God has Radar



Many times, God allows us to go through what seems like a terrible time, just to prepare us for the bigger storm that is coming.


Each day, I watch the radar weather, because I have dogs to walk.

4 of them.

I can only handle 2 at a time.

So I can be busy throughout the day, handling 2 sets of 2 dogs at different times.

It rains a lot where I am at, and I have to sit and watch the radar constantly to see when my next chance is to get the dogs out to walk.

Last night I saw a large storm coming, so I went to bed early, and got up at 4 am.

The dogs had no idea we were going to have a downpour, but they went along outside with me anyhow.

They just trusted me.


God has radar.

He can see ahead, what will happen to us, and He wants us prepared.

To prepare us for bigger trouble, He has to allow us to go through smaller troubles.

God will match the right trouble we will go through with the bigger trouble He see on his radar.

His timing will be perfect also.

I used to think he was not helping me, by allowing me to go through horrible times, and get hurt.

But I realized later that the hurts, sometimes big ones, were preparing me for something even worse.

It reminds me of the “new level, new devil” concept.

Or the “no pain, no gain.”

As I go though life, the problems get bigger and bigger, and more painful.

But as I look back the earlier hurts were not as bad as they have been recently, and if I had not learned my lesson from the earlier times, I would have been destroyed by what came next.

Instead, I matured spiritually, and even though I hated what came next, I actually survived it, when most unprepared people would not.

I had to be tested and pass the test, to go on to the next level of strength.


Tribulation coming

We are not in an ideal world.

We are at war in a dark world.

And the dark world, with us watching, is about to experience great tribulation.

So are we ready?

The untested will not make it.

We are about to experience world war.

A nuclear nightmare

Bombs on our homes.




Radiation poisoning

Martial law

Financial collapse

Government supported terrorism

Loss of freedom of speech, censorship

Natural disasters

Whole countries destroyed

Chaos, riots, danger everywhere


Clearly, a happy life of walking through the roses and daisies, where God keeps us safe, will leave us future victims.


Living an untested life will not prepare us.

We must learn to fight the darkness.

God has radar and sees what is coming.

He will allow us to go though painful experiences, until we learn to fight at each level of testing.

If we do NOT pass the test, and want to be rescued all the time, then we will be destroyed later.

Trust God, and do not complain when you are going through something horrible.

Ask God to give you the strength to overcome the circumstances, and win the battle.

Otherwise, you will stay in that circumstance, or keep repeating the same experience until you DO pass.

In all things, trust God, YHVH, and He will bring you through the tests.

Thank Him for the preparation.

Thank Him for making you stronger, even if you think the experiences are making you weaker.

Just keep thanking Him and trusting Him.

Do not ask for God to deliver you from testing or troubles.

Ask Him to teach you how to fight, and win.


23 Responses to “God has Radar”

  1. well said.

  2. Thanks this blogger! G-d never wastes His time/work in each of us! I know what i’ve been training for and got noticed from prophetic dream of the Lord before my warfare training! I have been taught to give up any tradition of mine and any thought/plans which are not His plans for me; and following Him only! After some yrs. of following experiences I have seen how the Lord fill up in me with His heavenly thought and good things…
    Worldly mindset is enemy to our Lord Kingdom. That’s why the Scripture tells us to be humble before G-d; like Jesus did on earth to speak what he had been given and do what G-d father had shown to him. Otherwise, we cannot overcome the evil ones! I’m an intercessor; and experienced doing intercession to different places through the help of Angels while either during my worship time or prayer time. I had been sent back after my work done for the Lord: back to my body! I wrote this to you for letting you know that our Lord is reigning though evil ones are busy showing up their counterfeit powers. The Lord will destroy the evil ones when His time coming! So be encouraging and pray always with alert! The Lord let me see how powerful our prayer: Lifting anything into G-d hands and see how things that enemies have claimed have been overturned! More prayer more power, no prayer no power! Glory to be the Lord!

  3. This post could not have come at a better time for me. In fact, Holy Spirit sent me a response to my prayer via your post. Anyone who thinks God does not communicate with his people is wrong. He does all the time, but many people often miss the message. Thank you.

  4. Excellent, thanks for this, just strengthens me

  5. So true… I have learned to thank Gid for my trials because He wants me to call on Him as I can’t do anything on my own, He wants to depend on Him. There are so many scriptures for this… For me, I pray the Lord’s Prayer every day before I get out of bed & also the prayer to wear the Full Armor of God, as you show on your post… When I do my walks I always recite Ps. 23:1-6. Some other great ones are: 1 Thes. 5:16-28, give thanks in all circumstances, 1 Peter 5:10, James 1:2 & many more. Most are powerful, simple “one liners” that God uses to show us His great love for us…blessings

  6. Marianne – this is such a good post, simple, just say it like it is. And we can try, try to convince others to repent and be steadfast against the dark forces. When, in reality we are not convincing anyone of anything, we are kneeled before God, that HE might work through us.

