Earth was Divided


Big event, small verse

And unto Eber were born two sons: the name of the one was Peleg; because in his days the earth was divided: and his brother’s name was Joktan.   Gen 10:25

This verse implies that if the earth was divided, then, before that, it was NOT divided, and one land mass.


The bible seems to confirm, that in the beginning, there was only one body of water.

Then God said, "Let the waters below the heavens be gathered into one place,
and let the dry land appear"; and it was so. God called the dry land earth, and
the gathering of the waters he called seas; and God saw that it was good.
– Genesis 1:9-10 (NASB)

Back to Peleg

This is a huge event, yet the bible does not say HOW the earth was divided.

The earth is described in various verses as going through several changes, so when one talks about the age of the earth, they really need to distinguish which one they are talking about:



We are here now:


Since the division occurred at the birth of Peleg, it did not happen previously during the flood of Noah, which was the only catastrophic earth event described in Bible in ancient times.

If the division was a slow process,  people would not have noticed it happening.

This is the slow version:

It had to have been a quick process, because people noticed and recorded it.

It occurred at the time of Peleg’s birth, which is the reason for his naming (Peleg means division)

So how did it happen?

Unless YHVH God just moved his finger over the planet, something huge would have impacted the tectonic plates.

The tectonic plates could have been created during the flood, when the fountains of the deep were opened, and water burst forth and upward onto the land.

Now, something occurred to pull them apart.

This, if a natural cause, could possibly be a large object passing by earth, with a tremendous gravitational pull on the plates below.

Here is a view where the division is NOT physical:


But any scheme of rapid separation would itself cause havoc on the earth. If the Atlantic Ocean opened up rapidly, the destructive tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanoes would make life impossible on earth.

For this reason, I am convinced that Genesis 10:25 should not be understood to imply that "In the days of Peleg the Atlantic Ocean opened up."

This would have caused devastation comparable to Noah’s Flood, and the Bible has no mention of it. If the continents separated, they did so during Noah’s Flood.

The traditional interpretation relates Peleg’s day to the division of language/family groups at the Tower of Babel. Comparing the lineage of Shem, which includes Peleg, to the lineage of Ham, which includes Nimrod, leader of the rebellion at Babel, we find it likely that Peleg was born soon after the dispersion (assuming the genealogies are complete).

Thus it would have been reasonable for his father Eber to name a son in commemoration of this miraculous event.

End of excerpt

I do not agree with this, since there would have had to be one land mass for all people to come and meet at the tower of Babel.

The land mass division would have to occur after the tower of Babel.

First they rebelled, then they were dispersed, THEN the continents separated to prevent them from assembling together again.

Gen 10:25 defines the Babel event as a “scattering” (Heb. puwtz) rather than a palag “division.”

There must be a reason for this difference in the original Hebrew, and we must not minimize it to maintain a theory.


So I believe in a physical separation of land at the time of Peleg, as the bible describes.

And Peleg was 5 generations AFTER the Flood.

If the earth was divided during the time of Noah, the bible would have said so, and not waited to mention it until Peleg was born.

Again, what caused it?

Possibly, after the flood and creation of tectonic plates, each continent area was floating on hydoplates, and they just, with some final stress, floated apart.

Possibly over time, the ability of the lands to cling together after the flood was decreased due to geological stresses, and they finally broke apart.

The bible does not describe this breakup as a dramatic, violent one.

The opposite view could be a force due to celestial forces.

Our geological history does show many craters and valleys where meteors and asteroids hit with force, creating physical changes in the earth.

A big impact would cause an unzipping of land masses held together at their tectonic plate edges.

Anyhow, the bible does not mention violence, times of terror and devastation, or violent earthquakes.

God does act in violent ways at times, but other times He is more subtle.

Only He knows how He did it.


Maybe, when the earth is renewed by YHVH God, it will return to the Pangea formation, so that the world will be ONE landmass again.

