End is Near – Time Magazine


Date on Magazine: November 14, 2016


What is Time Magazine trying to really tell us?

While the above picture is most likely photo shopped, there is still a message there

This will not be a political commentary, or a partisan argument.

My focus is what is going on prophetically.

While most people are focused on the highly debated election, is there something else going on that is much bigger?

The image above was created in 2012?, originally from state of the nation 2012 page.


There is nothing however about 2012 on the page, earliest date is 2013.

I have not forgotten about the asteroid prophecy by Efrain Rodriguez, in which an asteroid is supposed to crash into the Caribbean sea during a full moon about 2 am, Eastern time, USA.

Asteroid to Hit?

Asteroid Update

November 14, 2016 is a super moon, ie, a large full moon.

Along with that prediction is the association, by others, of asteroids with the approach of Planet X, or Nibiru. It is to come close to the earth clouded in an asteroid field, which precedes the planet and also surrounds it.

My feeling has always been that Obama will remain in office. I am not saying I am right.

He has already said he would concede the office if Clinton gets elected.

And he has said that he would NOT concede the office if Trump is chosen instead.

I heard George Soros state on video that Trump will win the popular vote, but it has already been decided that Clinton will win the electoral votes.

Is he right or wrong?

I am writing this at 5:14 pm BEFORE any election results are official.

I am hoping for the best, but bracing for problems.

I anticipate protests no matter who wins, from the losing side.

So, this where I want to advise people from here on.

Do not engage in open protests, no matter how you feel.

Vent quietly to friends instead.

Pursue quiet legal paths if there are legitimate issues.

If protests are too excessive, or large, martial law will be enacted, and you will end up in jail or a FEMA camp.

And you do NOT want to go to a FEMA camp. You will never leave.

People may incite riots JUST for the purpose of luring you in, so you can be arrested.

If there is a natural (or man made)disaster BEFORE January 20, 2017, martial law will also be declared.

Stay home. Do not go to large public places.

You should be prepared for emergencies, with supplies in place.

If you are not prepared, do this immediately.

My goal is to keep you safe in the months ahead.

We have 2 possibilities as far as the future goes.

We have a little extra time, due to the grace and mercy of God.

Or we have no real time left, before tribulation begins.

Get close to God.

Repent of sins.

Give heart to Jesus, and make Him your Savior.

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  1. Due to spamming by what Marianne told me, I cannot comment anymore but I suggest an act of God will occur before 2017.
    1) First the aquafirs will dry up. A Flood will occur from underneath on the aquafir running from the East Mountains of Albuquerque all the way East through the pain states.
    2) Then an earthquake will occur (Rev 6:12-17; Rev. 8:5)
    Timefrme: Passover Month, Feast of Tabernacles Month, or the Day the Flood began in Genesis 7:11.
    Year: Year of Jubilee that the Jews celebrate in Israel. In this case it is 5777 (2016-2017). The other timeframe is 5778 which according to Leviticus 25:20-23 would be in the Ninth year.
    The other timeframe is 50 years from 5777.

    Now remember that Marianne calls this a SPAM. And I will SPAM this into your heads until you know it backwards and Forwards.

    Isa 46:9 Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me,
    Isa 46:10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

    If you want to understand Revelation, you have to know and understand Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Without this understanding, then you will be as lost as the Christians are and Jesus will come as a thief in the night.

    • Amen —-Jardalkal – It will come just like when Jesus come the first time. And all Israel was in “”superstition’s”” and most of the church of Israel was satisfied with their superstition’s and Love of Money and fell from Christ and the resurrection. Heb. 13:8 Jesus Christ the SAME, yesterday, today and forever. Anti-christ is all over the world and Christians looking for anti-christ. Jesus has Come and Lives in your SOUL. But were looking for another Jesus. Jesus lives in us today. The Same yesterday, today and forever. I can usely tell when I run into a Christian. They have met Jesus Christ and HE has Come into them. St. Jh -Chapters 14 -16 – I will be With you and IN YOU. Just get up and live your lives as it might be your last day on earth. I got plans for tomorrow, But if Jesus comes and takes me away in death. I will never have to worry about my flesh-man again. Praise God. That’s ok. He knows what HE is doing.

  2. I mean no disrespect. I am expressing my opinion on the matter. It is not a personal attack on anyone.

    This is the first I hear of Obama saying he won’t leave office, so I looked it up. I found a post where it says that this claim originated in The Burrard Street Journal. I went to the website of that Journal and found this statement:

    “All burrardstreetjournal.com, FM News or FM Football News articles are satirical and entirely fabricated.

    Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental, except for all references to sports personalities and/or celebrities, in which case they are based on real people, but still based almost entirely in fiction.

    Please feel free to copy and paste this disclaimer into you facebook comment to “prove this site’s b******”.

    This site is a source of parody, satire, and humor and is for entertainment purposes only.”

    Obama does not seem to have many friends in politics because he and Congress seemed to be at odds many times. Whether one thinks it was deserved or not is not what I’m discussing here. What I’m discussing is the likelihood of him remaining in office by force. For him to remain by force he would need the backing of Congress, the Supreme Court, someone in power. Since he and Congress disagreed on a lot of things, this shows he doesn’t have enough backing. He campaigned for Clinton, but Trump won so this is another thing that shows he doesn’t have enough backing in politics that would be necessary to forcefully stay in office. It seems highly unlikely for him to stay because he alone says so.

    I’m not saying he’s perfect, but if there are conflicting reports about something and/or if only one side of things has been heard, then maybe a situation deserves more analysis.

    • depressed

      the government seems to be geared up for some emergency, and obama would know what this is.

      he may or may not stay in office, depending on whether or not this anticipated emergency materializes.

      obama has hinted many times that he thinks trump is “divisive” and equivalent to terrorists, and he is “unfit.” we will see how far he gets with this claim. Hillary used this approach and still lost the election.

      obama, as a muslim, sees trump as “anti muslim,” because trump wants to stop temporaril the arrival of undocumented muslims from syria, who are turning out, at least in europe, to be jihadists

      he also sees trump as anti climate change, because he claims the science is there to back it up, but there really is none.. it is actually a myth

      he has no respect for trump, and continues to oppose him as a stupid failure and unfit….

      there is a heavy occult influence over our government , satanism, there are bribes, murders, acts of treason for money, support for ISIS, obstruction of justice, pedophile sex trafficking, and those involved will do what it takes to destroy trump..who says he will work to stop it

      trumps response

      there will definitely be an opposition from obama to trump entering office. Obama has done many things without congress approval, and it appears they just let him do whatever he wants . both parties do this.

      • Obama is meeting with Trump today to make his transition into the White House as smoothly as possibly. Obama said he wants to follow George W. Bush’s example of handing over the office graciously. His actions say otherwise. I tend to weigh people’s actions more heavily than what people say about them.

        Yes Obama has been very vocal about what he thinks about Trump, but so have many people. People every day are very vocal about their opinions about whatever matter. For example, people say they hate reality shows, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to go out of their way to do harm to the producers. You express your opinions on your blog, but that doesn’t mean you are going to go out and do physical harm to Obama. I still don’t think he will stay in office just because he alone says so. Most recently he vetoed a bill that would allow people to sue the Saudi Arabian government for 9/11, it went back to Congress, Congress passed the bill. I’m not going into the politics of this bill. I’m just pointing it out as an example of the actions I am basing my opinion on where I think he doesn’t have enough backing from anyone. People said he was the anti-Christ and would start WW3 and that didn’t happen. Obama’s actions say otherwise. And no, I didn’t vote for him nor did I campaign for him (I didn’t vote during his two elections because the popular vote means squat, it’s the electoral college who picks). I wanted to clear that up because some say I’m an Obama lover. No. Again, I weigh people’s actions more heavily than words said about them. We’re just going to have to agree to disagree.

        • let us hope there are as FEW problems as possible.

          i am more focused on whether the USA will be here or not in 2017 in any kind of safe condition.

        • “I didn’t vote during his two elections because the popular vote means squat, it’s the electoral college who picks”


          FINALLY somebody who gets it. 😉

          I for one agree on what you’re saying. I often use SNOPES myself because of rumors going wild. My daughter is convinced Obama will declare Marshall law to stay in office. But she often believes rumors that aren’t true.

          • because of his sneaky nature, I believe that might be true also

            but we have to wait and see what happens next

            SNOPES is a hype site that is very one sided, and has been charged with fraud or deception…I cannot remember….so I do not rely on it

            in this election, initially it looked like the electoral votes went one way, and the popular vote went another…

            but once michigan and the provisional ballots were considered, the electoral and popular vote matched

            • Just an FYI on Snopes, there are accusations that it is biased. However, it has been checked by several independent sites and shown to be fairly reliable and some accusations to be false. I like it because it provides lots of background research info which makes checking it’s facts easier.

              But never rely on one source alone. In checking even Snopes, I consider the sources and arguments from both sides as well as my own experience with Snopes to determine reliability.

  3. Obama Says He Won’t Leave Office If Trump Is Elected

    In a shocking turn of events, President Barack Obama has told Wolf Blitzer of CNN that he is “fully prepared” to stay in the Oval office if Donald Trump is elected as the next president of the United States. During the interview President Obama made his thoughts and feelings on potential ‘President Trump’ quite clear.

    Our president says that he may have found a well-hidden loophole that would mean he could stay in office – and in charge – until a re-election could take place. He did not take the matter lightly. On the subject, he did offer some insight.

    Obama Says He Won’t Leave Office If Trump Is Elected


    President Obama is quoted as explaining, “As president, I must do what I feel is in the best interests of our nation… If the American people elect ‘the Donald’ then I will be forced to take whatever actions I deem necessary.” Later in the interview, he went on to say, “I am not standing down as president if it means four years of President Trump.” If Donald J. Trump does become the 45th president of the United States, then we can expect for President Obama to take drastic measures to ensure that he does what he feels is right for our country.

  4. Polls are closed. Trump has won. Emperor Obama is going to be interesting to watch.

    I feel like Armageddon has been postponed for 40 years, but that doesn’t mean things won’t get worse. My prayer is for protection and provision of true believers to the point the unbeliever will know in their heart something is different about those Spirit-filled.

  5. As 2013, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there are 242,470,820 adults living in the United States.

    The total population was estimated at 316,128,839 people, with 76.7 percent of those people being over 18.

    Results for election:
    59,186,057 votes + 59,046,660 votes

    that means about 120 million voted, out of the 242 million total…so about half voted

    also means there are more adults than children by a 3:1 margin.

    where did all the children go?


    • I’ve thought that as well. God created man and gave him three “do’s” and a “don’t”: Be fruitful, multiply, subdue the earth and don’t eat from THAT tree.

      Millennia after eating from THAT tree progressive secularism has determined to replace God by a lobbying for “living wage” regardless of productivity, abortion on demand, and neo-paganism disguised as environmental activism.

      Estimates are 50-70 million voters are missing because of their capital crime of “endangering their mother’s health” – as defined by the person affected not a panel of judges.