    The Armor of God from Ephesians is such a simple prayer, if people could find 10 minutes a day (or more depending on your schedule.) And do so with any prayer if another speaks to you. That precious time means a world of difference, for me and my day ahead.


  7. Please pray for me to be ready when tribulation comes to this country. I have been informed by a couple of Ministries that March 2016 will be the time when tribulation starts for the United States of America and so I would like to be ready to stand with courage in boldness and truth. Thanks so much and God bless this ministry.

    • john

      none of us will really be ready…even if we have prepared for years…..

      prepare with enough rations for at least 90 days, 6 months is better.

      guns, ammo, food, bottled water, medical first aid, Rxs,

      keep all this in a secure place, hidden from general view

      buy what you need before the money crashes, and the government raids the banks.

      but also prepare in spirit, because there will be no safe place…..

      we all must seek the Lord’s protection, and trust him, no matter what we see with our eyes or feel with our emotions.

      it will be like going through a dark tunnel….we have to know in faith that the light is at the end

      perilous times will come, and being ready to stay home and not go out is advisable.

      if you stay in and find you are lacking something, learn to do without it.

      avoid public meetings or protests, however justified…..people will be killed

      pray over your home and family

      be careful who you trust.

      neighbors will be the biggest problem, as they will not be prepared and want to steal what you have.

      you have my prayers and support

    • Were have you hearf this been really looking to fine i know its soon but march is not setting a date it said no man would know the day or hour but this is a month

      • As what I know regarding this “Tribulation” so far: I have joined a ministry interceding for America each week according to the leading of a Messiah Prophet( this is her calling and to be led by the Lord) for the plans of the Lord to be succeeded on G-d’s timing. Though you have heard of such, such economic crisis, disasters… have been claimed by so many people; however, when you intercede according to G-d’s wills—– things have been changed these yrs…..Even those secret society tried to figure out why their plans do work as what they have claimed to the world as their timings? But they have already tried so many times to attack us, intercessions, and nothing happen to their will yet… The points are intercession with repentance. G-d reigns not darkness forces!

    • Were have you heard this been really looking to fine i know its soon but march is not setting a date it said no man would know the day or hour but this is a month

  8. My trial, tribulation, and “testing” is not about me, but about the welfare of a 7 year old child, not mine. God brought him, and his 6 year old brother, to me 7 years ago. I nanny-ed them, and love them as much as my own family. And they love me. There was trauma at home with their mother and her boyfriend, as well as from their grandmother when they spent a month with her on the west coast when Dominick was just 2 years, and I nurtured them back to a happy health. I had them dedicated to the Lord in Church, but they haven’t been baptized. I taught Dominick to read at age two.and was home-teaching (not officially schooling) them math, geometry, physics, chemistry, weather, geography, math, language, true American history, and Godliness. Dominick is exceptionally bright and as I know personally, bright children suffer more. I always told him to pray every night when he was at home because “God said if two or more ask, it will be given.” But his unstable and unbelieving mother whisked them away 4-1/2 months ago, without saying goodbye, and even though she said she’d have them call me when they got there, I haven’t been able to talk to them or see them since, and don’t have their address. I’ve spoken to the mother’s boyfriend in my city and he told me he spoke to them and they told him they want “to come home,” He also said that Dominick got very sick for awhile. Even when he came to my house under the weather, but not “very” sick, he was always healthy by the time he went back home. If Dominick is praying and God is not answering, how will this affect him? Perhaps, he’s not praying and that’s why God has not answered my prayers. I am consumed with grief and worry and wonder why God brought them to me in the first place. He hasn’t answered any of my prayers for the children. I can’t get through this knowing the child is unhappy. This is the first time I’ve been able to express my grief and I thank you.

    • marlene

      I know your grief. There is a little boy I consider as my own grandchild. He has been in a terrible custody battle, and ripped from his grieving mother. and I share in her grief. she cannot get him back because she has no money or lawyer to defend her, and all told to the child is lies about his mom. I have not seen him in several years now, and i still pray for him every night.
      he was also very bright.

      since you are not a relative, you have no legal power to do anything, unless there is a way to prove he is mistreated, and then you can report the mother to social services. but since you are not around him, you cannot be an eye witness. I have the same problem.

      it seems the primary way to stay connected to information is the boyfriend.
      I suggest being friendly with him, maybe he can coax her back home.

      in the meantime, pray for the boys’ safety and welfare, and trust god. it may be a long wait, like the one I am having.

      soon, there will be dangerous times in this country. I have heard some say that the Lord will just take the innocent ones home to be with him, to spare them suffering. I cannot confirm this, but it is a comforting thought.

