It’s as if Hitler’s “spirit” took over him. Even though the Bushes were like Nazis in disguise. They did NOT seem to mimic Hitler like Trump has.
                  We should ALL learn from history.


                  • Jayna

                    I cannot help what you think. The messages in the rallies are much much different. Hitler talked about destroying Jews. Trump talks about saving America. If Jews are all alarms because they are liberals. And they are blinded by the mainstream propaganda media. Or they are guilty of something. And they have reason to worry. Robert Rosenstein is a good example

                    • Marianne, Jews became alarmed when Hitler became more popular at his rallies emphasizing racial purity. Not singling out Jews. Otherwise MORE of them would have left Germany before they were rounded up! I am not writing about today’s Jews. ???
                      Marianne, it seems to me that something is bothering your thinking processes ???
                      Hitler’s rant was “I WILL MAKE GERMANY GREAT AGAIN!” Gee, Marianne, does this sound at all familiar to you? Only replace “Germany” with “America.” Are you going to argue that this was NOT Trump’s most used slogan?
                      If anything, MORE Jews are wise to the words and actions of President Donald J. Trump. This is because the Jewish people have an intimate history with one Fuhrer Adolf Hitler.


                    • Trump does not talk about racial Purity. That is a Democrat agenda.

                    • 2~12~2021 Two Hundred Twelve Years Since Abe Lincoln’s Birth.

                      Marianne, Jews became alarmed when Hitler became more popular at his rallies emphasizing racial purity. Not singling out Jews. Otherwise MORE of them would have left Germany before they were rounded up! I am not writing about today’s Jews. ???
                      Marianne, it seems to me that something is bothering your thinking processes ???
                      Hitler’s rant was “I WILL MAKE GERMANY GREAT AGAIN!” Gee, Marianne, does this sound at all familiar to you? Only replace “Germany” with “America.” Are you going to argue that this was NOT Trump’s most used slogan?
                      If anything, MORE Jews are wise to the words and actions of President Donald J. Trump. This is because the Jewish people have an intimate history with one Fuhrer Adolf Hitler.


                    • Over the centuries all politicians have promised to make the country better or greater again than before. This is not just in this country but in every country. There is absolutely no comparison between Hitler and Trump. you keep reading negative stuff into everything. Like I said I think you are obsessed with him. Hitler promised to destroy his enemies and that means he wanted to kill them. Trump want Law and Order and follows the rule of law and dealing with his adversaries. His adversaries are completely evil and corrupt and they should be destroyed and Trump should have destroyed them but he didn’t he was trying to be fair and follow the law

                    • Hitler never used the slogan make Germany great again. You need to get your facts straight. https://www.truthorfiction.com/hitlers-slogan-make-germany-great/

                    • WRONG! Marianne, please do your homework. Finally.


                  • Let us take a hypothetical case. Yahshua says that the sky is blue. Hitler says that the sky is blue. Does that make them the same?

    • And, Jim, I never wrote that millions (billions) will die from the COVID-19 testing and vaccines! I wrote about what may be in them and what they may DO to the human victim. Just recently I learned that they may damage the pineal gland that is very important for human thought and character. Add THAT to a long list of BAD side effects! Yes, all those zombie movies had a purpose! I avoided them. However, I did see “World War Z.” LOTS of zombies!
      There are also many rumors about the “so-called election.” What a mess! According to the Constitution the inaugural day should be March 4. Trumpers believe that Trump will be installed then as “President.” If he IS? I will shudder and believe that he is “The 21st Century’s Adolf Hitler!” And, that we are NOW in the last 3 1/2 years. FINALLY!
      Then, it’s GET READY! “The Mark of the Beast” is coming! (CHRISTIANITY enforced!)


      • You need to quit with all this Hitler stuff it is extremist thinking

        • Marianne, it makes me very sad that “my thinking” offends you.

