Economic Long Wave Forecasts and the Antichrist


dow below zero

will dow go below zero?

When is the best time for the Antichrist to make his move?

During good times, or bad?

Our immediate circumstances, and near future, appear to that of global economic depression.

We need to understand that general economic theory, backed by observable history, demonstrates cycles of prosperity and lack.

There are indications in biblical prophecy that seem to point to a time of prosperity, in which the Antichrist will manifest himself.

This is somewhat intuitive, and makes sense as well. Why would anyone want to come to power and only have poverty, when he could have riches instead?


Time of anticipated prosperity

This is what Daniel says about the time of the fierce leader who is to come.


Dan 8:23 ¶ And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

Dark sentences (chiydah):

riddle, difficult question, parable, enigmatic saying or question, perplexing saying or question

a) riddle (dark obscure utterance)

b) riddle, enigma (to be guessed)

c) perplexing questions (difficult)

d) double dealing (with ‘havin’)

Dan 8:24 And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practice, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.

Dan 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify [himself] in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

*** Craft (mirmah): Riches gained by fraud, fraudulent weights, made to deceive, deceptive scales, deceit, treachery

Dan 11:21   And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.

Dan 11:22   And with the arms of a flood shall they be overflown from before him, and shall be broken; yea, also the prince of the covenant.

Dan 11:24 He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do [that] which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers’ fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: [yea], and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time.

*** He is not going to invade poor countries that have nothing to offer him.

The economy has to be good, or in recovery for him to make a profit.

Dan 11:28   Then shall he return into his land with great riches; and his heart [shall be] against the holy covenant; and he shall do [exploits], and return to his own land.

Dan 11:31   And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily [sacrifice], and they shall place the abomination that makes desolate.

Dan 11:36 And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.


The current failed global economy

It might be an idea to watch the world scene, and see who the Savior is for the global economy.

Watch for a promise of new prosperity, based on a new system of weights and measures, and standards.

The financial basis for the new currency, and prosperity will be a fraudulent one, not being as safe as presented, and will deceive everyone into a false sense of security.

Right now, the basis is fiat paper money, since the world went off the Gold Standard at the outbreak of World War 1. Will it continue to be so?

Here is some discussions in the news about this new gold standard:


So how do we try to predict when the next time of prosperity will be, in the light of the current crisis?

There are different economic theories of cycles, that, more or less, agree with each other. I will just use one for simplicity.


The long-wave cycle in the capitalist economy was discovered by the Soviet economist N. D. Kondratieff (1892-1930) in 1922.

Kondratiev’s ultimate conclusion was that he obtained sufficient empirical basis to support the hypothesis of the existence of a long-wave economic cycle in the capitalist economies he studied, with an average duration of 54 years. He allowed a 25 percent deviation from this average.

Nikolai Kondratiev managed to study only two big cycles and a half, ceasing his research on the rising phase of the third one. He delivered his report already on the descending phase of the third cycle, in 1926, when the scale and length of this descending phase could not yet be assessed (so he predicted the Great Depression):

** the numbers to the far right are estimates on the length, in years, of the rising or declining phase

K wave dates

Here are some graphic representations of the cycles he calculated, along with some additional references:




The experience of earlier K-cycles indicates that traditional anti-crisis measures are efficient only on the rising phase of the cycle, in the period of burgeoning growth when recessions are slight and transient on the background of the progressive development of global economy.

Currently, despite all efforts undertaken by ECB Chair Jean-Claude Trichet and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, positive changes are not achieved.

We are in the declining phase of Cycle K5.

The global economy has to pass through a period of “reloading”, getting rid of the over-accumulated capital through its massive devaluation in the process of an inevitable and lengthy recession.

Devaluation of the monetary capital is likely to proceed through a chain of financial crashes, triggering the third default of the US dollar (as it happened in 1920-1930s and in 1970s).

Thus, the global economy is going to be shaken many times, and the current crisis is only a shot across the bow, warning of major events to arrive in the following years.

The global economy is likely to reach the lowest point at the end of the declining phase of the fifth K-cycle, in 2012-2015.


The Antichrist cannot come until it is profitable for him, which means it will be after the declining phase of K 5 is finished, and we are in the rising phase again.

The rising phase is predicted to be from 2015-2025 (forecast #1), or 2012-2015 (forecast #2), till 2035-2045 (forecast).

So, we have between 2-5 years before “his majesty” may appear in full view, IF this entire financial theory can even be considered reliable as a predictor.

We could also have to wait from 25- 45 more years.

In the meantime, we can watch for anyone who irritates the king of the north (identity is debatable, since there are several to the north of Israel) and the king of the south (confirmed as Egypt).

***  This would be according to Daniel 11.

The point

The Antichrist would come just at the worst point of a declining phase.

He will know that the crash trend will be soon followed by a natural rising cycle, and he will take advantage of this.

Most bottom periods of a cycle last at least a few years, before a rise occurs.  

This “bottom”  may be the time that rich “Babylon” falls, and the world weeps for her. 

Now their fall will follow hers, meaning they are in trouble also.  

They will be looking for someone to help them.

But when the rise starts to occur, the Antichrist would take credit for the natural rise in prosperity that will soon follow.  

He will claim that it is his “economic plan” that “saves the world.”

This plan is a delusion, and has no secure basis.

The “rise in prosperity” is not his doing, but he will take credit for the improvements.

This would make him a hero to everyone.

His goal is to control the world, and convince them he is their economic, and spiritual savior.

But if we know what he knows, then we will recognize this cycle timing, and be able to identify who this fake savior is. 

We can add this information to what we know from the bible, as a confirmation.

It is important to note, that with man, there are rises and falls with prosperity.

But with God, prosperity is constant for those who are faithful. 

There are no “declining phases” with Him.




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221 Responses to “Economic Long Wave Forecasts and the Antichrist”

  1. definitely the bad times . people all over the earth are waiting for a man because all the governments are failing. the Antichrist will appear to bring the governments and economy back up to par and beyond for those who play by his order.

    • hi hotheadbuddy

      You might be very right…..Maybe he will come in just in time to take credit for anything good happening. And people will be so desperate by then that they will believe anything.

  2. times will not only be bad but extremely bad the bible states in 2 timothy 3:1 perilous time in fact. Matthew 24:21 states there will be a time that is worse then any other time on earth. history repeats its self and in fact get worse. i think the great depression and world war 2 should be studied by Christians there is a lot to learn from the 1920-1930s if your eyes are open.

  3. My ‘gold’ (ha) is on 25-45 for the Anti-Christ. The ‘production’ is preceeding exactly according to God’s script . And the world is moving scene by scene to the time of the ‘abomination of desolation. NOW is the time to place our hearts and lives in the safety of the Ark (God). There is nothing to fear. ‘The battle is the Lord’s’ and it’s already been fought. Satan and his son, Anti-Christ,….have already been defeated. God continues to RULE ‘in the kingdom of men.’ There is NONE above HIM.

    • i agree and the time of the LORD is soon at hand. we as christians should not worry about these things as much as we should be praying for souls and the lost because we have made it–we already sit in heavenly places.

  4. there are some references to the Antichrist above such as Daniel 11:21 – 31 which should be removed since they have already taken place . i know it is confusing . but the verses refer to antiochus iv . this has already proven to have been fulfilled as prophecy. the Antichrist is not pointed to in Daniel 11 until verse 36.

  5. ”Right now, the basis is fiat paper money, since the world went off the Gold Standard at the outbreak of World War 1. Will it continue to be so? ” no . the banks hate paper money . it is hard to track, is counterfeited and can be stolen or obtained in ways that are private and used in ways that undermine some of the countries policies. over 95% of economic transactions are an electronic blip on a computer.

  6. look at Germany pre WWII. Hitler was so embraced because not only did he promise but he delivered. bring Germans out of 35% unemployment to almost 0% in just over 10 yrs. he would not have been so important to the German people if he could not have offered them anything. that is why it will be more profitable for the Antichrist to come to power in a down time when people are looking for prosperity and security.

  7. Here Marianne, you are suggesting that the antichrist is waiting for the best time to make some money. That is if I understand this post correctly.
    I didn’t know that was his goal.
    First of all I personally think that money is not a problem with him.
    I think the antichrist already has more than sufficient money/gold/etc.
    As for waiting a dire time for the people that is an old strategy.
    ‘Starve them first and then they will be willing to fight.’

    I think we must look at the goal of the antichrist to understand the means of his accomplishing it.
    How would you define his goal?

    • hi abigail

      Maybe I am not doing a good job here.

      My idea what that he would come just at the worst point of a declining phase,…. knowing that the crash trend will be followed by a natural rising cycle, and he will take advantage of this.

      He would then take credit for the rise in prosperity that followed. This would make him a hero to everyone.

      He goal is to control the world, and convince them he is their economic, and spiritual savior.

  8. We have all benn taught that the mark of the beast and the antichrist will be worldwide in scope, and thus the antichrist will be some charismatic world leader:IE The president of the USA. We have been taught that the pope or some false prophet will lead millions astray into the religion of the antichrist. But what if the antichrist religion is already here and no one noticed? The Bible states that the antichrist will arise to the south, to the east and towards Israel (Daniel 8) This geographical location is where Islam has arisen. BTW, for all of you Damien fans, this is not Europe! In nations where Islam resides, Christians are already treated as badly as any end time text would assert. Revelation speaks of those who are beheaded for there faith. Who beheads people? Islam. Who betrays their parents unto death if they convert to Christ? Islamic children! In Ezekiel 38, there is an invasion by Gog from the northeast, which is the same location Daniel 8 describes-northeast of Israel-or to the south, to the east, and towards the beautiful land,(Israel). And those are all Islamic nations. In Joel, it is written that the Lord coems in the air, he will drive the northern army out of Israel. Who will reside in Israel? The antichrist and his armies! Perhaps when John talks about the “whole world” worshipping the beast, it may well be the whole known world in his day. Will China worship the beast? Will Argentina? This is conjecture of course, but it also may bring hope to the western nations, of whom Isaiah says, “From the west, shouts of praise and glory come” as the Lord returns. Just as the leaders of Israel missed the scriptures of Jesus’ first coming, perhaps we have all been missing it as well. And the western nations may never even come under the antichrist’s rule. And that could be the real blessed hope.
    Alan Brooks

    • Everybody seems to think, the AntiChrist is going to be some handsome and charismatic figure. Hitler was none of this and still took Germany by surprise. The AntiChrist will be cunning and shrewd, that’s for sure and he will be proficient in the dark arts because of the spirit that will possess him.

      • hi gyod

        I personally do not think he will be charismatic. Daniel describes him as fierce, attacking both the kings of the north and south before he invades Israel. I think we need to go by someone’s spirit rather than preconceived notions based on traditional thinking.

  9. The truth is short and simple and to the point…Revelatin 20- 8 shows who gog and majog are…

    • ruth

      It sounds like every nation is Gog and magog by Rev 20…..I wonder if there are 2 invasions – one local and one global.

      Rev 20:8 And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom [is] as the sand of the sea.

  10. If you want to knwo who antichrist is read the Bible..Antichrist is a spirit.. 1 john 4-3..And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that [spirit] of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.The spirit of antichrist is of course satan…Just as men are born again of the gospel of CHrist so
    men are transformed into spirit of antichrist by satan’s doctrines..Born again of satan or what the bible calls twice dead…

    Islam is the body of antichrist… Since 9-11 Islam has been exposed from h… to breakfast and have destroyed the very fundation of Islam… So satan in flesh has come to save his bride… This is the dreaded antiichrist of Rev 13.He has come as a man…and this man will look good to many…but the elect will see him for what he is…and warn others but many will not listen..

  11. Has anyone read the first few chapter of Daniel …

  12. Good morning. I have to admit to always elieving that the son of perdition would appear at a point of despair; at which time he would seem to “solv all of the worlds ills and cause those who know not the Lord to proclaim “who is like this guy? Who can make war with hm?” We’ll know in time who will occupy this place, but we can be certain that contitions are ripening, both physically and spiritually. I recently heard a report from Denmark wherein many hold Mr Obama in higher esteem than the Lord Jesus. The world is primed to follow after a man.

    I’m convinced that when this person does appear, it will be revealed to the true remnant saints. All the more reason for us to be pryerfully watching. Events may unfold in ways that are not in line with our conventional thinking, but they “will” line up with scripture.

    A very intriguing post. Someday I would love to take a weekend and read through all of the pages here. Time is in short supply these days, but it would be awesome. Blessings always in Jesus name.


    • This Iranian Hitler says that the twelfth imam cannot come until there is total chaos and he sees himself called to create that chaos.

  13. agreed

  14. Thank you for this study. I
    hope to see more on this same topic. Enjoyed all the comments as well. God bless you all.

  15. Gold did go off the standard in 1971 under Nixon i have read from the top again and dont know where i got that . i stand corrected.

    • Actually it was suspended once in the meantime because there was not enough gold around to pay all the bills.

  16. The “antichrist” is already among us here on earth. the “antichrist” is not just ONE man, he is many things. andone and anything that is not “Christ” like and live for his Glory, is “antichrist”. don’t be looking for a Man, the Antichrist is already among us.

  17. I must be into clocks lately … but here is an amazing clock (live) worth watching.

  18. This is only my opinion. Current economic times are unlike any other in our past. Due to ‘globalization’ we have global companies who have cut their margins to fractional parts in order to remain competitive.

    The products of these global corporations are thing like food, indeed the very products that make human life possible. Your food is shipped in overnight from Brazil (etc), not one chain store has an inventory anymore. JIT (just in time) inventories increased corporate productivity but increased risk exposure and catastrophe exposure by unimaginable margins.

    Because inventories are necessary for stability (think of Joseph in Egypt) humanity sits on the edge of a knife. Should there be system failure, of any kind, global response will be swift, with power quickly and easily given to WHOMEVER can restore balance.

    What previously took decades will seem an almost immediate transformation to power (months, because decades would result in complete world collapse), because each day that passes in chaos will compound the suffering of humanity (JIT would be exhausted after maximum 7 days).

    Without the system in place, people will rapidly fall to protectionism, chaos, war and starvation. There will probably be ‘world events’ that hasten peoples will to submit.

    The nations of the world will gladly turn over any power deemed necessary to resume the fragile system of food and goods distribution and economic prosperity in place now. With that power shift, you will be required to submit and probably receive some kind of global identity which swears your allegiance to the Antichrist.

    Christians won’t submit because we are forbidden to accept this mark or swear allegiance to anyone but God…and I am assuming that in the last days the Holy Spirit will be poured out upon the people as it says in the Bible. Our lack of submission combined with our ability to do miracles and our walk with God will cause us to be labeled as ‘terrorist’ for the world will not understand the miracles, but will be seduced by ‘The False Prophet’. Remember the now famous words of G.W.Bush “If you are not with us, you are against us.” Not a whole lot of wiggle room there…

    I believe the ‘False Prophet’ is active now…and you can find him if you know where to look (I don’t recommend it, the message is so seductive that, as the bible says, ‘even the elect will be fooled’ be VERY careful)…but claims that he is ‘waiting to reveal himself’.

    This is one possible scenario of many…one thing that I want to point out through this is that if we are lucky enough, YES LUCKY, to see these times, we will have an opportunity to walk in God’s Holy Spirit in a way that the church has only dreamed about for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

    If you read your Bible, you will see the possibilities of what such a walk with Christ and the Holy Spirit could be like (Christ, and the apostles, were trying to teach you how to behave and believe). When you truly see this potential, all fear will leave you, you will be surrounded with Faith, Trust in God and his Love will be with you.

  19. Prophecy of the Fallen Fat Wallet – Miriam Franklin

    I think some of you guys have been praying for me specifically to get more revelation in certain areas – in fact I am sure of it, and believe at least one person has enquired of God specifically to give me more detail on certain matters – as I have had a load of visions over the last few days!

    Anyway, I had a vision in the early hours of this morning – 31st January 2009. {I was wide awake at the time].

    In this vision, I saw a fat closed wallet, stuffed fat full of wads of banknotes – and it was lying on the pavement – it had been dropped, and perhaps it was lost too. I saw how this wallet had first gone high flying through the air, and then fallen down and landed on the spot, as someone [its ‘owner’] had tripped on the pavement further up the road, thus dropping it out of their hands so it went flying to this place.

    I believe the interpretation of this vision is to do with the economy. That the economic crisis which was caused by men ‘tripping’, caused it to soar high and then to fall and descend. [This bit we know already].

    But there is more – as as we speak the wallet has not yet hit the ground. It was like paused mid-descent for a while, I understand that God is saying more descent is to come – as the wallet has not yet reached the ground in its fall. {The ’spot’ where it falls perhaps being symbolic for the low spot rate at that time [its value effectively].] So we have seen the high flying in the bubble, and we have seen part of the rapid descent. Yet we are still to see the landing – or the bottoming out. It was like the wallet paused in mid air for some time before it crashed down again. And God is saying that another sharp descent/fall is coming after that pause to cause this – there is lower to go for the value of certain currencies and the economy, and I believe quite significantly so in terms of the height of this new drop.

    Economic fatness [eg prosperity/wealth] represented by the fatness of the wallet, will be a thing of the past for certain nations and national wealth will fall a lot.

  20. Hey Marinanne,

    I pray for you every night because you helped me on my path. Check this out though…you probably have already seen it, but I am excited because it was the first time I saw it.

    It is Daniels time line, and it might explain the pause in the decent of the wallet. 🙂 I hope this finds you well.

    • hi Christian

      I appreciate your prayers. That means a lot to me.

      Someone else sent me that video. It is very long. I started to watch, and got side tracked. I wish there was just a graph.

      I was looking at the time line last night from Daniel, and realized I had trouble fitting in the 2300 days of the goat and the ram with the rest of the 1260 and 1290 days.

      Once, I thought i had it understood, last night I got confused again. There are 7 years, but I can only grasp half of it. The other half is fuzzy to me. I will have to go back and rethink it.

      here is one post, but i never came to a conclusion:

      I understand how the Jewish feasts play into things. I just need to understand how the 2300 days fits in.

  21. […] […]

  22. […] […]

  23. Lowes closed 20 stores…not good news…they are a stable company.

  24. Marianne,

    I know we had a headline yesterday that came to nothing about the USS Enterprise. I found the following on Steve Quayles website. We know these things are coming, the question is when. Even Steve Quayle says this is unofficial. Here it is:


  26. Deuteronomy 28:12-13

    New International Version (NIV)

    12 The Lord will open the heavens, the storehouse(A) of his bounty,(B) to send rain(C) on your land in season and to bless(D) all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none.(E) 13 The Lord will make you the head, not the tail. If you pay attention to the commands of the Lord your God that I give you this day and carefully follow(F) them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom.(G)

    Deuteronomy 28:43-45

    43 “The foreigner living with you will rise higher and higher while you sink lower and lower. 44 He will lend to you, but you will not lend to him; he will be the head and you the tail.

    45 “All these curses will come on you, pursuing you and overtaking you until you are destroyed, because you didn’t pay attention to what Adonai your God said, observing his mitzvot and regulations that he gave you.

    Seems to explain our current fiscal dilemma and what is on the horizon for this up coming year. All of this is contained in the Instructions (Torah)!

    I almost forgot, The Instructions for Life (Torah) has passed away and we have a “new” and better way of doing things;



  27. To All

    It applies to the individual also (not just the government) and our mindset on money, the things we purchase, why we purchase them, and how we purchase them….ie: cash or credit.

    It is easy credit that has brought us to this beggarly place. It was all designed from the beginning. The borrower is a slave to the lender. The scriptures above were written for a reason, for Yah’s people to avoid this pitfall. But most don’t take the Torah seriously, so here we are! It is never to late to start doing the right thing and submitting to Yah and not the world when it comes to money. But most are addicted to credit and will not stop, even if they see destruction on the horizon. It is America’s drug of choice.

    Lest anyone thinks they will be “raptured” out of here before all of this happens, think again. His people will be brought out in the midst of chaos and darkness, according to His timing, not our thinking and understanding.

    The Good News is, it is never too late to change our ways. Better now than never. Yah will honor that if we are sincere and choose to follow His Word over the word of the world! He will always make a way for those who choose follow what He SAYS!

  28. This just broke in the news:

    • Al,

      You got me excited by reading this post. Turns out to be a hack into the CNN website with a false statement.

      I’ve been waiting for the bubble to pop since 2012.

      Do you read ?