  6. […] here for […]

  7. I due be leave there will be something that will happen if it is written. it will happen we must pray that trump will let God lead him and not be lead a stray and pray he will use his head before action the trouble will start soon I agree time is so short

  8. These last 18 months may have brought some closer to God. For myself, the challenge has been to rise above the fray and remain focused on our Lord. Our lives here are very limited, and testing grounds for what direction our lives might take after our time here is complete.

    At least, if there is a major event November 14th during the super moon, maybe I won’t have to go through that major extraction of a back molar scheduled for November 16th!

    Though, I am also set with 3 months of supplies from solar gizmos to triage medical, along with food, water, a few weapons and ammo.


  9. Ah, the Republicans and Trump…how is it such a supposedly God fearing, spirit filled body of believers can first off nominate then go on to elect a cheat, liar, swindler, sexist, womanizer, racist, egoist, narcissistic, thrice divorced, molester of women, hater of the disabled and the least of these, and married to a immigrant stripper….First Lady/Man material? I beg to differ! If Protestants or whoever you are, could stand and uphold such slime and if our already questionable government and its heads/leaders could allow such a disgrace, I now question all evangelicals who know fully well this guy Trump and his trophy wife and elitist supposing family who thinks they are of Royalty and Class and should be treated as the first family then I say your all polluted ! Money doesn’t mean jack and just bc you have allot of it doesn’t mean your royalty, it just means your a filthy dog in a Neiman Marcus suit. For shame and what a disgrace the Republican Party has become. Jesus said if you do it to the least of these you do it for me…I’ll stick with Jesus. And you can never convince me this man honors God or has any concern for the nation and its people. Same thing going on in churches and with Pastors all over the nation, greed, power, money, influence. We are becoming, have become a loveless nation!

    • Jodi I couldn’t agree with you more!!!

    • jodi

      trump is none of these things.

      you believed the slander the democrats put out.

      he has given his heart to christ, and has apologized for any mistakes.

      he is not a womanizer. women in clinton campaign were paid $500,000 a piece to slander and falsely accuse him

      people close to him for the past 40 years have always described him as a an with a big heart

      clinton had billions of dollars coming in from muslim countries as bribes to make america islamic,to support ISIS and ignore christians being persecuted and killed, allowed jihahists to enter country without visas, illegally, and others to enter illegally also, was part of a satanic pedophile ring victimizing abusing and killing and eating children, used money meant for charity in Haiti for her own personal pleasure, lied on her own tax returns, abused and raped women herself, allowed Bill to rape women, she has been described as a pathological liar, has filled the US government with muslim brotherhood terrorists and put them in charge of national security, has declared that christians need to give up their moral values and accept homosexuality , men in women’s bathrooms, and slaughtering babies before and after birth, and she has had over 70 witneses against her die……

      did you want hillary instead?

      • Are you blind? A heart of Christ does not make shrewd remarks and hateful slurs in front of the camera as I’ve and many have seen with their very own eyes! Please Maryanne ! If this is giving your life to Christ then many upon many are deceived! He who is of no sin, let him cast the first stone. I am a Christian and I shall never champion someone of such a disgraceful caliber whether your Democrat or Republican makes no difference. He is a whore of every evil and slimeful act and he has proven it without apprehension. These are not the marks of a born-again radically transformed Man of God. 1 John 2:15… You cannot love God and Mammon, just look at his penthouse….he loves his money, not the holy righteous God of the holy scriptures….God lift the veil !

        • jodi

          I think you are misguided.

          but if you are fair, you will wait to see how things turn out.

          he is not evil, just because he is successful and rich.. he made smart business deals, and did not waste his money

          that is the only kind of person who can afford a presidential campaign

          hillary has more money than he does, yet you are not complaining about her….why?

          those clips you saw were edited and taken out of context for political purposes…for example, he never made fun of a disabled person…you have to see the whole video…this is false advertising on clinton’s part.

          • You seem to have an answer for all Trumps misgivings. Just bc I am not for him does not mean I am for all the debated controversy, of course I’m not for it all but I am for justice and that all of humanity deserves this. Getting into a heated political debate with you or anyone who pledges their allegiance to one side or the other is futile for they all have their mistakes and shortcomings. But let me frame a few hot topics…Evangelicals March and Shout for the fetus yet block the Mothers ability to survive in this cruel and harsh world by shrinking or eliminating programs and hope for a decent life but yet turn around and chant the successes of big government…so what say you? Is this a social or moral issue and in which case whose at fault and where exactly does this root first form and take hold? Just one example of the many injustices yet Republicans will kill in wars, burn people up in the electric chair, and let poor people starve, go without medicine or medical care and go homeless and become sick and die. As for the gays, have you ever hugged one? I am prolife but choice if there is risk of imminent harm or death. Tell that to a couple whose been told the dreadful news their child is critical and your wife could die too, tell it to her husband and the other 3 children waiting at home for their Mother! But government says No, in no way could we permit that, so then the Mother has to die? I believe in compassion and I strongly believe in marriage between a man and a women but to the homosexual operating under a cloud of delusion, is it not the same as the adulterer? If I don’t tell them about truth then who is going to do it? The Republicans? The Pharisees? Maybe we’re where we’re at bc of the Donald’s of the world believing the lies of church leaders like Norman Vincent Peale, TBN’s Crouches, or Kenneth Hagin in all that prosperity crap when we should’ve been outside the walls of our comfortable pews and elaborate churches, hugging them and bringing them the Love of Christ. Hipocracy is Paramount but no where more so then the Republican camp. I’ve never in all my life witnessed such hatred in Christianity then I have in the Republican/Evagelical/Baptist camp and I have the scars to prove it, for I was once the pregnant 16 year old that no one would help who had an abortion, the one whom Christ bled for, the one whom Christ has forgiven, the one who loves with his love not hate, discard and discord….Love is better !

            • jodi

              it sounds like you have been through man bitter experiences.

              as far as the elections go, we either vote for the better one or we let the worst one win by refusing to vote

              this is a fallen world.

              both government and the church will fail you.

              they are both ruled by men

              the only one who won’t fail you is Jesus

              I have been burned also by the church, for different reasons, so I do understand what you are talking about

              you are letting your discouragement fuel your imagination where you are assigning negative behaviors and motives to people you really do not know

              this brings you unnecessary grief that you need to let go of

              soon, satan himself will rule the world for 3.5 years and will bring destruction…this is in GOd’s plan, he is allowing this for a reason…to show how evil the world can be without Jesus

              if we fall apart when humans rule, how will we handle satan himself?

              trust in the Lord, not man…do your best to choose the best people, who may not be perfect, and trust god to handle the situations, and help you fight back if you need to…

              I have never heard Trump mention Peale, or TBN, or hagin, but it does not matter, Trump worked for his money and they just preach free money if you give donations to them…..

              what I am hearing from you is why don’t men like Trump help women like you?

              I am aware that Trump has helped many people, and it is not possible that he helps everyone, which is why we need God, not men to begin with.

              as for christians, there are MANY ministries that do help the poor etc. I have worked with some…they care about people

              but it sounds like you got turned down by christians that do not care about others….so they are goats, not sheep

              as for abortions, according to doctors, there are no cases where the mother’s life is endangered by the baby. Planned parenthood made that up. Even if there was, the baby can be quickly delivered by C section.

              I have hugged many people, but never bothered to ask if they were gay or not, because it would not matter. Gays are wrong but I treat people with respect, and let God deal with them about their sin.

              the country, and world, is so corrupt now that there are very few, if any, candidates that would not disappoint us.

              we do the best we can, and realize how much we need Jesus to come soon and rule this world.

              continue to love the Lord, and you will feel the reward of his presence, even in a fallen world

              • In all fairness Marianne, Trump is not the angel you’ve framed him to be. Do some more research. Norman Vincent Peale officiated his marriage to his first wife. As for working for his money, when his finances tanked in the 80’s due to over spending, the Banks put him on an allowance so the only thing working for him was his his name along with all the other slaves (working class) he owned and the unlucky (blue collar) ones he ended up firing and refused to pay for work already rendered and completed when he lost big on the Casinos and then filed for bankruptcy (multiple times). And let’s not forget the 18 years during which he never once paid a lick of taxes, bragged about his knack and ability to misuse the system and then lied about it (knowing how to benefit from committing criminal acts) according to his attorneys who claimed Trump knew nothing about how to make the system work for him. Then, to add to the boiling pot of dishonest, evil, wicked Men, we have none other then Rudy and Pence applauding bad behavior, stating, it will be good for our country to know how to file faulty tax documents for the betterment of society. We’d, the average jo, would be put in jail. Republicans who have proven to love evil and shun what is good could have chosen Marco Rubio for instance. Bitter, Nah, but awake! That’s a much better term to use when your attempting to determine where my head is in all this rubbish! If it had been Marco Rubio, then yes, he’s a more acceptable candidate and I think many would agree but Trump, he doesn’t even attempt to hide his crudeness but parades it and flaunts it for the whole world to see…and still you, a Christian, support and defend him and even go as far as to declare the man is saved and has given his life to Christ, Not by the looks of it and if this is what we are claiming “Saved” looks like, then Oh My God ! Help Us!….and so, this is what I’m all bent out of shape about and I believe America is about to get a huge wake-up call. Like another commenters stated, neither one was fit but Trump? Not just disgraceful but openly, proudly, arrogantly, narcissistic-ally, disgraceful, boastful and proud about it! Yes, God help us all ! Trump is a Nazi-Fascist Nazi-Racist Communist and were about to be in for a rude wakening! Trump is not Pro Anything but Pro-Trump and Anti Everything Else! Trump is the Poster-Child for “SELF” and depicts the prosperity movement and teachings to a T…That’s why He’s finished victorious!

                • somehow he ended up on top of things.

                  I was trying to assure and comfort you, but you are still entitled to your opinion

                  so it is duly noted


                  you have a lot of hatred in you.

                  you sound like a hillary supporter

          • Question. When you say “be fair, you will wait to see how things turn out” how do you determine who to apply this to? You’ve stated that Obama is going to try to remain in office so why not wait and see for him? How do you determine who deserves the benefit of the doubt? Is it mostly emotional?

            • I am basically waiting and watching for anything and everything, period

              the elections may not make any difference in our future, which might already be cast in stone

              I have heard of various predictions, where the USA might be destroyed soon by both natural and man made causes…

              my wonder is whether or not we have any time left , if none, then the election was useless.

              I think obama will want and try to stay in, but not sure if he will succeed

              the military is geared up for something. DUMBs have been created for a disaster of some sort

              so I just wait and try to stay in a balanced mindset.

              god is the only one who decides who has the benefit of the doubt right now.

              • Your response shows that you think Obama will cause the apocalypse. This is not a wait and see action. You’re actually speaking of preparing for doom so you’ve clearly NOT adopted a wait and see attitude in his case.

                How do you decide who you apply this “wait and see” action to? Clearly you apply to some and not others. For example, you say “wait and see” for Trump.