          “Great peace have they which love Thy law: and nothing shall offend them.”
          King David in Psalm 119:165


          • I do not have to be offended to tell you that you’re thinking is Extreme. Without any prove or confirmation. I expect you to be more fair than that

            • Marianne, I wish that I could do YOUR thinking for you. But I can’t! You need to at least read the evidence that is still available. I pointed out to you the very similar words and actions of them BOTH. Same phrases used. It’s uncanny and scary to me! That’s why I have posted my views here ~ as a WARNING. I am trying to be fair. But are YOU?
              Gee. Marianne. Are you going to be very happy if (IF!) Trump is inaugurated as President on March 4 (according to wording of Constitution)?
              By the way, the Capital has been empty for days. No activity there now. ??? Impeachment proceedings may be somewhere else. ???


    • Please keep me informed as you how you’re doing after the shot. You can use private email if you want. I’m not here to accuse you with anything I’m your friend

  41. Jayna

    I cannot help what you think. The messages in the rallies are much much different. Hitler talked about destroying Jews. Trump talks about saving America. If Jews are all alarmed it is because they are liberals. And they are blinded by the mainstream propaganda media. Or they are guilty of something. And they have reason to worry. Robert Rosenstein is a good example. He is one of the corrupt ones

    • 2~12~2021 President Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday 212 Years Ago.
      Yahshua the Only Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
      HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

      Marianne, both leaders saying, “The sky is blue.” is NOT the same as both saying “I WILL MAKE GERMANY ( OR AMERICA) GREAT AGAIN!” Geez.


      • Hitler never said that . that is a lie you picked up from somewhere. Hitler was a mass murderer and a psychopath. Trump is no such thing at all . get off your extremist thinking

        • Marianne, I gave a reference above which shows Hitler used these words as his 1932 campaign promise. It’s in German then translated. Please open your eyes to the FACTS!


        • Yeah, Marianne. I picked it up from history. Please remember. If we do NOT learn from history. . .We are doomed to repeat it!


          • This is not history I studied European history in college for a year there was no mention of this and it was not in any of our books. This is Progressive or invented history. It is a lie and you need to stop running after lies.

          • You quote a slanderous article with obvious hatred toward Trump written in 2018. This is not history. It is a slander article. I am really ashamed of you. And if you look it up that’s not what the German is translated into.

            • 2~13~2021 Happy Sabbath and Presidents Day Weekend!
              Yahshua The Prince of Peace The Only Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM.
              Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

              Marianne, we cannot be ashamed of others. Only of ourselves!
              But we CAN correct our errors of thinking. I did this above. I’ll do it again here.
              The German phrase SHOULD have read:

              “Ich werde Deutschland zu wahrer Grobe fuhren.”

              I googled it. You can, too!
              It translates:

              “I Will Lead Germany To Greatness!”

              This was Adolf Hitler’s slogan in Germany’s 1932 federal election. Donald J. Trump gave it a modern twist.
              Marianne, I never heard the word “Nazi” in high school or college. Actually, I do not hear it in the news today either. This does NOT mean that the Nazis did not exist THEN or NOW!


              • It does not mean that either. You are actually saying I will lead Germany to a real rough.

                Ich werde Deutschland wieder großartig machen. Now that means I will make Germany great again.

                Your reference did not even spell Germany correctly. Everything you say is false and is fanatical. You are displaying gross ignorance and hatred. This is dangerous and I will not allow it

                • Marianne, just now (again) I used Google to translate from German to English:

                  “Ich werde Deutschland zu wahrer GroBe fuhren”

                  It translates on there: “I will lead Germany to greatness.”

                  Marianne, are you NOW calling Google wrong, too?

                  Sadly, in my prayerful opinion, you have misjudged me. I am trying to help you.


        • Marianne, just wait! Antiochus Epfanes, Emperor Constantine the Terrible, and Adolf Hitler ALL came in peacefully. Look what HAPPENED!


  42. Jim, I am so glad to hear from you. Glad you are well. There are many people that are having problems with the vaccine so I was worried about you. Long Live nibiru ! I love Nibiru! 😍

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