      Rev. 12:11

  29. Nothing on CNBC.

  30. DJ and Marianne,

    Given that the dollar is holding steady and gold is doing the same seems to say that the article may not be true. If the dollar was plummeting and gold soaring it would be a different story. What we do know, is that at some point in the near future, some catalyst will set off the collapse of dollar and there will be no looking back. Many think that Yah would not do such a thing with His people still here. But there is a reason for it:

    Isaiah 60
    Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

    60 “Arise, shine [Yerushalayim],
    for your light has come,
    the glory of Adonai
    has risen over you.
    For although darkness covers the earth
    and thick darkness the peoples;
    on you Adonai will rise;
    over you will be seen his glory.
    Nations will go toward your light
    and kings toward your shining splendor.
    Raise your eyes and look around:
    they are all assembling and coming to you;
    your sons are coming from far off,
    your daughters being carried on their nurses’ hips.
    Then you will see and be radiant,
    your heart will throb and swell with delight;
    for the riches of the seas will be brought to you,
    the wealth of nations will come to you.
    Caravans of camels will cover your land,
    young camels from Midyan and ‘Eifah,
    all of them coming from Sh’va,
    bringing gold and frankincense,
    and proclaiming the praises of Adonai.
    All the flocks of Kedar will be gathered for you,
    the rams of N’vayot will be at your service;
    they will come up and be received on my altar,
    as I glorify my glorious house.
    “Who are these, flying along like clouds,
    like doves to their dovecotes?
    The coastlands are putting their hope in me,
    with the ‘Tarshish’ ships in the lead,
    to bring your children from far away,
    and with them their silver and gold,
    for the sake of Adonai your God,
    the Holy One of Isra’el, who glorifies you.

    Yah will not leave His people scattered around the world. He will gather them to the place He has prepared for us-Israel.

    Notice in verse 8 He talks about doves returning to their home (if you will). They say that doves mate for life and is a picture of those who return to Yah and His place of return (Israel) out of there love for Him. The other group are those of His people who will return to their home (Israel) as clouds blown by the winds of adversity. This is a picture of Yah taking His people through the “time of Jacob’s trouble” to lead them out of the nations of the world and back to the place He has prepared for us (Israel) in a time of great trouble and distress.

    Rev 6:6 shows us what will precipitate much of this:

    Revelation 6:6

    Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

    6 Then I heard what sounded like a voice from among the four living beings say, “Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wages! Six pounds of barley for the same price! But don’t damage the oil or the wine!”


  31. Al,

    I’m in agreement. Many have been watching the bubble get larger and larger. The Fed is pumping air into our economy and it will explode.

    Greece and the poor block of EU nations are also receiving funny money from IMF and WB – which is funded by the Fed and US.

    It all goes “pop” at the same time.

    I think the Vatican bank will be ready to give the New World Order a fresh line of credit after the bubble pops. They support the beast and the Anti-Christ. There were reports of their interest in supporting the EU a few years ago. – through leaks out of the British Parliament.

    I also think China is the “dragon” that gives power to the Beast (system) once the dollar crashes.

    Psalm 27

  32. Al,

    There is one event that will bring the remaining Hebrews home to Israel and unit them. When the Ark of the Covenant is brought forth – I think seeing the Ark will be a homecoming call to thousands.

    Time to sleep – I work nights.

    Psalm 23

  33. DJ, Marianne, and All-

    The Exodus and The Greater Exodus

    Dec 23, 1913- Federal Reserve Act passed in the early hours while congress was recessed for “Christmas” break, thus the beginning of legalized unjust weights and measures in the US. Also, the first day of Hanukkah was on Dec 23, 1913

    Nov 28, 2013- Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah fall on the same day. The last time this happened is said to have been in 1888. They say that the next time will be over 75,000 years out. This represents the 100 year anniversary of the corrupt Federal Reserve System. Also, on this date Comet Ison disintegrated on the back side of the Sun during Perihelion. In Hebrew, Ison means disaster, tragedy, catastrophe, and calamity. Comets are an ominous sign for the nations.

    One might ask what Hanukkah has to do with the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve and its practices have violated our rights to a just weight and measure, basically corrupting and defiling our system of buying and selling. Hanukkah is about cleansing that which has been corrupted and defiled, specifically when in 168 B.C., Antiochus Epiphanes slaughtered pigs on the alter in the Temple in Yerushalayim, which we commemorate today on the eight days of Hanukkah.

    Taking all of that, this is a paragraph taken from a secular financial column called the Golden Jacka–! Use your imagination. It is written by a man name Jim Willie; very astute on financial matters.

    “The Chinese control the old JPM gold vaults, connected to the USFed. The United States is gradually to be transformed into a Chinese industrial colony, with control over Wall Street taking shape. The hints for the transition are evident in the captain log on the derivatives page. The reality of the Chinese buying the USFed at the termination of its 100-year contract seems to be coming into view. The Jacka__ has converted into the belief that JPMorgan is busy acting as procurement agent for the Chinese, to acquire as much Gold bullion at the lowest possible price for the longest duration allowed. The big conflict will come when the Chinese no longer are able to convert their USD s__tpaper into Gold bullion. Only then will Beijing light the fuse, or dump on a mass scale, or introduce the Gold Trade platform, or pull the rug out from the USD, or all the above.”

    If you want to read more of the link it is here;

    What Jim Willie basically seems to be saying, is that around the 100 year point of the existence of the Federal Reserve (which is where we are now at), the Chinese will dump their bonds and destroy the value and reserve currency status of the USDollar, which will bring the world to its knees.

    Seems to fit hand and glove with what is written above concerning the 100 year reign of the Federal Reserve, but on a spiritual level, with judgment coming to the nations at the end of the 100 year cycle of the Federal Reserve=monetary collapse=most likely hyper- inflation!

    Revelation 6:6
    Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

    6 Then I heard what sounded like a voice from among the four living beings say, “Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wages! Six pounds of barley for the same price! But don’t damage the oil or the wine!”

    The United States was given three “warnings” if you will, by way of market crashes, concerning our corrupt monetary system:

    The first being in 1929 (aka the Great Depression)
    The Second being in 1987
    The Third being in 2008

    All three crashes are during the time of the Fall Feasts (Feast of Trumpets and Day of Atonement) of Israel, but not just in a general sense. All three of the above listed crashes, show a distinct pattern, with the first two being almost identical in nature (as seen on a graph), with the third being more ominous, when you overlay the days of the Feasts on the graphs. It is too hard to explain without the graphs to show you what I mean. So I will have to let it go at that. What I will do is list the dates of the Feasts for each of these years, should anyone find the energy to do the leg work on it, as far as overlaying these dates on historical DJIA Charts of the given days and years.

    1929-Feast of Trumpets- Evev Trumpets Oct 4-6
    Day of Atonement-Erev Yom Kippur Oct 13-14
    1987-Feast of Trumpets-Erev Trumpets Sept 23-25
    Day of Atonement-Erev Yom Kippur Oct 2-3
    2008-Feast of Trumpets-Erev Trumpets Sept 29-Oct 1
    Day of Atonement-Erev Yom Kippur Oct 8-9

    If anyone chooses to look at these let me know and I would be happy to explain what I believe they mean.

    Everything listed so far has been historical, with all the events listed being verifiable. The analysis is for the most part mine based on what is going on currently in the real market and also from a spiritual context. I am not saying I am 100% right on things. Just giving what I have been watching over a number of years now (in a progressive manner with new information being added as events unfolded) and what seems to be coming rather quickly.

    I have one last thing which is not a historical fact, but is just around the corner. At dusk on April 14th 2014 will begin Erev Passover with the first day of Passover beginning on April 15th. If you will remember from above, all of the major financial market crashes above were in the time of the Fall Feasts, portending a sense of judgment. What is significant about April 15th in the US? As everyone knows, it is the deadline for the collection of our Federal Tax revenues from the year 2013, the end of the Federal Reserve 100 year contract. What else is happening or beginning on Passover of 2014? The beginning of the Blood Moons on April 15, 2014, and I “tend” to believe the beginning of the the time of Jacob’s Trouble. We know that the first Passover in Egypt is what brought about the release of the Children of Israel from captivity, but brought final destruction to the land of Egypt (The World System); a release and new beginning for Yah’s people through the calamity and destruction of the world system. Could the same thing be beginning in earnest in just the next few months?

    So, what am I saying? I believe there is a real possibility that a major incident with the US economy (the dollar-stock market) could be coming in the next few months. Most economists outside of those in the government are bracing for this, but through secular reasoning and what they see coming in the markets. Of course there predictions are more general and are not based in anyway on the Feast days of Israel.

    The World, for the most part is so infected with the USD, its collapse will precipitate not just the collapse of the US monetary system, but that of the Global economy, which will lead to wars and all that is predicted to come at the time of the end.

    Final Thoughts: I have seen a lot of things that looked like they were going to happen and didn’t. I am not claiming to know for a fact that all of this will happen as I have laid it out, but we know these things are coming and we are to know the season we are in. Even as Moses, through Yah, told the Children of Israel to prepare to leave Egypt, I believe we are being told the same today. That is why I “tend” to believe the beginning of sorrows for the world will begin in earnest on this upcoming Passover of 2014. Is it all just a coincidence? In the Hebrew language there is no word for coincidence. We, as Yah’s people are not left up to the whims of the world.

    Even as Yah kept Israel through the plagues of Egypt (the Exodus), so He will keep His people through the plagues that are coming on this world (the Greater Exodus), with His purpose to lead His people back to the promised land-Israel.

    As far as preparation goes, there is only so much we can do. The Children of Israel, during the Exodus, took their herds and what they could carry when they left Egypt. Our Exodus doesn’t seem practical on the level of the Egyptian Exodus. But we have Messiah Yahshua revealed, our Salvation and the Word to bring us out. Be wise as a serpent in your flesh and keep your heart as innocent as a dove, and He WILL provide and bring us out, through the nations to Israel.

    No one is saying this will be easy or without pain and much trouble. Whether we perish for our trust in Messiah as our salvation and provision, or come out with much tribulation because of our Faith in Messiah Yahshua, we all end up in the kingdom!

    Matthew 10:16
    Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

    16 “Pay attention! I am sending you out like sheep among wolves, so be as prudent as snakes and as harmless as doves.

    • From 1929-1987 is 58 years
      But from 1987 – 2008 is only 21 years.
      the stable time is decreasing
      and the time between collapses is also decreasing.
      from 58 years down to 21 years is a decrease in stable time of 36%
      if this pattern continues,
      6% of 21 years is 7.6 years, so
      the next collapse will be in 2015-16
      wait and see…
      it would make sense to some degree for the elite to keep the economy up 1-2 more years, to allow the leaders to complete their destruction of the USA and get martial law in force. they need money to function and pay the foreign UN troops that would carry out the orders. the troops will not work for free

      • You could be right with that! As far as foreign troops go, some are saying they are already here, just hidden in plain sight as low level workers in the US (they were Chinese up to 250,000 or more and a certain amount from some other nation I can’t remember right off hand). They say the reason they are here is to secure the assets of America that our leaders have put up for collateral, for all the money China has loaned to the US through the Treasury dept for bonds. Such collateral as natural resources, mortgaged properties, including our homes, and really anything else of value. What happens if a person is being foreclosed on and they won’t leave the property whether justified or not? They bring in armed force if necessary to take possession of the property for the benefit of the one who holds the legal (or illegal if they have enough force) mortgage on the property.

        You might be right about your timing. We will just have to wait and see. My thinking is, it seems prudent to be extremely watchful from here on out. Things many times, as I said before, don’t work out like we figure they should.

  34. Just as I have been saying on this forum….the Antichrist will not be “revealed” to the world until 2016 or there abouts. But the MAJORITY of “christians” and other sheeple will not know he is the Antichrist because they are foolish and do not think he will be a man of peaceful ideas and sound advice.

    LOL, Satan has most of you fooled! He is NOT going to be from the Middle East. THAT is the “decoy” “antichrist” who will “set up” the world into thinking he is the Antichrist, when he isn’t.

    then, the REAL Antichrist, “beast” individual will slip in unawares and everyone will think him a “savior” or sorts. Because he has all sorts of neat ideas to help make the world more ecologically sound.

    He has already been “seen” and shown to the world, but the MAJORITY do not *know* he is the Beast Antichrist…they just think he is a *nice* *popular* guy right now….

  35. Al,

    I’m tracking with you and agree.

    What is this “contract” that expires? Who were the parties to the contract? Please explain.

    As for China’s investment within the US – here is an example. Within the past year China began creating a distribution center in Casa Grande, Az. I once lived/worked there and know the value of its strategic location. Friends recently informed me of the significant investment made by China in the area.

    Vast amounts of real estate purchased and hundreds of Chinese are moving into the community to establish a NA footprint. Massive plans, bringing Chinese goods to the port of Long Beach and by rail to Casa Grande. From this location, there grows a distribution center on scale of the FedEx complex in Tennessee with a rail and interstate network ideal for moving goods across North America. Air transport could be easily developed from multiple surround locations. PHX is 1 hour north.

    China wants to keep US for investment purposes and not destroy or damage the goods. I think the dragon (China) gives power (economic) to the beast (system).

    The price of a gallon of gas will jump up to EU levels because the US dollar will no longer be the currency standard for the world (beast system).

    What would $6.50 a gallon do to the American worker driving in LA, PHX, Seattle, Indianapolis, and other metro cities without rail or large mass transit systems?

    What about the fuel needed to transport items to grocery store chains, McDs and other restaurants?

    What about all those business exiting on the entertainment and pleasure demands of Americans who will be required to spend a great deal more on gas and less on entertaiment, Starbucks, and restaurant food.

    Al – you are correct. The coming months/years will test our faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is the love we have for our Lord. He gives us faith, hope and love if we abide in Him, walking in the light as He is in the light (spiritual).

    He will provide for His servants. Old and New Testimemt Scriptures supports this statement. Please read Isiaah 65 for example.

    Al – it all fits together and begins very soon.

    The virgins (foolish and wise) are sleeping very happily in the beds they made for themselves.

    Soon they will awake and seek oil for their vessel, realizing they do not have enough for the situation at hand (Great Tribulation).

    The foolish and many so called “wise” don’t even know what the oil is with the vessel and do not know the treasure. It will take less time for the “wise” to comprehend and apply because they will be in a house (congregation of Believers – Philly Church) in fellowship with the Lord (spiritual).

    The Kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy in the Spirit (Romans 14:17).

    The oil is the fuel of the Kingdom (Isaiah 11:2). The fuel is the fullness of the Spirit of Truth – all 7.

    The treasure is the fear of the Lord (Isaiah 33:6).

    The foolish go out onto the darkness (not literal Marianne), trying to purchase (acquire) what is not sold (Proverbs 23:23).

    If folks can track those verses above (look them up) – then maybe they can better understand Paul’s prayer written in Colossians 1:9-14.

    “For this reason also, since the day we heard of it, we have not ceased to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, for the attaining of all steadfastness and patience; joyously giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in Light.

    For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins” (NASB).

    Marianne – over 1 million hits on this website a year and time is short.

    Psalm 27

  36. DJ,

    This is an article about the establishment and history of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve Act was passed on Dec 23, 1913 giving a private bank total control over the monetary policy of the US.

  37. Al,

    The contract (1913) is between the Fed Reserve and Congress?

    There is a 100 year termination clause in this agreement?

    So then, the Fed is running out of time. The money printing/loaning game is up, right?

    The Fed does not operate in isolation. It is part of the global system with strong European banking institutions/families influence also known as “old money”.

    Monroe called the European Bankers – “money changers” (Biblical application of the term).

    You suggesting that a new system will emerge to replace the Fed system this year – on schedule?

    Rev. 12:11

    • DJ,

      1913 is the date the Federal Reserve Act was passed and became the law of the land. Evidently, there is a contract for the duration of 100 years. The document is, as far as I know, not in the public domain. Everything I have heard or read about it comes from people who are well invested in the financial arena and have high level information of there own or from others that are privy to that information. I am reposting a paragraph I posted earlier and will highlight some of the pertinent information. Read it slowly and thoughtfully:

      “The Chinese control the old JPM gold vaults, connected to the USFed. The United States is gradually to be transformed into a Chinese industrial colony, with control over Wall Street taking shape. THE HINTS FOR THE TRANSITION ARE EVIDENT IN THE “CAPTION LOG ON THE DERIVATEDS PAGE”. THE REALITY OF THE CHINESE “BUYING THE USFED” AT THE TERMINATION OF ITS100-YEAR CONTRACT SEEMS TO BE COMING INTO VIEW. The Jacka__ has converted into the belief that JPMorgan is busy acting as procurement agent for the Chinese, to acquire as much Gold bullion at the lowest possible price for the longest duration allowed. The big conflict will come when the Chinese no longer are able to convert their USD s__tpaper into Gold bullion. Only then will Beijing light the fuse, or dump on a mass scale, or introduce the Gold Trade platform, or pull the rug out from the USD, or all the above.”

      The Federal Reserve Act was passed at a time when literally everyone was gone on break, with only those left who would be willing to pass the act into law. Exactly how it was worded we don’t know. What we do know is that it was nothing less than an act of treason. But no one did anything to stop it, even as it is today with our current administration. Exactly how the contract was made out, or exactly how it will all play out now, is conjecture. But we do know the end result, and that is what all of this is about.

      The way I see it, things had to be done on this kind of level for us to be at this point, at this time in history. What happens at the end to paralyze the whole earth, has to come from something that literally touches the whole world. The US Dollar-The Petro-Dollar is the reserve currency of the world and touches literally every nation and more directly, the citizens of those nations. We don’t have a whole lot of specifics, but we have more than enough in the literal realm, with spiritual insight, to see “as through a glass darkly” what is coming.

      One last thing that has just come about recently, JP Morgan just sold their New York bank building to the Chinese for 750 million dollars and is right across the street from the USFED! The two buildings are said to be connected underground by tunnels, allowing for movement (of people-things) from one building to the other without being noticed!?

      We will have to wait and see what comes from it all.

  38. Al (and all who are reading this thread),

    Thank you Al for pointing out the clue and sending the Zero Hedge article.

    I understand. Always a little slow on translating what I see to what is operating behind the curtain (Wizard of Oz).

    Prepare to exit the sovereign USA, bring in the “lawless one” who will lead the world (tares) into a NWO. Prepare for the dragon (China) to give power to the Beast (NWO).

    Here is one of many reasons why I now understand the 100 year contract.

    From the article you posted from Zero Hedge and a portion of the document that is referenced within the article:

    “On the lowest level was the vault, which rested directly on the rock – the ‘largest bank vault in the world, longer than a football field.’ It was anchored to the bedrock with steel rods. This was to prevent the watertight, concrete structure from floating to the surface like a huge bubble in the event that an atomic bomb falling in the bay would blow away the building and flood the area.”

    Oh, really? They planned for this kind of event to occur. Hummm?

    Since the Beast is a system (including economic/financial – “money changers”), controlling institutions (all), organizations, and goats/tares and foolish virgins – it makes sence that plans were made (hundreds of years ago within US institutions) and contracts written to advance Satan’s strategic plan (knowing or unknowingly). It’s called spiritual darkness.

    He is the prince of this world, manipulating people by powers of darkness (demons) to do his work.

    Satan has a play book (football analogy on this Super Bowl weekend). Some are able to discern portions of the offensive and defensive plays.

    Al, thank you for your help, sharing what you read/see is his play book.

    Know that you’ve read the quotation above – from the source document – please watch this video presentation. The Fed prints US currency.

    Notice the first few minutes of both videos applies screens from film/movies. The movie clip in the first video represents NYC, but I don’t know the name of the movie.

    If you have not watched any of Jonathan’s preventions – please watch them.

    Here is another.

    Marianne, thank you for administering this blog. It is blessing to meet, share with Believers like Al.

    It is becoming obvious that 2014 will be a turning point.

    The first Blood Moon of a unique set occurs on Passover, 2014. The. Jubilee begins the day after Day of Atonment, 2016.

    1967 (Jerusalem no longer divided but under Israel) + 49 years = 2016

    2017 becomes the Year of Jubilee.

    So – How do the sheep prepare?

    Psalm 23

    • DJ,

      I must confess, I see you as anything but slow to understand. I just know how I am. There is so much information now it is overwhelming. I have such a tendency to fast read and skim things looking for buzz words if you will. I overlook the obvious so much by not slowing down a little. Believe me brother, I listen closely to what is being said through you.

      Thanks for the videos. I will be watching them this morning.


    • DJ,

      Just saw this this morning. Given what we are discussing, could this be a coincidence? I think not!

      “Economics Minister Naftali Bennett, from the religious, pro-settler Jewish Home party, said all “the advice givers” should know that Israel will not abandon its land “BECAUSE OF ECONOMIC THREATS”.”

