God’s war on terror… the 200 million man army

Ref: REVELATION Chapter 9 Verses 13-21


The sixth angel is told to loose 4 angels bound on the banks of the Euphrates river. (These are evil angels because good ones do not have to stay bound.) The 4 angels loose a 200 million man army which are NOT humans, but demonic spirits riding on strange horse-like beasts. The demons have breastplates of fire, jacinth (red-orange-blue), and brimstone..The heads of horses are like lions and breathe fire, smoke, and brimstone.The tails of the horses are like serpents.They have been commanded to kill 1/3 of mankind.

This demonic army comes to wage hellish war and destruction upon those who have been terrorizing the earth with their own version of hell. The weapons used by this demonic army are not given. (But observe how fire, smoke, and brimstone sounds like an atomic explosion.)It is obvious that these are not to be taken as humans, for horsemen do not wear breastplates of jacinth and brimstone. Instead, this is a literal description of unnatural, demon like evil spirits that come out of the abyss, advancing under the leadership of the four bound angels.

This slaughter is being masterminded by evil spirits and demonic forces, all being executed under God`s will as a judgment upon the ungodly and evil of the world.

The use of fire, smoke, and sulphur is also a reminder of God’s judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah. This should be a reminder to us that a world that is going in the same direction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and thinks of the Bible as a bundle of fairy tales when it speaks about judgment, cannot escape the wrath of God.

What is so symbolic about the Euphrates River?Why there?

*** This river is about 1700 miles long. At the time of the sixth trumpet the Euphrates seems to be serve as the boundary, or a landmark, of the antichrist kingdom.

1. The Euphrates river flowed out of the Garden of Eden, where history and rule of man began, and will end here.

2. It was here where Satan first tempted and overthrew man. The first sin that resulted in the fall of the human race took place at the head of the Euphrates river. Now Satan’s destruction will begin here as well.

3. It was here that the first murder took place, and it was in this same region of the Euphrates that the first organized rebellion against God took place.

The first target of the 200 million man army is the immediate area.This is the Euphrates river, not the Mississippi in the USA, the Danube flowing through 19 European countries, the Amazon river in South America, or the Chang Jiang river in China, etc.

This region is in the center of the antichrist kingdom, or a part of it.Therefore, the people who follow the antichrist will ultimately be destroyed.(Muslims should think very seriously about the beliefs and behavior of themselves and their countries.)See antichrist category writings:


The spirits go out from this area in order to kill a number equal to 1/3 of mankind’s population, which is currently about 6.6 billion, but may reach 7 billion by the time this happens. So 1/3 of 6.6-7 billion is 2.2-2.3 billion, or 2000 million.This is about 10 people for each demonic spirit released, based on current numbers.

So what population represents 1/3 of mankind that live near

this area?

World % distribution by Region↓




















Latin America & Caribbean *




Northern America *








Already we see that Asia alone is over half the world population. This includes the middle east and far eastern countries.

But this does not mean that Asia alone is the target. The demons have specific targets in mind.

We also have to remember that the total world population by the time of the 7th seal being opened, and the release of the 4 angels, will be dramatically reduced from what we would project it to be if nothing was to occur.

Prior to this, there are deaths due to

Revelation 6:

1st seal, conquest by white horse with bow (indicating peace, but really works for conquest, including some warfare, deaths- this is what Islam does)

2nd seal red horse brings war and death by sword (symbol of Islam)

3rd seal black horse brings famine, therefore more death

4th seal, pale horse IS death

5th seal, souls are slain for the Word of God (could be both Christians and Jews)

Revelation 7:

1st and 2nd angels- destroying sea and plant life, thus reducing food supplies

3rd angel – people die drinking waters of Wormwood

The demons are obviously going to concentrate in the area they were first released, since this Islamic area is a source of death (terrorism) for the rest of the world. They will start here, and work their way out to the rest of the world from there. This is a map of the Islamic dominated regions of the world.

So what is the distribution of the Muslims worldwide by region?

There are currently about 1.5-2 billion Muslims worldwide, about the estimated number the demons will kill. The demons may start with the Muslims, but can also kill all others that uphold the persecution of believers.

There is a good reason not all Muslims will be killed, because the Islamic beast in Revelation 13 appears, and he still has a following. However, his power will not come from the number of Muslims living, but from spiritual and political forces behind him.

What John sees is real, and the destruction they bring is real.John gives most of his attention to the horses. The horses have riders,but it is the horses themselves that cause the death not the riders.

The fire, the smoke, and the sulphur from the horses become a demonic means of death, each a plague in itself. Remember in the first “woe” the demon locust tortured the rebellious population.Now in this second “woe” demonic horses bring death, burned by the fire, suffocated by the smoke, and poisoned by the brimstoneuntil one third of mankind has been executed.

color of brimstone (sulfur) when heated – yellow, red, blue, even green.

The power that these horses have is not only to kill but to torture, hurt and injure. Their power is in their tails. Instead of their tails being a scorpion, these are like that of a snake (serpent)having heads that can give poisonous bites. Their venom kills. Again these are demonic beings and not human armies.

Some have tried to connect this invading army with that of Gog and Magog under the prince of Rosh in Ezekiel 38 and 39. But John sees these clearly as demonic, while the armies ofEzekiel 38 and 39 are human armies, probably appearing justbefore the Great Tribulation.

There has been so far opportunities for people to repent when the plagues came upon them. But the Bible is clear here that those who are left after the sixth trumpet, the second woe, remain defiant toward God.

For those reading this, consider your ways. If you have not accepted the salvation of God, available through the Lord Jesus Christ, nothing will help you later.Buddha is gone, Mohammed is gone.They will not help you.Your own works will not help you either.At this point in the future, NO ONE will help you except God, and only if you repent of your sins, and turn your life over to Him.Otherwise, you will experience the wrath of God and be destroyed.

So give your future at least 5 minutes thought. You do not have much time left to do this.

Galatians 6:7

“Whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.”


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  3. Hi Weegie,

    I think the Chinese have too many problems to worry about Israel. They have never been enemies, so why start now?

    I heard the same interpretation you did early on. But the kings of the east do not mean the farthest east you can find. Why stop at China? Why not include the Philippines too?

    It just means kings east of Israel, that are enemies of Israel. Only enemies would attack, not other people. The others have no reason to attack.


  4. ur really stupid

  5. HI areman,

    You are really cute. Look around the website. Maybe there is a topic you like better. Remember that God loves you. That is what is most important to know on this site.


  6. false prophets?
    free thinker?
    be careful of what you say now a days, you never know whom you might offend.
    but it sounds like you got bigger problems to deal with.

  7. Dear Tulip,

    I appreciate your comments.

    Many people in this world are actually seeking God and his truth, and they will find it. A gentle message will be sufficient. Others will not find God, unless a disaster happens, or a strong message is sent. I try to balance messages, so that there are some of both, because I care about people, even if they hate me, or want me dead.

    The evil spirit of offense is already out there, to create chaos, war, and destroy everyone. I am not the source of it, but I am pointing it out.

    The purpose of this, or any post of mine, is to stimulate people to think. There are many in danger of being destroyed, if they do not wake up.

    Do I remain silent, when people could be helped? Do I ignore what is happening in the world? Do I turn a blind eye, or say something? I want everyone to seek God, not man, and find out his will for them and this earth. God does not want anyone to perish.

    We all have to evaluate what we have been taught, in whatever religion we may have been raised in, and find God’s real truth, and reject the errors. It will break mental and spiritual bondage if we do.

    I have had to do this, so I am sympathetic toward others who must also do this.


  8. God Bless You Marianne. Keep up the given and good work!

  9. HI MIKE

    Thank you for the kind words.


  10. HI TO ALL,






  12. Hi NSJGGG

    I would think that all nations, in some way, will have a role in the end times. They may or may not be mentioned by name.


  13. Hi everyone,

    Someone just told me that typing in all caps is considered shouting. I apologize to anyone who found it offensive. Sorry, I’m not up and up on computer lingo nor computer ettiquett ?spelling?.


  14. Hi NSJGGG

    I did not really pay attention to the caps. Do not worry about it here. We just go by content, not appearance, like the bible says to do. 🙂


  15. i love you sister marianne God bless you,Graceanna

  16. Hey Graceanna,

    Nice to see you visit here.


