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Why did I hear this?


Amazing….I woke up about 3:30 am this morning…and got on my computer.  I had some business and personal worries…..

I handled email and read the bible…..I laid back down about 4:30 am but could not go back to sleep. 

Completely awake, I heard a distant horn (trumpet) blow. 

I remembered the Lord said he would come at the last trump.  I think I just heard the first trump.

It is only 6:18 now…..after that, there was no way to go back to sleep. 

So, I feel something is about to happen….make sure you have water and food, and supplies….

maybe I was just tired, and imagined this….

but it was so clear and pure sounding…and very soft…far away….sigh.

Maybe the horn was just for me….

May 28, 2010

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    • Some years back in the 1990’s I was sitting in my office alone (working at a law firm) and I could have sworn that I heard the sound of a trumpet. This was in the middle of the day. It also sounded like it was in the distance. I don’t remember having my radio on or any type of music playing in the room. I even got up from my desk and went around the office asking my co-workers if they heard anything. No one heard anything. I also told my family about it. I’ve always wondered about it and sometimes now I even wonder if I heard what I thought I did. You know when time passes, you start to try to convince yourself you might have imagined it, but at the time, it was absolutely real! I thought, well, maybe this is one of the trumpets that Jesus told us about in the book of Revelation, but which one? I also thought maybe it was just for me. I just heard last night on Coast to Coast that people are hearing strange sounds (and trumpets) around the world now- wow!

      • hi nora

        the long distance aspect of the trumpet sound indicated that the warning was being given for a future time…..the louder and closer the sounds mean that the time of trouble is getting closer also.

        mine was a far away sound…people now tell me it does not sound so far away…….this means we are running out of time.

        there are warning trumpets…to prepare people and wake them up spiritually…and then there will be the trumpet judgments….which are part of god’s wrath….so these are two different kinds of trumpets.

        • Yes, that pretty much how I felt about it–a warning. Things are definitely getting worse.

        • I found this blog searching for people who’ve heard the shofar blast. Twice in the last week, I was startled awake from a sound sleep by a short, loud shofar blast from the foot of my bed. The first time, it awoke both my wife and I. The second time, this morning, it was just me in the bed as my wife already left for work.

          They say that the ancient Israel sign for warning of trouble was 9 short blasts from the shofar. I have heard two so far. If I hear more, I will try to remember to come back here to update. It’s unclear what I’m to do with this information. Please pray the Lord will guide me and give me revelation as to what this is all about.

          • dear je

            when I heard the blast, it was one long one, which was the beginning of sorrow….it comes in a set of 3…..long blast, then staccato blasts, and then very short blasts… are hearing the end of a set.

            Israel is in trouble. it is a call to action to all believers to not only help Israel, but to prepare for trouble where we are too.

            (Yechezkel 33:4-5) states: And if the listener shall hear the sound of the shofar and not be careful, then the sword shall come and take him. And if he shall be careful, then his soul has escaped.

            the shofar serves to remind us of the forthcoming great Day of judgment, as the verses (Tzefanyah 1:14,16) state: The great day of G-d is near, close and quick [to come].. . is the day of [the sounding of] the shofar and the teruah.

            The sounding of the shofar serves as a reminder of the future ingathering of the dispersed exiles of Israel and to awaken our yearning for it, of which the verse (Yeshayahu 27:13) states: And it shall be on that day, the great shofar shall be sounded and those who have been lost among Ashur shall come [back].

            do what you can to prepare for war….our government has abandoned Israel, and left it to its enemies….our government is hostile to Israel, and favors and equips its enemies….this means this will come back on us for this treachery. we voted this evil into office….

            what you see happening in Israel, which is being attacked daily, will eventually happen here in the usa.

            do anything you can to help Israel…show mercy, and you will be shown mercy.

            • I just heard a long, far away shofar blast.
              I live in a very rural area. Nothing could make that sound here and it was at 03:50. Even the cows are asleep.
              I know to prepare and pray…yet my heart pounds with joy…come Lord Jesus!

              • dear SJ

                I rejoice with you in this blessing of the shofar…..yes prepare and pray…we have deep trouble ahead, but this is followed by the glory of God

      • I heard the sound of horns this morning, first in my left ear and then in the right.

        • dear jan

          you are blessed to have heard the horns.

          the time is drawing close….use the time you have left to prepare spiritually and physically.

          prepare for natural or man made, water medical, self defense supplies.

          prepare for spiritual…..all true believers will be under attack and need to stay under the blood of Jesus

          god bless you and thank you for sharing your experience.

          rejoice, trouble is coming, but so is jesus!

      • From: BlueBird
        I had weird morning awakening it was either 8-2/8-3-14 I awoke to a very loud horn in my right ear, it was so loud it still seemed maybe a little sore inside the ear in the afternoon, never heard any ringing or any horn ever in my life before and it is not an earache of any kind. I did a little searching on the web, and I still cant make heads or tales of it. I was very puzzled?? My pineal gland opened in 2-2012 since then I have had many unordinary and illogical things happen I cant really explain, touches, pokes, voices, spontaneous poetry writing. Never have I been even interested in poetry.

        The color Blue is in my mind round and round it goes
        chasing sorrow to forgiveness from my head to my toes
        Seeing blue before my eyes trust I did endow
        In my hand beautiful blue and rainbows I see now
        Closing my eyes beautiful blue starry nights a dark hue
        Splats of paint large and small fiery wheels for us all
        Shapes and faces at a glance surely can come fast
        What is this before my eyes present or the past
        I am aware of rainbows and stars that cannot be seen
        hiding underneath there is a secret it would seem
        You can do it just like me you must sincerely ask
        colors and rainbows for us all in our dreams to last
        Once a bright blue now is dark violet spilling in the edge
        Puffs of white go in and out a feeling has been pledged
        Blue and violet mixing around in a fiery furry
        amazing and bright the fire burns but no need to worry
        Once the fire starts you may here your name
        colors of the rainbow is it the wind or a game
        A poke or push side glances true its an open floor
        hushes come to you in a breath like loud waves hitting shore
        Colors of healing to be given forgiveness and love for all
        its a tall task I know when your head is blank and all
        Give it a try and work hard it is your gift from above
        it is given to us all with a heart that’s filled with LOVE

        First Poetry/ Now loud blowing Horn just 1 time, in my right ear only.
        Very puzzled, Really what comes next????

      • Hi there, my name is daniel. And I almost thought i was alone on this,I have been searching for some1 with same expierience.. for in september 4,2004 lil more then 10yrs ago about. I heard lo6d and clear 4 trumpets from straight above,no questions about that for it was not from below but high up.. it happened around 7am that morning i didnt sleep all night for some reason.. strange humming sound and fluttering ringing of ears .. and for some reason i dont know why..i grabbed the king james bible.. and started in the revelations area.. sumthing led me to it,God?.. i been searching for answers my whole life, although i was raised baptist. But when i opened the book 2 revelations.. something happened!!.. cant really be explained because so many will not and donot understand nor really believe me, but it was if the pages in which i was reading was coded only for me 2 grasp and understand.. imcould only see certain words and the rest where blurrd out!.. basically the bible has codes and is totally Alive.. it scared me to death almost.. as i was reading tye revelations/scriptures i was told to write down in a book what i see.. well i grabbed a paper and the only words i could see i wrote all down..all the others were blu4red out.. so i kept writing on the paper ,going through the pages of revelations,but never looking at all what i was sctually writing down. And in the end of this was told to fold up and seal up the prophesies for the end is near but not yet! After i folded the paper there was this simular number 40:’ upon the front of the folded sealed note~.and there were 3 dots/marks on my right hand.. 1 of the dots was half faded as well as the 1 on the folded note!… it freaked me out because i never seen anything i wrote.. but did remember alot of what i was told inside me 2 write.. warnings of the mark of the beast,etc,etc.. also near the end i remember reading about angels blowningnthere trumpets as warnings and such… so after i was done writing completely terrifyedmi went out side to think and get air.. and thats when i heard loud and supermclear 4 trumpets like never before comming from staight above me.. no other explaination!!… i amediattly went back to the revelations and right there, it read: for the 4 trumpets have been blown… Woe,Woe,woe, to the inhabitants of the world for the last 3 trumpets have not been blown!! Thats our final warning.. it already has been given . I think about this everyday, and cry alot.. for so many reasons.. but why given so much detail, and why was i chosen 2 see and hearball these things, im a nobody really.. and before all this happened a few months before this happened I had a dream of the rapture before I ever knew anything about itI was in bed for 3 days pretty much, ,commatoast I had a problem with drugs for a while in those yrs..that drem sparked my interest to find whats going on with God?i was wondering… well he surely gotta ahold of me.. I never heard of the rapture I knew not.anything about it and I could not believe I had a dream about the rapture later on I seen movies and it made sense. I am 100% believer now, nothing will ever change that now!!.. i still have that letter/note i wrote.. i eventually readit and its pretty mind boggling.. even how i wrote such a thing, has sets of numbers on the left,and a wierd riddle or sumthin in the center bottom for ive ever and ever. Abàdon
        Apollyon. ‘

        Yes this is true and i also seen and heard things from here, things from bellow, and things way above/from the heavons. I’m sorry if I told you too much information but I just have no one else to relate to I’m grateful to have read this from you and hopefully you take time to remind everything I told you hundred percent true why would I make something lke this up..well,i’d like tomhearbwhatnyou think, and i have nothing to hide..except i think my spelling may ofmsucked a little,lol..hope 2 hear back,thanku….Sincerely, Daniel

        Initials>> D.W.S.

