Girls vs. Boys (Dogs)


Are they all like this?

Maybe it is their “sign,” not their gender?

**Note: astrology comments are just for jest. I do not adhere or practice this.

I am the family dog walker.

Somehow, I ended up with this task.

My son’s dog and my daughter’s dog are males, and both “Taurus.”

My dog is female, and an “Aquarius.”


Here is how things go:

Both the male dogs do their potty business in about 5 minutes.

Good dogs!


The female dogs has to first….

Watch the birds

Chase the squirrels

Play with the frogs

Wade in the water in the ditch

Watch the butterflies

Eat grass like a cow

Walk all over the 1.5 acre lot looking for the right place

Covering every square inch…

Other dogs make her go ballistic

Cats give her total amnesia

Then she forgets why we are out there, and we have to start over.

I have to run with her, calling out “go poo poo!” and “go pee pee!” to keep her mind on what she is to do

And this gets her excited enough to go potty

Can you imagine what neighbors think of me, singing “poo poo, pee pee” to my dog?

It takes her about 40 minutes

It could be raining outside

Or bitter cold

She has her routine

She has to commune with nature,

and become one with it,

before she can go bathroom

dog food in bowl

Once inside, the male dogs eat their food in 30 seconds or less

Good dogs!


The female has to be petted

Have her tummy rubbed

Get hugs for 10 minutes

Have her ears rubbed

She has to lick my face

And snuggle between my legs and

Ask for her tummy to get rubbed again

Play with a toy.

And be bribed with a “cookie (dog bisquit)”

After about 15 minutes, she will eat.


Is it just my imagination, or unique experience, or is there a difference between girl and boy dog behavior?

Let me know.


13 Responses to “Girls vs. Boys (Dogs)”

  1. […] here for […]

  2. Hahahaha….

    I think it has to do with breed and amount of spoiling. 😜

  3. Marianne, your dog is a cutie!!!!! 😊

  4. She’s a beauty. Love her smile and the way her eyes light up 😊

  5. Somebody mentioned that breed has something to do with it. I think gender also does in a way. Male dogs are generally more rambunctious than female dogs, and ‘getting to the point’ is probably more a male dogs instinct, therefore the using the potty and eating quickly. It probably also depends on how bad the dog has to go or how hungry it is. Your males are peasant boys and your female a prissy girl.

  6. very adorable! My female dog loves to collect birds and she is brave. In my experience with dogs, the female one is braver than a male. Seems like it also depends in which class they came.

    • fritzyfrea

      how does your dog collect birds? birds fly? does she let them go free also?

      what kind of dog do you have?

      • she is hiding under the rose bushes and wait when will the bird lands. When the bird is landing, she immediately hits it. She fails for how many times. Her breed is aspin (asong pinoy). Asong pinoy in English means a Filipino dog.

  7. YES….my girl Tundra can only potty in her backyard, and you cant “watch” her. Uhmmmm, so this means a REALLLY LONG LEASH. My boys eat FAST…not Tundra! She does 1 crunchy crunchy, 2 crunchy crunchy, then barks for mom to hold the BOWL….CRUNCHY crunchy….200 crunchies later shes ffinnnnnaaaallly done. Lol! I love her to pieces, but she is most definitely more needy, more demanding and set in her ways. Nice to know Im not the only one! God Bless!

  8. I have owned till death do us part more than 15 dogs in my lifetime.
    Some were extremely smart and intuitive,some were ding dongs.
    ALL were loved and are still missed.
    @ the moment , i am the loving owner of 2 ding dongs, a young female/spayed and an intact celibate male.

    They’re all different regarding their preferences for going out on a business trip and these 2 thankfully truly understand hurry up.-they go immediately and still get to walk around.

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