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18 Responses to “Earth was Divided”

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  2. Some scientists speculate the earth once had two moons before the smaller moon crashed into the larger moon, the single one we see today.

    The earth is also believed by some to have had a ring of ice, the “dark araphel”, part of what came down during Noah’s flood.

    It’s interesting to contemplate how many times the earth has come together (all land mass) and then strewn apart – once, twice, many times? And were any of these “sudden” or, over time?


  3. The flood of Noah was done by water from the heavens and from March. Water level higher?

    After the flood an ice age appeared for 700 years.

    • well, the bible says the waters came from below the mantle of the earth.
      yes they would flow upward and then back down as “rain”

      the generations from noah to peleg in bible may have lasted 700 years, but bible did not record any ice age

    • There was no “ice age” after the flood. There was a “little ice age” during the dark ages but that was just a temporary general cooling worldwide but didn’t create a larger ice pack or lower sea levels. The last ice age ended 10,000 years ago and we are still in an interglacial period which will last for a long time, especially with the current global warming.
      These are the geological facts, just wanted to get them straight.

  4. Do NOT attempt to explain this by ANY natural means. No reputable geologist will ever agree that there was any such tectonic event – EVER.
    If you are going to try to use plate tectonics you are limited to a speed of no more than 2-1/2 inches of movement per year. There are NO mechanisms in physics that would allow for anything close to what you are describing.
    Personally I don’t think the bible is describing a physical event at all. More than likely it is simply describing lands being divided between different tribes or families as their numbers swelled. Any other explanation would put the bible in conflict with science. And trying to alter science to fit the bible is futile and will never work.
    As for the flood, many bible scholars are now agreeing the flood was a local event – only large enough to cover the land occupied by the descendants of Adam and Eve. There is no other acceptable explanation to account for the volume of water needed to cover the entire planet and to where it came from and where it went to. And coming from below the mantle is simply ridiculous. We know what is down there and there is no water nor is it possible for liquid water to exist there.
    So you either must believe that everything was done by the finger of God and He did it in such a way that was able to completely fool modern scientists (like putting specific fossils in specific layers of rock etc,) or you can go with the science, but don’t try to mix and match the two.
    It will only end up an exercise in futility.

    • jim

      there is no water under the mantle NOW….but

      genesis 7:11 says

      In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on the seventeenth day of the second month–on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.

      this means the water came from “below” not above.

      it is also possible there boundaries assigned, instead of a land division….but it does not say that.

      it does say at one time all the waters were in one place.

      and then it said the earth was divided

      we can see today where the masses fit together…..

      and we can see today that they are no longer together…..

      did you read the post?

      • Yes, but the science is bogus. Plate tectonics moves at about 2-1/2 inches per year. The plates move as lava pushes the plates apart at the spreading centers in the middle of the oceans. For the plates to move 1000 miles in a day or less would require an unimaginable amount of lava to erupt all at once and even if it did, all that would happen would be the formation of a mid-ocean island such as Iceland which is made from a hot spot where excess magma does exist.
        So there is no way that what is proposed could ever happen. Also, when we look at the seafloor rocks that came from the lower mantle that the magnetic orientation changes over distance from the spreading centers. This means that there were many magnetic pole shifts between eruptions and the poles only shift rarely, the shortest time between reversals being 25,000 years.
        It is also found that the rate of spreading has been relatively constant over the last 180 million years – no years with extreme activity have been found anywhere.
        If you are trying to reconcile the bible with science you are going to have to reinterpret the bible. Don’t try to modify the scientific record or change the laws of nature. If you need proof take 100+ units of college geology then travel to the middle east and study the rock layers and see if you can prove there was a separating of the land in the area of the bible story. But you can forget about separating the continents overnight, you will never find any reputable proof of that, so don’t waste your time.
        As for the flood. Genesis says:
        Gen 7:11 KJV
        In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.
        7:12 And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.
        .Notice it rained (from above) for 40 days
        So what do you propose that, “all the fountains of the great deep broken up‘ means? We have no such fountains today and the bible says they were “broken up” so how do you break up a fountain? Sounds like the “fountains” were stopped from working and not the mantle opening up letting water out. There is magma under the oceans, not more water. So clearly that idea is just nonsense.
        The flood was clearly an act of God, like the dividing of the Red Sea. Mother Nature NOT welcome. So how did God accomplish the flood, locally? Who knows. A force field to contain the water and a transporter to move water from the ocean into the virtual container. That is how Captain Kirk could have done it so I guess God has the same power as the mind of Gene Roddenberry. And if the flood was local, fountains in the deep oceans would not be part of the event since only the lands of the bible (Turkey etc) would be affected. Maybe God’s transporters were set to take columns of water from the ocean and deposit them over the force-field container for 40 days.
        So, don’t try to use physics (as we know it) to explain the flood. You will never be able to explain the Red Sea so don’t even try to explain the flood. Just accept it. In a few years I’m sure Jesus will be interviewed on CNN and maybe you can tweet in that question. Until then, don’t try to solve the unsolvable, especially with bogus science.

