First Love


How much do I love Him now?

Rev 2:1 Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write; These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks;

Rev 2:2 I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:

Rev 2:3 And hast borne, and hast patience, and for my name’s sake hast laboured, and hast not fainted.

Rev 2:4 Nevertheless I have [somewhat] against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.

According to Jesus Himself,

I can have good works.

I am patient.

I cannot bear evil.

I can discern liars.

I have persevered for Him.

I have labored for His Name’s sake.

I have not grown weary.

I can love Him.



Is he still my “first love?”

Are there others I love also the same way?

Or are there things I love as much?


Do you remember the first time you fell in love?

Do you remember the hours on the phone, talking, just so you could hear their voice?

Do you remember the anticipation, the wait….? how you could not wait until you saw them again?

Do you remember how you wanted to be alone with them?

Do you remember the admiration, how “perfect” they were?

Do you remember how they were all you could think about?

Do you remember going to bed at night, with them on your mind?

Do you remember them in your dreams?

Is it still that way?



Does Facebook get your attention more?

Internet chat?


Social meetings at church?


Cell phone?





Other activities?

Does “church” take up all your time?


Will you come back to your first love?

16 Responses to “First Love”

  1. I love him. I have a question about tithing, how much should we tithe? 10% or what we can afford?

    • Tithing is not required. We just give as the Lord directs us in our hearts to give.

    • in my opinion tithing is a test of obedience I tithe 10% and am rewarded with more work every month. before i tithed i walked the streets for cans. one day I tithed 5 out of 12 bucks. that same day I made 60 and got over a 100 in scrap metal. John hagee says your blessing are matched to your obedience. Maybe you could tithe time some where. cast your bread on the water and it will come back to you I believe jesus said

  2. Loving God is not being a correct Christian Boy Scout…that’s for sure.

    I don’t pretend to understand the criticism of Ephesus. Ephesus was where John lived after the resurrection, as did Mary. The first church architecture is there lovingly cared for by Franciscans. It is in Turkey and quite a tourist-pilgrim place.

    But the place that really impresses everybody, including Muslims, is Mary’s House…a little stone building from the first century that is traditionally where Mary spent her last years. It overlooks a rural valley out from the town. People go through the house and come out quiet, peaceful, happy…even teenagers.

    I wonder if the church in Ephesus forgot the soul of Christianity and got caught up in real estate, buildings…the old “edifice” complex that has obsessed disciples ever since Peter wanted to hurry and build a big shrine over the Transfiguration.

    I puzzle a lot over Cain and Abel. Cain was the self made go-getter who gave the pride of his labor to the Lord. Abel pleased God with his easy going life with the flocks…just sitting on his fanny in God’s lap, letting the animals do the work and looking after them. Being just, Abel lived by faith in God, not himself? He respected God more.

    That’s the heart of it…respect for God. God is not impressed by our efforts. He can give to His beloved in dreams. It’s amazing how Christians say they love God, but they really don’t respect Him much…or think as God thinks.

  3. Marianne,

    How true and important all of the above is.

    Our First LOVE should be nothing else but that of Yeshua if we are to become His spouse for eternity.

    He should be the first thing we think of when we awake, and always running through our mind during the course of the day, no matter what we may happen to be doing.

    He is the way, the truth and the LIFE, and should be Who we dream about as well.
    He is the Holy Husband that knows and judges the hearts of His bride, and you can bet that He will choose them wisely.

    I don’t wish for any of my brothers and sisters to ever hear Him say, “I do not know you.”, yet scripture states that some unfortunately will. (Personally I pray every night that I will not be one of those that do.)
    But He also poses the question, “Will I find faith?”
    And that decision He leaves entirely up to us as individuals to choose.

    To all be Faithful to the Worthy Lamb. Draw close in desire to Him with a loving heart and cherish the blessed gift that we have been given.
    That is my prayer for all.

    Be Blessed in Yeshua our Precious Savior. Our Glorious KING of kings and LORD of lords.