                How did you decide to wait and see for Trump? Was it because his views are the same as yours? Was it emotional? Does he remind you of a loved one? Why apply certain standards to one person but not others?

                • i do not know trump or anyone that he could remind me of.

                  I just do not accept unverified criticisms, or personal attacks made up from the imagination…and this would hold true about hillary as well…for example, I would not have viewed her as a possible pedophile, until I heard a child’s testimony before congress decades ago, and until I read the wikileaks documents about her involved in the lolita express and her visits to orgy island….the investigation would need to confirm this, and I understand the NYPD is pushing this case.

                  I had no opinion of trump to begin with…he was some rich guy from NYC,,…I looked at his policies for pro life, immigration control, and economic plans to reverse NAFTA, establishing tariffs on foreign goods so they will not out compete american made products..I am tired of going to walmart and finding everything made in china….I agree that jihadists are coming into the country and do not want them here…something hillary supports and he opposes….i believe in voter ID to prevent fraud. I support the 2nd amendment which he supports and hillary opposes…I personally oppose the idea of giving 1.7 trillion to Iran, our enemy, and allowing the muslim brotherhood and the Iranians in our government to have access to national secrets…..I also looked at the quality of those supporting him, like Ben Carson, and Mike Pense, a born again christian……this is a very logical decision based on values and security

                  there was nothing “emotional” about this decision…I am not an emotional thinker…..I am an analytical thinker, which explains my 40 years in science as a choice, and profession before retirement .. even my own children have complained I am too “business like” in my thinking and behavior. I analyze everything, which also explains this blog. my views are based on scripture, not emotions.

                  I think the apocalypse is coming, no matter who is president..

                  I think it will come sooner if bozo stays in…this is because of his lawless nature, and open mockery of Christianity and support for ISIS..or things could go down before he exits, giving him a crisis to keep him in….

                  if trump makes it to jan 20th, we may have a small grace period, but it still has to come… it may be a case of too little, too late….or things are totally hopeless by then, and he will be able to do nothing

                  we have a derivative bubble about to break…when that happens the economy will collapse….we have things in space headed toward us ….

                  no election will over ride what god has decided and prophesied….

                  yes I am preparing WHILE I wait and see….when it finally shows up, there will be no chance to prepare.

                  I do not mind discussing issues, but I do not see the value of justifying my decisions to anyone

                  • Calm down. You could have just said you agree with Trump’s views or policies or whatever you want me to call it. Instead you went into your personal history.

                    I wasn’t talking about your life decisions. I specifically asked why you made up your mind about Obama and Trump gets a wait and see. Specifically. The first time I asked I own up to not mentioning Trump, just Obama and I’ll admit that the first time I wasn’t very clear with my question (I own this, I have no problem doing so). The first time you went into why you think the world is ending which is why I tried to be more specific with the questions the second time. Then you went into this long tirade. I for one think that it’s normal for emotions to influence our thinking to some degree. If you had said it was emotional I wouldn’t have cared. In fact I would have appreciated your honesty. But that’s life.

                    • i have had to explain myself multiple times, so I gave a detailed answer.

                      I have had 8 years to evaluate obama.

                      not real time yet to evaluate trump, so it is wait and see

        • Well on the other hand you could have voted for the clintons, I doubt they’re Christian at all, unless there is a new class that permits orgies in the whitehouse.

          • Well now that you mention it, there is a class of Christian fornicators, I know bc I use to be one and date one calling themselves a Christian and using the biblical scriptures with ferocity!

          • Every politician is a Christian, like about 80% of Americans…because they said so. 🙂

    • WE ARE ALL SINNERS!! “For all fall short of the glory of GOD”
      “Hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye to see clearly before getting the speck in another’s”)
      “For none are righteous, not even one”
      Do we like what he may have said to a guy in small talk about woman? No, but I can certainly tell you that we prefer a capitalist who works for what he gets and cares about creating jobs, lowering taxes on the small businesses who has bern strangled by taxes and regulations- many corporations are leaving USA because of it! Also, he’s not saying gun control after a dang terrorist attack in our country!! HELLOO!!?? Taking guns from the American citizens and leaving them defenseless is the most idiotic thing when we are all targets!! But yet, they say Islamic terrorism ( wait.. they don’t, they say “work place violence”) is not a threat! “Climate Change is our BIGGEST threat”!! ?? Staggering!! Delusional!! People aren’t dying of sun burns, but tens of thousands – INCLUDING AMERICANS are dying at the hands of terrorists – in which spread and grew into a multi billion dollar empire all because of… Hillary and Obama!!!! Bush warned if we quit before it was complete, a worse group would emerge! He was spot on! And don’t get me started on Iran, released terrorist’s from Guantanamo Bay, Israeli treatment, sympathizing with the black lives matter cult who demonize all police” and accuse Americans and police of racism! Obama, Hillary and Dem’s have caused the hate, and divisions in our country! But the main reason Trump is victorious is because we don’t want a Socialist country !! That’s what we would’ve gotten with her, oh, not to mention the corruption!! Sheesh!!! I could go on and on! If she would’ve won- I’m fairly sure Republicans would NEVER burn the American flag!! With the Dem’s you can’t even dress up for Halloween without being called a racist- but they need to go back to history class and learn about what party fought against slavery! Repub’s! And Dem’s learned that lying and acting like blacks were victims, and saying they cared more than repubs about them, they learned they got those votes!! Well last night- the American people voiced their understanding!!! How great! But no matter what happens, or who is leader- Our Heavenly Father is in total control!! Trust in his will

  10. the hate campaign continues, fostered by Obama and clinton.


    they want to start civil unrest and martial law

    • No, it’s referred to as truth … Truth in spirit and truth…facts not feelings… Facts not Feelings ! It’s on tape !

      • I Desire to love the least of these and to share the gospel to ALL, and if my witness saves at least one that has gone astray, then I’ve done my job! I LOVE ALL JUST AS CHRIST DID ! Look how he engaged with the women at the well, for instance. Or the Adulterer ! Many, upon many Christians are engaging in fornication Saturday night then holding hands together in church Sunday mornings and Pastors do nothing! I use to engage in these behaviors, I’m not oblivious to the hipocracy! I love them all and will tell them the truth bc that is truly loving them NOT ! Being a hater ! Christ died for all, his blood is for all !

      • Jodi – I agree with everything you’ve said here.

  11. They are BOTH horrible people. BOTH Trump and Clinton are corrupt and evil. BOTH of them. Saying one is better than the other does not make it true when there is no such thing as an acceptable level of evil/corruption AND claiming that one is not quite as corrupt as the other and “not really all that evil” is an oxymoron. That’s akin to saying “Out of my two choices for a life partner I’ll marry the one who is less abusive than the other.” Does any else see the crazy in that? And the sadness.

    I can see right through these illusions and ‘illusions of choice’ because I am not brainwashed and I am not in Stockholm Syndrome either.

    Why couldn’t we have had TWO GREAT CANDIDATES to choose from instead of two corrupt ones, albeit one slightly more so than the other? How about that idea instead of arguing over who is the lesser of the two evils.

    Seems we have lowered our standards and sunk to a whole new level.

  12. Well I don’t really care, I just felt trump was the less of the two evils. Plus I’m Canadian lol, and thirdly if it didn’t matter 2700-2800 years ago it really doesn’t matter now to put to much emotion into this. Isaiah 6:1. “….I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.” God showed the prophet that even though the earthly king had died God was still on the throne.
    2 Chronicles 26:4

  13. Jesus warned the people about the Pharisees; he said that they sat in Moses seat, therefore to listen to him (Moses) carefully, but don’t do what they do (the Pharisees), for they do not practice what they preach. Matthew 23:3

  14. I have lived in NYC all my life and make no mistake Trump LOVES drama. That’s really what he loves. He has caused all kinds of problems here especially during the 80’s and 90’s. He creates a problem where there is none and fixes what isn’t broken. He will have no problem with ending certain programs that benefit many and taking away rights that will lead to protests and that will lead to anarchy and that will lead to Marshall Law.

    Just as he used to blame City Officials for his housing development screw-ups everything will either be blamed on Congress, or this one and that one, or blamed on the protesters whom he incited, and anyone else he can blame. He will also blame Obama as well. He never took any responsibility for any of his actions, at least not that I saw. He pointed a finger at whoever he could and where it would be believable so he could maintain his false image.

    We need a PRO-LIFE PRESIDENT who is NOT a self-serving, self-benefiting, power-hungry, drama-inspiring liar, completely out of touch with the middle class and the poor. Completely out of touch with them. NO concept whatsoever. He talks out of two sides of his mouth. He is not the answer to our prayers. He is our worst nightmare.

    I am in the process of buying a home with acreage in Upstate NY, an hour north of NYC, in a rural area near farms, and I am taking my stocks/supplies with me there because he will create anarchy and make it appear as if it happened naturally or through no fault of his own. I’ve already witnessed him in action when he’s pumped up and has power to abuse. It’s not pretty.

    Granted, she’s worse than him, yes, but he’s not who you think. Picking the lesser of two evils still gets you evil. I take comfort knowing it’s now in God’s hands.

  15. I don’t think God told him not to share, I think it was his wife!

  16. JoyR, I completely agree with you too!

  17. Again, not hate, facts! Truth….get it into your head, please!

  18. Yesterday I thought, Marianne creates unnecessary fear? But its becomes reality.

    Why Obama and Clinton not control the protest ? Otherwise USA becomes like Egypt . If Obama will not ask public to be silent , that means he would have behind this protest and he wanted to destroy USA. Why people cannot accept the decision of the majority? Citizen of USA are foolish?

    We in SriLanka below India . Our people protect Democracy. When regime change, former President peacefully handed over the government to new President.

    By this protest, USA will weak and Putin -Russia , China, North Korea and Iran will come as END TIME anti-Christ group .

    1.”When communism comes again ,The Garbandal Warning will be happened”.
    2.Then , when will be the Third secret of Fatima in 1917 ?
    3.St. Malachi Pope List , Last Pope = Francis 1
    4.When Abomination of Desolation will start as said by Daniel
    2017 ???

  19. Trump recently stated again, when asked about his longtime close friend Jeffrey Epstein, he reiterated “Jeff is a good friend of mine, I love the guy, he’s a great guy, and fun at parties”….. Trump’s words.

    For those that don’t know Jeff Epstein, he’s a billionaire, pedophile and registered sex-offender. He owns his own private jet and island. He takes underage teen girls there as well. He did time in prison, but not enough. Why they let him out is beyond me. He has only hurt more children. But he is one of Trump’s many seedy criminal friends — a KNOWN pedophile.

    I am not for Hillary either and never was. The Clinton’s are criminals. But so is Trump…. and his friends too. And some of Trump’s Cabinet member as criminals as well. My point is that they are BOTH horrid, corrupt, ungodly people. Trump is a deceiver, She is easier to see through.

