Flame People



True servants are flames of fire.

Credit : Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

7 In speaking of the angels he says,

“He makes his angels spirits,
and his servants flames of fire.”

Hebrews 1:7

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Summary of Points:


We should be burning bushes

Unless we are burning, we cannot set anyone else on fire

Fire is the defining logo for Christians

Heart and faces ablaze. Enthusiasm

Fire also announces the presence of God

Pillar of fire God’s banner, emblem of nation

John the Baptist said in Matt 3:11 that Jesus would baptize with fire

Faith is fire

We have to be blazing torches that sets fire to the whole land

Be on fire, and others will catch it


Winds of adversity only blow candles out.

But winds make bonfires bigger

Be a bonfire, not just a little candle.

Never too old to start burning for Jesus, or too young

Churches are to be beacons of light and fire, not hiding in basement


Frenzy or fanaticism is not fire.

God’s fire is holy, not strange.

Cool academics does not have intensity of Paul’s message .

Coolness never stirs hearts for God or gospel


Holy spirit is fire of victory and eternal life, not death

True sign of a living Lord is fire from heaven

Be excited!


Even enemies could tell disciples were with Jesus

We need to be flame people, burning with the fire of God and the Holy Spirit


God wants furnaces, not freezers

Come out of freezer and step into the fire.

You will thaw and become burning torches, showing others way to salvation

Human heart is a fireplace

But many are ash pans, or garbage

In 1930s, there was no coal for fires, so woman just kept the fireplace polished

Cold churches can be described as polished, but no fire.

Church = pretty thoughts and rituals

When churches are models of correctness, no one goes there

When there is a blaze, people stop and stare.

God took an ordinary bush and made it extraordinary.

Fames of heaven kindled it.


We have authority and fire given us, we must express it to others.

Right now, receive the flame from Jesus!

Be blessed!

Let God change you from ordinary to extraordinary!

Hear the voice of God coming from the burning bush, and catch the fire!



10 Responses to “Flame People”

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  2. 🙂

  3. I read your post, first yesterday, and then again today. I was scratching my head trying to understand something I thought I wasn’t. Then it occurred to me how simple the step, how hard it is for people to get, and how an important one it is.

    “Walking in the Authority of God” as the picture in your post depicts is,for me, to the express the “Authenticity of God.” God has the power, we as His vessel, His authority, through us, His works can happen. But it begins with our relationship with God first.

    I don’t follow any particular ministry, either one with walls or online. But, I came across this article from Andrew Wommack Ministries. I know nothing about this ministry, but this particular article hit home with me, “Our Authority Releases God’s Power.”


    And, the next time I think I did something, I will remember to stick a light bulb in my mouth. You’ll understand reading this article. A short one. And it gave me a few laughs.


    • denise

      I have listened to him before. seems sincere

      it is interesting that we have the authority to release god’s power

      and it is also true that god’s power gave us the authority

      so we should go ahead and do what we must to help others, and not wait for a lightening bolt to come down from heaven 🙂

      • ” … so we should go ahead and do what we must to help others, and not wait for a lightening bolt to come down from heaven”

        I agree completely.

  4. Please pray for me, I want to be the fire I keep getting attacked, Im in a battle, satan has came at me from every side, probably because he knows what jesus has planned for me, I have brought many to christ, satan hates me alone for just that, I know and believe what jesus has told me, Im just 1 woman out of millions. if I told my story it probably would give some hope, I have an amazing testimony but its not all over with yet like i said i need prayer bad thank you

  5. After I had the Holy Spirit I sin by letting my dad do black magic on me and ever since I’ve feeling the effects of the djinn on my head. A year goes by I asked God for forgiveness in a Catholic Church I left the church and as I was driving home I feel tingling and rumbling sensation on my forehead then I can suddenly feel tactile flames on my forehead which did not burn and can’t see. I asked a Chaplin what the flames meant and he told me it’s the presence of God.

    • Seksanh

      you had a very special experience.

      know that the holy spirit will always be with you as long as you give your heart to god.

      remember this when times get bad, to give you strength to carry on until jesus comes back.

  6. Great exhortation for the times we are in !
    God bless you dear lady .

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