God Does Not Change His Mind


Many false prophesies are justified by claiming God changed His mind about what was predicted.

Many false prophets today plagiarize the Word of God, declaring that they have private revelations from God, when these revelations are already recorded in scripture, and are not new.

The false prophets claim to have a special anointing that makes them more special to God than other people, and we have to pay them (make donations) to hear what they have to say.

They also run in packs, and reinforce each other.

Most false prophets speak in general terms, so that no one can question them.

Some will be bold enough to say something specific, but they turn out to be wrong. This is where “God changed His mind because we prayed” comes in.

Sometimes they will assign a date to their predictions, and if it does not come to pass, they claim it is because millions have heard their prophecy and prayed and repented, getting God to change His mind about the date. Most false prophets are a “dime a dozen,” and do not have that many followers.

If someone predicts a tsunami in June of a certain year, and it does not come to pass, you have a liar on your hands. I have heard this prediction, as well as one that the last Super Bowl game was to be a false flag attack. It has come and gone, and nothing happened.

Predictions like this come from the rumor mill, not God.

In the Old Testament, the punishment for a false prophecy was death by stoning. Today, they become self anointed celebrities, caught up in their own delusions of specialness and grandeur, and making excuses when their predictions fail.

True prophets are not going to predict the obvious, or what should be common knowledge.

True prophets will combine general statements with some specific detail.

True prophets are not special, and will not think of themselves as more spiritual than others.

True prophets are not asking for money.

True prophets also tend to be solitary, as they are set apart, so that they can hear the Lord better, and not be influenced by others.


Note about Dreams:

It is possible, however to have a dream that is true, based on reading what is true from reliable sources.

For example, there are troop movements in this country right now, so if someone dreams about troops coming into their neighborhood, it is showing that this topic is on their mind.

These dreams are not prophetic, as they are influenced by circumstances.

There are also prophetic dreams, but they must meet the criteria for accuracy.

Note about Visions:

Each of the prophets in the Old Testament, as well as the New, had visions of heaven, the Lord, future events, or end times.

There was something unique about each one, and each vision was not just a repeat of someone else’s vision.

There were sometimes elements that were the same, for confirmation, but also new information to be shared.

Note about Prophecy Analysts

These people study prophecy, and analyze current events in light of biblical prophecy.

This does not make them prophets.

They are similar to weather forecasters who see the data, and make a prediction, based on available information.


God’s Declarations, or Predictions:

If there is a positive declaration to be made, then it will come true, in God’s timing. WE can rejoice in His promises.

If there is a negative declaration to be made, God does one of two things:

a. He gives a warning, along with instructions to repent.

In this case, if one changes his ways, God will not go forth with the punishment.

b. He makes an announcement that disaster is coming, but does not give a warning to repent.

When he does this, the time for repentance is past, and no one has heeded the warning.

God does not change, once He makes up his mind.

He does not flip flop back and forth.

God does not need to change.

We are the ones who are supposed to change, in accordance with His Word, and commandments.


Scriptures (God is unchanging):

God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good? Numbers 23:19

Psalm 33:11 states, "The Lord’s plans stand firm forever; His intentions can never be shaken."

"The grass withers, and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever" (Isaiah 40:8).

James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Numbers 23:19
God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?

Psalm 102:27
But you remain the same, and your years will never end. dominion will never end.

Habakkuk 1:12
LORD, are you not from everlasting? My God, my Holy One, you will never die. You, LORD, have appointed them to execute judgment; you, my Rock, have ordained them to punish.


God never changes. In fact, it is impossible for God to change.

The influences that cause change in your life have no effect on God.

He will never be stronger or weaker.

His knowledge and wisdom will not increase or diminish.

God does not compromise or change His values.

And God does not have mood swings.

Life and its uncertainties may shake you, but God-the Rock of Ages-does not move.

If you cling to Him, His strength will sustain you.


Think twice and contemplate, when someone says God has spoken to them.

Make sure they do not violate the scriptural criteria.

Many love the attention of being heard as God’s special messenger.

But they have not spent the time with God necessary to really hear Him.

You want the real truth, not the product of someone’s imagination.

Pray and seek God yourself, and you will not need to rely on the “revelations” of others.

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  2. Prophecy today only comes from the word of God. There are no prophets in the world today.

    • Wrong, Trev. Dead wrong.

      • Debi,


        The gift of prophecy is at work today.

        “Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy. For anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to people but to God. Indeed, no one understands them; they utter mysteries by the Spirit. But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort. Anyone who speaks in a tongue edifies themselves, but the one who prophesies edifies the church. I would like every one of you to speak in tongues, but I would rather have you prophesy. The one who prophesies is greater than the one who speaks in tongues, unless someone interprets, so that the church may be edified” (1st Corinthians 14:1-5, NKJV).

        “Tongues, then, are a sign, not for believers but for unbelievers; prophecy, however, is not for unbelievers but for believers” (1st Corinthians 14:22, NKJV).

        Psalm 27

      • OK, I’ll bite.
        Just who do you think is a genuine prophet of God?
        Are we talking about a visited by an angel type of prophet like Daniel and John? Or just someone who has dreams or visions?
        Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. I have been given a substantial number of insights which have come true. Even the last one which began in August of 2013, consisting of three separate dreams, and I know they will come true. Then seven months later I received another dream which I strongly sensed to be tied into the first three and I know that it too will come true. Time will tell.

    • Jack, Marianne and all,

      Interesting page topic at this late hour – as we are within the last days of this age.

