YHVH God weighs in on Washington, DC – the vote is “no”



YHVH God sends 2 snow/ice storms, back to back, to show what He thinks of the people in Washington, DC, Obamacare, global warming, and general politics.

He shuts them down!!!    Priceless!

Back in the days of Pharaoh, YHVH God used 10 plagues to show His presence, and dissatisfaction with the government.

It appears He is doing the same thing again, except with new “plagues.”

He is certainly the author of variety.

As before, I do not think the Pharaohs in Washington will get the point.

***  The people in northern Europe will think this snow is nothing, because they are used to it, and are prepared. 

But Washington, DC is not prepared, so it is shut down.

A news report:

Washington, D.C., is clobbered with snow again

The snowiest winter since records were first kept in the 1880s paralyzes the region, shutting down the federal government, airports and schools.

February 10, 2010| By Bob Drogin

Reporting from Silver Spring, Md. — A fierce winter storm walloped Washington and the mid-Atlantic region for the second time in less than a week Wednesday, closing the federal government, airports and schools while inspiring a mix of awe and dread among millions of snowbound families.

The daylong blizzard raged from Virginia to New York as heavy snow and gale-force winds toppled trees, brought down power lines and created white-out conditions that made many roads treacherous to impassable.

The storm began with sleet and freezing rain Tuesday, and by dusk Wednesday, up to a foot of fresh snow billowed atop the 2 to 3 feet that paralyzed the nation’s capital last weekend. That monster storm — referred to locally as Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse and Snowzilla — already was one of the heaviest on record.

Airlines canceled hundreds of flights, disrupting air travel and cargo services across the country, while Amtrak canceled dozens of passenger trains along the Eastern Seaboard and west to Chicago.

The three major airports that serve the Washington area were closed until visibility improved and crews could clear snow-clogged runways.

“The problem is everything,” said Tara Hamilton, spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. “The problem is this is Day 6.”

The latest clobbering makes it official: This is the snowiest winter in the Washington region since records were first kept in the 1880s, the National Weather Service announced. And it’s not over: Meteorologists said another storm may slam the area Monday.

*** FEMA has declared Washington, DC and north east areas in a state of emergency –




In New York, the United Nations, Statue of Liberty, schools, zoos, courts, and even a facility to help victims of Haiti’s earthquake were shuttered as the icy onslaught neared. Broadway’s theaters declined to dim their lights, however, and shows went on.

By sunset, the pelting snow had turned to icy rain. Grand Central Terminal, usually a riot of humanity at evening rush hour, resembled a sleepy Sunday morning.

Maryland appeared to bear the brunt of the storm. Gov. Martin O’Malley told reporters at midafternoon that numerous roofs had collapsed and more than 30,000 homes had lost power — a figure expected to rise as the storm intensified.

Driving was so dangerous, however, that Pepco, an electric utility, ordered its crews to temporarily stop repairing downed power lines and crippled equipment. Some neighborhoods have not had power since Friday.

More here:





I think there are more snow storms like this to come, as well as more of these:







The 10th plague?

For a list of the original 10 plagues:


The plagues we are having now are worse !!!!!!!


As a point of humor…this is evidence, from a human perspective, of how bad it is (stupidity) in Washington, DC:

laws of physics and obama

25 Responses to “YHVH God weighs in on Washington, DC – the vote is “no””

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  2. Marianne, The plagues in Egypt were not punishment. They were a demonstration of power from God to the children of Israel. God ‘hardened’ Pharoah so he WOULD NOT LET THE PEOPLE GO until He had revealed His delivering and protective power to His children. Ro 9:17 For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might show my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth.

    Signs of the times clearly seem to show we are in the grips of end-time happenings revealed in Seals oen through Six. The increase of destruction through natural disasters are the things Satan uses. He is the destroyer And he does it ONLY with permission from God.

    I am disappointed that you who have such spiritual knowledge would indicate that these record-breaking snowstorms are related to Obama and Democrat policies. If God rained vengence on the wicked, we would all be covered in leprosy….if not for overt sin….then for our massive sins of omission…of which I am the lousiest!
    God ‘rules in the kingdom of men, and sets over it the basest of men.’

