Face To Face with God – in every day life

Today as we struggle with the pains of life and seemingly endless attacks of the enemy; that are strategically designed to wear us down, we diehard Christians often ask where is God in the midst of our suffering?

Author: Rev Patrick Williams, Breadandwineministries.com

Deuteronomy 34:10

And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses, whom God knew face to face.

How do I draw closer to Him in these end times and in times of trouble? How can I be in His presence, knowing Him face to face like the Moses?

There is a way for all believers to know God face to face, and there have been countless millions who have done so. The bible tells us that Moses knew God in this way.

Exodus 33:11 reads, and the Lord spake to Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend.

So what was it that caused God to draw close to Moses knowing him intimately?

The explanation can be found in Matthew 7:23, where Jesus spoke about those who cast out devils in His name, and prophesied in His name, and did many great works:

I never knew you. Depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

So, they believed they knew God, but did not do His will, and so were not His friend. This is a requirement for intimacy.

They flowed in the gifts of the spirit, yet they did not seek His guiding hand. They used their God given ability, without the Fathers leading, even to the point of arrogantly foretelling how God would manage His own affairs. It is so amazing how we think we know what God will do in a particular situation. This is the sin of presumption.

Isn’t this so like today? Everyone things he or she knows how the Lord will come, and what He will do. God expects each of us to call upon Him, seeking His guidance.

But God is calling for a friend; someone who will lay down their life for Him, that He may give them eternal life.

Without a close relationship where friendship with God is foremost, our actions are not pleasing to God.

Another issue is iniquity. This is a deep seat flaw with the character, or nature of a person, or it can be the acts of unjust, unequal and unfair behavior between men or God.

It is iniquity to mistreat one’s brother, or to deny him help or compassion. Jesus said whatever we do to the least of the brethren, we do unto Him. Do we see the face of Jesus in other people, and show love and kindness to them?

It is iniquity to serve other gods. It is iniquity to not be led by Him. When He allows us to go through trials for our own purification, and we question His will, and desire for us, we are in the gall of unbelief, bitterness and hatred for God. We are not His friend. Lip service is easy. Submitting to testing is proof of our faithfulness and desire for intimacy.

We read in the bible how King David would not move the armies of Israel to face the Philistines, until he asked the Lord to be with him.

II Samuel 5:19, “And David enquired of the Lord, saying, “Shall I go up to the Philistines? Will thou deliver them into mine hand? And the Lord said to David, “Go up: for I will doubtless deliver the Philistines into thine hand.”

Many saints love the Lord with all their heart like David. They seek Him, and seek to do His will. They wear there knee’s out before the Lord, interceding in pray for their loved ones.

But what is most important in our relationship with the master is not whether you know Him, but whether He says he knows you. For Him to know you, means you have submitted to His way of doing things, which means to seek Him for direction. This is what a relationship is all about. He leads, you follow.

God knew Moses as a friend.

We will know when we have truly known God in an intimate way, because it will be evident to others. When Moses left his time with God, others could see his face shine with God’s glory. It was so intense that Moses had to cover his face with a veil.

Do others see us this way, or not? If not, we “are not there yet,” and need to continue to seek the closeness of God, asking His help to draw us closer.

Also, God gave us His son, Jesus. Seek His face, and you will find the Father.

This is the answer. God wants to know you, and seeks to know you intimately. Will you obey, and submit, and let Him into your heart?

12 Responses to “Face To Face with God – in every day life”

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  2. Hi M
    Well said ” He leads we follow ”
    That is why He said ” sell all you have and follow me ‘
    What to we sell ? everything we think we know and what do we buy ?
    The Truth, buy the truth and sell it not. PROV 23:23

  3. Hi Bee.

    Good thoughts. I wish more preachers would read Prov 23:23. They sell the truth when they should freely give it away.


  4. I will obey and let Jesus into my heart. We cannot see God face to face but only feel him in our soul in every day life.

    • Hi Angel,

      I am so proud of you for asking Jesus into your heart!

      You are so wise for your age.

      God bless you!

      You will go to heaven some day, and be with God and his angels forever.

  5. Hi,

    It was good to learn something out of your knowledge as I am knew and do not know much about jesus but I am very curious to know.

    Thanks for whatever you shared.

  6. the way to Yahs heart is that if you love him you keep his commandments very important and the sign i am his wife and that i belong to him is the SABBATH the 4th commandment this is the SIGN between HIM and me that is the same thing as if you are married you wear a ring as a sign without it people do not SEE you are married same with the SABBATH it is my wedding ring and the TORAH is HIS love words to me . No other way

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  8. Indeed this lesson is an understanding of How i can be closer to the almighty God,He knows what am passing through
    and he is able to provide me with what I need at no cost.
    Great be His Name,.

  9. Iwish God leads always.
    I wish God told me I am his friend,
    I wish God changed my heart,so that what ever assighnment am to do is under his acceptance,
    I wish God opened both my spiritual and physical vision to see
    .what he wants in me.
    then I would be the solomon of today, the moses of tommorow.
    Lord let your will always be done,
    daily in my life, Amen.

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