Gavin’s Point Dam – Nebraska


Public notice  – Ready to break?

Flooding will occur – food shortages, homes lost, power out






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  1. hi Marianne….I have a questions that not related to the articale above but i would like you to share your opinion. What do you think of JOEL OSTEEN and his ministry?….lookin foward to your response.

  2. hmmmm….ok. i appreciate that answer.
    Well I’m jus 23 yrs old and I live in Guyana ,South America, don’t know if you ever heard of here anyways I gaved my heart to Jesus over 10 yrs now and It’s just that of recently i really began to examine
    certain things. My thoughs are mainly on the point of false teachers, I know Jesus said that in the last days many will arise, it’s jus that in our world today every Minister on television seems to have a hugh ministry with a large congregation so i’m left wondering …..if all of them are true and right….them who are the False Teachers that Jesus is speaking about?

  3. Diana, I think Joel Osteen is a little confused, He think that if you are not rich, you are not blessed.

    Watch the video.

  4. Jesus said he died to set us free, he died that we would be healed.

    We should live in victory in all things, I don’t believe living free means you are rich.

    But God also said he wished for us that we would prosper and be in good health and have a life of abundance. Some don’t put limits on life. but then God isn’t about bling or mansions here as it is his gift to you. He doesn’t want us to lust after things but he said we are worthy of our hire, he also said we shouldn’t covenant what another man has.

    I think Joel is just saying seek God at his word. But the word also says in the last days we would have to overcome the enemy with our testimony because if he could wear us out he would. In other words many attacks.

    My testimony is to the goodness of Jesus, just tell God what he said and remind him so that he performs. God said you have not because you ask not. He is good to me even when the wicked one is doing evil, God always shows up. When you are in a battle, just as the apolstles said God gives so much in return when he returns. The devil takes your home God gives you one at least two times the size. He steals another one with a mortgage he gives one bigger with the mortgage paid in full. God owns the cattle on 1000 hills. The wealth of the earth is not his but all things including the wealth of the earth are his. Put your trust in him and will give according to his word. As the word says he is not a liar, remind him of his promises to you. It can take a little while but his deliverance is for certain, not maybe. If you are sick or need anything it is guaranteed, it just requires a little trust and faith in him and his word.

    He has made a mansion for everyone going to heaven and it is where God has laid it up in heaven where rust nor moth can attack.

    There are many phonies but I don’t think Joel is one. I never see him begging for money. He is a sensitive child about God/Christ and he doesn’t put it on. He cries when he speaks of the goodness of God . The word says don’t call evil good and don’t call good evil.

    The enemy wants everything Godly turned upside down but the Lord is getting ready to turn the wicked upside down. Those who blasphemed against the Holy Ghost speaking evil of Jesus Chirst and becoming part of chrislam will soon be getting theirs.

    God expects us to stand up and take it in the good times and in the bad times.
    He said when evil comes, go threw it with patiences and he will give us at least double for our trouble, like Job.

    Do we not know that he loves us and that he goes before us in all things making the crooked way straight. He said he would never leave us nor forsake us, he didin’t put a question mark upon it. He didn’t say as long as you never have to repent for a thought that comes or for not being the wealthiest person, without condition. He is no respect of persons. He Love everyone including Joel.

    If you are going through a rough place many of Gods’ children are but we must know we are coming out. Don’t run in fear or let the enemy make you to call good evil and evil good. Praise him and thank him for all that he has done, and if you have a need or a desire ask he will fill it. I don’t know the time but I know my Lord he loves me and all who believe and call upon him.

    Thank you Marianne for posting, as we need to pray for the land with the actions of the non believers that the innocent not be harmed for the guilty. We know that is not Gods desire. What did he say don’t tear out the tares because you might tare out the wheat. This is a slap just like the Jewish people when they did evil to Jesus by not accepting him and then calling him evil, accusing him of being a liar and then hanging him on a cross but he said to the Father forgive them as they know not what they do.

    Be blessed

  5. Yeah! The Dam is ready to break! And, the government knows this. As a matter-of-fact, they have known this for quite a long time, now. All they had to do is release some of the water to avoid having the Dam break. But you see, this is one of “their” catastrophes in the making!

    Go to “” and learn all about how the U.S. government is controlling the weather! All those tornadoes??? Thank President Obama for those!

  6. the government controlling the weather??? get real! Only Abba controls the weather/

  7. What I see with all this bad weather and stuff happening all over, is the Bible coming true, repent! His wrath is coming on us.

  8. The weather is not Gods wrath, its weather. And The dam won’t break. You just all wish it would to show you are right.

    • dear Don

      I hope you are correct. This post was made because of a expressed concern by a local person there that the dam would break. This is something I would never wish on anyone. The post was made out of concern for the local people there to alert them of any problems.

  9. Hey even if the dam did not break, I would not want to be downstream, I would not want to be living anywhere near a river… ocean, used to but now never… I pray for all the poor folks that lost their home,

  10. Marianne

    And Bless you for that. But some get it into their heads that disasters are judgements, they are not they are disasters. Judgements are something that no-one has experienced yet and maybe should be referred to as a ‘seperation’ by choice

    • hi Don

      Anything can or cannot be a judgment. Laws of nature and physics have to be figured in as well. The dams along many rivers are old, and need repair. Levees are put up in places that were meant to go against nature, and push back water that belonged there, to create habitable land. This is man’s influence, not God’s, even through his laws of force will still be in effect.

      Other things really do come under the category of the wrath of God. For example, the bible speaks of a time when the sun turns black and the moon turns red, both at the same time. This is accompanied by a great global earthquake, which signals that the wrath of God has begun. Normally eclipses occur at least 2 weeks apart, NOT on the same day, so this is not a natural event. Also global earthquakes normally do not occur. So this would be God’s doing.

  11. We cannot judge on Leaders, but pray for them while there’s still chance for them to have an Eternal life…for God’s will is for everyone to have eternal life and not perish!!!

    Look to Jesus and the heavens 🙂
    and yes there will be famine and disease and pestilence but, those who are under the protection of God and is not in sin will be no harm to these.

    This is Gods wrath that’s why Jesus came to die on the cross, to save us from Gods judgment..sin will not go unpunished!!!

    1 Peter 1:16
    Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

  12. Yes but notice “NOT natural events”.

  13. 500,000 cubic feet? That is less than 3800 gallons! That is not even enough to fill a decent swimming pool.

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