        • daniel

          consider yourself blessed because you had this experience to wake up your spirit. many are still asleep, and will perish later because they were not prepared.

          spend your free time reading the bible….the new testament, books of daniel, joel, micah, jeremiah, ezechiel and zachariah.

          may God keep you and protect you in the days ahead.

      • I woke up out of a sound sleep at about 4:45 am. I distinctly hear a trumpet blow once. It was very clear and very soft off into the distance, I laid very still in wondering if I’d hear another. My fiance made a comment about hearing a trumpet 2 weeks ago, I am amazed at how many of us have heard this. Out of know where I have distinctly hear a mans voice it said something so soft and far in the distance twice this month. There was no communication device on in the house yet it was clear and alarming.. In March I will be marrying a Christian man. A prayer Warrior on A fire team. I have begin to serve God and have had many blessings some in multitude.
        We are currently in a class called Experiencing God. This would communication with God. All we can do is know that this is truth and pray for God to show us his will. SheR

        • sherry

          your trumpet experience sounded like mine…same kind of tone and sound…it must be time for the Lord to come….god bless you and your finance…

          • From BlueBird again:
            In August 2014 I heard the trumpet/shofar early morning wakeup in my right ear loud it still hurt in my inner ear in the afternoon. Since then I have been hearing clanking of loud machinery or metal humming recently I heard a voice saying words to me the voice was the sound of a harp hard to think that a voice would sound like a harp but I understood the words it said. (wind harp sound)
            I have had several dreams of large city size aircraft coming through round dimensional portals in the blue sky. Im not a doom and gloom type of person and have never had dreams like this before not sure what to make of this. Living life as usual. I suspect or my intuition tells me something is going on now…
            My intuition has never been wrong..
            It has me thinking what would i need to live in a cabin with no luxuries?? Food for thought…
            These sounds are inner ear sounds no one else in my home has heard them so i keep quiet.. The horn sounds on the internet are not the same I dont think it will be normal outer ear that might be trickery be-aware???
            you will hear it in your head like psychic hearing..GD will let his presence be known (vibration) there will be no mistaking it it will bring us to our knees in fear and bliss.
            No government harp/No army will hold the electric (literally a bolt of lightening) awesomeness back, for anyone that has experienced the holy spirit of (sophia/kundalini) knows GD is our source of life our DNA deep into our microscopic cells without god source our bio-candy body lives no more..

  2. I to heard a trump(horn) sound and thought it was a warning signal I used to hear when there was incoming rockets or morters in Viet Nam. It went on for what seemed like a minute or two. I got up out of my chair and went outside and I kept hearing it. I live in Davis, Ca. and nobody else seemed to notice it or was outside listening? The first thing I thought of, was that the trumpet of the LORD? It was right around Penecost or feast of weeks! I hope and pray the LORD comes soon!

    • hi Phil

      It is interesting that you identified the horn sound with a warning signal of an attack.

      Before Jesus returns, there will be hardships and attacks.

      Someone else thought it was the trump of the bridegroom (Jesus) signaling me as his bride to be ready.

      If we have heard the same thing within a week of each other, it might be a confirmation of what might come.

      No one else in my home commented they heard the sound. Since they were sleeping still, I can see why.

      Mine (horn sound) also lasted for about a minute.

  3. As JR Church always says”Keep looking up, Phil

  4. Have you heard from The Lord since you’ve heard the horn of Elijah?

  5. If the earth ever trembles as I did last night at 2:00 am. ….
    I fell asleep fairly early, but then was awakened by the Voice of an Angel.
    Here is what He said: ‘When I say RUN, you start running and DON’T look Back!’
    ‘What of my dogs’ I asked.
    ‘They will follow’ was his answer.

    And I started to vibrate and shake from head to toe … violently!
    I tried to get up and had much trouble walking since I was trembling SO MUCH!
    So I laid back down just vibrating! Quivering that is beyond what is humanly possible!
    This lasted for a good 15 minutes.

    Then the Voice for God spoke again and said :” Rest in Peace.”
    And all of the shaking stopped!
    I eventually fell back asleep and had a peaceful rest!

    • where you are supposed to run to?

      for me, I think the east coast will be hit, all I can do it go west, but to where I don’t know yet.

      • I just finished a conversation with my child on this subject.
        You know where I reside.
        I was specifically told a while back …
        ‘Do not go north and do not go west!’
        The Lord will be my legs because running is not my favorite sport.
        And He will be my direction as well.

        But this is SOOO SOOON at the door!!

  6. It is snowing here today. I am not joking!

  7. Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;
    But the SAME DAY that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed [them] all.
    Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.
    In that day, he which shall be upon the housetop, and his stuff in the house, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back.
    Remember Lot’s wife
    Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it
    I tell you, in that night there shall be two [men] in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.
    Two [women] shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
    Two [men] shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
    And they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord? And he said unto them, Wheresoever the body [is], thither will the eagles be gathered together.

  8. Is the horn sounding, as in time to go home soon? I am getting sick of the Jew and Christian hate :(

    • I think the horn is sounding for a possible war? See first comment. Someone else also heard it. But yes, if things are in motion, “going home” is also approaching.

  9. MARINNE, you must view this immediately!

  10. Hi Marianne,

    I might just be projecting my own personal bugaboo onto your dream since I live on the west coast and earthquakes are what I worry about, but I found this unusual clip of a combination of music and earthquake sounds from CA quakes on the USGS web site.

    It starts out with the sound of a trumpet blowing. There is certainly an eerie synchronicity there with your dream and sense that people should be prepared for an emergency. Certainly with all the recent earthquakes and other seismic or weather related events, we can’t say we were not warned to do what we can do to prepare for disasters.

    • hi Ciara

      That is very interesting. I never thought of a trumpet sound coming from the earth itself.

      • Just to make sure I’m not confusing anyone, the trumpet sound on that clip is from a musical instrument. For some reason, the creator of the recording combined recordings of musical instrument sounds and sounds recorded from actual earthquakes. The instruments are played by earthquake scientists.

        It is really interesting, though I’ll hope unrelated to your dream.

  11. The latest Spiral UFO over Australia.

  12. Rev.8:6. And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.
    7. The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.
    8. And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;
    9. And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.
    Marianne, as you may be aware, the angels with the trumpets, are the NEW YEAR trumpets being blown in SEPTEMBER, or the FIRST day of each year of the Hebrew calendar.
    As the first 3 verses of Rev. Chapt. 11 state, we must measure time of the Temple (read John 2:20)- 46yrs in construction, and 47th year in service. DO NOT measure the courtyard, for it is OUTSIDE the TEMPLE time, for it is given to the GENTILES (Time). Luke 21:24. And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.
    The fulfillment of GENTILE time was when Jerusalem is no longer trodden down by Gentile occupation, ie. 6/7/1967.
    MEASURE from that time, 40 years (Read Rev.11:1)- Altar (Cross) A.D.30 till Temple destroyed (A.D.70) = 40 years …1967-2007.
    47 yrs total (Temple Measurement) minus 40 years = 7yrs (Trumpets)
    As the 7th trumpet sounds it is the 47th year, so counting back, we get Trumpet ONE sounding Sept. 2008 – 2009
    Trumpet 2 Sounds Sept. 2009 – 2010
    The First trumpet sounded the burning of Grass and Trees (in Greece, Turkey, USA, Australia)
    The Second trumpet sounded the GULF Oil Rig on FIRE!!!
    “AS IT WERE” a Mountain on fire, was cast into the SEA!

    • Hi Olaf,

      RE:As the 7th trumpet sounds it is the 47th year, so counting back, we get Trumpet ONE sounding Sept. 2008 – 2009
      Trumpet 2 Sounds Sept. 2009 – 2010
      The First trumpet sounded the burning of Grass and Trees (in Greece, Turkey, USA, Australia)
      The Second trumpet sounded the GULF Oil Rig on FIRE!!!
      “AS IT WERE” a Mountain on fire, was cast into the SEA!