    • Jesus Always Taught the Antichrist comes first, for how long? 5 months. How long was Noahs flood? 5 months, except this time it will be a flood of lies right from slew foots mouth. Satan comes through peacefully and prosperously. To heal the NWO. Jesus taught on a 4th grade level, so that a child can understand it. Many shall be deceived, will you? We are in the final hours now. Good luck to the unlearned. We have the Key of David, to unlock those Scriptures now. We have the Seal of God in our brain. Its late in the game. To late for most, but you still got the Millenium. Haters Fly. No Fly!

      • john

        I do not see any support for a 5 month rule of AC

        noah’s flood was 110 days….and it started in may…

  17. Good day to all it’s all Sad but so true…. in are fallen state we all have types of misconceptions and in our many attitudes we in some twisted shape or form think like we know it all and it offends others with different beliefs.

    Also at times in regards to what we want to believe or willing to accept in what the translations in the Bible means to God compared to what it means to us depending on our situations or circumstances/moods from moment to moment.

    We all do and will take scripture out of context and bend to our own selfish/sinful understanding so we can justify are daily compromises.

    SO many churches maybe all of them are say and preach the translation of Saved by Grace not by works thinking it helps make us feel secure in our beliefs and salvation because of our insecurities we feel toward our salvation.

    If we are all honest sin makes you feel insecure in our beliefs and salvation, and as satan strives to always make us want to believe what’s the point to try to understand God or strive to be holy since your always going to fail in some shape of form….. Should say saved by Grace from our hypocrisy and denial of dying to self and not leaning on Gods understanding instead of our own wills.

    It will all come to a freightning end one day, until then I agree we need to seek God for guidance on how to best tell His message in hopes others will comprehend His Outcome. Luke 24v44 Then He said to them, “These are the words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, that all things must be fulfilled which were written in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms concerning Me.” 45 And He opened their understanding, that they might comprehend the Scriptures.

    Pray that we can be the light of Christ and not a black eye for His name sake, & that He will open up their understanding, so they can comprehend the Scriptures until salvation.

    These verse here are similar to what many feel in our lack of understand John 6v 60 Therefore many of His disciples, when they heard this, said, “This is a hard saying; who can understand it?” 66 From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more. 67 Then Jesus said to the twelve, “Do you also want to go away?” 68 But Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. 69 Also we have come to believe and know that You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

    Until the whole world hears

  18. Hi Sean

    I pray with you that we all become the light of Christ in these last days.


  19. To tulip! False prophets or free thinkers? Same difference.

  20. HI Dwight

    Free thinkers can be right or wrong. 🙂

    They are also free to come and go, and leave comments.

    marianne (alias “tulip”)

  21. marianne,
    a question i have always wondered is why we must believe in jesus to reach salvation,
    other religions preach the same thing, believe in our god and you will reach salvation. all offer different reasons,
    why should i believe in jesus, a once jewish man, still jewish in his death? if he believed in jewdism should i not? will i go to hell for believing what your messiah believed?

    second a question i wondered,
    god created the world, god created fossils for us humans to find and technolagy for us to create, he gave us the mind to be able to get into biotechnolagy and the skills to delve deep into space.
    with all of that could he expect us to worship him when he doesnt reveal himself to us? no if he is out there he would let an athiest into heaven simply for following gods path, he would not kill without reason, and massacering innocent people because of the fact that they dont believe in him, when he intentionally set it up to make it seem as if the world was created in the big bang and not by gods will.

    i am of the opinion he will allow anyone who controlled his feelings and overcame his evil intentions to do good in the world.

  22. into heaven.

  23. Hi Ben,

    Wow. You brought up a huge topic. If I do not give a satisfactory introduction to this, write back to me.

    1. as a Jew, you will know that a Messiah was promised from the beginning. So it is God’s will that when he comes, if you can be convinced who he is, that you would work in line with him, cooperate with him, and follow what he says, for he will represent God’s wisdom to you.

    What you are not convinced of, at this time, is that Jesus is in this role. My entire life, I wondered why he did not fulfill all the prophecies. My Jewish friends are still waiting for someone who will do this. What none of us have understood is that “someone” – the son of Man – was to come twice.

    The first time, he comes to redeem, and put an end to sin, and then die, as predicted in Daniel 7. This is to free man from the bondage and effects of sin, so that he can transfer the kingdom of God, in spirit form only at this point, to the saints.

    The second time, he is to return as the Messiah king to defend Israel from its enemies, and establish the kingdom in a physical form. So the Messiah “job” is only for the second trip.

    “2 trips” are necessary in order to prepare man’s hearts. You cannot establish a physical kingdom of peace unless man’s hearts are ready to accept it. So the spiritual form has to precede the physical reality, or the physical will not take hold. Otherwise, peace comes by enforcement.

    more here:

    Judaism is still God’s will. He made everlasting covenants with Israel, and God does not break his covenants. Originally, Jesus had intended that Judaism be fulfilled, not replaced, and that the world would continue under it, in fulfilled form.

    What you see now is what happens when gentiles take over and paganize everything. The biblical roots of the faith that Jesus taught are not being followed today, in its pure form.

    We are all supposed to be Jews, understanding, and accepting, the first trip of the son of man, and waiting for his return as Messiah.

    2. You asked:
    all of that could he expect us to worship him when he doesn’t reveal himself to us?

    The answer is that he did do this through Jesus, which was another reason for the first trip. When Jesus said “when you see me, you see the Father,” he was not committing blasphemy. As the predicted son of man, who was sent by the Father in heaven, he was so into the will of the Father, that you could see the attributes of the Father through him. He was not saying that he was the Father, and made the point many times that the Father was greater than he was. He only came to do His will.

    This is not too far fetched. Think of Moses when he came down from Sinai. He had to cover his face so that the people could manage to view him. He reflected god’s glory. So, it was the same with Jesus, except that he did not wear a veil. It was so that you could feel something personal and intimate with him, rather than something fearful, that required a veil, to shield you.

    The problem of leaving everyone’s salvation dependent upon their own works and attitude is that everyone’s standards of righteousness are different. God has one set of standards, and we have to meet them. Many of his rules are quite tough, and I doubt that everyone follows all 613 commandments with perfect ease. Before the redemption, God’s acceptance was dependent upon continual obedience of all 613, including the blood atonement for sins. So “salvation” was dependent on “works.”

    Once the redemption was accomplished, a new age of grace came where grace and forgiveness covered the old requirements for works. It was a renewed and improved covenant, so that man could actually approach God in a more personal way, and not be bogged down with “works” and 613 things to do, before God was happy.

    But either the old covenant, or the new (renewed) one are legitimate. But the renewed one is a lot easier to follow. It gives more personal time with God, so that you experience what you are asking for. You have a choice, and whichever one you pick, you have to obey ALL of it.

    I think man has proven over and over that he is not perfect and righteous – at least not on his own. So a “good” atheist will not qualify for heaven, based on his personal standards, which fall short of God’s standards of righteousness. God requires much more than “not killing anyone,” and being nice to people you chose. I bet there is not one person on earth who has not lied about something. This sin requires punishment, or atonement.

    We all deserve to be punished, according to god’s standards. Jesus stepped in and took this burden from us.

    If we accept his self sacrifice for us (he therefore was NOT killed by anyone – Jew or gentile, he volunteered for this), then we can avoid the punishment due us, through his atonement on our behalf. We are forgiven. Otherwise, we will be punished for that sin, in this life, or the next.

    Under God’s system, which is the only one He goes by, an atheist has no hope. He cannot follow his own rules, and expect god to settle for less. He will not only break all 613 rules, he has no way to atone for his sins.

    A Jew can do this if he follows all 613 perfectly, or if he messes up, atones for what he has done wrong, and takes all punishment due him, if his confession, or repentance is with a perfect heart. The main day allotted him is Yom Kippur. Most Jews just try to physically survive the service, and push through all the prayers. I have never seen anyone weeping, or sobbing, in total heartfelt repentance during this service. Maybe it happened at home beforehand, or during the 10 days prior. Like I said, this way will work, but it a lot of work on the Jew to get it all right. Since

    teshuvah is supposed to be accompanied by a blood sacrifice, this system is already compromised. It is understood there is no temple, but God did not change his rules, just because the temple was destroyed.

    A believer in Jesus has this “work” removed, and replaced by grace. Sincere repentance is still required, but the punishment is removed. We do not deserve this grace, but it is there, because of the love of Jesus, and his relationship with the Father. The blood atonement is covered by the voluntary blood atonement of Jesus.


  24. Here I am, trying to get an education about China, and I run into a site like this, immediately castigating muslims as evil, and taking the joy of God in the destruction of 200 million of them.