    I am not hateful. I am aware, not brainwashed. I have felt all along that we should have joined forces, protested both candidates, and demanded two candidates that weren’t corrupt and who would not be bullied out of the race, instead of becoming a nation divided, fighting over two corrupt, self-serving people who have divided the country and who should have never gotten as far as they did in the election process.

    • On February 6, 2008, an anonymous Virginia woman filed a $50 million civil lawsuit[45] in federal court against Epstein, alleging that when she was a 16-year-old minor in 2004–2005, she was “recruited to give Epstein a massage”. She claims she was taken to his mansion, where he exposed himself and had sexual intercourse with her, and paid her $200 immediately afterward.[24] A similar $50 million suit was filed in March 2008 by a different woman, who was represented by the same lawyer.[46] Several of these lawsuits were dismissed, and all other lawsuits were settled out of court.[47] Epstein made many out-of-court settlements with alleged victims, and some cases remain ongoing.[48] A December 30, 2014, federal civil suit was filed in Florida against the United States for violations of the Crime Victims’ Rights Act in agreeing to the 2008 plea; it accuses Alan Dershowitz of sexually abusing a minor provided by Epstein.[49] (See Two Jane Does v. United States.) However, the allegations against Dershowitz were stricken by the judge and eliminated from the case after Dershowitz’s attorney argued that they were baseless.[50] A court document alleges that Epstein ran a “sexual abuse ring”, and lent underage girls to “prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders”.[51]

      Another woman, identified by the pseudonym “Katie Johnson”,[52] filed a lawsuit in California federal court on April 26, 2016, accusing Epstein and real estate businessman Donald Trump of raping her in 1994, when she was 13 years old.[53][54][55] At the time of filing of the lawsuit, Trump was campaigning to become the Republican Party candidate for the office of U.S. President. Judges Ronnie Abrams and James C. Francis IV presided over the case against Epstein and Trump.[56] The suit was dismissed after it was determined that the address listed for “Katie Johnson” was a foreclosed abandoned home whose resident had died and the provided telephone contact information was also not a functioning contact.[53] The woman (now using the pseudonym “Jane Doe”) filed a new lawsuit in June 2016, this time in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, and without some of the accusations made in the initial lawsuit, including claims by the plaintiff that Trump threw money for an abortion at Johnson and that he called Epstein a “Jew…..
      Here’s a small snippet of what America has voted into office. Saved? I highly doubt it !
      Jeffery Epstein Wikipedia.org
      Roy Cohn Wikipedia.org

      • katie was found to be a false allegation, with no grounds for court.

        “katie” was working for hillary and paid $500,000 to file the false allegation….guess you missed that on purpose

        I notice you do not mention hillary and bill using the lolita express and going to Orgy island to have sex with children, or how she looks the other way when children are raped and murdered by muslims, so she can keep getting that saudi cash for play

        I think you are a hillary supporter and a troll….sorry

        btw, trump says he likes everyone when he first meets them…it does not mean he knows everything about them

    • joy

      you drank the coolaid.

      get close to god, and leave the slander behind you

  20. http://www.worldforjesus.org/articles-special.php?ID=371

    God and Donald Trump by
    Nita Johnson 3/4/2016

  21. A Note from Terry Regarding Election 2016 6/21/16



  22. nita johnson, neville johnson, sadhu, john paul jackson ,Terry bennett are decent ministers.

  23. They are not haters, they are protesters. They are protesting the choice of the person to lead our country whom they know DOES NOT have our (“our” meaning the middle class and poor, the fixed-income elderly & disabled) best interests at heart. Peaceful protesting is a form of awareness. They are raising awareness. Some protests were violent but most were peaceful.

    The violent ones are people who like chaos and anarchy and use this as an opportunity, an excuse to get their crazy-drama “fix”, so to speak, and aren’t concerned with raising awareness. But the peaceful protesters are raising awareness because they know he *does not* have our best interests at heart.

    They know this because (like myself) they have insights into his personality. They’ve seen inside his soul. They know he’s like the unruly kid who throws a snowball at a car and when the startled driver stops short and looks up he is standing there with his hands in his pockets, while the kid next to him isn’t and looks guilty and gets blamed. I have seen him use this tactic here in NYC for decades. And that is just one deceitful game of many that he plays.

    For one example of destruction, he will take away MEDICARE by privatizing it and when the funds dry up a few years or so later (and they will b/c that’s the whole idea) due to lack of funding he’ll just shrug his shoulders and say “Wasn’t my fault they didn’t fund it” AND “It was fine and working great while I was in Office” OR he will not respond at all, as one example of his destruction. Millions of 65+ yrs old Americans who cannot get proper medical treatment will suffer and/or die, drastically reducing the population. He’ll make it appear as though it’s not his fault and take no responsibility.

    “Stop & Frisk” is a violation of our human rights disguised as cleaning up crime. Some cops are mentally ill sick enough to take advantage of that and grope innocent people who will have no recourse. They will not have an audience to voice their complaint because it will be legal, not a criminal act. Then we will have riots, not protests, but riots over that as well.

    Again, he will shrug his shoulders and take no responsibility for the ugly outcome. There will be those times when we need answers and he will be silent. When the riots start he will blame the citizens and claim “Now that’s why we needed Stop & Frisk”, because he looks down upon those who aren’t at least upper middle-class. He looks down upon society in general.

    Trump grew up very privileged. He knows nothing about being groped at airport passenger screenings or being racially profiled or groped on the streets. Nothing at all, no concept of it whatsoever. S & F is not the answer to reduce crime or take guns away from people, especially since it will cause riots and innocent people will die. It’s a way to inspire fear and control people who don’t need controlling. It will not only be very ineffective, it will be dangerous.

    I have seen his thirst for chaos and drama. And this is only one more example of dozens where he will destroy the country and appear innocent so citizens continue to trust him.

    **** I am not trying to change anyone’s mind here regarding Trump. He is already our President. I am simply raising awareness so you are aware and not caught off-guard. *****

    Going forward, watch what he does, NOT what he says.

    • joy

      you are drinking the coolaid…brainwashing slander by hillary

      trump is not cutting medicare….this is what democrats have already done….since they needed the extra money to give 1.7 trillion to Iran, the terrorist country, and to fund illegal muslim jidhaists to come into this country to live for free, and to deny vets medical help. my check got cut last year, so I know.

      S F works….it may be inconvenient but it has reduced crime in violent neighborhoods.

      he is not against anyone poor or elderly….etc….

      he is for people to have the right to work and have a decent life.

      dems want you to stay poor, so you can keep voting for them

      most dems are either violent in behavior, or violent in ideology, like ripping babies out of the womb and cutting the up like meat to sell the body parts, they also like to falsely accuse

      you are not going to get anywhere with me. there were only 2 choices for president….hillary would put me in a FEMA death camp, and I have no intention of going there….the current gov is swarming with muslim brotherhood and other terrorist groups, and I want no part of them

    • JoyR, I agree! They are well within their right to protest according to the Constitutional Bill of Rights.

      • jodi

        people only have a right to PEACEFUL assembly

        rioting, vandalism, setting things on fire, attacking people, shooting, use of weapons, communicating verbal threats to assassinate is criminal and demonic

        stripping naked and pooping on the ground and then wiping the poop on signs is mentally disturbed

        all paid for by hillary, george soros, and bozo…..they advertise on craigslist for protesters and then they bus them in to different cities

        • Gee Marianne, I can’t imagine why such upheaval gets started in the first place….you think it might have something to with racism, bigotry, oppression, discrimination and the abolishment of civil rights likened to the sixties when decent honest hard working 4 black students couldn’t even sit at a lunch counter without being threatened with their very lives? This is the result of putting a demagogue in the White House …. And soon he will turn on the ones like you who put him there!

          • jodi

            the racism, bigotry, oppression, discrimination and the abolishment of civil rights has already been IN the white house and state department, pandering slander to people like you , who swallowed it, and are poisoned by it. Trump is none of these things

            satan is the accuser of the brethren, and he and his minions (bozo and hillary) have slandered and lied, and threatened and mocked and destroyed this country…. they stand for the godless and lawlessness who are not happy their agenda was defeated. and they will steal, commit fraud, lie and kill to get even.

            no republican has ever threatened black students lunch counters. the democrats had the slaves, the democrats persecuted and killed blacks, the democrats voted AGAINST civil rights, the democrats voted and do vote against God himself,…not the republicans… the republicans have always fought for the blacks, and upheld civil rights….the democrats just use blacks to get elected….

            why dont you study history more?

            you do not act or talk like a christian.

            • I don’t act or talk like a Christian…You don’t even know who I am ! Now, your suggesting you somehow know the condition of my heart. You exert yourself in acting superior in everything that is discussed here and have no room for any compassion or flexibility. You, and many like you use the bible as a weapon and I think that is sad bc there are souls at stake. Jesus went to the people you and many like you dispize. Look at a pail of trash and you don’t see just one color, such is the like of humanity. But Jesus loved them all ! Consider changing your title to Heavenhates instead of Heavenawaits bc I see nothing good in what you are doing, neither you, your followers, your party and now your government exudes only hate. I will choose to love them and give to them the gospel and after that it is the power of God that will change them, not your methods. We are called to do simple things, to love God, love our neighbor, that means to care for them and to carry the gospel to all not be acting superiorly anointed telling followers you have the corner on the goods and the inside scoop and God favors you above all which I feel contradicts the fact that you clearly hate what Donald hates. Love Trumps Hate! We are all trash Marriane, I would have way more respect for you if you could exercise more love. Btw, there is a story of 4 students who, in the sixties, were forbidden to eat at a lunch counter in the south but talking about it is useless and futile bc you’ll just pick that apart too. There’s just no talking to know it alls. I have a family full of them ! I’m not frequenting this site anymore bc I sympathize with the many who have expressed their concerns over what you teach and how you hate that I now stand with them. Your site invokes fear !

              • jodi

                out of the mouth the heart speaks…so I do know your heart

                divisive, hateful, deceived , angry, accusatory, compromised on ethics

                I grew up in the south, and democrats were the problem, and KKK is all democrats

                I do not think anyone is trash, but you apparently do.

                my site does not invoke fear….you speak like a true liberal hater you are…i just look at the facts, you are swept away by deception and emotion

                I hope God gets through to you…

                • Geez, right in the city where you live but you don’t know about it or won’t admit to it….Um, I believe the owners of the Woolworths were of the a White persuasion ejecting Blacks …. It’s called DISCRIMINATION!