      Since I’ve received a “word of knowledge” from a Believer (May 6, 2010) who did not know me (she lives in Kenya and I live in Iowa), followed by a vision that brought me to cry on my knees 21 days later (May 27, 2010), followed by 7 confirmations over the next 8 months, including a personal message from a man with the gift of prophecy (he was unaware of the preceding events) and a few dreams – when all of these messages (knowledge, vision, prophetic word, dreams and confirmations) were not in conflict with the one another – the following is what I have come to understand and apply, thank you Lord.

      The prophetic gift of the Spirit is a gift – irrevocable. The issue is how the prophetic gift is applied by the man/woman.

      “Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to still another the interpretation of tongues. All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as he determines” (1st Corinthians 12:7-11, NKJV).

      The gift of prophecy is at work today.

      “Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy. For anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to people but to God. Indeed, no one understands them; they utter mysteries by the Spirit. But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort.

      Anyone who speaks in a tongue edifies themselves, but the one who prophesies edifies the church. I would like every one of you to speak in tongues, but I would rather have you prophesy.

      The one who prophesies is greater than the one who speaks in tongues, unless someone interprets, so that the church may be edified” (1st Corinthians 14:1-5, NKJV).

      “Tongues, then, are a sign, not for believers but for unbelievers; prophecy, however, is not for unbelievers but for believers” (1st Corinthians 14:22, NKJV).

      When someone gives a prophetic message (either personal or a “global” message) an appropriate response is to take that prophetic message to the Lord, asking Him to give confirmation.

      “All Scripture is inspired by God [breathed out by God; L God-breathed] and is useful for teaching, for showing people what is wrong in their lives [refuting error; rebuking], for correcting faults, and for teaching how to live right [training in righteousness]” (2nd Timothy 3:16, Expanded Translation).

      “We also have the prophetic message as something completely reliable, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.

      Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation of things. For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit” (2nd Peter 1:19-21, NKJV).

      Psalm 40

    • jack

      I had to correct the post. dreams can be prophetic also. most are not, and people make claims over common dreams as prophetic, when they aren’t.

      I have had prophetic dreams, but they do not come often….rare.

  4. It appears to me, the more the CFR controlled US government helps the enemies of Israel, we get hit with back to back to back winter storms. In the spring, Tornadoes out the wazzoo, and in summer heat from hell.

    I could be wrong, but it is like a curse. American monies over here, storms, earthquakes, floods, heat… at home. I’m a bit worried.

    G-d stated those who believe in his love, and repented would be blessed. I just don’t see that happening in America as it has been mislead in the schools, movies, music, destruction of marriage, Homosexuality as normal…

    So, plan B? Get that military gear, and MRE’s stashed away. Then, hold onto your butts.

    • leatherneck,

      america, as a whole, is under judgment.

      even in ancient Israel, the good suffered for what the majority had done wrong….however, they did not have it as bad….

      example, some were killed, and the others went into captivity in babylon….the captives were later allowed to return home.

  5. The prophets of the Scriptures always had a message from God of near pending judgment and a chance to repent from sin, as well as a future judgment – ‘the Day of the Lord’ or the Great Tribulation period. The messages were not positive, and did not tickle one’s ears. All of the true prophets were persecuted and killed by the religious elite, including Yeshua, who was the Prophet.

    False prophets today preach positive messages with no pending judgment, such as ‘revival’s coming’, ‘God loves you and has a plan for your life’, ‘you are not supposed to be sick’, and ‘we are the King’s kids and should be blessed abundantly’.They also have large churches, a hefty wage drawn from tithes (which are not for the Gentiles), and swag around puffed up in their attitudes. They are NOT warning their people of what’s coming, nor teaching them meat in due season, which is the truth about Israel and fulfilled prophecy concerning her, and Is…m, its plan to annihilate all Christians and Jews (http://www.rescuechristians.org) and rule most of the world with Sh… Law.

    So I say…. yes, mere me…. that THE judgment’s coming, and many Western nations are already being judged for their anti-semitism and interference with the affairs of Jerusalem. The trojan 4 horses of Rev 6 are already here – look at the colors in the flags of Is…. – the pale horse in the Greek is translated as green. True prophets and teachers rightly divide the Word of Truth warning and educating people of the plans of Is….. , and the urgency of the hour as time is indeed short.

    If you are concerned about these things – and who wouldn’t be? – then you need to get educated. If you want to know how much time there is to go, there is some terrific, scientific evidence available that was sought from the Throne Room in tears and much Biblical, Hebrew and Israel-centered study in the series “Sealed Till the Time of the End”. http://www.deborahjeanstearn.com

    • the four horsemen were all here after adam and eve were cast out of the garden, war, pestelience,starvation,death,hell, not to mention the lake of fire which most people think is hell but is not. it is where death and hell are cast into. if you take two stones and cast them into a lake, the two stones were in another place prior to being cast into the lake of fire. hell for those who refused god and christ, death (a place where you wander as ghosts untill judgement because you were lukewarm) and gods rest, where you go if you served god and christ to the best of your ability.

  6. a true prophet will never boast, a true prophet will almost always walk alone. a true prophet will be full of great sorrow, who has believed our report paul once said, and it is still true today. but a true prophet will carry on when others lay down to rest on the steps to heaven,and the vines will start to curl around them who stop so when they awake they can no longer move up the steps to heaven. rest only a short period, then get up and continue your climb up the steps to heaven.