    I was raised in a church that taught rapture and tribulation, but it taught a different variety. Look around you, look at the people of the United States. Look at the people of Muslim countries. Now think, for one minute, which ones does God hate more. Those misled by a false religion, or the ones who flaunt and disrespect him, kill in his name, engage in endless premarital sex, pornography, engaging in gluttony and vanity unheard of in human history? What country has the audacity, to name God in their pledge, yet a popular TV show, with IDOL worship in its very name?

    Which country am I talking about? It isn’t Iran. It isn’t even Israel. It’s the one with a pentagram shaped military headquarters. That is where the forces of man will rise to meet God in Armageddon.

    Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

    Get on your knees. Reject your evil hatred of people you don’t even know, or you will feel the wrath of the God you are so convinced loves you. You are going to be so shocked, so soon. You thinks it’s going to be Jesus as a lamb. It is the Christians of America that have betrayed God, not the Muslims of the Middle East.

  25. Hi Reuben,

    This is a simple prophecy that I gave my views on. It will NOT take place in America. The location is specifically given, and it is the area around the Euphrates. Why? Because it is the center of terrorism, and an enemy of Israel. The Bible is a book that describes the relationship of Israel to its neighbors in prophecy.

    How God deals with other nations who have gone away from Him is up to him, and may or may not be described in the Bible.

    While there is NO perfect country before God right now, America is not the worst. You may demonize it, but it will not change anything. Yes, we have godless people here, but they also exist as a majority around the world.

    You have an idealized version of Muslim lands. The crime rate and morality there is no better than here. Look at my visitor map.

    I have communication with people from many countries. I am told of horrible things all the time. Muslim lands are quite evil, and people there suffer, not just the non-Muslims, but everyone. Endless premarital sex, pornography, engaging in gluttony, vanity, and much crime and violence also exist there. However, they might publicize it less than we do. We admit it. They keep it secret. And I am told this by Muslims who want to leave, but no one wants to give them visas.

    The USA is one of the last countries on earth to show mercy and charity around the world, and a willingness to protect others being persecuted by dictators. Be glad you live here instead of Iran, or Pakistan. You have a lot more liberty here, and much more tolerance for who you are. If you lived overseas, there would be no tolerance in the lands you defend, if you were different from them.

    Count your blessings. Trust God. He is smart. He knows how to handle each country for their sins, and save those inside the country who are good, and not bad.


  26. What nation’s army and navy is near the Euphrates right now?
    You will be spit from his mouth.

    Save your blessing for me from your god. Yours is the god of hatred and your worship is the worship of war. Your god will come to you on a red horse. When he arrives, you will refuse to believe it is your prayers that brought him.

    In the next year, you are going to get a piece of news you will not believe. God is not going to betray you. You have already betrayed him.

  27. Reuben

    God is not going to kill the American soldiers, who represent a tiny portion of those who actually live there. They are there to protect the people from the terrorists, and rebuild the country after Sadaam.

    The Americans plan to return home at some point in the future. WE cannot defend Iraq forever. Iraq has to be willing to accept this responsibility for its own protection against terrorists. What I predict is that the Americans leave, and the terrorists take over, mostly from Iran. Then the civil war will continue and escalate until one side wins.

    The bible describes this area as a dwelling place of demons. IT also predicts that all troops will abandon this place, as unworthy of help, and as incapable of being healed. When the 200 million man army arises, it will be against the terrorists of that region.

    I am prepared for any threat the terrorists make against me or my country. This country still has more people devoted to God than any other country, although I am seeing India becoming prominent. My heart is right with God, and I am looking forward to being in heaven when I die.


    • They use the name of Jesus to exercise evil spirits,that alone tells u he exists,look up real exorcisms on the net,,look at exorcist Bill Bean on YouTube,

    • The gov of America has been infiltrated by luciferians,the war on terror is a deception,ie weapons of mass destruction,bush family skull&bones,many presidents&powerful people in the bohemian club,luciferians in Hollywood,the music scene,on YouTube actors state that they will worship THEIR god ie the people in charge of Hollywood,look it up on YouTube,Vatican has a device for its telescope named LUCIFER in arizona,us gov supporting MODERATE rebels!!!hogwash!there is no such thing as a moderate rebel!arron Russo talked about how a Rockefeller told him how they are going to invade many countries!there is a great deception going on,please research it to find the truth!exorcist bill bean talks about how the elites are in powerful places and they are luciferians!knowledge is power,educate yourselves please.have faith in the lord and don’t argue about him,praise him and forgive ur fellow man.revelation talks about lots of knowledge,ie internet,Damascus shall be a ruinous heap it says,Look up current pics of Damascus,walk in peace

  28. The 200 million strong army from the east is very simple. it will be 200 million radical islamists from the middle EAST conglomerate.They are already starting to come together now

  29. HI petre,

    I guess that is another way of looking at it. One way or the other, that area is in trouble. Thanks for your contribution.


  30. The United States military defeated two of Islams largest Armys in the field. There is not two hundred million warriors for Islam that can be brought together. The ChComms are the two hundred million written about here.

    Ruben Goldstein is correct that America should be destroyed for it’s murder of children(abortion), homo marriage, love of money/power, drugs, and worshiping false gods.

    G-d will deal with America in his own way. Until then, I suppose the 3.5 billion given to Israel will continue. Charity covers a bunch of sins. Right Ruben?

    We already know we have problems, but I suppose some countries are perfect, and can help us clean our house.

    • hi leatherneck

      some people act like America is the ONLY country in the world that practices abortion and has homosexuals. This is universal problem now. America has less excuse than other countries since this is a center for preaching the gospel..

      However, since Christian TV has gone commercial, the gospel is a joke to many, we have failed to make an impression in our own homeland. For this failure, we will be punished.

      At this time, I am so ashamed of the church here, giving in to sinfulness, that I want to crawl under a rock when I tell someone I am Christian. I am not ashamed of Jesus/Yeshua. I am ashamed of the church, and do not want people to think I am like it.

      No one will help us if we fall. Nations are too preoccupied with their own egocentric issues.

  31. How can you condem all the people who simply dont agree with you? you make broad generalzations that are heartbreaking to read. This is a sad, sad, sad try at something religous. It may be you who truely needs saving. Blessed be

    • HI escobar,

      I try to look at scripture to see what is the most logical conclusions I can make. This is to inform people, not condemn them. We all need improvement. Sin is a serious subject, and I have to present it as the terrible thing it is. I do not want to see anyone suffer because they have not repented of their sins.

      All people of all ethnic groups will be judged by God. There will be no politically correct or soft judgments for anyone. We should warn those who are wrong, and also examine ourselves too.

      Everyone here is free to disagree with me. I do not delete people with different views than mine. Since they have the right to disagree with me, I have the right to disagree back. But it is not to condemn, but to provide revelation where I can.

  32. You are all hallucinating, lying, or being forced to agree.

  33. Most of the materials that i read, is confirmation about the bible. Including the brimstone, the bible says the world will end in “fire and brimstone” we are living in the 11th hour, time to get it right. AMERICA is in danger, because of not obeying GOD…ask HIM to have mercy upon us, cover us in his blood, and hide us behind his cross. The death angels are lurking around like never before, ask GOD to put the death angels on lock down!

  34. Natural Disasters are gonna/being loosed like never before, I saw people being covered in sand, water, mudslides, and the news media being SO amazed at the things that are about to come up. Pray for Japan

  35. I’ve been trying to tell people for years that Revelation 9 and Joel 1 and 2 are describing the same “army.”

  36. This “army” seems to be some kind of locust sent to either destroy all vegetation or torment men or do both. With all the genetic experimentation taking place today, I believe man will create some new beast/bug which will devastate the earth.

    • hi Gee,

      I personally think the creatures are demonic, but it could also very well be some freak thing man has created that goes out of control. There is a lot of creepy things our governments are doing, that they are not admitting to.

  37. You know I don’t really understand why it is that some people seem to always think muslims some how are the cause of antichrist to be completely honest I think the anti christ is really gonna come fromm America and I’m not even trying to be smart the third part of man that gets killed could be in the middle east but I don’t think the anti christ is going to come from

    • hi Dejuane

      We go mainly by prophecies int he bible. The Antichrist will come from the ancient Grecian-Roman empire, which is predominantly Muslim today. the bible calls him the Assyrian. He is an enemy of Israel, and Muslims are the biggest enemies we know of today. We do have other options, such as the Luciferans, and Illuminati.

  38. Do you believe any of the teachings of Jehovah’s Witness’s. Have you read any of there latest books? Maybe you should by the way you seem to believe

    • Hi Benita

      I am not a JW, and have occasionally read some of their material. I try to be objective in topics, but I allow open discussion of different opinions. I like people to think about the bible and what it means.