                • You’ve just proved a point…There is no one that is good, no not one! And so as such you and those like you take on this superiority complex and frown upon the downtrodden and lower classes of society…once you’ve seen yourself for who you are, a sinner ! trash, referring to even our good works are dirty but you even turned this around and made it ugly, we are all the same! That is why love is better than believing that your better then those beneath you. We are all trash and when those who boast come down from their thrones realizing this, it is the first step to humility. I use to be a Republican Baptist bigot hypocrite but my eyes have been opened to the truth that I am no better a person bc I’m a Christian then the Homosexual especially one in denial, and there are many and yet somehow Evangelicals think they can sin and get away with it assuming they have some “pass go” card then point their finger at those different from them instead of examining themselves, cleaning up their act first then turning to the person and lovingly sharing the gospel and truth. How would our world look if we Christians did this. There would be a revival like we’ve never seen, but instead, we are divided bc we’ve lost our first love, love self more then him, love our sin more then him and want to be demagogues. It’s all driven by hate. Jesus died to abolish sin and hatred yet we’re still sinning and hating!

                  • jodi

                    stop falsely accusing me.

                    I do not think I am superior to anyone.

                    I am a very logical person who goes by facts and history

                    I discuss politics and religion but I am not a fanatic.

                    I do not think you are even reading my replies….which I provide references for the history we are discussing

  24. Kindly allow me to say this. I am not a troll, I am not a party affiliate holder, I am nonpartisan and lean in no particular direction and I certainly do not lend my allegiance to any political party. I am merely giving you the facts of a one particular evil man with a crooked past and asking you to examine them with eyes open. Hillary is also a crook, they all are crooks but at least to Hillarys defense she has proved herself to be a civil servant helping women children and families and initiating programs such as CHIP so children could have healthcare. Compare each profile side be side of how each have served or been a servant to the people during the course of their careers. Furthermore, Maryanne, I have followed your teachings for years and you insist that you know me just bc I choose to have a voice not to your liking and Label me a troll bc of it…I am a seeker of the truth which I’ve clearly proven here but to no avail. You behave in like manner of all who believe Trump in some way is good but he is not good as many upon many recorded documents will prove so according to the documented proof that I’ve provided or that anyone can google and find, you then call me a liar. Your no different then those with itching ears who heap up for themselves false prophets. I am merely attempting to do one thing and that is expose evil. I am a lover of all people, all the types Donald Trump hates and the ones Hillary served for over 25 years, again documented, while Donald was trolling venues like studio 54 doing God knows what. Hillary was fighting for the rights of children to have adequate healthcare! Now I can respect that! I’m in support of anyone who serves the least of these in our society whether or not your a crooked politician or Betty Crocker type, a democratic or republican makes no difference and is irrelevant to the pertinent proof. I’m discussing character and what have you done for the people lately, not what you have done and keep doing for yourself. Trump won bc he preaches the gospel of “SELF” and what have hundreds of Pastors been doing for the last 4 decades? Preaching Prosperity Gospel with which Peale is the father. Furthermore, this crazy stereotyping needs to cease! I am a Christian NOT bc I’m either Democratic or Republican but bc I’ve been bought by the blood of the lamb. It’s MAN WHO HAS DIVIDED US, GEEEEEZ JUST LOOK AT ALL THE DENOMINATIONS ! That’s all, I won’t be trolling your cave any more bc I see you in a completely different light now, as you are clearly teaching erroneously! I leave In spirit and truth!

    • jodi

      hillary’s nation wide health care program failed during the clinton administration. it costed billions and had to be withdrawn

      if she helped with CHIP over 20 years ago, fine, but it was Kennedy that proposed the bill

      however, in general, she does not care about women or children, just getting elected

      if she cared about either, she would not be engaged in child sex trafficking and child sacrifices and blood meals during her “spirit cooking” meals, or be having sex with minors on orgy island

      and she would not have attacked and jailed some of bill’s rape victims

      there were really only 2 choices to vote for. .

      if you voted for her, that is your right

      the only other choice was to stay home and not vote

      it is over.

      there is no need to continue to attack her opponent

      the nation voted on one of the two, and only one could win

  25. I’ve said they are all crooks didn’t I? Money is the root and now it’s being fed to the people…if you thought bc Trump was elected that the second commandment to love your neighbor as yourself and to love God above all else was slack, just wait and see how this “killer”, using his evil Fathers philosophy of becoming something or someone, will pulverize out society and current social justice as we now know it….there will be no more justice, it will be abolished!

    • jodi

      you said one thing to make yourself look “neutral” then spiraled out of control over trump

      hillary is also a “killer”

      if you voted for her, that is your right, and this post (above) never attacked her

      I am focused on the real outcome in a spiritual sense…not personalities

      america is going to be destroyed anyhow, due to rampant sin and hate

      I personally think obama will create a crisis to stay in office, and trump may get blocked from being inaurgurated….the riots, paid for by George Soros and hillary and who knows who else, may have already started us down the path of no return..

      so my focus is on the next 2 months, and whether or not god will destroy this country, and if so, when…..

  26. Ezekiel 13:1-9 And the word of the Lord came unto me,

    saying, Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of

    Israel that prophesy, and say thou unto them that

    prophesy out of their own hearts. Hear ye the word of

    the Lord; Thus said the Lord God; Woe unto the foolish

    prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen

    nothing! O Israel, thy prophets are like the foxes in

    the deserts. Ye have not gone up into the gaps, neither

    made up the hedge for the house of Israel to stand in the

    battle in the day of the Lord. They have seen vanity and

    lying divination, saying, The Lord saith: and the Lord

    hath not sent them: and they have made others to hope

    that they would confirm the word. Have ye not seen a

    vain vision, and have ye not spoke a lying divination,

  27. need discern

  28. warning sent to me


    Shared with me today;



    God has continued to give me a burden for the Nation of America, but if I am blatantly honest after the Great Victory Won, I asked the Lord if He could take the burden from me but He answered, “Daughter Just a little longer, My GRACE is sufficient for you”! So I will remain faithful to continue to speak as He leads.

    I was woken from a deep sleep last night by the voice of the Holy Spirit who said these words to me, “Daughter Awake, Listen and See, Even NOW there is a JUDAS IN THE HOUSE OF THE REPUBLIC THAT IS planning, scheming and plotting the demise of My Anointed”, then suddenly I saw in the spirit a man that was part of the Republican inner circle, his outward demeanour seemed kind hearted and friendly however God showed me what was in his heart, I saw a traitor, a hater, a man that was covetous, envious, a murderer, he had a proud and arrogant spirit, this man was dangerous and deceptive. As I looked upon him, suddenly I heard him speak, I Listened carefully and intently as a secret conversation began to take place with a woman who was sitting in a chair, now I did not see their faces but I heard their voices, the woman I heard speaking spoke with great AUTHORITY and with wicked intent, her heart was full of evil and malice, she was angry, her words were filled with hatred and bitterness, now I listened as this woman demanded that laws be changed, she shouted with a loud voice, “WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS, I WANT HIM DEAD, THIS must be done quickly and without delay”, at that moment the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Daughter WATCH FOR NOW THE SPIRIT OF ENVY HAS PUT A PRICE UPON THE HEAD OF MY ANOINTED”!

    Saints LETS US STAY ALERT AND VIGILANT IN THIS HOUR, Satan has found a weak man within the Republican Party that has a heart that has been easy to manipulate and deceive. I saw that this man if given room he will be instrumental in bringing a death blow to the Presidential Victory, AGAIN I SAW a WAR that is raging in the heavenlys for Kingdom occupation of the White House.

    We Pray that the JUDAS in THE REPUBLICAN HOUSE be revealed and exposed NOW in Jesus Mighty Name.


  29. I can’ t be l eave these people marching because h.c. didn’t win I never in my life seen this if thy don’t stop this thy can bring on Martial law Or bring
    On A cool To over through the government

  30. JoyR, I agree! They are well within their right to protest according to the Constitutional Bill of Rights.

  31. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/courage-at-the-greensboro-lunch-counter-4507661/

    • jodi

      so why do you keep pushing this story?

      do you think it is Trump’s fault too? he would have been 14 years old at the time, and he never lived in NC…..

      the democrats ruled the state of NC in 1960s



      In outright defiance of the Republican-led federal government, Southern Democrats formed organizations that violently intimidated blacks and Republicans who tried to win political power. The most prominent of these, the Ku Klux Klan, was formed in Pulaski, Tennessee, in 1865.

      you really need to read the summary of leader frederick douglas abolitionist and REPUBLICAN, since democrats were racists, and voted AGAINST civil rights..and right to vote for blacks… democrats had voted in the Dred Scott decision that blacks were not humans, only property


      not only did democrats beat their slaves, and deny them rights, they also beat republicans, who were fighting to help blacks…

      “Democratic Representative Preston Brooks from South Carolina came from the House, across the Rotunda of the Capitol, and over to the Senate where he literally clubbed down Sumner on the floor of the Senate, knocked him unconscious, and beat him almost to death. According to the sources of that day, many Democrats thought that Sumner’s clubbing was deserved, and it even amused them. What happened to Democrat Preston Brooks following his vicious attack on Sumner? He was proclaimed a southern hero and easily re-elected to Congress.”

      so your slogan should not be love trumps hate…..it should be love trumps the democratic party

      “Consider: although 12 percent of the current population is African American, almost 35 percent of all abortions are performed on African Americans. In fact, over the last decade, for every 100 African American live births…., there were 53 abortions of African American babies. Democrats have encouraged this;”

      the original reason for Abortion in the USA was to kill black babies…..and the democrats still vote for this, while republicans vote against it.

      wake up to the BS you have been handed….democrats are liars and demons from hell…. they spread lies, and people believe them..those deceived are going to be hurt….and they will stay slaves as long as they support their democrat slave masters

  32. http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/78372/bin-exclusive-sanhedrin-asks-putin-trump-build-third-temple-jerusalem

    • Sanhedrin Asks Putin and Trump to Build Third Temple in Jerusalem

    • Thank you q. I didn’t know of these events but I wasn’t surprised. Chester Dunning writes on page 32 of “Russia’s First Civil War: The Time of Troubles and Founding the Romanov Dynasty” that Russian statesmen and religious writers of the Russian Orthodox Church were driven by “the image of Russia as the New Israel and the New Jerusalem became far more powerful than any notion as Moscow as the Third Rome”.

      This is why I believe Putin is in favor of building the temple. The Bolsheviks may have been able to kill the royal family and decimate the Russian church but not the spirit that drove them.

      As far as temple construction as a signal for the Tribulation Period, I don’t recall any Scripture stating temple construction is part of a seven-year agreement, only that “… in the middle of the week He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering…” (Daniel 9:27). The temple being built only lays the foundation for the last seven years, not necessarily the beginning of the end.


    This primary purpose of this Purple Revolution is to hijack and re-channel the organically grown, grassroots-driven energies of the legitimate Second American Revolution (SAR) that has occurred with the election of Donald Trump. Fundamentally, the nascent Second American Revolution (SAR) is a rebellion of the have nots against the haves. Of the 99% against the 1%. Of the working classes (both blue collar and white collar) against the wealthy elites. Of the taxpayers against the tax thieves. There was no other way for the ruling elites to effectively distract and divert and misdirect the disenfranchised from their serious SAR purpose than to stage a fake civil war. For it is with a civil war (cloaked with a Purple Revolution) that they seek to take the wind out of the sails of the genuine SAR which is taking place under Trump.