  7. A true prophesy of God always comes to pass, unless it is a warning which is still Truth and is fulfilled.

  8. Whatever God intends, HAPPENS.

    I admit that such a statement is controversial, but consider that nothing of what exists is without God’s intent

    • that is true. even lucifer’s attempt to overthrough god was known by god prior to lucifer’s attempt. for jesus himself stated; he was a liar from the beginning. so why did god make an angel that was to betray him? we as human beings will never know that question untill we go to heaven, and then we will not half to ask god because we will become one with him and know all that was,is, and will be. so trying to understand or even talk about this subject is fruitless since our minds cannot fathom the mind of god.

  9. Prophets are born to be Prophets. You cannot make yourself a Prophet or send a man to school to become a Prophet. They are Born to be Prophets.

    Yes Johnwaltz777 the horse riders were riding in the O.T. Finally somebody has seen this on this forum. Heb. 13:8 The same yesterday, today, and forever.

    America will go through its “wrath” that they have brought on by themselves. Just as Israel crucified the Word , Same today. Ages come and Ages Go.

    America’s wrath is already in action. By seeing all the dead living in Darkness and still will not call out to the Lord. What is left for them but “wrath” and spiritual death.

    Moses had to come to set Israel free. He was a Prophet at birth. The 7 Seals were valid as well in his day against Egypt and thats why it is mentioned in the Book of Revelation with the plagues and great signs. Noah was a Prophet by Birth. The 7 Seals were valid in his day. Every great Nation has people that make up that Nation. Its the People that make their Nation and create their own gods and turn away from the real living God and HIS NATION. = the Kingdom of God.

    Only 2 forces that are in a fight — The Kingdom of this World – against -The Kingdom of God. Each kingdom are human beings with a “spirit in them”.

    It’s a battle Paul said. The good fight of “faith against doubt” is what opens the “Seals of the mystery that God has for them. He loves humanity and does not want them to perish or live in hell. But if you do not seek God with your whole heart “your seal” will never be opened. In other words you will live your life in complete darkness till death takes you over. The “kingdom of this world” is your worst enemy.

    1 John 2:15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

    I JOHN 2:16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father = Holy Spirit within, but is of the world.= human spirit within

    Our greatest enemy is taking the Worlds course which results in the “Mark of the Beast”. The world worships mankind and makes idols out of women and men and gold and things made by mankind.
    The Human spirit is the Worlds spirit taking you over =Serpent. The Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ Spirit taking you over.

    Now can we see that Jesus Christ came in Rev. 5 and 6 to open your veil of understanding the difference between Right from Wrong. Tree of knowledge from Tree of life. Its a 7 fold understanding of the Seals of yourself that you cannot see unless Christ unveils your blindness. And the 7th. Seal is Christ alone coming into you revealing Himself to you. What a God we serve.

    Eph. 4: 22 That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts;
    23. And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;
    24. And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.
    25. Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour: for we are members one of another.
    26. Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:
    27. Neither give place to the devil.
    28. Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.
    29. Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

    30. And grieve not the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, whereby “YE ARE SEALED” unto the day of redemption. = safe and secure by election to Eternal life.

    31. Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:
    32. And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

    The Holy spirit is your Celestial Man= Heavenly man. Not worldly – where in this is the mystery of the rapture. We were born in “fallen” death. But the trumpets of the Seals Raised us back up to our Original status as before the fall of Adam. The 2nd. Adam ‘raised’ you back up by the Holy Spirit of life through Jesus Christ.


  10. Physical death means nothing to God. God fearing ancients understood this. Many chose death with the promise, as opposed to the illusion that nothing exists beyond.

    Ancients before the promise deferred to death, believing that the “promise” would be fulfilled. The promise was fulfilled with the sacrifice that insured salvation for those who would just call upon the Lord.

    Jesus, Yehushua, whatever you might call on Him, offered eternal life if you but call on His name.

    It’s just that simple.

    Surrender today, that you may serve Him


  11. i have spoken of the following before, and i would like some input of what you think; the rapture; first thessalonians chapter four starting with verse 13;

    “but i would not have you to be ignorant,brethern,conserning them which are asleep, that yesorrow not,even as others which have no hope. for if we believe that jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in jesus (god’s rest), will god bring with him. (take great note in; will god bring with him.) for this we say unto you by the word of the lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the comming of the lord, ( take great note in; remain unto the comming) , shall not prevent (be before) them which are asleep. for the lord himself shall desend from heaven with a shout,with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of god,and the dead in christ shall rise first.then we which are alive and remain, ( take great note in the second time it states we which are alive and remain.) shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the lord in the air; and so shall we ever be with the lord.”.

    now, we know that after jesus rose from the dead many of the dead saints were seen walking the streets. they did not go back into the graves.

    if god is going to be bringing those who slept in christ back with him, why would anyone think they are going to come out of the graves? that does not make sense.

    i believe that when the rapture happens our physical bodies will simply fall dead. do you remember the scripture when one of jesus’s desiples asked him where when jesus was telling them of the kingdom of god.

    and jesus said; where the body is, their will the eagles be gathered together. flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of god, so why would the dead bodies raise? and then we go back to the same spot where it states; those that slept in jesus, will god bring with him.///

    i hope this gives someone something to ponder over in the scriptures. god be with all of you my brothers and sisters in christ jesus our lord.

    • that is some food for thought there.

      will we just drop dead?

      i don’t know, but as long as I am going in the right direction, I have peace.