  39. JWs do not accept the diety of Jesus Christ….

  40. I think it is imperative that people understand that, ultimately, the true enemy of all humanity is a race of non-physical, ‘extra-dimensional’ spirit-entities, commonly referred to in Christian circles as demons, or fallen angels, and known to New Agers as negatively-tangented ethereal beings. The sobering reality is that humankind is facing imminent invasion by these sinister entities — posing as alien life-forms from other zones of our space-time continuum — that are technologically, psychically and dimensionally superior to us. Their opprobrious ultimate objective is to openly manifest on the Earth and parasitically exploit us for our biological and psychical resources. And the Bible indicates that this full-scale astral/demonic invasion of our planet WILL occur in the future, as this evil-drenched age draws to a close.

    Truly, these are the ‘perilous times’ of which we have been warned in the sacred writ! Kudos to the writer of this article, and blessings to all in Christ Jesus!

  41. “From all appearances, these creatures are already making themselves known. We all need the protection of God over us to overcome them.”

    You’re quite right, dear lady. Through covert manipulation and ‘hyper-dimensional’ trickery, involving the use of interface mechanisms such as so-called flying saucers, gray alien visitors, etc., these demonic seducers have been meddling in human affairs down through the centuries. And now, in these ‘Last Days’, it is evident that we are now seeing their nefarious plans overtly manifested with the abduction and hybrid breeding program, and their imminent portrayal as saviours to a human family gone mad with global strife and conflict. If humanity accepts them as saviours, individual freedom as we know it will go out with a sputter like a tallow dip, leaving only darkness — at least until Christ Jesus finally crushes Satan and his minions, once and for all!

    Peace and love to all, now and always!

  42. Marianne,
    Beautiful explanation to Ben! You did well with Ruben too. I would like to bring up a couple points for your consideration. First Jesus said Satan would not stand against himself when he was casting out demons. So why would these demons attack the muslims? It is not God doing the punishing. Perhaps it is Satan attacking those who are turning toward the true Christ.
    Second, on your comment about the Assyrian being the antichrist. The Bible also calls him the King of Tyre, the Prince of Persia and the Pharoah of Egypt. Our focus is on where they are from. Maybe we should be looking at their title or position. If you look at scripture, you see those that are cursed, Ham, Canaan and Edom immediately taking roles of authority over those around them and oppressing. Remember King Herod was an Edomite. The Phillistines were descendents of Ham. They wanted to make slaves of the Israelites. Look at the blessing that Isaac gave to Jacob(Israel) that he would rule over his brother. Israel has never ruled over Esau(Edom). That blessing is for the end time. Edom has taken every opportunity to rule over Israel. Why is the symbol of the throne the lion? Because they are the rulers of this world? I believe that the Illuminati are the descendants of Ham and they have always been ruling this world. I believe they are responsible for oppressing and misleading all the people of the world. I believe that they sent Quezacaotl over here to mislead the Indians and they sent false Christians over here to kill them in the name of Christ. I believe that they created false religions and then sent armies to crucify those that refused to believe.
    If you look at Catholicism and the crusades and then you look at Islam it is the same story and probably was with Genghis Khan. If you didn’t convert you were dead. With Protestants it is even sneakier they gave us a religion that says take the forgiveness of Christ and you don’t have to make Him Lord of your life or repent of your sins. In Revelation 6 scripture says Satan is given the power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. I believe this is how Satan has done this. By creating all these different religions that people are willing to die for, not realizing that they are in these religions because their forefathers were threatened with death. I think Islam is a tool used by Satan and the rulers of this world to make us hate those who are deceived.
    Eze 13:19 And will ye pollute me among my people for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread, to slay the souls that should not die, and to save the souls alive that should not live, by your lying to my people that hear [your] lies?

    If you look at scripture the descendents of Shem were to be blessed. One of those sons was Elam which is Persia which is now Iran and Iraq. I believe that is an example of some of the people that have been lied to by Satan and their souls may die when they should live.
    Do we really know that it is the muslims that are beheading people?

    Maybe radical muslim is another way of saying illuminati or tools of illuminati.

    Remember beheading didn’t start with Muslims. The first beheading that I can think of is David and Goliath. Ever since then, I think Satan has been trying to get even. If you look at Jehu and the sons of Jezebel and Herod and John the Baptist, it was descendants of Ham that were doing the Beheading.

  43. I think the French royalty and English royalty are descendents of Ham and/ or Edom. To find the line of Edom follow the red hair.

  44. please my brothers in christ i was saying in my heart that whose God is like the beast but i dont meant it in my heart as worship but would God count it as worship because in the book revelation it says they also worshipped the beast saying who is like unto the beast who is able to make war with him

  45. Hello again,

    Regarding this army of 200 million, I am in complete agreement with you in regards to them being demonic. I could never understand how teachers interpreted this army of 200 million making them synonymous with the kings of east? It’s like, as soon as one person made that interpretation, then everybody followed suit. But the fact of the matter is, the only thing that the kings of east have in common with the 200 million is that the four evill angels that gathered them together are bound at the great river Eurphates and the same river is dried up to make way for the those kings of east to come across and that’s all.

    These 200 million are demonic, who I believe will come out of the Abyss. Reason being is, if you read the previous trumpet judgemnet, this is where the Abyss is opened and those other demonic beings are let out to torment mankind for five months with the stings like a scorpion. At the same time, thir king, the angel of the Abyss “Destroyer” is let out an he goes and kills the two witnesses who will have been prophecying for 3 1/2 years. So, I believe that these four evil angels who are released from the Eurphates, that they go to the Abyss, being that it has now been opened and they gather this 200 million demonic army.

    Remember that, previously at the 4th seal, a fourth, that is, 25% of the earth’s population will have been killed by war,famine, disease, and by the wild beasts of the earth and now, here in the 6th trumpet, a third (1/3) of those that were not killed by the 4th seal plague will be killed by this demonic army with fire, smoke and sulfur, which comes from the mouths of their demonic steeds. Just those two judgemnets alone make up half the earth’s population being killed. Most people stop here and claim that half of the earth’s population is now gone, but that is not true, because they are forgetting about the first, second and third trumpets, which don’t give a percentage of how many people will be killed by them. For example, at the first trumpet we read:

    “the first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood,and it was hurled down upon the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.” (Rev.8:7)

    So, if you have a third of the earth being burned up and as a result, a third of the trees, there is going to be great number of fatalities as well, for you cannot have a third of the earth being burned up without people inhabiting that third. So, we can an only imagine the number of fatalities, but I’m guessing that if a third of the earth is envolved, you can bet that many peoples’ lives will also be involved.

    Now after those unmentioned fatalities, then comes the 2nd Trumpet:

    “The second angel sound his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.” (Rev.8:8-9)

    I have always believed that what John saw in his vision, was either an asteroid or a meteor hitting one of the oceans, which would fit his discription of it being “All ablaze,” being that he is seeing it come through the earths atmosphere. When it hits this body of water, the result will be mile-plus high waves, moving at incredible speeds, which is why all the creatures in that body of water die and why all the ships are destroyed. The energy force of the waves from the bottom to the surface will be so great that no creature will be able to survive the impact in that entire body of water. And of course, no ship, whether out on the high seas or on the coasts will survive. Now here’s the question? How many people are going to be on those ships? How many will be on ships near the coasts. Remember, this is going to affect every shore of every continent that touches that body of water. Not only that, but what is also not mentioned is, how many people will be in the cities, towns and villages on those coasts, including the ones that are a couple hundred miles inland, because these waves will affect them as well. So now, we get big picture of the destuction and fatalities that this 2nd trumpet is going to cause, but we can only guestimate the number of deaths.

    After this, we have the 3rd Trumpet:

    “The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the spriongs of water– the name of the star is wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.” (Rev.8:10-11)

    Though it is not mentioned what this star is blazing like torch is, I have thought that it might be a nuclear rocket that John is seeing, that is coming down through the atmosphere. If you think about it, a nuclear rocket pointing downward towards the earth would look exactly like a giant torch, with the body of the rocket and the flames coming out of the back which would be pointing upward as the rocket is coming down. But this is just assumption on my part. Whatever it is, it lands on the rivers and fresh water sorces, wich if it was nuclear, could be the radioactive fallout that contaminates the water. In any case, though no percentage is given, it states that many people will die from drinking the water and we haven’t even gotten to the bowl judgments yet!