    For those who are still basking in the victory of Donald Trump, or are blissfully unaware of the already begun Purple Revolution, it has never been so important to keep your wits about you. Just like the Maidan Square in Kiev was stealthily set up and taken over by CIA proxies and US State Department surrogates, the Soros cabal is working triple time to prevent Trump from moving into the White House. Their long-term plan cannot wait another four years for its unfoldment, especially after Trump eviscerates the unprecedented executive orders and other unconstitutional Executive Branch changes put into place by a tyrannical Obama.

    At the end of the day, the Obamanation that was treacherously created must be completely destroyed. Every vestige of it must be swept into the ash bin of history and chalked up to a grotesque chapter of American history. However, this can only happen with the pre-emptive exposure of the Purple Revolution. The many traitors to the US Constitution at the highest high levels of the US Federal Government must be lawfully neutralized by every means possible and any means necessary with all deliberate speed.


    State of the Nation
    November 13 2016


    Globalists Launch ‘Purple Revolution’ Against America

    POSTED BY: NOVEMBER 12, 2016

    Final #Election2016 numbers

    #PopularVote: #Trump: 62,972,226 #Clinton: 62,277,750

    #ElectoralCollege vote #Trump 306 #Clinton 232

    To all the liberal loonies still rioting because you claim Trump did not get the popular vote, get your meds now and prepare to be shocked because the finals results are in. Trump got 306 Electoral College vote while Hillary Clinton got 232. For #PopularVote: #Trump: 62,972,226 #Clinton: 62,277,750

    Go see your therapists now – or maybe do a 24/7 yoga until you recover from this shock.

    Tonight Michigan was finally called for Donald Trump moving his Electoral College (EC) count up to 306 total to Hillary Clinton’s 232. (Although Google will still not report it like other media institutions.)


    …media is also hiding from you that Trump CRUSHED Hillary in the Electoral College (EC). As of today, most if not all media outlets show that Trump won the election with only 279 EC votes. But the truth is Trump also won Michigan with 16 EC votes and Arizona with 11 EC votes for a total of 306 EC votes. Hillary only won 228 EC votes but it looks like she barely won New Hampshire which should put her at 232 EC votes. As a result, Trump won 57% of all EC votes. Gateway Pundit

    Source: conservativespirit.com

  35. Hi Marianne, pls just delete this thread, for the article does not come from Holy Spirit .

    it did not help people. thanks !

    • this message is right on

    • i listen to Nita Johnson’s message, through Trump victory
      if he can enter into the office, our country will have a “short ” period time of grace period, so we could have revival , and many souls will be saved. God
      ‘s Grace and Mercy !

  36. no pressure , if not available

  37. i just watch this video, i agree what he said, but when i look into his facebook, there are some things (obama …} i do not agree with ,
    i felt that God teach me , we are all different, as long as his opinion is not against the fundamental basis or our faith, i still accept him.

  38. Hi Marianne,

    pls delete this thread if possible, sorry to bother you again.


  39. sorry, Marianne, if possible , pls delete this thread. thanks

  40. summary of these 2 videos, it look like US will not be one world government country in the end time , pastor neville said that us will resist a/c in the end time, pastor Irvine has similar message.

    any thoughts,thanks !!


    Every time we encounter a difficult situation we have a choice.

    1) Will I get stuck?

    2) Or will I embrace this situation as an opportunity for growth, maturity and transformation?

    I assume you know the answer I’d highly recommend…

  42. interesting

  43. http://www.ihopkc.org/resources/asset/2016_11_20_1100_MB_FCF/auto/true/

    only need to watch first 10 minutes,

    it talks about Heaven, and a christian ‘s near death experience.

  44. Marianne, Happy Thanksgiving !!

  45. Dear Marianne,

    pls delete this thread, there are something wrong with this.

    she might involve the new age and channeling under pyramid. i heard this from others. i have nothing to do with it.

    sorry , pls delete this video,

  46. I don’t understand. What’s wrong with the video?

  47. ok

  48. Months ago when I heard of trump running for president I knew he was my pick. The riots etc. and all the opposition is the darkforces trying to create chaos. Christians should be praying for trump as well as against the dark forces as well as humbling themselves before God. Pray without ceasing literally. The darkness does not rest.

  49. The bible says, our warfare is not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers , the darkness of this age and against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

    God has opened my eyes in a few situations where i was able to see them. Once I was driving by a casino and I could see a cloud of principalities above it. Other times they have been ruling above people. So I guess this is extended to everything. I guess what it comes down to is seeking Gods faces on how you can pull them down, etc and plant for the Lord.

    • we (me and my friends } we are with some praying group , (Nita Johnson -world for Jesus } and ihop-kc Mike Bickle, if you are interested, you could check their website, they organize the prayer group. God Bless

  50. Marianne,
    sorry, if possible, pls delete this thread,
    i will stay away from small-s-v t youtube channel and those people, but i do not think i should expose them , someone else already did, it is not my call to do it.,
    sorry to bother you again !!!

  51. Thanks I check it out.

  52. beware the spirit of jezebel, feminist ,………..

  53. This video on ISN -Sid Roth was published back in march 2016, and there was something about Donald trump in the last 5 minutes of the video.

  54. Here is an interesting article I found, which exposes a bit of the former presidents.


  55. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/thebackburner/episodes/2016-11-21T02_44_43-08_00

    check this out !!!

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Trump brings out the true nature of people, whether it is good or evil.

    • many trump supports got attacked ,even the church people attack us,
      do you feel that there are many tests ? since it is end time ,
      to test if we are true follower of God, the spirit of rebellion , lawlessness is everywhere. we really need God’s mercy to live, i heard something happened in the Europe, (not muslim people} , some crime people commit that you could not believe ! Lord have mercy,
      there are some part of the message are pretty important, we need to store the oil for our lamp to shine. God BLess

  56. To see more from Isaac McCord on Facebook, log in or create an account.
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    News Feed

    Isaac McCord
    with Jefferson Cline Jones and 6 others.
    23 hrs ·
    I just found this while helping our House and Grounds team clean different areas of Dollywood Theme Park. It was under a bench soaking wet. Talk about goosebumps….
    Joel 1:15
    The day of the LORD is near, the day when destruction comes from the Almighty. How terrible that day will be!
    Joel 1:19
    To you, LORD, I call, for fire has devoured the pastures in the wilderness and flames have burned up all the trees of the field.
    Joel 1:20
    Even the beasts of the field pant for you because the water brooks are dried up, and fire has devoured the pastures of the wilderness.
    And at the bottom barely visible is:
    Joel 2:1
    Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand;

  57. sorry , pls delete this one, sorry to bother you

  58. Thanks q for information. Who is q ?


    Fire, …. Natural disasters everywhere in this planet. Also man made disasters.
    I received a free copy (small book) from Burgos, Spain by postal service.

  59. we do not know that for sure

    maybe he is hiding

    • please delete this post , this arab woman is B. obma ‘s supporter , check her twitter. she retwite obma ‘s stuff. omg
      sorry. bother you again.

  60. http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=17060

    kim c. had prophetic word back in 2007.

    but kim’s word mixed with true things and false things .

    kim mention Trump , that is amazing. …… wall, that is accurate

    kim also said something about /bil/gate/, as you google website. /bil/gat/ is top illuminati elite, evil evil

  61. The Coming Peace Agreement – Dr. Irvin Baxter

    i hope that is not trump to do this peace agreement.

    it look like a/c will do it.

    what is your thoughts ?

  62. https://www.theacademy.org.au/pages/our-finest-hour

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Living Word Academy

    Sent: Thursday, December 1, 2016 5:25 PM
    Subject: Jimmy Carter & Israel

    Friday, 2 December 2016
    Jimmy Carter Urges Barack Obama to Divide the Land of Israel at the United Nations Before Jan. 20
    This is an urgent alert for serious prayer.
    If barrack Obama is able to divide the land of Israel through the UN it will have very serious consequences for
    America. If an American president is responsible for diving Israel. GOD WILL DIVIDE AMERICA
    America is politically divided at the moment but a division of the land will or could occur in the USA if Obama
    is successful in this. This dividing of America could result in a huge earthquake that could geographically
    literally divide the land. This along with other severe consequences could be devastating for the USA.
    Blessings Neville Johnson

    Jimmy Carter Urges Barack Obama to Divide the Land of Israel at the United Nations Before Jan. 20 by Charisma news magazine

    http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/61540-jimmy-carter-urges -barack-obama-to-divide-the-land-of-israel-at-the-united-nat ions-before-jan-20

  63. http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=17056
    Chuck pierce “There is only a short, 10-year window for this revival.
    2016 + 10 = 2026
    Neville Johnson gave some thought that second coming of Jesus Christ is before 2030 .
    Terry Bennett: 21-year Prophetic Timeframe 2008 to 2028
    2022 – 2028 , RELIGIOUS SHAKINGS:
    what is your thoughts ?

    • q

      that is just basic math. 2000 years from death of jesus on cross in 30 AD

      the Lord also said the time would be cut short for the sake of the elect or no one would survive

      modern prophets keep putting off the date when their earlier predictions dont come true.

      I do not think religious shakings and happy revivals are what we should focus on

      we are coming into deep trouble even now

      • ” that is just basic math. 2000 years from death of jesus on cross in 30 AD ” so it is conceivable ? Jesus is coming back on the 3rd day
        Thanks for your reminder. yes the time could be cut short



    There are 3,141 counties in the United States.

    Trump won 3,084 of them.
    Clinton won 57.

    There are 62 counties in New York State.

    Trump won 46 of them.
    Clinton won 16.

    Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes.

    In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond)

    Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.

    These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles.
    The United States is comprised of 3, 797,000 square miles.

    When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.

    Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc) don’t and shouldn’t speak for the rest of our country.

    H/T Allen B. West

  65. respect this old preacher a lot , watch how he confront lbgtq

    THank God for the boldness from God

  66. He stands up for Israel. Nothing false here!

  67. LOL, I just downloaded Paul begley’s prophecy app…

  68. Neville Johnson. must watch , awesome !!!

    • 🙂

      • he say so clearly , when we go home to heaven,
        what God will check is our character , personal relationship with God,
        love,……. our life and character counts

        gifts of spirit does not count at all . we can not bring the gifts of spirit to heaven .

        awesome teaching.

  69. https://www.theacademy.org.au/pages/our-finest-hour

    • interesting….there are 2 different interpretations to daniel 7

      the bible identifies the beasts as to who they are, which is not the new world order, but nations like babylon, medo persia, greece, etc

      the other view is that they are new kingdoms like he said.

      there could be a double fulfillment where both is true

      I believe the 4th beast is islam which is taking over europe now, and the USA

      some feel the USA is babylon, and will fall…he says it will survive..

      wait and see

      • thanks for your input !! i have not idea ,

        sister Marianne, since i experienced some false prophets and teachers before last year , i read a lot of article how to discern false ones, have one conclusion now, we need to check people’s motives.and the people’s characters. read a article that God determine a false prophet not because this person’s prophecy is wrong or not . but base on this person’s motives and intention.

        last year, i encounter a conference mixed with catholic things. later met a praying group which hold the meeting in a liberal church where allow all kind of religion blend together. i just felt so angry with all these lies , but now after one year, no more anger, i felt God want me to go through this ,so i will pay a lot attention to the false teacher and prophets.