      Israel and the Palestinians launched peace talks in July after a long lull and have thus far shown little signs of progress. “FACING AN APRIL DEADLINE”, Israel is working against a backdrop of increasing international pressure to reach a deal, coupled with a growing call for “BOYCOTTING” ISRAEL” over its settlements in areas it captured in the 1967 Middle East war.

      But European officials have warned that “ISRAEL COULD FACE DEEPENING ECONOMIC ISOLATION” if it presses forward with the construction of more settlements. In the latest example, Denmark’s largest bank, Danske Bank, blacklisted Israel’s Bank Hapoalim because of its links to settlement construction.

      Notice the timing of this boycott-by the end of April.

      Notice the purpose of the boycott-to bring economic pressure on Israel to give up land-the Controversy of Tzion!

      Notice who is promoting it-John Kerry The US Secretary of State.

      “ “ emphasis mine


      • Al,

        Agreement again.

        What is troubling me is that so many are asleep! Cluess, sleeping virgins.

        I’m in a weekly Scripture reading group with about 15 Baptists. The other day the reading was Matthew 24. So, I shared with them these “signs”;

        1947/1948 + 70 years [Psalm 90:10 and Jerimiah] = 2017/18

        Jubilee 1917 (British open Palistine to “Jews”) + 50 = 1967

        Jerusalem 1967 + 50 years = 2017.

        The “Blood Moon Cycle” staring Pasovsr 2014 through 2015.

        The sign in the heavens within Rev. 12:1-5, which was above us on Freasts of Trumpets, 2011.

        These guys asked no questions or made any comments.

        They are not prepared spiritual for what is coming, thinking they will be “raptued” or can “run to the wilderness”.

        Kleck videos, all the above plus what you posted – 2014 sure may wake them up. But are they wise or foolish?

        Psalm 27

        • scary thought..

          one can be a virgin before the Lord…pure and undefiled…holy……and still “miss it”….and stay and suffer

          • Could this be the Assembly at Smyrna?

            Revelation 2:8-11

            8 “To the angel of the Messianic Community in Smyrna, write: ‘Here is the message from the First and the Last, who died and came alive again: 9 “I know how you are suffering and how poor you are (though in fact you are rich!), and I know the insults of those who call themselves Jews but aren’t — on the contrary, they are a synagogue of the Adversary. 10 Don’t be afraid of what you are about to suffer. Look, the Adversary is going to have some of you thrown in prison, in order to put you to the test; and you will face an ordeal for ten days. Remain faithful, even to the point of death; and I will give you life as your crown. 11 Those who have ears, let them hear what the Spirit is saying to the Messianic communities. He who wins the victory will not be hurt at all by the second death.”’

        • DJ,

          I think you answered your own question: “But are they wise or foolish”? Your opening statement: “What is troubling me is that so many are asleep!”

          That is the distinction that makes the difference; being asleep or being awake and vigilant. The Christian Church has an identity crisis; they don’t know who they are and if you try and tell them, they will either ignore you, get mad, or be indifferent. Some seem to listen but very few. That doesn’t make anyone bad and someone else better. It is just how it is. I tend to believe that it is by revelation that people come to the understanding of what is really going on.

          The Christian Church, at least for the most part, has not been taught about the ways of Yah; the commandments, the Feasts, the Shabbat, and so on. Those things are foreign to them, because they have rejected His Word-Torah=that has been given from the beginning. They do not realize that the end is based 100% on what was said in the first five books of scripture. Everything from that point, is the actual realization of His Word that was given in the Torah. It is why the Tree of Life in the garden was the Torah. The Christian Church is eating from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They are picking up on some things, but missing most of what everything is based on.

          Have you ever thought why Yah decided to blind the Jews to the fact of Yahshua being the Messiah? He had to because they would have known who He was and made Him King of Israel. Messiah had to be hung on a tree for our sin; He had to reach out to the scattered of Israel-Ephraim-the soon to be Christian Church and the unbelieving Jews.

          Hosea 8 11-12

          For Efrayim keeps building altars for sin; yes, altars are sinful for him.
          I write him so many things from my Torah, yet he considers them foreign.

          We all know in part. None of us have the “whole” truth. But not until the unbelieving Jews and Ephraim both say “Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai” (blessed is He who comes in the name of Yah) will Messiah return on Yom Kippur.

          I believe you are doing the right thing. Keep telling our brothers and sisters in the Christian Church the full truth, not just what has been handed down to them. Some will see and understand, maybe over time, whether you see the change or not. It is our place to tell it, Messiah brings in the harvest. That is just how I see it and is the reason I do what I do.


  39. Possibly, one of the reason we keep getting hit with unusual, and wide spread winter storms. What does Spring hold for us?

    You know America is in trouble when Kerry is Secretary of State.

  40. This is an article from the Jerusalem Post concerning the US boycott of Israel:

  41. Al,

    This passage in Rev came to mind this past week – regarding the evangelical church (western/American).

    When I shared the evidence with the Baptists – I framed them with this:

    We need to understand the parables and signs in Hebrew context – not Greek or Latin.

    Please read Isaiah 11:2. Then read Paul’s prayer in Colossians chapter 1.

    I think the evangelicals are lacking what Paul is praying that virgins receive – the fullness of The Spirit of Truth.

    Evangelicals are quick to doubt the gifts but really good at evaluating/assessing and measuring the fruit.

    See Ephesians chapter 5 (I recall?). Don’t be foolish but wise.

    Over the past 4 Thursdays, during men’s bible study, there was teaching on the “hermeneutics way” to read/study and understand “the bible”. Ha!
    I politely explained to a small group that hermeneutics is based on Greek philosophy and the study of written communication.
    I am sure you see the spiritual problem.

    I think the lamp stand has been removed.
    More later.

    Psalm 27

  42. Al,

    A couple of questions for you.

    What was the duration (start to finish) of the plagues in Egypt? Was it 8 or 7 months (Hebrew calendar), ending in Nisan with Passover.

    Maybe this period of time is a “forshadow” of the timeline for similar events at the end of the age? I don’t know – just asking/thinking.

    Also, since you are a Hebrew guy (obedient to the call of God like Abraham) and like me (grafted into the tree) you should appreciate what I just read.

    The following verses were posted by Dewy Burton, explaining the elect (who are meek) overcome and endure until the end and His return.

    Psalms 37:11 But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

    Matthew 5:5. Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

    Zephaniah 2:3 Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord’s anger.

    Another question for you – What is the meaning of “meek” in the Hebrew context and defined by God Almighty?

    Dewy Burton updated his work (“Daniel’s Timeline – linked within Heaven Awaits). He knows The Lord, Scriptures and appreciates Psalm 119.

    There is a new graphic produced by Dewy, which is very clean and easy to understand, but I can not post or link that graphic on this page.

    He is confident (based on Scripture as a Believer with a Hebrew perspective) that Day of Atonmnent (Yom Kippur), 2016 is a very important day. Jubilee would begin after Yom Kippur 2016 and all would be fulfilled within 7 Hebrew calendar (week) years, including God’s rest (Sabbath day).

    For anyone reading this thread and want to learn more about the Day of Atonement, please open this link. You will then read this quotation and more by John Parsons.

    “Yom Kippur, or the “Day of Atonement,” is the holiest day of the Jewish year, and provides prophetic insight regarding the Second Coming of the Messiah, the restoration of national Israel, and the final judgment of the world. It is also a day that reveals the High-Priestly work of Yeshua as our Kohen Gadol (High Priest) after the order of Malki-Tzedek (Heb. 5:10, 6:20).

    In traditional Judaism, the day of Yom Kippur marks the climax of the ten day period of repentance called the “Days of Awe,” or yamim nora’im (יָמִים נוֹרָאִים).

    According to the sages of Jewish tradition, on Rosh Hashanah the destiny of the righteous, the tzaddikim, are written in the Book of Life (סֵפֶר הַחַיִּים), and the destiny of the wicked, the resha’im, are written in the Book of Death. However, most people will not be inscribed in either book, but have ten days — until Yom Kippur — to repent before sealing their fate. Hence the term Aseret Yemei Teshuvah (עֲשֶׂרֶת יְמֵי תְּשׁוּבָה) – the Ten Days of Repentance.

    On Yom Kippur, then, every soul’s name will be sealed in one of the two books. For this reason Yom Kippur is really the climax of the 40 day “Season of Teshuvah.

    The “Day of Atonement” is the English phrase for Yom Kippur. The shoresh [root] for the word “Kippur” is kafar (כָּפַר), which probably derives from the word kofer, meaning “ransom.” This word is parallel to the word “redeem” (Psalm 49:7) and means “to atone by offering a substitute.” The great majority of usages in the Tanakh concern “making an atonement” by the priestly ritual of sprinkling of sacrificial blood to remove sin or defilement (i.e., tahora).

    The life blood of the sacrificial animal was required in exchange for the life blood of the worshipper (the symbolic expression of innocent life given for guilty life). This symbolism is further clarified by the action of the worshipper in placing his hands on the head of the sacrifice (semichah) and confessing his sins over the animal (Lev. 16:21; 1:4; 4:4, etc.) which was then killed or sent out as a scapegoat. The shoresh also appears in the term Kapporet [the so-called “Mercy Seat,” but better rendered as simply the place of atonement]. The Kapporet was the golden cover of the sacred chest in the Holy of Holies of the Tabernacle (or Temple) where the sacrificial blood was presented” (John Parsons).

    Al, I appreciate you very much.

    God bless you.
    (Psalm 20)

  43. Al,

    Just looking deeper into some topics today and located this article in Zero Hedge.

    Look at the 7th chart in this article. It sure does match up with the 100 year contract.

    • DJ,

      We were warned by the ones who physically brought America into existence to avoid central banking like it was the plague. Yah gave us much in His Word concerning money and how we were to handle it. We have allowed exactly the opposite to happen and will reap what has been sown.

      I saw your questions above and will back to you on them. I have been working on something concerning the seven assemblies in Revelations, but from a different view point. Will post it shortly when I am done with it. Would welcome your comments and those from any others.


  44. Al,

    Madison called them “money changers” (as in the ones in the temple court).

    Speakimg of the 7 assemblies – I wrote the following a couple of days ago, posting it in a small Bible study group.

    “The Holy Place was behind the first veil – This area within the temple was illuminated by the 7 lamp stands. The only light given in this area of the temple was from burning of olive oil within the 7 lamp stand (menorah style).

    This is the same oil that foolish virgins (Christians) are lacking with their personal lamp. The oil represents “spiritual enlightenment”. (See Revelation 1:19-20, Revelation 2:5, Revelation 4:5 and then Isaiah 11:2 for the fullness of spiritual enlightenment).

    No wonder Paul’s prayers recorded in Colossians 1:9-12, Philippians 1:9-11 and Ephesians 1:15-21 repeat words of Isaiah 11:2.

    Paul knows virgins (Christians) need to have vessels “filled” (Colossians 1:9) and “enlightened” (Ephesians 1:18) and have “discernment”, which is knowledge and understanding (Philippians 1:9).”

    Al, I look forward to reading your post/comment.

    Psalm 20

  45. DJ,

    I haven’t forgotten!

  46. Al,

    Thanks for this link and remembering me.

    Psalm 20

  47. Al,

    Thank you for posting this link and keeping in touch.


  48. Al,

    I just finished listening to Gerald Celente of Trends Journal declaring “that destruction is being put in place by maniacs in charge.”

    Excellent overview of the landscape. Thank you for posting his analysis.

    If Gerald knew the Messiah and read Scriptures then he would understand that the Beast is running “The Greatest Show on Earth”.


    The stage is set. The players are ready.

    Read an interesting passage this last week (Mark chapter 5).

    Jesus says the 12 year old girl is not dead but asleep. Then, He brings her out of a deep sleep (Ephesians 5:14), telling her parents to give her something to eat.

    The virgin certainly is in a deep sleep. She will be awakened very soon (Matthew 25:1-10) and will need nourishment (Romans 14:17).

    These are the essentials of a good, spiritually healthy diet. But, she will be eating in the wilderness during a time of great tribulation (Revelation 12:6).

    Looking forward to reading your study. Better hurry. Feast of Unleavened Bread is only a few weeks away.

    Psalm 27

    • DJ,

      This is a response to the article I wrote above concerning this coming Passover, April 15th 2014. This is from a Messianic congregation in Kentucky:

      One thing my wife has said repeatedly and we know to be true, “God never works down a ‘one-way street’ “. Interpretation ? Abba never does just one thing. The Feasts of the LORD are not A pattern, they are THE pattern for ALL things prophetic, they are THE picture of the Gospel, and they are the ‘overlay’ for what will take place in these last days;. in Genesis, the Word tells us the luminaries were placed in the heavens by our Father to mark the seasons, days, years and appointments. That doesn’t mean just spring and summer, if you get my drift. They are also there to mark the moedim – God’s appointments with His people, with the nations, with sin, and marking the events of the last days.
      Recently we listened to a video posted on the website of a well-known ‘watchman’.. In that video the statement was made that ‘the blood moons have no biblical significance . . . perhaps some significance to Israel, but no biblical significance. ‘. Please tell me how you legitimately separate Israel from ‘biblical’ and all things prophetic ? By the way, you cannot. They are inseparable. The end-time judgements are multi-layered and some degree all have a connection with the Land of Israel. And if you missed it, the last days began roughly 2,000 years ago according to Peter to Acts 2 as well as the Prophet Joel. Some of these horses have been riding for all that time and it never speaks of them going back to the barn.
      The ‘Day of the Lord’ is NOT a 24-hour period. It is a season, depicted in the fall Feasts of the Lord ( Trumpets, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot ) and mark the time of the return of Messiah.
      It is NO coincidence the Holidays of Passover/Unleavened Bread and Sukkot begin on a full moon, which is the only phase of the moon that can produce a full lunar eclipse or ‘blood moon’. That is not happenstance. They are appointments marked in the heavens by our heavenly Father from the very beginning, according to the Word. To say they have no biblical significance ( the video referenced above ) is irresponsible and reckless.
      As far as your references to judgements impacting our national economy as well as the global system ? Sure it will. The US is a spiritual picture of Egypt in these last days. Even in the mainstream press our current president is referred to as ‘Pharaoh’. We appear to be a supporter of Israel, but when the final time comes for us to side with them, we will not. ( Eze. 29 )
      When Abba brought the mixed multitude out of Egypt He basically decimated Egypt both economically and militarily. I believe that same pattern will play out in these days as well, although His people are not just here but scattered world wide. Scripture tells His people to ‘come out of her and partake not of her judgments’. That is a reference to Babylon – a worldwide system of which we are an integral part. We will probably be the last domino in the Babylonian system to fall ( and possibly that which precipitates the fall ) and THEN, when the ‘system’ falls, the merchants of the world will weep and mourn.
      Just in the last few days and weeks as we start a new calendar year there is tremendous instability and volatility in the world markets as well as our own. The DOW has dropped from well above 16,000 to the low 15′s and the Asian markets are taking losses.
      How is all this going to play out ? We don’t know. But it is past time for God’s people to pay attention to the signs around us, including the signs in the heavens, and prepare.
      Is it the ‘beginning of the end’ ? We don’t know. But we DO know this. Events are taking place now that HAVE not and COULD not have taken place in the past. We, as a nation, along with support and incentive from other nations, are in the process of dividing God’s Land. Joel says this is only ONE of the reasons God is judging the nations. the Prophet Jeremiah reminds us if God Almighty is willing to bring judgement for cleansing on the Place that carries His Name forever, we dare not think HE will excuse the rest of us from judgement.
      Will the ‘tribulation’ begin this year at Passover ? Will we begin to see in earnest the fulfillment of Daniel’s 70th week ? We don’t know. But we DO know this.
      1 Thessalonians 5:1 Now as to the times and the epochs, brethren, you have no need of anything to be written to you.
      2 For you yourselves know full well” ( or we should ) “that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night.
      3 While they are saying, “Peace and safety!” then destruction will come upon them suddenly like birth pangs upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
      4 But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day should overtake you like a thief;
      5 for you are all sons of light and sons of day. We are not of night nor of darkness;
      6 so then let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober.”

      The birth bangs are here. We are in the midst of them now. One thing we can be sure of. They will increase in frequency and intensity until the birth event. What is being birthed ? The kingdom, the Bride.
      As part of the citizenship of Israel ( Eph 2 ) we have much to go through before we get home, just as we did the first time. Yeshua said these days would be as both the ‘days of Noah’ and ‘the days of Lot’. We encourage you to pray and ask Abba for the same ’7-day’ warning HE gave Noah and his family. We pray, when the time comes, that, for those who hesitate and won’t turn lose, God will do as He did for Lot, He will throw them out of town if need be.
      These are the best of time and the worst of times. Being in the Word and ‘in Messiah’ will make all the difference. shalom –

  49. Al,

    I’ve been waiting for Nisan and the Spring Feasts, thinking last year was going to be special (2009 / Nisan 2013 / 2016). So, is Nisan 2014 the year (Joel 2:21-24)?

    Yes – the Spring Feasts are a remembrance (and a foreshadowing) of the exodus from Egypt (“the world”), leading to a time in the wilderness (1260 days, Rev. 12:6) before crossing into God’s rest (Jubilee, 2017?).

    These Spring Feasts are also a rememberance of our Messiah as the Lamb of God.

    “Pesach (Passover) represents our salvation and deliverance by the sacrifice of the Lamb of God, Yeshua the Mashiach. We are justified by trusting in the sacrificial blood of the Lamb of God (Rev. 7:14; 2 Cor. 5:21).

    Chag HaMatzot (Unleavend Bread) represents our sanctification as we rid ourselves of the old leaven of “Egypt” and die to the carnal nature. In fact, this is represented by the burial of the Mashiach and our identification with His mortification.

    Reshit Katzir (First Fruits) represents the resurrection of Yeshua our Mashiach and our future glorified state as part of the coming harvest of God at the end of the age” (John Parsons, Hebrew4Christians).


    Our Lord will wake up the sleeping virgins. It is written in the parable of Matthew 25 and within the account of the sleeping 12 year old girl within Mark chapter 5. The account of the 12 year old girl not dead, but asleep is very special to those who have eyes to see.

    The question is – What worldwide event will cause the virgins (“Christians”) to wake up?

    There will be 1260 days or 3.5 Hebrew calendar years in the wilderness (Rev. 12:6).

    Nisan, Spring Feasts 2014 + 3.5 Hebrew years = the Fall Feasts of 2017.

    Jubilee occurs after 49 years then into a Jubilee Year (Levitisus chapter 25). The next Jubilee is entering into God’s rest. Do you think we enter into God’s rest in 2067?! No way.

    Jubilee 1917 (Balfour Proclimation, “Palestine set aside for Jews”) + 50 years to the next Jubilee (“Jerusalem under Isreal administration”) = 1967 + 50 years = 2017.

    Fig tree lesson (Matthew chapter 24).

    Proclimation goes forth from UN, November 1947. A generation is 70 years (Pslam 90:10). 1947 + 70 = 2017.

    I’m tracking with you brother.

    Blood Moons?

    This link provides a graphic of the lunar and solar events. These are very unique.

    Click to access Solar%20Eclipses.pdf

    The sign in the heavens of Revelation 12:1-5 was above us on FEASTS of TRUMPETS, 2011.

    What event will wake up the virgins (foolish and wise)?

    Will this be the Spring Feast when a cry is heard at midnight (Matthew 25:6)?

    Please pass this reply/message on to your “watcher” buddies and include this video link.

    Ask them to get the coffee ready a massive number of virgins waking up in the middle of the night this Nisan.

    Psalm 27

  50. Al,

    Great article!

    This Pope is da last Pope. He is a da False Prophet (religious leader of the NWO/Beast). This a course is a just a my opinion, and not given like it da truth.

    You just found a false teacher too – (Kenneth Copeland). Ken joins Bill Hybels. Bill and a few others support “the unity of God” (Allah/God) movement.

    So now, if you have some free time, watch this video presentation of the occult symbolism within the Universal Church (Catholic). She is about to be revealed for who she really is and some souls will escape.

    Psalm 27

    • DJ and Marianne,

      I believe both of you are right. I don’t believe this is of Ruach HaKodesh. Unity based on anything less than Messiah our salvation and Messiah the Word is of the enemy and is deceptive, for the purpose of enslaving the flock.


      I tried to play your video, but it won’t. I have noticed that other sites I frequent, I am not able to even pull up now. I am not exactly sure what the problem is.