    So, taking into consideration the fouth of the earth’s population that will be killed at the 4th seal, the third of the population that is left being killed by that 3rd trumpet and taking into account the first, second and thrid trumpets, then what Jesus and Isaiah’s prophecy said begins to hit home regarding those last days:

    “I will make man scarcer than pure gold, more rare than the gold of Ophir.” (Isa.13:12)

    “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.”

    This time period leading up to the return of the Lord to set up his millennial kingdom, is going to decimate the earth’s population, so much so, that if God had not shortened it to seven years in length, specfically the last 3 1/2 years, no one would be left on the earth to go into the millennial kingdom in their mortal bodies!

    Just a note, for those of you who read this and are followers of Hank Hennigraff, God does not write in Hyperbole.

    • hi Don

      That is interesting about the asteroid and the missile. When I read the physical descriptions, I assumed they were 2 natural bodies form space, but then why would they have different descriptions? That one is a missile would make sense. So we might just have nuclear war after all.

  46. Hi,

    I have been thinking about what to reply to this. I am an agnostic, open to the concept of a god, but I don’t agree with worship etc. I have a Muslim friend at my school and he is not different to anyone else. Islam and Christianity are not that different, I think if a god does exist he would prefer us to live together peacefully rather than warring on each other due to petty differences. Islam is not an evil religion, no religion is evil, they all have their extremists, some terrorists are Islam extremists and some are Christian Extremists. I think in this day and age we cannot afford to be prejudiced, I am not saying you are, but you need to be respectful of other religions. It is like music, I do not go round saying your musical taste is poor, so why should I condemn a religion? I hope you read this as help rather than a criticism.
    Be happy!

    • dear Sam,

      I appreciate your thoughts.

      Most people live each day as if what they know as true is sufficient, accurate, or really true.

      There are absolute truths, and if we don’t seek them, something will eventually go wrong in our lives.

      There are consequences in believing in error.

      Absolute truth exists, which belongs to, and comes from, God exists, whether we believe in it or not.

      Jesus came to clarify the truth of God, and help us avoid the errors which bring eternal consequences.

      Some accepted him. Some rejected him. And some accepted him and then changed what he said.

      All those would continue to be in error, an suffer eternal consequences.

      While we are free to believe what we want, it does not guarantee the accuracy, or safety in what I believe.

      I can believe a snake will not bite me, yet it will bite me eventually if I get near it.

      I can believe a car will not hit me, if I walk out in busy traffic. But if I stand there long enough, I will get hurt.

      Our goal should be to seek the truth, and hold onto it. It has nothing to do with “taste,” as you say. It has to do with eternal security and happiness.

      We condemn ourselves when we pick a thought system that is not truth.

      We will suffer, just as with the snake and examples, if we make an unsafe and unwise choice.

      The Bible is there to give us guidelines to the truth of God. If we obey, we are safe. If we reject it, something will go wrong.

      The bible is not there to establish prejudice (impaired judgment), but to open people’s eyes, so they will have good judgment.

      Anyone – Christian, Muslim, agnostic, Jew, Hindu – who follows their own truth instead of the truth of God – will suffer eternal consequences.

      Jesus said we have a choice – so choose eternal life in him.

  47. One difference that stands out for me between Islam and Christianity is that the Muslims are taught that it is their own shedding of blood that saves them-gives them eternal life while the christians believe in the Blood that Jesus shed and that His sacrifice is the one and only sacrifice needed. I agree with the latter.

    For any religion to tell you to strap a bomb to yourself or your child and not only take your own life but the life of many others is obviously a lie and following a false god. Not one drop of their own blood can save them, but the blood of just one man-the son of G-d, Jesus Christ, can and did and most assuredly will. This, is one of the absolute truths!


    • dear abubakar

      I sincerely hope that Muslims get the deliverance they need when this time of purification, and wrath, begins. If you truly seek God at this time, you will find him. Considering how severe it will be, it would be best to start doing this now. This is advice for anyone, of any religion, on the planet, who is not right with God yet.

  49. “demonic spirits riding on strange horse-like beasts. The demons have breastplates of fire, jacinth (red-orange-blue), and brimstone. . The heads of horses are like lions and breathe fire, smoke, and brimstone. The tails of the horses are like serpents. They have been commanded to kill 1/3 of mankind.”

    I wonder if these demonic spirits have bodies. If they were just spirits they would need no horse.
    I wonder if they are aliens and fallen angels. If they (the majority of them) have been too far away to make the crossing. The nest of them among the stars. Each one with a damned soul, due to their own actions.
    Some having DNA similar enough to procreate with women of earth.

  50. Brimstone is sulfur which is yellow.

  51. “demonic spirits riding on strange horse-like beasts. The demons have breastplates of fire, jacinth (red-orange-blue), and brimstone. . The heads of horses are like lions and breathe fire, smoke, and brimstone. The tails of the horses are like serpents. They have been commanded to kill 1/3 of mankind.”

    I have come to believe, that when a horse is mentioned, it references a chariot or moving object capable of carrying a load. (Missiles).
    The Breastplates of 3 different colors can reference the different colored nose cones used for different missiles.
    Heads of lions breath fire/brimstone is a reference to the explosive power of the missiles.
    The tails are like serpents… Ever see a missile take off. It can snake threw the air until it gets control and still, could snake between buildings in urban areas as seen in the gulf war.
    But the true evil is, any nation who uses the arsenals. These are the riders of the horses.
    Marianne I have enjoyed your comments to those that have written in. Please stay strong and God Bless.

    • dear LostThenFound

      I had never heard a technological explanation of the “horses” before. Your explanation sounds plausible. I would not want either definition of these “things” coming at me. Hopefully, I will not be here to see.

  52. nothing but the truth!!!

  53. I’m surprised to see there’s been a helicopter crash which perhaps conveniently has killed the team of navy seals who allegedly took out Bin Laden. If I was a conspiracy theorist I’d be thinking, well, that’s the witnesses taken care of then. This is just too much coincidence for me.

  54. This being my first time here….thank you and god bless you in your wisdom and clarity of vission…..please pray for me. A servant in the christ…..the greystoke.

    • dear gretstroke (Greystroke)

      You are welcome here. There is discussion , debate and fellowship possible here. I will keep you uplifted in prayer.

  55. How great is our God! It is good to see Folks kicking around the different meanings of the 200 million man army and what it all means. Consider this,
    The army is the automobile… A third of the people die from the fire, smoke, and burning sulphur that come from the mouths of the horses, and thier tails. Their tail(pipes) have the power to injure people. When we reached a threshold of 200 million autos, all of them puffing out the sulphur and the smoke at the same time- the earth was no longer able to keep up and cleanse the air that we all breathe. As a result, peoples immune sytems began to break down and they became subjected to all sorts of diseases that ultimately kill them off. We are actually quite far along in the book of Revelation, and now the true interpretations of that wondrous book are being given to us as the end of the last days unfolds all around us. Don’t you dare wait up looking for an army of 200,000,000 humans or demons- I just gave you the correct answer!

  56. Umm…The Amazon river isn’t located in Africa, its in South America- Brazil

  57. hi.

    al mesiah a dajjal – the imposter false messiah- or the anti christ

    to get the jews to believe he is the true messiah he must first liberate isreal for the jews – he has already done that.

    he must then declare a state of isreal and get the jews to return and believe this is the holy isreal of david and solomen- he has already done that.

    he must expand his borders from the nile to the euphrates- parts of egypt and iraq- maybe after iran and pakistan war on egypt next. nato from the east, isreal from the west and south sudan from the north. the noose is already arround egypts neck.

    he must then knock down al aqsa and build the temple and cause isreal to become the next ruling state in the world – we believe we are at that moment in history when isreal attacks iran it will begin the transfer of power from Washington to Jerusalem. In part the isreali attack on iran is designed to demoneytize the Us Petro Dollar and destroy the American economy and sucking the american military into a defeat. so they can no longer be recognised as the ruling state.

    if isreal is to become the ruling power the first people they must subdue are the arabs so big wars on the arabs must come next and then maybe our children might live to see it a man will stand up in jerusalem he will be a Jew, a young man, powerfully built with curly hair and declare I am the Messiah. but no believer will accept him because every believer knows that Jesus the son of the blessed virgin Mary is the Messiah.

  58. according to islamic escatology what they teach us through our scriptures and sources i.e. the Quran and the hadith.

    when god releases the Anti Christ (The false Messiah) he will be on earth for a period of 40 days. A day which is like a year, A day which is like a month, a day which is like a week and the rest of his days like our days. So the first 3 periods he will be on earth but in another space and time so you cannot see him, like the angels and the jin which i think you call demons. he will be able to use the jin to whisper and give sugestions to people, only when he enters our space and time you can see him and then the true Messiah can kill the false Messiah.