    (Da 4:17 This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men. ) Obama would not be sitting in the seat of President if God had not purposed or premitted. He gives nations what they desire. America is worldly, lusty, materialistic, and desiring of temporal rule. Christ is my President, Shepherd, Redeemer, Soveriegn. I do not look to man’s government for examples of righteousness. As God ‘snows’ on both the just and the unjust…so does sin abound in both political parties. Concerning Obamacare, we who know the least about the ‘game’ are the ones who protest the loudest…as a bleacher quarterback. I do not have the answers to healthcare or any problems prevailing in our world today…outside of Christ and His eternal Kingdom. But I do have a twenty-four year old daughter who has been a a major four-year university for seven years. She was forced to take a full load every semester in order to remain on our Blue Cross insurance policy which she has been on since birth. The strain of trying to keep her honor roll grade point average to keep the scholarship she was able to keep for six years….wore her totally down. Impacted her health. And she is now recovering after two months of rest. She cannot get insurance through any company due to pre-existing diabetes. The only insurance she can have is to be employed where a group policy is offered. To further protect her health, she has come off our insurance and because of extensions by President Obama concerning Cobra coverage, she can remain on the policy for three years. The premium for her single coverage is the same premium as our family coverage…monthly. Alabama provides insurance coverage to persons ONLY after they have exhausted all Cobra coverage available. And I did not dare ask the premium rate. All other single individuals like my daughter can be covered under a Blue Cross policy for about $250.00 a month…if they do not have a chronic illness or other health impairments.
    WE ARE IN DESPARATE NEED IN THIS COUNTRY FOR INSURANCE REFORM. I retired after eighteen years of teaching severely disabled students. Many of the lower income families, Thank God, qualify for Medicaid. Wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, therapy equipment, and many many other aids needed with these children…are EXPENSIVE. Were it not for Medicaid…they would most certainly be WITHOUT. But the families who do not qualify for Medicaid…continue to run into serious problems in many area when dealing with insurance companies. My mom was terminally ill for two years with twenty-four hour nursing care at home. She was covered under Blue Cross which my dad had through the Ministerial Association. But the cost was $150,000.00 per year. So Blue Cross informed my dad they would not recertify her for coverage the following year. My dad was heartbroken. Mom’s condition was attributed to a serious overdose prescribed by a neurologist..of Parkinsons medication. A lawyer approached dad suggestion a law suit for monies for her care. Dad could not do that. He said, ‘the doctor did not intend what he did. It wouldn’t be right to sue.’ Now Blue Cross says they will no longer cover her.

    Dad called mothers doctor at the Univerity of Alabama Hospital at Birmingham. The doctor immediately called Blue Cross and told them if they did not recertify her….he would hospitalize her till the day she died. They recertified her. But how many precious people do not have that kind of backup and support?

    Healthcare in America is seriously flawed. When my daughter was hospitalized at eleven years old when diagnosed with diabetes..we shared a room with another eleven year old there due to pnuemonia. An ice storm was happening..hospital was full. Nobody could get in nor out. So the other mom and myself became good friends. I noticed she never wanted to get a snack when mentioned. I noticed she tried to plan to get her daughter home as quickly as possible. I cried when I learned I was covered by two Blue Cross policies and she had none…simply because of where we were employed. That is not right for one mother to have to grieve over finances when she should only have to grieve over her sick child.

    As the rich don’t seem to understand poverty, so those with insurance coverage don’t seem to know about those who don’t.

    I am THANKING GOD CONTINUALLY that the insurance reform will eradicate the ability of insurance companies to deny insurance to those who are chronically ill. But that won’t take effect until 2 more years. Our daughter is depending on God to guide her to the occupation He desires her to be in. And she knows that God is her protector. Five years ago she said, ‘Mother, God has healed me. No, not physically. But spiritually. If the diabetes kills me…its okay. I have no fear.’ I cried at her words to me. She is so very humble. So very in tuned with all people around her…especially the lowly. Wisdom comes from her mouth each time it opens. And, in this country and the world, diabetes is epidemic proportion. It is a beast. It is a killer. And medical help is crucial. But MANY don’t get it. Monitors can be purchased rather inexpensively. But the test strips needed are very expensive. My daughter has an insulin pump…$5,000.00 each..infusion sets for the pump are about $200. per month. Insulin is…I don’t know how much because our insurance pays for it as it also pays 80% for pump and supplies.

    To have the guarantees the constitution gives all Americans should not be contingent on class status…the ‘persuit of life’.

  3. clarification: ‘The cost was $150,000.00 per year” was the annual cost of her medical care…not the cost of insurance premiums. Sorry.

    • Hi carolyn

      I also consider storms demonstration of Gods power, as well as warnings to a nation that needs to repent. The leaders in Washington are part of the wickedness, and represent the nation that put them there. A warning to Washington, is a warning to the entire country.

