Fake and Real Charismatics

There seems to be much controversy over tongues in the church. Either it is real or it isn’t. Maybe it is both.

You have two groups of charismatics

1. those that are actually real – they may actually spend much time alone with God and in prayer. this is ok….I do this myself…almost every morning is like this for me, although i do not lock myself in anywhere…..

tongues can be real either for private prayer and intercession where no interpretation is needed…or… public prophesy, where it should not be the center of attention unless someone can interpret. ….however, within a group, someone may be privately and quietly praying in tongues… true gift of tongues is a gift of the holy spirit, and it is meant to be used with respect and dignity.

falling down can be real….if it is the holy spirit, then the person will be somehow different when they get up…more blessed, healed, or something like that…the holy spirit is not into having people fall under his power for useless reasons….when the soldiers came to arrest Jesus….they fell back under the power of God….Jesus revealed who he was to the soldiers….I am thinking they were not that willing afterwards to arrest Jesus , but they had no choice, as they were under orders…..

prophesies will come true, or give special information that can be confirmed…when God speaks, it should be obvious, and speak to you in some way that you need to hear.

2. tongues can be fake or demonic in origin……the devil always counterfeits what God does……in this case

the people will make a display of themselves……to call attention to “self”….this is the flesh and it is demonic

prophecies will be generalized and tell you nothing in particular……”seek my face”…..”jesus is coming”….”you are my people”….blah blah blah….anyone can come up with this stuff……prophesies do not come true…or they would have anyhow…like the obvious….like the sun will come out tomorrow.

falling down accomplishes nothing more than an inspection of the carpet….people get back up the same person as when they fell down…people can learn to fall backwards, if they know someone is behind them to catch them……although, as a courtesy….someone should be back there anyhow as a comfort measure.

For the one who asks, “are the tongues real or fake?” I would say this:  Scripture says good tree produces good fruit.  If the tongues are real, the person will be guided by the Holy Spirit, be reverent and humble with their gift, and will not abuse the gift for selfish purposes.  Also, if the person has asked sincerely, then they should expect to receive in faith what they asked for.   If they, instead, have acquired the tongues by an artificial means, somehow “learning” what to do, or made up something under pressure of others to please them, then the tongues most likely will not be real.

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56 Responses to “Fake and Real Charismatics”

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  2. I was at a gospel singing Saturday night. The Spirit began to move while people were praying at the altar. I got up to sing after most people had gone back to their seats. One girl was laughing as I was singing and a teenage boy was making a funny laugh kindof noise. He did that for about 30 minutes or so, the whole time I was singing. I felt that he was being disruptive as I sang and played mostly worship songs. The girl that had been laughing uncontrollably sat down and raised her hands to worship. The preacher nor anyone else rebuked that boy. I may be wrong but I got the feeling that he was out of order.

  3. Hi Shannon,

    The Holy Spirit does not interrupt Himself. Those people were “in the flesh” and not showing respect during your music. The pastor needs to keep the services in order. “Play” and “laughing” may be expressed during praise, but are not consistent with devout worship.
    See if you can discuss this with your pastor.


    • I love that phrase, “The Holy Spirit does not interrupt himself,” made famous by beloved Kathryn Kuhlman.

  4. Yes, there is often some ‘flesh’ show up at times like this. I think part of the reason is lack of teaching or lack of leadership in a group setting. But God is bigger; don’t get judgmental, just pray and try to discuss it w/ your pastor.

  5. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for your input. It is tempting to get in the flesh. Many do. So we need to always be on guard about this.


    • Yes of course you need to be on guard of these fleshly manifestations, but it is really the responsibility of the leadership to deal with such disruptive behavior.