      I thought this was interesting because it was Nov 2008 that the HS said to me “it has begun”—the night of OBama winning the election! I am thinking that perhaps this is when the 1st seal was broken…

  13. And the LORD said unto Joshua, See, I have given into thine hand Jericho!

    Take up the ark of the covenant, and let seven priests bear seven trumpets of rams’ horns before the ark of the LORD.


  14. And seven priests shall bear before the ark seven trumpets of rams’ horns: and the seventh day ye shall compass the city seven times, and the priests shall blow with the trumpets.

    These were weapons ….
    as the seven trumpets of revelation.
    Not ordinary man made weapons!!
    But Holy ….

  15. I had to transfer this from another page. Tamera is profoundly deaf, yet she heard this trumpet a year ago. That is a miracle in itself.

    Posted here:

    2009/07/16 at 3:45 am

    Hi, Marianne. I have a question.. I was praying and in middle of it, I heard a very clear short and sharp blowing horn ( Not known name of it for myself ) and I had to pause in middle for a moment to look around and see nothing.. I am very profound deaf. Yet I heard it.. Do you have any idea what does the difference between those notes means ? Like clear short and sharp note… or long sorrowful soft note.. sometimes I can hear trumpet which was long and clear and purposeful note. So I have no idea what those means. I had to ask for once in my life to see if I can learn anything from you, Marianne. :) Thank you for your time.


  16. This was my reply at the time….I think I was way off. I wrote to her after this, and told her more about the trumpets we were hearing.

    2009/07/16 at 7:51 am | In reply to Tamera.

    hi Tamera

    See if these links help you.

  17. Comment on Tribulation – timing and patterns

    On October 30 at approx. 3.30 AM, after a sleepless night, I heard a trumpet sound, steady and unbroken, then more joined in. I fell asleep and when I awoke I saw a vision of Gabriel and three other angels sounding trumpets. I thought of Matthew 24:31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. Since then I have seen St Michael being healed by Jesus in a vision (the archangel had arrows in his leg). The battle is taking place NOW: a spiritual battle, which may or may not manifest in the physical world. If we look for signs in a world of sin, we shall not find them. We must look for the signs WITHIN. Luke 17:21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. Importantly, as believers we must listen to what Jesus says about the end: The Harvest. In particular, ONLY The Father knows the timing.

    Catherine said this on November 21, 2010 at 3:21 am

    Posted by Marianne

  18. On October 30, 2010, at 3.30 AM I heard a trumpet! That night, I did something I had never done before. I lit a candle before going to bed and thought of the virgins lighting their lamps and going out to meet the bridegroom! I could not sleep and at 3.30 AM suddenly I heard the sound of a trumpet in my mind. The sound was continuous and steady, then more trumpets joined in. I fell asleep and when I awoke at around 7.30 AM, I saw a vision of Gabriel and three other angels sounding their trumpets! A definite sign to prepare; the rapture must be imminent.

  19. Hello sweet sister… I come with LOVE in Our LORD JESUS!!! This is Catrina- The one who had the above dream, and my daughter had that vision! I was looking something up and found your page with my videos on it! I will leave my contact info at bottom if you wish to chat, but I wanted to share with you something that happened just LAST NIGHT to my husband and I that was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It happened to my husband and I while we were in bed LAST NIGHT… Just LAST NIGHT!!! It was VERY, VERY amazing & VERY VERY unexplainable…INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now before I get started, just let me say that we are HEAVY SLEEPERS… Not very many things will wake EITHER of us up! We usually hit the ‘snooze’ button many times! So, we are not easily awakened or jostled!!! Now to get right into it…

    We BOTH woke up at the EXACT same time, in the MIDDLE of last night, looking at eachother,eyes as BIG as saucers…And we were BOTH hearing the same thing- We WERE NOT dreaming- we were AWAKE…And we BOTH HEARD a TRUMPET/ SHOFAR blast for about 2-3 seconds that sounded faint (like it was aways off) but it was THERE nonetheless… And even stranger still, it was the EXACT same sound I heard when I had that dream of the rapture/catching away!(Did you see this video?) IT WAS THE SAME BLAST we were BOTH hearing, except not LOUD like I heard in my dream a couple weeks ago, but VERY faint… Like it was a distance off…!!!

    Anyhow, we BOTH heard it!!!! We were BOTH WIDE AWAKE!

    Do you think it is Jesus and He is on His way RIGHT NOW?!?! WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!

    We WERE NOT dreaming!!! We were WIDE AWAKE!!! WIDE AWAKE and we BOTH heard it!

    ~With Love,Catrina~

    Posted by Marianne

  20. Catrina!!!!! Finally! Someone else that heard the trumpet! I must admit though, I have heard the trumpet, on average, probably once every 3 months since… 2004/2005? And I am ALWAYS wide awake. Not even in bed! Sometimes in the middle of the day, sometimes late at night. AND my mother has been with me about half of the time and we would hear it together. JUST LIKE YOU SAID…. it is faint. Like it is just in the air, floating around us, but in a different spiritual realm, and sounds SO close, like just a few feet above me, but sounds so distant at the same time…. SO hard for us to explain!!! But yes! It is faint. When we heard it for the first time, we brushed it off thinking that maybe some high school band kid was practicing across the street. But it was late at night, and it wasn’t a song. It was just a few notes that we heard. In fact, every time I hear it, it’s always just a few notes at a time.
    My mother and I were just talking about it and I got SO overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit, that my eyes started watering, I got the chills, and then I sobbed like a baby for a minute. Jesus will be taking us home VERY soon!!! I STRONGLY believe within the next 4 years. Pack your bags!!!

    By the way… pack them with only LOVE and GOOD DEEDS cause that’s all that you can take with you! ;-)

    Cathryn Harris

    Posted by Marianne

  21. angelwingz06 wrote on May 3
    This happen last year in May and it was a beautiful sunny day on this day also.So me and my mom were on our way to pick up my lil niece from my sister’s place.So when we got there my mom went in my sister’s place to get my niece.So right after she went in like about 3 minutes later while i was sittin in the car waitin for them to come out.All of a sudden i heard this loud shofar trumpet sound and it lasted for about 13 seconds.And so when i heard that sound i thought the rapture was about to happen and i was ready.So then i looked up in the sky bcuz i thought the rapture was happening and i didn’t see anything.I dunno what this meant.But i think it was a sign from God to tell people to get ready for jesus return and that he’s coming back soon.And so when my mom n niece got in the car i had asked my mom did she hear the sound and she said no.So i was the only one that heard it.But i wonder what it meant.Does anyone have any idea what the sound meant that i heard?

    God Bless

    Posted by Marianne

  22. This man hears a trumpet blast and he is wide awake. He is the only one who hears it, just like in the other testimonies above.

  23. note from Crystal on January 11, 2011……..( Australia has been flooded)

    Oh, I meant to tell you as well… something very exciting!

    I am hearing the trumpets again!

    They started 1.30 AM Australia time on Sunday morning and have been continuing ever since.

    • hi my name is elishia i had also heard the trumpet sept.6th 2012 at 4:30a.m. i was the only one up . i was in my room wide awake cleaning and i was sitting on my exersise ball thng cleaning my dresser out and i heard a loud noise i thought it was our sirens in greenback . but it wasnt it was the trumpet cause our sirens in greenback doesnt sound like a trumpet then i begin to thnk about the trumpets in the bible and i was freaked out i fell down to the floor shaken and wondering why the lord wanted me to hear that and he said for me to get my bible an read revolutions so i did . and i use to be abig christian and i stoped goin to church since i been working and i toled my friends mom about it shes a christian shes a singer at my church and she had toled me that she said the lord toled her to pray about me the other night and its weird that she had prayed over me and me not know about it and i here the trumpet a couple of days after she prayed over me .. . it lasted maybe 7 seconds. like it was a far distance but was not loud it was cleaar to where i could here it and i mean it was just the most greatest exsperience i ever have exspereicnd my intire life . i still dont knw why he wanted me to here it . i asked my mom later on that day if she herd aloud noise she said no adn i started to cry cause i toled her what i had herd and dont know why he has chosen me to here it . . but god is awesme and does awesome mirracles i guess it was a mirricle for me and im goin back to church now casue i kno i am not in the rite . i need go back to church and change again for good …. but i will tell you that exsperience was amazing what i cant stand is no one believed me but my mother and my friends mom . . im only 20 yrs. old . and for me to here something like that was just so amazzing to me…. god is awesome !!!!!