      I understand and empathize with anyone with medical needs, and the need for qualified, and trustworthy health care.

      I am not against the concept of improved health care, but we have to evaluate if what they propose is an improvement or not.

      There are many parts that will reduce health care for disabled and elderly people. Abortions will be promoted as the required norm, and those that refuse “care” will lose their license. Sex education, for “improved” mental health, to indoctrinate small children into homosexuality, will be mandatory. All parents will be required to have their children indoctrinated.

      They are voting on a package that most have not even read. It includes giving health care to non- citizens.

      There will be more nurses replacing doctors as providers, even though they do not study medicine, but nursing instead. So there will actually be less access to doctors, not more. Nurses are not qualified to make complex medical decisions.

      There will be health care rationing. Many chronically ill people will be given “end of life” counseling, to help them decide to end their lives, so they will not be a burden to society.

      Small businesses who cannot afford the premiums will be penalized huge fines, if they do not have coverage.

      I got the copy of the negative provisions around somewhere, but cannot put my finger on them at the moment.

      My position is that good health care is a good thing. But this seems to be bad legislation, providing inadequate care for those that need the good care.

      In this plan, I will not be eligible for any kind of help. I will be required to pay premiums I cannot afford, and can suffer fines for nonpayment.

      • Speaking of plagues, remember the earthquake in Washington after Obama was pressing for going back to the pre-67 borders in Israel.

        I wonder if God makes special provision for people who didn’t vote for him or his godless party. Wonder if there is a provision for people who haven’t got a clue.

  4. Marianne..a rule I’ve found helpful over the years is ‘don’t believe anything you hear…and only half of what you see. I’ve found it mostly true. Also.. Republican rhetoric vs Democrat rhetoric….the TRUTH lies somewhere in between. God is in control of America and the world. Nothing happens except by His purpose or permission. Satan is allowed a ‘short time’ only by the permission of God..so man has opportunity to choose between he and God. i am so pleased to be in a nation whose government attemps to serve the needs of the less fortunate…the poor…through social programs. Politics calls it ‘socialism.’ God calls it ‘visiting the widows and orphans in their affliction.’ There is much wrong in man’s domain. And it will not heal. We continue on the destination towards the End. It’s a one-way road which started at he Beginning. There is no going back. We’re too near the end of the destination which will end amidst much unsoundness. I don’t involve my self in political debate. It’s useless. It’s a waste of precious time. But it did ‘hurt’ when you said Obamacare was worthy of the vengence of God. God is no respector of persons or politics. Which is why we are seeing the same massive storms all across the midwest. Blizzard, hurricanes, tornadoes, draught, floods, famine, wicked oppression, persecution of believers, and so forth will continue…and worsen to terrible proportions until the Second Coming of Christ. There is no righteousness outside of the Kingdom of God. I don’t judge Obama, Mccain…any of them. I can’t. I don’t even know my own heart. But I do know God is pleased when we as a people…as a nation…do all we can to help those who cannot help themselves. And they are MANY. And since the nature of man remains ‘fallen’ for many. Greed is rampant. Greed is a POWERFUL LUST. It is seen in the Church as well as outside the Church. But I believe deep in my heart that God is in control of governments. Daniel’s image of a man shows there will never be another righteous government over man…apart from the Kingdom of God. From the head of gold..all the way to the end of the toes of part iron part miry clay….man’s governments are corrupt and degenerating to the time the stone strikes it on the foot and the wind blows away its dusty residue. The Stone will then flourish His kingdom for eternity. God is indeed merciful and longsuffering to us all.

    • Carolyn,

      One indication that Obamacare (which is just what it is called) that it is inferior to what we have now, is that all congress is exempt from it. They have better benefits than we will even have. If it was a Republican administration, we would have called it Bushcare, or McCainCare. It does not matter.

      Socialism is more than feeding the poor…it is also keeping them poor. The money belongs in the hands of the government, not the people. Socialism, Maxism is all based on atheistic values, which will be imposed on the general population.

      I am anticipating everyone’s health care to be reduced, not improved.

      There is also a lot of corruption being financed in the bill. If they could come up with something better, then that would be ok.

