Goat – Ready to Fly Again


Will the Goat defeat the Ram this time?

I believe in double, or even multiple, fulfillment of a prophecy.

In ancient times, Daniel had some complex visions. In one, he saw a goat (Greece, ie the “west”) flying across the breadth of the earth to attack a ram (Persia, ie. the “east”)

Dan 8:5 ¶ And as I was considering, behold, an he goat came from the west on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground: and the goat [had] a notable horn between his eyes.

Dan 8:6   And he came to the ram that had [two] horns, which I had seen standing before the river, and ran unto him in the fury of his power.


This did happen in 333 BCE with the conquest of Alexander the Great.

Alexander did this in 3 steps:

REF:  http://www.suite101.com/content/alexander-the-great-conquers-persia-a128135

1. siege of Tyre, ( Lebanon)

2. Scythian defeat at the River Jaxartes

(Syr Darya or Syrdarya, Sihun) River, Central Asia, in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan, Formed by the confluence of two headstreams in the fertile Fergana Valley,

3. final battle against Darius III at Gaugamela (Arbela in older history texts). Gaugamela is currently in Iraq.

So, to conquer Darius, Alexander had to defeat him first in the “Iraq” territory.

Map of Gaugamela ( underlined in yellow)


Daniel was also told that this vision was also for the “appointed time of the end.”

Dan 8:17 So he came near where I stood: and when he came, I was afraid, and fell upon my face: but he said unto me, Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end [shall be] the vision. (KJV)

“I am going to tell you what will happen later in the time of wrath, because the vision concerns the appointed time of the end.” NIV Daniel 8:19

While Alexander the Great is gone, the western world is still here.

And so is Persia, now called Iran.

East and West are still at war.


Today, it seems like the USA is taking the role of the goat.

It is “west” of Iran, and would have to fly across the entire surface of the earth, “without touching the ground,” to get there.

The straightest path would be over 7,000 miles. The longest path would add another 1,000 miles to the distance.


Here are the US military bases surrounding Iran now:


As Alexander the Great, the USA is strategically positioned :

1. Bases in Cyprus, Israel, and Turkey, to curtail Lebanon.

2. Bases in Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, including the Fergana Valley. Recall that the same Fergana Valley was also used by Alexander.

3. Persian gulf and other water ways surrounding Iran. Since Gaugamela is in modern Iraq now, the sites are set for Tehran. It is all ancient Persian territory.

Notice that the USA has matched Alexander’s 3 steps to victory over the Persians.

One point to remember:

The Goat defeated the Ram.

This might make us predict that the USA would defeat Iran.

One other point:

This time the ram has allies: Russia, China, Venezuela, etc.

So, if the goat wins this time, it will also get wounded in the process.

Or, maybe the goat will lose.

Or, maybe everyone will lose.


Will this war be the event that triggers the “Red Horse” of Revelation?

For some areas of the world, the red horse has already been there, but will localized war evolve into global war?

The 4 Horses of Revelation were also described by Zechariah:

Zec 6:1¶And I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came four chariots out from between two mountains; and the mountains [were] mountains of brass.

Zec 6:2In the first chariot [were] red horses; and in the second chariot black horses;

Zec 6:3And in the third chariot white horses; and in the fourth chariot grisled and bay horses.

Notice that the horses came out from between 2 mountains of brass.

Iran, along with a just few others, has two mountain ranges with copper mines in Asia.

See :

4 Horses, 4 Horns, 4 Beast of Zechariah and Revelation. Click HERE to read more.

The other possible candidates (Turkey, Pakistan, Israel, Afghanistan), based on the mountains of brass criteria, could also initiate the conflict.

Also, remember that Alexander the Great “walked” to Persia to conquer the Ram.

The Goat from the west, predicted for the end time, would “fly” to get to the Ram.

Dan 8:5 ¶ And as I was considering, behold, an he goat came from the west on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground: and the goat [had] a notable horn between his eyes.


At the current time, because of its behavior and policies, Iran is the top candidate for assuming the role of “Persian Ram.”

It also has the copper resources as described for the 2 mountains of brass to initiate a conflict, and release the 4 horses.

And, at the current time, because of its behavior and policies, the USA is the top candidate for assuming the role of “Goat.”

It already surrounds Iran.

See Also:

The Goat and the 2300 days …….Click HERE to read more.


4 Horses, 4 Horns, 4 Beast of Zechariah and Revelation…… Click HERE to read more.

45 Responses to “Goat – Ready to Fly Again”

  1. You’re too smart for me Marianne! 🙂

  2. Very good. I’ll study this some more. Thanks

  3. matthew 25-32,33…And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth [his] sheep from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

    Sheep are Christians,,…..goats are muslims and/or hypocrites..