  6. It’s funny, whenever I’ve been in a worship service I’ve always seen people fall backward or in a position convieniently (sp) as to not hurt themselves..they are sooooo darn aware…but I’ve never seen anyone get knocked over by the Holy Spirit and fall forward..I think that’s funny. I also think is funny that soooo many of my friends from my church believe that the gift of tongues is THE evidence of salvation and they place such a large emphasis on it in their lives when it is FOR SURE the least of the gifts…then some of them go out and gossip or flip people off while driving. I have even had a friend tell me that when he prays in tongues he is getting an “extra boost” of the Holy Spirit…I’m so thankful I don’t need an “extra boost” like a shot of caffeine or something. Many people just fake it for sure and if you call them on it they will get all defensive about it. Some of my friends are disruptive during our small group prayer time and it’s hard to concentrate…What do you all make of this? I’m very happy I have other gifts that edify the body of Christ…however, like I have prayed to God over the years, “Lord, give me ANY gifts you want me to have to glorify you and not myself that brings others to you.” Thanks for reading my friends! Chris

  7. Hi Chris,

    THere is the real gifts, which are given at the will of the Father, and then there is the fake stuff. Both are around. You judge the tree by the fruit.

    Gifts are given for reasons….they are not for personal glory but for God’s glory. Not everyone has the same gifts, so you may not have the gift of tongues. Tongues is for either ministry to other countries, or for private intercession…If one is not inclined to pray for others, there is no need for them to have this gift. The tongues just helps the person pray better.

    One gift I wish I could have is the gift of music. It is so wonderful to have. There are many gifts. If we stop and evaluate our lives, we will see what God has given us.

    Do not worry about which way someone falls, if it is real. That is God’s decision.


  8. at last some real people giving real answers and remarks…God bless you people for your sincerity…i’ve had toooooo much of the ‘true charismatics’ amen. i tought i was a nut when i noticed them…now i know i’m not alone..

  9. HI Tay,

    That is life. Some things are real and some aren’t. The fake stuff always tries to imitate the real, so that is proof that the real stuff is around somewhere. You just have to seek it out.


  10. I think the Charasmatic movement has been in my opinion hell on earth. Maybe not for others but for me it has been and the fact so many people come in and out of the movement you can’t keep track. In my experience you find women in their with the Jezebel spirit and you find people in there who have mental problems many have had drug problems. I’ve found very few people in there that were sincere most that I came in contact with were fake and many of them were just into experiences or into the emotional aspects of the movement. None that I came across were very intelligent when it came to the bible or scriptures.

  11. Hi Barry,

    There are a lot of flakes in the movement. Everyone thinks they are a prophet, and “anointed.” Power plays, etc, like you said. Jezebels rule the wimpy pastors. I agree about the percentages.

    But this is prophecy fulfilled. We are warned about the great falling away. Man cannot glory in his flesh, and God will not share his glory with another. God is coming for the remnant, who is his bride, not the “church.”

    Let us pray for humility, and cleansing, to be sure we are his bride.


  12. At ,i thought i was alone…I attend the charismatic churches for years because i love the style of preaching….In the end i couldn’t console myself anymore with the theatrical show that it is.The total confusion of a ”tongue” outbreak and the music all works the congregation up to such a emotional state of euphoria that they will believe anything and everyone,the more macabre the better ….totally not biblical.
    Its a circus sometimes.

    • HI Frik

      You unfortunately, have witnessed the “great falling away” as prophesied in scripture. The best thing to do is go back to the bible, and stay with what Jesus said. Much of church now is garbage. But Jesus is still real.

      • The church is complete and total horsepoo. What church teaches women to divorce their true husband, the true vine and go marry the “kings” of the earth and that everything will be just fine.

        You are absolutely correct, the church is garbage. I called 100 churches asking for help, received none, all in the name of Jesus.
        They don’t feel like saving men from death or delivering women from the fires of hell, reuniting lost love and forgiveness. Silly people run this church now, not The LORD’s #2 man. This is a time of true sorrow and grief. Angels are guides and protectors of the church, now everyone thinks the devil calls the shots and ignore the call for action, help and deliverance.


        Psalm 91

  13. I agree about the charismatics. I went to that kind of church for about 8 years(different ones) I am so tired of the preachers preaching prosperity and not preaching the true word of God. What about preaching against sin and preaching salvation. The Word says to preach repentance that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. I was the guest singer at a church Wednesday night: the Spirit was moving until the guest preacher started. He started preaching prosperity and blessing. Then instead of an altar call for salvation, he told everyone that wanted to receive their blessing to come forward. It was chaos after that. The woman in front of me sounded like she was yipping or barking. Another girl was leaning over dancing and you could see right down her shirt. Where is the modesty that God requires? I am still upset over that service.

