Establish the Work



Who establishes what you do?

Psalm 90:17

17 May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us;
establish the work of our hands for us—
yes, establish the work of our hands.

Psalm 127

127 Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman wakes but in vain.

Most of us assume when we start a project, that we are establishing it with our work.

Well, that can be true, but how far do we get, doing it that way?

Do things go smoothly, or is it a rough ride?


I heard once that if we are working inside the anointing that YHVH God has given us, that there is a protection around us, so we can succeed.

Even if snakes attack us, which they will, we will still prevail.

If we step outside this anointing, to another work, no matter how noble and well meaning, the snakes will attack, and they, not us, will prevail.


Sadly, in my own life, I have seen this come true.

While YHVH God was generous in giving me more than one talent, which was nice, I chose to pursue the talent that was not the best for me.

Instead of asking YHVH God which path to take, I just set off on my own, choosing a way that seemed the most interesting and practical.

While I had more than one talent, there was only one that had the anointing with it.

I spent my life fighting snakes.

Finally, when I retired, I returned to my other talent.

Now I am at peace.

The snakes are gone.



I did not let YHVH God establish the work of my hands.

I tried to establish it myself.

This was not done out of rebellion, but out of ignorance.

But the consequences were the same.

I had no real spiritual education to instruct me.

For me, it was just church on Sunday, and the usual routine.

That is all I knew, from childhood to adulthood.


If we are to succeed in life, please YHVH God, avoid snakes, and be at peace, we need to let YHVH God take the lead in our lives, and direct our paths.

We also need to pray, read, and study the Word before making a decision.

Learning to wait upon the Lord for an answer takes patience as well.


42 Responses to “Establish the Work”

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  2. Amen, I still work on taking a back seat to allow God to lead my walk in zinc with His will for me. He is so patient with me. He reminds me that after each of his creations He stopped, looked at it then rested making each project a separate day. I’m learning to back off (hard for a type A personality). But when I do, I’m amazed how detailed God’s influence has direct affect on what I should do. I love Him more every time. In His time I’m beginning to see it’s all relative even in my own life span. He has one eye on everyone else and one eye always on me. Thank You God

  3. Beautiful.

  4. Lord Jesus, help me to stay within the anointing.

  5. Not all who wander are lost. Eventually. Sometimes we are left to experience our own way, so as we learn to appreciate God’s way. Even when we wander astray, God will shepherd us back to our rightful place.

    Great insights for the present, and always.

  6. This is a very divine connection to who establishes our work. I do believe that we are given skills and talents to create a better world. This is how we get so many programmer and drupal experts. However, if we are not using those talents to help others, create new projects or something positive, then we will meet snakes.

  7. Neville Johnson Prophecy on this New Year

  8. (this is very informative video ” music is spirit “, so we must be careful.

    (this is very informative video ” music is spirit “, so we must be careful.
    this is one world religion,
    catholic ecumenical movement singers – deception
    Matt Maher and audrey assad , they are catholic, but they involve in the protestant music world. their music is unclean music.
    they are not writing the songs from holy spirit,
    they are writing music from dark side , hidden people.

    unfortunately , church leader does not have discernment about these people music. they allow them to come to church to “lead the worship”


  10. start from 18:00 Trump’s SOTU | FISA Memo Scandal

  11. except the point 5, pope is the false prophet ,not anti-christ

  12. what do you think about this,

  13. i have some thoughts/question, the things in the heave are in the ancient form,

    i.e. Jesus will ride in the white horses (Reveltaion 19} , that is ancient vehicle.

    the tabernacle or temple which Moses or solomon build and follow the pattern of heaven, the real temple in the heaven is in the ancient form,.

    may be there is not ancient or modern difference in heaven, for there is no end.

    what is your thoughts ?


  14. Father to the fatherless, defender of widows ,
    this verse just jump into my mind this morning, i felt God told me that He will defend for us, there are many injustice things in the world, God will speak for us , defend and protect us, no worry. thanks God. it does not matter if we were orphan / widow or not . God will be our strong tower ,thank God. Hallelujah


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