  4. You forgot our Navy. I understand there are two battle Carrier groups around Iran, and a third can be called in from the Indian ocean PDQ.

    We have a Empire, that requires fuel. The only thing, is we do not strip the countrie we invade to pay for our Empire. If our way of life is at risk, America may have no choice but to attack the problem.

    Right now, Iran is playing a tough hand making treaties with Syria, Hizboallah, and Hamas. Watch for Hizboallah, and Hamas to start a regional war, get broken, then Iran with others form up a large invasion force.

    I can not tell the future, put as I understand the Bible, this maybe how things unfold.

    Square away yourselfs.

  5. I admit, I don’t usually do a Bible Study with Marianne’s posting. (Sorry) But I decided to try it. I highly recommend J.Vernon McGee’s



    verse by verse book by book if you can get used to his “VOICE”. He usually ties the previous verses of the chapter into the next chapter. He’ll point out things you wouldn’t know like “The Land of Shinar” is Babylon or the stork is an unclean bird. He points out a “double emphasis” in the beginning of the book “raised by eyes” and “looked” to let you know this wasn’t a dream, he was awake. The mountains are Zion and the Mount of Olives which put you in the Kidron Valley. Just lots of little details like that make him a good teacher and still relevant for today.

    I came across some interesting videos that correlate with this post.
    You can find more interesting videos on this channel too where it came


    The person who did these videos sees the Four Horses of the Acapalypse as 4 spirits or ideologies. I’m sure Marianne will find the last one very interesting. I won’t ruin it for you. You will have to watch to find out.


  7. Very interesting topic, only one question. On video 3, they say that “96% of Muslims live in Africa and South America”. As far as I know 98% of the population of South America is christian, either Catholic or Protestan. Brasil is known for their pasion for Christ, who doesn’t know about “Cristo du Corcobado” in Sao Pablo.

  8. NHEL;
    That was nice of you to say so. You’re welcome. I thought so too.

  9. Very interesting, will look into this article more minutely. Re. the US military positioned around the world, this is true, I knew about it since 2 years ago. Will share info, be back later.
    Thanks Marianne

  10. Kittii what was the Soviet union is more religious now that it was for a century. One cannot really call the soviet union communist now. The battle in Georgia was between the Christians and Muslims as far as I am aware. Islam is making headway in Russia and surrounding states due to the sheer numbers of Jews that have left. Over a million moved to Israel.

    This year was also 333 and the wisdom gateway opening up in Greece.

    Greece/Turkey is also famous for its goats and Egypt is famous for the ram.

    There is also tension in Cyprus due to Turkey and they would not let the Lebanese boat going to Gaza port there.

    Greece is definitely a hot spot at the moment due to the austerity measures and it is being besieged by Muslims that are being smuggled in.

    Egypt have also been talking about culling all of the pigs.

    The next 333 is the eclipse in December. 2010.

  11. I want to share another teacher that is really good if anyone is interested. His name is Jon Courson. All the books are covered on the left side. You can either play or listen to the message.


    The Reason I shared him here, was I did a study on Zechariah and I listened to him. Just like J.Vernon McGee he’ll bring insights that maybe you would not know that make it understandable.

    Myrtle trees represent Israel. The Menorah is “The National Symbol of Israel” (not the Star of David). He points out the visions. I wouldn’t haven’t noticed it unless he pointed out each time: Raised by eyes, what do you see, Lift your eyes, I saw.
    Bronze is a symbol of judgement.

    Different teachers will expose you to small points that you never noticed before or make it more understandable. Sometimes you need to read the chapter before and after to really understand what is going on.

    I’m definitely not an advanced student of God’s word and I have found this helpful.


    He has a commentary on both the Old Testament and New Testament:


    He’s so down to earth and speaks the language of the everyday person and has really good insights into application.

    What is amazing about this link and web site is some of the studies were done in 1989 and the information is still relevant. I started watching and then I changed to audio. He was so young and good looking. I just had to laugh. His son Ben is following in his footsteps. He was in our area for awhile and my daughter really liked him too.