        God BLess ,

      • 4th beast is islam which is taking over europe now, yes,

        nita johnson and neville johnson say US will resist a/c in the end

      • I conclude in a just competed thesis of interpreting prophetic symbolism, the seven seals are not judgement. Though ones fate can “be sealed” (unchanged after casting), you can’t find a “seal judgment” in the Bible. Seals were used to authenticate, identify contamination/tampering.

        In 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul makes references to the man of sin being revealed. I believe these seals are to authenticate the a/c. If this is so, and the a/c is Muslim, then ALL of the beasts (Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse) are Islam.

        Anti-Trump protesters are a piece of work. Look how the secular world is coming apart at the seams. It isn’t that far-fetched to see secularism choose Islam over Judeo-Christianity to establish order after “a tolerant, open-minded, progressive people” begin to loot, burn and kill.

        Additional note: I reach the same conclusion as Irvin Baxter that the U.S. is not taken over by a/c. This is why New York City, San Fransisco, or even the U.S. (as a whole) cannot be Babylon. It will be really hard to subjugate a country of 300 million people with 900 million guns. But it will still be chaotic and dangerous here as everyone tries to figure out which side their neighbor is on. There’s going to be a lot of “friendly fire” deaths.

  70. I would just love to help somebody understand the Mark of the Beast in our day. Believers need to understand what the “Mark of the Beast” is. There are millions of people right now in this world that have been taught superstitions of all kinds.

    Understanding the Mark of the Beast will set you free from fear of losing your soul = Birthright.
    Rev. 13:16 “”says”” (Its Character) and not some 666 number on a chip from the worlds Banks stuck on your finger. That will not cause you to lose your salvation which is the Holy Spirit in you and guiding you. Just fall in love with the Lord. That is the anti-dote.
    Gen 4:16 -Cain was sent out from the presence of God. = Mark of Beast. Did not get right with GOD. Then in Gen. 4:26 their was Seth and Enos. Then began men to call upon the name of the Lord.
    There are only 2 Characters of mankind. One like Cain are one like Enos. One rebellious and one Not.

    A government chip is about money or “no” money to live by. The world governments has always excommunicated those who will not conform to their madness like Cain. A murderer and great builder of cities from the beginning. Armies came with that.
    Using a chip card does not make you a sinner and or cause you to lose your Eternal life. Abel was killed by the first anti-christ man which was his half- brother. Cain had NO Revelation of Gods Word.

    CHARACTER only comes by the Holy Spirit.
    Many de-nominations are living in superstition. You got the Holy Spirit our you don’t. Its impossible to be Holy without the Holy Spirit guiding your soul and heart cause you are walking, and seeking, and entering into the Kingdom of God now Matt 6:33. Jesus is our KING NOW and HE alone gives us the HOLY SPIRIT. To enter Christ KINGDOM you must have the CHARACTER of Jesus Christ. All things about being a Christian is about our Character period.
    If you got Christ Character you have nothing to worry about. Cause you got His Char-acter and you want to act like Him. AMEN and Praise God.
    Not worrying about a 666 wrote on your hand etc, or a chip. 666 is mans world. 777 is Gods world another dimension while living in the 666 world of unbelief.
    Gen. 2:1-3 The REST – the 7th.day. Represents the Holy day that mankind can live in NOW. Jesus said I will give you REST – Jesus was that REST – from sin and death. He literally BOUGHT us and GAVE us the HOLY SPIRIT FREELY. That is what the cross was all about=Character. By Jesus Christ death and Rising again. St. John Chapters 14 through 16. He did not just give us the Holy Spirit for “one day” like some believe. But “everyday” was a Holy Day in the Apostles day.
    Its no wonder why Cain’s world hates Jesus CHARACTER. That is why the world hate’s us so.
    Cain’s world lures and teaches you perversions to walk in sinfulness, and unbelief, and bowing down to superstitions of man. Each MARK of Character will receive their benefits even in this present world. You reap what you sow.

    So whether you die naturally or be killed by anti-christ it cannot make you a UN-marked Man of God. Eph. 4:30 says – And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are SEALED unto the day of redemption.
    So who can take your SEAL away. NO BODY. God said HE sealed you unto the Day of Redemption. I believe it. No man can take it from me. Anti-christ can’t – ITS MY CHARACTER – anti-christ cannot kill your Character. They can kill your body, they might starve you and hate you. But you are IN CHRIST PERIOD. And it will be Char-acter that sustains us all. Character has ALL the anti-dotes that satan cannot overcome.

    Good and evil has always been around since the beginning of Cain and Seth and Enos. Hitler said he was a Christian. Even till the end. Hitler had the most Power of any man in HIS NATION. So yes he was the FUROR and the GREATEST man that became like a ‘god” and worshiped as well. He was the motivator in the beginning and become the GREATEST anti-christ in the 20th. Century. Along with him were many others as well. Who had no mercy on their wives, and relatives and own brothers our people as well. There are thousands of leaders in history that have done the same thing. They were the Leader of the Anti-christ movements in their day as well. Even before Christ came. They formed the governments into Anti-christ by Cain’s character. Think about the 10 commandments. Jesus left us only two commandments. 1st one. No other Gods before me. When a sinful man makes himself a “”””god of this world””” he will become Cain’s attribute’s in anti-christ. Then you have to get Saved by the Power of Jesus Christ to set you free from slavery of sin. Rom. 6. The world today is full of anti-christ everywhere and even in our church’s etc etc. . The Mark of the Beast can only be one thing. You have Salvation our you are yet a sinner not knowing right from wrong. Yes its “TO SIMPLE ” for the educated it seems.

    Tom York Sr.

  71. I see where you are coming from and it does seem counter intuitive. I understand the mark of the beast may be optional… where worship of the beast was mandatory meaning you won’t be killed for refusing the mark but death is to those that don’t worship. I think the source of fear of the mark is two fold:

    1) It is taught and/or considered a demonic version of God’s seal – the one that protects men from the creatures from the abyss in Revelation 9.

    If this is true, and I understand you correctly, you’re saying a saved person can take the mark thus, having both the mark and God’s seal.

    2) Each mention of the mark after Revelation 13 (Rev. 14:9, 14:11, 15:2, 16:2; 19:20) involves damnation as it is paired with “worship of the beast” in the manner of Revelation 20:4:
    “And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands.” (NKJV)

    The mark seems to be a key component for destruction. One may argue that these passages combine the mark with worship meaning damnation comes to those who do both. This implies you may either worship the beast OR take the mark and still be sealed by God. This seems to be the only other solution because if the mark, in and of itself, is not consequential as you indicate, the reference in Revelation 13 would be merely a sign of the a/c and not mentioned afterward. However, being it is tied with worship of the beast and eternal damnation causes me to suggest you to rethink your thesis… unless those who take the mark aren’t really saved making us both correct.

    • Yes sir – Their are only 2 worlds fortresses we live in. You are one or the other. Jesus did not die to let us go to hell. But to heaven. The Worlds Character which is a fortress is opposite Gods Kingdom of Character of the Bride who’s fortress is Gods Kingdom. The Character goes with which one you desire the most and it becomes your fortress and keeper.
      The last word of the meaning of the Mark in Rev.13 is Palisade – means fortress.
      LOVE is of Character as SIN is of Character as well. But I was really just trying to let people know. That satan cannot steal your Character if you been sealed in. Cause that is your Christian birth right by choosing the Cross. And I’m sealed in. As long as we going toward Jesus Char-acter you got it and if you fall you get back up and keep walking cause their is no turning back. Cause you are seeking for truth. Not lies. And Yes Rev. 7 you have to believe in predestination by the Seal given to each of HIS Bride. God chooses HIS own Bride. And they will not go back. I got to go with Paul when it comes to predestination. predesti-nation – The Bride is a Nation that Loves Jesus Character. Love is the greatest gift of all. Faith cometh by LOVE. Gal 5 — Many people always striving for faith. But it comes from the Character of Gods LOVE. If you really LOVE someone you will die for them. No Greater love is their. That a man lay down his life for his friends.
      God bless you mad ray.
      PS – My wife passed away in August. Yea I understand the power of love in the natural and spiritual. She was my little Beacon but I will be with her again forever. 52 years of Marriage. That’s love and faith in each other. Thanks to the LOVE OF GOD. He put the Character of Love in our Marriage. amen

      • Beacon737, my apologies for the “rethinking your thesis” comment. While on my way to work I realized your thesis is “spot on”. God’s gift of salvation is irrevocable. This caused me to reexamine the mark of the beast.

        Granted I don’t know the nuances of Greek and Hebrew, but the translations I read of the mark and considering your thesis leads me back to conclude a true believer should not be faced with the prospect. They must be divinely protected from the choice by rapture, divine provision, or death (which if the seals, trumpets and bowls are as bad as taught, it is quite probable).

        This ultimately returns me to anyone who takes the mark is like Lucifer: beyond redemption. It isn’t in them at all. That really isn’t difficult to imagine. There is to be a great apostasy and “love runs cold” in the last of the last days.

        Thank you for your thought-provoking post.

        • Praise God Mad Ray – You lighted up my day.
          Just think of a natural Marriage – It takes along time to come to ONE CHARACTER in a marriage, and some can never come to be ONE Character. Yet that is the whole purpose of salvation . Are Character means everything to the Lord Jesus. Then you become a team player and LOVE starts with Faith in God then Love Divine takes over. Why cause we know the Persons Character is just like your own. We then don’t have no doubts about it at all.


  72. I’ve come to believe the mark of the beast is closely related to the offspring of the seed of the serpent. In the days of Noah God destroyed the entire earth because it appears the seed of man was corrupted by the sons of God(the angels). This happened before and after the flood. So I marvel at how satan was not able to touch Noah, God must have preserved him, because he was not born again. But those who are born again are born of an incorruptible seed. So whatever the mark is, must be tied to the offspring of the sons of God,(the angels) because they can’t repent, they are a counterfeit (born again) just of the devil. There was a video I had seen that showed that it would be quite possible that inserting a chip in the future could change a persons DNA, to the point that they were no longer considered human. They have been doing so many experiments with animal and human DNA forming hybrid creatures, it’s likely that they have tried alien DNA as well and the possibilities are becoming quite infinite.

    • beautiful

      not sure about it changing dna of person…anything on a chip is attached and not free to enter body.. there are junk sites pushing this but i would need real scientific evidence

    • beautifulmusicweb
      When Adam and Eve fail it all went into death.
      Gen 6: 8 ¶ But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.
      Gem 6:9 – These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

      Noah was perfect in the sight of God and was not Tainted with others blood in any way or form. He was a type of Christ. And Noah walked in Grace. Noah was the only one who could take them over to the other side into peace again. Both seeds went over into the Next world.