  12. Good teaching.

  13. the reason that the physical body simply drops dead is quite clear. obviously if millions of people just vanish,most of them would be seen by those left here. remember also what jesus said; the kingdom of god commeth not with observation,for the kingdom of god is within you. and it would not be possible for those left here to see the lord comming back in the rapture and all those who remained unto his comming simply flying up into the air to meet him in the clouds. why all of this? everyone left on this earth would know what had happened. so how could the great anti-christ ever be able to proclame he was god. everyone would have known what had taken place when all these people just disappeared. by all the bodies just falling dead would give the antichrist the ability to say he had killed all of them because they were the real evil.// then comes this 666 nonsense which is the greatest deception lucifer has ever conceaved. no person in their right mind would take a number of 666 on their hand or head. why? all the television programs that talk about the mark of the beast being 666, all the movies showing this 666, even most of the preachers saying the mark is 666, to easy, way to easy. remember lucifer is the master of deception. anyone actually ltting someone place three sixes on them would know that they would be eteranally dammed if they did that. why? from all the movies, all the end time series, most of the preachers all stating the same thing 666. lucifer is not stupid. (in this case) he was utterly stupid to think he could overthrough god./// but we who go in the rapture will not half to worry about the antichrist, so all this i am talking about is just information from the holy spirit to me and to you.

  14. #1.Here is how I understand I Thess. 4:13-17….

    The Thessalonians had been enduring, and were continuing to endure, “persecutions” / “sufferings” / “afflictions.” (I Thess. 1:6; 2:14; 3:3-4; II Thess. 1:4-6) Because of this, Paul had been as a father “consoling” them, (I Thess. 2:11-12) and was concerned that they might be “drawn aside,” or “swayed,” by their afflictions.” (I Thess. 3:2-5)

    If this happened, then the Thessalonians might have grieved over their sufferings “as do the rest who have no hope.” (See II Cor. 7:10) For this reason, Paul encouraged them to continue to endure, to be strengthened in the Faith, and not to be “drawn aside.” (II Thess. 2:16-17)

    It was because of this need for comfort in the midst of persecutions that Paul reminded the Thessalonians that they would soon be glorified with their loved ones who had “fallen asleep through Jesus,” (I Thess. 4:17-18; 5:10-11) and that they would thenceforth be “forever with the Lord.”

    God “snatched” (raptured), or rescued, His believers from “HIS WRATH’ (I Thess. 1:10) and from the persecutions of the evil one. (I Thess. 3:5; II Thess. 1:7; 3:3) He “plucked” them out of the then-present “evil age.” (Gal. 1:4) This happened when the fury of the Roman Empire came against the Jews, and when the Jews were consumed by civil war. These catastrophies befell the sons of the old covenant with increasing intensity from A.D. 66-70. It was in those years that the Church on Earth found “relief” (II Thess. 1:7) and “WAS PROTECTED “ from her afflictions, as her persecutors (the Jews) were “shattered.” (Dan. 12:1-7)

    Since our Lord came with His saints and destroyed the earthly temple in A.D. 70, (Heb. 9:8) “God Himself” has dwelt “among men;” (Rev. 21:3) and through the power of His resurrection, the Church of all ages, the living and the dead, lives and reigns in glory with Him forever. (Rom. 6:8; II Cor. 13:4; II Tim. 2:11-12)

    For if we live, we live for the Lord, or if we die, we die for the Lord; therefore whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s. For to this end Christ died and lived, that He might be Lord both of the dead and of the living. (Rom. 14:8-9)


    • beacon

      the jews did not persecute the church….the romans did

      • Marianne – is that all you got out of this post . The Jews were hard against Christians as well. As a whole they rejected the Messiah and His Followers. That is a form of persecution. Paul in Acts. 20:27-30 Matt. 7:15 beware of false prophets. The false vine always persecutes the true vine. Israel influenced Rome to kill Christ. The Jews said we have no king but Caesar. That makes them reprobates as Romans 1 teaches that. As well as Rev. 11 Jerusalem is called Sodom and Egypt. The Most holy city in the world and the most holy people of the world gave themselves over to reprobates of mind to kill Jesus Christ their own Messiah.

        So what do you believe about the Rapture. I would like to hear your view.


        • the few jews that were in jerusalem rejected christ…the whole country was not a part of this…..I have stood in the courtyard of pilate….it only holds about 100 people….

          so 100 people along with the jewish sanhedrin/ pharisees condemned jesus….they did not represent the opinion of the entire jewish nation, which was NOT present at the sentencing.

          the jews did not get the romans to persecute christians….i don’t know where you got that from….

          I believe the rapture will occur at the 6th seal, according to matt 24 and rev 6

    • beacon; the rapture has not happened yet. christ is not reigning on the earth right now, if you are refuring to the thousand year reign?, that has not happened yet. because lucifer and all his angles are cast into a pit and an angel seals it for 1000 years, during that time there cannot be any evil at all on earth. no murder, no rape, no starvation, no war, nothing but perfect peace untill the 1000 years are up, then lucifer and his angels are let loose. there has never been a time on the earth as to this date that there has not been evil here and free to do as they can. so if you can please explainyour above post because it does not make sense.

  15. i think we all know there is more then one ressurection, (forgive some spelling errors) after jesus rose from the grave many of the saints that slept(in the graves) were seen walking in the streets. this was a ressurection. this signifies from that time forward all souls that were saved by grace went to gods rest in heaven. so if you look at it this way; every time a christian dies (a real one, you know what i mean), they go to gods rest. not the grave. the second comming of christ is the rapture, in which those who have kept themselves ready to meet the lord go up in the clouds (their souls, not their physical bodies). those who slept in christ (gods rest in heaven) come back with him. this cannot be denied, it specifically states this. so the graves that everyone thinks will open up, does not happen in the rapture, how could it, they all are comming back with god to meet us that remain and are alive./ then we have the final resurrection of all the rest of all the human souls that ever lived, except those who were in gods rest, and those who went up in the rapture./ death is a place. it is where people who as stated before; were lukewarm as i state it in christ. hell delivers up the dead that are in it. these are people who did not beleive in god or christ. it is a seperate place also./ then we have the lake of fire. it is not hell. hell and death as stated before according to the scriptures are both cast into the lake of fire, along as those who at judgement god said depart from me i never knew you./ this is not hard to understand.