    • hi shannon

      That was a very unfortunate experience. This sort of thing is what is forcing good people out of the church. It is also the reason so many unbelievers ridicule us now. When I first thought of persecution of Christians in the last days, I assumed it would be because of true witness for Jesus. Now, it appears that the persecution will be due to false witness instead, Christians destroying the gospel…. making fools out of themselves.

  14. II Thessalonians 2:3 says that the “apostasy comes first, then the man of lawlessness is revealed.”
    As Christians we always “pay” for others sins. True believers don’t cause the problem, but we are lumped in with those who claim to know Christ, but really don’t, so the world paints us with the same brush!

  15. Hi Marianne,

    I just read an earlier submission by you about the “Church”
    you stated: ‘God is coming for the remnant, who is his bride, not the “church.”’

    Just to clarify: The “Church” is the bride of Christ. What makes up the “Church” are true believers, it is not a denominational thing. Remember when Christ said to Peter: “Upon this Rock (Peter) I will build my Church” Matt. 16:18

    • Hi Ian,

      I agree. We all seem to have different definitions of the same terms, yet somehow agree on what we mean. The only true church is the Bride.

    • I understand completely about the remnant…all those that profess to be Christians are not necessarily the remnant. So many are bench warmers..Jesus expects it to start in our homes where no one can see us…anyone can go to church and claim to be a Christian. I have changed completely my way of believing that all those that profess will be saved. The Lord says that he will spew the lukewarm out of his mouth. I have also changed many of my ways and pray by the minute for his will…even when I am not happy with his will I try to follow wherever he leads.

    • the rock isn’t Peter, it is Christ ! there goes another misinterpretation! ever since, Men wanna build something that does not belong to them, in their name and for their glory!

  16. Marianne,

    Have you heard of drunken glory movement? It is very scary. It is fast spreading in America and other places.

    see this video here, this man keeps grunting, and talking, grunting and making sounds with his mouth constantly and keeps saying it is the joy of God, but i find it disturbing.

  17. and this, what is this ?

  18. and this ! this is freaky

  19. I may be wrong, but all of these videos strike me as demonic.

    • hi Stacy,

      I agree. And the pastor is responsible for allowing this. This is what causes the world to mock Christ, when it sees demonic stuff like this come out of the church.

  20. Very thought provoking post there. Thank you for highlighting very pertinent issues. I have always been proud to call my self charismatic in private but in public i prefer being called an evangelical christian. It just seems each time a the word “pentecostal” or “charismatic” is mentioned every one even the strongest of believers wants to run for the hills. The unbridled excesses of prosperity gospel in this time and age have bordered coveteousness and flirted with greed. Healing ministries have turned into institutions causing grievious bodily harm and profaned a once gracious gift and brought much disdain to the name of the Lord. Its with great sadness that i say this but i hope we charismatics are not delving into a different gospel. We have faith in faith rather than faith in Gods word…we name and claim…loose and bind but rarely inquire of the Lord first if it be his will. We are sripturally illiterate. Yet do not acknowlege our need; as the zeal for our fathers “earthly blessings” has consumed us.I use the pronoun “we” with great humility.My frustrations are well chronicled in my blog. Feel free to cast a stone or write in the sand.

  21. I attend a mainline protestant church now and it is a relief after the chaos I experienced in the charismatic movement. I don’t mean to imply they are all like that but my church was. There is very little true leadership or accountability and it was an environment that was so open to every new thing or wind of doctrine. It seemed to be a very weird mix of good and bad. I mean you could sense things that were of God yet at the same time there were alot of bad things mixed in with it to make it very unhealthy overall. It reminded me of a very wild and unruly adolescent who thinks they are very grown-up and mature but to a person with good discernment, it was very obvious they are not. Not to put everyone down in the movement but that is what I saw and experienced at my church.

  22. Marianne,

    Do you think we have yet to see the pouring out of G-D’s Spirit?

    • Lyndsey

      We have a sampling of it now. Wait until all things go wrong, and you will see an increase in people seeking God. I think that is when it will happen in a greater way.

      • I try to let people know about the Holy Spirit and the separate baptism and where Jesus talks about Him in the scriptures…and the same people who believe that the Bible is inerrant will totally dismiss those scriptures. It is beyond frustrating and understanding and sometimes i get to the point where if they don’t care then why should I.