      Concerning the post I am working on about the Seven Assemblies, what “I” was going to write, doesn’t seem to be exactly right. The more I read, reread, and meditate on it, I find my original thoughts and understanding to fall short of what needs to be said. We, as the people of Yah, need to know who the 10 virgins (5 wise-5 foolish) are and how we can correctly assess which category we fall in. Ruach HaKodesh gives us this understanding out of scripture that is not always so obvious. He has to breakdown “traditions and understanding” that has been handed down to us for 1000’s of years. I do believe that being accurate is better than being quick!


  51. Marianne or DJ,

    Are either of you able to pull up or

    I can’t pull up Steve Quayle’s website at all. I can pull up basically the home page of Now The End Begins, but cannot go to any pages.


    Also the RSS feeds are not available on the Heaven Awaits page. Is that something new? Just wondering if it is my computer or something else.

    • al

      I can bring upt both steve quale and now the end begins.

      you may have some firewall issue that is blocking certain sites

      there is a problem with the RSS feed button, i am not sure how to fix it yet

  52. Al,

    I see both. You may have virus or some bug.

    • DJ,

      Concerning the Seven Assemblies of Revelation:

      Who are these that must suffer 10 days of tribulation (testing), all the while, not being chastised by Messiah for any wrong doing, with those who remain faithful unto death passing from death unto life? What happens to those who fail the test and don’t remain faithful unto death?

      Revelation 2: 8-11

      8 “To the angel of the Messianic Community in Smyrna, write: ‘Here is the message from the First and the Last, who died and came alive again: 9 “I know how you are suffering and how poor you are (though in fact you are rich!), and I know the insults of those who call themselves Jews but aren’t — on the contrary, they are a synagogue of the Adversary. 10 Don’t be afraid of what you are about to suffer. Look, the Adversary is going to have some of you thrown in prison, in order to put you to the test; and you will face an ordeal for ten days. Remain faithful, even to the point of death; and I will give you life as your crown. 11 Those who have ears, let them hear what the Spirit is saying to the Messianic communities. He who wins the victory will not be hurt at all by the second death.”’

      Who are these who have set before them an open door (by the Messiah who possess’ the Key of David) that no one can shut and consequently will not suffer the time of testing (tribulation)???

      Revelation 3:7-13

      7 “To the angel of the Messianic Community in Philadelphia, write: ‘Here is the message of HaKadosh, the True One, the one who has the key of David, who, if he opens something, no one else can shut it, and if he closes something, no one else can open it.[a] 8 “I know what you are “DOING”. Look, I have put in front of you an open door, and no one can shut it. I know that you have but little power, yet you have obeyed my message and have not disowned me. 9 Here, I will give you some from the synagogue of the Adversary, those who call themselves Jews but aren’t — on the contrary, they are lying — see, I will cause them to come and prostrate themselves at your feet, and they will know that I have loved you. 10 Because you did obey my message about persevering, I will keep you from the time of trial coming upon the whole world to put the people living on earth to the test. 11 I am coming soon; hold on to what you have, so that no one will take away your crown. 12 I will make him who wins the victory a pillar in the Temple of my God, and he will never leave it. Also I will write on him the name of my God and the name of my God’s city, the new Yerushalayim coming down out of heaven from my God, and my own new name. 13 Those who have ears, let them hear what the Spirit is saying to the Messianic communities.”’

      One group will suffer 10 days of tribulation, with their fate determined by whether they remain faithful unto death or not; Foolish Virgins

      The other group is ready to go into the Kingdom and will bypass the 10 day time of testing and tribulation the others will have to endure; Wise Virgins

      As far as timing goes, every believer from each of the 5 remaining assemblies, will fit into one of these two groups, or perish in the group they are currently in if they don’t address their condition. If we have dealt with our short comings here and now, as laid out in the letters to the seven assemblies, and have received Messiah the Lamb and Messiah the Word as one, we will be ready when He comes for us and the 10 day time of testing will not be necessary (Philadelphia). If we don’t deal with these things, and refuse to embrace Messiah in His fullness, we will have tribulation (testing) for 10 days, which basically means we will have to die or at the least be willing to die literally for Messiah-the Lamb and Messiah the Word, to be ushered into the Kingdom. This is not about perfection in the flesh. But rather His perfection in us, through obedience to His Word.

      The assembly of Philadelphia will be taken on the Feast of Trumpets, bypassing the 10 day tribulation.

      The assembly of Smyrna; of those who are faithful unto death, will join their brothers and sisters (Philadelphia) on Yom Kippur 10 days later, for the Marriage of Messiah to His Bride.

      Those of Smyrna who are not faithful unto death will fail the test.

      What are the characteristics of the assembly of Philadelphia?

      ) Messiah finds no fault with them
      ) They obeyed Messiah the Word (I know what you are doing) and did not deny His name (have not disowned me-Messiah Yahshua the Lamb of Yah.
      ) They have none of the faults of the other assemblies
      ) Ushered into the Kingdom with no testing at the end

      What are the characteristics of the assembly of Smyrna ?

      ) Messiah finds no fault with them
      ) They will be tested
      ) They will have to endure 10 days of tribulation and will receive the crown only “if” they endure unto death!

      Exactly who are the Virgins in each group?

      Philadelphia: Those who have an open door before them that none can shut= those who have the testimony of Messiah and keeps His commandments (Torah), both Judah (Jews) and Ephraim (Gentiles from the nations).

      Revelation 3:8

      “I know what you are “DOING”. Look, I have put in front of you an open door, and no one can shut it. I know that you have but little power, yet you have obeyed my message and have not disowned me.

      These believers will also be guiltless of the transgressions listed for the other 5 assemblies; Ephesus, Pergamos, Thyratira, Sardis, and Laodicea.

      Smyrna: These are those of Judah (Jews) and Ephraim (Christian Church) who have either the testimony of Messiah or keeps His Commandments, but, for the most part, not both. They do not embrace the Messiah in His fullness. These are those of Judah and Ephraim (the Christian Church) who have been blinded to the truth of either Messiah our Salvation (our sin sacrifice) or Messiah the Word (Torah). Messiah the Lamb and Messiah the Word are one and cannot be separated. These believers are pure in either extreme they hold to, but must be made whole before entering the Kingdom.

      This needs a little explanation. We know that when Messiah was hung on the tree, that the Jews in part were blinded to the fact that Yahshua was Messiah the Lamb, by Yah Himself, and so it has been to this day. We also know that Ephraim (the Christian Church) has wrongfully been taught from the beginning of the 3rd century AD, that the Torah-Messiah the Word had been abolished. It is during this time of the Fall Feasts, at the end, when the eyes of both will be opened, and be reconciled to their brethren, and to Messiah the Bridegroom after the 10 days of tribulation, if they endure unto death. On that day (Yom Kippur-Ten days after The Feast of Trumpets) the assembly of Philadelphia and Smyrna will be one, with no distinction between the two=One Bride before the Bridegroom.

      This groups (Smyrna) heart is pure toward Messiah, but through blindness, the Jews have been unable to see the Messiah as their sin sacrifice; Messiah the Lamb, our Salvation. This does not mean everyone who is an ethnic Jew will be included. Rather those whose hearts are pure to Yah, but have been blinded to the fact of Messiah Yahshua, The Lamb.

      Likewise, Eprhaim (the Christian Church) has been taught, through the misunderstood writings of Paul, that the Torah=Messiah the Word has been abolished, which has been with us now for over 1700 years. The truth of Messiah the Word will be revealed to them, whose hearts are pure towards Yah, to the truth of Messiah Yahshua, The Word (Torah).

      Both Judah and Ephraim will be tested unto death, for the purpose of making them whole and complete in Messiah. Both of these groups will be given the revelation of Messiah our salvation (the Lamb) and Messiah the Word (Torah), within that 10 day period of tribulation. They will declare:

      “Baruch Haba B’shem Adonai” which will bring the return of the Bridegroom-Messiah Yahshua on Yom Kippur to take His Bride.

      There is one last thing that I had not really put together before:

      Micah 7:1

      7 What misery is mine! I am like one who gathers summer fruit at the gleaning of the vineyard; there is no cluster of grapes to eat, none of the early figs that I crave.

      Yah desires (craves) the “early” fruit=the first fruits that mature early, are ready to be harvested, and are the sweetest and most desired by the Father. This represents the assembly of Philadelphia, those who have received the fullness of Messiah and have been judged worthy (by the Blood and Word of the Lamb) to bypass tribulation (testing). None of us should take this lightly and think we are automatically in this assembly. Better to humble ourselves before Yah and seek Him with everything that is in us and hold nothing back, seeing ourselves as who we are; unworthy before Him, humbled in our own sight, and walking humbly before Yah and His people.

      This is not meant to be conclusive nor comprehensive. Rather, just a brief overview hitting on some of the major points.

      Shalom and Blessings to All

  53. Al,

    Serious meat you serve in your latest reply!

    I just read it and need to digest it for a few days. Very filling and satisfying, yet it does not requires a “plop plop, fizz fizz.”

    Look for a thoughtful reply later this week.

    Please drop me a note to my email address.

    Psalm 20

  54. Al,

    Got the message within both above links – it should not be much longer.

    Now for you – there is evidence of the spiritual realm (darkness) becoming more bold, telegraphing/displaying their plans in plain view but very sly, descriptive.

    You will see the symbolism clearly. It is not a big stretch because they all have one image in common – the trident.

    If you follow my posts/replies – I’m going to the “Batman” page regarding messages within movies and commercials with this next video link.

    Please go there and see the link to the Bud Light Super Bowl commercial de-coded.

    Psalm 20


  56. Al,

    This audio leads me to think the end of the 100 year contract is April 2013. China seems to be the next resident for the currency standard (Dragon).

    Just figured out who may be “The Beast”.

    I think there is an individual/family who is “The Beast”.

    There is a False Prophet.
    Da Pope, with power and influence expanding from around 400 AD into the 1500s and beyond.

    There will be an Anti-Christ. Guess who?

    There is a Beast.

    The Beast is a system. I think it is the money changers”.

    I think this is the same group thrown out of the outer court by Jesus.

    Now, there is a Hebrew bloodline family, which is on record going back to the 1500s as a family of “money changers” based out of old Europe. (There is an interesting meaning of the word “Europe”). Just look at the woman and the bull statue in the EU.

    An example of the power/influence if this family is in this piece of history. When Napoleon lost at Waterloo – this family heard the news one day before the markets in London. With this news, a large portion of their money was invested into the bond market immediately. The next year they cashed in, making several millions. This family “owns” the Bank of England.

    The banks of France financed our war of independence and the new republic. This family was active in France as well as Germany and Switzerland.

    The family is “a player” in the international banking today, maybe having a seat at the world banking organization referenced in the audio.

    I wonder – does the Beast have a name? Is it Rothschild?

    Did you read my reply e-mail? If so, please confirm.

    Psalm 20

  57. DJ,

    Sorry, been out of pocket. In your post above, what did you hear in the audio that made you think the 100 year contract of the Fed was up in April 2013? Just wondering. Always looking for insight.

    • Al,

      Within the above reply I wrote out briefly the origins of The Beast, suggesting the tribe of Dan as a thought.

      Check this out.

      I could tell you the “word of knowledge” (prophecy) given me on May 6, 2010 but there are way to many eyes reading my replies.

      Almighty God does keep His promises when it comes by the Word (word of knowledge). God is amazing (Psalm 92).

      I love the Word and the Word made flesh to destroy the works of the devil (John the Apostle).

      The reading of Psalm 46 is a clue to who the AC is and the Beast, which is the golden calf.

      BTW – “Happy pagan unholy day!”

      So discussing and repulsive but so much a part of our Babylonian culture – complete with symbols, images, goddesses and gods (idolatry).

      Psalm 27

      • DJ,

        Good post. I do believe you are most likely right about the Rothschild dynasty, the money changers, and possibly the tribe of Dan. It has been quite a while since we discussed Samson and the tribe of Dan.

        We know that wealth and power drives most everything that happens in this world, based on external worldly things, which is driven by the spiritual realm, all of which comes about by the will of Yah. You were mentioning war in the near future. I sense the same thing and we are seeing things rapidly disintegrate in the international community. This whole thing about the US trying to protect Ukraine sovereignty is a red herring. It has nothing to do with anything. The US is trying to protect the US Petro-Dollar. Russia, backed by China is about to test our mettle by selling natural gas and oil in either the gold backed Rubal or Yuan, or both, signaling the end of US hegemony in the world and the taking down of the US dollar (economy), with the end result at some point being most likely nuclear war. Couple this with Israel and Iran and we have a seething pot that is about to blow.

        We will just have to wait and see how the events unfold, but the red specter of war is in play and in the worlds near future.


  58. The links below all deal with the season we are currently in. The bottom two links can be accessed through the first main link. I split them up just for ease of access. They follow a time line for return of Messiah in 2017. It is quite interesting.


  59. Al,

    Excellent graphics within the link, mapping out the various timelines.

    What you posted should be headline news and not a foot note.

    So then – once tne “blood moons” and solar eclipse series is complete (September, 2015), the Great Day of the Lord begins, lasting one year?

    The plagues of Egypt extended over 10 months, yes?

    It is good to see your name again. I missed reading your posts/contributions.

    Psalm 25

    • Hey DJ,

      Good to hear from you. I am not sure of all the details that happen throughout the last 3.5 year period. What we do know is that we will be here until at least 10 days before Messiah steps his foot on the Mount of Olives on Yom Kippur of some year (very possibly and I tend to believe 2017). That is unless our life is required during that 3.5 year period.

      It is hard to look back and see a time when things in the US, Israel, and around the world have been so chaotic. The things that are building seem to be huge with no means of resolution, no answers….war, financial collapse, fear, mutually assured destruction. Though most have their head in the sand and have no idea what is coming at them. Whether specific things happen exactly on April 15th or not, we do know that we are in the season of trouble for Jacob and the nations. The strength that all of us get from conversing with each other is fragile and can be gone at anytime. We shouldn’t take anything for granted from this point on. Most would say this is foolish talk, but they are those who have not seen and understood.

      Stay in touch as you can and I will do the same. Hopefully this avenue of interaction will remain viable for many months or even years. We will just have to see.

      Be Blessed and Shalom

    • Sure is quiet on here! This kind of reminds me of the White House and all of the scandals this administration is embroiled in; you know the IRS-Benghazi-and so on. While everything is seething and rotting underneath our feet, I can hear Jay Carney saying; Move along, nothing to see here. We know he is lying, but for the White House that is easier at this point than facing the situation as it is. In the greater things that we all face right now, whether we realize it or not, will we echo Carney-Move along, nothing to see here. I sincerely hope not.

  60. Al,

    Today there were two observations:

    A man I met last month joined me and someone else for breakfast. It is obvious by his testimony that The Lord has “chosen” him. Obvious by he words he choose to describe his desire to serve the Lord. There is no doubt in my mind the Lord is drawing together is mighty men (Gideon).

    Then there was the traditional “men’s bible study” that occurs every Thurs, starting at 6am within a “Baptist” and John Piper kind of assembly. They thing they are rich, full of knowledge but there is something missing (a few of the Spirits of God).

    See Joel – something about the Spirit being poured in the last days. This is overlooked and will be coming soon, as we watch the moon turn to blood.

    Psalm 29 (cedar tree = proud).

  61. Al,

    Are there other significant dates in the weeks ahead related to Noah and the flood?

    I’m sending this from my phone and don’t have access to some research.

    I do think the 4th seal (war) opens soon.

    Psalms 27

  62. DJ,

    I did find something rather unexpected about dates. The discussion I was having with some others about the Blood Moon and April 15th has a little twist. I am not sure how it will turn out, but to hit 1260 days in 3 1/2 years on Yom Kippur, the count of days doesn’t begin until April 19th, 2014. That begins at dusk tonight and goes through until dusk tomorrow, April 19th, 2014, which happens to be the “seventh day” Shabbat, that will go through until dusk Sept 29th thru dusk Sept 30, 2017, 1260 days later, which is Yom Kippur 2017.

    I can’t find the article right now, but there is something going on now concerning the specter of war. We have Israel closing all 102 of their embassies and bringing their people back to Israel. Could this be the reason; on April 15th 2014 Iran was to decide if they were going to start enriching Uranium to 90% which is considered weapons grade. The news out today says that Iran has cut their stockpiles Uranium. True or not, I am not sure what that means. Will just have to wait and see. But definitely a lot going on.


  63. Al,

    I listened in fast forward mode (skipping every few minutes), getting the highlights. There were a few topices: “The Russans are Coming! The Russians are coming!” I don’t think think this is quite accurate.

    I liked the Paul Harvey segment.

    More later.

    Psalm 25

    • DJ,

      You are right. It is not quite accurate, but on the other hand I believe it to probably be quite accurate. I do think the scenario they lay out as far as the “final solution” for America to be likely. I do believe something along this line will be what faces those who are here when these things begin and martial law and civil war ensues.

      Where I believe it errors, is the fact that Yah’s people will not be here at that time. That in the Second Greater Exodus, those who are His will be lead out of America (ground zero), through the nations to Israel. The disturbing fact in all of this being, that in ancient Egypt at the time of the Exodus, 80% of the children of Jacob (Israel) stayed in Egypt rather than leave. As it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end. Most don’t believe that something like this could happen, at least not in the US, and they will choose to stay.

      Most in this country have been sold a lie that the “Christians” will not suffer any of these things and will be raptured out before anything bad happens, which will make them inert and unwilling to leave, their choice being to leave into the seeming unknown and hardship that entails, or wait for what they have been taught their whole lives; wait for the rapture! Simple, easy, and without discomfort. At least that is the perception.


  64. Al,

    Regarding the audio and similar messages…

    Please read Psalm 20, which tells me that I am to put my trust in God and not in military security or strength. Throughout the Pslams there are a few basic concepts and one is this: Trust in The Lord.

    “Who is the man that fears the Lord?
    Him shall He teach in the way He chooses.
    He himself shall dwell in prosperity,
    And his descendants shall inherit the earth.
    The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him,
    And He will show them His covenant” (Psalm 25, NKJV).

    The folks talking in the audio link speak of freedom and liberty; “In God we trust” by the sword, defending our “liberty”.

    Please remember that the Statue of Liberty is a representiion of Ishtar (Mother Goddess – Babylon).

    I think the time of Great Tribulation will shake every construct, institution and system built by “man” (666).

    This shaking includes the US constitution, bill of rights and other attachment documents written by Freemasons (non-believers) for their purposes (profit and building a heaven on earth, secular and self serving in nature).

    Al, did you know that the Captial Building and the momunments are considered “temples”?

    They where dedicated as “temples” by those who designed and constructed them. We wonder who the Beast is? See the back of a Dollar, the GW Monument, following the money trail to London, Paris and to the holy grail.

    Within the dialogue of the broadcast there is a sense of self determination and “we the people” rising up to defend freedoms (opposition coming from those nasty Russians) by putting trust in some form of “freedom fighters” or creating an anti-government, anti-military group to maintain our freedoms.

    There is a similar message in many “libery or death” and Tea Party type Christians.

    Within these messages is another message – “Fear the Russians (or anything not blessed by The Founding Fathers). Rise up to defend your freedom, getting your gun and keep on the move so you can be free.”

    If “they” take my coat (house or property included), I’m to give them the shirt off my back to “the Russians” or “Obama FEMA officer” or “the National Repubican Party” or the oppressor.

    “…But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also. If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat also. Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two.…”. (Matthew 5:39-41).

    Dear Lord. Get patriotism out of our blood.

    Oh! Wait a minute?


    Maybe that is what will be coming to America?!

    Almighty God is going to shake up the institutions of man to see – who has put their trust in Him?

    “To You, O Lord, I lift up my soul.
    O my God, I trust in You;
    Let me not be ashamed;
    Let not my enemies triumph over me.

    Indeed, let no one who waits on You be ashamed;
    Let those be ashamed who deal treacherously without cause.
    Show me Your ways, O Lord;
    Teach me Your paths.
    Lead me in Your truth and teach me,
    For You are the God of my salvation;
    On You I wait all the day.

    Remember, O Lord, Your tender mercies and Your lovingkindnesses,
    For they are from of old.
    Do not remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions;
    According to Your mercy remember me,
    For Your goodness’ sake, O Lord.
    Good and upright is the Lord;
    Therefore He teaches sinners in the way.

    The humble He guides in justice,
    And the humble He teaches His way.
    All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth,
    To such as keep His covenant and His testimonies.
    For Your name’s sake, O Lord,
    Pardon my iniquity, for it is great.

    Who is the man that fears the Lord?
    Him shall He teach in the way He chooses.
    He himself shall dwell in prosperity,
    And his descendants shall inherit the earth.
    The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him,
    And He will show them His covenant.

