Goats Call Him Lord



The goats make many claims.

Matthew 25

The separation of the sheep from the goats

32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats:

33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

He speaks to the “goats” on the left

41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

42 For I was hungry, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:

43 I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.

44 Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee hungry, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

45 Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.

46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

Works are important

The right kind of works….

They may not be required for salvation, but they are required to avoid everlasting punishment.

The works mentioned here:

Giving food to the hungry

Giving drink to the thirsty

Giving clothes to the naked

Visiting the sick

Visiting those in prison

This is not a complete list, but these works were used as examples.

There are two categories of commandments:

Love God and obey him

Love your neighbor as yourself

Both have to be obeyed.

One can praise God all they want, but if they ignore the needy and the lowly person, God will reject them.


One can be an enemy of God, and still call him Lord, just as one can be an enemy of a nation’s president, and still call him by his title.

I heard a public personality once respond “Jesus is Lord,” after being exposed as corrupt.

This somehow was supposed to exonerate him in front of the crowd, and make him look innocent and positive.

However the entire confession was supposed to follow Romans 10:9

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

So the person omitted the resurrection and the salvation aspect.

Also, regarding testing the spirits to see if they are of God, it says this:

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are of God; for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit which confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit which does not confess Jesus is not of God.

This is the spirit of antichrist, of which you heard that it was coming, and now it is in the world already. 1 John 4: 1-3

Christ means Messiah, or anointed one.

Again, the person did not confess this either, and so was cleverly evading the challenge.

He acknowledged the title, but not the incarnation, anointing as Messiah, resurrection, or salvation.

So there has to be more than acknowledging a title, and engaging in feel good, self-uplifting exercises.

There are a lot of “goats” in the church.

There has to be an awakening, so that people can repent, and correct their spiritual thinking.



”Goats” take on a deeper meaning

Being deceived in the church only opens the path to greater evil in one’s life.

Allowing sin to occur in the name of tolerance is the same as committing it.

Neglecting the poor leads to victimizing them, or allowing others to do so without any resistance from the deceived.

Neglecting the needy innocent leads to murdering and sacrificing them.

This puts the church goat on the same level as a Satanist.


It has to be ALL THE WAY with God and neighbor, …..

Not just part of the way.

Or, one is on the way to hell.



Holiness is a complete commitment, not a partial commitment.

So, holiness, which pleases God, includes loving others and helping them.

We should use our natural desire to love and be loved, to do God’s will, and to love Him and others in this world.

So, others need our help, and even our enemies need our forgiveness and mercy.

Holiness makes us complete as spiritual beings.


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2 Responses to “Goats Call Him Lord”

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  2. Over simplistic overly literal (mis)understanding of scriptures is hopeless. It is childish to think simply saying “Lord Jesus” has implications but once I thought that and like this man I milked it. He like so many of us exploited simplistic beliefs among Christians. It is shameful self-preservation like rushing into the temple and grabbing the horns of the altar instead of confessing openly and repenting. If we believe Jesus is alive and is Lord then our actions have to follow through on that. It is just like the Dominion of the Holy Spirit spoken of in Romans 8. If we are dominated by the dominion of the Holy Spirit we are denied the right to live as we like in disregard of this authority we are under. If we get a job but flagrantly disregard whatever the boss tells us we cannot say we are employed. Calling the boss “Boss” is then impudence – insult added to injury. How much more so when we accept our servitude to the Lord over nature (including our own nature) and the Holy Spirit. We havd to acknowledge the dominion and then, hard though it is when tempted, try to never deny it by our actions.

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