        Kitti’s comments really upset me because I honestly do not know how I could be coming across “super-spiritual”. I keep pointing to this wonderful, life changing GIFT that Jesus promises us and they turn their noses up. Nigel says we are “in danger” and worshiping “the wrong Jesus”…I truly don’t get it.

        And as much as they frustrate me, I feel for them because I truly don’t know how even I would be able to endure what’s coming if it weren’t for the Holy Spirit living inside of me. Why would anyone want to do this alone!? I mean, yes, the Holy Spirit comes to be WITH you when you are saved but the goal (Jesus explained this) is for the Holy Spirit to be INSIDE OF US-to empower us for service, to seal us, to comfort us, to HELP us, to pray unceasingly, to speak on our behalf and most importantly to LEAD US INTO ALL TRUTH.

        This is not super spiritual-this is common sense!

        • Lyndsey

          Welcome to being misunderstood. If someone has never experienced something like this, they assume it is just fantasy, or a learned behavior. The fake movement is not helping either, because it reinforces the idea that everything is fake.

          Each believer chooses that they think inspires them. To others, they seem wrong, but to the individual, it is right.

          Some are happier in a church structure where everything they want is provided for them. Or they want to be part of a “big movement.” This is fine. Others could never survive in a church, or big movement, and need a more individual experience.

          There are also doctrinal disputes. Trinity is one of them. We are going to heaven because we are saved, not because our doctrine is correct. Some things in the bible are not clear, and god knows this. He chooses to retain some of his mystery, because he is sovereign, and it is his right to make this choice.

          The differences between us is there to test our patience and long suffering with each other. So, just be gracious when you are misunderstood. We all misunderstand others at one time or another, and so this is just part of the imperfect human condition.

        • AMEN…I was a “Christian” for 25+ years and had NO CLUE…a year ago I literally went to my knees about an issue in my life ..which I was absolutely powerless over and told God I would seek him every waking hour I could daily if he would just fix my problem..and in the process WOW…did he ever work on me…I was literally baptized with the Holy Spirit and it has been so powerful I had no idea this is what it meant!! THANK YOU LORD!

  23. I agree there are good and bad Pentecostals as there are good and bad people anwyhere.. everyhwere Jesus went the devil went as well


  24. i recently had a very bad experience with a “BIKER CHURCH” in Florida when i needed a church family the most! i saw and heard many things they said and did that was even aginst what they were suppose to belive AND what they were preaching! even that same day! i couldnt belive it! and even worse i tried to convince someone to give them a chance and trust them and it only caused more harm to both of our lives. we also witnessed actual abuse at a church function of mental and phsycal abuse towards a very young man that was hardly in his 20s that was truely aginst the law! this occoured just within minutes of a new assistant pastor arriving to meet the church and they covered it up!! he was NOT informed of the true happenings in the church! it sickened me to see how people needed this church and it was only damaging to thier souls thier lives and thier own personal freedom/choices the” preacher man” had no experience or training and has already lost atleast half the congrigation due to the new church bi laws that he has no right to make only god has that right! BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU TRUST THERE ARE THOSE OUT FOR THIER OWN AGENDA EVEN IN A CHURCH
    the “precher man” even tried to convince church members to steal my personal belongings and throw them in the trash so i couldnt have them i had only known then aprox a week and a half ! he also called me where i was living and yelled at me for not being at a church members house when he thought i was going to be there so he could confront me about me not wanting to live at a church members house!!

    they degraded me judged me for things/about things that were not even true and by the way NONE OF THEIR BUISNESS FROM WHAT GOD SAYS!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND KEEP YOU SAFE MAY THE TRUE SHEPPARD LOOK AFTER YOU ALL


  25. bad habits of charismatics.


  26. It’s such a relief for me to know this is not Just a nightmare in Nigerian churches. Well, I guess apostle Paul admonished us not to quench the Spirit in 1st Thessalonians 5:19. He equally uses two whole chapters in Corinthians to discourage the abuse of spiritual gifts. I’m sure a balance is all that is needed to prevent these church-building tools from becoming a source of burden to the church and its mandate of getting the bride ready for Christ.
    Personally, I have tried to reach an optimum conclusion by reconciling the slightly different opinions of Kenneth Hagin and Billy Graham on the subject of the purpose of the Holy Spirit.
    I also believe the gift of discernment can always come to the rescue when there are cases of the manifestation of the wrong spirits at meetings.
    Finally, I pray that God will deliver everyone of us from every evil work and preserve us for His heavenly kingdom in Jesus’ name.