    • hi alienatated

      I cried when I wrote this. I felt that I spent too much time on the website, and not enough time in prayer. It is easy to get busy and get priorities out of order, even when we are doing it all for the love of Him. I asked him to forgive me.

      • Dearest Marianne,

        I can totally understand why you cried. (Big hug my Sister.)

        “Yes”, it is so very easy for many of us to get busy with life, (and all that it is comprised of), and forget the significance of this “gift of Grace” that we have been offered, who We are, and Who should be our First priority. (Too easy unfortunately.)

        But be thankful that while writing the above, that God the Father drew you back to Him and held you lovingly close while you became aware of some things.
        Everything, (if we continue to make the choice to die to ones self), is done for His good purpose, and I can assure you also, that with our Lord Yeshua being Faithful and True, that the sincerity of your heart in asking for for forgiveness was accepted, and you, by His Grace and Mercy have been cleansed of all unrighteousness too. (You know that to be true in Faith.)

        Praise the Lord for the shedding of His blood for all of us regarding that, for He is our only blessed hope, and we All need Him constantly in asking for forgiveness.

        My prayer for you is that you continue within what is indeed your ministry, yet that your heart remain focused on as to why you have this ministry in the first place, and that God the Almighty Father of Lights heart be melded as One with yours.
        I love you my Sister.
        Be Blessed.

        Praise be to Yeshua our Precious Savior and Glorious KING of kings. Amen.


  4. thanks, old friend Marianne

    • Oh I am so happy.

      My friend Silvan is back!

      how are you doing, and how is your little girl?

      • We are doing well Marianne, the Lord Jesus is with us 🙂 He led me to have a look at your blog. He always blesses us in a special way when we do exactly what He wants us to do, doesn’t He – but this is always preceded by a descision to overcome self, I learned.

  5. tomorrow is satans days that Mary magdalenas day in church

  6. I have been preaching on our first love for 15 yrs and as the yrs go by it is being spoke of more and more by others…even more so as we approach the maturing of the Bride.
    We found our first love at the cross and what brought us to that point was humility, brokenness, and repentance. At that pivotal point in our lives their was no room for self will, unforgiveness, pride, or arrogance-not even condemnation or doubt. The love of Christ filled our hearts and we floated above the ground for a week.
    On that day we promised obedience and submission to the will of God and to allow him to break us of our own will. But as happens we gain a little knowledge, become prideful and the flame of love begins to flicker.
    It is interesting that at the time this letter was written to the Ephesians they were being persecuted, sawn in two, covered in tar and set on fire, and crucified upside down. They even stood against the gnostic teachings of Nicholas which were the precursor to catholicism and even though they would gladly be burnt at the stake for the cause of christ he says to them that they had left their first love.
    Amazing isnt it? But that is where we are today…a church full of pride and arrogance who do not have God’s heart for men and regularly assign to hell those who do not believe exactly as they do. That, my friends, is demonic. This is the religious world that John the Baptist found himself in in his battle with the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes of the Law. Such was the extent of their blind prejudice that they did not even recognize the Messiah who they had prophesied of for 1500 yrs.
    WHAT IS THE SECRET TO NOT LOSING OUR FIRST LOVE? It is so simple. Isaiah 66:2 says that the God who created all things finds rest in those who are humble, broken, and who are continually trembling at His word. How can he find rest in these people? because in this place of submission and obedience there is no conflict between God and men. It is God’s will not my will. Only he can break me and keep me broken. Only he can humble me and keep me humbled.
    To have God in this way there is a price to pay–it costs us everything. Stay at the foot of the cross. Remain broken, humble, repentant, living in obedience and submission to the God who created you for his pleasure and make you a vessel of honor for his glory.

  7. I believe your first love is what you love doing.. What you were born to do in life.. which many times gets whisped away by the madness of life.. and by the spirtual attacks from negativity… Remembering our first works and doing them therein would be the victory over the fallacy of this first church

  8. My Lord God blessed me by leading me to this site.
    Glory to His Name!

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