Earthquakes increasing (2)

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Earthquakes increase in end times

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  1. Eritrea volcano eruption : NASA satellite image proves the eruption comes from historic Nabro volcano


  3. after the devastating earthquake for Japan earlier this year, it does not need 5 more.


  5. In 2006 I had a dream about an earthquake that devastates Las Vegas. Here is the dream, if you want to read it:

    “Las Vegas Earthquake”

  6. libya 8.4

  7. Turkey….. 7.2… Oct 23, 2011

  8. 5.6 in Oklahoma


    another Japan earthquake

  10. east vs west coast

  11. Philippines 2/6/12


  12. USGS Report To Attribute The Six-Fold Increase In US Earthquakes In 2011 Over 20th Century Levels To Fracking…

  13. Marianne
    Did you even see the 8.6 eq in Sumatra on the news, Or that there were some 30 or so >5 earthquakes around the world yesterday, Many aftershocks from the sumatra quake. Today in the Gulf of california… etc. we seem to be in an earthquake storm?

  14. seismic monitors

  15. Italy and Bulgaria

  16. after Iran,,, now China 6.5

  17. Crustal upheaval near Santa Cruz Islands signals planet undergoing massive change

  18. Iran 7.8 quake

  19. china 6.6… 200 killed, 11,500 injured

  20. russian 8.2

  21. Felt one that happened near Lassen Volcano, – it was a 5.7, last night. First one I’ve felt since moving to Sacramento from bay area in 96. Glad I heard two men at the store this morning mention it. I was not sure at first and no report of anyone feeling it.

  22. 5.6 quake in Hawaii. I wonder if there was an eruption?

  23. news from new madrid fault line

    Re: Is anyone following the tectonic pressure ….
    Hello Raye;
    I live on the new madrid fault. And I can tell you this.
    The surface rupture of the roads and highways is out of control.
    Also, everyday of the week the structure of my moms home is “cracking” and shifting. You can hear the walls and the surface crack.
    Nearby is a dollar general store. In that parking lot there are 3 flagpoles that “vibrate” violently. (not shaking from wind) Each and everyday, the roads “blow” up potholes. U.S. 41 is ruptured severely.
    Interstate 65 is also badly damaged. They keep trying to repave them but it doesn’t work.
    The cline ave bridge at points is closing.
    This bridge and off ramps leads right into Inland steel and LTV steel and BP amoco.
    So far, I believe 5-7 bridges have been shut down or are scheduled for closing because they are unsafe.
    I monitor the earthquakes daily. And as you know there are far too many happening too quickly.
    I believe the general public has been misled. In my opinion, the 2012 shift is happening now, but everyone has been conditioned to believe that they still have time to prepare for the main event.
    Thats b.s. It doesn’t happen all at once.
    In Momence Illinois, some of the buildings are beginning to “sink”.
    In cedar lake Indiana, the same is happening.
    The bottom line is this; Buildings are cracking, parking lots can’t be fixed, roads and bridges are closing every week, sidewalks are sinking and sinkholes are opening everywhere. At time day or night, you can literally feel the earth “vibrate” below your feet.
    I’m in Northwest Indiana, and I believe we are about to get hit with a earthquake of biblical proportions. We are surrounded by propane, natural gas and bp amoco refineries.
    And, Im more than concerned what will happen when the new madrid erupts.
    best regards

  24. future map of america

  25. 5.9 china

  26. fukishima again…..6.0 this is not good….prayers going up for the people….

  27. 7.2 in Philippines



  29. 6.7 magnitude Earthquake in North Atlantic Ocean


  31. Horrifying Discovery Found Inside the Earth Could Mean Disaster! Increased Earthquakes, Strange Noises, Sinkholes and More Phenomena All Linked!

  32. 😦 Fire, Brimstone , and pillars of Smoke!!!

  33. So much for Oklahoma, Kansas just had a 3.1 – though it is about 200 miles from Oklahoma City.

    • And now, Colorado, of all places, just had a 3.3 –

      M3.3 – COLORADO

      Preliminary Earthquake Report
      Magnitude 3.3
      10 Oct 2014 22:57:23 UTC
      10 Oct 2014 16:57:23 near epicenter
      10 Oct 2014 14:57:23 standard time in your timezone
      Location 37.147N 104.978W
      Depth 5 km
      40 km (24 mi) E of San Luis, Colorado
      127 km (78 mi) SSW of Pueblo, Colorado

  34. how often do we see a 12.0 earthquake?

  35. 7 – 7.0 earthquakes sign of rapture

  36. God’s signature earthquakes are recorded events in the Dead Sea. Amazing.

  37. Do recent Earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador Signals to us ?

    • Hello, Sunimal – I am not Marianne, just a reader on her pages, but, I just came out of a 6 hour black out. We lost electric, Internet, everything.I am in the Pacific North West. AND, a huge sunspot has exploded. As for a specific signal to us or anyone regarding the large quakes in Japan and Ecuador, I personally believe God speaks to all of us in private and personal ways. What I take from the blackout I just came out of and these quakes, the message to me is be prepared.

      Here is the info on the sunspot:

      “Space Weather News for April 18, 2016

      BIG SUNSPOT ERUPTS: Surprise! Quiet sunspot AR2529 isn’t so quiet, after all. The heart-shaped active region erupted on April 18th (00:39 UT), producing a strong M6.7-class solar flare. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the flare’s extreme ultraviolet flash:

      A pulse of UV radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere. This, in turn, disrupted shortwave radio communications over the daylit side of our planet. Mariners, aviators, and ham radio operators around the Pacific Ocean may have noticed fading signals at frequencies below ~15 MHz. A NOAA blackout map shows the frequencies and territories affected.

      More M-class flares are possible in the days ahead. AR2529 has developed a ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic field that harbors plenty of energy for this kind of explosion. Although the sunspot is no longer directly facing Earth, it can still affect our planet by causing radio blackouts and glancing-blow CMEs. Stay tuned.”

      End of article

      • I had a readiness drill last winter when the power went out for a day.

        practice makes perfect

      • Thanks, Denise. I am from Sri Lanka(Indian Region below India).
        Our normal room temperature is below 32. (28-32) But now it is > 34 Centigrade (34-37) from February to May . Therefore , It is very difficult to live or sleep without AC.Very few have AC units in their homes to cool the temperature. My office has AC and no problem to me from 8am to 5pm. I observed that from year to year this will be increased. In NOVA’s time flood.
        Now ?

  38. We have fans , but it sends us not cool wind.

    • Ah, yes, Sunimal – – – I have been to India a few times, specifically Ganeshpuri in the Maharastra district 70 miles south of the main airport when Mumbai was Bombay. Though quite a while ago the weather is probably the same. What got to me more than the heat was the humidity. I feel for you! Prayer does help. 🙂

  39. Italy near Rome 6.2 earthquake. 160 deaths. Pray for them.


  41. Prediction :



  44. Las Vegas Earthquake Imminent?

    Dreams from the LORD 2011-2017
    30 September 2017

    Last night I had a dream where this man walked up to me and gave me a piece of paper. There was a message on the piece of paper. The message said: “see ‘las vegas earthquake'”.

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