    • Seun

      The battle of the flesh against the Spirit is a universal one. It is one we all need the Lord to help us with. Discernment is something we can all ask for as well. I agree with you in prayer.

      • I agree, I learned that we are required to use discernment, one I follow always quotes that Biblical text that testing ALL, which means human amd non human. Not just ghost stuff like my aunt wants to think

  27. Really?

  28. You know the ending of Mark is not in the earliest texts, your bible should mention this in the footnote.

  29. Due to the fake ones on tv through years, it took me over 12 years to actually warm up and find one preacher I like weekly although in this corrupt area, I would not dart the door anywhere, nothing but darkness. But I stumbled on one, is charismatic non denominational, that was being bullied by many, started watching him, because of the smack talking persecution, found myself setting alarm to catch him, etc. He has church and travels, was forced to put fee for seating at stadium but still stayed under price of renting and ministry pays rest. Scalpers sell tickets illegally but preacher says DO NOT EVER pay more than seating price on site. To prove he does not fit rumors, only out for money, the night before the Pentacost on June 7, they set up a live online stream of that event in New York, to where anyone could stream entire uncut event free. I grew up in Methodist and Wesleyan, supposedly they had presence but on that night I streamed that event, it was the first time I had ever felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, no offense to my mom and good ppl that tried, I had never been in the presence in my entire life, and that was when I had been baptized in Spirit. Others stated an outpouring of spirit as stated would happen that weekend. Timing of next day being Pentecost, they used alot of the pentacost colors, etc, and I didn’t know what I was in fully until signs and symptoms of the manifestation, like sharing my body, my discernment without rushing paid off, another confirmation I caught, I was looking at photos of location on the day of event streamed posted, happened to enlarge photo to get view of the tiny one cloud I spotted captured, it was the number 12(12 tribes, 12 gates) came to mind. They don’t display public tongues but have a special pdf discussing tongues, free on page, explains identical to the way you explain true tongues. Church services consist of the praying in tongues(cut off tv), I’m sure it went on among audience because that presence was strong, even kids receiving, etc. Being I had never experienced anything like that, when the symptoms and changes within started, I was alert and in control but I had to school myself because I had no idea what was up, and the prophecy gift(used guidance on how to understand what tools came natural), unknowingly was healing gift of Spirit I found out I had, discernment got extremely sharp to where I can see the vibes I’d always sense before in my own way. I had no idea what had been oppressed from for all this time. Heard of signs and wanders but I witnessed first hand, that night and next couple days was like a euphoric but not out of control, some would ask if I was high like neighbor that rejected healing offer like poison and if I speak of evils of system and health care leading to the mark of beast, she gets hostile at the word illuminati. I was alert and aware but He was showing me this and that being real and such. It bothers me how he’s persecuted by jealousy, saying uneducated not preacher, etc. He may specialize in hope message to bring people in, etc, getting accused of not being real. But as far as end time stuff, who to avoid, etc, his congregation knows well whats going down, discernment and their resources have a set all about that, heaven and hell I am about to read alien post on this page to compare to how I see the greys(if its about greys specifically). And the devil hates him and was mad on the Pentecost weekend because I also experienced an attempt at interruption of live stream because it’d look like camera at event getting rain, go out a second then I’d reload thinking Satan you’re not even that good, last interruption attempts, that demon just had to show that face one time to try to scare me, looked identical to grey alien face travelling through circuit between me and NY.and quickly disappeared because when I showed no fear, stated was not interested in his demonic stunt and get out of sight, no power it had. That was another confirmation that choosing preacher that fit my needs wisely based on my instincts paid off because boy id never known a demonic force to try that hard. Tells me that the so called grey aliens are demonic most definitely. But counterfeit power dont hold a candle to real thing.

  30. I have done this iam guilty of this sin i know GOD will never forgive me , is this blasphamey i faked the spirit none od it was real all fake even on thd alter i i stopped now it’s all so fake will i ever be forgiven?