      • hi elishai

        That is awesome. I am so happy for you. Yes, the Lord loves us, and wants us to know he is coming for us. The others I know about who have heard this come from various parts of the country, so it is not about a particular area.

        Your experience sounded like mine. What is amazing is that the first person who told me they heard a trumpet was a deaf person. Imagine that. Thank you for sharing.

        • Wow , that is amazing !!!! the lord is awesome i believe i am going to share this with my testomony at church .. ive never gone threw this before so that is why i look it up online i always thought that when the trumpet blew that ment the lord was coming cause i always herd there was only 4 trumpets in Revolution . But , i think god wanted me to here the trumpet to change i am still overwhelmed about this its just an amazing exsperience i thought i was goin crazy ha . but till i talked to sloan about it she believed me i know not many people here the trumpet so i guess it was just a blessing from the lord ! i watched that vid clip you put on here and it was really good . . . im glad that the lord picked me no one in my family has ever herd it or my friends so its a blessing to me ;p

  24. The only blasting sound that I hear like that, is those when bad weather is coming; these are on the area I live in. I guess one of those is close to my home because it sounds pretty loud.

    I will ask for a sign like that through prayer. Being left out of that is not funny.

  25. Right now as I am writing this (obviously I’m awake) I can hear a repeating humming sound off in the distance… Oh wait, never mind, its just the city maintinance truck taking way the garbage…

    Seriously though: I was listening to a preacher a couple of years ago who had on several occasions in his life had prophetic encounters, even the audible voice of God. He said that back in the 2004/2005 time frame (if I remember it correctly), he had a strong vision come to him which he described as seeing an angel appear. The angel had a trumpet in his hand. Three consecutive times, the angel would bring the trumpet up to his lips as if to blow the trumpet but then would lower the trumpet back down to his side. This preacher went on to say that he interpreted it to mean that an official spiritual trumpet was soon to be blown.

    Looking at the signs around us, his vision does not seem to be all that big a deal. But Amos 3:7 counsels us that such experiences ought not be ignored as cerebral defect abberations, but rather than such supernatural phenomena of a Righteous type, would occur during the very last days.

  26. Several years ago I too heard the sound of a trumpet or shofar (rams horn). I was asleep, and in the middle of the night, I awoke to the sound of a trumpet. I jumped out of bed and rushed to the window where the moon was shining particularly bright. The sound was loud and alarming, yet beautiful, not over powering (if that makes any sense). This sound commanded my attention and I knew no man made sound could make me tremble; and look directly to the sky. I recalled it being said in “Matthew 24:30 “At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky”. Everything in me told me this was Jesus coming back. To prove to myself that I was not dreaming, I shook my husband awake and told him to listen! He said what? I said can’t you hear that trumpet! He sat up in the bed to listen. I said again, don’t you hear that! Then he said, I don’t hear anything, maybe it is only meant for you. For years I have been trying to figure out the meaning. Since then, I have had two other members of my family to hear a trumpet. Oddly we all give similar accounts…

  27. Yello, good morning, and a good sabbath, Marianne! I got the reply on the hebrew calendar date of your hearing a trump. The date is the 13th of sivan, which is seven days after the celebration of Shavuot, the day Israelites celebrate recieving the Torah.

    Shavuot is celebrated seven weeks after Peshach, ‘Passover’, which starts on April 6th this year. After that, 49 days or 7 weeks are counted down until Shavuot, where Jews traditionally spend time reflecting on and studying scripture.

    This is the calendar I’m referring to: .. Which appears to be a good place to learn about the calendar God, YHWH gave to us- based on agriculture.

  28. Aletta (28 May 2010)
    “Pentecost/Shavuot on 15 Sivan/30 May 2010″

    Please note that Boccaccine published much research into the Qumran scrolls:
    The Book of Jubilees describes the celebration of Shavuot in pre-Mosaic times. In Jub. 6:15-22 and 44:1-5, the holiday is traced to the appearance of the first rainbow on the 15th of Sivan, the day on which God made his covenant with Noah. The covenant renewal feature of Shavuot is thus attributed to this first covenant. Subsequently, it was observed by Noah until his death but revived again by Abraham (Jub. 15:1), and after Abraham’s death it was forgotten again until Moses restored it once more.

    Qumran scholar Gabriele Boccaccini has suggested that the 1,290 and 1,335 days of Daniel 12:11-12 point to the observance of Shavuot in a restored Israel, as reckoned by the priestly solar calendar. These durations are exactly 30 and 45 days longer than the 3½ years mentioned in Dan. 7:25 and 9:27. The period of 3½ years amounts to 1,260 days in the priestly solar calendar because the equinoxes and solstices count as markers of the seasons rather than monthly days (1 En. 74:11, 75:1, 82:4). The blessings expected at the end of the 1,335 days pertain to the resurrection to “everlasting life” mentioned a few verses earlier (12:2), and this is the reward to those who refused to forsake the covenant unto death (Dan. 11:22, 11:28, 11:30, 11:33-35), while those who forsook the covenant (11:30-32) face “everlasting contempt”.

    Boccaccini sees the 3½ years as ending at the spring equinox (equinoxes and solstices were important markers of the seasons in the solar calendar), to be followed by 30 days to complete the 1,290 days (the month of Passover), and an additional 45 days to reach the 15th of Sivan, the purported day of Shavuot. For those who refused to forsake the covenant, this would be the day the covenant would be renewed and the expected blessings would be realized.

    Source: and more on Boccaccini at,_scholar

  29. Marianne,

    The month of Sivan (May-June) has some interesting meaning – if you read into it.

    “The observed constellation is the one associated with the third Biblical month of the year, the month of Sivan.  One theme of the month of Sivan is the theme of marriage and therefore it seems fit that “The Twins” (Gemini) may be also be symbolized by “The Bride and Bridegroom” (Yakov Levi, “Constellations Don’t Lie, Month of Sivan in 2010). 

    While you heard the trumpet in the early morning of May 28 – it is actually the 14th of Sivan. The Hebrew day begins at sunset, therefore on the Hebrew calendar it is the 14th of Sivan.

    This day has some significance  PARASHAT BEHA’ALOTCHA.

    The hearts and minds of Hebrews on this date/week/month are found in the reading of Numbers 8:1 – 12:16.

    Here are three sites that will “perk your ears”.

    I think you heard the blowing of a “spiritual” shofar. 

    You can take it from here as to interpreting why you heard the trumpet. The scriptures within these links will help you.


  30. A while back I was woken up by the sound of a loud trumpet in my room, around 3.30 in the morning it startled me, but after I was tototally awake, it lasted for about 15-20 seconds , and was a long steady blast, what does this mean?

    • dear Earnest

      Look over the comments on this section. You will see that others have had the same experience, including me.

      The Lord is sounding a trumpet of warning for His people. When you hear this, you need to share this with others, that He is coming, and to prepare yourself spiritually. If not prepared, you will be left behind as the 5 foolish virgins were left when the bridegroom came for the 5 wise virgins.

      It also means hard times ahead, and to prepare physically, as much as you are able. Whatever you cannot do, god will help you with your needs.

      So as the trumpet sounded the alarm for you, you now must sound the alarm for others.

  31. In the end of Dec. of 2010, I heard 2 shoufur horns, 7 days apart from each other, 1st one was louder & longer blast at different tones, the 2nd one did not break my eardrum like the 1st one did,not as long or as loud, But one week later the Arab springs riots broke out on Jan, 4th, 2011. Now & most recent , I heard another horn blast that woke me up at 3;30 AM. and felt the need to pray for Israel at that moment, which I did do, what I found out to be interesting was the horn blast was done on the day after Obama won RE- ELECTION, (weds morning) . Then a few days or 1 week later, Crap hits the fan with Israel that is still going on today. I think these horns are warning sounds for his saints plus for us to pray for Israel & to live ready & watching for his coming.

    • dear jpip

      I would agree with you.

      Traditionally, both in Israel’s history, and in the book of Revelation, the trumpet indicates war or judgment or danger, any way, a sobering time.

      Ritually, it is a call to repentance to avoid judgment.

      Continue to pray for Israel.

      Pray also for your geographical area, since you are getting multiple warnings.

  32. Thanks, But now wondering, do you think it could be a warning call for judgment for the lukewarm, lost & unsaved people, or maybe just for the USA or my State alone?? I never thought about the horns was for Judgment, I always thought it was just a warning call for watchman to pray & warn about endtimes.

    • Judgement has been declared upon America. Our grace period is over. People have not heeded the call to repentance. So you are right about the warning….and need for prayer.

      I think this whole country is going to get hit….not just your state.