    Most of mankind will worship the Anti Christ whether they know it or not whether they call themselves Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu Budhist or this strange new creature aithiest and they will be known as the Gog and Magog to the extent 999 out of every 1000 will be from them. This must be the explanation of globalisation (one world community). According to Islam in the end times there are only 2 communties left the believers and the Gog and Magog people those who worship and follow the Anti Christ.

    The common thought now is that the Russian lead alliance is Magog and the Nato lead alliance is Gog and these two will eventually clash in nuclear war as Russia will not bend her knee to Isreal and China will not bend her knee to Isreal this will be the great war of Gog and Magog with thousands of nuclear weapons going off and most major cities being destroyed and the earth being covered in smoke like a dustbowl.

    In my last comment i forgot to say nato libya will attack Egypt from the west.

  59. I forgot to mention we believe we are at that point in history when the anti christ is about to move into stage 3 of his mission a day which is like a week and you will start to see the transfer of power from Washington to Jerusalam.

    And only God does not make misstakes

  60. Interesting why 3 and a half years?

    The prophet is reported to have said Sahih Bukari hadith which muslims regard as pretty authentic

    The Anti Christ will be on earth for 40 days, a day which is like a year (the first period of time of his mission which we identify as Pax Britanica with his Headquarters in London) a day which is like a month (the second period of time of his mission much shorter then the first which we identify as Pax Americana) a day which is like a week (the third period of time of the Anti Christs mission with jerusalem as his Head Quarters much shorter then the first 2 periods of time, Pax Judaica) We believe we are at that moment in history when the Anti Christ is about to move into this stage of his mission. In these periods of time the Anti Christ is on earth but cannot be seen he is in another dimmension of space and time. Like there are Angels and Jin here on earth but you cannot see them they are in another space and time.(parralel universe maybe but sorry im not a physisist or English teacher for that matter sorry about my spelling and gramma, i hope you understand)

    a section of our community chose to take this saying as literal and are convinced that somewhere on earth there is a place were one day is literally like a year maybe in Greenland or the north pole or something you just have to look. But we see it as religous symbolism.

    A day with God can be like a 1000 years of our reckoning

  61. thanks i will check it out, do you also see this period of 3 and half years as literal or symbolism?

    do you believe the true Messiah will return Jesus the blessed son of the virgin Mary to kill the Anti Christ and rule from Jerusalem?

    • hi

      Daniel described it as a time, times and half a time.

      He also describes a period of 1260 days.

      Yes, I believe Jesus will defeat the Antichrist at a battle for Jerusalem. He will return to the Mount of Olives and split it in half when his foot touches the mountain. This is described in the book of Zechariah.

    • Hey patani bro
      I am a muslim too. I know the information of 40 days and others you described. Is “Gog and Magog” and “Yajuj and Majuj” are same name. I didn’t find Gog and Magog in any hadith but i saw Yajuj and Majuj. I found Gog Magog only in internet.

      and how you know about the nuclear wars between Israel, Russia and China. I saw a topics like that in a website with details information. The information there was huge like a book (at that time i didn’t know how to bookmark :D) So i saved that website in my computer for further reading but i lost it somehow or may be deleted. Can you give the information about the wars or a link of website.

      Check this out http://www.sheiknazim2.com/thirdwar.html


  62. Dimik, My teacher on the branch of knowledge that studies the end time has lectures on youtube but only lectures in English. His name is Sheikh Imran hosein. Check out his lectures on an Islamic response to the Iminent Isreali attack on Iran, Al Dajal Al Messiah (the imposter false Messiah), Yarjuj and Marjuz (Gog and Magog) he has many lectures.

    Mariane if you have time you can check them out

  63. Basically we dont think this state of Isreal is the Holy State of Isreal of David and Soloman but in fact an imposter state of Isreal the Anti Christ State of Isreal waiting for the Anti Christ and the people squating in the holy land are the people of Gog and Magog sucking up the resources of the whole region. We feel that in fact the majority of the people in Isreal today are not the children of Isreal and the seed of Abraham at all they are mainly not a semetic people at all, but In fact arround 90 percent are a european people who converted to judaism or you could say put on the clothes of Judaism. A wolf in sheeps clothing. We believe the children of Isreal and the word jew are not synonmous terms and the children of Isreal and the lost tribes of Juda are yet to return to the Holy Land.

    • You have to understand that is just OPINION, not fact.

      The people there are Jews, and they practice Judaism, which confirms who they are.

      They also have confirmation by their DNA, which has been tested.

  64. I agree the people there do call themselves Jews and we the world of Islam except, who ever claims to be a Jew we accept them as Jews.

    But the point I made is the word Jew and the children of Isreal and the desendants of Abraham are two different things.

    It is common knowledge that the overwhelming majority of the people who claim to be Jews which reside in the world today whether in Isreal or elsewhere are not a semetic people but in fact are decendants of a european people the Kazar tribes who converted to Judaism. Not the descendants of Abraham therefore not the children of Isreal.The famous book the thirtenth tribe which conducted the historical research by the Jewish author Arthur Keisler is a good book on this topic. The Jews themselves know this and openly discuss it so im not sure how you do not. They to are searching for the lost tribes of Juda which constitute arround 90 percent of the lost tribes. So I repeat the Islamic stance is the desendants of Abraham through Isaac, the children of Isreal, the lost tribes of Juda are yet to return to the Holy Land. But when they do, this will be to fight with the army of the the true Messiah Jesus the son of the Blessed virgin Mary to liberate the Holy Land and indeed the world from the current rule of the Anti Christ.

    In my OPINION the lost tribes of Juda no longer claim judaism as their religion thats why with all that wealth and modern technology they cannot find them or maybe the reality is they dont want them to be found. Maybe even more than that he could be even trying to extinguish them and kill their baby boys like Pharoh. (Are they in fact descendants of Pharoh who are doing this) I think it was the boys at arrivals that did some research on this.

  65. So you dont belive the majority of todays Jews are of Eastern European descent its a myth, created by an Anti Semite. Interesting what makes you say that, because there is a lot of historical documentation of this very unique event in history of mass conversions of Eastern European people to Judaism, and our scriptures seem to back it up, but I do agree with your point that just because its documented by historians in the archives of history doesnt make it true, so what makes you deny this event is it scriptural evidence or other?

  66. And if its not the truth why are they so openly claiming to be searching for the lost tribes of Juda, which they tell us make up arround 90 percent of the lost tribes

    • ??

      the christians are more interested in identifying the lost tribes than the jews are, because many christians believe they have jewish ancestry.

      most modern jews are aware of their ancestry, but are open to others who can prove theirs as well. For example, the the ethopian jews practice judaism, but are black, which is atypical of jews, so any that come to ISrael have to officially convert or take a DNA test to establish themselves.

      It does not matter whether someone is a jew by lineage or conversion, they are still a jew.

      Ruth, ancestor of david, was a convert.

  67. We in Islam except as a Jew whoever claims to be a Jew wether they are Ethiopean, European or Chinese, irrelavent of their linage.

    But we dont accecpt that a Jew and the desendants of Abraham through Isaac (the children of Israel) are the same thing. Are you saying they are?

    have you made any progress in identifying the lost tribes?

    • the ancestry is Abraham , Isaac then Jacob ( whose name was changed to Israel)

      the term Jew came from the tribe of Judah, who was one of Israel’s sons, and one of the 12 tribes.

      however, the term came to mean any of the 12 tribes….

      it may seem confusing, but that is how the word “jew” evolved.

      It would have been simpler to call them all Hebrews or Israelites.

      Most practicing jews know which of the 12 tribes they come from.

      So they are not really “lost.”

      For those who are not jews, and think they may have ancestry from the hebrew line, the question of lost or found is more important to them.

  68. I forgot to say the father of religion, Abraham was neither a Jew or a Christian

  69. how do you think the return of Jesus will look like and who do you think the Messiah the Jews are waiting for is?

    As you know our opinion which is this is currently the Anti Christ state of Isreal and the man that will stand up in Jerusalem and declare he is the Messiah will not be the son of Mary but he will be the false Messiah (Anti Christ) as every believer nows the true Messiah is Jesus the son of Mary who will then return to kill the Anti Christ. and who will be fighting with Jesus do you think?