      • I agree nothing happens unless god a lauds it I to am a diabetic and take a lot of med for the last eight years but had it much longer i am what you would call vary poor I look at what is happening with the middle class people losing there homes there jobs and so on you don’t here much about the high class thy have money you here nothing about the little people thy need medical but not the kind i here about the old the to sick the poor the ones that are dieing if i end up marked as one of those that’s OK because i know my needs are from heaven there taken care of no matter what the put forth god bless

    • Carolyn,

      One indication that Obamacare (which is just what it is called) that it is inferior to what we have now, is that all congress is exempt from it. They have better benefits than we will even have. If it was a Republican administration, we would have called it Bushcare, or McCainCare. It does not matter.

      Socialism is more than feeding the poor…it is also keeping them poor. The money belongs in the hands of the government, not the people. Socialism, Marxism, Communism, is all based on atheistic values, which will be imposed on the general population. Jesus was not a socialist. He was a religious Jew, and a Theist.

      I am anticipating everyone’s health care to be reduced, not improved.

      There is also a lot of corruption being financed in the bill. If they could come up with something better, then that would be ok.

    • Carolyn . Marianne
      As a Canadian who has lived with “free” socialised health care for approx. 40 yr now, I can say that it’s not what it’s cracked up to be.
      Many who can afford it, go the the US for treatment, when their health needs demand it – the most recent example being a politician named Danny Williams, premier of the province of Newfoundland (roughly equivalent to the US “Governor”).
      A lady in our city stirred up debate when she paid out of pocket to cross over to Buffalo and seek a second opionion, Lucky she did, they told her she needed immediate surgery if she was to survive more than a couple months. In Canada, she was unable to see a specialist to diagnose and recommend treatment for about 1 yr from that date and would have died.
      While I agree that there is always room for improvement, in ANY model, I would advise Carolyn to follow her own advice to you Marianne, about “not believing everything …”
      It is true, from what I have been able to research online, that Health Care will be rationed under Obamacare, and yes that means COST of treatment versus PAYOFF for society as a whole will be weighed.(including “Death Panels”). Doctors will be rationed too – like they are at present here in Canada – the gov’t will determine how many they “need” ie will have to pay for, and where they will be directed to practice.
      We had our “messiah of socialism”, *Trudeau) 40 yr prior to yours (Obama) and he too made no secret of his agenda (to create the JUST SOCIETY) – I keep asking my countrymen, why did no one ask “Who will define “JUST” and determine what shape it takes? “. There’s too much of a human tendency to get swept along with a wave of euphoria and excitement surrounding “charismatic” types who run for office.

      • Hi Paul

        We are already getting reduced care under the present system. Doctors are being replaced with nurses, who cannot know what a doctor knows, and are there for only very simple needs. There is one doctor in charge but the nurses see the patients. I have been misdiagnosed this way. There is no use complaining because the nurses do not keep good records of the visits.

    • Obama like all democrats get elected and maintain power by feeding the LOCUSTS.

  5. Mariane,

    Ty for this. That sure heck does confirm the same dream I had couple months ago about East being in ” ice season “. Now I am gonna to be watching for the West that I have been shown for ” water season “.. Thank you so much. May God always be with you and bless you… 🙂

  6. Marianne,

    Hi hope you are well.

    I don’t think you really know what you are talking about when you use the terms Socialism and Marxism.

    First of all you can have one without the other. Secondly socialism does not keep people poor and put money in the hands of the government.

    Marxism is another matter. There never has been a real Marxist government if you really pay attention to what the theory says. Lenin changed Marx’s theories that’s why it is called Lennin-Marxism. Stalin’s Soviet Union was definitely not Marxist at all but what is called state capitalism. That is the State controlled all business. Real Marxism would have kept power in the hands of the worker or prolitariet. Look at Red China, there are no labour unions, no real freedom of expression but free markets. That is not Marxism.

    Capitalism basically works out to be a system of love of money. Goods and wealth dictate the societies needs. By the way the United States is not a capitalistic society any more. Capitalism works by free markets and competition. When was the last time you saw competition by Exxon, Mobile, Lukoil, Chevron, etc? Something that does work by capitalistic principles are the fast food chains. Look at how they are always running adds in the media, slashing prices, and competing.

    What we have in the United States is a financial oligarchy. Follow the money and ownership through the stocks and so forth and it will lead to the same few elite. These foreign owned corporations can contribute unlimited amounts of money into the political elections. See the recent Supreme Court decisiion on this. These donations are the major reason why we have a terrbile government. I include both republicans and democrats.