      Each area has its own weaknesses. California is prone to earthquakes. the east coast gets hurricanes. the midwest gets tornadoes… are near the madrid fault line…..the gulf coast gets BP oil spills, hurricanes, AND sits on the madrid line…..the northern states get snow storms….the west mountain areas are on a fault line connected to the huge volcano in yellowstone park.

      we will see more physical disasters, riots, economic collapse, food shortages, invading armies, nuclear blasts, etc…in our own land.

      pray for the lost to get saved, especially anyone in your family…..pray for your local area that the righteous will be safe and provided for during trouble.

  33. If you hear harps or a flute sounds, what does that mean??? I was thinking music from Heaven, but you may know something else. And yes I had my hearing tested & checked out from the ear doctor, it was fine! LOL :)

  34. Thanks you been a blessing to me giving me answers, and yes I am close to the madrid fault line, Now my son had a spitual vision a few years back that told him, something really bad was going to happen and when it did happen, he would go to heaven. I myself get many dreams / visions. many of mine have come to pass, some not as of yet. I first thought all these things maybe coming from satan, so I am learning as they come, some are very scary & maybe from satan, but many of the good & holy ones are from God, and he is a good ,loving God! Thanks & God bless you~

    • any warnings are blessings. god is giving you a chance to prepare. I know someone near pittsburg who was told by the Lord to store up at least 3 months of food and water…..just prepare for emergencies…and then pray and trust God.

  35. I see that you posted this a while ago. I have a friend who has heard this, but just recently. Have you heard anything new from the Lord? I was researching to see if others are hearing it.

    • hi redeemed

      Yes, read the comments above. Others are hearing this too.

      news is ….trouble is coming for prepare for emergencies, civil unrest, food shortages or extremely high prices, war, etc

      do not panic….just do more than you usually would do, store supplies, and give the rest to God….our main weapon is prayer.

      there are multiple impressions about March- April of 2013… we wait and see. and put ourselves in the Lord’s care.

      I have not heard any more trumpets….but others have…and they seem to be getting louder.

  36. Wha you heard does fit within the timeline of October 9, 2009 to Fall 2016 (7 weeks of Daniel), the signs in the heavens (Rev. 12:1-5) occuring on Sept 29, 2011, the fig tree generation (1947-2017) timeline, and my own personal experiences with the Lord.

    I suggest fasting and prayer, reading the Word with great hunger.

    “We overcome him by the Blood of the Lamb and our testimony…”(Rev 12:11). Comprehend the Blood and prepare your testimony.

    Psalm 20

  37. they (the sounds, the signs) must be spiritually discerned.

    “Blessed are the people who hears the sound of the trumpet.”

    The Lord GOD has opened my ear, and gave me eyes to see, so that I can acknowledge Him in all my ways:
    For nearly a year, anytime i hear a train horn or a truck or some other resembling sound, i say “come Lord Jesus”.

    Train your heart to wait for Him.
    Grace, peace and joy be multiplied unto you, by growing in love and truth!

    • dear georgos

      Thank you for leaving a comment. I have become interested in hearing how many other people have also heard the trumpets / horns. to hear a natural horn and think of jesus is good. do you ever hear of a trumpet sound that has no natural explanation as well?

      • We must be careful, for even the elect will be tried, if we aknowledge these are the end times. Beware of false signs, those who come from without and not from within (from the antichrist and not from the Holy Ghost).
        Do as Gideon did, if your relationship with Lord is right, ask Him to clarify all these to you.
        I, personally, didn’t hear, or see, anything supernatural. All i try to do is walk by faith, not by sight or feeling. Even if He shows me things that eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man.
        It’s like the speaking in tongues, many search for signs, but where the heart is, there the treasure is.
        God bless you and all those who seek Him truly, fear Him, love Him and obey Him.

  38. Redeemed,
    I must share what the lord gave to me on December 22nd 2012. I had a vision that I was walking in a garden and a angle said to me “Thus say the Lord God of host, Go into my vineyard and gather the harvest” as I began to walk into the vineyard I turned and said ” but Lord some of the harvest is not ready and he said to me, “gather the ones who are.” Every scripture he has given me since then has been about him preparing for judgment gathering the harvest and rebuilding his temple. The words the lord has given me to spread is TRUST, OBEDIENCE, and HASTE. Whatever God tells you to do in this hour, trust him, be obedient to what he tells you to do, and do it with haste (quickly).

    Read the following scriptures Jeremiah 23, Isaiah 1, Zechariah chapters 5 and 6

    Be blessed!

    • hi sara

      thank you for sharing that. yes, the time is close. 2 nights ago, I saw the angel of death watching a train/bus that was passing him by on the road. He seemed only a short distance in the future. we must be prepared for the sorrowful events to come, and pray for protection.

  39. Hi Folks,
    I was astounded to find this thread! I live in Connecticut and sometime very early yesterday morning (Jan 18) I heard what sounded like a long (30-60 seconds+) lower pitched trumpet like sound that seemed to fill the air – like you couldn’t get away from it if you wanted to. I was half asleep but it woke me fully.

    I also had the exact same experience – with a higher pitched sound – about a week or so ago – also very early in the morning.

    I’ve known for sometime that Jesus’ return is imminent, but was never sure, of course, if “imminent’ was a relative or specific term. But lately, I have had the sense of urgency to “prepare” for what is to come – but I’m not sure just how to prepare.

    Has anyone heard sounds like these? What time of day and where are you?

    Also, not sure if you are aware of the increasingly bizarre UFO sightings that have been ramping up over the past few years. Not sure what to make of that.

    Thanks for responding!

    Gail in CT

    • hi gail

      I am in NC, others are elsewhere, from California to Florida to Canada.

      I heard the same thing you did. To my knowledge, they started in 2009. What was amazing was the first person I knew to hear it was deaf.

      I heard it next, or so I thought until others contacted me after my post and said they heard it too.

      Jesus said he would come after the last trump. this would mean, from what I am coming to understand, a spiritual trumpet, and ending on a feast day of trumpets.

      Prepare spiritually always, and then physically, the best you can, for physical and social dangers. God will step in and do what you cannot do.

      Some people say they will not prepare physically, since they will just assume God will take care of them. But this focus is self centered. God wants us to prepare in case others need our help. So do what you can in this regard. Someone may need an extra blanket or a can of beans from you.

      Things will go bad in this country soon. Read between the headlines. Gun control is MORE than school shootings. Martial law has already been passed. Foreign troops are already in our country. The government is preparing for something. We should also.

  40. Sara,

    Where you live on the planet can make a difference too. The US is under specific judgement sooner rather than later.

    Let me add to what the Lord is
    sharing with you (servant). Please  see John 2 ( water into wine and the bridegroom).

    On November 14, 2012 – in a humble mid-week bible study in a little church within a small Iowa town, the Lord came to us with a word of knowledge.

    That evening (only 6 of us attending this bible study), one woman said the Lord led her to read John 4:34-38 (NKJV) that week and she wanted to share this with us.

    When she finished reading, I knew the message within the verses and said, “I can add to those verses. The Lord gave me Joel 2:21-24 over a year ago”. (NJKV).

    There will be a revival coming in 4 months, which is the first month in the Hebrew calendar (Nisan). It is the harvest He is preparing you (Sara too) to take in (John 4:34-38). 

    Then, later that evening during prayer time, the Lord entered our room:  My heart became “big” and “warm”, the room became “full” like I was underwater (scuba diving experience), without the ear pressure; the woman who read from John began speaking in tongues; the Pastor then interpreted – “the Lord says to prepare strategically.”

    Once the Pastor spoke – the room and my heart returned to normal. I said to Pastor: “I know what He is telling us” (John and Joel verses included).

    “The foolish will be turning to the wise asking “tell me about Jesus!” This is not just about a community or region, this is a worldwide revival.”

    Within weeks of that experience, the Lord led me through the research/writing/editing of “Lost” Ark? God Forbid”, posted within Heaven Awaits. Please read and share the message.

    The Ark will be coming out of hiding soon, Temple will be built over the next few years – for the King of kings and Lord of lords.

    He returns for His bride after “great testing” as He now stands at the door, (James 5:7-11).

    Blessings to you Sara, servant of the Lord.
    Isaiah 65:8-16

  41. Gail,

    Please read my message/reply to Sara.

    Read James 5:7-11 “establish your heart”, because the Judge is truly at the door.

    How close do you live to the coast?

    The Lord loves you, you are His sheep and your spiritual eyes and ears are opening.
    Give Him thnaks and ask for more!

    Psalm 23, 27

  42. DJ,

    Thank you for the lords words of wisdom. I have felt a great need to lie on my face before the lord with great urgency. The lord had me to share with others that we are to guard our hearts and keep it filled with His word and the present of the Holy Spirit.