    Our scriptures tell us that the army will come out of korasan and nothing will stop that army untill it liberates Jerusalem. but that must be after the destruction of the Arabs and great nuclear war of Gog (Nato) and Magog (Russia and allies) as our scriptures tell us the Jews will then be on the run.

    If the man who declares he is the Messiah in Jerusalem when Isreal are the next ruling state but is not Jesus the son of the Blessed virgin Mary would you believe in him?

    • Jesus will return at the battle of armageddon to the mount of olives, which is directly across from Jerusalem. He will stop the war and save the city.

      that is a holy city and belongs to God.

      most governments are antichrist now in nature…..all are corrupt. Do not trust any of them completely. But understand that inside of each government there are still good people trying to do the right things.

      the false messiah may or may not be jewish…it could also be arab, since arabs are enemies of Israel, and would like to control it

      we do believe that he is already in power, but has not revealed himself yet.

      the true messiah jesus will not be involved in man’s politics.

      gog and magog seem to attack twice….once before Jesus comes, and then 1000 years later.

      yes, the jews will be in danger until Jesus comes.

      they do not accept jesus yet as the messiah, because, as usual, teachers do not teach what they should about prophecy. I believe they will accept him when he rescues them.

  70. God’s war on terror… the 200 million man army.

    Hi, interesting article, I have now heard or read a number of articles or books referring the the same story as your self.
    The 1st was by Senier Van Rensburg, a visonary from South Africa who you have an article on and who dien in 1926 who also had a vision of all the Moslems being destroyed by God because of the hatred of God’s people and children and this would happen at the beginning of WW III.

  71. In Islam the scriptures point to more of a universal destruction rather then only muslims alone.

    There is not a city or a town but we shall destroy it before the day of resurrection, or punish it with a severe torment. this is something inscribed in the book. Surah al Isra.

    As for all the muslims being destroyed definately not but there is a lot in our scriptures that could point to the destruction of the Arabs, the children of Ismail.

    One glaring example of this amongst others from the sayings of the prophet.

    he wakes up from sleep flushed red saying, woe to the Arabs, woe to the Arabs, of a great evil that soon aproaches, there has been a hole made in the barrier of GOG and MAGOG, his wife asks, shall we be destroyed even if there are rightous men amongst us, He replies YES, when evil prevails.

    Another is that muslims from scripture believe the child of the sacrifice of Abraham was Ismail, and some have therefore inturpreted the fullfilment of this vision as the sacrifice of the desendants of Ismail mainly the Arabs.

    Another obvious one is when the prophet said, the Arabs would be destroyed by plague so we are expecting some kind of biological warfare as a possibilty, swine flu a sign of things to come maybe.

  72. the arab uprisings the prelude to the arab slaughter (sacrifice)

    you can see it already install pro islamic governments in the region then the first things they must do is support the muslims in Israel and try to implement Gods law and they have time bombs waiting in both. Cnn,Fox news and their twin sister al jeezera screaming Islam is rising menacing the world, terrorists, terrorist state we must save the world from Isam, giving them causus belum then live stonings of adulterers and 50 year old men marrying 6 year old girls live on TV screens making muslims the laughing stock of the whole world to sway public opinion.

    My advice is get out of the cities and go to the countrysides and buy land were land is cheap where the rain falls and take some sheep and goats with you, get rid of this fraudlant illegal paper money if you have any and invest it in land and animals far out of the cities were land is cheap, secure food and water and establish the religion of Abraham.

    • the bible focuses on the middle east.

      So most of the descriptions are about there, but it is true that other countries will be judged by God also.

  73. Nuclear war, oh man i’ll be in the war against evils. Destructive visions are coming from my imagination, that’s incredible but it’s making a little fear too.

    what you think about 2012 21th December? There are so many articles about it like
    ‘end of the world'(I completely refuge it because qiyamah won’t happen until the arrival of Mahdi, Isa, Dajjal………….other signs),
    ‘evolution of earth’ (It sounds like enormous change of the world-may be the change of world’s condition by great nuclear war or something like that)
    ‘Super natural disaster’ (I’ve no idea about it, may be it will happen before or after the war or may be it will be a sign of the WAR and the war will be a sign of MAHDI, ISA, DAJJAL).
    I’m not saying that i believe these 2012 predictions. I’m just saying these according to my opinion. Allah knows better.

    • I personally believe that things will start in early 2013, if not before that.

      If you are holy before God, then God will protect you.

      If you are a sinner, you will be destroyed and given to Satan.

  74. Nuclear war between Russia and her allies and nato (gog and magog) will be the end of the Gog and Magog civilisation (modern western civilisation) were many of mankind will be destroyed but it wont be the end of the world but one of the major signs Qiyamah is close (the end of the world the resurection)

    The clash of Gog and Magog (Russia and her allies and Nato) i dont think will be for at least another 30 years but the makings of it are already there and obvious to see. (when Gog and Magog are released we will leave them to surge like waves on one another) surah al kahf. this will occur just after Jesus the son of the blessed virgin Mary kills the Anti Christ.

    2012 will be the start of many more wars though in paticular the arabs as if the Anti Christ is to stand up in Jerusalem and declare he is the Messiah for any Jew worth his salt to believe him he must first make Isreal become the ruling state in the world and dramatically expand its territory. So once pakistan and Irans nuclear threat are taken out the arabs will be like sitting ducks as if Isreal is to become the next ruling state the first people they must rule are the arabs. So after Iran and Pakistan were predicting Egypt next as Isreals borders must encompass parts of egypt.

    and only god does not make misstakes

  75. Our Father, who art in heaven
    hallowed be thy Name,
    thy kingdom come,
    thy will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those
    who trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.
    For thine is the kingdom,
    and the power, and the glory,
    for ever and ever.

  76. Maybe we need to think outside the box and look at the fact that when the bible speaks of a 2 million man army, that it wont come from an acutal nation as we know but from the Islam community with refers to them self as the nation of Islam! No other relitigion calls them self a nation and when the call goes out to the islamic community they will come from all nations around the world to rise up and fight. The Koran teaches them that thier loaylty is to Islam above all else. I truely believe that the Nation of Islam will be the 2 million man army not chinal or russia or any other nation around this world.

    • hi Harold

      I had first thought the army was chinese, like other people, due to the size.

      Then I thought the description was too demonic, so maybe they were demons who would first come to attack the Islamic nations for their evil.

      But it is also possible that the army is Islamic, and the fire and brimstone, representative of hell, symbolizes the Islamic spirit, and nuclear war.

  77. you all blind and fool !

    • Jesus voluntarily gave his life to pay for our sins, so we could go to heaven.

      he took the punishment that we should have had.

      so yes, he accomplished what he set out to do.

      only those that accept his sacrifice for sins will go to heaven.

      He was not overwhelmed, he submitted to the plan of God for mankind.

      He was a true martyr.

      He was on the cross, but the Father was in heaven.

  78. tails = tail pipes

    to cause suffocation

    MAN (DIESEL /petrol VW etc) there is your horses that destroy

    Simply internal combustion engines choking us all to death as the CO2 causes calamity for the human race and ye all fight for oil and control of oil to help bring it all about

    The Human race a real clever like that at not seeing their nose on their face or what is choking the planet

  79. Dont believe the Nonsense what Muslims are posting here , do i hate them no i dont hate them but i hate there religion what calls jews apes and pigs
    Sura 5:60 , and , Sura 9.88.92 ” says , Those whom say that allah have a son speak a monsterous falsehood let allah,s curse be upon them , also the Quran says , Sura 9:29 , fight in the name of allah againts those whom not believe in him nore the lastday nor believe the religion of truth even if they are the people of the book
    ( Christians & jews ) , unless they pay the Jizya and are subdued
    also the Quran says , Sura 5:51 , dont have jews and christians as friends they are friends of themselves and helpers of themselves they are unjust and if ye become one of them ye are become one of them , also the Quran says behead those whom say that the son of mary is god the messiah
    ( Jesus )
    or cut of there finger tips , Sura 47.4 , Sura 8.12 , and sura 5.72 speaks about those whom say that the son of mary is god the messiah are mushrikeen ( Non believers ) , The same words we find in Sura 47.4 , and Sura 8.12 , so yes islam is a Antichrist religion ,
    1 John 2:22 , tells us this very clear , as well Revelation 20.4 ,
    Because one day Jesus will destroy islam The Proof is Right here Zechariah 2:8 , Zechariah 12:1:9 , And there will be a Rape Epidemic what Muslims will do with The Jewish women of Israel , But Jesus will Destroy Islam , For his feet will stand on the Mount of olives , Zechariah 14:1:4 ,
    because it is Antichrist they
    shouting allah akbar death to Israel , and the Bible says something very clear about this , Psalm 83:4 , They have said come and let us cut them of from being a nation that the name of israel may be no more in rememberance

