Drinking “Young Blood”


There is a trend on the internet to equate a recent scientific study with approval of vampire activity.

This is stupid.

People want to exalt drinking blood (Vampirism) because some transfused mice “felt better” after blood of younger mice was given to them.

People do not understand science.

The tests were done on transfused mice.

The mice did not drink anything.

Here are some articles:




There is a BIG difference between transfusing plasma or whole blood, and drinking the blood.

It is common sense, and standard medical practice, that anyone who is old or ill, has deficiencies, and blood that is healthy is given to correct the problem.

Blood transfusions are given all the time.

Healthy red cells carry hemoglobin, which is an oxygen carrier , that circulates throughout the body, and releases fresh oxygen to the cells.

This would rejuvenate someone who is deficient in oxygen.

Also, plasma proteins in healthy plasma would compensate for what a sick person lacks.

The transfused blood or plasma does not have to be from a young person, but just from a healthy one.


Now, take the case with drinking blood, which is disgusting and forbidden by God.

Digestion of Proteins in the Stomach

Two of the substances secreted by the stomach, HCl (hydrochloric acid) and pepsinogen, interact to create pepsin, an enzyme that plays a very important role in protein digestion. The process that takes place when proteins are disintegrated by the enzymes is called hydrolysis.

Hydrochloric acid is used for breaking the bonds between the proteins. Next, the proteins are disintegrated into amino acids, which are molecules that play very important roles in metabolism.


So, the point here is that

1. red cells are very fragile, and are easily hemolyzed. They would break open in the stomach.

2. The hemoglobin and other proteins would undergo acid hydrolysis in the stomach, and would be converted into amino acids…

3. Hence, everything in the blood would be broken down into simpler molecules, and would no longer be the proteins you are looking for to help you.

Hence, it is a waste of time to drink blood, and think you are going to benefit from it.

Any amino acids from anything consumed will be used by the body for whatever the body determines.

And…..it would be more helpful to eat meat , or some other high protein food to get the amino acids.


Other problems with drinking blood:

It can be contaminated with





The glucose in the blood helps to feed micro-organisms.

Why introduce these infectious agents into your body?


Also, if this were applied to humans, WHERE do you think they would get “young blood?”

The answer is somewhat obvious.

No living child would volunteer high volumes of his own blood for someone who wanted to feel younger.

The blood would come from aborted babies, or from other children who had been killed, or died.

To sacrifice the innocent, to delay the death of those who are already going to hell,  is an abomination.

Murder is evil.

So, if anyone out there thinks they are “feeling better” by drinking blood, I want to tell them they are not only deceived, but are committing an abomination against innocent life, and against God, who forbids it.

Drinking blood is a stupid practice. It is useless and could be a health threat.

I hope people rethink any strange, demonic fascination with this vampire practice.


13 Responses to “Drinking “Young Blood””

  1. well, it is a bit interesting how in revelations that god turns all the water on earth to blood. and states; they are worthy to have blood to drink. (this is the firdt thing that came into my mind when i seen this new post about vampireism.

  2. Missouri Legislature Seeks to Withdraw From Common Core


  3. Missouri Senate passes gun nullification bill

  4. sorry, nothing to do with the topic. just post current news of Anerica,
    obama government (iluminati system) try to enforce common core (education) and gun control in usa, Missouri state does not follow this system. Praise the Lord. there is a church – house of prayers ihop-kc in KC, Missouri. they pray 24/7 day and night.

  5. Transfusions makes sense, though there are some who do not even believe in this practice. Whomever made the connection between these science practices on mice and any validity on vampirism had quite a long stretch.

  6. There is a reason why Yah forbids drinking blood…

  7. There was a dreadful CSI program years ago where a doctor killed her patients and ate their livers, because she thought she got some nutrients she needed to help her genetic illness. Knowing a lot about this genetic illness, I can say that eating the livers would not help, would hurt her condition. Not only did CSI put a false medical opinion up where millions could see it, but this program became one of their favorites, and was shown repeatedly throughout the world. Great guild accrues to those who thought up this story and didn’t even check the facts.

  8. The blood-drinking thing is just another tack of the “elite” to try to push a culture of death on society. The following link is an excellent site which points out the symbolism that is everywhere around us, especially “sinister sites”. Very enlightening.

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