    Now I am going to share with you what my hair stylist shared with me in a spiritual conversation. She said that she had a dream/vision that the moon was dripping blood. When she told me this I immediately began to weep, because I knew it was another sign from the lord.

    What are your or anyones spritual thoughts on this?

    • hi sara

      I think the moon dripping blood means things are closer than we think.

      see this post, just recent also:

      my dream is included there.

      pray and watch.

    • Sara,

      You are in a very good posture (humble, praying and seeking Him). He loves you very much as He knows your heart, preparing you for the harvest (vineyard).
      Please, where do you live?

      You are “His servant” ~ remember that, keeping that phrase close to your heart. More on your preparation further down.

      As for the blood dripping from the moon ~ well here is what I understand it means (with that snap shoot of a dream picture).

      Look at Revelation 12:1-5 and the “heavenly sign” with the moon at her feet (Virgo).

      Virgo represents the Virgin (Mary). The moon (Islam) is at her feet, while Satan is the plant Saturn.

      The moon is Islam. Note: Islam’s flags have a crescent moon (all or most). 

      I think the blood dripping from the moon represents Islamic warfare upon the world. The blood is brought upon by Islam. Then, they are also put under judgement by God, in the end. 

      When the 4th Seal is opened (soon), Death and Hates follow after the rider of the “pale” horse. That “pale” color is Islamic green. 

      “When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, ‘Come and see.’

      So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth” (NKJV).

      § Sword = war and violence.
      § Death, and Hades (demonic spirits) follow after the 4th horse.
      § Hunger, with death, famine /shortages.
      § Green is considered the traditional color of Islam. Green represented paradise (garden) to the desert-dwelling Bedouin tribes when they gathered at an oasis.
      § Green represents the Fatimid Caliphate (the last Caliphate).
      § Muslim nations/ centers of religious culture cover ¼ of today’s population (Indonesia, Pakistan to the Middle East and North Africa. Culture centers within Europe).

      The green color (pale) is considered the traditional color of Islam. Green represented paradise, but the pale horse brings destruction hunger, with death, famine /shortages. It is not a culture of “paradise” and peace but of destruction – violence and death.

      The rider of the first horse (white) has a bow and is given a crown. He talks peace and “confirms peace with many”. Then he breaks off peace and “Dearth and Hates fallow after him as he rides the pale horse. (Just my  interpretation.)

      Marianne’s dream (most recent), is (in my interpretation) the coming of the 4th Seal (Death). 

      The moon dripping with blood is Islam’s bloody violence. The moon in your dream may also represents the work of the Antichrist, once he is revealed. 

      I am expecting the Antichrist to be revealed before the end of Passover 2013. This is the midpoint between 10/09/2009 (when BHO received a “crown” for peace). The end is a day/hour during the Feasts of Trumpets or maybe Day of Atonement, 2016. 

      My interpretation of Rev 12:1-5 are within this blog post:

      Now for the good new! 

      Based on your “vineyard” dream, the word of knowledge given by the Lord on November 14th, and what I have learned from others who have  “harvest” dreams ~ we can expect a revival (great awakening), beginning late March/April. This is the great harvest (John 4:35-38) and (Joel 2:21-24). 

      Sara ~ you are His servant (remember) and considering your vineyard dream, these verses are for you (Isaiah 65:8-10,13-16). Also, for you  (John 2:7-10).

      “Father God, in the name of Jesus, fill Sara with the knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. 

      I ask that she and all Believers walk worthy of our Lord and Savior, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge Father God.

      Father, strengthened us with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy. 

      I give thanks to You, Father God, because You qualified Believers to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light.

      Jesus, you have delivered me from the power of darkness and given unto me the kingdom of Your love. In You Jesus, I have redemption through Your blood, the forgiveness of all my sins.

      “Direct our steps by Your Word, and let no iniquity have dominion over us. Redeem us from the oppression of men/women that we may keep Your presepts. Make Your face shine upon Your servants, and teach us Your statutes” (Psalm 119:133-135).

      Father God, thank you for hearing and answering this prayer that comes from Your Word as written by Paul and the psalmist.

      In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

      (Colossians 1:9-14, NKJV).

      • DJ,

        I live in the south, Alabama. A lot of churches in the south are doing 21 days of fasting. The fasting was not decided collectively by the churches but individually. Pastors and church leaders felt the lord was calling for a fast.

  43. Sara,

    God is preparing your community for this mighty revival and His work, which is hidden in the 7 Thunders (Psalm 29). 

    Suggestion, see this post,(Prayer over House), and seek the Lord about it. Then, pray this prayer from your heart, making it yours not just words.

    I suggest (with urgency), that heads of households and spiritual leaders of chrurch and community apply this prayer over their house/home, church building and walk around city hall. 
    Do this after your 21 days fasting (suggestion), praying about all this during your fast.

    It only takes 2 or 3 (in His name and in agreement). Don’t need a big show or “demonstration of faith”, savvy? Humble and obedient servants.

    Jericho approach (once per day/ 6 days  – day 7 for seven times and the last walk around giving thanks for His protection, driving out demonic oppression, establishing a hedge of protection. 

    Trust me ~ better yet, Trust the Word made flesh; our Good Shepherd (Psalm 23), and Strong  Deliverer/Shield (Psalm 27). Father God honors this prayer and the act of faith (walking/proclaiming).

    Please consider printing this link out and giving to some of those fasting/praying (you’ll know all who should see a copy). The Lord’s Army (Joel 2:11) as fellow soldiers. 
    James 5:7-11 says He is at the door as Judge, establish your hearts. I believe/think we are His servants and warriors, establishing our “position” in Him. Amen?

    God is and is going to bless you as the Philly church. It ain’t about a church, it is about His Church. This is an indicator of those within the Philly church (Rev.)

    There are just 5 of us in our community (Central Iowa) that are praying round the clock March 1-27. 

    We are in agreement: 1) establish the hearts of Believers 2) open eyes/ears (discernment) and 3), strength to do His work, in His name at this time.

    God Bless you and His flock in Bama.  

    Nice win over ND!

    Psalm 20!

    To the eyes of the enemy; I rebuke you in the Name of the Lamb of God and by His Blood, with the authority He gracious gives His servants and warriors. Amen.

  44. During worship today, which the Lord has me leading, I heard a shofar sound. It was soft and off in the distance. I looked around to see if others heard it since we don’t play the shofar at our church. I looked at my Pastor who plays keyboard. I went to him and asked if he played a horn on his keyboard and he said no. It is so exhilarating to know I heard it…it was the (short/long) call, and so glorious!

    • dear mfrench

      thank you for sharing your shofar experience.

      It is of interest to me to see how often this happens and how it effects people. for me, this started almost 3.5 years ago. (will be 3.5 end of november.)

      rejoice that you heard it, but also prepare for big trouble

  45. Hello. I’m Joel Luther, and I live in Southern California. Around 3pm in May of 2013 I was down on both knees crying out to our Lord Jesus in prayer, and I heard a soft and distant trumpet blast coming from heaven above, and I couldn’t stop crying to our Lord Jesus in prayer. God is such a blessing himself. God is BEAUTIFUL! ♥♡♥♡♥

    • dear joel

      thanks for sharing that….is is an awesome experience. the first person I knew who heard the trumpet was a deaf lady….shows the mystery of God.

  46. i heard it right at my left ear,it blew for hours on end so loud it drove me nuts,i thought the end of the world was at hand.

    • dear blue

      Things are about to start. the end really is about here…be alert and prepare yourself. but most of all, trust God.

  47. hi, my name johnathan I have been hearing ocarina flutes trumpets violins and last night I heard an angelic chorus.. don’t know what it all means. plz, help.

    • hi jonathan

      the Lord is blessing you with his presence. share his love and presence with others.

    • Jonathan,

      The English translation of what you hear in the attached link below is as follows:

      “How lovely is thy dwelling place, O Lord of Hosts!
      For my soul, it longeth, yea fainteth,
      For the courts of the Lord.

      My soul and body crieth out, yea for the living God.
      How lovely is thy dwelling place, O Lord of Hosts!

      Blest are they that dwell within thy house,
      They praise thy name evermore.

      How lovely is thy dwelling place!”