  16. Bro. John 777 – the second coming of Christ is the rapture. You got that exactly right. That started at Pentecost Acts. 2:38 When the Holy Spirit = Jesus Christ came INTO THEM. And changed their – Whole thinking, they were transformed, And its the Holy spirit the Morph’s you into the “Image of Jesus Christ”. That is in the Bible as well. The Quickening Power of Jesus in you and then you got to let HIM hone you till you become His Image. That is the Rapture and it is Progressive as well. Just like a Child being born in the Natural. Has to Grow up. Matt. 13. Jesus Sowed the Seed but the seed has to grow into maturity or die. Also remember that Satan is right behind Jesus sowing his seed of doubt which Jesus proclaimed that to be traditions that killed the Real Revelation that Christ wanted for you. Just like a wheat of Corn. The Seed has to die, and up comes a stem , then a leaf, then the Corn . It is a progressive growth.
    Your Revelation of Christ is your Rapture. And the sky is the limit for all who dare to fly and trust God.

    If you would read all the scriptures that were in my post. It would help you alot.
    The 2nd. Coming is the Birth of Christ in you. Without the Holy Ghost you can never die to your old soul and all sin. And Christ just keeps “raising you up” .
    As long as you and any believer is growing “up” you in the Rapture and Satan cannot stop you unless you listen to his false doctrines and Traditions of man.


    • beacon; jesus sent us the comforter (the holy spirit) jesus is still in heaven sitting on the right hand of god. jesus said; if i do not go, the comforter cannot come. i do not listen to any doctrine or tradition, i listen to the comforter which i received when i accepted jesus as my king and savior. the word of god is all we have to go by. i do not go to physical churches because in the past when i did, if the minister spoke on a subject that i knew was his opinion and not compleatly backed up by gods word, i would get up right in the middle of the sermon and question where in the bible does it state this. this caused a great division in the church i went to for 25 years. so i left the church. and if i were to go to another church i would end up doing the same thing. now some people would say; that is what you should be doing, but my calling is to be out in the world talking to those who do not go to churches. this subject about the rapture is something we should not go back and forth with. it serves only an attempt by lucifer to pull us all apart. it has nothing to do with our personal salvation. that is what is important, that and talking to those who are lost before it is to late for them. that is why all of us that follow christ are here for. i simply believe the rapture has not taken place yet according to what the comforter shows me in gods word. let us talk about another subject, not squabble when the rapture takes place.

  17. 1 Cor. 15 and 1 Thess 4 – Rapture understanding

    “If Jesus came back in Acts, 2 then what about the Rapture? Well, it took place on schedule just as God, through Paul, said it would. Saints who were alive at the Lord’s return were ‘caught up’ to meet Jesus in the air. They became, without passing through physical death, residents of the consummated Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. God’s restoration plan for man was complete, and physically alive believers were included.”

    If you believe Jesus came back in Acts 2 and “Spiritually entered into them” then what about the rapture? Fair question. In this study we will look at some Biblical answers. Remember that in 70 A.D. The world of Judaism and Temple worship were destroyed by Rome. The Mosaic Age’s were history. A brand new spiritual world had raised up for the Gentile and Jew. Becoming one with God together. Rev.4 After the 7 church ages. Jesus says to John “Come up hither“ . The time age is drifting into a NEW age. Of the Son of David the Lion age. Kings and Priest.

    How, then, are we to understand the rapture? What does the Holy Spirit, through Paul, want us to understand by the term “caught up?” The concept is Biblical as we see in the text from I Thessalonians, so we know there are Biblical answers to these questions.
    One of the great joys and benefits of coming to the Bible view of eschatology is the excellent 20/20 hindsight it provides. When I hear a fanciful end-time guess, it is always fun to say, “Well, it didn’t happen that way.” This is a real conversation stopper, and it gives one a chance to testify to the words of Jesus. There are many passages in the Gospels where Jesus promises to return before the generation then living passes away.
    This hindsight serves us well here. The literalists tell us that when the rapture takes place millions of Christians will vanish from the earth. “Well, it didn’t happen that way.” We know Jesus returned in Acts. 2 and in 70 A.D. there was vengeance on the keepers of the vineyard, and the kingdom passed to those who honored the Lord of the vineyard by loving His Son. Resurrection, judgment, New Jerusalem – all accomplished, BUT there was not a mass vanishing act by living Christians.

    Spiritual Senses Needed
    Paul never meant for us to receive his teaching with a literal mind. He spoke of spiritual things and wanted Christians to understand with spiritual faculties. If Paul lived today and saw what we have done with his passage on being “caught up,” I believe we would again hear the words, “And I, brethren, could not speak to you as to spiritual people but as to carnal, as to babes in Christ . .. for you are carnal.” (I Corinthians 3:1,3a)
    A Bible dictionary I have owned since seminary days has this to say: “Believers who are living at the return of Christ will be transformed without passing through death (I Cor. 15:51,52, I Thess. 4:17). This ‘rapture’ or being ‘caught up’ to meet the Lord in the air is Paul’s way of describing the experience of transition into the new redeemed order of Resurrection life without passing through death.(1)
    The above explanation from my old Bible Dictionary is right on target. When you were born again you were translated out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God’s dear Son. Was there a physical change? Was there any material manifestation? Of course not, but that didn’t mean your rebirth wasn’t real or important.
    In your rebirth you underwent a change of kingdoms – a change so great that it had eternal consequences. And yet there was nothing perceptible to the visible world of sound and sight. You could not “prove’ your rebirth by a change of color, change of height, or any geographical change. Your rebirth simply could not be confirmed by this world and its citizens.

