Fruits that Heal You



List of beneficial properties

thank you to Ken for this information

10 Responses to “Fruits that Heal You”

  1. hmmm…??? These are, and have been, my favorite “desserts” for years!!!

  2. Thanks Marianne.Ozone therapy is also very beneficial to overall health, kills viruses, bacteria,parasites,just about anything there is that is harmful to the body.Just thought I’d pass that on!

    • Ozone is mostly good for sanitation purposes on surfaces and water. I wouldn’t recommend it in the body as it can cause oxidative stress, even though there are claims of killing parasites, it is probably for the life threatening ones. Garlic is a natural alternative.

  3. Produce 101,
    Did you know that Strawberries are the only fruit whose seeds are on the outside, rather than the inside.
    Trivial, but interesting.

    Be blessed.

  4. I’m glad God provided products in nature to help us heal. 🙂

  5. I will like to try the straw-berry,I was once diagnosed of high-blood pressure before I got some herbs that I took that made me feel better,secondly I find it hard to sleep at night meaning that I’m facing sleeplessness,I’m still working on measures to take concerning it,I resorted to consulting prayer houses concerning it,I now saw your message so I decided to share this predicament and dilemma with you,to hear from you.Henry Alli Simon

  6. I recently went to a Don Tolman lecture… Have you ever heard of wholefood signatures?

    Google wholefood signatures, and read the first few results.

    Natural foods LOOK just like what they actually heal.
    e.g. tomatoes and red capsicum LOOK LIKE your heart, and that’s what they are good for. That’s only scratching the surface of this subject.

    It’s really interesting stuff…

    • Yeah, that’s cool
      Coffee constipates me, Hard crunchy bean.
      Lemonade makes me go to the bathroom. a bladder full of juice
      and Beans look like air bubbles

      sorry, couldn’t resist… 🙂

  7. I love fruit. Naturally I like to eat them for breakfast. I just have to watch the sugar! Thanks ❤

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