      Brahms was drawing from Psalm 84

      “How lovely is your dwelling place,
      O Lord of hosts!
      My soul longs, yes, faints
      for the courts of the Lord;
      my heart and flesh sing for joy
      to the living God.
      Even the sparrow finds a home,
      and the swallow a nest for herself,
      where she may lay her young,
      at your altars, O Lord of hosts,
      my King and my God.
      Blessed are those who dwell in your house,
      ever singing your praise! Selah
      Blessed are those whose strength is in you,
      in whose heart are the highways to Zion.
      As they go through the Valley of Baca
      they make it a place of springs;
      the early rain also covers it with pools.
      They go from strength to strength;
      each one appears before God in Zion.
      O Lord God of hosts, hear my prayer;
      give ear, O God of Jacob! Selah
      Behold our shield, O God;
      look on the face of your anointed!
      For a day in your courts is better
      than a thousand elsewhere.
      I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God
      than dwell in the tents of wickedness.
      For the Lord God is a sun and shield;
      the Lord bestows favor and honor.
      No good thing does he withhold
      from those who walk uprightly.
      O Lord of hosts,
      blessed is the one who trusts in you!” (ESV).

      God Bless you!

  48. Jonathan,

    You are the first person that I’ve “met” who has heard the heavenly chorus!

    I heard them the night my dad passed away, about 12 years ago.

    It was amazing, wonderful, and glorious!

    For me, it was one Mega chorus, singing one word, “Hallelujah” without measure, beat or breath, flowing as if on the air.

    It was not loud or overpowering but soft, delicate and fluid.

    As soon as I realized what I was hearing, it was gone.

    It took me several seconds to discern what I was hearing – music without a beat or measure ~~~~ yet flowing and floating with perfect lovely, glorious harmony. Amazing! Thank you for posting your comment, bringing me a fond memory.

    I would accept what you heard as assurance of the peace and joy in the Spirit, which is the Kingdom (Romans 14:17). This may be of comfort to you in the coming months. You will remember when you need to remember, giving you blessed assurance.

    This link is not quite the same sound (beat and measure with instruments) but it is as close as I can get on earth. Brahms – “How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place.”

    God bless you.
    Psalm 103

  49. I suggest spending as much time as possible reading Scriptures. Isaiah, Amos, and other prophets, plus Psalms.

    I think He is opening the ear/eyes His church (Prov. 20:12).

    “Show me Your ways, O Lord;
    Teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day.

    Remember, O Lord, Your tender mercies and Your lovingkindnesses,
    For they are from of old.Do not remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions; According to Your mercy remember me, For Your goodness’ sake, O Lord.

    Good and upright is the Lord; Therefore He teaches sinners in the way. The humble He guides in justice, And the humble He teaches His way. All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth,
    To such as keep His covenant and His testimonies.

    For Your name’s sake, O Lord, Pardon my iniquity, for it is great.

    Who is the man that fears the Lord?
    Him shall He teach in the way He chooses. He himself shall dwell in prosperity, And his descendants shall inherit the earth. The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, And He will show them His covenant.

    My eyes are ever toward the Lord,
    For He shall pluck my feet out of the net” Psalm 25:4-17, NKJV).

    Psalm 20

  50. Happy I found this as I too have heard the sounds of trumpets. It was march 2009 and was woken to three loud trumpet sounds so loud!!!! Only I heard them. Coincidently, while I heard the sounds, a girl I knew passed away from breast cancer; at that exact time. I felt heaven opened the doors and I heard it. But I’m still wondering if the 3 trumpet sounds were indeed a warning of what’s to come. It certainly seems that way.

    • dear shauna

      It does seem that the trumpets were a warning that we do not have much time left.

      my first experience with it was a DEAF friend who heard the trumpet in 2009….then after that I heard 2010

      I think we should forget normal activities as much as possible and focus on the trouble that is coming before the return of jesus.

      share your experience with others….and also the gospel……

  51. On 7/19/14 around 2 pm I heard a trumpet blast … It was 3 times … Like da-dada. Very clear and unmistakable. I can’t stop thinking about it . So I goggled it and was surprised that others have heard it ! Thank you Jesus.

    • dear victoria

      thank you for adding your experience here.

      it is interesting to hear how many people are hearing this now, or have been hearing it…

      god bless you

  52. Bluebird,

    This is a section of a message by Derek Prince: “The Parable of Light” –

    “We can never explain God, but in the world He has created He has provided us with various “parables” that reveal Himself. One of these is light. Light is a part of everyday life, to which we do not normally give much thought. Yet in this single phenomenon we discern plurality in at least two forms.

    Light is regularly refracted into the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Again, in the rainbow, light appears in seven colors: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. Thus within the unity of light, there is the trinity of the primary colors and the sevenfold diversity of the rainbow.

    Throughout Scripture seven is the number particularly associated with the Holy Spirit. Revelation 4:5 speaks of “the seven Spirits of God.” In Isaiah 11:1–2 the prophet foreshows how the Holy Spirit will set apart Jesus as the Messiah (the Anointed One). He lists seven distinct aspects of the Holy Spirit: the Spirit of the LORD (the Spirit that speaks in the first person as God); the Spirit of wisdom; the Spirit of understanding; the Spirit of counsel; the Spirit of might; the Spirit of knowledge; the Spirit of the fear of the Lord.”

    I believe and think that the color blue also represents love.

    I suggest spending lots of time reading Scriptures and the Spirit of truth (John 16:13), will reveal more to you.

    Psalm 25

  53. Hi there. I absolutely believe you. I was in theshower and I heard a faint horn sound like a shofar I think Iits called. I got out of the shower to dry myself and heard It again. I know the Lord was letting me know something!

  54. Enter your comment here…had a dream I believe from the Lord a few months back. I had been praying about being renewed in the Fear of the Lord. God has given me many dreams over the years but what was different about this one is that it was the first time i received a revelation of the anger of God. There were dark clouds with lightening strikes but no sound of thunder. Then I saw a trumpet. It was very clear. My personal thoughts, with all that is going on in the world, is that a Judgment is being proclaimed from heaven, possible the 1st of the seven trumpet Judgments of revelations. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!

    • john

      that is an accurate interpretation of the trumpets we all have been hearing….we are in big trouble…judgement and wrath are coming, and we are still here on this earth and will see much of it.

      We must pray protection for the righteous, and provision during times of great trouble. the world has greatly sinned and God is going to act against that sin.

      we must also ask for forgiveness for anything we have done wrong as well, as we cannot expect protection from God when we have sin in our lives.

      god bless you

  55. John,

    I’m waiting for the 4th seal to open. Your dream may align with opening of the 4th seal.

    When is Feast of Trumpets, 2014?

    When is the next Blood Moon in this unique cycle, occurring on Hebrew Feasts?

    Rev. 12:11

  56. 25-26 Sept Feast of Trumpets
    08 Oct next blood moon
    It is certain that war will come; along with all the rest. What is more important that the Judgments being decreed from heaven are necessary for righteousness to be exalted. ISAIAH 26:9 My soul yearns for you in the night; in the morning my spirit longs for you. When your judgments come upon the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness

  57. I think what is important is a personal comprehension of the blood of the Lamb along with a testimony (Rev. 12:11).

    “Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, “Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down.

    And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

    Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them!

    Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time” (Rev. 12:10-12, NKJV).

    The Expanded Translation offers an interesting interpretation of the above passage.

    October 8, 2014 is the beginning of Feasts of Tabernacles.

    Barry received his peace prize (crown) on Feasts of Tabernacles, 10/08/2009.

    Psalm 27

  58. On August 3, 2014 I was sitting there in a very still home, playing a game on my computer. No volume on, no tv, just silence. All the sudden I heard a soft Trumpet sound. I stopped and listened for some sort of explanation but found none. Then all the sudden I was overwhelmed with WE ARE NOT PREPARED. In the past 6 months we have been canning in an alarming amount, getting things we would not normally get, getting pre prepared for something. Lets back track about 23 years. I was sitting in the parking lot of a Taco Bell eating lunch. When I heard first a soft Trumpet sound, of course being in an area where there was lots of activity I did not pay much attention to it. Until that next Sunday, when in the middle of the message from the Pastor of the church I was attending he stopped looked and pointed to me and said “you have received a message, obey and go ye into the mountains”. I hate to say it but no I did not obey it, thought of it a lot since then. Now to current date, with all what is happening in the world, all the wars, killing for being a Christian. That first sounding has not been far from my thoughts. Then to hear it again was very scary considering we are preparing to do just what I was commanded to do. I have spoken to my now Pastor and was told I was given a wonderful gift and to wait and listen to what he wants me to do now. So I spoke to one of the elders of the church, he said that possibly it is a warning of the pending war and he said I hope that you are preparing for this war. I told him yes me and my family are preparing a place of safety with provisions that we will need. I know that this is real and am obeying. I do feel blessed with this warning, and that is why I am here sharing with others. Get prepared with provisions you will need. He will come for us, but we need to be prepared until he does. Blessings to everyone


    • dear D .DE LAURENTIIS

      it is a blessing to be able to hear these trumpets, which are from the spiritual realm…..

      it is a warning and a reassurance that god is with you….there is going to be great trouble, but God will help you, if you place your trust in him.

