Fellowship – meeting others here


If you enjoy and appreciate the comments made by others here, you may wish to fellowship with them privately, outside of the website.

I am willing to bring people together for ongoing fellowship.

If both parties agree, I will share the email addresses with the interested parties, so they can continue to develop their friendship as they please.

Contact me by email, and I will write you back. See contact information.  Most everyone who has already left a comment, has my email address.

Do not mention anyone’s name on the site, or this page, until it has been approved.

Thank you, and God bless you all !!

15 Responses to “Fellowship – meeting others here”

  1. Hi, Marianne…I’m wondering if it would be OK to just put our email addy in this spot to invite people to write? For example, I am interested in communicating on two subjects that others may be interested in. One is the unchurched Christians who find themselves still in love with Jesus, but who find themselves no longer willing to listen to the milque-toast sermons in churches. Or for many other reasons for “coming out of her.” This often leaves people lonely for fellowship with others who have church experiences that drove them from present churches. Perhaps if enough sign on for this, people could actually come together for face-to-face with others locally.

    The second might be about demonic activities in our lives. But this one is pretty well open already on this site, and may not be necessary….. Love, DavWms

  2. hi David

    Yes, you can leave your email address on any page – topic- that you want. Just add it after your comments.


  3. it’s always a delight to find a true Christian to have fellowship with… someone who is devoted to God, in heart and deed. it’s rare around the world!
    God bless,

  4. I have tried many churches but my experience was not goog.I am seeking fellowship with true christians who are filled with the Spirit and are ambassadors of Jesus in their communities. I live in Southern California, LA County.
    God bless,

    • Shalom all hey im from los angles area west covina to be exact id like to chat with brothers and sisters in my area..I go to a spirit filled church in this area with a 1st centry hebrew roots persepctive email me if your intrested! (anthonhy_469@msn.com

  5. Hi Marianne and all,

    Yes, please count me in. My work schedule is very weird, I don’t have much fellship and so I am alone at work and alone when I get home. So, the opportunity to share experiences and God’s word would definitely be a blessing.

    Yours in Christ – Don

  6. marianne mentioned to me once that there are some believers in israel who visit this site… i would be one of them.
    שלום אני מאמין בישוע ומשתדל לשמור תורה כמה שאפשר =), אם יש מישהו בארץ, אני הייתי רוצה להכיר אתכם, אביא יותר פרטים, תחזיר להודעה הזאת אם מעניין אתכם להכיר אותי.

  7. Beloveds,if any of you – that have commented here or that have not commented but share the same conviction as the above – is in Botswana,Gaborone or surrounding areas may i know and have fellowship with you PLEASE.God’s standards have been shamelessly lowered for “christians” to be acceptable to the world that ‘hated Jesus and you shall it hate,for you are NOT of the world’.
    That’s the whole reason i do not beleong to any denomination so far.
    May somebody please raise your hand,i long for fellowship with brethren that have denied self and carried their cross to follow our Lord. Light can not have fellowship with darkness,FACT!! Be ye not comformed to the world,FACT!!
    Worship God in spirit and in truth,walk in the spirit,FACT!!

    I need fellowship with any that say,at all costs i will follow the example of Jesus even to death by the cross,butchery,firing squad,whatever form.

    I am ever so buurdened and praying that His grace be upon me
    to forego self and surrender ALL for Jesus.I believe it shall be so in Jesus name.


  8. i like your website…
    i need desparate help from the jezebel spirit…i am 36 years old and my mother runs my life… she is has controled me for over twenty years.. i am on the verge of taking my life..
    i left christianity ten years ago to seek truth.. and to find deliverance from my many demons..but i have found no rest..
    do you know of anyone in australia that can cast out the spirit of jezebel and other evil spirits…

    • hi timothy

      You cannot cast a devil out of someone who is not willing to have it leave. If your mother entertains the spirit and wants it, then it will not work.

      move away from your mother.

      Learn to tell her “no.”

      get friends and family to support you in your opposition to being controlled.

      Giving up on Christianity – while understandable – only weakened you.

      Only through the blood of jesus can you overcome the spirits in this world.

      What you need is true, biblical Christianity, not man made religion.

      People have corrupted what Jesus did. Go back to Jesus.

      I know a few people in Australia, and they can pray for you to have the courage to stand up for yourself. I can also put you on my prayer list.

      But you also have to act yourself, and close the door to the spirits by
      1. accepting Jesus back into your life.
      2. standing up and saying “no” to your mom.

  9. If these people that you talk about are righteous people and can cast out demons, i am prepared to reaccess my position to be free..
    i just dont wont to be decieved anymore..
    i had too many christian charlatons pray me me and actually activate my demons rather than cast them out..
    i dont wont that anymore…

  10. I grew up in the church and have learned and seen a lot of things that are so discouraging. While I long for fellowship among the saints of God, I am a bit frustrated and tired of some of the traditions.

  11. I have never been a member of a church, even though I attended a few over the years. But I remember my dad’s words from when I was a girl. That is about 40 years ago maybe longer that “man made churches were full of pagan rituals”. And when I final gave my life to Jesus I started to see this as well. And found I could not stay in these churches. Apostle Paul say we must not give up on fellowship, for we need each other for encouragement, help, strength in our faith. But I have not been able to find a place were brothers and sisters come together to fellowship in the truth.

    • karen

      there is a lot of internet fellowship now…..you are welcome to visit this website.

      there are discussions going on each day with people of different viewpoints on different topics….there are about 850 of them…

      on the right hand column, there is a list of topics…..also a section showing what people are currently discussing.

      also, in your own area, search for groups and meetings that occur outside of churches….and get to know the people.

      the churches have become commercial businesses….with the pastor and staff making a profit…. I had to leave also

  12. I am fairly new in Christ, and am looking for fellowship with true believers and true saints! God saved my life, not only physically, but mentally and healed my heart and spirit!! I love this site and all the info.! Thank you so much for sharing and for this site! God bless you and all here.

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