    I think these two teachers: Jon Courson and J.Vernon McGee will compliment not contradict Marainne’s study and information

  12. Hello Kittii,

    (Sorry about that, I couldn’t help myself. lol)
    I just checked out Jon Courson on the link that you provided.
    I watched his sermon regarding John 8 and 9, that he just had on Sunday. He does provide some interesting insights, however I was surprised that he missed one while talking about the healing of the man that was born blind.(John 9)

    When Yeshua healed that man, he chose to do it by spitting and making mud to place onto his eyes. Yeshua did this on the Sabbath,
    and the process of making mud, would have been categorized within the law, as being work. So Yeshua “worked” on the Sabbath, sent this man through the streets for all to see the mud on his eyes, before he washed it off in the pool of Siloam.

    I think that Yeshua was not only healing this person with this act, but also “stirring up the pot” to antagonize the Sanhedrin’s.
    Just my thoughts.
    Buck >

  13. Oooop’s I have to make a retraction! I hadn’t watched it all the way through! My error!!!! He does refer to that aspect. Sorry.

  14. This night our heavenly Father gave me a vision of the goat and a message.


  15. For my own information where do you find the USA in end time prophecy

    • Hi Dwight

      That is a deep question, and a highly debated issue.

      1. One theory is here, on this page, where the USA is the “goat” that defeats Persia (Iran). But after that,what happens to the goat next?

      It might be that after this war, the next big world war comes. Allies of each side would line up and attack. Any global conflict would weaken ALL countries.

      The bible mentions a “red horse” of war. There will be many deaths, and famine as a result. The world will be a different place. Since all countries would be effected, the USA might not have the prominence that it has now. It would be like other countries in power and in weakness.

      Proof of that is the current economic stress trying to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan. Notice that North Korea just attacked South Korea, and we did not come to their rescue this time. this is something we would have done in the past.

      The world stage will then shift to Israel, the land of the final battle. Israel would then have to face its greatest battle alone, in terms of human help, and it will have to look to God for help and deliverance.

      2. there is a view that the USA is Mystery Babylon, which gets destroyed during the time of wrath, because it is so wicked. I have a hard time with that idea, since ALL nations are wicked now. I personally think that Mystery Babylon is a global religious or political system that will take over the world, and then be defeated by God.

      3. there is a view that the USA = spiritual Israel, and that descendants of the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim settled here. In this case, what happens to Israel will also happen to the USA. Right now, 1/2 of the world’s Jews live here, so when the enemies of the Jews attack, they will attack everywhere the Jews live.

      4. the future of America is really related to the choices it makes now. If it picks the path of righteousness, and honor and purity before God, it will be protected, and helped, during times of danger and trouble. If it picks a wicked path, then it will experience destruction, as other wicked countries.

      Within this context, you can have holy people living in a wicked land. I believe God will protect them, IF they ask for protection, and use the wisdom that God gave them to take care of themselves. I expect good people who do NOT use wisdom, will be hurt, or killed, in dangerous times.

      There is a purification ahead for all of us, because none of us is perfect. We have to humble ourselves, repent of our sins before God, and choose goodness instead of wrong ways.

      This is not a complete answer. The bible was mainly written about Israel and its people, and just a little about the Christians. There is a lot that is not written, and it makes us wonder. So we should just do our best, show mercy to others, and God will grant us mercy, to compensate for any lack of knowledge we might have.

  16. Hi Marianne,

    I couldn’t write you on email so I write to you here, I luckily escaped from Israel and am in Russia at the moment, as I said antichrist is in Israel and in Tel Aviv, he can detect True Christians so it is very dangerous being there particullarily in Tel Aviv, he detects them and sets them in target via mindcontrol by projecting to fellow satanists to persecute them, sounds like a movie right? He infiltriated everything and will take power soon, also here is salvation for riddle of christians being “beheaded” in book of revelations – he will use this method in Israel, not muslims.

    • gavriel

      Are you safe, now that you are in Russia, to email me? Do you have provisions, and a place to stay? Or do you want to communicate here? can you tell me who he is?

  17. I prefer to comminicate here for now. Hopefully, I’m safer here, but I still have to fly once in a 3 months in Israel for medicine. I don’t know who he is but I once gave you his site in hebrew where he calls himself mashiach. Also, don’t trust bnei baruch kabbalah teacher michael laitman.

  18. Also, thank you for your prayers Marianne, I was afraid that Lord Jesus Christ would be angered by sometimes my disgraceful behaviour and that my own merit was not enough for divine protection, but instead He sent His guiding angel to shelter me from satanic persecution…

    • Gavriel

      I do not remember the website. Maybe you can send it to me again. The merit you have is through Jesus. He earned it for you…..it is not your merit, but his, that protects you.

      Is there something I can do to help you?

      Are you with your family?

  19. http://m424.com/index.html

    That’s true.