    The second Epistle of peter , Peter 1:21 , For the Prophecy came not in old time by the will of man , but by holy men of God spake as they were moved by the holyghost ,

    For out of Islam will Come the Antichrist Forth There Imam Magdhi and Muslim Jesus are Infact The Antichrist ( Imam Magdhi ) , Muslims Jesus
    ( False Prophet ) , For it is being said that There Isa ( Muslims Jesus ) For in The Hadith ot being said he will Brake all Crosses
    ( Metamaforic for destroying Christianity )

    But the Real Jesus ( Yesuah ) shall Deal with this Problem

    Zechariah 2:8 , Zechariah 12:1:9 , Zechariah 14:1:4 ,
    as i have Posted upstairs in This Message

    Dont Trust any Muslims they use Taqyyia Taqirr to Conceal There Faith its a deceiving Tactic of Lies are all Muslims doing this no but those whom know there faith very well , Quran and Hadith what is as well Called Sahih Bukhari or Sunna,s . Know what it is saying they learn this in a Madrassa
    ( Islamic school were they teach about islam )

    Godbless in Yesuah his name !!!!!

  80. 🙂 Siz hristiyanlar maalesef herşeyi önyargı ve yanlış bilgilerinizle yorumluyorsunuz. Müslümanları terörist olarak görüyorsunuz ama tam aksine islam teröre kesinlikle karşıdır. Üstelik dayandığınız kutsal kitapların aslı bozulmuş olduğundan geriye kalan papaz söylenceleri ile hikayeler okuyorsunuz. Oysa Kuran tamamen aslı korunmuş Allah sözüdür. Bir harfinde bile değişiklik olmamıştır. Kıyamet, yani sizin deyiminizle Armegeddon elbette ki kopacaktır. Ama İslami kaynaklar bu konuda incilden çok daha tutarlı ve gerçek bilgiler verir. O yüzden müslümanların kitabını da dikkatlice inceleyin. Müslümanlar da İsa mesih’in ölmediğini savunur. Zira kıyamete yakın gelecek ve bazı vazifeleri yerine getirecektir. Ayrıca sizin hiç bahsetmediğiniz Mehdi’de İsa mesih’in imamı olacaktır. Yazık; bir insanı Allah’ın oğlu sanmak ne büyük yanılgı ve ne büyük günah. İsa’da Meryem’den olma bir beşerdir. Allah’ın sadece kulu ve peygamberidir. Son peygamber de siz kabul etmesenizde Muhammed’dir. Objektif bakabilmeyi başarırsanız Allah’ın bir çocuk edinmeyeceğini anlarsınız. Allah her şeyi yaratabiliyorken neden kendisine bir oğul edinsin ki?

    • espanzoo

      İsa adamın başlığı oğlu ile, sadece bir peygamber olduğunu söyledi, ama o da Tanrı’nın oğlu olduğunu. Cennetteki Baba Tanrıdır, ve o dünyaya gelmeden önce İsa’nın her zaman Tanrı’nın oğludur.

      Allah’ın yaratmak için bir evlilik olması gerekmez. Onun Word ile bütün göklerin ve yerin yarattı.

      İsa’nın bir çocuk içine de bize getirmek için geldi – Tanrı ile baba ilişkisi. O biz cennete gidebiliriz ve Cehennemden kurtulacak böylece günahları için ceza almak bizim için ölmeye gönüllü.

        Buna iman ve bu red etmiyorsanız, siz, bu dünyada yakında gelecek kötülerin ve tüm kötülük yok etmek Tanrı’nın gazabından kurtulmuş olmayacaktır.

  81. I am a christian and believer in Jesus Christ but I have to say I don’t believe the antichrist will be of Muslim religion….See the bible says the antichrist will put himself above God or anything “called” God..2 Thessalonians 2:4……There is only one religion in the world that has these beliefs….Atheists..and there the only ones bold enough to Talk down on God himself as if he is nothing…..Muslims if given the choice to either choose a life without a God or a life with one will choose a life with a God…..simply put if they are given the choice to accept the mark of the beast in the end times and completely demolish there faith they won’t accept it…..placing them on our side in the end times..anyone who does not except the mark of the beast, whether they are muslim, jew, buddahist, reguardless of there race, gender or backround will be accepted into God’s kingdom…God’s love extends past anything….The kingdom of the antichrist with be atheist as they will try to stop the spread of all religion and suppress it, there by killing anyone who claims that God, or a God exists…..I am not here to stir up trouble, But we as Christians have to stop putting God (Jesus) in this box….He is much more than these rules that are placed on man…..God is ultimately the one who knows the heart and is the final judge on whether someone will enter into eternal peace….Christians let that stand on its OWN! God the final Judge will judge fairly without human bias, or prejudged notions….Let him be his own Judge!! -Dominique

    • hi dominique

      Have you considered this verse from Daniel ?

      Dan 11: 37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

    • I never really thought about it that way but you do make a very good point.

      I don’t think Christians will be the only target but the media will try to make them look evil and likely create false flag terrorist attacks in order to get Christians blamed.

  82. Funny thing is when all this happens CNN will blame the Muslim killings on right wingers or *Tea Baggers* as their latest name calling technique.

    All this to be covering up the demons as much as possible till it can either no longer be covered or they *The news crew* gets slaughtered live especially if they travel abroad to report the event and this will be when those who remain behind during the End Times wake up and surrender their soul to God and not the government.

  83. During this demon attack The police will put many cities under complete lock down to quarantine us and disease will go rampant as authorities quickly get overwhelmed.

    In additoin to the demons there will be rioters and looters going crazy that are high on LSD,Meth.etc to escape the situation.

    Do NOT I repeat DO NOT go to the FEMA shelters that authorities direct you to as that is where they will round people up to be implanted or put to death even though hiding will feel like living in a post apocalyptic world.

  84. Has any of you Christians ever considered going to short wave and getting a license and/or take a class to learn how to set up a radio station if you can afford the class?

    Short wave and CB radios will be the key to survival if you live outside of big cities as radio monitoring will be way less as police and military pool their resources in the big cities that are locked down.

    The sheriffs in MANY areas made expressive statements and professional lettersstating they will resist the FBI if they try to take away people guns without justification and are prepared to take their life if it comes to it.

    Meanwhile In the lock down cities radio and television bands will be monitored very closely by a TSA type group like at the airports that are very racists and people who hide in their homes will try to set up illegal radio stations and mysteriously vanish.

    • archangel

      you first suggest setting up short wave and getting a licence,,,,,,then you say we, who hide in our homes to set up these stations will mysteriously vanish?

      so aren’t we putting ourselves in more danger by using the radios? the license will inform the authorities we exist.

  85. I think CB radio might work, does not require license lice a station would or HAM radio does. Easily moved as well.

    I agree with the description of that army, they are controlled by destroyer, but directed by our Father to harm the unbelievers.

  86. I think CB radio might work, does not require license like a station would or HAM radio does. Easily moved as well.

    I agree with the description of that army, they are controlled by destroyer, but directed by our Father to harm the unbelievers. I also feel they will be unseen by the unbelievers as well.

  87. Instead of thinking about setting up radios. Prepare for war against the government. Soon the people in US and A will start war against your own goverrnment. Like Duduman said citizens from middle of the country will start this.

  88. Lmao at this joke of an article. When it puts Muhammad as a god you know the writer is blinded by his religion. Also are the Jews killed? The writer probably thinks jews and Christians are the same. Lmfao.

  89. A clear coherent description of what is coming. Good work! It seems the evil that began around the Euphrates is now spreading in earnest through the spread of Islam into Europe and other parts of the world. Awful days ahead. It’s one going to read about it in Scripture, but to have to live through it and see what is being done is something else entirely. Come Lord Jesus!!
    God bless!

  90. […] https://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/god%E2%80%99s-war-on-terror%E2%80%A6-the-200-million-man-army/ […]

  91. It didn’t say demon army it said man the bible also told what nations would create it in confederacy the bible also said that these men would have the flesh fall from their bones and their eyeballs would dissolve in their sockets for attacking Gods holy city Jerusalem

  92. The army of the horsemen in Revelation 9:13-21 are Islamic demons much like ISIS but many more that have been loosed from the great river Euphrates to kill 1/3 of humanity following the sex pervert demons from the bottomless pit from the fifth trumpet.

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