      I will agree with you in prayer, so that will make your “if two or more ask, it will be given.”

      • God bless you, Marianne. You have always helped me in so many ways, with your compassion and kindness. Your advice is a blessed relief. And your response is a gift from God. Staying in touch with the boyfriend and with the hope that the Lord will take His little ones, will get me thought this. Thank you for sharing your trial with me. Maybe God is listening, through you. MERRY CHRISTMAS, my sister in Christ.

  9. Thankyou right timing again.praise god .our apt new manager was haressing us again for more money ! All ican do is I blessed her and thanked and praised god for being my father and protector
    merry Christmas and bless you sister


    In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God.
    He always WAS, AND WAS with God, because He was God.

    God soooo Loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that if you believe you will have Everlasting Life, in all power and glory!

    To understand this passage, think of your own children. The closeness of Your kids is that they are your very own, and they will always be yours!
    When we describe our children we say that they are my love, my joy, my very self. . .my very identity. They are me.
    Our children don’t get grace for what they do or don’t do . . .
    or unmerited , undeserved favor. . .
    Our baby girls and Our baby boys get our highest favor of PURE LOVE, they get Our very self.

    That’s God’s idea.

    Stephen Hawking is a prescribed atheist, who is a genius in Quantum Physics. Many of his theories have profound insight.
    He is endeavoring to find one mathematical equation to describe all matter.

    I think I found it.

    E= m C2 and it is Einstein’s Equation formulated in 1905, AND if you really look at it, it describes, in one equation, God’s explanation for all matter, for all the material world, for all creation, for us.

    Relativity. . .all things are relative. (very objective)

    You relate to all things around you, by your very own perception of it.
    Nothing is very valuable to you until it makes a valuable impression upon you. . . and you know, by you relating to it.
    It responds back to you, somehow, that makes it important. It now remains forever in you. ( very subjective )

    Oh, look at My beautiful child. . . (your experience) . . .oh so beautiful. . .just like me ! Marvelous impression ON you ! Everlasting !

    Any reality of your own perception, is actually just a thought . . .maybe great joy, great feeling and excitement.
    DID YOU REALIZE. . .WHEN IT BECOMES REAL TO YOU. . .that thought. . . is so powerful !

    God desires the same with us, by revealing Himself in His creation. Through creation, our life itself, God’s very thought, is making a powerful impression upon us.


    THUS Einstein’s Theory of Relativity:

    E / C2 = m “m” being (me) (you) 🙂 all the material world.

    God’s Excellence “E” is Perfect and NEEDS nothing else.

    God’s Excellence is extreme, magnificent and is always expanding exponentially.


    BUT God in all His EXCELLENCE desires to be with us.

    God is revealed in the fullness of His Love His Joy, His Life, His Perfection in Einstein’s equation above as, “ / C2 “ ( which represents HIS only Begotten Son Jesus, Yeshua, “God’s Salvation”).

    God desires to show His “Power and Glory” represented by the equal “=” sign. ( E / C2 = m ).




    That is, He Himself would provide the means for all creation to totally BE INTO Him.

    E / C2 = m becomes E = m C2


    God “E” is completely revealed in Jesus “C2 ( E/C2 =m ) and God shows Himself ”=” with us in our ONEness with Jesus. . .

    The equation changes to E = “m” C2 .

    .ALL POWER, MAJESTY, LOVE, JOY. . .RESURRECTION LIFE IS OURS ! Jesus says, “ I in My Father, I in you and you in Me.”

    Here is a blessing for you this Christmas. . . May you constantly be aware of a most precious thought . .and that thought, is God’s thought. . . of you.

    Imagine by just a thought. . . God breathed His Life in you and you were born. You became His very own. You are PERFECT.

    . . .AND BE HIS!



  11. “God loves you and has a difficult plan for your life.”

    “. . . Suffering is our preparation for ministry in a world of suffering–all manner of suffering: from the trivial irritations of daily life to paralyzing accidents, from family squabbles to church splits, from the ravages of sexual slavery to the countless deaths of innocents at the hands of cruel dictators. This is not a world for shallow people with soft character. It needs tested, toughened disciples who are prepared, like their Lord, to descend into hell to redeem the lost.

    “This is part of what it means to become holy, to be refined by fire. Difficulties and sufferings are God’s form of hazing. Sometimes it gets so hard, we think Him cruel. But He’s only looking for men and women who will keep their cool when things go horribly wrong, a people prepared to dash into burning rooms to rescue those about to be engulfed in flames.”

    –Mark Galli

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