    My eyes are ever toward the Lord,
    For He shall pluck my feet out of the net.
    Turn Yourself to me, and have mercy on me,
    For I am desolate and afflicted.
    The troubles of my heart have enlarged;
    Bring me out of my distresses!
    Look on my affliction and my pain,
    And forgive all my sins.

    Consider my enemies, for they are many;
    And they hate me with cruel hatred.
    Keep my soul, and deliver me;
    Let me not be ashamed, for I put my trust in You.
    Let integrity and uprightness preserve me,
    For I wait for You.

    Redeem Israel, O God,
    Out of all their troubles!” (NKJV).

    Psalm 29 (Cedar = Pride).

  65. Al,

    Please understand that my reply was written with stored up energy, having experienced another “men’s bible study” led by either a minister who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing or an imitation sheep – this is not judging but discerning the apparel.

    He uses a NRSV translation and there is a whole lot of leaven served when reading the Word along with his commentary messages before we break up into small groups. Please read this summary of the NRSV.

    “The NRSV stands out among the many translations available today as the Bible translation that is the most widely “authorized” by the churches. It received the endorsement of thirty-three Protestant churches. It received the imprimatur of the American and Canadian Conferences of Catholic bishops. And it received the blessing of a leader of the Greek Orthodox Church.”

    The RSV and NRSVtranslations are copyrighted by the National Council of Churches.

    Jesus said it would not be good to harm the little children. I wounder if what I am witnessing is an example of doing harm. The mis-information placed in between pieces of bread is unsettling to me. But, I am not a “member” of this non-denominational (Baptist) John Piper fan club church. Those that are members seem to be “bewitched” by the teaching of their minister staff (6+ paid pastor/ministers with an annual budget of 4M).


    Please understand that I think others may be tracking this thread and our exchange, so I take time to express in detail what is on my mind and heart. Good to know we’re on the same page. God Bless you and your family.

    Check this link out, reading the various short topics.

    I’m just saying – the Beast is not Rome/Vatican. It is much much larger and expansive, cumulative of many secret societies. Look for this particular picture within the link below:

    Baphomet at a Freemason Session by Eliphas Levi (1890s)

    Just coming to understand that there is a very large network of people who’s lives are tied to Lucifer. They maybe even reading these lines and their time is very short.

    The fire that is come soon will destroy them and their work (Malachi 4). Thank you Lord.

    Psalm 27 and 64

    • DJ,

      Once again, I appreciate you bringing up this subject. I have been focused on other things, but this quickly got my attention as I started looking into it, and then it went on from there. These are my reflections based on what I have come to understand.

      In scripture it is stated:

      The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be. – Gen 49:1

      The scepter has not and will not depart from Judah. Messiah Yahshua is the the King of Israel from Judah, and has been for approximately 2000 years. But there are those supposed Jews who would usurp His authority and take His crown for their own, creating their own kingdom. The kingdom of HaSatan.

      Genesis 49:17
      Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

      17 Dan will be a viper on the road,
      a horned snake in the path
      that bites the horse’s heels
      so its rider falls off backward.

      Notice that those of Dan are not attacking the horse, but the rider of the horse. The descendants of the tribe of Dan, by the workings of HaSatan, are usurpers who have been rejected by Messiah for idolatry and are out to claim the throne of Yah for their king Abbadon. These are those who say they are Jews but are not. Even as in Eden there existed two trees; the Tree of Life and the Tree of the knowledge of good and Evil, with the serpent’s intent to usurp Yah’s plans and to take over His kingdom.

      Though there is too much to show how Dan fulfills this place of the present day usurper of Israel and the world, listed below are just a few examples:

      1) “( “Part of the tribe of Dan, unable to secure its inheritance, migrated north and captured Laish, renaming it Dan.”
      [Atlas of the Bible Lands, p. 8]

      a. Located at the 33rd degree [both latitude and longitude according to the Paris Zero Meridian]

      “Prior to the adoption in 1884 of Greenwich as the international Zero Meridian, each country made use of its own. The French Zero Meridian. . . is still used on the official maps produced by the Institut Geographique National. . .[Giovanni Domenico] Cassini’s meridian arc is still marked upon French maps as the Paris Zero.” [Lincoln, pp. 75, 141]

      Note: Using the Greenwich Zero Meridian, the northern territory of Dan lies at 35.5 degrees longitude.However, if the Paris Zero Meridian is used, having a 2.5 difference from Greenwich, Dan is found to lie at the 33rd degree longitude and latitude.)”

      2) Mount Hermon was located in the area of the Tribe of Dan. This is what is said of Mt. Hermon;
      “ According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Hermon means “Forbidden Place.” Jerome (4th-century translator of the Latin Vulgate Bible) interpreted Hermon as “anathema.” Basically meaning something that is cursed.

      This quote was taken from a website called The Lost Tribe of Dan

      Mount Hermon is Mount Sion, but not Mount Zion. Mount Sion was in the Tribe of Dan and Mount Zion is a hill in Yerushalayim.

      Mount Zion- Wikipedia-Mount Zion (Hebrew: הַר צִיוֹן, Har Tsiyyon; Arabic: جبل صهيون‎, Jabel Sahyoun) is a hill in Jerusalem just outside the walls of the Old City. Mount Zion has been historically associated with the Temple Mount.[1] In the Bible, Mount Zion is synonymous with Mount Moriah, the site of the binding of Isaac and the Jewish Temple. The term is also used for the entire Land of Israel.[2]

      The two words Sion and Zion, though meaning two different mountains, we find that which was cursed (idolatrous) replacing that which was blessed. Where you find the word Zion replaced with the word Sion in scripture, the intent is to pull you away from the truth. The two words are exact opposites, but portrayed as the same in some scriptures. There is so much more there is no room to write it all down.

      I am sure you have read all of this considering the amount of research you have done. What we see is the serpent (the description of Dan) trying to unseat the rider and take their place in the Kingdom. Such is the way of the evil ones. They lay in the shadows portraying an image that is then the labeling for all Jews, whether evil or righteous (through Messiah).

      Lastly, the best known Biblical personality from the Tribe of Dan is Samson and his riddle. We have discussed this in the past, but now we see, given what we understand concerning Dan, their migration patterns, and the money changers who rule the world now, the duplicitous understanding of the riddle.

      “Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness.”
      Judges 14:14

      We understand that out of the Lion (Judah) that Messiah would come and bring salvation (sweetness-honey) to all who would receive it and establish His Kingdom. All of this through Judah (the Jews) who are called by His name, not the usurpers from Dan. We know that Samson’s mother was of the Tribe of Judah, so the connection is there with the Jewishness of Samson.

      This is the alternative understanding of the riddle:

      “In the context of these prophecies, Samson’s riddle may be a prophecy that the descendants of the tribe of Dan will one day try to destroy the tribe of Judah in jealous revenge for God’s judgment on their idolatry.

      From the carcass of the young lion [Judaism] the tribe of Dan [typified by the bees] will attempt to produce a golden age [symbolized by honey]. “

      The quote from above is from Janet Moser

      The bottom line is, the simple truth that most cling to, is at best either, erroneous, deceptive, or incomplete, or inaccurate. It goes into every area of what we believe to be true. HaSatan is a liar and deceiver of men. He has an alternate agenda contrary to Yah, but mirrors and mimics what Yah is doing. It goes from the seeming simple understanding of Salvation through Messiah, all the way to the complex workings of the myriad layers of our global governance of politics and economics and how they intersect and mingle. We know that Messiah’s way is victorious over HaSatan’s way. The sad part is, how many will be deceived in what they accept and what they reject, and that being in the spiritual realm as well as in the natural realm? How many “good” people are deceived, understanding that none of us possess’ all truth?

      Would be interested in your thoughts, if the subject is still on the table. Sorry it took so long to get back with you on this. It is never by choice.

      Shalom and Blessings to you my Brother

      • Al,

        I’d like your assistance with Ephraim and Isaiah 28.

        Isn’t Ephraim a representation of the evangelical church in the OT Scriptures?

        If so – the passage within Isaiah is the reason why Ephraim is not listed in the 144,000 of all the tribes of Israel that are sealed as we read in Rev. 7:2-8.

        Ephraim issues include:

        Drunkards – errors through wine and intoxicating drink (not literal)
        A fading flower, which is at the head of the verdant valleys (valley of fatness)
        Err in vision, stumble in judgement (spiritual discernment)

        When reading Isaiah 28 please keep in mind 6 of the 7 churches in Revelation 2-3.

        Please give me your thoughtful insight to the above as soon as possible.

        I have an idea what some of this is about but don’t want to share half of what I think – I just found this passage a few minutes ago, thank you Lord.

        Oh, this just came to me – Habakkuk chapter 2.

        I’ll wait on you as I also wait upon the Lord to reveal the message within this passage.

        Habakkuk 3:17-19

  66. Al,

    Nice work – especially the passage regarding the horse and rider.

    There is more we could explore:

    “Located at the 33rd degree [both latitude and longitude according to the Paris Zero Meridian] and there we find Sion.

    Paris is an interesting location filled with symbolism of the occult and 666.

    I think the UN, Central Banks are instruments of the tribe of Dan as well as Masons.

    They are obsessed with taking down the horse and rider. Very deceptive and calculated effort.

    The emblem of Dan is the eagle (I’ve been told).
    I am at work but later will post a couple if links.

    Psalm 64

  67. DJ,
    You say you do not believe in any rapture, I do believe there is rapture. I am not here to argue that, per se. I do want to bounce a theory that I have been working on off you or any who care to comment.

    I Know your basic theory of end times, I also know your dates have been “off”, as have mine and many others. I Believe that this is because of a huge misunderstanding on the part of the churches, whether they are “Pre-Trib”, “Mid-Trib”,or “Post trib”.

    My theory is this: The “Covenant With Many” from Daniel 9:27 Is the very same thing as the covenant with death discussed in Isaiah 28:15, And is the same thing as the Abomination of desolation. This is a time of judgment on Jerusalem, as indicated by Isaiah 28-29, and lasts a total of 1290 days as per Daniel 12:7-12. In other words, the Abomination of Desolation occurs at the beginning of the final seven years, and is ongoing through the first 3.5 years of that final seven years.

    As Proof for this, I ask that you read all the passages mentioned above in context, and also compare this to the events that occurred during the 2300 days of Antiochus Epiphanes, a precursor to the end time Antichrist, and his actions. The Abominable things, Statue of Zeus, and Pigs sacrificed, and sacrifice not permitted occurred at the beginning of that time period, not at the end of it.

    So what is the big deal here? Well, we know the abomination has not occurred yet, Not the one described in Matthew 24, and Luke 21, where armies are surrounding Jerusalem, and The people of Judea must flee without taking anything with them. We also know, that there are some events in Revelation/Matthew 24 that occur before the Abomination occurs.

    What this means, is that as Peter wrote, Judgment begins with the church (1 Peter 4:17), can be equated with the trials described in the first six seals, and six trumpets, and then when that Judgment is completed the Abomination occurs, with the man of lawlessness being revealed and the rapture of the church. With that abomination, the final week for Israel begins, with the church no longer being around to protect Israel. What it also means, is that instead of a pre-trib rapture, we have a pre-final week rapture, which also occurs after the events of the sixth seal, and sixth trumpet.

    Now, before you totally dismiss this, Let’s look at some current events.
    On the 24th-26th of May, Pope Francis will be in Israel. The 25th of May is the 40th day of the Omer, or to Christians, the day Jesus ascended after his resurrection. During the time of his visit, there is supposed to be a Meteor “Storm” around the globe supposedly from Comet Linear, although some say it is several days later. May 31+1290 days is Kislev 24, of 2017, The very same day that Antiochus Epiphanes died, and when the feast of dedication first occurred (Chanukah). There is currently construction going on on the temple mount by the Muslims. I am unsure of what they are building there, but it does involve scaffolding set upon the foundation stone of the temple. On June 4-5, we have Pentecost (Shavuot) The day the Holy Spirit came to the church, The anniversary of the church. Would it not also make sense, That the church age ends at Pentecost?? Did you also happen to catch the article on the pope saying he would Baptize an alien if he asks for it???? Or the Muslim Prophecies that say the Mahdi will show up this year???. Or how about Comet Ison, the “comet of the century” disappeared around the sun, reappeared briefly after coming around the sun, and then disappeared in a cloud….If this is not the sign of the Son of man, his first advent, then I do not know what is. (Note I have separated the sign from the sixth seal, as occurs in revelation 6).

    I could go on here, but my time is running short. I do suggest that you consider what is said here. If I am right, the time is at hand, and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth soon. This is whether you are pre-trib, post-trib or mid-trib. If I am right, it will not matter when the dollar collapses, or what the Illuminati is up to, or whatever. What matters is do you know Jesus, and do you follow him. Or are you going to be one of those people who say “Lord, Lord, did we prophecy and cast out demons in your name”, to which he replies, “depart from me, I never knew you”? If I am right, we have less than 10 to possibly 19 days left to get to know the Lord….The God of the Word. If nothing else, perhaps, this will get some people to fall on their face in sackcloth and ashes. >

    Agape and Shalom

  68. For you DJ

    The Parable of the two couples. Part 1

    There was a man and a woman, and they fell madly in Love with one another. They longed each day to see each other, and speak to each other, share with each other, and be close to one another. They eventually married, and grew even closer to one another physically, emotionally and spiritually. They were well off, and had everything that a family could want. As time wore on however, and the pressures of life, children and maintaining the way of life they had run their daily course, they had little time to spend together. Quality time together went from being daily to weekly, and monthly. Yes they saw each other every day. They slept in the same bed at night, and they had supper together with the children, but their Love was not the same for each other. The man asked; “why do you not Love me anymore like you did before? The Woman responded; “because we no longer communicate, and I do not feel that intimate connection with you anymore.” So the man in response to this would bring her flowers and gifts, would sacrifice his career and standing and so that he could make her life easier, and so that they could spend more time with each other. Yet her response was still the same. He would eventually work full time, take care of the children, run the errands, and build a home for them to live in. He sacrificed in order that she might see his love through his actions, and get her to love him again. All the while, she would never see this sacrifice, and could not bring herself to love him.

    That man then, in desperation began to do even more at the expense of his health and well being in order to reveal to that woman his love, and that she would someday be able to love him as they had at first loved each other. Eventually that man became ill and sick, and could no longer work like he did before. He was no longer able to bring home the Money to maintain the way of life they grew accustomed to. The Woman began to despise the man, because now she had to make sacrifices and suffer in order to survive. She now had to care for this man along with the children, and the household and provide for the needs of the family. She wondered how did she get into such a relationship, and considered divorce. They no longer desired to be near each other, let alone talk, and be intimate with each other.

    There was another couple who began in the very same way, and their love for each other was strong. They were not very well off, but they were content with what they had. They would struggle through life trying to make ends meet, and to have enough food to feed their children. And many a night they had to ask for help from the local church and food bank just to feed themselves. After sometime, this man got a promotion, and with the new income they were able to get a house, and to feed their children. eventually as that man grew in importance in his job he got more raises, and eventually he became a head officer in the company. The wife at home, was overjoyed, and their love had blossomed into a relationship that none could tear apart. The Woman desired to be with the man, and the man longed to be with the woman.

    Both the men in this Parable loved the woman. They both would do anything for her. One woman was content with what she had in this world, while the other was never satisfied with what she had. The Love of one couple grew cold, while the Love of the other got even hotter. One led to divorce, while the other to a lifetime relationship. One was full of blessings, while the other appeared to be cursed.

    • what happens in 10 – 19 days?

    • parables by Dru

    • Part 2:

      Hear now those who call me by name, and call themselves by my name. I have put this in the heart of my messenger. He has lived this life so that he could understand firsthand why the church is being Judged accordingly. Much like I had my servant Hosea marry a prostitute, and used that to judge the people of Israel.

      The Love we had at first was strong, but you have forgotten that love. You have looked to things of this world to satisfy you, instead of my love. When your hunger for the things of this world has overtaken you, and the blessings I have given you seem like a curse to you, then, your love for your husband has died. You have abandoned the love you had at first.

      I have given you children, a blessing, yet you see them as a burden. They look up to you, and they see your idolatry and they follow in your ways. They do not know what true love is because they see you never satisfied with what I have given you. Soon, I will take your children away from you, and you will moan and cry, but not in repentence and Godly sorrow, but in the anguish of knowing that you are alone and dying.

      We Shared a bed together, yet all your energies were devoted to your idols, and all you could do was sleep. Wake up oh sleeper and strengthen what remains of you or you will die.

      My people who have taken my name upon yourselves, You must not be like that woman who is never satisfied. Repent and remember your first Love. I will not take a woman like this for my bride for all eternity. You say; “we sing praises to your name?” But those praises are directed towards yourself, and not me. In calling yourself by my name, you think you are better than everyone else. But in reality you are selfish and proud. You do not reflect my love, nor do you let my love shine through you, you only absorb it in yourself like a sponge and use it to build yourself up. Soon I will remove my love from you. Then you will know your own wickedness and pride. How you, in building your earthly kingdom have destroyed those of this world who should have seen my love perfected through you. How you have walked all over the poor of this world and exploited them for your own comfort and satisfaction. Then you will see that your riches are as filthy rags, blood stained with the lives of those who you were sent out into the world to feed. You have mercilessly killed the sheep in your banquet devoted to yourself and your kingdom, instead of bringing those sheep into my sheepfold.

      Oh my wife, who I love and would have as my eternal bride, repent of your ways, lest your wickedness overtake you, and that your Love for me will die forever. Be satisfied with my love, and let that love shine through you and you will overcome. Learn to love me in poverty and I will bless you with riches beyond compare. Riches that will not burn away under the fire of my Father’s wrath. These riches are stored away in a mansion I have built for you, But you must love me intimately, And be satisfied in this time of testing.

      He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

      • Watch from 1:08:00 on if you watch nothing else.

        • Many will say this being overcome by the Spirit is sensationalism and hype. To the contrary this is real. Paul writes of this in Romans 8:

          “26 Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. 27 And he who searches hearts knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. 28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. 29 For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers. 30 And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified.”

          When Carter Conlon uttered those words of returning to his first Love, it was the Spirit speaking a concept so deep that it cannot be fathomed. That is the Love of God for his Church. It is an intimate Love, a Patient Love, an undying Love, and a faithful Love. I Honestly do not think he knew the depth of what he was saying there, though the Spirit in Him did. That is why he was Overcome by The Spirit.

          When was the Last time this occurred in your walk with the Lord? (Rhetorical questions) That you were so overcome with Sorrow for the lost of this world, or the apostate church that you were moved to tears, not knowing what to say? That the Love of God moved you so much?

          5 For we know that if the tent that is our earthly home is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. 2 For in this tent we groan, longing to put on our heavenly dwelling, 3 if indeed by putting it on we may not be found naked. 4 For while we are still in this tent, we groan, being burdened—not that we would be unclothed, but that we would be further clothed, so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life. 5 He who has prepared us for this very thing is God, who has given us the Spirit as a guarantee.

          6 So we are always of good courage. We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord, 7 for we walk by faith, not by sight. 8 Yes, we are of good courage, and we would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord. 9 So whether we are at home or away, we make it our aim to please him. 10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil. (2 Cor. 2:5-10)

          God bless.

        • For those who hear this message, and were overcome with the same grief for the church and for Jesus Love that overcame Carter Conlon, the words of this song are for you.

  69. Dream of a city, where and when it began: 40th day of the Omer/ ascension day 2013.

    A dream 5/4-5/5 2013 @ 1:40 am

    I saw a child win a painting competition and the painting was praised as a masterpiece, and this child as a prodigy. The child was female.

    The painting was enshrined in a museum, because of the praise it received.

    I as a child then myself, saw the painting as Baseless, meaningless, and ugly. I was largely alone in this perception.

    Sometime later, as an adult, I came back to that city. The city had become highly advanced, and everything seemed perfect. All the people were in shells of security, order abounded, and peaceful. Yet to me it was a lifeless and dead world. All throughout the city, there were multitudes of people with cameras taking pictures of this city, as tourists, and they were all awestruck at how beautiful this city was.

    This world and the painting of the child were tied together, and I knew that I had to go and see this painting that the child had made again. I needed to see it, in order to understand this world, and what was missing from peoples perceptions. I went to an old friend from my childhood who still lived in that city, and explained to him my dillema, and he agreed to take me to see that painting in the local museum in which it hung behind glass. The painting was esteemed as an ideal image of the world. In fact it was idolized in a way. But the glass behind which it hung distorted this image, and made it look more appealing than I had remembered it as a child. I said to my friend “this is not the same ugly image I remember as a child.” I then proceeded to break the glass that was covering and distorting the painting, and lo and behold, there was this same ugly painting behind the glass that I remembered as a child. My friend did not see it that way. The glass was a facade to cover and beautify the painting so that it would even appear as beautiful in the eyes of the wise.