    A Secret You Should Know
    Now, here’s a secret. Much of what God does, and we are speaking of those things that have enormous spiritual significance, are done beyond the witness of this fleshly world. The ‘rapture’ or the ‘caught up’ to meet the Lord in the air is one of those things.
    The carnal thinking of men would have the whole world witness the mysterious disappearance of all the Christians. They move from the sublime to the ridiculous. Remember the Scripture: “Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God. But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him. nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (I Corinthians 2:12,14)

    New Sounds From Old Symbols
    The I Thessalonians 4:13-18 passage is full of symbolic language. Let me give you an example showing the imagery of the trumpet from the Old Testament Scriptures: And the LORD spoke to Moses, saying: “Make two silver trumpets for yourself; you shall make them of hammered work; you shall use them for calling the assembly and for directing the movement of the camps. When you go to war in your land against the enemy who oppresses you, then you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets, and you will be remembered before the LORD your God, and you will be saved from your enemies. Also in the day of your gladness, in your appointed feasts, and at the beginning of your months, you shall blow the trumpets over your burnt offerings and over the sacrifices of your peace offerings; and they shall be a memorial for you before your God: I am the LORD your God.’ (Numbers 10:1,2,9,10)
    These verses from Numbers show that the trumpet called and directed the people. When our New Testament says, “For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with . . . the trumpet of God,” we should see this as symbolic of a gathering. God never meant for literalism to spoil the spiritual meaning. Matthew also uses the symbol of the trumpet in the twenty-forth chapter of his Gospel.
    Clouds speak of God’s power and presence at work to affect a particular task; in our passage it is the resurrection. Air, in Biblical language, speaks of a spiritual environment populated by personalities without fleshly bodies. We could go on, but surely the reader appreciates that the rich language of symbolism conveys much truth with few words. But consider this: How much do we lose when we insist upon bringing literal interpretation to symbolic imagery?

    God’s Children Deserve Better
    When we insist on bringing literal interpretation to symbolic language we reduce God’s message to the ridiculous. Look at what we have done with the rapture. If we can rise above the carnality of the literal, we will understand the true meaning of God’s word. If not, we are condemned to wallow in the absurd interpretations to which literalism leads us. Gods children deserve better.
    Paul’s teaching on the resurrection in I Thessalonians. and I Corinthians is rich instruction for the church: Behold, I tell you a mystery We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed – in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. (I Cor. 15:51,52) It is interesting to note that dead are raised, but the living are changed. According to the Thessalonian passage, this change takes place spiritually, i.e., in the ‘air.’ explained in post below.

    Beacon –

    • matt 24 has not happened yet

      • Marianne – Do you believe in the Rapture or not. You use to then you seemed to change your mind. Im just wondering what you believe now. Im not trying to be a smart elic either and Im not in no way wanting to make you upset at all.

        Remember when the seed is sown by Christ then the Devil will come and snatch it away Matt. 13 says it plainly. How does the Devil snatch it away. They fall right back into their “Traditions that made the Word of NONE effect.

        So God bless you – And I will send you some great thoughts on Matt. 24 soon. Wonder how many Jews would love to have their Generation back to do over again. When they seen the Destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple destroyed Just like Jesus told them it would. That should teach us to be safe and not sorry.

        Oh how they wept when they remembered Zion and still are to this day.


        • beacon

          I already answered you.

          the rapture occurs at the 6th seal, acc to matt 24.

          • Marianne – Yes God created everything in the 6th. days of creation . Then God rested on the 7th day. Creation was finished and Over.

            Also at the end of the 6th. Seals. But as in the O.T and N.T there was a gap or gulf, breach whatever you want to call it. Between the 6th. And 7th. Seal. The 7th. Seal Is Jesus Coming. Hey we are very close in our opinions on the 6th. Seal. Praise God.

            Only difference maybe. I think it is between the 6th. and 7th. Seal as in Jesus day coming. John introduced Jesus between the O.T and N.T. Rev. 10:7 A Prophet in our day introduced the 7 seals = Jesus Christ , which brought on what we seeing today. Bringing Grace first then Judgment. Its mercy from God and or wrath of satan, the plagues, the darkness, the world has gone crazy because they rejected God and will not retain God in their thinking just as in Noah’s day. And Jesus Day – the same today. I’m so glad that I am in the Ark. Rev. 11:15-19.

            Pentecost was the rapture and morphed into the Ark in Jesus day. Acts 2:38 and ye shall receive the Holy Spirit – those 120 were morphed into New Creations. They rose up in the Eternal Spirit yet never left the Ground. Just seen the other dimension of the Kingdom of God and walked in it. Safe and secure till they Gave up their Ghost. Freely just like the Master Jesus.
            The wrath of God could not touch them. They were sealed unto the day of their redemption after Pentecost.