      Beacon – God bless you beautiful – do you play a musical instrument of any kind. Just asking.

      • Hi beacon, I play a few instruments. Piano was my first instrument, I learned the trumpet in school then I self taught myself the guitar and picked up the violin a few times but I e never found the time to create a solid enough foundation for the violin I might try it again sometime we will see.

  73. Well again the bible doesn’t say anything about it. It mentions the days of Noah. Only thing I’ve heard is that the military intends to mix animal DNA with human DNA, to create super soldiers.

  74. Well I dont thing we have to worry about it then. They would not want me to experiment with. To Old.

  75. Irvine talk about 10 kings

  76. Marianne are you going to do a blog on Pizzagate? This Important issue needs more awareness and prayer for possible child victims in DC and general child victims of pedophilia worldwide. Thanks.

    • liz

      I have seriously considered this..I have to have time to research the facts, and be careful not to just spread hearsay…or false media reports.

      • pizzagate, hope, american people know this, i consider the electoral college vote’s result. Lord Jesus have mercy !!

  77. Hi Marianne,

    i have question, once attend a meeting, the minister claim that she will anointed us 7 times, then we could enter into heaven to visit,

    it sound so weird,

    what is your thoughts ? thanks

    • god does not require weird procedures to have contact with us.

      minister is full of BS

      • i felt the same. very wierd,

        i heard some people enter into Heaven, it just happen ! not by some vessel, or by some means

    • I’m not aware of any person having the authority to arrange “heavenly tours”. I’ve heard many testify they have visited heaven and received missions, prophecies, or even a special anointing from Jesus, but this was at the personal invitation of The Creator.

      While I will not say, “God would never do it that way” (because Jesus can do whatever however He wants), it sounds more like a fund-raiser to me.

      I’d recommend a “No thank you” and quietly moving along.

      • AMEN !I’m not aware of any person having the authority to arrange “heavenly tours , that is exactly what i thought !

  78. I’d like to comment if I may. The work of Christ is so powerful that I don’t think we need a heaven experience. The apostle Paul was known to have had a heaven experience where he says he knew a man whether in the body or out of the body this man visited heaven. However, Paul also had a thorn in his flesh which was a messenger from satan because of the greatness of his revelations. The revelations have been made known to us through the word the mystery of the gospel, the church the Gentiles etc… I am more excited of experience the living presence/anointing of Christ in my life the having a heaven experience. This was Paul’s desire to…he said…I want to known nothing except Jesus Christ and him crucified. This is the anointing that seats us in heavenly places with Christ above all principalities and powers, by which we can reign and rule with him and have power. John says that as Christ was in the world so are we. We all get sidetracked but I think one of the main thing we need to seek is to have the promise from the father which is the baptism in the Holy Spirit, this experience we can’t do with out. If God wants to give us other experiences he will do that of his own will aside from the will of men.

  79. start from 3:00, Terry bennett said this woman candidate is high level witch , Lord have Mercy, we do not want her to enter into h.w.

    • I agree

    • copy from other’s comment.. Hillary is a 6th degree witch. She has also been involved in child pedophilia sex slave rings and runs that out of her Foundation. Their is blood on her hands, and she is sold out to a One World Governmental system and the list goes on. She is not for America, but only for herself. She has sold herself like a prostitute to the nations,
      huma abadim( muslim} , john podesta, hiliary are luciferian, satanist, they are gays and lesbians, sextual pervert , Pastor Sadhu said that homosextuality itself is witchcraft /occult , you know what gay parade is about , it is way to practice witchcraft to defile the land. it is spiritual thing, not small thing. why God want to destroy sodom and gomorrah, for it is witchcraft ! pizzagate is about the alter of baal , that is it ! it is spiritual .

  80. what is the result of electoral college vote, Lord have mercy , i do not want that woman.

  81. Thank God !!! Praise the Lord

  82. Hi Marianne,

    last night ,
    i listen to Christian radio, the preacher, i do not know who he is,
    i always listen to our local church preaching
    he said that it is ok to accept RFID – biochip into our body,
    he said that his dog has one. Oh My GOD , we are not his dogs.
    i have listened to many pastors , they said we could not accept biochip- rfid, mark of beast ,

    i think this is easy to tell that we could not implant biochip-rfid into body.
    biochip will damage our body,
    biochip is way of mind -control
    biochip can not be removed after implant
    what is your thought ? any thing we could warn people ?

    • q

      I do not think we should accept anything foreign into our bodies…whether it is the mark of the beast or not, it could set off an adverse immune reaction.

      the mark is judged by a voluntary acceptance of it…..if it is forced onto us against our will, god will consider that

      we should be able to remove anything material entering our body unless it dissolves and relocates…we should guard our spirits and use discernment.

      • thanks, there is some article regarding removing rfid, it look like very complicated to remove such thing.

        i just felt what time we are in now, dangerous time,
        the preacher has such naive thought to accept rfid implant.
        can not believe it !

  83. Hi Marianne,

    many thanks,
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

    q , a sister in Christ

  84. Christmas Worship

  85. http://www.ihopkc.org/resources/asset/2016_11_20_1100_MB_FCF/auto/true/

    if you do not have time, just listen first 10 minutes.

  86. Finnish women have a message for Muslim migrants! Watch this courageous truthful speech and help them to spread the word!

  87. it look like Julian is alive. thank God

  88. http://davidstent.com/crossing-the-line/

  89. horrible !!!

  90. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2498530/president-obama-kicks-out-35-russian-spies-and-shuts-down-two-of-moscows-compounds-over-election-hacking-row/

    something wrong

    Obama kicks out 35 Russian spies and shuts down two of Moscow’s ‘compounds’

  91. http://www.ihopkc.org/resources/events/onething/

  92. God your love never fail !

  93. i have no opinion here…..

    • Hi Marianne .

      i am sorry,

      if possible, please delete the whole thing ,those videos.

      it might not be right.


  94. Hi Marianne,

    have you heard this lilith ?? , do you agree what they say regarding to lilith ?



    The theme this time is DEFIANCE. We will engage with five very widespread enemy strongholds.

    1) Lilith

    This demon deals with sexual and relational issue between the genders. Even when there are no sexual sins, the conflict and injustices between men and women are relentlessly intrusive.
    2) Jealousy 3) The Marriage Covenant 4) False Prophets 5) Community

  95. http://www.elshaddaiministries.us/livestream.php
    you can replay

    Bible – gog and magog and breaking israel news ezekiel 38: 1-2
    1/15 paris resolution meeting

    Pastor Mark Biltz talked about 1/15/17 paris resolution meeting about Israel.
    those 17 country might be the gog and magog
    he also mention obama ‘s name might be on the ezekiel 38:1-3 , need more research ,

  96. Like Rabbi Yitzhak, Rabbi Schwartz uses esoteric interpretation methods to draw his conclusion that the world is coming to its end. An example is the appearance of the name “Obama” in Ezekiel 38:2, where, in Hebrew, counting seven letters from the last letter of the word “prince” makes the word “Obama.http://www.israeltoday.co.il/NewsItem/tabid/178/nid/24937/Default.aspx?article=related_stories

  97. http://www.ihopkc.org/resources/asset/2016_12_30_1400_ONETHING_MSG/auto/true/


    Bitterness in the Garden of our Hearts
    how to heal a broken offended heart ?

  98. only pay attention video start 2:56 – 12:00 8 minutes
    sadhu Selvaraj share revelation concerning Israel in 2017

    • yes that is all she is…someone who makes a living pretending to be someone else…after all the parts she has played, she has no idea who she even is, not to mention understanding who trump is

      • just found out in the twitter, mel gibson. tom hanks , and Vince vaughn hated meryl streep’s anti-trump speech… they are few people have clear mind in the entertainment world which is control by elite.
        i do not watch tv and movie (secular } , it is defiled

  99. paris is at war.

    how sad, political correctness , the scam of illuminati

  100. https://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/emp-watch-alert/

  101. SIGNS OF THE TIMES – A SHIFT HAS TAKEN PLACE Neville Johnson January 2017

    http://www.lwf.torqt.net/pdf/OurFinetsHour/Our_Finest_Hour_V ol2_1.pdf

    http://www.theqwn.net/topic/2017-neville-johnson-signs-of-th e-times-a-shift-has-taken-place

    must read

  102. Hi Marianne,

    why even some christians hate trump so much ?

    i do not get it ? ‘

  103. Hi Marianne,

    where the time period we are now, according to Bible. ???


  104. The last 3.5?

    I don’t believe we are even in the first 3.5.


    I believe that there is first the rapture of the church. That is our gathering together too him. Then there is the revealing of the man of sin. And that still would be the first 3.5 years. For ex. from the Old Testament we have Noah, Lot, we also have Enoch and Elijah who were translated.

    1 Corinthians 15:51 speaks of this mystery too.


    • i agree most authentic teacher and prophet , neville johnson, David Pawson
      , Sadhu , Nita Johnson, they think there is no pr-trib rapture.

      we are on the post-trib rapture or mid-trib rapture.

  105. hopefully this is true


    no division of land of Israel in Paris

  106. Marianne,

    yesterday , the Paris Israel peace conference look like without any result ,

    is it true ?

  107. trump inauguration threats

    what will they do next?

    violent democrats to destroy inauguration, trump life threatened, leader over security dismissed

  108. roger stone, advisor to trump, and witness against hillary in wikileaks russia hack hoax, has been poisoned

  109. Yes. I was thinking just wondering what if President trump would turn these protest into a way to start the one world order marshal law saying there getting out of hand. He’s a smart man he hasn’t got what he has with out help what will he give to his followers to tell the difference between the followers and the resistance bits and peaches of others just thoughts the mark ????? To its a way things are coming around just thoughts not saying he’s the anti christ but he’s different then all the rest

    • kathy

      maybe that is what they want, not him….they want to be victims to get attention…they do not represent america…most are paid $2500 a week to do this…..they are violent, disrespectful, foul, vile.. they strip naked, threaten death and violence to trump want to burn down the white house…destroy property, harm people, take away the rights of anyone who opposes them

      any anyone forces the mark, it will be them, not trump…all these useless rebellious gnats need to go home, and get a real job.

      obama care had planned to chip people in 2017, now it is being repealed, thank god

      • It was sad that this “Women March” that was supposedly all inclusive of anyone from any race, background, creed, etc, etc, etc. uninvited women who were for life. This march was to represent everyone, well, everyone was not allowed to stand with them, only those who thought like them. So sad, so sad. They literally uninvited a women’s group who believed in right to life when it was found out that they were anti-abortion.

      • most are paid $2500 , social justice warrior? oh my, soros’s warrior

  110. I fill with all these riots there will be trouble marshew law bring in n.w.o o maybe even thay may try assassination there is so much evil in this world among family’s friends

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