    My “friend” however, did not see, and in turn betrayed me and called for security. I took off running. As I ran, the facade of beauty around this city was becoming shattered. Ugliness became visible again. Homeless people appeared as if out of thin air, poverty, filth, prostitution, slave labor….etc. Most of the poor and homeless saw what I saw, but others continued about snapping pictures and commenting how beautiful it was in that city. I stopped and talked to one homeless person, living in a shantytown, and he said to me that all of a sudden, these deep dark woods and polluted streams became visible to them. I looked at those woods he was referring to, and I could see all kinds of vile creatures coming out of them, Hybrids and mutations of animals that looked vaguely familiar, yet were unclean and despicable. It was as if the world of the demonic had now become visible to some.

    The leader of this city was revealed to me as well, as an ugly beastly man. he had a beloved assistant who ruled with him who was small in stature and very annoying. There in his prescence I saw my friend who had betrayed me explaining what had happened to this leader. I was running and hiding from his police officers, who could not find me. (for some reason I do not think they could even see me).

    Some time passed, days, weeks? I am unsure. But I found myself in hiding under an old decrepid metal bridge. I was peering through the rusty latticework, when I spotted my friend and several of his buddies with cameras in hand, snapping pictures and being awestruck by the beauty of their citiy. What they were taking pictures of was filth, rust, pollution and scavenging creatures.

    I came out from my hiding spot to confront my friend again, and he was stunned to see me, almost as if I appeared out of thin air….At this point I awoke from my sleep.

    The City, is the church…..THIS CHURCH!!!

    God bless….repent….find Jesus, get to know him. I am nothing, He is everything. All glory to God.

  70. Hi Marrianne,

    Do you see how everyone ignores what I wrote? They cannot stand under the fire. Do you remember the verses from my calling that I shared with you when I first came here?

    from Isaiah 41

    11 Behold, all who are incensed against you
    shall be put to shame and confounded;
    those who strive against you
    shall be as nothing and shall perish.
    12 You shall seek those who contend with you,
    but you shall not find them;
    those who war against you
    shall be as nothing at all.
    13 For I, the Lord your God,
    hold your right hand;
    it is I who say to you, “Fear not,
    I am the one who helps you.”

    It is almost funny to watch someone like DJ avert from discussion here. Just like when I contacted him on email, and showed him where his following of Derek Prince has led him down a road of false accusation and lies. He has overtly lied about what I taught, comparing me to Buck on the teachings of the Law.(as you can see we differ quite a bit on this.) He has lied about there being a “demonic spirit called dru”, (That one was funny). Then he has the nerve to say he is one of the 144k, ones who are blameless and without lie. Then to top it all off, he thinks that when the Truth exposes his lies, he can just ignore the truth and it will go away, or worse yet, He will say that Truth exposing his lies is a “demonic attack” on him, Because “truth Hurts”.

    I mentioned that this is like an episode of “I Love Lucy”. Perhaps the following one is the appropriate episode: “I think we are fighting a losing game”.

    • dru

      i notice that long comments get less responses…sometimes people don’t want to read a long argument….

      sometimes you go into attack mode, and leave discussion mode, so keep that in mind..

      the idea here is to instruct, teach, discuss and share….not “expose” people as “bad”.. that is a good way to get removed….or get people mad.

      I know you are zealous about what you think and feel, so maintain an objective approach, and keep the comments shorter, to get a response.

      this applies to others as well.!!!!

      I like that Lucy of my favorites

      • “the idea here is to instruct, teach, discuss and share….not “expose” people as “bad”.. that is a good way to get removed….or get people mad.”

        Well, If this was the case, then DJ should have been removed some time ago. That is the fruit of the Derek Prince teaching that he subscribes to. So for me to expose this, is “bad”, but for him opening the door to false accusation and demon naming is “good”, because he does so in a “discussion mode”? It is almost as if you are making good to be evil, and evil to be good, based on the “tone of voice” one uses??
        Smooth words are for false prophets and brown-nosing. I usually tell it like I see it.

        I do a lot of coaching of youth sports. I have a philosophy that I follow, which goes like this. Criticism is constructive, praise is earned, and encouragement is abundant. If one part of these three is missing, or there is too much of this, then the team falls apart. I have seen coaches that have only praised the players, and those players have never developed. I have seen coaches who have been Hyper critical, and the team falls into negativity. I have seen coaches who do not encourage all the players, and the weaker players quit the sport they are playing. If the team plays lousy in a game, I will tell them. If the team plays above their abilities I praise them. If the team is beat by a better team, but they try their hardest, I encourage them. But then there are those players who think they are God’s gift to the sport they are playing, and hurt the whole team with their selfish play. These players need to be brought down to the level of the rest of the team. Not that they cannot excel, but that they need to use the other players in order to make themselves a great player.

        In a sense, this is exactly what Paul preached on the Body Of Christ.

        It is when I see this type of player in the church, that I am called of the Lord to knock them down, and expose them.

        • dru

          if you hold up your end, I will hold up mine

          If , from now on, someone says something inappropriate to you, write to me and let me know.

          I scan the comments….if they are LONG, or I am tired, I might miss something…..but I do try to keep things civil.

          no one has a right to call you or anyone else a demon…

          and FYI…others have “disappeared” for awhile on here do to behavior issues.

          • It is not about me being hurt. I can handle myself. it is the teaching which he promotes. It gets into the churches and destroys them and divides them. Read in the link, the section on Blessing and cursing…Towards the Bottom.


            I know I posted this before, and do not know if you read it, but that section is where Derek Prince is discussed.

            I see Christians that are being tested coming to this site all the time…I was one of them for a time. This time of testing is not a curse, and neither is there some sort of generational spirit at work cursing that person. In fact the Bible says the Lord disciplines those whom he Loves. To suggest to these people that may come here for comfort or someone to share their trials with that there is a generational curse and demonic spirits working in their lives is to say that the Lord and the Holy Spirit is a demonic Spirit. If You belong to Jesus, the World will “Hate you on sight”. I have experienced this first hand in these endtimes. So a Post such as you have on people writing their experiences of being hated by others for no reason, Is not the individuals fault, But rather a reflection of the Hatred the world has for Jesus.

            The world will attack a person when they begin to stand for Jesus. When they begin that sanctification process that I spoke of with Greg. You will lose out on the things of this world, but the test is, will you Love Jesus despite the loss. In other words, like the parable above, is your satisfaction in life measured by your material status or your Status as being beloved of the Groom?

            That is How Satan works. There is outright persecution that comes from him, which is what we see in the muslim world, and then there is the seduction that comes in the western world. The Prosperity/Word faith teachings being the major avenue of this seduction. They say conform and compromise on this and the lord will bless you materially, if you do not he will curse you with poverty, etc. If you are not receiving that prosperity blessing, it is because you are cursed or have a generational spirit at work in you.

            Our prosperity as Christians is not measured by our material possessions, but rather by the measure of Jesus Love in and for us. Are we satisfied with his love, or do we need more and more material things that will never satisfy us. These are Idolotry….serving Mammon and not God. This is the state of our church in this country.

            I am sorry for the length of my comments, but to explain a delusion to those who are delusional sometimes takes many words. The Lord has taken me through that time of testing. Is he, or has he done the same for you? (Generic “You”, not pointing fingers) When the Lord Jesus is testing you, Rejoice for he is readying his bride….This is no curse, but a blessing beyond compare.

  71. Now read this (if you already haven’t) 😉

    The Unregulated Global Casino for Banks!

  72. To All,

    Whether this turns out this way, we will just have to wait and see. What Yah has set in place He controls and will do according to His purposes. There is more than enough here, though, to cause “most” to sit up and take notice. What is interesting is that this is now being discussed on secular blogs and by secular economists. This actually lines up with what many of the secular economists are calling for; economic collapse in 2015 based solely on just the numbers and condition of the American economy, with economic conditions worsening for the rest of 2014, as they have been for the first part of the year. One of the main things could very well be the destruction of the USD as the reserve currency and the petro-dollar, likely coming from the BRICS nations-Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa.

    The Shemitah year begins on Sept 24 (Tishri 1), 2014 and ends on Sept 13 (Elul 29), 2015, which is the first day of the week (Sunday) with a total solar eclipse. Blood Moons (lunar eclipses) are a warning for Israel (the Goy- Nation-singular) while solar eclipses are a warning for the Nations-goyim (plural-everyone else).

    This is not about the day of Messiah’s return. It is rather one of those things that will most likely happen to bring about His return in His timing.


    • shemitah is a time of rest for the land, not an omen that trouble is coming.

      so far, israel has not seen any blood moons….while they may appear here at midnight or after ( like 3 am), they would not show up Israel time, as it would be morning there ( like 9 am)……

      • Marianne,

        I am a little surprised at your response. For not keeping the Shemitah (the 7yh year rest for the land of Israel), the Jews were sent into exile to Babylon for 70 years. The length of the exile was according to the number of years the Jews refused the the 7th day rest of the land. Also during the Shemitah year all debts were cancelled. The Shemitah was put in place as a time of blessing, but was turned into a time of curse through disobedience, much like America has done with our literal perverseness and outright shaking of the fist in the face of Yah!

        Why all of this for America on the Shemitah year? Why wouldn’t the people of Israel want to take a year off out of seven from working the land? Financial greed and gain. America’s power is in her wealth, which is what it looks like Yah will be targeting. It has been this way now for decades on the 7 year Shemitah cycle and looks to continue at least through next year. We will see what happens.

    • Al.

      Thank you for the informative post.

      Good to see you active again on HA.

      Reading this link below (Zero Hedge) it seems that the Beast will gain its economic strength from the Dragon (China). This seems to be scheduled to occur soon.

      We where thinking it would have occurred by now – but we’re not in control. The bankers are in control.

      BTW – the blood moon and sackcloth sun cycle (2014-2015) is significant, ending with the Fall Feasts of 2015.

      Here is an unusual confirmation of the significance of the ending of the blood moons/solar eclipses by the Freemasons.

      Masonic Founding Fathers selected 1776 as the year of independence, birthing a NWO. Please read the Latin phrase on the Great Seal.

      The Masons applied the pyramid (dated 1776) on the Great Seal as type of calendar, or count down to the birth of the NWO.

      Look at the Great Seal and the base of the pyramid with its “all seeing eye” floating above the top of the pyramid. The year is 1776 (MDCCLXXVI).

      The pyramid on the Great Seal is a representation of the Great Pyramid.

      The height of the Great Pyramid is 5776 inches with capstone in place.

      Masons know the Hebrew calendar and its significance too. The Masons long ago called 1776 “The Year of Light.”

      Masons adhered to the Kabbala along with Egyptian pagan rites, rituals and believes.

      In the Kabbala it states:

      “240 years before the seventh millennium (i.e., the year 6000 from creation), the lower waters will rise and cover the entire world, and only Eretz Yisroel [the Land of Israel] will remain, which will float on the surface of the water like Noach’s Ark; they will approach Gan Aiden [Garden of Eden], the place from which the four rivers leave. The people who survive will be completely righteous, and there they will be whitened, purified, and made spiritual.” (Yalkut Reuveini, Shichechus Leket, “Eretz Yisroel v’Chutz L’Aretz,” 6; in the name of the Rokeach–Gali Razyah)

      Since the Great Seal was designed by Ben Franklin (33 degree Mason) with a Latin phrase (NWO) and year of independence noted on a pyramid, representing the Great Pyramid – let’s put the pieces together.

      The symbol of the first Masonic Government is the Great Pyramid with the “all seeing eye of Horus” (Lucifer), floating above as the capstone.

      The Masons identified 1776 as the foundation year, “The Year of Light.”

      The Great Pyramid hight in inches equals the Hebrew calendar year 5776 or 2016.

      The number of years before the 7th millennium (Kabbala) is 240.

      1776 (Year of Light) + 240 (Count Down) = 2016.

      The birth of the NWO occurs when the capstone is applied to top or the pyramid as he (Lucifer) is seated and no longer floating in the air (2016).

      I’m coming to the conclusion that the US is Babylon (Rev. 18), the blood moons/solar eclipses are the warning before the “end of the age” and the Founding Fathers’ strategic plan was really Lucifer’s all along.

      The Masons put the NWO message on the Great Seal with a code, keeping their vision alive for all who could read/see it.

      Barry, the first gay President of the Masonic Government and son of perdition will be seated as the ruler of their NWO some date after the blood moon/solar eclipses cycle ends in 2015.

      Psalm 20

      • DJ,

        The link below goes to an interview done by Jim Willie. Contains many of the things you are mentioning. It is about 47 minutes long, but I think you will find it interesting and timely. It deals with what is literally going on right now and more of the true nature of the United States, unfortunately.


        • Al,


          Sooo good to have you back on HA: Intelligent, 360 perspective and depth.

          This audio message is an intellectual finance presentation and is spot on.

          He says, “The Banker Kabbala” – David Rockefeller and others.

          Yes! And behind Rockefeller (US Kabbala) is the Rothschild family of Money Changers (Kabbala).

          The guy does not like to use the word NWO – but he knows.

          What he may not know (recognize) is that what’s at work is The Masonic Kabbala, worldwide.

          He speaks of Germany and their banks.

          What he does not know (identify/recognize) is that there is a Bavarian Masonic (Germany, Austria, Swiss) system/organization as strong as US, Great Britain and France. These Masonic organizations work in harmony with each other.

          He says, there is a split between Rothschild Bankers and Rockefeller Energy Brokers?

          No. They (Bankers/Brokers) are going about the splitting up of the booty, spoils before the NWO is brought forth. They know what is coming.


          He talks about Joan Rivers!! She was wacked (turn off the gas), while she was on the table for exposing Michele (Michael) Obama (Transgender) and the gay President. So true.


          He calls these guys “Satanist.” That was bold truth.

          I hope some of them are reading my reply. Psalm 27 & 37 applies, deal with it.

          Maybe this guy will be one saved once the son of perdition is revealed?

          It’s done. Put a fork in the turkey.

          1776 + 240 = 2016 (NWO).

          He sounds like Denise Miller. I like him. 🙂

          But……he under estimates Barry’s role. Check this out.

          Keep posting, please!

          Psalm 20

        • Al,

          Let me reinforce the “Banker Kabbala” concept with this brief video presentation.

          The “all seeing eye” (Satan) is not just on US currency and formed in Ground Zero, but posted throughout the international banking community.

          Oh, and this same “eye” is artistically represented as the logo of CBS News with its “Eye on the News” – so helpful in spreading messages to the masses.

          • DJ,

            Thanks for the videos. There “seems” to be no way things can end well in this country, given the degree of sin and corruption we (as a a nation) find ourselves in. We have been on the down hill side of things for a while now and it is looking worse and worse as time goes on. Most will read much of this and just think it is hyperbole, due to the fact that as they go about their daily lives things seems pretty much the same as it always has. That is how the calamity overtakes the willfully blind and those who are entrenched in our affluent (comparatively speaking) life style. Hopefully some will wake up and realize that the things of this world and man are literally rushing towards an encounter with The Word in the very near future!


            • Al,

              Look at this link, and if possible, get a close up look at the artwork within the Capital Rotunda.

              No video production and very little interpretation necessary with this piece of work.

              “In the central group of the fresco, Brumidi depicted George Washington rising to the heavens in glory, flanked by female figures representing Liberty and Victory/Fame. A rainbow arches at his feet, and thirteen maidens symbolizing the original states flank the three central figures.

              The word ‘apotheosis’ in the title means literally the raising of a person to the rank of a god, or the glorification of a person as an ideal; George Washington was honored as a national icon [god] in the nineteenth century.”


              Yes indeed, they (founding fathers – Freemasons) perceive George to be a god.

              Oh! Look at the position of his arms while seated on his throne.

              This arms are in the demonic position – “As above, so below.”

              They made a fuss of the satanic statue in Oklahoma but George has his arms in the same position, seated on a throne.

              Did you see that Marianne!!

              How sweet, dear George. Please, remove the GW dream page.

              Psalm 64

      • DJ,

        In an earlier post you made the statement:

        “I’m coming to the conclusion that the US is Babylon (Rev. 18), the blood moons/solar eclipses are the warning before the “end of the age” and the Founding Fathers’ strategic plan was really Lucifer’s all along”.

        I believe your statement is 100% correct. We bear all the traits of the Babylonian Whore that the nation of Israel fell victim to. But scripture goes on to talk about the daughter of Babylon, which I believe is who we actually are-the mirror image of ancient Babylon-the end time harlot.

        The US will be destroyed by fire in the near future, following the exodus of His people to Eretz Yisrael!


  73. Yes Al.

    The Beast (666) and the Whore are throughout our culture, society and within religion.

    So many are not spiritually prepared to endure and overcome the days that are soon upon us. Just see the pages of HA, when listing to the pulpit messages in houses of religion and conversations in the coffee cafés.

    When the virgins wake up (spiritually asleep) – this is when they realize their situation.

    “Woe to those who are pregnant [Nicodemus parable] and those nursing infants [see 1 Thess. 2:7; 1 Corinthians 3:2 and Hebrew 5:12-13] in those days” (Matthew 24:19).

    God bless you!

    “Now may the God of peace who brought up our Lord Jesus from the dead, that great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you complete in every good work to do His will, working in you what is well pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen” (Hebrews 13:20-21, ESV).

    • Hey DJ,

      Is 2015 going to be a pivotal year? Many think so for a various number of reasons. Whether it is or not, we will just have to wait and see. But with that said, I believe watching and waiting does not mean doing nothing. We need to prepare ourselves spiritually, emotionally and mentally, physically, and so on. We in the US need to get out of this entitlement frame of mind, that we are somehow special in the world. Yah will raise the valleys and lower the mountains to where we are all on the same playing field. We, as a nation are corrupt and bankrupt, and it will be openly shown for the whole world to see.


  74. Al,

    The following is a segment of the linked article.

    “The process of undermining the US dollar is well on schedule as well; more than 105 countries have decided that the dollar no longer works for them, joining Russia, China and other BRICS nations in leaving the dollar as the entire world comes to the realization that America’s leaders are insane. Their recklessness and evil ways have left tremendous shame upon our nation. Though there has been much manipulation and propping up, but that is only setting us up for the inevitable massive crash.

    “V” begins by updating us on recent information that he has received from his 4-Star General source and warns that events are still on schedule, a schedule that he previously warned would leave the US dollar ‘undermined’ by 2015 and the US ceasing to exist as a nation by 2017″.

    Yes, I agree we are to prepare – but those days were shortened, for the sake of the elect.

    Store up, save food, water, preparing a “safe house” – prudent.

    Look at Matthew 24 – we don’t even have opportunity/chance to react. We’re not even to return to the house get’n a coat (cloths).

    Brother – I’m reading/meditating and re-reading in multiple translations; Psalm 34 and Isaiah 65.

    I’m reading this book, “Set Apart for God: The Beautiful Secret of Holiness.”

    Without holiness – no man/woman sees God. Let’s figure that one out, please.

    It is going to be so tough – We need Him more than the air we breath.

    Ya, we both expect the currency/economic shift (collapse), thinking it would have occurred by now (Fall Feasts 2012? 2013?).

    2015 makes sense. Looking at the Great Seal of the US (Masonic NWO Calendar) – pointing to 2016 and the Chinese / Russian currency deal – pointing to 2015. Sure, Fall Feasts 2015 do match up with the last of the blood moons/solar sackcloth).

    The Masons and Mormons are preparing – but they will not make it through (see Isaiah 65 and 34).

    Let’s keep this thread going.

    Blessings to you.
    Psalm 20

  75. Al,

    The economic forecast (US Dollar, 2015) matches up with the Masonic Calendar (2016, NWO) and the calendar within this link (Last Jubilee, 2017).

    Oh, here is the link to Psalm 34.

    Psalm 27

  76. Al,

    I like your comment, “Yah will raise the valleys and lower the mountains to where we are all on the same playing field. We, as a nation are corrupt and bankrupt, and it will be openly shown for the whole world to see.”

    Psalm 34

  77. DJ,

    Many in the world of economics are surprised that the destruction of the US economy has been able to be put off like it has been, given the amount of destruction done to our economy by our own government. But at some point and in a given time, the destruction will come. Could this be the year-Sept 13, 2015 on Elul 29, which lines up with the seven year pattern of market downturns in the US. We will just have to wait and see.