  18. the bible states specifically that those who sleep in christ will god bring back with him. the graves will not open when the rapture happens. they are comming back with god. we which are alive and remain unto the comming of the lord shall be caught up to meet them in the air.(our spiritual bodies.) if the rapture has already taken place; why are we still here and lucifer is still here. after the rapture the great antichrist takes power for seven years. after that, the lord god returns and destroyes him with the brightness of his comming. then is the 1000 year reign of christ on this earth, then the devil and his angles are released, they go up against the camp of the saints, the lord god returns and the final battle takes place. judgement day. end of story.

  19. John 777 -graves will not open when the rapture happens – amen bro. John

    coming of the lord shall be caught up to meet them in the air. – Do you know what the “air means” in these passages. Have you ever been -caught up in love – have you ever experienced a “dimensional” change from one way to another way at your New Birth. Being filled with the Holy Ghost or Filled with the World. That is two different dimension’s you can live. We are in the world but NOT of it.

    Jesus said He was the “resurrection and the Life” = St. John when He rose Lazarus. Matt. 6:33 promises you the Kingdom of God –NOW — if you seek him first .

    When God was walking the earth = Jesus Christ – God in a Flesh Body — did all people quit their sin. They saw the “Kingdom of God ” manifested by Christ. in Raising the dead, Healing all that were oppressed of the enemy – Healing all that would come to Him. Nothing could hurt Jesus Christ until His time. Then the Bible says HE GAVE His life. No body took it from Him. Its the Same with us dear Brother – And yes it takes prayer, sted fastness, Faith, Love, Joy, Peace , endurance etc.— Gal. 5:22 please read them – then Go to Gal. 5: 16 or 17 and note how the world lives. Jesus said My peace I give unto you. My Word will set you free. Your Peace and “flight out of this world” starts in your Soul, and Mind till the flesh man is dead. Salvation starts right here and now on earth. We have to “Fight the good fight of Faith”. Our we will never understand the “authority” that Christ gave back to us when Adam fell. We have been “REDEEMED BACK” to the original plan that God had for Adam and Eve. Paradise on earth is your millennium.

    When Israel went to their “”Promised land of Milk and Honey”” —- what did they find. It was not easy taking over the land. They had to take it by force. Did you know that is a Rapture meaning as well. It was the next Generation that went across the Jordan and took over the land. Jordan means Death – We must die on our Cross and then you will know you crossed the Dimensions of this world and raptured into Another world. Did Israel take over the land. Yes indeed by Miracles, by great leaders like Joshua, Caleb etc. How did Gideon whip the greatest meanest Nation of that time. He started with 32 thousand men. God told him he had to many. It went all the way down to 300 “chosen” men. And none of them died. God killed their enemies for them. The land of Milk and Honey was full of evil men. HELLO< HELLO

    Going from slavery in Egypt to the Promised land was a battle. But they made their Exodus with Great Prophets like Moses who had Christ in him.
    They took a Rapture, their Exodus was the Rapture out of slavery and sin that was ruled by Pharoah who wore snake crown= anti-christ. They were enmorphed by the Power of God and Quickened to master the enemy of their existence.

    They ended up with Solomon and the Golden generation. – it was their Millennium of the old testament day when David=type of Christ conquered the whole world and then Peace came and Solomon ruled the known world. That was their Millennium. The ruled the whole known world of that time.

    The 1,000 years is a period of time for Gods people to live in Rest, and Peace, being the greatest Nation on the planet. Just as Israel was then – America use to be in days of old at the turn of the 20th. Century. The 1,000 years is as a "Day" with God. It just means Completeness. Man uses 10 as their number system. God owns the Cattle on a 1000 hills. Does that mean years = NO – God is telling us that HE Owns and Controls it ALL. Did God quit owning the Cattle on a 1000 hills when the number hit 1001 – You see its absurd to say the least.

    God bless you Bro. John —- Beacon

  20. BEACON; we simply use a human made word which we simply call ; the rapture. we could call it the; removal. we could call it ; anything we wish. it is still a human word. hear and understand; jesus is not god. jesus is the son of god. jesus said on the cross; father, why hast thou forsaken me. yes, god jesus,and the holy ghost are one. in spirit. but they are three enties. when jesus said; there are some here that shall not see death before the son of man returneth, he was speaking to people in the future. since he knows gods word will always be here, their were manny verses that jesus used to talk about people in the end times. jesus was on the earth in the old testiment. i will half to find the verse, but it is their. then jesus came in the flesh but was still the son of god with all power. then jesus told his followers; if i go not the comforter cannot come. understand this! jesus next returns to take those who have kept oil in their lamps. (what we call in a human word ; the rapture) when that happens the holy spirit is removed from the earth. this is when the anti-christ, the beast and false prophet take power for seven years. the rest i have already spoken of. let us not give space to the enemy by wondering what the human word rapture means. it is time to move to another subject. this line of talking between all of us on this site serves no good purpose, let us all work together. yes we question things. but we must understand when the enemy is trying to use a man made word to cause desent, we must see it and not allow it to continue. god be with you, my brother in christ.

  21. Yea Bro. John – I do understand the Godhead and I am glad to hear you call them entities and not persons.

    I called the rapture other things as well. When Israel took over the “Promised land” that had morphed into a different dimension as in great warriors and not slave. From a slave —- to a King. That’s a rapture, morphing, quickening, etc.

    A Butterfly starts out as a “worm” stuck on a limb. Then it is “morphed” into a great beautiful butterfly as God gives it wings to fly. The complete change of dimension’s is done and over. The butterfly is complete. His Purpose was to fly all the time. God gives His children wings to fly as well. He lifted John up to see the whole panorama of the plan of salvation -Rev. 4. You can have more than one rapture being a Christian. In a human’s life you morph about ever 10 years or so into another mind and body till you get old and mature. Amen. Same with being a Christian. If you ever want to talk about it again just let me know. If not that’s ok.