    Just have me on your playlist, and mention my family and friend mikhail too, btw I’s very afraid he’s seduced by satanism.

    Yes, my family is here.

    • Gavriel

      I remember the site now. I think the man is crazy. You and Mikhail are still on my prayer list. Do not give up on your friend.

      I am glad you are with your family, instead of alone. Do they practice Judaism or Christianity?

      • Thank you Marianne.

        They “semi-practise” Judaism, they know that I beleive in Jesus, and don’t have problem with it as long as I don’t sai it to our relatives.

      • He is not joking, recently he has anounced that 40 spaceships of UFO (=fallen angels/demons using Ezekiel’s Merkavah system to create interdimensional “spaceships”) sre over Tel-Aviv, they use signals that sound like shofar to create horror and panic and to mincontrol citizens);

      • But isn’t there a difference between crazy and believable?

        How many people believe him?

        The antichrist will be able to convince people to trust him.

        Do you see evidence that everyone in Tel Aviv is in a panic?

        • He is performing lying wonders, so that those depraved of love beleive in him, he is mindcontrolling people so they submit to his project 66, Tel Aviv is in the heart of Dan (who shall be a serpent on the path), modern Israel in a way is spiritual Dan (hence, mighty bulls of Bashan – Bashan was in northern Dan) – they are subconsciously aware that Jesus Christ is Lord of Israel, so they rebell against him, hence the prophecy of Samson regardinglion carcass representing Judaism and honey bees representing Danits who in future will try to bring Golden Age and rebel against Judaism and Jesus Christ, even Moses in his vision was horified by rebellious Dan and prayed “I expect your salvation, O Lord” in his blessing of Dan, and David prayed from salvation from “mighty bulls of Bashan”, who crucified Christ and in future will persecute Jesus beleiving Jews in Israel;

          People who sell out to antichrist are not in panic, but those who still did not are;

  20. I feel like I’m interrupting a private conversation her, but since it’s here on the blog I’d like to make a comment. I don’t doubt the Moshiach could be in Israel. I’m glad the Lubavitchers believe in a coming Messiah, what I can’t believe is they are waiting for Rabbi Schneerson to resurrect.

    Here’s the link:


    Going public with this topic created the greatest possible imagined nightmare for most of his emmissaries. “What!!! Tell my congregation that the Rebbe will return to be revealed as Moshiach??? Are you crazy? I will be mocked and labeled a Christian! My funding will dry up!!! I will be run out of the community!!!”

    What is so tragically unfunny about this unjustified hysterical paranoia is that the Rebbe made no secret about a resurrected Messiah for Judaism and repeatedly stated precisely that point regarding the Previous Rebbe in countless discourses on the topic. By identifying himself as the extension of the Previous Rebbe’s leadership the Rebbe’s proclamations applied to himself. DING!


    After Shavuos 5751 [Jewish Holiday 1991], rabbanei [Rabbis of] Chabad who had gathered at 770 [world Lubavitch headquarters in Brooklyn] from all over the world signed a detailed psak din [Legal ruling] which quoted the halacha [Law] in the Rambam [Maimonides laws of Kings -Judaism’s bottom Legal line on who and what King Messiah is—see Messiah 101b] regarding the signs indicating who is Moshiach [King Messiah], and established that “it is clear according to the Torah of truth that the halachic status of ‘b’chezkas she’hu Moshiach’ [legal status of “presumed with assurance” that Rabbi Schneerson is Moshiach,King Messiah] applies to the Rebbe shlita [Rabbi Schneerson], for all the conditions enumerated in the Rambam apply to the Rebbe shlita [Rabbi Schneerson].”


    In 1991 some 1,000 Chassidic Rabbis authored a formal Jewish Religious Legal Proclamation. It states that Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (pictured above) is presumed with assurance* to be Judaism’s King Messiah.


    • this quote by Rabbi Schneerson, that I found on the above website: “…may G-d grant that country [America] success in its war against Basra [Iraq] and may we soon merit the fulfillment of the Prophecy, “Who [meaning God] is that coming in soiled garments from Basra?” with the coming of [the Final] Redemption.”

      He could just as well be talking about the anti-christ, but mistaking the AC for the Messiah. This is sad…

      This leads to me to the Question: Does the AC come out of Iraq?

  21. notice it picks up in may – spring / summer – jesus said watch when the fig tree puts forth its leaves.

  22. […] Goat – Ready to Fly Again […]

  23. Mary Ann, what opinion do you have of the Flat Earth theory. I was very skeptic about it a little while ago but now my opinion is changing base on information I got.

    Look at this video:


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