  78. Al,

    This is a planned event. Did you see these articles?…d-why-printing-money-will-end-badly-us

    I know you are familiar with this article – just reposting for anyone else reading this thread.

    It’s all timing and September – October, 2015 is another window of opportunity.

    I’m adjusting my expectations a bit.

    A nuke destination within metro NYC would do damage to the “markets” (stock, bond and currency) in one day, burning with fire.

    A 9/11 event x millions. Such an event matches up with Rev. 18:1-20.

    And – an arm of the Beast makes the forecast – printed on the Fed Reserve currency. Barry is concerned about this real threat too. It’s all in this link.

    Psalm 37

  79. DJ, You are right! The elites have all of this planned out. The problems they face, and they know it, are all the unknowns that are just a mere breath away from us as finite human beings with finite knowledge:

    Psalm 33:10
    …9For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast. 10The LORD nullifies the counsel of the nations; He frustrates the plans of the peoples. 11The counsel of the LORD stands forever, The plans of His heart from generation to generation.…

    Job 5:12
    He thwarts the plans of the crafty, so that their hands achieve no success.

    Psalm 2:1
    Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?

    Psalm 146:4
    When their spirit departs, they return to the ground; on that very day their plans come to nothing.

    Proverbs 19:21
    Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

    Isaiah 8:10
    Devise your strategy, but it will be thwarted; propose your plan, but it will not stand, for God is with us.

    Isaiah 19:3
    The Egyptians will lose heart, and I will bring their plans to nothing; they will consult the idols and the spirits of the dead, the mediums and the spiritists.

    Isaiah 44:25
    who foils the signs of false prophets and makes fools of diviners, who overthrows the learning of the wise and turns it into nonsense,

    The following is a link that takes a look at the seven year cycle of our nation’s economic downturns going back to 1931. They all follow along the same timing with the Shemitah year. But everyone is free to make up their own minds about this.

    Ultimately, YAH is in control and there is nothing man can do about it. This is HIS creation, not man’s.


  80. Al,

    Read the link. It matches up with The Harbinger tale. So, it fits their plan.

    Harbinger formula:

    2001 is 9/11

    2001 + 7 = 2008 financial crash

    2008 + 7 = 2015 something big or bigger

    I think the Harbinger tale is Freemonry craft work, using Scriptures.

    Harbinger is based upon a notion that George and founders were men of faith, godly men. Crap. Isis, Seth and Horus are their gods. That notion about the founding fathers is pure Freemason propaganda. This nation is about building of their NWO.

    I love this video – short and to the point. Easy to read. Clarity to anyone with eyes to see.

    2015 is a year of destiny with the signs in the heavens (Blood Moons on Hebrew Feast days 2014-15) and solar eclipse on Spring Equnox 2015 over the pagan obelisk in St. Peter’s Bascila.

    Add Harbinger tale, with the 7 year cycle references in your link and the obelisk building Masons printing US currency that identifies their plans makes Sept – Oct another window.

    In fact – it’s even a more predictable window than 2012 and 2013 was back in the day.

    Did you see what I leaned about the Mason calendar on the Great Seal of the US?

    Bottom line – NWO activated Hebrew year 5776.

    1776 (birth of a NWO, “The Year of Light”) + 240 years (Kabbala reference) = 2016 (Hebrew year 5776, matching the hight of the Great Pyramid).

    The all seeing eye finds his seat at the top of the pyramid in 5776.

    Hebrew year 5776 begins September 2015.

    God Bless you.
    Rev. 12:11

    • where is the hebrew year 5776 mentioned on the seal?

      • Marianne,

        The Great Pyramid (represented on the Great Seal of the US) is 5776 inches in hight with capstone in place.

        Original hight 481.4 ft or 5776.8″ (5776).

        Ben Franklin provided a NWO calendar – if you know the Kabbala, Hebrew calendar and who represents the “all seeing eye” floating in the capstone on the Great Seal of the US.

        Building of the NWO began in 1776, which is placed on the 1st of 13 steps on the pyramid represented on the Great Seal of the US.

        We read in the Kabbala that the number of years before the 7th millennium is 240 years.

        1776 (birth of a NWO, “The Year of Light”) + 240 years (Kabbala reference) = 2016.

        2016 is the Hebrew calendar year 5776, matching the hight of the Great Pyramid – which is represented on the Great Seal of the US.

        The NWO (Satan’s earthly kingdom) becomes fully operational when the capstone (“all seeing eye”) is applied to top of the symbolic pyramid of the Great Seal of the US.

        The “son of perdition” (guess who) will be seated as the ruler of their NWO soon after the very unique cycle of blood moons with a sackcloth sun (Spring Equinox) ends on Feast of Tabernacles, 2015.

        The next Hebrew year is 5776, beginning in September, 2015 (Gregorian).

        You know Barry’s wife is a man in woman’s cloths.

        You’ve realizes Barry is gay.

        You know his first speech before the UN was on 09/09/09 (flip those numbers).

        You know he received a prize (crown) for peace on Feast of Tabernacles 2009.

        Did you know the pic 3 Illinois lottery numbers the day after Barry was elected President were 666? Amazing odds!

        You do seem to know all about Barry but yet call him Bozo. So cute, giving a him this dis-alarming name.

        The Hebrew civil calendar year 5776 (Gregorian, 2016) begins in September about the same time as the end of the Blood Moon cycle (frenzy).

        The sackcloth sun is over the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica and Jerusalem on Spring Equinox – March 20, 2015.

        The Harbinger frenzy is a production of the 33 degree Freemasons, because they know what to expect. They printed it on their currency notes (Federal Reserve).

        FYI – A nuke will be detonated in Metro NYC in the near future by the same folks that planed and implemented 9/11, using Islamic Terrorists as patsies.

        Time is very short.

        The year 2017 is significant too.

        1967 (Jerusalem) + 50 years (Jubilee cycle) = 2017

        1947 (UN proclamation goes forth) + 70 (years of generation, Psalm 90:10 and Jeremiah chapters 29-33) = 2017

        Rev 12:11

    • DJ-There is more to what is being said here than you realize. I didn’t begin to understand things until you commented concerning Johnathan Cahn, George Washington, and what are called the founding fathers. I want to thank you for your diligence in ferreting out the facts and your courage in calling out one of the most revered historical figures America has known. If you hadn’t done that, I am not sure that all of this would have come together. Give me a little time and I will get back with you off the blog.


      • Al,

        I asked the Lord for Truth back in 2011 and He keeps revealing more and more.

        There are others seeing Truth, and reality.

        You’re helping me learn too.

        When these people find reality and/or Truth, they expose the lies and secrets (Psalm 64).

        What I just sent Marianne this morning could be a page topic – when the video links are included in the page.

        BTW – there was one passage of Scripture quoted in the movie, “National Treasure” (a glorification of US Freemasons and the pagan founding fathers). It was from verse 16 in Chapter 29 of Isaiah.

        These 2 verses can also be addressing secret societies.

        Wonder why this one passage (“You turn things upside down”) was applied in the middle of the film?

        They are obnoxious and proud as the one they worship.

        15 Ah, you who hide deep from the Lord your counsel, whose deeds are in the dark, and who say, ‘Who sees us? Who knows us?’

        16 You turn things upside down!

        Shall the potter be regarded as the clay, that the thing made should say of its maker, ‘He did not make me’; or the thing formed say of him who formed it, ‘He has no understanding'” (Isaiah 29:15-16, ESV).

        Satan’s building his NWO brick by brick right under our US nose.

        His rule on earth (literal, visible, tangible) is being set up by those who print the currency and lead/direct institutions, organizations and corporations that reach around the globe via free markets, mass and social media, the polices and politics of IMF, World Bank and Central Banks, the UN as well as the Universal Church and secret societies.

        Psalm 27

      • Al,

        I can’t reply to your comments to 33 on the “666” age. That page is full and overflowing, bogging down my iPad.

        Your comments are Excellent – Well done!!

        One of the issues – 33 really doesn’t care to come to know the Truth. He is happy playing within this blog.

        Please – Drop me an e-mail.

        BTW – I appreciate your reply to me regarding Joseph. I think I understand.


      • Al,

        Some interesting observations –

        “Perhaps one additional note on this subject should be made. There is a distinction to be made between the secular state of Israel and she’arit yisrael, the chosen remnant (including those yet to be chosen in the future). This implies, among other things, that the secular state is not to be identified with any form of theocracy and does not itself hold any sacred status.

        God is sovereign over all the nations, including secular Israel, of course, but the secular state of Israel is actually a part of the acharit hayamim (end times) theater of operations. This is evidenced by many of the New World Order designs found on secular Israel’s governmental buildings, most particularly the Israeli Supreme Court building:

        Notice the key symbol of the all-seeing eye of providence on the roof of the building, which can possibly be traced back to Egyptian mythology and the Eye of Horus.

        This is essentially the same symbol used on the Great Seal of the United States, which openly avows adherence to Novus Ordo Seclorum – a Latin phase that can be translated as “A New Order of the Ages,” or even as “a New World Order.”

        The Messiah of evil will come and deceive many in Israel as their long-awaited Mashiach. Perhaps he will finally broker true peace in the Middle East. But he will ultimately betray the Jewish people, much like Haman did (or as the Greek Antiochus Epiphanies did), causing the Jewish people to flee for their lives.”

  81. Al,

    Thanks for the research and information.

    Interesting quote within one of the articles.

    “The only question is: Are investors properly positioned for this earth-shaking announcement?”

    [ Sixth Seal ]

    “I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood” (Rev. 6:12).

    More to share later – time for work, while there is work.

    Since the moon did not turn to blood and the sun did not become sackcloth – I don’t expect an earthquake but the pillars (paradigms) of society to be greatly shaken.

    Psalm 33

    • DJ,

      I guess we will just have to see about all of that.

      The moon became like blood=Blood Moon=lunar eclipse=a natural event=warning to Yisrael-the Goy=the Nation (singular)

      The sun became black=Solar eclipse=a natural event=warning to the world-the Goyim=the Nations (plural)

      There was a great earthquake=natural event

      Everyone has an opinion on these things. How it all works out, will be as our Abba has chosen! Yah is not the author of confusion. He told us the truth from the beginning, so that “ALL” would know what to look at for at the end…..that is, if we have eyes to see and ears to hear and actually do go back to the beginning=Genesis! The first five books of scripture are pivotal, without which, there is only blindness and misdirection, though well intentioned!


    • DJ,

      Hope all is well with you! There is so much that could be posted on this thread, it is over whelming. One thing is for sure, “something BIG this way comes!” It is kind of ironic that people who deal with an understanding of the operations of economies, gov’t Central Banks, a nation’s currency & money printing, and all the caveats of all this, are seeing something clearly defined that is going to take our economy down. It is not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when. Most were thinking the US could not hold off the inevitable as long as they have. But that has been the case, so far. When the masses don’t see or hear of anything happening, and their daily lives haven’t been affected yet, they think nothing is happening and all is well and will stay that way. Truth is everything is inching it’s way towards the cliff, just ahead of us, and most are walking into a meat grinder and don’t even realize it. Everyone is busy buying and selling and living for enjoyment, oblivious to the literal destruction that lies just ahead. Wealth is not the answer to our problems, but understanding and knowledge of what is coming is vital. We are always meant to be vigilant and watchful, looking for the day of His appearance. But then the people of Yah, to a large extent, don’t see or heed the WARNINGS He is sending in an openly clear manner. Many are looking for something bigger and different, to help them understand what time it is!


      • Al,

        I know that I can connect with you on this page. What I’m sharing doesn’t fit this page topic – but it sure looks interesting. I want your take on it.

        There are a coupe of dates this year and next that are windows of opportunity. Feast days of Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles are obvious dates.

        But, I just learned of two others dates, having connections with Freemason/Kabbalah occult.

        Freemasons have an affinity for the numbers 33 and 13. They also follow in part many teaching of the Kabbalah.

        “In Jewish tradition, the 33rd day of the Omer Count is regarded as a holiday that commemorates the death of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (i.e, Rashbi: רשב”י), the most famous disciple of Rabbi Akiva (50-135 AD). According to mystical tradition, on the day of his death, bar Yochai revealed the deepest secrets of the Torah which were later codified as the Zohar (“Splendor”), a key text of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism).

        The 33rd day of the Omer Count is therefore commemorated as the anniversary of the giving of the “hidden Torah” (Torat Ha-Nistar) to Israel, or as the anniversary of the revelation of Kabbalah. Among Jewish mystics, Lag B’Omer is regarded equal to the importance of the holiday of Shavuot which celebrates the giving of the written Torah to Moses.”

        The 33rd day of the Omer Count this year is May 6/7.

        I had no idea of this 33rd day until today, finding the link below while reading about another topic.

        Next opportunity is 17th day of Tammuz.

        This year the 17th day of Tammuz falls on the 4th of July!!

        Freemasons selected this date as Independence Day for a reason.

        “In Jewish tradition, Moses smashed the tablets on the seventeenth day of the month of Tammuz, after he came down from Sinai and found the people worshiping the Golden Calf. This tragedy was seen as prophetic, since it was on this same date that the walls of Jerusalem were smashed by the invading armies of Nebuchadnezzar (see 2 Kings 25:2-7), an event which led to the destruction of the Temple and the exile of the people three weeks later, that is, on the ninth of Av. Today, the seventeenth of Tammuz is commemorated as a fast day (i.e., the “Fast of 4th month”) that marks the beginning of the three week period of mourning for the lost vision of Zion.

        Maybe something significant occurs this year on one or both of these dates since they (Kabbalah occultist, 33 degree Freemasons Rothschild, Rockefeller and others) have a practice to perform rituals on specific days.

        Psalm 64

        • DJ, The dates are interesting on all of this. Give me a little time to look at it and I will get back with you.


        • Dj,

          Concerning Lag BaOmer, this is one explanation from a Jewish website. Notice, they never use the number 33 in their explanation.

          “The Bnei Yissaschar comments that the days of sefirat haomer can be referred to as lev tov-the first 32 days until Lag BaOmer are the lev (the gimmatria of lev is 32), while the remaining 17 days are tov (the gimmatria of tov is 17). A mishna in Pirkei Avos lists five opinions regarding what is the best path for a person to follow. One of these opinions is lev tov – a good heart. A good heart is a heart of gold, a heart of truth.”

          Yisrael always had a heart for Yah. It never was just about the commandments, though they did realize that understanding came from His Word-Torah (the first 5 books of scripture). When Yah tells us that He speaks the end from the beginning, that is exactly what He means.

          I cannot say if those of the NWO would try and use the 33rd day to plan something or not. We know there are a lot of things coming, whether this would be one of them, I don’t really see it, but that is just me.

          Concerning the 17th of Tammuz falling on the 4th of July, I could see that being a different story. The date 17th of Tammuz and the date 4th of July are antithetical to each other. They are in opposition with one another. The 17th of Tammuz being a day of fasting and mourning opposed to the 4th of July being a day of celebration and festivities. Before Yah, America is a rogue nation, that has become the worst of the worst. Without going into detail, we are legislating perversion on a level the world has not seen, given how we started. It would seem fitting to turn the day of America’s founding celebration into a day of mourning. I hate saying this, but I truly believe given everything, it is what is coming at some point. Whether something major will happen this 4th of July, we will just have to wait and see. It is most definitely a time for prayer and fasting, even without this convergence of dates and events.

          Zechariah 8:19New International Version (NIV)

          19 This is what the Lord Almighty says: “The fasts of the fourth, fifth, seventh and tenth months will become joyful and glad occasions and happy festivals for Judah. Therefore love truth and peace.”

          Just as the fast of the fourth month will be turned into a time of rejoicing instead of mourning, I believe the celebration of 4th of July, at some point, will be turned into a time of mourning and destruction!

          The silver lining in all of this:

          Genesis 50:19-20

          19 But Joseph said to them, “Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? 20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.


  82. Al,

    Money is a false god. People in the US will realize this when the dollar is worthless. How else will the Evangelical Church USA realize they are not rich but poor and naked unless they have all their comforts removed by fire (great testing)? See 1st Corinthians 3:11-15.

    The economic/currency signs are very clear. It is only a matter of time.

    It’s like the coffee cafe conversations, blog talk and whispers of concern within some churches regarding the other signs.

    They discuss the “Blood Moon and Sackcloth sun” without context, like they are isolated lunar and solar events, downplaying them as common place events. Or, they can’t see them become they are literally asleep.

    “Oh, it may mean something.”

    “Oh, it means nothing.”

    “Oh, let’s wait and see.”

    It’s a big challenge, preaching Sunday mornings about Joel 2:12-17 and Blood Moons on Hebrew Feast days (2014-2015), occurring within 70 years (generation per Psalm 90:10 and Jeremiah 29-33) of 1947-48 and within 50 years (Jubilee) of 1967 when you need a collection plate filled to support programs, building and salaries.

    Hebrew year 5776 is looking like a very significant Day.

    It’s time for fasting and prayer (Joel 2:12-17). The Day is about to begin.


  83. Marianne,

    Could an all digital, worldwide financial system be just on the horizon? The following article is just one of many dealing with this subject of a cashless society. In other words, no buying or selling outside of the system!

    King World News
    Economic Totalitarianism And The War Against Cash

    July 23, 2015
    Economic Totalitarianism And The War Against Cash
    Today King World News is featuring a piece by a man whose recently released masterpiece has been praised around the world, and also recognized as some of the most unique work in the gold market. Below is the latest exclusive KWN piece by Ronald-Peter Stoeferle of Incrementum AG out of Liechtenstein.

    By Ronald-Peter Stoeferle, Incrementum AG Liechtenstein

    July 23 (King World News) – Economic Totalitarianism And The War Against Cash

    As a result of global low interest rate policies, traditional savings vehicles, especially savings accounts, have become less and less attractive. Since they earn practically no interest anymore, there is a growing incentive to withdraw money from bank accounts and hoard it. In recent months especially, another facet of financial repression is increasingly gaining momentum: numerous (supposed) star economists, including the likes of Paul Krugman and Larry Summers, are currently overtly propagating the opinion that too much is being saved and not enough is being invested. In order to compensate for this imbalance, interest rates should be pushed into negative territory. According to Keynesian logic, this will supposedly boost consumption and provide urgently needed stimulus to the economy.

    In order to be able to implement negative interest rates1, Larry Summers, Harvard economist and former US treasury secretary, bluntly demanded the global abolition of all cash currency at an IMF research conference.2 His presentation gave the impression of being a declaration of war against cash. The primary goal according to Summers should be to enable governments and banks to push interest rates below zero. Consequently, every saver would then have to pay a fee for the warehousing of his money. In order to prevent a run on banks, cash would have to be completely abolished.

    Peter Bofinger, German economist and economic advisor to Germany’s government3, also regards coins and banknotes as an anachronism. He too categorizes cash as potentially criminal and points to the possibility of draining funds from the drug market and illicit employment. However, this doesn’t appear to be the main argument against cash currency. The journalist Roland Tichy summarizes the main goal of a cash-less society as follows: “The main goal is the manipulation of interest rates and consumers, in order to attain specific goals of economic policy.”4 Mr. Bofinger admits this as well. He explains: “If there is no more cash, the zero interest boundary no longer exists, and nothing stands in the way of negative interest rates anymore”. It would make sense if the euro area, the UK and Switzerland were to abolish cash concurrently, according to Bofinger.5

    With that, Bofinger joins the ranks of an ever-longer list of – primarily Keynesian – economists who are making similar arguments. Kenneth Rogoff6 and Willem Buiter, chief economist of Citigroup7, are also pleading in favor of the abolition of cash. Without cash, it would no longer be possible to escape negative interest rates, and one would finally be able to “boost” the economy. Even though the idea is controversial according to Buiter, and there are a number of drawbacks (resistance of the population, high rates of cash usage among poor and elderly people, loss of seignorage income of central banks and governments, loss of privacy and security risks due to cyber-attacks), these disadvantages are “negligible”.8

    However, the criticism of cash has an additional background: due to tiny minimum reserve requirements, banks are in a permanent state of “latent illiquidity”. Deposits are the base of the fractional and massively leveraged credit pyramid. A bank run due to a loss of confidence would quickly lead to a collapse of this credit pyramid. Banning cash currency is therefore the only effective tool the “junta of paper money jugglers” has at its disposal to block all escape routes from the paper money system for the citizenry. The emergency exits would thus be locked down.9

    Moreover, in a cash-less society, assets could be more easily monitored, controlled, taxed and if occasion demands, expropriated. This final factor is seen as ever more essential for governments which are buried in debt up their eyebrows. Restriction of cash holdings thus represents a major pillar of financial repression and moreover the last hurdle prior to the possible introduction of negative interest rates.