    Bless you John – Beacon

  22. a destruction is coming to America April 28 no year looks like a mist cold front breeze from the sea to the land chemical , something helicopter with a dead x president .flying over the land ..also i was asked last year to pray for the government ., i prayed for all the world president and leaders then i ask at the end of the prayer Lord you did not tell me which one and he said the white house …it’s not too late to continue praying i also think God already answered and i think it meant a good is coming to America not bad , we already have too much bad time for the good breeze to blow and the president to be lifted up , he is human and only when we realize God intervention is needed to make this place better we will see better . but people need to pray for what they have not see good bad does not need an invitation and if it did it would win ..survival survival survival for the children of the future ..So i pray that any plan of the enemy , any satanic attack or assignment on the land of America , sea , air , wind, be permanently aborted by fire by force in Jesus name ..may the Angels harbor all around within and above beneath and create a safer loving secure friendly family oriented clean prosperous rain that fall on the just and unjust land of America ..The land is good but the people need to be good to ..even a kitchen knife is good until a criminal uses it so Christianity is good but who is pretending and lying to themselves …God love all who open their heart to him behind close door . something is going to happen out of the blue Jesus is real and he is in you .Love Love Love ..it will conquer a multitude of sins

  23. could be just for me

  24. The month of April 2014 is starting to look a bit suspicious

    This “Peace Treaty” between the Vatican and Israel which allows Vatican control of ALL of Jerusalem holy sites is no small event. The Vatican has the endorsement of the U.N. in this “takeover”, which is pretty ominous.

    Given that:

    — “The Beast” of Revelation is widely considered to be the
    ….Church/State union,
    — and that the Vatican is the only church state today,
    — and that Rome was considered the Abomination of Desolation just
    …. before and after Christ,
    — and that the church is called Roman Catholicism,
    — and the forth Beast is very likely the continued Roman Empire
    — and that another king that arose not like the first, that
    …. spoke against the most high and sought to change signs
    …. and seasons was/is speaks to the Papacy, given that Rome
    …. had long since destroyed Jerusalem and the temple
    — and that Jerusalem is Holy
    — and that Ark of HIs Testament is now known to be in Jerusalem
    That the Abomination of Desolation that presumes to stand
    in the Holy Place(Matthew 24:17) might be considered a/the
    future “type” patterned after the “ante-type” that besieged
    Jerusalem in 70 a.d.

    It’s apparent that the Vatican wants control of Jerusalem, and
    they’re getting it !!!


  25. GOD does not make mistake. Some prophets claim how GOD would come on a certain date and when HE does not come, they would claim that the bridegroom delayed. Isn’t this making GOD a liar? GOD never lie. I am quite sad over this, especially for those new sheep who have come into the fold, when this disappointment comes, it can cause a big faith let down…

    • thay is exactly why god’s word tells us ; no one knows the day or the hour , only my father in heaven knows this. ( jesus’s own words) this is why the lord expects us to study his word. so you will not fall into the snare that lucifer loves to use on people by having some christians saying ; the lord is returning on this date or this date, etc. the only thing another christian can do for the children in christ is to tell them; stay away from those who make such quzi-prophetic predictions. we who are no longer babes in christ are the helpers of those who are very young in christ. we see the signs of the lords return but know better to make some stupid statement as ; oh. the lord is comming back next friday, wait and see. people do not seem to understand that lucifer has his strongest troops in the churches of the world.

  26. Okay. But we do not always know all God’s intentions. For instance I heard that August 31 2013 whole OLD WORLD that is Europe, Asia, Africa, perhaps Oseania is going under the curse of Lord Zebaoth. It means that they ought to live in celibacy and perhaps be kind of slaves and have no big blessings any more. How many American pastors know that it is not useful to bless the OLD WORLD any longer for it may be against the intention of the Lord. I guess not many knows that.

  27. How could God change His mind!?

    Why would God change His mind!?

    If God’s love is everlasting, then Love is His will. If His will is everlasting, then that which He wills, was willed before the foundation of the world. Thus, God’s mind was made up before any event actualized, because He knew that it would happen before it happened!

    Any “prophet” that presumes to declare that God “changed His mind” is a false prophet.

  28. Hi all,

    I just though that I’d throw this out there for consideration.
    The page is titled “Does God change His mind?”
    Now I admit that the below isn’t necessarily relevant to false prophets, or the actual topic of discussion of the page, but it does address the title itself.

    “And I would say based upon Scripture itself in just the following examples…..
    Malachi 3:6.;
    “For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.”
    Hebrews 13:8.;
    “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.”

    ….. That the Lord God remains the same!”

    However, does the above also mean that “He doesn’t change His mind” and change how He deals with mankind?

    The most obvious change in how God deals with man, is in man’s creation and then destruction.

    Or Exodus 20:5. and Numbers 14:8 being changed in Ezekiel 18;19,20.

    In my opinion Scripture is full of a God that does not change, but changes how He deals with mankind, with Yeshua being the most significant and climatic expression of that change.

    Be Blessed “in” Yeshua.

  29. Ellen White was a true prophet of God. I have ready dozens of her books and have always found her to agree with the Bible and her predictions to come true: Especially about the uniting of the Papacy and Protestantism as we are seeing today.

  30. i dont really believe in the generalization that God does not changd his mind,His nature,standards and holiness remain d same but at times He changes mind.remember Hezekiah in bible.

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