    Of course all these bankers and so forth are hypocrites. They preach laissez faire. That is the ‘freedom’ of the market. What they want is not freedom but license. In America we have freedoms guarenteed by the Bill of Rights, at least in theory. Yet we cannot murder, steal or rape. Yet these corporations want license the ability to do whatever they want. For example big business desires no FDA to make sure shit doesn’t get into our food. Laissez faire says that the government should stay out of the market and all would be well. However when things get bad for the financial people they whine to the government and demand money. This happened during the first ‘papa’ Bush administration with the S&L crisis. It happened with the ‘baby’ Bush as well. Obama continued this policy of pampering to the bankers. How insulting that tax payer money is spent giving multi million dollar bonuses while others are homeless. Especially when these bankers banrupted their companies! True laissez faire would have let all those banks go broke. That way they would have learned their lesson. (This follows the maverick philosophy of the fascist right. Or more kindly put people will learn responsibilities from their mistakes. If you don’t let them suffer they will never learn. Thus allowing some one to feel the pain for their mistakes is kindness.)

    Now the basic difference between capitalism and socialism in the true sense is this. The capitalist says “What can I get out of this society or capitalize from the situation?” The socialist says “What can I give to society?” Notice the use of the words and the root meanings.

    Now the policy I like best is communism. Not Marxism. Marxism has never existed and it will never work in my opinion. I like communism as practiced by the Native Americans.This has a proven track record of great success!!! Their society had a contributing community. A warrior in their society gained status by their genorisity. Part of becoming an adult was promising that nobody would be alone or hungry. Of course there were chiefs in these First Peoples’ society. However anyone could follow any chief they wanted. If they didn’t like one chief they we’re free to follow another. If they didn’t like any of the chiefs well they could create a new chief.

    I believe that God will establish a kingdom on this Earth for a 1000 years. It will be dones by his servants the Christians. JGod will not snap His fingerds and create a perfect world, though He could, He just don’t work that way. It is important that no imperialistic societies exist. We cannot tolerate any more Nazi Germanys, Imperialistic Japans, or Teddy Roosevelt of George Bush Americas, or Soviety Unions and their evil like. The name I give to this new world is Earth’s New Dynasty or the E.N.D.

    Finally read the begining of the book of Acts and see how they share all things.



    • John
      you are “talking thru your hat” in most of your post. Socialism in all its forms, including Progressivism, is STATISM, ie welcome to the GOVT NANNY. Try reading Jonah Goldberg’s excellent book chronicling the subject called “Liberal Fascism” and you will see that Marxism, Communism, (either Maoist, Leninist, STalinist, or Castronian, are all STATISt IDEOLOGIES which by definition are Liberty restrictive, controlling, and usually include eugenics, wealth redistribution (usually ends up in the hands of the elite in control), and anti-theist.
      The bible clearly teaches, that one is entitled to the fruit of his own labour, that God did not condone in any way forced ie STATE MANDATED theft of those fruit(s) in order to distribute as IT SEES FIT.I read a Moscow Newspaper online one day, Pravda, wherein they expressed incredulity that the citizens of the US were moving so quickly and seemingly embracing so readily, a system which they suffered under for over 70 yr!

  7. hello.
    I think you are right…
    look at the UK or US after Iraq war(2003)… the statistics of crime or nature catastrophes or recessions, etc.US army kills people of a nation so negative waves are returning to your country…!
    +(I am from Iran.I know what happend in our neighborhood!)
    god bless you.

  8. […] for it to post here. But soon after it aired, I saw that one of my regular reader Marianne wrote on her blog that, “God sends 2 snow/ice storms, back to back, to show what He thinks of the people in […]

  9. Marianna~ I agree with you Christ does things and I don’t think he particulary enjoys the people we have chosen to be in office. I know this year I heard that snow blanketed the entire united states including the mountain tops of hawaii. Obamacare and Obama are both a wrong turn for our country. My family voted for him because he is black. That is the words they used and they are black as well as their friends who are black. That is NOT a good reason to vote someone in as president. I knew that when I heard all his promises to fix the country that it was just talk. It is making things worse. I am a nurse and my hours got cut when just a couple weeks ago they were up 40 hrs plus. I wish American people would’ve chosen wisely this time around but once again they went into this blindly. Accepting empty promises and a so called Christian president that supports abortion and gay marriages. Those two can not possible fit together.

    • possibly not possible allittle spelling error~

    • HI denise

      Well, the US was very willing and proud to be able to vote for a black candidate. But the person who represented the black population lied about his past, his citizenship, and his religion to get elected. He is a muslim and a communist. This creates a shadow on the blacks for picking him to represent them, instead of a moment to be proud of.