    Numerous examples show that the path toward the abolition of cash is already pursued:​

    ► In Italy, Spain, and Greece, the possession and use of cash has already been significantly restricted. Since 2011, it is illegal in Greece to perform cash payments exceeding EUR 1,500. In Italy, this limit stands at EUR 1,000 and in Spain at EUR 2,500.
    ► Denmark wants to abolish the legal obligation to accept cash.
    ► In Sweden, which was incidentally the first European country to issue banknotes10, cash has
    almost disappeared from everyday life. In 2012, only 2.7% of all transactions in Sweden were still performed with cash, vs. 9.8% in the euro zone and 7.2% in the US. The use of cash is now so frowned upon, that the following rule of thumb is in force: “If you have to pay in cash, something is wrong”.
    ► In France, legal cash payments will be limited to EUR 1,000 from September 2015. Moreover, currency exchange offices are obliged to store the personal data of anyone engaging in foreign exchange transactions exceeding EUR 1,000. Purchases of gold also have to be reported to the authorities from now on, as well as gold shipments within the country, which curiously have to be reported to customs. As one might expect, the measures are justified by invoking the “war on terror”.
    ► In Germany, Bundesbank board chairman Thiele still appeared a bit stand-offish with regard to restricting the use of cash: “The Bundesbank won’t restrict the freedom of consumers to choose. This is something that would have to be done by the legislature.”11
    Apart from economists and governments, actors in the financial industry are of course also singing from the same hymn sheet. It is not too big a surprise that credit card company, MasterCard, found out in the course of a study on behalf of the University of Oxford that cash currency was dirty and unhealthy.12 Since 2011, there is even a “No Cash Day” (invented in Italy),
    The abolition of cash currency and the associated implementation of negative interest rates represents a “consistent continuation of misguided monetary policy”.13 It would pave the way for economic totalitarianism of an Orwellian character. Alternatives like gold and crypto-currencies could of course benefit from this, as long as they manage to escape “regulation” or a ban in the framework of financial repression.

    Things are advancing quickly!

  84. Marianne- More evidence of what is seemingly closing in on the US and the world:


  85. Marianne and All:

    The US and the world is on the precipice of financial carnage. It is actually here, just not fully manifested yet. Why we are here, is a four letter word: DEBT!! Below is an article concerning this:

    Below is an extremely astute excerpt from the article above:

    “We are now witnessing the first rumblings of what I believe will ultimately cascade into a runaway market freefall. Our world has been running on debt and delusion for so long that people have begun to think this is the norm, but the laws of economics prove it isn’t. All debts eventually come due. All fiat currencies eventually fail. All nations running on socialist entitlements eventually run out of money. These are immutable laws of reality that our modern world is sadly going to have to learn through catastrophe.”

    The Shemitah, in part, is about the release of debt every 7 years, among other things. Yah put an instruction in place to prevent the build up of debt which leads to destruction, on a personal level, a community level, a national level, and even a global level!

    The law of the Shemitah has been discussed on here and for the most part has been soundly rejected, based on the assumption, that the law of Yah does not apply to us anymore-WE ARE NOT UNDER THE LAW! Is that our determination to make? Is Yah’s law made null and void because people rebelliously decide they are not going to follow it???

    The economies of the world are printing money (creating debt) at a break neck pace to try and stem financial collapse, which shortly is going to overtake the globe, with ramifications for every person in the world. No one will escape the effects of this. All the money printing is doing is massively increasing the level of the destruction of the collapse.

    Why did all of this happen as it did? Man’s refusal to follow Yah’s command concerning the 7 year release of debt, at least in part! The whole world operates on the premise of His laws, whether we acknowledge it or not. Not one person on this earth will be able to sidestep that. We automatically put ourselves under the penalty of the law, when we ignore and refuse to adhere to His Law!

    When we ignore and arrogantly push His Law off to the side, with little to no thought, the eventual outcome is destruction-and it is at the door!

    People can say that I am free of the Law when they go to get a $15-$20 -$30 (if not more-no one knows) loaf of bread, with money that has little to no value, largely due to debt and greed! This is the result, at least in part, of ONE Law being kicked to the curb by the world and His people!

    Kind of gives perspective on what is soon coming

    If a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat also ties into this and many other precepts and laws Yah passed down to the world. America and the world has no one to blame but themselves. His Word is brushed aside as irrelevant and yesterdays news. Yah’s Word will be the final word!

    His people will know His salvation in and through all of this, according to His appointed times!


    • al

      I think the “law” here can also be described as the law of cause and effect.

      if you walk in front of a train, you will die.

      you may be under grace, but that does not mean you are “above” the law and can do what you want

      the law is a hedge of protection…it keeps us safe from a physical and spiritual realm that can harm us.

      i had a dream lately where I was shopping in a crisis center , picking out free foods..some expiration dates were 2012, but the cans were still good, and one box of cereal with date 2017 was labelled as $37 , which showed the current inflation

      the year was 2017, but it appeared the food shortage and high prices had been going on for awhile.

      • The djia looks like a bloodbath this morning in the opening, with the
        USD in a vertical decline! The hucksters are trying to make the point it is a buying opportunity!?!?

        • I got out of the stock market, but have to wait to see what will happen to credit unions.

          • Marianne, We will all just have to wait and see exactly how it all plays out. We know we are in the last days and we have read how things will be then. We know the financial system is going to fail, but the problem is, when to divest oneself from that system! They call that, “trying to catch a falling knife.” I pulled out of all that quite a while back. Maybe smart and maybe not. Wish you the best on all of that. Never easy when all of this is going on.


  86. The market is but one pillar of the global system. It’s a big one though. I suspect this is a correction. At the worst possible time.

    There does not appear to be a lot that can stop an economic collapse if Greece defaults a third time. There is a huge upheaval of NATO nations with illegal alien immigration from war torn north Africa and the middle east. NATO did this to themselves with our help.

    If G-d pulls the restrainer away from earth. Old Knob’s last play to mislead humans will unfold. it’s hard to tell the future.

    I’m going for armor and MRE’s. I do not like what I am seeing. it bothers me.

  87. All- Sept 17, 2001 (Elul 29)

    Sept 29, 2008 (Elul 29)

    The two dates above represent the last two major market crashes in the US stock market, that occurred on the Hebrew Feast days.

    Sept 13, 2015 (Elul 29)

    The date above represents the “potential” date for an upcoming market crash in the US stock market.

    The problem with Sept 13th is the fact that it falls on a Sunday, when the markets are closed. But could this all be by design?? Could the first two dates above be warnings, in anticipation of the “third” date. Below is a portion taken out of Wikipedia, concerning the month of Elul:

    “In the Jewish tradition, the month of Elul is a time of repentance in preparation for the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The word “Elul” is similar to the root of the verb “search” in Aramaic. The Talmud writes that the Hebrew word “Elul” can be expanded as an acronym for “Ani L’dodi V’dodi Li” – “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” (Song of Solomon 6:3). Elul is seen as a time to search one’s heart and draw close to God in preparation for the coming Day of Judgement, Rosh Hashanah, and Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur.[1]”

    Elul 29 is the last day of the month Elul, with the following day being Tisheri 1 Rosh Hashanah -Day of Judgement.

    If the first the first two dates in 2001 and 2008 were warnings, it stands to reason they fell on business days, when the markets could react to the trouble on those given days, which were during a time of repentance.

    What is significant about Sept 13, 2015 being on a Sunday, the markets are not open on Elul 29-Sunday; they will closed on the last day of Elul-the final day of repentance on the Hebrew calendar, preceding Tisheri 1, The Day of Judgement, which would leave no time to repent- react!?!?

    Are the warnings over with judgement at the door? Does America survive this? With everything that has been said and written concerning all of these things by many people, it seems only reasonable that a prudent person would have their house in order, given what could very realistically be on our doorstep as we speak!!

    I know there are some who see all of this as a conspiracy. Regardless of how or when all of this comes, it is coming; whether from the left, the right, from behind, or straight at us, it reasonably seems to be unavoidable!

    Time will tell!


  88. To All:

    By Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

    I believe it important to give an update.

    I have given warning concerning judgment. I have said that I believe America is rapidly advancing toward calamity – that we have crossed the line in our apostasy and defiance of God. I’ve warned that if America continues in its present course, if there’s no return to God, its crown as head of nations will be removed and that I believe a great shaking is coming to this nation and the world.

    As for when these things are to take place, I have from the beginning always issued a strong caution, in spoken word and in writing, from “The Mystery of the Shemitah” itself onward – specifically that we cannot be dogmatic about timing, and that nothing has to take place on a particular date or season, or according to any set calendar, or even as God has done before.

    I have ministered that it is wise to be aware of the signs and seasons of the times, and that though such things can take place on biblically relevant times or dates, but again, that nothing has to happen on any particular date, whether within the parameters of the Shemitah or in its wake, and that our focus must be not dates but God and getting right with Him.

    At the same time, we remain in a dangerous period – and one of the reasons I’ve always cautioned regarding dates is that I never wanted such focus to obscure or minimize the larger picture: that regardless of what does or does not happen a particular date, America is racing toward judgment.

    In “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” I share of biblical patterns which, at times, have had stunningly precise manifestations. Each of the last two Shemitahs has climaxed with the greatest stock market point crashes in history on the same exact biblical day – a once in seven years day that happens to be appointed in the Bible for the effecting of financial remission and nullification. It remains a stunningly and eerily precise historical reality.

    And precisely because it is so precise and because it happened in the last two of the Shemitah’s cycles, many saw it as an absolute that a massive stock market day crash had to take place on the next such day, Sept. 13. Thus we have cautioned repeatedly that this particular manifestation and any particular manifestation does not have to occur in every or any one of the Shemitah’s cycles.

    At the same time, having said and having said again all these things, there are a number of very large and significant facts to be noted:

    The Shemitah of 2015 has, in fact, followed the most predominant of the Shemitah’s templates.

    What was missed by most in focusing on only one day, was that the largest and most prevalent of the Shemitah’s templates has, in fact, manifested. The Elul 29 day crash is only one of several manifestations, an exception and minority template. In each of the last seven of the Shemitahs there has been a collapse – but only two of those seven collapses have involved an Elul 29 day crash. The majority have taken place according to a much larger template.

    The larger and, by far, the predominant of the Shemitah’s templates is that of a long-term collapse, a collapse taking place over the course of several months, or one in which a rising stock market comes to an end, peaks within the Shemitah year, reverses its momentum and begins a continuous descent. This descent may, at times, involve increasing volatility and dramatic day crashes, particularly in proximity to the Shemitah climax. And this is exactly what occurred in the Shemitah of 2015.

    The 2015 Shemitah has followed this larger and predominant of the Shemitah’s templates, a template that appears repeatedly in the book.

    Following the Shemitah’s pattern:

    The Shemitah of 2015 ended a rising stock market on May 19, a market that then reversed its overall momentum and began a long-term descent for the rest of the Shemitah year.
    As it approached its final phase, the stock market and its descent grew increasingly and dramatically volatile.
    Nearing its conclusion in late August, the Shemitah produced some of the most dramatic days in stock market history – most notably what would be called “Black Monday” – and which would trigger the collapse of stock markets throughout the world.
    The Shemitah of 2015 produced the greatest stock market intraday collapse in world history, a crash of over 1,000 points.
    It would usher in the dramatic financial collapse of the world’s new economic engine – China.
    The collapse of China’s financial realm alone constituted one of the greatest long-term stock market crashes in history and, by itself, would make 2015 one of the most significant of Shemitahs.
    The amount wiped out from the Shanghai Exchange, in the space of just a few months, was over 40 percent.
    The amount wiped out by the Shemitah of 2015, from the U.S. market, from its peak to Elul 29, would approach $2 trillion!
    The amount wiped out from international markets in the same period would exceed $5 trillion!

    In many of the Shemitah years, the turbulence and collapse continue and may intensify past Elul 29, into the period of the Shemitah’s wake. In others, they do not. But whatever happens from this point forward, the Shemitah has already and again powerfully manifested.

    Don’t miss the new biographical documentary of Rabbi Cahn: “The Harbinger Man”

    Other key manifestations that have marked 2015 as an especially significant Shemitah year:

    “The Mystery of the Shemitah” chronicles how the Shemitah has marked the shifting of world power. So it was again. The American Age began in 1871, when it became the strongest economic power on earth. Within the parameters of the Shemitah of 2015, that era has officially come to its end.
    The Shemitah of 1973 became a milestone in America’s moral and spiritual collapse as the Supreme Court legalized the killing of the unborn. The Shemitah of 2015 was no less a milestone in this fall – as it was the year that the nation’s hedges protecting the biblical definition of marriage collapsed across the land, and were then, by the Supreme Court, conclusively struck down.

    I have said that I believe it wisdom to be prepared and that regardless of what happens or not, it is always wise to have essentials on hand – and yet each needs to be led by the Lord in such things. For you who have done so, I believe you’ve been wise, and are prepared and better off than you would have been otherwise. Regardless of what the future holds, it is a wise insurance that can always be used. And of course the most important preparation one can do is to be right with God.

    I have said and repeat now that we stand as a nation in danger of judgment. The Shemitah is one template by which judgment may be manifested. Whether or not what is yet to come will be joined to what has happened in the most recent Shemitah, I believe that this nation is in and approaches days both critical and perilous. I see ahead, apart from the hand of God, days of apostasy and persecution, and, by the hand of God, a great shaking.

    At the same time, God’s heart is salvation. And the purpose of shaking is to bring to repentance, salvation and revival those who will come. At this point I believe it is only through shaking that a true and great revival can come.

    For you who would seek safety, the word for safety in Hebrew is Yeshua. And Yeshua is the name of Jesus. Thus the only way to be safe is to be in Jesus, Yeshua. As for you who are in Yeshua, the safest place to be is the will of God. Make sure that’s where you are.

    Know that in all things, God remains absolutely on the throne. And the one who lives in His will, lives and stands on the winning side. Now is not the time to be silent, fearful, or compromised, but to be all the more strong and all the more bold. When the night comes and the dark grows even darker, it is then time for the lights of God to shine even more brightly. Be strong and of good courage. Proclaim the good news of Messiah. And pray for revival but don’t only pray for revival – live in revival.

    And as the apostasy progresses, as America races to judgment, as the biblical signs, principles and harbingers of judgment continue to manifest, and as the events of the last days continue to unfold, I will, and we must, continue to sound the trumpet and the alarm, to call to repentance those who will come, and to draw the lost to Messiah Jesus, Yeshua, who remains the same yesterday, today and forever and who is the only answer, the only way and the only hope America has and all have to be saved.


    • al

      it has been the same pattern throughout history

      we do right, god rewards

      we sin, god punishes

      in his timing, not ours

      although we can see patterns and know if something is near to happen

  89. Marianne- I for one believe that when Yah created the earth and man, He did so with the governance of man being derived directly from the Tree of Life/Torah! I don’t believe that judgement happens in a random manner with the results coming in a random timeframe! He set these things in order, so man would know what his outcome would be, with no legitimate defense of ignorance!

    But this whole discussion hinges on the irrelevance/relevance of His Torah, nothing more and nothing less. Where there is no knowledge, there is no sin, according to Rav Shaul in Romans. He has revealed His Ways, whether we choose to know and understand them, or not!

    But that is how I see it! We are all free to know and follow what we will!


  90. Marianne- I appreciate your answer and agree with it. But with that said, it lacks the specificity to directly respond to the statement I put forth: “But this whole discussion hinges on the irrelevance/relevance of His Torah, nothing more and nothing less”. It is easy to say “the Word of God is ALWAYS relevant”, but not easy to admit that the Torah is still relevant, especially in our day of “UNABASHED LAWLESSNESS”, and a term I heard on HA, “Cheap Grace.” Not a time to mince words!

    Shalom Mariannne

    • al

      some may only observe the NT, but the word of god includes the OT, which includes the Torah and the whole Tenach.

      from genesis to revelation is the WORD

      not an abbreviated version

  91. Marianne- Thought I would post this given what is going on now in the stock market and the economy, and their interaction with the price of oil.

    • thanks, good to keep watch.

      lately, the discussion has been more on nibiru than anything else.

      the change of topic is appreciated.

      I think this next crash will go deeper than before.

      we have no gold to back up our dollar, and we have given away our country to china and russia to pay off debts

      • It all has to do with oil and the petro dollar. The US hasen’t been on the gold standard since the days of Nixon! Right after that happened the petro dollar was created, which mainly meant that any nation purchasing oil, first had to convert their own currency into USD’s, in order to make the purchase. But some countries now are circumventing the USD, and making and receiving payment in other currencies. Countries are now trying to get rid of the USD. The USA has gone through the cycle of being the leading Empirical nation over the past few hundred years, and our place as being the head of nations is coming to a quick end! Things in the US only get worse from here. The only thing we have an over abundance of is DEBT! But the coming collapse will not just be the US, it will be global, which brings about war and the end time scenario we read of in scripture!

        • do you think the other currencies are in as much trouble as the dollar?

          • I don’t believe there will be any safe havens in the world from what is coming! I know this all sounds overly dramatic, but most countries have a Central Bank with the right to create money out of thin air. Below is a list of countries that have Central Banks:


            Revelation 6:6 :

            And I heard a voice in the midst of the four Creatures, saying: “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three measures of barley for a denarius; and hurt not the oil and the wine.”

            Basically hyperinflation, most likely due to inflated money supply, coupled with a certain amount of scarcity in the availability of food. A perfect storm scenerio!!

            I hope the above is wrong, but I don’t believe it is. All one has to do is look at Germany and Zimbabwe, in this century, and imagine that on a global level.

            Time will tell! As I said, I hope I am dead wrong about all of this!!

            • what is your view on the “oil and the wine?”

              • I do not believe the oil and wine is Israel or the Christian Church! The conversation in Rev 6:6 is explaining what will and won’t be affected by the hyperinflation of that day. Grains are made into bread, which is rightly called the staff of life! That which is necessary for our lives. It will be those basic necessary food items, which are critical for our existence, that will be the most valuable and will demand all that we have to appropriate them! The oil and the wine represent those things which are not necessary for our basic existence and will become less expensive and abundant, since all that we have will be spent on nothing more than basic survival! Those who have struggled trying to just get by on the basics, will be more adept in this environment than those who have lived a life of ease and plenty! That is not saying that it won’t be extremely difficult for everyone. That is what I see.

              • What do you see the oil and wine as being?

                • my thinking has been this way so far, but I could be wrong


                  • There is more to say and clarify about the subject of the oil and wine. Will be back with you tomorrow when there is more time.

                  • Marianne-Sorry for the lapse in time. Had a big weekend with the family. Concerning the oil and the wine being Israel and the Christian Church, respectively, is something I am reticent about. None of this is based on ethnicity or ones choice in what they “choose” to believe. Are all ethnic Jews oil and are all in the Christian Church wine??? I strongly don”t believe so!

                    The answer I gave in the post above was based on a clearly economic basis, which I believe is completely true, as you seem to also by your post, Don’t hurt the oil and the wine. But there is more and it does relate to who Israel/the Church really is.

                    With that said, this is my point: Until the olives and grapes yield themselves to be crushed, they are not oil or wine!!! My guess would be that most believe that just saying the repeat after me prayer, or being born an ethnic Jew is all there is to this, or some ritual or doctrine that they observe or cling to. That all of the promises, at that point, apply to them across the board because of their label rather than the working of Ruach HaKodesh in their lives. Blanket statements like Israel is oil and the Christian Church is wine is true and at the same time misleading if not read in the perspective of what is actually being said. It will be the remnant-the few (those who have been crushed-transformed) that the promises belong to, and not the majority who have not yielded them selves to be transformed, even though they might be ethnically pure, and/or believe in a certain set of doctrines.

                    Yah help us all to understand and make the decision to yield to Ruach HaKodesh and His transforming presence!!!


            • AL

              I agree that the grapes and olives have to be crushed first.

              I guess I could have said it the other way around…that the jews were wine and the christians were oil….what counts is that they have been through testing and pressure and are now the oil and wine.


              • I agree!!!!

              • I do agree with you that the oil is Israel and that the wine is representative of those of the Christian Church. My only point above was that not all who call themselves Israel will be oil, and not all who call themselves Christian will be wine!

  92. Marianne- You very well could be right about all of the US gold being gone. Some are trying to get an audit of our gold reserves, but the Fed is not allowing it!?!?!? Says a lot!

    You are also right about Russia and China. They hold a lot of our debt which makes us a debtor nation to them… as a rhetorical question, who really is in control??

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