        • jim

          your explanation is less logical than mine.

          who knows if lava was involved? maybe it wasn’t

          god could just push the plates apart, they were already cracked from the flood

          I do not think capt kirk had anything to do with it.

          the fountains of the deep is not physics, it is bible.

          that is what the bible says.

          so if you think the bible is bogus science, then that is your opinion

          and fountains contain water, not lava.

          true there is no underground water now, because it is gone and on the surface of the earth , where it ended up…

          but originally, the water could have been underground…the earth then is not the earth now.

    • The so called big bang is the greatest miracle I have ever read. All laws of physics were suspended. What caused that?

      I believe in a global flood. I believe G-d can do whatever G-d wants to do and human science is foolishness to G-d.

      G-d said humans will no longer live past 120 years. I suspect, G-d changed something in the gene to cause our bodies to die before 120 years. Unlike Adam through Noah who lived for hundreds of years.

      It is possible the x-rays from the Sun are to blame for the shorter live span, but I don’t know. There is no telling what G-d did while the land was under water.

  5. An invigorating article.

    However, back to you.

    Is there anything wrong with how the continents are spread out? The dry land that appeared after the waters were gathered together, that was called earth. And its not a singular point but an extensive land mass. The waters he called seas, as of plural, again not one location.

    During the flood, the springs of the great deep that opened and augmented the waters from the heavens, with proper understanding of the hydrological cycle, these streams of the great deep are well understood to be the earth oceans/seas, which through the hydrological cycle produce rain open the earth. The great deep is commonly understood to be the depths of the iceans, and when these for instance experience volcanic activity and or earthquakes in any extended, they produce eventual flooding upon the earth coasts and heightened precipitation. This is the true reference to waters emanating from the streams of the great deep.

    The division of the earth in my understanding refers to when God descended upon the tower of Babel and confounded the tongue of man from a single language to multiple, that necessitated humanity to become divided and to spread out throughout the earth according to their new tongues. The earth as a planet has always remained one but its divided according to the races and tribes of man. Japan is several Islands yet one land/nation. Africa is largely one land mass yet diverse lands/nations.

  6. I am doubtful that the word “Divided” here is referring to land masses, but to languages.I would have thought the world was already divided into its various nations during the great flood?

    • glenn

      then why didn’t it just say the languages were divided?

      did you see my note above in the post?

      “The land mass division would have to occur after the tower of Babel.

      First they rebelled, then they were dispersed, THEN the continents separated to prevent them from assembling together again.

      Gen 10:25 defines the Babel event as a “scattering” (Heb. puwtz) rather than a palag “division.”

  7. Well I am in two minds about it all….more evidence required I guess?

  8. lol!!!!!!

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