  10. Carolyn, You make such a strong and sensible argument.
    I think God is really using His selection of Barack Obama as President of the United States so that we– as True Believers in Jesus the Christ– can take time to self-examine– and at this last hour, be sure that the Word of God is alive in our hearts. That the Holy Spirit is leading our thoughts and actions. Even our words.

    The blatent hatred against our President–that’s openly displayed by those calling themselves Christians — and those that are leading people into rebellion (clearly against what God tells us in Romans 13 and the example Christ demonstrated in deed) against the government hurts my heart to the extent that I vigorously pray for the President, His Cabinet, the entire government, and the enemies of the State and even the religious leaders. My prayers are stronger than any earthly force!

    Our open discord clearly relates to foreigners that we have a lot of spiritual maturing to do– God has given us this last chance to move beyond those divisive parameters– gender, race, political party, ethnicity, etc.

    Of all the times I have read the postings here, I have NEVER seen a writing from Marianne that speaks of love for the President, love for the Administration– the Bible tells us to love our enemies– and that let’s me know that we all need to pray that God’s love would permeate our hearts, minds and souls so that we can DO the Word of God, instead of just hearing.
    You see, no matter what the situation may be, no matter how challenging the condition may seem, LOVE covers a multitude of sin. Love is the bond that we share as children of God– co-heirs with Christ to Heavenly grace.

    As I search the Scriptures, I fail to find examples of Christ hating anyone– even His enemies. He did make strong warnings to false religious leaders– Scribes, Pharasees, Teachers of the Law because they were not faithful to God. However, when it came to those outside the faith– Gentiles and sinners– Jesus Christ demonstrated such love, mercy, and grace– they were attracted to His and became some of His most ardent followers. That’s my role model.
    Although I find it most difficult to love my enemy, or to love those who stand opposite what I believe, I need the Holy Spirit to empower me to move beyond my flesh and do as the Word tells me to. That, I find, is a clear demonstration of spiritual maturity– the type of growth that only the Holy Spirit can cause.

    Even those government and religious (Jewish) leaders who wrongfully accused Jesus the Christ, hated Him for no real reason, and ultimately crucified Him– were never scorned or talked about so hatefully by our King as some Believers seem to think necessary with President Obama.

    But God is still on His throne and He judges us all! He has allowed his man to be President and we should start to examine our heart-of-hearts and ask God to fill us with His love so that we can all– in unity– pray God’s will for our nation.

    After all, it is God who rules and the Bible says that only God is able to turn the heart of kings and leaders– so, let’s continue to persue God even the more feverently and show love for the man God has made President.

    Only the mature Christian will be able to reach this level of spirituality and faith– but, I am certainly praying that God will manifest Himself mightily in our hearts so that genuine love will show forth. In these end times, it my earnest prayer that one day I will be able to come to this site and actually read a posting of love for President Obama from Marianne. One day, I pray that God will move in Marianne’s heart and mind to encourage readers to pray– in love– for what He is doing in this land through our President and governmental leaders. And, as I stated earlier, I believe God hears and answers my prayers and will manifest Himself mightily in this.
    A million people is a powerfu cry out to the Lord– but, God wants us to be infiltrated with His love.

  11. Winter is not over yet …
    ALBANY, N.Y. – After being spared the brunt of early February snowstorms that buried the Atlantic coast, the Northeast is bracing for a double whammy of winter.New England. It predicts heavy, wet snow with 6 to 20 inches accumulating by Wednesday night. A second, more powerful storm Thursday into Friday is expected to bring more snow accompanied by dangerous winds ….
    I don’t know if that affects Washington or not but it may be another good time for campfire story telling … 🙂

  12. to: Le Cafe Witteveen

    God is in charge of the weather, be it hot, cold, stormy or mild.
    JOB 38:8, 19, 22-23, 25, 31-35 etc. God challenges Job the scientist.
    Who shut up the sea with doors ? (contain it or overflow it)
    Where dwelleth light – where is the place for darkness ?
    Hast thou entered into the treasures of SNOW..or HAIL ?
    WHICH I have RESERVED against the TIME of TROUBLE,- against the DAY of BATTLE and WAR ??
    Who hath divided a watercourse for the overflowing …
    Canst thou bind the PlEIADES, OR LOOSE THE BAND OF ORION ? – Canst thou ring forth Mazzaroth or canst thou guide Arrcturus with his sons ? etc. everhthing has it’s place,
    Seems He will use truckloads of snow during the Tribulation.

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