      I have had the gold dust before, and it was right before a time of sorrow….the dust was a reminder that god;s presence was with me to help me get through the trial.

      this entire country, and this world is about to experience some perilous times, and many people will die.

      since the signs are there with you, it is a call to come closer to God, so he can use you in the times ahead. your whole family has been chosen and is blessed

      god chooses people based on their humility and faithfulness and genuineness , not on how “religious” they are.. some of the characters in the bible , like Abraham did not even know who God was, when they were called to serve him

      seek god in your lives, and ask god to show you his will….submit to him, and he will take care of you during the dangerous times.

    • Dino,
      God is doing something very special in these last days. He is awakening His people Himself! He is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh. Do not ignore what you are experiencing. Jesus sacrifice on the cross is the only way to get right with Father God. He is holy, and nothing unholy can enter His presence. This is why He sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins, so we would be covered by His blood and be found with a righteousness that’s not our own and enter into Father God’s presence and begin our prayer relationship with Him.

      First thing is first: Get your head straight with your current state. You are a hellbound sinner without Jesus’ sacrifice. Don’t feel bad, all have sinned and fallen short of God’s standard. But, if you recognize this, and are willing to be washed clean of all your past sins, you can have this glorious gift of salvation free! This is called repentance and the forgiveness of sins. It gains you entrance into the Kingdom of God and allows you to go to the very throne of Father God when you pray. We enter by faith, trusting Jesus’ sacrifice covers our sins.

      Next, begin a daily prayer relationship with Father God, recognizing Jesus’ sacrifice is all that is required to gain entrance. Start reading the Bible to understand God’s ways and to grow and mature.

      If you stumble and sin, fear not. Confess your sins and He will wash you clean as you walk with Him.

      As you do these things, pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit which will empower you and help you learn straight from Jesus’ Spirit and the Bible.

      Guide your family and lead them to understand this simple gospel. Then, allow the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to work in you to change and transform you, and work through you to fulfill whatever ministry calling you have (and I’m betting it’s a strong calling considering what you’ve been currently experiencing).

      Jesus never promised things would be easy, but He promised to be with you to give you joy, strength, wisdom, and power to overcome every obstacle.

      Pray for God to guide you to the right church in your community. And may the Lord richly bless you and your family as you embark on the greatest part of your lives. You and your family are entering eternal life if you follow what I’ve shared with you. Nothing can stop God from getting you through everything, except for yourself. Don’t give up, put all your trust in Him and not in what you can do in your flesh, and you won’t go wrong.

  60. I had a dream a week ago, I was pleading and begging my family to come with me. In my dream, I had a strong urge that a flood was coming and that we needed to get to higher ground. I pleaded with everyone around me and sobbed. I looked at the sky and there were really thick black/gray clouds; but then the sky would turn blue again. I knew in my spirit God was holding back the storm but for not much longer. I pleaded with my family one more time and told we don’t have much time if you won’t come with me I will go alone. They finally agreed they got into the car but complained the whole time and were not very happy with me. But I was still in the house and I know in my spirit it was too late, they waited too long to heed the warning. I then walked into my room and that when I heard the trumpet sound. It wasn’t anything like I heard before. To me it sounded so beautiful and pure. But for me the trumpet sound was loud, like it was blown right next to me. I hope my dream can help others in anyway.

    • hi kathy

      your dream is correct.

      see this post:


      the US government is planning for a level 10 event, which is basically extinction level event with few survivors….

      also the bible predicts an object like a firery mountain hitting the sea…..there are only 2 main bodies…atlantic and pacific….the expectation is the atlantic in this preparation.

      whenever this asteroid hits it will come in from the east to west direction, and cause not just a tsunami but a level 12? earthquake which will disrupt the madrid fault line, and rip the USA in half, as well as flooding it.

      the force of the impact will head west to the east coast and to the gulf of mexico.

      watch the middle east…when you see the USA divide JErusalem and give away Israel’s land to the arabs, go to higher ground or as far away from the coast as you can.

      what I write is a mix of fact, prophecy and some speculation based on facts, so consider what I write , then wait and pray for a correct or better interpretation.

      the trumpet is a warning blast from heaven

    • ps do not panic…

      prepare food and water for emergency,,, prepare for power outage,

      then trust God

  61. I heard one I thought of God it was a long sound . I thought it would be in the paper nobody else heard it . Only God the Father knows the day I await the day.

    • adelajandrews

      I always appreciate when someone writes in and says they heard the trumpet also. I heard a long sound as well. it helps confirm the experience when others have it also. something is going to happen, both terrifying and awesome to behold.

  62. I also heard it, May 25th 2012….in my right ear only…. I would like to know why I heard it, the blast I heard was tekiah gedolah…. I searched what I heard on YOU tube. It was a shofar, NOT a trumpet, I also thought the same thing.

    • tekiah

      Trumpet is just the closest english word to shofar in the translation.

      welcome to what seems to be a small group of people who hear this.

      it is a sign that the Lord is coming soon…

      he said he would come at the last trump, or shofar blast……

      the louder it is, the closer his arrival.

      when I heard it, it was still far away….some recently have told me it was louder to them….

  63. To me, G-d must throw the world system a bone so they can have their complete world government. Whatever it is, we may see it soon. Man will be able to change his DNA genes to live longer if G-d doesn’t stop it, plus the Nephilim may have the numbers now to bring the world into as it was during the time of Noah.


  64. Today is March 20, 2015 (Friday), & just last evening I heard a long siren like sound in my ear that lasted appro.7 mins than it just stopped ! & yes I feel like God is trying to tell me something to prepare more .and yes I beleive you were given a message too

    • hi louise

      thank you for sharing your experience….it helps me to keep record of all this ….it does not seem like we have much time now….

    • Louise I heard the same sound to and I got freaked out because I didnt know but thank you for clearing that up for me I hope we can become good friends even though I am 18 years old.

  65. the thing was I heard it in my ear and no one else heard it and it happened again last year around Dec 14 2014, I was having health problems and my doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong, it lasted for about a few seconds (about 30 seconds) so I went into the kitchen and asked my mom about it and she said you might have 2 more years to live or God is trying to contact you. So I went back into my room and prayed about it and that night instead of having a dream I had a vision. I Visioned that I was on my way to school when I found out I was deathly ill and the doctor had given me 2 years. But I feel so fine and all,but the other night like Louise was talking about I heard the same trumpet again thinking this time it was the trump that I heard 4 months ago. It had a different sound like it was upbeat and happy like someone was rejoicing. I go to a neurologist soon to find out what is wrong with me . I just hope I still have more time left on this earth to do what I was sent here to do. To bring the gospel to everyone in the world.

    • emily

      the time of each person’s trumpet seems to last different lengths of time. It is nice to hear that your trumpet represented rejoicing.

      I would not worry about physical illness and dying in 2 years.

      from what I can put together, we ALL who are believers may not be here in 2 years….

      the rapture is coming and you will end your life not by dying, but by being translated to heaven to be with Jesus.

      the neurologist will not be able to find anything wrong…. that is because there is nothing wrong with you…

      the experience you are having is spiritual, not physical.

      just rejoice in Jesus, and do not worry about the future.

      jesus will come in time to get you.

  66. what can I do to heal this spiritual pain that I have right now? I read the Bible a lot and because of that I get called a Jesus Freak and weirdo. It’s like after I do something good I get bad luck for it. Like one time I did the dishes and cleaned the house and that night my brother came to live with us well a few weeks later I was crying as the Police were taking him away because he abused me and told me not to tell anyone or he would hurt me I told my mom and they the next day while my step dad went out to go get some food he started to beat me up and curse at me he choked me til I couldn’t breath I only got one punch in though but I was bruised for about 2 weeks after wards, but that one lucky punch saved my life, because he was a trained army soldier and I wasn’t trained at all. My whole life was horrible but the only thing that makes it better is knowing that I have someone who cares for me and calls me his own daughter and I get to go live with him very soon :) .

    • dear emily

      If you are experiencing physical abuse in your own home, then call the police.

      do not think because you may have no where else to go that you have to be quiet.

      the police will remove the abusive person and put him in jail.

      you are a child of god, talk to your mother and see if she will help comfort you.

      also when people persecute you because you are a christian, do not worry.

      the holy spirit told me once

      do not worry, it is THEIR sin, not yours!

      keep your chin up and stay safe.

  67. He was arrested and I will hold my chin up :) !

  68. I was so relieved to read about someone going through the exact same thing as I am. Do you still hear it?

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