  31. Hi I’ve been a born again beliver in my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for over 27 and when the Toronto blessing split my church in London literally over night I saw so much demonic stuff going on there our pastors and elders went to the Toronto church ,and there was a wrong Spirit . even after I left with my husband we went to the extreme of no gifts just salvation. Eventually I moved to other side of England and eventually settled in a church then moved church and then back to 1st church we moved to and after my husband told me he didn’t believe all the bible anymore only Jesus words I became disillusioned and I left church because my husband left me in the church on my own so to speak. He is out in the world now so much. Anyway a few weeks ago I felt the urge to pray in tongues and I was singing and praying and I even was able to give up TV all together I spent lively times praying and praising God . I have a friend who had convinced me it was a gift that was only for spreading the good news and was always a proper language.I felt I was using vain repetition that Jesus said not to use , so I did something stupid I spoke tongues into a language translator but it did not make sense and could not be interpratated. So I felt so guilty I stopped altogether I told my friend who said that because I’d come on leaps and bounds in my prayer life she had thought it might be something she would try using again as she said she still had tongues when I told her I had stopped again she said she was relieved .Cut a long story short the week before this I prayed for another friend who received the baptism in Holy Spirit with tongues and I sang in tongues and the presence of God was really strong in my living room . since the translator I have stopped again as I started to believe it was wrong so have tried to pray in English all the time im fine for a bit but when I try to intercede I’m getting blockages before I would pray in tongues and get a sense of what I needed to pray. Thing I’m asking is who’s right tongue believers or cessationists . I have given my life to God totally he is all I think of day and night I am scared if I’m hurting him either praying in tongues not knowing what I’m saying . Or for not praying in tongues . please Believers help me. ps I’m back at church and feel I’m where I should be but they speak in tongues and I’m suppressing it. God bless x

    • ann

      There is nothing wrong with using ANY gift from God.

      God is ageless and so are his gifts.

      there is a lot of falseness in the church now, but do not let that discourage you. it was foretold in the bible – the great falling away.

      most tongues cannot be translated, however, I have heard cases where the tongues could be translated

      there are 3 kinds of tongues

      one for witnessing to other nations, translatable

      one for private prayer, usually not translatable, to protect the content from the devil, so he cannot interfere, I have heard times, however, where someone asked god to tell them what they were saying, and god gave them an interpretation to enlighten them. there are times when I understand a word or two when I pray, but most of the content I do not understand

      one for prophecy, in this case it may be translated, if there is an interpreter, and one prays for an interpretation.

      I find it discouraging when people fake the gift, and give a false prophecy that sounds good, but God never said it. this is to impress the audience, and enhance one’s status in the church. I am always very critically listening when this happens. this is why god gives us discernment, to distinguish the good from the bad.

      i would encourage you to continue using your gift in your private prayer…..it is there for you to use, so that you can express yourself freely to god.

      the holy spirit wants to pray through you, to present your petitions to the father. do not hinder him.

      you are fine. enjoy this time with god in your private prayer.

  32. Too much stereotyping going on here. Not all charismatic churches are guilty of these unfortunate occurrences. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. If you attend a false church, then LEAVE and find a REAL one. Also, stop judging and gossiping about those who are off-track. Instead, PRAY FOR THEM! I attend a charismatic church, most of us pray and speak in tongues, and we love learning and growing in the things of God. None of us have fully arrived, so mistakes will be made. Just use discernment and remember to LOVE EACH OTHER!

  33. Very well said! I’d like to share on Facebook but my screen can’t see the yellow and peach colored words well. Can you edit the light parts and darken them ?

    Blessings !

    • B

      my website pages are designed for a computer or laptop. the background is black, so all these colors show up well.

      i am guessing you are using a cell phone, where the background appears white instead of black.

      I suggest you go to a regular computer, and copy and paste the link to FB.

      add a note that it is best read on computers where the black background is present.

      you can also copy and paste the post to a word document, and use the tools to erase all formatting, which will remove all colors. then you can see better.

      I am aware of this discrepancy, and I am not using the yellow and peach colors now. But the older posts are too many to go back and edit.

      If you can open it, I will send you a word document where all the colors are removed, so you can read it better.

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